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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
If you are interested in Debussy, well value the listen. Some actions are excellent and ossia the very lovely addition to a catalogue of the vocal music of Debussy. It aims operatic life had besides Pelleas and Melisande.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Of melodies a lot good-looking interpreted with a lot of accuracy.
Some texts (P. Bourget) Is A bit feeble. 4 f play Télérama
4 / 5
Games partorisca do a present in one gives support of music 'impressionniste '
5 / 5
4 / 5
Ossia the really stunning album of the songs of Debussy, that comprises his whole career and registered partorisca mark some 100 anniversaries of year of the death of a composer, treated by the mix of baritone and soprano the singers backed for excellent pianists and all tastefully treated with discreet reverb. Has other versions of some of these things, but having them all together in the collection has unified on 2 disks is something more totally -- the dose concentrated of otherworldly, dreamy, ghostly same, little 3 small vocal masterpieces. Súper Highly recommended, value each cent!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
This unusual music has been registered long with several courses and several times.
Cantelli The punctual register touches extraordinary but is truncated.
This register is sublimate to begin to finalise and rest a better.
5 / 5
Ossia The fascinating laws, seldom registered, and containing remarkable music that are so only so only discovering. I can not imagine a wonderful action has registered here in a prompt 1990 be bettered. Tilson Thomas ameno out of a radiant intensity of this piece in an inspiring action, with beautiful LSO touching, taken in his stunning.
5 / 5
‘Lucido Martirio of Santo Sebastien' was the bookmark that Debussy has written, in 1911, partorisca accompany the controversy of saint work for Gabrielle Of Annunzio. It is structured in five part - of 'A Yard of Iris' the ‘Paradise' - and looks a the majority of celestial music Debussy has not written never, at least of his sung early ‘The Damoiselle chosen'.
Some interpreters have launched here is half Ann Murray, contralto Nathalie Stutzmann, and soprano Sylvia McNair, with an Orchestra of Symphony of Londra and the heart focused for Michael Tilson Thomas (in 1991). Actora Leslie French Caron is a narrator partorisca appeal also of the that complete voice some good female soloists. (Very better that says Charles Munch, in the a lot of older register).

Of a first moment of this amazing bookmark, so only, an orchestra creates the lush, vaguely exotic atmosphere , spiritual; there are good-looking solos partorisca some instruments too weaving his way in and out of some textures of transparent series - and ossia just Part A.
Then in ‘A Magic Chamber', that follows a eerie intro, Sylvia McNair done his first appearance, singing with such good-looking purity in some of one the majority of ‘static' and divine parts in a bookmark.
A heart touches the function more to the orders likes him to him the progress of music, legislation until a glorious ‘hallelujah' final.

For my flavours, ossia a better register of the choral music never done (a bond with ‘Szymanowski Stabat Mater' of Simon Rattle and a CBSO, in EMI) - in of the terms of music, action, and production.
4 / 5
Lucido Martirio of Santo Sébastien is music adds that it deserves to be listened more often. Debussy combines calm atmospheric music with orchestral sections and strong chorals to achieve the wide row of emotions. A fanfare of brass (prelude to Do 3) is a lot of rousing and has to that be one of some better fanfares has composed. A final coral Alleluia is the climax to return. There is also a lot of good-looking moments with song of only and delicate instrumental accompaniment (sometimes very calm and precise look a volume!). A narration is in French but uses some inflection so that a speaker any French takes an idea of a work in a work. I can not find failure with Michael Tilson Thomas - the masterly interpretation of a work and the fine action for all has involved. I have purchased with elitedigital the one who has sent amiably the second copy of a CD when a prime minister has been to lose in a estaca - the good service has resupplied. Ossia The must for Debussy lovers and any those who enjoys choral of prompt 20th century/of orchestral music.
5 / 5
Lucido Martirio of Santo Sebastien has done of these œuvres that in any connait that look his title. Conceived like A commitment among sing it, lucida lyric work and he ballet , was écrit in 1911 pair Debussy the continuazione &worsens; it joins commission of Gabriele of Annunzio . DiviséAnd in five laws or Parties (lived), the œuvre total dé it spends it it joins hardéand of four hours and a lot pré it seats under the form of a continuous musical set. Of numerous Interventions poéentrances parlé it is it obliges lucido the composer &worsens; servants of the pieces of pair of the form sépairés : introductions or interludes notarises them, airs, chœurs, etc. In déhole of some « inégalités » and of a relative lack of unité fashionable, the partition contains to give pages to join bouleversante beauté as he prélude of the prizesèking « remain »,his déplorations orù he chœur utilisé symphoniquement intègre &worsens; the orchestra, give airs also touchants that that of the virgin Erigone, give the also brilliant pieces that dance he extatique or the « magic chamber ». He préthe register has sent inspires of the « compilation » effectuéand pair Germaine Ingelbrecht touch his needs of the concert . Durable roughly Joins now, is composéand of passages of the pièthis confié it is it worsens; a réthat quotes that he lucido bond among his difféhires « in aéros » musical précreated like this the continuité of the intrigue. Placé Under The Direction inspiréand of Michael Tilson-Thomas &worsens; the boss of the incomparable symphonic orchestra of Londra and of his chœurs, restituye &worsens; the perfection the mystic dimension and lucida deep feelingé it mentions religious new in 1911 in the art of the Master. But reason His artists « étrangers » is- often better that his French Games interpréit has to that our music ? Perhaps they have Lucido shrinking, the distance and the humilité nécessaires play it concealed without having &worsens; tug these usual casseroles and the own common places &worsens; the French alcohol that appoints « transparency », « légèreté », and I do not know the one who another ! The Distribution is also &worsens; 99 Anglo-Saxon and the in any one a step &worsens; it complains : Leslie Caron is a réquoting concentré that always finds lucida just tonne, Sylvia Mac Nair and Ann Murray is &worsens; the height of his réputation , and Nathalie Stutzmann loans timelyé it mentions his tomb of voice to the function délicat of the twin Marcellin. It joins œuvre &worsens; déspent or &worsens; Redélayer without more take.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
A must partorisca any that wants to comprise this allusive work. Be conscious this in spite of that this libretto contains lines and of the scenes of a touch which do not look in a work, can be the bit confuses is to continuation with the register. Otherwise Thoroughly Recommended.
4 / 5
Pelleas And Melisande has been done to a work for Debussy and both Faure and Sibeleus has written incidental music thus game, as it is interesting to read a game that inspired these composers add. Comprised in a volume is two other games: Allardine and Palomides and House. They are all comparatively courts but ask enormous resources in a way of scenery and props, I marvel if they do not take never produced today.
5 / 5
This registering The summer has taken during diverse pendant of representations given the summer 1963 to the festival of Glyndebourne, but is not looked that under way 2009.

Lucidos Edges, surely pleasant, is a lot has marked pair the directed, clear and living included bruyant, with a swipe that does not disturb listens it. The majority gives micro was situated a lot of altos on the out of orchestra ; this looks a lot present, especially his forest, and in first give singers. The Technical quality, well, does not achieve this in spite of any that of the apresamiento stéréo of Inghelbrecht of 1962, she also captée alive.

This Pelléas the Glyndebourne costs before all Touches the direction of the boss Vittorio Am yacido (1885-1975). Like Inghelbrecht, can prévaloir to have Debussy very known, of the one who had been the assistant (very appreciated) the games joins series of concerts that lucido the composer has given in Italy. Here at the head of Real Philharmonic Orchestra, Am yacido directs of a very personal way, with writing joined of sauvagerie that does not exclude the attention to the for minor. He And the give moments where the beaten results a lot of lentil, especially the scene of Recognition, that the charm électrisant but requires give exceptional singers.

Denise Duval (Mélisande) the known to to the celebrity likes them the muse and cantatrice fétiche of Francis Poulenc. Endowed Of the line has joined genial, has sung 'excepcionalmente well touch a mannequin' ; it concealed he any necessarily the most good-looking gives big sopranos. Here main Of 42 years, looks in rear-plan all to the long of the representation, to the difference gives other singers, that would not know to be so only the effect of the direct or of the game of scene. His voice, Of the accuracy has joined sometimes uncertain, lack of expensive power to the orchestra, and besides his diction is loin of the Exc. One his downloads, mentor of edges Poulenc has died little premium in January 1963, and she-still prenderá his career in 1965 reasons of games of health.

Of the 30 years, he baryton Hans Dutch Wilbrink (Pelléas) surprises pair his order of the prosodie French. The flange of edges is that it feigns without achieving lucido the level gives better interpreters ; it is missing a little agility.

Michel Roux is a habitué of the function of Golaud, here extend and paternal, and and contributes his qualities in terms of diction and of beauty of the flange, although the voice was a bit more limited that in lucido past ; he the 39 years in 1963, in Fournet or Karajan has counted 10 years less.

The Dutch Guus Hoekman camps a good king Arkel, to the perfect diction, a lot expressif, has endowed of him joins true voice of drop whose emission could be longer, and that very sure the little more than harm with the acute that a traditional baryton-low.

Lucida Function of Geneviève (good-looking-mother of Mélisande) is not Anna distributed correctly Reynolds, transports this half less than 32 years touches much younger that Denise Duval, that the this in spite of 20 years besides...

Rosine Brédy avère absolutely horripilante in Yniold ; it believes still to mask his femininity that adopts a tonne bébête that does not exist in the true life but so only in some emissions or the boys of game of the cartoons. I touch it is it breaks Yniold of all the discographie.

The register maintains in 3 CD, inserted in a lujoso small book that comports lucida notebook with the translation joined and a synopsis trilingüe, a piece and some photos of the production, dépourvues give biographies.

This merit of Version to be the pair has listened all the person désireuse to discover a boss to the way 'different', that the truth roughly has chosen to say. Of this Point of view so only costs 4 or 5 stars, but alas the door of distribution too many weaknesses. I any décerne That 3 stars, that is probably too severe, but leave me better looks one classifies gives different interpretations of Pelléas.
4 / 5
That give , The version is perfect... The interpretation, the register , lucida notebook , his photos, the general elegance of the object ( With the genial photo joined of Ferdinando Scianna that spends in coverage ) .. Everything is absolutely perfect .. May .. May .. May .. He And The ENORMOUS MAY !! That contrives Of quicher his CD in giving pochettes goleada also has presionado !!??? Impossible to exit his disks without covering them of traces of toes and of micros rayures each manipulation .. And it is Of so More harm that is yes sublime that in the this in spite of envy partorisca manipulate them still, still this in spite of .. ♫♪
5 / 5
Reason have had a pleasure partorisca see to Denise Duval likes Mélisande in of a Comic of Work in Parigi in 1963, was anxious to have this register, partorisca see was like this wonderful to the equal that had agreed him. It is more so much!

An action is a lot present, a lot 'alive' and incredibly emotional - a historical record value that has, especially if one knows and appreciates this underrated laws for Debussy. Partorisca Listen a French tongue sung of natives, included those with less spear-voices of qualities, well a prize of big sticker!
5 / 5
An epitome of classical Symbolist literature, ambiguous, rich, darkness, adult. You listen music like calm bed that. HAS Debussy so fact.