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5 / 5
I owe that admit this Gentleman Simon Rattle readings of Johannes Brahms four symphonies comes with some surprise; this intelligent Berlin Philharmonic the accounts are warm and fully romantic, no of a iconoclasm would come partorisca expect of this manager. A sound is very clear-cut and finely has balanced, although there is some yours sour-serious particularly in a fourth symphony.
4 / 5
CD looks partorisca be new, but fail to arrive for a day has promised
4 / 5
Fab action, for the manager adds and orchestra - the quality adds that it registers too - I just amour anything Simon rattle done!
4 / 5
Felizmente Would recommend some registers is there is boxed place to any one. We have listened a lot of versions but these stands with some better.
5 / 5
Simon is one of my favourite managers.. A together wonderful of cd is in brilliant prize.
4 / 5
Among an enthusiast gush this has hailed Brahms the earliest compositions was a hope has expressed that he 'touch 'with his magic wand one has concentrated force of orchestra and heart'. Hardly expensive like this, of course, his orchestral valuing was critiqued strongly and has compared the Schumann is. This odd perception has survived same to a half last of a 20th century. If it is not still fully extinct, Rattle together of some symphonies ought for the arrival was paralización well.

Begins with symphony 1 (a very reasonable place to start with) can feel some misgivings in a sound has registered. He the big boomy noise, which of course is the one who Brahms has written that inaugural sequence. This in spite of likes has dipped progressed that I expósito to my relief was that in spite of a fullness of a tone has listened an exceptional quantity of one elaborates detail duquel these symphonies contain more than any another. Any only that, has been the time thrilled with which time in a beauty of some orchestral effects, the credit that goes of course to this orchestra adds and this manager adds but especially to a master adds of an orchestra the one who conceived them in a first place. I have listened the counter of a bassoon-melody in a start of an adage of 2 more clearly that usually I , and ossia that imports because for once Brahms no extracted he in double counterpoint (triple and record inverted) with a main melody. I have listened a same instrument in some signals in 3 where has there was never listened it previously at all, and has listened especially some sound of wonderful horn. All four symphonies are full of Wunderhorn material, as so only will underline an effect a delicate plus of everything, a start of 2 touched without hiccups or gulps; and also a sublimate ringing chime by means of softly has has lit clouds in an introduction to an end of 1.

The time will be the subject of flavour. Rattle Does not take any unusual speeds, but curves slightly to a slow side. This can create an effect of heftiness in time, deliberate I follows sure - this composer has launched likes custodian and of warehouse of a German classical tradition, and the little stolidity in the big agreements can be all the course of this idiom. My own preference diverges of Rattle is mainly in some first respective movements of 1 and 4. Levine In 1 and Toscanini in 4 directed to be weighty without being weighed by means of his brisk time, and rest of in this way to think while admiring Rattle.

This in spite of a sheer quality of these bookmarks/marcadors to register strongly in Rattle the same favour where was the oldest interpretations to that likes equally well, notably Monteux, Toscanini and Gilded in 2. Rattle Even attacks my preferred recently elevated in 3, specifically Cantelli the wonderful account lately comes my collection, of his pedestal totally in of the earths of qualities of sound. A general concept is not very very different, some times are not the miles averts neither although some two masters the beaten respective is very different in fact, would not like me be without any, but Rattle 2009 has to that be my new upper election.

Expects such the evaluation of rodeo gives any readers some indication that credit this neighbour can correspond with his own values and of the preferences. So where Rattle reinforces my own ideas and where he no, am sure of a thing - has a sensibility, an idea and an intellectual height to @give these towering masterpieces fully for us in action. It finds in abundance here a quality that admires the majority of all - the touch of this manager is so only and his vision has the real sense of magic roughly that.
5 / 5
Has debated for the while roughly purchasing another Brahms cycle but I finally admitted and directed to purchase this together partorisca low £10 of one of the traders of warehouse of the amazon (the his god blesses!). Like this far I am loved with him. With his very good and some actions add is is the cycle that thinks more Brahms the lovers would be happy with.

Is a better Brahms cycle? I do not create such the thing exists but would recommend that the people purchase the BPO cycle glielo be Abbado, Karajan (60s, 70s or 80s) or a current Rattle edition. A BPO is in my opinion a better Brahms bandage around. This late plus BPO the cycle spends in a wonderful tradition that this orchestra has touch this wonderful cycle of symphonies.

If yours that looks for an introduction to a Brahms symphonies then ossia the place adds to start with and in the very reasonable cost. If you are looking to augment your Brahms the collection then goes advances. When it Comes to Brahms all the world has his preferred own but is looking for the economic modern cycle then also would recommend Alsop with a LPO in Naxos.

Unsurprisingly, Rattle HAS his detractors and some descriptions look too venomous to him. This in spite of, calms any volume to direct one of the upper orchestras of some world-wide is not until a work. The for one am proud that has such the talented Brit producing music like this with such the wonderful band. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Really pleased with compraventa. Punctual office. The selection adds classical actions.
4 / 5
Has ordered this in behalf in my mother. Has both there be enjoyed to list to some symphonies particularly a beautful third movement of a third symphony. Ossia The very good register .
5 / 5
Takes the masterful and robust approximation to all 4 Symphonies. A cd, well in cd player but when rasgado to Player, and his of mp3 distorted and muffled?
4 / 5
This neighbour has arrived yesterday fulfilled with emotion for me. Perhaps too much I harvest for me to do opinions very critical, pro and anti... This in spite of this together transmission a place of a loudspeakers a bit, which is well.

I desire would have released it on vinyl this in spite of!

Listening to Karajan @@@1960s and @@@1970s registers in the vinyl has compared to his transcriptions to cd, me @give that prefers a vunyl his in these symphonies and the majority other pieces. Perhaps they are in a minority.

This in spite of, dulcemente am beginning to appreciate details of Simon Rattle the majority of admirable control of a BPO and his
interpretation of these amazing symphonies.
5 / 5
This 3 conjoint CD, looking some complete symphonies of Brahms with Gentleman Simon Rattle and Berlino Philharmonic, has very received unreserved praise of musicians everywhere. But there is to know that there are some things in this album that can wants to avert.

That it is these things ? Well, if you are any the one who does not love your emotions to come to a surface, ossia the one of then force them to a cup. That is perhaps worse, has to thinks so deeply in your past and a meaning of your life that will be necessary you take all that is doing for the take everything in. Besides, an effect he active calm on will take days to spend was, if he at all. If it does not like thinking deeply, of this CD will do to do like this. It is for these reasons that can not recommend these disks by all the world.

If some things have the place is gone in some looks of leading paragraph uninviting, would beg you to reconsider. It does not think has a lot of things more than satisfying for an auditor that music that directs to the serious reflection--reflected that it is not weighed never but investigation to uplift a soul of an auditor by means of sounds to look for. This day and age, music that has a potential to be the life that the transmissions would owe that be hailed with cries of adulation, at least ossia like me feels.

Now that have hopefully whetted yours win so that this disk is everything roughly, loves to look so only bit it deeper to an interpretation. I think that Brahms is the composer of the one who had mentido of charm any in emotion and has aspired. If these are some reasons so that turns to Brahms, will fulfil with disappointment. Calm also could listen to Tchaikovsky or Mahler. When The primary worry of an interpreter is that it touches emotion of feet in Brahms, a music results the blurred disorder of has exaggerated sentimentality. But that thinks is so only in Brahms' the symphonies is a quantity that looks for soul thoughtfulness ossia present. During some bars of some inventive works, there there was mentido the big dosage of retrospection ossia probably rivaled nowhere more in a whole field of music.

Rattle Takes on to this. With that has to that be the orchestra more orders of a world, opens some ears of auditors of knots in the world of depth and enormous beauty. It is really hard to nail down exactly like he, as his interpretive the presents leave to give the wide palate of sound. Some rows of music of moments of the tenderness that almost floats to moments of gripping tragedy. Each one that like this of some 4 symphonies has his own world and Rattle the vision takes this the account. Never fear, will listen abundance of fate in a 1st and symphonies while still listening a blissful contentment that thrives in a 2nd and a autumnal feel for colour in a 3rd. But Brahms is always Brahms, which means that a rich harmonic structure in those some symphonies are based will not leave never. As any one @subjects a way or colour, Rattle still resplandor in the world of dark gorgeousness which his Berliners knows more roughly that any more. It is really hard for me to say that symphony receives a better interpretation to the equal that are all like this fresh and imaginative. Of a refreshing beams of sun and pure joy in an opening of 2nd the throbbing laws in an end of one 4th, everything is taken like this wonderfully.

In the chance is by train to ask you, loves to clear something. While Rattle does not see Brahms like this when being roughly emotion and aspired, this does not mean everything is dipped behind and cosy. In a process to discover a true world of Brahms, Rattle will give exhilarating climax where a sheer bigness of the sound give cold. I owe that think in particular of like this closes a 1st symphony. An emotion is like this contagious has to that struggle to resist that it shouts of an emotion. A point is that all an emotion is view in perspective. When we Listen one concludes of 1st symphony, for example, is so only with which have been in the travesía of where the ache is unleashed in of the ways that can force you to pull your handkerchief was. In fact, a pure triumph of a near of a symphony is ten times like inspiring with which have been in such the travesía.

After, has no another music in my whole collection that loves so as this together. It does not think it is necessary for me to explain reason calms would be necessary to buy it and give you a same experience.
4 / 5
A lot is already state said of another reviewers like this will maintain them my writing of commentaries. I have loved always Karajan registers of these symphonies, and there looks to be something in a BPO his that particularly adapts him. Klemperer The actions are also glorious, especially As, but some registers touch very dated now. Giulini And Boult is also impressive, but these actions of Berlino move me like very little another: Karajan the orchestra focused for the musical character British. A register is clear and detailed, developing some individual instruments in Brahms' valuing, something a lot always volume.
4 / 5
Has loved these 4 Brahms symphonies for more than 70 years and this register for a Berliner Philharmoniker with Simon Rattle in a helm,
is the beauty. Rattle Take all a magnitude, heat and passion that each bar contains and some 4.os cradles of the symphony to the life likes there is never
listened before. If it love these works, likes I , will be thrilled by these actions.
4 / 5
Usually, one can be underwhelmed for Rattle in spite of his increase to prominence. This in spite of, here in these four Brahms the symphonies does Rattle spend the new class of magic to these a lot shabby pieces. Yes, it is not a sublime magnitude of Karajan neither a theatrical posturing of Kleiber or Furtenwangler, but the more humane approximation to these works. This action is in Brahms that pause your soul and communicating directly with him. After listening, calm averts you with the deep nostalgic impression of these works, which here is Rattle triumphs more adds.
4 / 5
A lot of concrete descriptions already but there is wanted to so only surrounds it simple. A partner of the mine there has been the theory that Rattle alive was brilliant usually, but his registers are dulls. They are the defender of Rattle and has seen/ has listened in concert long- is usually brilliant with an amazing communication with whichever laws of orchestra with.

These registers are not to dull but(mine)is not some definite Brahms together. They are missing of a work and intense passion that the plot of some famous and popular versions has. It takings Instead is beauty in yours and his and the very long view in phrasing. In these registers Rattle takes a BPO to the game has combined sentence like this long flowing arches without a work that pauses a form. Brahms Can take this- try comparing some actions of some sonatas of violin to see like this can do,Brahms - Sonatas of Violin . A result of Rattle laws with a BPO is that a clarity and the beauty is without parallel and will listen the calm things am not remarked previously but prefer my Brahms symphonies with some punches, transfers and turns of a more traditional approximation. I will maintain this dips this in spite of, is the refreshing new view of old very known and has wanted to a lot of works.
5 / 5
Ossia Exactly to the equal that has wanted to listen a Brahms' Symphonies - brilliant. So only that has expected takes. My favourite piece of the music has been always a 2nd Symphony and have the little register of him as well as some other symphonies but ossia for far a register has better listened of one 2nd and some other three symphonies also, touched by an orchestra and directed for the manager the one who really comprises and have the feeling for Brahms. Besides this a service was excellent prize , good and delivery very fast.
5 / 5
From time to time the register of the works familiarised comes to the long of and cause me for enamorar with a music that ive never conjoint really taken is a such example - ive listened to the number or the different register but this was a a concealed me amour these symphonies - the be in accordance with another east the enormous energy and the clarity adds. Highly recomended
5 / 5
this far was to treat anything has expected, but of course is Simon Rattle and Berlino Phil, the good compraventa and the well listen ove and on.
5 / 5
Is not never state too impressed for some symphonies of Brahms. Quite pleasant but no that involving. I have then seen good descriptions of this together and to the equal that are the enormous defender of a BPO, but unsure of Gentleman Rattle consistency, has thought in this prize would take the casualidad. They are happy has done reason a neighbour is extremely enjoyable. It do not say a quality of register is stunning, but is certainly perfectly pertinent, but musically a Rattlemeister really cracks Herr Brahms. Wonderful interpretations of all four symphonies and I have not thought never would have converted to a better beard never for a more perm never. I see a BPO has signed on young (any like this young more!)Rattle By other years of hundred (well,ten) and can see reason. Down waiting for his collaborations now.
5 / 5
Rattle And BPO - perfect comination like this always. There is the technical control and the clarity in a texture that is surprising. You can follow individual lines in a music and at all takes lost.
But perhaps something lacking - a heat. An interpretation is very fresh and a lot 'of an outside'. I do not take never one that feels that this music is of entity. It is something that you show, but calm a lot something that dipped your heart in. And a failure is not Brahms'.
4 / 5
A Rattle/Berlin Philharmonic the report has not been without this detractors. Indictments Of the anonymity and the lack of fire has been legion. This in spite of, This together of a Brahms to the symphony is has to that be a finer thing has dipped still down on on disk. There is passion and committed aplenty and this disk is to fulfil that, for me, is a paramount necessity to purchase new register of has registered in works. Specifically, we aim me to the knots sew NEW in some works?

A response is the resounding HE. The harmonies are developed with stunning clarity. A glutinous his of serious that it could sea a register of Karajan is absentee here and a wind and writing of the brass is aimed to be both original and beautiful. Included Abbado together with Berlino Phil has not had this level to touch.

This has to that be my register of a year.
5 / 5
In an of some descriptions has read down that Rattle second symphony has adapted a reviewer of 'a forest of these new artificial trees that the hope of scientists will save a planet' - I has thought, 'that the ready thing to say, knows exactly the one who bad', included although it have not listened a register. But when I have listened in fact a Brahms' 2nd in this together, has been surprised. It is like this extraordinary I simply could does not create. I have it that has not listened never an orchestra touches anything, has left so only he Brahms symphony, with such cohesion. There are multiple rhythms when being constantly moved up and in the each one another in all these works here for Rattle with such stunning skill, and in any point a transport each one which attacks another that these masterpieces movement by means of his immense terrain.

Have a lot of Brahms dipped of symphony, a Sr&A Furtwängler, two Karajan is (more the alive rec.), Klemperer, Walter, Sanderling, Celibidache, Carlos Kleiber 4th, but in general, this dips so only blow me is gone in of the so many ways that some another can no. For chances, there is something both like this old and like this new in this together new for Rattle. Has the romance his, which partorisca be listened in this quality the digital sound almost looks odd, this in spite of like this he a lot at all his like this some other insiemi possess at all, touches clearly likes Rattle is registered something that has not been done before.

Symphony 1 builds And builds until some immense end.
Symphony 2 exemplifies Perfectly so much the one who an immense Berlin Phil can do these days as well as that depth Rattle can give to one 'Brahms touched. Ossia Simply a register has better listened of this symphony, as even better that Bruno Walter is highly characterful of register. Rattle Gives the 'roundness' to a sound and pacing which is somehow able to stress all a pastoral, celebratory, nostalgic, and fearfully manic qualities of this symphony.
Symphony 3 Is simply has touched perfectly. But the one who conjoint was like a tarpaulin is his inner balance by means of some movements. Been due to of the this, this quite impervious to the symphony opens until an auditor much more that in other registers like an on Brahms and his emotional report and intellectual the music. This has to that be something learns of Brendel, whose inner clarity illuminates a lot of sonatas of dense piano.
Symphony 4 Is probably one chooses of one stirs. This register memory of Eight Klemperer counts famous with his sound of misty cobweb. There is an organ-as his the a lot of a surface of the serious and the brass of an orchestra, especially in a climax of a first movement. I have it that has not listened never to the to anything likes, trace in of deep continual respites. An Andante moderated has the width and particularly moulded harmony that quite all other registers are missing; there is the sad desire here which comes from/comes from more than a melody. An end is the grimace rasgado perverse, as it have to that be which , and different Furtwängler December '43 account, does not disintegrate because of his intensity.

Probably a lot of people those who listen these registers will say esome well, some bad, meh!' A lot of people were and still is deaf to some only and deep tarpaulins of Herbert von Karajan. Many will not perceive some etchings of crystal that adorns these registers. They will listen the created, half-brow, the romantic 21st century mishmash for the precocious show-was the one who thinks that it can do anything because it always is saying the ready things to some means comunicacionales. These people , as more it has done it probably with Karajan, lose a show More adds them on Tierra.
4 / 5
Ossia The register of the alive action and tip that Gentleman Simon Rattle is perhaps to a surprise of some,a glorious interpreter of Brahms.Some actions have the idea and the depth add-especially to the symphony recommended.
4 / 5
After the glorious register of Gentleman Simon of a requiem that arrest a lot of was the revelation, any to mention some impressive register of Brahms' Concert of Piano No1, there has been attended very big thus cycle of new symphonies, has registered late last year in concert with Berlino Philharmonic. No for a first time with the Rattle register, find me slightly in the loss.

Commendably Gentleman Simon is clearly a lot of mindful of Berlino Brahms tradition, and his impact to a music is nowhere near likes interventionist like this with a project/of Beethoven of Vienna: in fact, perhaps ossia part of a question. Furtwangler, Karajan And Abbado, was all Brahms specialists, and flavour that Rattle also is spending to a table an example of some of the his other preferred - a lyrical Kubelik, some ways of period of Harnoncourt, perhaps included an obsession with detail and clarity of the Go or he Celibidache. In any case, these actions are ardent and fuel besides Abbado renditions, with a wise inclusion of a third Symphony first movement repeats and, as you would expect of this manager, some pertinent minor of instrumental detail.

A downside, has found, was some opacity to a sound in all passages, occasional thinness of the yours and dare say, impertinent underlining of subsiduary detail. Interpretatively, An election of time and phrasing is in some inorganic measure, that lacking of a nobility or songfulness of sure of Rattle predecessors.

Over time, there is complained on some levels to register that is to achieve for EMI in Philharmonie, famously an uncomfortable venue, but still a place of a lot for real breathtaking registers. There is an interesting commentary in a supplement of Culture of Time of Sunday roughly 'limiting', invernadero-a-Beatles alive later remastering: 'limiting squashes a dynamics of music, doing some bits any look of calm more stronger, creating the same sound of plus, which has more impact in a radio'. I can not say if this has arrived here, but chair that there is the question with a register of an orchestra, which looks too close up, has any of Rattle famous (notorious?) pianissimi, And does not have any one a lot in a way of spatial for a music to resound to. An effect, particularly in No2, is shoe-boxy, reminiscent of some of these registers have done in a Barbican for LSO Alive. A reproduction of his simply is not a lot enough, included in prize of estimativa. No for him it has repeated it to listen. They could have adopted a strategy to register in a studio (Jesus Christus Kirche, say) directly after the concert adds.

Or are I premature? After all, these am often superbly temperamental interpretations. A second half of No2 is thrilling, although a first half is too much brisk and quite steely. No3 Is given the very dark and weighty action, and was has wanted because I have found I in fact thinking in a music during No1: really answering his. Ossia Rattle Present - do to think again in a music knows. It is not never boring, included when it take it bad.

So only can not say that this Brahms the cycle is all this very registered, presented ( he typo in a @@@back cover) or included sincerely moving. It is simply a lot like this elating, like this tragic, like this beautiful or evocative like this sure another has been. But it is impressive, this in spite of. Tantalisingly Near the magnitude, but frustrating.

Good value? Any Hungarian Dance, any Haydn Variac. Or start; any of some extra chorals Abbado offered Brahms: Complete Symphonies but comparatively economic. If you can find the copy, Haitink studio for Philips remain some better for recently arrived Brahms: Complete Symphonies and for this auditor, Furtwangler rests one the majority of powerful Brahmsian of many, to all the cost of a grainy '40s pleasant Furtwängler Behaviours Brahms and Beethoven .
5 / 5
felizmente would recommend some registers is there is boxed place to any one. We have listened a lot of versions but these stands with some better.
4 / 5
Fab Action, for the manager adds and orchestra - the quality adds that it registers too - I just amour anything Simon rattle done!
5 / 5
Gentleman Simon is beginning the morph to a 'the manager Adds'. Previously to his date of Berlino, does not show never any affinity with one likes of Schubert, Strauss, Brahms, Bruckner and that no. Twenthieth the music of century and Mahler was his strong. Active recent register belied this state of subjects (tick, Schubert; tick, Strauss; tick, Bruckner; tick, Brahms), this in spite of variable some results could be (the Schubert & Bruckner 4th is uber-howlers). After all, if one east to occupy a throne of Caesar, one has to that do consistently - he? It can one doubts that Eve concert of the new Year to Vienna is in some papers partorisca a Beknighted A, the one who has long harboured the secret amour of a Blue Danube . . . . ?

To a cycle in question. It is ravishingly has touched. It is a lot it has registered it enough. It is listenable.

But is some Logos, written again? Door much more afterwards to A Beard? It dip a afire with new imperatives?

Nah, No really - he at all. Rattle Results flaccid when a bookmark is in econd or third' (usually a forward). A tension, consistently, recedes was. Gentleman Simon rids in a big 'fifth train' moments but in general, done for the jumpy subject.

A call of famous horn in a last movement of a Prime minister is drab how is a tracery of some series that accompanies - is really Berlino Philharmonic??? More limpness can be found in 14:26 - 14:40 of a same movement.

Is there be never it plus prosaic opening to a Second Symphony? There is not any evidence of the soyasterful tentativeness' in a part of a manager in recognition that such music is gossamer-like in his fragility; Rattle cycles by means of him with this smirk in his face. A last movement is bereft of emotion.

Ossia A lamest B3 never registered for a Berlin Philharmonic - same Karajan '88 has more his walk. Excruciatingly, Rattle Remarks one repeats in a first movement like the majority of a limpness is to be found in an exposure. It is lacklustre in an extreme. He faith of beggars that the people could laud the to some heavens.

To the left has gone back our attention to Rattle Fourth and his inaugural movement:

- there is little real threat in an inaugural, which is not to be compared with strong touch and aggressively.
- 3:09 - 3:14, The transition key, has like this to to bite likes them Grandma Moses of a Warrior of Dud Teeth.
- 3:50 - 4:18 Has no inner tension.
- 4:42 - 4:56 like bland.
- 5:27 - 5:30 Another stray occasion - a meek will inherit an earth - or they?
- 6:10 - 6: 48 OMG finally have some adrenaline although quickly it evaporates.
- 7:41 - 8:04 Ossia the moment key in a Chamber. Furtwängler, Karajan And Kleiber all imbue he with threat. In Rattle hands, is the no-chance.
- 8:48 From now on Rattle finally develops some moment. Some finals of movement a lot - if so only a tension had not been compartmentalised to this section! This in spite of, has to be said that in 12:48 - 12:59 Rattle is any party for Trinity; the terror is absentee.

Now to a last movement:

0:00 - 0:16 which the flaccid opening. Again, it is devoid of tension.
0:17 - 3:17 Any bad at all, bordering in impressive. It goes for him, Gentleman Simon !
4:03 - 6:05. Alas, a tension recedes was again. One genuine elegy has not been - is has fulfilled only touch of a Berliners.
6:39 - 7:15 - Impressive
7:19 - 7:26 - taken the master to do something of these transitions - is not in evidence here.
7:38 - 7:53 - Súper impressive - in a Furtwängler class.
8:08 - 8:51 from now on it is of tower to Droop City.
9:16 From now on gone back of Simon of the Gentleman to some big train and of the pavings he winningly.

Remarce: I have adopted such the approximation modulates reason Rattle lack of an end-to-grip of final of the Furtwängler or Karajan.

Comparisons beckon.

For all his sonic limitations, Furtwängler 4th November 1943 - the genuine bat out of Hell - eclipses an offering in question; his sonic glory averts, like the pedestrian is Rattle last movement for comparison (Gates to a stay of the deep basses firmly concluded). A Karajan 2nd of 1963 or 1986 is unchallenged. In a B3, is Furtwängler or bust. Rattle Offered more than the challenge in a Prime minister - with less fussiness that in some other three symphonies - but Karajan of 1963 is his equal in a much less.

The immortal joint of Clint Eastwood 'a man' gotta knows his limitations' is appropriate to arrive to this point; Rattle would be necessary to stick to his repertoire of core. Perhaps, better still, has to is remained in Birmingham where had less pressure on him the the the morph to the Manager Adds; there, it can crank out of a Ades to the content of his heart. It begs a question: reason take a work of Berlino?

Hark, Was that Icarus I has seen in a heaven?
5 / 5
aps One wins to live' - Rattle' famous commentary in an acoustics of the room of the Real festival of Londra applies equally well to these leaden, almost comatose actions. You look Elsewhere yes it loves your Brahms with all a life, walk and rhythmical energy these symphonies can have besides enlightened hands.
4 / 5
Simon Rattle defines 'half' spending at all new to all the key and in some chances, in fact that extracted down to a point where the music adds loses his magnitude. This collection shows this a lot he like this done his incredibly poor take on anything Mahler. Avert this artist!

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5 / 5
The exceptional piano that touches for Clifford Curzon, the one who the joy . Melodic And memorable.
4 / 5
Clifford Curzon Touches spectacularly well in these registers of a Brahms concerts of piano -- although for pectacularly' does not mean that he in any way is flashy or self-considering. So only it finds a legislation and his fashion partorisca a character of a music. His sound (comprising his phrasing) in, for example, some premiers and fourth movements of a Second concert are at all likes anything a listened in a Prime minister. A brusque power of a ploughing of a second, and a 'galant' quality of a final movement is not partorisca separate that it is required in a Prime minister, and like this sure is his sense of flavour or touch (and his confidence in his execution) that knows that partorisca spend to resist and when partorisca the spend. If a Second Concert (with Knappertsbusch and one Avenges Philharmonic) can not be the first recommendation partorisca this action, an only reason is a sound : it is perfectly decent 1957 ape, but does not have a presence that, five years later, John Culshaw has found, in stereo, partorisca Szell and a Symphony of Londra with Curzon in a first Concert. I need to be said, this in spite of, that Knappertsbusch is on forms. It has been said that it was the bit sloppy and prone the rhythmical instability, but concealed is not a chance here. An orchestral touching is shapely and alive, and these qualities expósitas in spite of some limitations of a sound.

That it is indispensable in this subject is a register of a Prime minister with Szell. A sound is like this upper to a digital Kovacevich/Sawallisch 1992 that registers that is not even pleasant , and John Culshaw, then in a half to register a cycle of Coverage with Solti, knows like this partorisca balance piano with orchestra and where partorisca do discreet adjustments. The majority of impressive here, this in spite of, is a rapport go in Curzon and Szell. Curzon Games with your lovely, and his phrasing is anything but maquinal, and Szell stays with him all a way, by means of some different characters of some sections of a first movement and, more fantastically, in a slow movement, which is simply magic. An idea that Szell was some class of soul-less martinet is given a lie here. For me, this slow movement has not been never better fact -- and Fleisher, Gilels, and Kovacevich has all the lovely accounts dates of him. This a, this in spite of, is nonpareil. Then, in a final movement, has has not listened never some reports of better times has managed. Manager and pianist looks to be that they enjoy his immensely, and a whole thing is just life -enhancingly spirited. It likes to think that Szell and Curzon has discovered the deep mutual respect in a course to do this register. Something special is gone in.
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Impressive collaborations of Gentleman Clifford Curzon to the piano with Georg Szell at the head of the Symphony of Londra (in the Concert n.1 ) And with Hans Knappertsbusch with the Wiener Philharmoniker (Concert any one.2 ). The registers have been done in the Kingsway Soiled of Londra among the 1-3 May 1962 (Concert any one.1) And in the Sofiensaal vienesa among 21-24 October 1957 (Concert any one.2 / PLEASANT register).

The majestuosas waves of push and force in the concert (in this third and last version registered for Curzon) discerns in the start and The to the long of all the premiers and third movements of the solid orchestra comandada for Szell with férrea order, which the edges have answered with brilliance and measured for Curzon of the keyboard (in that could it to it describe report hate like this apparent of amour). A moment of the true stillness and the looks of reflexive beauty in the wonderful Adage, one of the slow plus of the discography but desarrolado sinned cracks and product to sin fallen roughly of interest for the auditor in front of the manager of wonderful soloist rapport.
Although Any famous tan, any less than the interest results the big version (the only that to the left in boxes Curzon) of the second Concert , a very worthy reading, again uploaded of olympic magnitude, passion and loyalty to the text where comment the good tuning with Knappertsbusch, a asiduo collaborator of the pianista in the rooms of concerts.

Global punctuation: 9,5/10
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the version of reference touches 1st concert, almost-symphonie with piano, demanding a boss of first order. Szell And is a model of dramatisme, of clarity, of permanent tension, of lyrisme, cursif and on, without lourdeur neither the excess was-saying 'romantic'. Entente Perfecto with Curzon. It finds his same qualities irremplazables that in lucido the violin of games of the concert with Oistrakh (EMI). Besides the apresamiento of the edges are aventajados. The All paraitre Giulini-Arrau very pale...
Would be reserved More to the sud mark of as where, curiously, has had the habit of 'aporrea' keyboard of edges of the sud, giving a Brahms a lot bruyant, loin of the lyrisme given in mark of prime minister, that is to touch lucido less paradoxical. It embezzles here Favorecedor to the interpretations of Kovacevitch (Philips)and Barenboim (EMI).
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Hoards of a cast together with Gilels. Curzon Interpretation of Brahms is until his fine level of elegant music that flow and sings.