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Top Customer Reviews: SQER USB Handbrake ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
The construction of aluminium is well has drawn. It is the estimativa handbrake that reads but has his limits.

Has comprised clamp is very enough to give come from that but will require to find more permanent fixture love the use actively. Clamp HAS the bit of the game unless it traces calm in the table. Any himself running cockpit would have the thickness quite surface for a clamp the clamp. PLEASE NOTES that in a photo has attached has used for behind clamp rays inverted and there is drilled a base of a cockpit. It is not so only clamped, but bolted in a backside and fixed by the gearbox mountain. It would not recommend this highland solution like an example. Ossia Something concealed is to exit well in my chance so only.

The global construction is the bit rattly but does not have any crime in him. It is built to be yanked and yeeted 24/7 while you are in the cross of rally.

Obviously to to something likes thrustmaster the variant would be far of better further of ways, ossia 98 of a same thing in the a lot of lower cost.

If you are unsure wants to take the rally sims - absolutely the way adds and relatively economic of the give the gone and have the good piece of hardware anyways.
4 / 5
A lot well for a prize. Exposed in a PC as something another that the handbrake (the micro-the controllers appoint thinks?) But work perfectly and to the equal that has described.
4 / 5
A fixture there is not coming with him when in a description has said comes with fixtures!
5 / 5
Has used he partorisca around the month now and have really enjoyed my time with him, arrangement run, beamng, carx, and another perfects, any delay, light lag when handbreak is pulled but at all concealed would affect gameplay anything
5 / 5
has RECEIVED SO ONLY a handbrake and Lack a clamp, has bought this has declared like this comes with clamp
5 / 5
Works well, has arrived quickly, the addition Adds for any car game. Cup
4 / 5
Bought partorisca my husband partorisca Navidad, has not had any subjects and says work well, reactive and easy to use. Fast delivery and was a lot of packaged.

Top Customer Reviews: Roeam PC Handbrake, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
4 / 5
Absolutely surprised with this handbrake! First of all his really sturdy, his operation is surprising, very smooth and feels well in a hand-held/arm, and a main thing has them has wanted to was the progressive handbrake (the further the pulled a stronger a force partorisca brake) the know some pc handbrakes is on or was and thats the!

Has the Logitech G920 has adapted to some Fanatec the pedals that use a Drivehub (collectiveminds). All touching by means of XB1

Like this done like this well and there is wanted really a handbrake to complete my setup (especially like this the spend the plot of my time that muck of touch), has taken a risk to buy the pc only handbrake! (Any prepared to spend in £300 in the fanatec handbrake to the equal that covers directly to mine pedals) has connected included a handbrake to a drivehub using the usb splitter like has had them any room has left in a walk hub after connecting my wheel, pedals and xbox controller. (So only done when party usb with pedals this in spite of)

When it has been them to game and to key configuartion where at the same time a key 'B' has been configured to a handbrake, the clicked configures, there is pulled a handbrake and he literally changed to a word 'handbrake', as my xbox recognised it in fact like the handbrake!

Then when it has been them to game and there is @@give this was the progressive handbrake also my alcohol has been blown! Really really highly recommend!
5 / 5
Has had to that send one first hands behind like the goodness is to come bent and fraid. I have not been happy but a company was well with me and has communicated well. Refunded Fully and king-has ordered another, this is going in mine of good condition. Work to treat he with games of rally like Dirty2.0 On PC. Easy to install and can be regulated to be shorted himself is trace to the to to the office likes. It does not come with quell'groups separated to the equal that will require screwing to the office of forest. (I rays are comprised) partorisca east. The group can be ordered other companies easily quite this in spite of. Has use this handbrake daily during lockdown partorisca to the long of the month and is resisted on well. I have had to that spray some WD40 in of the parts like reasons is mostly metal can squeak but ossia has expected totally. It maintains some allen tones and an adjustable spanner handy of presionar from time to time reason has a lot of dice. Still quite expensive I thinks so the good 4 out of 5 of me.
5 / 5
What perfect , so only would say is that I have gone through half of a grip of foam in a boss downwards 20 hours of gaming
5 / 5
Fantastic addition to my simulator of behaviour, with pressure sensitive control. Really it takes to beat the, and there is a lot of skipped beat it. It has required some presionando after the little round (when being like this adaptable are to add), but solved it now, is solid of rock .

The smallest thing so only would change, is a place of a Arduino. Like the boss can take clashed when I am closing unexpectedly in a handbrake.

All in, highly recommend!!
5 / 5
Happy with this USB handbrake, work well with PC that play of careers. Sturdy Construction and fast delivery, recommended.
5 / 5
Does not squander ur the money is , has broken interior 3 month of small use any repayment or substitution total waste to time spend but more and no spent of the Chinese rubbishes
5 / 5
Becareful when buying this, this runs the adruino leonardo motherboard that means that another thing that could utilisations resembled this, where use adruino leonardo so only can use one of them, there is not any way to fix is, another that running different chipset under the different name.
Has run logitech g shifter adapter with one same motherboard to the equal that east and brake , and has not been able to use both.
5 / 5
I initial thoughts are ossia quite the decent bit of boxes. His a lot of fact and has drawn. My main worry was a connection to a joint of circuit of small controller. I am returned another of the different way has drawn handbrake this is remained down of a joint of controller/of connector of USB that it is a lot flimsy this has broken because of his poor creation. This one is very better. A joint of controller is easily removable like his screwed directly to a backside of an effect of edge of the upper flat carbon. A goodness of USB is also hot glued to a connector in a joint. My only quibble is a usb the goodness is quell'has bitten short in . Although an extension could be semi-detached.
Does not come with any one fixing clamps or rays. But for me it concealed it was A lot. Have take a stuffs of base and has used likes the personnel to drill some holes in mine FGT lite train shifter plan. I fixed it on with 4x 20mm M6 dice and rays. I have had to that create a stuffs of base with 4 washers for the easiest that the fix all near. There is room for both in a dish that careers he Logitech G29 manual shifter. I configured it vertically with him pulling to me to use a brake. It is a lot adjustable/ tweakable still personal feel and preference. Already I am enjoying taking around hairpins more than programming the key in a steering wheel.
His discharge and the game on Win 10 Pro that am using in mine desk. Very easy to dip up.
I like a handbrake. It looks well. His very drawn easy to dip up and enjoyable to use.
Recommends it.
4 / 5
Work very good! But he lacking partorisca be A bit fixer of manual Games stand of the sud of edges.
5 / 5
Wants this handbrake ! He that surprises until he suddenly begun to disconnect and reconnect repeatedly and now does not operate :( it would estimate 5 starts is lasted more than 6 month
4 / 5
A handbrake constantly tip the phantom 'z iron' that is constantly around 50 that mapping some controls prójimos impossible. Another that that looks to do well, but a vendor has not aimed any interest in fixing a z axial question
5 / 5
has something wrong with to to a device likes always disconnects because of @@subject of of software of some class.
Whose Waste Your look of money elswhere
5 / 5
DOES not BUY THIS PRODUCT of RUBBISH!! It alleges to do with all Logitech crew and any simulators to run but he so only works with PCs and although ossia that it is by train of the investigation has taken well to the long of the month to take here. It spends an extra $ 20 and take the best a. It does not buy this product!
5 / 5
Are mostly he VR racer so that the looks are not súper of entities while mine he running functions to coach correctly. Felizmente, this handbrake a work so that I require it to in iRacing Rallycross that careers. It appears it likes one 'Arduino Leonardo' device in of the Windows and has on elected immediately like the device of game of the USB like this setup was simple and the windows automatically will install any engine for you.

Any clamp is comprised calm so that it will owe that find the way of the trace to the your rig or office. I am using a F-GT rigs and has had to that drill the pair of holes in a cockpit shifter plan to locate M6 rays to ensure a handbrake.

REMARCE: If you are expecting a big resolution 14-has bitten like this announced (16384 points of measure among 0 when pulling all a way down), looks elsewhere like this is in fact one 8-has bitten device (256 points of measure like pointed in a iRacing calibration) as you will not take like this well of the measure. If I need the precision handbrake, would recommend to go with the plus the good product known in a he in common world-wide. This in spite of, for a prize and need the basic handbrake, this does perfectly!
5 / 5
This will do with a G920 running wheel for a Xbox and PS4, but has to that buy the DribeHub. A ebrake is bolted on to the yours that exists setup and works to the equal that has feigned.
5 / 5
This thing is sum ! His sensitive Pressure, adjustable in and in out game, and has to that has! Quality of utmost build, looks fresh, and performes the better way that has expected. Value of better money for the he ebrake has found. I recommend to take this ebrake with a clamp to the equal that installs requires some work and has drilled holes. I have substituted a shorter m8 rays with longer some to records has launched mine cockpit mark it and is solid. The mine in the first place tries in force with this installed I trippled mine the better drift marks my in the first place try.
4 / 5
Unit of quality here, but will require partorisca have the way to locate this to the sturdy surface. So only it would recommend that this particular unit has the he rigs or is had to that scrape this to the surface. A control is realistic and of here big.

My only complaint is that a foam around a grip of a factory is economic and rasgó almost immediately. I have wrapped mine in tape of hockey finally.

I mine of use for iRacing like me one and-brake.

Will add that there are controls signals quite well is, and would sustain this be use for the hand-brake for any with physical limitations.
4 / 5
So only could imagine was like this to take two points screwed down because of a character of a highland dish, but otherwise this thing is really sturdy and good works. It appears like a arduino irons, which registers an attractive analog with the sensor of room. They are really happy. Works like the real vertical brake, but with the pressure of hard cradle.
5 / 5
slick The creation and the prize is decent. But I create his so only he clicker transmission more than the slider type of control. The bad once pulled half or full for behind the still same function quickly will actuate a ebrake. Ossia So only for pc. Tried in xbox a to sees does except usb can not be relieved.
4 / 5
Better bang for your buck sensor of room usb ebrake that can say! They are hooked now thanks to this fine piece. This in spite of, beware and looks in to some descriptions likes them has done calm so that it is that to the look was paralizaciones . Look On or verify Each die and ray to do sure are tight. A behind the averages one calms does not have to that concern roughly. Has enough the bit of adjustment too enormous +. The friends love the when they touch a he. An only downside would say is I desire has on lit more and a grip of foam could be better. But the guess will have to that do. Global awesome buy!

Acclaims when adding compraventa!
4 / 5
Does well. It resupplies an analog row of entrance, any only on/was. All-the construction of metal with several points of adjustability.
The annex of a boss of USB to a brake is a bit delicate and Achilles real' Heel in a otherwise sturdy device. A hook in a side to resist a brake in some needs to plant applied to be repositioned yes is to be used at all, although I do not comprise his purpose.
Does not come with any hardware of the mountain but a base is drilled enough to leave for a lot of DIY options.
5 / 5
Discharges and game without any subjects at all. It relieves as 'iron of rudder' in of the windows.
4 / 5
Was hesitant cause of some negative critiques but there is then @@give is cause these people can not read PC SO ONLY.
4 / 5
Like a hand-held pause also lights red when it is in a PC ..
4 / 5
Like this entertainment in rigs of mine for rallyX in Iracing and Rally 2.0. It has taken in the week of date of mandate.
5 / 5
The thing is awesome! Works a lot well. I use Arrangement Run in VR and this handbrake left the really drifts of mine of the control. You grieve I plugged he in my windows 10 computers has downloaded immediately some engine. Works perfectly
Also looks bad ass too
5 / 5
There are rays falling was, rays partorisca feign any glued in properly, a lock does not achieve without reassembly, broken washers, covered in oil of car, and the glue has melted that it resists it near. No shabby.
4 / 5
With a DriveHub am able to connect all three devices partorisca my Xbox Serious X - Logitech G920 wheel and pedals and this handbrake registers in Drivehub like LS clave On Accident on that it is analog. Like this testing this in Force Horizon 4, this means an appeal of hard plus, a brake of plus is applied so that it is partorisca say well , has been concerned that could be the digital limit that means on or of any @@subject that slightly or attractive hard a crowbar.

Too bad this there is not coming with the clamp. Has has had to that 3D impression the mountain partorisca he. Calm will not require DriveHub yes is using this in your PC

Top Customer Reviews: USB SIM Handbrake ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
It fulfils his function, the materials of manufacture give good impression.
Has arrived in perfect been
has Taken partorisca arrive more the one who would return it partorisca expect
4 / 5
the works perfectly Touch me rally of the sud of muck 2.0
force, arrangement, the car that drifts etc..
Covers n game, further to be progressive and a lot on/was.
A pleasure of pilot with braking that it is according to me Indispensable to the sud give games of drift/of rally.
5 / 5
Has bought this product The 23 November and received it today. It is normal comes of dyes. Then all In the first place lucido Brake The Main is a lot that feigns and glorious, is progressive same with a g29. And it is no expensive Touches this that is. Frankly the truth well Touches his amateur or his pro of rally or of drift
4 / 5
Adapted a lot well touches a playseat, am very contained of cost of mine . It embezzles partorisca See he in lucido time .
5 / 5
Quality a lot well, solid truth.
Lucido Setting of the Support/clamp is not has complicated, although it needs joins small pair of deft toes.
Receives Súper quickly, Recommends :)
4 / 5
the products have bought of occasion 'as nine' except lucido brake partorisca present main some mark, besides games very alive lucido fix of the sud lucida agency ???
4 / 5
He M lack gives has seen, fault lucida hole tarauder touches lived lucido the games of trick to presiona does not recommend this compraventa
4 / 5
2 weeks of wait, expedition of Hong Kong

The appearance is although to the sud his photos, satisfied product.
Quite weighed with His Fixations, takes guard to have a quite solid support. Lucido Brakes the Main works well, he and'a a potentiomètre (this is not so only has actuated/désactivé). It is Possible to regulate the control of the highlight mécaniquement and of calibrer the device has seen he setup <interventor of game>of Windows.

4 / 5
Too time of delivery and on like the steps or Any one calms @harm to comprise it abrazadera that spends, calm remains sinned she and now will owe that a bit invention for the join up.

Top Customer Reviews: muge racing 64Bit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this partorisca go beside the mine G29 pedals/of wheel/shifter setup. He that I require it to do, as any I often touches partorisca run games, but has loved a diving that has to pull it the crowbar the toggle/resists a handbrake when they are by train of touch Snowrunner or EuroTrucking. Work like the slider/irons (like the throttle control), as I owe that use x360ce to map this to a RB key of the virtual xbox controller. Also it uses one same setup to control a brake of estacionar in MSFS 2020.

Whilst Does very partorisca east, has to say that I am a lot disappointed with an element in all other considerations.

A clamp, while looking sturdy, does not resist very good to the office. Have has had to that it presionar all a way so only for the take to resist at all, and this is resulted in a clamp in fact bending. If it calms he freer, a whole unit so only exits an office when it pulls a crowbar. For something concealed looks like this strong, is in fact quality very poor.

Still with him clamped like this stagnate like possible, with which some hours of use, a whole unit begins to move in an office, as I owe that unclamp the, the movement has retreated to situate, then presionar a clamp again. I owe that it feels that a poor quality of a clamp will not resist until these constant adjustments this in spite of, like this probably are that it goes to have that spends even more money in those substitutes an integer clamp still soemthing stronger.

Speaking of poor quality, a sensor that says a PC the one who far a crowbar is pulled, is absolutely rubbishes. It is constantly jittering, as it can any never take the stable reading, and on that, pulling a crowbar all a way in fact causes a sensor to relieve that it is spending for directing a maximum and it beginning that it goes back DOWN again??? I have tried several methods of calibration in a PC, but there there is really any way to do full use of a distance that a crowbar can be pulled. In a lower end (with an entirely pressed crowbar was, or has included so only leave go), there is also the big dead zone. Aforando Also very fixed this, neither some physical adjustments in a unit he. Any one imports the one who calm , or to the equal that has dipped this on, calm still will have the dead zone in a start of a movement of crowbar, and any one the enormous deadzone, or the retraction of entrance in an end of a movement of crowbar.

A crowbar neither are adds. He often ticks' when libertas a crowbar, as it does not go all a way behind to a start , that means that you are that it wants to use a period learns of travesía, would owe done to PRESS a crowbar behind to a start postion. An interior of cradle looks for to be situated to add the control to a be of the crowbar there is pulled out of a start postion, and presses a way of level has retreated to separate when released, but would be likely to do with another cradle another side for the appeal behind a rest of a way? For example, you pull a crowbar and impulse a red tab to close one a red tab would have to that cause a crowbar to go all a way behind to a start, but he no, so only goes half way.

Again, for my chance of use, can take around this to dip the quite big causing dipped in a x360ce software, so that when it is liberto, included although it is still 'on' in some measure, a software will not register it like this when being enough to cause a press of virtual key. For use like a brake of equivalent this in spite of, would be pointless, as unless physically it press a crowbar behind, a brake would be constantly on.

So it likes brake of equivalent, is in fact quite useless, especially in £80+

is happy that pays this quantity so only for him to do like the control of press of/digital key, calm then can use to something likes x360ce to map the to the key of your election.

Ossia In fact that has bought he partorisca, like this to be just, that I require it to, but think that is so only to warn other buyers that loves this like this running it/ralley ebrake, any one annoying . It is very bad together place, and is at all durable, sturdy, or precise.

Enjoyed to use the like this the physical interaction in Snowrunner/EuroTrucking/MSFS, but to good sure any reccommend he to run or any one another chance of use of the equivalent.
4 / 5
PC gamer (rally of muck 2.0 mostly) That can it the say, exactly that says. It feels he adds, looks adds. It could not wish for more. Any instruction but can imagines was or use my pics to help. Well value a prize imo.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Handbrake for ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have taken this the present of anniversary partorisca my grandson, is in a moon with him and no plastic anywhere in that the good transmission packed and wine by means of in timing expected

Top Customer Reviews: C30 S40 V50 C70 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has done it is plastic of course!
The prize could be better !
Delivery and packing well !