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5 / 5
They are the measure 14, the lovely big accesses. It Finalising that it buys two like the result. Any spent the vacacional still, but the looks well has done. Has removable tampons partorisca a cup.
5 / 5
A product was very received and returned to the equal that has expected. Now waiting for a time (holidays) partorisca the spend.
5 / 5
My glorious daughter has bought is using my account. It is wanted with him.
5 / 5
Really love a look of this bikini. The wise measure is fully adaptable yours, is the bikini of full series to the equal that can take the perfect record. I have been to swim in him and he have not moved around, is remained perfectly in place. A dry cloth really quickly also. 5/5!
5 / 5
Has ordered the 12 like the sound at present among the 10 and he 12 and has wanted to them be in a sure side.
Some funds am returned well, some sides of bond mean you can add the little extra width needs to. Some funds have the good coverage and the cloth is the good thickness with the lovely floral patten.
A question has had was a cup, some cups are teeny tiny! Generally the main ladies have Iris and of the main hearts and Lilly obviously have not thought in of the this! Some cups have covered to grieve my nippled and the would not feel comfortable spending he out of a house.
No the bad prize for the bikini of good quality but so only buy is the or B cup realistically
5 / 5
The one who the bobo desision of the mine was prenderme flatter and thinks can pull of something like this developing and exposing like this this. I owe that say, this in spite of, an upper bit is lovely and flattering and give to give you the lovely purky and looks it full bossom, a subordinated tiny but of fat in yours also and you look dipped that softly? The beached whale?
Inferior line - very a lot of-fact, beautiful, but a lot he raisins to have the mummy tummy! LOL:):)
4 / 5
A lot the bikini does amiably conjoint. A normalised and the creation is very very good and some funds returned perfect. A short of bikini this in spite of takes twisted in a zone of tampon of to the his bra almost like him some falls of tampon out of place. Annoying to be sincere but so only can be another organism of type of half.