Trend Basmati Rice

Top Customer Reviews: Tilda Gluten Free ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Collene
Any economic, but that the rice of quality adds. It looks that the frames the economic plus has sold as 'basmati' can be adulterated with other types of rices, but with east is that it is taking.
5 / 5 Darrin
Am giving this 5 so only because it Prices the rice is excellent. Any insurance in a gluten free has bitten. My woman is the coeliac and declares having laughed of normal Prices partorisca years without effect. As any Tomb is producing laughed of gluten partorisca justify this or touch the with.
5 / 5 Malcom
Liked a fact that arrived it quickly and was described like this that.
5 / 5 Claudie
I am giving this 5 so only because it Prices the rice is excellent. Any insurance in a gluten free has bitten. My woman is the coeliac and declares having laughed of normal Prices partorisca years without effect. As any Tomb is producing laughed of gluten partorisca justify this or touch the with.

Top Customer Reviews: Tilda Broken ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Zelda
A rice is in of the tiny pieces. Lovely test but has found that read more calm to treat it collars that baked of collars. It has dipped a quantity required in the casserole partorisca boil water and simmer partorisca the pocolos small and take them a casserole of a heat but leave a rice in a water of cookery until extending and then drain and rinse, or the cook in stock partorisca the variac. In flavour. We use it to us they like him the variac. The rice and also buy a grain along partorisca have with our recipes of usual rices. Partorisca A prize is an excellent addition to the day partorisca eat of day and partorisca gluten and transmissions of grain of free diets partorisca collars of collars perfectly.
5 / 5 Chastity
The rice likes described, has used he partorisca Biryani so that it was really good. There is the lovely texture and flavour. It goes well with curry, the uses Partorisca laughed have fried, that the rice has boiled. Basically it uses this rice Partorisca any fish of rice except risotto or the sweet rice but I think it would do Partorisca the rice of pudding like this recently invernadero laughed of sweet coconut like the dessert announced in the local shopping centres that eats zone. Partorisca A prize is validate really good . I need read a description likes BROKEN basmati is declared if no of the one who complain when takings whats has announced. Rid before it has expected will buy again. Some some grains are broken does not annoy me or my family tries adds.
4 / 5 Gita
These are Basmati the pieces broken and is announced correctly.
When it Wants to have add basmati laughed daily, but does not want to spend the fortune in grain along, ossia the perfect alternative .
The container has arrived quickly
any complains like this far, will buy again.
4 / 5 Jackeline
In the bed those leading descriptions has been expecting them the sub regular product. But it is exactly to the equal that has described. So only I can think that that they have given the bad descriptions had ordered without reading a description. The flavour adds!!
4 / 5 Macy
The averages the cup of these really goes the long way, these are laughed of crack and when cooked has been light and fluffy.
4 / 5 Ike
This particular batch of broken basmati in my opinion is very old and any fresco at all a colour is yellow and brown any aim when the calm cook does not have any flavour and the starts likes same crumb with less than watering
5 / 5 Margert
the rice is quite milled down, but yes cooked properly, servants his purpose. Need to be careful with percentage of waters to add while cooking.
4 / 5 Ricki
Good value.
Can take the while taking used to the rice broken but is the good compraventa
5 / 5 Diann
This rice is a subject absolute and delicious test. The only recommendation is to use the cookery of rice likes help to take a rice so only perfectly cooked without being soggy or undercooked. It is a lot I last to cook in the stove without overcooking like this that the rice is broken.
5 / 5 Shandra
Ossia Light and easy to digest. There is no diffrence is among a grain of normal whole rice and this broken one. It is well for daily use. Utilisation an integer Basmati laughed for special dishes or of the special occasions.
4 / 5 Marilyn
The prize adds enormous and quantity,,cookery quickly,that is not partorisca like
4 / 5 Ellamae
This product is wrongly has announced. This is not a Basmati laughed partorisca do dishes of rices. A product is milled the very small pieces ​ and not returning partorisca cook dishes of rices.
4 / 5 Synthia
This rice is the lovely product adds that I use partorisca feed my dogs but also is a lot enough to use for our lunches looks more like collars of collars this in spite of as it is broken grains .
5 / 5 Chrissy
First time have tried the rice broken, sad is not for me
4 / 5 Scarlett
there is at all to disturb in this product, cooked quell'today, was lovely.
4 / 5 Judy
Has arrived inside a time, and Prices Quality like this usual - pleased
4 / 5 Contessa
Delicious. A texture in a palate is not quite like this a lot he like this whole Laughed Prices - but still pleasant. A subject good and an excellent election for preppers ( 10 servings for kg ossia 200 servings and costs so only 9.3 pence to do fault)
4 / 5 Darron
We enjoy each dish and bowl, fantastic , very partorisca all the lunches with Rices..
5 / 5 Jack
An aroma and flavour partorisca Register the rice broken is surprising. A shipment has arrived very first of a delivery has estimated. Strongly you recommend to buy this product and vendor.
4 / 5 Annetta
Ossia That have received partorisca this Produced, llamas this Basmati laughed??😑 . I love my money partorisca be repayment my Account. Bad product.
4 / 5 Jenice
His broken basmati laughed. Which is not mentioned in a title. The title of product is quite misleading.
This in spite of the product is of good quality . That The rice is good and fluffy, frames tasty biriyanis (So only a beauty of basmati lacking be the grains broken and no long).
4 / 5 Preston
The rice is quite milled down, but yes cooked properly, servants his purpose. Need to be careful with percentage of waters to add while cooking.
5 / 5 Christinia
These arrivals like the mush when cooked like this of the grains arent broken is more like all some leftovers out of a car partorisca order swept to the stock exchange ,more like measure of collars of collars ,the flavour is good but the would not buy again

Top Customer Reviews: ( 20kg Pack ) Tilda ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5 Karleen
It likes description when I have bought this was the little misleading is in fact partorisca 2 10 kg stock exchanges very very packed in the box of big map. Exactly a same quantity so only the little extra packaging!
Prefers Imposed of more basmati frames; partorisca those no familiar with him takes the soft aim fluffy laughed after cooking. It is softer that a lot another basmati mark. If you prefer the rice slightly harder then this is not a mark partorisca you.
Partorisca An ease partorisca have it rid and a down side ossia the no brainier. Except lugging stock exchanges of rices behind some tents.
Partorisca These unfamiliar with stock exchanges of big rice, these can be animal sealed and use the cup of metal the excluyente out of a rice.
5 / 5 Sterling
A rice are add, always take east a. BUT, a rice has been rid for Yodel in the box of map and so only when they open finds that an interior of stock exchange is remained in the pocolos places and that the rice was that they comprise everywhere during a paving of cookery as we have lost probably the kilo of rice there. We would owe that the to the knots am returned but the clean to knots on like this more could and places he to ours pack own. It has estimated it likes 5 of stars but partorisca Yodel tentativa in touching rugby with a container.
4 / 5 Bernie
Exactly to the equal that have expected, and there is rid promptly
5 / 5 Syreeta
A compraventa well! Have to that be I am persisting it returning client!
4 / 5 Frederica
Been using Tax partorisca my delicacies, more roughly is that it do not stick near like other types of rices.. An aroma is fab.!
5 / 5 Soon
Big stock exchange of rice. That more can want to. Registers is the mark adds. More economic That buying 2 10kg bands.
4 / 5 Sharice
Is good qualities and some better basmati laughed, easy to cook.
5 / 5 Kayleen
4 / 5 Edmundo
laughed well his some basmati laughed good smell and good services
5 / 5 Janae
4 / 5 Marvel
a rice arrived with the stock exchange broken. It averts of an inconvenience, is difficult to know a rice is a first Tax basmathi laughed that it pay partorisca or the substitute the economic plus.
4 / 5 Belinda
Any all the rice is one same and a lot all Basmati the rice is one same. Ossia A better quality Basmati the rice can buy.
5 / 5 Kyong
Produced to the equal that has announced. Punctual delivery Any question anything.
4 / 5 Larissa
More than just the stock exchange of rice. Registers is my familiar and my partner.
Initially the panic has bought is like this splits of Virus of Crown lockdown preparations, but like the days are spent of longitude in the bonded and has begun this only report.
Am not planning on eating it he so that it was cruel and unfair his. Instead we have deep significant situations, start and film of together clock.
Is day 7 of a self quarantine, has lost 4kg and my stomach is doing odd noises. But have my Tax for my side. We will take on. Near Stronger.

Top Customer Reviews: Tilda Wholegrain ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5 Alycia
The quality adds like this always of Tax.
There is scrapped eating to the white rice likes him the part of touches to eat - when being the Asian rice is the staple in our house like this always buy in 5stock exchanges of kg. More economic That some supermarkets and there is rid directly to a door, as any unnecessary lugging around. The guests of recent dinner have commented in those abonos a flavour was also. Continuous buy of here and this before emotional vendor (while competitve with supermarkets Any one hikes of massive prizes)
4 / 5 Lennie
flavours A lot well good consistency. Always it prefers to pay extra partorisca this rice how is like this good. Usually it is expensive but buying this big stock exchange the fact abordable. I took it felizmente when it was in special offer partorisca first members. It is trace in pricing now, but still good value. A stock exchange is resealable with the cup of zip fastening. Look was partorisca he when being in offers again
4 / 5 Anjelica
has bought this product the while he the stock up. Unfortunately it is too late partorisca return, as I have to launch it was reason is not edible. Has the smell of row and is mouldy (that believes is carcinogenic). Has of these products included is available in a same prize of some supermarkets some big plus. Absolutely I will not purchase never this again of this place.
5 / 5 Ellen
Like brown basmati the rice adds has the very low effect in sugars of blood. This mark is a lot of tasty, any need to drench or anything, so only the cook a calm same way any one another type of brown rice.

Some brown basmati the rice has the a lot of 'grassy' try which does not find with this mark. The quality adds, the prize adds and last partorisca months!
5 / 5 Lelia
I like a quantity of a rice. The flavour adds also.
5 / 5 Hye
Good rice. Like the tax has expected produced a better rice. It was partorisca order more. A prize could be slightly state more economic this in spite of. Supermarkets like this Asian sell them in the prizes go down a lot of.
5 / 5 Kimberlie
A rice is delicious, a stock exchange is easy to use (resealing is easy) and fulfils all my requirements. Fallen the alone star this in spite of so that that the rice has been captured among one 'tear here' section and a plastic zip that has meant went it everywhere when I opened it. Otherwise Adds.
5 / 5 Garland
Loves This Rice, Much Healthier that it is First Aim , the flavour adds, In general the Compraventa Terrific, A lot Appreciates the
4 / 5 Mervin
Excellent quality laughed brown in the resealable stock exchange. Long use for date.
4 / 5 Ria
There is rid punctually. Amur A flavour. It has said enough.
4 / 5 Johnetta
Flavours a lot well good consistency. Always it prefers to pay extra partorisca this rice how is like this good. Usually it is expensive but buying this big stock exchange the fact abordable. I took it felizmente when it was in special offer partorisca first members. It is trace in pricing now, but still good value. A stock exchange is resealable with the cup of zip fastening. Look was partorisca he when being in offers again
4 / 5 Racheal
like brown basmati the rice adds has the very low effect in sugars of blood. This mark is a lot of tasty, any need to drench or anything, so only the cook a calm same way any one another type of brown rice.

Some brown basmati the rice has the a lot of 'grassy' try which does not find with this mark. The quality adds, the prize adds and last partorisca months!
4 / 5 Vaughn
Has purchased this product long with amazon the a past and in my opinion ossia a better and will be to buy more in a future thankyou Amazon.
5 / 5 Shante
Ridiculous priced would not consider never buing again tear of
5 / 5 Lucilla
Economic and upper quality the brown rice. It can a lot of gwt this in of the supermarkets.
4 / 5 Byron
This rice is full to flavour so that it tends partorisca he has like of the side partorisca fish or flesh. A better part is that it remains 'when giving you' still a next day, how is perfect partorisca the lunch has packed.
4 / 5 Brandon
Amur Basmati, ossia an excellent a! My family has been using this a partorisca the long time and will continue to do like this. The value adds partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Kali
Lovely rice. Now very expensive. Much more economic elsewhere.
4 / 5 Gudrun
Better brown rice. Flavours quite different. It is the bit stodgy but likes them.
4 / 5 Georgine
I produce partorisca add and much more economic that buying the smallest stock exchanges of your local supermarket.
4 / 5 Maida
When Some containers have arrived some containers has been rasgado bit it. But it was well. A rice was a lot also! I am rid also quickly also.

Top Customer Reviews: Tilda Brokens Rice ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Karrie
Well, it is rice broken in fact . I really thought of this type of rice is long that is broken perhaps his no like this bad. But it is really like broken the few pieces. It is economic and is because of that. To to The Flavour likes him the rice but could dip you was cause of a texture and like looks. Almost close to couscous.
5 / 5 Margherita
produced Really well can be used in the wide variety of plans,this in spite of raisin is one prices flavour. The excellent value thanks
5 / 5 Amos
This rice is a lot fragrant and for the lunches familiarised is the value adds for money.
Service of excellent client also.
5 / 5 Marinda
A title is wrong - I has bought 10kg of Broken Basmati Laughed. It is branded Tax. My family likes broken basmati so much that has had to that buy 10 kilo as it can not find any 4 or 5 stock exchanges of kilo anywhere. Like the pocolos fellow will benefit.
4 / 5 Karole
Has thought was the good mark , pre-ordered for appx. 40 less but entirely disappointed as it is not broken so only, some grains r also much smaller in measure... I NOT saying test like this as well as any Tax broken, likes waste of money
4 / 5 Somer
Produces really well can be used in the wide variety of plans,this in spite of raisin is one prices flavour. The excellent value thanks
5 / 5 Samual
The prize adds, to cooks and of to the the flavours likes him-him the rice broken any one! To good sure recommend

Top Customer Reviews: Tilda Pure Original ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Sandee
One of a better in a phase, and on prize of half supermarket in 10stock exchanges of kg. That is not partorisca like? Also, it maintains partorisca always store in this mythical 'fresh dark place' that very there is anymore there is prendido of houses of build with undermining.
4 / 5 Edra
Once is intoxicated to a calmer can not have according to better.
I prices is some big better bosses in another.
Does partorisca surprise, aromatic Pulao, biriyani , payesum, that the rice has fried
5 / 5 Dianna
is Coming quickly looks well and the good prize ticks all some boxes
4 / 5 Rheba
has Arrived punctually. Lovely rice like this always. Cooked and then maintained in Bath Marie partorisca 1.5 hours until the curry for big party has been ready to do fault. The grains am remained separate
4 / 5 Yulanda
Genuine Basmati the prices produced and arrival like this promised, much easier that buying of the tent and tugging house! Shopping again when he finsihes
5 / 5 Omer
A stock exchange has bought is in fact still sealed as I did not open it still. But it finds Basmati is usually of confidence as there is absolutely any worry in a product at all.

Top Customer Reviews: Wholefood Earth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Caleb
Apparently the rice of good quality with the good flavour but of the recommendations the cook would have been preferred without that has to that appeal to the book of cookery or a Web partorisca an information. Laughed that it is apparently identical but of the different frames can require vastly time of different cookery; some recommend the a lot of the times drench after the fast rinse while another suggests several rinses and draining among- has produced etc concrete-has related the instructions would have been gains. Any rinse another that to take any grit etc, spent to boil with enough to water to cover and the little salt; simmered for roughly 28-30 minutes and looked WELL.

Other alimentary products have been previously purchased of a mark but any of them were laughed.
5 / 5 Lucie
To good sure can try a difference of rice of normal variety. Ossia nutty Flavour with the lovely smell and texture. One of mine favourite upper. Having to that mix 200ml with 100ml of organic aim basmati and has left the simmer in a stock flavoured organic. Lovely 😊
4 / 5 Josiah
Laughed of quality very good.. The grains are softer that another mark that has tried ..
4 / 5 Roma
A lot tasty laughed and is gone in the degradable container that is very good to collect alimentary waste.
5 / 5 Latoria
Laughed of quality a lot well, fast delivery, good prize. Perfecto.
4 / 5 Brandie
Has bought this rice hace2 month A expΓ­ra to the date was 03/10/2020 andI has wanted to cook some yesterday (03/12/19) and have some worms in him
Ossia foul
1year before expΓ­ra
love my money for behind
4 / 5 Alexandria
This is to be buy the few weeks in to close down and I suspect has found some old bits of rices in a backside of the humid cupboard to the equal that would run out of a good material. Test fusty, mouldy and old. I have eaten some in desperation (and trepidation) and the hot curry means calm does not take a musty flavour, this in spite of come from it to him on his own is inedible. Once the supplies are of tower in a sΓΊper the phase will be to launch this material was!
4 / 5 Yaeko
I flavours am cost. Just need to cook it bit it longer that a white rice that adds more the water has required yes whilst the cookery was. Election sΓ£ also
5 / 5 Henriette
I like this produced partorisca savoury and sweet plans. Material of good quality, cookery well.

Top Customer Reviews: Tilda Pure Basmati ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5
Value really very partorisca money partorisca a quality of a rice unfortunately because of the condition of health has inner diet very limited a moment and that the bowl of the rice boiled in a morning and the bowl of the rice boiled in an evening and ossia has taken fed up with buying a rice of some tents that dipped in my cookery of steam and it exiting all the sticky load of starch and generally so only simple horrible and this was still after calm washed it while it was dry but this rice can take directly of a stock exchange has dipped he in my cookery of steam 34 minutes later and has taken my ball was and have the piece of gel a form of mine bowl of steamer in my touch of stuff he with my fork or the spoon and the only falls averts any starch any rice of just flat cloudiness of quality of the pure test cooked to perfection wear with other frames literally would owe that vary a X I cooked a same product with different stock exchanges but this a compatible east all a time highly would recommend it and has been in this diet now for almost 4 month and I always used to moan in a rice but this material do not hold me of is almost like this as well as you were in a country he eating his rice directly of a good field pond would owe that say and a new Ziploc that has had the additions to a stock exchange takes all an air out of a stock exchange for attentively bending it on until a rice is same with your scene of priest and then so only bend an upper until I can pull a zip by means of and almost creates the vacuum still focus take me roughly 8 weeks to take by means of the 10 stock exchange of kg but while taken an air was and the up tight zip a last Cup of the rice of a stock exchange is like this well like first cup and another thing there is remarked is when takings to a calm fund does not have everything of this powder that look to take with other frames to good insurances some better 10kg bulk stock exchange in mine 50 years that has found a lot so only for value for the quality does not take me calm bad can take more economic but then tries more economic but is also free gluten and while your wise on like the calm maintenances can any gone wrong was before has has had to that the eat daily and has taken to be sincere can not expect until I can eat the steak again but going back to a first point when we use it to us so only a normal cookery has has had to that 10 stock exchange of kg that probably hard is USA 4 months and I stand reasons says so only take an air out of him sure calm seals it and is like this fresh an arrival of day so that it was when calm opens he
5 / 5
A tasty light basmati laughed, love this rice and a house of delivery was professional, well packaged arrived sooner that has declared
Well has pleased all round to the equal that comprises a prize as thank you
5 / 5
is my pleasure to write the description for such lovely, crisp and laughed pure target. I love it and a texture is incomparable of any one another basmati the available rice in phase. After trying several frames, I finally prendido in Tax. I have purchased some green containers in Indian and blue containers in Londra for my daily use. I have cooked this rice in cookery of rice and as well as for traditional method of Indiana (cookery in boiling water and draining was) there is not any a lot of difference for any ways and a rice is white cleaned and pure. I have created enormous plans out of him comprising Biryani, Jeera laughed and Kashmiri pulao. So only I love it on and on again. Not being any odora after using he of refrigerator, the next day and a texture remains same and each grain is separated after cooking of any stuff or a simple rice he. A packaging of rice is also well, a zip is good option to maintain a fresh rice. And I use out of an original packaging, without transferring all the contents to another box of storage.
A delivery was also good and fast. A box of map has had the habit of maintains a rice and any question at all. Everything are add, as I do not have any complaints of mine compraventa of Amazon. Btw, In of the terms of prizes, sound the subject I supposition. :)
5 / 5
All the world in my rice of amours of the house especially Basmati Laughed and all love Tax Basmati Laughed and reason has the full house of piggies take a big stock exchange like hard longer.
4 / 5
Is not pure Basmati laughed,the stock exchange there has been the 60 :40 grain Along and Basmati Laughed,as no like this described.
5 / 5
Produced of the valve adds, and free delivery with Prime minister. Always we take perfectly cooked rice with Tax.
4 / 5
A compraventa adds if yours in the estimativa and wants stock on, an easy stock exchange last the alone man month the stock exchange adds of rice to see calm for the good while! Included It Has come with an extra 1kg
4 / 5
the rice had spilt in a packaging the bit of the slightly open zip but a lot enough to concern in apat of these looks of product a lot
4 / 5
That The rice had spilt in a packaging the bit of the slightly open zip but very enough to concern in apat of this product looks a lot of
4 / 5
Loves this rice l has it all a time with my lunches.
5 / 5
Value very good and saves heaps on buying in a supermarket! Zip Very convenient upper stock exchange.
4 / 5
Loves a rice but bad managing before or during boxing still onward the transport of mine has caused the hole in a resealable, airtight stock exchange . Such the shame
the good products deserve careful managing.
4 / 5
Are very pleased with this rice. A lot of tasty and hard really long.
4 / 5
4 / 5
the tax is to good sure one of a consumer 'big' better rice. This pure basmati is very light, fluffy and full to flavour when cooked properly.
Has bought this exact product of here 3 times a past year and will continue to do like this. It is the good prize for material of good quality.
A stock exchange is also very strong and is returned with the good handy zip-focus.
5 / 5
The rice adds in the prize adds. Although you are ordering this stock exchange of big measure, then take it. Has is the own focus , as that the rice can be maintained well and dry. Arrived amiably packaged, which do not boil .
4 / 5
Competitive prize ,delivery very effective and sure packing . You register it it is Always be for me and my familiar a better rice in a phase.
Easy to cook and delicious flavour and enough adictiva also .
4 / 5
The woman insists in Rice of Tax. Ossia Until his normal level. Nuf Has said.
4 / 5
It uses the plot of the rice and he Register basmati is for far a better rice in a phase. A prize partorisca a 10stock exchange of kg is fantastic - Β£5 more economic that has found anywhere more, and free delivery.
5 / 5
The value adds partorisca money, sΓΊper fast delivery, will be of tower partorisca more!!
4 / 5
In that tried that the number of another basmati the prices of rice remains my preferred. It exits cost a lot very taken a 10KG behind.
4 / 5
Still think that Grave does a good plus Basmati the rice can buy. This stock exchange of rice is suitable of a mark, cookery well and an aroma, texture, and the flavour is as to any one. Glorious!
4 / 5
liked a fragrance of of this rice, is easy to prepare and I like a look has finalised.
4 / 5
Excellent prize partorisca measure of stock exchange. Unfortunately any date of death on container, and also hoards of zip fastening has been roto.un the stock exchange has been sealed this in spite of.
5 / 5
Basmati Is a better rice,fluffy,soft,fragrant and among a basmati, the tax is a better.
5 / 5
Laughed excellent with the good quility and am them pleased with that , the recommened that to all the world, thank you :)
5 / 5
that shines to be able the bulk spent like this, good value for money.
Thank you Rey The commanded again aims
5 / 5
Excellent service, produced excellent. Any bhesitate recommends.
4 / 5
Excellent delivery. Brilliant prize and 1extra kg free

Top Customer Reviews: Suma Brown Basmati ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5 Rashad
Have swapped Partorisca aim the brown rice for reasons of health. It takes the little more with a longitude partorisca cook but has more edge. It looks partorisca have the nutty flavour, certainly very like this bland like white variety. I will be partorisca buy more when ossia almost gone
4 / 5 Bernice
laughed that tries well, and cooks until the abonos nutty textures, any all soft and sticky likes roughly the white rice polished
- unfortunately will not repeat never this compraventa, like this bad dark ash sludge that regime and rock of insiemi-hard around a cup of a pot of cookery, any @@subject that a lot I pre-rinse, is the really bad place-of
4 / 5 Rick
Neither bad neither the quality adds and a lot that can not buy of a tent of corner. Besides a prize is trace for Β£.
5 / 5 Tandy
Does not leave Me never down, good flavour, value etc. That it can say it? Amur A product.
4 / 5 Fredricka
Tasty In everyway all an advantage of wholegrain but a flavour and texture of basmati unbeatable! Also it is 100 the dry a lot half cooked he so that hanged more etc amazing prize for a quantity really!
4 / 5 Earnestine
My preferred of brown rice now.
Ordered it a lot of time and will continue to do like this.
4 / 5 Evalyn
Brown laughed in France means laughed target that has the little bit of brown in the like this to take this lovely stock exchange of pertinent is tasty Basmati there is rid is the wonderful luxury. We will buy more.
4 / 5 Albertine
I have meant partorisca buy a rice of organic whole grain and somehow finalised with east a. It is well, need to be a lot drenched for advanced, has included at night taken a casualidad ,
4 / 5 Josie
has used this produces now partorisca some time & fing is a lot well,in fact a lot sure can be bettered. Shopping again & again,very good!
5 / 5 Wendie
A lot of tasty; included my boy, the one who any usually like brown rice, is not complaining roughly that. You recommend by all the world.
5 / 5 Consuelo
Tasty Brown basmati laughed. Cleaned - there is not founding any debris in him - and of the cooks easily and quickly after drenching partorisca 30 minutes or so many. It tries it!
5 / 5 Craig
Fantastic value partorisca money this rice is. Payment almost Β£ for 500g in my local health alimentary tent!... oh,And it is absolutely delicious also btw!!...It does not doubt, so only buy!
4 / 5 Mamie
These brown lentils am a lot of tasty and to be able to buy to the for elder with the free delivery of Amazon is sum. An element of cupboard of fantastic tent, uses him to do Indian Dahl and also to add to stews, casseroles, curries and soups. The prizes add!
5 / 5 Latesha
Good quality laughed brown, need the bit of the drench of course but results in relatively of soft rices with the bit of the bite, would buy again
5 / 5 Kerri
The fresh brown lentils wonderful. The prizes add partorisca this quantity. Typical quality of Sum.