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5 / 5
Nach nun Fast 30 Jahren the war is nun auch one gives Zeit give Wintersporthelm zu ersetzen.

++ Pros ++

+ gute Passform Gives Kopfumfang For Drehrad hinten eingestellt werden kann, daher guter Tragekmfort
+ / EN1077 geprüft, zumindest laut Etikette und Anleitung
+ günstiger Preis

-- Against --

- bei nebligem Wetter und abends ist gives Visier etwas zu dunkel, was mir einersitens bei gives Bestellung klar war, würde aber ein gelbes Visier vorziehen.
- Ansonsten bis anhin keine negativen Punkte, werde Dies aber allenfalls Anfügen fallen noch etwas negatives auftaucht.

4 Sterne bedeutet bei mir Kaufempfehlung, Gives letzten Stern gibts dann nach dem Winterurlaub wenn gives Helm ausgiebiger 'getestet' wurde.
4 / 5
He Helmet has arrived In time brevissimi and rispecchia perfectly the description.
Have purchased it for my son has given 10 years and have has detained a short L that obviously there be had to to tighten as a lot with the wheel dips behind to the helmet . The visiera integrated is has given good bill mine my son Since the among the air gives below and gives him a bit annoyance. I think that it depend of the fact that sweats Appearance was that has given a boy and has not given an adult. If it can still svitare and stick a classical mask.
5 / 5
Saves in the tents the best helmets with visiera and afterwards this Any one find some difference, in fact the only difference is that this cost less than the half and therefore I have saved a bel po' has given danaro. To do it in rodeo he helmet is has given absolute quality announces an acceptable price, therefore the straconsiglio.
4 / 5
Already Client CMP For the clothes gives ski, have wanted to try he helmet approfittando of the offer.
Results very done And comfortable especially For the integrated mask, optimum the visual.
Alas The mask Any one adheres benissimo to the appearance (the one who wanted to can still stir and use the own).
Concluding, think that he Helmet was interesting purchased in promotion, the full price find produced has better data bill.
4 / 5
He Helmet is a good product, upper was the half comunicacionales has sure data, a lot he better of the sud market understand. To the price half (70-80) is surely good, the what paid during Black Friday (43) is CUP. However very comfortable, Opening for airy and mask S2 (goes well also with only full).
5 / 5
This Crack is to the bet Any better has given other frames blasonati my ad a price of 40 is short, live the Italian producers!
p.S. Have 60 Coming measured and the XL is other producers have taglie very small no satisfied.
5 / 5
Any one have purchased Foreseen one for me and a smaller for my daughter and has to that it says that here we are found a lot very a lot yes appannano the visiera sale and drop a lot quickly and without ingombro that is a lot of gain among a clue and the another while sell with the optimum installations also dyes yellow/green that gives very visible advised .
5 / 5
Have expected has given to try it For some days and with several climatic situations. It is comfortable Gives to put, light, protects well gives snow and have the habit of closing and learns fessure for the aereazione. The lentil protects of the Has the habit of and of the wind during him descents. I have not been able to it try with the fog my any one think that to lentil mine would have helped. It is A good product Announce an optimum price, perhaps a lentil has given renewal would have been opportuna.
4 / 5
Bestellt Are Donnerstag, geliefert are Samstag, Skifahren are Montag
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Lieferung ohne Probleme, Gut verpackt. Passt wie angegossen. Über Gives Fingerrad kann the man gives Helm sehr gut einstellen. It gives ich Brillenträger Cube ist gives Visier eine gute Möglichkeit auch Shines dipped zu fahren. Of the Visier rastet In verschiedenen Stellungen ein.
Mfg. usqm
4 / 5
Optimum Helmet, peezzo and quality cup. For bearers has given glasses gives view is for real gives to advise, the visiera covers perfectly the glasses without bear annoyance. My son Has declares it 52 cm and use measures it 54-56 cm and goes perfectly with mark of still has given agrandar he helmet for the next years. The visiera is gives the description ,ANTIGRAFFIO!! Attention that exist 2 models, I have bought that With the visiera WITHOUT Flange. I advise it 100 %.