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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Has this already some Years of places of boxes of the Casablanca and a BGO 2cd together (with Helluva Band) but the couldnt resists partorisca buy the again when Candy of Mecer the reissued. Remastered For Andy Pearce, touches exceptional and comes complete with an usual big quality liner notes in a booklet.

Ploughing with possibly his best never clues,the 'Gone back' some influences of bands are partorisca clear a big four of Big Bretagna,Zep/the sabbath/Lived and Heep is all partorisca be found in to likes it of of one 'Tower' aforesaid at the side 'Rock N Rollers,Mariner and Long Time'. 5 stars all a way
4 / 5
master Work basilar of the Aspired/. Fantastic The edition Candy of rock. Booklet esaustivo and rimasterizzazione the 24 has bitten. Sin For the absence has given texts, pecca common the almost all he ristampe enough in voga in this period.
5 / 5



ROCK CANDYから発売されるハードロック系のリマスター盤は
5 / 5
4 / 5
December 1975, island of long beach, one record tent (agrees those?). It has seen this Lp, has loved a coverage (when being an artist) and a music has blown my alcohol. It would expect that any one verifying the east was for a first time would be surprised like this how was for a synth intro the Tower and a song he. A whole album is flawless. Five musicians of remarkable talent. Please choose this on this stray gem. The rock requires the memory !!!!! It gives it more the stars could !
4 / 5
Typical 70 hard rock passage, no really his like this other bands of a same class. The flange are add, alot of synthesizers, but could have used the little more electrical guitar that goodness, a ballad are adds also.
4 / 5
The album adds of a underrated band. For me,this album is timeless .

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia To 5 description of star partorisca a music, or in concrete partorisca one 5.1 suround mix which is reason I finally with which a lot the debate has decided to buy this totally OTT fine band of format.
Aqualung Is always be partorisca me one much more of Jethro Tull and when I have listened of the remixed/remastered to the 5.1 mix for a awesomely tallented Steven Wilson, has known is the must has. But I have seen then a prize, and some multiple formats. Any really need to have a same album in elepé, CD, DVD and Blue-Ray, really?
Leaves partorisca be sincere the one who the people have been postponed this for an inclusion of a elepé which the common of the people now will not be able to touch. This in spite of will admit that it touches glorious and dips a CD the shame, that goes the long way to help me continuous justify having a record covered, although I will not listen his that often reason has maintains has taken a 5.1 version.
Although reason has it on DVD and Blue-the ray are really very sure. Mina HiFi is my pride and the joy and I really can not say that I can listen a difference. It averts of a fact that one Blue-Ray has the failure in that the will not touch a DTS-HD quad version, there is so only an alarming bang of all some speakers and then a DTS-HD the light of indicator comes on in a amp exposed with the a lot, very calm the pleasant sound of one has left rear speaker so only. A first time this is to spend has believed really that mine amp and/or speakers of mine had blown.
In a side besides, yes has the side besides and the one who the side besides is, Steven Wilson has done his usual glorious work partorisca take one of one has wanted to more album and it doing inclusos better. All so only touches like this clearer, abd a lot of balaced and situated in a sound stages that fill a room with unheard the small details now audible.
How is this currency that shabby, sad but the no. Are I happy have the copy YES. It touches brilliant.
I just desire that some the companies records prenderían still rasgar of some partidários has taken. It is the neighbour boxed lovely and the looks adds in a shelf but, is a music that the subjects and I would be perfectly happy state, and to the richest plot, with any DVD or a (preferably a lot faulty) Blue-ray.
5 / 5
Loves so only some reasons to buy this together, is Steven Wilson 5.1 surrounds mix of 'the life is the Long Song ' - I has had this in a EP vinyl, and another remastered VERSIONS of CD, but a sudden apparition of Barriemore Barlow the drums is incredible and some series swirl around your room. This is always be one of my favourite songs and now the justice has been done. Also Steven Wilson takes an alone of electrical guitar in Aqualung to fly by means of the each speaker that is again the wonderful effect. A whole container is thoughtfully the together place and a book comprises informative pieces, recollections and is the cost adds, using an of a More adds them 5.1 producers around just listens to Nine Underground of Feet on Caravan 40th Anniv. Version of in An Earth Of Ash and Rosa, the Crimson king, Porcupine Albero, Opeth etc).When you Take recognition ? If it have it Blue the player of ray takes DTS Master 5.1 or a DVD regulate to give you DTS/Dolby 5.1 - are to add any way.
Ian Anderson and alumni has to that be like this proud of this neighbour - go in, taking for Navidad!
4 / 5
Has expected the first long time to purchase this together of boxes, after deciding so only to go for him when it touches to lose the around one £70 mark ( has paid £). Happy I finally possess it!

Not going to go the too much of detail, so only do the few observations.

Finds a 5.1 mix of an original album a lot of enjoyable. Some looks of emphasis to be on underlining some parts of electrical guitar, which is well for me. The only critique is that an advantage vocals is sometimes bit it down in a mix when looking exclusively of a front half speaker.

Unfortunately are the little disappointed with some mixes of 'the life is the Long Song ' looked here. They are still GOOD but in my opinion a definite version of these looks of song in a escanciones classical mixed' CD of one 25th together of anniversary. 'On a 'Group' are so only adds this in spite of, particularly like a way a lovely deep bass drum has been developed.

Thinks a new stereo the mix of an album is the big improvement on all leading is much clearer and all a thin drum / the tone of percussion concealed was sometimes difficult to listen in an original is now perfectly audible.

Some sounds of vinyl extraordinarily a lot also. It has not bought anything in this format for enough some time, looks that technicians of the modern manufacture now produces the better product. It is heavy weight is reminiscent of something of a 60s, any sign of any warping neither.

@In rodeo, is the lovely collection , the little expensive but comprises all some formats and the informative book very good. A quality of his east much better that one disappointing 'Often like the Brick' muffled plans / of drums here!

Looking forward to that it listens a 5.1 version of 'A Game of Passion' that is foreseen for emission the few weeks in the much more reasonable prize :-)
5 / 5
Ossia worthy of the very long and the description detailed, but will not go to that here, excepts for a Jethro Tull Together sometime.

But would say, the one who the splendid piece of work, an only disappointment for me when being a poor row of memorabillia offered to see in a hard behind reserving which accompanies a container. Suppiled To sustain a hard rear book of history of band and interviews, a memorabillai is an only lacking course in my opinion. A hard rear book is to save for some worthy interviews and brief history of the register of a band of an album A lack of quality memorabillia and the photographs undermines Tull normal excursions in a world of collectors/commemorative albums, particularly a 'that Live in some displaced' double album and an excellent '20 years box dipped'.

Is good to finally and 'officially' take to listen to some the scarce gems purportedly found lurking in EMI towers.

An expensive buy for a lot, but especially currency can take a missus to buy likes the present navideño or that fast that anniversary of approximations of note for a poor old sod.
5 / 5
In general the utmost collectors' edition with the correspondingly seal of big prize.

Some chair of optical disks in of the bosses of map that slide to cut-outs in an album although it also resists a vinyl. It finds this quite pleasant and, the difference of another reviewer, am not concerned that heads to scratches. A new mix amena out of a better in an original music, and both a vinyl and some CDs brilliant of sound.

A one big question is with 'click' in a DVD and Blue-Ray. In a 5.1 mix, is light and simply disturb it, to my no worse ears that that would take of the main powder speck in the record of vinyl. This in spite of, are much more severe in a 96/24 LPCM scrolling of an original 1971 album stereo mix, which is found so only in a Blue-Ray. If touched in volume, dread that some sprains could hurt to some speakers. It is hard to see like this could have escaped any class of control of quality.
5 / 5
WELL, this could be considered a frankly ploy to take you to separate with your cash has won last only to maintain your Tull the complete collection, but to the left is to be so only, where is that it goes to take this quality of vinyl today?
At all new really, but is the together very good .
5 / 5
A definite edition of the classical album. Like this never, some mixes of Wilson of Steven is excellent
4 / 5
They are like this happy has lived long enough to listen this! Running down a Blue-ray to the equal that writes. Asking Aloud/Again of cd two well a prize of admission so only. I have cried when I have listened his, is like this beautiful. Like profetic. It can not believe it is 40 years old . Calm a lot neither when you listen this. The life is the Long Song , but an End of Tune is too Punctual for us yours copy before the careers of tune was.
4 / 5
In 1988 a press of music has recognised that Tull had dipped a rule that the together of the future box will be judged for with a 20th emission of Anniversary. Tull Has gone so only and fact to again. A Aqualung the neighbour has arrived more yield this week,the packaging is stunning, big quality, the friendly and pertinent user (the difference of a scarf, marbles and map coasters in a DSOTM box). Even more exciting is the one of fact takes the piece of big round of black plastic with the hole in a half of him. The still time has had any to listen to a vinyl but his in a CDs and DVD is stunning. A real and extra clarity ooomph. A Wond'coverage Again/Aloud the tunes are the marvel and is quite impressive is is remained underlying for like this long. For me one underlines reworkings is Goose of Mother and Dr. Bogenbroon (Of the real Tull forgotten classical). One extracted to be listened the many times in a future. A big a lot of fact to Ian Anderson and Steven Wilson. It can not expect for a same treatment in Thickness like the Brick.
4 / 5
East reissues of Aqualung is up there with a Crimson King 40th box of conjoint anniversaries. It is produced fantastically and packaged and tip the terracing adds of the respect for a music has contained inner.
Steven Wilson new stereo the mix in a vinyl is glorious and door the new level of clarity and presence to a music. Some 5.1 mixes are also excellent. A presentation of a 180vinyl of g, CD is, DVD and Drunk-ray inside a gatefold the sleeve is a lot a lot of fact. A hardback the book is lavishly produced and is full of interesting info.
Is the harm that other classical albums of one 70 is which is recently state reissued has not been also resupplied this level of priest and attention to detail (Yes, Prójimo To A Flange comes to import).
5 / 5
To all the one who bought And GOES to BUY THIS GLORIOUS BOX leaves something to take SUBSTITUTION of a DVD and a Blue-ray To THE EQUAL THAT HAS ALL 'CLICK' on him. A the minor of alike question is exited with a Desire was Here [Edition of Diving] [near of Boxes] version of United Kingdom (any one a NTSC version) and SUBSTITUTION DVD and/or Blue-Ray has been sent our SO MUCH THIS HAS TO THAT BE EQUAL WITH THIS BOX!!!
VERY I types and the daughters have the listen to And amazon of CONTACT... It DOES not RETURN The DVD and a Blue-Ray so that substitute BUT will BE THE SAME (goes to forums in some cleaned). Like this far at all it is spent in the SO MANY HAS TO THAT DO THIS NOW!!! The support of music HAS TO THAT BE WITHOUT Any CLICK!!! The music Is MUSIC without state has disturbed!!
A lot Here is some places where CAN LISTEN you I CLICK:

On EVERYTHING of some 5.1 clues of mix of soyary Cross-eyed on 1:18 in, there is an audible 'tick' the sound in an advance of canal has left....'If it can take he of a money (tick) man'......

Has another glitch in 41:27 in a Blue-ray during Wind Up. Canals forward. (On 41:24 in a DVD strangely quite).

More in a prime minister glitch:
A glitch in -1:18 in Cross Eyed Mary is in fact in both canals at the head of a 5.1 mix. Here it is the one who looks in a front L and R canals

Here is some canals at the head of one 5.1 Blue-ray uncompressed mix of Wind Up. A glitch is on 3:57 to a clue, and looks quite looked to Cross Eyed Mary glitch:

This one east in both canals forward on 6:38 to my God

Yeah, in a 27:45? Mark. Cela One is a hard plus to listen reason he blends in well.
5 / 5
A definite 'aqualung'
All could dream roughly and in the quality adds.
Has the God and I does not speak roughly Ian Anderson although it is after (but any cigarette)
5 / 5
A music is 5 stars clearly. Sound the fantastic album, which is a test of time.
But a packaging, for a prize, could have been better.
A slipcase is well, a book is well, with utmost pictures etc.
A vinyl among the poly streaky boss, and thats adds, but have the big question with a CD and DVD slips.
Bosses of map without liner, and returning in flimsy pockets in some outsides gatefold the sleeve is so only a lot a lot enough.
Have the worry that for some time have slid a DVD/of CD out of his sleeve the little scratch to time the frames will look, with possible degradation of quality. And some pockets of map to the to the equal that chairs of slide rasgarán/tear any time at all.
Has bought some cloth has lined bosses for a CDs to protect them, in a glorious cost of 3p each one that like this - 12p for some 4 disks.
Reason could any one a record company has been the little more advance him that it thinks and resupply protect decent so that it is after all an expensive element?
Only chair that a gatefold will fall averts in the spatial relatively cut of time, and for the edition of collectors that is not a lot enough.
After all, the produced that possibly after the short space of time results unlistenable results worthless.
This is not an only company that does is - a Focused Zep Mothership 2CD/DVD is another first example of sloppy packaging - would have preferred them have paid the pound or two more for the plant it durable plus. This be has said that am sure for a majority of people these neighbours so only will seat in the leave lateralmente unplayed, and while the just increases in value partorisca to resale later in ebay, more than risks to break the.
5 / 5
Little will prepare Tull defenders partorisca east. A sonic improvement and clarity in this 2CD remaster is has been-maps a lot - the for real fantastic improvement.

A little history is required to explain this - a CD reissues of this recognise the gem has been fraught with like this-so that it touch - the duffer coffins-bone 1st outing in 1987, he 25th tentativa of Anniversary in 1996 (that the my ears is one of some worse remasters has not listened never) and the much better shot in him for a audiophile company DCC in some Declares the year later. Much more of I add. In last - thus 40th anniversary in 2011 - EMI United Kingdom finally takes it well.

Here is some details first - United Kingdom has released Monday 31 Oct 2011, 'Aqualung 40th Anniversary Special Edition' is the 2conjoint CD in EMI/Chrysalis AQUAS 1 (5099908799920) and pauses down to the equal that follows:

Disk 1 (43:25 minutes):
1. Aqualung
2. Mary cross-eyed
3. Turn of economic Day
4. Goose of mother
5. Wond'Coverage Aloud
6. Until me
7. My Goddess [Side 2]
8. Hymn 43
9. Slipstream
10. Respite of locomotive
11. Wind On
Clue 1 to 11 is his 4th album 'Aqualung' - has released 19 run 1971 in United Kingdom in Chrysalis ILPS 9145 and 3 May 1971 in some the EUA in CUP of Recovery 2035. It achieves number 4 and 7 in United Kingdom and maps of elepé of them the EUA. Any 45 is has been released to sustain an album in United Kingdom, but 'Hymn 43' has been dipped was like him 7' so only in some the EUA with soyotro Goose' as his B-side in Recovery 1024.

Disk 2 (44:51 minutes):
Clue 1 is 'Lick Your Toes Clean' - an album outtake that in the first place looked in 1996 25th Anniversary reissues - ossia he 2011 soyixes New'. It is supposition to be liberto like the alone in 1971 in Chrysalis WIP 6098 in United Kingdom, but has been take
Clues 2 is 'So only trying Be' - first looked last clue on Side 2 of a July 1972 double album 'that Bolt in some Past'. Ossia He 2011 soyixes New' in 1:37 minutes
Clue 3 is soyy Goddess (Early Version)' - the 9:42 small outtake complete with dialogue of studio in a beginning
Clue 4 is 'Coverage of Wand Aloud' - the 1:51 small outtake has registered 13 Dec 1970
Clues 5 is 'Wind On' - one 'Early Version' in 5:21 minutes with Ian Anderson on piano. Ossia He 2011 soyixes New'
Clues 6 is eslipstream (Apresamiento 2)' - the 54-according to outtake
Clue 7 is 'On A 'Group' - one 'Early Version' in 1:12 minutes (the version has released is Clues 10)
Clues 8 is 'Coverage of Wand Aloud, Again' - the 7:07 small are Version of full organ ' with a band and the extra
Follows 9 to 13 is 'the life is A Long Song ', 'On A Group', 'Dr. Bogenbroom', 'Besides Late' and 'Nursie'. 11 To 13 it is new 2011 remasters. All 5 clues have looked in May 1971 and does on one 'the life Is A Long Song ' 7' EP has released September 1971 in Chrysalis WIP 6106 in United Kingdom (the sleeve of picture is looked in a booklet). They have reappeared like this of the Clues 3 to 7 on Side 4 of one 'in Inhabitant in a Past' elepé double in 1972.
Clue 14 is the 52-as 'EUA Something Radio' looking Ian Anderson that pause in an album and God with fragment of music of several clues
Note: you Follow 3, 4, 6 7 and 8 it is PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

A 2CDs is housed in the 3-way foldout paper digipak with the booklet of 32 pages. The good touches comprise a product-illustrations of Burton Silverman has low reproduced one 2 goes-by means of trays (the interiors gatefold of a elepé of original vinyl), a CDs is green in colour so much for an original Chrysalis to focus and some numbers of booklet some pages in of the Roman numbers maintain some illustrations of original album. There is connoisseur and detailed liner notes for DON WILSON that new glimpsed looks with advantage and vocalist of main composer IAN ANDERSON. A booklet is peppered with the by heart new photos of a period and that the good collage has has shot advertising of trade, bosses of foreign pictures and promo-material has related. But a really big informative is a NEW SOUND...

Pages 26 and 27 gives the description detailed for STEVEN WILSON in some period goes to in a remastering process to take a better possible sound out of one 8 and 16-follow master tapes without compromising an integrity of some original register. Fines-The scrollings of clue has been done for KRIS BURTON and Mastering has spent has gone by PETER MEW Subject of Abbey (a name a lot the time associated with the quality reissues - see Listmania and seal). Some results are surprising.

Same like inaugural riff of 'Aqualung' rattles around your speakers have accompanied of a sleazy '...Seating in the bank of park...' Papers - a quality of audio is in your face, but no in the way has forced. Suddenly a clue has the real muscle and some detail jump it went in. It is breathing for a first time. Soyary Cross-eyed' has final of exceptional bass now and an electrical guitar treated or' well. But for me a real fireworks start with a double combo of one acoustic esturno of Economic Day' with an acoustic/rock of soyotro Goose'. An improvement is GLORIOUS - and when an electrical guitar kicked for the half way by means of soyotro Goose' - will confess to blubbing out of the little proggy tear. 'Until me' it is fantastically very too much. A continuous improvement on Side 2 - but even more so much. A riff in 'Hymn 43' is so only enormous now and a calm advantage to 'Breathes of Locomotive' is not drenched in hiss - but cleaned and powerful. Some finals of albums with 'Wind On' that has some better papers Anderson have not written never in the personal faiths and the only wonderful sounds (papers on).

Had thought after an explosion of an album that Disk 2 would be throwaway - no so much. A for real lovely gem tucked is gone in one 'that Bolt in some Past' 1972 double is 'So only that Come from to Be' quell'I has had in the 1999 Mobile Loyalty remaster (sees description) - a lot here a quality of his good-looking and far east better. It was taken also aback for a full band of 7 version of minutes of 'Coverage of Wand Aloud, Again' that properly extends was - is in glorious prize . It takes one 'Wand'coverage Aloud' clue of album of 'Aqualung' in 1:53 period of small and adds in a 'Wand'coverage Again' outtake in 4:15 period of small that looked in 1972 'that Bolt in some Spent' double and follow way the together with an extra bridge in a song and more papers (for this his new title here is the mark on both titles of song). It is a lot cleverly fact and reason has new bits in calls 'Previously Unreleased'. A rough plus that touch outtake here is one 'Early Version' of soyy Goddess', but again his passion in a vocals is a reason for inclusion. And again a clarity in a 5-follow 'the life is A Long Song ' EP is far better that that in a MF emission. Material adds...

Niggles - An original album there has been an inner sleeve with papers - any show. Ossia He sloppy the exclusion especially dates an importance of words in this album.

I bought 'Aqualung' when it exit Leaves 1971 like him spotty 12-the old year and loved it never of then. Finally east reissues does it justice. And a esuper Deluxe' near of the boxes there is further 5.1 mix this has received rave descriptions also.

I suspect that Steven Wilson, Kris Burton and Peter Mew will be up for prize for his mastering skills in this reissue - the fact of upper work and one of 'the' reissues of 2011.

Turns on 'that Bolt in some Past' a 1972 Double Album - deserve one same lavish treatment...
5 / 5
A music is fantastic. But in £85 it is this value closely of the box for money? Probably any, in my opinion.

Look of leaves in that volume: Some sounds of elepé at least like this as well as my Classical Records that prints of an album, as any question there. A hardback the book is also quite interesting with the selection of interviews with these involved in a doing of an album, and other background pieces. A CD of prime minister contains an original album, remixed and remastered, whilst a second CD contains alternative versions of some of some clues of albums and other clues of one was.

Is a DVD and of the disks of Ray Blue which leave me perplexed. In the first place, I do not have the player of Blue Ray to the equal that can any one really commentary in a content of this disk (has known yes a neighbour has comprised the disk of Blue Ray before I have bought he). These disks comprise big resolution (96 kHz, 24 bit) versions of an album in several formats (5.1 surrounds his, Quadrophonic, etc), but looks some of a content is duplicated among a DVD and of the disks of Blue Ray - like reason not dispensing with one has has duplicated elements and use the DVD in place of the disk of Blue Ray (which then would be able to touch)?

Another thing in a DVD/Scrape Blue the disk is that they would have to that be touched invernadero the television to select that version of an album, etc, desire to listen the papers. An only thing is, TV, is not my idea of the salvation-fi listening experience - which is that it loves when has better that CD CONTAINED of quality (96 kHz, 24 bit)! Yes, you could pipe a start of your PLAYER/of television DVD to the yours (hopefully better) stereo, but reason not resupplying this content like WAV or FLAC files - far more useful.
5 / 5
Had state postponed partorisca buy this boxset last year with which have discovered Rosa Floyd had been doing plans partorisca release 3 box of Diving dips has saved like this my hard has has won pence partorisca buy them this in spite of were the disgrace to some defenders and my favour swung to a direction of this Aqualung conjoint of boxes.

Of the boxes that some happy gone in is the chance of the hard map with the texture likes paper of old wall that good real looks. Some contents go in two record boss sized chance and slip in and was very easy.

One first what looked is a booklet that there is again has taken that textured boss and has some good facts in an album of all a relevent people. All knows a sale did not mean it never partorisca be the album of concept this in spite of each member has goes explains some reasons and more importantly because sound still such the classical prog album.
Some photos in a book are good and take all some papers of albums four pages more than venues an album has been touched in 1970 - 1971.
Depending that of the techy is the to final section could like him, is to everything roughly likes Steven Wilson and another has done some new mixes and his taken all comprising the pictures of one has has used microphones.

An audio among the gatefold boss of record map. A record is the lovely mix on 180 vinyl of gram with the poly streaky boss. A cd is and the visual audio is everything in a gatefold in there possess pocola mapea short that when it line on, blend to a picture of a gatefold, thats the good touch!

A stereo the the mixed audio is good and some additional mixes I really liked but some real gems of these neighbours is in a Blue-ray! Such the good easy paper with the images to some selections choose there is enjoyed really listen an album and of the additional mixes for Steven Wilson. Ossia Now my preferred 5.1 album to aim fellow the one who asks that all a fuss is roughly.

This neighbour me seat ( excuse a pun) Submerged! Only desire Rosa Floyd could of seen regarding the do well. An only question is this together of the boxes is expensive but touch the product of quality that dipped the smile in my face.

Done well Jethro Tull and Gentleman Wilson!
4 / 5
There is so only has had so only an occasion to spend for a complete container after taking he for the present navideño. Enough frankly, I am surprised by a quality of him. Calm would find it finalised to be registered using a crew of big technology later. Has the big-the end surrounds system of the his and decent salvation-fi and is impossible to explain that well sounds unless calm listen it. Each instrument is clear crystal and has balanced. A vinyl are adds also as well as a book that comes with a together. If you are the tull defender, ossia the must compraventa, marks any bone roughly that. That is also he adds is an option to touch a Blue-ray and DVD in several formats of audio. All want to do is chairs there, glass of wine manually and so only has left a game of what whole. Some the extra clues are to touch also. It can look the plot of the money but this very each penny. Exceptional.
5 / 5
Are very satisfied with this box. Some sounds of vinyl like this better that mine 1971 original press. Even Ian Anderson declares that an original mix was the committed because of technical questions at the same time to register. I think that that Steven Wilson has done the terrific work with both one 5.1 mix and a new stereo mix. A book is a lot entertaining and is them spent the pair of the evenings that studies it while listening. I'ts the little expensive but take the very big quality produced for a money.
4 / 5
Has ordered this like this present navideño for my dad- the mega Jethro Tull the defender and he have loved that. Some illustrations, dvdes and the book was the addition adds his collection. An a lot of in present satisfactory to give the life-longitude Tull defender.
4 / 5
This masterpiece and diving needs any commentary further.
But so only like a P.F. Insiemi Of diving, is the harm that is not possible to purchase an element loves, if it is a vinyl , CD, DVD or BluRay.

Has purchased this dips so only to take a bluRay. A quality of audio is exceptional.
Highly recommended.

Kurt Lilienthal
4 / 5
having the blue-the player of ray would want to be able to possess a 5.1 mix of this classical album in blue-ray. It does not import that it pays for some same songs in the CD, but reason force to buy the DVD that it is virtually one same likes blue-ray? Because it forces any the one who only loves a DVD to buy one blue-ray? I do not have the turntable like that the vinyl is useless mine , but know some people those who only loves some few records of vinyl and have any needs for some digital versions. All this together of boxes is doing is alienating some a lot of people those who sell like Jethro Tull and needs of companies records to survive.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Like an album partorisca begin of A Dead person 60s, has released a same year (a pair of the earliest months), ossia a lot throwback-ish before offering of this Staines, (Londra West more Add) band, revisiting some sounds of A Clash and A Specials of some late seventies, Dynamite of Big Audio of some eighties, Oasis and Joe Strummer laws of suns of a nineties. It is not quite like this obviously derived like Dead 60 albums, containing more contemporary Indian/dance-touch inspired, but is to good sure quite full of estaca punk, white reggae, new wave vibes. They are during the, really. Any way, is the good album , a lot atmospheric and charismatic. It was registered purportedly in the estimativa, a lot 'the-fi'. To be sincere, calm would not have guessed, likes quality of his, while any 100 perfect, is still quite good. Nizza And bassy with his big thump. For an album that is to be rent like this when being the album 'Indian' add, is derived surprisingly. So much that an old punk/new waver like me, the one who there is little or no working knowledge of indie bands, can listen to this like this was liberto in 1979-80.


1. It schemes of cash
2. Half Oriental holidays
3. Joined up Too Tight
4. Gotta Reason
5. Hard to Beat
6. Unnecessary question
7. Movement On Now
8. Better Better
9. Feltham Is Singing Out of
10. Living For A Weekend
11. Stars Of CCTV

chemes of Charge' begins with Augustus Pablo-fashion melodica and progresses to Joe Strummer-esque grinding, slightly funky but slow punk number. Soyiddle Oriental holidays' has Joe Jackson early that fulfils A Specials with some sneering Oasis-fashion vocals. 'Joined up Too much Stagnated has the class of Oasis fulfils his informative wave thing, with some heavy riffs and the grainy, that touches industrial backing. A vocals is a lot Strummer-esque. There is some searing the laws of electrical guitar approaches an end also. 'Gotta Reason' is the powerful, bassy, thumping punky number.

'Hard to Beat' has a vocal Oasis whine his, but the very late seventies riffy backing and the line of enormous bass. 'Unnecessary question' is the Clash-number influenced , muscular. Soyove On Now' is the real transmission in time and feel, when being the plaintive vocal and piano ballad. 'Better better' sees a turn of power in the big clue, atmospheric with the enormous, anthemic heart. 'Feltham Is Singing was' is the catchy, but depressing, urban history of crime of youth (Feltham houses the institute of young offenders).

'Living For A Weekend' is the a lot of @@@2000s on and in 'in Oasis-the way follows ebullient. One follows of the title is rhythmical song , contagious with the big plus-tone of vowel that in some another. In general, it is an album of impressive start , sure, I really hard paste. This in spite of, in almost fifteen years of the emission of this album, Hard-Fi has released so only an another album, although a band is still around, look.
4 / 5
Hard-Fi - that is not to like! It does not think that he the song in an album that does not like me . Excellent!
4 / 5
has Bought this album for the concrete song, but in general the very in general listen
5 / 5
produced Adds , the date of arrival adds . Thankyou 100 good service
4 / 5
has loved this band for years, ossia so only one of his utmost albums, quite chilled was with some good tunes to take calm in a way to exit, totally would recommend it.
4 / 5
Mina all time favourite album - absolutely loves that.
5 / 5
Has bought this album for the concrete song, but in general the very in general listen
4 / 5
Ossia The album is awesome. Calm will not be disappointed. Each song is glorious!! It goes in partorisca buy the!! That yours the ears have been drawn partorisca!!
4 / 5
Not squandering a space in mine ipod!!! I last fi the only sound is unmistakeable. It has touched long. Album I punctual adds
5 / 5
has Bought on recommendation and partorisca price £3 is excellent, in general his no bad with the little edge out of clues.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic album , a lot of funky and feel album of good Friday.
The majority of clues is good to touch in big volume, a lovely Movement On Now when being an exception! The album adds, a partorisca a collection.
5 / 5
If any compraventa this purely in a base of a dancefloor hymn 'Hard to Beat' and attended the collection of alike clues (so only of the approached - 'that Bolt partorisca a Weekend') some casualidad is goes partorisca be disappointed. A clue is an absolute gem is suitable right but is in no way only representative that it is the a lot tight and thrilling start album.
A CD as the whole is not totally cohesive, a clue of title is feeble and am not convinced in a piano ballad soyove on Now'. Probably value 4.5 stars in my opinion, down to these two clues 'feebler'.
These two averts this in spite of, a rest is absolutely storming. An obvious parallels with a Clash/Specials is something on, but agree any of these bands in his political/vitriolic more? Musically Hard-fi is up there with them. Some rhythms of behaviour, baptises bass, singalong hearts, has included the drop of mellatron ffs!! A vocals is directly of a Strummer/Jones school of Londra sloganeering. Some messages are much more social commentary partorisca a noughties more than some heavy politicians sloganeering of a Thatcher was(the comparisons of Streets, lyrically, is just). They are distant A lot the pony of tricks this in spite of, and although has subject and of the sure sounds in current by means of a bulk of some clues, has quite a lot of diversity to resist your attention.
Of the single is initially some clues that I really the jumps went in you, but after the pocolos play there are another concealed is like this of the strong - Half Oriental Holidays, Better Better, Feltham is singing was, that Bolt for a weekend etc.
'Q' Baptised join them British band of next entity. The time will say, but thinks that will be there or thereabouts.
4 / 5
Ossia Brilliant so only , right in a something of modern life. This goes to be really the future of classical album. So only I arrival to sing to the long of the quite each clue. Ossia Something concealed can be touched in a car, in a ipod, in a gymnasium or in some clubs, perfects every time.

Ameno In the second album, the leaves expect they no the soyurderous' and ruin that has created it.
5 / 5
Hard Fi - this was his moment . Archer Of Richard of composer key had struggled long and listened partorisca take his songs have listened, and thank advantage any in of the Atlantic Records has given a man a outlet.

A soundtrack to a sound of there is bored 9-5 minimum salary the youth that is exited the Friday and simply having it. Histories of Mates, Pints, Pills, Daughters, Pubs, Clubs and remorse of next day with expressions of joy and some underlying questions to a point of him everything. Songs of highs and lows and staring out of a window with condensation in an interior, and the rain that beaten down in some outsides and by means of a park with his transmissions and slides renedered useless for vandals those who will not exit never. A desire to escape an ash of mediocrity suburbial cold that do fault to any one sink you to you to you to you or inspire you partorisca exit, for any one means necessary.

Flu aplenty of a punk, new wave, club and new skank the scenes are sprinkled liberally by means of this album, and some taxes of final mix like an essential album of a noughties. You want to take the feeling of an existence of some cryings of the sud was quite, part in this stop and embrace this album.

Is this the modenr classical? Of course it is. I wager that this album will touch like this well in other 5 years and further.
4 / 5
Hard-Fi is taking the tradition adds British Bands whose social conciences the need that download. Sometimes this can be patronising or downright annoying but felizmente this is not one of this time. Hard-Fi looks to have it there is nailed.

Diagrams of the cash of the opener is the lament to a lack of money that like this to recognise, the impulse of observant papers of Richard Archer the song ossia already quite musically obliging. This is to follow for a fury of behaviour and abject confusion vacacional Oriental Half, the song in a futility to send adolescent boys halfway around some world-wide to die pointlessly. A singalong the heart there is Joined up Too Tight gives that song an energetic quality that advantages to a slightly pointless Gotta Reason and Hard to Beat, two songs that constitutes an album mid-recession of point. The unnecessary question chooses things up with the Clash-lite the tone before a CD goes back the full transmission.

A ballad the movement On Now can a lot fully is returned a tone of a lot of a rest of this collection but is this in spite of the lovely song in a escently broken on' vetoes. If this song is a sound of the man broken then a Better following clue Better is a sound of the man the one who has moved on now, but so only by means of embracing a bitterness feels. His dramatic, quite visceral, and brilliant and would have to that attack the one of agreement with any the one who is not never state betrayed has has had to that then look a betrayer in a face when they come crawling behind. After a brief soap opera interlude has offered of this two turn of clue to some political subjects with Feltham is Singing was before emotional to a breaking so only that Bolt for a Weekend. Boys of hymn to separate to weekend debauchery and a night of Friday of amazing feeling amena and turn to separate to Touch the subjects of the car to be young, underpaid, and unappreciated this well a cost of an album in his own. Finally some Stars of clue of the title of CCTV ameno of the things to a enjoyable in bylines so that of the sounds of Archer were in a society of look of surveillance to live that it maintains.

There has no the plot to disturb here, a majority of some songs is enjoyable to listen to, a band has his own sound that dips him averts of a lot of contemporaries (probably very hurt for the estuary of the English archer when compared to an usual North twang exposure of sales more Indian) and included some albums the low points are not all these hard to resist. If his has a defect that his imports that Hard-Fi looks to like a dial to be turned all a way until 'épico' and this means that sometimes it can be an album that will achieve spent because of the way. This in spite of, his still the piece adds of work and a listen to all a way by means of from time to time- which in this era of iTunes and shuffle is praises like this big like that can give.
5 / 5
One of a hallmarks of the album adds, particularly in a 60s and 70s, was that each song on does the murderous so only. Ossia Less applicable now that an artist can do the alone album longer that the double would have been he twenty years ago, but to to the albums like to them Michael Jackson the thriller or The Revolver for Beatles has touched like this of the records of Swipes more Utmost. In the modern era where too often the bands will do albums with stirs it to add single and then the load of filler (Kasabian, Bosses of Kaiser, is looking in calm), Hard-Fi there is revived this art.

Directly out of Staines, Hard-Fi has his flange of the poppy revenida for the street of Richard Archer-lyricism of level and the grimey, working-class underlying ash all his songs. As such, any @subject that catchy to to the the song likes 'Joined up Too much Stagnated is, there is the sweaty, serrated of flange to some production and electrical guitars (registered in his studio of house) this saves an album to be light. These urban whips particularly enhances one baptises-tinged breakup hymn 'Better Better,' a 9-to-5 paean 'that Bolt For A Weekend' or a politicised alienation of soyiddle Oriental Holidays.' Moment, A charming monochrome of piano ballad soyove On Now' ameno to import spending streetlights and marry consultores in the way some Arctic Monkeys punctual perfect.

That it is more, for the money of this writer 'Hard to Beat' is one of some finer songs of a 21st century like this far. Of his grave to walk to his electrical guitars to stab and keyboards that sweeten an album without sacrificing his flange, a song is a point underlined of an album and probably always be a point underlined of the career of a band.

An album stuffed full of hooks, moments of heroes of the electrical guitar and papers to take your heart, Stars Of CCTV is an excellent start of the band the one who probably will be spent for big for a rest of his careers.
5 / 5
Of an inaugural soyachine of Charge' Hard-Fi sings strong his contrariedades and dips a tone for a rest of an album. Admitted his message is one has very listened the first time, as mentioned, of to the the bands like 'A Specials' except of this the modern revitalisation that spends his own only touch to one that changes never ska sound. For some times achieve 'Joined up Too Tight' his sound has begun grieves included to achieve the full flow still calms already know ossia another big swipe . Solving to a half of an album 'Gotta Reason' and 'Hard to Beat' resupply a upbeat contrast and spend his ska the roots that shine by means of.
While an album infectiously improvement with each listen there remains enormous optimism like this certainly has room for improvement that spatial of leaves for the sensational follows on album. So that some looks of albums to lose the direction is pulled quickly in for a ballad likes soyove on Now' that, while no in that has a lyrical to beat or that bars the beauty of a lot has has fulfilled writers, has the startling the cold was effects to softly spend a way has retreated down. 'Better Better' (My Personal favourite) explodes this pause and explodes with heartbreak and the resentment that alternating among angry hearts and embittered to everything a moment preparing for an on surging 'Feltham is Singing was'.
Has the sudden turn to a upbeat with 'that Bolt for a Weekend' with one same in a club feels as 'Hard to Beat' and another probably so only for some masses. There is then the placid the movement was with some slightly humorous tars of CCTV'. In general a throbbing lines of basses and variables vocals is very balanced and with giving it the reception the poise among realism and brilliant and breezy. A start of Hard-Fi is the must for almost any and is dipped to be a start of the successful future.
5 / 5
Ossia An incredibly fulfilled to start with album - the blistering conjoint of songs without a dud clue among them. Weaving Near the diverse row of influences, Hard-Fi histories of transfer of amour and daily life, but somehow directs to turn this normal premise to the collection of the different clues anything has listened before. His influences comprise everything of traditional Britpop-Indian the ska, baptises, reggae, pop and dance, informing an and flexibility that 'Hard to Beat', arguably a standout clues, the hymn of club as well as the preferred of festival.

Each clue crackles with energy - ossia a raw sound of disenchanted youth in a flange of magnitude, determined to break out of the ash backwater and boss for some brilliant lights of a city. Any the one who is not never state stuck in the work of final died will identify with frontman and Archer of Richard of the composers viñetas of daily working-class life; there is an anguish to be has broken in chemes of Charge', a elation of the new runs over on 'Hard to Beat', a bitterness of a subsequent pause-on on 'Better Better', joy in a perspective of two days and nights of liberties on 'that Bolt for a Weekend'. Soyiddle Oriental holidays' is like this fierce and vitriolic a anti-song of war to the equal that will listen anywhere, but like a rest of some clues, is writing of the heart-wrenchingly personal point of view. Together with 'Feltham is Singing Was', illustrates Hard-Fi' qualified to face social subjects with breathtaking efficiency, while skilfully averting doing his songs to politicians polemics. One follows of the title is returning it near of an album - sublimate it paean of the world in that each movement is taken on camera, the all the hinges on Archer sneering refrain of 'can do not seeing a camera loves me', his slime of voice sarcastically. It is the song that capture an alcohol of an album perfectly.

Can not recommend this stunning record highly enough; it is one of a more affecting, evocative and true-to-the albums of life has has not listened never. It deserves to be considered like the true classical British - is certainly in the pair with (if no, the bear said it, better that) Oasis and some Arctic Monkeys' starts. If this breathtaking the album is not already the part of your collection, he more to good sure would have to that be.
5 / 5
Stars of CCtv is an amazing album, is the breaking of earth , the life that affirms the elepé stuffed with future hymns and of the powerful melodies that persists in an alcohol and beg to be listened again and again. Hard Fi could not be fill stadiums like King of Beige Coldplay) but his influence will be felt for decades to come; it Schemes of the cash does not pull any punch and offers the no frills cul-de-sac Mc operates it that it goes nowhere vibe, but in that want to it, the half oriental holidays is the good-looking anti song of war, a blistering tight on too tight; it takes any prisoner all butch tomb riffs, impossibly tight drums, heart of the testosterone fed and swaggering the electrical guitar of soiled advantage is all KILLLER,has taken any reason; when being youngster and boring adds innit? 'Hard to beat' is the classical period, a sweet soyoving on now' complimented for a bitter 'can do better' do me cry every time, could go in but global Stars for 'hard fi' is one astonishingly, fresco,proud,jaded,sneering,vulnerable,happy,crafty, sly piece of British Indian music, the glorious album.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic start , but with the pair of defects. Of the single out of an album is classical hymns that will be it aired in a radio for years to come (those Alive For A Weekend' and soyachine of Charge' especially), but an album looses steam in some clues of albums to somewhere (clues 6 especially). There is the good quantity of variety in an album (which is a lot well for the new band) and he so that it requires repeated is not quite the 5 attainment of star. I can not expect for his next emission (a long time in a the doing would look) reason wants to see them if this band can produce better (so only think that a lot can be!) Material Richard Archer (composer/of singer) is Joe Sturmmer in a doing, and easily could be the name of control of the house for an end of a decade if a band capitilises in his succes.
4 / 5
Has had has had already one 2 excellent solteras 'joined up too much stagnated and upper 10 swipe 'hard to beat' in mine ipod before deciding to buy this album and in a force of them 2 songs so only, is almost currency to buy.
Then has some other points have underlined likes soyachine of charge'(a sooner only') a slowie soyove on now'(the only piano ballad in an album) and a clue of title of the the. Soyiddle The oriental holidays is also value the mention, when his well, his a lot well,and songs very better on here is among some better indie tunes of a year to the equal that goes to buy likes of the single, or of Indian rock thus subject.
Also up there with some better albums of a year,and one to look for a future.
4 / 5
When I in the first place listened of Hard-Fi was of my manager of bank of all the people! Engaged in the conversation roughly music, he hotly poured Hard-Fi to be one of a prójimo big on and coming bands. I have taken in his word and after listening to this album, I&x27; it sees to good sure that is corrected.
One first what that grabs calm in this album, averts of a music, is some illustrations. These yellow frames brilliants an album underlines among everything of another CD&x27;s have in my collection and a map of a CCTV that the camera is very simple, plain and works extremely well in today&x27;s world of simplistic drawing.
A real album is at all careers of glorious. In the first place up it is Car of Cash, the clue that a lot of people will have listened for now and the brilliant song to open an album with. Directly to an album with one of some big and calm songs already know yours that goes to love this album. Of here on in some songs so only improve. The points have underlined of an album comprises:
Hard to Beat - good entertainment Justo and the brilliant clue
Unnecessary Question - An of my personnel faves
Movements On Now - mainly because of a step a slow plus of this song, slow piano and the jazzy feels his, excellent
Better Better - Another of my beans clues, highly recommended
that Alive For A Weekend - Ossia another of this entertainment, brilliant clues, that you just amour to listen to and sing to the long of the
The majority of some songs in this album already had listened alive versions of, as it was quite odd for me to then go and listen to some versions of albums. But this has said, some songs are so only bettered for quell'have more organism to them and a full sound of a band.
Like any the one who is to the plot of the bands highly can recommend this album to any, if you&x27;king the person of the band or the no. There are so many songs add in this album like him tin to any to any one likes to him . All the albums have his good songs and of the bad songs, which there are the pair of songs in this album that less is appealing mine right now, but with which repeats listens so only know that I&x27;ll grows to want the so many.
5 stars of me for this album of fantastic start of one of some hotter bands around interiors a moment. It leaves hope that a band can excluyente something in a Brits thus fantastic endeavour. The album adds, brilliant songs, would have to be in everyones collection of CD. If yours contemplating if or any to buy this offering of Hard-Fi, while you are while to? An invitation? My joint, buy an album before you take an invitation !
5 / 5
Quite simply ossia my favourite album of all the times and are in mine fifties. With more than the albums tire me to listen to some artists of same/artist.

No like this with Hard Fi - I amour each alone clue. Have in the first place taken his sound on boss with a contagious 'Hard to Beat' - has loved absolutely an accompanying video also.

Is my preferred singalong to do mine housework.

Songs of qualities of the band of quality.

In the nutshell Hard fi is in his own words 'hard to beat'.

Buy, he the tone, loves it!!!!!!
5 / 5
After being appointed partorisca a prize of music of the mercury, the singer of advantage has said that his so only spent around &163;500 in an album. Ossia Quite incredible like this touches like this as well as any album of estimativa big of Indian rock. Some songs are all extremely catchy. Of the single 'Hard to Beat', 'that Bolt For A Weekend' and soyachine of Charge' is all the hymns for a society of today, is potentially the curse that Some Arctic Monkeys suddenly have come to the long of, also with the songs have based in situations of real life but more than forming that Hard Fi. This in spite of hard Fi&x27;s the songs have more than the sound the plus cleaned to them that Arctic Monkeys to the equal that has abundance that seperates a two 'next big things'. 'Joined up Too much Stagnated is a highligt in an album. He&x27;s seperated to three different part in the way, all like this very like this eachother.
An only bad thing in an album is that perhaps some songs are all too looked in the way. Calm once ailing volume of one, you&x27;king basically patient of everything of them. But Hard Fi has aimed that in such the estimativa down, calm still can do the brilliant album. His&x27; it sees also it has signalled that has the enormous quantity of potential to do things of sound, a next album would have to that be something specail, especially if his&x27; it sees it take the little glorious to spend on that.
4 / 5
Ossia An absolutely pointless emission that so only tries to touch in in a success of Stars Of CCTV. It is the 2 conjoint disk - CD and DVD.

CD: Basically these looks of for real terrible baptises remixes of exisitng clues in an original album. Really it touches terrible - would be embarrassed to release something so it craps like this this! A remixes is incredibly dull - some clues are missing of any class of immediacy and enough simply take was all this was a lot on some originals.

DVD: An alive show has touched Londra Astoria where a band touches all his swipes and of the clues of albums. Sad types, but this falls short also. A concert is bad lit and an action is uninspired and boring.

In general, ossia the complete waste of time and money. I have thought some original Stars Of CCTV was the a lot, album very a lot of - been of 2005 flies out of my car stereo no-stop for month. If you are the defender of Hard-Fi please, please, please stay out of the this and stick to an original version or take a new album. Ossia One of some worse albums has has not listened never....... Have been warned!
5 / 5
Has been expecting this in spite of another yawnsome addition to a plethora of the-fi pseudo-partner-political bands that looks to be that they dominate an interior of the Indian scene British a moment.

Has listened to grieve an echo-laden melodica in an inaugural clue, this in spite of, has breathed sigh it of relief. It was clear that comparisons of means comunicacionales to A Clash and A Specials was more than the reference to the sure reggae vibe in his sound, more than a supposition that some the aforesaid bands were some only British laws never to show consciousness of class. In this sense, Hard-Fi has to treat it very Wave Newer (and as-wave Ska) that a lot his Nude-Wave contemporaries.

Having to that directly, results easier that absorb some papers. His eschew insipid third-note conceptualism in favour of down-to-commentary of earth in marginalised British youth that has not limited his Middlesex roots, in that his gliela true band of some people, a period and breadth of a country.

One the majority of appearance of the entity of this album is that in spite of an obvious late-70s influences, is the sale this has lived clearly by means of and listened to a music of dance of 90s. Joined up Too Tight and Hard to Beat hark behind to one Indian-dance crossover this was like this vibrant in a prompt-run of a last decade, when the bands could do this class of music without a need of DJs.

Musically, Has the widest appeal far that to to one like him to him the bosses of Kaiser, and to the of Ferdinand of Franz. Like the album goes to this third loop , already am beginning to sing to the long of....
5 / 5
For me Stars Of CCTV is not a piece has finalised, but signs it to him things to come from this band the one who predicts will be a big vendor prójimo in United Kingdom. Hard material-Fi&x27;s the papers to good sure identifies strongly with the section of British society, to to the songs likes them-gliela car of Cash, that Bolt For A Weekend etc. Is like him mecer on version of Some Streets. Whilst There&x27;s also songs in @@subject @@@subject all the world can relate to, like the report broken in Better Better and has touched politically songs like Half Oriental Holidays. It can not be by all the world&x27;s flavours but he&x27;s the good piece to do all one same.
5 / 5
Love this album! It likes all some better bands, his&x27; it sees taken the load of varied influences, (in his chance punk, Indian, ska, hip hop, box & more,) mixed the all hover and come up with something really original and fresco! There&x27;s real depth here also, of a plenary-on, on fillers of the paving of the time likes &x27;Hard to Beat&x27; my favourite clue, a achingly beautiful &x27;Movement On Now&x27;, he gorgeous ballad in an end of the report dipped in a context a wide plus that has it outgrown the city of cul-de-sacs. A simple piano that the archer retreated of Richard of the shop windows&x27;s vocals and shows so only the one who the this of good singer.
Mina a flu is that some papers are quell'has bitten too fixated in &x27;isn&x27;t the terrible that bolt in Blair&x27;s facist been police?&x27; But hey, his&x27;king angry young men, attended&x27;ll sweet (slightly) with age!
In all the chance, in general the album to start with adds - buy it, has won&x27;t be disappointed!
5 / 5
In that listened it soyachine of Charge' on Zane Lowe in a Summer of 2004, could say Hard-Fi was allocated for the things are. Prpers Having seen to treat them in Rey last University month, can confirm was corrected totally - blow me to the knots was sincerely lovely types to kick.
Tars of CCTV' was to good sure value a wait. A lot like sale Of a Dums of the very few years behind, Hard-Fi sings roughly a bit those that perks and a lot of perils to grow up in the crap city - this in spite of this offering is not so only on some questions of daughter/of regular money.
Here is mine drive brief to some clues:
1. It schemes of cash - Fantastic moody bassline to the strong song, with inspired by papers an unwanted pregnancy whilst in financial confusion. Ought To be king-released as well as when being die to the DJ (potential for a awesome remezcla).
2. Half Oriental holidays - A bit odd in a prime minister listens, but really grows on you. Now one of mine favourite. Movements in any, again with strong papers of frontman Richard Archer; describing a lot peers taking on cup of arms for a war of Iraq whilst another continuous his mundane routine of life in some suburbs.
3. Joined up Too Tight - Catchy hook with singalong 'He he he he he laaaa' bit. It is not necessarily be the alone election for me I so that it believes does lyrically the strongest songs on here - but musically ossia faily upbeat with the random reference to footwear.
4. Gotta Sounds of reason like a soundtrack to the band of chavs was to bash on the rival band of chavs that'go 'been in his turf'. They would be in the mission, and how is this song . Grab Your bat of baseball and go for a walk.
5. Hard to Beat - Alternative hymn of a Summer. A upbeat history of lust and urban idyll among a cement and on a whiff of Burberry aftershave. Impossible any to smile and dance around the your handbag to.
6. Unnecessary question - Any of mine favourite, does not look to go very remote. Slightly ploddy.
7. Movement On Now - Really the talent of Archer of Richard of the shows likes Chris Martin new. Delicately Sung with believable feeling. A ballad describes the one who hard is to finalise the report when calm still deeply cures for another person, although when finalising is probably better for one both of calm in a longitude-run.
8. Better Better - Sung with swagger, almost can visualise Archer sneering to to a microphone likes has said to deceive quell'ex-promised to launch his hook.
9. Feltham Is Singing was - Another of some clues plus a lot toneless, if so only reason no tip an auditor anything new.
10. Living For A Weekend - would have to that be another alone. Stuck in the work of cul-de-sacs, your only aim is to drink your salaries come night of Friday. This calm song so only beg to dance his, offering the Smirnoff Gel to a subject.
11. Stars OF CCTV - At the beginning, can think it was an odd election to finalise an album in the comparatively 'downbeat' note, this in spite of this again aims that a band can diversify successfully add. This hear to the purportedly unavoidable descent to the smallest crime has lush electrical guitars and same better voice.
In general, love this album - does not take the 5 so only reason this would leave Hard-Fi nowhere to go. With only 2 possible fillers (and included is likeable), and music and fresh papers, fully deserves his nomination of Mercurio.
Buys this album - he so only to say you was there in a start - and look them sound.
4 / 5
His scarce that an album has like this well the together of clues that in a game repeated in car calm never skip to a prójimo a, was hard to follow this on but I hope until punctual to be rid bolt of album until expectations.

If anything some clues speak to the yonger generation that me, but my memory of feelig out of touh but touch does not leave you never

like to him the energy in your music - this rids
4 / 5
A start absurdly sure, Stars of CCTV, sees Hard Fi jump to a fore front of a current lexicon of bands that is flying of a past to energise and commented in a present and a future. I last Fi touch the hooded cup to a estaca punk scene of a late 70,s while integrating elements of ska and an early 90,s rock of independent dance crossover scene. It is the vibrant mix , not appealing never to shameless retrogressive plagiarising or raw lampooning. A lot especially having his influences and the sound have dipped order has written some terrific songs to hang them on.
Soyachine Of charge' has plump notes of grave underpinning scalpel acute electrical guitar shards while a melody and vocals revel in the dance floor swagger. Soyiddle Oriental holidays' looks to be in the mates that do fault in Iraq to the call and the vocal response of bravura mainstay and he sinewy fixed. 'Joined up Too much Stagnated has more than the pop sheen, with glistening perambulating agreements and emphatic stabs of keyboard. Until a heart when some the electrical guitars develop the flange of grunge on one sings to the long of vocals. Ossia He fabulous song. 'Gotta The reason soyarries squeals of electronic noise to a effervescent punk./ska riff. 'Hard to Beat' develops that the club influences more ardently, with his banks to back of synth the noise that takes a lot a prompt 90,s rave clue. There is enjoyable explosions of saxophone and trumpet on 'Unnecessary Question' that give a song an extra discharge of depth and grain. Hard Fi resemble instinctively know the one who the needs of song for leaves it has added profundity and value of entertainment. And they can do ballads. How it is tried with a piano has directed soyove on Now' that is far more poignant that the dispiriting James Blunts dirge. It can be press the the bit but a cornet the part of this song takes a glory of the neon drenched of one very Blue Nile. This song also tries that Richard Archer really can sing. 'Better he Better' ameno to import 'This Is Hardcore' Pulp of era, the complex ska tinged the verse that slips to an enormous glorious heart. So only he throwaway half acoustic eight prevents it when be one everything out of classical. 'Feltham Is Singing was' is one follows a feebler here, but still builds to a effulgent last third with battery of malicious electrical guitar. Living for a Weekend' easily approximates an emotion hedonista and the anticipation of the good night was after the shitty working week with his wall of keyboards of big row and galloping tomb. One follows of the title is sung in the tone he big plus for Archer with clipped strums of percussion and electrical guitar that clatters likes has moved dustbin lids in the rear alley.
Different a lot of bands that has been championed to some big heavens and lauded likes harbingers of some new movement of old fashioned 'Pertinent music' ( A cradle of Party of the Blockade to import) Hard Fi in spite of his quite naff the name in fact has some songs to really behind on some claims have done for them. Ossia The splendid album , which has won my initial scepticism with glorious ease. It Likes him Song to title said ' is stars of CCTV/doing the films am gone in a street'. And this album is a perfect vitalizing soundtrack to this film.
4 / 5
In last, an album that capture a true alcohol of british culture of youth. In timing some papers, when I took out of context can look depress, but some those Hard-Fi directs to maintain you that smiled entirely to an end.
I in the first place listened of Hard-Fi roughly done 6 month so only before they have released Joined up Too Tight, and has been moment to this moment never of then. Really it is hard to choose one underlines clues, of then mine his all does in different time of your life. If your skint (diagrams of cash), exiting with your mates (those alive for a weekend), enamorando (hard to beat), or out of amour (movement on now better/ better), this album really takes your way perfectly.
The papers like loans likes him Mike Skinner is (the streets) and musical arrangments that really emphasise a meaning. This album really would owe that take a plenary five treatment of star, but then where goes neaxt. And I have to that belive that ossia so only the flavour and in no way his summit.
5 / 5
Has not written never the description before but has had to write something in this band!
Has seen Hard-Fi look it in fact weeks in the space of support in some rats of Water and has thought was really fookin' fresh. I have decided to see that they have had anything was. A fast investigation on Amazon, the click of a mouse, and this CD has arrived. I whacked he to ROM of mine of CD and a video has recognised my favourite clue immediately - ossia one fijamente has loved!! - Bloody wonderful!
Soyachine Of charge', this in spite of dark lyrically, is SUCH feel he-agree well. It is awesome - full of attitude and funky me he-fo riffage.P> Love this record, loves him see headline. This album goes to be stuck in my player of CD until then!
'Gotta Reason', 'Hard to Beat' and 'Feltham is Singing was' (LIKE the heart!!) It is my preferred (surely possible solteros?) But really it has any one filler. If so only everything of some bands there is taken on the space of support was these abonos.
BUY, sustains him. They would owe that be enormous - well could be locate a radio. Or included MTV2! (A video in a CD is upper quality also!)
Blinder! Marcos upper to them, looks forward to to see his again.
Am listening to soyachine of Charge' again to the equal that write this, and can not taking nodding my boss...
5 / 5
One first what wants to say in this album is that ossia the very fresh, elepé diverse with absolutely of fantastic songs. Of the single is among one underlines clues but to be sincere all some songs are very strong and Richard Archer paints the very realistic picture of (sub)to Big Bretagna urban today.
A second what is is looking for some well of Indian fashionable music, look elsewhere, the Athlete, Franz Ferdinand, Embrace, Keane, Oasis, Coldplay. But it does not look to Hard-Fi.'
Leave yours to decide if any of these bands is any 'very' or in fact 'Indian', but personally would not look to Hard-Fi for Indian fashionable music a lot of-I so only would look to them for good music, point and averts.
That thinks well mention is that this elepé so only cost £300 to do, but is like this sophisticated, original and full of to the imagination likes them anything for a lot of of some supposed better bands have mentioned in other descriptions- I can not imagine Gallagher Letto that does much more that snarl in calm for £300. Hard-Fi has produced the album of classical pop, this embraces rock, soul, dance, ska-all orders in fact. Ossia One sincere, included, warm album partorisca treasure and will be partorisca enjoy he for years to come- which means was a mine of soundtrack forties. And I do not have any question with that at all.
5 / 5
There has no really a lot to say averts of - adds!!
Hard-Fi is the good band with alot of potential to possess some maps especially with songs such announce Feltham is Singing was and Hard to Beat.
Can be listened of more than a swipe and that so only a lot four stars in my opinion.
The papers add, utmost instruments, the band adds.
5 / 5
The one who the start.
Of then listening of the single chemes of Charge' and 'Joined up Too much Stagnated, has known was to have that buys this album. There so much it is that it goes in - rock, ska and the box beats all come neighbouring to give an impression that these boys have been moment to this moment. A band is lyrically strong when they want to be and up for the good time everywhere more.
Can comprise some references of North Soul likes him theres enough to maintain a ravers happy and abundance for a rockers but his still the only sound. If they release a clue of title, would take my vote in favour so only of a decade.
Ossia A sound of a city. Buy this album while his heat to the equal that guarantee will have more to come from these boys.
4 / 5
When I have bought this album so only had listened in fact 'Hard to Beat', which have thought was a good song. Some descriptions of albums intrigued me, particularly with a Ska and place of Clash. Now ossia an only current album in my automobile stereo - has adds beat and feel that the frames perfect for evenings of state of the August with a window down. Ossia The brilliant start and a hybrid Clash / Specials the commentary is something on ( with the bit of A Jam launched in, Living For A Weekend.)
5 / 5
Ossia An album fill with big stadium , hairy car of cash of the hymns, hard to beat and that bolt for a weekend. Bosses and Shoulders on one others third bands to register there ossia a hell of an album. You wont be disaponited for this triumph of an album
4 / 5
one of a better start cd is all the time. No the bad song on here. Really they owe that have very massive.
5 / 5
Ossia A fresher thing has listened in of the years.
Eats to combine some of my favourite bands this in spite of like this touch likes them.
Is as to pot to melt of A Clash, Blurs, Specials, Primal Cry, Happy Mondays with the dollop of the soul and the box launched in for good measure.
This in spite of like this touches modern likes one Baptises Pistols and some Bullies of Audio were the alive band .
I amour cheme 'of Charge' where the careers was and leaves his pregnant promise and soyiddle Oriental Holidays' is one first protests of Song of Iraq that does not have some pasts mecer star moaning in thier acoustic electrical guitar!
And also can dance to this too much!
5 / 5
Upper action of an electrical guitar-the rock of circuit of alternative/pop has based, Hard-Fi has had to weaves partorisca praise heaped to them for music and mainstream hastens equally in recent time
A Staines-has based four piece there has been has released already the edition has limited mini-album of a title still like this when a record industry has taken to look and is resulted a subject of one all-too-familiar bidding in an evidence of this Hard album Fi is by train of the cut.. Stars Of CCTV is packed with snappy, anguish-rock of full/pop classics in a doing.
Has based in his own experiences of a monotony and social alienation of living in to the the place likes Staines, well there is remarked to of to songs like Feltham is Singing was and Of Hard to Beat and an album&x27;s the title dips ready all use the cloth suburbial to add fresh substance to some epics of pops. Joined up Too Tight is fab , a flange of melancholy of frontman Richard Archer has dipped on that it could be it designated it Mod classical of our time.
Bittersweet With some Stars of moments of the épico Of CCTV is the for real fantastic start and reeking of wonderful potential.
5 / 5
Like more clues in this album but strangely a clue of title is one to an I likes less, some sounds of the heart to the bit likes is sung in some terraces of the party of football, averts of that has some clues really are, particularily 'Hard to beat' and 'Better better'.
4 / 5
Can not move for bands of electrical guitar. When being there... Looking all promotional shot, exerting his instruments, that tries to sing papers that says something (mine'hn).
Of his a lot of title, some boys of Staines is trying to maintain the real or he like this looks.

Essentially some boys have some songs partorisca back it up. 'Joined up Too much Stagnated, 'that Bolt For A Weekend', 'Hard to Beat' and esalquitranes of CCTV' is all the clues that when touched is convincing and music of the electrical guitar British of the good quality.
Where This album really soars is on 'Feltham is Singing Was', the devestating, corrosively obliging song, a lot written with the dark-the flange that near in his tragic papers. Songwriting The pen Like acute to the equal that locate this album. But the good summit.
'Better Better' soars the summit of epic and do quite well. Calm see you that can be geezer in your shell-toes this in spite of being all hurt and sound to a summit of epic.
I tars deuna clue of title Of CCTV' is another fine song, touching plaintive and persuasive. A falsetto is quite lovely.

Like the decent start with some fine songs on that. No the compatible classical start but the promising a.

The only question is not sure a man of advantage can sing live all this sake. It can it loves quell'order was. It knows that I bad. It likes with of him when being in the band and everything.

Top Customer Reviews: A View From The Top ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have been the enormous defender of defender of Theatre of the Sleep of Money and of the Linings of Black Clouds ( has had am spent inexplicably for before it concealed). Each album has been of upper-notch (Train of has Thought, a favourite of critics, is mine less favourite and love An Amazing!). It does not think AVFTTOTW is quite like this very so much “Distance Over time” (comes very together, so only that some first 3 clues are a lot well, so only very utmost, but some last 4 clues are brilliant) but has no bad clues and has listened his a lot times already. “Transcending The time” is my preferred with some gorgeous piano of Giordania Rudess. As with a last album, can not be accused to go soft to the equal that has quite John Petrucci pyrotechnics of electrical guitar and soloing and Mike Mancini can drumming to maintain a metalheads happy. James LaBrie is in the voice adds also. While to a double vinyl to arrive today.
4 / 5
Been the defender of a late 90 east and havent has loved always some disks of studio entirely,some whilst marvelling in a musical courage left cold( 6 terracings,Train of has Thought for example).This disk in spite of a luke the warm description in Classical Rock is excellent.

Opener 'An Alien,take me all a way behind to 'WAKE of '94 (my preferred D.T Album),that insists it riffery,dreamy keyboards and thundering drums,lashings of glorious electrical guitar soloing,sweats everything well,the fact that clue 1 thru 6 east of the variac. Of a subject same,like this which,his which his ,his that his excellent fact.

Then take to a clue of title,20 minutes of magnificence,cant say more than that. And I aim it and aside,the vocals is excellent,any always something can say,like the forward reviewer notes,the vocals is in sync with a music more than being grafted in a music like this sometimes looked to be a chance in a past.

A production is glorious and a band is on forms,the digi pak is the thing of beauty,im the sucker for digi paks.
5 / 5
Well mention of a principle, this album was the 'grower', and has very taken listen before I really begun for the enjoy.

Has not been blown has gone by an earlier emission of 'An Alien' or 'Invisible Monster', both very solid songs but neither looked likes would be classics years of now.

Many listens of an album later this in spite of and beginning of things to change, neurons previously dipping sleeping start to shoot on, and something in some starts of brain to click and be mad about. NOW it is beginning to everything felt of mark, a two has mentioned previously the songs now begin to return to the picture the big plus and in fact grow on me even more that has done like this standalone songs. My standout the favourite song is 'answering a Call', although a final song, an epic, is also the preferred has shared. All has joined other songs are a lot highly considered for me this in spite of, and each one which so it listens propels an album a big plus in my personnel DT classifiche of album.

At present would estimate this in my personal cup 3 DT album right now. The&W and the scenes when being mine other two preferred . It can fall out of favouring over time, but now included are by train of the master, and expect you also!
4 / 5
That can say 70 + minutes of sheer excites amazing music this take behind to theatre of prompt sleep but touch faster and weighed that has surprised the must buys
Surrounds on 2022 alive in a uk again can not expect
5 / 5
has taken a special edition with clues notarises them and behind some scenes DVD, a book is gone in is really well although he grips some disks the little closely for mine in pleasant. A documentary is good to take the view to the DT has treated current chances and his processes of thought for behind a new album and of the productions. An album is the album adds, but certainly any one a better, sound the very solid album for theatre of sleep with my points underlined when being Invisible Monster and sleeping Giant.
5 / 5
To be sincere I any one has expected DT can surprise me again but his he again. They are massively DT the defender and ossia one of the mine favourite lp never. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
These cements of albums some Americans rocker plant like this more than entities prog band of metal in a world. Each builds of the clue until an album achieves his growing with one a lot 20 title of clue of minute. As we say in a Black Country, the Bostin album
5 / 5
Better album of a Mangini was for far and would go like this far to say is probably one of the his better never album. Up there with IAW and MP2SFAM.
5 / 5
Been touching this album on and was all the weekend, and yes is a lot well, and would recommend it
4 / 5
the music is orders likes usuall the so only does not estimate a singer