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4 / 5
A tongue is English but with the subtitle in another tongue can not taking like a film really desagreeable partorisca look
5 / 5
A fantastically filmed version of some first Indian disgusts (or Sepoy mutiny according to your view). A music is breathtakingly well. Acting is excellent. Masters that.
5 / 5
Each History, Politician and the student of Economy would owe that be aimed this film. Has lessons of entities partorisca all the world. Aamir Khan Confirmation his place like this probably one the majority of actor of entity of his generation with a understated the full action partorisca be able to and integrity. Rani Mukerji Has not looked never more beautiful and is growing like a actora in the each one one of his films. I am looking forward to that it sees his Londra Dreams'. Toby Stephens also dips in the fine action like British Agent. A piece consulting, this in spite of. Mark calms sure also looks one has has deleted scenes as they tie up many of some loose ends have left dangling in an end of a film. This film is triumph it partorisca a Yash Raj studio that there has been sucedido in extending some limits of the as it marks the Bollywood film once again. It is also I triumph it partorisca Bollywood in general that continues to augment his audience by all the world with film that attaches like this one.
5 / 5
This film is 2 things immediately. It is the historical document that succinctly goes to a core of the period that has importance so much to Indians and British. Also fantastically I portray a bond among the sepoy Mangal Pandey (a soldato Indian that struggles partorisca some British)- Aamir Khan- and his British agent- Toby Stephens.
Some chances are in that is informed to as the first war of Indian of independence. In fact it is not partorisca struggle against a British army and government but against a company of Indian of Is the one who there have been his own armies, corruption and aprovechamiento business big of a day. In my ignorance this has not been something has known roughly and without laboring any one aim they sketched some dilemmas these posed partorisca some Indians. It is in an end of a stranglehold a company there has been in Indian, when they have been substituted by principle of British government. Obviously a British government has not gone exactly some good types partorisca contrast like this all know and this has finalised also 90 years later.
Has a lot of things that impressed roughly this film. A script is tight and excellent. A cinematography is glorious. A soundtrack for One.R. Rahman Is in his big level of Exc.
Is the particularly good mix of British and Indian. Often this sacrifices a culture or another and stereotype. No east a. Some the British actors are plus end and speak like British (in place of the odd stilted English with the odd sentences often go in films of Hindi). It is also a lot the film of Hindi. Has actors of upper Hindi throughout (comprising the romantic edges smaller with Rani Mukurgee and Amisha Patel, with Kiron Kher like the boss of brothel) and related for Om Pure. Also it has to that sing and the little dance in context. When A British tongue to some Indian tongue in Hindi (and does not look for the be baptised neither).
Now both Aamir and Toby is absolutely glorious. Aamir HAS all a charisma required partorisca a function and Toby is not so only an attractive party partorisca he but can do a compassion and the heat have required also.
Is not so only the 'to the left is partorisca take a British' neither. There is sympathetic that worries British agents and and the daughters of the agent. He also footnotes in brief like this splits of a plot like a British has spent some compassion with them arrived a that burn of widows in the funerals of his husband pyres.
This is not melodrama but fantastically rich textured portrait of complexity, heart, dilemmas and the utmost comprising of the period in history as well as Indian culture.
This of course has violence in him but is not unrelenting bloodbath to the equal that has asked me roughly when that taking. It is mostly on some human and dynamic interactions of a situation, time and a friendship.
Usually prefers my lighter of the films but I was impressed like this for this one is to 5 same star although it is hardly the happy little piece!
Elsewhere in a Coverage tends partorisca value on half (eg 8 out of 10). Has Has challenge his historical accuracy esatta - included questioning that the one of the hero Mangal was - especially to the equal that can have been under an influence of opium that intensifies emotion when it incite rebellion). They say in a that begins that have fleshed he in the bit and taken some liberties here and there. Partorisca me Although it still develops a time, one achieves of a company of east Indian and a texture that has taken place it. Like the costs of history partorisca look in his own right- although his just partorisca a bond among some 2 men.
4 / 5
Lyrical, Historical, musical. The colours are utmost, Toby Stephens a lot like this usual. No the film adds but want to it.
5 / 5
Well, Of course, when being the Bollywood this film is splashing with colour. It looks fantastic - any marvel because one of his episodes have been used in the history of Michael Bevuto of Indian. Equally it can be used in an of ads of numerous TV partorisca 'the Incredible Indian'.

Still, in fact, ossia the black and white film , done in of the better traditions of Chinese propaganda or Soviet film. Partorisca Dip it simple, all Brits is greedy, lying, cruel, drunk, whore-fond baddies (averts of Toby Stephens, of course, the one who agrees me Jane Marries in Vietnam), while all the Indians are proud, sincere and humane - was when they are burning asked - or be 'forced' partorisca grow opium - or same when treating sati.

BTW, are not the Brit.
5 / 5
5 / 5
This film is part of my mothers history familiarised. The view has balanced well of chance like writings in some books of history.
5 / 5
The wonderful film but such give it do not dip subtitles in of the disks of prizes b ecause would want to know that it is saying
5 / 5
the entertainment Adds!

I thoroughly there is enjoyed this film, in a sense that there is enjoyed some adventures of Sandokan, a Tiger of Malaysia, in my now far infancy. I have taken it likes him to him a film of adventure, loosely or no like this loosely based in the true history, and expected it partorisca be a lot of pro-Indian because, well, after all is an Indian film .

Has been surprised partorisca listen that strongly the people felt roughly that. Some Indians have think that an image of Mangal Pandey had been demeaned. Some Brits, or Anglophiles, took it like this the-sided attack against British principle in Indiana, and some descriptions are full of commentaries partorisca and against a Rajh.

These are, so that well, my thoughts on that.

A film is good entertainment and is extremely a lot of fact. Besides, I did not think that it it was that black & aim. True, a film is critical of a British, and he correctly done a point that has grown opium in Indian of the sell to a Chinese ... The tip of gun when a Chinese emperor has tried piece him. A film also tip the number of cruel British agents, which in colonial time was the frequent occurrence. And a film aims that has had the bar by heart, something which can not be denied.

Still, some Indians are not distinguished like this of the pure victims. Gordon, a British agent well, in fact succours the widow partorisca be has burned ... So that tip that in an Indian of a time some locals indulged in some quite barbaric material. In fact, an Indian Mutiny, enturbiada or this in spite of call it, was caused in some measure for reforms that some British tried partorisca present, many of the like the positive looks of today of point of view.

I expósito Mangal Pandey hesitations, and his loyalty to the army of a Company of east Indian, endearing and historically attentive. Had, before and after a Mutiny, the deep bond of friendship and mutual respect among a Sepoys and his European agents. To the Friendships like that of Gordon and Pandey was of frequent some first days of some British in Indiana, but for a time of a Mutiny the reports have had result further. A mensahibs had arrived and the social agreements have restored: 'Fred, calm can not have native mistresses, goes partorisca drink with your men, persecution a tiger or go shooting Afghan partorisca sport in a flange'. So much, Gordon and Pandey' the report was scarce in 1857, but there was common state in a @@@1700s.

A description of a film can not be an academic description of a Mutiny or of British Indian, as it was both fun and bemused for some commentaries. But if another has commented, as it can I!

True, so only the minority of Sepoys is mediated, and a Mutiny so only could be supressed reason the majority of soldate Indian is remained loyal and struggled partorisca some British. A Mutiny was certainly more than the mutiny, but far less than the for real national war of independence.

The nationalism has not been developed these days, and if some British has run Indian partorisca like this long with like this of few troops and of administrators, is reason ran it well. Of course, they ran it his advantage, partorisca his own purposes ..., And Indian prospered under British principle, is reason the thriving Indian was in a British interest. Partorisca Some Indian masses, some British was so only a race of plus (the cup a) and his conditions am not resulted any worse reasons a Company or a Crown have substituted a venue Maharaja or has influenced. In fact, it has been contested that the British principle was better that that was to go before.

A debate, this in spite of, is no longer pertinent. With time, some villages of some world-wide preferred partorisca have his own rulers, good and bad, in place of foreign rulers, irrespective of his merits or failures. This is to spend a lot so only in a colonial world, but also in Europe. It takes a Austro-Hungarian empire. Some 'Few Dictators' that is coming to power in some states of successor (the exception was Czechoslovakia ) was far less benign that a Habsburgs!

So much, the national consciousness has developed later ... And the independence done unavoidable and with him a glorification of A Mutiny. There resemble it that has been little glory in a Mutiny, with both sides indulging in of the atrocities.

Am not sure if a fact that some cartridges have been greased with the fat animal has been tried with certainty. It was partorisca interest to know, but ossia also an academic point. Those subjects is that this was to believe amply partorisca be a chance, and was a spark that has ignited a rebellion.

Last but much less, there is enjoyed a lot the conversation among Pandey and his interest of amour, the lady of a night. It say that the Indian men despise reasons sells his organism to a British. But Pandey, the soldato, sells his organism and soul. That, prays, a crown thinks to know that very has to do to remain in gainful corporate occupation??!!
4 / 5
Before it begins dissection of mine of this epic, left so only adapt you an image Bollywood has in a west is 3 now films longer with more than sequences & of dance of the songs then action or real narrative and little storyline, if ossia your image of Bollywood I strongly advise you partorisca look this film. A Historical epic based in some evens and real people, this really pauses a mould of your film of typical Hindi.

Some centres of history in chance in 1857, during British Principle of Indian. Many historical think that a movement of Indian Independence has begun here, almost 90 first years of Indians has received in fact his independence of British principle. We begin a history be presented to a centrical character, Mangal Pandey (touched brilliantly for Aamir Khan, the native sepoy (frontline soldato of British army) doing partorisca a Company of Indian of Is in behalf of a British Raj.

Begin the strong friendship with sounds partorisca command British agent, William Gordon (touched for Toby Stephans), partorisca save one the war with Afganistan. A history accelerates of here presenting to a way of life a Sepoy bolt, totally loyal to a diet of companies, loosing his tradition and culture. When A Sepoy is is request partorisca use the cartridge of the new gun greased with a fat to put & of cows (against some religions of both Hindu & Muslim) his all face interior of conflict, goes against his heritage & of faith or spend on partorisca follow some 'companies' regulate?

When Gordon promises his fellow Mangal that some cartridges will not break his faith and is not greased with fat animal, Mangal believes and trusts his fellow but also warning if some facts are dud and a rumour is true burns a whole company down to an earth ! Calm has to @give you when yours that looks this spectacle these really past chances, and the Indian was under a principle of a British the one who has used on 300,000 native Indians in his armed regiments partorisca control some Indians sub continent under a fist of iron, and has promised to always have his better interests in heart. When Some surfaces for real in these cartridges of controversial gun, Magal Pandey explodes and the mutiny begins inside rows of a sepoys, a fast of informative propagation. A film there is roughly idyll also with Magal falling enamoured with the local prostitute has assumed to like some soldate British, and his partner Gordon fallen same partorisca an Indian daughter.

A film is very shot and has good narrative, can not be by all the world is cup of the tea like this is not yours regulate bollywood or was hollywood film of type, and a music is to good sure the besides point of mine especially a song partorisca headline soyangal,a, Mangal, a, Mangal'. Again this will not be to all the world is flavour especially when a spectator is trying sympathise with a plight of some Indian people so only partorisca see some song of the characters burst into and the vibrant colours have launched everywhere, but ossia Indian cinema to the equal that owe that take used to I, and has loved this appearance.

In general does not think partorisca touch a cross Atlantic film that bridges of the empty among the American & Indian films wants to be, that tries to please the Indian & western audiences is difficult especially in the historical context, but he the good work partorisca be the serious artist and gave to good sure goosebumps and me proud of my heritage.

Bollywood I film are an experience of flavour , and although this is not technically he bollywood film with 70 of a dialogue in English, and less resonance to a spectator without the Indian roots still is the a lot of entertaining film with looking an alternative
5 / 5
Like the information centre and @@subject in fact: some cartridges have not been greased with pig or fat of beef. A British was very conscious of religious requirements and there was careful state to use other fats. The rumours fail on some cartridges, with suggestions that some deliberately tried British to destroy religions and a sepoys loses race, has been extended for agitators.
This in spite of, a mutiny would have been averted if a commander in a something had not been foolishly insensitive and has ordered some men, in parades, partorisca bite some cartridges, imprisons it that no.
A mutiny is resulted the rebellion, taken up for feudal rulers those who has seen it casualidad partorisca recover his power. Foul atrocities had perpetrated for mutineers and for at least one of these feudal rulers.
Is mutiny, the rebellion or the war of independence has been limited to the minority of a subcontinent.
Yes, with which was suppressed had savage reprisals at the beginning (but so only to rebels and ANY exacted the women and of the girls) but these were ordered quickly partorisca cease for a Government.
4 / 5
After being retarded little time, a timing of an emission of this film couldn&x27;t is more perfect state, so only two sails an Indian I-Day. Any Aamir Khan the film is always asestada fwd to and results more vivid is looking on celluloid after the empty of four years. It adds to this, another name Ketan Mehta the one who is India &x27;s more critically the manager has acclaimed. And partorisca top all this, the subject historical of Mangal Pandey-the prime minister crossed of a first war of Indian Independence.
The Indian history has assisted of the innumerable martyr, whose names are forgotten easily or has not mentioned never. Such people&x27;s need of sacrifices more than just mentions he in pupil&x27;s books of history. You go in a lot such names is a name of Mangal Pandey.
Ossia The film where the fiction fulfils the real history dipped in 1857 AD when &x27;Company Raj&x27; dictated a fate of people in of the Indians subcontinent. In such time, the brave sepoy Mangal Pandey in british the army decides to go against that there is invaded an earth in the first place and then dulcemente all upto some souls of this when a prime minister never mutiny arises and the new page is added in a history of fight of liberty partorisca both Indians & British.
Aamir Khan Touch Mangal Pandey passionately with the complete conviction. His eyes, his skills, his global presents partorisca go further partorisca complete his onus like actor more than shining&x27; it sees around. Toby Stephens excels Likes William Gordon the one who cross one the majority of the difficult street where finds constantly in tatters goes in to to the things like to them the duty, friendship, loyalty and amour, but finds consolation in a company of Mangal Pandey the one who is the fellow of for life. Mangal And Gordon&x27;s the interest of amour is pleasantly etched for Rani Mukherjee(Heera) and Ameesha Patel(Jwala), inspite partorisca be there so only partorisca &x27;attracting-audience/commerical-sucedido&x27; method. But such cinematic liberties are excusable help partorisca augment a film in in all the chance.
A film&x27;s the attention to detail is immense and surfaces visually very strong. &x27;S Music doesn&x27;t looks partorisca be his best or probably a rarity of songs&x27; the situation fails partorisca create that musical impact, but &x27;Mangal Mangal&x27; the song is the something -on to a @@subject and a centrical character. All some scenes among Aamir and Toby is the delight partorisca look . Toby doesn&x27;T fails partorisca impress with his acting or his Hindi-that lines of pause. Aamir&x27;S Increases of action with each frame uptil achieves a summit in an end courtroom the scene where surpass all some perimeters of just when being an actor a plus end around, but dips clearly in the class of the his own.
After Lagaan(film very strong) & Mangal Pandey, an Indian filmmakers would have to that think of the subject more substantial partorisca resist a global audience in place of only trying capitalises in Indian before independence. This is not partorisca take was anything of a movement of independence, but knots&x27; it sees to come the long way of this phase and his time partorisca aim that, without that has to that cater so only to a lot &8216;Bollywood&8217; (song& bundle, coloreado & the cloths has drawn strongly, overflowing emotions, insiemi enormous) fashion fond audience. These factors can do or sea the film depends that of course they take absorbed in the script of film.
While looking this film have deterred of any hype or the expectations that surrounds it, but still this locates so only shouted upto the likeable and so only-partorisca-Aamir mark of film, when it can and has to that&x27; it sees been much more.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Rural Indian fields with occasional splashes of a grace of city a film, like this do corners of good camera and the blacks and white film which is surely an art of another era (1960) - no the bad thing at all. Some of some songs in a film are well. Occasionally a film tugs the bit and is long in 2 hours. The scrolling of DVD is acceptable partorisca an age of a film. It is presented in the format of full screen and there looks partorisca be the bit of cropping in some flanges. In Bengali with English subtitles.

In of the terms of content, the drawback partorisca me is a film embroiders melodramatic, found mostly in Khuki is occasionally overdone martyresque expressions. Admitted is spending a weight of his whole family financially with his work, while his brother sings in some fields waiting for his big start in other two years, his fiancé that does investigation partorisca his university studios (until it takes the work ), and with his father and the mother have incapacitated. Probably it has been all a powerful plus without his tinge of melodrama in a part of Khuki she, but like the film openly proclaims partorisca be such the film, this does not have to that it has come like the accident. Overdone Acting or any this in spite of, his life is not an easy a.

Khukhi, A protagonist is more attractive that his a bit garish the youngest sister, the one who Khuki the promised fallen later partorisca, and that hurt all a plus when it takes the good work also. Calm can not blame entirely this in spite of. It is the young man . Originally Propose the Khuki the one who prefers to expect other 2 first years to leave his familiar to join his, and partorisca maintain in winning money to the equal that will sustain his own familiar - his brother certainly a lot he. Part of a fault then would look the lie in Khuki own elections. If at all more, I think that that this film promotes the sense is of feminism in this one can learn of Khuki deceptions - if the deceptions were. The looks of inferior line partorisca be this ambition partorisca yours own life and selflessly that bolt partorisca another very always meshes perfectly, like this shows of films in excruciatingly slow detail one first good half of a film. It looks partorisca choose on any to a last piece. 3 star is partorisca a value of entertainment of a film, any so much an art of one that films like main estimate. Partorisca This I adds an extra star. Work of camera and @planting @subject, coupled with effects of his only, and an occasional genuine sense of the pathos dipped this film in the besides normal category soyelodrama'.

A DVD has the extra pair courts that comprises the brief look in a manager, Ghatak (a contemporary of Satyajit Ray) and some lives of time in, a partition of Bangladesh of Indian Bengal. A history has been shot around Calcuta and perhaps some foothills of some oriental Himalaya.
5 / 5
A film is based in the second-comment melodramatic novel, which you read with tears in your eyes, but forget a next day. Reason, there is at all extra-normal in a storyline. So only it relates a history of our daily defeat, so only augment them partorisca a sake of a melodrama. But after seeing this film, calm can not ignore a cry of a female protanist, his face, his like this-called acrifice' partorisca just maintains some things that movement in a lower-near of half class-arrive more. Ossia The trace of film with symbols of typical Bengali cultural half, which is sometimes too weighed to comprehend. This is not the film that can be enjoyed. In fact, it conceal it is not a purpose of a film. If you really enthusiastic to know in a reality of any third-world-wide country, calm then would owe that see this film.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
It wants to More! Has one 2007 Opposition. Because it is not there 2017 and 2018 Opposition of Song? Because so only 2007-2008 and 2009? I love an opposition that I seen that bolt in Hawaii.
Then receive the saying to note has any one issues anything? Please contact me? May! There is any allocution to contact you?>
5 / 5
My woman and I am wanted only look, listening to this good-looking music. A tongue is like this lovely to listen, and a devotion, toil of a students and faculty an inspiration. Aloha. John