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Top Customer Reviews: Retro Style Metal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
4 / 5 Dotty
Very easy the instal. Little it bite smaller has expected then, but access in well in my room. They are very happy that is not too shiny and does not look economic plastic cage as I have dreaded. Good construction, durable metal.
Am considering taking the decorative lightbulb, but interior a moment having the loan a work adds.
4 / 5 Cristopher
The prize adds, has arrived punctually, the looks add - just that has looked for.
4 / 5 Lin
These produced does not look to to anything likes a bit photo - is not shiny gold, is bad state spray-painted it crazy combination/of gold of the money. And it has included it conceal it is not compatible because it is state products like this bad...
As it does not recommend ordering a 'gold' at all! So only it takes two stars because it is at least a measure/so that it has been expected.
4 / 5 Hermelinda
Has purchased this partorisca the chamber of my adolescent edges. Unfortunately my blue lampshade arrived with two nicks losing of a paintwork to the equal that develops a black metal down, in spite of there when being any harm to a box. A lampshade is a lot of sturdy and easy to return. I think it that it look better with the light bulb of vintage this in spite of.
5 / 5 Kurt
Enamoured with these! I have bought 2 partorisca my living room and I think look partorisca surprise. There is wanted to so only something bit it different and these return a bill. To good sure recommend!
5 / 5 Trenton
Súper Different and adds the good look to a room. Access in with any decor. It has dipped this in my room and do a lot there. More to use this lampshade in a zone where does not want to lose the plot of light but neither loves your light to feel coffins and incomplete
4 / 5 Loraine
These looks of lampshade to surprise. He diffracts a light, like this like this brightness is not dulled, but takes a flange was. Looks awesome Also. I have bought a black some hips!
5 / 5 Loma
Doing on my fourth and has loved the shadow of light ash but has does not love something concealed would effect brightness of a light. Like this happy has found ossia pefrecf. It Finalising that it orders one in copper for my sister.
4 / 5 Sheila
Loves this light shadow. I have spent he for my basin to the equal that has the subject resembled this.
The look adds, really easy to install very done of value and add for money. It would like to buy the little more for other rooms have decorated once.
4 / 5 Ardis
Amazing product. Exactly to the equal that describes. Still like that is to sell the the a lot of know swedish undertaken by all the world.
The desire was bit it main, but has known that has bought.
A lot of sturdy, last the very long time. To to The Cage likes and returns of regular bulb. Dipped an energy that saves rectangular bulb in and returns, has bitten sure yes or love the elegant bulb in there but regulate some will return.
Easy to install the celing, has taken literally down 1 min.
5 / 5 Dorotha
Súper different and adds the good look to a room. Access in with any decor. It has dipped this in my room and do a lot there. More to use this lampshade in a zone where does not want to lose the plot of light but neither loves your light to feel coffins and incomplete
5 / 5 Tomas
doing on my fourth and has loved the shadow of light ash but has does not love something concealed would effect brightness of a light. Like this happy has found ossia pefrecf. It Finalising that it orders one in copper for my sister.
4 / 5 Dan
The look adds in situ with some Edison has DIRECTED the bulbs have bought on Amazon. It was far more economic that other on-line retailers for exactly a same product.
5 / 5 Joseph
Orderly two of these caged shadows read in a 30th April and has arrived in a 4th May ! Very good packaged, and perfect without maculas or harm.( Unusual Today )
Surprised but extremely appreciated has had already a light/shadow reducer in a cup of a caged shadow, although I have bought two partorisca be sure. You look in several places partorisca these but the aim has loved so only, this vendor of Amazon a colour I required and in the prize adds
has dipped these two directly up in a spare chamber and am very pleased with a look
to good sure order of this provider again
5 / 5 Katherina
Ossia the really very done and sturdy shadow of light that the looks add. Has the adapter of coverage comprises so that it can return wider fittings if I require it to and the looks especially add with the fashionable bulb of the filament in. It recommends
5 / 5 Margurite
the utmost looks,a lot easy to attach my light does not affect one lighting although you will see lines this in spite of any enough to affect like lights a room.
4 / 5 Marissa
Lovely light shadow. Easy to install, really brightens a room without a glare of the shadow less light. Looks fantastic just Need to take the decent looking bulb to complete a look. Gutted Is now in special offer in £5 more economic that has paid but still loves that.
4 / 5 Leora
Loves this lampshade. Although it was bought for the house of my mamma. It have installed it and it looks a cost of part . It is a lot very he say and excellent value for money. A lot of stylish and contemporary fact for the point to speak. It comes highly recommended.
5 / 5 Kaitlyn
Prefect For fashion added in your room. When you Arrive it has been them concerned would require it the expert to install. No! The my self as of interior. Installation very easy. Unscrew Your light bulb, push a shadow to light fixture and the bulb dipped behind in. It looks enough when the lights was and a reflection of a cage when a lifht on is beautiful.
5 / 5 Sindy
Estimate quite well for this industrial looking shadow of light minus a part of shadow. Bought he with a focused light the one who read a lot well with this like this anything paints transmission a light to this absorto thus so much it is white :3. Happy.
5 / 5 Tynisha
Has bought two of these retro shadows read copper for my living room. They are perfect for the modern look that leaves a maximum quantity of light to achieve everything of a room. I love him. Fast delivery and good packaging. Very pleased.
4 / 5 Danelle
Has bought two of these to protect our quite expensive filament bulbs - look a part , but has finalised the dud economy - a flange of coverage of hule black / thin that maintains a cage in place is a lot of flimsy and during a second night of use, one of some cages has slipped out of a flange and sheared of a bulb down, rain in shards of glass.
Does not recommend !
5 / 5 Tonisha
Giving these 5 stars because absolutely I love it! A service of client are adds also, a prime minister is has arrived broken and has had the substitution a same week.

Adds the fashionable bit in any room. Calm can any gone bad partorisca a prize neither.
4 / 5 Daniele
Although a title says copper, a photo is misleading partorisca think is more than the colour of gold of the rose, which is that there is wanted, but now have 2 shadows read copper pure without use for any of them
4 / 5 Noemi
order three of these and is utmost! So only like some pictures, has arrived very packed, easy to dip on, which more could loves? They go it Recommends these so many you wont be disappointed !
5 / 5 Mikaela
This looks stylish and in easy tendency to dip up and after decorating my small hallway has required the shadow that to the sinister a lot of light and looked well and this dose he
Absolutely perfect
4 / 5 Lewis
So only like announced,look very done well ,well of prize, dipped that on prompt arrived it a lot likes ceiling that light with form of during light when on.
4 / 5 Shiloh
Want these lampshades of ceiling. I have bought two and look really good and go with my decoration. I want to chrome. I have had the few questions that dipped an on but once has taken one on a second was the doddle.
5 / 5 Monnie
Has struggled to return in a bulb that returns, but directed it finally.

Quality of the arrival is not to order, with frames/blobs in paintwork to the long of a side that is still visible when a shadow of light is hanged.

The colour and the creation are good but the final quality of arrival of order of precise product, or the low precise prize. Probably you do not buy again.
4 / 5 Rosenda
Does not lose a black clip require it to resist in place. It can have the best returning are not 100 insurance that last. But it looks he adds!
4 / 5 Willia
Loves this shadow. Much more economic that alternative of tent. Time of fast delivery.
Please note ossia the gold of has ascended brushed more than shiny
5 / 5 Genevive
Easy to return looks well in a chamber of my daughter is happy to the equal that are. Good value and is coming really quickly.
4 / 5 Shauna
My daughter has loved his shadow of new light after the mark of fourth on. Sadly It Was bent but has been exasperated to finalise a look decides to maintain a shadow but no too closely in a zone has bent!
Can not be bent behind been due to a thickness of a metal.
A lampshade matches a decor of a room perfectly this in spite of!
4 / 5 Leonie
Lovely for interesting lighting phase. It have not appreciated like a fashion attracts powder! I live the and do a work.
5 / 5 Senaida
Has been concerned the would not look good with my energy that saves bulbs. Work, but probably looks better with the retro fashionable bulbs.

Has bought two in black for a hallway. Looks stylish. Sturdy, Easy to return and good value for money.
5 / 5 Wilton
Has seen shades like this in a big street almost tipple a prize, no too big neither!
I teamed he with the retro the bulb and looks fantastic
5 / 5 Sherill
My woman is wanted with this element as it matches our diagram by heart of looks and new cookery to be fact very good
5 / 5 Mireille
amour of Amur loves it! Easy to install the value adds for money and has arrived any time. A lot of packaged and undamaged highly would recommend
5 / 5 Rosina
has Bought ossia a colour of gold of the rose to go in my WC. The value adds and looks more expensive that that it is. Shopping again
5 / 5 Lilliam
A bit heavier that expected but lovely and shows of retro decorative bulbs fantastically.
5 / 5 Jeff
The look adds, improvement of instant to a look of a room is in. Easy to dip up. Light of the much more brilliant bulb with an open creation. No like this glaring like the alone coffins bulb this in spite of, reasons a cage reflects/average a light bit it also. It recommends.
5 / 5 Kortney
Lovely looking shadows, feels solid and was easy to dip up. They launch to interest shadows in wall and ceiling when some lights are on, the good focal piece.
4 / 5 Fredrick
I have required the light shadow partorisca the very small room which does not take any a lot of natural sunlight so that it is partorisca say perfect. It looks modern and goes adds with the ash @subject has. Prize added that an ash one comes with a Edison bulb!
4 / 5 Lahoma
Has seen these in another web of places partorisca double a prize and has taken partorisca bet is one, he thinking can not be like this sturdy.
Really sturdy, easy to install, in general very pleased!
4 / 5 Joane
These shadows are excellent. A lot very done of value and add for money. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Linnie
Has bought these partorisca my new paving together with retro bulbs partorisca the good warm light and is perfect!
5 / 5 Lenna
This has to that be one of an economic plus more waste builds bad time in a phase. It looks well in a picture but a welds in one the majority of part of the entity of a shadow is feeble and has broken on mine.

Would not recommend buying this unless they like you squanders the money and the time!
5 / 5 Carlo
Absolutely perfect for a look there is wanted. The prize adds too
5 / 5 Johnny
Good lovely light for my chamber of daughters. A bit smaller that expected but easy to return and love a colour to the equal that am happy.
4 / 5 Luna
The element adds. A bit fiddly to return but an interior of removable coverage was a round of wrong way and once repositioned returns a light of good ceiling.
4 / 5 Laurel
Loves my shadows have bought two,takes a lot of commentaries in his,arrives punctually very very packed
4 / 5 Phebe
Want to these, took like this compliments on the and is like this easy to hang. Included I am returned a long energy that saves bulbs without them sticking out of some subordinated

Top Customer Reviews: Status 6-inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5 Grayce
Like the fool has broken my light returning that it tries to change a bedding. This element was perfect to substitute one broken light returning and saved of the divorce.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Shoshana
Has done well partorisca the day and he then begins partorisca smoke and the plastic smell in of the horrible llamas have catered /come from. Tripped all some lights when this is to spend. A lot of good descriptions here I so that the supposition was so only miserable and has taken the faulty a. Bite scary This in spite of, has called an electrician to return the new a. The electrician has said a part that marries a bulb has not jumped likes has to that and had had so only a slightest empty among a bulb and a contact.
5 / 5 Julienne
This product is very good and easy to install. A subject smaller was a boss has been bent and has taken the plot partorisca time partorisca straighten. Otherwise Was easy to install and good quality.
5 / 5 Kareen
Has taken these have required like this of the lights of economic basic ceiling for the property that was vacated. They are returned a bill and was easy to return. A boss any sale directly without the shadow or alike fittefmd to give some weight.
5 / 5 Dane
The pendant Of quality regulates that returns, easily blended in with one that exists some concealed is coming with a house. Easy to return, done downwards 5 minutes. First time in fact. It clashes of prize for a clear base that calm mean can see that it is doing when returning - ready bit to draw.
5 / 5 Star
The wiring on a unit was difficult. Some bosses are connected for the ray and movement roughly so that it tries to take the engine of ray to turn a ray is very difficult. Considering was on the ladder inner 12 thumbs of a ceiling and that resists a unit in a delivery and the engine in another
4 / 5 Leonia
quite Easy to install, but a boss is not directly, but has curves subtiles (because of him that there is bended for transport), as you do not have the right vertical boss colgante of a ceiling. Perhaps it straighten out of it has bitten it over time.
4 / 5 Donetta
These are good value and some looks of qualities well. My only niggle is that I have bought 4 and in the each one one a boss is slightly has bent. This has not improved included when it hangs it a light returning.
5 / 5 Pamella
Has bought three of these to substitute that they exist pendants in our hostel that was in the sad state when we have moved in. Easy transmission, and very easy to install thanks to a dish of transparent base the one who leaves for easy alignment around a hole in a ceiling.
4 / 5 Avelina
Has Had this installed in roughly 5 minutes. A wiring was exactly one same likes one has substituted. Some rays and connectors of boss (this can not be a correct term) all fact and has on presionado really well. Excellent.
5 / 5 Joni
Bought three of these partorisca substitute that they exist pendants in our hostel that was in the sad state when we have moved in. Easy transmission, and very easy to install thanks to a dish of transparent base the one who leaves partorisca easy alignment around a hole in a ceiling.
4 / 5 Myriam
Has bought 3 of these partorisca substitute a quite dated some how was into use.
All 3 has been returned now for the pair of weeks and is doing so only well.
Would be happy to buy some same things again.
4 / 5 Otelia
Has ordered a lot of elements to the equal that are king-wiring my house. The majority has arrived in good condition . Some of some elements some heavy plus in a box with a light fittings has to that it has caused a harm. @@Give Some have been broken and unable to use them, the results will not accept any turn. It supervises everything directly with which arrive, in the chances are broken!
One some that has not been broken was easy to install and to the equal that has expected. Economic, the quality reflects but effective (another that a broken some).
4 / 5 Sean
Excellent - Good prize , good quality - easy access .
Thoroughly Recommend + fast delivery for First Amazon
4 / 5 Danyell
does perfectly like this now can have my lampshade in my chamber in last
4 / 5 Katie
the launches light on to to the the situation likes a lot another , has seen now a brilliant side and thoroughly there is enjoyed this product.
5 / 5 Lavette
Has bought two for a livingroom, was easy to return and has arrived punctually. I am giving 4 because of a curve in a cable to the equal that am expecting will straighten era.
5 / 5 Meghan
In fact has required so only this for a ceiling that inner of returns of him, but arrive quickly, looks sturdy, and done a work. The value adds for money.
4 / 5 Bradly
Good value for money. He a work, feels the little more economic that a a previously returned but the law adds.
5 / 5 Theda
Has bought one of these to substitute an older version. Points brightened on a place.

My partner installed a fixture. It say that it find it it bite it difficult at the beginning like this is the newest version to that has had all ready had installed. So many bosses to return in the spatial the small plus. This be has said, quell'inner twenty minutes with a help of a picture has resupplied.

Looks so better now.

Recommends to any the one who is freshening on the room.
4 / 5 Petronila
A base of a pendant is broken, as it can do not using. I so only paid £ for him so that no the value that vendor of contacts for the repayment.
4 / 5 Phyllis
Good value partorisca money. He a work, feels the little more economic that a a previously returned but the law adds.
4 / 5 Teisha
Knows, good value partorisca money.
Is easier that choose the one who kinda the light loves with one of these - flexibilities of plus.
Are so only 10x happy with that my old a.
5 / 5 Margie
Old returning had broken over time like this bought this for the substitute . So only that have required and now without accidents in place .
5 / 5 Blaine
Súper Easy to install. They are quite ready to know that I am doing but litteraly all has been wired on loaning to go. It can not complain.
5 / 5 Sima
Am pleased with cost of mine has bought good new lampshades & he all look lovely.
5 / 5 Darlena
Fast and simple to install knows has light back in a nave.
5 / 5 Hoyt
Has spent for the fellow the one who was very happy with product.
4 / 5 Esteban
Has bought to substitute a ceiling has aged is trace. It is simple to install and good value.
5 / 5 Adrienne
Pendant Of ceiling of light of excellent quality fixtures
To good sure recommend
5 / 5 Addie
has bought 2 of these partorisca substitute some old light fittings. They were brilliant! I owe that admit, no appearances any one a lot partorisca a prize, but is perfect!
5 / 5 Caitlyn
Easy to fix with well take flexes would owe that last a lot of years

Top Customer Reviews: LE IP54 Waterproof ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Gary
I love it! It is like this easy to install and has add it ensuring mechanism as you can see photo. A beauty of of the this is that you can detach a light in 5 according to him wants to paint a ceiling, which, is a lot infrequent. This in spite of, are in a process of repainting a ceiling of bath right now and is like this easy.
A light is lovely and brilliant and is so better that a forward 4-nail square light and nowhere approaches like this bulky and s plot more stylish. A consumption to be able to reduced is also to prize massively.
I def
5 / 5 Eden
Brilliant little light this.
Draws a lot ready the fact the doddle to dip up. Some mountains partorisca group to a ceiling and has space more than holes he so that it can be moved around to return flexible in existent holes in ceiling, the mine has been to some same holes of my leading group. A groups then clips to some pins of metal in some light like any screwing after a group is on, has included a neutral and alive wire fence goes to a light with pins to press like this any screwing also. A lot ready, very easy, very brilliant white light, excellent value for money!
4 / 5 Ginette
Our bath is big'ish on 8 feet for 10 feet and always has the zone of shadow anything lighting has had. This this in spite of, wow. I am buying a small more a now for a room of utility and a same measure for another in-the continuazione bathes, as I am IMPRESSED LIKE THIS. Beware This in spite of, look each one little has bitten of powder and grime, as you will owe on a diet of more cleaned in your baths with east. Highly impressed and buying more than a same.
4 / 5 Elvira
Ossia The a lot of built, generic FOCUSED light. Because of his generic creation, calm am likely to require some form of boxes to cross the correctly (safely) wires a light as it does not have some same terminal points ( line, neutral, earth and loop) to the equal that will find in the ceiling of United Kingdom is trace to sustain a way that the majority of lights is wire fences. Although you do not know the one who this all calm mean would have to that do more investigations on wiring before starts. I last it it is to solve this subject will depend in some bosses in place and a quantity of spatial available to situate a box to cross.

Again been due to his generic creation some light marks any claim roughly fulfilling any British Levels, like this for use in the bath, is more to consider it something concealed so only can be installed in unzoned zones (that it was it the zone has called once 3).

Now installed - I has purchased some WAGO connectors of blockade of the boss to leave all some connections to take place. They are also quite small to press some resultant connections behind to a space of ceiling after doing a hole the little elder.
4 / 5 Merrilee
Some reasons have bought this light was -
The brighten on my room.
To have the low energy that lights.
To does not have to that maintain changing bulbs.
To have the light ossia easy to install.
All the reasons were the success . A brightness has transformed my bath to the white appearance a lot the brilliant has compared to the mine leading quite dull yellow. A wattage is so only 15 watts, how is well for the energy that saves compared to the mine leading 75 bulb of watt. A returned has DIRECTED the lights owe that 50,000 life of now has turned, long enough to see me was, and was a light of ceiling simpler has not installed never.
5 / 5 Iraida
Identical under construction to a small plus 100 equivalent of watt an I last weekend installed, a lot of fact and very easy to install. The power of just tower was the lights, scrapes one has comprised highland group of the metal to a ceiling, key of squeeze' in electrical connector and insert alive and neutral bosses (releasing some bosses of locks of the key in place, the just control is firmly in place). Coverage of ray on connector and attach light to some groups of metal to pull behind on two mania has jumped. Ossia. This 200 unit of watt is incredibly brilliant, almost too brilliant for our modest sized cookery. Looking up feels likes staring in a sun! The quality of construction is excellent. Only minor niggle is that because of the tight tolerance that attaches the unit to group of metal can take the bit of fiddling, but is something calms seldom will require to do. There is not any user replaceable 'bulb' and a unit would owe that last a lot of years.
5 / 5 Raymonde
A product has arrived quickly. It is small as expected, ideal to return in mine down basin.

Was lucky like my original returning has had some same bosses as required by this light. Brown for alive and blue for neutral. Any need to ray in some bosses neither, some light to the turn has 2 cradle loaded clips to press some bosses to good and securely.

Has quell'groups has attached to a light that returns that calm only unclip and then locate to your ceiling, a lot easily. A light then clips behind to this group and your fact.

Has turned a power has retreated on and and a light shon the brilliant of brilliant aim. Fantastic much more brilliant that before and so only 15w. No more changing light bulbs and expensive in common costs.

Can any gone bad in this prize more a quality of build looks good and a product finalised in a ceiling looks really good. I want a bit more now for mine other baths and possibly the little another has lit badly zones.

Very happy!
5 / 5 Griselda
These lights are glorious creation .
Novel way to connect the bosses have taken the moment to exit, but method very effective, once has learnt that.
Is a 3rd light has bought. Very brilliant.
Lights my bath fantastically, with minimum shadow.
Dipped one in my nave of workshop of the garden, 12ftx10ft. It lights everything on brilliantly.
In general, more than type, owe the date there is enjoyed.
5 / 5 Shela
The light is well, warm and in 15 w a lot of overextremely strong, but really enough for a bath. It feels very built and the connection to ceiling is easy to locate and dismount, leaves for some period of additional wiring this in spite of.
Like this with transformers more electronic in a world has DIRECTED a magnetic field is extremely big, but so only a lot of neighbour a light. Regarding an electrical field, he better to have the conductive plan on connects to an earth. I wish the producers would spend more attention to this, for when drawn correctly some fields can be reduced really to the minimum.
Looks the good product for a prize. It does not know with which 2 years of operation like looks, but will see.
5 / 5 Arletha
Blockade of connector of easy push, control some bosses are securely in.
Has had the tram only feeds supply,
has room to “perhaps” take loop on he with the plot to press!
Prepares to do the hole on.
With a so only the feed was the fast and simple installs.
A loaded cradle fixings is simplistic and quickly, slightly attacks down for one 2 connector of dish of ray of coverage, perhaps clipped a side with 1 ray extracted big.
Am not sure he paste 5000k white, but that perhaps because of a slender line that returns/ defusior which is stable a lot tapered/angled like this few light swipes a ceiling in the, perhaps is my Eyes , I a lot of condem he for a money but another am returned with the slightly wry defusior look more effective that light more than a room and ceiling.
Some pictures are with the external daylight, recently the white ceiling painted and wall.
Has seen more brilliant and whiter.

But good for a money.
4 / 5 Kenneth
Ossia Excellent economic and that shines partorisca light for your cochera, storeroom, outbuilding, functional workroom, etc. Reason has I die informs it to him two stars? I do not consider it a pertinent light partorisca more comfortable, half domestic. We deceive partorisca buy this partorisca a cookery, and after the turn, an illumination has all a cosy atmosphere of an operating theatre. A light is gel -cold aim and more powerful that a rest of one lighting. I have tried several ways the dim the, everything to any avail.
5 / 5 Leanna
Has taken 3 of these partorisca my cookery and I am happy with him. It gives of the really brilliant light and does not hurt some eyes. Easy to install and cleaned. Any @subject anything.
5 / 5 Vito
Quite fiddly to return. I have found it has had to dip the woodern shim under a dish of the mountain of the metal likes base of a light no empty to some groups of the metal like my ceiling was uneven. Quite hard to wire in and the lights to control a same time. In general it likes, how it is of small orderly and very brilliant. A bit concerned in a dish of metal to the equal that can the living being has had the short in an of some bosses, as used some tape that isolates to do sure that the would not spend . Unlikely, supposition like this calm always would turn a main breaker was, BEFORE messing with him!
5 / 5 Eleanore
Has bought this for our bath familiarised. Has no @to @give enough that this brilliant.

First time have walked upstairs after installing this I has thinks that that my time has had to come and some heavens have opened until taking me.

Now that has in my experience of next death I like a light. There is has meant also could underline some describes a woman had not cleaned properly. This ironically has directed the another experience of next death...
4 / 5 Corene
One first what would say are am very impressed with a light start, a fittings the good look & is economic.
This in spite of, as it can be seen of photo in other descriptions, the installation is not always sincere.
Breakings of one that returns the specification is his control of water . There is the gasket around a terminal coverage to assist with east. If so only insulated boss (or undressed flex etc) is used, a gasket will not seal a coverage. A correctly sized & undressed flex need to have the habit to maintain control of water - which is where coming to issue number 2.
The majority of uk the lights are wired using a ‘looped in' method. This calm mean usually will find the minimum of two bosses, each containing three bosses. On more fittings will have three bosses (nine bosses) and occasionally can have the looped supply to another light, totalling twelve bosses!
These fittings has provision for the maximum of four bosses, two ‘alive' (bosses of transmission) & two neutral. Ossia To coach to assume you walk of use 2-core flex, or will be of tower to lose control of water.
This leaves calm with the pair of questions - in the first place will require some flex, which is not resupplied. Secondly, you will require to do a bit other bosses was without accidents. An usual solution is to stick them to blockades of connector, joining a boss to change neutral connections to the yours flex & stuffed some blockades to a ceiling, leaving a flex dangling to connect to one returning. This any comply with some controls to wire this in spite of & to good sure limits of water them resistant qualities.
Assuming find yours way around this subject, has another pair of minor niggles. One is that in the first place it looks to be the good idea - some groups of metal some clips of units to. A wise creation there would be clips that disengaged when pressed, but some designers have been for an easy plus ‘disengage when pulled' option. There is not any a lot of space to do is, as unless has the thin & agile toes can finalise that it has to that use the loop of serious or the longitude nosed pliers to pull some clips behind.
(I opinions that in a model a new plus, comes with semi-detached flex & some groups of clip has been abandoned).
Finally, some lights are not replaceable. They are supposed the last 20,000 hours , which is around a same like the level FOCUSED light..... In my experience, has DIRECTED lights any last 20,000 hours in a real world. When they lacking this in spite of, so only exchange a light. When One of these goes, an integer that the returns is shot substitutes require & . They are economic, but no like this economic like some lights of substitution.
In general, thinks that is the interesting cost , especially can be wired in flex of a box of accessible joint. Very brilliant, like this ideal in a lot of situations & good value while some lights do not burn was too quickly.
4 / 5 Gala
Some works read well, good and brilliants with a same light (although the breaking according to delaying that it change in that is odd). A main coverage has been lined in two places but is not noticeable once is up. It was relatively easy to install but is a lot fiddly that tries to press a clamps in, directs some bosses to some tiny holes and resist one returning all a same time. A main disappointment and a reason so only could give two stars: a two metal that fijamente lugs the clave was like this far calms clearly can him see against a ceiling - I look has been photoshopped out of all some images of product! Misleading, And would not have bought it if it have known. I took it in fact down to verify had installed the correctly and has - does not press in any further. You ruin a look of him.
4 / 5 Carson
Has used the 2400 lumens produced warm target for the small living room. I find it that bite too brilliant partorisca consolation, as it can have been better to use the pair of 1200 lumens touched instead. Also, although it has DIRECTED the lights in general can be dimmed, so only some in these rows of costruttrici are own partorisca east. Any of one 2400 or 1200 lumen the versions can be dimmed. A warm aim 2100 lumens 1500027-WW-EU can be used with the dimmer, and also one 2100 lumen white of daylight 1500027 DW-EU. Unfortunately, it is so only when I have read some instructions of installation that has found this information. The buyers are advised to obtain guaranteeed to the equal that to a be of the precise model has purchased, and some numbers of model look any to be available in some advertising.

The Installed a lot easily, is light, and very brilliant. I am thinking to buy sunglasses.
4 / 5 Betsy
A light of substitution for my bath after an old fluorescent unit has failed. Some very very thought out of the characteristic comprise a mechanism to mount to a groups that it resist it to a ceiling that clips in easily meaning you can locate a group and then do a first wiring of clipping to plant. Taking behind was again is the breeze like the result. Of the waters focus resistant around a unit and especially in a compartment of electrical connection is the good touch and obviously required to obtain an indication of IP. In general his value adds basic lighting. His no it stylish but for a money and for a chance to use his excellent.
5 / 5 Dorthea
Like this, are relatively handy in DIY but never less are female and sadly now a lot of half age! I have had the light forward this is lasted so only on 3 years in the balance thinks that that an old model was easier to apt but perhaps my memory deceive. A wiring is the doddle in the theory but I have found some keys have had to press so only bit it too far of a flange of a light to enable me to press and resist one returning with one finalises and edge a boss in with another. I have taken there in an end and the boy was I happy that read when I changed it on reason can not face that it spends reason again. I guess the doddle him him of the main hands or two of you. It is returned once is the very brilliant light and last other 3 years an endeavour will have be worth it.
5 / 5 Jeneva
Does not know reason some reviewers is alleging this light is very brilliant. I find an opposite - is not that that shines at all, nowhere near an equivalent of the 100w incandescent bulb to the equal that has alleged. I have ordered the 24w version - also alleged to be one same like him 100w bulb!!
5 / 5 Dena
I have used this in the small, white-the porch painted and he so that it was almost too brilliant, but ossia my opinion , a product is fantastic for a prize - would do well in the spatial slightly main. It is very built and very simple to install, so only 2 bosses to connect, alive and neutral - press down a tab for each boss the one who emissions a clamp, slide a boss in and leave go of a tab that clamps all securely in place.

One a smaller flu has had attached the to some groups of ceiling. So much, there is quell'groups that you scrape you to a ceiling with 2 rays and then some 'easy' attach function to fix a light to a group. I have found this to be the bit fiddly but no such treats it big like the warrant the loss of the star.

NB: Some instructions say does the box 'waterproof'/to focus but would not use he in the place where a light returning will take really/constantly wet like this to the focus does not feel like this sure to the equal that was necessary/ could be. They are sure he can manage the little bit of water.
4 / 5 Tomiko
Looks really ready and gives of such the light adds in a Bath... You do not recommend that it looks for to install calm if you are not an electrician as when be drawn for the flush the access in a ceiling could have take a ceiling to exist Rosa and terminate bosses of circuit in connectors.... These have to that be pressed behind until a space of ceiling, as it ensures has room for them... Once returned although the look adds..
4 / 5 Alyse
A unit is of decent physical construction and to the equal that has described. It gives more than pertinent light start for my small bath ossia compatible with a listing 1250lm is exited. The only time will say according to which the reliability is concerned, but am at present very satisfied with him.

I installation expósita quite directly advances in the flat ceiling . This in spite of, as another has mentioned , if has the textured uneven ceiling, some highland groups and fixed of tabs of the emission lateralmente could give questions. Fact well for me.

Secondly, How has been also mentioned, according to a house to exist wiring, can require be regulated. Ossia To say, if has an old fashioned pink of ceiling or looked with some terminals of extra ray to continue a circuit to light from now on in a property. As it can be necessary to do these connections, if accessible, that uses the box of small intersection or Wago connectors on a ceiling.
4 / 5 Vernice
This light is brilliant and gives the glorious propagation in a bath.
Comes a lot of packaged and is the breeze to wire, that locates a instalation the groups was also easy, of the delicate for me was clipping a light to a group. There are 2 clips has jumped that you the attractive was and then situate a light in a group, to the left go some clips and a light is returned, looks easy except my toes of half measure have maintained to go in a way to situate a light and a ceiling. My solution was the loop the piece of edge around a clip jumped and this leave retract the while maintaining my toes out of a way, the work done!
5 / 5 Coletta
Has ordered two of these to substitute the lights of bath have aged. Read some descriptions previously to order and satisfy these have been returned for purposes. Some lights are blander that look in of the photographs, light (any one the bad thing) but barren look and utilitarian likes in the hospital or clinical. A process to cable is purportedly does easier for the mechanism to insert and bosses of clicks to some pertinent holes, this in spite of, ossia fiddly, especially when you have limited period of boss of a ceiling that opens. Once some bosses are to situate you still has to that scrape a coverage to wire casing in place (in my opinion like this rendering an easy mechanism pointless and would be more practical state if a chance was hinged and clicked to plant). Prpers Having found a process to return that I annoy some lights this in spite of look orderly and give the extraordinarily white glow brilliant quota.
5 / 5 Wally
This product is a lot good but a light does not remain on for longitude. I have loved the light of sensor for my group of pressure zone because I thought it would be easier in this I wont forgets to turn it was of then are not to use to have the light in this zone. It is illumination is exactly that has loved. A downside is does not remain on partorisca a lot long, which find to annoy especially during this time when I love it to remain besides long. I am considering that it substitutes how it is equal reason love a brightness of a light. Thsts Reason has given the stars for VFM.
5 / 5 Karlyn
There is not denying a brightness of this light and like such whilst is not officially the white fresco is the warm aim fresher sure. Unfortunately the installation was the bit of the nightmare. I imagine has a untextured ceiling and lighting no in the loop was easier but once wired in has not had any place for some three bolt the nestle in.

Some hooks to release some clips cut to your toes after a first tentativa also that causes a lot of ache as well as frustration. It has been ready to give up and then he clicked in. So only to fall out of the day later.

Looks for to be installed again side but when it breaks will not buy the new a.
4 / 5 Fidel
Luz excellent but can be difficult to return. There is not quite spatial in a backside of a light to accommodate a ceiling is trace he like this has to that be take. Now I have three of some lights. With two of them have directed to take a rose and return a light. A third an era the subject different , was the main pink coverage and to take he quite soiled to return a light has had to go on a light in a coverage and return the new rose with just a a boss to be able to the low by means of a ceiling to a light. A bit complex for DIY!
5 / 5 Gertrude
My god ossia brilliant! Perfecto for the bath, but objective that shines as it was not ideal for the way that lights or cold out of ambience. It imagines light of day of the summer and then some. Quite easy to install, fixing to the ceiling a clip in group looks the idea adds until that @give that dips a his light doing on your boss can be delicate to vary at the beginning. But certainly installed worse that this. The value adds for money also.
5 / 5 Roderick
Require the new light for our again decorated bath and CONCENTRATED is some advances of only way.

After reading some descriptions have decided that this was a a .

The delivery was quickly and an element was a lot of packaged. The installation has been done easy for an excellent ceiling that the fixed turn.

Then a moment of this brilliant. I have been surprised in his brightness, 😎 would be useful. It gives I add it diffused brilliant light, especially partorisca shaving etc.

Very pleased.
5 / 5 Francine
I have bought this light to substitute the dim, bath partorisca save of the energy fixture. I have tried initially return this I but found the to be quite complicated. After taking an old light and while 2–3 bosses have found that a leading light there has been the little more and some colours there is not matched that has been expecting (more has learnt late this was the 3 plan ). Wire fence he in better could but then a light to the earth there is prendido to do has finalised like this to take an electrician to finalise a work! An installation was an additional £40 to the equal that finalise to be bit it more expensive that has been expecting.

A quality of some light looks really well, is the brilliant light tip which are adds to feel likes is bathing in natural sun , brilliant. The time will say in a quality of a LEDs but like this far like this good.

A main detractors for me was some complications installing he with my setup and does not have the mark.
5 / 5 Katherine
So only two things I didnt likes
A-the fact that when I have dipped a light in a ceiling has had to take some one to help cos although it can take he to situate some tabs to close that fasten the to a group didnt wants to go in under his own steam has not been to jump loaded,
two- is the unit sealed like this once some bulbs has gone is for the launch was light
but averts of that am really happy, would take this again, a really brilliant bath. Hopefully Last 20 years. 8Or)
If he wasnt the launch was and could be reused would be better.
4 / 5 Yvette
That can say that it is like the new bath! I have it that has not had never like this light in there still with a window opens in a hight is state, súper easy to return! The utmost looks.
Can quite clearly see a difference in some pictures, a darker image beleive the or has not been taken with an old light returning turned ON! To good sure recommend
5 / 5 Lorilee
has taken this for our bath. 4000K Colour, 15W, 1250lm. The bath looks like this cleaned and fresh that I any one need the redecorate that. That the win! The bath is approx. 5' 6' x 6' 6' and a quantity of light is abundance. The light will be GOOD in has bitten it soiled elder also, has said 6' x 8'. Light corner any lit a ceiling in some too good corners as it can not see a mould. Double want to! Wiring up is the access of push, push a boss in, but be careful, once is in will not exit . I tried it to see like the law and the snip owed a boss and beginning again.
5 / 5 Clair
The product adds honradamente - the cavity that fixed had purchased them of wickes is not returned a metal that fixed holes that is coming with to this element likes to be has warned. I have had to take the hammer and widen some holes in a returning like this he yours any DYI savvy will be any returning it or taking a lot of the one who know like this to do this in.
The cradle adds uploaded taking on element and solid build. Saving me the tonne in electricty bills and class of looks. If done in china then ossia the goodun. It can the take £3 behind seeing like his reduced in prize for my add revieew!!!
4 / 5 Sigrid
Really lovely light - 100W equivalent / 1250 lumens is perfect and leaves not cornering in a darkness / 3000 kelvin much more is that it appeals that 2700 and is less yellow (but without being too far down some stairs and when being as the hospital). The on DIRECTED instant to substitute a CFL returning has had previously that has taken for ever to achieve 100 brightness. The electrician was happy to see the one who easy is to install. Works perfectly with a timer extractor in a same feeds. Shopping again for some other baths.
5 / 5 Margarito
The sincere instructions so only required to return an electrical intersection to isolate a boss of the then returned earth lights the celling the good returns and flush - has changed on and same light brilliant good in daylight. Small delay (1 day) in the delivery but this was probably down to real topmast more than a provider. Very happy with one purchases as it has transformed our to dull bath to the some good and light place.
4 / 5 Kera
A lot well white brilliant light, my bath now looks to add when being like this brightly illuminated.

Quite easy to return, although it can do not returning flush to my ceiling because of any one the fault of a light unit. I found it quite easy to attach to the ceiling of new substitution is trace this in spite of which has not affected an aesthetic appearance of a light unit.
4 / 5 Sharda
Can not complain in a quality of a light - the brilliant daylight and all sealed like any powder or accumulation of insect. This in spite of, installing it was one of some the majority of the uncomfortable things have not done never, Also, unless perfectly flush with a ceiling all a way around wobbles on is fixing group.
4 / 5 Marcella
My husband is really well in DIY but found this lights really difficult to dip up. Some clips of the metal in a side is a lot near of a ceiling like this last the appeal was the clip on. Luz very brilliant I so that it adds yes calm require it to light the big zone - unfortunately take our for a hallway in a side of one houses how is quite small how is extremely brilliant!! Good value this in spite of and good looks
4 / 5 Jaimee
It can not complain in a quality of a light - the brilliant daylight and all sealed like any powder or accumulation of insect. This in spite of, installing it was one of some the majority of the uncomfortable things have not done never, Also, unless perfectly flush with a ceiling all a way around wobbles on is fixing group.
5 / 5 Winford
My husband is really well in DIY but found this lights really difficult to dip up. Some clips of the metal in a side is a lot near of a ceiling like this last the appeal was the clip on. Luz very brilliant I so that it adds yes calm require it to light the big zone - unfortunately take our partorisca a hallway in a side of one houses how is quite small how is extremely brilliant!! Good value this in spite of and good looks
4 / 5 Carlie
Dipped this in the room of new shower without natural sunlight, WOW so only like daylight, connected it to the light sensor also, upper looking light for an application, thinks that will use one of these again when I Refurb a upstairs bath and substitute a 4 has directed down lighters.
Recommends this does not light any question.
4 / 5 Hermina
Is after state something like this for the moment for my upstairs landing.
Some things of frames of method to mount much easier. This in spite of with one that exists handful of courts of rigid bosses (I follows to substitute the ceiling is trace with upstairs and down transmissions) founds to use WAGO connectors and pressing a lot behind by means of a hole and using soft flexible boss to some works read well.
In fact could substitute he with the plus under powered a - the one who there is belived the 15W the light would be like this brilliant.
4 / 5 Odell
Any one has installed the to me but does not take to yearn my handyman to return. Light on the previously bath very bad has lit. Very pleased with a product and my electrician have said is to add it light returning with a inbuilt light. Any insurance that bad but any bulb!
4 / 5 Ronny
Has bought this light of ceiling for our cloakroom. I have thought initially that looks quite small but now that it is in place, am very pleased with like this looks. It gives of the brilliant light and is very discreet. This is to be install for the electrician described and so that it does not take long.
4 / 5 Adela
Has purchased 3 of these and is still to be returned. A reason purchases them to us was for the bath and 2 zones of porch. One is the net of the streaky creation has ordered. revert Behind to redraft our description is returned once. But one is quite robust (any flimsy or economic) and a prize is really well thus type of light returning.
4 / 5 Alycia
Thinks that these are brilliant (excuses a pun). Shining but now too blue in colour. I have required to brighten on the small bath and found the difficult to find the light this was less than 39 diameter of cm. Has the ready way to attach to a ceiling also.
5 / 5 Lennie
There is battled to find the light of decent cookery for age. Tried this product and the question have solved. The strong light aim filler each nook without blinding some occupants. And without a dangerous flickering a taken with fluorescent lights. Highly recommended. In fact, I am substituting a room and of the lights of ceiling of the chamber with these. Also very easy to return.
5 / 5 Hye
Luz of quality adds for a prize - the installation can be fiddly him him the short flex of boss of a ceiling and does not add the pair of period of extension.

Still very happy with a product and the excellent level to light data was.

Top Customer Reviews: MiniSun Modern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5 Cleveland
Excellent shadow partorisca my lights of ceiling. Simple but stylish. Insiemi My living room and dining the room was. Like this well I have ordered another partorisca my room. Produced of quality in the good prize.
5 / 5 Kara
Element of quality really good and the prize adds. Arrived quickly and am very happy
Thank you
4 / 5 Susann
Good shadow partorisca fourth of edges. Colour exactly which want to. The fast delivery would recommend vendor. Nizza Protective packaging.
4 / 5 Christi
Utmost measure and exactly like a picture has announced
5 / 5 Annie
has Arrived more collects that the shadow has expected , sum, returns well, lovely colour like pointed
4 / 5 Alejandra
This shadow is upper quality and looks lovely in my chamber.
5 / 5 Alonzo
This element has done exactly that is to be expect, has used this first vendor, always satisfied state
5 / 5 Lakia
Love these lampshades so many has bought another 2, a lot a lot looking.
4 / 5 Erica
Very small-ish lampshade. Any fraction. Any discolouration. He a lot exactly returned, but is not very a lot of noticeable.
5 / 5 Ashton
Very Partorisca a prize. But it arrives with frames /of harm in some materials that whip very apparent when a light is changed in
5 / 5 Elke
A shadow is good-looking and compliments ours fourth decor has arrived in perfect condition good-looking white colour excellent service of a company to good sure would recommend a lot of classy and modern which is which has loved thank you
4 / 5 Jeanene
Well For a prize. But it arrives with frames /of harm in some materials that whip very apparent when a light is changed in
4 / 5 Ilse
So that described useful like the transmission, fast delivery
5 / 5 Judy
Some shadows are much bigger that thought( which is brilliant) is gorgeous And very done and look absolutely good-looking in a really wanted room with them packaged a lot well can not lacking his at all
4 / 5 Wilma
Brilliant fast delivery and correctly partorisca my room of boys
5 / 5 Marceline
measure and colour Perfecto, has required two partorisca my living room, has finalised of a room. Arrived well container and in record time, to good sure would recommend.
5 / 5 Ileana
Súper Fast delivery! Packaged A lot well!
The value adds partorisca money, the look adds in our chamber !
Measure very big exactly that there is wanted
4 / 5 Yajaira
Happy with a compraventa, although it is not balanced perfectly and looks the tilt to a side the little has bitten. No too noticeable, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Olive
Is pleasant, easy(ish) to attach to a thing of light bulb, some instructions are a lot also
4 / 5 Miguelina
the shadow Adds, is coming a lot quickly and packaged as well as it has not been damaged or anything. I reccomend this!
5 / 5 Shu
Extra of the big light shadow good-looking, like this happy with him, arrived before the time of delivery has estimated, well the amour has protected , perfects he
5 / 5 Vanita
Has arrived more collects that the shadow has expected , sum, returns well, lovely colour like pointed
4 / 5 Nieves
Wants these lampshades so many has bought another 2, a lot a lot looking.
4 / 5 Keith
Looks really a lot on , the prize was quite reasonable, like this in general very happy with cost of mine
5 / 5 Gabriella
the lampshade is coming a lot quickly. It is so only a right measure for a chamber. The good looks and reasonably priced
5 / 5 Joyce
We order a navy and a colour was very expensive looking. Nizza Big shadow that has added a touch partorisca finalise to our chamber perfectly
4 / 5 Wai
extra of the big light shadow Good-looking, like this happy with him, arrived before the time of delivery has estimated, well the amour has protected , perfects he
4 / 5 Yuette
the ceiling Adds delivery and light shadow a lot fast. It has been expecting this element partorisca arrive among 11th-15th May but he have come today!
5 / 5 Jenifer
Loves a colour and he was main that has expected them
4 / 5 Regenia
the delivery of Looks adds , quickly at all incredibly elegant but does a work.
4 / 5 Russell
Has bought 2 of them in the small measure and I am really happy in a quality.
5 / 5 Harold
Has received a light shadow much more punctual that has expected. It is described like this and the value adds for money.
5 / 5 Laurena
I have bought 2 of them in the small measure and I am really happy in a quality.
5 / 5 Fran
Has received a light shadow much more punctual that has expected. It is described like this and the value adds partorisca money.
4 / 5 Melinda
Excellent quality, a lot of packaged. Livel Shadow of Navy. Speedy Hands

Top Customer Reviews: Pendant Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5 Winifred
Ossia Really good and fantastically fact, but my question with him was that I have bought a four boss of metre has measured, and an on/was the transmission was bang in a half, which partorisca me, has not been partorisca do, as it have planned to run he by means of a ceiling, and hang the shadow of him, and this has meant of not being able to access a transmission, which would be in a ceiling, as it was useless partorisca me. I have contacted a vendor, the one who could not be more lovely state and comprising, immediately excusado and has issued the full repayment, has then said speech to a costruttore, as it still was not if this was an error , or yes so only is not that it has expected. The vendor has involved to be an error , but are wary roughly ordering another, as it seats probably one same.
5 / 5 Catherin
I looks of good element a lot has done .... But impossible to use with the lampshade does not come averts .... .. Well With an old fashioned Edison fashionable bulb.. But have the shadow of cage partorisca return his... As I have had to that buy another bulb that returns. Cut an original was and returned new a .. All well . Result more expensive but has to that there is wanted ... Like this beware wants to use the shadow. Of here so only 3 stars
4 / 5 Nguyet
has Bought two of these to do lights done of commission for presents navideños. Both very good look and work well. As with to plot other descriptions was unable to take an upper section to install the shadow, twist roughly 1/3 a way around and then just locks and will not turn much more there. I assume it is meant to come to avert like some revises/the responses say that they were able to install the shadow and based in this line in a description of product
'Easy for record with your shadow of light existed, ossia the good ideal for corridor, chamber, dining room and cookeries.'

Another subject light is in a packaging of an element. So much that has received was transfer-has related so much stagnate that the cut to a braided cloth the little has bitten to create the light shabby flange in a half of a boss. In both elements this was so only under a inline change which is the shame likes bit it to him more noticable. A bit superglue would have to that be able of the prevent coming untangled but is not ideal. It loses the star for a subject of shadow and another for a fraying. Another that these issues some looks of element and feels a lot of sturdy.
4 / 5 Lois
Has used in the shadows have bought in Egitto and law to treat it. Boss of good quality. I add that you can select different period of boss to avert that it uses bosses of extension.
4 / 5 Santiago
Has had the regular light that could not find anything for the turn to mend the like this the boss had broken and the end has bitten had any headline of lampshade on that! grrrr - Have bought like this this and adapted it and his add - a boss is good quality and do like this expected - would recommend but agree that you can require to exchange a part of final on has a light to write older. I have bought the plastic aim one for £1 and swapped he on, his value that buys this box for a boss along, transmission and discharges so only.
5 / 5 Kerrie
This looks fresh, the looks have included better with an industrial fashionable bulb, cloth of the boss of good quality has covered, good shadow of red. I want to more these in of the different colours. Also a lot handy & abordable still when your swipe of regular lights, likes mine , to plot.
5 / 5 Cindy
Has taken this for a nave of garden, goes a function like his meaning to. I really like a fact that a boss is long, likes I any precise extra fixtures for the turn (so only looped he around a beam of metal in a nave).
5 / 5 Clarice
Incredible value. It was me side more to buy some parts and the to me
4 / 5 Youlanda
A socket to connect to good sure does not exit . One covers obviously does this in spite of
5 / 5 Zachary
A quality of these looks and the chair add but has had issues with a transmission not doing and arching so that there is now has asked the turn. It looks to add this in spite of and an ash is the good colour . Perhaps I so only taken miserable with east a.
5 / 5 Alline
Like some cords of the power for lights requires the statement now too much! I have used mine when that creates the light to walk. A colour dips was as a whole characteristic. Fab Quality, other colours offer more to light in creativities of decoration. Far more economic that the hardware or tent of house. I use mine with the bulb of energy of low watt, any bulbs are well by means of a cord because of a rule amp and imposed of fuse.
4 / 5 Faye
has taken this for our cochera, well is not a plus along never, but says what time is in a description as I can not say concealed is the downside!

The quality is well, looks sturdy, the mines have wrapped around mainstays of forests and has had a lot of @@subject.

Very simple and quite handy to have.
5 / 5 Keshia
Luz of brilliant pendant he all am wanted, perfect to dip in the table or in my chance the light of plant of the something for the dark corner, so only the subject light is a rocker the chairs of transmission is too big up in a boss but is solved easily for just flicking was and on in a wall.
4 / 5 Serita
Amazing, exactly that has looked for to light my loft. It take one 4 metre some (4 of them) and is utmost. They have arrived earlier that has expected also. What only that can not take behind in his creation is an on/was the transmission is in a half of a boss. So much with some light hangs it of a rafters and some bosses tidied was and that careers in of the hooks down to some 4 discharges, some transmissions are totally inaccessible and any one has required.
5 / 5 Nichol
Although this looks good and to to the works like to of him has to that it has discovered that there is any boss of earth inside these discharges so that has the risk of electrical download if anything goes bad.
5 / 5 Marni
Does not have on fact arrived, for this one a description of star. He otherwise looked would do it a work, but, hey, is defective. Total waste to time to remain in still delivery and then that it has to that send behind.
4 / 5 Carla
The look adds, the quality is sum ,
Priced well, so only perfect really
4 / 5 Normand
A lot easy to use for a project has had to that import at all of 30 seconds to do and done my cochera like this more brilliant with a light resists
4 / 5 Kenton
has bought this box of light to do me the DIY light of table of forest. It is of good quality. They are an electrician and this box of mine is sure and really easy to do with. He also ticks all some boxes with some controls of trams of British Levels. I have bought a 2m box of the period and a transmission is exactly half way (1m) of one covers and a bulb that returns, so only to give you the good idea for purpose of measure.
4 / 5 Elmo
I am pleased like this with a quality of this product. It is very very built and sturdy. Thank you
4 / 5 Malika
Has Had the light that I absolutely amour but a light returning had rusts era. As I have bought this to edge by means of and no calm included know!
5 / 5 Micheal
The quality adds. Used down some stairs, saves that it has to that have the electrical work of the entity done. Tacked Partorisca Wall and the ceiling that grips of uses of boss
5 / 5 Jennette
portable light Sum, using he in an interior of nave a moment, but is been everywhere. A lot sturdy the hard looks the good while.
4 / 5 Elliott
A thickness of a support partorisca title of the light has to that be very thin.
Also a internals (terminal of brass) taking when that undoes an upper section.
5 / 5 Wanetta
Fantastic quality and feel. The colour is vibrant in a red variant. Boss very long and a lot well global quality. 10/10 Thus point of prize. So only the one who my scorpion required for his enclosure!
4 / 5 Melanie
To to Element likes him the access described for purpose, a lot of sturdy. Vendor everything for the take here punctually and was sooner that has expected. Recommended vendor.
5 / 5 Milly
Has purchased to do with the ray-in Blacklight bulb for the moth that cheats. It is a lot of fact and of the works. Good value.
5 / 5 Rubye
Very sure what can write in the lightbulb but here go, good and perfect quality so that it has required.
5 / 5 Heidi
Any insurance that can write it in the lightbulb but here go, good and perfect quality so that it has required.
4 / 5 Pamella
The advantage of extension adds partorisca the bulb has purchased like the mobile light.

Good value and has done a perfect work.
4 / 5 Avelina
Does not have any idea like the loosen the to attach the shadow . Any way to go in touch . It is supposition partorisca unscrew ?
4 / 5 Burma
Am trying to contact a vendor - I has bought two of these and one are add, some other I can not unscrew a headline of the shadow but I do not look to be able to return so only a - help!
4 / 5 Herbert
Really good and economic! Ive Has taken the pair in kennels of dog and has been a lot like this far!
4 / 5 Marcelle
Is not well ,reason ON/ WAS to Change broken with which 3 days. Not recommending
4 / 5 Karolyn
A lot the quality done , big, boss for my light of pendant. Very pleased!
4 / 5 Donnette
Simple way to add additional light in cochera. Inline The transmission is handy but perhaps the little flimsy.
4 / 5 Autumn
So only tried to install today and the looks there is some injustice with a fuse still any to open a headline of bulb but can not open except loosening a boss as it can not access or alleged to control to require your joint that the tried two bulbs
5 / 5 Sherell
I add partorisca diy projects, to good sure would buy again
5 / 5 Lincoln
has bought wrong period like that want to partorisca be long but some laws of element Perfecto and strong otherwise.
4 / 5 Deneen
Absolutely brilliant ! Exactly that has required , the value adds partorisca money
4 / 5 Maximina
Very conjoint together place on, feels quality and exactly that has required.

Top Customer Reviews: LE 24W LED Ceiling ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5 Augustina
Absolutely brilliant. Easy to install and the most economic plot on Amazon. You look locally partorisca buy the light of the bath but they were more than double a prize, Thee the prize and a quality is glorious partorisca this product.
5 / 5 Rickey
Easy to return, VERY BRILLIANT - just that has required. I am returned one in both baths.

If any precise never more looked lights these are one some will buy.
4 / 5 Petra
Any question with installation. A very brilliant light. Looks Very orderly.
4 / 5 Kieth
Was the little delicate to llama, but that has been due to my ancient wiring. To say ossia that shine is a understatement! Amazing difference of my old light. Now grooming is much easier. My adolescent daughters love it.
4 / 5 Ayana
Speedy Book, easy to install and could not take on like this to the brilliant is.
Currency really well for money.
4 / 5 Roxanne
Swapped Out of a target of light old tibia downwards of shower for my Mamma.

Can not believe while enough a down rain looked & main with a light of new DIRECT Daylight, that an old dimmer warm white light.

So much, like this far very impressed. Justo nowcto go what hard time . Any transmissions will update my description.
5 / 5 Nakia
Liked a brightness is a lot of brilliant in the small bath has said, I like a thin creation, this in spite of reason a backside of one returning is quite flush with a ceiling, this leaves no spatial at all for some blockades of connection that will require you for installation. The installation is easy that resupplies that it check your wiring before it buy this returning. If there is the space on your plaster baord to press a wiring until a ceiling, then returning is simple. If you are unable to press some bosses until a ceiling will require to create the spatial to do the hole the big plus in a plasterboard. This is not really difficult to do like this plasterboard is easy to do the hole the big plus in but control that has a zone up for a part of a timber joist also. If no the forest chisel will help to take the little timber likes some bosses can remain flush with a ceiling. Look In a first electrical situation to buy like this some circuits will leave enough the few bosses to contend with. If ossia a chance that returns this light will be difficult to do. This returning will not be suitable for some applications.
5 / 5 Ocie
Brilliant and low profile but any drawn for simple substitution of the normal ceiling that returns. Ideally, it was necessary has to that suffice spacing in a creation to take the ceiling is coverage of trace and use a connector to exist band. This is not possible been due to to the insufficient depth likes ceiling to exist is games of trace of the connector and the base owe that be take then press a light boss FOCUSED by means of a ceiling to do connections of pertinent wiring. If there is no easy access on a ceiling then some connections to cable will be difficult and any ideal.
4 / 5 Cindie
Luz well, very brilliant. A slightly the annoying characteristic is that a by means of hole for AC hands the boss is in accordance with a two that pierce of trace. So many, tries the trace is returning to the joist in your ceiling does not feel flush. AC Hands the boss takes jammed on low a joist.
5 / 5 Ayesha
A bit too brilliant for a room, probably owe of orderly less lumens. A coverage does not return a lot well, but looks well.
4 / 5 Jeanine
Installed state for around 3 months now. This light is súper brilliant and is the massive improvement in a bulb has DIRECTED rule has had in my bath previously. A temperature to paint fresher that a light in the bulb rule he the a lot of easier fact to see when I am shaving and the stray hairs are the thing of a past. This light was quite easy to return too much. I will be to buy another pair of these for other rooms. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
5 / 5 Shane
White very brilliant and easy light to install. If you do not want to be dazzled in a bath then this light could be the brilliant of has bitten . But for a
4 / 5 Michaele
Excellent value for money and when be DIRECTED, produced of the enormous quantities of light. An only drawback is that calm more than likely need the connector of separate intersection to install so only has L a N bosses without connectors. To good sure recommend this element, this in spite of!
4 / 5 Von
And has had light......!!!
Shining, literally. I add compraventa!
4 / 5 Fernanda
Gives the lovely brilliant but soft light, extremely pleased
5 / 5 Daphine
Likes more another has been with some positive critiques and there is disappointed at all.. It is the very well would have loved the small to aim this in spite of like this ossia pure white
4 / 5 Nida
Well for a money ossia the really brilliant light , there is so only a small negative point, which is an external coverage to cover some rays fittings and like this on, this piece of plastic does not return properly, but still the good light
5 / 5 Ammie
Like this described perfect partorisca my porch. Strong kight
5 / 5 Delmer
the Main point is that some lights are very effective giving excellent illumination to the equal that has announced. They are easy to install and well of look with the very low profile.
To good sure value of the money 👍🏻
5 / 5 Rudy
Brilliant light , has bought he partorisca my cookery . The fast delivery to good sure will buy again
5 / 5 Boyce
taste, of point and averts. A brilliant is awesome clear and really easy to install.
Highly recommended partorisca the cookery, bath or room of utility.
Thank you
5 / 5 Lemuel
Once installed, an external rim is has bitten difficult to take. The costruttore can improve this.
4 / 5 Hae
Nizza Buys exactly that has been expecting, although it seats is has bitten expensive.
4 / 5 Jerlene
Lights arrived at the head of the date of delivery predicted. A lot well you pack. Light very brilliant. Easily installed like this declared for vendor.
5 / 5 Marcelino
Easy install and amazing brightness, tried DIY tents and his no stock of basic brilliant lights of this type, 3 was returned any time
5 / 5 Carlita
Very brilliant and easy to install. A plastic is quell'has bitten the economic feeling but concealed is not noticeable once installed. Value of the sure money.
5 / 5 Jayson
It lights a whole bath. Brilliant white light. Shining.
5 / 5 Cristine
Has taken 5 minutes partorisca install, perfect partorisca a bath. Very happy.
5 / 5 Vannesa
External bezel covering a fastening the rays to a ceiling is a lot loose
4 / 5 Alec
So only that there is wanted. Very brilliant, last so only expect the long time
5 / 5 Cuc
Really it likes that of simple is the creation is and a brightness. In my chance, is in fact too brilliant partorisca my small bath but have it to us the habit of now.
Has had to that root by means of my box of tool to find the blockade to connect to connect some bosses to exist to a light.
Has had 3 bosses of a ceiling. Alive, Neutral and Tierra and so only 2 bosses of some light that was it a lot. An earth has been to the spatial died in a blockade and I have connected another two by means of a blockade.
4 / 5 Melissia
Unbelievable Luz leaves of of the this, our bath is now like the bath of hotel! Like this easy to install and returns lovely and tight to a ceiling. The desire goes has taken these years!!!
4 / 5 Vincenza
FlushFlush Mark record sure have the deep and quite wide hole to accommodate some bosses that play to lose of ceiling and some bosses of light he self this attaches to house wiring , then is easy to return in a correct way
5 / 5 Zack
Absolutely brilliant. Easy to install and to the most economic plot on Amazon. You look locally to buy the light of the bath but they were more than double a prize, Thee the prize and a quality is glorious thus produced.
5 / 5 Leticia
Any complain any one. Easy to install and the very brilliant light, which is ideal for the bath. Looks Very orderly.

Top Customer Reviews: Croydex Teardrop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
A bit fiddly partorisca dip on, but to good sure values he! It is the plastic organism , with some interior of metal partorisca add some weight. It does not feel remotely plastically or to the bad quality like them to them some other descriptions say.

My only complaint is that a line among one covers and an organism is the most apparent plot in real life that in some pictures. It is also slightly main that expected it to be! But adapted a room perfectly, and was a better option of a competition!

Comes with the series, but does not use that as I can not say that quality is.
4 / 5
Has bought prime minister of mine one in april and was very pleased with him. There is the a lot of weighted feel his and looked well. A second a the bought in august was very light in weight and felt flimsy ,nowhere approach a quality of a prime minister a .If this product is outsourced for croydex then would take them the look in his provider like the difference among a two was a lot far averts the wise quality. Pleased with prime minister a disappointed with as
4 / 5
For a Prize a Plastic toggle is So only in good but a cord is A lot of-Very economic and bad. A cord has distributed is like this flimsy extends! When there is pulled! 4 year the pulled and said lights not doing . Any so only one @@extending of economic cord. :(
4 / 5
Like another reviewers has said, Is chrome painted plastic but this results to be the godsend reason is hanging date of boss for me!

Am pleased with these attractive read, matches all our chrome fittings in a bath and has been into use for 8 month now without loss by heart or produced. It sees photo :)

Pricewise: they were £9 each one that like this in our venue DIY tent as it was happy with a prize has paid on Amazon :)
5 / 5
An appeal is well, shiny and heavy. A cord that comes with him this in spite of is absolute rubbishes . It is done separate bits of thin edge and not even the month after the installations an of these edges there is rasgado, a rest visibly is extending and thinning I so that it has had to purchase the new cord for separate. It maintains that the calm import so that it sees a product -- will require spent the cord of good quality for separate.
4 / 5
I looks bit it economic, more plastic that looks that has expected. But he a good work and a prize is well. Any one goes to be that it looks that closely like this happy global
5 / 5
has Bought to finalise of the new bath. The utmost looks. Lustrous, Elegant. Looks Much more £ that is. Weight a lot - does not bounce around too but a lot impossibly weighty any one. His backing to the fully tiled wall - was bit it concerned like this and some tiles passage - this are to add - any harm to neither. When Calm the pulled to turn light on/was so only solves there. Very pleased with him. Easy to return.
4 / 5
Good-looking piece, stylish and the value adds. Bought two for each of our baths. Look A lot very in fact and lovely to resist. The value adds, has arrived quickly and easy to install.
4 / 5
Although ossia plastic, any metal like a forward one has bought, looks exactly one same, and does a work.
4 / 5
This is not Chrome, is plastic and no quite weighed to do a work has required.
4 / 5
Experience : Oct 2016
Revised in Oct 2016
has received a product today. It is exactly as it looks in a pic. It is everything shiny and lustrous like appearances arrest. I have expected and it wins it partorisca be more weighed in a heavy east in a fund. In small of some descriptions his mentioned that his no ceramic, yes is not ceramic but does not annoy me reason his quality is really good. Also, it matches my white tiles and taps of steel.

2nd Description in Sea 2019
2nd Description with which 3+ years purchased it of then
is so only an update my leading description

3+ years and his quality still remains some same. It is still shiny, sturdy and smooth. Of here, continuous with 5 stars.
5 / 5
Looks far more expensive that in fact is. A small @@subject - I could any edge a cord by means of a hole. It was course too often so only of is spent for and an end has taken more and more untangled. In an end has cut one same fatter now the piece was, has wrapped the small quantity of sellotape around a clean end and has tried again. The question has solved.
5 / 5
This boss/of decoration for 'type of illumination of attractive of light fittings in a bath ( where the transmissions are taboo) is after perfect. I have had already a 'type of attractive' the cord is returned to a ceiling so only required to add this. It is very easy to return requiring so only one doing of the small knot, unscrewing a cup, entering a cord, and then closing on a lid of upper.
Looks farly strong time , so only will say of course. A lot ready !
4 / 5
has been expecting something bit it more substantial that this small piece of plastic. Honradamente Looks something would buy in Poundland. It Likes him the quantity of the minimum order was 2, has paid in £12 for £2 value of plastic. Any impressed at all! Also, beware a lot this look of descriptions to be for entirely of different products! Need of amazon to look to this listing!
5 / 5
This will be to go back. It can not believe (although reduced of £10 to £) that ossia plastic! Croydex Row, some headlines of circle of the basin, is good and solid. This weight of the attractive light is not well. That on earth this hanged can not be done out of the metal is crazy. Flimsy And economic imo. A real left down and when I have opened thinks perhaps some vendor of fraud the one who had exchanged the 'Chrome' attractive for the economic plastic a. You do not pay anything for him to be sincere and find it ghastly and like something of the pouind tent.
4 / 5
A description declares that this element is chrome which believes is misleading. An attractive light is done of plastic with the chrome coating by heart and any metal to the equal that have thought the to be and is disappointing. For the attractive light plastic, is my opinion that is expensive so that it is.
4 / 5
Ossia The simple creation and in mine dress very own for the room that is decorated already for colour and has normalised. An only complaint was that a hole in an upper to edge by means of a cord has not been done, but this was to rectify easily with the small hammer without breaking to a product he.
5 / 5
This attractive light looks good and helped spruce on a bath but a weight is the real left down (which can be advantageous for some but a lot me). A lack of the weight and the elasticity in some frames of cord have resupplied a jump of appeal around once pulled, which is well resist his but this requires some taking used to. Prpers Having said that, eye adds in any only lack has adapted soiled of any feeling of quality
4 / 5
Ossia The solid chrome the appeal has weighed is not plastic light. It was not partorisca the bath with tiles or approach the mirror
Some questions and the descriptions are at present misleading very now relate to a now on sale product. -january 2019
5 / 5
Quality Very big, there is not aiming any sign of tarnish. Well like the day was returned.
5 / 5
A bit small that has thought that that it was of a photo but still GOOD
4 / 5
Simple and attractive light effective, arrivals of a bath, looks a lot of classy without being expensive.
4 / 5
To our new bath and this little attractive light goes perfect with our chrome fixtures. East to return and has the a lot of his weight. Thank you !!
5 / 5
Has pleased really with east, a measure of a teardrop is perfect (other descriptions suggest that it is too small). A cord looks the little feebler that a an I substituted but in general think that ossia the product adds partorisca of the money.
4 / 5
Good quality , has some his hanged, looks very ready
4 / 5
is well, more plastic that chrome
So only chrome in colour
4 / 5
Does a light transmission looks a part and has his weight. Very happy with this
4 / 5
Perfecto . Exactly like this aimed in picture . A subject in a prize .
5 / 5
A cord is quite thin and already is extending the bit
5 / 5
has had an ash of anthracite one that has has bought years and a bath an apt plus broke it. It was unable to take another like this opted for east a. It looks better that has expected.
4 / 5
A work and looks like this better that a white plastic thing old.
4 / 5
Has spent for our again returned bath, easy to return and is so only the touch to finalise a lot of
4 / 5
Ossia the good measure a lot handy when the be bit it big as when being to elder like him have the attractive solid decent in a bath
5 / 5
Fantastic bosses for lights of cord of the appeal. Because of a prize that is reasonable my intention was to buy these with the plan to upgrade his in the date the late plus but when they are has arrived looked utmost this in spite of am using them months down a line and feign remain with these.
5 / 5
It dips a light on and era! It do not have any assembly and of then there is so only has had he partorisca the weeks is not possible to value his durability.
4 / 5
Ossia Surprisingly big. Not to use it 'in a half' of the room, like the attractive light, as you underline like the sore thumb.
4 / 5
Has there is not wanted never the attractive light elegant, but the new shower, the light & of mirror has required the bit of shiny chrome - the utmost looks, compliments a together integer up & am happy took it.

Top Customer Reviews: Moda Sparkly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Asley
The cost has checked partorisca be sincere was bit it dubious when I have read some of some descriptions and has decided so only partorisca take one submerges like this partorisca speak. The,m happy has done I so that it love him. His ladies,t look tinny and economic likes some have said, has arrived very packed and any harm. Now they have the new house in mine hallway and look very good. It recommends him.
5 / 5 Filiberto
The cost has checked produced Lovely this in spite of him no the chair would owe that hide a lightbulb but some claves of bulb was and the look bit it unusual also there are few bad things with to him like him to him the pocolos scratches, rusts and a global form of a light shadow has been bent.
4 / 5 Anneliese
The cost has verified So much the shadows read am a lot of faulty. One is very bent and another entirely broken east and 1 of some 3 centrical bars is detached. The unstable shadows, misshaped and dented. Very unhappy with product and will be partorisca contact vendor. (UPDATE) has contacted a vendor in of the numerous occasions and has listened at all retreated at all!
4 / 5 Desirae
The cost has checked has Arrived before expected, bought them partorisca my living room and that the look that stuns, as pleased with them will be partorisca order another partorisca my room partorisca dine punctual, has seen something simulates in the very known tent, but was more expensive.
4 / 5 Buffy
The cost has verified An element is coming a lot of securely packaged for a vendor and has protected each piece of glassware. It is like this easy to return and the absolutely lovely looks. Really it is effective and looks a lot of stylish and chic and looks the plot more has wanted to that has paid partorisca he.
Gladly would recommend this product to another so that it is like this simple to install and would adapt any room in a house, if the chamber, living room or hallway. I produce it adds.
4 / 5 Herta
The picture of Compraventa has verified no this justice of element, dipped that once on and turned it on is absolutely beautiful.
4 / 5 Carmela
The cost verified has bought 2 of these partorisca substitute old shadows before selling our house. They look lovely. A hangs in the pendant regulates that returns, a one in a picture is flush to a ceiling. It can not comment in that time before they rust so that there is so only there went them the month. But if not to move it buy another 2 partorisca mine living room.
4 / 5 Demetra
The cost verified has used this shadow in my fourth so it sees with an aim and money decor and absolutely loves that. It avenges bang punctually and a communication with a vendor has been point and averts. It is quite light and any weighed to that like him, was of easy to hang.
To good sure would buy of this vendor again in a future.
Has has had so only up for the week and I absolutely love it.
4 / 5 Aide
The cost has verified Absolutely lovely. It has transformed one dark hallway with light dispersed. Really easy to return and stress free. Arrived really quickly really a lot packaged thank you
5 / 5 Mariela
Partorisca Purchase verified has Liked him all roughly that. Parties perfectly with some curtains.
4 / 5 Carley
Lovely product this in spite of him no the chair would owe that hide a lightbulb but some claves of bulb was and the look bit it unusual also there are few bad things with to him like him to him the pocolos scratches, rusts and a global form of a light shadow has been bent.
4 / 5 Cheyenne
Partorisca Be sincere was bit it dubious when I have read some of some descriptions and has decided so only partorisca take one submerges like this partorisca speak. The,m happy has done I so that it love him. His ladies,t look tinny and economic likes some have said, has arrived very packed and any harm. Now they have the new house in mine hallway and look very good. It recommends him.
4 / 5 Clemencia
Both shadows read am a lot of faulty. One is very bent and another entirely broken east and 1 of some 3 centrical bars is detached. The unstable shadows, misshaped and dented. Very unhappy with product and will be partorisca contact vendor. (UPDATE) has contacted a vendor in of the numerous occasions and has listened at all retreated at all!
4 / 5 Gracia
An element is coming a lot of securely packaged for a vendor and has protected each piece of glassware. It is like this easy to return and the absolutely lovely looks. Really it is effective and looks a lot of stylish and chic and looks the plot more has wanted to that has paid partorisca he.
Gladly would recommend this product to another so that it is like this simple to install and would adapt any room in a house, if the chamber, living room or hallway. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Tamisha
Has arrived before expected, bought him partorisca my living room and that the look that stuns, as pleased with them will be partorisca order another partorisca my room partorisca dine punctual, has seen something simulates in the very known tent, but was more expensive.
4 / 5 Lashell
Has bought 2 of these partorisca substitute first old shadows to sell our house. They look lovely. A hangs in the pendant regulates that returns, a one in a picture is flush to a ceiling. It can not comment in that time before they rust so that there is so only there went them the month. But if not to move it buy another 2 partorisca mine living room.
4 / 5 Millard
Apple any this justice of element, dipped that once on and turned it on is absolutely beautiful.
4 / 5 Wilmer
LeGustado All roughly that. Parties perfectly with some curtains.
4 / 5 Anette
Absolutely lovely. It has transformed one dark hallway with light dispersed. Really easy to apt and stress free. Arrived really quickly really a lot packaged thank you
4 / 5 Isobel
has used this shadow in my fourth so it sees with an aim and money decor and absolutely loves that. It avenges bang punctually and a communication with a vendor has been point and averts. It is quite light and any weighed to that like him, was of easy to hang.
To good sure would buy of this vendor again in a future.
Has has had so only up for the week and I absolutely love it.
4 / 5 Kurt
Unfortunately you do not recommend this shadow. In spite of him that looks a part , when it was dipped on a lightbulb has stuck out of a subordinated so many stupid looks. As think it that it change my energy lightbulb to the regular bulb and a same thing esatta. Looked partorisca be the subject of manufacture with a prongs in a centre of a shadow. Shame this in spite of as it was impressed originally for a light shadow.

A lot quickly to repayment this in spite of.
5 / 5 Trenton
Good shadow, the quality leaves it down king chrome the upper bands and funds with breaking ie dented and streaky, also copper underlay feigning travers. Bulb lean It carrier is inverted inside a shadow so that the bulb is aiming under a shadow/will not take the main bulb otherwise objective under a shadow.
Discount it is in order in my chance because of harm and quality.
4 / 5 Loraine
Has ordered before reading some descriptions and has been them concerned after reading them but has to that say want to them him.
Look to surprise, has been rid with in perfect condition.
Is the prize adds and really thinks is utmost.
4 / 5 Freddy
Has purchased before and has required another,

Beautiful product, value each penny.
4 / 5 Shannon
Looks well when on, closes up is the bit ropey, an arrival of metal has maculas and has had to them that straighten on some of some 'glasses' as well as that does a round of shadow been due to he when being the oval of has bitten/out of form. I have found the bulb of goes clear has given a better effect
4 / 5 Florrie
likes him to of me the look really well on would not have him in mine living room but ossia so only took mine in my way of hole thinks there correctly better then my old some any ways,
5 / 5 Deeanna
Looks lovley in a chamber and a light reflecting to give of the lovley the light model in a soiled value adds for money to
4 / 5 Reyna
This shadow of light is decorated fantastically with glasses and adds elegancy wherever is situated. I have not had an effect of a light that shines by means of a shadow up to now, as they are in a process to decorate but am sure disappoint
once is in place.
5 / 5 Dominic
Has think that go to be horrible & economic but my very good surprise done and lovely. The looks that surprised in a hallway.
4 / 5 Reyes
A sparkly ceiling the shadows read are the fantastic quality and the look that surprised inside our house. A delivery was quickly and a packaging has protected a light shadow a lot well. They are very impressed and will continue to recommend this product by all the world that knows.
5 / 5 Annabelle
Enough and very easy to dip up.
I only desire believes the model in a ceiling and sparkled more but for a prize, can any one really grumble.
5 / 5 Twanda
Loves this light shadow. It lights a ceiling with models that is in prize, looks really lovely and calm can not say is not real glass without next inspection. Excellent value for money.
4 / 5 Tula
Has arrived promptly, has had the small to rust harm in a side, very visible, but has cleaned was with the solution and the bit of the thicket.
4 / 5 Alanna
Fast delivery. The lovely looks in slope in mine hallway as when it has lit on forms of launches of diamond to some wall.
4 / 5 Dia
Ossia One 2nd time has bought them these. 1st also it was lovely! Fact very good and has looked to stun. It has ordered so only another 2 but has been disappointed when they have arrived as there has been scuffs and dents in both. It was disapointed like 1st averts of time was utmost. Based on 1st compraventa is beautiful. But that spends of longitude 2nd pirchase was them unsatisfied. If scuffs and dents werent his then the wouls be very pleased with them. Definately traaform Any room with these in slope.
4 / 5 Elois
Loves this lightshade. It looks to plot more expensive that that it is, the looks of qualities well. It is in my ceiling of the living room and some form done when I lit up is fabulous. It can it does not be missing he at all, would recommend.
4 / 5 Amado
Does not know reason would have any negative commentaries in these shadows. Really lovely for a money, has bought 2 and can order more!
4 / 5 Ola
Has bought 2 of these for mine hallway - look really good and sparkly enough , part of a edging was bit it rough but to the equal that was a part of a lampshade more afterwards to a ceiling could do not seeing so the has not gone too annoyed in of the this and a prize was really very
4 / 5 Cherly
Ossia the shadow of lovely light , sadly can do not using, because of annoying returning. For this not to recommend it . It was returned, but the husband had not maintained inner map.
4 / 5 Louie
These am good-looking. I have found any of some negative subjects has described of other buyers. Still although I am lampshades of the ceiling are by train to use them like this lampshades of table. I have bought the socket of light of adapter of light bulb the conversor and am using G9 bulbs. As any protruding to bulb the pleasure any one has described.
5 / 5 Isreal
I have bought the little of these so only love a creation. Any assembly has required of here any indication has required, so only unbox & hang. Little it bite expensive but value he.
4 / 5 Easter
Was a lot of disappointed with this lampshade how is absolutely tiny. I have bought he partorisca my advance of room but a bulb is longer that a lampshade. It is way too small but is a lot enough. The desire was main! But it have to that live in a room to spare now.
5 / 5 Yadira
Any sure if ossia the error of the user to the equal that has is not returned never the light shadow before 🤣 but a light hangs is gone in a fund of a shadow. Still it looks a lot of tho!
5 / 5 Leota
Was the little has bitten disappointed with cost of mine, thinks is quite economic looking, but that has said that, has not been expensive to the equal that can very really complain. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in our small chamber the one who only takes used by a dog, and looks for the pleasure lol.
4 / 5 Jenell
Looks well of the distance.... Light bubbling under a chrome light oval form any round. But to the equal that has the big ceilings have done .... Better products there although
4 / 5 Justina
is Coming ready has gathered. Easy to dip up. Prize of @@subject. Invernadero One in local phase that was pounds of the pair more has wanted so that quids in.
4 / 5 Roseline
Has spent this for my forward of room like my gaze of advance of the room Coffins. It has dipped of this on some looks of room of the like this better front this is coming very fast and liked one the packaging goes in.
5 / 5 Darci
Has pleased really that has bought this apt light shadow easy. A compraventa adds and big that has thought.
5 / 5 Ignacia
A lampshade is not finalising was a lot at all, a metal is covered with the big scratches almost looks melted plásticoes on that it would have to be it a metal has finalised . Some the plastic crystals are attached very which is something . But in general I am a lot disappointed in him.
4 / 5 Magali
Has drawn bad likes some claves of light bulb out of a fund, swipe a purpose of having a really
5 / 5 Melisa
I have bought two of these partorisca my hallway and landing. Go partorisca the classy look and was apprehensive that these would be economic, the plásticoes that shadows of looks. Like this happy bought him, is metal any plastic and look a lot of chic. They are very easy to return and when hanged a light reflects of some droplets and creates good-looking models in your walls. To good sure recommend them partorisca a fussy to to the buyer likes.
5 / 5 Cordie
The order has arrived promptly which can say is an only good thing roughly the , a chrome in a fund has dark to rust the frames and looks partorisca be slightly was form and not circulating partorisca some reason, to good sure very impressed there would be behind envoy but partorisca a sake of a prize and a incovinence among a cube. To good sure does not recommend
5 / 5 Keesha
This lampshade is exactly to the equal that has described. A lot enough, good quality and launches the lovely model in a ceiling. To good sure recommend. Well value of the money.
4 / 5 Edmond
Looks fresh in a way of room and the upper landing and his harm the plot of light easy to dip up and price more economic that tents
5 / 5 Danae
Very impressed with this very good shadow. Excellent a like this well has bought another.
5 / 5 Maurice
With which month to look for the light shadow that my fiancé has adapted on and has not been ridiculously expensive, I finally found this shadow, perfect for my way of room that is unavoidably dark dew the minimum natural sunlight, then looks perfect in his new house.

Is happy with a light shadow although in his boss is “too flashy” 😂
5 / 5 Chan
has Bought for my chamber of guest. The lovely looks and adds the bit of the look of luxury although some bands in some upper and the fund is not shiny likes in a picture but more like the metal brushed.
4 / 5 Tiffaney
He dosnt look economic sound , in good condition and he @@@sparkle, which more could loves?
5 / 5 Noe
Wants to these ! I have bought one for a spare chamber, but loved it so much bought them one for our chamber, and a way of room.
4 / 5 Colleen
I costs Have product very short lightbulb hangs out of a subordinated but the very enough the creation could move to the light of table

Top Customer Reviews: Modern 2 Tier ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Corrin
I have bought this based in other descriptions, and honradamente can say ossia a 2nd what has better bought in my life. A first be when cold is cost in fact 10p. An element has been retarded that the extreme sadness has caused , has listened the REM - All the world Hurts partorisca reflect my ache. But the arrival, a delay was cost clearly there is like this opened a box and has been hailed with that so only can be described like the container of joy, a cloth, a stitching, a sheer the quality of a product has has surpassed expectations of any only I, but also to one likes him a Real family. In fact, it is partorisca think that Prince Charles has one of this installed in his after bathes of castle, and His Majesty a Queen has an afterwards to his bidé. He dims any brilliant light with efficiency adds, trying augments health, the vision and the stability in one is life.
P.D. Inside a box has odorato likes a vixen hunts has answered in 1996, -1 star.
5 / 5 Rachal
Has purchased two of these shadows read, one in black and another in cream and has to that say some pictures really any one his justice. They arrive with the good quantity of the cellophane wrapped around some shadows of integer as it protects him well in traffic, although it takes the moment partorisca take! Although you will be appreciated partorisca this small inconvenience to the equal that ensures a shadow arrives in perfect condition.

A shadow is very modern looking and is the depth of good/measure (approx 10' diameter and 8' depth) but no like this big that impact a room too much. Utilisation 20w and 24w energy of daylight that saves light bulbs in ours and give of the quantity adds of light to a room and also give the modest circle of light on a shade which in my opinion is a lot pleasing in an eye.

Partorisca A prize I really can not think of any negatives and to good sure will be partorisca buy more when we begin that they decorate animal some chambers.
5 / 5 Lauren
Has purchased this partorisca go in our chamber, looks partorisca stun once is up. Looks Really expensive and is good quality 😍
5 / 5 Kristle
the element has arrived like this described, light & economic and allegro partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Fredrick
Has bought this light shadow partorisca match two bedside lights I also purchased of MiniSun. A quality is not partorisca import blowing but is very partorisca a prize of a shade which is reason I has given a 5 description of star, good value partorisca money and looks well in my light.
4 / 5 Lahoma
In the first place was a lot of packaged maintaining the free harm. Secondly It Was partorisca my chamber of the adolescent edges and he have given the thumbs massively arrive 'looks a lot classify' his words. It is of material of quality and is the creation does not mask a light like other shadows has tried in this colour. SHINING so only that has looked for
4 / 5 Joane
So that it is, his add. Yes a stitching in the points can not be Saville Row but his the light shadow on prójimo a ceiling. If you are after this look, looks well! It arrives quickly, it returns easily and some bulbs have suggested well. All well.
5 / 5 Linnie
Has arrived inside a time limit. Well packaged, although it was more be happy without a plastic wrapping around that. It is very easy to dip to the place and looks sum. Mina inclusa hubby like and has not been sure of of some pictures.
5 / 5 Lenna
Easy to return, a designer of the interior in me has loved this colour. But now it is neither paint an alike room to match or take touched of. The lady is by train to do me paints a room. Good movement
4 / 5 Carlo
Another that my commentary to title, this pendant of ceiling is very easy in an eye and looks decent value for a money. ... Arguably More suitable for those with conservative flavours, any that loves anything too intrepid. ... Certainly it looks well in our chamber.
4 / 5 Isaac
Really like this shadow and good value partorisca money. Looks More expensive That it was, really livens on a room. His in my room of adolescent edges when we his room, has wanted to it partorisca look more grown up.
4 / 5 Felicita
Looks so only like picture, stunning colour. The utmost looks and to good sure book and securely packaged. You measure partorisca add and easy to dip on
4 / 5 Felicitas
Ossia a second an of these I has bought. I have ordered an originally and when it arrives is that I have decided well take this second a for another light
4 / 5 Nella
the delivery was good and fast but any 100 happy with a quality so that has excess glue in an outside of a shadow. I have situated a shadow so much person would be necessary to see it.
5 / 5 Leonardo
Quality of economic production, a gun of glue has used partorisca do these has serious sinister of adhesive all on an outside of a shadow.
An inner white part also is coming free in an of a shame of shadows to the equal that return and would look quite well had taken so only the little more the cure that his fact.
5 / 5 Nicholas
These are fab utmost for a money at the beginning did not think it was a look by heart well in him on a place but when they have arrived is the perfect party would buy again
4 / 5 Erich
Generally decent, a quality is quell'has bitten shabby, like has had them the few loose edges has had to pleasant, and is the bugger to powder- this in spite of quite stylish and softens a light a lot
5 / 5 Deann
the addition Adds in our chamber, looks expensive, well happy value, excellent for money. To good sure recommend this product.
4 / 5 Suzan
Construction quite good and look. Has an adapter to return both small and big diameter headlines of bulb.
5 / 5 Goldie
The excellent looks in mine living room. A bit smaller that expected but looks well.
5 / 5 Mora
Looks lovely in mine living room like this happy gives was quite light but like this like this brilliant which is a lot of
5 / 5 George
has Used for edges' the room has decorated again. Usually difficult to find shadows that will do in the masculine ossia one this has tried very pertinent and the fussy adolescent very pleased with even
4 / 5 Neida
has Arrived another day, free has gone & today directly on - A lot of @@subject, so FAB!!!

5 / 5 Armanda
These are absolutely good delivery a lot to good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Jone
Loves this lampshade. It has decorated so only the chamber with the ash @subject and east matches really well. The value adds and produced good.
4 / 5 Briana
Has bought for chamber of daughters. Looks Really good . Ash bought. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Lila
Amazing value for the really done money a look of good room and is quality a lot well
5 / 5 Theodore
A lot of looking light , easy to install , is whiter incinerates it, has arrived quickly
4 / 5 Gladys
Touches of perfect finishing partorisca ours stairs of room and landing. Highly recommended
5 / 5 Somer
Good shadow, exactly like this described and the look adds in my living room.
5 / 5 Moira
Good light shadow. He a work. Good quality partorisca price
5 / 5 Margit
This was the present partorisca my new chamber partorisca match bedside lights. Any necessary assembly. You love it.
4 / 5 Ellsworth
The Alive! Very easy the instal, the quality Adds partorisca of the money! So only It Looks perfect.
4 / 5 Carolyn
The lovely light shadow goes perfect in my chamber of boys looks more expensive that it was an aim in some insiemi half was amiably
5 / 5 Daria
Amur This lampshade. Bought partorisca my chamber of edges, the ash of lovely colour & quite simple, but classy, perfect for the room of boys.
5 / 5 Colene
The lampshade Of quality adds, is coming quickly and the looks perfect in a room
5 / 5 Ivonne
Brilliant light shadow, the look adds. Highly recommend it.
Comes ready to hang. Any need of the joint has dipped.

Top Customer Reviews: LED Ceiling Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5 Candi
This was the substitution partorisca an old rusty light in an in continuazione, this was to good sure any IP has estimated! Ossia Really brilliant and is adds in the dark little room as it looks partorisca light each corner. It was easy to install for any with basic diy/electrical knowledge.
4 / 5 Adrianna
So much it has taken them this partorisca our new bath and am them happy has done them. Some light accesses really well in a ceiling and gives of the really good light - far better that my forward a more look adds. It was also really easy to return so only a bar that access to a ceiling and a light connects with the simple connector and a the so only fixed some rays on partorisca resist he in place. Simple and well looking
4 / 5 Gearldine
the prize and the Good quality add, this light of ceiling is very economic, fixed this in my bath and a power of a light is awesome and perfect . It can it uses this outside withouth any questions is resistant water . Thank you
5 / 5 Raelene
It substituted It To it an old fashioned bath lightbulb , take the less space but more brilliant that before , very partorisca spatial limited zone ,taken any spatial at all because of his smooth creation and slowly, looks very orderly. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Christena
I have bought this light concentrated for my new bath in mine loft. It gives good light coverage and looks well a measure is good small and stylish with a money around a cup.
4 / 5 Laree
A lot a lot of brightness. Bought this light for my new bath, is really well once up in a ceiling. Easy the instal. Really happy with mine .
4 / 5 Stefania
This light is sum in our bath. It gives the lovely brilliant light without a glare. It is good quality and excellent value for money.
4 / 5 Jay
Luz of amazing ceiling!I so much he for my bath and he looks very good!A light is very strong!! I love it!
Highly recommended
4 / 5 Brenna
taste becouse is very easy the instal and looks well in of my bath.
4 / 5 Owen
Luz very brilliant, did not expect it to be like this good. I thought it that it was worse. But to be sincere, is surprising and access in my corridor.
5 / 5 Jeff
I have bought this light partorisca a bath. It is very easy to return, and a light is of good quality. I am surprised extremely for his low prize, like the light bulb sometimes the costs would cost on some same. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Kortney
Has bought this light concentrated for my new bath in mine loft. It gives good light coverage and looks well a measure is good small and stylish with a money around a cup.
4 / 5 Merry
A lot, very brilliant! Shining in a cookery and gave it the new lease of life. I have dipped one in a bath, burns your retinae were during a night in the first place of lol
5 / 5 Shella
This light is glorious!
Was very simple to return, seating a lot of flush to a ceiling and is súper brilliant.
The coverage adds of light everywhere a bath.
5 / 5 Rima
this light is excellent value for money, and easy to install, some bosses of connection are quell'has bitten short, which has done the bit of extra work, but no the question. It have to that see what time have had to, but has substituted two triple spotlight unit that has used the plot of bulbs and can. Like these lights could save the enormous quantity on electricity and side of bulb.
Highly recomended
4 / 5 Celia
Ideal light like the light of the night so only applies the cord with the transmission has built in this way can dip the timer for him to turn of
4 / 5 Eva
reward A lot well thus light súper brilliant for the dark bath without window!
Any eath the connection but calm so only can terminate this with the chock blockade
5 / 5 Tamar
Exceptional look , well when installed and brightness is fantastic, installed in three rooms and is excellent
5 / 5 Hyo
Súper easy to install (I am not too brilliant when it comes the electrics)

A light Is súper brilliant, turning our dingy windowless bath in a more brilliant room in a house.

Produces done well, reasonably first of robust instructions and a lot well.

Other manufactures would owe that take note of an example to shine place thus produced!
5 / 5 Maureen
I installed this in our bath partorisca substitute an old returning where a built-in the transformer there has been bunrt was. The installation was very sincere; they are not an electrician, but taken some obvious precautions partorisca close of your coverage partorisca light main in a RCB box and taping on some finals of a boss that play partorisca lose of your ceiling, and know a difference among alive and neutral, then returning this light is the breeze . Against that another has said on a groups to fix, Is DONE of metal. You have ensured once ossia fijamente securly to your ceiling is literally the chance of screwing in some alive and neutral bosses to a blockade have attached to a light, any boss of earth is required. A light house then slides up in this group and fixed in place with two small rays in of the opposite sides. Ossia!!

Well, like this light is dazzingly brilliant! My joint is that this light is not to possess for small rooms or where have the plot of aim like predominant colour. Our bath is both small and mainly white and like the room almost results radiant when changing in this light. Please note, are not that it says that a light is in failure here, simply that for the small room was overpowering. Prpers Having said all that are still please with this product. An another small point, this Daylight of light products White light, a be of temperature of the colour something around 5000 Kelvin. If it love the light investigation softer a product that produced Soft White light, in a 3000 Kelvin region.

Does not have any noise or hum while this light is running and grieve any heat has produced.
5 / 5 Elli
Loves this light! Had the a lot of dim figment in our tiny bath that has been bad , flickered and looked dangerous! My husband (80 years) fixed this light. It thinks that that it was too brilliant but I no - love the reason can see so more clearly in my mirror to augment. It recommends it!
4 / 5 Gertude
Nizza, economic, ready looking, the brilliant FOCUSED light, ideal for our down hires.

Has had previously the ceiling is trace in previously and has changed he partorisca east, teamed with one in ceiling PIR sensor to change both this and a extractor defender on. Meaning any transmission maquinal for a hire.

Ceiling to be has trace the really riadas a room with white light. Easy to return.
5 / 5 Palmira
A product is the little flimsy and a soyetal' the band in a photo of the product of the Amazon is just money has painted plastic. This in spite of, given a prize, is good value for money and is quite easy to install, with just the two boss block terminal.

A big plus is a light to begin that it has surpassed it far expectations. A light aim very brilliant that when returned in 3m x 3m the room gives excellent illumination and comes on instantly. Unable to comment on reliability how is so only installed state for the few days, but given a wide distribution of LEDs by means of a face of a light, a unit would owe that run fresh, which will help with longevity.
4 / 5 Shanae
The light was the little hard to return so that has little room for bosses behind returning ( has has had 4 bosses that goes to old light returning)partorisca take on this I contingent some groups to the ceiling has then done the hole in Ceiling for bosses to return to the light backside once light acting has to say that it is very brilliant well please with him like this value a returning hassle
4 / 5 Reed
Really surprised in a brightness of these. Orderly 2 for bath and basin. Returned easily and changed to exist fittings downwards 10 minutes. Decent quality, sturdy quite and very impressed with a quantity of light data was. Highly recommend these, can any gone bad for a prize and quality.
5 / 5 Rona
Súper Happy. Looks Well... If you want a bit really flashy piece of art for the light. Perhaps a lot this one. But for something concealed is the value adds . Looks Well. Really easy to install and a lot especially very very brilliant. You recommend this
5 / 5 Venita
Installed this light in my bath to substitute an old triple spotlight . A brightness of this light is incredible and has to that be seen to be believed . The value adds for a prize and I to good sure recommend it.
5 / 5 Douglass
Easy to return, quite flimsy plastic but the good looks when returned, very brilliant
5 / 5 Jesusita
Really a lot minimalist looking brilliant light, flush returning the look adds , plastic but very very partorisca cookery and bath
5 / 5 Lily
Easy to return and very brilliant , excellent value partorisca of the money. To good sure recommend and was partorisca buy again.
4 / 5 Danuta
Luz very brilliant. Perfecto partorisca my bath. Raincoat Partorisca use in of the zones wetted like this of the baths.
4 / 5 Tori
Luz very brilliant, did not expect it partorisca be like this good. I thought it that it was worse. But partorisca be sincere, is surprising and access in my corridor.
5 / 5 Madlyn
Looks better in a picture alot smaller then says also
4 / 5 Mellissa
Aweful has produced. Of the one who Comprise as has 5 descriptions of star. Ossia In no way the waterproof product partorisca baths. There is not ray very resupplied to the equal that as they are I supposition partorisca cover on holes that attaches a light to a group??
Will owe returned until the take the substitution
4 / 5 Modesta
the light Good value easy to return and very brilliant, will buy again.
5 / 5 Tonda
A measure of a light is very own partorisca my bath, a light is also good and a prize is not expensive, is the product adds
5 / 5 Zenobia
the Wonderful value partorisca money is like this brilliant when I have received has thinks that would require partorisca buy the second a but are s happy I any reason one was quite for my bath are adds I amour he
4 / 5 Irving
has not had casualidad of the place on still but has tried brightness/the quality is the really decent product .
5 / 5 Annamae
Easy to return and is very brilliant. hopefully Hard
the look adds in a bath
4 / 5 Denny
has dipped in fact this light in a wall in ours conservatory, is modern looking and more than quite brilliant. Very impressed with him, easy to return also.
5 / 5 Jeffery
Luz of excellent bath is that brilliant apresamiento the moment to take used his fantastic value.
To good sure would recommend
5 / 5 Tashia
Ultra Luz brilliant is almost light of the day returned in the porch is likes the easy light day to find tones .
4 / 5 Yun
Has dipped a light in a bath was easy to install and is a lot that shines
4 / 5 Prudence
has bought he for bath really brightens on easy room to return
4 / 5 Ima
Very easy to install. Installed this light in our bath. It gives the good same light partorisca shaving or applying trick , etc.