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1 first Anker USB-A to Lightning Audio Adapter Cable, MFi Certified Female Lightning Dongle, Supports Volume Control and Mic for Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds, and More. Anker USB-A to Lightning Audio Adapter Cable, MFi Certified Female Lightning Dongle, Supports Volume Control and Mic for Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds, and More. Anker
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2 SPARKED 4ft Charger USB C Charging Cable for Anker Soundcore Earbuds Life P2 P3 A1 X10 Q30 Q35 Q10 Headphones Dot 2 Note Liberty Air 2, 3 Pro Earphones Type C to A Fast Charge Replacement Wire, Black SPARKED 4ft Charger USB C Charging Cable for Anker Soundcore Earbuds Life P2 P3 A1 X10 Q30 Q35 Q10 Headphones Dot 2 Note Liberty Air 2, 3 Pro Earphones Type C to A Fast Charge Replacement Wire, Black SPARKED
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3 best Wireless Headphones, Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size(Renewed) Wireless Headphones, Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size(Renewed) Soundcore
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4 Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds, Body-Moving Bass, IP68 Sweatproof, 36H Playtime, Fast Charge, Secure Earhooks, Bluetooth 5, cVc 8.0 Clear Calls, Sports Earphones For Gym, Sport Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 True Wireless Earbuds, Body-Moving Bass, IP68 Sweatproof, 36H Playtime, Fast Charge, Secure Earhooks, Bluetooth 5, cVc 8.0 Clear Calls, Sports Earphones For Gym, Sport Soundcore
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5 Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds, Diamond-Inspired Drivers, Bluetooth Earphones, 4 Mics, Noise Reduction, 28H Playtime, HearID, Bluetooth 5, Wireless Charging, For Calls, Home Office Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds, Diamond-Inspired Drivers, Bluetooth Earphones, 4 Mics, Noise Reduction, 28H Playtime, HearID, Bluetooth 5, Wireless Charging, For Calls, Home Office Soundcore
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6 Wireless Headphones, Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size for Commute, Work Wireless Headphones, Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size for Commute, Work Soundcore
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7 Wireless Headphones, Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size for Commute, Work Wireless Headphones, Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size for Commute, Work Soundcore
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8 Soundcore by Anker, Soundcore Sport X10 True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Workout Headphones, Rotatable Ear Hooks, Deep Bass, IPX7 Waterproof, Sweatproof, 32H Play, Fast Charge, Sport Earbuds, Gym, Running Soundcore by Anker, Soundcore Sport X10 True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Workout Headphones, Rotatable Ear Hooks, Deep Bass, IPX7 Waterproof, Sweatproof, 32H Play, Fast Charge, Sport Earbuds, Gym, Running Soundcore
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9 Soundcore by Anker P3i Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds, 4 Mics, AI-Enhanced Calls, 10mm Drivers, Powerful Sound, App for Custom EQ, 36H Playtime, Fast Charging, Transparency, Bluetooth 5.2 Soundcore by Anker P3i Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds, 4 Mics, AI-Enhanced Calls, 10mm Drivers, Powerful Sound, App for Custom EQ, 36H Playtime, Fast Charging, Transparency, Bluetooth 5.2 Soundcore
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10 Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds with 4 Microphones, cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction, Graphene Drivers for Clear Sound, USB C, 40H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Earphones (Renewed) Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds with 4 Microphones, cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction, Graphene Drivers for Clear Sound, USB C, 40H Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Earphones (Renewed) Soundcore
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Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB-A to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
It has Audeze LCD-i3 in-of the ears and he 2015 MacBook Pro. This covers so only 'any touched without subjects. So only that has required. Now I can use a Audeze partorisca listen the iTunes and all more in mine Mac as well as my iPhone
5 / 5
Unfortunately the element has so only done a lot intermittently partorisca a day & there is prendido partorisca do . Totally unreliable, sent it behind and Amazon refunded of the money. Control of looks of quality partorisca be very poor.
4 / 5
4 / 5
Qualität sieht sehr Gut. Funktioniert auf anhieb (Windows has dipped 10) und His ist klar, bassreich und auch sehr laut (Apple dips original Kopfhörer). Mikrofon und Quotes Tasten (laut, leise, pause, game) follows Kopfhörer funktionieren auch. Preis Leistungsverhältnis ist eine Frechheit Gives is aktuell auch keine Alternative gibt Apple Kopfhörer the lightning dipped Anschluss are Pc zu nutzen. Daher leider 2 Sterne Abzug. Sonst kann ich Gives Adapter empfehlen.
4 / 5
5 / 5
Hat seinen Zweck bis zuletzt tadellos erfüllt und wirkt hochwertig: Leider scheint er nun nicht mehr zu funktionieren. Keiner meiner PCs findet mehr Quotes Audioquelle, wenn man ihn nun anschließt. One gives Kopfhörern kann is nicht liegen, has given funktionieren nach wie vor. Für Gives Preis sehr schade!
5 / 5
Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmen nicht! Zu teuer.
Is gibt teilweise Aussetzer bei Squads Videokonferenzen, wenn gives USB- Stecker im Door nicht ganz stramm steckt.
Grundsätzlich ist Gives Adapter sehr nützlich. Ich verwende lieber Apple quotes EarPods, als ein normal Headset.
4 / 5
Hat 2 Monate funktioniert. Seit gestern funktioniert Gives Adapter wie in anderen Rezensionen beschrieben nicht mehr. Müll

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Soundcore ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Utilisation earphones partorisca do that it requires the plot of external work partorisca until 6 hours, as I require them partorisca be comfortable, easy to take on and was, when being able to listen his around me, has him stable in mine with also of quality of his well. Well I have tried a Lypertek Tevi is, his ticked all some boxes except a stability, has begun edging was after so only 10 minutes. Then a JBL Reflects Sport of Flow - result very uncomfortable after an hour or so much. A Galaxy Buds More - Initially looked well, but a control of touch I hate, (calm can any never be sure pressed a key until after the second paralización, also spending the hood in some insiemi of rain of some keys to constantly of pause and of game). An environmental sound is VERY partorisca indoors, but alfresco, a slightest the frames of the sounds of breeze likes him is in the huricane. A MPow has called Pro same Question with some controls partorisca touch.
This leave with a Anker Soundcore Alcohol X2 east. It has begun partorisca think it was impossible, but a together perfect of earphones (partorisca me) has found now. Solid keys, situated in a cup of a earphones, as you are not ramming his yours ear, which spends when a key is in a front. They are able to spend these partorisca some plenaries 6 hours without them begin still partorisca be uncomfortable. I comfort it it is of course subjective, some people can not be quite like this lucky. A double whammy of hooks of ear and wings of ear the almost impossible to the fall was or has included come free. They are able to listen around me, still in spite of that, some tomb is point and averts, which is odd to the equal that have thought always required to focus good for strong bass. It is it is included rainproof. Like this yes, I am very happy with these earphones.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Soundcore ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Think was fearful of the telephone without the headphone jack! I have used Anker has produced before- like this Eufy bulbs and other ready products, as when these earbuds has been recommended partorisca use with my new telephone that does not have the headphone jack, has been pleased that it was the mark knows and confidence.

Manually, has tried pair a earbuds with my telephone but has maintained partorisca take each one which earbud individually. This has meant that it could so only music of game out of a earbud like the time, as it can not connect to two different Bluetooth devices a same time partorisca touch music. It was the long week , there is wanted to so only relax with my music and I could not imagine this was.

On-line has a lot of video of Youtube partorisca unboxing this produced and a lot really direct this subject, but all the world-wide aims a pairing of a buds like the connection to a Soundcore device. They are not one the majority of technology-savvy person, but volume stops. In all the chance, feeling exhausted with this error, has contacted Anker. I have explained that that has downloaded a Soundcore Application, ( the complimentary application for Anker Soundcore devices that has settings of bow.) But it could not listen by means of both ask of ear, somehow could no any pair a earbuds with each another, and then connect them street Bluetooth to my telephone.

Has contacted Anker, a costruttore and vendor to sustain like this after 10 or like this tentativas, has not been connected. Thanks to his crew of service of client that shines the lady has called Michelle gave some clear instructions on like this to reset a earbuds, so that they owe that I look like a device.

He, so that has the key in a base which is to reset . Has thinks that has tried this, but no in a right sequence. After explaining a @@subject to Michelle in Anker, has given this fantastic joint:

1. I besiege a earbuds to a chance to touch and the mark sure are when the be has touched. When you have dipped a left earbuds to a chance to touch, an accident CONCENTRATED light on touching the chance will flash 2 time which means a earbuds is touching, please also remark a right side also will do a same time, when you have dipped he to perceive chance, a legislation FOCUSED light on touching the chance also will flash.
2. Maintain a chance of open touch, then press and resist a key in a fund of a chance to touch for 10 seconds until one has has DIRECTED indicators in both earbuds flashes red 3 times. All a data by heart will be cleared.
3. With which these, closes a chance and king-has opened a chance to touch or take both sides out of a chance to touch, a white light in a side will flash quickly, which means enters way of pairing
4. It enables a Bluetooth in your telephone. You can find a name of device oundbuds Air of Libertad 2' or esoundcore Air of Libertad 2-The in a Bluetooth ready.
5. Please click oundbuds Air of Libertad 2' or esoundcore Air of Libertad 2-The for pairing, a white light will flash dulcemente, which means paired felizmente.
6. Then there it will burst out of the screen with 'Bluetooth Asks of Pairing', just click 'Pair' (This is not a lot of entity)

Please note, because of the compatibility of a program chip, in a bluetooth that the pairing loans a Soundcore Air of Libertad 2 is showed as 'connected', and a Soundcore Air of Libertad 2-L is showed as 'any connected'. In fact, a earbuds is usually TWS paired to do.


Master. The toe a lid and they connect to my telephone. They touch brilliant and with some settings of bow, can take a perfect sound for film, music or audiobooks. My satisfaction of product is 100. It looked it faff to pair the, but thinks that is more my capacity that the produced quirk. I am pleased with a value for money. It is like this value he. There are hand-held gestures to change clue or use Google or Amazon Alexa that has taken, according to your preference.

Use these buds more than any headphones. Any tangle. One uploads spent directly to a chance and a chance maintains a buds has protected. Has the wide election of bud fittings. As any with anti-tragus, tragus and daith piercings, these earbuds is recommended. The difference of another mark the one who have pods of ear that is moulded and does not return all the ears, these are really comfy. They do not feel to like will fall it was and left to listen my music even more that I with wired auricular. A mic for call them is very clear and can not find the failure with them.
-A failure has thinks that has had was error of user, but does not leave this place six state, a Anker Soundcore earbuds a lot each penny. More, go in the muddle like me, Anker crew of support of amazing client, specifically Michelle, there will be you on clues any time at all.
4 / 5
Has seen the few descriptions of this device on Youtube/of Youtube thus produced first to purchase. Has the number of headphones/earphones (excluding an Apple Airpods). It looked the together decent of earphones with good volume, good connection and importantly, exclusion of background noise when taking the call.

In the first place, thinks that is decent value for money and like this always, has shipped quickly. I have bought these in £ so many of part of a deal of Black Friday, but included in £, these resupply the decent prize-the-lovely proportion.

Like this besides Anker produced, a quality of build is impressive and how is a compact measure .

Can configure these earphones using a Anker SoundCore application. A firmware version to the equal that of this description is '' (and an application has said that ossia a later version for now).

To maintain this revises quite concise, so only will stick to some defects.
- I feels that a sound is tinnier that would like me and of some base would help (the sound is the personal preference , as you can think that that they touch so only good); I have configured a sound that his use 'HearID' characteristic in his application, this in spite of, a quality of his mediocre east
- When listening to audio, finds that one of a earphones (usually an accident a) disconnects for milliseconds each now & then, which over time can take annoy
- in an advertising, allege 'the Environmental noises are reduced for 60 and 95 of your voice is retained for the crystal-experience of clear call'. Agreement that chooses on my voice clearly the majority of a time. This in spite of, when I register my voice and he touch behind, still listens enough the bit of background noise that disappointed of of the this is a main reason for me purchasing this device (i.et. To suppress background noise). I have wanted to be able to walk in public (says airport or canal) while in of call them without all the world in mine listened of call of the conference everything in a fund.
- Finally, ossia so only the personnel nitpick, but REALLY would like me one of of some options of some controls to touch to actuate soyute on/was' which would be really handy that that it has to take was one is device every time during the call (especially called of conference) to say your piece and go back instead again, especially when have your full hands. Any sure reason the costruttrici are not comprising this on all the devices that is marketed like the tool adds to take calls of telephone !

Boasts all of an on can be fijamente has seen the update of the software and I really expect Anker the fixed punctual.
Until then probably would estimate it 2.5 on 5.
4 / 5
After reading to plot of descriptions, has decided to buy these Prizes been due to, Life of Battery & of Quality of his

has been looking for auricular for the moment, mainly to use in an office and in work. After researching to plot of descriptions and other frames, likes Sony - I has been for an air of Libertad 2.

An access is utmost , has tried a Cambridge Audio Melomania and has fallen so only out of my ears. This access in well and corner to a canal of ear. They create an almost he vacuum focus inside an ear, which help with quality of his and good bass. If any like him to him an access, takings 3 another buds to use. Utilisation a incumplimiento buds.

Quality of his utmost east. I listen to podcasts, hip hop, material of regular map and he all touch adds. Calm also can modify a bow has seen an application.

These are not the active noise that annuls, simply the blockade was his with an access. You the work adds in that.

An application leave to customise some controls in an ear buds, like fold the tap has left to turn volume down. This can be transmission to skip clues etc. the flexibility Adds!

The life of battery is sum! Volume around 35-40 hours. A chance is small and sturdy.

Quality of his for call them is well, no of the best. A lot of background noise is chosen up.

A reason for mine 4 is due to a fact has had to that send was partorisca to the substitution likes one of an ear buds failed to update firmware when that uses an application. The substitution has been sent and this has done. Also a mic for call them is not some better.

Can change my description to 5 in the date he late plus I once continuous use.

Has found this useful description, please press an useful key like help :-) Thank you.
5 / 5
For a prize there something on, an only thing a sensor to touch is really sensitive a lot always recognises the mandate loves use. The wise sound some bass is quite punchy a mids is as well as highs (better then regulate friuty pods) . Im Using them with Tidal and really cant complain. Taking a bud out of stops a music but sadly playback wont resume with which reinserting. There is no ANC but focus in enough of well, as any question there. Like a fact or can change in era/on so much or of the that has to that face a backside to perceive if or of any one. The early days but the hard battery for ever!
Again the sum on himself or no precise ANC these are perfect!!
5 / 5
Very Like this quality of his decent but have the few subjects. Quality to call that it is apparently is main selling the point is poor. All the world there is complained that my voice was tinny. I have been disappointed of this reason is one the majority of characteristic of entity for me in the earphones.

The hips complained people in environmental background noise also that it was also very disappointing. Has update a firmware and still same subjects. I have maintained using it but now also have a subject with a microphone that short was after the pocolos small in of call them. Still I can listen a recognition but a mic the just courses was. We owe that finalise a call and redial which is to disturb it especially in of call them business. I am fearful I follows to go to have that returns these and continue my hunt for the decent wireless earbud with quality of good call (and USB C touching).
5 / 5
Am using these with OnePlus 5 smartphone. I have directed to take the good snug focus in an ear buds using an of some five different measures of silicone buds resupplied in a box. This in spite of a sound is roughly 7/10 with more than emphasis in mids and highs. I am not crazy for the basses but these are clearly some pocolos that lacking of here.

My supports of telephone bluetooth 5 and aptx but still has some frequent but for smaller when listening the music or slope of the calls of telephone.

Pairing These bluetooth earbuds with my telephone has not gone so much he hassle but has had to that reset a earbuds before they could be paired felizmente with some telephone as it would not say it was easy to take them working.

A left bud resemble free his can much less like this compared to some legislations a. I think that that ossia reason a legislation an all a heavy lifting to maintain a connection with a telephone.

Finally but a lot especially, am unable to update a firmware in these reasons a process of the installation so only maintains errorring was. I have tried he of multiple telephones but to any one solves. That is worse is that taking help of the support does not look to be like this easy neither.

Has expected the majority of subjects has mentioned on would be fixed with him firmware update but now has not been that to do afterwards.
4 / 5
Love a creation, the measure is small, comfy, the life of battery is excellent, and in general these touch better that Truer Wireless earbuds has used (so only a WF-1000xm3 is markedly better that one some have tried) and in the prize adds.

This in spite of has a subject @of interior a moment where using to the setting of bow of low big likes to hip Hop cause like this earbuds to leave out of the horrendous breaking buzzy noise to pop while has the swipe of grave acute. So only it spends on some settings, and so only with some songs. I have contacted I lean it and ensure me to the knots will be fixed in a upcoming update of software a next month, but the people that buys it now included would owe that be conscious of of the this. If this takes fixed, this will be the 4 or compraventa of 5 stars sure. For now, it disappoints it so that it feels it likes it is broken because of subjects of software.
4 / 5
UPDATE - 26/12/action of 19 Audios is really really well, very better that Airpods, really like a HearID tries of the his and everything of some 22 settings of bow. Has has added goodness that touch wirelessly in any extra cost and is IPX5 certificate (takes note Appl£). Honradamente The very better container that Airpods which have possessed of then 2017. Also Anker the service of client is faultless and offered 18 month has guaranteeed limited.

UPDATE - 20/12/19 - has Received the pair of substitution of Anker to king-try a process of pairing out of a box, for awareness im a The Engineer for commercial so that it would consider me quite a lot of technology savvy. These times have tried a process of pairing in iPhone of my Woman XS (late more iOS) again has followed a fast setup drives and video. I have experienced unfortunately an exact same behaviour that considers pairing. So only one of a bud is would connect, calm so only can him take to pair to do to hard reset that use a chance. Anker Thinks that need of look to of the this or calm probably will receive negative critiques and potentially returns of client. Bad batch or possibly something concealed is changed inside iOS?

I need roughly more time to fully revise some headphones with considerations the action of audio. This in spite of my experience around a process of pairing was abysmal! Some headphones are running a late plus firmware out of a box and am running a late plus iOS emission in mine iPhone XS. I have followed one drives of fast start included and has looked also a Anker paring video on Youtube/of Youtube. It was unable to the pair joints him at all, so only would connect independently, every time has connected an accident and then a legislation a last paired bud would touch audio. In an end after reading the description on here, has has had to that manually reset a earphones to resist a key in a chance to spend for the pocolos second until a buds to reset that follows a red DIRECTED is. I do not comprise reason his behaved like this out of a box grieves was reset a process of pairing was expected like this and has followed one drives of video and fast start, in general this extremely fallido and disappointing! Like this far really it likes me a Souncore Application and all a different EQ settings. They are really undermining a black styling with and red emphases. My initial thoughts am offered a lot of bass of loyalties of & the richest audio when comparing the Apple AirPods the one who iv'and has possessed of then 2017. I will update this description in the to the few weeks like them these is in fact a Xmas present of a woman,
4 / 5
My woman and I have had diverse different wire fence and wireless earphones (as well as auricular - the separate category) on some years, that comprises the pair of 2nd Apple of generation AirPods (any one a Pro), but an Air of Libertad 2 earbuds something unexpectedly was all partorisca for real of quality of his exceptional and daily wearability, which comes like this something of the surprise of mine, as they are the quite unconditional Apple defender.

Different more earphones that demand to offer annulment of noise, these really do work, and conversations of comprehensible mark for both speaker and auditor in all the conditions, comprising one the majority of defiant, likes noise of heavy traffic and (in another this in spite of final more difficult that some stairs) windy time when it was and roughly, which attack more earphones.

A life of battery is point and averts (and significantly better that a AirPods), one wireless touching the chance does very a lot of (I baulked in an extra cost of wireless touching for a AirPods), and that touch quickly really ‘does that it says in one beats' - ten minutes easily will give you an extra two hours' uses.

My woman mainly uses these when it was that it hikes or walking, when it listens the music and podcasts, but also for yoga and Pilates. It finds that a HearID the technology adapted ideally, as you suffer tinnitus, and these earphones in fact help reduce some effects that that can be the a lot of bothersome condition.

Used him less often (to be just, was the present navideño for my woman!), But it has been taking them loaned from time to time has been of then in isolation of house like the result of a Coronavirus Crisis, and has been frankly has surprised that well it is to do and receiving call them in all these British times can launch in one!

A master of right ‘ear earphone' the system was the small confusing at the beginning, but take quickly used his (in the few words, some legislations earpiece connects to an iPhone or another ready telephone for Bluetooth, and then links to a left earpiece directly more than stops separated with a telephone).

Is recommended to situate a this telephone in a righthand the side of a this organism, to ensure optimum connectivity, but ossia for real any one a subject, which am pleased roughly like the accident-hander.

An application offer an occasion to configure some controls like this of the calm better dresses (master simpler or more sophisticated is the subject of power of brain - my old ash @@subject poor likes similar controls to be quite basic, while my woman is falsified more the musical ear really appreciates an a lot of tuning that is possible).

One spends the chance is far sturdier that the apple is and in fact a earphones feel solider and less fragile of a AirPods in general.

Has had the question with a left earphone ‘falling was' (so only possibly like the result to be used in heavy rain, although has a lot of waterproofing) but was a lot quickly substituted for a crew of Priest of wonderful Client in Anker. Ossia A first time has not required never to use a Anker guaranteeed - has does not have to that never included substitute one of the his lifetime guaranteed bosses, and was the real pleasure to treat them .

The person more was the one who has a Liberty 2 Air earphones has has not had never the question with them, which can not say of AirPods or other frames. We have had terrible question with Bose Sleep Buds for example.

@In rodeo, would be surprised could find such big quality earphones in such the competitive prize anywhere more. And that it is more, a quality is by means of a whole joint: quality of utmost build, quality of the his glorious for both music and tongue, annulment of noise really effective, controls of easy tap, adjustment of upper final and personalisation characteristic by means of a HearID functionality, and the really easy to use and intuitive application.

Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has loved an Air of Libertad 1s, so much have had like this 2 pairs. When I have listened they had released the new version with car pause, wireless touching and pleasant earphones, was excited like this.
Has followed amazon until his finally looked and bought him immediately. I have taken these earphones almost done the week and am very disturbed to say are absolutely disapointed.

Mina @mine @subject big plus with these earphones is simply a record. A left earphone especially so only does not create to focus properly in my ear. I have tried all a tip of ear the measures and a sound is neither muffled or no like this strong like another earphone. With to plot of wiggling and messing with can take to focus decent but any movement of my mouth unlodge a earphone instantly.
Another subject has had was a setup and pairing. For some mine of reason earphones has not been pairing to eachother and so only done like the only earphone. Solved with a help of some on-line forum, but Anker the support was any help .

A pros of a earphones is pentyful. Ape earphones Use, wireless touching, car pause, HearID, USB-C. This in spite of all these benifits is transmission a earphone will not remain in your ear.

Has not been that exactly it causes these earphones to any to remain in your ear while an air of liberty 1s stay in perfectly, but am them a lot to the left down and will not purchase another dips neither recommend to the to to friends like has done them a prime minister itteration.
5 / 5
It has hunted partorisca the solid pair of earphones mainly partorisca call them of conference that saves of a hassle of the mine wire fence earphones or my on-auricular of ear that can hurt your boss after the moment. Based in a glowing the descriptions have thought these earphones would be worth it.

- The packaging is orderly and taking has excited.
- Lustrous earbud Draws, the utmost look!
- Good audio and some controls in an application are murderous
- the chance is much smaller that thinks
- Awesome life of battery.

- White noise before and after each sound.
- I controls the touch is fiddly. Easy to accidentally turn one was while readjusting he in your ear.
- Paste or lose for calls of conference. It looks partorisca do while it feels partorisca like.
- Has to that dipped the in a chance and take them was again to king-connect. Each one that. Time.

My first pair disconnected each few hours and has not done partorisca calls of conference at all. Service of client, likes more reviewers would adapt, is STELLAR. They have sent out of the second pair (in aim) almost immediately and a connection in these is slightly better, but some rests of the white noise and he still is annoying to have that dipped the in a chance every time some falls of connection.

I suspect would owe that send was much less substitutions have had more stringent control of quality on some costruttrici. It is quell'has bitten expensive considering all a niggles, but can no odd his crew to sustain anything!
4 / 5
Amazing spouse of wireless earphones. Quality of his astounding with quell'option to tweak his like this your own preference. Some would say that these are better that airpods and entirely agreement. A subject only has had was that an accident earphone has not connected immediately. So only it could connect left earphone and right earphone for separate. If any one has this subject follows these fast instructions down:

1. It deletes or unpair Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

2. I besiege a earphones in a chance.

3. Leave a chance of open touch, would have to see a earphones has DIRECTED lights to flash doing them ready to connect.

4. While a chance is open, control a key of reset in a fund of a chance for 10 seconds.

5. While it resists a key of reset, one has DIRECTED lights in a earphones would owe that flash red.

6. When A red has DIRECTED the light flashes maintains control of a key of reset until prenden to flash.

7. Once a red has DIRECTED to flash has felizmente reset a earphones.

8. Reconnect A earphones with bluetooth and download a soundcore application to personalise a sound.

9. Both accident and right earphones has to that have now connect to your smartphone correctly.

I hope these helps.
5 / 5
Shockingly Bad Bluetooth connection - the pairing that/connects fails 9/10 times, to a point where the impossible results/little practice to in fact use them. It has not been if ossia supposition to be the bug or something, but can any fixed in all the chance because a software so only updates once both earphones is connected. I am sending these behind with which 4 days.

Update: service of the almost done client up for a poor quality of a prime minister some have ordered. Anker Sent the second pair and his well. Still buggy In combination with sure applications - for example, takes music in Spotify, when you play of wrist again so only an ear bud will touch, any sound in another, and a so only fix is to dip them behind in a box and then take them was again. But in general much more positive experience now.
5 / 5
On in the first place unwrapping these and trying them was, has think that a sound was very good. I have touched some headphones fully for the few hours. A chance has indicated the full load. This in spite of, have begun once to use them, an application has aimed that an accident bud has not gone fully has touched.

Has discovered early that a sinister ear bud so only sometimes uploads. Also, ploughing some powers of chances on some legislations bud but any one some lefts. An application always looks to aim a right ear bud like this fully has touched even after the pair of hours of use. Around 75 of a time, an accident bud does not turn on at all. Tried full reset and to 24 load of now (as recommended for Anker) to any avail. Same subjects.

Has discovered that returning down guaranteeed to Anker - still although they were defective mark and purchased new on Amazon look it in fact weeks - half he that receives it refurbished substitution more than the new mark some. Returning to the amazon for the repayment is done in my own cost (probably reason is the cost of the third celebrates more than the amazon that looks for him) - although to the amazon says repayment until £ once one receives a turn.

Unfortunately, Anker process of the turn has not looked to do well. It looks use he bot to choose up in of the words keys in a topmast to them. My second answered to his topmast automated has been unanswered has decided like this to return by means of Amazon for the repayment instead. Disappointing.
4 / 5
Hmm..... It has not been that to start with this description. These have been recommended for the partner, and was suspicious that has not been like this as well as my partner has alleged, because of some descriptions here. It was for like this pleasantly surprised with his quality and functionality.

1) Bluetooth And software: A lot they complain roughly subjects of connectivities with these earphones. There is remarked so only the smallest tutter' in a connection while it looks the video of Youtube in my telephone (Oneplus 5t) for 2-3 times a night, but then never again. I listen the music and of the audios-books in mine telephone and connect them for hours in mine portable (clevo p970rd) without subjects a lot. Anker Works of software to the equal that has expected. Firmware The update was the piece of cake.

2) Quality of Audio: they are not a audiophile. I can not complain roughly like this sound. I have used one on-version of ear of a sennheiser wireless auricular moment for 2 years now. Some liberties touch like this well, if any better. It looked the film another day, and I instinctively has been for some keys of hardware in a right ear-cup of my moment to regulate a volume, so only to @gives did not spend them , but some liberties. It does not take my word for him this in spite of. Please some first investigation. There are a lot of descriptions of a quality of his of these on-line.

3) Quality of Call: Any drop in connection. I have listened to the register of my voice of these, and although they are not to add, is a lot enough for communication.

4) Life of Battery: I have not spent never these takes longer that 4-5 hours the time, as I can not testify to a 7h life of long battery. Reason touch really quickly when behind to his chance, always find them with 100 battery. Any complaint there.

5) Quality of Build: A chance and a earbuds feels well, but no attended to feel the quality of prize in your hands. It is plastic. Any economic feeling, but no those surprised neither. I will update my commentary the year to resupply more info in his durability.

6) Consuelo: I me sad that a lot of people find these uncomfortable. There is to enormous variability of measures, forms and weights and textures of earbuds in a phase. I suppose a lot all is for all the world. These comprise 5 different measures of tips of ear. I have found my perfect apt, and feel really comfy and insurances. Not ensuring enough to take them to a gymnasium this in spite of. These are for random use. If you are looking for a mate of exercise, look elsewhere.

Conclusion: For £100, and especially £70 now that a black version is in offers, thinks that is adds.
5 / 5
Has bought/has tried a lot of partorisci of wireless headphones and has believed more has wanted is better. A lot neither they wobble roughly when running so much estaca was the far. Or a focus in my ear is not a lot quite and like the sound is poor.
Has thought to the last tentativa to take some headphone that Apt properly and his well would try the most economic pair and to the equal that have bought another Anker produced before has thinks that would try these. Still although has think that Sub £100 headphones could in no way could be good. The bad was I, is one has had more and use daily. A sound is incredible, and a quality of some units is like this very like this auricular has tried in £300 concealed was until last week when one of a headphone working decree (has thought now I new reason there where so only £100) but again was bad! I have contacted Anker and sustain the crew taken has thought some basic controls. Which has not done they so that it sends out of the new pair without hesitation.
I marvel a headphone undertaken that sells in c £300 which have such good service?
A product adds and same better service!
Am gone in to buy more headphone of them for use of the house and these are also extremely well.
5 / 5
Has has had to that him the turn for the repayment likes earbuds refused to pair with an another.
A 'quickly-begin' leaflet that comes with a earbuds is after the useless and like these earbuds is like this new to a phase there is little to any help in google as to like this to fix a subject.
A result of a earbuds refusing to the pair is that a earbuds distinguished likes two separate devices interior a Bluetooth frame of my telephone (Soundcore Air of Libertad and Soundcore Air of Libertad-L). Although it was able to connect both game of music so only by means of a earbud this is to be connect in the first place and any so much a same time to the equal that are supposed to.
With which in an hour to try all the classes to pair, forget a device etc etc. has given up and is returned for the repayment. Complete waste of time, shame reallt to the equal that have estimated always Anker produced highly. No this time.
5 / 5
First to buy these in of the ears have looked to plot of descriptions and everything of them was very positive to the equal that have decided to buy these. A life of battery, a record, a quality of a microphone for calls of telephone and a quality of good audio supposition has done to buy these. In an end all is exited, except a quality of audio. A sound was so only to cold In too thin for mine in pleasant. Some bass was there, but a mids that lacking of and a highs to prominent.

Has tried different eq the dipping that it comprises a HearID, but at all was 100 to mine in pleasant. A better eq the setting was a 'piano' excepts still any to mine in pleasant. I go to look for now the warmest sand fuller touching in of the ears.

after returning an in some ears, has been contacted for Anker. They have read my description and has seen has not gone entirely satisfied. We offer me to knots to send me a Soundcore iberty 2 pro instead. I have accepted this offer, and has to that say, a Pro is the mine is better way touching compared to an Air 2. As my joint, if has of the money, goes for a Pro.
4 / 5
Has read load of descriptions in these and the abundance looked of video also. I have loved the pair of earbuds with tips of the silicone like another fashion likes AirPods hurt my ears and does not block was a lot of sound.
Has loved to remain inner a £to to 100 mark likes so only uses him partorisca of the hours of pair the majority of days and has had already the pair of faithful sennheiser wire fence earbuds that was happy with the May has loved loose a boss and the adapter have required to use with my iPhone 11pro.
With which a lot of investigation has chosen these have offered like this to plot for a money and looked quite decent also.
After using these now for almost the week are like this happy with them. They are light weight and is returned well inside my ears and does not result painful with which 3 hours of constant use. A tip of forms of silicone partorisca focus good that the helps create the good sound for a money and does the quite good work of blocker was background noise without falling was during walking and horse riding. A battery resembles last more along that need some cariche of controls of the chance to touch too much and one wireless touching is a prize added.
Has downloaded a Soundcore application of a Tent of Application and has used a hearID the characteristic and has done the good work to create the good sound for my ears. They are very impressed with a quality of build and also a quality of his for a prize is like this as well as my old sennheisers. An application has update also a firmware in these earbuds, which apparently fixed some bugs? That another can have experienced.
Pairing These with my iPhone a first time was the breeze and every time ploughs a chance his automatically pair with my iPhone now which is adds. Like this far this week to use them daily there is not founding any subjects at all his always pair up and music of stop of the start when it takes and the fold has touched. It likes-me a control of sensitive touch I too much thinks that to add the good touch to a value of these buds. Honradamente Thinks for basses £100 would be you hard pressed to find anything more than offering like this value and quality of his for a money!
4 / 5
When they Have arrived was excited enough to try these few bad boys was, I immediately paired his up with my Pixel of Google 3 to try a quality of his, consolation, llama etc. May... Ossia Where the all has been the little injustice ...

A prime minister @@subject tiny has run to era that a incumplimiento bud has measured M was too big for my ear, as I swapped a buds around the bit until I have found one that (so only so only!) It is remained in my ear that was measured S in a legislation and XS in an accident.
Have the pair of Bose Soundsport earphones and has had any question with a record of these have believed so it would be it well with a Anker Soundcores buds, but a left a so only would not remain in. No the failure with a product, so only my odd ears I supposition. But perhaps different bud the forms would be fresh?

Once I synced on a earphones, there is remarked a quality of his has not gone to have quite like this expected, has touched quite tinny.. In spite of me using the sound Listens GOES near to arrive and flicking among the number of presets, could not take the sound was happy with. But again, ossia the personal preference and another can find a sound to be good. I also remarked, has had his very small annulment. I know there is not any Annulment of the Active noise comprised with these, this in spite of with a buds, has thought would have the decent quantity... This in spite of still could listen the mates that speaks clearly in a music, does not add considering is in the calm office so that the god knows that it would be to like in the commute!

This in spite of... A Breaker of Extracted... Any one @subjects that has tried, calls of telephone would not come by means of. So only it could take calls of Messenger of the Facebook to come by means of. For some reason my telephone, in spite of having some Calls of Telephone has left in a Bluetooth frame, my telephone would not press some calls by means of. I have spoken with his support (which are adds for a way) but could does not take to do. Whatsapp Call them would not come by means of any, has restart a telephone, resynced some headphones.. At all it has ordered. This in spite of mine Bose some are syncing immediately and taking calls!
That would say, is that people those who have called Facebook of street, has informed it buzzing sound and that a earbuds chosen on the plot of noise surround... Still although it was in the calm space. Odd.

Thinks for a prize, these buds could be add for some people... But for me, a consolation, his and a fact could not receive calls by means of them so only dip was. Unfortunately, they have been returned because of any when being pas returned for purposes.

Think so only are that it goes to owe fork out of has bitten it more and take some for real wireless earbuds that has left a quality of wire fence of mine Bose some.
5 / 5
A quality of build feels well, the good chance and a life of battery looked excellent. A quality of audio is the one who @@subject and unfortunately has the plot of noise of deep white noise / hissing sound when anything has touched. If it has not been partorisca that a quality of audio would be excellent.

A noise was a lot noticeable slope of the pauses in of the conversations or when prendiendo music like hard partorisca the pocolos second after taking. With some types of calm music was a lot of audible and the unlistenable.

Has contacted Anker the one who has said has had the subject known with some of these headphones that is fixed in of the latest batches. It looks the pocolas other people have had a subject same to the equal that would expect until this is to fix.
5 / 5
Could not update a firmware, a right pod has update to an evening more firmware but a sinister pod so only refused partorisca update with a message tries again later doing a device unusable, a quality of sound was a lot of swimming partorisca write home roughly this in spite of, has another economic plus in the ear wired auricular that costs the averages a prize and way of his better and my wireless in receiver of ear that is on 5 years and so only cost in £70 atm that shine of the his in comparison, this has said an idea of this tiny earpods is good but a pairing is the disorder is due to to the pair likes of all mine other devices of blue tooth prójimo instantly, has tried resetting all to the settings of factory have followed all some on-line instructions and the tips but he have not helped, given a £100 asking prize minus the penny ossia so only a lot well quite imho, as they are returned the Amazon for the full repayment, is the harm really he Anker the mandate dipped a pairing perhaps with the firmware update an in fact could be the product adds, are not so only in my experience with east and when being the engineer of the systems has not been reason he something wrong during setup. Considerations, Jim
5 / 5
These touch really well, especially when you use his Soundcore application to personalise a EQ settings (Which is one first what would have to that it chooses these on). This in spite of, have found personally, in spite of trying a diverse ear touches concealed has been comprised, could no to spend them for more than 25-30 minutes before they have done my earache. I mean, so only it can be my ears , but really is the shame, as have has wanted to him like these, but has decided returns him. Any usually have question with earphones, how was the bit of the surprise.

Thinks that of the games @subject to lose to some tips of regular ear in a box (which are silicious ). Personally it likes him-me the tips of foam of the memory, but yes try the transmission have been, calm then can very in fact touch a buds, as it looks some tips of the regular ear is drawn to record inside a chance to touch, as you add tips of foam of the memory, a buds no longer returned in a chance.
4 / 5
Update my description.
Has asked initially the turn of these Bluetooth wireless earphones reasons his simply any one returned properly and has suffered an effect of occlusion (stuffy, has blocked feeling, footsteps touching the strongest discomfort and general) this in spite of liked still of a creation, functionality and his of these. As I have decided to look to regarding taking an effect of occlusion.

Has tried silicone of diameter earbuds, this helped to minimise a muffled feeling but footsteps and other sounds were has elevated still. They were still uncomfortable and any returned in a chance properly.

Has then found a Soundmagic has downloaded earbuds. This fixed my question immediately. No more effect of occlusion, no more stuffiness/muffled feeling. Yes, there is the loss in quality of his, the now can listen out of sounds. This small transmission in earbud the tips was quite to convince me to maintain these Ankers. If it is like and you suffer an effect of occlusion with in ear Bluetooth devices. Try a magic of sound has downloaded earbuds (sees image).

My leading description
absolutely want these earphones. But it is it is returned.

After using AirPods (gen1) for 15 months - has given finally on and has required to substitute, slightly miffed that £160 AirPods lasted so only to the long of the year has decided takes something another that apple.

These Ankers have the sound adds for his prize, a clarity of voice is very good and is quite comfortable when in an ear. This in spite of has has had to that return him, for the pair of reasons

1) A main reason has been he has maintained to fall out of my ear, included after trying everything of some tips of ear. This will be different for each person.

2) Ossia common with all the ear telephones that tips of ear of hule of use. With these in my ear, when I have spoken so only felt my voice has touched muffled, like when have the cold or the blockade of nose.

Ossia The device adds and to good sure recommends to try these were for any one looking for the reasonably priced bluetooth earphones.
5 / 5
Negative: drops of Connection that hangs called with which 10-20 seconds. I have tried pairing again and resetting a earphones, any success. Also a Left sometimes does not connect at all. Returned.

Positive: his excellent for music. Microphones very clear (but time of only calm to say esalvation' first of drops of connection). Well returned in my ears and elegant creation.

Conclusion: if it has had Any way to do them the work likes feigned, would maintain them. It would buy again of Anker he solve a subject of drop of the connection.
I same day also has bought the big on-the-ear Q20 - very happy with those.
4 / 5
Has bought these the little while fact and has loved to spend some time with them to give the for real reflective description.
M? They are an ex-music in mine mid 50 east with bad tinnitus, the smallest loss of audible big frequencies and a lot of another nagging questions of has listened.
A Pros:
These earphones have the sound adds, really adds. A clarity is the one who calm strikes in the first place with the logical EQ built to an application of iPhone that rule these to adapt my listened was the doddle. I have tried a test of has listened comprised in an application but this leave me to knots with his unbalanced and the legislations earphone this was stronger that an accident. It was corrected probably but did not like me a resultant balance. A sound was glorious.
More yield this week has walked my dogs to the long of the reef in blustery conditions and has been surprised in credit it an isolation of noise was. It has listened to the podcast of show of the cat and has had any difficulty that listens each word spoken without that has to that turn a volume up. Unexpectedly incredible.
Using the so only earphone in a telephone is the add also. Halfway by means of the call so only can add a second earphone the mix without any confusion or drop of signal. They do really well.
A Gilipollas:
A record of these is the little uncomfortable. Has a main ear buds on the and my accident earphone maintains to come free. It has fallen so only it was once and this was in the house but are the little uneasy in of the this. It would like me main earbuds.
Desires a profit on these could be looked. I have listened bad (I knows is!) And I headphones to need that goes to an equivalent volume of 12 and any 10. It could one application be ordered to accommodate this? It would not be difficult?
Suffers questions of occasional connection. Really occasional. But so only burst a earphones behind to a chance for the pocolos second and come well behind the yours.
And finally...... Anker HAS one of some personnel of support of client I better there is never has found. Michelle ( knows the one who are) is an absolute angel and she maintains Anker name of mark in a cup of my cast preferably. I have required help very small but could not have asked better service. You can buy Anker produced with extreme confidence. Thank you.
4 / 5
These are brilliant earphones! Quality of his add with a capacity to change profiles of the his he like this bent. I have maintained he in a preset ‘Sign' and a quality of his utmost east.

This goes for both music and podcasts.

Very comfortable in an ear and has not had any subjects with them coming loose when it has walked thanks to a variety of pieces of ear to choose of.

Life of battery in a earphones and marry looks like this far to be excellent. Usually use for an hour the day and am surprised in credit it a battery was lasted.

The connectivity with my telephone has been well. So only on one or two occasions in any last few weeks have had the momentary drop in the second to break.

A service of client of Anker / Soundcore has been excellent. A prime minister earphones has received has had a subject with a firmware. When Connecting a earphones to an application has been asked to upgrade a firmware. Any one @subjects that tried when it has taken to 70 one uploads the question experienced for another would look. This looked to go hand manually with one of a earphones a lot always collecting properly.

Has contacted a Soundcore crew and has spoken with a same member of personnel throughout for email to rectify a question. When The therapeutic solutions have not done has sent mine earphones has gone by Real Topmast (the surpassed has alleged for behind Anker) and interior 2 days my new earphones arrived with any of some leading questions. That has thought would have been the ache in a backside to rectify result to be an opposite.

Really adds earphones and to good sure would recommend after doing A lot of investigation in it earphones I!
5 / 5
Believe a hype. These buds honradamente is surprising. A quality of his east shockingly well. My subject is with some controls. A bit 'hot and lose' as to have paste a key or any and also some real options. You can any one touch SO ONLY for the control. It is any control or double tap. As you can resist for volume and on and down for example, and double tap for the next / leading clue but I would like the tap so only for perhaps the 'game/of option of pause? Hopefully This will be to fix with an update. As the one who ear buds goes, honradamente, goes for him. I took him for £80 and it would buy again. Ossia The genuine description and has not been asked one!
4 / 5
Very happy with my a lot of descriptions of a sub £100 any 'big mark' the receiver and these have taken almost consistently good descriptions.

Required for music and taking calls and both delivery really well. They are no audiophile but likes my music and these sounds of mark adds. Bass really well when required. An application is a key to unlocking the, load of eqs but one that dips as essentially the test of listened is surprising, a music really comes alive.

Call them are very clear, any complaint of visits and and connection very clear. Works any question with just one which for me was essential especially when being able to have a left some only looks to leave to have a legislation one in using individually.

The hard battery exactly like this announced and quality of a chance and the headphones is in pair with airpods (my woman there is a bit) and both have spent that this better sound to.

Good selection of changeable buds for measures of different ear. They seat good and snug in my ear and after several hours to spend, any discomfort.

So much, as said in a start, very happy and highly recommend to any the one who is looking for some fair priced earbuds that control his own with some big frames.
4 / 5
He Possesses a iOS the no annoying device . I have bought these to use with my iPhone & of iPad and with which two days of frustration am returned. Yes they appear down some batteries widget, but so only when in fact they are used when being, and a quality of his is on your half pair of earbuds, but ossia on some the only good things can say roughly him.
Every time dipped was him has has had to that practically spend for an integer setup process for them to reconnect to my device once would be the place was for any time any plus along that the pocolos small. Then so only a bud would connect and would have to that dip his backside in a chance and take them was again to solve this question, and this was afterwards had installed a new Firmware has been aimed with some first time used them. No the experience adds at all. The suspicion would do far better with a device of Android, but ossia so only me speculating, this in spite of in my experience, is usually a way of things because I undertook & of the developers will not pay the costs of the apple, again me so only speculating.
My two stars are for a life of battery and quality of sound.
5 / 5
I have bought and it has used the plot of Anker produced in some pasts and has been always of the quality adds, has done well and good value so much, when it has looked for new wireless headphones partorisca run these was the natural election . With the selection of tips partorisca the good access, really light and his adds are súper happy with them. I used him on the time of dozen partorisca 45 min or like this every time and a chance still is aiming two lights partorisca be able to remain. So only they can be paired with a device the time so it is in a house with multiple devices and wants to you the transmission has to that gone back of a bluetooth of a device has connected at present the prime minister. Apresamiento Still pairing time as if you are too quickly will dip him the way of only to the equal that are now so only in a habit of inaugural a chance and leaving them ten second like this both connect and then take them was. A glorious option is looking for the decent pair of fully wireless headphones.
5 / 5
Would not return my ears properly. Tried each tip this in spite of always felt free.
A quality of his is not orders. Has the pair of wired auricular that cost £29 that way of his better.
Has too many settings & of options. Total frustration.
I really looked forward to these. I have read all some descriptions. I have read all some instructions.
Is craps.
Ive Has done for the Richest sounds for 20 years. Bluetooth The headphones can be very good but to good sure any one under £150.
4 / 5
A quality of his good east; there is the tightened soundstage and vocals is very hard, emphasising a S is.

Could treat a middling quality of his May a touchpads in these incredibly is nettling.

Can neither control or double tap in the each earbud to do the mandate, likes pause/of game or flight on/down.

Unfortunately does not have any feedback beep anything and the big delay among touching and a bud answering.

This means that you double tap partorisca take, attended the pocolos second, at all spends, then when it fold tap again a buds answered to a first double tap and pause, before resuming again.

Even Worse is control of volume. I have had the mine dips on way that the volume on/down has taken to right or sinister bud. You would expect that to take to a bud, a volume would locate or down smoothly. He no!

That in fact spends is that calm take you a touchpad, and with which three seconds a trace of volume or down some notch. Calm then has to that control to a tampon again to change volume further.

All has said a touchpad the controls were like this useless has finalised partorisca pull my telephone was to control my music, in the point can also use oldschool wired auricular.

A buds has the sensor that relieves when taken the bud out of your ear and for a music. This in spite of does not restart playback when you have dipped a bud back in, which is odd.

Mic Quality of voice in of call them is half. Understandable In the calm zone, any casualidad in the busy street. I do not know reason announce this like characteristic main in a front of a box.

The quality of connection is a lot until you enter the very fill up zone, like the canal of busy train, in the point an audio maintains skipping and that explosions in your ear, which is distracting and still dangerous.

The access was well, bit it uncomfortable for me but he am remained place. This has said that all the world is the ears is different as no really so only to critique here.

Ossia The midrange produced to the equal that have maintained my modest expectations, but could any one has included the party concealed. A result of final is that these earbuds has done my harder life, any one easier, as I sent him behind.

Perhaps a Liberty priced big 2 Pro is better because of the his main build, but are not that it goes to bet in Anker again.
5 / 5
Teated I for Christmas to buy these. I have had initially the question that takes him to pair. Theres The key of reset in a fund of a chance. If you resist that in until a buds flashes red three times this'll reset him. Once this is to be do they paired and connected to my devices. Once they are paired to the device some next times want to use him so only open a chance and will connect. Simple.

According to which am concerned these few beauties is surprising. His comfortable , fantastic with an application. Life of amazing battery, 8hrs. Some tips of ear have distributed is some better. I have asked Anker if one sells him for separate but unfortunately they of the that, shame.

For a prize (£75) is far upper to a airpods. It finds because of an ease of connectivity I use this plus of any one other headphones has.

If these do lacking gladly would substitute him with a closing some again.
4 / 5
Will begin to say are a Anker defender and has been for years. Good quality, and support of fantastic client. Unfortunately these have not lived until my hopes.

Packaging - notch Upper. The selection adds tips, touching the chance feels a lot of fact and a wireless touching is useful. A earbuds is has drawn amiably.... So that it is a question ?

Well, A sound really. Still after finding the together of tips that is returned relatively well, has found a sound incredibly unconvincing. Still with which tweaking for age with a Soundcore application I still could a lot of sweet out of a hard mid-the row and the main frequencies. It does not take Me bad, there is grave... But a definition in some bass is not fantastic neither. In everything, is the little has bitten better that mine QCY is but is cost 5 times a prize and like my expectations are main.

Has had also subjects with connection - often would take out of a pair of earbuds, plants him in my ears so only to find a telephone had not connected. To take around this has to that be animal-inserted in a then take out of husband again and hopefully this time will connect.

A bit those that the times there is pulled out of a telephone, has shot on a Soundcore application to regulate some settings to join so only to find that an application could not find a earbuds.... In spite of a fact that a telephone would be actively touching music on him!

Pause in the scrolling of an ear is the very characteristic, has not annoyed personally that it does not restart , is so only the double-the touch was.

Incidentally, congratulations to Amazon for finally leaving me to order some BT earbuds to ship in Northern Ireland. It is still totally arbitrary to the equal that to the as some will ship and like any one (p. p.ej. Can have it Jabra 65t in Black, but no in Gold.... ?!?!!) But these have done finally. And also thanks to Anker / Amazon to leave his turn.

Like that now? Has thinks that would try a Liberty 2 Pro is instead, one the main diaphragm can direct a hard mid-rows. But strangely enough to the amazon does not look to be able to stick those some... Better attentive supposition until they are available in the different colour :or)

Anker read my description and touch gone in. We ship me to knots a little Liberty 2 Pro is (in black!) And I have to that say a difference in the quality of audio is substantial. They return a better ear also, in spite of his main measure positively closes to an ear and does not move anything in of the long careers. Support of exceptional client of Anker!
4 / 5
A life of battery is fantastic. I have been using more days partorisca to the long of the month this in spite of any one required to recharge a chance.
The sound is that it impresses once EQ is regulated.
Measured if very portable the.
Comfortable to spend
EQ the setting out of a box is terrible. A lot too big mid/acute. Felizmente Has a EQ dipping in an application that leave to fix this.
I mine of use with an iPhone XR of 2019. His supposition to automatically connect to a telephone when I take a earphones out of a chance. Unfortunately this so only spends for the half a time. When Failure to connect you has to that go to Bluetooth frame and connect manually which is the ache . It has connected once they remain connected so only well.
In general am happy has taken these but I really the desire could fix a question of automatic connection.
4 / 5
To any one thinking to buy Bluetooth auricular thoroughly would recommend these.
Has tried diverse other devices and any one have a quality of his and reduction of noise that these have. I owe that use a soft earbud way like hard buds hurt my ears after the moment.
When I took Him in the first place was utmost has then had the question with an accident earbud in like this far as it would not touch .
Has contacted Soundcore and explained, has asked the video to confirm a question that I duly has sent. After the pocolos emails to confirm the things have received my new headphones, any quibbles. A person of support of the client, Michelle, has been in amazing. Fast responses to mine emails and treating everything. They are extremely happy with his service and to good sure would recommend him to other users those who are considering buying these.
4 / 5
Has bought these in January. They have been reduced to £ in a tries of Amazon but has had an additional £20 well. As I have paid £ and thus prize thinks that that they are for the fly.

A quality of his this really good. Have has not had earbuds first like this swimming to compare with - but I really like a sound. Strongly it would advise you take a SoundCore application in yours telephone this in spite of - and that runs a test of has listened. Taken roughly 3 minutes but he then rule a sound to your ears. If calm this will find that a sound is noticeable the improvement when compared to some settings of factory. Alternatively, a calm application leave to select of the big number of presets but would take a time and do a test of listened (still although some of a presets is quite well also).

Earbuds Takes the bit to take used to - but think these some are quite comfortable. You take the selection of different measure buds in a box - so the mark sure chooses one of then more returns your ears. With a blockade of correct access out of the decent quantity of background noise.

A life of battery is really good. They touch of a box - like this calm is not constantly that it has to that touch - his just rear place in a box. I used him enough to the plot bought them of then and like this far has not had to touch a box again.

Has not had any one questions of connectivities (using the Nokia 5.1 telephone of Android).

A quality of global build is well.

Like this - all well. To good sure would recommend - but maintain you the ploughed of eyes for the good prize to the equal that are regularly more economic that a prize of base of £
5 / 5
In fact pleasantly surprised so only that a lot these are, the sound adds, and a EQ in an application is very comprehensible, how is a functionality added of an application. Excellent value for one £ (with the £20 code) took him paralizaciones.

Any ANC but a passive NC is decent (if taken a right access )..... I have used some comply the tips and the like this comfier and focuses better. A bundled the tips are well, but require something more to take that it focuses pertinent.

Has used enough the little in headphones of ear lately (CA melomainia, galaxy buds more, rha truewirless etc) and these are certainly up there, very impressed. In fact it prefers a buds with some tips of pencil for day to use of day in a real smaller in ear buds.

Happy to recommend, certainly would buy again.
5 / 5
A white version looks really well to the plot of people asks me where the take. Personally highly it recommends this product.

Quality of his east almost like this as well as the half end audiophile headset. Not going partorisca disappoint you. The microphone chooses on your very good voice any sprain, if you are enmedio noisy can cause too much compression because of a door of noise but still awesome quality.

Annulment of noise
the precise look was partorisca east, has dipped once this earphone in does not go to listen that it is going in around you. You owe that be extra careful in a street. Ossia Which well an annulment of noise.

I question has had with earphones. The majority of them beginning to hurt my ears with which 40 min. This one can spend for hours.

The battery is impressive the so only has to that the touch once the week. A chance is very drawn, no too flimsy, maintains a earphone has touched.
4 / 5
I have tried these in the 2017 Air of MB and iPhone 8.
An audio of playback of the music and the radio is excellent partorisca the Bluetooth device, calm obviously loses so much of a real sound when the file is compressed, but these buds do well partorisca augment some bits that is has spent usually for big.
Partorisca Quality of call (using Zoom and Slack), really very on iPhone, but reverted to 8KHz in a computer (those touch like the call of normal telephone). Suspicion ossia down to an old more Bluetooth form partorisca a computer, but in general, one 4 mics has done the good work partorisca refuse another background noise.
In general, these are very done, the chair adds in your ear and a life of battery is very good.
In this prize, would be the mug partorisca buy anything more.
5 / 5
Has looked for the blue tooth a lot of headset and after trying other frames have found substituted him frequently because of different subjects like poor signal, his or interfaces. Anker There is ticked all some boxes with this headset. A quality of his excellent east and can be dipped ready specifically to the yours listened. Annulment of helps of noise to reduce background noise, but a lot entirely annul everything. Well value a cost.
5 / 5
Soundcore. That can say.
Down £100 to produce quality of his another in two times a prize fails to rid is quite decent to be just.

The product arrived to the equal that has expected.
In inaugural a box was endeavour and the clear time has been taken in a presentation of a buds.
Has quite a lot of tips of ear to adapt all the forms and measures of ear to produce that the right access has required to produce a noice annulling, take your time to do sure has a right tip to the equal that can do the enormous different no only in a noise that annuls but in a quality of his hips.
For any the one who listens to the plot of music has to that admit has not expected a sound these things rid because of one £100 mark of prize. Well It Has been deceived entirely, the absolutely fantastic sound and yes whilst does not have the noise that annuls that it can cost you, find a tip of right ear trust is hard to listen that it is spending around you.
Then has a Soundcore application, the one who the addition to break to that is effectively the economic pair of buds has compared to some selling in almost 3 times a prize.
I for a can not see like any buds can warrant a prize is touching if quality of his available east in this prize.
Wireless touching the works add and I so that far it has directed it approx 20 hours playtime without that has to that recharge a chance.
Global and for an extremely satisfied prize
Soundcore... Your just game
5 / 5
has bought for my woman. I had it it has bought it previously an expensive Sony the noise that annuls some and could not comprise like any one has found is remained in his ears and has not been uncomfortable. Substituted with some airports of apple pro that was much surer and comfortable. I have bought these for my woman because they look the most economic version of apple pro. This in spite of do not have a 'airwings' and is ensured so only for some pours that is sticking to your canal of ear. For me it concealed it is the nightmare , but for my woman finds them a lot sure a comfortable.

Finally if not to impose you this fashion then is perfect. If it is taste this in spite of then looks of a point of liberty 2 east, with his 'airwings' could be better.
5 / 5
Was while to these to be libertos pre Navidad but they never looked to look, how has been surprised to see them available on Amazon the pair of days with which. Quickly his snapped up after reading on some Airs of the leading liberty and some descriptions adds had taken.

All some subjects the leading descriptions have mentioned in these earphones looks to be teething the subjects like the mine is coming directly out of a box and has on linked immediately, without any subject.

An application and listen GO is the idea adds and better work for me that preset settings. A volume is not the question likes mentioned, found quell'quite strong personally but this could vary of user to user of course.

An only thing possibly could pull on on is a earbuds tends to be bit it free, has 2 different measures for each ear at present. Specifically when I tilt my travesías advance long to take enclosed eye, finds a sinister side comes free. Again this so only could be my ears and can vary with other users. A rest of some times do not have any subject.

Is the neighbour to add spent this in spite of and value he punt yes is looking for first yours pair of Bluetooth pieces. I have not used never service of the client but this was one of some points to pull when that goes to purchase.
4 / 5
For a prize is a lot good. A quality of his east amazing and still although they do not have a noise that annuls the option still does the good work. A life of battery is fantastic. The his key once the week and ossia with newspaper commute to do and the Saturday to use them all day in the hike. An only worry has is when I connect them to my telephone. Sometimes so only a earbud will connect and has to that turn my Bluetooth on and was the reconnect his again. I think it that it could be it so only doing me something bad thought although it maintains to spend from time to time.
In general side of the money and I still would take now in place of a Galaxy buds or a airpods to the equal that considers to be too money. I have compared all three of them and I think in of the terms to price the quality an Air of Libertad 2 is my preferred.
4 / 5
Anker Would owe that be bloody proud to create this wireless earphones and that has achieved here. I can not be an expert in science of audio but these earphones rids that promised. Now,to the left it is to be sincere, a reason bought them has not been reason have wanted to sustain the subject small against giving my money to one trillion company of dollar likes Apple, Sony or Bose. I bought him simply reason have promised more takes more economic and agree is always to bet for consumers when down that @subject. Here, this in spite of think that Anker which is a company of the father rids the true wireless experience.
His - Fantastic. Bass, treble, highs and lows, everything adds. Calm included can download a soundcore application and customise it to the yours listened.
Would beat - A PHENOMENAL word. To the left it is not even time to squander that pause roughly which well is.
ANC - No that adds. I have tried Bose and Sony wireless and a AnC on is quite good. But these are not that that surprises like this he ANC is a reason is for the buy the wireless headphone/earphones, these are not for you.

In general, that surprises little piece of boxes. If you are looking for it Goooood quality in the prize abordable then takes these.
5 / 5
The connectivity is really is constant and has not fallen was... Age displaced messing with some tips and that try to take it abonos in his of ear but exchange appealed to went him for my old sony games like felizmente is returned a buds and has improved a sound of the his are not adds... It is decent this in spite of... A hearid the characteristic in an application is good and a eq is also well... Some of a presets is terrible but can take prójimo to where need to be spends the time that imagines quell'has been and personalising... You can change around some controls but a buds could do with more than options to control so you can a lot of all I needs without taking my telephone out of my pocket... The quality of call is well... The life of battery is is decent.. Perhaps it bit it dry... Probably the a lot of all rounder and calm does not require to pay in a odds... It would recommend
4 / 5
Like any the one who cant get along with auricular of apple and frankly thinks the mediocre sound in better these are the utmost to buy in place of airpods. Celery good quality , a sound are to add and a life of battery is excellent, some controls to the touch is well together with a calm fact can dip him the automatically take a music when you take a earbud.

Seals well in an ear, leaving for annulment of decent passive noise. A sound is very balanced in a “byline” EQ and will do the majority of his of the music adds.
Any look of microphones to do well considering is not of the situated next right mouth yours and has had them any complaint of people that hangs calls.

His no too brilliant or the tomb has weighed to leave some Master artists to come by means of. If you prefer graver then paired with a soundcore the application there is plethora of EQ profiles for ways of different music. An Application really enhances a profile of the his and there is plethora of EQ presets for ways of different music. There is bass of abundance for people to to those who likes them the bass his heavy. Equally a volume takes more than quite strong for the mine that listens. In my experience mainly listening in the quite noisy work half with defenders and computing the crew that careers the tend to listen for the half volume.
5 / 5
Likes listens the music in volumes a lot down, this ear buds does the blurred light constant/ hissing sound when you have dipped a volume a lot down.
He Touches your normal strong/music is any question , but personally for me, his no good.
Has tried AirPods and does not suffer a same question with a constant hiss in of the very low volumes.
Will be to return so that it does not return my needs
the life of Battery is a lot good and convenient, so only the launch in the wireless touching tampon from time to time, has not had never the question with low beat in a earbuds they.
For me, a lid of the chance there is not lined on flush with an inferior half of a chance (I.et. If run your toe on a chance would feel the does not line on properly), so only the cosmetic thing but you marvel reason is £100.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
It has looked for some decent wireless earbuds partorisca use with my iPhone. In a prize, these are very economic as I thought that it would give him the gone. I have it quell'has trusted always in a Anker the frames like each product have purchased has a lot of be good. Another fantastic product here!

I unboxed the partorisca a first time, has opened a chance and has had a earbuds, has gone to my telephones Bluetooth dipping and touched him, fact! I have seen descriptions in the people that says it has been complicated. It is complicated as well as connecting Any bluetooth device. There is at all partorisca configure here, simply open a chance, a earbuds gone the way of pairing, connect your device and listen the music. It could not be simpler!

A double tap in a legislation earbud the prey of music and touched, the triple tap in a legislation earbud has changed a EQ until I have found one that have to him legustado. Partorisca me, a measure of half level buds this comes pre-installed was the perfect access in my ears, and are any concealed has the MASSIVE question that returns earbuds so that it was a lot has impressed.

One spending/touching the chance is really small and a earbuds is a perfect measure. A quality of his east orders partorisca a prize. They are not anything those surprised but sound very partorisca music. If it likes him- the gravels to you, these are partorisca you. Listening to video of Youtube where the people have spoken has not touched a lot very honradamente like this perhaps avert for podcasts.
4 / 5
Ossia A second set of Life P2 Mini ear buds has purchased.

Ossia The element adds although it is still early days.

My worry is that bad repackaged the returns of the look of client has shipped when the be was.

Has had to that return a together prime minister he so that it has had impressions of toe during a chance to touch and ear buds - quite bad in a better of time but with Covid 19 ...

Can not believe Anker would leave him out of joining it to him to factory likes that as it has had to that be of the unit has used .

Frankly horrifying.

A place a late plus did not resemble has been the man managed but has had the mark of black ink in a front of a documentation - like this pode raisin concealed.

Averts of the quality of bad returns controls this look to be good units for a money.
4 / 5
For the instructions are hilariously small. 'I any precise of the instructions!' You say. Very Calm with these. I had him 3 days and could not imagine was (a) to the equal that to change a eq (b) changes a volume or (c) that for his touch in a chance. The wasnt has included 100 insurance like this to turn them on. Everything is controlled for tiny touch-zones in place of the keys and is ludicrously finicky. Has in the insiemi of dozen of bt auricular... These some attack me like this sadly I neighbours on the turn.
5 / 5
Has bought these to use whilst that career and walking so many can leave my much more expensive Sony and the apple marries alternative. For comparison like this those, a sound of these is surprisingly good- the calm fact @of the quite that of the markup has in devices of prize.

To run remain securely in my ears. They are very light. They are not entirely sealed to external noise, which to run is a lot of reason can listen a traffic, etc.

A chance is small and easily pocketed. A process of pairing that use a chance is the bit to confuse , but calm no precise of the do very thick so that it is not really the question. The controls in some real headphones are quite impossible to use- especially when moving.

Well, loses the star for fiddly controls. Excellent for exercise without concerning is going to the pair of crux of hundred if one falls out of your ear.
5 / 5
Want to these . They are really comfy and the access adds. It was dubious and looked in a lot of different frames. I have loved the small returning and these are brilliant. They do not fall it it was , hardly it calms included it knows it is in your ears are that comfortable. A quality of his good east and whilst has not answered my telephone still with them in certainly can say does any the background external noise that interferes. Also a life of battery is very good. They resemble last a lot of very first to require to be touched. Another plus there are them remarked was a row of a Bluetooth. It had forgotten they were in my ears how has been of fourth the cookery and still could listen my same music although it had left my telephone in a chamber To good sure recommends these a lot of dinky pocolos earbuds. It loves him!
4 / 5
Chances of good quality and earphones.
Type of USB c touching is welcome.
Quality of his this like this well if any better that my jabra elite and b&or.
A the smallest point was an USB has comprised C boss to upload has had the tiny hardened piece of adhesive or something stuck in him that meaning a lot in fact insert fully to a port. Still with which prying that it was with the needle has to that say a boss is not a better quality has not seen never. Any @@subject reason so only uses my boss of telephone for all my devices that comprises this so that a boss has comprised will not take used. No the value that marks down in
4 / 5
has received this ear buds yesterday and I like quell'I seen , one feels and global look of these is the quality and I was so that it looks forward to that it listens that they touch likes ,ossia where walk of falls in his face , when I used them on Netflix result like this disappointed reason have touched Tinny in big volume ,

has wanted to like these so many jgood a quality but I can any one because of a sound ,does not take me the bad sound very low a volume down but taste having to that a big volume , now has not been if it is a bow because there is not any base when a volume is big ,but due to the fact that well a build of these is wants to try and take this fixed , as it does not think taking the substitution will fix it , and has to that the send behind for the repayment will be the disappointment , but if it is not the question that can be fixed then would not recommend him ,
5 / 5
Some headphones are the abonos returned when using has 3 measures of ear bud that access in your ear. The life of battery is well,but a lack of capacity to change a volume with an ear bud is the light downside,how is a lack of FOCUSED is to the aim is ready to pair,and is touching, is everything does via a box,which is the ladobueno, small . There is the pair of downsides likes mentioned,but for a prize has paid,in everything, am quite happy with them. It finds they remain in your better ear that a plus pricey some I hand of Soundcore. I have lost my leading Soundcore earbud when I whacked my boss,and a legislation bud has fallen was. Losing the pair of characteristic a big plus priced buds, but utmost for a prize has paid
4 / 5
Bought to use in a gymnasium and I literally have any @subject anything. Quality of his add, ordered little container and the wide variety of tips of silicone the returned all the measures of ear. It could take the bit of test and error to choose some tips of ear of right measure ( was prone to fall out of my ears in a gymnasium until I have found a right measure) but once calm , resupplies utmost insulation and retention. Any pairing of subjects with an iPhone 11 and his instantly the pair on grieves to take them out of a chance now.
4 / 5
The early impression is that they are very good. The very done look, coming with several measures of ear bud tips and easy to pair. Bought with an offer of a £ a lot of the discount cost like this very also. The sound is a lot enough for me, although it has to that very sure that there are people those who will be able to signal out of any short majorities these buds can have. M, in this prize or still without discount, very satisfied.
5 / 5
I have wanted to buy another pair of anker soundbud slender but has been interrupted of then mine with which 3 years have given up. (£20)
Like this decided to buy this P2 Mini in place of a P3 of then was fearful will maintain to fall when I circulate, cycle or in a gymnasium. There is not any boss among them like this calms to lose them the cycling in Kent can sack you . My main surprise does not move at all. Quality of his utmost east. So only that loses a control of the his and the USB more along C boss of here 4 stars.
Has tried upgrade my on ear headphone to a Q30 the give form now of then am impressed really for an improvement of quality on some last 2 years of Anker
4 / 5
Incredibly light (the chance is very light also), infinite battery, the access adds, his well and a lot of mic, very convenient to use with an iPhone.

In spite of the product of low expectations looks to be, likes all Anker, the value adds for money. It is not like this very like this produced of Apple, but nevertheless the quality adds.
The turn adds, has several measures like AirPods pro and in general comparing a device 10 expensive times - very impressive.
Only insignificant minus is not some better bass, but thus I reward - perfect.
4 / 5
Quickly to connect, small and compact chance, life of long and easy battery a headphone operation the one who uses them the plot in work.

Controls to the touch is the pocolos fiddly but the use my clock to control my telephone like this cant quite commentary in his, im sure with enough of the use goes to learn them.

Way of the impulse of the bass is a lot of bassy with clear sounds, when being the auditor/of rock of the metal the highly recommend them.
4 / 5
Alot To say and good of the each penny that buys it. Of the one who HAS characteristic big like these big frames but so that it satisfies with all his characteristic in this prize and also mini measured that access perfectly in my ears.
5 / 5
Loves this ear buds. They are like this discreet and when I am not using an I that can leave to touch like this or always has touched it inside a chance. His really last the long time. defo Recommends a reason for one a less star is reason the fantastic for music but for calls of telephone or can struggle to listen enmedio strong. But I so only wanted for music like this this does not annoy me
4 / 5
These are utmost small earphones, and for a prize is brilliant value for money. A quality of his east well, but will remark the headphones of use of the difference of big quality too much

the quality of Build is sum, any complaint that considers one feels of a product. This in spite of is prone to the bug where a earphone gone back was and precise situate in a chance and behind has been to do again

A so only another worry is by train to lose them. As the one who am conscious there is any way to locate these leave one, which is the characteristic on more expensive earphones, and would not cost anything to actuate
5 / 5
Anker did not leave me never down. Good sincere mark. Ossia Often overstated but is, of several years to purchase experience, a party of better/quality abordable on knowing.
The word is exiting there, that Anker is well by means of his row. Never been disappointed.
5 / 5
Master! The life of battery is very long I so that it can listen the music or of the conferences for the hours without that have to that recharge a buds. This also means that I do not owe that touch a chance very often neither as it concealed raisin roughly 4 cariche full. Very good and snug access to some ears although has the tendency to come the little release sometimes but at all of entity. It likes when of some bass are amplified in my music like an additional EQ the ways are utmost. The control of tap could be the little difficult to use but no a subject for me like this looked for the less sensitive a.
In general highly would recommend.
4 / 5
There is disappointed with a quality for a receiver of call and any control of wind. Quality in general to listen to the music is the bass abonos utmost and clarity unfortunately this an old model and is no longer sustained for a soundcore application for anker
4 / 5
Like a global container, these earphones are adds. This in spite of, has to have the tiny complaint. Sometimes, in of you call them, another party is unable to listen you properly. All can listen is the a lot of faint background noises + of voice. While another time, a quality of call is sum. I have verified he with numerous telephones and in stirs it of coverages I so that it is his no my telephone (or a coverage). Any really know the one who a question is? Perhaps one of you the types that reads this or a company can help me. FingersCrossed
4 / 5
Anker Ear buds resupply the sound well a good election of ear buds tips, and is the compatible blue tooth global good value partorisca money.
5 / 5
No his bad partorisca £20 comfortable stays in of the ears in my bicycle and life of hard battery roughly 6 hours add wee upload
4 / 5
has received an empty box. Any one produces inner any one! Really disappointed as I have required these in the haste. They are the big defender of Anker, but this well could change my habits partorisca buy
5 / 5
has produced that has surprised a sound is quite good and tries he of noise,buds is very small and is a lot coming very good and a buds and the chance was in full load .To the What only does not like is when you have dipped of him in your pocket, he sticking was and the looks have the piece in your leg .In general it would give it the 4.8/5.
5 / 5
Long durable battery with chance recharge, good quality and easy joint on, highly recommends these!
5 / 5
Has Known Always Soundcore Was A Good Mark!! A Quality of his Amazing Connection , this Easy, A Measure Is Perfect to Return In any Pocket&To good sure Values A Prize!!
5 / 5
These wireless headphones have a life of amazing battery of around 8 first hours to dip behind to his chance for the recharge.
Hears the Ebooks and a quality of his utmost east!
5 / 5
This wireless earphones is surprising, his add, the accesses in my ear perfect with ear buds ossia already in. Amazing prize, better that £150 samsung some have had.
4 / 5
These earbuds is terrible reason his no returned. They maintain to fall out of the each one 10 mins and can a lot of anything at all with them in era of only fall.
5 / 5
Calm so only can control characteristic sure saws configuration of application, as I am returned
4 / 5
Partorisca the headphones of estimativa is awesome with 3 settings of bow have qualities of his add and excellent base
4 / 5
A quality of his perfect east and life of battery last days when in the first place it has taken these did not touch partorisca some premiers 3 days that have had to on 12hr gone back etc value each turn of book in your ears comfortably slick.
4 / 5
Absolutely brilliant. Very comfortable and can change a quality of sound. Really pleased with these.
4 / 5
These earphones are add, this partorisca connect to a telephone and easy to use. They remain in place and does not fall was while it runs or exiting. His of the quality are adds. The value adds global partorisca a prize!
4 / 5

Pros: loudness, battery and time of global creation.

Gilipollas: disconnect amids The music & of call has fill describes
4 / 5
the quality of sound Adds, life of battery and comfortable to spend the whole day and has paid so only £ with code of discount.
4 / 5
The product adds still too much this day taken of then out of a box has not required too much uploads still on 1 bar unbelievable appreciates for the product adds
5 / 5
has Liked him this partorisca all his value but has had to that return like this of the keys to touch that they answer inconsistently. Which has not been useful for me.
5 / 5
Is like this unfair that some act lateralmente and another no.
5 / 5
I add earphones partorisca this prize and súper on battery, hard to take anything partorisca prize likes concealed.
5 / 5
These headphones are a lot of comfy , that life of surprise of battery and feel prize , quality of his east also according to the a lot of
5 / 5
Likes there is on and has been partorisca take of a chance.
4 / 5
This element am using day-the-work of day, and is very useful.
5 / 5
You there qualities partorisca something of money on tec ear buds
4 / 5
has not used never Anker auricular before but there was bed a lot well thinks in his row. My gone to the common of in earphones is at present a SoundPeats T2 and ive been in the bit of the travesía with in of the ears of Melomanias the Lypertek Tevis, Sonys, Edifiers etc like this ive be around has bitten. In the ears are 100 format of the election been due to a total isolation can take with them. On to a description.

A chance is decent measure , good and feel, crazy to the equal that adds to feel he of the quality and a lid is lipped slightly in a ploughing so that it can do it blindfolded without asking that the side is looking for to open, thats well! A lid snaps enclosed and the stays plough equally well, his hinge of good cradle, again pocola touches to do a difference.

A earphones is small, the like this, im any one the massive defender of a root draws like this this minimises amiably. They are very light and compact. Wise record these were a lot of comfy, spends some time to take your apt legislations this in spite of as this wins all more work well!

The pairing was simple, a key in a front is a mechanism thus which for the easiest pairing to different devices. These whose support fine pairing of device like his one the time. These helps of key this in spite of.

Likes very in WFH situations Ive there is appealed the earphones partorisca calls/of zoom of the squads to reduce noise other zones of a house that interferes with work, these resupply good isolation when in ear, well quite that you of the that needs ANC really, thats any really something to be found in this point of prize. Like this also they resupply qualities of good voice for a recipients. Ive Any able state to use these in of the strong places like this cant vouch for a reduction of noise for some another in an end of a call.

Controls to touch, ossia where lose some points, theres any reason because volume cant be on here, but supposes them ossia where theyve take the decision to reduce alone tap for volume to avert the touches deceived when readjusting. So much volume averts some touches are well, solid and responsive and a lack to touch the paid so only was, theres hardly ever touches very deceived in these.

Comforts wise these are well, felizmente chair in my ears for hours with occasional adjustment but thats one same with more for me.

Quality of sound - a real reason auricular volume , leaves to be sincere. It is well. Some ways are for me mostly redundant, the master his rich at all times. A Soundcore his of the byline has been missing of still me, at all really of any substance. Way of the podcast also felt pointless, so only the nude tomb was, Im any sure reason would want to listen to the voice there is thinned was when these people go to good period to use decent mics and produce his well. Way of grave - this was a better for me but still he wasnt one the majority of impressive data a 10mm engine (quell'arent graphene the difference of his big brothers), found them using EQs to add more to a sound here, graver, more presence in a mids and to take the bit of a flange of some treble. It has had this in spite of selection very good and resupplied some width really very (phase of his like this his often informed to)Again all personal preference. Once it was them happy these were perfectly acceptable heaphones for use along and travelling roughly, doing of home, office etc.

(Modification added the week after this description has been rid)
has a subject with a sound has not been able to dip my toe on up to now. It feels like a codec the implementations are bad. I can listen compression of audio both in AAC and SBC. It is quell'has bitten more sibilant and flangy and after the while it has begun really to annoy me.
(Final to modify)

In general thinks that these are decent value for money, a prize is down and so that they love the pair of estimativa, the second pair by other uses or so only to take to a phase then these are well! This in spite of would call people to perhaps spend the little extra in the model on, ANC can be found with the little more crux, like this pode depth of low and better global balance (and codec implementation). But if this was as that calms could extend or there is wanted then touch the decent investment.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Soundcore ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place, wax of the old ear found in a hule buds of this esfurbished' produced. So only paid £10 less than the new mark.
Secondly, when paired... So only 1 ear has touched. It is mine 5th pair of wireless buds of several different frames. They are fully conscious of some primary and secondary names and like the paid.. And that has to that I look you with just a R an and a L will connect automatically... But any @@subject that time the reset and tried pair him.. He so only never touched out of a legislation. The pairing has tried even with a L but while so only paired with an accident. It alleges 'A Pairing of At all' but was a more complicated has has not had never... Still then it has not done
sending them behind... To good sure will have to that it pays the paralización surpasses or something.
Going partorisca order the most economic mark... At least they do.
4 / 5
Has arrived like this new. They do not fall out of my ears. I have run roughly 200k with them maintaining in the wind and the rain and remain in and is not impacted by sweat or of the water. Quality of his excellent east. The life of battery is also orders. Really I can not recommend these enough for a prize
4 / 5
Each one has bitten like this very like this AirPods for the neighbourhood of a prize.

Bluetooth 4.0, The noise that annuls, the microphone adds for calls of zoom, qualities of the his glorious, waterproof, last for absolutely of age.

A chance to touch they plop to when you are not him spending touch some headphones. It resists him in securely with magnets. The ones of way that there was far roughly 4 months, uses him more days, and there is never has touched in fact a chance to touch. I guess it is magic and he so only his key for ever?

Out of a chance, has had to roughly 6 hours. So only it takes roughly 30 mins in a chance and is touched fully again.

Auricular Better has has not had never. I have had any AirPods and these are basically some same. This in spite of any one has flown mine AirPods and any one wants to fly these.
5 / 5
Has has bought now 3 insiemi of these buds, one for me, one for my woman, and another for my daughter. Really it likes to of me, and it is quite comfortable for long use.

So only has has had to that once reset the pair because they have lost synch with each another, and into use normal I so only burst the out of a chance to touch, his pair immediately to a last device has been connected to, and was to go.

Tends to use them mainly for audios-books, more than music, and to the equal that are any audiophile, can any one really commentary in a quality of a sound, another that to say seat quite rounded, has not had any noticeable subject with any highs or lows, and a sound looks quite well mine.
5 / 5
Does not remain in your very good ear at all, not even yes just walking, does not import never run. I gave him the period of just test of walks and multiple careers. I do not have the question with another earbuds. Well of quality of the sound but mic will choose up has included the sweet wind in the call.
5 / 5
Any aversion of entity at all. It would be hard to justify spending more money. It agrees that this access in a canal of ear and is passively the noise that isolates and a lot actively annulling. There is something in a spec roughly the noise that annuls for your voice during call them and I think that good works.
Has there was Airpods for the pair of years. They have not closed you out of some world-wide so as these except precise that now, as my listened are not adds. Also, Airpods in my ears have fallen occasionally was. A Ankars no budge.
Quality of his excellent east for my music and of the books of audio.
4 / 5
Auricular brilliants. Apple some do not remain in my ears properly and like defender of Apple still begrudge that it pay £160 paralizaciones auricular, especially when it knows no for me. These have been awesome. They look really ready and it has not had any question with having reconditioned some like other descriptions. The sound is like this good and call them are like this clear is like a telephone.
Can touch and the pause but calm can not control volume in some headphones but ossia the subject smaller like the telephone is not never far was.
5 / 5
A sound is decent quality .
A question is a microphone - very poor and always has to that take an ear bud was to speak to when using my laptop and still then my voice is still very calm
An ear buds stay in but when I go for him jog to the chairs like goes to of the fall was as it is not one the majority of stable
4 / 5
has arrived with somebodys wax of ear on him.
Amazon Far of apologetic. It averts at all side.
4 / 5
Is still early days, but these look the really element of quality. Incredible value for money. They touch quickly, and resist his uploads for like this
long to the equal that allege also. Apt amiably to some ears with qualities of his well. Also apt snugly and reassuringly behind to upload cradle. It has considered Apple airpods, but for a prize, these are the no-brainier
4 / 5
Like this far like this a lot - still that looks for to exit like this partorisca change in smoothly!! But in general excellent headphones 👍🏾
5 / 5
took them partorisca my woman during lockdown partorisca working of house and seeing is the manager has his telephone there is permanently grasped to the his noggen.

Well, Is happy with them and she have given one on indications like this excellent in my books.
4 / 5
Very comfortable to spend. A quality of his decent east partorisca a prize!
5 / 5
No the reflection of a product really more a fashion. Because of some finals of hule was extremely uncomfortable for me (personal preference) and touched likes was in the bubble when in the call. The quality of sound was cost when listening the music. So only the has not liked a way has touched in of call them.
5 / 5
Life of the battery is not long like the microphone is not like this powerful..
4 / 5
Has tried diverse wireless earpieces and ossia for far a better in of the terms of clarity of his, a lot responsive microphone, the life of battery is fantastic. To good value good insurance and aftercare is fantastic service
5 / 5
More in a phase . A product is very thought of. A quality of his utmost east . Highly it would recommend
4 / 5
Good quality for hella economic prize, has life of amazing battery , would recommend for a prize
5 / 5
One packing was the boss has been missing and left airbud whose obra.yo in there is Disappointed
5 / 5
did not use him the plot but a record amiably, the sound is very partorisca of the money. They block it was noise very well.
5 / 5
Súper Happy with a compraventa. Sometimes his unpair but now has taken a trick and can pair again less than the min. run or slowly partorisca do hiit exert you could require regulate everynow and that very happy.