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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
The bookmarks/marcadors terrific fantastically touched and registered with all a verve and the idea has come partorisca want to and expect forces
4 / 5
Very animate and energetic sparkling the lovely English he
5 / 5
Included although has the big cd collection, has not had any of some pieces has touched here. Have enjoyed really this wonderful music in his a lot of good.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca touch and interpretation. Spent really well
5 / 5
A selection of series adds fantastically touched and has registered. Quintessential Englishness
4 / 5
A selection of subject exceptional and significant actions also. An essential CD.

Top Customer Reviews: Bridge: Orchestral ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Disk any 6 has the number of orchestral songs that show something stylistically further some worlds of Elgar Butterworth Vaughan Williams and Quilter. That there is besides these worlds is Originality of Bridge and the freshness of expression that inspired Britten.

An even could be said of a lot of some other works in this dip which looks the massive work of amour. It has been registered on four years. Of some 43 works in these places the majority is complete register . All of some works are short like any easily could return easily to the program jointly.

All of a mark of works partorisca pleasant listening. A lot they are enjoyable works of light music. It likes with Holst of some later works aim more individualities. All aim beauty of expression and have interest.

Works partorisca the orchestra of series likes Continuazione partorisca Serious, to the orchestral works like to Enter the cradle, State and a Sea, and some the orchestral songs underline particularly.

The works of the bridge aim the sensibility of expression that seldom will do it to a BBC Proms. Some actions in this together sound very involved. Once the copies of a together have sold was assumed can be that many these works will not be reissued.
4 / 5
Like the member of a BBC the ad hoc singers were privileged to be involved in this register for one a choral piece for Pont Franco has called: A Prayer. Has several good friends those who are also members of an orchestra and has spoken to Richard Hickox often. It was such an enthusiastic manager whose link with English music was so only. It has thrilled to look spend our some colours subtiles and outlines of a music. One for real memorable experience. It agrees having caffè with him in a BBC Living room in Llandaff and converse in his amour of a national confidence, good singers and his plans to go Sydney to direct Work. Sadly This is to be cut short for his untimely died in 2008 whilst working in another register with a BBC. The legacy is a right name for this exceptional reissues and know any the one who buy this register will not be disappointed. One wins durable to the man adds.
5 / 5
A mixed stock exchange of pleasant music that, although not living until 'Bridge, a forgotten modernist', resupplies welcome relief of Drivetime irradiates.
4 / 5
Ossia Really for enthusiasts of Bridge, more than so that they can have the random or spending interest in him, or the one who are curious to know better. A favourite of usual Bridge is there, of course, together with the plot of material that can very necessarily wish you had bought. Better to buy some individual disks for separate and selectively, unless really you are the enthusiast of Bridge, in that marry this neighbour represents excellent value for money.
4 / 5
4 / 5
Have known has expected long enough it Chandos finally would release these six registers of the orchestral music of Frank bridge in the box, and here is, 2 cm of wonderful music. Originally Registered among 2000 and 2004, represent the course the loveliest that a late, and a lot of lamented, Richard Hickox, any one looks for having fill a void has left for Hickox and Handley still, and require the new champion of British music!
Some six disks represent attacked he of register adds, everything of the orchestral works of the entity of the bridge is here together with a vast majority of his smaller some. All some works are given the stirling action, a Welsh BBC is in shape exceptional throughout while Howard Shelly (Phantasam) and Alban Gerhardt (Oration) gives fine actions in some concertante works, a Welsh heart is excellent in a Prayer, and some three singers of solos, Roderick Williams, Sarah Connolly and Philip adds late Langridge gives spirited performaces of some orchestral songs.
Dare said favourite register of some of these works, Charlie Groves records of A Sea with a RLPO, for example, which in my opinion will not be surpassed never, although a present register approaches, but to have all these fine works have registered like this well and collected together in a box of slender line is lovelier. A note, while no like this thorough like original, give an excellent idea to a man and his music, which coupled with a wonderful, like this always, Chandos his, marks this my king-@@subject of a year!
5 / 5
If you are INTERESTED LIKE THIS in British history of composers & of music, you ought to buy this product. But it attended it finds to astound compositions to listen the while they hang is gone in home, better investigations Waughan Williams or Holst, of this collection contains compositions of inequal interest or quality.
5 / 5
Coffret reagrupando Give scarce pieces and captivantes of Frank Pont, so only the available register touches some, the all pair focused a specialist of the English music; soloists convincentes touches his pieces concertants.
Realisation very presented, Of a lot well technical quality, interesting notes but in English so only.
The excellent acquisition in that I involve.

Top Customer Reviews: Janacek/ Suk/ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has not been if it is Matteo Goffriller rape (1708), a Chandos engineering, or Jennifer Hammers is touching -- or some combination of all three -- but ossia an outstandingly beautiful register , and expressively that surprised (mine at least) of the violinist in his 24th year. The pike is totally in tune with a differential of Oriental European melancholy that finds expression by means of half musical different in some works of Janacek, Suk, and Dvorak has registered here, and his pianist, Tom Poster, also fantastically registered, is equally impressive. A Janacek touched partorisca violin and piano (1914, rev. 1922) it Is a so only the majority of substantial piece in a disk. It is trying to describe a writing like piky,' to the equal that moves the notes of advances groups quite brief or motives that never cohere to form the melody and which still achieve an expressive power of melody. A character is elegiac and turbulent, with some motives that is spent among some instruments in such the way that an always looks to be doing suggestions to counter to another, this in spite of not creating never an incongruence in a be of the way has expressed. A character of a half musical (like opposed to that is to express) is totally different anything has has not listened never. A heart of a piece is, for me, a third movement, which achieves the sense of bleakness or emptiness this resembles'explain' a global elegiac character of a whole. This third movement is the class of dumka, doing like the accident and troubling prank this represents the vision of the world-wide emptied of beauty and serenity, and concealed to agree me of Mahler, without touching to the to anything likes them to them Mahler. (Besides a short Janacek pieces, a 'Allegro' is a refused fourth movement of a touched, and one listens in touching that ploughed a tentativa to be assertive ossia out of character with some premiers three movements in the way that Janacek the final version is not .) Two other short pieces, the Dumka and the Idyll, both of around 1880. It is less pointy but any less melancholy, with a Romance coming more afterwards to something melodic, perhaps has included the folk melody.

An alternation of grave and gay, in music that the looks have based in dances, characterises a Dumka, and Suk Four Pieces () of 1900 represents the dumka alcohol, with a soberly beautiful odd-has numbered movements contrasting with some big alcohols of some same-has numbered some. One same-has numbered some require the plot of dexterity of both players, and is in these movements that the virtuosidad of the axe can be appreciated almost for his own sake, included like one registers an expressive power of one touching. A short Dvorak pieces that complete a disk is king-workings for violin and piano (for a composer he, reason was) other pieces of chamber. A plus along, a Nocturnal of 1883, is an only one east threatens to outstay his welcome, but the amazing development in a minute final the rescues. Some four Romantic Pieces of 1887 (originally for the trio of serious) takes behind to something like the Brahmsian his-world-wide, and give both musicians he casualidad to show a lyrical potential of his instruments. If calm asked sooner he or no the pike could spend out of the capacity of his violin for long-the melody has breathed, a Dvorak the pieces give you a response. That the disk adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Stanford: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
A music of Charles Villiers Stanford still does not receive an attention deserves. This fantastically directed, touched and has registered the place of his seven symphonies would owe that it help. One the majority of remarkable characteristic that strikes an auditor is an abundance of wonderful tunes, a prompt example that it is an end of No. Of Symphony 1.

Enjoys some symphonies of Schubert, Mendelssohn and Dvorak, try these works and calm can take the very pleasant surprise.
5 / 5
Partorisca A lot my lifetime a critical verdict and historical level in Stanford has been concealed, so the averages of some double-headed conjoined Victorian twins Stanford'any Parry, deserves praise partorisca his teaching and work of administration, but like the composer was partorisca dull, 'academic', and correctly forgotten.

Thanks to a sterling laws such musicians like a lot of-Vernon stray Handley and of companies like Chandos Records, is now able to listen a music and partorisca judge for us. And maintaining can listen that totally the failure was all this sensatez has received; perhaps it has no better place partorisca begin a king-evaluation that this together splendid of Stanford symphonies.

Perhaps one first what that a normal music-the lover will discover is the one who the a lot of tunesmith Stanford was. It have to that be the dull dog that does not find an out of-sweep of beaten of a Sixth inaugural Symphony entirely exhilarating, or the one who does not smile in a chuckling second tune of a Fifth. A second delicious subject of an end of a Chamber is before prime minister to a better of Mendelssohn.

Mendelssohn Is not an only audible influence; in a irresistible start of this same Island can call to import a 'Italian' Symphony, but the moments of interior are near of Dvorak and then (partorisca a second tune) to Brahms. Elsewhere it has touches of Saint-Saens, and in fact external. But a result of final is no simple yard-and-the paste gathered of Stanford musical Hero. Has his own voice - and, for a way, this voice is very diverse of that of Parry. A Third to symphony 'Irish' opens with partorisca dip ready wonderfully poignant in F smaller as for now it could touch Brahmsian, but a long melody, good-looking of a second @@subject that follows (surely one of some the majority of lovely tunes in a symphonic cannon) is pure Stanford. ( Estanford I good-looking thoughts have expressed in his own good-looking way' was a commentary of Vaughan Williams in the music of his professor.)

Included his detractors admit Stanford extraordinary technical Fluidity. There are moments when an auditor could feel that it say it so as need say, but his technician is such that any extra period is always purposeful and entertaining.

His orchestration is masterly without never that appeals on partorisca 'effect'. Handley And his band touches a music to the equal that was his daily repertoire , with just an occasional passage - for example in an end of one that touches Prime minister slightly down tension.

I hope that some the long years of negligence are on and that this music will recover his pertinent place in a room jointly. (Surely a Symphony 'Irish' would be the swipe in a Proms!) While A together splendid present of CDs is available to open some ears of lovers of music to neglected and entirely enjoyable music for the native (Anglo-Irish, partorisca be precise) composer that has to that justly be proud.
5 / 5
Good tunes, to the orchestration adds, good register with especially of the his of rich brass. Ossia First music of tax , unaccountably almost unknown. Strongly recommended!