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1 first BROTHER QL700SZU1 QL-700 Die Cut - Continous Label Printer - (> P Touch),Black,One Size BROTHER QL700SZU1 QL-700 Die Cut - Continous Label Printer - (> P Touch),Black,One Size Brother
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2 Brother QL-1100 Wide Format, Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer, Black Brother QL-1100 Wide Format, Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer, Black Brother
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3 best Brother QL-1110NWB Label Maker, Wireless/USB 2.0/Network/Bluetooth, Shipping & Barcode Label Printer, Desktop, Up to 4 inch Wide Labels, Includes 41 x Large Shipping Labels & 62mm Continuous Tape Roll Brother QL-1110NWB Label Maker, Wireless/USB 2.0/Network/Bluetooth, Shipping & Barcode Label Printer, Desktop, Up to 4 inch Wide Labels, Includes 41 x Large Shipping Labels & 62mm Continuous Tape Roll Brother
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4 Brother QL-600R Label Maker, USB 2.0, Address Label Printer, Desktop, Up to 62mm Wide Labels, UK Plug Brother QL-600R Label Maker, USB 2.0, Address Label Printer, Desktop, Up to 62mm Wide Labels, UK Plug Brother
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5 Brother VC-500W Colour Label Maker, ZINK (Zero Ink) Design 'n' Craft Label Printer, Desktop, Up to 50mm Labels, Includes AC Adapter/USB Cable/25mm Label Roll & 50mm Cleaning Roll Cassettes, UK Plug Brother VC-500W Colour Label Maker, ZINK (Zero Ink) Design 'n' Craft Label Printer, Desktop, Up to 50mm Labels, Includes AC Adapter/USB Cable/25mm Label Roll & 50mm Cleaning Roll Cassettes, UK Plug Brother
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6 [Bluetooth] MUNBYN Desktop Thermal Label Printer Wireless 4x6 for Shipping Packages Postage Small Business, Compatible with Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, Grey [Bluetooth] MUNBYN Desktop Thermal Label Printer Wireless 4x6 for Shipping Packages Postage Small Business, Compatible with Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, Grey MUNBYN
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7 BEEPRT Thermal Label Printer 4x6 inch 100x150 mm USB & Bluetooth for Windows & Mac. Royal Mail Hermes Etsy eBay Shipping Compatible with zebra dymo brother Labels 6x4 100mm desktop BEEPRT Thermal Label Printer 4x6 inch 100x150 mm USB & Bluetooth for Windows & Mac. Royal Mail Hermes Etsy eBay Shipping Compatible with zebra dymo brother Labels 6x4 100mm desktop BEEPRT
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8 Phomemo PM-246 Pro Shipping Label Printer, High-Speed Desktop Thermal Label Printer, 4x6 Label Printer Machine, Compatible With Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Hermes, Royal Mail, DHL, Fedex, UPS Phomemo PM-246 Pro Shipping Label Printer, High-Speed Desktop Thermal Label Printer, 4x6 Label Printer Machine, Compatible With Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Hermes, Royal Mail, DHL, Fedex, UPS Bekhuz
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9 NETUM 4" X 6" Direct Thermal Labels, Perforated Shipping Labels, Compatible with NETUM NT-LP110A Desktop Printers - 1 Rolls, 500/Roll NETUM 4" X 6" Direct Thermal Labels, Perforated Shipping Labels, Compatible with NETUM NT-LP110A Desktop Printers - 1 Rolls, 500/Roll NETUM
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10 BEEPRT Thermal Label Printer 4x6 inch 100x150 mm USB & Bluetooth for Windows & Mac. Royal Mail Hermes Etsy eBay Shipping Compatible with zebra dymo brother Labels 6x4 100mm desktop BEEPRT Thermal Label Printer 4x6 inch 100x150 mm USB & Bluetooth for Windows & Mac. Royal Mail Hermes Etsy eBay Shipping Compatible with zebra dymo brother Labels 6x4 100mm desktop BEEPRT
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Top Customer Reviews: BROTHER QL700SZU1 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Cant Looks partorisca take it partorisca do he like this has to that, or is so only me

Top Customer Reviews: Brother QL-1110NWB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this like this extracted he of warehouse, has been used and has had the miniscule frames in a front - but work. Ossia A printer partorisca seal that has the connection of USB, wire fence LAN (coverage of local zone) connection, connection of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. I have opted it takes it wired LAN how is one the majority of useful and of confidence partorisca me. A printer is gone in his original box , but does not limit packing and was bit it free, but well has protected. Has come also with two focuses spools, disk of engine, book of instruction and the figure of 8 goodness of power with the blockade of big ferrite (which is the requirement partorisca spurious radio interference). I am returned a focus spool, which is very easy with printers of focus of the Brother (informs the instructions if you are not sure) and has connected my coverage, powered he on and has done perfectly. I installed it on my PC (read some instructions how is the longitude winded explanation) - I has downloaded some engine of a web of place of Brother (the latest version), installed that follows one in the aims of screen. You can access a printer by means of the interface of web, and of has update here a firmware the version later - NO east a) does not know that it is doing and b) suffers constant power outages. I then downloaded and installed Brothers BRAdmin and P-software partorisca print to seal partorisca Touch (which is annoying calm so much has to that dipped some last 9 encipher/papers of a number of serial of the printer partorisca download he). Once all has been dipped on, has tried a press of focus - done like this expected - perfect.
I bough this partorisca print Ebay, Real Topmast and another focus of has surpassed. I have bought (generic) DK-11241 label which are 102mm x 152mm focus. It does not use a P-software partorisca Touch to print these. I have practised with to him the focus of PDF had saved of Ebay Shutl and has printed he of Google Chrome - I will not explain to like me this he so that it is along winded, but Google that researches has helped. I shrank A PDF to 94 like him all returned in a focus - in 100 the all the turn averts numbers under a barcode and Hermes signs in a cup of one focuses. One has printed to the focus was clear and there is not rubbed was and has stuck well.
This does a work really well partorisca any press of focus, but he that I precise which is focus of has surpassed . It is the no the economic offering, but more economic that a Dymo 450XL and other retail offerings. Calm also could use the printer of laser with Avery focus, but go in ovens and would take the plot of messing partorisca take right (tried this first). An economic version of this printer is a 1100 which is USB so only.
Finally, can print of your pill/of telephone with an application of Brother, which is really handy also.
In general partorisca focus versatile and well printer, with was it of good professional impression.
5 / 5
Ossia Printer of quality really bad and cure of worse client.

The printer has been bad in first pair of the month to use has like this state shipped the workshop of Brother. It is fixed shows and has done well partorisca a month of first plus to find a question still again. Both times, the printer there is prendido partorisca print and the red light blinked yes has tried to print.

The printer has been shipped again to Brother. This printer of time has been still in the guarantee but I has been done partorisca pay £120 paralizaciones servicing. I have wanted to so only a printer behind like this paid the. The printer taken finally behind but when I have opened a container, has been missing a cord to be able to and all that has sent with printer (manual of paper, usb cord etc). Unable to use printer, has contacted the client concerns the one who has contested bitterly and lied in mine expensive that has not sent a cord to be able to. Has the business to run and am interested less in squandering the time that concurrí. On the, a type of the priest of client was a lot of earthy. I have asked to at least give me some numbers to separate so much could order a cord to be able to I. Any date of boxes of the response.

The printer is expensive and has expected cured of better client of Brother. I will not buy never anything of Brother again.
4 / 5
A modern transfer to a Dymo 4xl.

Súper Fast press
WiFi and Bluetooth
the software Adds
HAS the cutting system built in
Never failed
the quality of Build is on anything more in a phase
the circles of Sticker are economic - multiple measures - main is resembled 4xl does not concern

Any real gilipollas

Initially a printer will look big initially but is not is iust proportioned differently, your eyes will regulate after the few days.

I just desire there has been the paving is all some stickers would collect but ossia to a lot to ask :)
5 / 5
has Bought this element to print eBay Shutl Focus of Surpassed but be warned, any one imports the one who calm , will not print him . I have spent the whole day in conversation with Brother and more than investigations of Amazon on Youtube but any one can explain reasons no with Shutl focus. Have has had to that return it lamentably to the equal that went to save the plot of hassle. To good sure is well in that excepts that is not Shutl lables. It would owe that add tat when I have spoken the eBay Shutl in of the this said that his Shutl seals them can not be printed in any printer of focus
4 / 5
looked in several printers of focus and opted for east a. Like this happy has done. It is súper fast and attentive and a better thing is any focus gone in his own circles so many can easily the transmissions were measured of focus in a gone. Just impulse out of a circle, dipped a prójimo one in and feed an end under a boss of printer. Simple. It did not think it it would require that at the same time but it results regularly I use 3 different measures of focus he and is the piece of cake to change among them.
5 / 5
Brilliant piece of boxes. Options of good connectivity - Wire fences, Wireless, Bluetooth. Once it has connected the wireless LAN able to print focus of any computer in a coverage - also of any pill or the mobile phone that use Bluetooth has seen the application of Android of the brother. It will print focus of the multitude of measures well until 6x4 that is which there is wanted. Early days, but everything, in everything, very pleased, to date, with this printer of focus.
4 / 5
A unit was well for four weeks, and then would not turn on. Contacted a vendor, has said simply has required to contact a costruttore. At all happy!
4 / 5
Printer to focus decent of Brother. A QL-1110NWB is perfect to print all the measures of focus, can print eBay focus, Real Topmast, UPS, DPD, Hermes, TNT, etc. calms also can print the small focus for files, dossiers, bosses, CDs and like this on.

Can print directly of Office of Microsoft, file of Image, file of PDF and browser of Web, using your telephone, pc, pill, and other Windows, Apple iOS and the devices of Android saw boss, wifi and bluetooth.

A QL-1110NWB is quite easy to use calm once install a motora & P-software of editor of the touch of web of place of Brother or a Brother iPrint&Application of focus he of Google Touches & a tent of Application. You can use measures to focus different, but transmissions some circles of focus can be the fulfilled tedious , like the better option is to use a 102mm or 103mm wide of continuous circle for all yours focus - can print you until 3 metre long poster.

Any focus compatible quite economic spent more than one. A printer he quite well, an outside is built of plastic. An open-and-compartment to focus after this in spite of is quite flimsy considering is £200+ seal of prize. Still, highly I recommend it, clave and just impression, any plus messing or faffing roughly with A4 paper, scissors and sellotapes!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. SETUP
⚙️ Some instructions thus produced are vast; a neighbour on looks to daunt.

MY JOINT: Use . For a setup!

🔧 My tip is to follow some instructions to upload a circle, but then just use WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) to take a device that pause your coverage.

📺 am preparing some short video — an is attached to this description – please subscribe to my canal of Youtube to see some another.

Could be ask you the one who a difference is among this model and a less expensive version, QL-1110 — without a "NWB" in an end. Well, some looks of difference to be AirPrint compatibility — that is, a capacity to speak wireless with devices of Apple (iPhones and iPads).

• Has looked for to trust some engine has built the Mac YOU but any focus would not print — is exited almost spatial.
• Took it finally to do to download engine of a web of place of Brother.

📱 Current version of iOS application (Brother iPrint& it Focuses) (version ) has indications a lot down. It is estimated 1.6 stars in a Tent of Application.

I installed an application on iPad and I now comprise reasons has had such the negative reception!

Are unable to print the alone thing reason maintain to take a message:
⚠️ "A circle of focus he or the tape does not match a a selected in an application." ⚠️

Has tried the numerous different permutations and I maintain to take this message of error.

• After a lot of struggling, has found one fijamente
• Tap "it Means comunicacionales of Control" [ it sees semi-detached video]
• An application has then selected a measure "103mm x 164mm" and it was in fact able to print!

⚠️ Terrible, fiddly iOS software. (Or I am so only too stupid of the comprise!)
💰 Has to that use the proprietary brother DK Circles.

A hardware well can have potential — and the brother usually does to break material — but likes experience on iPad is sub optimum. I expect that the brother entirely revises a UI (interface of User).
4 / 5
This description concerns a Brother QL-1110NWB Printer of Focus, shipping Labeller, Wireless, PC has Connected, Coverage and Bluetooth, Desk, Wide Format 4 Focuses of thumb, prize in revising £.

Like opposed the resemblance Dymo printers of Focus partorisca a phase of house, this Printer of focus he of versatile Brother is aimed clearly in a small to half of office of the half.

Setup With both Windows 10 and MacOS is simply the @@subject to connect an USB and goodness of hands, downloading some pertinent engine and some have consecrated P-Container to draw to Seal partorisca Touch.

The possible additional connection with Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet that has used partorisca connect our coverage so as to enable sharing for both operating systems in an ad hoc base.

Apple AirPrint partorisca connection of the devices that career IOS is has actuated also.

Two Focuses of cartridges ‘of sample' is comprised and is installed easily for simply falling to some spaces of drive and feeding a paper by means of a takeup canal.

The difference other alike printers, to the focuses can be Pre-programmed partorisca cut was automatically dependant on period of text.

Compatible with LADY Excel and guesses another alike software, also the yard and option of paste.

Functional connectivity , utmost coupled with the current there is lined looks.
4 / 5
Ossia The very able printer .

Comes with the glorious row of options of connectivities.

Has tried likes the wireless printer, and connected it my coverage like any computer can print his.

Has printed of my mobile phone and pill, which is a goodness added .

Has the good row of measures of focus and a speed of the impression and the quality is excellent.
5 / 5
Solid, easy to use but expensive. It concealed basically we are on this printer of focus. It would imagine this is to aim in meso sized undertaken / of offices those who go partorisca be heavy users partorisca the one who interest as you choose on one of estimativa of Brothers labellers partorisca low £90. This be has said that this was easy to use and install once some engine and a container to draw has been downloaded. It integrates with the number of couriers as well as a praise for service of Amazon to the equal that calculates concealed is that it is paying the stops of prize. The prize averts, the good product.
4 / 5
Like an user partorisca exist of Dymo manufacturers of focus, has found place on reasonably intuitive and sincere. Some engine installed automatically and, a time my mate is spent partorisca try to locate some instructions, had installed one of some circles of focus and has been ready partorisca go.

I like a fact that the insertion of any focus is a lot of user-friendly, particularly like this is likely to be something does infrequently in everything but a more occupied of offices. The press is also sincere, although I need the preselect a focus corrects of the vast variety of personnel in a paper. The impression of focus was easily and with otherwise minimum fuss.

A row of options partorisca seal dates a measure of a printer is phenomenal and produces big barcoded focus partorisca containers as well as it seals smaller partorisca envelopes. It is intuitive to use, which is like this as well as we have not taken never the grips with some instructions.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother QL-600R ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Have in the first place purchased this printer 2 years ago partorisca print self focus of adhesive allocution. As some other descriptions have indicated, of the neighbours on can be delicate as I have found initially. One researches of the punctual fast internet distinguished me it the clip of video in youtube which aimed like this partorisca update a firmware in a printer distributed partorisca the enable partorisca communicate with my Windows 10 Laptop. Of then in a printer done with subjects of zeros, when being incredibly easy to use and of confidence 100. Utilisation in a simple way, using his excellent built in '' program, as that any partorisca require any software in a cup partorisca lap partorisca the operate.

Of then, fact two years, this little printer has printed was on 50,000 self focus of adhesive allocution, and surprise me like his self leaves of active cutter still a lot still gone blunt!

Reason can not think that this little printer can go in much more, has taken only hands of the second a like the transmission. It has required also he firmware update partorisca do with Windows 10, like this previously. Now it will be maintained like the transmission owes a prime minister one decides that precise takes!

So only on in common costs partorisca information: it Focuses and consumables:

With this when being the thermal printer, saves the fortune not requiring any ink, as that ignores his consumption of tiny power, an only that careers the costs are some seals that is to use. Have So only each one has used a 'compatible type' focus partorisca my needs, and has tried glorious and in the fraction of a side could pay you partorisca original Brother some.

Consideration that final of imports on election of focus of allocution:
He aims partorisca dip this printer by means of his steps that impression a lot of focus, is looking for to use some focus 'continued (a continuous period partorisca label the cut was required like this) , like some ribs of the cutter of a focuses in an end of a longer line of text (the second looks more economic likes less the paper used), different using the character of period fijamente label which are cut always in an end of (go in) each focus.

Moved to character of focus of fixed period partorisca this reason key:
A leaf of cutter in focus of the fixed period so only has to that spend for some thin to @back cover.
In focus of continuous period, when some finals of text, a cutter owes rib by means of everything of a paper partorisca back, the film of adhesive, and a paper of seal he. This combination with any focus expects continuous, collected partorisca cause some cutting leaves of this printer partorisca take clogged on or the leaves have done partorisca dull using in volume.

Finally, averts of a Firmware the updates have required with both cost, this printer takes maximum points of me partorisca ease and pure durability of operation.
5 / 5
A 'Brother QL-810W the printer of Focus is an update in a forward QL-710W this has been a printer of focus of main paper partorisca a pair spent of years and offered WiFi USB further of the connectivity, a be last otherwise has required partorisca firmware updates. Another those change external smaller, a difference of entity is maintaining the offers that the by heart dual footprint when stock to seal adapted is uploaded; at present, there is so only one some measures to focus continuous that sustains a characteristic but another later can follow. A characteristic could have the habit partorisca signal the concrete information has underlined that, in of the different contexts, could indicate that the concrete carrier or the street of transport is partorisca be used, some contents are fragile or anything similarly of entity; all another focuses current the stocks have used in this will print in black so only. It is a half model of the series of three duquel a topmost QL-820NWB adds Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity more the backlit LCD screen of the preview but these additional characteristics am not considered personally essential or value an additional cost. Some printers now require a big external power comprised-band and is no longer powered directly of any hands supply.

A printer is little different in creation partorisca precede models and can operate wirelessly or tethered for the boss of USB; a boss of USB is required also partorisca occasional firmware updates and initial installation. While a container of the installer of the device looks a lot looked to precede versions that facts cleanly and reliably with an old plus QL-710W, included after moving he of a coverage to his successor and also by means of the transmission of computer. An installation this time has failed repeatedly whichever the option has been used; a software has been restarted several times but would not come from never further that no initial.

An experience of negative installation was parallel to this informed by diverse another reviewers the one who can all have done some roughly wrong elections of setup. Any tentativa has been done partorisca contact his service of support likes the product has been returned.

Experience in the date the late plus with a 820NWB was initially similarly troublesome but finally has tried achieved but the finally directed persistence successful and that it is now a printer of focus of personal paper of election. Had a same terracing of the rests of patience and a WPS option of connection be used, is a lot probably that a 810W would be perfectly usable state. If necessary, king-read a manual and then Brother partorisca use troubleshooting pages - is some last this has resupplied some responses! Had his existence be known to have a solution, would have been used much more collects.
5 / 5
If you are by train partorisca ask you himself partorisca buy the thermal printer or no, then highly can recommend one of these partorisca yours needs of focus. They are fantastic and is really be pleased with cost of mine of Brother. Drop in the circle of focus (several available measures) and impressions quickly and, a lot especially, without any toner/of ink has required. Ossia A thermal magic . Everything needs to do is buys circles of the substitution when the scarce was and can take compatible versions that is the fraction of a cost of some originals of the yes calm brother would prefer. Also I have the printer of laser, but a speed and the ease of use is any party partorisca the thermal printer.

Has in the first place had the QL500 and has been surprised in that these few diagrams could do. I create seal so much part of my small business use and ossia that headed with. When A leaf snapped in mine first car (this has been, pulling in that I would not owe that have ), has known has loved the substitution like thermal press had been in amazing!

My QL500 printed less bad and was all dipped to so only substitute a leaf, but has found this new QL800 available likes extracted he of warehouse and decided to go for a upgrade. It is essentially very alike and does a same work, but master that have cut any focus automatically when the arrivals of the career of the impression like press quite the plot of focus and was that it has to that do this manually with of an earlier version. There is the QL700 this is to go in among a two which also done one same, but a QL800 also offers black and red press, which have thought would be something concealed would go in gain for my creations.

Be 5 stars of me, but for two things. In the first place, this option now there is estandard' and 'big resolution' press, while my original car so only printed how is on one dipping. It likes- one contrives of of the this, but in regular way, is likes quality of draft in the regular printer or perhaps not even concealed. Calm would not use he partorisca a lot of so that I am not sure really sure reason the sound has required. This in spite of, this option of big resolution adds impresa clearly, retards a speed of impression down enormously and he the slowest fact that my first simple car. It is the small frustrating to has been printing clearly previously in the basic version of this car, in the very imposed faster, and now to be printing more dulcemente with which upgrading.

Secondly, In that has been to try for a focuses black and red possibilities, has been disappointed to find this Brother at present so only offers a career to seal that will he this and his expensive! More than him it would pay for the alone circle when the printer of laser could use the whole row of colours for the fraction of a prize. It would owe that it has looked it this on more attentively supposes before purchasing so that it is not that it has expected. I am counting in future proofing to have is an although and expect that more black and the ways of red of focus will follow ... hopefully With any compatible focus in offers also ... The toes have crossed!

Is the smallest flus but perhaps something the brother would owe that look in with a next version to try to spend out of some small subjects. They are still tremendously happy with a car like the integer and would recommend him to any one requiring to focus that impression!
5 / 5
Run the subject small of house and has required the printer for the product & of allocution GOES focus. Ideally It required It to be shared among the number of PC is without too much fuss but still although it could not find any mention of of the this in any of the mine pre the investigations of compraventas has decided in a prize would be worth it although joined to 1 PC for USB (commentaries that this printer is USB so only has any port of coverage like my solution so only will do has an infrastructure that will explain down).

Connected directly to my server that the careers Wins Server 2012 R2, turned of an option of creator in a printer (sees manual) and installed an engine in a server. The management of impression has used to add to a cast of has shared printers using a local port in a server (function of the server of the impression was dipped already up for other printers in my coverage), and deployed to a PC is in a coverage. Installed a P-software of editor of the Touch (download of note of the place of the Brother will require a number of serial of the printer to download) in the each PC and his all connect perfectly to a printer has seen a server of impression. All the options are available how was has connected directly.

The bit adds of boxes, the quality of impression is sum but is printing the logo converts it the monochrome first to take quality of better impression. I also generic experience 62mm circles of focus of Amazon (5 circles for a prize of 1 original!) And there is not any difference
5 / 5
A printer is no short of brilliant for my purposes.
An impression is in maximum 62mms in width and of like this of to the people like 10Of is still in period. But there is not any limitation to a Mac period. This calm mean can print a seal of container regulate some needs to ship, as one some GLS is using. And a qr the codes are too many muddy one can use a utilitarian software that comes with this printer to do the screen grab and print a has expanded code of knots. Ossia Really good 👍. I have bought a container suggested 📦 of skates to the primrose and a thing so only maintains to go. It loves it !
An impression is acute and functional,the sticky tape the breeze to use. Active him him like this to be the plenary 100mm like supposition to 62mm.
5 / 5
The mine apresamiento and comes (as described) with cassettes of sample 1 focuses of allocution & 1 Red/ circle Continuous black, although it shows still resupply the good quantity of focus. A legislation of a box dips up is easy as it can be , covers simple n game, opens on an editor lite which give you a basic application to print focus, or can download a Full program that calm give you personal and characteristic full. (Ossia Free). A prevails with this model is that it can print both Red & Black in aim, as it can create focus by heart of the duel. Ossia Brilliant, and for a prize touches the no brainer. A speed of impression is súper fast, a yard of car is like this handy and add is using a pre focus of yard or a continuous circle. A row of focus he available is quite good.
4 / 5
Has Had one for the short while now, as it has thought would give an opinion of sincere user.

Some diagrams is quite well, reasonably quickly the impression and to the focuses are of impression of good quality.
Having A capacity for 2 colour (black and red) to the press is the prize , really done any text could want to emphasised really pop. Coffins Imports precise a special expensive plus 2 focuses by heart thus this in spite of.

Bad thing so only smaller that say in a printer is as it joins to the focus that takes spat to a paving or table when they are cut like this of the slopes forward advance him without method to take has has finalised focus, another that has released to leave the gravity treats it.

A side of software is so only TERRIBLE!!!,

Typical Brother Bloatware install of 736 program all doing few bits or at all useful at all averts to litter a desk and file of program.,

Has a program to modify a focus,..... In fact very there is 2 to modify a focus, a basic editor and an editor advanced both desquels is annoying and confusing to say a less and are a The PROFESSIONAL...., Another program to update a firmware, one to update one 1356 bloat programs (well follows to exaggerate in a number of programs but there there is still far too many).

Annoying main with an editor of focus, is when those produced to focus of personnel that a printer stores like this calm does not need it pc for the footprint, that sees in a screen is seldom that goes in practical. I am spent of the hours that try focus of simple product that says estock', or espaired' and my logo in a fund, so only to find an impression of personnel looks at all like which takings when it impress calm of the PC. Any one the source is different, or a measure, or a place, the text that loses, wrong colour. I have found a software of Editor for incumplimiento does not have tick boxes and other parameters that needs to be dipped for a text of boxes of focus 'lock' concealed some boxes of text to some personnel, reason. I am spent of the hours of time and metres of impressions to try where has forgotten to tick this, or control that for some varied objects that the mark on quell'focus simple.... This process could like this easily be better and less quirky and intuitive has had some developers of software of the Brother be forced to use his own software, has been punctual improved like this simple mortals could use it.

Another that that, a quirks is so only in outweigh some profits, is the good printer , shame in a software but calm once learns is the rarities operates well.
4 / 5
Has bought this printer of focus in of the descriptions in other places that read in Linux, can do, but did not take you to do afterwards squandering two hours on that. A 64bit the engine alleged in a place of costruttore is rubbishes . In hindsight, would have to has paid more for a version of coverage in place of USB, but there is not any guarantee that would give any better results.

So many to the impression has finalised to use my mobile phone and some application of costruttrici of official Android for a printer. This has done, but calm did not say you never has to that disconnect your telephone of the your @subject to connect to a printer WiFi. Calm once imagine that it was, some works of printer. A software is half so only , does not transport-rotate your text, like an only way is will print that it loves, is for the footprint and see.

A by heart dual press is idea a lot well , and works well, and is the better option that just black so only, Ossia of particular use to do to pop of things like them the stickers of of security. A quality of impression is well. This in spite of, remarks that this does not produce the sun impresses resistant, will turn, as has all my impressions of test. Like this more useful for focus for the packaging that / sends immediately, or out of a storage of sun.

Are the users of sure Windows has different opinions in a printer, but took it specifically for Linux.
4 / 5
Has taken this in a more popular mark mainly reason is announced as not requiring engine. Apparently you cover so only he in and will print of the processor of regular word.

This has not been my experience. I a firmware the update required for Windows 10, but in order for a updater to find a precise printer installs some engine in all the chance. Any so only the concealed but still does not operate. There is the light that shows an inner software is running a show and calm can resist down the key for the turn was. So only after doing that in fact press anything. Like this still with which a firmware update, an inner software has drawn to substitute some engine simply does not operate.

Would not import this like this if he then done when I have tried to print of the processor of word after installing some engine of Brother in mine portable, but he no. Any work of the impression fracasada or he spat to focus of spatial in me.

Finally, downcast, has been advance and installed a clunky 90 fashion 'P-Tecla Software. This has done finally a work of what. All I need this partorisca east to print allocutions, but so only two of a work of the personnel of the allocution rule and both are is personal that the looks are of 90 east.

Also has to that add an allocution like the 'contacted before printing. Which is useful to send elements to a same allocution on and on, I supposition, but sell in eBay he like this has to that manually gone in the new name, street, postcode, etc to separate fields like the 'contacted new every time wants to use a thing.

Gave it three stars because calm once in fact one to seal is a lot of form and a lot sticky. To focus small has sweet smudging but some big some are very cleaned. The root of final can not contest with.

One 'driverless' the characteristic fact or although he so only printed of the processor of word after installing the engine there would be it given 5 stars.

But doing with this thing much more is that it frustrates that a marketing the fact was to be and complain a lot that pays the little crux more for something better am sincere.
4 / 5
I absolutely adore this printer, but has taken was a star because it has taken ages for me to imagine was like this to use he - no like this intuitive or user-friendly to the equal that has thinks that would be (or could be because we are not that technology-savvy?).

After the hours to try and a printer not printing , finally imagine is because of a setting of printer. It is of entity to dip a printer the 'way of 2 colours', which or can access for clicking 'Paper'. With which order that it was, a press has been marvellously and he all fast, and smoothly.

Am not using an Editor Lite. I have downloaded a full software and can customise the mine focuses that I use my own sources. It adds the professional touch to all focus of mine, and loves it.
4 / 5
Had an absolute nightmare that tries to take this partorisca do, some offers of Windows of web of place 10 engine but these no . Looked for on-line and the people are saying that the update needs a firmware in of the Windows 7 partorisca he partorisca do with Windows 10 (I follows on 1809 update). Tried this and has had no firmware available. Also the has not done in of the Windows 7 likes the software of focus comes with this utter rubbish. A circle of free paper has resupplied was 62x8 but has had no such option of measure of the paper in a program.

Calms the favour and buy another current product. Dymo Is upper and in fact laws.
5 / 5
Validate each penny, like this never again has to that faff roughly with A4 Avery focus in a inkjet printer. A printer comes with two jueza of is exited circles partorisca take you that goes. A software comes with east adds, how is divided to ‘basic' and ‘anticipated' tabs. As you can rattle of focus he of basic allocution súper quickly, or drop to ‘anticipated' way, and create everything of focus he of drawer with maps, to the 1 metre long poster with enormous text. The quality of impression is well. The speed of impression is quickly, and a V shaped the cutter is ultra of confidence. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has found initially this the little has bitten difficult to take the grips with and has thought can have done the enormous deception and has bought a wrong car but with the little bit of perseverance and the second pair of eyes have @@give but this little car is able of the plot more, so only are that it lines a surface and that in fact could do.
The improvement would do would be drives of better user partorisca aim some fun functions and bit it more guidance in a sizings would be a lot also.
Prints focus of mine of has surpassed mostly and sometimes some details some the small plus does not print like this well and there is any way to amend this that has found still.
But partorisca a prize and that that can do to good sure resists his own against like this models more expensive
4 / 5
Glorious pocolos have bitten of boxes, I paper of hate 30 or 40 focuses the day and this little beauty now he all partorisca me.
I paste & of yard some details of allocution and swipe 'printed' and was comes.
Was the nightmare that takes my laptop (windows 10) partorisca the accept so it has had to that download and extracted some files of on-line, then downloads 'winzip' to be able to use some files but once has broken that leaves; it was the doddle.
Has conversed with an on-line advisor but there is advised has had to that go and answer a door, when I have gone back has had disconnected a cat how was the bit miffed in that but everything is well that well well.
Stars of me.
4 / 5
The container has arrived to a drop of amazon of locker with ease. A printer is a together easy on this in spite of are not totally technology savvy could consider some subjects. There is also the application of telephone that reads really a lot of leaving you to print focus directly of your telephone. It would recommend some target of focus and of the blacks more than the aims in red/black are that it loves black of the focuses of just impression like to last looks to have the brown tinge unless they are so only seals it red (and in this chance a red is surprising the paralizaciones thermal). Upkeep In a hardware is minimum. To good sure would recommend this product to any concealed has focus to print. To him quell'focuses can be pricey but found utmost subjects here on original still amazon of focus.
Update: early 2019, we have had a subject with one of a round labels that the brother sells. I can no any brother of failure with which service of sales at all, has been in constant contact and there is also the orderly stock of a focuses same to try and retorted a subject they. They have solved a subject for the knots and I honradamente can say that yours looking for the utmost little printer offering professional results with support of the amazing product can not recommend this product and brother enough.
4 / 5
Terrible bit of technology..

Total lack of instructions. The software takes for ever to upload on, and is basic still difficult to usel. Maintained giving me 'Any paper' message in the full circle after each focus. I said often that has required to select a correct measure of focus - still when I have had. I have bought this to use with mine Epos system for my new tent. It looks the'll has to that invest in something more, as he no well in mine portable or Epos system. UPDATE - Almost 2 years on, has tried on 2 pc is, and is still after impossible to dip on wirelessly, has included to say you east but then wont impression. A worse printer has has not used never. To good sure will not be buying Brother never again.
4 / 5
Has looked for ages to try to find a costruttore to focus right and solved with this one in an account of some good descriptions and a mark of course. Really I have it that confirmation concealed is Is SUCH the genuine ache that takes this to dip up. Error after messages of error and has taken hours of the configuration to a point loved it so only box behind on again and the send behind. Finally, when I have thought it has not had any hope has left in me, has imagined was was and once laws, work well. An impression is very fast and clear. For such the calm simple device would think it would be the simple operation. It would not take this printer of same mark again, that knows that I joint up is involved but the have now and I just need to do work.
5 / 5
Are sure this - a question is regarding the take place up? It is a more angering the piece of crew has found still. Like the 'spent and played the looks of printer have determined to refuse to touch. Doing all coy, said some engine is not downloaded, in spite of a fact has looked in installing he for 20 minutes. Finally It Twins you of coverage - the one who, to be just to them - is very useful, takings a damned thing to print but he then comes an entertainment with a circle of paper. Apparently, any focus sends with a car is a wrong measure . This time thinks that that a failure is mine but that? All want to do is printed any focus of allocution. Reluctant to break box it £ that smirks in you, the suppositions is behind to Brother.
4 / 5
Is produced very good but is a lot of expesive . So you go qulity yeah thats he
5 / 5
A lot was very impressed with one looks of a product and a prize at the same time of the compraventa was reasonable. Alas when it has come to download an engine for a printer has been impacted to find that reason have had a system of the extra security in my PC would cost an additional £ to install an engine. I have been said that I have not had one of some systems of security has takes then a printer could not be installed. Any further interested party is would have to that think hard first to buy this product.
5 / 5
Ossia A printer to focus excellent in the reasonable prize. A software was very easy to install and a printer has produced before class has printed focuses. A lot strongly recommended.
4 / 5
Ossia My second focus of Printer of Brother. Felizmente, has saved all my directions and of the contacts of some times have used my printer of focus of original Brother. This life done so easier to the equal that am now able to turn in a new software, find my cast of focus and print them without any hassles.

When it Wants to have something printed in red all have has had to that it was to underline a section of text and change a colour. A software this in spite of, adapted that it has been still in it monochrome way, as have has had to that so only change concealed and impression. A lot intuitive and the friendly user.
4 / 5
Perfecto for my needs . No more to be said..
Can so only adds, if any one has the question with this printer and calm have any difficulty with planting on etc, Help of Brother of the contact and ask James Leigh, is a person to speak to.....
5 / 5
Excellent piece of boxes. I have required the printer that does the simple to print individual seal that was clear and easily readable. I have used previously spent of focus with the levels inkjet printer. This was a lot of when I have required partorisca focus numerous printed but was to squander if I have not used a whole discharge. It is not the good idea to dip the discharge of focus by means of the printer more than a swipe like glue can take in a printer internals and jam a printer. This printer that need and the - stiller are that it discovers that it can do! Good value, easy to use and a lot versatile.
5 / 5
Has read some revises concealed has suggested some teething the on dip questions up. Felizmente, has not had this and the place has on taken roughly 30 seconds. I add little car and like this happy has chosen this model. Simple to empty some circles in (compatible some are much more economic, although a car comes with the pair of circles). Like an automatic cutting. The just desire there was the tray to take some focus to the equal that exit, as it could do the little different some and they would remain in order, more than flying to a paving. Also, if a battery to go with east was more economic, to good sure would take partorisca 'in a gone' but is main that a prize of car, as not going to take concealed!
4 / 5
Has squandered some last 5 hours that looks for to install this! Tried everything! A lot frustrating!

Udate: With which 2 days that looks for to install, I finally taken there. In the helps of chance more; I am gone in to a poster of control of the Windows - devices and printers - has takes then a QL-700. I then plugged a printer behind in again and has installed properly that time. There is remarked also that a green Editor Lite precise be was before press.
Now that has a printer that read, really want it! A lot simple to use and a lot quickly. Has deducted 2 stars this in spite of for each day has lost to try to install a bloody thing!
5 / 5
Has has had always 2nd focus hand-held printers but one some that has no on Linux, Dymo 320
has hunted round for one for age and has seen then this for sale on Amazon.
Then looked in a video is on Youtube and now have one.
Is absolutely brilliant. An installation of software in a PC of Windows was like this easy. Linux has tried no still, taken to build my car but says it will do with Linux.... If his half also with Linux then will be that it shines
4 / 5
Impacting that a vendor has sent this element without any wrapping on he whatspever! A focuses has been slapped well to a box (which has not gone included sealed with tape) and is remained in mine porch! A lot of insecure. Felizmente Was all well the interior and everything separates there. It was this in spite of strongly discounted - value I so that it adds for money.
A printer has taken the VERY long time for me to try and place up in the MacBook Air - my husband interjected in an end and took it doing quickly - like this perhaps was so only me when being transmission.
Some impressions of focus is perfect this in spite of.. It can it does not be missing a car. Smaller that thought it would be too much.
4 / 5
Happy to have one. Any one very impressed with him. If all need to do is to attack out of a focuses same calm repeatedly will find this the brilliant has bitten of boxes. If has ambition to be more 'creative' that calm will not find any a lot of flexibility here. The map is poor. It focuses - when guillotined to the measure has wished is almost impossible to take of a backing - could have done with the yard of lateral selection. The software is clunky - but volume the good level of WYSIWYG.
5 / 5
At the beginning requires the bit to touch around, but generally is easy to use and a press of Wi-Fi was directly advances. It likes- one option of cutting after each focus or in an end of a work to print or at all, more manual that cut with the press of a key. Each option can be useful in the different situation.
Likes that it sustains continuous press, focuses like this long can be created with a right tape, or one can use measures of focus closely of costruttore.
Perfecto for Amazon and bit it better that Dymo in a lot of ways.
4 / 5
I displeased partorisca Receive the German version of a printer. Wine with the 2 spent of pin and any 3 adapter of pin in spite of him when be listing as containing an in a blurb in a point of sale in a page of Amazon. A manual of instruction has had also any one the English instructions so only German, French, Dutch and Italian. So to the equal that am expecting the trade internationally am not flowed up to now in these tongues. Dipping on again L the crew can be delicate in a better of the times do not import never try guess your way by means of a “Produkt-Sicherheitshinweise”. If ossia some class of patient undermine in leaving one Et.ou. I then chairs but has voted partorisca remain so that it is not my failure. Felizmente Would give the better description partorisca the printer that could spent in and comprise but sadly can the no. is the good form this in spite of like this, well a brother.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have purchased this very tired printer in his compatibility with Win10 has based in another revises. I am running it Wins 10 1809 emission, has downloaded an engine a late plus of a web of place of Brother, has followed some instructions (to a paper, i.et. It does not connect the first USB of calm say you to and disable Editor Lite in a printer partorisca resist down a first key of the connect to an USB) resupplied by a software, installed and doing in 5 mins.

When Printing small QR codes like a one in my video there is remarked that has taken sometimes the moment partorisca scan, this was reason an impression was slightly blurry, for ticking an option 'Priority partorisca print quality' fixed this and now print clean and scanner like normal.

Sincerely impressed with a measure, speed and quality of a printer, would recommend!
5 / 5
Are very impressed there are them has thought always roughly investing in an and that has tried other methods ( press and cutting and sticking focus or focus of direct press ) Where this excells is calm so only needs an add need 100 adds .

Saves time

Looks cleansing more acute

Easy to use

More onnce has uploaded up there a lot shearching partorisca spent partorisca seal any ink partorisca substitute the discharges so only creates your impression of focus and clave .

Where Like Discharges very all knows a history .

Has taken 3 coverage of years of brother partorisca free also partorisca go to plant and logging a compraventa has done them
5 / 5
the descriptions had said that that takes a wireless connection was problematic like dipped that up in a table of the cookery and he have done first time. It was idiot test . I moved it then his pertinent location and he never printed wirelessly again - in spite of hours of fiddling . It is the very quite a lot of printer but to describe it like this wireless is touching the little fast and free with a term.
4 / 5
His well. I mean after the few tentativas and the hours that reads one 'any one a lot explanatory' manual instructions and was after downloading several softwares that is is able to print tellement.et Focus. But be sure will be to spend enough the few good hours that tries to dip a whole thing everytime tries to print. You can print of your mobile but was unable to connect with my I has had to connect to the mine portable bluetooth and then the use to print to a labeller
5 / 5
has had this printer to seal roughly 6 month now & sustains a lot on-line, still can not print to focus eventhough all is dipped now up. Active has BOUGHT NOW the player of disk & everything of a cd the loaded & printer utmost work for all focus of mine.
4 / 5
Ossia Brilliant. Bought for my personal use and I could not be pleased more. A software takes the bit to study and the look bit it old fashioned but am taking there. I have printed everything of focus of mine of paper of the Christmas and they looked good-looking. A very useful addition my digital crew.
4 / 5
The only complaint is, bought it to print focus of surpassed of the real topmast and I am up to now not founding the way for him to communicate with an on-line application or to print some focus in some right dimensions was although it is apparently able to do like this
4 / 5
has not done for me, tried it on desk and the laptop and the errors comunicacionales was has maintained to look. Emailed Support of brother and has taken at all behind. Has is spent the hours have squandered in that try dipped this on and at all. I am asking the full repayment.
5 / 5
Very easy to dip on, big quality to print, has equivalent to focus official of a same quality (this in spite of black so only, has seen any
the officious focus and red black still). Work perfectly by means of WiFi and Windows 10, and the official free application is quite useful. An only disadvantage that compares to Dymo is lack of BEES, but is the stops no @subject more than clients. Like this far I am very pleased with this printer.
5 / 5
Ossia The printer of focus adds that all I need (has not required a wireless connectivity offered by other models in a row). When being able to print in red as well as the black is the good touch and the thick use but, and ossia where fallen the star, a black can have his red fringe when using a bi-paper by heart. In a main: very pleased with him
4 / 5
Like the Mac user this car was quite useless - the majority of some characteristics has described is not available in the Mac and is has restricted severely. Eg Can not print of software of Office of the Microsoft, as you owe that enter an allocution directly to a Brother softaware which is very limited.
The installation was a lot of confusing and at all intuitive (and I work in HIM!)
Am returned this car and has ordered the Dymo like this specifically declares Mac integration and looks the more all the round, albeit more expensive.
5 / 5
Has bought the printer of focus of the costruttore different and was satisfied relatively with him. This was until it has broken. A flimsy crowbar in a side of a printer bent and this was that. After hunting around for the products of a same company, has decided to research other offerings. Any only is a Brother the far more sturdy and the printer of focus has built better; his software is like this more versatile and enable me to create complex and professional of focus. Finally, a row of focus and materials to seal done a Brother the star compared with some another in a phase.
4 / 5
Has on dipped is to to the ache likes him another has said but the one who calm drive crazy is those that options of measure of the paper and calm require left that with some personnel of focus. Then it will not print it touches a wrong type of the paper and calm take the little in a box ie colour or same ape although the colour is red so only . The ENORMOUS TIP takes the printer to seal that is easy to use
5 / 5
has Bought this like this could it to them Use to print stickers for my product. I love it! It is really easy & simple to use and stickers of impressions like this quickly!
The impressions am gone in red & black, but for that precise buys different paper. It comes with any focus of allocution (black ink) and another circle another big plus to print in red & black.

Would be careful when printing of small/ intrepid source this in spite of, as it tends to exit the bit blurry.
But another wise is surprising, loves it!
5 / 5
Any focus has drawn to print Black and the red does not operate. A black text exits like this burgundy a red is WELL. I have spoken to the his 2nd instrument of technician level the one who has confirmed this like known @@subject this is previously state escalated.
Like this is known and his still misrepresent some characteristic has given 1 star.
Compraventa QL-700 if you do not require red.
4 / 5
Has required to buy this for him is connectivity of coverage because I have decided to substitute my laptop with an iPad. The law adds with an available free software of Brother. He red fact still as well as the black when used with a correct type of focus.
4 / 5
Extremely the piece adds of boxes that does exactly that has loved and is easily adjustable to change on sealing like this required that. A lot speedy impression and perfect cut every time.

What only that control behind 5 is a software is quite buggy in that in the perfectly able laptop that pursues the variety of pieces quite demanding of software a lot fluidly, for some reason, a software of Brother is incredibly that the transmissions retard the alone character in focus he pre-existing can take 5 seconds, easily, to do. A lot frustrating!
4 / 5
Has bought initially this to print bar coide focus but has discovered this printer will do a lot, much more. Ad hoc allocutions, plans, gudance to the focus for sakes sells. A process is quickly and easy although I have required to take some time to imagine out of a software. It has printed the elements arrive a lot quickly and is pre yard . In general this printer does more than has expected and in the very big quality.
Down side: a subject only has is that some transmissions of printer was after the period and has to that be manually restarted yes wants to print anything. This subject smaller is this in spite of easily negated for some positive bits.
Buys again? More certainly.
4 / 5
Took it the bit to download software for pc but an application in works of telephone a lot on all the very good box

Top Customer Reviews: Brother VC-500W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
It could not find any descriptions of this element anywhere so that it is partorisca say enough the description detailed to the help would be buyers .

A car comes fantastically packaged and contains all precise to create first yours focus, comprising instructions, the tape of thumb and all connecting goodness. A car is surprisingly small and orderly (approx. 4 wide thumbs and big and 5 front of thumbs to back). Solidly Has built with the bit of his weight so that any flimsy.

has looked for to install he with the connection of USB headed to my PC but unfortunately this has not done. A software of printer and engine all installed correctly but initially an alike printer with an error. I reinstalled an engine but although an error is missing was impossible to print to a car in this configuration. A first focus looked to print but has not achieved never a row of press (using the PC with Windows 10 64 bits). I have tried a lot of options comprising direct impression but without success. It has not been possible to send anything, not even the impression of test. Frustrating. Undermining deeper has received the message that a schemes could not print street USB3 - this in spite of has not been connected invernadero USB 3 - was in the USB2 port. It has not had any error that looks in some devices of a computer and a printer have looked WELL in a cast of printers, that informs that he correctly. It could not win this question. I have connected instead it has seen Wi Fi and a schemes then done properly. This disappointed of here so only 4 stars in place of 5 but would not like me say was in good sure faults of Brother like Windows 10 can be temperamental. The this in spite of thinks that that this would frustrate day to user of day.

has not tried the press has seen an application of iPad still, but has used a Brother P-Windows to Touch program felizmente. It was already familiarised with this I so that has another printer of focus of the Brother. I do not have any subject with this program likes work quite well for me.

Some impression of focus clearly and in colour well. Some colours are strong but no like this vibrant likes signalled in a screen. For example the brilliant green comes by means of beautiful dense and the red brilliant is slightly in a pink side. This in spite of a focuses finalised is in fact coloreado and has printed sharply.

Some means comunicacionales that the brother informs to as 'paper' the far better looks that concealed. It is the good stout plastic and certainly can not be rasgado. Has the good lustrous surface and although precaution of Brother against of the water, has no immediate danger of, for example, smearing or staining with the wet cloth or spillage. It guesses it it would not stand up the slow term into use external.

A glue is strong but like the tape is quite robust could be it difficult to apply to the sharply wry surface. I have tried in a EA Eneloop battery (that has the difficult plastic sleeve) and found a lebel has begun to slightly detach for prejudices he - ossia an extreme test and does not think it would be the question with something less difficult - eg bounce it or boat.

A ZINK the technology is quite remarkable! A tape is white simple but is the heat has actuated to produce some different colours. Trying with the warm soldering the iron has found some colours are produced using different temperatures - less the heat resembles still to be out of yellow, that the magenta comes with the main temperature and cyan with a big plus. It is the very inventive process to drive a tiny impression heads to some concrete temperatures to spend out of some by heart tiny points that marks on and global image. Seen under the microscope there is the by heart minimum bleeding among zones of the different colours and this is not discernible to an eye in of the skins - any mine in all the chance! How it is necessary to regulate a temperature for each pixel, the press is not like this quickly like a printer to focus normal with the separate colour ribbon but is still acceptable.

Like the colours are has formed dyes, of course paints fastness in the brilliant sun could be a @@subject and the brother recommends any focus would not owe that be exposure of long term to this light. Ossia Basic common sense with anything of this character (incidentally some colours do not look until the quite big temperature is applied so that I a lot expecta the mussel by heart would look into use normal.

When A focuses is ejected, will find that a printer has formed the little tab in the each one finalises which can have the habit of detach a focus of a propiciada behind - very convenient.

there is pulled some tape of the cassette to try my experiences and found a hard way that a tape has to that be totally inside a cassette when it is loaded, otherwise will not feel by means of a printer. It follows some instructions!! You OWE THAT download the cassette that use a key in a printer to retract a tape in the first place otherwise can jam a printer when after reloading. It concealed then it could unduly spend a circle of feeder of the tape that heads to questions to designate longer.

Any one has asked it already a inbuilt the cutter can be substituted and a response is Shame of no. But is this really a subject? Has has used printers of focus of the Brother for years and has not had never a need for this functionality as it has not been if it is really a subject.

Some some tapes are quell'has bitten pricy and is probably 50 - more 70 of normal Brother TZ tapes of focus. This in spite of when you consider are taking the full colour that impress like this opposed the alone colour, and does not have to that purchase additional colour ribbons etc this is not like this unreasonable if really it loves colour.

Adds little printer that focus of products of the good quality by heart full. Easy to use once an initial software setup has been won. Recommended.
4 / 5
The seal impresa has not had some same colours so many in an application of screen of the creation basically the red does not exist - look pink- and the yellow brilliant is more orangey - the photos have printed in a focuses exited with the pinkish tinge - same in some vivid colours that dip which is quell'has bitten that disappoints - the brother has called technician to sustain the one who there has been the test run in his own car and called behind has adapted that has the discrepancy in colour in the screen to that is to print but could a lot of anything in this like this the generic and no only question mine (thought something was bad with my car). Black regime very and other colours like the greens or to the purple is well. A photo of semi-detached extract of the part of focus aims a rose but ossia in fact red that shines on screen and a yellow would have to that be lemon. The photos will have the roses tinge and will not be a true colour. Some colours think would turn gradually so that the quality is not vivid to begin and is thermal but time to need confirmation this. A printer so only comes with a wheel (another is the tape of circle of the most cleaned) that it wants to buy a row to measure to widen your option for projects can be quite type. Still a good printer to seal if no too fussed on some colours- like this maintained that ours for the basic focus for books and of the belongings and small projects. It is easy to use yes used to use the computer and some categories of library of art of clip, the frames and the flanges are varied of skyscraper to cars and graffitis creatures etc.. Which are adds. @In rodeo - That sees in the screen is not esatta as him it perfectionist and wants to use this for the professional creations do not use red and yellow or try and live with as an impression of colours so that it is quite the compraventa considered to print focus.
4 / 5
Really love this printer there would be it given 5 stars all a way but is the little delicate to dip up and a software has some limitations.... This in spite of an idea of having zero ink I amour... And a quality of paper is really good - beautiful professional... The paper is very a lot lustrous, almost plastic-like, a lot of oil & of resistant water (is not surfaced some impressions still to try) ... But a paper will exit to be very expensive is to coach to use it to do the main batches of stickers. The some impressions of the photographs and a quality was glorious. When you Want to have the white fund with text, found the delicate to print like the printer looks his so only wants to have the background colour otherwise he bleed a text all a way to a flange and I could not find the way rounds it another that to dip 1 opaque fund but this does an impression any like this cleaned and crisp. I have finalised to use creations directly to Season Illustrative and envoy to print, reason have found one or-editor to touch too delicate to use.

In general love this little printer! But some circles of paper are too expensive in his moment.... It is there the way to take a paper an economic plus? It is it adds partorisca to to the the subject small likes him the mine where require the quality labels that I can was before taking to cut of main impression that possibly will result obselete if it does not spend on with this particular line. Really Well to try out of new in of the creations of house without spending 100Or is in the printer and a cuteness of his measure means does not take on too much room at all!
5 / 5
Has taken the moment to dip it up as you owe that install software on computer and applications in of the mobile devices. I have it it took it now on and that careers and is an excellent piece of crew, has has done focus even of photo in my telephone. It goes to be useful to help me personalise my papers, present and jewels that do as well as thousands other uses that pode of. A characteristic of yard of the car is not available press of your software of computer to the equal that would have been well to have like this then his fully automatic.
4 / 5
Has bought so only this. It has not been I am doing something wrong, or is some pixels in my images. But it finds a quality by heart of the extremely poor impression. The roses and the greens are not looking. Also so only I have @to @give this does not focus to circulate (unless I have not imagined this)...Finally a lot @@subject that the times have tried, does not connect my house WiFi, and so only is printing in a together provisional on those use a “printer of brother WiFi”
5 / 5
This Little Printer is doing things a BIG way :)
- Easy setup;
- Quality of Good Impression;
- Easy BEES for Creation;

gives it 4 stars ( any 5 ) so only reasons some circles of substitution are like this expensive , that is turning this Printer adds in the a lot of abordable one for Marcación big number of products ........
He Feigns use this house of printer ( likes material of cookery ) you do fault well !
Anything loves creation of paste of mass a hard wall with a calculation of prize :)

goes down a prize of a tape of substitution then perhaps this will be the PERFECT swipe in a phase !
5 / 5
Has purchased this costruttore to seal to help with one filing and to print some stickers of focus of the goodness for my company.

Following some instructions have resupplied was quite simple to take a printer in mine wifi coverage and installed in mine Mackook. A P-the software to Touch is available in a Google and the application of Apple stores like this easy to locate your mobiles or Macbook. A together integer took on roughly 20 minutes.

After dipping there is up does a lot of test to seal uses a P-software to Touch and some photos and text. A software is easy to use but looks the little dated in mobile. Some colours of one has printed the photos are not of the sums but this is to be expect with a Z-paper of Ink.

My main disappointment was that a VC-500W apparently does not sustain barcode or QR press of code (confirmed with support of Brother). I have found this odd like this is more to the focus sees in a wild has some class of barcode on him. Unfortunately this bad am using another software to generate mine barcodes and in his of entities so many photos to P-Touch - like works but is the ache.

Also, like the note lateralmente, substitution Z-the cartridges of Ink are quite expensive.
4 / 5
Ossia To plot of money for the printer to seal that is clunky and unreliable. I finalise to receive ours and will be to send the backside. A IOS the application is clunky; to the equal that is state coded peel 6th student of form. A printer maintains disconnecting of an application - like this up to now has not directed included for the take to print anything another that a demo focus! Going in the BROTHER prpers order him era!
5 / 5
A lot Ossia the level of the printer gone in by heart full.
The quality of impression is quite good but some colours are the pocolos dull.
Any one the question for me printing the simple focus where an exact colour is not required.

The photos of impressions was quite well too and quite condemnable for small stickers
the paper is more expensive to the equal that contains all an ink.

Generally happy with this printer.
4 / 5
Horrible, a glue will not resist (I perhaps seals old), has it streak on 9mm cassette quite instantly (has not used never neighbouring the fast test, has printed perhaps - 5 focuses).

Horrible quality, to the focus will not stick to anything beside some class of plastic. (Calm will not feel any glue when the tones in comparison to focus normal).

Quality and horrible device. Any value a time likewise trying.
4 / 5
It looks the very little Lable printer, this in spite of transports it to him cut a focuses the good 1mm too short as it loses a flange of your creation, ossia that the imports have failed. Struggling partorisca take this rectified with support of Brother, will update the yes solved description or the element is returned so that it is partorisca say any good!
4 / 5
Any sure because firmware upgrade can not be achieved invernadero an application installs. Precise use your telephone to connect to his likes the WiFi hotspot then goto a page of the configuration of the printers has seen is allocution of IP. Very characteristic that I never use but very happy with this printer like this far.
5 / 5
HAS the alcohol of the his own. Sometimes press more than l loves without asking or say me a printer has not connected. It liked this in spite of still with his querks
4 / 5
Of this could be useful. This in spite of am disappointed a focuses has distributed was very small. The text has printed needs the glass to augment to read. Of course the main seal is available but is very expensive.
4 / 5
A quality of any focus is rubish not clearing look his summer zoomed in too much when he hasnt! Very slow in printing and calm so only take roughly 30 focuses with a seal to go which costs 20 pounds. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Like this was the present navideño , any tentativa to install has been done until with which christmas, So that it has been far imp[ossible to install, dipite visit numerous to a web of place of support of the Brother and forums of support of the technology. It does not help that in some Holidays can not contact Brother for support, but ossia just unfortunate.
5 / 5
Printer of focus of estimativa slow

the quality does not add and slow!
4 / 5
Terrible product, black impressions out of brown and a software is really clunky. I am returned a product , enough would pay more and have the printer that has printed a correct colour.
5 / 5
has bitten hard to exit, but adds it small printer like this far.
5 / 5
A neighbour up was bit it difficult the attached to my computer
4 / 5
This little Brother VC500 is the ordered little colour thermal printer with the row of the cassettes that offered sizing until 50mm ... This band has come with the 25mm cassette.

Was relatively easy to dip up and a IOS the application is very intuitive to use. You can download art of additional clip etc and use you of the own photos.

Has dipped has taken on the pair to go but was to arrive and that careers in 10 minutes.

Has found my tentativas initial the bit has washed was compared to that has seen on screen, but this has improved the bit when I have selected has printed Vivid in of the settings.

To paint thermal in this prize some results are well, better he so only uses for creations more than photos, the abonos 4 stars of me, the decent results but some cassettes of substitution are quite types.
5 / 5
Well has taken the plot of faffing and downloading to take a darned the installed thing, as be patient, reason is worth it. Assuming that it is that calm really, really loves a bit focuses by heart lovely. It looks to be to a large extent aimed in of the people the crafting the one who the wise looks the majority of subjects will take for finals with the blacks and target a. Especially with a seal of substitution to be the bit pricey. But they are the yard on a normal paper a bit to the equal that feels to print of continuous quality of estaca. Still I have not taken a connection of USB to do except then is billed like wireless and once a fiddly installs was has done in seamlessly by means of my coverage of house.
5 / 5
This description concerns a Brother VC-500W Draws ‘any Printer of Job Full Colour Labeller | Wireless | Desk | ZINK (Zero Ink) Technology, prize in revising £.

Resulted add, but the long, difficult frustrating setup travesía!
In the spent that a better part of a whole morning that tries setup with mine MacMini running MACOS has on data! Following one drives of user, downloading and trying takes a car to be has has recognised tried fruitless; similarly using an Adds routine of printer - any success. I have it quell'has downloaded previously a Brother P-software of editor of the touch for use with my printer of Brother to Focus Big, a new printer was still any one has recognised even when the old printer was powered down and disconnected.

Like the new day, tentativa to connect mine 2017 Windows10 PC and after the furthest hour or like this down uploading engine etc finally a printer has been discovered in Poster of Control - although I have had to delete a printer to focus big although a P-the software to touch has the down ready drop to select pertinent printer.

Whilst Was clearly in the winning way has then tried to connect my iPad Air2 - this has looked for to be an easy plus setup indictment - the behaviour of paper and like this easy.

So much, once running (in of the Windows) ossia A focuses extremely compact printer with the good specification and useful characteristic.

Quality of impression, colour rendition and looks all operate like this fiancés.

Considering connecting to the mine Mac - my program has preferred, has given up. My past experience with printers has aimed a MACOS to connect instantly, but for some reason no this model.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I am doing in the series of video, please subscribe to my canal of Youtube partorisca see them everything.

• A printer is small and pleasant (but has the brick partorisca be able to and the boss of hands of the longitude).
•  Is strong when it prints (so only partorisca the brief period)
⭐️ Some results are impressive — surpassed my lovely — expectations crisp text; (sometimes) good images; sometimes the colour adds.
• The footprints embroiders he-flange and seen again of quality of looks.
•  Takes the circle of focus he in a box — is so only 2.5 big cm (to the equal that to the focus is short, but can be wide)


🤓 Loves to submerge legislation in, recommends them that calm he in this order :

• Press a WiFi key in a printer until it turns white.
• Disconnect Your laptop of your house WiFi coverage, and then connect to a WiFi the coverage has called "Brother VC-500W".
• Then, in yours portable, opens your browser of web and characterises 🤓
• Calms then type in yours WiFi login details (on Safari or Chrome) — selects your coverage of a cast, then enter a signal to a box.
• Attended for a WiFi key in a printer to seal to turn blue solid.

• Goes a AppStore and look for "Editor of Focus by heart of Brother"
• the tap installs and attended.


VIDEO of Application of the iPhone
•  am using an application of iPhone. I have done the short video to aim an application (❝Editor of Focus by heart of Brother❞) that careers in mine iPhone 7.
•  Has situated a logo red in a cloth for importing he of the mine iPhone "circle of camera".
• An interface is the little ugly (the keys could be more elegant) — but work!
• Can use gestures to pinch to do things (images, text) smaller or main.
• My video also tip a cast of the available sources.

• has printed to focus with the photo by heart 📷 (the black man that signal in his front) and some text and he looked the quality ✨ — of magazine adds!
• Any focus is self adhesive
• But has then printed to focus with the logo by heart (the logo of Youtube/of Youtube red) and some text, and a logo looked the LITTLE has turn. They are picky. A text looked well and crisp.
•  Guesses it really depends in an image of source — will be the subject of test and error.
📷 Has looked for to attach some still photos the this description.


• Has downloaded a ❝P software❞ to Touch of a web of place of Brother.
• Does not like Me of any one a lot, to be sincere. I find some the mobile applications much more convenient.


• Can do the video that objective the one who real has printed the look of focus.
• Am planning on doing multiple small video.
• This in spite of, so only can upload a video on to Amazon, likes to please goes to my canal of Youtube/of Youtube. [ It would appreciate that you " it subscribes" — Youtube/of Youtube will give me more tools I a day achieves 1000 subs.]
Promote people to comment (on Youtube/of Youtube) with questions and of the questions.
5 / 5
A printer is small. Like other printers of Brother have had in a past, is the bit plasticky and will not win any one presionas to draw for innovation. It has it Dymo printer that reads in a same way - ink-less with focusing thermal. This car takes around touch a big lack this in spite of, which is that it prints in black so only. This one can print in colour full.

There is not founding dipped-arrive too much register, although it takes some time. You are given three ways to access a printer: USB, wireless directed and infrastructure. If your computer connects to an internet has seen Wi-Fi, will love a last a. This involves to connect to the coverage of Wi-Fi of a printer, accessing his interface of user has seen the browser, and choosing your coverage of house. If you accustom a admin of routers is not that difficult.

Once dipped on, use a software resupplied or application to draw focus in your computer or iOS or device of Android. An application of program/of the software is not to perfect, but take a work done. You can quickly and easily print some really utmost-looking focus by heart.
5 / 5
Has to that say that ossia a awesome little printer, which produces focus of the big quality by heart full.


In inaugural a box, a car and all the accessories (focus) (cleaning cassette) (USB of Goodness/of the Can etc) is fantastically has fixed.

First Impressions

On choosing on a printer the initial impressions are the one who small the impression has, and the one who solid and heavy feels.

Dipping arrive

has after decided bad experiences with trying to dip on the Printer of Brother in mine Mac, the only use an application in mine iPad.

2 Hours.

The one who the terrible experience.

Has downloaded application
has Left application to download components
Then some dark arts, a printer creates the provisional wifi coverage, joins this to speak tot he printer and dip the up.
Has refused this in spite of aim in an iPad, as I have tried to restart, in the restart spits out of the little he of tape, which is waste .
This continues in in an hour until him suddenly works.
But has errors later
in an end is dipped on

Reason can sew no just

An application

An application is basic, and look for be drawn for girls more than serious use

A once created focus and the printer is saved, but although a his uploads and presses modification, a text looks a overlay in a text to exist

Again an interface is poor, some instructions are poor

A partorisca seal

Any focus is of sound.
A quality of impression is a lot good
wishes any focus has been cut when printed, but look to have the tab the help takes a backing but there is still to the start will cut …

@In rodeo

the together Terrible on experiences
Poor interface by means of an application
Brilliant, colour of focus of wonderful big quality
4 / 5
Ossia the amiably drawn car that it impress provisional individual clave-in focus (like one some have used to print in the printer of laser) more than a Dymo type to focus tightened. This in spite of, ossia he ribbonless, toner-less printer to the equal that trusts the paper of thermal type, like a Dymo equivalent sized printer of focus. A question with east is that, on today rewards at least, colour to focus thermal is much more expensive that imitates some, this in spite of much more expensive that doing a work in pre-the focus cut in the laser by heart, which is a lot exactly economic.
Has expected for the solution which would do it relatively cost-effective to print focus of the on continuous conference (for example, for these people those who would have to be there but whose plans am missing), fully branded. This in spite of, in today of prizes, ossia unrealistic.
Verdict: good car, but exit a total cost of a work is doing first. You can find that a consumeables substantially outweigh a price of compraventa in a long term.
4 / 5
Has been using the Dymo costruttore of focus for several years, likes ‘ to take' of the it costruttore of focus is everything roughly. For advanced, have thought so only were the bit of the gimmick and has had surely any place in the office of house; now, it could not imagine that it would be without a workhorse and can not agree some last times have has had to that handwrite a envelope – all of these lovely seconds for envelope has saved early locates up.

A costruttore of focus he of the Brother takes things the no further, that adds a dimension by heart and taking things to the integers another level. And it looks crazy that this can be achieved in such the orderly unit – thanks to a scrolling to heat now achieving colour in any focus, more than a unit that requires a calm usual ink distribute would expect other printers, which would have done it heavy. This does means that any product of the focuses can not remain in daylight for any period of time, but will be a lot of focus of stops of estaca and provisional external uses on, say the game.

Well, Dipping has trace relatively smoothly, once had established an application is spelt colour ‘' and not ‘painting', has downloaded well and was then on and that careers. Some spaces of cassette of focus he in some behind and there is also to cassette of more cleaned in a box, use duquel is suggested each 20 -30 impressions or streaks looks. And calm then can label was to the content of your heart; it focuses of office, estaca, the doors bounced , calm appoints it, can produce a arty focus with trying a lot small.

Ossia The fabulous has bitten of boxes that takes focus to the integers another level. Calm will take it yes calms already focus of impression if no, and is in an office, really tries it; the calm doubt will complain it.
4 / 5
Ossia The really a lot mini printer that is easy to use...
Easy to dip on
will do focus to paint
art of Good clip
Can add your own pictures
Good application
Possesses wi fi coverage
has had to that delete and download an application two times for the take to do
A wi fi has taken the moment to connect
In general... It is it adds to label...
Would say to mark it could be really useful, if it bit it expensive, for professors...
A loss of the star is reason some colours are not like this vibrant when printed to the equal that look in an application... But it likes!!!
4 / 5
My printer has arrived . We take everything out of a box. We dipped it to knots on and for a life of me can not take ours the impression was. Any one imports that in the is not doing at all! Each configuration has tried. We have looked in the each video in a web and concealed is not on there. A printer looks good tho. You take a unit , of the discharges and upload, and volume he usb boss that attaches to a printer and computer. There is the cartridge to label to print the cartridge of more cleaned. In general really a lot he he in fact.
5 / 5
The printer adds and impression of quality really good. The colours are sometimes the pocolos washes was but this can be regulated in some settings of Application. In a subject of an Application, ossia A lot BASIC and could be able of like this more. A UI the looks has been drawn for the 4 old year.
4 / 5
Loves this little car. Quickly I can do the paper on and personalise he in a flash. A paper on has images of a car that comprises a big fine poster of fish in a cup where can situate you individual fish and is measure and change the corner etc. Loves a fact can do a lot the width loves of any of some tapes. My favourite tapes are a 50 mm to the equal that in a paper and he 19mm I use for feelings. You can also photo of impression of the yours telephone or pc also. The possibilities are without finals. My photo is objective calm you a bit wide and the different periods of a focuses to feel, and a fish and Halloween the scenes have been drawn with an application of focus of the colour that a schemes can connect to in your telephone or pc.
4 / 5
Adds little printer! I have used he for mine scrapbook and mine "save a date" it invites. I can create so many types of creations, is so only without final! It can not expect begin my papers navideñas and seal of present! My family will want a personal touch. Utilisation an application although you can use the software in your PC. An application is surprising and has to that it weaves of creations, frames, different types of sources, etc. A 50mm wide tape I use to print pictures but with all some other tapes can do flanges for my papers, characteristics to draw etc. In general the cost adds for all mine crafting!
4 / 5
This little car is a better piece of the crew has has not used never. It is compact, easy to use and is the must partorisca crafters and professional subjects equally. Calm to good sure not being disappointed when calm buy it. I love it!!
5 / 5
Ossia A perfect addition in any office - particularly yes is crafty! Utilisation partorisca my magazine of the ball and some results are fantastic. It would recommend it to any one looking partorisca add some colour or creative fashion to his magazines, papers or stationery.

Top Customer Reviews: [Bluetooth] MUNBYN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Fantastic thermal printer and like this easy to use! Really it feels like the good sturdy element of quality. It will save me like this money in of the stickers and packing tape partorisca my business as well as doing surpass partorisca print seal the breeze! Honradamente Create some the bad descriptions have seen is so only down to error of user but is like this quickly and easy to the use does not comprise like this could does not imagine era! There is a lot of video in TikTok and Youtube requires the help but he is not really necessary. I have ordered some thermal focus more economic that Amazon also but that has used a munbyn of concealed them is coming with a printer will be partorisca order an official some in of the futures as they are qualities adds also. If you are thinking of the take, does not doubt, is the piece adds of boxes.
4 / 5
Easy to use with Mac (the installed engine of a web of place likes advised by other users as it flashes the looks to walk to have dodgy engine). The works add and prints good quality. (I use he with the software done of commission and have any subject with him). Barcode The reader chooses on barcodes well.

An only reason gives 4 star is that I have used he with 40x20 mm partorisca focus and the calibration sometimes row in the way that waste any focus. But thats so only in the first place time you dipped on a circle. But perhaps he better with sealing main.

Still would recommend this printer partorisca yours barcode/works of focus. I add in all other appearances.
5 / 5
Have a Etsy tent, put web and frequently sell elements in EBAY. Has, partorisca some years, state press out of any Ebay, Etsy, or focus of surpassed of Real Topmast in A4 paper, using my usual printer partorisca print, cut it with to guillotine and attaching the containers with cello tape. This was quite the process and has used the just quantity of ink. I owe that admit, really the desire had found this earlier car. Some photos aim it seating on mine desk main box, which is under my office. I have squandered The little focus initially, because of the mine excites to take that it prints and to forget to change among printers in mine place of computers. I found it easy to dip up and there is there is felizmente form a lot a 6x4 focus them adhesive for my containers now - which is Like this easier that a cutting and cellotaping has done previously. I finalise to purchase some focus thermal circulars by means of Amazon also, and am looking forward to trying was some creations in the too.
Have like this state impressed of this car, that has purchased a Munbyn hand-held printer to seal resisted also and a company was incredibly useful, in that took to take a creation of hand-held was with which (the brown bear very sweet). I can not expect use a hand-held to print focus of reward for students of mine. 😊
5 / 5
Has had to order another version of this printer one with the low plus DPI and has not done to scan the nave labels like this felizmente was able of the Amazon of turn and take this 300DPI version. It is very easy to use and am very happy with him. I want to it tries it it has printed another packaging labels too once some stickers of round come to stock. Highly recommend for the subject small.
5 / 5
Has not planned on taking the thermal printer until next year but my printer of the laser of the Brother has decided to no longer feed by means of some discharges with sealing on I use for surpassed to the equal that has taken one submerges and upgraded to one of a Munbyn thermal printers of Amazon.... In fact really impressed with him. Súper Easy to dip up and easy of the take doing with mine Etsy tent! To the press in any focus is dark and crisp, easy to see so it would not owe that have the question that scans them down in an office of estaca.
A printer is really very packed in a box... My only critique are desires some bosses (beats and usb) was so only the little longer.
4 / 5
Has used takes to label containers and boxes which are dispatched world-wide widths, and like this far extremely effective.
4 / 5
Uses this for my subject small, are adds with a Bluetooth so you can so only an impression of focus of click of has surpassed. Much easier that the regular printer
4 / 5
conjoint Easy on
Impressions instantly
Looks nifty
Any one the cartridges of ink have involved!
4 / 5
Has come second hand of any the one who already had purchased, his stickers of the logo and other personal notes have been sent behind to send the correspondent was mine . £170 For the printer thats any state packed for me again properly. All 3 focuses has impressions on the ones of another buisness, some bosses have not been twined arrive and a paper is all scrunched.
4 / 5
Easy to setup and use, he in the row of technology but mainly iPhone and telephones of Android to print that it ships focus.

Top Customer Reviews: BEEPRT Thermal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Absolutely rubbish, a Bluetooth the connection kick me era. Absolute waste of my time, has taken this partorisca print focus of turn, now has to that take to the focus of turn has printed I so that it can send this behind!
4 / 5
Has dipped this until I use street Bluetooth with my telephone. Like this simple to use, has been concerned roughly the when be complicated too much but I needn't has concerned . Downloaded an application and the street have connected Bluetooth and printed with ease. I have not used this with the computer or portable as so only will use this with iPad / of telephone
4 / 5
has found this thermal printer partorisca be absolutely brilliant.
Has wanted to leave this description because another has said some blue-the tooth is unreliable, there is not founding this to be like this, are in mine portable in another room and a printer connects hardly turns on.
Thinks a joint would give is a following.
In the first place, install a printer has seen a boss of USB and appoint it to the something the 'AS thermal USB', then take a boss of USB and king-install likes the printer of blue tooth that appoints it ''thermal BT', be sure to use an engine when installing like the printer of blue tooth. It will install like the printer of blue tooth without an engine and I think that is to say when a blue-the results of tooth unreliable likes another has found.
Cures to dip it on properly and is adds.

Top Customer Reviews: BEEPRT Thermal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I add little printer so only that has required as I do not have the computer can print focus to ship directly of the mine telephone and was easy to dip up.