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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Want to of the nail, a battle has been lost. Partorisca Want to of the soprano, the castle has been lost. This could as 'easily' has been the register adds, up there with a Kertesz and a Haitink of mid-60 east and mid-90 is respectively. Fischer And Budapest stand out FO is like this as well as you would expect and is given the pure-DSD register partorisca match. Just sample a 5th scene of door and a studio of Bluebeard realm partorisca listen manager, orchestra, engineers and music in perfect, stunning agreement. And a Bluebeard of Laszlo Polgar is a lot very too much. It can not erase memories of Walter Berry (partorisca Kertesz) and can begin uncertainly but he and his build of voice to a function, by means of an enigmatic to a relentless to a tragic.
A fly in an ointment is Judith of Ildiko Komlosi, the one who to sounds likes him at all so as the half has aged squally shrew almost of a principle. In a sixth scene of sounds of critical door like the hectoring harridan same before she my-suppositions Bluebeard the secrets and his then continuous voice in still portray not dreading but petulance. Of his competition comprises a radiant, pure half of Christa Ludwig (with husband of real life Walter Berry, for Kertesz) and an intelligent, questioning innocence of a van of Sophie of Anne Nourished splendid, his action so only is not a lot enough. It can be Hungarian, but concealed a lot automatically Judith. Sadly.
So that it listens to this to register add and fine actions of Fischer/BFO and Polgar but bears in importing that a frustration of Exc losing so only is included more adds that a frustration of daily mediocrity.
4 / 5
One is the recent production of Bartok work and a value that has.

Top Customer Reviews: Love And Despair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has given Absolute Ausnahme Stimme ist versetzt gives Hörer damit ins jeweilge Geschehen oder sieht quotes Bilder almost vor Stimme ist kraftvoll,intensiv,lebendig,leidenschaftlich.Männlich markant und höre Has given CD an in andre Welten einzutauchen.
Is ist immer gefährlich und geborgen finde has given Sänger einfach grandios.

Top Customer Reviews: Bartok: Bluebeards ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
In 2014 half American-soprano Michelle DeYoung has sung Judit in the action jointly of Bluebeard Castle with a CBSO down Edward Gardner. It is glorious, combining intelligence, passion and fearless flange – the feat repeats here. His compatriot John Relyea is the sonorous in bylines-toned Bluebeard, no like this biting like this some Slav down but a the one who the convincingly romantic husband partorisca his youngster fatally inquisitive has promised. A heart of this work comes when a fifth of the seven doors of a mysterious castle is opened. Of the uses of work Bartok the main orchestra and here he unleashes the to spectacular effect. On disk, undressed of scenic effects, a music is everything . A combination of Bergen Exc of players, Gardner masterly pacing and a Chandos engineers' the expertise rid a perfect musical frisson. A global action – sung in Hungarian with a Prologue spoken for Pál Mácsai – is excellent. A booklet of quality comes with full libretto and translation.
Norman Stinchcombe

Top Customer Reviews: The Stuttgart ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
When I have bought this, was $ 38, and takings the cycle of symphony of Schumann of integer , Beethoven initiates complete, Tchaikovsky complete continuazioni orchestral, the fascinating disk of religious symphonies for Honegger and Britten, and the smattering other things, American and Romantic.

Has begun with a Mahler disk and has thinks that can also there is flushed mine $ 38 down a basin. Partorisca Direct Mahler, Marriner so only is not your type. All a dignity and the heaviness of Mahler evaporates in Marriner fashionable dance of the approximation. Included an engineering of his for Bernhard Bauer in this disk has contributed to a global impression of dullness. Felizmente, is not an engineer partorisca register on all some disks (so only that one and a Bartok a).

One Schumann disks is surprisingly well.
5 / 5
Excellent churns That this coffret. The orchestra of Stuttgart is excellent and Marriner directs a repertoire that knows good but that the poseridad the occulté. It directs this orchestra among Celidibidache and Norrington that finally fixed well the Horizon stylistique. Bolt of direction, with a lot of nobility, that does not go to his extreme and shows very attentive to the dynamics, to the balances and especially to the clarity gives lines. If it love his contrechants, this coffret is the games in fact !
The Best : 2 disks Beethoven with giving start and give pieces of circumstances. Excellent consecration Of manacles it example of pair. A Beethoven a lot of haydnien and apollinien but this goes well with this repertoire.
Glorious Integrate them Schumann (but a lot of schubertienne... ) With guinda Of the sud lucido twisted the symphonie Zwickau (inachevée). Edges charnu, dyed, light.
Total tarpaulin equally in his continuazioni of Tchaïkovski that Sent perfectly to the direction of Marriner.
Surprised well : Strauss that clear of some the transparent edges. Excellent attainment in Boxes the Espiègle. Likewise it joins 2nd of Rachmaninov without pathos, with a lot of disposal and of boats. At all idiomatic but that like for the listen like this has touched !
Bartok, Britten and Honnegger is Of good bills but a chouïa décoratif. The beauty gives the colours spends it to the sud the urgency of the tongue
A lot good-looking 4th of Mahler that there also goes well with lucido boss but ternie the pair has joined soprano that no a the carrure (M. Shiraï, More known like mélodiste).
Quite stray, His Gerschwin and the American music where lucido the boss is too gourmé, too noble. Excellent provision of Cécile Ousset in mark. Like this at least 7 excellent disks, qq complementos thrilling and 3 disks dispensables.

Top Customer Reviews: Choral Works for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
BEAUTIFUL CD of choral music, the heart is very good and to the compositions has-liked me a battery. Partorisca Mine a discovery.
5 / 5