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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I took the moment partorisca decide the projector has wanted to buy, with a lot of another on Amazon in that has inflated too much revises with a promise of 'free presents' for 5 descriptions of star - and have decided like this the sure touch, taking the most economic projector that the costruttore very known, and thinks that has chosen well.

A projector has been bought for £120, and works perfectly for films and gaming. Whilst Does not go to take a resolution of the main quality, is the trade was for a prize a plus abordable, and a quality takes is even more that passable. Some pictures have resupplied has been projected to the 75' exposure, of roughly 80' was to give or take. Projected to the ash of layer in the dark room - ossia more paralizaciones visionadas optimum, although an exposure still spends of the lighter of half half.

Whilst Did not have It long enough to comment in a longevity, a projector comes with three ways. Rule, which alleges to last for 20,000 hours. Echo, which dims a picture the small (any hips this in spite of, and in the dark room, calm grieves to look) and will extend a life to 30,000 hours. There have it also the most brilliant way, which a same picture more brilliant, but this of course would lessen some bulbs lifespan (reasons can not say).

Like me another has said, need an extra device to launch his picture wirelessly, whilst this the majority of uncomfortable fact for purpose of travesía, for use of house, he HDMI works of boss so only well. There it does not look to be any inner speakers, but there in a To the so it can use your own speakers.

In general, am very happy with my election.
5 / 5
Projector very small, good start for his measure. A control of house of the picture is not like this positive to the equal that would like, but of work with the bit of fiddling. Has the good row of projection of roughly 400mm to 3000mm.
4 / 5
One adds mini projector with life of excellent battery. While it is not HD, a quality of picture is still very good. It is sturdy and light and a defender is quite calm. An only failure can find with this projector is no active wifi. Five stars if no for a lack of wifi
4 / 5
projector A lot well, any built on-parleur and only connection for hdmi entrance. When paired With speaker / soundbar is the portable projector very good . Any far control.
4 / 5
Does not have any one telephones that sustains MHL.

Or reason take a projector then' listen say. Well, like a HDMI projector I absolutely has devices that can use it. He hooks until the laptop and works perfectly.

Another thing can do with him in the middle of house or still in the hotel: it Covers the chromecast or resemblance to the his hdmi port. Still it has the usb port to power such the device and can do like this of his inner battery; I have tried this in the new plus v2 chromecast.

An election to use MHL and HDMI so only looks one odd a mine. There is no other entrances. It means sure you can take a 'X to HDMI' the adapter but is an extra thing to spend. Has the projector looked of another costruttore that there is VGA, coax to the in, HDMI, thinks also SD failure to see as reducing a number of entrances is the good thing.

A projector is small and light; calm once the ones of the bosses plugged is the fact unsteady - no a @@subject until I want to regulate some settings. It would be far better state to comprise the far control for things like a keystone and energy / brightness settings. Having to that regulate in some arrivals of projector to be the game of 'tries any for the sobresalto or the strike was alignment '. Also a house in the far would be handy also.

Finally a projector does not have any sound on board. When you Cover he to the laptop or another device takes on a sound like a paper of his outside in a hdmi boss. This bad need a device of his external extra, an outside 'bluetooth' the speaker that read in the the way in a jack for example. This looks a decision of draw of odd mine, reason again is adding extra and material bosses to the small light device.

On to a picture: it is in fact very brilliant. Still in a way to save of the can is still quite brilliant to look 'during a day' while you close the curtains etc. Is perfectly usable although it would not call it big resolution in any way anything; compared to the screen of looks of laptop notably down king (calm can not read a desk appoint of icon for example). But for general viewing; film etc, touching games, is absolutely well.

Is not silent. There is remarked that has the defender and this takes quite strong that career in some more brilliant ways. I guess it is related the environmental temperature , was inner very hot when trying.

Finally other things to remark comprise a lack of coverage of lentils, sure is recessed but will require to be spending he in the stock exchange of some class to avert harm of lentil. A supply to be able to is also in a bulky side.

Global and @in rodeo - although it looks my description is signalling out of a negative side of things, is quite the feat of technology that can have the projector this small ossia quite brilliant to use without the blind blackout and also included the careers was battery , and a cost although any economic is still vastly less than would have been says ten years ago. This in spite of deceit partorisca mask my disappointment that can it no natively with any of my telephones or pills because MHL is quite any one the thing among any samsung telephones. A workaround of course when being the chromecast.

Owe calm to buy it? Well A phase for projectors is the busy one and I am so only has not used never three thinks, this one has a better picture out of everything of them so that it would say need a HDMI projector, then sure. If, this in spite of, calm think could require another port connectivity, perhaps looks around. One on board the battery is fresh also this in spite of, although this is not a projector of prime minister to come with that.
4 / 5
Has struggled to decide yes to give this element 2 or 3 stars, but decided to give it to to the third star likes them the work a lot well with mine Lenovo notebook, has connected in fact immediately using a distributed HDMI boss. It likes work, projects the reasonable presentation; that resists to import a measure of a lentil of the project and he last stops until 4 hours. Animal-the charge of slowly is around some the same times and I honradamente can say that as it small projector, really is very good. A subject real is by train to use it wirelessly. It can any one! Any unless it purchase a ACER dongle, which costs around £ delivery besides, which everything of the sudden turns this projector to the £300 element besides yes wishes to operate wirelessly (investigations MWA 3 on Amazon for options to purchase). Descriptions of client in a dongle has seen to the amazon suggests that this dongle is not a lot very - global punctuation of 2 stars! The independent description suggests no better.

How is there any alternatives to purchase a dongle? Yes it has. Could purchase it MHL to HDMI boss and connect your pill or telephone to a projector; there are two questions this in spite of, in the first place precise to power a unit and any all the pills or the telephones have an ease to transmit the signal (some Samsung models (Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 Remarce 2 Tab3 Still HDTV) - my telephone of generic Android any, mine done neither Kindle Fire) . To be sincere, unless has one of a SAMSUNG telephone or pills, looks a lot of touch and go like this to if work. I have it quell'has purchased so only the boss and will try with to pill and the estaca of my edges the description when we try it knots.

Like three stars is thus really projector very small, so only 350 gm, work directly out of a box and adds with the yes connected laptop street HDMI boss. Wireless masters to be prepared for an additional cost of in £80 when the cariche of delivery am taken the consideration.
5 / 5
My husband has taken basically this of my hands. It uses for everything especially when travelling for work.
Is like this compact and transportable returns neatly to the stock exchange of laptop. A hdmi boss that comes with this quite long to connect to the compatible portable device, adds for presentations.
Whilst Does not come with him MHL the boss purchases one in the so many is quite lucky to still have the device that is MHL compatible. We have downloaded it films and the programs and these touch really well by means of a projector. This in spite of, Reason for only 4 stars, is struggling to take a sound to do properly by means of a projector. The the update has imagined once this was and amend an indication has required . A picture this in spite of is really clear and in general the really good mini still projector all the uses.
4 / 5
First of all, ossia the device very a lot of - when connected to the car with a HDMI port. Using the USB/HDMI the adapter fails miserably - knows is connected to something but complains of any signal.
Like this, with Yoga of mine Lenovo was the dismal failure but my HP portable has done so only. Any neighbour on required, grieves was plugged in and has changed on, a projector was slaved to a HP screen.
A very simple paper the leaves of system to configure some details some the plus end and the leaves of small wheel change a house.
Need the drop-half light to be seen with ease, as expected for the projector.
Very small, light, easy to use - with a value of right crew each penny.
5 / 5
Is compact, rechargeable the battery operated and tripod of camera mountable like this although a HDMI the goodness is required is dipped easily up without too many final bosses or another paraphernalia.

A defender is calm during using

wants to go entirely wireless ignore a ACER wireless dongle and look for it mirroring device for the neighbourhood of a prize.

Is quite brilliant to used during a day (are not to add but is watchable)

is lovely.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer C250i Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
I have been using partorisca the few months now was initially postpones partorisca buy for all some bad descriptions roughly but has taken one submerges anyways. The points besides is microsd space that play a lot mp4 the files have tried, very portable the although a sound am not partorisca add stops more than the pair of people I so that it uses the speaker of travesía and is 100 better, any delay of sound was anything has tried (roku, firestick, Android screenshare with launching application this is to build to a device partorisca Android and apple). Lumens Of east looks down but this projector seats the most next plot to a wall or screen that more like this calm projectors a lot loose like this light among screen and projector, was able the current a UFC last night in a garden on 100' the screen and was a lot enough until a sun is coming on, has had to this in spite of move more afterwards to do a screen so only roughly 80'. A capacity to upgrade a firmware ota means that this always will be to update, Bluetooth the version is 4.2 and max the paper sustains given by heart is 64gb according to acer. To the What only would like partorisca of of the east is some class of protective for a lentil how is the projector of the travesía could take attacked or has touched on and worse chance a lentil would be lined.
4 / 5
Has massive delay in a sound any import that connects. I have tried chromecast and firestick and his unusable. Also a noise of defender is insanely strong, am like this unhappy reason a picture and the factor of form is stunning :(

Top Customer Reviews: Acer C101i Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Looking for the dlp the projector has selected is a because I have trusted a ansi lumen the power given and has been distributed for Acer. A lot another look partorisca vary thier claims in literature of 50 to 150 and a lot is clearly only rebranded and some same generic chinese devices. Sure some have to that look the characteristic extras are and a capacity to add a sd the paper to this device would be utmost. But decided partorisca the sure touch! After all it is the picture wants! It is the fantastic device and there is keystone or any so that!... A picture is brilliant for such the small device and is easy to situate. The control is very simple. On it was. Volumes. Echo Or plenary. A wifi is the bit to confuse to dip up but do a lot well. Hdmi Laws so only well but if the economic hdmi boss a video can have lining. Used roku and clave of fire and telephone without question. Calm can use he in the room relieved but careful with measure of image. At night it can fill the wall discovers. You can read text clearly I so that it assumes to be well for small presentations. An exposure of the green screen in one comments spent once but so only on begins on with which I fiddled with connections. On it was ordered and any question at all. Calm can touch and clock a same time. A 2 battery of now the life is class of right and if another mark unless to the heaviest plot (with the main battery) says otherwise his probably reason a lumens brightness is in plot less. That The audio is not a lot so much for the calm films etc precise the decent speaker... But although any bluetooth has built in project of telephone or pc can choose use bluetooth for speakers. If using clave to hdmi then that the audio was Jack is available. It has to that say that it is the brilliant unit and well value an at present discounted prize. It comes with the small tripod. But there is any coverage of lentil or spend it stock exchange that is fault of supply/of poor drawing although quite easy to find the stock exchange to return... It is quite small. In general I love it!
4 / 5
Has taken the little hanged in a native resolution and brightness specs when that looks for the battery powered projector, but this has tried far better that the expected and is excellent quality. I have it quell'has done also he 12v the power direct like this can them run he out of my camp 12v system (lighter of discharge of the cigarette) to see of endless film.
One wireless streaming looks the little clunky, but work.

In general, the d highly recommend this little projector, is far better that the value expected and fantastic!
4 / 5
Has purchased produced to use to coach sessions. The no sufficient quality thus purpose.
This in spite of small and light era. Probably well to use to house
5 / 5
.... It projects all homemade video in the dark green shadow