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4 / 5
I add 3-down tab with tonnes of adjustability. Feeling very well partorisca some serious this in spite of, not hurting your toes when shooting a bond. Emission quite smooth also, included if it is not broken in closing. Also I want like this it attaches to your toe with this sliding strap.
Unfortunately has not been able to find any information in a sizing anywhere in a coverage, has included a place of the costruttore does not resupply this, as I guesstimated a measure based in my measure of gloves and orderly measure L, which is resulted to be a smaller measure. In my chance this has meant, that really has to that attention to arrest on to the equal that situates my toes, otherwise my ring finger is hurt for a series. I will take a measure a big and feign the maintain, how is tab of toe really well especially for a money.

My right hand-held circumference is 23 cm and measure L is quell'has bitten too small. A dish of aluminium is 6.6 on measured cm L and a lether the tab is respectively 6.6 wide cm and roughly 4 cm long. Hopefully This would give any future buyers an idea of a measure of a L tab. I will update this when I take a XL tab .

16th of update of November:
A XL measure of tab is 7 wide cm and 4.7 cm long. A period is for a part of skin of a tab so only while a width is for both one skin and an aluminium. Now a tab gone back very better in a XL version. Absolutely happy with him maintaining.
5 / 5
Ossia Really good. It used it so only once like this far but already better then another has used. Has the hardest/skin strong, which protects my toes. Other tabs have used was peel really soft and my toes would feel it and was little has bitten numb. No east a. This in spite of, there is the bit of trade of. This part of metal is has bitten in a way when it uploads some arrows but I am taking used it.