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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Absolutely brilliant partorisca my Trace 900GT the spaces of cocheras have limited. Utilisation this all a same time if not moving a bicycle to the equal that maintains the whole bicycle and like this takes on less room.
Looks really has done well.
4 / 5
Possess A Burgman 400. Sleep obliged The park it in the box in front was car. Being A Scooter a lot along the mine was almost impossible to park it no with one thousand manoeuvres and consequent has bad data back, inquanto the space the disposal among the leading wheel and rear walls is has given alone 5 cm.
This carrito The mine there is literally solved he question. Now The mine has sufficed raised the Scooter of the sud carrito with him cavalletto central and rotarlo same sound. He all Less has given 30 second and with any endeavour. Besides He carrito looks for real very done. I advise it animadamente. You grieve attainment will dip some Photo.
5 / 5
Finally attain The park comfortably was the motorcycle that he pandino, in the laboratory of cochera, without owing passage one thousand manoeuvres. He carrito is has had the habit of and very done, he wheels sfalsate agevolano he positioning of the cavalletto, dopes some tentativa takes suffered and the operation goes back simple.
4 / 5
He carrito is Robust and works: now it can posizionare lucida motorcycle that have he cavalletto central has given través in the Box, is this that do lacking seat of mine has given to advise it. Attention but because it is decisively 'Delicate' in the use. In the movimentare The motorcycle goes managed the unstable balance his an only the point has given support. Although He wheels are sfalzate (A difference has given other produced) and like this as a lot here dream interferences among cavalletto and wheels of the carrito, is however advisable has cured carefully he positioning, what any one simple seen that he carrito extend the move also with him blockade inserted. The height of the piano has given support of the carrito (roughly 2 cm) change arm has the data creates of the cavalletto and isssare the motorcycle goes back more faticoso; with the scooter does not change a lot, mine for him old BMW risks he swipe of the witch. I have decided that will try The passage a rise for the leading wheel has given 3 cm for compensated arm has the data creates.
4 / 5
Use For accostare he more possible to the wall a BMW R1150R (any one own a feather).
Looks Robust and very rifinito.
He cavalletto central of the Motorcycle here is perfectly, brakes (that afterwards it is one think that roasts gives sotterrato planned couples has given wheels) works well, the sale of sud of motorcycle cavalletto without particular endeavours and can move it lateralmente in all ease (he paving is smooth without escapes).
Optimum, economic And delivery velocísima.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Robust , comfortable and already tip all'the use .Arrived Prime of the planned . Decisively An optimum product.
My alas Any does not go well for the motorcycle ( APRILIA ATLANTIC ) for him which have purchased it .
When it comes from Ad go down he cavalletto ,urgida was structure of the wheels of the carrito .
So only the structure of the wheels had been ,also 3 shorter cm would have allowed certainly to the cavalletto has given power the passage sweated it whole course to him paving .
4 / 5
Is quite robust, although the brake is dificultoso, and any one would come bad a lining of hule. The crowbar is a lot hard once locates behind the motorcycle, hay that down and locate the motorcycle wants to go back dipped the the brake. It goes well, included in of the pavings that any smooth edges fully and plague of the baldosin a lot wide. I recommend for the quality of construction. Echo in failure a small manual of instructions. Although the box has arrived in bad state, the product has arrived intact and the sending of Amazon excellent.
5 / 5
Platform His a lot robust and intense wheels, adapted announces a motorcycle has given further of 200 mg. . Essential The svasatura of present them to them have given reinforce For has averted . He go robust sleep In state less soft was better. Any one have taken 2 A for CBF500 and one for FORCE 750. To the sud Force occurs to foresee A carrellino under the wheel A lot can uses it.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Well he sturdy, but almost fallen BMW s1000rr, has behind envoy for repayment.
5 / 5
The heavy duty has bitten of boxes, perhaps the arm of crowbar could be 150mm more with a longitude to do lifting the heavy bicycle has bitten easier?
Is gone in two pieces with needing arm bolting on - simple.
Instructions on listing any very clear, (any instruction in of the boxes) has three bicycles, an end of round of a threaded bar is returned any one .
All precise is in empty a walk of correct measure of socket of thumb meso regulate of the your socket dipped in an end of round for each side of a bicycle (is usually different of a measure to another -the mine is 17mm/24mm) will require any to resist a whole bicycle while you it the toe presiona a threaded ray to plant -little more gone back in an end of a threaded ray with the 12mm socket (any too tight has to that revolver)
Corazón in crowbar of mouth behind and up comes.
Then give a threaded bar the another turn to fully presionar first of working on that.
Does well, has bitten it faffy dipping arrive but much stronger that the regular hook and bobbin stand. The instructions would be useful or link it to the simple youtube tutorial
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has bought one for the BMW K1300r. Any one is returned. Still no. Any contact for Constands anywhere in a pacage or in an internet. It was there an adapter in a box that loses or list this fitmant for deception? Any way to contact them neither to discover. The shame of idea adds has not done. No like this sure in a name.
5 / 5
Solid stand well, easy to see reason the people are having subject. To do it easy precise 1/2 thumb allen sockets that access in frame. My election was 10mm. Calm then rays of the wind on is to them a pressure is enough to resist in place. Then use like the stand of centre.
4 / 5
Has bought one for the DEEP VFR1200 f, not doing with this bicycle in spite of these claims of impulse to be compatible.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
This cavalletto universal has given For yes results very built; cualitativamente a pochetto inferior in front of the cavalletto rear devoted all' hypermotard 950, mine for the moment any one have confronted incompatibility or questions.
The only negative appearances that have found Dream:
- attack him regolabili has given steel rivestiti In plastic in what flettono slightly, coming visible in the photo, therefore any one is all has given metal coming gives ad... Any one would have to has caused harms, but the advertising is ingannevole.
- He ruotine; always comparing them to the mine cavalletto backside, result has given inferior quality, a hard plastic.
To conclude the joint any one have too many pretences dui details; for him price that there is exerts sweats work.
Has gathered the photo has given both cavalletti, in the chance has given questions update.
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Suzuki V-strom 650.
Oh! Finally! After Planned tentativas fracasados with him give form commercialised by the same mark, the mine has given inferior price, have wanted to try with this. Now It Goes well, any one is perfect mine he ratio quality price is suitable and he lean servants to the aim. Any one is so much a question has given solidity, also is upper. He Cabbage of Question model more economic is the precision of the assembling. Of the sud rear is A relative point, reason he tolerances of the sud forcellone sleep less rigid. On the forward instead, having to has centred the forums under the forcella, the allineamento is essential. Conclusions, learnt The crumb spent, is possible to save something of the sud rear and go of the sud sure with the forward. Purchase advised.
5 / 5
Arrived very First of the planned. He produced He the present has given good manifattura, he metal is often more has given the one who mine expected. He setting is very simple And Any need has given instructions... 2 bolts With data. After him setting presents a lot has had the habit of and robust, inserted the 2 perni and regulated of the measure that do fault the motorcycle is raised with simplicity and the stability is optimum. Height has given pioli Gives sotterrato 33cm, have a v-strom that traces already cavalletto central and with him sollevamento of the leading wheel with this carrito is remained well staccata gives sotterrato also the backside. Now satisfied Dream Of the parking In security of the motorcycle. Fully satisfied, joints this article because My notice is an optimum product and the very good price (purchased on the €28).
5 / 5
Used For a Kawasaki Z800e.
He produced Has an acceptable rigidity, any one is a ciofeca my not even short has given gamma.
Arrived With a imbottitura was 'very and better', graffiato in some points and other covered give indelebile (noted in controluce!!). Produced already used And riconsegnato Before, instead is has given satisfactory quality for the utilisation that does not owe passage, in others almost would have suffered it rispedito backwards with repayment!! Advised The the one who any one wants to spend too much for him rimessaggio motorcycle invernale. Evaluation complessiva 6.5/10
4 / 5
have purchased It for mine V-Strom 650, optimum sense has given robustezza and yes recently fatigue to pose the motorcycle. I have had to but adapt it slightly In that it does not resupply has given nottolini and is tightened a bit for him positioning under the forcelloni of the motorcycle. In the complex is still A good product.
4 / 5
A good product, looks robust and resistant, and has arrived smontato. In spite of it was it has composed it Gives 2 pieces, looks robust. The 2 party avvitano and block with bulloni the half grown.
I gangi to pose the broken of the holes under him forcelle dream little appuntiti and moves the motorcycle, falls of the cavalletto. Any one looks stable, mine with good ratio quality-price.
5 / 5
He produced Fences in the shabby , alas among him pecche this is the longitude reduced of the point has the data creates ,that you obliges ad go down you has given more respect announces a cavalletto traditional and ,excusadas the no corrected description (any sleep an expert in nomenclature) , the points has given backrest that flettono a pò piu'of the had to (at all has worrisome data) . Coast the shabby
5 / 5
The object has arrived with time súper fast and with a for real amazing speed,corresponds the those that visas and writing in the description of the orderly was a pochino titubante, visas he price thought that he cavalletto was little robust and instead during him setting the surprise;he material and robust,resistant and has given good bill,trace easily(2 miniti) also without instructions(any included).That says already tried,if suitable was big was mine hornet of the the purchase for quality,price and sending.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Looks slick And good works. There is some flex in a metal when I have dipped my Ninja 300 on he (and concealed is not the heavy bicycle), any enough for the risk that falls was or snapping, but is noticeable. The bicycles the big plus can have more than a @@subject weigh the fair has bitten. So only take the pinch of rooms with those attended. Like the reasonably priced paddock stand, he a work brilliantly.
4 / 5
Is quite down but directs to take a wheel on quite big to clean !