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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5 Aurea
I have tried mirror a itv hub my street firetv of mine iPad and has taken the message that is not constant is an only reason has dipped this application on like calm can not take a itv hub the application that read in the TV of fire has not tried any one another application but cushion linked to firetv any annoy
4 / 5 Yevette
Terrible. Has the súper connection of fast internet but is still incredibly laggy. L The drink sustains any format of file, he a lot in fact to the action of screen likes in some pictures(calm so only can send half comunicacionales) more can any Youtube same of current smoothly! I know it is economic but is still a utter waste of money
4 / 5 Charise
uses this to mirror my iPad in my clave of fire of the Amazon.

Does almost every time and a quality is an add and to the equal that has expected has any @subject anything and would purchase again is necessary.

Has recommended highly.
4 / 5 Angele
Leaves my PC to use airplay to touch iTunes right to the mine firestick. So only open an application and hastens airplay on iTunes then selects TV of fire and yours arrive and that careers. Easy.
4 / 5 Shila
He exactly that I require it to do; I have purchased a clave of television of Fire of Amazon and has been surprised to discover that it does not sustain DNLA went to a box likes to regulate. So after reading the few descriptions, 'AirPlay/DLNA Auricular (PRO)' looked to return a bill and I can now common all my pictures and video of my telephone of Android to a TV of the fire of the estacas of Amazon concealed is connected to the mine projector.
5 / 5 Efren
Almost 100. It has had to disable Acceleration of Hardware because the initial latency was so only too much. Still have some latency, jumps of cursor of the smile slightly, but is a lot enough for presentations. Also enable Full HD to have access to 1080p as it is not enabled for incumplimiento. Wars of air of star touched fill HD trailer, and both sound and the quality of video was very good.
4 / 5 Garrett
Has purchased for my TV of clave of the fire because has devices of apple during a house. £ It is the subject , used to be £5. I have had he for the day and very impressed. It comes on like this TV of apple done and has been able to see photo, video and run applications with his and video all doing a lot of smoothly. I can not say like this impressed are but would say for any one looking to use a clave of fire like the method of exposure for you devices of the apple then takes this.
Common of iphone 6s with ios 10 installed. ipad 4. Bought see a cloud and mean can it to them install on several devices that use an account of amazon has included
5 / 5 Keenan
has bought this to leave streaming and mirroring of the mine iPhone 7.
The application has been installed to a clave to shoot directly with which shabby.
Running an application discoverable of Airplay.
Has on attacked in a Telephone to take to a Centre of Control.
Has chosen Airplay Mirroring has selected then a Clave of Fire.
Also could run video in safari and select a symbol/of Triangle of the television the current to a Clave of Fire.
4 / 5 Lanette
Has loved the he so that it can look film of my account of iTunes does not do like this in my eyes any value of the money.
5 / 5 Daren
No spent to this likes yu wants to look Now of the television that uses it, any paid . As he a lot to mirror likes has said that does. So as the little of some other people those who have bought this and has squandered his money. If you want to look Now television, use your TV of apple, or playstation. I have used my TV of apple touches a now material TV brilliantly using a built in application.
5 / 5 Adela
I have loved current of the computer with built in Airpin sender to the clave of fire. He no at all. No really able to do that I loved it to do. I have contacted a web of place for an application and has not been useful.
4 / 5 Keturah
Works of application a lot on all my firetv/devices of clave and on comes a question of screen mirroring a ipad/iphone to the mine flatscreen TV. Enough the few options done to help tune end and a car that careers in startup the easy fact to start with screen mirroring of some devices of Apple. It is the little laggy in a firetv clave, but no such subjects in a firetv boxes.
4 / 5 Luanna
Rubbish - only done once money down a drain! Any way to contact any to say them that rubbishes this is. There is disappointed really!
4 / 5 Jon
There is disappointed really!!
Is looking to look any content of video saws mirroring your device then this application is not for you. Everything maintains to take is the buffering message in my TV.
Fails to announce to offer airplay.
Asking yes can take my money behind.
4 / 5 Nubia
Does not act. Paid for and has downloaded an application and in spite of dipping in a code of pin in a screen mine the-the tampon will not accept it .
5 / 5 Mika
Has had a TV of Apple, and used to have like this questions when touching video of a ipad. Changed to Shoot of Amazon HD box (any one a clave, as it can not comment) and these laws of orders of application every time of a ipad. It was better if this has uploaded every time has turned in a box of Fire, more than that has to that select manually, but concealed is not the failure with an application.
4 / 5 Tempie
Coast Applicazione to use the current and iPhone of mirror to the yours FireStick device. Recommended like this quite easy to use.
5 / 5 Nakita
Disturbs This has paid totally the money for something concealed no same work !! Master d to run my films of iTunes to a TV that said it that this application has been used for but no neither so only take the audio or the saying of the message can not touch the file has protected !! There is money will not go back never.
4 / 5 Mignon
Confusing application. Any support and not clearing. The screen has loved so only mirroring in my clave of fire and more discovered take you can take mirroring partorisca resist house. Waste of time partorisca me.
4 / 5 Hallie
That had expected the . Maintaining can see pics and video of our iOS devices in a big screen! I have found the video have touched of the mine iPhone 5 the bit stuttery, but these touched of an iPhone 6 was smooth, with just an occasional brief pause. In general I think that that this application costs of the money.
5 / 5 Nereida
Once connected to a Fire-clave, which took the little time, law well in both photos and of the video.
4 / 5 Harriett
Excellent application! Clave of Fire of Amazon of frames looks a TV of Apple partorisca screen mirroring or AirPlay of iOS devices. Also it does a lot very like this DLNA client, streaming directed of IN The or LAN media library. Elegant creation and application of confidence. Recommended!
5 / 5 June
The application has drawn bad that does not act. It does not squander your money is.
4 / 5 Sammie
Using this in my Clave to Shoot leave me the current like this DLNA and AirPlay to a TV, has tried them my telephone of Windows and my Ipad and both common perfectly

finds my ZyXEL IN THE immediately and common the to a TV without questions,
5 / 5 Gayla
I bondadosos of works... MacBook Pro --&62; Amazon Firestick and iOS 10 --&62; Firestick

Falls entirely once in the moment. I more annoying, picture and his always totally out of sync (1+ seconds, really bad). I know it is economic, but am spent the plot to time partorisca try to take touched of of east was-of-sync subject.
5 / 5 Theresia
A lot has a receiver in mine telly, wheres an application partorisca send? They are I when being stupid cant take a sodding what partorisca do help?
5 / 5 Pura
When His working then is quite well, the little bit of lag but watchable, the question are so only take around 3-4 minutes before it falls was and has to that king-select he of a bar of paper in mine macbook pro
4 / 5 Ladawn
has bought this has loved like this the screen shares my iPad and iPhone. Work to treat he for the screen that accione and music streaming by means of the clave of fire.
4 / 5 Caitlyn
These produced has not done partorisca me. Audio of entity synch and big jumps in a picture. This would have been 1 star partorisca the action but I am by train of the give three because of a punctual support of a developer.
5 / 5 Audry
Has wanted to be able to see my photos of iPhone in my TV and this does perfectly
5 / 5 Hisako
A lot well in me really the works fine my iPhone costs of the money in planting to pay hundreds of Apple of books to do a same thing
4 / 5 Reid
The one who the battery of total and utter craps... Absolutely at all it averts to take your money, complete and utter waste of time !Any one annoying !
5 / 5 Giovanni
Has not been sure yes could look video etc of the mine iPad in mine television but these works of good application and is very easy to use
4 / 5 Ali
Works well with my Macbook. Mirroring Sometimes lag. But Airplay of video & of Youtube of web of places in the safari that the mine uses Macbook works pefect and full HD any lag. But airplay of application of Youtube/of Youtube of the iPhone is not that well; lagging and buffering.
4 / 5 Brittny
This application no at all. I maintain to take the messages that says this application is not possessed and can use it at all, the one who the waste of money.
4 / 5 Francesco
Can not look for the take to do? Any mirror. Audio of games, but any mirror or same when you press the game in the calm video expects it to touch in a fire.
4 / 5 Andree
Has downloaded this application to the equal that can look the films had bought on iTunes but an application would not leave me they so that it has been protected, says is for the air of apple touches like this has to it leave, a lot disappointed
4 / 5 Carlota
Purchased an application last night and has looked the film while mirroring my iPad my TV of Fire of the Amazon - has done perfectly in HD. We do not experience any lag during a whole film, as there is so only positive to inform.
4 / 5 Marielle
Waste of money. It maintains partorisca take and exiting of sync. A sound finally another receipt has squandered money on...😤
5 / 5 Santa
Useless partorisca video - blocky and laggy when used with television of Fire of the Amazon of both iPad and iPhone
5 / 5 Teresita
has Found this purely my casualidad.
Extremely easy to install to mine firestick.
So only is using partorisca show my photos via Airplay in mine iPhone and Mac.
Adds partorisca show shows of slide etc.
5 / 5 Despina
has estimated so only 1 star because not to leave me partorisca estimate zero. Useless partorisca streaming of a telephone of android partorisca shoot clave of TV. Squandered In an hour that tries to touch the film has rented. It does not squander your money.
4 / 5 Chin
Has bought recently the firestick and has required the mirroring device partorisca my Ipad and Iphone.
This little application a trick and also laws with the PC,

Top Customer Reviews: what's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Kanisha
The cost has checked I. Never receive a code to active an application and is not partorisca release unbelievable
4 / 5 Parker
The cost has verified This Telegram of uses of the application as not to expect it partorisca give access to a ubiquitous IOS WhatsApp. Waste of time and money!
4 / 5 Russ
The cost has checked Uninstalled immediately. It has not been a WhatsApp, application. Any option of the repayment. Waste of Money. Need of description partorisca be the plot more clearer.
5 / 5 Ron
I. Never receive a code to active an application and is not partorisca release unbelievable
5 / 5 Iona
Uninstalled immediately. It has not been a WhatsApp, application. Any option of the repayment. Waste of Money. Need of description partorisca be the plot more clearer.
5 / 5 Loni
This Telegram of uses of the application as not to expect it partorisca give access to a ubiquitous IOS WhatsApp. Waste of time and money!

Top Customer Reviews: Tablet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
The concept adds partorisca link my Kindle to my telephone, work a lot well.
4 / 5
It take this partorisca use with my pill but he have not done. I have tried to connect to the pill of my partner with exactly a same result. I have asked the neighbour partorisca try it he so that at all it has done it. A lot frustrating partorisca say a less. Complete waste of time!
5 / 5
Has wanted to be able the message without taking the telephones was also and for that are to add- will try a call pickup afterwards. It was 5 but there is emailed a dev/support two times that asks like this to solve @@subject of numbers of just telephone for some in the existent messages on compressed more than recognising contacts and any answered that it order still this would do it 5 star
5 / 5
can not find the free version for my telephone. That the waste to time
5 / 5
Very disappointing and frustrating
has bought an application to the equal that can use he with my kindle fire HD
is doing in my galaxy 4 telephone but master no syn to my pill.
Has tried and installed and unstall little time but any regime.
My Kindle and the telephone is paired but any syn the habladuría of pill
5 / 5
This application is sum to send and receiving texts in your pill, connects to your telephone via Bluetooth or WiFi and syncs automatically when I receive the message. It has been it adds it deletes messages of both pill and telephone but second that it can say, has to manually delete messages of both.. More options for reports of delivery and also to take SMS that converts the MMS yes is considered too much long for your stock telephones messaging application.. In general the application adds and very appreciated, massively thanks to a developer to sell this in the prize adds, the law adds in mine nexus 7!
4 / 5
Dipped it on my telephone of android and my Kindle the fire and laws to treat it. I have been that looks for the way to text of the mine Kindle and this returns a bill perfectly.
4 / 5
The application adds uploaded easily and synced to telephone without questions. I find some tones in telephone too small to the equal that to be able use my kindle to the text/of message are adds.
4 / 5
There is not remarked anywhere in a description where says that this requires an application in a telephone aswell. :-(

Top Customer Reviews: WhatsChat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Virgina
The cost checked has Abhorred this one and uninstalled he almost immedately.
4 / 5 Ferdinand
The cost has verified So only another application of messenger
5 / 5 Jeanette
The cost has verified A cheaply fact, ailing returning produced that is has arrived broken. It is it is returned.
4 / 5 Genaro
The cost has checked cant uses it like this whats application or anything like this wont read them on retard wrong version like any used this now has to that paid partorisca he
4 / 5 Corliss
The cost has checked Can link very included normal telephone that is application . Useless
4 / 5 Kurtis
Abhorred this one and uninstalled he almost immedately.
4 / 5 Evita
A cheaply fact, ailing returning produced that is has arrived broken. It is it is returned.
5 / 5 Carylon
cant Uses like this whats application or anything like this wont read them on retard wrong version like any used this now has to that paid for him

Top Customer Reviews: SMS Auto Reply PRO ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Angelique
I have used this application partorisca the very few years how is evolved by means of him several phases.
Is one of a bit those that applications in mine telephone that would not be without.
Adds partorisca see the version that beats to the calls have lost again.
Writes Done well/Daughters

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Dino
Ossia The a lot of application
4 / 5 Millicent
A lot I really a lot now know left mW think