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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
When I have bought this, was $ 38, and takings the cycle of symphony of Schumann of integer , Beethoven initiates complete, Tchaikovsky complete continuazioni orchestral, the fascinating disk of religious symphonies for Honegger and Britten, and the smattering other things, American and Romantic.

Has begun with a Mahler disk and has thinks that can also there is flushed mine $ 38 down a basin. Partorisca Direct Mahler, Marriner so only is not your type. All a dignity and the heaviness of Mahler evaporates in Marriner fashionable dance of the approximation. Included an engineering of his for Bernhard Bauer in this disk has contributed to a global impression of dullness. Felizmente, is not an engineer partorisca register on all some disks (so only that one and a Bartok a).

One Schumann disks is surprisingly well.
5 / 5
Excellent churns That this coffret. The orchestra of Stuttgart is excellent and Marriner directs a repertoire that knows good but that the poseridad the occulté. It directs this orchestra among Celidibidache and Norrington that finally fixed well the Horizon stylistique. Bolt of direction, with a lot of nobility, that does not go to his extreme and shows very attentive to the dynamics, to the balances and especially to the clarity gives lines. If it love his contrechants, this coffret is the games in fact !
The Best : 2 disks Beethoven with giving start and give pieces of circumstances. Excellent consecration Of manacles it example of pair. A Beethoven a lot of haydnien and apollinien but this goes well with this repertoire.
Glorious Integrate them Schumann (but a lot of schubertienne... ) With guinda Of the sud lucido twisted the symphonie Zwickau (inachevée). Edges charnu, dyed, light.
Total tarpaulin equally in his continuazioni of Tchaïkovski that Sent perfectly to the direction of Marriner.
Surprised well : Strauss that clear of some the transparent edges. Excellent attainment in Boxes the Espiègle. Likewise it joins 2nd of Rachmaninov without pathos, with a lot of disposal and of boats. At all idiomatic but that like for the listen like this has touched !
Bartok, Britten and Honnegger is Of good bills but a chouïa décoratif. The beauty gives the colours spends it to the sud the urgency of the tongue
A lot good-looking 4th of Mahler that there also goes well with lucido boss but ternie the pair has joined soprano that no a the carrure (M. Shiraï, More known like mélodiste).
Quite stray, His Gerschwin and the American music where lucido the boss is too gourmé, too noble. Excellent provision of Cécile Ousset in mark. Like this at least 7 excellent disks, qq complementos thrilling and 3 disks dispensables.

Top Customer Reviews: William Boughton: A ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
They are very happy. Fine selection of glorious and excellent music that touch of CD. A lot it recommends partorisca acquisition.
5 / 5
This box dipped of 4 CDs is varied certainly. Like the title suggests that all some pieces are directed for William Boughton. It directs some orchestras is famously partners with: Orchestra of Orchestra and Serious English of English Symphony as well as a BBC National Orchestra of Country of Galles. The majority of some pieces is short and a long plus is Elgar Continuazione of Nursery in 21 minutes but the majority are around 10 minutes or less. As you could expect he the strong emphasis in English music with abundance of Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Parry, Delius, Holst, Pont, Boyce, Butterworth, Finzi, Tippett, Britten and more. This in spite of has other composers has looked partorisca comprise Sibelius. I have not been familiarised with Continuazione Mignonne as well as Shostakovich, Copland, Barber, Telemann, Mendelssohn and Arensky. For necessity a lot of some pieces have touched is the alone movements took of the main works and is liberto previously in several Nimbus or Lyrita CDs. This also means some venues differ and a row of registers in ages of 1983 (Elgar Sigh) to 2018 (Thea Musgrave) with more than a late @@@1980s until prompt @@@1990s. Has not founding a quality partorisca touch the question.
Some pieces are fixed sensibly with concerts or of the pieces with soloists in DC1; English music predominantly in CD2, a third disk has more Baroque or early Classical works. Have enjoyed a Telemann Concert in D partorisca trumpet and serious and William Boyce Symphony Any one.6 In F. CD4 HAS music more modern like Tippett Concert partorisca Orchestra of Double Series and Britten and John Joubert.
Has the very interesting booklet that comprises reminiscences for William Boughton with some photographs, although one with Boughton that smoke the cigarette is probably more forgotten.

Top Customer Reviews: American ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
This has to that estimate like this one of Barbara Bonney registers classical; it is very very received in his emission in 1996 and remains the compatible recommendation partorisca some discharges of repertoire.

Bonney Is of course here accompanied for André Previn, the one who has composed an inaugural piece “Sallie Chisum Agrees Billy Ragazzo” especially partorisca sound; the quite light work perhaps, in spite of sings fantastically and with a endearing naïvety.
A real substance of an album is to be found in Copland “Twelve Poems for Emily Dickinson” and Barber “Hermit Songs”; these are exemplary actions of two popular song the cycles that requires approximations very different – a Barber that is a plus lyrical which particularly suitable Bonney voice.(“A Fray and His Cat” has been long the preferred of mine).
But a mustn't raisin for big a Silver; a “Six Elizabethan the songs” are registers ” of world-wide première (well was in 1996) and is the amiably diverse neighbour.
Previn “Vocalise” With an addition of cellist Sato Knudsen finalises the a lot of in satisfactory album in fact.

Bonney And Previn give the good account of these works like an inspired by society the quite defiant program of songs of art that reward has repeated to listen.
Some careers of disk to so only on 76 minutes; the full texts are resupplied in English and French.
Controls Out of some clips of sample of the music on.
4 / 5
Does a bit those that weeks , Musiq3 , a francófono Belgian counterpart of BBC-3 , has consecrated the class to Build the program of Library the songs of Samuel Barbiere . If I remember correctly , among 5 or 6 we touch this one has underlined .
And the songs of @Barbero are really treat it ; calm always can contest that it was not exactly the progressive type of composer , but for me at least the music would owe that please in a first place , and I no really cured if some musicologists any estimate highly .
And frankly , a class of uses of the poetry in his music is in another level that a half Lied the poems have used a 19th century , excepts Goethe and Heine the texts have used for Schubert years Sshumann .
Warmly Recommended then .

Top Customer Reviews: My Name is ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
An artist is not in key in an of some selections. Has another register of a lot of these songs that better flavour. I have been disappointed reasons have expected the better art forms this character.

Top Customer Reviews: In the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia A prime minister has published cd of this Oxford University Heart. With voices and young woman viril a heart has the wonderful fresh sound. This is to complete for the program that contrast contemporary works with works of leading centuries. This does very well and resupplies the a lot of in satisfactory program the one who shows some capacities of this excellent heart.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastically has produced partorisca register with an interesting selection of pieces. Three of them are new works and another two decidedly 20th century, as if you are not the defender of modern choral music, the look was now. Has the preference partorisca polyphony of Renaissance I, but a new setting of When David has Listened for Whitacre has grown to good sure on me. Two third of a way to a piece, this in spite of, asks a virtually impossible of some sopranos, and has to that be said that momentarily a result is not entirely beautiful - but ossia the small carp really; there is little failure to find with a heart elsewhere in a CD.
A trio of settings of a history of bible of David that shouts in an informative of a death of his edges Absalon (Gombert, Weelkes, Whitacre) is the masterful juxtaposition. Turn to these three pieces again and again, and a CD goes very compraventa for them so only. A tenor the one who sings in a Whitacre surely has the future adds like the professional singer. A Gombert (Lugebat David Absalon) is simply ravishing.
Ossia The fine heart with fine direction, and the chapel very end whose good-looking acoustic coverages by means of a whole register. Well value the listen.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Some actions are excellent, but remarks that a version of lacking mp3 some last 3 minutes of Rothko Chapel (compares a timing in a @@@back cover of a version of CD). This failure is common to other places partorisca download also.