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4 / 5
It is difficult the grumble in the near boxed that contains, says, Haitink Concertgebouw Shostakovich 5th, Solti Vienna Green Requiems, Britten that directs his Requiem of own War, or Lupu touching sonatas of piano of the Beethoven. An only question is that the majority of these has there was before, neither individually or in another has boxed set. They are classics - but laws of diminishing returns partorisca collectors those who are likely any partorisca be inexperienced, given a measure and side of a together (that for a way is 55 disks - needs of Amazon partorisca correct his details)?

In this sense ossia the bit of the stray occasion. Decca Credit to deserve to dip behind to the widest circulation the little more scarce or fewer very known elements - Herrmann that directed his music of own film, a late Lynn Harrell (with Ashkenazy) in a Shostakovich Cello Touched, CD 52 introduction his of entity Entartete Musik serious (now has the neighbour boxed while partorisca be reissued!), Etc.

More generally here is some in those signs of worry of haste, no really befitting the project purportedly celebrating Decca the engaged the classical music has registered. Inside an hour or two of flitting roughly had remarked a following:
- CD 10 casts Peter and a Wolf as taking on cup of clues 1-9 and Lt Kije taking on cup of clues 6-10. Prokofiev Fines-tasking?
- Any in Decca there is not reading an informative (CD 14) that Peter Maxwell Davies died in 2016.
- CD 27 hard , no .
- Has any to to such piece likes him to him the flange of the Aivergne (sic) (CD 44) - and if, as it looks credible, this disk has been registered among 16 and 19 August 1982, then his manager, Jeffrey Tate, has to has been moonlighting to be that it registers the different album (CD 46) the 19 August 1982 (surely 1992?) With Renee Fleming.

And like this on.... These of course small things, hardly that import further possibly that indicates that this is not quite a work consecrated of the wants to purports to be? A lot of excellent music here, in a lot of excellent register, but can not see that collectors a lot seasoned that bite.
5 / 5
A lot these registers is gone in other insiemi of boxes. Rushed perhaps. S Bit of the harm, still some utmost registers this in spite of.
5 / 5
A coleccion excellent, algun manager for mine any one has taken place, but quiza the algun to to another likes. The mayoria of the Boxes, glorious. For the prize... Excellent. Spent he for the second residence, all a tarpaulin, and little space occupies the box. Recommended.

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I can add at all to a really excellent description already in a place - I so only am adding my commentary because perhaps two descriptions favorecedoras will achieve slightly more than one, and are enthusiastic partorisca like this of a lot of people like possible to take to know this music. It does years, was entirely bowled on for the song for Diepenbrock, 'Wenn ich ihn nur haben'. A music there is haunnted me partorisca years - Diepenbrock has had the wonderful imagination partorisca melody. When Has of this neighbour had looked has been wanted to, and are even more like this, now that I possess it and has listened his. A song that presented that his music is, oddly, any included - but almost all more is, and a music is sum .
Has surprised always in a negligence of so much enjoyable music - when, for example, was anything of this period looked in a Proms? Without feigning that Diepenbrock was the character has neglected, is still possible to recognise the master. It would recommend any to to which likes him Mahler, for of example, to try this man also - in a prize, this neighbour is slightly miraculous. There is an excellent double CD of some of an orchestral music in Brilliant; but calm can save you the few pounds to go directly to this box, likes music in Brilliant will do master more.
4 / 5
Alphons Diepenbrock (1862-1921) will not call 'the composer more Adds of a Netherlands' but in our small country has done enough the name for him self. A lot of lovers of music will know pictures of him with Gustav Mahler and Willem Mengelberg to somewhere in Olanda, investigation 'diepenbrock mahler' on Google and you will find some. It has directed a celebrated Concertgebouworchestra long and he the music has combined cleverly for him and Mahler is in his programs.
A focuses Dutch Etcetera done the good work that combines the register taken of a lot of sources and squeezing them to a boxing us so many take an overview of almost his total work.
A first really interesting studio of his orchestral music has been done in @1990s in a Chandos focus with a lovingly touching Residentie orchestra, A Hague. Later these emissions have been reissued in a focus Brilliant as it can be had for 5GBP or less. You will find a lot of some same register in this box adds. An inaugural Some Birds, a Marsyas and Elektra continuazioni and a Hymn for the violin and the orchestra are all late romantic Brahmsian/Straussian works with sometimes nod of the world of the his of Mahler (but any one a lot) and he Debussian colouring (enough the plot from time to time, to the goodness adds). Diepenbrock Was very interested in a gender of the symphonic song and he have composed enough the little. It comprises this gender a lot well and his music has to that a lot the Mahler Kindertoten- or Rückert-Lieder. Sometimes they are quite long (on 20 minutes). An only quibble has is a wobbly embroiders of Pleasant Finnie in an of the his more add outings: a 'Hymn a data Nacht nr. 2'; has to any one liked never vibrated laden of voice. His German - he these songs are all in a German tongue, Diepenbrock has comprised that the Lied in Dutch would not find never international actions - are influenced strongly for the British emphasis. Felizmente His register of a song 'Given Nacht' is not comprised, takings a register sung better far with Arleen Auger, superbly done for a Concertgebouworchestra under Haitink. 'Im grossen Schweigen', Another long symphonic song has taken the supersonic Decca treatment for a Concertgebouworchestra low Chailly and sung for Hakan Hagegard but with this box takes Robert Holl action with a Residentie orchestra, also very a lot well but a Decca the register has the breathe more dynamic. Unfortunately a fin of the laws of century Lydische Nacht (somehow Diepenbrock has something with music at night), another poem of your exemplary final touched for RO down And Spanjaard, without narration, is not comprised.
Diepenbrock Has loved a intimacy of songs with the interior of orchestra a 5 small has turned also and takings treated by some of them on the full CD in of the actions very ends, a bit older but a lot well yields stereo, for several Dutch artists of a 60s and 70s. Some of these songs are in French and Dutch.
A Lieder for the voice and the piano are a lot of Straussian and will like you. Personally I have not warmed to some 2 masses, a the capella works and one You Deum but can does not have all and ossia the (almost) complete collection after all.
A box comprises the good 170 booklet of page and the DVD, and that for around 24 GBP!!!!! A subject! Grab The!!!!!!
Is interested so only in (Diepenbrock is) the orchestral music and the big symphonic songs would advise you to buy one east of BRILLIANT CD.
Well, that Considers a focuses German CPO is in a half to register a lot of Dutch music, and a Etecetera to the focus has done and does a lot for a chance also, in the Dutch finally take spoilt with like this to choose! Really appearance another will be interested in our house the music grown also, and although strongly influenced for German and French fashions, a lot your attention.

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5 / 5
The exceptional piano that touches for Clifford Curzon, the one who the joy . Melodic And memorable.
4 / 5
Clifford Curzon Touches spectacularly well in these registers of a Brahms concerts of piano -- although for pectacularly' does not mean that he in any way is flashy or self-considering. So only it finds a legislation and his fashion partorisca a character of a music. His sound (comprising his phrasing) in, for example, some premiers and fourth movements of a Second concert are at all likes anything a listened in a Prime minister. A brusque power of a ploughing of a second, and a 'galant' quality of a final movement is not partorisca separate that it is required in a Prime minister, and like this sure is his sense of flavour or touch (and his confidence in his execution) that knows that partorisca spend to resist and when partorisca the spend. If a Second Concert (with Knappertsbusch and one Avenges Philharmonic) can not be the first recommendation partorisca this action, an only reason is a sound : it is perfectly decent 1957 ape, but does not have a presence that, five years later, John Culshaw has found, in stereo, partorisca Szell and a Symphony of Londra with Curzon in a first Concert. I need to be said, this in spite of, that Knappertsbusch is on forms. It has been said that it was the bit sloppy and prone the rhythmical instability, but concealed is not a chance here. An orchestral touching is shapely and alive, and these qualities expósitas in spite of some limitations of a sound.

That it is indispensable in this subject is a register of a Prime minister with Szell. A sound is like this upper to a digital Kovacevich/Sawallisch 1992 that registers that is not even pleasant , and John Culshaw, then in a half to register a cycle of Coverage with Solti, knows like this partorisca balance piano with orchestra and where partorisca do discreet adjustments. The majority of impressive here, this in spite of, is a rapport go in Curzon and Szell. Curzon Games with your lovely, and his phrasing is anything but maquinal, and Szell stays with him all a way, by means of some different characters of some sections of a first movement and, more fantastically, in a slow movement, which is simply magic. An idea that Szell was some class of soul-less martinet is given a lie here. For me, this slow movement has not been never better fact -- and Fleisher, Gilels, and Kovacevich has all the lovely accounts dates of him. This a, this in spite of, is nonpareil. Then, in a final movement, has has not listened never some reports of better times has managed. Manager and pianist looks to be that they enjoy his immensely, and a whole thing is just life -enhancingly spirited. It likes to think that Szell and Curzon has discovered the deep mutual respect in a course to do this register. Something special is gone in.
5 / 5
Impressive collaborations of Gentleman Clifford Curzon to the piano with Georg Szell at the head of the Symphony of Londra (in the Concert n.1 ) And with Hans Knappertsbusch with the Wiener Philharmoniker (Concert any one.2 ). The registers have been done in the Kingsway Soiled of Londra among the 1-3 May 1962 (Concert any one.1) And in the Sofiensaal vienesa among 21-24 October 1957 (Concert any one.2 / PLEASANT register).

The majestuosas waves of push and force in the concert (in this third and last version registered for Curzon) discerns in the start and The to the long of all the premiers and third movements of the solid orchestra comandada for Szell with férrea order, which the edges have answered with brilliance and measured for Curzon of the keyboard (in that could it to it describe report hate like this apparent of amour). A moment of the true stillness and the looks of reflexive beauty in the wonderful Adage, one of the slow plus of the discography but desarrolado sinned cracks and product to sin fallen roughly of interest for the auditor in front of the manager of wonderful soloist rapport.
Although Any famous tan, any less than the interest results the big version (the only that to the left in boxes Curzon) of the second Concert , a very worthy reading, again uploaded of olympic magnitude, passion and loyalty to the text where comment the good tuning with Knappertsbusch, a asiduo collaborator of the pianista in the rooms of concerts.

Global punctuation: 9,5/10
5 / 5
the version of reference touches 1st concert, almost-symphonie with piano, demanding a boss of first order. Szell And is a model of dramatisme, of clarity, of permanent tension, of lyrisme, cursif and on, without lourdeur neither the excess was-saying 'romantic'. Entente Perfecto with Curzon. It finds his same qualities irremplazables that in lucido the violin of games of the concert with Oistrakh (EMI). Besides the apresamiento of the edges are aventajados. The All paraitre Giulini-Arrau very pale...
Would be reserved More to the sud mark of as where, curiously, has had the habit of 'aporrea' keyboard of edges of the sud, giving a Brahms a lot bruyant, loin of the lyrisme given in mark of prime minister, that is to touch lucido less paradoxical. It embezzles here Favorecedor to the interpretations of Kovacevitch (Philips)and Barenboim (EMI).
4 / 5
Hoards of a cast together with Gilels. Curzon Interpretation of Brahms is until his fine level of elegant music that flow and sings.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5
My first thought was that something is bad with to to a register likes first the clue has touched too much quickly partorisca me partorisca be able of the enjoy, although sounds technically has touched well. It say that Lisitsa the action is sum but left bit it empty. Perhaps my product is faulty.
4 / 5
First piece happy and sweet introduction .The other is travesía amazing . Amazing touching.
Has bought a disk because of soyoonlight' .The way Lisitsa the games soyoonlight' is my preferred big of all the versions of several utmost artists have listened in youtube. Ossia Strong way and is so only his, that I seen.
Of this disk has discovered in Listz .
A sound are to add and the clear crystal to the equal that seats afterwards to a piano.
His the majority of fun plot to listen to the cd then the youtube.
The plan jointly adds. Some pieces are utmost and an order the touch are considered also. Lisitsa Has thought in each detail.
Is the artist adds .
I hope to see the concert of alive sound .
4 / 5
Are not qualified to do the technical description, but is when I listen the glorious pianist, and Valentina done some hairs in my backside stand up and health him. Shining so only.
4 / 5
Beautiful touching of the selection of exceptional pieces
5 / 5
My preferred pianist. The music is further compare!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed a cd a lot. I have enjoyed to listen to an artist that touches but my knowledge of a technicalities to touch a piano is insufficient to enable me to resupply the significant critique.
4 / 5
Has bought this CD with which the bird has listened Maria has fixed for Liszt in another CD. This CD has his of beautiful piano, glorious touching
and the register adds.
4 / 5
Likes a lot another, has in the first place found Valentina on Youtube. Rings the touched of Beethoven Op57 'Passionate', as looked in the film had been looking. Has not founding put to a film, but has found Valentina.

Touches to the touch is exceptional, both in his row and feeling. His capacity to see a manuscript in his alcohol (photographic memory) is translated by means of his hands like two people are touching two pianos. It is almost to the equal that has four right hands - treating with incredible and equal dexterity by means of both lefts and legislations.

Although unable to answer in person, has looked perfomance in Albert Reale Soiled on-line and has after bought so much a DVD and this CD which highly recommends.
4 / 5
there is Enjoyed a cd a lot. I have enjoyed to listen to an artist that touches but my knowledge of a technicalities to touch a piano is insufficient to enable me to resupply the significant critique.
4 / 5
I have listened to this CD of Valentina Lisitsa and had compared his interpretation with pianists likes Richter, Horowitz, Alice Sara Ott and another. I have looked also his treating Liszt difficult pieces on Tube. It looks partorisca have any technical difficulty any and has touched these pieces with eases. His phrasing is fantastic. It is the harm that so only this a CD is on sale at present partorisca comprises has some difficulties release other disks in Naxos. Certainly I will be the buyer when the disks the far plus is available.
4 / 5
This register is absolutely glorious. It finds that I am touching he in the each occasion and every time touches like this well like first time. I have been while the long time (or certainly feels like the long time) partorisca this fabulous artist.
4 / 5
One of a better pianist in a world .... In the magnificient put ... With the election of pieces adds ... Definitively the moment adds of music ! Thank you valentina Partorisca This talentuous interpretation !
Thibaut of France !
4 / 5
Valentina Lisitsa Is one of the mine favourite pianists and this record does not disappoint .

Left to say you reason is the preferred of mine. Lisitsa Has refused A perceived 'way to an upper' in touching to Ucraina native you competitions of winning piano. Partorisca Win the competition, owe pieces of game a way to some judges likes him, any to of to a way likes. Lisitsa Has wanted to touch a music, like the composers have feigned.

After the slow start uses an internet the publicise his touching. Quickly you result one of one the majority of has has visited artists. Then an agreement of register has followed.

There is roughly pianists in a circuit the one who touches some notes but no a music. Technically brilliant, can be, but a music any esing' by means of his interpretations. Lisitsa, In another hand, touches a music. Technically it is exceptional and musically is of an order a big plus.

This concert takes his in his lyrical more. His interpretations of Chopin and Rachmaninoff take a romantic character of his music perfectly. Beethoven Moonlight the touched is the virtuosa action: a first movement is sober, a second movement is charming fact in his simplicity and a third movement is taken in speed and is recognition by force.

Ossia The introduction adds the Lisitsa talent and well the value that possesses.
4 / 5
This CD is not so only Valentina Lisitsa commemoration of ALIVE in an of a world-wide the majority of the jointly prestigious venue, but also commemoration of 45 million Youtube audiences that has been a lot the time that wishes sincerely to be released. Listening to this CD of big quality develops that pianism of Valentina is absolutely besides our expectation in his dynamic and of the poets. It is a Muse and a pianist to be compared with pianist in a golden age like Hoffmann, Horowitz or Rachmaninoff. I can say that another pianists of a same age is by train to result of my alcohol.
5 / 5
This CD of Audio is the fantastic collection of inspiring and fantastically-has has touched pieces, which are both highly energetic and a lot relaxing. It is brilliant for calm time and also like this background music. Valentina Lisitsa The action of Skin chooses is absolutely extraordinary. A Rachmaninov is energetic and powerful, a Beethoven is beautiful, a Chopin is dreamy, and Liebestraume is lovely also. I recommend this CD to lovers of classical music. I expect that free more Audio CDs.
4 / 5
Valentina Is one the majority of amazing violinist
Ossia his only CD
am remaining expecting besides
has the passion for a music and of the games with feeling add
4 / 5
does not have any subject with Lisita is touching (has had , would not have bought a CD), but am unhappier with a way this CD is marketed and has produced.

When A title said 'Alive in XXX', would expect it to be the CD of a whole concert. This is not a chance. Any only is some pieces has fixed in some class of random order, is in fact incomplete. Nowhere in the chance of a CD or some people of alert of the booklet to this fact.

Here is some pieces in a concert that is not contained in a CD:

Liszt Hungarian Rhpasody Any 12, the fantasy of Mozart in C smaller, several transcriptions for Liszt of Schubert songs, Liszt Totentanz.
5 / 5
Fantastically Flowed, with exceptional timing and the alcohol that thrill of freezings. It gives the thanks to the god finally can listen to the his in big quality, likes is seating right next mine.
4 / 5
The partidários has been moment to this moment for the very long time, and Live In Albert the Real room comes our to like the blessing. Some expectations were big, and Valentina fulfilled him everything. We can now only hope that lucidos new albums - p. p.ej. Rach Project - will be released punctual.