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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Although some of some clues were enjoyable, I also found that the plot of then was low quality registers. Had also some bedtime the histories mixed in the some clues, which is not of the that has been expecting. I do not have the question with histories except a fact that is mixed in with the classical clue, will disturb a flow of a music. Also, a volume is not equalised and some clues are stronger that another.
5 / 5
Vielfältige und schöne Mischung, auf jeden Fallen sehr entspannend, 10 CDs reichen vielleicht auch, a data Zeit im Kreißsaal zu überbrücken ;-)

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Quartet of electrical Guitar of Spanish Art
Quartet of Segovia of Andrés
Duet of electrical Guitar Klaus and Rainer Feldmann
Magdalena Kaltcheva
Carlos Bonelli
Siegfried Behrend
5 / 5
have never stumbled by means of something and, partorisca the examine, been like this excited that has has had to that you the only haste was and say all your friends roughly the to form that that could share too much? Well Ossia like me feels on listening to this together of CDs. If it likes-it calms it to you of classical electrical guitar then Has to that take this together of CDs. Haste! Any attentive. The calm guarantee will not complain it never.

Ossia The glorious collection of CDs for several different interpreters. Note that is not so much the compendium of different clues but the collection of 10 whole albums. The majority is album for a Quartet of Spanish Art, but there is also album for a Quartet of Segovia of Andres, Siegfried Behrend, and another. There is 10 CDs here, as it does not demand that each clue only be to the yours in pleasant. But you are guaranteed partorisca find to plot here, among on 10 hours of music, that plots.

If you are the defender of time with a longitude of a classical electrical guitar there will be quite the few clues in this together of calm music probably already versions of in your collection. This in spite of, if it is calm taste does not import never listen another artist is takes on obligatory levels as, escuerdos of Alhambra', 'Asturie (Legend)', and can not have too many actions of the concert of Rodrigo of Aranjuez. Some real properties in these neighbours this in spite of is some a lot of clues of music I never listened first, included after listening to a classical electrical guitar for several decades. I will not try to give some listings of clue here but yes calm like can look on place and look for Spanish of Classical electrical Guitar (10 conjoint CD) and see a whole clue that lists there. There is to PLOT there.

Think that it would recommend this together with; it does not think it it would recommend it to any the one who there has been has not listened never a classical electrical guitar first, simply because of a possible overburdens. I think that it that it would recommend the place of double CD for Christopher Parkening or Alirio Diaz like the better introduction. There the recently arrived has all some the traditional levels already dip was for them. But if that recently arrived finds likes that listens there, then strongly would recommend this like the second compraventa. If you know like-it calms it to you of classical electrical guitar then the to take this dips

Partorisca low $ 30 rid (new or used) is the enormous value . (A $ 99 digital download a lot so much for comparison.)

Has to that done 11 CDs here. One 11th is the CD -ROM that contains no only some listings of clue for each CD in a together, but a liner the commentaries concealed was with each album. It is the welcome addition .

Has a thing that has found the bit to frustrate at the beginning but could win it. Of these is 10 complete albums and separate, one on-information of the clue of the disk is encoded how were in some original albums. It likes-me the tear my CDs to my hard walk like that can do playlist to listen to in my computer, and then take a CD he in a living room to listen to in my system of the his of the theatre when they are to some serious listening.

I quickly found that, although each CD ripper there is rasgará a music of the each one CD, any one would do successfully in the each one CD. Some will not transfer at all. Some will mix so much that they are unreadable. I think that that it has had to use 3 different rippers to take a music as well as an information to my hard walk successfully. But it is done. And there is to plot of FREE CD very rippers available partorisca download.

But ossia an only drawback. Another that that a technical quality of the each CD in a neighbour is excellent. Also, it is it has balanced properly. A potential question with treating releasing 10 different albums together like the neighbours is ossia that a level of volume and global mastering is different of a CD to a nest. It concealed it is not a chance here. Place 5 of these in your transmission of CD and will not be that it has to that regulate a level of volume among CDs. Neither it is there a lot of hisses, explosions, or breaks audible in any of some clues. An analog to the digital scrollings were all done perfectly where required.

Takes this together. Certainly I will not say calm never will want to another. (I follows always finding another master.) But calm always will be happy to have this together among your collection.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
If you are interested in Debussy, well value the listen. Some actions are excellent and ossia the very lovely addition to a catalogue of the vocal music of Debussy. It aims operatic life had besides Pelleas and Melisande.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
I have seen this revised disk and thought it would be so only that has wanted to listen to. It does not give credit to an orchestra or the musicians that takes some parts of goodnesses. Any to Like me any of some same pieces those think is wonderful, chair enough to the sinister down for him, especially to the equal that have had to that expect several weeks for delivery.

My suggestion would be to look for an equivalent CD with the orchestra adds, something goes to do now!!!
4 / 5
I like a fact that has gone the compendium of his better works
5 / 5
liked a selection of Debussy is to do that it is in his point for any new his. This would do the good present for any coming fresco to this music.
5 / 5
This collection of Debussy classics has been the welcome addition in my room, particularly with my more defiant classes. A classical music has the a lot of calming influence how is wonderful.
4 / 5
A comprehensible collection of Dubussy works of entities. If you are the defender of Claude Debussy, will want to have this in your collection of classical music.
5 / 5
Has received in the fast and effective way and love a music

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Of melodies a lot good-looking interpreted with a lot of accuracy.
Some texts (P. Bourget) Is A bit feeble. 4 f play Télérama
4 / 5
Games partorisca do a present in one gives support of music 'impressionniste '
5 / 5
4 / 5
Ossia the really stunning album of the songs of Debussy, that comprises his whole career and registered partorisca mark some 100 anniversaries of year of the death of a composer, treated by the mix of baritone and soprano the singers backed for excellent pianists and all tastefully treated with discreet reverb. Has other versions of some of these things, but having them all together in the collection has unified on 2 disks is something more totally -- the dose concentrated of otherworldly, dreamy, ghostly same, little 3 small vocal masterpieces. Súper Highly recommended, value each cent!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
A quality of a musicianship and technical appearances of this silence of disk all critical. Stunning. Lugansky Is the modern master.
4 / 5
Some works of Claude Debussy are among my preferred. Nikolai Lugansky Presents the very delicate touch in his interpretation of a Continuazione Bergamasque. A music flows like this easily that has found an album that comes to conclusion almost too quickly in spite of when being announce so only cut of an hour. Lugansky Is 'Claro of Lune' is the end rendition but finds that it sustains so only has bitten it too much long in some finals of sentence. Debussy has not written it that way so it is experienced here is Lugansky interpretation more than being faithful to an original, at least in my opinion, as if no like you to them the artistic starts of original acts this can come I so annoying. Still, it is the collection this is easy in an alcohol - the good accompaniment for sunny evening and the cup of tea.
5 / 5
Impression to feel for real Debussy throws the time of première. An example of Bel of the art of Lugansky, that knows to erase in front of this that games...
4 / 5
This pianista play these The compositions throw piano of Debussy with sensibility and delicacy. One recommends.
5 / 5