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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Quite unfriendly, as I have gathered of my boy. It did not like in of absolute, which is very scarce.
And one same had been said for another client in the description.

That in any phase one could be in, going back calm to take you to an a lot of start.

I doubt that some authors are professional professors or has spent was quite evaluation with groups of aim.
5 / 5
Purchases this for our Granddaughter in time navideño, first to complete this studio has asked that thinks of him and the one who stars. His response was 5 stars and finds it a lot very in fact is quite easy for his for the unaided but quite hard for his to have that thinks on some responses and was him. It conceal it is not enough like place in 10 years but I have comprised that half. It finds it interesting and every time the load finds still another challenge.
4 / 5
Perhaps done 10 years this would have been state of an art ... Now the rubbish ... Only shows in the small window in a half of the mine MacBook and is just tests ... Any explanation / to teach.

Often require to click in to sew them multiple time to take click of mice to register
5 / 5
ossia the add pc educational games a question of a lot resembled some questions and curriculum in colegiala give examples that is a name of a bit those that questions and give you he casualidad to go back and see your work.A lot of different elections to go to practise your work in of the different levels.
4 / 5
These are utmost, a bit the man is spent load to time to touch in these, sees it like this touching the game of computer. It answers well to a fashion. Highly you recommend all the levels.
4 / 5
The value adds , my daughters see it like this touching games in a PC ,
does not think @to give in fact is learning while they touch ,
5 / 5
the very like this produced, so that has better more fun cd roms there!. Everytime Love the subjects of transmission owe that the records was, and go back to a cup of office and main paper. A lot of fiddly! My girls want to learn games, but does not love never the use is one !!!
5 / 5
I A lot like this produced, so that has better more fun cd roms there!. Everytime Love the subjects of transmission owe that the records was, and go back to a cup of office and main paper. A lot of fiddly! My girls want to learn games, but does not love never the use is one !!!

Top Customer Reviews: Zoombinis Maths ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
It was a lot of disappointed that this software has not done partorisca we. We have Seen, and this software is not compatible w/View. Reading leading descriptions, so only deep people with the oldest systems having question w/this software, as I have assumed that this would do w/View. It requires QuickTime 2.0, which is not compatible w/iTunes. ITUNES Requires the most recent version partorisca do w/iPod. It would be good to have this available software any as one on-line download or software that is compatible View. Prpers Having looked in the web of place of a Company partorisca Learn, any at present owe available.
5 / 5
Has looked for to install this game on 3 different computers, in the first place in the view has not done at all, secondly in an older car with XP has done but was a lot of slow and frustrating partorisca my boy partorisca touch and thirdly schemes newer with XP where neither has done.

Of a packaging this game was first released in 1996 and although that could do was looks the educational game well, but is not the value that spends money on unless you are running an old version of windows.
4 / 5
A fantastic game, own partorisca age of girls of KS1 (6 years) and further.

One dipping an easy plus is the walk in a park partorisca more than adults or of the oldest boys, but one dipping a hard plus is defying paralización more people!

A game adds with the plot of appeal, colour, bites of his humorous and extra activities.

Partorisca Acts in the Windows Xp the computer has to that change some settings, but some works of game perfectly.
4 / 5
Adds, game, but does not buy it , as any able of the mark with modern computers.
4 / 5
There is not reading some descriptions and when I have been partorisca the install. It could a lot of he. It was annoyed enough but the'll learns partorisca next time
4 / 5
Doesnt laws in my windows 8. It looks the only work in windows very old. Didnt Declares this in a description. A lot unbalanced.
4 / 5
Can not comment in a content - is probably well. But the one who old this program is!! We try it knots on three different notebooks - could no with any one. Mina The fellow that asks the help so only laughed in as old was.
Windows'98 - Has to that you me joking! Microsoft there is prendido partorisca sustain this program 4 years ago.

Am returned mine to Amazon partorisca repayment.
But that last to king-the subject that considers that the majority of is in 21century, any 20th...
5 / 5
My parents have bought this partorisca my brothers of mine young plus when it was them the adolescent (roughly 15) and has had a whole family totally engrosed partorisca hours and of the hours. It has included it has had to finalise all some levels and beleive take me devilishly hard as you progress to some levels some big plus. But it is not too chalanging in a start.

Now are them the mamma also, and has bought this partorisca my edges grieves could use the computer - the bit optamistic of then was bit it advanced partorisca he, but for an age of 5 1/2 loves it, and is completly intoxicated.

Directing roughly of a critisism other users had done:
An user there is complained that a game a lot really uses very mathematical - the one who the completly disagree with, has admitted there is not any mathematics in a traditional sense but some skills of logic employ partorisca the progress by means of a game is some use of same skills partorisca solve mathmatical questions - developing the much deeper comprising of mathmatical concepts and the amour partorisca solve questions of mathematician.

A subject of level of difficulty - is always very difficult to guage level of difficulty with to to the games likes him to him to them these of the different boys develop in of the different taxes and like this would say them the age of drives of 7 east in pertinent - like boy the boy the one who has interested much more the puzzle probably would be able to touch a more collected game but would disagree that his boring partorisca the oldest boys, touched it well to my late adolescents and still amour partorisca touch he with my boys.

Really can not recommend this game highly quite - recommends it to them to all my friends partorisca his boys.
4 / 5
My daughter of thirteen years still touches this glorious game ... The dad has uploaded VMWare Player, a XP the virtual diagrams, and an image of disk of the ISO. With the bit of jiggery-pokery still can touches. It demands a disk would owe that be in a walk when clearly it is, as I left it run with which installation, then suspend a virtual car without closing a program. The daughter is quite ready partorisca do all this work. Any one pleases burgle a code of source and update he partorisca modern Windows!
Challenge any partorisca take 16 Zoombinis by means of Grottos of Glass on Very Very Hard. Only tests!!!
The UPDATE sees a lot of people that writes that poden does not take that they run in of the modern Windows. Ossia True; I need no later that Windows XP 32-has bitten edition.
1) Obtains a Friki. If they do not look glazed after reading these instructions, take the real a.
2) Download VMWare Player (the looks is paid now but there are old free versions) or Oracle VirtualBox
3) Installs Windows XP in a virtual car
4) Connects a walk of CD to a virtual car.
5) Installs QuickTime 2 prime minister - has an installer in the file in a CD
6) Installs Zoombinis.
Will aim a picture in the very small window - reason attended 640x480. Your friki can be able to fix that, otherwise invest in of the glasses!

Has UPDATE partorisca UPDATE My daughter aimed a version now on Steam, looks almost identical but modernised. Relief partorisca a Zoombinis in last!
5 / 5
This loan few boys of presents of the game (and adults) with the series of puzzle that a likeable and fantastically characterised Zoombinis has to that solve to do his way to an earth has promised. Any only is this immense entertainment , but the he really done, as it says in a container, develop your logic, mathematician and skills of science (NB: ossia a same game as 'A Travesía Logical of a Zoombinis'). It is a game of the only computer has found that the boys really enjoy, and that contributes directly to edifice on educational skills. Material adds.

A downside: ossia an ancient game , and the look bit it antiquated. But the concealed would not owe that deter any down 10, or on 35.
4 / 5
Uses a game under Windows XP, which alleges to be compatible with. It clashes repeatedly, which can mean lose some last few phases of a game as you remain so only to save in of the sure phases. We have had to that restart a PC the little time, and has left once a desk corrupted still after the reboot.
Some looks of game of the series of puzzle of logic, some very easy and some quite delicate for the youngest boys. To direct a Zoombinis to his fate, is necessary to complete all some puzzle to the long of the street, and this can be frustrate for the girl he young plus stumped in an of some games plus very hard (especially when a game hangs in the vital moment). Prpers Having said that, some games are amused generally for the boy the one who enjoys puzzle of logic, and is the little different every time is touched.
4 / 5
Has found these years of the game done when my boys were in early primary school. We are the family of wizards of the mathematics and my girls have loved that. Now I have the (4 year!) Grandson the one who looks to share a passion for all the mathematical things and I have bought this game partly out of nostalgia and reason thought that it would love it. His prime minister (8) has had also the gone and without accidents can say that a game is still very pertinent. I wish it that could be update so that it can be run in computers more modern. A map neither is quite until has the habit of now the days. I think it that it would be worth it it to king-develops/ an idea and extend a Zoombinis life!
5 / 5
Both of my amour of boys Zoombinis (daughter 6 and boy 8). They have been presented to Zoombinis in of the pupils and has loved his own copy to use house. Maintaining have 3 different CD ROMS. A disk of the travesía of the Mathematician are to add and ossia a one has done in of the school. It takes the moment to take used his but both boys and I enjoys to exit like this to take 16 Zoombinis of a zone to another and finally to an earth arrives in in an end when a travesía is complete. I add to think and logical. All the boys escoles would have to that have go it he like this does him think and is very educational but no in an usual boring way!
5 / 5
This is surprising! I really mathematical of the hate but this game is amused like this, and has used this when it was 9, and now are 15, and is one of a plus memorable anti-the boring things have had these days, but is still the game adds with maps etc
4 / 5
In the first place so only to leave is that I will be to research returning this element for the full repayment. A Zoombinis no in mine portable that is to be purchase for my edges of 8 years. Knots 'Googled' a program and has been given some clues and suggestions for other people those who have purchased this and could does not take to do neither. We have tried each only tried suggestion for another, has had the member of a familiar the one who is an I .T The expert test and has failed. We have tried you take Quicktime and reloading the oldest versions to any avail! Simply it has the PC that the on Dressed careers of House for the forget!!! It has squandered our money.
4 / 5
Use to touch this in Year 5 and 6, has thought always was the entertainment adds . And I have hated mathematician, has included behind then! I have bought recently another copy (the travesía logical, no east a) so only for a sake of him and I still really enjoy it almost 15 years later.
4 / 5
Can any one pleases to say me if this game has some levels has used to when it was them the girl like a level of the pizza and a a where have to that take some few blue things by means of a bridge without doing a sneeze of reef. It would like to buy for my fiancé for christmas like that joke to the equal that have spoken roughly that the entertainment was. Any one pleases answered! thankyou!!!
4 / 5
Zoombinis Is like this adictiva and educational.
Each PC/Mac would have to that have one.
I boys learn without inclusos knowing!