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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
This controller is awesome. No quite like this as well as my old 1210 east but going back to the east was easy because this thing is like this magic. Occasionally it has not fallen up with Serato but unplugging and plugging has retreated an USB wake it up. Material more than the Serato subject.
5 / 5
Angefangen habe ich vor Gut 15 Jahren dipped gives Marke Hercules und gives DJ Consuelo MK2 und habe nach einigen gelungenen Actions ein Upgrade auf gives damalige First Modell „4-RMX“ gegönnt. Leider kam Quotes Jahre danach kein Gerät mehr auf gives Markt was given Qualität und gives Preisleistungsverhältnis gleichwertig war... bis heute!

Gives Inpulse 500 erscheint im Vergleich zu seinen Vorgängern wieder hochwertiger und schwerer. Of the kommt vor allem durch Quotes Metallplatte im Mixer, die ausklappbaren Standfüße sorgen für einen stabilen und trockenen Hochsitz :-)
Die Regler und Cushions fühlen sich wertiger a und haben ein angenehmes Feedback. It gives Pitchfader Fast Of hat keinen Widerstand aber gives war bisher bei allen Hercules Modellen likes und ich habe mich will give bereits gewöhnt. Für Quotes Feinjustierung ist is trotzdem praktikabel.
Ein geflochtenes, sehr stabil wirkendes USB Kabel liegt neben einer kleinen Drives dem Gerät bei.

Wichtigste Looks sind für mich außerdem gives separate Mikrofon Kanal und gives To the IN. Die To the-Sektion hat einen Filter, gives give Ein- oder Ausfaden von gives externen The one who einfacher macht.

Gives the creation gives Controllers wirkt im Vergleich zu andern Controllern in giving Preisklasse sehr übersichtlich und aufgeräumt. Einzig Quotes Beleuchtung hätte für meinen Geschmack von gives Leuchtstärke etwas heller ausfallen können. It dies ist aber bedingt dadurch gives give Strom nur über USB fliest technisch nicht besser lösbar. Im dunklen Clubraum mag Gives Ganze nochmal heller erschienen als im Streaming-Arbeitszimmer ;-)

Ich nutze gives the controller dipped Virtual DJ statt has dipped dem dazu beworbenen Softwares DJUCED und Serato und cube sehr zufrieden gives alles dafür nach einem kleinen Softwareupdate darauf abgestimmt wurde.
DJUCED (Was kostenlos als Downloads von Hercules dazu angeboten wird) werde ich mir bei Gelegenheit trotzdem einmal genauer anschauen.
5 / 5
The Inpulse 500 has surpassed in every aspect. Created for Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED to help Initiate in the DJing, refinar yours skills and treat in front of public, DJControl Inpulse 500 has a professional creation with a robust dish of metallic support, and battery of functions geniales: four extensible legs/retractable any deslizantes to elevate your mix, a mezclador hardware for the entrances of audio, some Filters to describe/FX cements with impressive effects, two big jog wheels with tactile detection to line, 16 tampons RGB of hule retroiluminados, drive luminous useful to mix with total confidence... And much more.

Can included mixes with services of streaming of music, that incorporates million clues, like TIDAL and SoundCloud GOES+ in Serato DJ Lite, and Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK and Qobuz in DJUCED.


I Filters to describe/FX the leaves customise your together with the available effects in Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED. Included can combine you the action of the filter in an effect in DJUCED!

Mezclador of integrated entrance in hardware: the broken To the leaves of FILTER adds an effect of filter in a source of external audio (smartphone, reproductor multimedia…) — independently of the software!

DJControl Inpulse 500 has 8 cm of height with his long cakes. It elevates your mix: it leaves to spend the Bosses down and protects the controller of salpicaduras of drinks. The Base retroilumina when the legs are extended.

Fed by means of USB, the DJControl Inpulse 500 has the master starts that precise to connect your speakers (2 x jack of 6,35 mm + 2 x RCA), two connectors more than auricular (mini-jack estéreo of 3,5 mm + jack estéreo of 6,35 mm).

Is simple to mix manually a clue in another with drive them luminous BEATMATCH DRIVES, those compatible edges so much with DJUCED as with Serato DJ Lite.

Connects your microphone L the entrance balanced and uses the Big wheels EQ and Down EQ to regulate your voice so that it listen clearly when you are treating.

The Assistant of intelligent Music (IMA) of DJUCED suggests the following clues more appropriate that reproduce of the musical library and also of Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK.

Actuate the Assistant to execute Autoplay in Serato DJ Lite

Rule easily the amplitude of the crossfader according to your Musical fashion. It uses the Transmission to twist to change the curve of crossfader directly in the controller (mix, lining or desactivado)!
4 / 5
Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 is he new controller exited of the sud Italian market in the July 2020 of the homónima Hercules, an of the first costruttrici has given controller for DJ. The Inpulse is a controller 'All In a has given fascia meso big the planned coverages, conceived to favour he passage gives a level amatoriale 'fourth', announce a professional level 'external' has submerged spent to the exhibitions in audience. Built With a structure In metal very robust, with a professional and intuitive creation, classical of the professional consoles. Endowed has given piedini estensivi that raise he the piano has given support that lights with lights has directed.
Filter to describe FX with so many effects, Jogwhell capacitive for the scratch, and 16 tampon RGB retorilluminati in hule, has Beaten to vary drive, Beatmatch drive – Planned luminous indicators that consent you has given mixare kills traces in manual way, key Sync, Visual Bookmark that indicates traces it master that is turning and all he work to optimise he mixaggio. Among the entrances A comfortable gone in microfonico balanced, canal To the ambedue with seen-metre and control volume and filter in console. It transports fed the studio undermines usb, works with the planned software in endowment DJUCED and Serato Dj Lite. Surely He better Ad of controller an optimum price. ADVISED
5 / 5
For my estimativas of the quality is the best that Hay in the warehouse.

I the use with Virtual dj 2021 and goes of luxury and totally configurable everything until the colours of cushions the and demas chorradas and the to show saturacion in start of micro or in the entrance that has to that connect another device in rests of chance trabao the pc is A lot of CUP.

Said it estimativas of the quality does not have rival, any one arrives to the height of the controllers but CUP but does not remain bronzed down.

ENCANTADISIMO With his and his details like the legs and lights down and demas.
5 / 5
A mark, a sure guarantee.
Of the historical Frames the sin gives when it did he Deejay 30 years ago, that any one can argue, does this generates has given produced gives always, is this sweats negotiates of core is that does with maestria, egregiamente. This Stimulates 500 afterwards, is concludes it been born has given house Hercules, good-looking, technological, effective, functional with a ratio quality/price without eguali.
Consistent dimensions And next functions to the Consoles has given DJ has given world-wide fame, important underline the precision has given each only control, the feeling is without some doubt that has given Console has given very main fascia has given price.
Useless And discounted add that the joint without thinking an instant has given more.
5 / 5
Sews to say..... Optimum product..... It is The best console of the the fascia has given price has given €300.... sbaraglia The competition.... It works With serato dj has In container serato dj lite and djuced an optimum proprietary software free has given was for the one who affaccia in the world of the for the dj more all the one who do fault to exhibit was Impulse 500 at present is he better controller ratio quality-existent price sud !!!
The amazon come always precise and punctual in the deliveries!!
4 / 5
Have bought it to substitute my Pioneer DDJ-SB3 dope to have read 1000 opinions all entusiastiche that dipped Hercules Stimulates 500 coming he better product in the sweated fascia has given market/price. It has data sure he is mine...
Respect Was my old SB3 there is a lot of sewing More my surely also something less:

- Optimum constructive quality and robustezza
- generous Dimensions and space for all
- Piedini that allow has given to pose the console
- optimum endowment has given entrances and starts
- commandos has given to him focus traces

- scarce illumination: the intensity of the illumination is feeble (TAMPON the part) suitable has only data night/will be and a lot sews any sleep retro lit surrendering like this as little 'comfortable' uses he was to the dark that in full day.
- Cross-fader Any blandísimo... For the one who amours the scratch could prefer the SB3.
- Mapping Any esaustiva with Serato DJ lite (any this is he key to maintain he bell when you modify the speed - BPM of the trace) - Say was better with Serato DJ Pro mine any have had the way has given to try.
- Lacking has given effects has given transition that instead present dream with the Pioneering DDJ SB3 and often swift comfortable/dream for transitions more elaborate.
- Scarce ease has given installation and impostaciones. The DDJ-SB3 connect it and use it... I Promote it 500 it has had to that install sweats engine and regulate he latenze of the engine ASIO (with the parameters has given incumplimientos the console has has given delays that surrender it almost inadoperabile - seats riardo among receiver and pauses and CUSHIONS them any sleep quite reattivi to work alive. MINE A turn regulated all goes perfectly.)

Surely A good-looking console that probably gives better with him proprietary Software DJUCED or Serato DJ PRO.

Concluding, spend Gives a Pioneering DDJSB3 Hercules Stimulates 500 you can perhaps remarked that is spent gives a model the level of entrance has the data initiates to the Cup has given gamma has given Hercules that embezzles in the same fascia has given price.
4 / 5
Has purchased this after seeing a lot of descriptions and comparisons on 2020 'DJ Controllers down 300'. I am satisfied w/ a compraventa and the technology of Hercules sustains the one who gave the hand promptly to demand, and has solved my subject. I have bought this of Keepdrum, and in general a delivery of them and the amazon was also utmost also.

A pair of pros & gilipollas after possessing he for 2 month:

PRO: A thing 'looks' expensive. The majority of friends those who has not been familiar w/ a mark and the model have thought has taken something the upper row likes them 500 of euro around. Similarly some @@@knob and sliders has attractive and control well a same time.

PRO: A device foldable the legs are of sound. It is really the shame this characteristic is not the level by means of all the controllers, but there is a do one sure that the drinks that loss around a device has not touched a device at all.

PRO-ish: Sync Laws well, although you owe that do sure to modify yours has beaten grilles previously to of the this for better effect. I seat it likes him he is the tiny has bitten worse that says Traktor S2 MK2 or 3. 'An aggregated Beatmatching the functionality of drives is well to learn while I know that it is doing.

PRO: Well to have separate mic and To the FILTERS.

WITH: I wish it always shipped w/ Serato PRO. Serato Lite HAS no reading direct key [ can deduct he of a wavegraph calms w/ a colorcodes] and any bpm reading. DJUCED Is the well quite software this in spite of, but has sure of odd bugs that can run you to the each one once in the moment, dramatic swimming.

Am expecting to use this for years, and think that is the good investment for that.
4 / 5
First of all say that the controller is one 5 /5. It is a marvel and concealed that for now it used it little.
That Any one convinced so much, of ahi the 4 stars is the compañia to transport DHL.
Penoso And shameful.
Has to that be the house of Friday and say that Any house of era when it is lie and today the lunes are expecting again and notify me that I have to that go to look for.
Sinned but commentaries.
Cela If, repeats, Promote it 500 brutal!
5 / 5
There was Roland dj202 and has to that it says that the level has given constructive quality are announces another level. A lot Good-looking, keys and tampon ultrà reattivi and buttons a lot for a level of entrance
4 / 5
Any opinion find his Youtube is to 100 exact, for real the best of has sweated it fascia!
4 / 5
Ossia He 3 controller , the another has had some failures, but for the another the controller is a past and is a lot of chula, recommends it, now give cane!!
5 / 5
The truth that the product is a past , and everything arrives in of the perfect conditions and in the planned date, now amuse he of the.
4 / 5
Was so only that expected. Arrival very fast and act very good
4 / 5
frankly a lot well , simple , effective , intuitive , and touches lucida quality of reward very good ! Lucidos I edges is a lot well , discovers full of functionality that the games a bit have to join excellent logical of utilisation . And it Draws glorious !!!! .
Of my Point of view so only is missing the incursion of connection in XLR and a capot partorisca protect or joins housse ( of another side pas simple finds he in this dimension) .
5 / 5
It has arrived before the date of delivery and in mint condition.
4 / 5
Expected partorisca break, a lot very produced malgrés retards... A lot of very useful and simple Option taking he in main.

Top Customer Reviews: Numark Party mix II ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
The desire has bought 2, one 20 year olds has struggled like toddlers the one who has taken partorisca the use!
5 / 5
Auf Gives Seite steht alles auf Englisch, ein Accounts Login ist gives irgendwie nicht möglich, ich verstehe quotes sprache nicht. Wenn ich Has extended auf Die deutsche Fahne drücke, gibt is keine möglichkeit sich anzumelden. Nach mehreren Versuchen musste ich jetzt aufgeben.

Top Customer Reviews: VONYX Mobile DJ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
An element has arrived today. It is simple to build.... Well, partorisca one the majority of part.. At least until you are looking for to insert the ray to the hole that does not exist ! An upper surface is attached to a two support of leg that use 4 rays, one in the each corner. These rays spend for a cup of a surface, down by means of a cup of some supports and calm attach the @@@knob of ray partorisca arrive to this point and presionarles up. But in my element, one of some holes does not exist ! .... And I needs partorisca be the square hole partorisca prevent a ray partorisca turn, otherwise will not be able of the presionar. Still with all some really have presionado rays on, a unit can swing lateralmente near. Ossia Simple the defect of drawing - does not have any appearance of a creation in situating to prevent this. In the Then have a little upper table. Again, in spite of fully presionando some rays, will move of accident to right (looking directly on a front), and the calm look can a lot of anything in of the this. A welding of some leaves of joints of metal to plot partorisca be wished. A stalk in of an upper table is not directly, neither is a cup of table has attached his. They are not the DJ and yes has looked for something sturdy partorisca take on a street from time to time, this is not the. Where Are by train partorisca use it, will suffice. I will spend the bit of the time and the endeavour that he surer. Once it is in place, are by train partorisca expect it will be well. In all the chance, maintains the imports is not with the accuracy done, is not sturdy, can not have all some holes have done partorisca some rays, but in an on side, is black.... And the one who does not like black!
5 / 5
More to good sure ANY VALUE of the money. Fraction In traffic, unable to take parts of substitution, like the chairs there is so only downed bounce he of whiskey. When it Is built sustains to a backside still although I have turned some feet in a backside second the one who will go. It feels a lot of flimsy. This in spite of will take he in my local university (when they reopen) and take some boys there partorisca do me one. Unfortunately I owe that give the star but could would give it the BIG thumbs down.
4 / 5
This produces arrived in my house and gathered it to knots. It has had roughly you are or seven dents in him. It is sturdy partorisca build but a presentation has not been he so that it would owe that it has been when it has arrived with me thinks it can be be use before.

Is cost to plot of money partorisca return it but I have not wanted to have this big well is looking object in my house.
4 / 5
Is decent and sturdy so only down the fall has found, a frame in some finals are fill with silicone, of good summer to see them dipped some discharge of finals of the quality in the, also some zone of acute flanges has said on, averts of those looks a place and that love it to do, has my keyboard in an inferior and pioneering discharge sb3s on layer
5 / 5
weighing 19kg this product is robust and adds for the purpose has the permanent location for him. Because of the weight is not really portable. Taken roughly 10 mins to dip joint a first time.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to he for my studio of house, looks well, sturdy and easy to assenble.
5 / 5
If any of you r thinking roughly buying these products plz no, the worst that a kkk in django film desenfrenada with some holes of the eye in a wrong place trust 🤣🤣🤣are not joking neither
5 / 5
is solid and easy to dip up. Delivery a lot fast. The service adds in Electromarket.
5 / 5
A lot quickly arrived, a lot happy to use it and comfortable to touch my insiemi.
5 / 5
Has dipped an element on entirely that follows some directions and I have verified is one same like some photos on. This in spite of, my table of coverage slants before (for some reason) and been due to of the this, when it was djing speakers of mine slid of a table and has broken. I have maintained that it has to that move behind and then a time has not looked and was too late. No the good table and would not recommend .

Top Customer Reviews: Numark DJ2GO2 Touch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Thank you, thank you Numark partorisca east adds small artilugio like the looks & act like this a lot (if any better) that any big name or produced partorisca measure there.
Is in fact wrong to describe this controller like the beginners' dj artilugio.
Is so only very practical & far easier that use that other controllers which can be too complex.
Im An old school dj & has used vinyl, Cds more a lot of different controllers that has to spend you the a lot of hours that learns.
But this Dj2Go2 took so only the pocolos small partorisca comprise & less than ten minutes, the mine that mixes has has had to that repente is resulted 100 perfect.
Im Very a lot the scratcher so that it is not really of entity of mine but a bit those that tentativas has done has touched impressive.
Im Sure can do the pertinent lining am spent the little more the days that practical but to the equal that have said on, line is not really of entity of mine.

These works of controllers like magic with Virtual Dj2021 which already has 'Dj2Go2 Touch' frame in him.
No well with Serato - which is suggested likes software partorisca use with him.

Leave to explain.
Has found Serato eats in that has too many thank you & of limitations. Has has had to that also downloads two another third software of party with Serato.
There is remarked then that Serato refused partorisca do if I have not been connected to an internet.
With Virtual DJ, sound one fast download & is & on the dot partorisca go (on or off-line).
With Virtual DJ, has a lot of options & different ways partorisca see or roll by means of files of the music but which is the question in Serato.
In Serato, your files of music are showed according to an alphabet & thats the. This presents the nightmare when looking for your next tune.
But with Virtual DJ, can included dipped on your screen partorisca see your prójimo five tunes for Bpm, Gender, period, artist, producer, date of emission, popularity etc.
Virtual DJ also warn you if you mistakenly try upload the song to the player that already is that it touches the song.
With Serato, yes do such the deception, a song will upload & immediately begins to the touch & can images the one who bondadoso of the question that can present in front of the enormous crowd.
Virtual DJ also warn you on that time or when hard touched a tune so that it calms of the that makes a mistake partorisca repeat the song.
Can go in but enough for now.
5 / 5
Ich Cube sehr zufrieden place dem Numark DJ2Go2.
Verwende Is sowohl zusammen place eine IPAD Pro als auch dipped einem MacBook Air. Funktioniert Dipped beiden sehr Gut.
Dipped als Anfänger reichen Given Funktionen vollkommen aus, zusammen place djPro AY give perfekte Gespann.
ich habe inzwischen mehrere Private parties gerockt und werde oft gefragt ob ich zur nächsten Celebrate zoom auflegen kommen möchte :)
Für mich given kleinste aber coolste the box gives Welt :or))