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Top Customer Reviews: Let's Sing 2015 + ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
All perfect, time, imballo And confenzione. He game is Coming me he expected and there is had a successone, my daughter is suffered immedesimata in a diva. Maximum greetings

Top Customer Reviews: Jillian Michaels' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
Foolishly, I have purchased this without looking in some descriptions. I want to Jillian and there is enough the little of his fitness Dvd. I thought it that it could be it more motivational or advantageous to have a concealed done with a wii access to the equal that would give feedback and help to maintain me going etc.

This in spite of, has not answered to really any of my movements. In an in current, any @@subject that has run quickly, a bit the character remained in a same slow step. Included launching a wii far around did not accelerate it up. I have tried a boxing in a character so only be there- no sure yes has been supposition to answer mine. That the waste of money!

Will be to take me Jillian pertinent workouts has to that now from now on!
4 / 5
This is not the good product at all and are seriously dissapointed in him. I bought it after being the defender of Jullian is losing main. This in spite of this game me not even stop the sweat. You wobble roughly in a joint for all some tasks in the stupid way. There is not any control of real motion. I do not have any clue to the equal that to launch the pomegranate to paint or that they have to do to be able to kick the stock exchange of punch. Save your no annoying money with this I desire has had them no.
4 / 5
This game has taken to go with a car to row I so only purchased but like some other games, included although it has said in a box was compatible has not been. But in another hand I use he every day, an only drawback is that he a same thing every day.
4 / 5
Has loved to begin that it maintains form that use of mine wii, has bought this he like this looked to be well, there is not locating with him too well, founds bit it to him has held
5 / 5
has been disappointed is. I have bought this has thought could use mine wii returns to row the car but he is for canoeing not rowing .
4 / 5
This has to that be some waste some big plus of money has done in a wii like this far. It is a lot frustrating, a map is very poor & a response to your movements is terrible.
Likes another said can deceive like this using a Wii the joint done some exercises more restrictive to the equal that can a lot of jog on that.
Certainly the desire had read some in the first place first descriptions to purchase this & does not come anywhere next prójimo to a Wii active or any one another Wii program of exercise.
4 / 5
Has Ordered this like this he seamed that a bad revews has been tempered for some a lot some and has them has wanted to really like this,but has begun them with one in current and partorisca be sincere a map was rubbishes further , a corridor didnt request when it has done them or slow down there was just stop and ir.yo havent Gone much more there to a game like this an appearance looked rediculous, as it can take any apt plus if he doesnt recognise you exiting harder. When it asks yours his weight in kg at all more any election here! So much the ones of the one who know partorisca cause my scales whose do kg. On all these bad looks ,doesnt interacts properly and has been them bored in some premiers 2 minutes.
4 / 5
Partorisca East to be to celebrity-the products lumbered with would have thought that it would be at least in an usual level of another wii games. It is not . Partorisca Begin it, is not the fitness workout. If you want to one of them, try My Trainer of Fitness wii or an excellent EA the sports Actuate and his challenge of 30 days. The ultimatum Of fitness is the 'played and the low quality game in that. A quality of an animation is looked the old nintendo or commodore fellow/atari games. Some avatars are grieves human and have movement that hardly corresponds to that is going in in a game. A responsiveness of a game to a wii controller and nunchuck is laughable. It tries to do a jump of wheel, is like this dulcemente of the movements of avatars some jumps partorisca each three movements of controllers. Boxing also was terrible - I state partorisca my two and the half minutes that an exercise lasted and has been instructed partorisca launch four punches. The launching of Granada was almost impossible and anything to do with a wii near apt, for example, dodging the stock exchange of punch, so only has not done. The instructions for each exercise are minimum, and the majority of them no . This, remained with cliched country and western music, so only added to a frustration. Like the 'played could be quite the laugh that tries cogerprpers to do at all, but like the fitness workout, is useless. They are not even sure reasons is badged likes Jillian Michaels - has a closing cutout figure of his these explosions on time in when, and cries the combination of two sentences in second looks inappropriate time during some exercises. If it was Jillian Michaels, would be extremely angry that my name had had the habit to lumber with such the low quality product. If it love the wii workout, taking EA the sports Actuate.
4 / 5
This game is for real terrible. I touched it so only in brief the pair to time then shoved the to a backside of a cupboard in frustration never to king-surface again!

His bored to say a less. A map is terrible. Some challenges are unchallenging and many of a emovements has to that treat is unresponsive like this fights to take by means of the challenge... thats When I whipped went it a console and has launched he in a cupboard.

An idea of a game has touched sum but finally was the complete waste of money. Very disappointing.
4 / 5
This game is entirely useless, hardly register you movement with a wii far at all. I had it it has spent it so only 20 minutes jogging in wii apter, has moved on to this game so only to find that jogging was an only action this game has answered to, calms the roughly 2 small jog among each another exercise (and uses a word exerts a lot of loosely). Has A lot another of a wii games of fitness and use them all regularly but will not be using this one again.
4 / 5
Has read some descriptions thus with which bought it!!! I know era! AS I dreaded it coming has thought that has I fact?

THIS In spite of, Yes a map is rubbishes , yes his laggy. And yes touch the bit to confuse to move around a screen of paper, but YES LAWS, has been doing a 15 or 20 mins loss of weight that bus every day for 10 days and thats all, and has lost 3 lbs.

Some premiers few days I couldnt chair inclusa without crying in ache ( my hubby wets in me) and concealed continued for the few days, hurt in of the places have not known has had!!

Ossia The game of the fitness agrees no Farmville, and would say that some exercises are interesting and one in current inbetween pauses on a bordeom of exercise , I EXERCISE of hate I hate a gymnasium but ossia a lot enough to so only do every day and the forget.

Is the a lot of all toner of organism of the round. Circle in my organism of beach hahahaha

Gives goes it his value tries it.
5 / 5
Has bought this game as I want to Jillian in a loser a big plus but has been disappointed really in a map and of the reactions to movement of a wii far. Some actions there is not matched that has come on onscreen and felt a lot pedestrian compared to wii apt.

Has felt my muscles that reads some of a activites but yes is going not being so to the entertainment likes wii of the access is to follow also could go to a gymnasium. Jillian Sad but expect more than you!
4 / 5
Please does not buy this game. It is a worse creation there is not founding never and am surprised that the Deep money is in fact
that it escapes with him. If calm so only follows in front of the yours television an Avatar will move, Jillian aided by that say each one that five
according to that that could has done no he better she and then that adds that, well could has done bit it better to the equal that is
a trainer of celebrity after all......!!!
And please does not buy he in the supermarket likes him a lot of yours sinister turn compraventa unless it change for some same rubbishes.
Apparently thinks that opened you and has copied a game and therefore it can does not take behind.

No SHABBY. Calm 100 complains it.
5 / 5
This was really disappointing, thought it would be resembled a bus of fitness, but is not . A place is hard cruise it. Some instructions are poor, and some commentaries are platitudinous. There are different activities, but is slow to move of one to another, and always goes via the activity to run and calm spend more while his time to upload that you it using. Some waste of money.
4 / 5
Has asked this for my anniversary to the equal that had seen he promo'd in the tent, sadly this was before the descriptions are starts , how was the total disappointment . A map is terrible, your character/of the avatar does not move properly in meso some exercises so many is really frustrating not taking a feedback loves. Some instructions are not all these clear and a joint of balance can neither be used for all a good fact. Bad drawn for a Wii. An only positive is that it feels to like has done the workout in an end of him, has had sore muscles a next day, like this of this perspective something legislation, but concealed is not a lot quite reason to buy a game.
5 / 5
It has wanted to somethig bit it different this was in the offers in a like this thought tent would give it the gone. Howver Does not register never any of some movements am doing them like this although I am taking them the workout looks pointless of a point of view of game as it can any never improve. A lot disappointed I dotn has a motion more remotes like this perhaps this would do better?
4 / 5
This was absolutely terrible.

Has been bored - without sense to do anything useful. If you are looking for the game partorisca help with fitness - then give this the width berth. You will be turned like this was after a prime minister 5 or 10 minutes (according to your power to remain), that you probably will abandon a whole idea roughly taking access.
4 / 5
Has tried several times partorisca take this game partorisca do except the a lot of avail. It would be necessary has returned it but has thought perhaps was my failure no properly. I have not directed never partorisca take spent some premiers two minutes. Some waste of controls partorisca do with which this so that it does not have any idea the one who does. That the total waste of money!
5 / 5
That can say? Some waste some big plus of £20 has has not spent never. This game is terrible, unimaginitive, unchallenging, unresponsive and can deceive to the your content of hearts.

Inside half an hour I guarantee will be bored the tears. It averts partorisca measure your weight a joint of balance touches no another part in any of some exercises, calm so only is on he basically, shuffling of a leg to another.

The majority of a time will spend your time jogging. It does not recommend that it uses a joint partorisca balance reason then all can do is movement your arms around. Without a joint of balance, calm a lot can run in a something that quickly as yours few legs can go but no a person in the screen goes any fast plus. If you are feeling tired or just plain bored partorisca run in a something could seat in a sofa and just wave weapon around, while has some controllers in your hand an avatar will continue to run. Rowing a canoe is the joke . Wave Yours delivery in any old direction and a canoe only sail to the long of any question, included goes partorisca a frame of transmission of the ape. Jumping by means of some wheels is so only simple daft, transmissions with your arms! Shooting a cannon? I look for to like those some works, can any boss neither history of him.

Calm the favour, maintain your money in your pocket, dipped on some fast, music of funky and churn your hands in an air like to of you so only does not concern , will take like this apt and have cariche more fun
5 / 5
bought it before it has had the descriptions but any one have had a time partorisca the try immediately. Then it has read them horrible descriptions everywere. So many the really expected a worse when the in the first place tryed was. It has to that say; it is really any like this bad pleasure all the world knows. A trick is the really read some instructions and then some exercises go well. This produces really toil of frames and sweat. And it is not that reason have bought he in a first place? So that it is the good product partorisca exit with but ea the sports actuate is sooo very better. (ps ,am not english so I excuse me to me partorisca writting the errors please :) )
5 / 5
This was such the waste of money, has loved the transmission of a Wii returns so that it could alternate my excersize is and ossia terrible the doesnt answered well with a handset. It has taken like this annoyed with him. Of the that Waste Your time or the money is.
5 / 5
A lot am them happy a lot in fact buys this game. My sister of fiancés bought it when investing in the wii and the wii jointed and has thought would give this the gone too much. A map is horrendous and a technician of fitness isnt very better. Partorisca The majority of some calm activities so only owe that move ur arms, and has found that some of them felizmente would spend on although the has not moved at all. Any marvel has been reduced. Honradamente Would say of the one who squander your cash has won hard in this game.
5 / 5
This game has terrible map and in any one a lot of responsive. But that has said that will burn more calories that a Wii Access. I have tried that I today. Burned 96 calories in 15 minutes with Jillian Michaels and 126 in 30 minutes with a wii access.

Is not the game adds but want build on the sweat in your own house then better that a wii access. If you want to it has amused it partorisca take the wii access.

Deceives calm so only is deceiving...
5 / 5
Has bought this he like this resulted bit it bored with a wii apt disk that is to be distribute with a wii access. It has expected that would be the refreshing transmission of hula hooping and no! How it was bad. It was dulcemente, boring and a lot seldom chosen on east the one task! Jillian HAS the a lot of monotonous voice that was a lot of patronising. A music was also terrible. It would not recommend this to any and I have thinks that was the waste complete of money. Hula hooping Here come ! Rubbish.
4 / 5
Has purchased this today and will be partorisca return the morning. A map is amateur and the couldnt takes it partorisca do properly.
He pertinent Master workouts go and buy wii-active - work, I definately recommends it!
5 / 5
Sound the good game, but can deceive quickly easily!! Some activities are quite hard like the needs to master exactly like a remotes need to be resisted for the achieve!
5 / 5
Has think that this was the very poor excuse for the game of fitness. Any so only was a bad map when it has tried them touch half some movements have not been chosen up or was slow to choose up.

Has other games of the most economic fitness that it is far better that this and strongly consulting any to squander your money.
4 / 5
Has the plot is possibility with this game.

Can choose a class of fitness wants to do (p. p.ej. Laws in yours ab is). Calm also can take tips roughly eating and movement. You take to choose what time a workout hard.

I use my joint of the balance and he is not that easy to fulfil some movements to take a pertinent movement in a TV.

Has a lot of things to playaround with. I think that that ossia the feasible has taken to help take your movement and fitness in mandate!
5 / 5
This game was so that it frustrates that I have finalised to eat ice cream. He at the beginning looked adds find Jillian a lot of motivator but to the equal that have tried was more exercises some worse has taken.
5 / 5
This game is not like this well like wii access but has found them he well, does not have any a lot of different exercises to do except has found them you to you well, calm can deceive but can deceive in any games to writes master wins of calm free weight he properly.
4 / 5
Has looked Jillian that loses main australia and has thought was utmost. Taken a game for my Wii and his add. Easy to follow and gives touches calm so that it goes. Stray 22lb to date, work to have to that eh!!!
4 / 5
The chair there is not reading some first descriptions. I have trusted too much a mark as I bought it. Big deception. You can a lot of anything . It does not recognise your movements, any do any. I have tried he for 5-10 minutes and I give up. It has said simply: it does not buy it !
5 / 5
I games found really a lot once mastered controls,has sweated load and def felt the muscles hurt with which they the pair of weeks now and can choose different levels and really press me,resulted to come on amiably and will maintain to use
4 / 5
This game is no good, too cartoonish, although you are the big defender of Jillian Michaels does not squander your money.
4 / 5
This really is poor quality, some routines are bored enough and ossia included when you can take an avatar that goes. The life is too short to the waste is, strongly recommend movement on and find something more
4 / 5
Terrible game. It dulls. Like this like this it dulls. Works some same parts of your organism, any motivation and any entertainment. Save your money!
4 / 5
Game of utmost fitness, a first time I the 30 small workout and hurt partorisca 3 days with which. You can choose type of workout partorisca adapt your needs and he also works with a joint of balance. If it use without taking quite one same but is better in my opinion with a joint. You take the canoe with your bum! Them me to smile like him me workout. As you progress Jillian gives games for transmissions of life sã.
A good compraventa and value a prize.
5 / 5
Jillian Michaels' Ultimatum of Fitness 2009 (Wii) is not to possess for deaf people to use this record cos does not have any text wordings (instruction)
4 / 5
no SHABBY! Some complete waste of my money and time -Terrible game, terrible grahics, steer clear.
5 / 5
Ossia The fitness to break game.
When it received it has thought them yes that hard can this be???
Left to say calm to create you to pro level it and you will be returned besides your own thoughts
4 / 5
graphic poor poor no very customizable avatars and doesnt explain it a lot well and can be quite laggy.

This in spite of, yes love the game of map adds, spent a create like this murderous.
He Love a thats shockingly entertainment, spent halo
and yes wants to join these leaves customise everything, buy a sims.

If, taste, master of a concealed calm his and calm give add it workout, buy this game.

A lot he doessnt look a better or touch a better, his no a plus that entertains game never, but is one of a better to give me the pertinent workout!
Would recommend this game to any the one who is serious roughly in losing hanged, any only any any one has a map of HD and an adventure of Wars of Estrella.
5 / 5
Has taken this for me and my Girlfreind.

The sound adds and exellent use of a Wii near, if it calms of the that has the neighbouring can use a wii far but that uses a joint really take working!

Highly recomended!!
4 / 5
The graphic is Tutor looks an animate cardboard has given 30 years answers well there are commandos of the the movements any one result dream few exercises.

Top Customer Reviews: Back to the Future: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Any any one a Backside to Some films of Future Trilogy that's that 'any game of adventure of the click like a series of Island of the Ape in a PC would have to that touch this game. Well, this port of a downloadable episodic the games of PC is the poor port to a Wii, partorisca the dipped a bit. A game has been 'downgraded' in of the terms of maps so that it can be touched in a Wii. Some screens partorisca upload take too long and an animation can be jerky in time, and some controls (point with a WiiMote and press 'One to confirm action) can be impossible in time. Some of some puzzles have required partorisca progress a history takes enough the bit of imagination, and some so only leave you that they think 'As the hell has been he has supposed to know that without using the clue?'. But those are some only bad points in a game, a history is brilliant and ossia one of some the majority of things of entities to the point 'any game of adventure of the click. It is classical BTTF questions of paradox to trip to time that has to that be solved or Marty is (the control of character) existence dissapear for ever changing a future timeline and rasgando the massive hole in a cloth of a Universe (and'know, typical BTTF material!). A game is dipped in 1986, 6 month with which some chances in a third film, with one all new storyline weaves concealed to a history to exist. It would say a storyline is an appearance a strong plus to this game, and does an integer BTTF franchise the service of partidário adds.

I usually touch the game for the pair of hours before I require the pause, but has not moved of my chair until it had finalised a first episode (Roughly time), as I have loved to see like a history untangled and wine to the conclusion, and, finally headed to a next episode. I have done my best to explain a essesnce of this game, without giving was any spoilers, reason to do that it would ruin your experience of a game for your prime minister playthrough. If it likes-I aim it to you 'any adventure of click and BTTF film, would have to buy this in the heart has beaten, all the world-wide more would have to that remain clear.
5 / 5
Are not the defender of video game massively, but loves these films like this I thouht would give a game he casualidad. I have not touched in mine wii in of the years. I have loved this game, and result like this intoxicated that it could not taking touching and has completed he in roughly 3 days. It has had no big works to win etc, but has loved that his like me your marty in another bttf film. It would estimate they are spent around 40 more hrs in this game and was sincerely gutted when it has finalised. There is five seperate episodes that the game has to that be sincere has not taken never like this to the game like this one.

Has loved that, can not say quite a lot of good things in this game.
4 / 5
4 / 5
Loves some few films and has thought would try a game was! No the bad game, not filming based that it is the shame like this was that I have expected arrest, but a lot of serious in that involve chance and of the alike histories!
5 / 5
Has bought this for my daughter for Xmas likes wa of the available sun anywhere more was fast service and excellent condition.
5 / 5
When being the enormous BTTF friki this game is ÉPICO ! A must for any defender!
4 / 5
To the entertainment adds for all the ages and of the capacities. Good map etc ..... .... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .... ...
4 / 5
That the game adds! All perfect with a product and a vendor.
5 / 5
Was around partorisca see all some film when originally they are exited calm then will be pleased in a nostalgia and memories this door behind. It takes place after a last film, but retains true to some films in enough each way, and has abundance of in-of the jokes that takes calm for pleasant surprise.

A map is almost like this as well as you can expect of a wii, although I have seen wii games that is slightly better, but thus I play is not a @@subject - does up for him with humour, history, the voice that read, logical puzzles - all desquels is excellent.

Has some minor niggles, as some lagging of taxes of frame and pauses among cutscenes. These looks to be down to some sloppy development as I have seen some graphically upper wii games without these questions. It has had also the pair of glitches, as one of Doc the eyes that disappears mid-scene. Finally, some controls could be the few improvements. It would be good to be able to quickly cruised by means of the selections that use a D-tampon in planting to trust a cursor to the equal that would be faster!. Finally, some controls of general movement can be the little delicate like some transmissions of corner of the camera, meaning you can nadvertently send your character in a wrong direction.

Some questions a lot of detract of an entertainment too much, is still a lot good.
5 / 5
I loooove BTTF be of this era and that grows up like the girl that looks it, as have has had to that the buy. Of then I do not have the PS3 or the good computer took it on a wii.
Has thought that was the really good game , a history was corrected to some films and fact of note.
I found like another reviewer that the calm draws in and expósita has spent them longer that has expected to touch by means of him. A system of clues was really useful, as I didnt has to that maintain that it runs to my PC for the walkthrough likes a bit the things were the small 'that that has been he has supposed to imagine that it was' Any one enough in to the some same stairs likes them the island of Ape but enough to annoy me, but no the plot.
My only questions with him was that a time to upload for cutscenes was the bit dulcemente, and some movements were difficult to take used to. Also the boss of Agent Parker is missing, well has said missing, that means has been was likes game doh and extended by means of a screen. In fact this was quite pleasant. An end was hilarious, and kinda stupid, but was a lot.
I of the that thinks would touch it again but for £15 was a lot of value of the money and some of a material say calm so only take you behind to some films, also the abonos cameo of Michael J Fox, and a type that does a voice of Marty was really talented.
5 / 5
Answered the scarce, mine at least, is JESUS HE!! It is such the good game , perfect for people those who are defenders of some films. Micheal J Fox Returns like this Marty and Christopher Lloyd returns like this Doctor Emmet Brown. This game can be summed up in 3 eras:

1) A present (or has to that concealed is a past ?) A @@@1980s (in concrete 1986, put of just months after a Deloren has taken broken by a train in an end of BTTF 3).
2) @@@1930s (that takes quite visited to plot)
3) Alternating 1986

is elaborated on a course of 5 episodes, which easily spends of longitude calms quite fast once knows that yours doing. It is the point and game of adventure of the click that, so only like another of a gender, raisin for to ask questions and using elements in your census to imagine out of several questions.

Some signals besides:
Some locations are done fantastically, especially of the alternated 1986. A script, how has been written with a help of some original managers, work like this well. You can say that it is the Backside To A Future game, some characters speak so only to the equal that would expect. Some characters they, of a Doc and Marty the Biff and then one some of a 30s likes Emmet young, Edna and Trixie Trotter and Artie McFly and an alternating 86 version of Lorraine, George and Jennifer all does like this well. Ossia I game that that so only sucks calm in and does not leave calm never go until your finishing.

Am doing More points I supposition has to that do a minus points. Having has touched so only a Wii version I then pode only commentary in this version:
Some time of the load among scenes is way of way too long. It felt as if, every time I have imagined out of a next piece of a puzzle a screen has been black and has been stuck looking a flow capacitor flashing in a corner (well so that it does not box of the calm sense @gives concealed is a screen of load among scenes.) It did not import it at the beginning but when takings to episode 3 or 4 and feels like each 2/3 minutes take another , can take a lot of jarring. In the note looked like this is some credits of finals of the each EPISODE of a game. This would not be like this bad could skip his but your forced to look them all, Every time. Ossia Quite possibly so only the bear of bug of alcohol and more nitpicking but still, would have to know roughly he really. I comprise in this also, a constant start of the each episode when being a still exact screen (Deloren ad of only Centres of Pasador) and that it has to select some same options every time. Again, I am sure the plot of the people can ignore this and to a discharge to the equal that can them. So only some few things that disorder on a otherwise the game adds amused. THIS In spite of, a big plus one for me? Some controls in an is impacting! Every time you move Marty (to the as I use a d-tampon), could be movement down a screen then changes to another corner and, your now that goes left more than down that no any sense! Then it comes a yours way that chooses that yours that goes to be saying after, which would do more felt yes was a d-tampon that moved up and down and then press One but no! Has has had to that do use of a Wii controller a lot they? So many, instead, has to select a response that use a controller and it selecting. Any with the Wii will know that I am taking in here, can does not explain but, his a lot of fiddly and annoying.

Like this in general, is the good game? A resounding YES of me, and am sure a lot another Behind To Some the Future defenders also would adapt. Work in a Wii? Hmmm He And any one is a truth of a subject. Another that a time of long load and a slightly worse for controls to spend then yes fact. 4/5 (Or it could , 8/10) of highly recommended, especially if yours the Backside To A partidário Future
5 / 5
are the enormous Behind to a partidário future and when I have listened that the BTTF the game was has the fact has begun to jump on law and acclaiming like the five old year. This game has been released for a PC in the first place then later has spent was for some consoles to house later, has bought a Wii version
and when it has arrived instantly has burst he in and begun for the touch.

My prime minister has thought this game is that a history is brilliant, worthy of a Backside To A Future Title. A map is basic ossia to be expected how has been drawn for a pc. A voice that read them is glorious with Christopher Lloyd reprising to his function likes the dr. . Emmett Brown and One.J. Locascio Taking Michael J. The old function of Vixen like Marty J. Returns of vixen to a franchise that takes on some functions of Willie McFly (Marty the grandfather adds) and futher Marty.

A game of game is well, does not add but good but this prpers be due to he when being the basic point and game of click the majority of a time.

Has question with this game and ossia that there is not dipping any endeavour when converting to the format of console of the house.
Likes it has mentioned before it is meanly aim it and game of click and to the equal that progress by means of the each episode he tens to frizz wile that tries to take to a next part of a history.

Another thing that annoy is that they have maintained a creation of episode of a pc game , this was acceptable in a pc because he aloud the partorisca dip more development to a game and release each part by means of out a year but with a game of console of the house this is not acceptable to the equal that owe that go back to a main paper to click in link he of new episode to access a next part of a history in place of just progressing to a the next level like the normal video game. This can do a game seam likes five different games in a disk, in place of one in a same history and game.

Would recommend this game if yours the Backside To A partidário Future and wants to know a next part of a BTTF history, but does not have any recommendation for if yours the gamer and love hours of entertainment to the equal that have mentioned before it is so only the point and game of click and can take a lot of dreary over time!
5 / 5
Behind to a future is the point adds and travesía of nostalgia of the click for any defender of a franchise but sadly has left down for clunky controls and uncomfortable pauses during cutscenes. It has to that be said this in spite of enjoys it some films and this type of games then his weaknesses easily can be forgiven like the game is still playable. Perhaps so only the little patience has required. Perhaps doc can a day goes back in time and fix some small questions that stop a game of recieving the upper star that invoices

Top Customer Reviews: Cursed Mountain ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
This game really does that it says in one has beaten. His frights and he scares well.

His scarce in of the games of horror these days partorisca feel scared and be the jump done out of your skin. This game has the capacity adds partorisca take you when calm less the expect.

A history is pocola last partorisca follow at the beginning and the plot of a plot mixes around Tibetan Buddhist & of ritual history that can. A way a history is said, is by means of magazines and a register of tape of characters of car of goodness. That adds to a tension and relays a feeling of loneliness. A history results easier that comprise like the games unfolds, and the calm draws do master our character survives and win a day.

A map is very impressive, seen is everywhere deep valleys, big ridges and solitary villages all portrays in detail adds. Some effects of time are done a lot amiably with going of fog and blocking your vision and giving it claustrophobic impression. I anger of storms of the snow by means of a screen. In general the very impressive image is given of the yours humble little Wii.

The difficulty is directed a lot well, with at all too hard but calm of offers with the challenge that last for the quantity to satisfy still to time

A bear of only bug has is some controls. A character moves a lot of dulcemente and feels the bit sluggish in time. This this in spite of does not take out of the a lot of enjoyable investigation of horror.

Is interested in of the games of horror, could a lot of bad hips to buy this game.
4 / 5
Ive Has touched so only this two times like this far but are by train of the enjoy immensely. His one classifies of game that fray his heart-on-his-sleeve according to which his influences are concerned. A basic and slightly linear camera pathway is directly out of RE4, a ghostly the apparitions are a lot Project Zero: Crimson Butterfly and a foggy way and eerie the effects of sound are Collina Silenziosa -esque, a setting could be Tomb Raider.
Ossia Any bad thing like the game dipped well to the village deserted and calm tug to you was immediately!! A curve to learn and the controls are clear and simple with an only light question when being the transmission in movement when some transmissions of camera sometimes. This is not like this nettling like camera in Bad Resident:Explosion for those of you the one who have touched that shambles!!
A setting is very different and atmospheric, that locates the mountain and researching ramshackle villages in a way. Like this more mentioned, a buddhist the corner of a history of games is different and the chair is rooted in real philosophy, any one some crazy virus or something. A prevails added to this approximation is a fact that can you ghosts of office with the prayer/exorcism movement for flipping the pair of gestures with a Wii far. This does a lot well and is the welcome transmission to a launcher of rocket/of ball of approximation of money of some games. Calm also cure you to you the small quantity like this there is added stimulating to exorcise a ghost, any so only kill them.
A game is also fill of good small touches that submerged calm in an experience. In place of the potions of health owe that read purifying claves of incense in shrines and learn more than a history to choose on notes and entrances of newspaper to the equal that go. These extra bits of help of sensatez to augment your metre of health over time. You can esee' to some deep basses with yours third-vision of eye (clearly influenced for Zelda TP and the siren Forbidden but felizmente, to good effect) to see ghosts and damned objects more clearly.
Some producers of this game would owe that be applauded to take the game of horror of basic survival and doing he more than a sum of his parts in the a lot of enjoyable (if scary) way!
Now, if this plot could take together with Dynamics of Cristal and neighbour in a next Tomb Raider could have the classical in our hands...
4 / 5
Shame this is broken like the subject are to add and an old fashioned the map is quite charming. Looked a game of woman by means of of the this and is patient with all the games, but has given on here because of controls of terrible battle - looked almost unplayable mine without quantity of violent waggling taking to shoot punctually or in a right place. Some producer has done the humdinger of the bad decision when touching with a wii system of new control. Real shame - maintain an eye was for a dev in future although (any one a producer!).
5 / 5
Very good atmospheric game. It likes him-me the games of strategy like this imagining was and that obtains the knowledge was well on my street. You learn calmer so that it goes in. If youre to the esoteric material learns the bit in the too. The game has done perfectly. As it has described. Company very good.
5 / 5
Goodish Game. A lot of walking around and any a lot of scenes of fight. Relaxing But the little boring. This in spite of, if it does not like struggling of games this is a game for you!
4 / 5
Is the good game for wii. Using nunchuk & far is funny and of the works a lot
the illustrations is a lot also, and does not forget is speaking in wii
the odd thinks is that you are killing alcohol that is odd and has to that break to plot of bounced...
5 / 5
A game is interesting but a lot particularly quickly. You will require patience and determination to take more than this game and enjoy it.
4 / 5
Has ordered this game and, the week and the half later, has taken the copy of Age of Gel 2: A Meltdown.....

I bad, I class to see one links there, Age of Gel, Damned Mountain (where has Gel), but is not the deception really would expect is has done easily. I order of him it has visualised it the woman of 90 alone years that do in a warehouse, when it has taken a message for 'Damned Mountain'.

'Well, This disk of computer has the mountain on is probably he'

And then come from to syrup of cough of the spoon to a computer, reason has had the virus. To be just, gave me my credit behind, how was hardly malicious, but included still!
5 / 5
After a blurb in television and some aghast people that the touch has thinks that that this would be right on my street. As that has completed Bad Resident 4 I submerged in punctual to go all the scorching guns. I have finalised instead rasgar the majority of my hair is gone in frustration and dislocating my arms as they took on the life of the his own that tries to treat one odd and wonderful wii movements.
Has to that confess I so only taken according to which one strangely legless flying what and with which a lot of tentativas and my woman that breaking of cries of a house that asks reason cursed so when an object of the game is to having amused, has given up. It was to good sure in dreading to destroy my new 42' HD TV to the equal that have launched a wii controls by means of him.
Could all is down mine any when being any a lot well in wii games, has to be sincere I coming from/come from a PC gaming sand, but Damned Mountain in my opinion totally is frustrating and very slow. If it could have skipped one in the animation of game can have maintained that goes but when prpers have been time killed like this a lot of how was for a big legless thing of the flight really does not want to go back down one highland raisin and has to that run all a way has retreated on while still again that it has to chair by means of the clip of animation while you are running yours eventual doom!!
Are now felizmente blowing the things were with the gun of kerb in the Dead space and I will leave those of calm with more dexterity and the patience wades by means of Damned Mountain.
5 / 5
The movement is slow and basic.
I puzzle are not really defiant.
The interaction with a half is very limited.
With which completeing a first level, will want to something more thrilling likes sample a cricket in television or touching I Spy or something.
4 / 5
An atmosphere this game creates calm draws in and gives the feeling adds of colgante. A map is not that it surprises, but some locations look good and some textures of upper quality help the plot.

Has thinks that has paste in the brilliant idea when has of calm neither could be patient and walk by means of a game or jog to the long of and attract an attention of ghosts. Wow! I have thought, these leaves is a player regulates a type of game as they go. You can have the fast game with more than action or the slow plus more contemplative game according to your way when touching. Unfortunately ossia so only another occasion has lost of some developers, of jogging is not that much faster and there is not remarked any big difference in a quantity to struggle when jogging. Reason oh reason does not take the torch to explore some dark zones? In of the places a game has cried was for the torch, controlled by a Wii better, but arrival 'that hunts pixel' around an almost entirely black screen. Another stray occasion. The puzzles are pocolos and far go in, this in spite of, mine of look, concealed to dip in of the elements of simple puzzle to break on a monotony of trudging to the long of would have been easy. A Wii better, attentive and of confidence, could have had the habit of 'trace' complex gestures/sidjuls for waves, focus or this in spite of the puzzles timed for incense in of the llamas in the each one shrine, like six so only press a one key to use the shrine. Another stray occasion.

In that said the one who, for a first third of this game was loved. A game looks good and is enough . There are some small beasts glitches and the zones where has so only too many has has closed doors (has has closed tents? I give the pause!). And some enemies those who otherwise walk to the long of, suddenly begin the eslide' lateralmente near, apparently so only to do them harder the paste- ossia lazy programming , such movements would owe that be animate. Generally polishing on the presentation and the filling were with more the contained would have helped, but all these smaller irritations can be forgiven. And it was, at the beginning, happy to spend them for big.

That it is unforgivable, is a bad gesture has actuated control, especially of these is in a heart of a gameplay. Initially they do quite well and it is that it satisfies and novel way to banish enemies, unfortunately like the continuous game in, note that some gestures are not when be recognised all a time, mainly a forward that movements of pushes, like the punch to nail and mostly with a nunchuck. Well, you think, ossia so only another smaller irritation, but for me, like the game has progressed, has taken like this bad that is resulted play it -murderous. When The gesture is has recognised so only one in four times and is required two or three times in finalising of the each bad type, and later in a thick game look in of the groups, to struggle looks the lottery, -strongly stacked against you. I have struggled by means of a camp of base, taking killed literally dozens of time, because of a faulty controls, all a way until a big camp, but touching has had a lot the time there is prendido of then be entertainment, as I leave.

Are a lot disappointed, that looked to be the promising and novel experience turns to the ache to frustrate. For me this game was the waste of has touched this remote, can not advise any to buy this game based in my personal experience with him.
5 / 5
Costs well....
I ibought This game after completeing and FOND bad KING 4 and the silent hill has cursed memories, for a wii,

so much the games have been except iloved him ...I Highly reccomend these 2 games!!!

im Now that goes to say you the one who the expósito is cheek damned mountain
-has found them this game, how has been listed like the esuggested' game for any one touching or has touched RE4 or the silent hill has cursed memories.

Was hole of silent some reviewrs incl one presents has bought them he of has said was like this scary his couldnt the touch and has has had to that the sell.
Well The big wimp and flinch in SH jump but at all to AT ALL likes 'damned mountain ' has done.

Has Directed to do 10 mins to a the tried to find doors in of the edifices could them 'opened'

go says that in a 1st 5 or like this mins, see the esmoky silhouette' roam around in a prime minister villag begin is gone in..
Of the that Thinks a lot for him well?

Then as you look around a same wii far will vibrate. You see the opaque point of view of your characters thru some eyes of the ghostdemon/monster thats in that follow you but you cant see.

All your character sees is a esmoky' silhouttes like them in brief coming to any enough to be and look an unexpected movement sees out of a corner of your eye.

This same in a for Franks house........(One of some writes those who was also the mountaineerer like your character is in a game).

Finds to walk down a way of alley, after seeing a second appaerance of a esmoky' the screen of silhouette goes black and white and your character has said that to to something likes ' that a hellwas concealed'?

THEN you poo a soyonster' or the ghost or anything is, is IN YOURS EXPENSIVE RAAAAAAAARRRR!!!! Like this in that crap was and cry and turn a game was.

The properly scared properly half the death. My poor heart! ffs Almost has died!

So that be fooking scary. scariest Play ive has not touched never. Never
5 / 5
game of Amazing horror with good map ( has been released in 2009 and Wii any map adds there was then).
Will do think and scare you very thick.

-Music/of his east thin and ameno calm in a half.
-Habladurías Of character and interacts (uses Wii Far and Nunchuck to treat gestures, actions).
-Not regulating kill and go game further. You owe that find your way out of the calm involve you.
-A pair of the time could not imagine was like this to solve or treat sure things that the game asked to the equal that has had to go in-line to discover. You will be surprised with so many clues subtiles and the things owe that look for to come from further.
-No gore but still scary which is well.
-Good history with a lot of details

still can recommend this the Wii users to to those who likes him to him the horror, thriller and games of mystery.

Modification Dec 2016: it has taken them it was 1 star been due to a fact that the doesnt read wii far n nunchuck gestures so only too time. The majority of a time am losing them n very able to finalise reason he so only doesnt accept some gestures that hve has done like this far. His like this like this frustrating.
5 / 5
Will not go the depth with a history like a lot of reviewers there is already does like this. So only I will explain my experience. To start with with, a game is not a lot of scary. Some premiers pocolos level are quite creepy and atmospheric but a game loses his charm when some actions with a wii far and nunchuck is required more and more to continue. Ossia Where my question my big plus with a game is. They are halfway by means of touching and there is no to found me never that loses the mine tempers so much in all my life. Some of some actions owe mark with a far and nunchuck any record and I so that given of maintenances. Taking extremely frustrating when you have killed each ghost but one, and then each one has pressed mark you with a wii far, although it is mostly a nunchuck this comes from one the majority of question, goes careless and calm so much has to that begin again. Has has paste literally a type in a coverage of game. A good idea but an use of some controls is like this angering, am considering taking management of anger.
5 / 5
Mountaineer Eric Simmons goes to a Himalayan Mountains in investigation of his brother his missing young plus Frank. Frank Simmons had been assumed by organiser of expedition Edward Alexander Bennett - but after fulfilling Eric is of an opinion that all is not well with Bennett. As it locates more on a saint mountain of Chomolonzo begins to experience odd chances and sees things that he, at the beginning, believes is simply the hallucinations have caused of a lack of oxygen.

To the equal that travels on a mountain Eric fulfils the number of people - some gains, some any one like this useful and some downright dangerous.

To the equal that travels you by means of a game have so only a weapon to defend you with - the axe of the climber. There is upgrades to this weapon that has to that it applies it to you. Each one that like this of these upgrades has the particular power that use to destroy some ghosts.

A recommendation - before starts look in of the pages 20 and 21 of a 'Climber' Registered (aka booklet of instruction) to the equal that will help calm with some movements of a wii controller and nunchuk.

A scenery is extremely beautiful and the value that arrest and looking in. It has aimed that the plot of thought and the creation has gone to some games that has dipped.

Has been touching this game for the number of weeks, with the pause for 2 full careers of Bad Resident 4, and has found that has three main subjects with a game.

One saves is done in an empty included - calm does not have an option to change to the different empty - so much if you the massive deception (like meditating with a fray before it cures) then has to that begin legislation in a that begins how is a lot of disheartening.

A slow movement of a character - roughly of some streets are long, and take some time to take to a next section - and you daren't uses an option of career (which so only accelerates on slightly) in the chance is attacked for the ghost. I comprise that in altitude the the climber can not move quickly, but a monotony of the dulcemente walking the character can be the little too much to resist in time.

Some advances of the movement pressed of a nunchuk in some cleansing sequences is difficult for a detector of motion to read that it means that it can has to that repeat a process on and on again. This means that you will be opened of more than harm and possibly cost you all a progress has done of a last save point.

The saint mountain can drive you the distraction, will die the number of time, will shout and cry in a wii for not recognising roughly of some ritual movements, but like you to them the games that is not easy, and wants to see things by means of the the calm end then will stick with him - and I, personally, am happy that has done. It is not easy, but then love the challenge could very worse that chooses this.

Jump - in a same way that the z/the zombie has hid can do me jump when touching Bad Resident, and is the little in a spooky the side touches it to him so only in a darkness. This is not one shoots-fest that other games are - requires patience and determination to take to an end, but a step a slow plus done the good transmission of one shoots'in-ups and a free movement is the joy when compared to an on-the-drive shooters can take.. In general it is the eerie, slow emotional game which can tug on on you if you are not careful.

This was my first real battle -game of type - previously to this I had been Mario and player of Sport, but this gave a confidence to try games like Bad Resident 4 which want to. If you want to touch something the little slower to build on your confidence then this can do for like has done partorisca of me.

Admit that I have found a when finalising the bit of the left down, but ossia so only me, and any me prendió of the touch again.

I hope that will have issued further in this franchise to the equal that has the possibilities add, and has had an unexpected prize to learn some things in Buddhist faiths.
5 / 5
Felt bit it disappointed with this game as although at the beginning it is quite scary, the volume has used to some constant ghosts that explosion on here there and everywhere. Also it has taken it bit it tired to look for hours in some villages for the way to progress. As it has taken further it felt he has taken less scared and more annoyed so that has some the hard and calm ghosts can not progress without killing them and date it to you has to that king-do a whole scene. It likes-me a map and a history and a spooky atmosphere that there is here, but require some class of improvement.
In of the terms to be scary would say 4/5 perhaps 3/5 to the equal that can very so only hunt of some ghosts and calm has to struggle them. I also like a way that a more on a mountain goes, a slow more your character is. But I have to that admit, a course to walk is terrible and unless you want to spend walking of the half hour then has to that constantly run everywhere.
4 / 5
The damned mountain takes place in late @@@1980s in the enormous mountain in a Himalayas; we follow Eric Simmons as it begins one locates partorisca find his brother his young plus, the one who has been assumed partorisca locate a mountain partorisca find a machinery and is not to house returned. It is said that the lies of property add in a cup, but a god of a mountain is resulted angered for some intruders and has ghosts of neighbours to that traces. It can Eric saves his brother and restore peace to a mountain?

Has left is partorisca be frank; this game is slow. A pacing is dulcemente, a gameplay is dulcemente, a history is slow and is has promoted even partorisca walk in place of course to the equal that attract fewer attacks of some ghosts! But it is that the bad thing? Mina, any has not been. Far of him. It considers some games of better horror partorisca be slow edifice, partorisca build an atmosphere, tension and terrors. The damned mountain is a horror of old school survival with new pupil gameplay appearances. So much that Visits of Clock of the amour, Project Zero, pursuing Tierra and alike slow-paced the games will feel in home here. That expects a sequence of the action in each corner will be bored.
A history is said mostly has seen the documents find in a mountain and cutscenes. A history can be the little hard to follow that cutscenes is stylised (to the equal that in grainy, jumpy, mostly still images) and so only can read the documents have seen a paper. But stick a subtitles on and would have to that keep well ( is automatically was).

Although I owe that admit that the frights were pocolos and far among, and mostly has trusted I on 'jumped frights' takings of a sudden appearance of the ghost (like predictable result an hour or two to a game) but an atmosphere was very very maintained throughout. Mostly reason was like this original; you are in the mountain, 10,000+ big feet, where a calm paving down can fall in any minute, and have an endless horde of ghosts with which you. An atmosphere is strong throughout and an audio and the map touch the strong part in the maintain.
Be in a wii does not go to take the salvation-def experience but to the plot of detail has been dipped to a half. Trace like this calm can see that it has gone it far and the one who big there is still to conquer. It is a lot intimidating to have your look of character until seeing swimming but rock and darkness on advances. Also I quite liked a fact that one more empinado a street was, a slow more your character has moved, giving you the sense to struggle like this struggle some twenty colds and lack of oxygen. That The audio mostly is looking of atmospheric sounds (whispers, wind howling, etc) but work well. The voice that read them is very impressive also and well has done; it was well to have a main character that is the Scottish bloke more than one 'of a norm' viril the American man or the British emphases have feigned.

Gameplay Mostly looks to explore fight and half half. Controls your character with a nunchuck analog clave, a down key a d tampon to take the seeds-first view of person of your half and a one key to examine things. Some the half half is not all interactive like the majority of the doors and the calm elements see you will not be able to open/touch, but some controls law well.
The majority of a motion controls come to effect during fight. Utilisations a C key to enter 'third eye' view, these leaves Eric to aim and see things in a 'ghostly walk'. During in this way use an equivalent sticks to look around, a wii far cursor to aim your weapon and b key to attack. Calm in the first place take a gel chooses but calm also take access to other Buddhist elements to shoot projectiles in some ghosts. Once they are quite feeble can treat the 'Ritual of Compassion' that leave you to vanquish some ghosts for abonos, treating requires several actions of motion.
A fight is mostly well, take the decent row of arms to use to give you the election of like this to treat your enemies, and for a first half of a mostly fun game! The things take difficult during some means last, as it start ghosts to touch in his dozens and the battles result more hectic. When you Go to 'third eye' dressed a screen goes mostly ash, doing hard ghosts to see. Your real 'aiming' the cursor is small likes podes so only attacks a ghost the time, and calm so only can see that it is in front of you, without option to quickly on duty 180 terracings, leaving you vulnerable has attacked when being. So much time will find the unfair fights where are attacked at all sides and can very possibly treat them everything. Besides; there is an action of control of particular motion during one 'ritual of compassion' this is hard to treat. Some shows of action on screen like a to on arrow, would think that is gesturing a to on movement. But it is in fact the first pressed, but reason a bar of the sensor easily can lose your movements, arrival messing on a ritual, leaving you opened to break.
Another niggle is a system to save, is purely car excepts, as in the esmo intervals in a game automatically will save. Any option partorisca to multiple file or is ready to save, he so only he. That is worse is that there is no clear indication of when it goes it to do, there is not very normalised or visual sign. This is annoying if it finds very first of the boss, and spend to have low health. An integer gameplay is mostly solid in structure, with the few defects that takes the little annoying but no necessary destroy a game.

A main game is roughly 8 - 12 hours long, that depends to what time like explore each level. It averts few elements have hid that mainly develop a rear history or help to struggle, there is at all here to return to the second game by means of in aprisa. Any hard way or the multiple ends am fearful.

Likes to see the Damned mountain is resulted the franchise, or Deep Money (the developers) to do in another horror of survival so that it has to that it weaves to admire here and a lot of some right boxes have been ticked. A bit those that have spent was subject of game of the game and more the work dipped to a front of fright will do his next game the gem of the horror! It would recommend Damned highland whole-heartedly for any defenders of some horrors of survival of the slowest edifice, although because of a period of game and lack of unlockables, attack until tomb in prize or receive likes the present - so it will feel to like have your cost of money!
4 / 5
Has taken; good history (vital for me), sounds and graphic abonos for the Wii game.

The only light has left down is some controls of fight, but I recomend sticking with him like this embezzled mark of game on thus little downer.

So that other games could learn of this little gem, like a history unfolds, the music/of sounds creates a legislation atmospher, and the good map for the round was.

Follow the on, would buy it to good sure. And I am expecting they , esp now have a Wii More than motion.

More games for a muture the player PLEASES
4 / 5
has has completed so only this game ! I will give you some of my thoughts .

There is cursed the mountain is the game that had listened at all roughly before it saw it to them on Amazon. It has been priced in £10 to the equal that have thought soymm this looks the subject !' I have verified out of the few descriptions and his didnt say it was complete rubbishes so only that has had some subjects of control ! Like the snapped on 2 second later .
Has arrived by means of a estaca punctually that was to do roughly 2 weeks trusty delivery of amazon ftw !

Costs very Like this in a game he , well .. His the dark horror game of the survival dipped in a Himalayas . You touch Eric Simmons the man the one who is trace the mountain or two , and your work is to discover the spent to your brother Frank ..The one who has gone missing and calm has to that rescue .
Graphicaly A game is quite amazing for a wii in my opinion , one first splits of a game has yours those careers by means of several villages and of the Monasteries . Some of some Monasteries are really amazing to look in with complex structures and of the interesting statues , I often found I that uses an option of free view to have the look around and admire a scenery . Had a particular Edifice in a side of the highland side empinado and was so that it breathes it that it takes that a game changes a corner of camera so that it calms of the that loses it !!

A Pacing of a game is well ! You will struggle the few ghosts , collects some material .. The walk bit it then struggle some ghosts . I cant really complain roughly the , some people call it slow paced but finds it correctly .. Some movements of character dulcemente compared to some games but of those who has left that dips were .

Some controls are something concealed annoyed bit it to me .. Until today actualy . Unfortunatly I never read a intruction manual and like this a lot fully comprise a wii actions of control of the motion, and that I would owe that be do in responce to concrete pictures in a pending screen of the fights .
This lack of goodness of knowledge the a lot of dead persons and a lot of leaves of anger ! :D ( bellowed damned mountain on shame on me ). If it buy this game READ The INSTRUCTIONS to CONTROL BEFORE it TOUCH . I read him last night and today my final day of game was perfect .. Any question that like this never , mainly reason had been the doing all wrong :( . The CONTROLS ARE CALM PERFECTIONS SO ONLY GOTTA KNOW THAT it is DOING - note.

Erm To the equal that leaves orders this game up in an amazing sentence .

There is cursed mountain .. A lovely brilliant wubbly jubbly game roughly Buddhism and finding yours has has lost relative the one who take stuck on mountains ( I the hate when they concealed )
like to him the bad resident and that the silent hill can have taken .. Prpers Having said that I of the one who particuly like this 2 series of the games but I has liked him this like this .. His £10 buys it :D.


PS For some reason maintains to dip to my fun indication likes 2 of stars .. To Which would like in 4 so that meh amazon !
5 / 5
To to I My edges likes him to him-the this, but has taken the bit has stuck on some levels. It has touched modern warfare 3 easily, like this perhaps this game requires bit it more thought to exit. Creepy Graphic and touch the reasonable game ossia bit it different.
5 / 5
Like the enormous defender of horror of survival, was in fact quite that looks forward to to touch damned mountain when it has released. After completing a game and thinking in a whole experience for the moment, am coming to a conclusion that ossia the very good game and the worthy addition to a gender of horror of the survival. It can not be beside a better of a gender, as Collina Silenziosa 2 or an original of bad Resident, but is still better that play as Surrendered 5 and Turn of Collina Silenziosa in my opinion. Well it is in of the terms of atmosphere and spookiness at least. I have been impressed with several appearances of this game, comprising a brilliant setting, a better that graphic expected and an a lot of creepy soundtrack. (Seriously, I touch this game late at night with headphones on. Calm will not complain it .) I love a feeling to locate a mountain in this game. For real it feels like the investigation of epic that will punish you every time. A bit those that the people am complained in a game pacing but to be sincere, up until a final hour has thinks that that a game was very good paced and maintained glued to my screen. I have enjoyed really this game and call all the world-wide of the choose on, especially in this prize. This in spite of, still is not the perfect game and has empty that could postpone it some people. A prime minister is some controls . To be sincere, his no half like this bad likes a bit the people have annex but calm still fights with them constantly. For chances, sometimes while backing out of the ghost will find that your turns of character instead and can finalise the right walk to an enemy. Another question is some controls of motion . Some of some gestures used when banishing the enemies no as well as they owe that. Pressing a far forward is one that often fails to register, but finds yes calm has pressed advances softly and precisely, will do to better plot. (Ossia That has said.) Sad for all this habladuría uncomfortable roughly pressing, will not mention it again. A final question has is the small a, but a game is not all this scary. Yes for any first few hours, can be a lot of creepy and atmospheric, but to an end, a game directs more in that traces and action that trying be scary. But it averts of this small niggles a game is excellent and is well the value that choose.

A Specialist of Horror of the Survival, 20/08/2012
5 / 5
This was blind shot, has known no a lot in a game and the majority of some critiques have not been very bondadosos his. But how it was very economic has decided them give tries it. And all can say is that I seat really lucky to give this game the casualidad, but in another hand, can see reason this is not the blockbuster. The step of a game is dulcemente, a map is not exactly acute and there are some subjects of control, a last be an only real question goes (more precisely, when you owe that move a nunchuk first), but does not affect a game too much.

But yes have the tendency to like 'art' odd, if you are there was always partorisca trade Transformative 2 for the Lynch film or yes give more credit the creativity that to uninspired candy of eye, that this can be the very pleasant surprise .
5 / 5
Like a title of my description, a game is mainly he mashup of games of horror of classical survival. Then surely ossia the good thing , listens says. It would answer your, good gentleman, that yes does well would be to applaud Deep Slver of my chair. This in spite of, which takings is that it feels like the a lot of unfinished unpolished game. A map is like these of the middling PS2 title - no ugly, but any Exc graphic that has seen you in Collina Silenziosa: it has it Shattered Memories. Also some looks of camera never like this slightly broken - walk to a wall/of obstacle, a calm camera direct round, which is not the subject massive, but still annoying, the fault further of any one closes-on look when it comes to the enemies is quite unforgivable. Also it has the time where search to having confused as to play it would have to that take of - a bad Resident 1 Hitchcockian corners of cameras, or Bad Resident 4 east in one view of camera of the shoulder. Mainly it chooses a last, but he occasionally done the turn to a RE1 seen of camera, and an effect can be quite jarring. Also some controls of motion whilst exorcising some ghosts can be a lot of swipe and lose when takings to anything more complex that the alone swipe of a wiimote, which can be frustrate, like this calm only arrival to kill ghosts with your mystical hammers, which think has an axe that can kill the ghosts because they annoy to churn your hands around?

Cela Is not to say there has any one some good ideas and concepts in him here - has. An election of location, he Tibetan the mountain is for real original, and some of some abandoned cities have pursued of the ghosts look excellent, if any marred for some a lot muddy map. Also ghosts in zombies, while any terribly original (the Fatal frame says esalvation') is not like this often seen, and love a concept to do focus hand-held to exorcise ghosts. A voice that read them is upper-notch in a game, especially of Eric whose gruff Scottish emphasis punctuates some scenes of yard of the games, and a music is suitably eerie.

In general would say that the Damned mountain is the stray opporunity of the game. They are so only 3 hours in and all can maintain the thought is this game would be like this well has fixed a camera, fixed some controls of motion and was concentrated so only better. A fact that could have it been so better does not save he of a fact that the potentially good game is in fact the really broken game.
4 / 5
There is cursed Mountian is the fun and a lot enjoyable game to touch that it exits that it looks for to help Frank finds is brother Eric. There is to the plot of the different things has to that find to hel[p complete each part. Well it validates puchasing a game as I can discover for calm the one who enjoyable and a lot of entertainment is to touch. Strongly reccommend this.
5 / 5
In the spent the 15-20 hours in a game, and having completed it so only, these are my impressions .

An atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a gender in that is dark, brooding and portentous. A feeling to be secluded in the mountain deserted (which is both épico in stairs and resupply the stunning backdrop to a history) really can underline these moments when something suddenly manifest in some shadows behind you.

One that directs is inspired also, adapting me of Eternal Darkness in of the places. Oftentime, Looks to be that they look calm by means of some eyes of more, possibly the creature that tugs around in the program/to land on you. Coupled With a unnerving the soundtrack found bit it hesitant to come from, and sense like an idiot when a ghost has thinks that has seen result to be the statue.

A Tibetan/the subject Buddhist is really inspiring in my opinion, enriching some half half with some stunning architecture and objects, everything brilliantly detailed and realistic. In fact, a map in Damned Mountain is some of one has seen more still in a Wii, and the even more incredible result one calms of progress further to a game.

Has read concerns in controls, but is perfectly user-friendly and easy to use (or at least was for me! ;-)), Included battle has found any subject real, although one of some prayers/of gestures take me the moment to master but of the works a lot afterwards has done it the little time.

Possibly my game of a year like this far. Perfecto for me in that combines exploitation and suspended with him compellingly innovative storyline and good-looking venues. I am not sure it will be all the world is way of game, but for those like me those who enjoy the slow plus paced, quell'horror of tug in the maniac slaughter-fest to good sure would recommend it.
4 / 5
Is the good game can spend enough the bit to time to try to take by means of some levels this in spite of gone back for more,the map is very good and some effects of sound are a lot also,this game costs of the money and will maintain you entertained for hours.
5 / 5
I have taken so only it hands of my copy and expected with baited breathes til decadence. With the enclosed curtains and of the lights have invited was my flat mate partorisca have first game. As we are both big defenders of a series of Zeros of the Project in PS2 has think that this would be perfect partorisca we. After the little touch of small prpers finds partorisca roam so only by means of the village deserted and has found our ghost of prime minister... It has shouted Quite strong to alert a whole street and promptly has had an attack of asthma. As be this of careful people a so only could scare the death.

PS. It is a lot now. In the calm chance asked.

Oh yeah, I control natural celery and a scenery is trez quite BTW.
5 / 5
Is looked forward to to touch this game. After seeing all an advertising to the equal that has done look fresh and scary, could not expect begin...... That the dissapointment !
On in the first place touching a game, is different, and for like this, in interesting. A game has a eerie and unsettling atmosphere, and is not never quite sure that goes to spend. All the good signals can think ?
No ! A game is repetitive and unchallenging, and the punctual volume has used to an atmosphere, which then does scary, at all.
Some controls are not that bad, calm once takes used to them, although you move way to dulcemente when those careers and turning. There is does not defy real, the ghosts are easy to kill calm once take a hangs of him, and there is no interesting puzzles.
To conclude, the Damned mountain wants to be RE4. It is not !
5 / 5
A casualidad of having a game of adult in a Wii is has completed squandered by a sluggish movement of some tones of character and a unresponsiveness of a Wii remote control.

Sure looks well, and some scenes of yard are interleaved with one 'action'(?) Quite well, but when you are walking six character plods together with any note of urgency (as taking that it likes strolls in a field, no the mountain of ghost infested!) And it turns like this dulcemente, that could go you and do the cup of tea while you are expecting. WELL, ossia the light exaggeration , but is almost has had your character to movement bit it faster - has beaten jog (which go in handy exploring), but ossia any one uses in battle.

And that battle of pause, ossia where a game controls really left a game down. A game in general is very simple, everything is walk around the bit, chooses on an odd bit of health (in a form of the jostick) and an entrance of register/of odd note (this precise bed to learn more in your investigation). Calm from time to time is attacked of one or more ghosts. The attack of a ghost is pre-warned by the cry to take you ready and a nunchcuk and the movement of far control has required to kill a ghost is showed on-screen during a battle, but, and is the BIG BUT, some controls simply does not operate , which mean dies quite quickly.

In his defence, a soundtrack and a scenery are add, but a pooor excution of the movement and the lack of a main character of responsiveness of some controls this the quite useless game. I have learnt my lesson,, and will not buy the new franchise until at least emission 2. If you have read this remote, and ladies t has a game, calm still has the occasion any to buy. It TAKES IT!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this game and I have not been drawn to the Wii game of Twilight Princess- Wii could do with more than the games have taken.
4 / 5
Has Been impacted that the didnt like this game of im to bad animal and of the games of horror
so only felt very old and the dull wasnt a lot at all some controls were bad and have me so only does to feel down if this was an aim in a fact of good game ,but this wasnt for me!!
5 / 5
Please does not squander Your money in these rubbishes. Some gestures owe that do with a wii far so only no simple as it concealed so only any LAW .
4 / 5
Titles very good and The excellent prize
The history is good and dips you of plenary in his sin leaves lateralmente that spends Mexican baptising a lot very
5 / 5
the game has arrived perfect condition . The prize adds. Fast delivery. We are very pleased. Thank you
5 / 5
I will begin partorisca say that have to him legustado this play enough to touch by means of him all a way, this in spite of for a last third of a game has felt to to the the bit likes ' is in closing?!' A concept are add, a voice that read them is really well for a estimativa am sure has had, and an experience feels to to the the bit likes (perhaps) that would feel it to locate the mountain, which is that they were paralizaciones . This has said, a tediousness and repetitiveness to locate the mountain is also present. Some enemies are all kinda some same, and is not that has amused to kill them with which the moment, included with a weapon upgrades volume. It has given a game 4 stars because they have tried to do at least something different, and am happy has touched a game. This has said a lot necessarily recommend it to the partner. If it touch the tonne of Wii games and is running out of options or looking for something calms will not find in another game, ossia to good sure value the game-by means of, but is taste and only touch of one the month or like this, there is probably better options. Some last two games have touched was Bad Resident 4 and Kirby Épico Yarn, both duquel has blown this gaming experience out of a water. A prize is a lot this in spite of, can not complain in 10 game.
4 / 5
Amour damned Mountain. It is notch upper , AAA horror of quality like fatal mark and silent hill. The setting adds and an atmosphere is perfection of pure horror. It is pursuing, creepy and beautiful. Some controls of motion are sum but use the “flicking” motion. It does not use the stabs of big dramatic/motions or any record . So only he flick the motion and calm will not lose never. Ossia One of my upper favourite games highly recommends
5 / 5
like you to them the games of the slow atmospheric horror resembled silent hill this game tickle your elegant. His very slow paced and a bit relaxing a music some levels are all isolated besides some ghosts of course but a feeling of isolation is still there. A history a bit is interesting but some pictures of uses of the game in place of FMVs during a cutscenes and main character Eric can speak really down during gameplay like his sometimes last to listen the one who hes saying or if his of entity to a global history or in an exposure. The defenders of silent hill check this an out of touching the solid title without real defects.

UPDATE: Some tugs of game in the small to a lot to some chapters some late plus. Any sounds of insurance to the game would like me the replay of again perhaps for nostalgia but personally does not see me in those touches he again anytime punctual or later. His hire to good sure.
5 / 5
There is cursed the mountain is the a lot of the game has illustrated well that transmits a sense to be in an isolated and virtually abandoned Tibetan highland village this has fallen some class of curse of bad. It likes-me an use of references the Tibetan culture and hope that more the designers of game have begun to do to spend cultures more exotic the life. I think that that a game could have benefited to use more ritual, for chances a Tibetan ceremonies of death in a storyline and trusting less in the eseek objects and battle' formed. The just walking around this local is interesting, until you owe that do battle with some ghosts those who there is taken on a city.

Also like Wii can be in some things, finds that to the fight is not always one of the battles involves to coordinate several far actions. You added once the spiritual component to the yours choose axe, (that spends a lot prompt in a game) has to that manipulate both some far and a nunchuk for felizmente fight a phantoms. A C key in a nunchuk has to that be depressed so that you can use your third eye and actuate your weapon of alcohol. A B key in a Wii far is pressed to shoot your weapon and a one key owe that be resisted down to do ritual that involves to move a far and/or nunchuk in of the concrete ways to dispel a ghost once is wounded.

This would be to add if a Wii far better fact. Finding a cursor (as calm probably know to touch other games),especially with the hungry ghosts that resists down, can be like this defiant like that aiming. In another yours time is able of the aim, but at all spends in a game. Some movements have required to entirely dispel some ghosts are complicated and is a lot last to know is to coach to do them wrong or if a far is so only a lot fully transmitting them. Deep the one who the works more is the frenzy of heavy shaking in all the directions (comprising the strong wrist snaps advance of of the this is a far/nunchuk the feeblest direction).

Seeing during the fight is another subject . Calm always is that it follows your character more than seeing by means of his eyes. A + tampon of control is supposition to change to first person, but he any a lot of and can not be used with a third eye in battle. A minute a third eye is actuated your movement is there is shortened also. When An attacker is near, calm often finds you blocking your own view of fight and looking in your backside. Emotional to a side the very hard fact to aim your weapon correctly.

Perhaps mine less what preferred in a game is that you are forced to rid to some transports-save characteristic. I hate Games that mark replay sequences of entities on and on. Mina this is boring, and a lot frustrating when you are forced to repeat scenes of battle of entity.

Likes Wii the games go, the Damned mountain is the very a lot looking game, with his and mapea excellent. It is reasonably enjoyable still with some defects. Exploring Some exotic locals and learning in Tibetan the culture is interesting enough to do this value that touches.
4 / 5
There is cursed the mountain is the puzzle of horror of the survival and the question that solves game. The players will take a function of Franco Simmons to the equal that follows down his brother, the one who has been to lose in the trak to a Himalayas to find an ancient Buddhist Machinery. A game headed out of slow, but creepy, and so only continue build on here that. A setting is like this perfect for the game of horror that, in hindsight, is really impacting that any one has thought to dip the game of horror of the survival in this setting before. Filled with dark map, fray of ghost, and more. It is class of likes touch the version of Bad Resident.
4 / 5
Some controls thus game can be the little crappy in time, but has thought a whole concept of a game, as well as a scenery, was quite awesome. It is not one the majority of thrilling game and can move to the long of dulcemente in time, but think that is the still value that the controls was. It is not that difficult and cut also, as it could be the good hire . Expensive accident he, a Wii fights for good games, and when you begin to run out of gaming options, there there is Cursed always Mountain. Ossia Like me has found it this game. No the bad game this in spite of.
4 / 5
This game scares a bejeezus out of me! I LOVE it!!!

I games of game involves the missions in that has to find you elements and will find the ghosts owe that battles to the long of a way. The alone ghosts are some pocolos easy to win but is the challenge when five or are sale on on you. Involving history-line concealed calm maintain you touching. Relatively controls of easy game with Wii far and nunchuk.

Prepares to be sufficiently creeped was!
5 / 5
Has not taken too far to the long of in Damned Mountain, but can say that it is the game adds . A map is awesome, a sound is in his point and a concept is obliging.

An only gilipollas is that sometimes my movements do not look for to be elected on a lot well and, when being the first time urvival horror' player, am often quite confused in that to do afterwards and squander the plot to time to try for the imagine was.

Ossia The game adds , and more than sufficiently creepy. It is the value adds and a lot entertaining. My only joint: it does not touch in 4 a.m. The things take the little too odd then...
5 / 5
The atmosphere adds. It has wanted to that locates the Himalayan mountain and seeing all a Buddhist prayer flags, statues, and monasteries. The concept adds. A bit slow, but this was mostly well. The fight was repetitive, but still quite decent. Waggle I controls have done well while I remained calm and has not had any keys have pressed. Trippy History. Although have enjoyed a game, can not think of any one could recommend it to. It is so only too slow and odd for more the flavour of the people. I have wanted to it loved/ it That this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: X-Factor : Solus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
A recognition of voice is feeble - you basically take 100 partorisca the whitney song if you burp to a mic.

Is quite gimmicy - was 6 that would be probably be entertaining, if the the mental capacity more utmost is tedious.

That when be said, for the economic, game in home kareoke game that impulses a ego, is quite decent.
4 / 5
The entertainment adds with a family, enjoys to touch this in christmas and partying chance, the cant sings but thinks that them im in fact in my element when the lol. If you like fun, laugh and enjoy that has yours has wanted to some around you, ossia a game for you. 5
4 / 5
Simon has surprised has accepted this.. Rubbish of has bitten really..
4 / 5
A present of surprise for my girls but the data the reception to one of them ,me this in spite of me never @@give that strong his flange could be.

Top Customer Reviews: Hot Wheels ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
An absolute FRAUD, for lean goodness well. The game is a reverend FILTH . If you are looking for partorisca invest in of the good games partorisca Transmission, listens: spent a map by heart of 600 hanged, costs the half of the game, and afterwards sees partorisca tend it to him of Nintendo of transmissions the to the section of “Big Offers.” Calm here will find games geniales in offer. And in the chance loves a pair of good recommendations that cost each cent that paid, compraventas or low Golds and a Blind Forest, Golds and of a Wisps. Any wheel your money to the rubbish with the game of Hotwheels. Edges the worst 1,200 varos the spent in my life. The game is all tiezo, hideous. Masters a good game that it Is instead of poster? Asphalt of drop 9, City of Paradise, Horizon Chase, Intertial Drift, or any desquels can download free, or for Much less of money in the tent of Nintendo. Any one calm gives your money the these con men that thinks that to manufacture very carritos of toy, can go in to the subject of the video games and RUBBISHES of product. That has arrived to read, is the description the complete plus, precise, sincere and true in this filth of game. If calm buy it, your edges and the tone to van ignores it and forget the the 10 minutes of the game. Masters a good cooperative game to touch with your edges? The drop Untangles Two, or yes loves game carreritas with him goes down Sonic running Crew. The glielo that said, of dad the dad. Of at all!
4 / 5
A majority of a game is extra cost by means of a Nintendo and-tent! You take 3 cars to start with, so only a duquel is decent. The cars “of extra” mystery are unlocked with coins, how is extra clues , but takes the time painfully longitude to gather quite a lot of coins to do anything! Also, big segments of a main ‘campaign' the way is extra cost . Unless you are it has had to that to pay an extra $ 20 and on, a game of base is repetitive. Masters a Batman car? $ 3. Love a delorean? $ 3. It wants to unlock big portions of a main game? $ 12. It is absurd and ANY THAT is coming to expect of Nintendo. To add abuse it to everything concealed, can use very included tilt supervise!! It would not recommend this game to any one.
5 / 5
A game a lot very of course with a lot of content, possibility to touch on-line or with has joined another person in living room of own tonne! The fast game Of the sud lucido term of downloads he to the sud Change it, a lot that feigns graphic, a way aventurada with a lot of rewards and of challenges! It expected it impatiently and they are not disappointed! It touches all his big followers of hot wheels, bought without posing you of question ;)
5 / 5
Really happy with this game. A prize is well in $ 50 or less. A content is fun, some controls to do a lot of (does not expect this to feel like Mario kart).

Has been concerned on mapea or of the subjects of tax of the frame with a version of the transmission but the careers and the looks adds!
5 / 5
Excellent video game of careers. Thrilling for the speed and the Visual proposition. Retador But no impossible. Besides sections of Hay of customización that will leave you hours of creativities!
5 / 5
Big game of Cars and like-go them to you hot better still
5 / 5
has taken this for my grandson because it loves hot wheels and building things and when being able to customise some vehicles is so only a cherry up.
5 / 5
The game adds but, interior a moment, in a nintendo transmission, has any option to touch multiplayer with your on-line friends (only random matchmaking). You can so only it touches 2 players in a same console.
5 / 5
My girls the defender of enormous hot wheels! Like this happy thus game. The amours that build some clues as well as that career.
4 / 5
An a lot entertained game and the ideal likes of collect carritos.

Top Customer Reviews: Ellen Whitaker's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
My daughter of six years wants to tis game but finds it hard to read all some things in a screen. It is the good game but does not like me a fact has to that it initiates in a begining everythime change your horse.
5 / 5
Very pleased with product as it found it to them hard to locate line, Lucky to take before Navidad, the service adds.
4 / 5
In that bought that an excuse of rubbish of the game also under his title for a PC, was in two alcohol to the equal that to yes to buy is one. Has has complained to buy the? - No!
Wonderful controls , graphic brilliants - you really feel likes is trace a horse. I LOVE a that short out of options and jumping is like this entertainment.
Touches really terrific - value each penny. It would buy it it was to bend a prize!

So only down the side is a sheer quantity that has to that promised - this in spite of has an option for has done it for you like this I so only he I once the game now which is adds!

Very very realistic, fun game for any horse lover.
5 / 5
Has spent this for the youngest sister. Whilst Entertainment a first pair to time touched that, has begun to take repetitive and has included his amour of the horses could not see his by means of a game but this could be the question with all the horse games.
Looked to be that the plot of some different things that can do you essentially boiled down to do a same thing in an end of a day. It is so only replay the value is still to kick he until going for the fast walk and perhaps do the few things. Some controls are simple but sometimes unresponsive.
Although it feels likes is trace the horse still fails to take any emotion, for example a first walk in Epona in legend of Zelda OoT (n64) is enjoyable and memorable.
A map, while any bad for a wii, could be pressed the plot more to create breathtaking scenery.
Gives the basic education to look the horse but at all the horsey the partidário a lot already knows.
4 / 5
Has bought this game as has for a DS and really enjoyed the. His like this well in a Wii - some controls were the pocolos delicate at the beginning but has done so only a game more adictivo. It has done a formation separates more interesting in all chance - calm required him. Some separates to concern for a horse was really excellent especially grooming and can be really rubbish in some games.

Of the critiques was so only that would have been well to have more storyline together with some competitions - has had one but was the quite run of minute of a game.

Global fab game - an of some games of better horse riding there.
5 / 5
Ossia The really good game . My daughter of 10 years is horse crazy and loves it. A map is good and some quite easy controls to master with the pocola practical. Some looks of game to locate formation, the short, jumping and coaching competition and horse of cure. Some people have slated a grooming and side of horse cure of a game but is not excessive and adds to an appearance of global horse property a game promotes.
4 / 5
A map are partorisca add and a game is almost likes worry for the real has to that do is to feed your horse,the cleaned,walk on he(whith a nunchuk and controler)and stroke your horse. I think that that it is the very good game !
4 / 5
Having This for another half with which has touched he in a horse of a show of year was the tad sceptical if the game of horse riding would do.
Felizmente He , covers everything would do when possessing the horse, of basic formation the grooming, eventing, feeding and included spent for new tack.
Supposes that a definite description is that it still is touching the month on.
5 / 5
This game is a better for far that has touched. A map is wonderful and one in those worries for a horse part of a game is realistic and calm really the chair is dipping in some endeavour in looking your horse. Some chances also are well, any one the easy to take by means of a formation and calm has to that a pocola operates, but is very interesting. Some walks are fabulous and a scenery takes your respite was!

Can any help with a formation. That Calms a Levage?Ellen Whitaker Horse Life (Wii)
5 / 5
Fun game with good row of options BUT can any help with like this to jump way of bus? Has has has followed instructions but has directed so only the pair to time to take a horse to jump in the hack and zero times in coaching?? Alike questions with coaching formation and has asked the pair of the friends but has not been able to exit neither!
4 / 5
Excellent service. My horses of amours of the granddaughter and a game was perfect for some new WII has had for Navidad.
4 / 5
My daughter loves this game and he so better that some rubbishes Pippa Funnell play that has had before. A map is excellent and there is load of things to do with your horse.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for my niece the one who is down 13 this 10, is really enjoying a game.
4 / 5
So only has taken this game pre has possessed in a PC but he have not had the booklet, so only asked yes calms so only take a horse all a way by means of, or is some to unlock?

Looks play it really very this in spite of, has gone to touch any plus, hope any one can please help thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Secret Files: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5
A good old fashioned 'Click & of Adventure of Point!...Any enough of these today.... Any everything to have lightning reflexes, and like use our brains.... A game is quell'has bitten old now, had it on a PC, but once I upgraded to the newest car with Windows7, no more, as I bought it on a wii to the equal that could touch by means of and the arrival...... I have not touched a sequela still, but highly can recommend esHorizonte of tray' for a company of same game! Again I aim it and click, but with humour added, and combinations of pleasant element... (Like old Days abonos of Island of Ape and Simon a Sorcerer...) It likes him -you some traditional old adventures... Then go for Secret Files.... But it saves to to your thick game likes him the course... As you can take stuck on the train without way down.....
4 / 5
A glorious point and game of click - and really has to that think. A lot the puzzle that solves and the phase that fijamente! I maintain entertained for hours. Intelligent game with the good storyline.
4 / 5
Ossia A better game has touched them in a wii. Lovely map, adds storyline and a lot enjoyable
5 / 5
this was the a lot of confusing in the game touches like this the suggest compraventa this element to see the one who im that it speaks roughly likes buttond in a game is a lot confusing
4 / 5
are the bit of the defender of a point and gender of click and in general this play there is not disappointed. It would be good to see a Wii revive this gender to the equal that looked to lose popularity to a late nineties. In all the chance, on to a game.

This is not a better example of the point and adventure of click in a Wii (Sword to control Broken was that it is excellent) but is quite well in his own legislation. A storyline are add, an essential element thus type of game, and a map is also very good. A lot fantastically rendered, those interest, varied and atmospheric locations.

Will travel a ball that chooses on elements and use them to solve puzzle, which felt was a lot well has balanced. A difficulty looked to be just right. I have had to look for two solutions but when have had concealed 'ah, of course!' Reaction. As some puzzles am not too cryptic, so only precise the bit lateralmente has thought.

There is so only three flus with a game. In the first place, the sound bit it short. I have completed he in roughly 18 hours and that included spending quite some time pondering on some puzzles. It would have been well to take another 4 or 5 hours out of him.

According to @subject is a voice that does and some of a script. The majority of a mediocre his time in better. Some of some responses are quite odd, while an intonation and emphasis of some voices seldom look adapted to a context.

Finally, some animations of character are the bit of forest.

Like this in general, a game is good and enjoyed it. I will be to purchase some Secret Files prójimas . They are happy has bought this game and would recommend it, more like this to Signal & defenders of Clicks.
4 / 5
Are really enjoying touching this game, although I owe that admit that I have had to consult it walkthrough on more than an occasion. Ossia Probably down my lack of logic and common sense more than fault of a game, this in spite of doubt are not an only one the one who would not have thought never to use double-sided sticky tape the tape your mobile to the cat! While I have been stuck is been the chance of test and error and so only that it has to that combine different elements until I take a right combination and then clicking that element on all until it finds a right thing, which can result bit it tedious in time. A voice that read them is terrible but a dialogue can be a bit amusing, as when an ad of the main character is not to see never the woman uses the urinary before! Another reviewers has said this game is too short but think that is so only a right period, any more along and would have resulted boring, and ossia the ready game and that interest that it is to good sure the look of value in.
5 / 5
In the first place was, please does not buy this game wants to be shooting things or struggling or endless pages where all have to that do is to find the underlying object with which underlying object, this game is not to like concealed. If it love the game where need to think in that go after doing and enjoy characters with personalities, it puzzle that solves in a form to find objects and using them jointly with other elements (and the pair another puzzle that is not too hard but require no other objects) then this game is that it is looking for. Also, I have not touched Zak and Wiki reason looked in work like this on-line and is (in my opinion) any one the typical point and click and resists any appeal for me, as you are looking for more like Zak and Wiki this is not that it is looking for.

So much, on to a real description :
A dialogue is really well throughout, a map is variable but a row is of reasonably very this in spite of the excellent - almost lifelike. Some puzzles are mostly logical and solveable inside the short time, some will require the little more thought, for me has taken has stuck 3 times but with the little help of an internet was able to find some solutions do not pour (the dark plus duquel was that to do with to bale of terry bedding). Not frustrating or boring (like Myst) in any point in time. Touched the few hours the time and has taken so only roughly 5 1/2 days. My question of mine big plus with the games of this gender are is not never long enough, always wants to be able to touch more when they are done.
This game has all a charm other games of him is gender but found quell'a bit has been missing of a comedy of games like Sinister FandangoGrim Fandango - Lucas Classical Arts (PC CD) , an Island of Ape gamesMonkey Island: Special Edition - Collection (PC DVD) , a Sword Broken seriesBroken the Complete sword (PC DVD) , Discworld seriesTERRY PRATCHETT DISWORLD (PC) , Simon A Sorcerer gamesSimon A Sorcerer , AnkhAnkh-Gilbert and Special Edition GoodmateGilbert Goodmate and an Arrow of Phungoria (PC CD) and has taken issues it the most serious, this game was more to the long of some lines of Barrow HillBarrow Collina (PC DVD) or Jules Verne Collection Jules Verne Collection (PC) ( has a lot another could list this returned in both these categories but hopefully take an idea ), has had some comedic the moments but has not gone too prevalent and was amply dispersed by means of a game.
For me now, am expecting and while for Secret Files : Puritas Cordias to touch to lose in prizes for a Wii (I likes touch in a PC but a Wii he the easiest fact to touch with other people and is well that I can touch these games with a family more than for my account, also a Wii the controls were excellent thus game). In a go to try while it was Sam and Max in a Wii, averted him in the first place times around for some reason but has looked the video of a game that is touched and has decided could have lost the treat.
Is like this good to have a P&C gender revived for a Wii and the wait there will be much more to come.
Finally I appologise for some link here when being for a PC so only, the majority of these games are not available for another program.
5 / 5
I have used partorisca love this type of games in a Partner, Simon a Sorcerer. Ossia The really good point and game of adventure of the click. It appears graphic very good and can be defy sometimes which is the good thing .

A thing of the salt does not comprise , which any mentioned in another description. It looks well in my copy, so only has to that examine an element in quesion. I have left the star of only reason have thought a voice that read them has not been brilliant, and could have been bit it better. But his any breaker partorisca treat, the wait there will be some adventure roughly games more decent so many, same ports of the games of PC are done well.
5 / 5
Has an almost complete absence of a Point and gender of Click in a scene of modern console. A Nintendo Wii is an only provider, and has included this is to limit to the pocolos play. One he ecret Files: Tunguska' and is perhaps one the majority of Click that's that traditional that never exited for Wii. You touch like the woman that looks for his father the one who is missing whilst looking to some mysterious chances that surrounds an explosion in a Russian region of Tunguska. You go of scene to the scene that chooses on elements and trying utilizarprpers together, or with some means, to progress in a game.

This was obviously the European title likes dipped is in Germania and this far plus. A voice that read them is mediocre in better and a quite poor dialogue. In of the terms of puzzle is well, with the majority of them having common sense. Some costruttrici have added a capacity to underline some interactive elements on screen. Ossia To the characteristic sum likes them any a game any easy plus, but saves lovely fiddling time. In around 12 hours to complete a game is not enormous, but think any one the long plus would have tried the little intruder.

In general, esecret Files' is scolare like this old as to be dipped the a lot of, but nectar to another. An old fashioned way of game, creaky dialogue and like this like this the map will mean a lot of people will be bored. This in spite of, if you are the traditional Point and the click fan you would have to that love the he like this spent all a basics well. I think that that ossia a half game in general. The defenders of a gender would owe that add the star, any followers would owe that take one.
5 / 5
Has bought this gamw with a lot of emotion. They are an avid point and defender of game of the click and is always state. It had looked for hogh and down for such the game in a Wii and has found these Secret Files.

A game has the good old-to the pupil feels with some very good and stylish graphic. There is the good mix of puzzle and discussion with characters and some of some solutions really take you thinking.

Has found, this in spite of, that a game was the little short. I have completed he in of the few days and are now back where has begun them... Trying finds another good point and game of click for a Wii!

If you are the defender of old-click that's that play escoles and does not like a boy-like feel of Zack and Wiki, ossia a game for you.
4 / 5
Has loved a fact that has gone the point and game of click. Ossia So only a second game of this class has touched. I thought that it that it has been it adds that it was all roughly solving some puzzles and swimming to do with the calm quickly could press keys. Have enjoyed some varied settings of a history that has meant resisted that my interest. Some puzzles defied and liked has liked his by means of. Some solutions were the pocolos far fetched and has finalised so only combining different elements until has paste a right combination more than thinking of the likely response. A conversationin a basin was quite odd and quite unsavoury but that averts has had to weaves of fun that read my way by means of this adventure.
4 / 5
Was a lot of addicting game. Daily with which he so only could not expect touch the again. Has interesting history and of the defiant tasks. I took sometimes more with a longitude to imagine out of that has to that do, which think is the very good thing as it did not bore me. I recommend this game for people to to those who like them to them the games of adventure with the little bit of history and has thought.
5 / 5
Obliging, witty and defiant. If you are the defender of point-and-adventures of the click then there is a lot here to enjoy. A lot of dialogue, a lot (sometimes wacky) puzzle, and some the half good-looking means to explore. One of a better of his class, in my opinion.
4 / 5
My first game of cheek of function in Wii, was a lot of but shorter that expected and no quite that has expected paralizaciones. This in spite of will not give up and will look for games looked for Wii.
4 / 5
Having pre-has Ordered his game and completed it so only the few weeks with which shabby, are the little has surprised that another alleges some puzzles can not solve is bugs.

A person that could not imagine roughly has divided a number of the holes in a coverage of drain would owe that it has listened to a tape in the father of Nina study. A clue is 'a chamber in some start to an entrance of some deep basses' - Well the chamber is the neighbourhood , some start is some holes of ventilation and an entrance to some the deep basses is a coverage of drain. This is not he mindless 3D shooting the game and the people do not owe that spent unless they are very prepared to think laterally for the complete.

A bug that another user has alleged roughly trying the salt looks odd. That has to that it is: after taking a tumbler of a fire has to that examine he in your census (using a 'B' Tecla) in the point Max remarks that there is the discharge of the salt left and calm then take rooms in your census. Like this if his no that then is not the bug. Both my fiancée and I have both have touched this game by means of and has had neither any question to arrive to this point in a game.
Supposes sound the small that worries if the support of the client of a game has failed to communicate this.

In general has had adds fun completing this, allbeit with the few moments to frustrate where could very enough enciphers out of that to do after - but ossia so only a character of games of adventure. A map is everything amiably drawn and a soundtrack is good (particularly an inaugural music). A script is also very inventive and taking you averts a world-wide so only adds to an interest.

My only serious critique of this game is that a voice that read them is terrible! Some actors frequently speak his semence out of context - For example: using the tone to question of voice when in fact a character is giving the mandate. Like this, several characters pronounce some nomination other characters in of the different ways, included this in spite of in a game is all that pause near.

My partner and I am really that looks forward to a sequela thus game that is foreseen in Feb'09
5 / 5
has touched the little, and ossia a game of the adventure has better fact in a Wii. Generally good history, although it can be bit it dim sometimes walking to obviously dodgy situations. If you are thinking roughly the, very the gone.
4 / 5
The one who the game adds! Very old fashioned point and adventure of click. Any of a humour that used to be in Lucas old Arts classics but still a lot of enjoyable. It collects some elements and solve some puzzles. Calmer does not die taken something wrong or a lot he in time, likes in Zack and Wiki (concealed drive crazy!!).
5 / 5
My first time that tries this type partorisca be sincere took taking half way the finally clicked like this to that required partorisca be with that..
5 / 5
Liked some multiple combinations of clues. It is ready, appeal, exciting. The mine that takes breathe it era!
5 / 5
This game contains way too useless blabla, the plot to speak to swim, the majority of is not that it interests neither of entity for a game

The majority of some puzzles and actions to treat are impossible to think roughly for oneself, I couldnt the majority of a game without the walkthrough, ossia an impossible game to touch without guidance and help, some of some actions to the treaties does not note and can be useless likes has to that know that you have to that give and create medication for an old man Without walkthrough, would not have guessed never

This game bored been due to too much blabla that I skipped by means of to finalise a game a fast plus, has bought this game because ppl that touches CSI the games have touched also this game but CSI is súper entertainment and enjoyable, this game there is at all to do with CSI reason the averages of him doesnt felt of mark
4 / 5
has begun to enjoy a game at the beginning, has then discovered some of some puzzles were extremely difficult and like another reviewers has found, can require the walkthrough to move on in the to game like him to him some of some puzzles are further logical!
Has the 'bug' in a game which can prevent calm of moving on, which is spent in my chance. With which to 5 call of minute his line of support of the technology (in £ the min) am said that there it looks to the bug in a disk has to that way that would have to be able to recover rooms! A game now is returned when being the Amazon for one, repayment alentador.
Like The game for a Wii has 'bugs' in him has not been , especially for the game that is to be feign for a PC - would have thought you a bit the costruttrici would have solved these for now, especially for the game released for a later console!
There is on 200 games and ossia a prime minister to have the bug.
Playability Is zero like calm can not complete he without help, and more like this of a bug exists.
The map is not too bad and can take on some American voices, some that have obviuosly has won one Roten prize of Tomatoes for acting then finalised with the quite good game.
Could give this game less than a stars .
A lot of dissapointed in that tried to be an interesting game.
5 / 5
This game leave feeling empty and there is bored. Multiplayer Is useless likes player 2 cant controls a character. Good puzzles but is impossible to finalise without informing to drive. Good map and involving half cant save a game.
4 / 5
Has The required that any one have the ancore finite has given to play: the history any one is viril (argue it he ready...). I have found I initial mechanisms a bit abstract, my dope a bit the inquadra better. It would be better With the dialogues In Italian, mine the sottotitoli go well the same, ojalá a bit more grown.