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1 first AMhomely Women's Sexy Lingerie Lace Teddy Bodysuits Nightwear with Mask Underwear AMhomely Women's Sexy Lingerie Lace Teddy Bodysuits Nightwear with Mask Underwear AMhomely
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2 Fishnet Bodysuit for Women Sexy Lingerie Teddy Babydoll One Piece Romper Sexy Ladies Mesh Babydoll Lingerie Underwear Nightwear Sleepwear Bodysuit UK Sale Clearance Fishnet Bodysuit for Women Sexy Lingerie Teddy Babydoll One Piece Romper Sexy Ladies Mesh Babydoll Lingerie Underwear Nightwear Sleepwear Bodysuit UK Sale Clearance AMhomely
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3 best JIekyoi Women Velvet Lace Lingerie Underwear Teddy Bodysuit Jumpsuit Sleepwear Flannel,Ladies Splicing One-Piece Sexy Underwear 0105A104 Wine JIekyoi Women Velvet Lace Lingerie Underwear Teddy Bodysuit Jumpsuit Sleepwear Flannel,Ladies Splicing One-Piece Sexy Underwear 0105A104 Wine Generic
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4 Aranmei Sexy Lingerie for Women Lace Teddy Bodysuit Lingerie Deep V One Piece Naughty Lingerie Snap Crotch Underwear,Wine Red,L Aranmei Sexy Lingerie for Women Lace Teddy Bodysuit Lingerie Deep V One Piece Naughty Lingerie Snap Crotch Underwear,Wine Red,L Aranmei
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5 EVELIFE Women Sexy V Neck Lingerie Floral Lace Bodysuit One Piece Teddy Lingerie Zip Up Underwear (Royal Blue Bodysuit M) EVELIFE Women Sexy V Neck Lingerie Floral Lace Bodysuit One Piece Teddy Lingerie Zip Up Underwear (Royal Blue Bodysuit M) EVELIFE
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6 Naughty Knot Body Bow Sexy Lingerie Underwear Valentines Ladies Bedroom Outfit Bodysuit One Size Red Naughty Knot Body Bow Sexy Lingerie Underwear Valentines Ladies Bedroom Outfit Bodysuit One Size Red Generic
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7 AMhomely Sexy Lingerie for Women Naughty Erotic Outfits Women's Sexy Lace Teddy Babydoll Bodysuits Nightwear Slutty Underwears Nightwear Sets for Ladies UK Sale Clearance AMhomely Sexy Lingerie for Women Naughty Erotic Outfits Women's Sexy Lace Teddy Babydoll Bodysuits Nightwear Slutty Underwears Nightwear Sets for Ladies UK Sale Clearance AMhomely
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8 EVELIFE Womens Sexy Lingerie Plunge V Neck Bodysuit Snap Crotch One Piece Lace Teddy Lingerie Underwear, Wine Red L EVELIFE Womens Sexy Lingerie Plunge V Neck Bodysuit Snap Crotch One Piece Lace Teddy Lingerie Underwear, Wine Red L EVELIFE
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9 CheChury 2 Piece Bra and Panty Sets for Women Lingerie Halter Bodysuit Mesh Nightwear Teddy Underwear Transparent Women Lace Bralette Set,Black,XL CheChury 2 Piece Bra and Panty Sets for Women Lingerie Halter Bodysuit Mesh Nightwear Teddy Underwear Transparent Women Lace Bralette Set,Black,XL CheChury
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10 CheChury Women's Bra and Knicker Sets Strap Lace Underwear Bodysuit Sets for Women Floral Lingerie Breathable Nightwear Green CheChury Women's Bra and Knicker Sets Strap Lace Underwear Bodysuit Sets for Women Floral Lingerie Breathable Nightwear Green CheChury
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Top Customer Reviews: Aranmei Sexy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Today I am quite lucky to be to revise Aranmei sexy tip bodysuit for ladies

Current prize the very reasonable £ and lovely colours, varying of blacks, red, green and blue

has chosen black but to be sincere, loves the all, especially blue and green.

So that the wise measure has taken the bet to the equal that has the organism along, in 59” and measures uk14 has chosen a XXL, and returns perfect.

A bodysuit helps flatten my tummy down and feels very comfortable.

A photo of the models is not that my bust , has to say, if I have presionado on a bodysuit, or loosened the. My bust is not small in 36DD and with the width behind fact my look of hearts has included main. If I have had the perfect figure then there is the possibility can do.

Am writing my description of me and of a perspective of the as my husband has thought on spending me.

In the first place I, are usually the big in lingerie, but know the measures can be a way or another, as opted for a X XL which am happy has done. A BS is extremely enough, with thin straps that can enhance it an access, loosen or presionar to return perfect.

Feels lush, lacy and has anchored black for a bust to be covered without being sees by means of.

Has a lot wires it down, and any tension to maintain a bust in, so only basic, any enhancement, and will require to press a bust in wheres comfy. If folds or piece, a bust will move, and in my pop of chance was. A coverage of the heart is not returned like this in 34C, 36DD. So has wide bust, can not return adequately to be comfortable. I am returned enough well with my measure, but any uplifted like a model.

A material is a lot well, and under a crutch is poppers to open, like this easily opened for a bath or sensuous intimate time.

Is returned correctly assumes some people can spend is gone in the prejudices was with the jacket is returned light, but would feel exposed with my jiggly bust.

Of my point of view of husbands that see in a bodysuit.

First of all has declared a bs looked extremely expensive around one £25-35 mark

When I have spent he for him, one of some things has said as ( does not want to be graphic) was caressing my upper half, has said a zone of heart was double skinned, as when lying down, as when his hand moved where has to that think that my heart was, has not been , a material was like this soft and silky, that has included to touch my fund, could very basically grab a material. I thought that it that it was hilarious.
Has said a bs was a better a have and that looked very good and sexy, has very bought expensive some and this one this better load, with a record and prize.

A stitching is a lot very

Very comfortable

Lovely model

would have given 5 but a lack of elastic to maintain my hearts perky failure so much in any existent. Another that the perfect.

Would be careful regarding sizing also. They are usually the big, but has gone the XXL that quell'was better. Especially locate if among measures or of the ladies with the main bust.

⭐️THANKS TO a vendor

⭐️ expects my helps of description you
4 / 5
This description is for an appeal and sexy looking tip teddy bodysuit.

This bodysuit among the election of 4 colours and the number of measures. I have received a black colour in a small measure to revise purpose. This has looked for to be a perfect measure for my daughter-in-law the one who is the measure 8 to 10.

A bodysuit is done of 65 Cotton and 35, is in the lovely lacey creation with the scalloped V-with the and straps of slender shoulder. Also it has the snap crotch that mark he much easier to go to a bath.

My daughter-in-law finds this lacy teddy bodysuit quite soft and comfortable to spend. It is recommended to be the hand has washed on-line and of the fresh water has dried.

In general this bodysuit is the sexy, feminine and easy to spend element of lingerie.

Thank you To read and expect you found my useful description.
5 / 5
Ossia In fact the really good piece of lingerie. It is quell'has bitten small in a boob zone and yes is anything more than the C that the returns is likely to be bit it tight around a bust. This has good piece like this still go you to the turn is the D but so only will not return some hearts also.
A cloth is soft and any itchy. This is cut very big in some legs like this if you are not toned and have the few extra pounds, goes to have flab hangs it down the little bit is the very quite garment, in the stretchy soft cloth.
5 / 5
Aranmei Lingerie of sexy Tip for Women (Black, S)
- A Piece Bodysuit Lingerie
- Deep V Teddy Snaps Crotch
- Naughty Bodysuit
quality A lot well, and a lot stretchy organism that access a lot well and is very comfortable to spend.
HAS very long and straps of Adjustable bra and snap crotch for easy access.
Does not mark and is light and thin.
Almost like the second skin.
Soft To a touch and feel. It is not itchy.
Returns a lot well and is right to a measure. A generous measure been due to his piece.
A zone of beast is shaped although it does not have inserts/inserts to resist a beast in situating if one is busty.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my woman and is very happy with him. It is tasteful and looks elegant.
Has opted for a blue and the blue looks a lot regal . A material is polyester , does not have any cotton likes described, which is coming like the bit of the accident-down. In spite of, it is a lot quite and spending the good underwears goes the long way to augment your confidence. My woman has said that it is comfortable but can be the little scratchy in of the places but swimming a lot of and perhaps reason is new.
Very happy with these underwears and would take it again, recommends.
5 / 5
This mine is the quality sexy lingerie bodysuit. It is done with good and stretchy material like this returns well in all the his very smooth and soft zones to a touch I desire could say more but does not have very taken casualidad of the spend after my partner seen me in has been taken was in the good way but bit it rasgado up like the macizo yes for me and highly recommend perhaps more than one and to be sincere in the prize adds
5 / 5
Ossia the good quality bodysuit. It is good and stretchy like this returns well in both circumference and period. Whilst Is lacy and looks scratchy, is very soft to a touch and feels good to spend. A downside is a zone of bust that, whilst has defined in a fabirc, does not have any support has big boobs! More than being resisted in place, has to maintain hoisting his backside until place!
5 / 5
The partner has loved this lingerie of tip, very comfortable on and looks a lot sexy, lava well.

Matearls Is good quality a lot of stretchy and love a colour, to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Has been for the red colour to go with my silky red toga. When it Has arrived a colour was the red deep and looks gorgeous and love a creation of tip. A material is comfortable and access amiably. Really happy with my sexy lingerie and some straps are adjustable and feels soft in a skin. To good sure recommend it.
5 / 5
Sizing Is was, has ordered my usual measure but was too small for mine in pleasant, a zone of @@@cofre was too down because of one extends to which did not like. Has 3 clip of key fastening in a zone of crotch that is not uncomfortable likes some another. It does not add this in spite of am sincere. It has been disappointed

Top Customer Reviews: EVELIFE Women Sexy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
They are among the 14/16 and has purchased this in the big. It is the good-looking access and is pours cloth very soft.

A gusset is in a narrow side. This garment offers any support for a zone of bust.

Is this in spite of the lovely element for perhaps strutting around a chamber or spending down the blouse in prejudices was.
4 / 5
Has loved the I insurance has been under the dress there is rubbed to start with are the measure 10-12 but has begun to extend . Wash well really happy a lot sexy can be spent too much
4 / 5
Love this súper comfortable I are among the 14 and 16 the big turn perfectly
4 / 5
is done for big women. They are 5'3'' and it is quell'has bitten also yearn my organism. Also the desire has ordered S reason M is like this wide.
5 / 5
The product is well. Well of look with tejanos also. It would say that a cup is quite big. My inferior half is returned perfectly but my cup has maintained to the fall was. Like the frame down for an access. A tip is lovely flattering arrival. It does not dig in around bum or also. Marcos of the zip of the gold looks more expensive. A red by heart is awesome too only no quell'access adds up.
5 / 5
A lot well the little tight but largo is returned like this very once in
4 / 5
Good quality for prize, are the small United Kingdom 8-10, has bought the small and was happy with a measure as has adjustable straps.
The good compraventa global and would purchase other products of this vendor.
5 / 5
Is has bitten it the big in a @@@cofre for me but looks fab to all the cost
4 / 5
Ossia The good piece and am happy buying in but he unfortunately short big. I will be partorisca return the reason a snaps in a fund is not snapping in place.
5 / 5
Looks exactly like in of the pictures, am like this happy with a colour also!
5 / 5
Accesses really good. Any fiddly partorisca dip on. A lot flattering and highly recommends it!
4 / 5
Petit Done, are the measure 8-10 and has bought a half, returns perfect. Very well on.
4 / 5
Am surprised why I like this – in the current retail prize of £, has not expected any a lot of but has the good tip that details, the strong zip, strap of metal adjusters and has had no free stitching.

Has had a XXL and I usually would spend the measure 16. Has the 36F the bust and are 5'7”. Width, a measure was perfect partorisca me. I have thought one tightened gusset the part would be too much thong-like for me but he have covered more than has been expecting.

Unfortunately is so only bit it short partorisca me ( has had some straps in his longer. A black bra has dipped down commanded a lack of support (my bust has not gone really returning in) but has required so only the pair more cm is date . Any unwearable but could be the little more comfortable with some extra period!
5 / 5
This lingerie is perfect if the anything on D in measure. Any boobs further D measure will be lost. Although some straps are adjustable anchors it would look big like the question is a whole of advance of the fashion – like this the be be do partorisca measure main.

Have me has taken 34D, measure of meso and was the good access.

Has loved a cloth of tip, very soft and stretchy.

A zip of the the new whole look, doing it more expensive.
5 / 5
I love this good-looking tip bodysuit with his neckline partorisca submerge and zip of gold. A tip is such the good-looking quality and is soft and any not feeling scratchy against a skin. There is crossback adjustable straps and aim it good-looking for behind that it is smooth and sheer. It can be spent partorisca bed or paired with tejanos and the jacket partorisca the sexy exiting outfit. It has been done to the very big level and the highly recommend it.
4 / 5
Ossia Quality quite well for a prize, his soft and comfortable to spend, this in spite of does not have any support anything, as I think that is adapted more for the slender figure or any concealed no precise underwire support of cup.
4 / 5
There is roughly elasticity that the helps am returned better is fearful to run small first of a compraventa.
5 / 5
Are the small measure 10 and has ordered a half. The lovely accesses and looks to surprise in
4 / 5
the perfect accesses, measure of mandate XXl are United Kingdom 14 and is are so only adds
5 / 5
Very pleasant. Any one is vulgar. It is regolabile like this as it attains Ad put well also any one is tall.
5 / 5
Glorious !!
The commentary says always , has to feel good-looking and séduisantes game still, this rouge of piece gives of the appearance, and besides, creates to give impacts.
4 / 5
The colour is genial, the same subject does not treat of dentelle well, is to good sure convenient.
A good 44, and of the 100D and he XL go perfectly.
Súper Happy of cost of mine.
4 / 5
All as the expected, pillamos a short less in chance that
4 / 5
Richtig gut hätte ich nicht gedacht dass is like this gut ist
5 / 5
He organism is a boss has given feminine clothes in pizzo, made in cloth elasticizzato has given which he 90 Nylon and rests in Spandex covering entirely he bust that embezzles adherente to the body: it is the equivalent has given mesh and mutanda in an only indumento without sleeves with court the tanga.

Is Simile To the creature-wrist my hot with a result a lot of seducente gives to put for the magic moments gives to capture. Created To be a substitute also of the pyjamas is considered separates of the lingerie used mainly come half has given seduzione and sexy.

Dipped In evidence he legs, the glutei and he heart thank you was sweated scollatura deep the V that is well was main course of gives them offering besides with continuing attractive main transparencies in the be looked.


Of the sud in front is In pizzo transparent with to the centre a zip the zip in steel inox has dye of golden date having a good scorrevolezza, the closing under him horse is with 3 clip he presione for motives has given practicidades igienica while the rear part has arrived the half back no in pizzo my always transparent.

Sweat vestibilità has been studied benissimo thank you was sweated Zip, buttons to the horse and he spalline thin elasticizzate announces intersection regolabili that together announces a fascia on the back also this elasticizzata with closing study gancetti do that it was adherente to the body avenges a shovels seconded respecting the short usual and no allergic present form further that it is traspirante.

Lucida Breaking of the shoulders and retrocoscia have bordini elastici For an elder aderenza averting piegature and sbordature, respecto was termination has been cured was perfection without has presented party neglected comprised he cuciture.

✋ Base them was label here indicates has given partorisca wash he with a temperature any one upper has 30°C and stirarla the low temperature, the vitrina contradicts this information for which advise has the data has averted the stiratura.


Is An Organism with a semence a lot of seducente and sexy that fascina wrapping he body in attractive way that with continuing transparencies leave space was fantasy has given to discover, sweated it vestibilità leaves wide liberty to the our look allowing has given to express sensualmente abbinandoli under a shirt with tejanos leaving it intravedere or use he in special occasions has given privacies, any one is a boss has given vulgar lingerie and does not have some limits have given ages.

Sweats price For the moment has given this opinion is has given Eurocopa 15,99 without expensas additional has given sending because cured gives Prime of Amazon, an optimum ratio has given quality/price.
Appreciate has given to have loaned the interest was my opinion wishing you has given good buys! 😉
4 / 5
Here is A tremendously sexy Organism and that would be necessary funds to wish any one bad of world-wide. Attention this in spite of the not locating too strong the temperature, transports everything is in nylon (90) and élasthanne (10), was so much plastic subject that would risk partorisca take fire quickly :-)

Joke aside, games partorisca leave to this organism partorisca be sold to a yes low prize, doubts although the dentelle is done in importing less noble that that conceives his frames of good lingerie. Of this fact, will be clearly less appreciated to the porter of the sud to period, and am not sure that it was a lot of tenable to save to the sud joins whole day with his frottements and the usual transpiration.

Embezzles that, used to well escient (each one one will dip this that wants to there-inner !), it would have to leave satisfy his users. If I am not Sure that the closure any oxydera in lucido time, effect of edges in a first moment, and is already pas bad. The dentelle is quite a lot good restituida and his finitions is adapted.

Of this fact, of the moment in that knows this that shabby (to know joins piece of correct quality but no of the tall lingerie of row), in will not be able to that satisfies of a together very drawn, with the cup has joined that dips in valuing this that fails, there where failure. If desires has joined Only piece, adds joins hundred of euro and go enough in skilled tents. It touches his another, profitez ! ;-)
4 / 5
This Organism characterises for his neckline in V, creation with floral fashionable tip before and rear closure, finalised in of the waves so much in the neckline, as in the inferior sides and a frontal golden zip that has spent practically all to the long of the piece, it prójimo with 3 corchetes in the part of down. The suspenders van and subject adjustable @Edges to a sale in the behind, that goes covered for tul transparent,  besides the band – looked the the one of the bras- spends a rear closure with two corchetes, that leaves a better fixation. It mixes a Sexy creation, it entremezcla with a piece that leaves to dip a dress has regulated, when being besides beautiful and chairs frankly well. I respect The the short, is better to ask the one who use usually, reason is a lot elastic, have asked a more, and are something big.
5 / 5
Dank Gives Vine of amazon Programms durfte ich has given Damen Low Organism von Evelife declares.

Gives Spitzenbody sah auf Gives Photo sehr hübsch aus, weshalb ich is the zoom Declares geordert habe. Leider trage ich solch schöne Unterwäsche viel zu selten, obwohl ich Korsagen und Organism wirklich mag.

🖤 Lieferung/Verpackung:

Schnell wie von Amazon gewohnt

Gives Under kommt in einer einfachen Plastiktüte ohne Etikett, ohne weiteres. Nichts War beschädigt und ich konnte keinen unangenehmen Chemiegeruch oder Sonstiges wahrnehmen. Of the Spitzendessous selbst macht einen guten Eindruck.

🖤 Lieferumfang/Artikel:

Man bekommt einen verführerischen Spitzenbody im Blumendesign has dipped goldenem Reißverschluss. Bei Gives Farbe habe ich mich für 'Rosa' entschieden. Ich würde sagen sieht Fast wie auf dem Photo aus, auch wenn gives Reißverschluss auf dem Photo silberfarbig ist. It gives vordere Teil ist einigermaßen blickdicht, gives Rücken ist jedoch Transparent. It gives Stoff ist sehr dehnbar.

Bei Gives Größe habe ich mich für M entschieden. Ist für mir leider zu locker... ich habe Kleidergröße 38 und Cube 166 cm groß Körbchen D-And. 

Gives Brustbereich zieht sehr nach Propagation, Was nicht gut aussieht. Ohne etwas drunter geht Gives Teil nicht, man muss gives noch einen BH etc. tragen meiner Meinung nach, damit Is gut aussieht.

🖤 Qualität:

Gives Low ist von gives Verarbeitung His well. Hatte schon schlechtere, aber auch bessere! Für Damage Preis well.

🖤 Fazit: Mir passt Gives Organism nicht und sieht meiner Meinung nach auch etwas billig aus. Für größere Brüste ist dieser Organism nicht geeignet. Denke Gives schlanke Damen has dipped kleinen Brüsten damit glücklich werden könnten. 
4 / 5
Has a lot equally beautiful, sexy and sensual. Has arrived a lot well, adopts a lot good to the body of my woman. Measure 1,60 and hanged 54 kilos.

HAS three brooches in the zone of the groin that sees resistant and that Any one release the not being that it goes strong. In the rear part, in stick he of the bra has three place also. It sees of a lot of good quality.

That A lot liked so much is of the subject of the zip. It is metallic and at the beginning is cold and can result something that annoying. After hot, a lot well.

All Mar diverse and the start of the routine is, and will be always, a tarpaulin so that the llama any turn.

A lot happy in general, reason seats as well as attended
5 / 5
Uuuf Sincerely this Organism there is rebasado my expectations, has thinks that was to lucirlo soyás economic' to the equal that has the habit of chinas of active a lot of pieces of small quality in Amazon, but this organism is so only likes luce in the photos. His composition is of 90 nylon and 10 spandex. It is very a lot elastic and Flexible, would say that besides. I think that that I remain something wide and has had to that has chosen the measure L or included the Sr has wanted to that remains totally regulated and that has maintained everything in his place. Still asi in this measure is quite comfortable and can regulate so much in his suspenders like this in the brooches in the backside.
HAS brooches in the crotch and a zip in golden finalising that it gives an even more Sensual swipe to the piece. It is of fear!!!
5 / 5
🔍 💯✅✅ ❗❗TEST And DETAILS PRODUCED🔍 💯✅✅ ❗❗

What comfortable sleep the organism. Those intimate still has given more.

This is for real Beautiful, more beautiful has given what thought.
In pizzo I l ‘have chosen target.

The zip of the sud in front is comfortable and also good-looking gives to see my perhaps A lot is very discreet under the narrow dresses mine is comodísimo gives to put.

Spalline regolabili And embrollo on the back that is very sensual.
Fantasy that looks floral With particular lace. Of the sud retro instead There Is gancetto normal and afterwards is transparent velato.
Mine likes a lot.
Have chosen The short M and rispecchia well measures it. Average and dress well, very light and no segna.
Absolutely advised.

Think that also In property was optimum to give used with a bel tejanos and under a jacket or one he small heart and like this as it results well and elegant.

Danielito Valentina Diana and Matteo
5 / 5
Give Organism ist von give Detail und give Forms his absolut schön, ein echter Hingucker. It gives Reisverschluss läuft ohne Probleme genau bis zu dem Punkt, wo er stoppen sollte ( hehe.... ). Given 'Franzen' a give Oberschenkeln sind etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, stören aber nicht. Die Druckknöpfe im Schritt machen einen guten Eindruck, generell reibt nichts und give tragen ist angenehm. Bei Give Brust passt einiges Reina, gives ist bei meiner Frau etwas Spielraum. Ansonsten ist Give, für has given Preis, ein schöner the organism gives sehr verführerisch daher kommt und passend dipped anderer Wäsche für schöne Momente sorgen kann :)
5 / 5
That prefers is this long closure éclair in the metal has gilded in front of that opens to the bottom of the organism, in the leave a bit, very open.
Touch his heavy hearts and voluptueuses the two prójimos like a support ceba that leaves a good maintains included he any and the step of hat.
The dentelle is of Base but beautiful.
A beautiful coloreáis Rouge.
If In the need to go to the baths gives agrafes plough to the entrejambe.
Games lucidos prize all and is so it joins big mark that is much more expensive.
5 / 5
Has bought this short Organism M , my usual measure and would have has had to that take the measure to the on , lucido the organism is quite extensible , this goes this in spite of.
An a lot sexy Organism and very beautiful, of good quality with closure éclair of the sud that has to that the ( that he a bit bling-bling )
Suspenders réglables and crossed in him two .
An Organism quite included a lot of décolleté.
Is Comfortable and this does not annoy me of lucidas Porters all day.

Does not complain spent of mine and recommend
4 / 5
Give Hat of organism ein schönes Creation, ist teilweise durchsichtig, wirkt place dem Reißverschluss verspielt und ist ordentlich verarbeitet. Leider fällt Give Organism etwas größer aus, als wir erwartet hatten. Beim veranschlagten Preis stimmt Give Paket...
4 / 5
Beautiful organism in dentelle with pressure to the entrejambe.
The Rouge by heart is good-looking truth and the golden closure all the long adds a sexy side.
Well the games joins small night in enamoured 😊
4 / 5
This organism is some súper beautiful still better that to the sud the photo. I have cut well and The cup is súper. It is very appreciated to Porters, any too has sawed. The subject is thankful. I dread so only That lucido side élastique very hard also long.

Top Customer Reviews: AMhomely Sexy ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
It is not like this photo. Quality very poor not even that goes partorisca spend. It was very economic to buy and looks economic also

Top Customer Reviews: CheChury 2 Piece ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this complete Súper Sexy for the my girlfriend.
Very happy!!!
He all He finds All inner has given a sacchetto, he cloth is done well, in pizzo with finishings smerlate and a cut of the sud retro.
Comfortable, Elegant, sensual, soft and traspirante.
He measures correspond was picture, like this as it is a lot simple to find the short just!
Bonitísimo Dyes, like this the photo Gone in!
Joints The all the girls and is a perfect present!
5 / 5
Have bought this intimate For my wife to do them a present and has to that say that and remained for real happy..
He product arrived In a sacchetto has submerged all'inner find he bra and he mutandine. Sleep done for real well And he measures correspond was picture that and present in the description, like this as a lot simple choose that just. It dyes And beautiful access and he cuciture sleep done well.
5 / 5
Intimate of the optimum material. Had some doubt in the vestibilità, mine following The picture of the measures have had the way has given to hit was perfection. The vestibilità is quite comfortable and does has sweated imagines. Satisfied
5 / 5
The neighbour is a pelín partner the braguita go me a pelín big, coji a short M. I measure 1'57 and hanged 59 kilos
4 / 5
the Small prize touches this together of lingerie of the bel besides effects
4 / 5
Together and beautiful light, the dentelle is good-looking. Subject good and Simple partorisca dip. It foresees partorisca take cut joined down in chance perhaps.
4 / 5
I produced lateralmente at all say it, beautiful a lot has manufactured.
Lucida Sought-after measure of the small short product, does not go me .