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Top Customer Reviews: Derek - Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I think that that ossia a better thing Ricky Gervais has done. I have bought this box dipped like the present because I am such the defender of some serious and I has wanted to share an experience!
Fantastically is writing and an acting is glorious. It is incredibly lough out of strong ape but near quite each one another episode shout!
For any concealed is the defender of Afterlife but has not seen Derek (and does not have to access the Netflix!) Ossia Absolutely brilliant and to good sure would recommend it.
4 / 5
Of a day Derek has been aimed in television, looked it to us.

A laugh of show, calm cry and really the frames think in a way another alive.

Ricky Gervais To good sure does not fail with Derek, if anything aims a softer side of his work.

One first added with this together of boxes is a Special Christmas - again, a lot of laughs and a lot of tears!

Would have bought this in blue-the ray there has been he of available summer. It buys it, calm will not complain it !
4 / 5
Generally are not the defender of the past work of Ricky although it loves his humour but after finding After the life headed to Derek. Cried and howled with laughing almost each episode. Fabulous And the value that looks.
4 / 5
One of a pleasant plus, poignant, comedies more sad , happier has not seen never. But be warned in a tongue, as Gervais uses a fruitiest available.
You wont be disappointed. Had laughing and crying almost simultaneously.
For real the marvel in comedy.
5 / 5
Is not never be to sure roughly Ricky Gervais up to now.
I the 'Extra' the thought was the serious adds , but some of some episodes of 'An Office' any really ' He' for me.
'Derek', This in spite of, is sheer brilliance.
Has cry with laughing a minute, and has any humanity, is choking rear tears of sadness a prójimo.
A 'Emotional Roller-Coaster', well value each penny, and like all a better; it has arrived to his final leaves that loves it more!
4 / 5
Is the defender of Ricky Gervais' film of leading comedy, especially some separates that cry of frames, would recommend Derek. It will do you laugh with moments and cry of pure disgust later with heart wrenching sadness.
5 / 5
Tears... Laugh... If you have not listened included of of the this, so only the buy. They are not Gervais partidário massive, but ossia a staggering piece of television..... The prize adds also-amazon! 👌👍
5 / 5
The brilliant box dips directed and starring Gervais, for me it his up there with An Office, different but the fantastic still humour. A storyline is both ape and touching. It would recommend that you are Gervais defender .
5 / 5
Is full of the laughs this in spite of like this easily directs to pull in yours heartstrings. Each one which so and each action is brilliant. Ricky Gervais Is especially glorious to touch a sweet and endearing Derek. This show is like this uplifting and calm leaves with the warm and blurred feeling. The absolute loves it!
4 / 5
There is wanted absolutely each episode has laughed has cried was the character adds to do of all the world-wide n legend Ricky !! If any seen buys it

Top Customer Reviews: Porky's 2 Film ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
A prime minister Porky the film is justifiably the classical of a comedy of sex of the adolescent although some adolescents look well to the his twenties. A film is an usual strong-mouthed, adolescent hormone viril pipes that tries to take places but taking shafted his when they visit a local night-club-cum-the known brothel like Porky is. Earthy and raunchy, some characters are caricatures but this one films that it is, while Kim all of its own Cattrall done some honour like this a lot obliging Miss Honeywell.

A sequela, Porky II: A Next Day is the real sinister-down. Fact two years after a first film, some adolescents to good sure is looking older that they have to but a real question is a script in that our sex-crazed the adolescents have activists of result of human legislations apparently at night, taking on a KKK and religious zealots those who are opposed the Shakespeare is A Mid-the sleep at night of State. A more try, some less pleasant results but there are some laughs partorisca be had, especially a scene of the cemetery and a revenge on Pardon Balbricker.

Both films are presented in proportion of appearance of . The tongue is English with subtitles in Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and English partorisca a listened impaired. Some the only extras are some theatrical trailers .
4 / 5
porkys 1 Looking stirs of the boys that tries free his manhood and sneak the porkys amour of the bar a bit where destroys porkys fences in reason take conned for big porky and take pursued behind the beach of angel with his brother of sheriff the trailer. Also starring kim cattrall . porkys 2 In this second film porky does not look in this movement a band seeke revenge in kkk religious fanatics the one who wants to has closed down his shakespeare production with which have launched the seminole that study of scrolling - both films is to touch very pleasant to look really enjoyed some films the recommend this double dvd on 18 so only
5 / 5
the one who the laugh as well as it was one first round partorisca time
4 / 5
Porkys has arrived 2 early days of comprises quality of the film of the Sunday was decent . Any hd but has not expected that because of an age of a film. 5 it films it was a lot. Like this as well as I agreed it.
5 / 5
Packaging And excellent service, and porkys is the must for any collection of DVD awesome film
5 / 5
the value adds - had been looking for everywhere partorisca east, would have to has tried calm in a first place

Top Customer Reviews: Bill & Ted Face ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Has despertador also and diverse. Some actoras the woman is trying too hard to copy Bill and Ted, is so only result the terrible ham that read.

A storyline is basically the tear out of Bill & Ted 1 &2, so only with the women that takes a goodness (in all). If you are the wokeness, this film ticks one has wake and diversity checkboxes entirely partorisca you, partorisca do like this this in spite of, ruins a franchise . The desire has not bought never a film will not be in those looks he again. Poor show and the sad way to finalise Bill and Ted. .
5 / 5
Loves my money behind. I so only looked roughly 17 minutes of this film. Bill and Ted has not written a song that has joined a world-wide apparently. Has lose of result with only two defenders. Little Bill and little Ted is daughters. They are taken to a future for Rufus daughter, to be admonished of one all-the female poster in his failings.


A poster says him the song written for Preston and Logan have touched that the evening is a song that joins a world. I any precise to look a rest of a film to know the one who this song will be written stops.

Has rented some first two films because it loved him really and has thought would have the lockdown Bill and Ted binge. I expect that I will be able to dip this horrible disrespectful film out of my alcohol to the equal that can in some phase enjoys these two again in the date the late plus.

I hate modern Hollywood. Reason owe that that? Now I comprise that Wars of Estrella and defenders of the hike of the Star feels.
4 / 5
Has wanted to some first 2 films, as it could not expect to the look is one , this in spite of era one of some worse films never. Complete waste of money and time. Not even our daughter of 13 years has liked him. It has not been funny, at all new, and so only the really bad film.

Amur Keanu but does not know like this could be part of something this bad....
5 / 5
Ossia All there is wanted on some first films, so only without feeling sidelined reasons have not been the boy.

Is not white boys having the good time and saving a day, is all the world-wide coming together to save a day. It is beautiful.

Bill and Ted was to add, his daughters were of sound, Elizabeth and Joanna are of sound, the death is sum , some the Future people were of sound, some people add of a past was of sound. The women have been celebrated as well as men, and the row of people by heart.

This film is joyful and ape and expresses the amour adds of music and really embodies an alcohol to be excellent to the each one like this another.
4 / 5
I really the desire has read some descriptions for advanced. This film has not gone only heinous but no any heinous (Bill bad & Ted pun). I have loved a prime minister two, has included now is more excellent. Unfortunately this is not and is like this predicatble. One 'transfer of plot' is enough in your face immediately. Ossia The film that has to that so only has not been done and has left ours all wishing they , but no !
Love the look, so only to say have (and then complains to look he) attentive untill is in a cube of @@subject!
4 / 5
A whole film can be imagined is gone in some premiers 10 minutes of the alone line, some laws of physics to time changed of some first two films, at all is explained a way is in some first films without brushing the things were with pseudoscience buzz words, can not take any of some actors seriously, there there is absolutely any originalities in a film, and a tone of humour in this film does not leave for any concealed was around when some first films are starts ( is cringe like this hell).

If any one has seen this already, the clock was for a robot, is a less likable the character and each one another character hates and wants to close a heck on, has thought that was the objective representation of as this film has found to the original audience of him.

Has not been that dread one the majority of, a fact that some writers pitched this, a fact that any one produced it or a fact that the legendary actors have not taken some looks in this script and just turn around and silently leave a room.

No shabby, hire or take forced to look this film, will do the calm desire there has been no.

(Some stars to estimate like any possible to leave negative stars - but this film is an amazon of the reason owes redesign his system of indication for the leave, now excusárseme while the beg for the repayment)
5 / 5
love a prime minister two Bill and Ted film, and was cautiously that soul that this new film would do him justice - I has been concerned when I have seen of the like this negative critic, and with which like this long could this films alive until a place bequeathed for Excellent Adventure and Bogus Travesía?

In short, yes. It ignores all some people moaning in this be 'has despertador' - they clearly have at all better to do. This film possibly is not totally like this pleasant likes first two, but is enough after and totally enjoyable. I took the little while to click with him - for some premiers ten minutes have had my doubts, but has found once his feet a charm of some first two films is coming to flood behind and thoroughly enjoyed it.

To good sure feel it good fun film that recapturas the majority of a charm and essence of a past two film, and is the worthy addition to a series. It celebrates in doubts.
4 / 5
This film there is ruined a franchise, a history has been changed to adapt a 'PC' world. Bill and Ted has written a music to join a universe, this was a history , although now for some reason ignored little bill and Ted ( daughters) wrote it apparently??? Sadly Keanu has lost a 'Ted' character and sounds like the a lot of poor impersonation of regarding small bill and likes is taking a p1ss more than the grace of only saving had Died has not changed and tbh was an only true to original character. Disappointed and the waste of money, will not be in those looks he again.
4 / 5
Has begun of okayish, worsened in a half and a less in an end a better that resembles has a lot of hasty state.

Has has wanted to a lot of 1.as two film and has on grown in this era but this film does the big vaporous poo in a legacy of 1st two is totally excellent.

Some 1 descriptions of the star is not of a mark, trust. £13 I will not go back .