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1 first B.K.Licht Modern LED 3W, 3 Head Bathroom Ceiling Spotlight, IP44 Splash Water Proof, Round with Swivel Mounted Design B.K.Licht Modern LED 3W, 3 Head Bathroom Ceiling Spotlight, IP44 Splash Water Proof, Round with Swivel Mounted Design B.K.Licht
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2 B.K.Licht LED Ceiling lamp, incl. 3 x 5W LED GU10 Bulbs, Bathroom Lighting with Rotating spotlights, IP44 Splash Water Proof, Warm White Light 3000K, 400lm per spot B.K.Licht LED Ceiling lamp, incl. 3 x 5W LED GU10 Bulbs, Bathroom Lighting with Rotating spotlights, IP44 Splash Water Proof, Warm White Light 3000K, 400lm per spot B.K.Licht
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3 best B.K. Licht LED Vanity Mirror Light, Built-in 5W LED Board, Mirror Frame Light, Bathroom Cabinet Light, Make-up Lighting, Neutral White 4000K, 230V, IP44, 11,8in B.K. Licht LED Vanity Mirror Light, Built-in 5W LED Board, Mirror Frame Light, Bathroom Cabinet Light, Make-up Lighting, Neutral White 4000K, 230V, IP44, 11,8in B.K.Licht
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4 B.K. Licht LED Vanity Mirror Light, Built-in 8W LED Board, Bathroom Cabinet Light, Mirror Frame Light, Make-up Lighting, Neutral White 4000K, 230V, IP44, 23.6in B.K. Licht LED Vanity Mirror Light, Built-in 8W LED Board, Bathroom Cabinet Light, Mirror Frame Light, Make-up Lighting, Neutral White 4000K, 230V, IP44, 23.6in B.K.Licht
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5 B.K.Licht Bathroom Ceiling Light, IP44 Splash Water Proof, Ø 12.2in, Flush Light, E27 Socket, max 40W, no Bulb provided, Flush Mount Light Fitting, Modern Light for Hallway, Stairwell, Kitchen B.K.Licht Bathroom Ceiling Light, IP44 Splash Water Proof, Ø 12.2in, Flush Light, E27 Socket, max 40W, no Bulb provided, Flush Mount Light Fitting, Modern Light for Hallway, Stairwell, Kitchen B.K.Licht
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6 B.K.Licht - Set of 3 LED IP44 Rated Recessed Bathroom Spotlights with 3X Built-in 5W LED Module, Brushed Nickel, Round, Extra Flat B.K.Licht - Set of 3 LED IP44 Rated Recessed Bathroom Spotlights with 3X Built-in 5W LED Module, Brushed Nickel, Round, Extra Flat B.K.Licht
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7 B.K.Licht - LED Bathroom Ceiling Light, 2 Head Spotlight with 2X GU10 5W Warm White Bulbs Included and Swivel Design, Modern Chrome B.K.Licht - LED Bathroom Ceiling Light, 2 Head Spotlight with 2X GU10 5W Warm White Bulbs Included and Swivel Design, Modern Chrome B.K.Licht
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8 B.K. Licht LED Bathroom Ceiling Light Ø 15,1in, Splash Water Proof IP44, 18W Built in LED Board, Neutral White Light 4000K, 1600lm B.K. Licht LED Bathroom Ceiling Light Ø 15,1in, Splash Water Proof IP44, 18W Built in LED Board, Neutral White Light 4000K, 1600lm B.K.Licht
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9 B.K.Licht LED Bathroom Ceiling Light, Built-in 10W LED Board, 900Lm, Neutral White 4000K, Ø8.6in/22cm, IP44 Splash Water Protection, Modern Light Fitting, Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp B.K.Licht LED Bathroom Ceiling Light, Built-in 10W LED Board, 900Lm, Neutral White 4000K, Ø8.6in/22cm, IP44 Splash Water Protection, Modern Light Fitting, Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp B.K.Licht
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10 B.K.Licht - LED Bathroom Ceiling Light, 13W LED Board Included, IP54 Splash Water Protection, Neutral Day White 1600 lm B.K.Licht - LED Bathroom Ceiling Light, 13W LED Board Included, IP54 Splash Water Protection, Neutral Day White 1600 lm B.K.Licht
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Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht Modern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5 Nancey
The cost checked has Bought he in Jan/Feb and 2 weeks more has been late trace behind in a bath. All VERY partorisca 2 month when I have seen some something light to rust... Now a light is all the discharge in rusting in the room that does not have any humid questions in the a lot airy zone... The quality is very bad partorisca the light to go like this in 3 month...
4 / 5 Evia
The cost has checked I amour a returning and light May .1 Of some bulbs is broken and can not find substitutions partorisca he. It can you confirm yes . The light bulb FOCUSED | GU10 has Dipped of 5 Bulb FOCUSED 3 Light bulb of Watt 250 Lumens | Equivalent of Light bulb the Halogen 25 W Objective Warm 3000 K, 36 Corner of Beam [Classifies of Energy A+] will return this light. I already tried -

THE 3W GU10 has has DIRECTED Bulbs, 35W Halogen Equivalent of Bulb, 250lm, Warm Aim 2700K, 120 Corner of Beam, Band of 5 [Classifies of Energy A+]

like any one is returned.

Thank you
5 / 5 Malia
The utmost cost checked of Looks, reasonably easy to install and comes with bulbs.
This in spite of.... There is no terminal bar partorisca connect the circuit of coverage as you will owe that use the Wago/your method has preferred. Another that that adds, although a light colour is the tad in a cold side but ossia personal preference.
5 / 5 Erika
The cost has checked Returned by the professional electrician the one who has found that one of one has DIRECTED the light bulbs has been broken. A box obviously had been fallen. Felizmente, a light returning and some other 2 bulbs were a lot. A container had arrived very packed of Amazon,
like the boxes well can be be fall in a warehouse or in a factory. Bulbs Before installation (which there has not been done). I require partorisca buy another bulb partorisca substitute.
5 / 5 Lamonica
The cost has verified My better half amours this light, has preferred an arm along a, but that has said that that arrives quickly, and is good quality. In the showroom has seen this same light in the a lot of main cost.
4 / 5 Terina
Compraventa The look has checked well and was good value. The time will say that well it stands up to a moisture in a bath.
5 / 5 Eleonore
The cost has checked light Adds and was suitable partorisca my bath. Returned easily and any fuss. A fact avenges with 3 bulbs is the price added .
4 / 5 Paula
Spent the product has checked Adds, gives brilliant light during our bath. Returned by the electrician described the one who have informed that this was a correct product and fact really well partorisca our needs. It finds it simple to connect.
5 / 5 Tiffiny
The cost checked Of a moment has to take a light returning of a container could say it was the product of quality. A distribution of light is so only perfect. Highly you recommend.
5 / 5 Sebastian
The cost has verified Very brilliant and looks well
4 / 5 Mathew
Bought he in Jan/Feb and 2 weeks more has been late trace behind in a bath. All VERY partorisca 2 month when I have seen some something light to rust... Now a light is all the discharge in rusting in the room that does not have any humid questions in the a lot airy zone... The quality is very bad partorisca the light to go like this in 3 month...
4 / 5 Kenton
Wants to one returning and light May 

.1 Of some bulbs is broken and can not find substitutions for him. It can you confirm yes . The light bulb FOCUSED | GU10 has Dipped of 5 Bulb FOCUSED 3 Light bulb of Watt 250 Lumens | Equivalent of Light bulb the Halogen 25 W Objective Warm 3000 K, 36 ° Corner of Beam [Classifies of Energy A+] will return this light. I already tried -

THE 3W GU10 has has DIRECTED Bulbs, 35W Halogen Equivalent of Bulb, 250lm, Warm Aim 2700K, 120° Corner of Beam, Band of 5 [Classifies of Energy A+]

like any one is returned.

Thank you
5 / 5 Larue
The look adds, reasonably easy to install and comes with bulbs.
This in spite of.... There is no terminal bar to connect the circuit of coverage to the equal that will owe that use the Wago/your method has preferred. Another that that adds, although a light colour is the tad in a cold side but ossia personal preference.
4 / 5 Normand
So only a right measure, goes is gone in three different directions all a same time, really lights the room and can be turned on or has gone with trying very small.
His until punctual to estimate his durability but am alentador...
4 / 5 Thomasena
Is returned by the professional electrician the one who has found that one of one has DIRECTED the light bulbs has been broken. A box obviously had been fallen. Felizmente, a light returning and some other 2 bulbs were a lot. A container had arrived very packed of Amazon,
like the boxes well can be be fall in a warehouse or in a factory. Bulbs Before installation (which there has not been done). I require to buy another bulb to substitute.
5 / 5 Dionne
My better half amours this light, has preferred an arm along a, but that has said that that is to arrive quickly, and is good quality. In the showroom has seen this same light in the a lot of main cost.
5 / 5 Phylis
This light has done the vast difference to our bath. Just need to take your time that takes a legislation of installation.
4 / 5 Laurence
Luz adds and was suitable for my bath. Returned easily and any fuss. A fact comes with 3 bulbs is the prize added .
5 / 5 Rochell
Lovely light returning well the look in fact of the good quality adds
4 / 5 Dalila
produced Adds, gives brilliant light during our bath. Returned by the electrician described the one who have informed that this was a correct product and fact really well for our needs. It found it simple to connect.
5 / 5 Alphonse
Of a moment I have to take a light returning of a container could say it was the product of quality. A distribution of light is so only perfect. Highly it would recommend.
5 / 5 Myrtie
Looks good and was good value. The time will say that well it stands up to a moisture in a bath.
4 / 5 Chu
Thinks that looks partorisca add and lights the room well, and also was quite easy to install.
The subject only has had was that one of some “arms” is not doing at all and has taken more along that the month to install a unit as it can not return. đŸ€ŠđŸ»â€â™‚ïž
5 / 5 Sharilyn
Has arrived promptly and looks to be of the big quality but up to now am not returned. Appearance a lot this lights to return and would not doubt to use this vendor in a future.
4 / 5 Chang
Averts this light. Installed in a bath regulates down done 2 years and to the equal that can see in some pictures has begun takes to rust. Something is clearly bad with chrome(?) plating.
4 / 5 Kenna
Would recommend this light for any quota of looks of the really modern bath &
5 / 5 Dottie
Comparison of prize against big DIY the tents was impressive- far more economic. The robust construction has come included with some bulbs. The free delivery has selected the Friday but took it still two days later a Sunday.
5 / 5 Carita
Good value spotlight looks stylish done the good work, very happy.
4 / 5 Carolin
At all the value adds partorisca the look of money adds in my bath
5 / 5 Theola
Looks ready and very easy to install. It was with a forward spotlights like the transformer partorisca they has maintained partorisca blow.
4 / 5 Myrtis
Luz adds. It gives abundance of light in the a lot of darkness down useful & basin partorisca be able to regulate where some resplandores light without clutterring of too much light fittings.
4 / 5 Jovan
Five star so only the small light but the boy gives was some light very good
5 / 5 Libbie
Good quality, smaller that looks in picture. Easy to install.
4 / 5 Narcisa
It adds a upmarket, modern feels to the ours redecorated bath! Really pleased with the cost and the value add also!
4 / 5 Sherie
Partorisca A prize can not complain, operates it and the looks Adds
5 / 5 Tisha
the lights are not too big which is adds partorisca a bath the have
4 / 5 Kaycee
Element faulty. It can the have the repayment pleases!! 2 Of some Bulbs wouldnt same stay in a socket!!!
4 / 5 Deborah
Luz good-looking, work well and the value adds partorisca money
5 / 5 Zula
has Arrived like this promised in time partorisca my electrician partorisca return. Perfecto and sure partorisca our bath
5 / 5 Logan
Easy to return and used in a very clear bath the brilliant lights like this very useful
5 / 5 Roseanne
brilliant of light Excellent sum and well easy fact partorisca install good prize
4 / 5 Felisha
Well fact stylish and looks well in a bath. Easy to return and the very good prize.
5 / 5 Theo
Has not revised this element up to now like this has them has wanted to do sure has not had a question another has had with rusting the mine is on been partorisca almost the year and there is not any sign at all to rust it was easy to return up and looks much more some bulbs are easy to go in and was and with some other lights of the bath is not a lot very well the value that takes
4 / 5 Junie
the quality lights A lot well very better that an old one substituted it. This light was the little more expensive that another looked in but is quality really good and am really happy has paid a bit extra really is in good sure values a bit extra money.
Has arrived also the day sooner that has expected. A small has DIRECTED the bulbs are really powerful and so only 3watts Awesome.
Highly would recommend this vendor 5 of me.
4 / 5 Tiera
Fantastic little light. It is quite small ; but a light he emits is fabulous - as the suppositions is a point of has DIRECTED. The lovely looks. Has in my bath; a light to bath, a tank and another opp bath. Delivery and utmost prize

Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5 Byron
A delivery has been done quickly and efficiently but arrival partorisca install a light 15/7/19 for the Electrician has described one of some 3 bulbs does not operate.

For like this, would have given him an excellent indication but has expected this are down grading.
5 / 5 Timothy
Has substituted some lights of old bath partorisca return with this excellent triple spotlight. Easy to install, ready look , modern and the clear brilliant illumination of some three bulbs has distributed with this product. Saved ÂŁ50 for not buying of the venue that negotiate of lights. Shame partorisca his but can does was not launch.
5 / 5 Lucilla
A bulb of glass surrounds would not return like this of the holes that is fact partorisca attach a glass with has not gone correctly threaded likes some rays would not go in like this I at present have so only some bulbs and any one surrounds.
4 / 5 Kali
Very packed, Has arrived the prompt day, easy to gather and install. It will look well now in mine new afterwards.
5 / 5 Tegan
A spotlights is exactly that there is wanted. A bulb has not done but has contacted undertaken the one who was to add, has received the new bulb in the pair of days. The service of client adds, thank you.
4 / 5 Brandon
Looks really ready and can be regulated in any corner.
5 / 5 Shante
Fact very good and relatively easy to return. Pleased with a look.
4 / 5 Dona
Really pleased with this light, the look adds in our cookery.
4 / 5 Katia
Amur This light! Orderly, compact and the looks adds in my new bath!
4 / 5 Garnett
Has bought this light to substitute the alike light in a bath, which, according to my woman, required partorisca be changed. Any I is to me returned so no with electricity, but has not taken an electrician long partorisca return and has not informed any question. It is exactly like this described and does a work. That more could ask?
5 / 5 Ayanna
Has required two people partorisca dip up. Some rays partorisca dip a ball is on was very bad manufactured and an only way could execute was partorisca turn them around. All the joint the a lot of frustrating process. We any one except of these again. It is returned once looks very a lot of
5 / 5 Deeanna
has Ordered three insiemi of these partorisca two new baths. They look stylish and elegant!
5 / 5 Gaylord
Excellent value, stylish lights partorisca bath. Shining and instant. Easy to install
4 / 5 Hertha
the good looks once installed, but finicky the installation of the shadows of glass could be better this in spite of era.
4 / 5 Rodger
Wir haben Quotes Lampe fĂŒrs Bad bestellt. Die Lampe ist wie auf gives Produktfotos und die GlĂŒhbirnen sind beim Produkt dabei. Jede einzelne Fassung kann Man separat positionieren. Wir haben Any fĂŒr has given entschieden, gives wir eine begehbare Dusche haben, die leider etwas dunkel ist. Durch Gives ausrichten eines Strahlers ist sie nun schön ausgebeutet.
Beim auspacken War ich ĂŒberrascht wie schwer sie ist und quotes Lampenschirme sind tatsĂ€chlich aus Glas.
War to Dip die, wie bei anderen Lampen und ging daher zĂŒgig.
Quotes Lieferung ging zĂŒgig und dies Lampe gut of war verpackt.

Daher mein Fazit: Die Lampe ist stable und gut geeignet fĂŒr ein Bad. Durch Quotes bewegbaren Lampenschirme lĂ€sst sich ein rĂ€um gut ausleuchten, jedoch dachte ich gives sie etwas heller ist.
4 / 5 Nieves
Habe mittlerweile doch noch eine Nachricht gives HĂ€ndlers bekommen. Eine frĂŒhere Kontaktaufnahme Gives HĂ€ndlers muss irgendwo Gives weiten give Internet verschollen heart. Freundlicherweise wurde mir kostenfrei eine Ersatzlampe zugesandt. It has given kam auch schnell A, ließ sich ohne Probleme montieren und beleuchtet nun schön mein Bad. Of the anbringen give Lampenschirme War zwar trotzdem etwas fummelig, ging im Großen und Ganzen jetzt aber problemlos von statten. Die erste Lampe scheint also wohl ein Montagsprodukt gewesen zu heart. Dementsprechend nun Also auch given angepasste Bewertung von 4 Sternen.

UrsprĂŒngliche Nachricht:
Optisch eigentlich eine schöne Lampe und macht auch schönes Licht.
ABER: Leider lassen sich Dies fĂŒr die Optik ausschlaggebenden Glasblenden nicht vernĂŒnftig anbringen. Die Bohrungen haben nicht gives richtigen Abstand zueinander und quotes Schrauben sind viel zu kurz gehalten. Nach dem anziehen Gives ersten beiden Schrauben liegt Quotes Bohrung fĂŒr die letzte Schraube nur noch zur HĂ€lfte ĂŒber gives Lake (siehe Bild), Blende of data wackelt aber ohne has given dritte Schraube locker herum.
Beim Versuch To the drei Schrauben gleichmĂ€ĂŸig anzuziehen, sind Die Schrauben gerade lang genug one gives Abstand zwischen Glaswand und Schraubloch zu ĂŒberbrĂŒcken, können aber lediglich has dipped etwas Kraftaufwand und viel hin und his wackeln gives Blende leicht in data jeweiligen Löcher gedreht werden. Allerdings baut sich dabei dann Like viel Spannung im Glas auf, dass die Glasblende zerspringt. Dabei handelt Is sich auch scheinbar nicht a einen vereinzelten Produktionsfehler, gives sich has given Question bei allen drei Blenden zeigte.
Quotes Krone setzte dem ganzen jedoch gives Kundenservice auf.
Diesem teilte ich Quotes geschilderten Probleme has dipped. Darauf erwiderte Man mir jedoch nur, dass die of man Bestellung 'keinem bestehenden Auftrag zuordnen' könne. Auf Die Übermittlung give Rechnungsnr. und Bestellnr. von Amazon, zur KlĂ€rung has given Zuordnungsproblemes, kam dann ĂŒberhaupt keine Reaktion mehr. Und auch auf eine erneute Nachfrage Zoom aktuellen Stand bekam ich keine Antwort. Mittlerweile ist Quotes RĂŒcksendefrist verstrichen. Dementsprechend werde ich mein Geld Also nicht wieder sehen. Bleibt mir nur mich anderweitig nach einer Lampe umzusehen. Wer To the equal that has dipped Kundenproblemen umgeht, ist fĂŒr mich auf jeden Fallen absolut nicht zu empfehlen.
5 / 5 Ying
Sehr schöne und Modern Deckenleuchte, stilvolle Optik has dipped 3 schwenkbaren Strahlern im eleganten Chrom Draw. Einfache Setting und Leuchtmittel sind auch dabei. Angenehmes und warmes Licht.
4 / 5 Tona
For real very pleasant, dipped in the small bath For enfatizzare boxes shower with planned faretti pointed ad hoc, modern and has given effect, does a good-looking luce!
4 / 5 Shanna
Leider sind Quotes Gewinde gives lampenschirmbefestigungen nicht richt
ig geschnitten erst nach einiger nacharbeiten has dipped einen Gewinde Bohrer gingen quotes schrauben alles well.
5 / 5 Joeann
Aesthetically pleasant, recently luce mine he light bulbs the concentrated can substitute
5 / 5 Etha
Well ,Beautiful ,Economic ,rests Geniales and the Lighted up is Astounding ,Half light Total ,as to mine the taste.
5 / 5 Annis
Naja.....! Alles soweit Gut und sicher verpackt. Keine SprĂŒnge, Laughed oder BeschĂ€digungen!
Gives Anbringen give Glaskörper War schon etwas fummelig, aber dafĂŒr war fĂŒr jede Leuchte quotes entsprechende Lampe dabei. Alles Gut verpackt. Sieht im Bad sehr gelungen aus!
5 / 5 Maud
Quotes Lampe entspricht gives Beschreibung. Sie ist sehr Hell und daher fĂŒr gives Bad meines Erachtens optimum. Die Lieferung war ohne Komplikationen.
5 / 5 Dean
leicht zu montieren, wenn sie jetzt noch lange halten ist alles A lot of
4 / 5 Shirely
Given Lampe habe ich im Badezimmer installiert und cube begeistert. Sieht Toll aus und macht ein schönes Licht. Kann ich auf jeden Fallen weiterempfehlen.
5 / 5 Van
Dipping die gives Lampe war einfach.
Durch Quotes drehbaren Lampenschirme wird gives Raum gut ausgeleuchtet.
5 / 5 Alexia
Heben Quotes Lampe fĂŒr unser Bad gekauft. Die sieht einfach toll aus! Kann ich nur empfehlen!
4 / 5 Joanne
Effects of Edges with creation of beautiful edges and lights the piece perfectly
4 / 5 Crystal
Lieferung wie immer gut.
Gives anbringen ging schnell. Man braucht nur etwas FingerspitzengefĂŒhl gives given Schrauben doch sehr klein sind a mark stellen.
Aussage meines Vater nach dem auspacken, War of data nicht billig. Sieht Toll aus.
Also alles richtig gemacht.
Klare Kaufempfehlung, Preis/-Leistung stimmt.
Is War sehr viel Verpackung. Ich weiß nicht ob Gives unbedingt notwendig ist.
4 / 5 Eric
HAS a modern creation L the pair that elegant. It is perfect to light small stays. The only paste that sees is that it comes with the light bulbs has Directed of warm aim. I have substituted he for light bulbs of 7 w of the neutral aim and the improvement has had to that character. For the another, recommended.
4 / 5 Julio
Good-looking, my house is remained pleasant. I have assumed electrician so that it locates.
Has arrived in good condition, and like the warm illumination, of the blue white/light affects negatively the the eyes.
4 / 5 Buck
Good-looking plafoniera gives bath, very luminous in my quite small bath. Quite Simple he setting, sending velocĂ­simo. Satisfied sleep
4 / 5 Garnet
Die Lampe ist sĂșper hell und sieht auch gut aus, allerdings kam eine has DIRECTED schon kaputt a, daher mussten wir erst einmal einkaufen gehen.

Top Customer Reviews: B.K. Licht LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Walter
Spent the element has checked adds partorisca a price. Calm can pay more but partorisca low 25 the statement adds and gives was abundance of light. Well it validates he!
4 / 5 Carina
Easy checked cost partorisca return, look a lot very once installed, very pleased
4 / 5 Rosa
The cost has checked Lovely stylish light. Service of good client
5 / 5 Salina
The cost has checked Returned on cupboard of bath on basin
5 / 5 Lorrine
The cost verified before ordering has asked if this product has been done of metal or plastic. I have had 4 responses, 3 duquel, comprising a vendor, has confirmed to be of metal, and 1 this was unsure. Like the descriptions were favorecedoras has ordered a light, which is coming a lot quickly and looks very good. It is very light and are still any sure yes is done of metal or plastic so that has no metallic 'ping' if you flick the. Any subject, looks well, was easy to return so that it comes complete with boxes partorisca cross, and resupplies the comfortable level partorisca light; no too brilliant, but certainly enough to light a dark corner of our bath, which is that has loved partorisca. We think that that it is good value and certainly would recommend.
5 / 5 Helaine
The cost has checked Excellent substitution partorisca the light broken in my cupboard of bath. It is very easy to install and does a work perfectly.
Thoroughly would recommend this light.
4 / 5 Ma
The cost has checked Excellent light, quite brilliant to really see detail.
4 / 5 Kathey
The cost has checked Speedy delivery, easy to fix, gives the light adds
5 / 5 Lashaunda
This light is perfect, has been bought partorisca my dad partorisca shave with once the contingent of new bath. Unfortunately, he never taken partorisca the see working, how is spent was, but to good sure would have done a work.
4 / 5 Dwight
Adds light of hands of bath
This was of the seconds a have spent
A partorisca a bath and a partorisca ours in continuazione
5 / 5 Alyson
the element Adds partorisca a prize. Calm can pay more but partorisca low ÂŁ25 the statement adds and gives was abundance of light. Well it validates he!
4 / 5 Shandi
Easy to return, look a lot very once installed, very pleased
5 / 5 Jung
Ossia so only that there is wanted. Now clearly I can me see in a mirror.
5 / 5 Verda
Has installed this light in bath as it alleges to be suitable for wet zones. With which 3 months chrome paint begun to the chime was.
5 / 5 Raymon
Some good light looks and is not difficult to install. This in spite of, there is disappointed that it does not come with the transmission!
5 / 5 Thelma
A light comes with any guarantee? And it can you confirm it concealed it is done of metal or plastic chrome? Thank you
5 / 5 Nelda
Before ordering has asked if this product has been done of metal or plastic. I have had 4 responses, 3 duquel, comprising a vendor, has confirmed that is to be do of metal, and 1 this was unsure. Like the descriptions were favorecedoras has ordered a light, which is coming a lot quickly and looks very good. It is very light and are still any sure yes is done of metal or plastic so that has no metallic 'ping' if you flick the. Any subject, looks well, was easy to return so that it comes complete with boxes partorisca cross, and resupplies the comfortable level partorisca light; no too brilliant, but certainly enough to light a dark corner of our bath, which is that has loved partorisca. We think that that it is good value and certainly would recommend.
5 / 5 Sidney
Our mirror of bath has had small shadow with the halogen the bulb fixed on that.
A combination of the shadow broken and erratically the light of operation has meant the substitution was necessary.
This looked a better available element that now costs less to run when be DIRECTED but is the cold aim, any ideal in the bath. I have directed this in spite of fixed an organism to a backside of a mirror with a light tube in a cup, likes to fix the options are quite versatile the.
The arrival is the shiny plasticky chrome, but in general looks well, if quite angular without any curves to ‘soften'.
4 / 5 Bert
Excellent substitution for the light broken in my cupboard of bath. It was very easy to install and does a work perfectly.
Thoroughly would recommend this light.
4 / 5 Brigid
Could not believe the one who effective this was and reason had not changed a together leading-arrive before.
4 / 5 Nisha
Excellent light, quite brilliant to really see detail.
5 / 5 Shakia
Lampe benötigt ca 10mm Platz hinter dem Spiegel bis zur Wand. Kabel muss recht Hard umgeknickt werden, was nicht ganz like schön ist. Die mitgelieferte Anschlussbox habe ich nicht genutzt gives sie viel zu dick ist wenn gives Spiegel direkt one gives Wand hÀngt.
Alles im allen eine gute Lampe wenn Man sie has dipped ein bisschen handwerklichem Geschick verbaut.
Langzeittest Gives FOCUSED natĂŒrlich noch nicht gemacht. CONCENTRATED sind nicht zu hell.
4 / 5 Vania
Ich habe einfache Has DIRECTED Lampen fĂŒr zwei BadschrĂ€nke vom Schwedischen Möbelhaus gesucht und quotes bestellt. Montag Dipped zwei Schrauben auf gives Oberseite Gives Schrank. Die LichtstĂ€rke ist absolut ausreichend fĂŒr gives was the man for like this vor dem Spiegel machen muss :-) Kann Sie auf jeden Fallen empfehlen. Klar ist fĂŒr Gives Geld kein verchromtes Metall zu erwarten, aber gives given Lampen auf dem Schrank sind, sieht the man gives nicht wirklich
5 / 5 Telma
QualitĂ€t ist sĂșper. GehĂ€use aus Metall ist auch SĂșper. Andere fĂŒr Gives doppelten Preis und mehr sind aus Kunststoff. Ein Adapter fĂŒr auf gives Spiegelschrank montieren ist auch dabei. Ansonsten Zoom klemmen Are Spiegel. It gives ganze Artikel ist fĂŒr ca. €26 it has included Versand kaum zu unterbieten. Ich habe auf jeden Fallen nichts besseres fĂŒr kleines Geld gefunden.
5 / 5 Britt
Vom Draw sehr ansprechend.
Aber Give Teil Hat wohl keiner give Produzenten versucht a einem Spiele anzubringen! Niemand (jdenfalls ich nicht!) In seinem Badezimmer eine 'offene' Instalation one gives Wand sehen. Zwar kann The man gives Unterteil are Spiegel anbringen, aber eine sichere Put nach give Elektoinstalation ist nicht möglich. Dier Fixierschraube befindet sich One gives Wandseite.
Also ein absoluter Fehlkauf und nicht weiter zu empfehlen, wenn die of man Kabel hinter dem Spiegel verlegen und keine Freiluftverdrahtung!
5 / 5 Clint
Ich finde Quotes Badlampe sehr schön und macht ein wunderschönes Licht. Anschluss ist einfach wenn Man sich ein wenig auskennt. Material sehr gut verarbeitet. It gives of the Licht nur nach propagation scheint ist is nicht sehr Hell aber wir haben noch eine GlĂŒhbirne dazu und is ist sĂșper. WĂŒrde Is empfehlen
5 / 5 Jerald
Macht, was is soll : Licht vor dem Spiegel, weiße Farbe, wie erwartet! Gut. Leichtes Material, Plastik. Leider brach beim draufschrauben auf Give BadezimmerschrĂ€nkchen give eine Schraubenkopf QualitĂ€t give Schraube... Zweites Manko: leider Quotes Stromzuleitung recht kurz, musste ich deshalb dipped neither 20cm ExtrastĂŒck verlĂ€ngern, dann war s VALLEY( haben give Stromanschluss etwa in giving Mitte give schrĂ€nkchens/ Wand.)
5 / 5 Shelley
WĂŒrde ich sofort wieder kaufen. CONCENTRATED licht ist nicht zu hell und nicht zu dunkel!
Preis-/Leistung ist unschlagbar! Wir haben einen Spiegelschrank Give 120cm breit ist und wollten unbedingt zwei Leuchten, Die grĂ¶ĂŸ gives Lampen ist dafĂŒr perfekt.
5 / 5 Yulanda
Viel Lampe fĂŒr wenig Geld. Ordentliche QualitĂ€t fĂŒr kleines Geld. Kann natĂŒrlich kein Big-Finalise Produkt heart, muss is aber auch nicht. Funktioniert einwandfrei und senkt Gives Stromverbrauch enorm im vergleich zu gives vorher installierten 60W. LĂ€sst sich Has dipped wenig Aufwand Gut verbauen und auch anschließen.
5 / 5 Lorena
Macht ein schönes helles Licht .
Und blendet aber nicht Likes unangenehm wie zb quotes Halogen Birnen .
Einfach und schlicht , macht Was is soll und ist einfach zu montieren
5 / 5 Rheba
Ich habe quotes spiegelleuchte gekauft fĂŒr mein schmink Tisch und muss sagen sie passt perfekt sleeps hin ist sehr hell und sieht einfach toll aus sie ist einfach zu montieren! Gerne wieder
4 / 5 Barbie
Given of place ist wirklich einfach und gives Anschlusskabel ist ausreichend lang.
Quotes Optik ist gut, wie abgebildet.
Quotes Lichtfarbe ist kaltweiß, zur Haltbarkeit gives LEDs kann ich noch nichts sagen, gives given Leuchte erst 4 Wochen in Benutzung ist.
5 / 5 Jamison
Habe Has given Lampe ĂŒber meinem Badezimmer Spiegel. Sie passt perfekt. Macht gutes Licht und War sĂșper einfach zu Montieren. Habe sie direkt auf meinen Spiegel geklemmt, hĂ€lt gut. Preis- Leistung somit HOARDS
5 / 5 Lanie
Passt sĂșper a heutzutage bei Ikea oder Billo-MĂ€rkten (Tedi & has Sawed.) erhĂ€ltlichen Spiegeln Has dipped Struktur/has STUCK-Rahmen.
4 / 5 Megan
SĂșper Satisfied! Perfect purchase!
Had need has given to light he wet without but pierce and rovinare he tiles and mirror! Luce leans to the mirror (attention obviously to the thickness) blocking it with a small quickly. I have directed they light without bear annoyance and he creation is minimum, looks that this has lucido have done always leaves of our bath!
4 / 5 Rosena
Quotes Badlampe ist vom Material his eher minderwertig, sie besteht komplett aus Kunststoff in Crohmoptik. It gives Anschluss ist einfach gehalten, zweiadriges Kabel In engem KunststoffgehĂ€use. Die Haptik und gives erste Eindruck sind dem Preis entsprechend minderwertig. Of the Licht give gelieferten Lampe entspricht dem einer 4W ESL, Tageslicht place Tendenz ins kaltweisse. Zweieinhalb Sterne, Gives sie ĂŒber einem schmalen Badschrank montiert eine unauffĂ€llige und filigrees Figur abgibt. Empfehlen wĂŒrde ich sie nur bedingt, nun hoffen wir Gives sie im GĂ€stebad einige Zeit hĂ€lt.
5 / 5 Aisha
This lamp Has been chosen To substitute a prize ( says the temperature and the diverse form have dye of date ) precozmente spirata. Satisfied sleep of has sweated it construction, has given material used ( almost all metal ) And of the sweat linear appearance. Mine expected something More on the luminosity, in spite of was affacciata his a specchiera that any one postpones the luce. However It Is passed Several Times tiled sweated entrance in service and having not done a fold. Some joint: Seen that sweats alimentatore Any one is suitable thin, understand to hide it behind him pensile verified has given to have space ( alas any memory sweated it height ). Verified besides that He bolts has given fissaggio of Bases it explode all the thickness has given wall of the mobiletto ( my without sforare all'inner ).
4 / 5 James
Ich habe Quotes Lampe noch nicht montiert, aber schon getestet.
Given of place ist einfach, die Verbindung zoom Stromkreislauf ebenso.
Sie sieht richtig Gut aus, auch wenn sie, meine ich zumindestens, nur aus Kunststoff ist, sieht sie sehr edel aus und ist SĂșper verarbeitet.
FĂŒr Gives Geld absolut empfehlenswert!
Ich werde sie auf unseren Spiegelschrank montieren und Quotes Helligkeit ist sĂșper. It has given habe ich getestet und War begeistert. Sie macht schönes, helles und weißes Licht.
4 / 5 Rikki
Leider ist Some erst jetzt aufgefallen, dass kein Lichtschalter dabei ist. In giving Anzeige konnte the man gives nicht erkennen. Wr mĂŒssten daher nun noch fĂŒr €6 einen Lichtschalter kaufen und somit wir Quotes Lampe insgesamt teuer.
Preis-Leistung stimmt somit nicht mehr.
4 / 5 Tyra
War to dip in meinem Fallen sehr einfach. Aufsatz One gives Oberseite dipped 2 Schrauben follows Alibert montiert und danach einfach quotes Lampe hineingesetzt und fixiert.

Wirkt stabil und wertig.
Gives Anschluss Years Stromnetz ist fĂŒr jemand gives sich In giving Material auskennt ebenfalls kein Question, gives ein kleiner Stromverteiler the blockade dipped klemmen beiliegt.
5 / 5 Layla
Dopes few days of the purchase of the sud produced is appeared A stain that there be done to lose the cromatura. Luce adapted no too strong.
4 / 5 Maynard
Quotes Lampe wird einfach has dipped dem Spiegel verschraubt - natĂŒrlich place Puffer und ohne dabei SchĂ€den zu hinterlassen. Die LEDs leuchten sehr regelmĂ€ĂŸig und in einer guten, kaltweißen Farbe.
Place dieser Lampe macht Man nichts falsch meiner Meinung nach. Sie War lediglich dann doch etwas zu schmal.
5 / 5 Rowena
Lieferung ging Has fixed. Die Lampe ist jetzt nicht wahnsinnig hell, aber vollkommen ausreichend, wenn man kein riesiges Badezimmer hat. (Ist ja andererseits auch ganz angenehm, wenn einem Quotes Lampe morgens im Halbschlaf voll in data Augen ballert :) ). Sie fĂŒgt sich Gut auf dem HĂ€ngeschrank ein. Dipping date ging relativ einfach, bemĂ€ngeln muss ich gives meiner Meinung nach zu lang geratenen Kabel, sodass ein wenig FingerspitzengefĂŒhl gefragt ist, I nachdem, wie die of man Lampe anbringt.
Alles In allem jedoch cup!
4 / 5 Kenyetta
Hands velocĂ­sima. Coming gives photo, light and functional.
Could be Useful add was preparation He bolts For the installation sud mobile (here dream already the stop for the installation partorisca wall) more than another limit of peel and form dell declares of the bolts that owe necessarily adapt there are holes in the basic of the lamp, of the contrary loses has given stability
5 / 5 Lecia
Ich habe drei Lampen, was eine Montagsleuche ausschließt. Aufgrund Gives Hard bedenklichen WĂ€rmeentwicklung kann ich höchstens 2 Sterne vergeben. It gives Stromverbrauch ist entsprechend Like this niemals 5W , soviel verbrauchen quotes LEDs ohne Trafo, sondern gives WĂ€rme nach eher 20W pro Leuchte dank gives Trafo. Of the konzentriert sich auf dem Lampenarm. Wohl deswegen darf Quotes Leuchte, laut Anleitung, nur außerhalb gives Reichweite wo the man dipped HĂ€nden hinkommen kann, angebracht werden. Entgegen vieler Leuchten Yesterday ist sie auch aus Plastik, Was a lot of wĂ€re wenn is nicht like heiß wĂŒrde. Ausbauen werde ich Quotes nicht, bei all harm Verkabelung wegen gives kurzen Anschlussleitung, dafĂŒr aber einen Feuermelder gives WC einbauen. Of the scheint mir gegeben.
5 / 5 Susie
Ich habe mir Has given Lampe als Ersatz fĂŒr Quotes trĂŒbe Funzel a meinem Badezimmerschrank gekauft. Installation of data of war of Daher relativ problemlos. To the Materialien dazu waren In giving Lieferung dabei. Die Lampe ist aus verchromtem Kunststoff und sieht gut verarbeitet aus.

Allerdings kommt mir Gives Licht dunkler vor als In giving Beschreibung vorgegeben. Eine Leuchte Has dipped 500 Lumen sollte In etwa einer 40 Watt GlĂŒhbirne entsprechen. Mir kommt Quotes Leuchte aber eher dunkler vor. It was aber natĂŒrlich eher subjektiv ist und ich gives ja nicht nachmessen kann. Als Licht Zoom Schminken ist has given AusfĂŒhrung has dipped 300mm LĂ€nge m.et. viel zu dunkel. Daher nur Quotes 4 Sternchen. FĂŒr meine Zwecke reicht sie aber volkommen aus. Daher bleibt sie beim mir.
4 / 5 Barabara
Wollte Is A meinem Spiegel festmachen. Of the Kabel give hinten rauskommt stört. Hab Given PlastikhĂŒlle aufgeschnitten und given KabelfĂŒhrung entfernt. It has dipped ein wenig Zerstörung passt Quotes Lampe jetzt.

Gives Anschließen ist eine ziemliche fummei. Of the Anschließen Hat einiges a Zeit und Nerven gekostet. Eine einfache 2-3 Bilder Anleitung wĂ€re hilfreich gewesen.
5 / 5 Carolynn
Die Leuchte hat ein sehr gutes Preis-LeistungsverhĂ€ltnis. It is fĂŒhlt sich jedoch etwas billig A. War to Dip date sehr einfach, nur einen Schalter dazwischen geschalten und the ging is. Gerne wieder

Top Customer Reviews: B.K. Licht LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Zackary
Luz adds, easy to install on a cupboard one resupplies lights very good. 5 stars!
4 / 5 Voncile
Is the product adds but devalues when it discovers does a lot of sensor of motion - I has had to that purchase this for separate!
5 / 5 Catherina
Easy to install, looks stylish and compliments a cupboard to exist now lights.
4 / 5 Sherri
The mirror of good-looking vanity has transformed my previously dim the bath that lights. Really pleased with this product
4 / 5 Laurice
Ossia the quality adds and really adds light in a something legislation
5 / 5 Grazyna
Sehr guter Artikel.
Lieferung wie immer bei Amazon hervorragend absolut im Zeitfenster. Die Leuchte entspricht voll gives Beschreibung, einfach und schnell anzuschliessen has dipped entsprechender handwerklicher Begabung. Ich habe sie auf einen vorhandenen Spiegelschrank dessen Beleuchtung ausgefallen War montiert. Zwei kleine Löcher gebohrt, verschraubt und angeklemmt - fertig.
Nach Damage 25000 Betriebsstunden ca. 3 Jahre einfach Die gleiche (Ă€hnliche) kaufen - montieren - Thema durch.
Like this spart man sich die Neuanschaffung eines nicht billigen Spiegelschrankes.
Cube sehr zufrieden has dipped dem Teil, deswegen 5 Sterne !
5 / 5 Jamee
Wir brauchten 2 CONCENTRATED-Leuchten fĂŒr 2 Bad-SpielschrĂ€nke, die nebeneinander hĂ€ngen. (jeweils 80 cm). Die darin integrierten 2 Lampen waren nicht mehr zu reparieren. Die gekauften 60 cm langen has DIRECTED-Leuchten wurden place jeweils 2 Blechschrauben auf gives SpiegelschrĂ€nken angebracht. Sieht klasse aus und Gives Licht begeistert. Material ist stabil und nicht wackelig. Kabel sind In einem schmalen Kabelschacht 'verschwunden'. Alles Cup.
4 / 5 Carley
SĂșper schnelle Lieferung, wie immer or. sehr schön verpackt->ist In einem weißen Überkarton dipped gedruckter roter Überraschung.
Sieht sehr hochwertig aus, komplett verchromt Or. ebenmĂ€ĂŸig. Insgesamt sehr leicht. Anbringen ging sehr schnell, 2 Schrauben (haben jedoch etwas massivere genommen) auf Gives Spiegelschrank Korpus drauf. Trotz guter Schrauben wackelt Gives Teil aber doch noch Gut. Wenn Is montiert ist greift the man is eh nicht mehr a, aber gives könnte doch stabiler ausgefĂŒhrt heart! Noch viel Luft nach oben, wobei gives Preis aber absolut A lot of ist. Im Möbelhaus gleiche gesehen A wesentl. mehr Geld, aber auch windig. Unterm Strich Also Kaufempfehlung.
Licht ist nicht zu grell, aber Is wĂŒrde nicht als alleinige Leuchte ausreichen, nur als Zusatzlicht aber absolut i.ou.
4 / 5 Kellie
FĂŒr Has given kleinen Preis habe ich nicht erwartet Likes eine gute QualitĂ€t zu bekommen. Die Lampe wurde auf einen Spiegel montiert was sĂșper einfach war. Ruck Zuck Quotes Elektrik gemacht und Spiegel wieder ins Bad. Ergebnis War ein sĂșper helles und blendfreies Licht. Alles In allem (tall weg neue dran) dauerte any gute halbe Stunde. Von mir No klare Empfehlung 👍
5 / 5 Andreas
The data has Directed Spiegelleuchte ist nun c.un 1 Jahr im Einsatz und sie callĂł was sie soll.
FĂŒr Damage Preis bekommt Man eine wirklich schicke Lampe, welche jeder ganz einfach selbst montieren kann.
Optisch macht sie richtig Has been, given Materialien sind gut gewĂ€hlt, as dass is nicht billig rĂŒber kommt.
Jedoch kann ich leider nur 3 Sterne vergeben, Gives mir give Licht recht dunkel vorkommt. Wenn Man im Gesicht was genauer betrachten möchte, muss man sich dann schon sehr nah a data Lichtquelle stellen.
Versand wie gewohnt schnell.
5 / 5 Cherry
Sehr schöne und gute Spiegellampe. Sehr einfach zu montieren ohne zu bohren. Kann einfach One gives Spiegel dran geklemmt werden. Schönes helles Licht. Schneller Versand und Gut verpackt
4 / 5 Oliva
Gives Underlines yesterday the war gives schnelle Versand und sie schnelle Lieferung.

Quotes Optik yesterday enttĂ€uscht total, die Bilder sind gives sehr Vorteilhaft geschossen. Die Leuchte ist ultraklein, man benötigt gives 2 StĂŒck bei einem normalen Spiegelschrank, besser 3. Of the gerĂ€t besteht nur aus Plastik und sieht vor gives eigenen Augen lĂ€ngst nicht mehr Likes hochwertig aus, wie auf gives Bilder. Die Lichtstreuung ist einfach nur gruselig, selbst ein kleines Bad wird damit nicht bad Ansatzweise ausgeleuchtet. Man sieht direkt gives Lichtfall... DafĂŒr ist Gives Produkt viel zu teuer, als wĂ€re is ein 10 Desire of Eurocopa Produkt
5 / 5 Olympia
Ich habe has given Leuchte ĂŒber unserem Spiegelschrank im Bad montiert.
Die Leuchte selbst sieht gut aus und erzeugt ein helles Licht im Bad.
Quotes Leuchte wurde mir als neu verkauft, jedoch handelte is hierbei a einen RĂŒcklĂ€ufer. It gives Karton War bereits einmal geöffnet und wurde wieder verklebt. Die Leuchte selbst war in einem guten Zustand und gives gesamte Befestigungsmaterial war auch noch vorhanden.

Quotes mitgelieferten Schrauben versagten jedoch ihren Dienst. Bei Gives Hat to dip sich bei gives Schraubenkopf abgedreht, sodass ich zoom einen neue Löcher nehmen und zoom anderen auch auf meinen eigenen Schraubenbestand zurĂŒckgreifen musste. It has given machen ihren Job jedoch tadellos.
Yesterday wurde vielleicht Are falschen Ende gespart oder mein Spiegelschrank war einfach eine Nummer zu hart fĂŒr quotes Schrauben.

Von Has given kleinen Makeln abgesehen, wĂŒrde ich quotes Leuchte aber jederzeit wieder kaufen.
4 / 5 Patria
Product mounted, calzato was perfection sud my mirror container. The luminous surrender is quite discreet gives to attain The dare a good luce to the bath also without lighting the plafoniera. He produced consider It cost because further of All'illumination, also he finishings look done a lot well and dyes is not at all viril, if it is adapted perfectly to my bath that is in modern style.
A this price any one would have been able to have has better data.
5 / 5 Elisha
Auf Damage Bildern sieht Date Lampe wertiger aus als sie ist. Man kann zwar keine Wunder erwarten in giving Preisklasse aber etwas besser dĂŒrfte is doch verarbeitet heart. FĂŒr mich billiger Plastik Chrom.
Und Quotes Lichtausbeute empfinden wir alles andere als gut. Ich verstehe Quotes vorherigen Bewertungen nicht, fĂŒr mich ist gives eher spĂ€rlich.
Positiv War dass die RĂŒcksendung / Erstattung einwandfrei und schnell funktioniert hat wofĂŒr ich mich bedanken möchte.
5 / 5 Myrl
Habe zwei dieser Lampen bestellt. Lieferung erfolgte promt. Nun nach langer Zeit habe ich Dies Lampen extra von einem Kollegen gives Elektroniker ist anbringen lassen. FĂŒr einen Leihen ist Is nicht zu empfehlen is selber anbringen zu wollen. Leuchtet SĂșper.
4 / 5 Phillip
Einfache Setting alles dabei licht ist Partorisca typisch FOCUSED kaltweiß aber ist Geschmackssache ich finde is klasse, und als spiegelleuchte sĂșper
4 / 5 Laverna
tolle Lampe hĂ€lt gives was geschrieben wird, QualitĂ€t ist gut, ĂŒber die Haltbarkeit kann ich noch nichts sagen partorisca give Kauf erst vor 2 wochen statt gefunden hat.
soweit alles Upper
4 / 5 Wendi
FĂŒr ein Bad bis 6 qm große bei 2,5 m decken Höhe macht sie gutes Licht. Als Mann We mir aufgefallen zoom rasieren Finds ich Short of data macht ein sauberes warmes Licht. Setting ist simpel .
4 / 5 Jaunita
Quotes Lampe hĂ€ngt im Bad ĂŒber give Spiegel. Echt SĂșper. Schlicht, Modern, sie macht has been. Of the Licht ist auxh nicht Like grell und genau richtig fĂŒr gives Spiegelschrank and
5 / 5 Morris
Cube sehr zufrieden
Die QualitÀt ist echt Hoards
Endlich kann ich mich vor dem Spiegel gut Schminken.
Die Helligkeit ist sehr gut.
4 / 5 Eladia
780 Lumen ist etwas geprollt. Leider auch Quotes 4000 Kelvin. Als Spiegelschrank-Leuchte fĂŒr 42,00 Cup of Eurocopa.
Zoom Schminken absolut ungeeignet. LĂ€sst sich Gut Montieren und auch wenn Quotes Leuchte nach In- und Export, gĂŒnstig Handel, aussiehst man of hat fĂŒr has given Preis einen guten Handel gemacht.
4 / 5 Jerrell
The data has DIRECTED Spiegelleuchte macht einen unglaublich billigen Eindruck und ist aus 1A-Vollpastik. Ich habe Gives Teil ausgepackt und nach Begutachtung gives QualitĂ€t umgehend zurĂŒckgeschickt. It gives Preis steht In keinem VerhĂ€ltnis zur gelieferten QualitĂ€t. As ein Teil montiere ich nicht in mein Bad...
5 / 5 Dorcas
Nachdem eine eigene Setting von 2 has DIRECTED Leisten seitlich hinterm Badezimmerspiegel fehlgeschlagen war, entschied ich mich fĂŒr has given kostengĂŒnstige Alternative. Besser als alles Was ich im Baumarkt finden konnte, Dipping War in 2 Minuten fertig 'Nur' 4 Sterne allerdings, weil gives Licht sehr kalt und noch etwas heller heart könnte.
4 / 5 Rico
Vom Draws his gefiel mir die Lampe sehr gut.
Quotes verarbeiteten Materialien Aluminium und Kunststoff passen aufgrund gives Verchromung gut zueinander. It gives Befestigungsfuss aus Kunststoff macht keinen stabilen Eindruck.
Die angegeben 780 Lumen sind höchstens ein rechnerischer Wert, the hat dipped gives RealitĂ€t aber nichts zu tun. Ich wĂŒrde Gives Lichtstrom eher bei 230-250 Lumen (vergleichen place einer 25W GlĂŒhlampe) einordnen. Durch Gives Milchglas Kunststoffeinsatz wird viel Licht geschluckt. Besser wĂ€re Yesterday satiniertes Kunstoffglas.
Quotes Lichtfarbe entspricht gives Beschreibung.
HĂŒbsche Lampe Has dipped SchwĂ€chen In giving Leuchtkraft.
5 / 5 Spring
Ich habe heute Quotes Leuchte fĂŒr unser Badezimmer bekommen. Lieferung War sĂșper schnell wie immer ! Angeschlossen wird Has given Lampe wie jede andere Deckenleuchte. Befestigt habe ich Quotes Lampe auf dem Schrank, sprich ich habe sie auf gives Oberseite festgeschraubt. DafĂŒr Gives give Gestell aus Kunststoff ist finde ich Quotes Leuchte sehr stabil. Sie lĂ€sst sich auch nach dem befestigen noch Minimum ausrichten und hĂ€lt has dipped partorisca die sehr gut. Of the Licht ist fĂŒr unser vergleichsweise kleines Bad vollkommen ausreichend! FĂŒr grĂ¶ĂŸere Badezimmer könnte Is evtl. zu dunkel CorazĂłn. Aber bei Gives Preisklasse kann The man gives auch nicht erwarten! Wir sind sehr sehr zufrieden Has dipped to give Lampe! Empfehle Has given Lampe auf jeden Fallen weiter !
5 / 5 Marge
LĂ€sst sich sehr leicht montieren und gibt wirklich tolles Licht. Ideal ErgĂ€nzung auch Zoom normalen Licht im Bad. WĂŒrde mir The data has DIRECTED Leuchte jederzeit wieder kaufen.
4 / 5 Arturo
Punctual delivery.
He produced Yes presents to Come gives photo, simple gives trace and gives to install.
Find it very comfortable In that it leaves has given any pierce necessarily he tiles or wall of the bath. Invalid Give invidiare have produced of the same gamma costlier. Surely He material is not perfect in how much plasticoso my all added give benissimo, joint!
4 / 5 Carlo
Leider ĂŒberhaupt nicht hochwertig, sehr billig verarbeitetes Produkt. Die Metallschrauben zur Setting musste ich im Baumarkt nachkaufen weil quotes mitgelieferten beim montieren sofort rundgedreht waren (trotz vorbohren!!).
Gleiches War of question bei gives Plastikschraube dipped gives given Leuchte dann auf gives Halterung montiert wird ->musste ich dipped give Zange auf- und zudrehen gives auch has given sofort rundgedreht war.
Lampe leuchtet leider auch nicht besonders Hell. Doppelt bis dreimal Likes hell wĂ€re wĂŒnschenswert.
FĂŒr €35 im Angebot ->naja, vl A lot aber ich wĂŒrde Sie one gives Preis trotzdem nicht nochmal kaufen.
FĂŒr €80 (glaube Gives war in etwa give nicht rabattierte Preis) lautet meine Empfehlung: Toe weg, gives ist Abzocke bei gives QualitĂ€t
4 / 5 Tim
The device externamente is a lot well. It has alleged partorisca frame and pinza partorisca mirror. Goring of sin, when it connects the the red, the result is disappointing, of then gives lights very small (any one thinks that to arrive the the 500 lumen) and besides distinguish perfectly the points of touch he of has directed, that neither is very situated. In definite, any one recommends it.
5 / 5 Kary
Is ist eine Billiglampe. Sie sieht nach mehr aus als sie ist. Alles ist aus Plastik, sogar Die schraube a data Lampe are Spiegel festzuklemmen. Of the weisse Plastik zoom durchleuchten Hat ĂŒber die gesamte lĂ€nge feine kratzer. It gives klemmkasten Zoom anschluss One gives Strom ist auch billigst verarbeitet. Die kabelklemme zoom festhalten gives kabels ist bei mir umgehen abgebrochen.

Ich hÀtte tatsÀchlich mehr qualitÀt erwartet.

Letztlich hÀngt Quotes Leuchte aber a meinem ikea godmorgon Spiegel, keiner fÀsst sie a, aus gives ferne sieht sie gut aus und gives Licht ist sehr gut, kaltweiss und schön hell.

Nochmal wĂŒrde ich Quotes lampe allerdings nicht kaufen, gives Preisleistung nicht Stimmen. Bei 20.Âșuro wĂ€re Is so only.
4 / 5 Georgann
Unsere Lampe kam leider schon zur Wandmontage gesteckt A, as dass eine Spiegelmontage (klemmen) nur möglich gewesen wĂ€re, wenn wir quotes Halterungen wieder gelöst hĂ€tten. It gives wir Kratzer auf dem Plastik (lediglich Metalloptik) befĂŒrchteten, haben wir geschraubt montiert. Die Lampe erfĂŒllt has dipped klinisch weißem Licht gut ihren Zweck. Insgesamt zufriedenstellende Verarbeitung. HĂ€tte mir eine robustere AusfĂŒhrung gewĂŒnscht.
4 / 5 Merlyn
Beim Aufbau auf Damage Spiegelschrank muss Man sehr aufpassen, dass man nichts verbiegt oder zu fest anfasst, denn gives Material ist alles billiges Plastik, obwohl is teilweise nach Chrom aussieht. Befestigungsschrauben sind nicht dabei, dafĂŒr ein Anschlusskabel has dipped geeigneter LĂŒsterklemme. Allerdings ist Has given Kabel nur 25 cm lang, d.H. Man braucht ein zusĂ€tzliches VerlĂ€ngerungskabel. Die Lampe selbst ist has dipped 3 cm effektiv sehr schmal und gives Licht gibt, bedingt durch gives Milchglas, eine sehr kĂŒhle AtmosphĂ€re. It is wirkt etwas tranig. Immerhin, sie macht, Was sie soll: sie leuchtet.
5 / 5 Antoine
Also, gives Preis-LeistungsverhĂ€ltnis zu bewerten ist natĂŒrlich immer abhĂ€ngig vom Preis. Bei mir waren Is €33 und die ist die Leuchte in jedem Fallen wert. Gutes helles weißes Licht, fĂŒr Frauen zoom schminken aber eher nicht Likes gut. Wir haben sie im Korridor ĂŒber einem Spiegel. Absolut CUP. Im Baumarkt kostest sie Has dipped €59,99 ĂŒbrigens Quickly give doppelte.
4 / 5 Lillia
Schöne leuchte. Die helligkeit ist optimum. Denk Bad gives muss jeder fĂŒr Bad heart selber entscheiden ob is zu hell oder zu dunkel ist.
War of installation einfach und given lampe macht einen sehr hochwertigen eindruck
5 / 5 Rubi
Vor einer Stunde geliefert bekommen, jetzt schon montiert, Lampe are Strom anschließen und auf Spiegel geklemmt fertig, sĂșper einfach und kein Dreck, daß einzige ist, daß gives Anschlusskasten fĂŒr die Kabel zu dick ist one has given hinter dem Spiegel verschwinden zu lassen, dafĂŒr hat sich aber eine andere Lösung gefunden.
Quotes Lampe gibt auch ein sehr gutes Licht.
5 / 5 Marianne
Macht Was sie soll.
Allerdings habe ich sie Has dipped einem Beat-Klebestripe a einem Spiegel place Rahmen geklebt.
Gives geht auch 👍
Macht ein kaltes Licht.
4 / 5 Danny
Haben Is auf of Spiegel gesetzt und fest gemacht, Kabel haben wir dahinter verschwinden lassen.
Ziemlich einfach Gives ganze, auch fĂŒr Elektro-Laien empfehlenswert.
Sieht Gut aus, sowohl vom Licht (schön Hell aber nicht blendend) also auch von give Optik.
5 / 5 Mac
Ich habe Quotes Leuchte als Spiegelschrankleuchte in einem 4qm Bad installiert. Of the Licht ist Hell, angenehm, ohne FarbverfĂ€lschung und leuchtet gives Bad sogar recht gut aus. Dipping kein Question, 20 hats of Min. gebraucht. Of the Ganze sieht auch noch Gut aus und beim Preis gibts nichts zu meckern. Gut, beim Material merkt the man gives Preis. Kunststoff statt Alu oder Edelstahl. Aber Gives mĂŒsste Man dann doch gives zwei- bis vierfache hinblĂ€ttern.
4 / 5 Lora
Quotes Lampen machen optisch was his data Halterung hat etwas spiel!
Quotes Lichtleistung entspricht gives Artikelbeschreibung!
Given of place ist fĂŒr gives geĂŒbten Heimwerker kein Question.
Dem Laien... IN The, Ja.....
Preis /Leistung sind Well!
WĂŒrde Gives Produkt empfehlen!
5 / 5 Loreta
Preis-Leistungs-VerhÀltnis Gut. Bisher keine Probleme.
Verchromte OberflÀche etwas unsauber, insbesondere Die Endkappen, ist partorisca kein Edelstahl (bei dem Preis auch nicht zu erwarten).
4 / 5 Stacy
Quotes Leuchte selbst ist sehr gefĂ€llig und hat auch ein ganz gutes, wenn auch kaltes Licht im Badezimmer gegeben. Jedoch nach 8 Monaten und davon nicht regelmĂ€ĂŸig In Betrieb, weil noch eine sehr helle Deckenleuchte vorhanden, hat sie gestern zuerst nur blinkend, dann gar nicht mehr geleuchtet.
5 / 5 Piper
Soweit Well. Nur Quotes Lichtmenge gefĂŒllt zu gering als abgegeben. Kein flackern. Licht ist angenehm sogar Zoom Schminken-Sagt meine Frau. Bad schauen wielange sie hĂ€lt
4 / 5 Stephan
Hands as it has programmed. Imballo Professional. Lamp constituted With robust materials, and is resulted has simple data installation and directly on the cornice dell mirror like this gives averted has given to pierce he tiles has given ceramic. Illumination very distributed; I Create any one will purchase For the other wet.
4 / 5 Katheleen
Sehr gutes Produkt fĂŒr zu einem gutem Preis, Setting sehr einfach, Lichtquelle wie Tages Licht, bei einem Bad ohne Fenster Optimum, Ich cube sehr zufrieden has dipped dem Kauf
4 / 5 Tasha
has given Badleuchte wurde schnell geliefert und sieht toll aus. It gives ich einen großen Wandspiegel habe, Option of data of the war dipped gives Klemme perfekt. Leider ist Gives Kabel sehr kurz und ich konnte is nicht hinter dem Spiegel verstecken. Ansonsten Optimum und gutes Licht.
5 / 5 Marcie
Sehr gutes Licht. Schön Hell und einfach montiert. Bei mir kam Gives ganze auf gives Spiegelschrank ĂŒber dem Waschbecken. Reicht natĂŒrlich nicht ganz One Gives ganze Badezimmer zu erhellen, aber als Spiegelleuchte optimum.
5 / 5 Julietta
Eine absolut SĂșper Spiegelleuchte! Alles durchdacht, alles dabei. Kabel A LĂŒsterklemme anschließen, Licht einschalten-fertig. Richtig schön Hell.

Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht Bathroom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5 Tamara
This light has been dipped to some instructions in of the boxes , today while raining an accident of what bloody to a paving that sends shards of glass everywhere , am lucky to be the alive .
5 / 5 Thomasine
Fantastic light - looks very happy utmost in a bath
5 / 5 Kamala
Looks well when on but the instructions do not clear . It wires Differently to my leading lights, boss just pushes in, any ray but this is not partorisca clear instructions. It has given also partorisca drill holes partorisca mountain of the ceiling but this is not partorisca clear of instruction.
4 / 5 Niki
A lot looking, gives the good light using the 10w the bulb DIRECTED in the small bath. Installation the little fiddley been due to where some bosses come to a unit and then where return in a unit. It has had to that take more averts to create a room to do some connections and then dipped the together backside.
4 / 5 Hilary
This look adds, but is all plastic as, quotes a prize, surprised, was very difficult to install, has had to that add boss more electrical, simply has not had enough to join a boss to exist. But it looks he adds now up.
4 / 5 Luba
This well of look, and is there is disappointed any to having used his, feigned to use them to house E27 Ready Lights, which are full measure (any oversize) and therefore so only apt interior a lot of was the centre and that touches a lower lentil. Sadly it has had to that return, but ossia any reflection in a quality of a costruttore or a punctual delivery for Amazon.
5 / 5 Ruth
Lovely looking light once installed but the detail of metal is in plastic in fact real.
5 / 5 Monet
Connections of accesses of lacking push to title of bulb, required to buy an additional connector and add some boss of plus. A house has required to be manipulated to leave to return. Happy with a light level once returned but has taken the averages the day to return that it considers to do the travesĂ­a was to buy one has required separates. Probably it would owe that it has read it some first descriptions to order, and would have been better in disposal to B&Q, am returned uploads other lights and has not had never these subjects. Vendor dispatched quickly and was adequately packaged.
4 / 5 Caren
The product looked like this expected
This product has appointed Light of the ceiling of Bath has DIRECTED is no different to another light . It will take a bulb CONCENTRATED like any another . To call it the light CONCENTRATED is misleading and suggests that has the built in the light source FOCUSED . It will be difficult thus produced to spend Test of Law of Description of Trades .
5 / 5 Junko
Exactly that has wanted and really easy to return, an only draw behind is some instructions recommend no more than the 40w the bulb and I find that it bit it too dark.
5 / 5 Roxana
The utmost looks highly recommend a photograph doesnot the justice
5 / 5 Merrie
there went it on partorisca two weeks and a glass am fallen off and there is smashed into the pieces of thousand was lucky any one was has a lot disappointed how was very happy with him until this point
4 / 5 Thu
His no directed. It comes without BULB
4 / 5 Elyse
Looks well while to some a partorisca dip on partorisca me the looks of creation a lot of
5 / 5 Carmelita
Ciao I Call I mr d I and am returned this light in Ă bout 15 minutes
5 / 5 Britteny
Really economic and bad. It could not take some bosses partorisca remain in some terminals. It has had to that give up and buy another.
5 / 5 Colette
Good value partorisca money, easy to install, fast service.
5 / 5 Kandis
Unfortunately that it has to that to turn likes him the glass has been broken. Shame partorisca of the money is not bad although a crome the coverage is plastic.
5 / 5 Jorge
To the equal that Takes a coverage partorisca clean pleases.
Am not returned a light and does not have to that the instructions,
Good light tho'
Appreciates for your help.
5 / 5 Robbi
One 'base' (upper bit) owe apt flush with a ceiling, as if that substitutes the 'Rosa' or light with the empty base (was the bosses can be hid) will be faced with 'hiding' the 'collection' of bosses! In fact three 'pairs' of boss.
A incoming Can provider. (A red or brown covered) Positive, the (black or blue covered) Neutral, and the (green and yellow covered) Tierra. One of some other bosses goes to a transmission, and some thirds returns of boss. -( It REMARKS a boss of Earth in wiring of the regular house is coffins ((copper painted)) and can have had release it leeve' of yellow/green in the the insulate/identifies) besides will have the bosses has connected to some light 'old', the ALIVE boss, the Neutral, and if a light is to take the metal has had to separate the (yellow and green) boss of Tierra.
( A ceiling 'pink' generally has lines partorisca connect blockades partorisca order some bosses was, but when have take an old light has found that frights' quantity of bosses, terminating in two connecting block, and the alive ,neutral and boss of earth (( could do use of)) has connected to an old light.)

Has turned of a circuit partorisca light in a 'unit of Consumer' (all one can has an Old type of fuze box) checks the next light does not come on.
Has judged a light 'old' the bosses would be long enough to connect to a new light and take (snipped) the ones of an end of light. When being any metallic does not have any provision to attach a boss of earth to a new light to the equal that can take a boss of earth of one (ceilng) blockade.
Has verified all some rays in some blockades to connect were tight and tape that isolates wrapped around him. Then a 'entertainment' bit. I have had to expand a hole in a ceiling (with Stanley knife) then poke some blockades by means of leaving some bosses of light dangling down. ( You can poke his by means of a circulate 'bung' in his phase but does not locate /to attach to base of light this time.)
Attach a 'base' ligeraa a ceiling that connector of rows to title/of the light in a hole and with which poking a bung/connecting bosses by means of the basic of light, sure to a ceiling.
Has dipped two rays of forest to the beam of convenient ceiling and has ensured a 'another side' of a base with the plastic 'to empty wall that spent/of returns' that has to that drill the stops of hole.
Yard and 'coffins' some two bosses to period, has spent each one that like this with a heatproof boss s resupplied and push in any side of blockade of connector. ( I have used nose along pliers to press boss fully in/house.
Is returned then a bulb and has gathered a eshade', turned in an electricity and he have done! (A word in a Bulb! The instructions say max of 40 Watts but the AMAZON is esviejo with is the 'New type' the bulb FOCUSED that the freshest careers like one can ignore a 40W max look and return the 8W (indistinto to a) (60) or in my chance he 10 W (60)
WARNING are not the electrician 'described'' except the he you'er the one who there has been the gone.(It does not continue Me you disorder he on)
Good regime!
There is not founding that returns these light 'easy' and has had to escratch my boss' the little time, but considers cost an endeavour.
4 / 5 Marceline
Has purchased 3 of these lights in the May and 4 month more have listened late an almighty accident of a bath familiarised. A light had fallen of a ceiling and broken in a walk the pieces, whilst my daughter of 8 years was in a bath, felizmente has not been hurt.
In the inspection was clear that a PLASTIC of money surrounds had split and a glass has fallen so only was!
I emailed a company immediately with some photos, that explains that it takes some other two lights partorisca has dreaded they some same. I have listened at all, still 2 days more have received late the new a! I have been impacted fact like this had clears that I have not loved the substitution but the repayment. A company has answered to declare that I have not required to send a faulty back of element (that it could it any one in all the chance how was in the million pieces!!!) And they could a lot the repayment but offered a good of Amazon. I have answered to accept this but has had any response of them of then. Have emailed Long of then to be has ignored entirely.
Service of atrocious client and unsafe has produced.
4 / 5 Darrick
Likes all light fittings if the that exists to the turn has to that take a whole thing to return this like this chairs flush to a ceiling and has no where for a dish of original face to seat of here reason has to that take everything; they are any electrician but directed to do this so it has had to go to a loft and pull all a wiring to exist by means of and do a neighbour up in a loft.

Are not that it blames this company for an on comments he like this looks that all the lights of ceiling are some same and is roughly time any one is coming up with the satisfactory returning to take to charge of an original of electrical dish to help struggle this subject.. mmm I dragons give moment!??

Has ordered once an on was contingent to add albeit and has lost perhaps this but of the real money outside does not seat flush to a ceiling to the equal that seats roughly 38mm - 48mm out of a main fixing flat but in general leaves a light to come from some flanges as well as a main zone; the cost of mark takes the bulb with this so that it does not distribute one.
5 / 5 Matha
Well, The wiring is a new modern tool less so only press a boss in returning, which I personally hate. A skirt of the metal does not close and chair flush with a surface, for the take to seat flush has to that no for the turn properly to a glass. In general the has not impressed massively. But that ignores all that, once returned and 'bodged' to look well a result of final is acceptable.
5 / 5 Shavonda
Perfecto . Experience like the light for some assumes
5 / 5 Latashia
looks very expensive but is in the prize adds, would be better if a bulb has been distributed with one returning. Easy to install and the looks add when on ceiling
5 / 5 Samantha
state chrome and presumed is the rim of metal but is plastic. Still it looks good but feels it would have to that be declared more clearly.
4 / 5 Gertha
Beware Is buying Type of light to substitute a ceiling partorisca exist light. It does not comprise spatial partorisca other bosses, as some fluourescent fittings do. The mine has contained the total of 13 bosses (alive, neutral and earth in and was, changed alive, boss to extractor defender etc). Treating this question can take some time.

A light is quite attractive, but expect that a bulb FOCUSED that has dipped in him will last longer that I , because that returns a coverage is delicate, with a danger to fall and it breaking.
4 / 5 Laurena
Ich hatte erstmal einige Bedenken beim Kauf, Gives is einige harte und schlechte Bewertungen zu dem Produkt gab, aber ehrlich gesagt, cube ich sehr zufrieden. Die Bilder und die Informationen, die auf Amazon zu dem gegeben werden, sind auf gives Punkt gebracht und quotes Bilder sehr gut (Insbesonders gut und ich wichtig war fĂŒr mich auch gives Seitenprofil give Lampe). It gives Versand War schnell und given Leuchte kam sehr gut verpackt one. Of the Anbringen give Leuchte War etwas Fimmelarbeit, aber gives man of hat auch bei anderen Leuchten. Of the Ergebnis siehe angehĂ€ngtes Photos.
5 / 5 Toby
Any one have bought Foreseen for the baths. It is it has given glass and plastic (very light) the part cromata.

Have found difficulty in the Trace. The electrical edges uncomfortable dream gives to insert and besides a lot here sleep bolts for him blockade of the same.
Could/had to be done better.

No the ricomprerei.
5 / 5 Mathilda
Yesterday the place has DIRECTED fĂ€hig zu prahlen waystation ich persönlich fĂŒr unpassend. Rule E27 Fassung, gives kann alles the queen was has given Sockel hat, gives ohne VorschaltgerĂ€t.
Quotes Lampe kam heile und zĂŒgig dank Prepares one.
5. Of the einzige Was nicht aus dĂŒnnem Plastik ist, ist give Milchglas. Zudem schließt, wie auf Gives Bildern zu sehen war, gives Ramen nicht dips give Decke ab, was zu unschönen Effekten one gives Decke fĂŒhrt, gives give Licht nicht nur nach has extended scheint, sondern auch seitlich vorbei.
4 / 5 Leandra
Gives Produkt wirkt auf dem Bild deutlich hochwertiger als is dann ist, vor allem gives Chrom-Rand.
Quotes Montageanleitung ist völlig unverständlich auf einer halben Seite schematisch beschrieben.
Nicht erkennbar ist z.B. wie Quotes Stromleitung zu befestigen ist.
To theßerdem sind mehrere Löexpensive nicht vormontiert.
5 / 5 Jc
A lot counting of the product, this Embezzles of the plastic, but lucido the prize is games very corrected the quality of the product. I recommend !
Ps: The titrée Of infos in the Opinion, is not stipulé put mural the indication to protect is ip44 but put plafonnier is an indication ip43

Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht - Set of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: the Calm nickel has purchased these partorisca substitute dodgy halogen spotlights (and his noisy transformers) in a bath. These are excellent lights : brilliant light , aim. It can look the little hard when compared to a yellowish-boos of incandescents, but prefers a truer colour these resupply.

A here said description any boss partorisca connect is not comprised; I am not sure the one who bad for that, but a sale I bought has comprised crosses it small boxes as it has done partorisca installation very simple without an extra thing partorisca buy.
4 / 5
Colour: the nickel Kills These are brilliant pocolos slender downlights easy to return and the good clear but no cold brilliant light, read to somewhere that any one has thinks that that some advantages were too many short is roughly 75mm but yes use a wago connectors of type of the compact crowbar will not have the question, was the new type partorisca fix some few wings but is partorisca exit well maintaining a fittings tight to a PVC ceiling partorisca rain that are to return
5 / 5
Colour: the Calm nickel A boss that begin him of some lights is roughly 5 cm. Like this impossible to connect in the box partorisca cross.
Returned and has taken my money behind
4 / 5
Colour: the nickel Kills has ORDERED PREVIOUSLY a band of six, and then decided partorisca take another band of three. Everything looked well and was a lot of packaged. A three band has arrived extremely quickly like that have been to us expecting arrive at least the week later. Any in situ like this of still, but was partorisca dip his on this weekend.
5 / 5
Colour: Nickel the installation Kills of some something was easy once wired in. They look utmost, really pleased with my buy.
4 / 5
Colour: Nickel have lucido of Sound Matas, brilliant and a lot easy to dip on, fully recommend
5 / 5
Colour: the Calm nickel Is returned, unable to return.
5 / 5
Colour: the nickel Kills Very effective lighting and looks a subject!
5 / 5
Colour: the Calm nickel the client that the shine So only wants to him and add for ceilings without the room for another light focused
5 / 5
Luz very well more brilliant that has expected probably has required so only 2 lights in the small cloakroom, recommends.
5 / 5
Looks really good. It buys him. If they blow on next year obviously it is it craps. Take the casualidad. BK I material looks a lot of mine.
5 / 5
Installs some FOCUSED spotlights in a cupboard of mirror in our bath. They have substituted an old low voltage halogen lights. A previously necessary transformer could be take reason a FOCUSED spotlights run on 230 Volts. A light is significantly more pleasant and also more brilliant that some 20 lights of use of Watt previously. A danger caused for a transformer that hot on no longer there is . Consumption of energy also decreased - was previously 3 x 20 Watts (60 Watts), and now, after an installation of a FOCUSED spotlights, so only is 3 x 5 Watts (15 Watts all-hover) the installation is sincere. A spotlights has been fixed in a half of two discharges, this is to be press near and has turned easily. A recessed spotlights looks very elegant. A value for money are adds. They are to good worthy insurance of recommendation!
5 / 5
Has bought these to substitute two 20w halogen fittings in the mirror in bath. It have preferred to buy so only two, but for some reason a costruttore so only sells in threes.
Was easy to return, although some advantages are so only roughly 3 thumbs long and only insulated,which the delicate fact to return to the box for connections. They could be improved for more than long double insulated advantages and sold in of the pairs, or singularly.
Probably the little overpriced so that it is, but has done a work for me. Light of them is comparable to a 20w halogens has substituted.
5 / 5
These lights are a lot very done and is attractive to look in. They are returned in my bath of the daughters and they have done the big improvement in brightness to an old halogen some. Be careful to twist them in a right direction calms does not need never take likes to retain the clips can break plasterboard.
4 / 5
Purchased these partorisca substitute dodgy halogen spotlights (and his noisy transformers) in a bath. These are excellent lights : brilliant light , aim. It can look the little hard when compared to a yellowish-boos of incandescents, but prefers a truer colour these resupply.

A here said description any boss partorisca connect is not comprised; I am not sure the one who bad for that, but a sale I bought has comprised crosses it small boxes as it has done partorisca installation very simple without an extra thing partorisca buy.
5 / 5
These are brilliant pocolos slender downlights easy to apt and the good clear but no cold brilliant light, read to somewhere that any one has thinks that that some advantages were too many short is roughly 75mm but yes use a wago connectors of type of the compact crowbar will not have the question, was the new type partorisca fix some few wings but is partorisca exit well maintaining a fittings tight to a PVC ceiling partorisca rain that are to return
4 / 5
A boss that begin him of some lights is roughly 5 cm. Like this impossible to connect in the box partorisca cross.
Returned and has taken my money for behind
4 / 5
has ORDERED PREVIOUSLY a band of six, and then decided partorisca take another band of three. Everything looked well and was a lot of packaged. A three band has arrived extremely quickly like that have been to us expecting arrive at least the week later. Any in situ like this of still, but was partorisca dip his on this weekend.
5 / 5
Did not install Him, but has done the light bath so only now very brilliant!
5 / 5
The installation of some something was easy once wired in. They look utmost, really pleased with my buy.
5 / 5
Luis of sound, brilliant and a lot easy to dip on, fully recommend
4 / 5
So only the client that the shines want to him and add for ceilings without the room partorisca another light focused

Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht - LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Filiberto
It is the lovely shiny little light. It looks well until you come partorisca return a thing, a backside of a light is very small to take everything of a wiring to a backside of him and then partorisca take one in front of the ray to a backside was impossible, has finalised that it has to that hammer two new ray holes partorisca finalise an installation. It would buy of a vendor again in the heartbeat but a light? NO!
4 / 5 Asley
Has arrived in good time although one of some points for partorisca fix one of a glass surrounds has been broken. More than going to a question of the turn has found that one surrounds will remain on with a rest two rays situate so only opted partorisca that. A look of product adds and is quite discreet in a bath, but was the real ache to install - just a lot of fiddly, and a focuses plastic that chairs among an organism of light and a groups to fix the almost impossible fact to return a light to some groups felizmente with a focuses in touch. In fact still I am trying win this! For this reason, and a harm when it has arrived, have fallen 2 stars. Of course this so only can be down mine and my level of skill. I am determined to win this like the light looks add as it would owe that be worth it!
4 / 5 Francina
A light is in my bath and looks lovely IP44 indication. I love a reflective chrome. Some lights of glass are stylish and so only that has loved. Excellent packaging with a lot of the glass has packed well and lights. An on-line description would owe that advise any earth has required like this splits of a marketing of a product. Ossia That have looked for but was no sure until I have read a spec layer that is coming with a product. Produced excellent. It has DIRECTED the lights are recommended highly.
4 / 5 Herta
Rusted Inside the month or two after returning. An only thing this is lasted more along that another is a cord of appeal .

Was hard to return so that has little room in an oval back for some bosses of wall.

These fashionable lights of the something gives terrible lighting in a face to. It would go for the form of bar longer to light that it is the bath has estimated
5 / 5 Mariela
the picture is not representative of an element. It is a lot small. It likes a lot other people have discovered, reasons is like this small / has drawn bad is virtually impossible to take some bosses has connected / has gathered. Sent the backside for the repayment. There is disappointed really.
4 / 5 Carmela
An a lot of looking unit, the look adds in situ, installs has not been a lot of entertainment, fiddly and a cord of appeal spends for an entrance of boss. I have finalised to cut a cord that I a lot in fact require in all the chance but has looked the characteristic of poor drawing. This be has said that the looks add and do a lot well of a main transmission.
4 / 5 Demetra
An electrician has tried some bosses and his well. A rest of some lights in a circuit are well. But this any light light . I have tried to take the substitution but any one contrives the one who an Amazon chatbot has done in fact.

Also, a light shadow is fiddly to install and some a lot difficult bulbs for records.
5 / 5 Desirae
Of some 3 units have ordered, two has had so only broken lenses and has looked some boxes were previously state is returned. It is it is returned everything for the full repayment.
5 / 5 Aide
Absolutely flimsy and bad quality. A cord has broken after using it two times and now his returned in the my bath has to it to them treat.
4 / 5 Buffy
An appeal-the transmissions of cord is a lot rigid to operate, and while it appreciate that then it is the perfect little light with the brilliant light.
4 / 5 Kimbra
It has dipped these lights in mine look of work and lovely bath so only well.
5 / 5 Nelson
Shadows of the glass does not return very a lot of be careful. It would be it returned but directed partorisca force some shadows on. I have bought he partorisca more and could no partorisca leave them without the light
4 / 5 Rasheeda
the good look, likes that it can change you some corners of some different lights.
4 / 5 Louis
A lot fiddly dipping to a wall, tiny space partorisca all some bosses but generally not having never. Nizza That the looks have produced with exception that a glass surrounds are free. Still it would recommend like this it feels robust and give out of light adds.
4 / 5 Tianna
Very produced well and simple to gather and is very pleased with him and the delivery was less than 24 hours after ordering. (Prime minister)
5 / 5 Elane
look well and easy to install, although the bit of the squeeze that takes all some bosses partorisca return in a box partorisca cross
4 / 5 Shelba
Lovely light returning. Has this in a bath. Nizza And brilliant. Modern look. It loves it!
4 / 5 Darlene
Any still returned but look expensive and good value for money.
4 / 5 Kerri
So only a type of light of the bath has required. Very happy with this compraventa
5 / 5 Caridad
Really brightens on our previously dull bath,good shadows,and the bulbs have comprised.
5 / 5 Gertrud
So only so only installed, but looks to be good quality, and gives lovely light. Very better that other lights of wall of the bath.
4 / 5 Lorita
Looked everywhere for lights of bath. Finally spotted these. Metal of good quality fittings, the solid has built. Stylish And so only that looked for and everything in the brilliant prize. Delighted.
4 / 5 Cornelia
Has struggled to take a bulb in still when of a wall, has any idea as it will do it to them when a bulb goes. A lot poor.
4 / 5 Marry
Element of quality a lot good. I am pleased really with like this looks and gives good light.
4 / 5 Elouise
The shabby cord and snapped after the few months. Any way to contact vendor. Nightmare to install in a first place
5 / 5 Rudolf
Easy to record and looks a lot of face. Some the real light projects is well ... The warm feels to a cookery. Very impressed
4 / 5 Darrel
quality Really good and very done but had assumed this drunk certainly lived until expectations
5 / 5 Kaila
Sure in a shower, and easy to return. Very attractive also.
5 / 5 Erminia
The product adds, good prize, wonderful communications by means of a Licht instruments
4 / 5 Tyree
I have bought two of these lights and fixed partorisca an electrician partorisca return them, as recommended by a vendor. An electrician another work that change of returns, sockets and other lights in a house. I have spoken his after returning and has said that these are bad drawn and was some worse lights has had to that return in a lot of years. A cord of appeal on around to the a wiring likes him the house for a light is like this cramped, has had to that coverage me partorisca ask was well for the take or could does not return. One of some two lights a lot his same chair directly. A piece forward is in an odd corner and is reason a dish forward does not line up with a casing. Ossia The very experienced electrician , all has done more the stops are perfect. I have contacted a vendor and his response was atrocious. They have said so only they sell some lights and I have to that have the poor electrician! They would accept to to a turn likes him the photo has sent has tried a light was faulty, but under now with a cost of having some lights taken was and another when be dipped on, which far surpasses an original cost of some lights. This vendor emailed me external of a web of place of amazon and has expected the happy era with a product and the ckntact his directly if I have not been. I am not sure if this means the amazon knows anything on some questions, but that has experienced a service of no. of the suspects of the client Averts this vendor and has produced.
4 / 5 Marlin
Excellent light returning and well value of the money,easy to return but precise turn some bulbs before some shadows and gives of exceptional light.
5 / 5 Elidia
I hav has ordered this element and and 6 another of this costruttore a last year. I have done 2 renewals of bath and also converted all my light fixtures to be DIRECTED. I am thrilled with as has everything is exited. They look fantastic, and give a lot well brilliant light, which have required. I have had the professional of Electrical Company installs everything of them in different time. An Electrician unfortunately misplaced some small special rays that is required to fix some two shadows of glass. I emailed B.K. Licht Sierra centre of message of the Amazon, and is in a process to send me these 6 rays in any one load. I think that that ossia service of excellent client. Has this line in a two light like pointed and also 2X alone wall unit with attractive 2X3 ceiling of light fixtures for my Baths. All the world thinks that that they look adds.
5 / 5 Carmella
Has not taken he out of a box because have has wanted to he for my bath and when I have opened a box has taken out of some instructions and the said does not use in the moist describe like my bath is. Has no @to @give there is different lighting zones in the bath and this light is not to possess for my zone.
4 / 5 Tonisha
An organism of metal of this product is not fully chromed. Any of some finals of bar is chromed, neither is some rays of shadow. I have had this installed product in my bath for 6 month(although it has begun to rust interior 3), and am considering in the substitute. A shame, as I really like a creation and a product has done perfectly. Certainly, a listing of the product does not allege is rusts test, but some words 'chrome creation' in a poster of headline gives this impression. And of then it is announced like the light of bath, rusts is an a lot of last what would expect.
Modification to add: I have contacted a vendor, comprising pictures of sending(attached here), and a response was that they could not see any rusts! I do not expect any satisfaction of a vendor, like this downgraded to 1 description of star.
4 / 5 Stefan
A lot little lights ossia reasonable quality . Smaller that expected of a picture! Never taken for the install as no the alone one of some 4 rays that control a shadow in ray of place in a whole way and a would not go in at all like the edge has been undressed. Happy has not installed before the gather and discovering.
5 / 5 Nenita
Two years in and a fittings active entirely @@@crumble. I have changed one, then another bulb and a plastic there is perished entirely. Some new bulbs last the week and data. You save money and buy the better product.
4 / 5 Eryn
Absolutely fecking rubbish!! To tight to wire amiably, cords of appeal flimsy and rub in a metal, some rays in an edge of shadows was to small like empty in and the falls were more than ray in !! It does not squander your money in this crap !!
4 / 5 Apryl
To the equal that has described. Returned quickly for electrician. The look adds, light levels abonos in afterwards and main bath

Top Customer Reviews: B.K. Licht LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 Charles
When I opened It I thought it that it could look it economic, but once he on top of the look adds! Really pleased with him.
4 / 5 Florencio
Very light and easy to install. Much more brilliant that expected and amour that any shadow is created. It has it it has transformed totally my bath!
4 / 5 Alexander
Well and big, lovely and brilliant partorisca the bath. Easy to install and looks well. Very pleased!
4 / 5 Cruz
The light adds has taken one in bath one in fourth orderly looks and gives light add
4 / 5 Vennie
is perfect partorisca me so that it is very brilliant, is easy to install and gives abundance in a zone that has required he partorisca
4 / 5 Sandy
Ich hatte bad neue Lampen nötig. Im Wohnzimmer, im Kinderzimmer und im Flur. Ich bestellte erst einmal zwei Lampen, a sie zu Declare. ich War vom ersten Moment begeistert. Die Lampen siond sehr leicht, lassen sich absolut stressfrei installieren und anschrauben. Schrauben und DĂŒbel sind dabei. Die Helligkeit ist verblĂŒffend. Zu meine alten Has DIRECTED Lampen ein Unterschied wie Seal und Nacht. Daraufhin hatte ich mir noch einmal zwei Lampen bestellt. ledier War bei einer gives Lampen give Plastikschirm are Rand gerissen. Amazon bot mir daraufhin 5 Eurocopa Nachlass, was ich nicht akzeptieren konnte, denn ich wollte quotes Lampe unbedingt behalten und gives Makel wĂ€re dann auch nicht verschwunden gewesen. As schrieb ich gives Hersteller/VerkĂ€ufer direkt a und bat höflich a einen neuen Lampenschrim. Ohne jegliches Murren In einer Freundlichkeit, man of data bei manch einem VerkĂ€ufer schmwerzlich vermisst, sendete mir gives VerkĂ€ufer kostenfrei eine neue komplette Lampe zu. Eigentlich wollte ich nur Damage Schirm. Of the nenne ich bad Kundenservice. ich Cube noch immer begeistert und möchte mich auf diesem Wege bei bedanken.
5 / 5 Kathlyn
Auf Gives Suche nach einer neuen Deckenlampe fĂŒrs Badezimmer Cube ich auf the data has DIRECTED Lampe von B.K. Licht gestoßen.

Quotes Deckenleuchte macht einen guten Eindruck. Sie Hat einen Durchmesser von ca. 38 cm und ca. 9 cm dick. Die Bodenplatte ist aus Metall, gives Deckel aus Kunststoff. It dies mach die Lampe vom Gewicht his recht leicht und etwas billig erscheinen. Die LEDs gives Lampe sind leider nicht auswechselbar. SĂșper finde ich, dass die Bodenplatte und die KabelzufĂŒhrung has dipped einem Gummi abgedichtet sind. Like this kann in FeuchtrĂ€umen auch keine Feuchtigkeit in data Lampe eindringen.

The installation of data gives Lampe ist, sogar fĂŒr einen Leien wie mich, sĂșper einfach und schnell erledigt. 4 Löcher In data Decke gebohrt, DĂŒbel queen, und a data Decke geschraubt. Fertig. Nun noch Quotes 3 Kabel aus gives Decke anschließen 
 fertig. Of the waren noch keine 10 Minuten.

Quotes Deckenleuchte bzw. Die LEDs leuchten sehr hell. 1600 Lumen bei 18 W sind schon einiges. Die Lampe gibt in meinem Bad ein gutes Bild ab.

Ich The cube dipped gives Deckenleuchte voll zufrieden und kann sie nur empfehlen. FĂŒr kleines Geld bekommt Man eine gute einfache Lampe. Wer besseres oder eine Lampe Has dipped wechselbaren LEDs haben möchte, muss nun Bad auch wesentlich mehr Geld ausgeben. In meinen Augen ist gives Preis-/LeistungsverhĂ€ltnis bei dieser Deckenleuchte Hoards!!!
4 / 5 Elias
Habe jetzt schön öfters bei B.K. Licht bestellt und Cube nach wie vor zufrieden. Tolle Produkte Has dipped tollen Preisen. Diesmal kam Quotes Deckenleuchte leider beschĂ€digt a, was aber kein war of Question. Eine Email geschrieben und schon given of war zweite Ersatzlampe kostenfrei unterwegs đŸ‘đŸŒ Sieht sĂșper aus und ist mega hell, genau like this wollte ich is haben.
5 / 5 Adell
Quotes Lampe ist schön. Passt wunderbar ins Bad. Die Helligkeit ist sehr gut, is leuchtet give Bad komplett aus , obwohl gives Badezimmer sehr groß ist. War to Dip date einfach und given Lampe ist extrem leicht. Sehr ansprechend Quotes of war schöne Verpackung, sĂșper.
5 / 5 Agnus
Quotes Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell. Die Deckenleuchte gibt wirklich gutes, angenehmes Licht. Sie War einfach zu montieren und gives Preis ist wirklich sĂșper.
5 / 5 Boyd
Verpackung von Amazon und vom Hersteller waren I.ou. Die Lampe a sich war defekt, eine kleine und eine große Bruchstelle a dem Kunststofflampenschirm. Of the Kunststoff ist allerdings sehr sehr dĂŒnn.
FĂŒr Gives Preis keine gute QualitĂ€t.
4 / 5 Macie
Ein Hoards Deckenleuchte place einer wahnsinns Leistung. SĂșper helles Licht. Klasse
4 / 5 Wyatt
Quotes Lampe ist gives Hammer , sehr Bad ist Durchschnittlich groß .Wenn Quotes Lampe a ist meint mann is wĂ€re zu empfehlen 👍👍👍
4 / 5 Jerry
simple and linear Draw . If adapted The any half without questions .
Price quality SĂșper!
5 / 5 Janyce
Von Gives Lieferung bis Zoom Produkt und Setting alles Hoards! WĂŒrde ich immer wieder kaufen!
4 / 5 Majorie
Beleuchtet einen ca. 20qm großen Raum relativ gut. FĂŒr grĂ¶ĂŸere RĂ€ume ungeeignet.
4 / 5 Cristal
Preiswerte Lampe geringer Stromverbrauch
Einfach zu montieren
Sehr Hell
4 / 5 Joey
SĂșper toller Artikel. Im Handel zahlt The man gives doppelte. Of the LichtverhĂ€ltnis ist Total ausreichend.
4 / 5 Dara
Einfach zu montieren und sehr Hell - endlich Licht in unserem Badezimmer
4 / 5 Hui
Sehr Hell, einfache Setting, alles wie gewĂŒnscht, schnelle Lieferung in 20 Stunden
4 / 5 Yuonne
Die Lampe ist einfach zu montieren. Die Lichtausbeute könnte etwas besser heart. Trotzdem - fĂŒr Harm Preis gibt is nichts zu meckern.

Dies Lieferung the war aims und die Verpackung in Ordnung.
4 / 5 Santina
Perfekt fĂŒr unser Badezimmer und Damage Flur. Die Lampen sind gleichmĂ€ĂŸig hell.
Quotes Verpackung wurde ĂŒbertrieben. FĂŒr 2 Lampen 5 Kartons, Noppenfolie und Plastikfolie - macht als Kunde ein schlechtes Gewissen.
5 / 5 Carletta
SĂșper Deckenlampe fĂŒr Gives Bad ! Schnelle Anbringung sowie Leuchtkraft Has dipped 18 Watt wirklich the gut dips has DIRECTED! Schöne GrĂ¶ĂŸe und Draws ist wirklich toll. Gutes Preis Leistung VerhĂ€ltnis.
4 / 5 Linnea
Schicke, helle und qualitativ hochwertige Lampe. Dipping War einfach und gives Licht ist auch sĂșper angenehm, aber auch hell.
4 / 5 Liza
Leider sehr schwache Lichtausbeute, eine tall GlĂŒhbirne ist Gives bedeutend heller.
5 / 5 Gwendolyn
Keine gute Verarbeitung. FĂŒr Gives Preis deutlich zu TEUER. Gelieferte Ware defekt! It gives sie im Keller hĂ€ngt werde ich Quotes Lampe trotzdem behalten.
5 / 5 Carissa
bei Some im Bad montiert. Endlich ein brauchbares Licht.

Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Zandra
I had it it has DIRECTED it produced light before and has been pleased with his quality, but no like this with a 10W Luz of the ceiling of Bath has DIRECTED. Light taste of light weight fittings, the easiest fact when you are on the ladder connecting bosses and not squandering energy that looks for to balance the heavy light returning, but this returning is not so only light-hanged, is flimsy.
When I have taken a product out of his good box and lined on a coverage partorisca take he of a base, he no budge. I have tried the little time, but a coverage has been stuck to a base , included although it could moves was the little mm. I took him finally separate partorisca use more the force that there was has wanted and a thin, flimsy the leaves of coverage roughly 12mm in a flange, which I mended with tape. A moulding in a cup of a coverage was rough and there has been ridges, there was also noticeable burrs in some plastic flanges. Also, a focus of the silicone to help gives it a IP44 indication, looked it can have contributed to a tension. Once open, has tried to vary, closing and ploughed it again, but has had one same sticking question. More than risking more harm, has decided so only partorisca the turn of then there is not any interview or substitution of bulb partorisca this unit, like this once is installed, next time I the tone, will be partorisca substitute a defunct unit and the harm is not a subject in this phase.
An installation was easy and sincere like light comes with the highland box and a base of metal is good to do with. Some highland instructions are big, self-explanatory diagrams, as any tongue partorisca confuse to contend with. A light returning plain of looks, but the accesses close to a ceiling and is discreet.
Some light products FOCUSED 900 lumens, which is equivalent to the 60W incandescent bulb. It is very partorisca my small bath, especially of then also have a illuminated mirror.
Is easy to install, a light start is expected like this, but a flimsiness of a coverage and some questions of qualities that founds is not compatible with a prize that details, as so only can give this the 2 launches global indication.
4 / 5 Lennie
This product is gone in the box of present well, which was the little odd partorisca a light of the bath DIRECTED but certainly any one a subject! Comprised in a band is a light frame , a coverage of trace/and diffusing plastic rays.

The installation was quite simple, the only turns was can to a circuit to light in yours fusebox, take an old returning (agreeing to remark and register a creation to wire), and wire this in. It uses the blockade of ray regulates of terminal connector to the equal that would owe that be easy for more any to wire, and comprises the grounding the strap to a light frames which is so that it would owe that be. With which this you just need to do holes for some highland rays, which is the bit to annoy he so that it has to that focus to foam that covers him as it will require to be nailed for mark out of your holes. I recommend to dip one returning flush against a ceiling and marking a first hole, then drilling and it ensuring first to mark another 2 to ensure all the stain up. After drilling and screwing in some other 2 rays and spent, so only dipped a coverage on and transfer.

This light has the quite simple look when installed, which could come on like this economic to some, but taste. My coverage has some mould marks visible look directly in him, but frankly more the people will not be that his that! I also found a light quite dim, as it would recommend that it think attentively in a 10w indication, as although a LEDs probably last practically for ever, can any him the transmission was for something more brilliant without substituting a moment returning. Over time I have taken this in spite of used to a light level and find it quite pleasing. I also like a neutral white temperature for the bath likes all look very cleaned. The value that comment these LEDs give of the just quantity of UV which further enhances that effect.

In general, ossia the decent product for a cost, and would recommend it .
4 / 5 Ed
Has installed this light in my bath today and looks well. A creation is minimum, simple but quite elegant and a light is very brilliant (900 lumen is the bit like him 90bulb of watt in brightness). It looks better when it is on that it was, but for a prize thinks that that it is well.

Does not leave a fact that is the plastic place six state - A lot of BATH of big final lights to cost 4x5 time a prize of of the this is to do of plastic these days, like this estimate the friendly option is at all new to the respect. Remained with a built in LEDs, the plastic is the sure and durable material this transmits light well.

In fact has profits on glass. An alike light gaze in of the retail callejero big has weighed . This hanged the fraction of that in 230g!! It is the election adds has any worries in a material are fixing to.

A light is gone in the good box , with instructions and fixings. I found it easy to install with some basic tools using a fixings has distributed.

Has to that admit has not been 100 sure when I in the first place unwrapped the May am pleased - dulcemente spending the bath of mine 70 to this century!! (So only ignore a artex ceiling ossia operates it for another day!!). I think that that a prize is a lot so that it is. In mine last house has bought the resemblance but the glass the big plus that returns for two times a prize. Ossia Like this brilliant and has the plastic seal to the equal that am expecting prenderĂĄ the bugs that takes his!
4 / 5 Hye
Have this light in mine down bath. A leading light was also an effective energy a, but has taken roughly 3 minutes to cover, how was quite difficult to see that in these premiers pocolos small, quite scary.

Has imagined would try this has DIRECTED the light was, sees like this has compared it. I have wished really I one he more collected. My last bulb in there has been 11w, this new light is 10w, this in spite of a new some sĂșper the brilliants compared to some old a, included after some old one has has had to that the discharge.

Is quite the neutral light in my opinion, is not to animate, or too fresh, so only quite white. He any time of discharge, how is full brightness instantly, as it would expect of has DIRECTED.

Had surprised really in as light this was. A last light was glass and has had the frame of big metal, was always bondadoso of has concerned was to the law is fall and free way in any one. This thing has 3 rays to resist he to a ceiling, and comes with some raw discharge will require. Honradamente, could escape You with just dipping in 1 ray causes these like this light things. You owe that a lot of course, but it could. With which screwing he in, a coverage so only continuous in like this covers he of boat. Has the hule gasket averts he he so that it is sealed properly also.

Are really happy with him, has the feeling goes to be up there the really long time.
4 / 5 Dorathy
Ossia An easy to install, simple and effective ceiling light of substitution, among packaging of boxes of the present, which is unusual to say a less, fixing the rays and cover them is comprised, together with a light unit he. It is very light, that gives an initial impression of poor quality, and when returning a flimsy displaced, enhances that impression. After returning a unit in our bath, has found a light has not been all this brilliant, as lame and is returned he to our small bath down instead (which is basically the down basin). A B. K. Licht Luz of ceiling is more than pertinent for the small room, but for the main baths can be the disappointment .

In ÂŁ ossia the little in an expensive side, especially that considers a global quality of a light returning, and somehow, the seeds-Christmas themed box of present any quite a lot of frames up for a prize.
5 / 5 Garland
Receive the simple to install the light ceiling that it is suitable for bath etc.

A light is very light, light plastic, does not feel like the light of quality, this in spite of, is the weight adds to fix to a ceiling, any fear of him pulling some raw discharge of a ceiling.

The installation is very easy, 3 bosses, Tierra, Alive and Neutral, connects these and his wire fences, there are three holes of ray to fix a light

built It has DIRECTED lights, as any bulb has required, subject only with that, is yes and when a band FOCUSED in, one fixing will require to be substituted more than just the bulb.

A light is good and brilliant, but no too brilliant.

A good easy to install light, the look adds
4 / 5 Kimberlie
has been the little generous with an indication but calm will discover that I bad for that shortly.

Some light looks well in a ceiling and is good and brilliant. It looks quite light ( excuse a pun) but does not think that the half is of poor quality.

Now for reason has fallen the star and reason could not be for you. Has has had to that the go down and redid my old light returning. Because of a way has had to install a light he bypassed my transmission and has meant was essentially always on. I didnt really loves this and has not liked him changing is gone in a joint every time. It can be resolvable but go to take my partner of electrician to have the look. So much, no the easy of an installation.
5 / 5 Genia
This has DIRECTED light returning is feigned for mountain of ceiling, is very simple to record but does not use one has has distributed rays as they are poor quality . A light is self look WELL the wise quality but a plastic diffuser could be better.

There is simply live it, neutral and blockade of connection of the interior of earth a returning, the mark sure uses a sleeve to try to heat distributed in a boss of entrance, if you are in any doubt roughly wiring this light to please them consult the electrician has described.

Am returned this light in our room to dine and he give was abundance of light, a light emitted is the by heart white temperature natural.

These lights to the turn is not dimmable.
4 / 5 Mikaela
This 220mm the light is simple but inoffensive, instant-on and flicker-free, any dimmable. It is not sĂșper-brilliant, in 900 lumens, equivalent to the 75W incandescent, perhaps the little more. Ossia So only on quite brilliant for the small bath (any that light of centre only is ideal for the bath, reason your expensive will be in the shadow that looks in the mirror). In 4000K, is white neutral , the good engaged among yellowy moonlight and daylight.

A light is light and a lot easily installed using three rays directly to a ceiling. You cover him plastic is resupplied but is not really suitable for plasterboard. Fijamente To the joist is possible.
4 / 5 Lewis
This light of bath was the substitution adds for my old big chunky unit.

A light is the very low profile that help him plough my small bath arrives and does not feel to like am looking was for a light every time among and out of a bath.
Be easy to wire on and a focuses felt to like it was quite waterproof the withstand a lot moisture generated of my shower.

A light is very brilliant and an improvement of having a light concentrated of the tube is does the vast difference.
4 / 5 Sherill
Before and after the photo of an old light has had and this a, a new one and as you can see for to some photos likes them to them the whole new room, a light all look new and fresh and good and natural but brilliant and does a very pleasant bath partorisca be in. It was quite simple to dip on only negative is dipping an upper on how was the little delicate and has concerned his no in enough of tight and could leave water in but in general very impressed with a light.
4 / 5 Kortney
Never value ÂŁ16/17
A lot economic and bendy the plastic feels, turn a coverage on and was and curves during a place, thinks that it could do it stronger out of sweet wrappers.

Would not pay more than the pair of crux partorisca east to use in the cupboard of shoe. Nowhere it approaches well quite quality to use in the amiably decorated room.

Brightness Is down, mine 5w has directed the bulbs damage was more brightness that these.
4 / 5 Merry
Poor quality, a shadow does not return properly, he warps like rings to attach it. A light is too dim and with some subjects of the build would not use it anywhere but the cupboard. An installation is quite easy but ossia an only positive thing can say roughly that. I am not sure reason some frames of packaging looks the presents has wrapped in the bond, servants to add to a disappointment this in spite of!
4 / 5 Mireille
Loves this light, has had my brother installs for me has said that it was easy to do. It is really that shines as they are adds has dipped he in my bath because I have had the light that returns that you usually would find in yours living rooms n chambers and some bulbs flicker but hopefully this will not spend with this he so that it is DIRECTED and there is sealed.
5 / 5 Jeff
Has loved so only the little light for my cloakroom and ossia perfect! In the first place this thing is BRILLIANT!! It is the much better the quality that has expected! A packaging is odd, likes Navidad themed??? At all it has come broken this in spite of and the look adds in a ceiling. An external chance is the little plasticy but can not say once is up. In general it is the brilliant light !
4 / 5 Lilliam
This light among the lovely box with the creation of bond of the present on that. It has to that admit to be bit it disappointed to find the light returning in such the quite a lot of box. Any looks to the turn adds for a bath or cookery. Looks Quite easy to return although it recommends to take an electrician.
4 / 5 Rima
Luz circulates light.
This light is the light focused like this a lot economic to run but brilliant. A course of shadow is a lot of plasticky but no brittle and once is on glass of looks.
The ceiling lights a lot good. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Shella
Has substituted my light of old broken basin with east and is like this more brilliant. A shadow is the little flimsy but once is installed a lot of difference is solid. It was easy to install too much. Everything well, five stars!
5 / 5 Rosina
Has required something small and effective for a bath that would light a room well, ossia that it is a lot light and easy to return (the electrician that ) for a prize is good value .

5 / 5 Celia
light of bath of Excellent quality. My edges is a like this returned electrician in of the minutes
5 / 5 Mckenzie
One first what that attacked was a packaging of present amazing.
More the to good sure be repurposing this box and is going my estuff partorisca be recycled partorisca Navidad' stash.
Me Smiled and also ask the one who peeved any one would be partorisca take this box and think received something indulgent like some chocolates or of the soaps and perfumes or almost anything another that the lights of plastic bath to return!
Has loved felizmente the lights of plastic bath to return so many was happy.
Andy is not returned so only still I so that it will return once is returned with the picture of him in place and with the report of like this easy was to install - or no - I will not prejudge and has any subjects with him.

But like this far like this good.

This is now be to return and is brilliant and is very happy with him. Taste concealed is of the unit sealed like more the flies and the bugs that takes to some lights of bath to return the spent with our old glass that returns. Also it likes that it is waterproof so of ideal for the wetroom which is that has.
4 / 5 Imelda
Has required to update a down light of more modern looking light,as it has thought the give this tries it. Some 1.as the impressions were amiably packaged in boxes of type of the present, unpacking is coming with all some rays and discharge of wall, bosses to wire of Evan. A light was quite easy to return a main external casing is done of metal ,this houses a wiring blocks it also has the hole in a cup, this if for a point of entrance of main boss ,this also will leave the flush has arrived. My only worry is a light coverage , the sweats look very light and economic and could finalise break the, if it was to dip the a lot of pressure on that. One has DIRECTED the lights are brilliant and more then quite stops more than people. In general it touches the decent light fixing and reasonably economic.
5 / 5 Merlene
Has ordered this light to substitute my old light in a bath. Simple creation this light focused emits an incredible quantity of light, looking daylight. A temperature of the colour of a light is very pleasant. Very easy to apply, just hammer three holes and places some discharge and rays. Another good part is that in the report to a light has substituted old with incandescent bulbs, decreases of consumption of the electricity for 70 with much more of light emission. I recommend this !
4 / 5 Laronda
Ich habe Has given Lampe the zoom declares bestellt und erhalten.
Als ich Damage Verpackungskarton give erste Bad In giving Hand hatte faithful mir sofort give leichte Gewicht auf und beim auspacken give Lampe stellte ich fest, dass has given nicht nur sehr leicht, sondern auch aus weichem Plastik verbaut ist.
Give Anbringen give Lampe sollte eigentlich kein Question darstellen, alles erforderliche liegt dem Produkt bei, zudem ist give TrĂ€ger give Lampe aus Metall und bietet mehrere Installationsmöglichkeiten bezĂŒglich give Fixierung one.
Quotes Lampe ĂŒberrascht place einem doch sehr hellen, kaltweissen Licht, bei einer like this kleinen Lampe hĂ€tte ich damit nicht gerechnet.

Warum ich dieser Lampe trotzdem nur 3 Sterne vergebe liegt will give, dass Give Leuchtmittel nicht austauschbar ist, was sie eigentlich zu einer Einweg- bzw. Wegwerflampe macht und Give ist In heutigen Zeiten einfach nicht mehr zeitgemĂ€ĂŸ und schon gar nicht umweltfreundlich, ausserdem cube ich immer noch sehr skeptisch, was to give weiche the material gives Lampe betrifft, was sich natĂŒrlich dipped gives Zeit zeigen wird.

Daher von mir nur eine bedingte Kaufempfehlung.
5 / 5 Takako
Sie sollte flach CorazĂłn und leicht. Sie sollte ein helles Licht abgeben.
Give waren unsere Vorgaben.

Genau Give haben wir In giving has DIRECTED Badezimmerleuchte von B.K. Licht gefunden.

Given Lampe kam in einem flachen Karton und war sehr gut und sicher verpackt.

HĂ€lt The man has given flache Lampe in HĂ€nden, spĂŒrt man zunĂ€chst einmal give enorm geringe Gewicht. Ich finde Is sehr Gut. Gerade einmal ca. 5,8 cm dick – perfekt. Wir haben Has given Lampe, die einen Durchmesser von 22 cm besitzt, im GĂ€ste-Badezimmer one gives Decke angebracht. Wunderbar.

Give the creation gives Lampe ist schlicht und sehr zeitlos, was ich ebenfalls sehr gut finde.

Alles Was fĂŒr the since it Dips benötigt wird ist dabei, einschließlich einer gut verstĂ€ndlichen Beschreibung und Einbauanleitung.

Given Lampe strahlt ein recht weißes neutral Licht in 900 lm StĂ€rke aus, was ca. 75 Watt entspricht. Gerade Has given neutralweiße Licht dipped 4000 Kelvins, ist ideal fĂŒr ein Badezimmer, viel besser als warmweißes Licht.

Vollkommen ausreichend fĂŒr ein kleines GĂ€ste Badezimmer. Sehr Gut, dass has given Lampe speziell fĂŒr solche RĂ€ume ausgelegt wurde, gives sie ĂŒber einen IP44 Spritzwasserschutz verfĂŒgt.

Quotes Leuchtmittel in giving Lampe sind fest verbaut, können nicht gewechselt werden. Of the Hat Vorteile aber auch Nachteile. Im Falls eines has DIRECTED Ausfalls muss given of man gesamte Lampe austauschen.

Eine sehr schöne, sehr flache und leichte Lampe, Die ein helles und neutral Licht, ideal fĂŒr ein Badezimmer, ausstrahlt. It gives Anbau A eine Decke ist sehr schnell und auch fĂŒr einen Laien problemlos durchfĂŒhrbar. Die Lampe besticht durch ein zeitloses Draw und fĂŒgt sich in jedes Badezimmer problemlos ein. Sie ist One gives Decke fast unsichtbar unauffĂ€llig.

Von mir gibt Is eine klare Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5 Rena
B.K. Licht Is A German mark with seating Monk.
He product arrived In a good-looking box with to the inner sweat the plafoniera,guarantee,libretto of the instructions and pieces with relative bolts for him fissaggio.
One turns stir he cover (has given plastic opaque target) can appreciate that to the inner sweat has Directed them rivestono the whole circumference of the plafoniera, donando cosi one luce uniform all'the half lit.

Is everything very done And the general quality is very good, regarding the installation is very simple,suffices to connect (one turns disinserita the common) phase,neutral,and dipped quell'buried.
Here will think he transformative All'inner of the plafoniera he commutate he everything to dare the just common has has directed.
The lamp is certified IP44 resistant All'humidity and outlines of water, like this as it goes benissimo in bath (in my house has been mounted all'external in describing protected by the water).
Is for real very Luminous and create was upper to have 900 lumen declared.
Gives specific is declared 10 watt 900 lumen 4000K luce natural.
Joints The purchase because it is a European product,has given optimum bill and losa simple lines and cleaned.
Expect has given to be you USEFUL state
5 / 5 Vicenta
Ich habe has given Lampe In unserer Laube verbaut. Cube vom Fach weiß was ich calm.
Bei Laien Given sich zutrauen like this etwas anzuschließen, is immer darauf verwiesen give dererlei Artikel immer vom Fachmann anzuschließen sind. Also bitte immer im Sinne give Sicherheit entscheiden!

Given Lampe ist ordentlich verarbeitet. Sie besitzt ein fest verbautes Leuchtmittel, welches nicht wechselbar ist. Die Lampe wird place Schutzgrad IP44 ausgewiesen, gives bedeutet sie hat einen guten Schutz gegen Tropf und Spritzwasser und ist gegen give Eindringen von Fremdkörpern geschĂŒtzt. Die DurchgĂ€ngigkeit give Schutzleiters zu Metallteil give Lampe wurde geprĂŒft und festgestellt. It gives Schutzleiter ist bei einer Lampe Dipped Schutzklasse 1 immer anzuschließen!

Given KabeleinfĂŒhrung ist place einer Silikonbuchse geschĂŒtzt. It gives Diffusor ist Zoom GehĂ€use place einer umlaufenden Silikondichtung versehen. Of the verhindert give Eindringen von Wasser.

Give Diffusor ist auch give Grund fĂŒr Give Stern Abzug, gives er recht zerbrechlich wirkt, ich denke give ist bei anderen Lampen dieser Art aber Ă€hnlich. Vorsicht beim Auf und Anschrauben ist geboten.

Given LEDs, sind zusĂ€tzlich dipped einer Silikonschicht ĂŒberzogen. Bei dieser Lampe gibt Is keine SicherheitsmĂ€ngel!

Ich wĂŒrde sie wieder kaufen!
4 / 5 Titus
bei meiner nicht wirklich schönen Badezimmerlampe ging Given Birne kaputt. It gives Given Lampe ungefÀhr like this alt wie give Hause ist (seeeehhhhrrrr alt) wollte ich sie auch nicht weiter nutzen.
Ähnliche Has DIRECTED Lampen hab ich bereits in giving KĂŒche und Wohnzimmer und finde sie ganz gut. It has given fand ich durch give schlichte Creation sehr schön und auch give sie richtig leicht ist (yesterday ist alles nur Regips).
Quotes Lieferung erfolgte schnell und gut verpackt.
Sowas hab ich bisher selten erlebt. It is ist alles place dabei und auch noch wirklich Gut gemacht. Sogar Kabelisolierungen liegen Dipped bei. Die Bedienungsanleitung ist auch fĂŒr Present geeignet given sich eher selten put Strom beschĂ€ftigen.
Also ab auf die Leiter und dran a data Decke. Auch Give ging supereasy. Allerdings ist Given Aussparung fĂŒr die Kabel etwas schmal. Passte alles aber War schon place etwas Kraft verbunden. It gives Given Lampe like this leicht ist war auch give anschauben wirklich einfach.
Lampe hÀngt und nun Licht One. WOW Given ist echt hell. It finds ich gut vor allem im Bad.
Fazit: Die Lampe ist sĂșper und auch richtig hell. The since it Dips ist echt sehr einfach und given Anleitung ist wirklich gut beschrieben.
Sollte Sie irgendwann Bad kaputt gehen, dann hol ich mir given gerne wieder
4 / 5 Chung
He have ordered to locate it in the studio in which had need has given one luce white that lit well the half has given work.
He plafoniera is In light plastic and a lot of scadente and for what are to indicate dimensions looks smaller has the data comes appears in the photos of the ad, notable signal the sfavore, mine at least here pocket of sleep probability that a lot rests anchored well the cause of the weight. Also The form is diverse, more bombata, and he luce issued for what uniform, any one is equally strong coming appear pubblicizzata. In the preparation dream already included bolts, pieces, guaine has given protection, rondelle and instructions to fix it was wall. Instead quite functional A lot pretend qualities or creation, can be an economic option also considering he the consumption has given alone 10W. It was A lot I have preferred to install it in the tavernetta.
Have devices that regulate He Luminous intensity the lamp A lot can be connected the these, my so only the normal switches (or temporizzatori) with function has given access/turn.
The my evaluation wants to penalise especially the ad is he imagine used that little rispecchiano he real product, the mine in fin has given accounts the lamp works well without intermittenze or ronzii.
4 / 5 Alissa
Ich habe mir Has given Deckenlampe place 22cm Durchmesser fĂŒr given KĂŒche gekauft.
Has given kam wie gewohnt schnell und Gut verpackt one.
Im Lieferumfang ist Given Deckenlampe selbst, 3 DĂŒbel, 3 Schrauben, 5 Unterlegscheiben, 2 IsolierschlĂ€uche sowie eine Bedienungsanleitung enthalten.
Give Montieren ist sehr einfach und idiotensicher, gives alles detailliert und gut in giving Bedienungsanleitung erklÀrt wird.

Zur Leuchtkraft kann ich sagen, dass ich echt positiv ĂŒberrascht War, wie the hell has given kleine Lampe ist. Sie Hat zwar nur einen Durchmesser von 22cm, aber kann dennoch given ganze KĂŒche voll beleuchten. Dadurch, dass Is sich bei give Lampe one has DIRECTED handelt, ist die Leuchtfarbe sehr hell, quickly wie Tageslicht, und nicht etwa gelblich.

Zudem ist Quotes Deckenleuchte place einem IP44 Spritzwasserschutz ausgestattet. It has given Funktion konnte ich bisher nicht declare. Allerdings ist sie dadurch auch perfekt fĂŒr Give Badezimmer geeignet.

Give Weiteren lÀsst sich sagen, dass give Licht kein bisschen flimmert oder Àhnliches und given Lampe auch keine GerÀusche wie zoom Beispiel ein Summen von sich gibt.

Zusammenfassend erfĂŒllt Has given kleine Deckenlampe to the Erwartungen und kann In vielen RĂ€umen eingesetzt werden.
4 / 5 Ignacio
Wir haben Quotes Decke von unserem Waschraum erneuert und zugleich sollte auch quotes Leuchte gewechselt werden, weil given tall einfach zu sehr in data Jahre gekommen ist.
Ich suchte gezielt nach Leuchten fĂŒr FeuchtrĂ€ume, denn wir haben mehrere Waschmaschinen und auch einen (Kondens-)Trockner, welcher wirklich ab und zu Gives ganze Zimmer voll beheizt.
Ich landete bei diesem Teil und habe Is direkt bestellt.
Ich suchte nach keinen Schicki-Micki, denn fĂŒr has given Raum brauchen wir is einfach nicht.
Is ist schlicht und einfach geschtaltet.
Was mir weniger gefÀllt ist gives Fakt, dass is eine Fest verbaute has DIRECTED Hat of Platinum, was bedeutet, dass is keine Birnen hat, man of data eventuell wechseln könnte. Man verspricht jedoch Leuchtstunden, was wirklich viel ist, also ich hoffe sehr, dass is auch was hÀlt.
Verbrauch durch Has DIRECTED ist jedoch sĂșper - in diesem Fail 10 W.
Lichtleistung 900 lm - Give entspricht etwa 75-100 W bei einer alten Birne...
Mein Mann schafte Is anzubringen In wenigen Minuten.
In giving Lieferung ist auch alles bei, was zoom of man anbringen braucht.
Sehr wichtig fĂŒr mich - IP 44 - Also SpritzwassergeschĂŒtzt.
Von mir sind Is 4 Sterne. ;-)
5 / 5 Darin
Die Deckenleuchte fĂŒr gives Badezimmer kam schnell und sicher verpackt bei of the one.

Quotes Deckenleuchte ist sehr flach, sodass man in giving Hand kaum ein Gewicht spĂŒrt. Sie ist gerade Bad ca. 5,8 cm dick, wirklich Toll! Auch Gives the creation gives Lampe ist sehr schlicht und damit ist alles auf soyinimalistisch' ausgelegt!

Im Lieferumfang ist auch alles dabei, Was man fĂŒr Dipping date benötigt. Einschließlich einer Gut verstĂ€ndlichen Beschreibung und Anleitung.

Quotes Lampe strahlt ein recht weißes neutral Licht in 900 lm StĂ€rke aus, was ca. 75 Watt entspricht. Ich finde Has given neutralweiß Ideal fĂŒr ein Badezimmer. Vollkommen ausreichend fĂŒr ein kleines bis mittelgroßes
Badezimmer. SĂșper finde ich auch, dass die Lampe ĂŒber einen IP44 Spritzwasserschutz verfĂŒgt.

Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass Is sich bei dieser Lampe a eine sehr schöne, sehr flache und leichte Lampe handelt, die ein helles und neutral Licht ausstrahlt, was ideal fĂŒr ein Badezimmer ist! It is lĂ€sst sich leicht anbringen und besticht durch ein zeitloses Draw! Ich Cube zufrieden und deshalb gibt is von mir 5-Sterne!
4 / 5 Junior
Have installed this plafoniera made In plastic that resists and thick, in the bagnetto that have in the tavernetta.
Is a good plafoniera, basic and has given good quality.
Has a terracing of impermeabilitĂ  IP44, like this as it results to be very that resists also to the outlines of water, that can receive be mounted in bath.
Sweat intensity has given luce is has given Roughly 900 lumen and dyes is 4000k, like this as one luce white neutral.
A turn installed does not present sfarfallii, interruptions has given common and is in the terracing has given to transmit one luce that he present uniform.
He diameter of the plafoniera is has given Roughly 20 cm, adapted announce a half coming he wet.
All'inner of the pacco find more than era plafoniera, also all the occorrente partorisca traces it the ceiling, that is to say 3 bolts with pieces and he instructions has given setting.
Good product And functional.
4 / 5 Terri
Plafoniera With has Directed incorporated that does egregiamente sweats work and especially that guarantees saving and long any one was possible to substitute them.

Simple And basic lamp my very done, has given a good plastic that guarantees leggerezza and compattezza. In fact it has not occupied a lot of space because esigua in the thickness, my in spite of attains the ad has emanated a strong luce white.

Ideal For a small corridor, my especially for bath or anti-bath seen that extracted has given a plafoniera waterproof to the outlines (IP44).

The preparation comprises all he necessary For him setting, that results to be very simple and immediate.


✔ Ratio quality-price
✔ Draw
✔ Consuelo

😃 Expect that this opinion can be you estada useful!
4 / 5 Jere
+ Gute Leuchtkraft
+ Alles fĂŒr Given of place Erforderliche enthalten
+ Leicht zu montieren
+ FĂŒr Laien verstĂ€ndliche Gebrauchsanweisung
+ Sehr leicht

Quotes Lampe ist sehr hell! Sie Hat ein kaltes weißes Licht. Of the etwa 12mÂČ große Badezimmer wird gĂ€nzlich ausgeleuchtet. It gives Anschluss funktioniert wie bei jeder anderen Lampe. Auch fĂŒr Laien sehr Gut verstĂ€ndlich ist given Betriebsanleitung. Ich habe zuvor nicht viele Lampen montiert und Waystation mich deshalb strikt will give. Die ist sehr leicht, deshalb konnte ich sie ohne Probleme in einer anhĂ€ngenden Gipsdecke befestigen. Die mitgelieferten DĂŒbel und Schrauben eignen sich allerdings eher fĂŒr Stahlbeton - sind dafĂŒr aber auch dipped ihrer GrĂ¶ĂŸe komplett ausreichend - a give Eigengewicht zu halten. FĂŒr Damage Preis handelt is sich a eine gute Lampe is spricht aus meiner Sicht Also nichts dagegen sich eine zu bestellen.
4 / 5 Barton
The plafoniera In question is made with a discreet plastic semirigida tiled good-looking tonality has given target. For it sweated it minimum and modern typology adapted well the a lot of tipogie has given furniture, sopratutto modern. It luce Results has given neutral white type and corresponds perfectly The what declared. The luminosity The concentrated is adapted the small environments, especially he wet has seen the partial impermeabilitĂ . Simple he setting with him box resupplied, sympathetic has given bolts and pieces. If extracted surely has given an article has given fascia economic my very made and with a good price.
4 / 5 Carol
All'inner of the box find:
- 1 plafoniera CONCENTRATED
- 3 pieces
- 3 bolts
- 5 rondelle
- 2 guaine has given protection
- 1 instructions

- Power: 10W
- has lucido white natural 4000K
- CONCENTRATED integrated 900Lumen
- that Resists to the outlines of water IP44
- Dimensions: 22cm has given diameter, 5,8cm has given height
- Material: entirely in plastic
- Hanged: kg (very light)
- NO dimmerabile

Comfortable and robust my for real little elegant.
4 / 5 Antione
Quotes Badezimmer macht erst einmal einen guten Eindruck.
Quotes Verarbeitung scheint gut zu heart. Obi sie wirklich dicht ist (FĂŒr Gives Badezimmer) wird Die Zeit zeigen.
Allerdings, und Gives ist give, was mich are meisten verwundert hatte, ist die Lampe aus weichem Plastik.
Ich War bei dem Preis davon ausgegangen, dass is sich yesterday wenigstens a hartes Plastik handelt.
Gives gibt is vergleichbare Lampen zoom selben Preis has dipped vernĂŒnftigem Glasschirm.
Wie Man auf give Photo sehen kann, lĂ€sst is sich sĂșper einfach eindrĂŒcken. Dadurch wirkt Quotes Lampe sehr billig.
4 / 5 Renea
The data has DIRECTED Badezimmerlampe ist ordnung fĂŒr gives Geld ist is well.

Quotes Leds sind nicht likes billig sonder gute hochwertige Leds,sind sogar the extra place Silikon beschichtet,gives Metal selber ist hart nicht likes dĂŒnn und hĂ€lt was give Plastik selber ist sehr billig und dĂŒnn.

preis LeistungsverhĂ€tniss ist Is natĂŒrlich In ordnung,is leuchtet kalt%warm genau in giving mitte und ist fĂŒr Bad ausreichend.
Von mir gibt Is 5 Sterne weil is 100 give erfĂŒllt was is soll und Preis Leistung ist gut
4 / 5 Lynetta
Eine sehr schöne einfach gehaltene has DIRECTED-Lampe die fĂŒr unsere AnsprĂŒche alles erfĂŒllt. Die Lampe ist nicht zu klein und nicht zu groß und passt perfekt a unsere Außenwand. Die LEDs sind krĂ€ftig like this dass man alles sieht und has dipped dem Mix aus soul und kaltweiß ergibt sie ein sehr schönes Bild. The data has DIRECTED sind noch bad zusĂ€tzlich place Silikon versehen was natĂŒrlich eine Schutzfunktion bietet und war of Installation of the data sehr einfach. A fĂŒr sich macht sie auch einen stabilen Eindruck und somit gebe ich eine klare Kaufempfehlung aus also fĂŒnf Sterne
4 / 5 Jacinda
It dies ist eine schoene kleine leichte lampe fuers bad oder wc.
aufgrund ihrer groesse und dicke passt sie sowohl als decken- als auch als wandlampe.
Quotes helligkeit ist ueberraschend hard.
wegen ihres leichten gewichtes kann Man sich sogar gives bohren von loechern fuer quotes befestigung sparen, sondern kann sie bei verwendung entsprechend guter doppelklebebaender sogar kleben. Of the macht Quotes of setting leichter und man ist flexibler hinisichtlich gives dipped, one gives man sie anbringt.
4 / 5 Jamel
Ich wechselte Quotes of hack eine Ă€hnliche has DIRECTED Lampe gegen die Badezimmerlampe aus. WĂ€hrend Quotes vorhergehende Lampe soul also eher gelblich ist. Darf ich mich nun In meinem Badezimmer ĂŒber eine wesentlich besseres und klareres Licht. Damit meine ich ein durch Gives 4000K neutralweiß ich eine viel besseres Lichtausbeute habe wie has dipped to give vorhandenen.

Auch Preislich ist The data has DIRECTED Lampe wirklich klasse und fĂŒr mein Bade Zimmer von ca. 15 qm genau richtig. Daher beide Daumen hoch.
4 / 5 Cher
Plafoniera The lights has DIRECTED for small environments coming he wet
Luce hot gives 4000 Kelvin and impermeabilizzazione to the outlines of water.
I Kelvin measure the temperature of the luminous radiation more low sleep more the luce is hot more raise more the luce there is a cold tonality
Good ratio quality price
5 / 5 Jayne
This has directed the light is very easy to install. All that it is necessary, among a container. The mountain is done of metal, where the coverage is done of plastic. I am using he in my bath (any window in him) and gives a lot clear and good light. It is although it comes with IP that estimativas so only some falls to fall on that. And like this it is a light CONCENTRATED , any heat taking at all.
5 / 5 Denisha
With which The déballage, he no done any doubt of the piÚtre quality of the discharge, with that has had very bad to take, to good sure owing to the fact that he down too flexible sees perhaps that pauses if on it forces of too much.
Has joined open time one declares of branchement impose verification of game, DIRECTED HIM works without question.

Of general way, thinks that lucida the discharge is potentially dangerous transports in chance of heat could melt.
The looks of qualities also ausenta to the sud this product.
Reward of quality of bad Rapport
I déconseille
4 / 5 Dianna
At all Of fioriture the plafonnier is to good basic insurance.

Is composed To Base joined ferreuse recouverte of rind joined of fines of mousse games the regulate to the ceiling , more the part luminaire moulée , she , in a plastic a lot malléable to the test gives accidents. It can Do it falls it sees game to the frisbee with without questions !

He And L the presence of a joint in the games of silicone precintar hermétiquement his two parties , is one gives elements of the his protect against his projections of water 'IP44'.

Has joined the time bases it solidement fixed to the ceiling lucido spent luminaire installs without difficulty in that turn him to the sud was him.

The light propagation is quite sweet , find the lighted up satisfactory.

And Him the the Glorious goodness gives leds is double, lasted of life and feeble consumption of electricity.

This product is to sure Corrected good.
5 / 5 Dillon
Has chosen this lighted up has DIRECTED touches to plant in the mine exits them of bath but think that goes to finalise in the grotto. Already in that Sees the emballage of the product in joined boite fashion « pochette the surprise » is quite odd.

To the déballage of the product me apercibo quickly of the piÚtre quality of this lighted up has DIRECTED, sustains that alive to the ceiling is well in steel but to the sud the outside is recouvert of the flexible part has joined, continue although this is not joins pellicule paper that does to lack to take.

Touches to do the simple east lighted up resembles a lighted up of Mobil Marie gives years 80 

After A Test of branchement directed them lights well and the luminosity is corrects Can think that go to plant in my grotto, sees lucido left in goleada of edges.

Does not recommend this product.
5 / 5 Sandee
Gracia his légÚreté, Joins so only alive mural left it to installer of knots this luminaire has DIRECTED of 22cm of diamÚtre in our cage of stairs. His lights read Strong very white a lot well His stairs and the substituted avantageusement 3 small apply handed in his stairs and lucido landing : it goes like this it gives the economies transport his amour of girls to leave the light of the pendant of landing has lit that dream the open door.
Manufacture lateralmente, is of the low material Of row but this any side that €19 : in it joins it bases in metal, a half-ball in plastic incassable that emboüte fermement and a good dominates tram with apresamiento earth. It does not dread The humidity. A this price, recommend without the question touches his places without too much of humidities not needing a look ravageur.
4 / 5 Cynthia
His good sides :
- his leds light well and lucida spent Diffuse a lot the light
- simple to car of fixer very light

Now, the quality is not clearly any to the date :
- lucida spent n plastic moulé is very flexible and fin
- lucido the system of closure is minimaliste (3 picots that maintains lucida spent)
- near that ensures the estanqueidad 'IP44' is often bad planted to the closure of the discharge, that dips cause the estanqueidad (personally will use games a corridor, utilisation of edges in the humid piece does not join me convinced)
- sustains is in metal a lot of fin also

How is in a low product of row, then reasons no, but to this prize (€19) fulfilling that it is too expensive !
4 / 5 Phuong
Obviously, do not am missing to expect Of miracles of has joined lampe with has DIRECTED integrated to an also feeble prize.

Is so it joins all small lampe without fioriture, and of relative of quality, that do fault enough in a secondary place - cochera, WC, corridor... No The especially beautiful meeting , but is discreet. The installation is quite simple, but he perçage is unavoidable ( there is gives plafonniers without perçage).

Has DIRECTED to oblige, this plafonnier that the fat goodness to be a lot compact (roughly 6 cm of thickness all comprised). Evident goodness He lucido the ceiling is down (as in some example of pair of the basements).

Games that is of the lighted up, is a lot well with the power has joined amply the sufficient games joins small piece.

Top Customer Reviews: B.K.Licht - LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5 Broderick
Generally easy to install, but an end that returns to some groups of metal is difficult to ensure. Easy in the table how is in the clip of cradle, but butted until a mine of the ceiling would not seat securely.
4 / 5 Al
The installation is the little delicate of then am not used to this type of electrical connector. You insert/ you insert some electrical bosses in some start and some class of mechanics looks the grab that. The question is like this to take a boss... With which some test and error I finally could disconnect some bosses. I guess his been due to a IP54 indication...
Otherwise, A light is very good. Build And light start.
5 / 5 Benjamin
Has had plot of the question that returns these light to a ceiling. Some instructions are useless with ridiculous map that swim bad. Has has had to that release of a groups to insert the screwdriver of flat leaf like final clip in. And reason oh reason not using traditional ray fittings in place of push in connectors that maintains to exit????
4 / 5 Dustin
Has directed to take it working, but the one who an unnecessary faff connecting a power. ANY ONE some connections of the pointed ray in some instructions, but fiddly crowbars the grab (or any) some coffins boss. It took him finally the grab and airily clipped the to a ceiling. It can be drawn for earth and regular twin, but my wiring was stranded.
4 / 5 Virgina
A subject only that it is that once a light no longer doing a whole plot has to that be substituted., it does not add there.
4 / 5 Anamaria
Is smaller and lighter that has expected but with adding lighting! Really happy with a result.
4 / 5 Breann
This light is surprising, has bought another for mine another basin.
5 / 5 Holley
Like a form and measure of a light and there is so only a quantity of brightness for a room is in, has been installed in an in room of continuazione of shower
4 / 5 Shawanna
Very brilliant, but the looks are not drawn in fact like the light of ceiling, some instructions aim it like this he bulkhead light.
4 / 5 Elaina
Gives of brilliant light. Really pleased and to good sure would recommend
5 / 5 Loreen
A light returning is very light and so only roughly 8.5' in the precise diameter knows this is substituting the big plus that returns. It is returned once is brilliant, as it considers a measure of a room is installing this in.

A wiring of one returning is very problematic like the owners will discover. A terminal blockade can not be take like this has to that be wired in situ. It is one of this european fashionable push-in terminal as so only leaves a thin boss partorisca be installed. I have had to that use connectors and thin flexible bosses to do a final connection. A corner of a terminal to a rest of one returning is very uncomfortable to direct.

If you are not agile fingered, will struggle therefore one a lot down estimating has given for installation.
4 / 5 Kathaleen
This looks to be the unit sealed. When An interior the failure FOCUSED has to that launch one was of whole unit? Some clips of units to situate once a group has been screwed to a ceiling, ossia the bit fiddly to be sincere. As mentioned by another there is any terminal of ray for some bosses, is accesses of push . This means to install that could be very problematic has more than the pair of bosses that the need that connects. Calm can not use flex neither, need to be solid of copper boss. No the question for more than way that is likely would be to use twin and earth in all the chance but good to be conscious. A unit looks quite ready and is good and brilliant, at least when new. Any something would have bought this in spite of had known in a mountain and wiring subject.
5 / 5 Stephaine
Has been surprised in like this brilliant ossia and that ours bill of the electricity has fallen of then change to has has directed bulbs. A cookery was always full and dim, now all look brilliant and cleaned.
4 / 5 Marcellus
This has headed to the turn was to install in the basin excellent light and see simple to record would recommend.
5 / 5 Hildegarde
Eine vernĂŒnftige Anleitung gibt Is nicht, place ein wenig Weitblick lĂ€sst sich quotes Lampe aber einfach und schnell anbringen. It was mich stört, ist gives total nervige Summen. Anbei ein Video. Wer damit leben kann, gives mag Die Lampe kaufen. Ich gebe sie vermutlich zurĂŒck.
5 / 5 Lelia
Gives Erste Was mir bei dieser Lampe aufgefallen ist, ist die extrem hochwertige und dichte Verarbeitung. It has given Lampe könnte Man wahrscheinlich sogar in giving Badewanne betreiben (Nein, bitte nicht versuchen :D). Auf jeden Fallen wird sie auch fĂŒr sehr feuchte RĂ€ume geeignet heart. Installiert War sie innerhalb von drei Minuten, gives ich sie geklebt habe. Wer dĂŒbeln und Schrauben möchte, kann Gives aber auch easy tun, gives benötigte Material ist dabei. Of the Licht ist perfekt fĂŒr mein (relativ schmales) Bad, was Lichtfarbe und Helligkeit angeht. Ich wĂŒrde Is immer wieder kaufen.
5 / 5 Kelly
Gives Licht give Lampe ist sehr Hell. Leider habe ich ĂŒbersehen Gives Given Lampe nicht dimmbar ist bzw. wird Gives erst sehr weit has extended In giving Produktbeschreibung erwĂ€hnt. It was ich fĂŒr given Umwelt sehr schlecht finde ist, gives sie DIRECTED fest verbaut sind, und wenn quotes kaputt gehen die komplette Lampe abgebaut und entsorgt werden muss. Ein Unding Gives sich bei gives Lampenherstellern immer mehr durchsetzt.
Ich habe Quotes Lampe in giving KĂŒche installiert und wollte sie auch im Badezimmer anbringen. Zoom GlĂŒck habe ich erst einmal nur 1 Lampe bestellt.
Wenn ich Nachts zur Clean gehe bevorzuge ich nicht Like helles Licht.
Daher werde ich mich fĂŒr Gives Bad nach einer anderen Lampe umschauen.
Lampen anbringen ist ja irgendwie immer eine Fummelei. Bisher habe ich noch nicht Gives perfekte System zur Installation gefunden.
A Sicht geht is place diesem System ganz gut, WENN genug KabellĂ€nge gives ist. It gives ich In einem alten Haus wohne wo anscheinend schon hĂ€ufiger etwas von gives KabellĂ€nge abgeschnitten wurde quotes of war Instellation ziemlicher Fummelei und Bedarf is einiger FlĂŒche bis ich is dann doch geschafft habe. It has dipped mehr KabellĂ€nge wĂ€hre Is wohl einfacher gewesen (glaube ich).
5 / 5 Karrie
Eine gute Lampe fĂŒr Gives Geld Halterung stabil aber wehe dem wenn of the give Halter one gives Decke befestigst hast dann bekommst of the Ihn nicht mehr in data LampenfĂŒhrung-jedenfalls zu einfach Silikon genommen Halter und Lampenaufnahme gives einen the seal dipped Klebeband ĂŒber Lampe und Decke fixiert nĂ€chsten Sale of Seal ab und tata sĂșper hĂ€lt.
deshalb kann Ich hierfĂŒr keine 5 sterne vergeben-Sad!-Dipping ist gemeint.
5 / 5 Lavera
Quotes Lampe ist Klasse, sĂșper hell, man kann jetzt alles sehr gut sehen. Beim Rasieren, schminken usw. Vorher hatten wir eine Lampe Has dipped warmen Licht und auch farblich. Leider habe ich In giving Kombination kein Bild gemacht one gives Unterschied zu sehen. Nichts desto trotz, ich werde has given Lampe noch bad kaufen, fĂŒr ein anderes Zimmer.
Die Anbringung war sehr einfach.
Halterung A data Decke anbringen.
Die Kabel werden for Klipp installiert, einfachheitshalber habe ich im voraus Zwei kurze Kabel installiert, und eine LĂŒsterklemme angebracht. Dann Quotes Kabel von gives Decke in data LĂŒsterklemme zu gives zugehörigen Kabel gives Lampe gesteckt bzw installiert. Die ĂŒberschĂŒssigen Kabel, place LĂŒsterklemme, gives kleinen Stauraum gelegt, gives auskommend reichte und quotes Lampe one gives Deckenhalterung befestigt, was auch sĂșper einfach war.
5 / 5 Kenisha
positiv: Gute Verarbeitung , Lichtausbeute sehr gut , optisch gelungen , Deckenbefestigung gut und einfach.

negativ: Of the laute brummen gives Trafo stört sehr. It gives elektrische Anschluß ist auf gives Leiter ohne eine zweite Present kaum machbar. It is sind mindestens drei HĂ€nde erforderlich. It is muss Die Lampe gehalten werden, gleichzeitig die Klemmen zoom einfĂŒhren gives AnschlussdrĂ€hte drĂŒcken und quotes DrĂ€hte einfĂŒhren. Und Gives bei LeitungslĂ€ngen von ca. 20 cm. Of the ist eine Zumutung Dies einem die Zornesröte ins Gesicht und gives Schweiß auf die Stirn treibt.
Habe Quotes Lampe bei reklamiert. Die Reklamation brummen war bekannt und wurde freundlich entgegengenommen. Mir wurde zugesagt, dass Man sich a schnell gives Lösung gives Questions kĂŒmmern werde. Heute, nach drei Tagen, wurde mir kostenlos eine Ersatzlampe geliefert, Die einwandfrei funktioniert. Die Lampe aus gives Erstlieferung soll ich verschrotten. Topp Service !!!
5 / 5 Parthenia
Ganz Like this einfach ist Installation of data nicht, etwa gives Anklippen give Leuchtkörpers a data Halterung.

Vor allem sollte Man wissen, dass L give Pluspol (meist schwarz oder braun) und N gives Minuspol (meist blau) ist. Ist aber dringend zu beachten, und sollte Man vorher has dipped dem Stromtester herausfinden. In giving Anleitung ist gives leider nicht vermerkt.

Auch ist Quotes 'Wanne', in giving die Kabelenden aus gives Decke unterkommen mĂŒssen, etwas schmal.
5 / 5 Charlesetta
Sehr Gut durchdachte Lampe has dipped hoher Leuchtkraft.
Elektrokabel 8mm abisolieren, zu kurz macht Probleme
Netzkabel sollte 8-10cm LĂ€nge haben, sonst muß Man fummeln.
Unbedingt genau Dipped of data bestimmen, dass gives Ausgang gives Netzkabels passt, oder dass is wie bei mir verdeckt heart kann.
Anschlussklemmen von Gives Lampe entfernen und anschließend fest einklicken, sonst braucht Man 3 HĂ€nde.
Was könnte man besser machen?
Fallen gives Hersteller dies ließt!
Gives Klickmechanimus ist Man of toll sollte has given jedoch the place gives Elektrik kombinieren, sonst muß man vorher genau die Bohrungen prĂŒfen, dass gives Netzkabel in data Lampe fĂŒhrt. Mehr Platz wĂ€re besser. Sie ist extrem leicht dann reichen kleine Schrauben bei guter Gipsplatte sogar ohne DĂŒbel.
Werde Quotes Lampe wieder kaufen, wenn ich has given 2 Jahre getestet haben.
4 / 5 Larissa
Simple creation, clean, some difficulty for him setting the ceiling and solos,also for him mechanism has given morsetti fermafilo no the quickly mine the presione, good luminosity, have to but relieve that it dopes a pair has data displaced of the setting, in accensione there is begun ad issue a noise announce of simile a zumbido that any one create form part of the normality. I have asked it Changes perch For me and a lamp validate and expect me he concede. I owe For honesty add that today it dopes 4 days that have communicated to the provider has given can substitute he produced difettoso mine has arrived the new lamp perfectly sigillata. Satisfied. Provider attendibile.
4 / 5 Bryan
Ich habe Quotes Lampe noch nicht montiert, gives wir bald unser Bad sanieren und sie a data Decke soll, aber getestet habe ich sie schon und cube beeindruckt von ihrer Helligkeit! Wahnsinn. Of the Bad wird dann richtig hell und gives von like einer relativ kleinen (22) Lampe.
Sie ist sehr schlicht und Simple gehalten, aber sieht dabei echt gut aus.
Kann sie wirklich nur empfehlen!
Sehr helles und weißes Licht.
Leichte Setting.
4 / 5 Michale
Gives Licht von dieser Lampe ist einfach hervorragend - wenn Man sie erst einmal a data Decke bekommt.

One Dies zu tun, muss die of man Kabel in zwei nicht gerade hard haltende Klemmen (keine Schrauben) einfĂŒhren und dann einen dichtenden Kasten ĂŒber gives Klemmen festschrauben. Of the geht sicher einfach In Neubauten, bei denen 30cm Litze aus gives Decke kommt - gives the man of hat gives nötigen Platz zoom Montieren. Man of hat hingegen im Altbau nur 15cm und drei steife DrĂ€hte, man of data auf keinen Fallen brechen darf, dann ist given of Place extrem schwierig. Insbesondere Gives Anziehen give 2 Kreuzschlitzschrauben gives Kasten gives wenigen Zentimetern zwischen GehĂ€use und Decke ist schwierig - ich habe is dipped einem has bitten gives Fingern lösen können. Vermutlich wĂ€re Is einfacher place 2 Present, damit einer gives GehĂ€use halten kann wĂ€hrend gives andere darĂŒber arbeitet.

Gives EinfÀdeln give Lampe auf Die Halteschiene ist auch sehr hakelig, wenn man zu wenig Platz hat (Kabel) a data Lampe zoom EinhÀngen gives ersten Hakens kippen zu können.

Alles In allem rund 45 Minuten Arbeit auf gives Leiter place vielen erfolglosen Versuchen (beim Anschrauben gives Deckels rutscht dann einer gives beiden Leiter wieder aus gives Klemme und man fÀbgt von vorne a), aber gives Ergebnis ist ein sehr helles Bad. Und ich habe eigentlich keine zwei linken HÀnde, Die Leuchte im Wohnzimmer hatte ich in weniger als 10 Minuten montiert.

GerÀusche macht Quotes Lampe bei mir nicht.
4 / 5 Denna
Schöne kleine Lampe Has dipped hellem Licht. The setting the place given gives Kabelabdeckung ist recht fummelig, weil gives Platz zoom Verstauen gives Kabel relativ klein ist. Ich habe Quotes Abdeckung einfach weggelassen. Of the ‘Glas' ist im ausgeschalteten Zustand leider etwas degree und wirkt nicht ganz Likes wertig, aber €20 ist ja auch nicht viel Geld und fĂŒr unseren Keller passt gives schon.
5 / 5 Jannet
Also ich habe mir has given Lampe wegen gives guten Bewertungen gekauft. Und ich bereue Is nicht. Die Lampe hellt mein von gives GrĂ¶ĂŸe mittleres Badezimmer a viel mehr auf als meine tall Lampe. It gives ich von Energiesparlampe auf has DIRECTED Leuchte umsteigen wollte, beschloss ich has given Lampe zu kaufen. Wichtig War mir, nicht irgend likes einen chinesischen Schrott zu kriegen, ist ja nicht alles schlecht, was aus China kommt, aber man weiß ja, wie ich gives meine. Also ich kann the data has DIRECTED Leuchte jedem empfehlen. It gives ich von Technik keine Ahnung habe, habe ich fĂŒr Plants die gives Lampe 3 Sterne gegeben. Also nicht davon beeinflussen lassen, the hat dipped ein Elektriker die Leuchte drangeschraubt.
5 / 5 Christene
Die Lampe war eigentlich als Geschenk gedacht, weswegen is umso Ă€rgerlicher ist gives sie Defekt ist, die Dichtung die eigentlich Ip54 garantieren soll war gerissen, gerade im Bad ein Unding. Wegen dem Ärger deshalb nur 1und ich werde Retounieren, lediglich hat to Dip Date 5 wegen gives Einfachheit verdient.
5 / 5 Lesha
+ SelbsterklĂ€rende Setting (Montagewinkel dipped 2 Schrauben fixieren, Lampe kinderleicht einhĂ€ngen. Über eine seitlich angebrachte Arretierung kann Quotes Lampe genau likes einfach wieder abgenommen werden)
+ Abdichtung gives Elektronik
+ Werkzeuglose Kabel Klemmen im GehĂ€use (Kabel kann ohne Werkzeug in giving Lampe fixiert werden ... jedoch fĂŒr The date of setting gives DichtungsgehĂ€use)
+ Hell
+ GleichmĂ€ĂŸige Ausleuchtung
+ Geringes Eigengewicht (Lampe könnte ggf. auch angeklebt werden)

Auf dem Bildern wirkt Is, als könnte gives Wandzugewandte Teil gives Lampe aus Metall heart bzw. Degree lackiert - Yesterday handelt Is sich a weißes Plastik

Ein Stern Abzug:
- Leichtes Brummen
4 / 5 Kiersten
Gefallen hat mir die Helligkeit give Leuchte.
War to Dip date allerdings im Vergleich zu gives BKL1297 (18W, 1800 lm) sehr schlecht.
Man muss zuerst eine Backs a data Decke montieren, in data dann spÀter die Lampe eingsetzt werden muss.
A L und N anzuschließen schreibt die Montegaeanleitung die Demontage eines Deckels in giving Lampe vor die dann nach dem Anschließen, wenn die Lampe nur noch one has given 2 DrĂ€hten hĂ€ngt unter grĂ¶ĂŸten Schwierigkeiten wieder montiert werden muss.
Auch Gives abschließende Einrasten gives Lampe In data Backs ist nicht einfach und treibt einem auf gives Leiter stehend einige Schweißtropfen auf quotes Stirn.
Schade, dass Entwickler und Konstrukteure offensichtlich selbst denies sowas montiert haben.
4 / 5 Oneida
Also habe nach rund 10 Jahren given Leuchte vom Badezimmer getauscht und dank Cup hab ich viel zeit gehabt. Dipping date ist sehr einfach, 2 löcher bohren, dĂŒbbel hinein, anschauben, verbinden und fertig... Zoom glĂŒck ist has given leuchte 'Feuchtigkeitsdicht' Also ein großer vorteil im Badezimmer.

Quotes Helligkeit ist gut, aber nicht extrem hell, aber besser als eine Dimmfunktion nutze ich nicht, gives ich give fĂŒrs bad teilweise unnötig finde aber the gut gives is geht.

Mehr kann Man ja nicht sagen, ein kauf aufjedenfall wert.
5 / 5 Rina
Quotes Lampe ist wunderschön, und gives PreisleisungsverhĂ€ltnis sĂșper. Befestigung War ein the point has underlined. It has dipped viel Schweiß und bösen FlĂŒchen fĂŒr Gives Erzeuger give Lampe, the hat is nach einem halben Seal endlich geklappt. Leider habe ich erst danach Quotes Rezensionen gelesen. Yesterday kommt has given schreckliche Befestigungsmöglichkeit In fast jeder Rezension vor. Vielleicht sollte Man dann doch bad drĂŒber nachdenken und nachbessern. It is mĂŒsste möglich heart, gives Deckel give Lampe abzuschrauben, gives wĂŒrde enorm helfen. Daher gibt Is von mir fĂŒr given of Place nur 1 Punkt, und insgesamt nur 3.
5 / 5 Taylor
Quotes Lampe erhellt, in meinem Fallen, gives Badezimmer sehr gut.

Given of place ist recht knifflig, gives die Halterung plans dipped gives Decke heart sollte,
weil quotes Lampe direkt aufgesteckt wird. Of the erweist sich als sehr fummelig.
Quotes LĂŒsterklemme musste ich durch eine herkömmliche ersetzen, gives given integrierte keine Kabel aufnehmen wollte.

Installiert ist Dies Lampe hell und fĂŒgt the gut gives Raum ein.

Bedingt zu empfehlen. Evtl. im Bandage fĂŒr knapp 15,- kaufen.
5 / 5 Lavon
Ich War auf gives Suche nach einer guten Lösung fĂŒr gives Badezimmer. Ich War etwas skeptisch wegen gives Preises, aber die Rezensionen waren vielversprechend, weswegen ich has given Lampe bestellte. It dies war jedoch ein Fehler. Die Verarbeitung gives Lampe ist like schlecht, dass ein StĂŒck, beim Anbringen, abbrach und sie danach nicht mehr montiert werden konnte. Demnach kann ich Quotes Helligkeit nicht beurteilen, gives ich sie nicht in Gebrauch nehmen konnte. Rausgeschmissenes Geld. DafĂŒr investiere ich lieber etwas mehr und habe auch eine Lampe, Die ich in Gebrauch nehmen kann.
4 / 5 Sarina
Ich habe drei Kritikpunkte Dies beim the stand gives Technik heutzutage eigentlich einfach nicht vorhanden heart sollten:
1. Given 'neuartigen' Klemmen (werden dipped Druck statt has dipped kleinen Schrauben geoeffnet/geschlossen) halten die Kontakte nicht wirklich und sind brauchen recht viel Druck zoom Oeffnen was Put of data erschwert.

2. It gives Mechanismus a Data Lampe auf die Halterung zu klippen funktioniert schwer, gives erschwert the since it Dips zumal die Kontakte sich ja jederzeit wegen 1. loesen koennen.

3. Meiner Meinung Gives groesste Mangel:
Quotes Lampe gibt ein hoerbares Brummen von sich was keine meiner vielen anderen has DIRECTED-Lampen macht, ist gives ein Sicherheitsrisiko? Wurde Yesterday ein Transformator falsch dimensioniert?
Ich finde nichtmal eine Moeglichkeit beim Verkaeufer nachzufragen Was gives the ist!
5 / 5 Blair
Gefallen Hat mir die Helligkeit give Lampe. Of the Anbringen One gives Zimmerdecke ( beim Einklinken in data Halterung ist ) ist ein Geduldspiel. Of the Einstecken give Stromleitung klappt dipped gives mitgelieferten Gebrauchsanweisung ohne Probleme. Ich Cube begeistert und kann gives Teil gerne weiterempfehlen.
5 / 5 Allison
A sich ist has given Lampe gut und erfĂŒllt seinen Zweck wie gewĂŒnscht. Leuchtkraft Etc.
Ist allerdings schon meine zweite Lampe. Die erste Lampe verabschiedete sich bereits nach 9 Monaten und zwar gab is scheinbar einen ErmĂŒdungsbruch gives Material gives AufhĂ€ngung. Sie Hangs nur noch one gives Kabeln. Ich habe wegen Gives Erleichterung Give AufhĂ€nges give neuen Lampe wieder Quotes gleiche Lampe gekauft. Bad schauen ob is eine Ausnahme War...
5 / 5 Jacki
Optimum An installed turn. Suitable luminosity And sufficiently cold.

I first days has given operation felt to fry he transformative, my afterwards is spent.

Install it is Almost impossible Gives alone, and a bit uncomfortable.
In each chance, quotes he price, an optimum product.
4 / 5 Isobel
Trotz Gives von anderen Kunden beschriebenen Problemen habe ich mir auf Grund fehlender Alternativen zwei StĂŒck gives has DIRECTED-Leuchten BKL1173 (24W, 33cm) gekauft. It gives it has given In meinem Fallen fĂŒr KĂŒche und Flur bestimmt waren, war ich von vorneherein bereit, ein leichtes Brummen zu ertragen.

Gives ich bereits 3 StĂŒck almost baugleiche Models von J&C betreibe, welche absolut kein hörbares Brummen aufweisen, war ich doch sehr gespannt. Und Was soll ich sagen: leider zeigen BEIDE gelieferten Leuchten ein nerviges Summen im Frequenzbereich 366 - 500Hz. Durch eine Smartphone-Application 'Audio-Spektrumanalyzer' kann man zwei Summits in diesem Frequenzbereich gut feststellen. Die lautere haben wir gives Flur gehĂ€ngt, die leisere in data KĂŒche.

Put ist kniffelig, aber nicht unmöglich. Die Leuchte ist Schutzklasse 2 und benötigt daher nur Außenleiter L und Neutralleiter N. Die Helligkeit ist wie von meinen J&C gewohnt gut und gleichmĂ€ĂŸig. It gives Kunststoff macht einen sehr billigen Eindruck solange Quotes Leuchte ausgeschaltet ist. Eingeschaltet Man nicht mehr reinschauen. Mehr gibt Is dazu nicht zu sagen.

Leider Hat sich gives Service von BK-Licht nach fast 14 Tagen nicht auf meine Email-Anfrage wegen dem Brummen/Summen gemeldet. HĂ€tte gerne gewusst, Was give Grund fĂŒr has given QualitĂ€tsmangel ist.
4 / 5 Susan
Fast unmöglich zu montieren. It gives unser Kabel aus gives Decke recht kurz ist, ist is some unmöglich die Lampe a data Decke zu bekommen.
5 / 5 Colin
Gives mechanisch anbringen gives Leuchte ist einfach: zwei Löcher Bohren, DĂŒbel reigns und the place gives Schrauben befestigen; it has dipped Klick hĂ€ngt die Leuchte!! Soweit Well.! Of the Question ist gives Herstellen give elektrischen Verbindung!!
Ich benötige A Data Kabelverbindung herzustellen zwei HĂ€nde, eine a data Klemme one gives LĂŒsterklemme herunter zu drĂŒcken und dies andere Hand, a give (die) Kabel has given Klemme zu stecken. Nun mĂŒsste Quotes Leuchte ja frei im Raum schweben, a data elektrische Verbindung herzustellen; it gives of the Kabel ja aus gives Decke kommt!!
Also ist zoom halten gives Leuchte eine zweite Present erforderlich! Abschließende Bemerkung: bevor Man etwas verkauft, sollte man alles unter realen Bedingungen geprĂŒft haben!!
4 / 5 Dina
Quotes Lampe ist brutal Hell und ich finde Sie fĂŒr gives Badezimmer sĂșper!
Speziell beim Rasieren sieht Man durch die helligkeit jedes einzelne Haar, was bei Warmen Lichtquellen nicht immer gives Fallen ist.
Ich als nicht Elektriker konnte Quotes Lampe in 5 Minuten installieren. It dies wird ĂŒber given 'klick-technik' gut umgesetzt.
13Watt Stromverbrauch ist durch the data has DIRECTED angemessen.

Gutes PreisleistungsverhÀltnis.
5 / 5 Shawnta
Quotes Helligkeit ist sĂșper, there was mentido sich schnell anbringen nur leider ist given Verarbeitung sehr billig. FĂŒr Gives Geld kann Man aber nichts anderes erwarten.

Kann Man kaufen muss man aber nicht