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I EXPRESS BONGO [1959 / 2016] [BFI Flipside Serious] [Blue-scrape DVD] Fence in Guest 1959 Better Classical British! Johnny There has been Like this Good . . . Or it lose it Like this Fast!

When Soho hustler Johnny Jackson [Laurence Harvey], the drummer-agent of turns of music, discovers adolescent bongo player Bert Rudge [Reef Richard] in an expressed fence, renames Bongo Herbert, and ensure the treat record and the appearance of television. Early, Johnny Jackson is trace of the discharges-rows of Bert Rudge stardom. It fence in acute Guest, witty the satire of an industry of music has been adapted of a musical successful West end for Wolf Mankowitz. This fully remastered the emission comprises an original, full-period theatrical version, as well as a shorter 1962 king-issue cut.

Has launched: Laurence Harvey, Sylvia Syms, Yolande Donlan, Reef Richard, Meier Tzelniker, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Eric Pohlmann, Gilbert Harding, Hermione Baddeley, Reginald Beckwith, Paula Barry (uncredited), Look Bunnage (uncredited), Rita Burke (uncredited), Susan Burnet (uncredited), Esma Cannon (uncredited), Jill Carson (uncredited), Patty Dalton (uncredited), Rodney Dines (uncredited), Roy Everson (uncredited), Kenneth Griffith (uncredited), Susan Hampshire (uncredited), Victor Harrington (uncredited), Katherine Keeton (uncredited), Burt Kwouk (uncredited), Copeland Lawrence (uncredited), Wilfrid Lawson (uncredited), Patricia Lewis (uncredited), Barry Lowe (uncredited), Wolf Mankowitz (uncredited), Jack McNaughton (uncredited), Martin Miller (uncredited), Pamela Morris (uncredited), Peter Myers (uncredited), Maureen O'Connor (uncredited), Norma Parnell (uncredited), Lisa Peake (uncredited), Christine Phillips (uncredited), Sylvia Steele (uncredited), Jet Harris (Guitarist of Basses) (uncredited), Hank B. Marvin (Guitarist of Advantage) (uncredited), Tony Meehan (Drummer) (uncredited) and Bruce Welch (Guitarist of Rhythm) (uncredited)

Manager: it Fence in Guest

Producing: Jon Penington and Fence in Guest

Screenplay: Wolf Mankowitz and Julian More (game)

Composers: Robert Farnon, Fence in Guest, Norrie Paramour, Bunny Lewis and Paddy Roberts

Cinematography: John Wilcox

Resolution of Video: 1080p [Black-and-White]

Proportion of Appearance: and

Audio: English: 2.0 LPCM Audio Stereo and English: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio

Subtitles: English SDH

in common Time: 111 minutes and 106 minutes

Region: Blue-ray: Region B/2 and DVD: MATE

Number of disks: 2

Studio: Britannia Films / Institute of British Film

Andrew Blu-Informs of ray: ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' [1959] is an adaptation of Wolf Mankowitz and Julian Moore 1958 satirical showbiz musical centred in Londra Soho bars of caffè thriving and an agent the one who thinks that it has found the musical star. Wolf Mankowitz crackling the script is bristling with energy and flavour of abrasive period, whilst Valley the guest skilfully directs, taking a fads and ways of some late @@@1950s. Laurence Harvey the terrific work like impeccably smarmy -be impresario, and the reef of 19 years Richard is credible in a first half of a film like bongo-thumping the boy has pressed the stardom, but fights later when a function requires partorisca portray the rock the star of wayward plus.

Johnny Jackson [Laurence Harvey] is the agent of opportunist talent that speaks quickly while it takes rich quickly by means of the rookie rocker, Bert Rudge [Reef Richard], he something in the Soho skiffle and bar of caffè. Johnny Jackson gives Bert Rudge a name of phase “Bongo Herbert,” and dips in a fast clue to adolescent stardom partorisca persuade his undertaken connections records and radio partorisca come and see Bongo Herbert extracted in Tom Tom expresses fence.

Bongo Herbert First so only, “Voice in a Wilderness,” is the swipe of incident, but Johnny Jackson then decides that the little adjustment of image could do the draw the big plus, as Bongo the clue of Herbert so only is the sugary, religious tune, “A Shrine in a second Walk.” A new image hardly access with Bongo Herbert newfound fondness partorisca strippers and amour-starved star of American variety Dixie Collins [Yolande Donlan]. Johnny Jackson thinks that has the entrance partorisca eat of for life, but when record company exec Gus Mayer [Meier Tzelniker] discovers that Bongo the agent of Herbert is winning commission of fifty percent demands that Bongo Herbert is signed exclusively to his record undertaken. Finally, Dixie Collins decides to outwit Johnny Jackson when it discovers that Bongo Herbert is really the minor, doing his agreement null and void. Like the result, Bongo Herbert breaks his agreement with Johnny Jackson and directs in low Amsterdam contracted to Gus Mayer.

But with a brilliant actor has estimated Laurence Harvey sadly touching a ragtag function of the small-time theatrical agent the one who takes the Soho bongo drummer manually and careers to the so much-as Elvis Presley first to be double-crossed for him, has, at least, a distinction of the present prestige of this actor and an advantage of the insurance flashy colour and flickering pathos that gives to a function. Hunching His discharge by means of his shoulders, slitting his eyes cannily and poking the cigarette deftly the describes in front of his face, he probes by means of a film in avid fashion, likes some tinhorn, questing and shamelessly conniving partorisca any sincere, and for this gullible, man Bongo Herbert. ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' Have everything in a container, with operators of joint, seeds-nude babes in burlesque dives, record of phonograph impresarios, vaudeville manager and everything in a name of a game. An only thing felt very uncomfortable with era Laurence Harvey in an upper vaudeville the dud Hebrew emphasis that embarrasses that it does not have precise sense partorisca do and I suspect if a film has been done today a litigated of PC would wade in and any to leave he partorisca be treaty.

This in spite of, ‘EXPRESSES BONGO' is a lot amusing, in the wry and abrasive class of way, and a picture of life to Londra Soho pots of flesh that Fence in the guest gives is languidly obscene and sometimes in an upper that there is enjoyed really. Taking his fable of the history and musical game for Wolf Mankowitz, Valley the guest there is flipped a sordid details in ours expensive like being chunking decayed fruit against partorisca wall. Sylvia Syms Is quite but vapid like him gullible burlesque queen, and Meier Tzelniker games the record editor in an old fashion of Hebrew caricature. A film is fill also with strippers, streetwalkers, delicatessen buffs, and has included the little music in him.

While the majority unexpectedly @@@1950s Broadway musicals has been filmed, British any fared very worse. When Some of them were seldom optioned, pocolos have survived intact. For a film ‘EXPRESSES BONGO,' only two of some seventeen songs of the numbers remained and “more the ad” has been added to promote Reef Richard. Presenting this film is like the capsule of time of a exploitative appearances of the 1958 music of pop of Big Bretagna business scene, Bongo Herbert is dipped in and around Soho bars of caffè, with some agents, A&R manager, writers of the trick and the press writes the one who feeds of a scene, and is based in an increase of Tommy Steele, very current in 1958. Reef Richard, seemingly subconscio of a satire, gives his action of better film, especially in of to to the latest scenes likes them “to them the boy of toy” of Yolande Donlan mature, all-knowing Dixie Collins. Besides, to a perceptive spectator, a fight among Dixie Collins and Johnny Jackson for Bongo the attentions of Herbert has the clear sexual subtext, emphasised for the resentment of Maisie Rey in Johnny Jackson that spends too time with Bongo Herbert.

Meier Tzelniker And Susan Hampshire restarted his functions to synchronise to the effect adds, but Meier Tzelniker Nausea “of lack of number of the shortest impressions of a film. Susan Hampshire vacuous debutante, the one who comes backstage with which Bongo the appearance of television of Herbert, is the hoot: 'it Is not he sweet, is not he pure heaven!' Susan Hampshire has been in has sawed he-star with Reef Richard in ‘Wonderful Life' that has been direct for Sidney J. Fury, In 1964. ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' Also has a lot uncredited appearances for the players of character have established, as Wilfrid Lawson (like Bongo Herbert drunken dad), the one who rids the hilarious, action that scene of flies. Wolf of writer Mankowitz included done an appearance as it “sandwich-man to joint” to proclaim “An End Is Manually” so only first of a film concludes.

Blue-Quality of Video of the ray – ‘EXPRESS BONGO' [1959] has been yours the street has spent an Institute of British Film, with two versions of a film and has been presented with the new 1080p HD the master fact of the 2K scanner of an original 35mm the negative camera, this has been on loan to a BFI of Cohen Mesos comunicacionales in his proportion of original appearance of and the totally fantastic looks. A Black-and-the White film is planted correctly without questions of first order of muck, scratches, or flickering effects. This in spite of with his age, has some scenes that the look bit it worse that another, mostly in an end reels sections, but is not that it distracts at all. Regarding a 1962 alternating version of film, one alternating the scenes have been taken again of the 35mm the grain refinado negative resisted in a BFI archive and inserted to a 2K mastered original version. One alternating the scenes have been also remastered and hard to say where some transmissions of films without looking extremely attentively. But once again an Institute of British Film has done the very professional and wonderful work, like this very done of mark and upper like usual. Playback Region B/2: This will not touch on more Blue-the players of ray have sold in north Amsterdam, centroamerica, Amsterdam Of the sud, Giappone, North Korea, Korea of Of the sud, Taiwan, Hong Kong and To the sudeste Asia. It learns more in Blue-specifications of region of the ray.

Blue-Quality of Audio of the ray – ‘EXPRESS BONGO' [1959] has been yours the street has spent an Institute of British Film, has been scanned of an original 35mm the optical clue in punctual to a BFI of one Cohen Mesos comunicacionales. An audio is listed like him 2.0 LPCM Audio Stereo clue, but a lot included remarks any Stereo selection in a clue how is essentially pleasant. To all the cost of this situation a LPCM the the audio touches really quite well with a music that touch really clear and a dialogue that touch also very cleaned. There is not any question of hissing or cracks in an audio, which again has been remastered of an optical clue negation. Like this once again here it is other excellent upper frames in a department of audio of an Institute of British Film.

Blue-extra and Characteristic Ray Special:

Again remastered in 2K and presented in both Big Definition and Regular Definition.

Blue-Ray and FULL DVD-the period ‘EXPRESSES BONGO' 1959 Theatrical of some 111 minutes premiere emission of an original of the longest version of a film.

Characteristic special: ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' [1962] [1080p] [] Ossia a Excluyente Blue-ray 1962 king-@@subject of some 106 version of the shortest minutes of a film, with alternative cut which has take the number of songs.

Commentary of audio: Commentary to ‘EXPRESS BONGO' 1962 king-version of @@subject that looks Marcus Hearn [Historical of Film], Yolande Donlan [Actora] and Fence in Guest [Manager/of Producer]: it Is it has looked in December 2005 for an emission of DVD of a ‘EXPRESS BONGO' 1962 king-version of @@subject. Marcus Hearn moderates this commentary of audio that looks like this of the guests' is woman Yolande Donlan the one who has the fast “Salvation There” and producer/of manager Fence in Guest the one who also has said the fast “Salvation.” Marcus Hearn inform go to be that they speak on one doing of a film, and a phase touches a film has been based on. Besides during a commentary of audio Marcus Hearn also informs that it was to inform in a script of original shooting and signalling out of scenes that has been changed and has deleted. It is signalled also was while doing this commentary of audio was that ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' was 46 years of then when being libertos in a cinema. Valley Habladurías Of guest on some questions have shoot a film in Soho Londra, but some police was very useful. Valley The guest also mentions before shooting a film he he walkabout some streets of Soho to see some better places to shoot a film. Yolande Donlan Habladurías roughly here time in Londra in a @@@1950s and the one who the brilliant time has and was in fact the big star and especially mixing with all another big theatre the stars concealed was around at the same time and dining at all a swanky restaurants. Valley The guest has said a character of Johnny Jackson has been based in the real person has called Johnny Kennedy the one who was a manager for Tommy Steele and that Johnny Kennedy finally moved to Cradles of Palmera and was the near of Valley and Yolande. Valley The guest also informs is roughly likes Laurence Harvey has perfected his emphasis and is said was of mimicking Wolf Mankowitz. Also we take informed that it Fence in Guest and Yolande Donlan in the first place praises, which is spent when Gentleman Lawrence Olivier has spent on Yolande to look in an of his games in Londra and a same time Valley the guest has shot a film ‘the regime of William Giusta' [1947] that Malcolm Balcony was in and has begged Valley to go and see a game and has been finally and in the 5 period of year to ask Yolande to marry Valley, has given finally in and was married finally. A good of has bitten of the information listens is that it Fence in Guest and Yolande Donlan has been invited to Lapland for his at night Half Film festival and was both flown on the Angels and Valley surprised, has aimed five of his films and of course one of them was ‘to EXPRESS BONGO.' Maintaining is taking to an end of a film and all three commentary that feels some controls to film on a lot well and be in accordance with the commentary 100, and especially aiming that the life was likes in seedy parts of Londra in a @@@1950s was and is also to good sure to satire on exploding vulnerable young people in an industry of music in a @@@1950s. But like some people in a commentary of audio, and all adapt that it is the totally entertaining film and especially seeing in glorious 1080p Black-and-White and like this well another fascinating commentary of audio, but an only thing that detracted of a film is that to plot of a time his all has been he went in it tangent in that tongue in Valley film of the direct guest and some films that Yolande Donlan looked in Valley film of Guest and reminiscing in that was his better films directs, but in spite of of the this, was still the a lot of enjoyable and entertaining commentary of audio and well value the listen, in spite of not doing a commentary of audio for a 1959 film. Although it Fence in the guest was 94 and Yolande Donlan was 89 at the same time to register, his memories are quite strong. Valley The guest has died the few months later in 2006 in an age of 94 while his woman Yolande Donlan died in 2014 also in an age of 94.

Characteristic special: I Express Bongo Gallery of Image [2016] [1080p] [4:28] it calms Here volume to see the really good selection of stunning Black-and-White and Paint promotional material comprising Stills; Theatrical Posters; EUA Group of pressure Papers; Book of Press of the United Kingdom and Book of Press of them the EUA and is presented like the show of slide. Stills And Pisters courtesy of looks of an Institute of British Film the Special collection of the National archive. Books of press and EUA Groups of pressure to courtesy of look of the papers of Steve Chibnall Collection of Archive. Professor Steve Chibnall is also owner of Steve Chibnall Collection of Archive, the private collection of tens of thousands of pieces of British film and popular culture memorabilia that students of postgrado in a Cinema and Centre of the investigation of Television History can draw to in his investigation.

Theatrical trailer [1959] [1080p] [] [2:59] Ossia an Original of the Theatrical trailer for a film EXPRESSES BONGO.' Still although it is aimed in a 1080p the image has encoded, sadly an impression is not very cleaned, but in spite of of the this, is still the brilliant presentation. But calm certainly will take the laugh adds with one in an upper enthusiast announcer, this was typical with British Rock ‘any trailers of Circle of musical film of this period.

Characteristic special: ‘CLUB of YOUTH' [1954] [408i] [] [17:19] This Black-and-White WITH THE [Centrical Office of Information] documentary, this is to relate for Duncan Franco, roughly is treating juvenile delinquency in a @@@1950s and has been directed for Norman Prouting for Verity the films have Limited. ‘CLUB of YOUTH' says to plot roughly estaca-Big Bretagna of war. A Second world-wide War was finally on, but a nation had been deeply scarred for a constant bombing of Germania and turn financially has weakened the economy of United Kingdom for years of expensive in the foreign fights. A British population abruptly found they without units of an obvious common cause, that tries to reassert the sense of social mandate, stability and direction in a bit austere and defiant economic circumstances. Among an unavoidable confusion of these years, a threat has perceived to the juvenile delinquency has continued to be the worry of entity in some alcohols of a uneasy public, and fed by a British press populate and has not been helped by some films of alarmist fiction of a period. Like this here we have the look behind in some starts of a British adolescent culture, as seen by means of a highly polished government to lentil and that clubs of youths were likes in mid @@@1950s Big Bretagna, then looks no further with this short film of information, ‘CLUB of YOUTH' frames for some clearly fascinating but occasionally and bewildering looking with today of modern audience. There is not any dialogue like such, but is complete. ‘CLUB of YOUTH' has been considered unsuitable for domestic emission. Also the contemporary spectators can find that they ask exactly the one who some International audiences in in a @@@1950s would have done of a thoroughly typical “” marching Chico Scouts band of bagpipe prominently looked in this documentary rousing final. For a no active way a lot to do with ‘EXPRESSING BONGO' except a period of next time and looking youth. Strangely These careers has not been feigned for distribution in United Kingdom but for purpose to export so only, as he abonos pocolos prize. A film has been mastered in 2K, although any thoroughly cleaned for remastering to the equal that has for some premiers 10 minutes a lot of points and speckles visible, but in spite of these looks close very good and a sound is equally good and clear. It is presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio.

Characteristic special: ‘The SQUARE' [1957] [480i] [] [15:50] This is to direct for Michael that Wins and is the very sweet, the genial beginning that touches, understated first film of a Winner of Michael of the manager [1935-2013] and was the longitude-has thought stray short Black-and-documentary film Blanca that is to be think to be the long stray gem, and felt was lost for ever. This beginning the short documentary film has been done for £1000 independently. ‘The SQUARE' sees a main resident to pursue he @home down in the king of zone of Crosses of Londra and sees a screen for ever of the veteran actor has aged One. And. Mathews, The one who was renowned for his a lot of functions of character like this a bit dotty old chap, and according to Michael that Wins, has said that One. And. Mathews Was the constant heavy drinker like a character in a film ‘Withnail and I' [1987] Indian films, with some followers to feed lighter and also reminiscing on some old days abonos, first to prepare to move out of way that his held now shabby can be pulled down. But before it goes, some people that bolt some next streets fix the party of surprise for him with the alive music resupplied for the venue Skiffle the group focused for Rory McEwan and eat. And. Mathews Enjoys some festivities, the young daughter teaches partorisca dance. Intriguingly, An enough, softly spoken, light-footed adolescent the one who invites that more unlikely that dance student A. And. Mathews To create and ‘Mecer any one Circulated was a lot of another that quell'actora of 18 years and dancer Geraldine Lynton-Edwards, the one who would go in to touch the significant in the life of Michael that Want. A film is not never state released as it can not find the cashier and an impression has been given to a BFI archive together with his another material of film after the death of Michael that Wins in 2013, in accordance to his desires and dare say “Desire of death,” a documentary film has been remastered in 2K, and looks really well for a source of a negative. A sound is really well except in an a lot of very where begins to touch quite bad with a lot of strong explosions, crackles and fall outs. It is presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio.

CHARACTERISTIC SPECIAL DVD: Alternative Sequences [1962] [590i] [] [2:21] Ossia the setting of some sequences of alternative film have used to substitute some songs of yard of a 1962 version of a film. A thing there is remarked is a sound was slightly clipped and slightly rough, but of course all some clips of yard see in 111 minutes 1959 longer version of a film.

Characteristic special: United Kingdom and the books of EUA Original of press [street of downloadable PDF an only DVD]

PRIME: A fantastically forms and has illustrated 30 booklet of page, with the new writings for Andrew Roberts, Vic Pratt and Steve Chibnall, and credits of full film. In the first place a test “EXPRESSES BONGO” has been written by Historian of Film Andrew Roberts. Afterwards it is to reprint of the 1960 description of a film for Brenda Davies written for a publication of Bulletin of Monthly Film that has gone periodical of an Institute of British Film has published monthly of February 1934 in April 1991, when it melts with a View and publication of Sound. There is also a insightful biography in a manager Fence in Guest and is followed afterwards for the full credits of a film; some credits of characteristic of the prize, and information in the presentation of scrolling of a film.

Finally, ‘EXPRESSES BONGO' [1959] has his entertainment to the long of a way, but there is unfortunately has aged seriously. But a thing adds is that it is the capsule of time of an English scene pre-British invasion. With two versions of a film, the scrolling adds, and the good selection of the extra that comprises the commentary of the manager and an Institute of British Film has dipped joint this in spite of another emission adds. A thing that is conspicuously losing is English subtitles for some characteristic of prize. Leading BFI Blue-rays and Dvdes offered English subtitles in some extras. But according to a recent information of an Institute of British Film, in his three recent BFI Flipside Blue Series-the emissions of ray ‘have BEATEN DAUGHTER;' ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' and ‘SYMPTONS' lack an English subtitles in some extras and reasons BFI prendió these practical is the mystery of the mine so much was always of then would have English subtitles in some extras. Also, reason any entrance of Reef Richard? Perhaps a reason is that it is probably too rich and too busy relaxing Barbados, a so only can assume? ‘ I EXPRESS BONGO' Was the swipe of entity when it was liberto in United Kingdom in 1959. With Reef Richards is continuing in increasing success in a world of music aims the king-emission of a film in 1962, this in spite of with differences read. In the first place, some musical sequences that has not looked Reef Richards has been cut was totally and some alternate the scenes have been added to emphasise Reef Richards a musician. For the defenders of some originals ‘EXPRESS BONGO' films of gender of the music, has been when being list like this musical was cut already down for a 1959 film, but a new 1962 king-cut-of @@subject was like one alternating the film has done especially for Reef Richards defenders and in fact a lot of years so only a king-the version of emission was mainly able to be seen. Now it wishes an Institute of British Film would release all another Reef Richard film, especially ‘HOLIDAYS of STATE.' Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Yours Definite No.1 Partidário to Film
Lucido Cinema Paradise
United Kingdom
5 / 5
interpreters of Pops of a fifties has had still the long way to go to ape his American counterparts and this film exemplifies this. We see Soho in all his seedy glory, some prostitutes, some shows of band, some full streets of con men and artists of fraud that knows like this to survive. It is a time when hustler Johnny Jackson, the one who breaks fast and thinks included faster, latches on to the humble bongo player and singer whilst is treating with his group (Some few Shadows) in the bar of caffè. In his boss is,to good sure, the visions of wealth adds as it could be obtained in Bongo behind.

Jack fulfils Bongo Mamma the one who waste to sign one 50-50 agreement Johnny dips before sound. This in spite of, risks his way to the meeting with impresario and agent Mayer the one who knows Johnny of old but calculates finally that it can it to it do the show of variety with the star of recognition of American flange, whose popularity is in some decreases. Dixie Collins still has advance of abundance and can treat a newshounds the one who neither can rent or damn him. It knows in a cruel world of showbusiness and that,probably, his fashion to sing is exiting. This feeling was emphasised when Bongo taken all some ovations and shouting defenders.

Bongo Fulfils up with Dixie in the party in his swanky hotel and starts to drink cocktails of champagnes. @It give a lot quickly that, without to the to any one likes, finally fail like this of transmission of tendency. Johnny @gives that his influence is in a decrease also like this Dixie discovers that Bongo is 'agreed with Johnny is worthless and illegal reason was down age (then 21) and his Mamma has refused company the. A decoy of Broadway is dangled before Bongo in a wake of tries to take aggressive but Dixie can treat these hustlers so it has been he in a business more along that has. A future of rich beckons like the sleep but he result the nightmare?

Old Soho with all his phoney glitter was always there. It represents the lifestyle and sometimes,no the a lot of is one. Johnny, and people of his ilk,likes Meyer can swim with a tide whilst another sunk without trace. One looks in some careers of fifties the spears of pop exemplifies this. Johnny forgets does the decent report with his promise Maisie. He stripper In the tawdry show. Tent to be forgotten in the investigation of Johnny of fame and always will be that it is, want to he-roughly, lose-a lot of hustler. A script for Wolf ('Chico for Two Farthings') Mankovitz was acute and some lines am rid for Sylvia Syms and Laurence Harvey (Maisie and Johnny) was well in a key. Reef Richard has had excellent support although his delivery was quite of forest and sure scenes like his lying in Dixie read in the drunken he @@amazement could have created the few eyebrows at the same time. Some songs were like this-like this except Bongo song of mother of amour 'A Shrine in a second Gives a spent complete with a angelic heart. It is everything to do with 'image' and probably has little changed today. Any quite the cynical masterpiece but entertaining viewing this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has has not looked never this film until now, and was surprised enough as entertaining east. Place in Soho during a Rock and was of Circle during a late @@@1950s, some centres of the history around an ambitious agent exasperated to find the big star to do his name. It finalises the little felizmente, is to the entertainment adds to look, and defenders of Some Shadows and Reef Richard will give the reception to his appearances that spends rear memories of when they have begun in a circuit of pop, person in that @give at the same time the one who launch to touch finally is resulted. Sylvia lovely Syms resupplies an interest of amour together with Yolande Hurt.
Considering a blue-presentation of ray, the picture and the sound are a lot a lot considering the age of a film. One instruments of the recovery has done the work adds. In general, a film to entertain to look.
4 / 5
Has had fond memories of this film of the time agrees any one a lot when I saw it on a TV.

More purchased that late in VHS and has been tried to take it on the dvd has seen in the tent of Londra that stocked to plot of EUA sourced dvd.

And has read that all the leading versions have not been 'complete'. It is often difficult to judge that of the films are released often in of the different versions for different phases. 'It completed in my half of book that the be be aim in a screen of cinema. Still although it can confuse of this film was king-has modified the few years after his prime minister that objective to touch in in a success of Reef. And it looks that all the versions of the video of the house is based in a king-@@subject.

Like this when it was promoted that this new blue ray/dvd has comprised one the version of majority 'complete' I import there was still some descriptions displaced.

No. to concern That there is here is a version that was released originally in some cinemas of United Kingdom like all these songs disappeared are there. And so only for 'completeness', one blue the ray also has one 1962 modification concealed has take these songs. It has not looked that still or some extra images in a dvd that was to fill for a later emission.

His and utmost picture in a blue ray. Sure happy now that has expected and has not invested in that was the quite expensive American dvd in this tent.
5 / 5
In that listened the so much in this film was anxious to possess he in this format of special edition that the glorious looks in Blue-ray.
A film is not I so that it adds so it Beat it Daughter (also in Blue-ray in a same BFI serious) but still watchable for a history and a start of Reef.
Some extras are utmost and for the defenders of British film is the worthy adds to a collection.
4 / 5
A good explosion of a past. It was life never has taken really? Done the time when the young people have had virtually at all. A memory of like this ash a late fifties and aim sixties in fact was. We are to come the long way of then, thank Advantage.
4 / 5
Has found this dvd absolutely charmng seeng Reef when you are the young man has behind spent so many wonderful memories of this time .
4 / 5
My memory of this film has looked for to be better that a film he, but enjoyed it still.
5 / 5
A piece adds of nostalgia with the few faces expected and unexpected.
4 / 5
Quite interesting late 1950 film of Richard of the Reef in both DVDES and Blue-ray (1959 B&W).
4 / 5
The presentation adds. Any need of sure to be in two formed this in spite of.
5 / 5
In some ways aims his age, but still enjoyable. Sylvia Syms still adds in him
4 / 5
have the copy of an old VHS version but decided to buy this and has not been disappointed as it have not looked he for the moment. Well the value that shabby.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this DVD of Reef, like this young and naive was, but I any active wants to lose he for anything in a world! You are the time adds ! Expressed Bongo... Yes the good film!
5 / 5
The rear memories have spent. It bite Dated but still enjoyable
5 / 5
Well, like the film is dated, and the reef is wetted enough, but maintains arrived of sound. In another hand, to Laurence Harvey likes dodgy Soho of inferior-the feeder is the joy to start with to finalise, how is Sylvia Syms like sweats that suffers longitude stripper fiancée. A script is acute and ape. It&x27;s Any to enjoy?
5 / 5
A lot 1960 east with all a excietment of a erea. Shows some early days of mecer ' does not surround in Soho, pre-years of Beatles. A lot of enjoyable and well currency he.
4 / 5
A wonderful Valley the guest has done the series of the films that explores different genders, centred in diverse instutions, and ossia his cynical musical roughly culture of youth, ally of casserole of beat it and agents.
Some inaugural credits superbly inventive is the masterpiece, a rest of a film less so much.
Tomb among two stools a lot quite deciding if to be circulate it-and-film of circle or the musical of an earlier generation, the class of English 'Types and Wrists' Adapted me of a class of what Frank Tashlin has done very better, far more acute and more pleasant in some States.

A class of British film that an indulgent, inflated and nostalgic the critical opinion would have think that is much better that in fact it is.
Some extras comprise an early, extraordinary 15 short minute for Michael that Wins, called 'A Square'. ,
Is absolutely unusual and, saves for a grating on-repitition of a certainly- catchy music of @@subject, absolutely captivating. He any anything better. Without his credit, would have said it was Lindsey Anderson punctual, Karel Reitz, John Schlesinger or Knows Russell same. It is really that well. A wonderful evocation of past of time.

Another short comprised is the one who half a lot but cringe-worthy, paternalistic and patronising film of public information that promotes clubs of youths. It can be be relate for Harry Enfield Gentleman Cholemly-Warner and was so only 1957.
4 / 5
Expresses bongo The must for reef richard defenders
has given them this dvd 4 stars and recomend iy to all the defenders of reef.
5 / 5
A bit outdated but loves look in of the old films adapt me to us of my infancy some days before a world has been crazy with technology, Ah was some days.
5 / 5
The one who the disappointment: this overlong film - adapted of the musical, is horribly has dated. 1959 Soho is not really the current concept anymore, and his examination by means of one (usually competent) lentil of Valley fallen of Guest miserably plans. Ossia Probably because of an on-talkative script (but comprise leading descriptions that some the musical numbers are missing - the fact that does not help a film at all), way also wordy for the musical, and one a lot noisy doing of Laurence Harvey. Taking to bore a lot quickly like the car to shout and results frankly unbearable for an end of a film. Any factor to redeem? Reef Richard is (a lot little) songs of course, and a Guest of Lady of real life, Yolande Donlan, extremely sexy in all these Balmain dressed.
Fences in that, this film is that it clashes has resisted, not even saved for the Guest-Donlan commentary that finds a pair quite dozzed was. A good documentary in fences of caffè in Soho in a 50s is resupplied in this edition but this is not enough to offset that is essentially the very dated film. It averts.
5 / 5
A good film, has to has been one of the reef sooner some so that it do not go partorisca star billing. A bit of the saucy film partorisca his day; the data is the man soyaintained' youngster that bolt with an old plus starlet, and some scenes partorisca undress in a Soho club.
4 / 5
Had seen this films the little time on some years and has thought was a lot of but was totally unaware that that looked has not been a complete film. Well I arrival partorisca see a full version with several songs that has had state court and is like this better that would say that it goes of good to adds.
This was Reef Richard first film and, the songs averts, any really maintain like an actor. Partorisca Be just are the singer any one an actor and so only eighteen when this is to be do.
Boss and shoulders on all the world-wide more in a film this in spite of is Lawrence Harvey the one who dips in the bravura action ( probably the better career) that totally dominates each scene is in.
A fantastic snapshot of the particular time in @@subject of British show when Londra Soho and is the bars of caffè are resulting stars of map, wholeheartedly recommend this new, the version has restored fully.
4 / 5
Enjoyed a 60s to the films of Reef likes them vacacional of Summer and had not seen this earlier film. It is not the feelgood film in any way. I found it partorisca be quite cynical and depressing, as well as extremely dated in the way that a 60s film of the pop is not . Laurence Harvey was horrible in him, and a whole film feels seedy. Acting reef ( was roughly 18 at the same time ) was a lot of forest - I honradamente does not think this film has adapted at all. It was happy when it finalise! The desire had not looked the really.
5 / 5
Ossia The spur of a moment commentaries. I have had two versions of this DVD inc the edition of a Collector. Neither of complete sound (eg Meier Tzelniker is 'Nausea' and thinks Harvey' songs). A Kino DVD BEEN here on Amazon that careers 111' that is an official BBFC period of 1960. This in spite of the reviewer declares concealed is not to complete neither. It is there the complete version anywhere in existence, and if like this, reason do 3 apparently seperate the companies issue incomplete versions? I also the amazon of desire could find the way to do sure that the description of the emission of look/of particular version so only under this title. Interior a moment, any description of some looks to copy down all one some have announced, as you can go in the bit of the muddle. ( It is the good film tho, included tho is incomplete).
5 / 5
To dip it bluntly ossia a underrated film all the round...

Considers Reef Richard, grieves out of a work of electrical factory in Hertfordshire some months previously, with his something in a 2 I club in Soho so only the recent memory and teamed up with some early Shadows line up...

Not forgetting has no acting formation previously to be the flange discovered in a 2 I club in Soho he the good work.

A history is quite impressive when you consider a content of some appearances when this history has been done.

For chance a cornamusa 'bastard' is used at least 4 times when this class of tongue seldom appearred this time in of the films that (by means of the appearance of the reef in a film) would be likely to be seen by the youngest people.

A film is based in Londra Soho, a zone of Londra with the reputation for criminality of drugs, game, addiction, prostitution and black marketeering and this was in 1950 east!

A history has subject of adult in him, the club of the band where has not been that of the 'dressed' has been taken has spent a rigid censorship of a day to the equal that are minimum, walking of prostitutes callejeras to invite people 'upstairs', the club of band 'dancer' that bolt with his public prosecutor/of agent and no married (agrees is 1959/60)!

A history is almost the biog of prompt Reef Richard, the young singer discovered with his group to back in the bar of caffè

This film takes that the life and the early plot almost imitates art to the equal that in a film is signed up for the agent of wide boy (later an agreement is found to be null and void).

Some machinations and yard and pressed of an industry to register moguls and a chancers likes Laurence Harvey charachter 'Johnny' is touched was superbly.

Then have interest of the female amour older of the reef in Yolande Donlan, that clashes on duty of the American flange and you have the quite full flesh and veg flat background.

Is interesting to look in some scenes callejeras contemporary especially a still war has broken part of Londra, some of him still seeds derelict with which 15 years of peaces.

Something a prompt appearance of Burt Kwouk also in scene 1!

And Hank the original of Marvin Fender Stratocaster is beginning of film , the one who give it this film has not been shot in colour, but perhaps a black and white film the stock adds the 'black' his quality.

Sylvia Syms That stripper promised of 'Johnny' Laurence Harvey charachter is the very competent and mature action.

Ossia Quite a film of same adult now, is directly and solid, the difference of a later lighter hearted way of film like one Young Some and Holidays of Summer that is well in his own legislation.

Another reviewers can not be too impressed with this film but has a lot of facets and of the qualities that although it can not have sold likes the quota seats like this vacacional of Summer, in spite of is like this of entity for some social studios of a charachters in seedy Soho of a time with his fading and peeling paper of wall, humid wall and general gesture of the world-wide so only while to turn a corner to a 1960 east.

Like this look in this film of the number of perspectives and be surprised in some fines layered setting before you.

Oh And volume some early Shadows lineup doing some music adds although this could be more long state!

Interesting images of Hank Marvin that touches his old Antoria electrical guitar in the scene of recording studio
4 / 5
has Seen this a Cinema late @@@1950s, has thought was to add, ( was roughly 13/14 I think), that looks forward to that it see it again.
5 / 5
I have known this dvd was second hand as no attended miricles. Has no the real complaint but I would like to know was this dvd marked before sending or raisin in a estaca. Also a lot very it can mean what different the different people !
5 / 5
Has not having casualidad partorisca look this a closing, but are cost that will love it one same like all some another that has bought
5 / 5
A version in a DVD is incomplete. At least some of some songs are missing.
4 / 5
Kino, Taking with him. It can it calms it does not find the complete version to Express Bongo. The 3 songs of Laurence Harvey are missing. I know that reason my vhs register in fact 23 years has him intact. Any casualidad partorisca take the complete version in a phase. You have turned one on half film to the drop of half film.

Top Customer Reviews: Tea For Two (DVD) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
'Tea partorisca Two' was a prime minister of three film that Doris Day and Gordon MacCrae has done neighbour in a prompt fifties. Pure corn, partorisca be enjoyed like -you the tunes for Vinvent Youmans and his contemporaries as well as choreography that goes easy danced by a whole heart. Day and MacCrae sing sweetly but his in no way hog a film. Patrice Wymore bundle the storm whilst Gene Nelson adapted one of Fred young has the pair partorisca dance duets with Doris, whose talent here has not gone never fully has developed. There is also Eve Burn, good but occasionally in a cup with his sardonic talent .This in spite of a film suffers the double dose of plague. S.Z. Sakall Is a chubby darling the one who murder an English president and Billy of Wolfe is a oafish producing of a show. The frantic dances, falls two times to a group, transmissions of the ladder to the tree, contorts his face and generally failures to respect all the world. A lot .
4 / 5
Brilliant film. Doris @@@Sparkle Of day throughout. Dialogue witty, the songs add, dancing spectacular. Launched glorious. An only downside in my character dvd
is that it is out of sync bit it. His no too bad until you take the closeup when some starts of flange but still with which has left it the the put were and so only can be my copy. A society of doris day and gordon macrae is excellent. Some other two films with these two stars in this recommends them is In Moonlight Bay and a sequela For a light of a Silvery Moon. I have had all these films previously in VHS video partorisca some last 30 years and looked him throughout and on again during some years and there is not tired never of them. Ossia Which well is. Hope These helps of description do on your alcohol partorisca purchase and expect that calm give you like this like as have. It enjoys!!
4 / 5
A must partorisca all Doris defenders of Day. But that has seen Gordon Macrea in Carousel and Oklahoma I marvel, in this film is his voice has baptised? So only it does not touch one same as in some other films....... Based in a swipe aims Very Any Nannette a plot explains a title - DD is not left partorisca say Yes to any questions are asked 24 hours like partorisca bet to try to his uncle can do like this in order partorisca he partorisca give his money partorisca dip in a game. That then lays drains in his casualidad when Gordon Macrea asks partorisca marry! Yes or No?? The tunes Are. Amado a film.
4 / 5
Glorious the naturalidad Doris the day was on film and such the harm does not touch more seriously dramatic functions. Here she so only radiates while Gordon Macrae croons charmingly, Gene Nelson shows his skills of Eve and the fantastic dance Burn the wise cracks to effect adds. Highly recommended
5 / 5
Im happy has ordered this really pleased element with him a lot his doris day that more can say like doris of the day then will want this dvd
4 / 5
ossia the very feeble cuppa in fact tho'the music is good and how is eve burn. One (inane) the history is loosely based in any one any day now has his usual 'jolly the hockey sticks' grin in his face by means of out ( sense has wanted to give to slap!)The routines of big dance are during a place and the complete disorder, and has had to that maintain regulating a volume has said that some songs are good (a lot of his all level that has been a test of time)but are fearful a whole film is a big stale stock exchange of teas
5 / 5
A lot of nostalgic and wonderful Doris and Gordon in his better
4 / 5
It is the light hearted film, will go with my Doris collection of Day.
5 / 5
Gordan McRae And doris the day is like Fred and ginger perfect together
5 / 5
An excellent dvd in it Doris the day aims his talent the one who enthralled million spectators during a world .
5 / 5
The disk of excellent value has used, has liked him really a Doris film of Day.
5 / 5
Thank you Partorisca A punctual arrival of a dvd will look forward to partorisca look the sometime early the classical Doris Day!
5 / 5
Easy to order the sum of fast delivery that looks . Sucedido partorisca Begin to finalise.
4 / 5
I have looked this allegro little comedy in the natal and was the pleasant experience. Ossia The thing boba , fact partorisca pure entertainment, any exactly very good and also for the slightly has aged moments, but also very sweet and heartwarming - and all the world-wide look requires such the film from time to time. Down, more than my impressions, with some have limited SPOILERS.

Nanette Carter (Doris Day) is the very rich daughter, with artistic aspirations. It can dance and sing really well and would want look in the musical. It is for so that it have to that invest in the show of Broadway if his ex-fiancé, producing Larry Blair (Billy Of Wolfe), his launches in a function partorisca star. Blair has this in spite of the little question - already offers a function his current promise Beatrice Darcy (Patrice Wymore)... Nanette There is also the question - can not use of the money without a consent of his guardian/of uncle, Maxwell Bloomhaus (S.Z. Sakall), Usually known to all the world like this Uncle Max, the charming although slightly eccentric businessman/crazy inventor. Uncle Max this in spite of also has the question, which will complicate this whole thing inclusa further... Pianist Jimmy Smith (Gordon MacRae), the one who is enamoured with Nanette and Nanette that has taken Pauline Hastings (Eve Burn) will be tugged also in this business integer - big time... I will say no more in a plot.

Ossia Merry, harmless and a lot of bobo entertainement in his better, the little bit like operettes of XIX CENTURY. There is absolutely at all serious, ugly or really bad in a whole thing. The humour is sometimes the little has bitten forced and frequently same bordering in slapstick, but still he mostly works. An incredible charm of Doris works of Day perfectly - is really the view in this film!

More venomous charm of Patrice Wymore, so that it was one first function , is also the lovely addition to a whole film. Some legs of Lady Wymore is another charm of 'Tea partorisca Two' - small marvel that shortly after this film Errol boss of fall of the Flynn in hills partorisca his and married the before a year was on. A pair has produced the daughter, Arnella. Although it touches the quite hard, cynical gal in this film, in real life Wymore has taken well of priest of his quickly declining husband. The mental illness of Flynn, caused by alcoholism and drug addiction, caused them finally partorisca separate but was woman and still husband when Flynn has died in 1959. Patrice Wymore never remarried...

Eve Burn, a actora usually launched in supportive functions during all his long career, touches here the quite typical character partorisca his - that of the viper-tongued, that breaks wise, somehow cynical and disabused but finally good and that means a lot of gal, exactly like a a swipe in soyildred Pierce'. Certainly it adds the plot to a whole mix.

Four stars can be slightly too generous, but still, has had well times partorisca look this film and I is partorisca remain with the warm heart and the smile in my face, as some generosity is really in mandate. Like this already said, ossia the bobo, harmless what, fact partorisca merriment and relax, leaving partorisca forget for now some questions, aches, aches and harms of a real world. I think that that I will maintain a DVD partorisca another viewing. It ENJOYS!
4 / 5
Any one any old musicals will want to this a has them always beloved old musicals is some better PERFECT
4 / 5
‘Teas partorisca Two' is the pleasant pocola ‘song-and-idyll of comedy of the danced based in a 1925 musical ‘No, No, Nanette'. A history mixes around some questions that arise when rich daughter Nanette Carter (touched by the cheery Doris Day) agrees to funds the show of Broadway … without @giving that of the money can not be done available to the his for Uncle of guardian Max.
In spite of being place in New York during a Depression, ‘Tea partorisca Two' is in fact the quite upbeat and musical colour. Directed for David Butler, in 1950, is too prompt partorisca one was of lavish widescreen spectacles, and is for like this aimed in his original 4:3 ‘full frame' formed. A film is not exactly the timeless classical neither, but watchable quite partorisca an hour-and-a-half, with a lot of amusing moments, and the number of pleasingly antiquated songs mostly crooned for Day and Gordon Macrae.

This DVD of Warner the brothers is quite basic, without the characteristic extras averts English subtitles.
5 / 5
This history is roughly a Nanette Carter (Doris Day) the one who is the phase the heiress has attacked that bolt with his Maxwell of uncle Bloomhaus (S.Z. Sakall). It inherits the big fortune of his late father so that his uncle is sure manager maintaining. When being the Wall Street that takes corridor of risk of stock exchange, invests all his money, against a joint of his lawyer William Prompt (Bill Goodwin) in of the stock so only first of a collapse of stock market in 1929. A bad time Nanette is pursued for Larry annoying partner Blair (Brian Of Wolfe) partorisca financial assistance in partorisca sustain Broadway partorisca block production 'Any one Any Nanette'. Nanette, The one who is unaware of his financial loss, is pressured partorisca back a show written for Jimmy Smith (Gordon McRae) and Tommy Trainor (Gene Nelson). Partorisca Help convince, Larry ameno Jimmy and Tommy his house, where feigns that Jimmy needs of the money of a show partorisca pay for the operation of his sister. Tommy And Jimmy touch his some songs of a show, and in spite of a misgivings of his secretary, Pauline Hastings (Eve Burn), Nanette agrees to for behind a show. Jimmy then suggests that Nanette games an advantage, that substitutes the partner of daughter of Larry, Beatrice Darcy (Patrice Wymore) which unworthy. Tonight, Nanette asks Max partorisca sell some of his securities. Any that wants to say a truth, agrees to partorisca give of the money the condition that was it necessary to say 'any' to all partorisca forty-eight hours. During this time Nanette negative responses to some of the questions of Larry discourgaes another partidários of a show. Also his negative response to Jimmy, with that has developed some romantic interest, also discourages partorisca pursue interest of amour. Max promotes Jimmy partorisca propose the Nanette, but still although it loves Jimmy, Nanette does not say 'he.' In an end Nanette learns in his loss in stock phase, but Pauline convinces William Raccoglie partorisca back a production, which later results the success. In an end, Pauline and William, and Nanette and Jimmy taken hitched. Beatrice Darcy Goes back with a choreographer of a show, Tommy Trainor with quell'have romantic inertest previously partorisca take involved with Larry Blair.

A musical Broadway was remade three times, but a 1950 version, titled 'Tea partorisca Two' directed for David Butler is a better of a three. Has some swipes for Youmans ('Teas partorisca Two' and ' Wants to be Happy'), and also tunes for a Gershwin, Harry Warren and To the Dubin. A production has been dipped in the good-looking purple of 1929 ways. A film is the good comedy and some the pleasant moments are some crazy balancing law among Nanette and Beatrice that Larry is forced partorisca spend stops. Some typically cynical commentaries of Pauline and tardy approximation of Nanette partorisca win his man is a course a more end of a history.

1. A Doris Collection of Anthology of the Day [DVD ]
2. Doris Collection of day [DVD ]
5 / 5
This version of Tea partorisca Two east of a box of DVD A Doris Anthology of Day, and is , as such, any available seperately, excepts partorisca seal the one who there is spilt on a box. A film is so only available in this edition, as has no closing (October 2007) declares released in some the EUA on DVD in the version has restored appropriate.
These looks of edition partorisca be the scrolling of a British original VHS edition look it in fact decades. It is not restored, but of a VHS the version has not been bad at all partorisca the film that is 57 years, is quite watchable. A sound is well.

Tea partorisca Two is not one of Days partorisca Lose better films, but has the whimsical charm, songs a lot very in fact, and the plot that is quite bobo partorisca do this quite enjoyable. A writing is often pleasant, and enough the few lines are highly enjoyable, especially when rid for actors of master character like an always pleasant and sarcastic Eve Burn and an a lot of original S. Z. Sakall. Day of Miss and Gordon MacRae sings well, and is the pleasure partorisca look dance of Nelson of the Gene. To good sure any one the master piece, but quite enjoyable.
5 / 5
Are the partidário quite enthusiastic of Doris Day, when it is well. This is not one of his better films but is very better that a lot a prompt @@@1950s offerings. He the better days were partorisca come.

This in spite of, my question my big plus with a film is a storyline: because king- one of an add musicals 'Any, Any Nanette'? Reason any so only they an original with DD starring?
4 / 5
Very so only cost because of a famous song and I have thought a like this romantic film like this song. But it is not , well it has moments, quite a lot of moments, but also a film is funny and has to that entertain dances, a lot good-looking. As it is not based like this all enamoured, but is entertaining and is delightfull partorisca listen Doris the day sings, but has expected more. I recommend partorisca people to to those who like them to them the old films and Doris Day. But it films seen more romantic. This in spite of, liked!
5 / 5
I love this film partorisca 1 reason has left to 2!, Gordon Macrae sings 2 songs!!
Has bought this video so only partorisca listen sing 'so only have eyes partorisca teas and 'Teas partorisca Two'. I call sad and the'll are in accordance with, but think that has a voice of the better flange has not listened never and can listen his sings these two songs on and on again.
Like the film is good to, his humour apresamiento, sadness, joy and amour.
His [] adds!!