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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Hickox Looks a better interpreter of Delius of Beecham.
4 / 5
Is said that a Devil his better work when any one believes in his existence. This could be true. This in spite of, Lucifer – my old buddy – has a ego. Consider what money he splashes in Savile Row. And the rumour is done : it is envious while a Kardashians – spawn of his loins – monopolise a limelight. It does not break never an internet?

Lucifer chided M When I have attributed this his disk. Sure, it is anti-Christian in an extreme (Delius mocks so that ‘Alleluia' and his Islamic equivalent in a Requiem). In spite of, Delius was the nihilist. With flavour, consigns metaphysics to a nothingness. Do like this, Lucifer and a Big Fella of Jerusalem has arrived jointly in a dumpster. Of Lucifer perspective, this is not any a lot of entertainment.

Of some first bars of a Requiem and Mass of Life, is evident that so only Delius could have composed this music: his palette is so only. The inspiration is his (so only listen to a transition among ‘Our Days here are like A Day' and ‘Alleluia' – ossia impressive). This be has said, once one is inside this idiom, there is little variac.. It can a forklift this music and dump he to ‘A Song of some Big Hills”? Suspicion like this. Besides, it is not hard to comprise reason a Requiem, with his strident advocacy of a void, has fallen in of the deaf ears some years that follows a big War: it is not for a faint of heart. A Mass of Life is clearly to a lot of work, if no the masterpiece (Lucifer opts for a last). It listens to ‘in some Mountains': it is it summons it to be heroically human and untroubled for rumours of spooks in a heaven.

A register is excellent and a lot an included could be has said actions. This music is not for iris-livered Afterworldsmen. In a near of ‘To will do, Mister Ramsay is directly and big in a bond of a longboat like this saying to a world-wide 'does not have any God!' You could come to a same conclusion after listening this music – but does not say a Devil in the bad night!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
This more enjoyable disk with 2 adds Delian produced of the yours (Eventyr and Paa Vidderne), 2 orchestral classics in vetoes it lighter (Cuckoo and Sleigh Walk), the continuazione of incidental music and 2 orchestrated the songs is partorisca me – where Chandos is is more: the clear and warm register with serious silky, notes of good booklet and undermine, any a lot of touched, music. I mean, calm does not listen never this in a room jointly? Any here in Olanda, only touch Mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhler, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky today. Chandos And to likes him to it the work adds partorisca do to collect and listen this music and I so only can expect will continue in this street. An opinion of Amazon: Please Note: it requires SACD-the compatible hardware is not totally true: If you have dipped these disks to the normal CD-the player takes glorious Stereo results. So only a SACD has spent of these disks can not be reproduced without the SACD-player. One same partorisca some Fines-option of Canal.
4 / 5
Wonderful - could listen his all day - and do! If you are the Delius devotee, any question. If you are not, it tries this!
4 / 5
While these are prompt Delius reward of works partorisca listen. I am enjoying an a lot of music.
5 / 5
Eventyr Is like this, as it likes him the music partorisca film marks it that I have to agree the things of toe behind around, that is Delius be quarried for to likes him to it John Williams, of any addiction-extracted. Enormous entertainment partorisca listen to. Some other smaller elements are all a lot quite and would go adds with one of this video of the fire of register. Regarding another poem of the yours, in some Mountains, done for a invigorating jaunt on some slopes without applicants to a class of heroics or transcendent visions of an utmost plus romantics. Davis is a lot recently has arrived the Delius and this production is the subject very happy . If a calm program adapted then you grab the copy.
5 / 5
Gentleman Andrew Davis and a Bergen Philharmonic the orchestra sterling contributo ours increasing fascination with Anglo-Scandinavian connections of around a Norwegian of time has obtained his independence in 1905. Some actions here are all first class and a Chandos register in a Grieg Room jointly the Bergen is of quality of demonstration. In any still would owe that doubt Delius place like the member of a soyaster category of composer then this register would owe that solve a @subject @ of a swipe for everything. That poorer a world of classical music would have been without one has has combined presences of Grieg, Grainger and Delius. Some reputations of all three is augmented so only with a step of the times and this register more timely full justice to a material. A combination of the master manager British and the upper Norwegian orchestra is unbeatable.
4 / 5
“DELIUS In Norvegia” is a collection (78:32') of works of Delius with flavouring to to Norvegia (comprised his national hymn), country that considered like his spiritual house and is where, in the mature works, Delius expresses with voices more character, far of the influences of Wagner and Debussy (but down the ones of Grieg and dramatists like Ibsen). It is music that is imbuida for an intense Solar light, passion and a querencia for the half Nordic means that plasma in an amalgam of sleep and work in eruption: Norwegian Bridal Procession; Paa Vidderne (something wagnerianamente pomposa, Delius still any one had found his voice); Two Songs of a Norwegian; Sleigh Walk; Folkeraadet (incidental music for a theatrical satire); On listening a Prime minister Cuckoo in Cradle (one of the most delicious bookmarks of the composer); Eventyr (inspired by of the popular histories and where really reflects the character of the composer). Gentleman Andrew Davis directs Bergen PO and the soprano Ann-Helen Moen half in both songs. The format is SACD hybrid multicanal and the apresamiento of his fact in the Grieghallen of Bergen in 2013 is espaciosa and clear.
5 / 5
An excellent compilation of mostly yields Delius. I am appreciated for a description in the web of the International music concealed dipped me on his. One touching is in the first place-has imposed; ossia Delius for the know a Delius cannon and is anxious of the deepen and add his. Solid, informative cultural history and good music for those like me I the one who want to know more Delius. And more in cultural transmissions among Big Bretagna and Scandinavia.
4 / 5
Author that nn knew and is music that Calla lanpena has given to know it
5 / 5
That the time is that it goes to take until Delius is recognised like master adds era? Still in these mostly early works, under a baton of that the majority of sensitive of Delians, Gentleman Andrew Davis, a familiar, deeply that movements Delius the magic is there. One imagines Davis that shouts like this directed these. Paa Vidderne And a Folkeraadat the incidental music is real finds and well the value that knows well. Cuckoo Has listened always lovely, particularly in this sympathetic action with glorious SACD sonics. For me, a real property here is Eventyr - the cross among a hushed Fennimore and Gerda Intermezzo and Witches' music of walk of Humperdinck' Hansel and Gretel. Beecham Imitates the version always touches clunky and unrehearsed mine, as it did not like never of a piece - up to now. More Gentleman Andrew that directs Delius in SACD please!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Both some forward reviewers is clearly knowledgable on some musical qualities of a soyasno', as I will not try the upstage him. To the left concentrate me instead in an underlying philosophy of a piece. A text is, of course, taken of Nietzsche is 'Like this Spake Zarathustra', and in fact reflects Delius' own philosophy of life. Like Nietzsche, Delius eschewed has organised religion, that thinks that that the man is the free alcohol that has to that do his own way in a world, and that, partorisca a soyun a big plus' (Ubermensch) the one who is able to transcend his sense of the obligation when it can more adds that he, a sea of possibility is virtually infinite, and the source of definite joy. These feelings are described in a wonderfully affirmative character of a lot of of Delius' music - for chance, in a barnstorming introductory section where heart and orchestra blaze out of the paean to a human , and a passion of for life.

But little is the one who has sufficient solves to shake emission a shackles this maintains man in servitude, to achieve was the life of true liberty. An investigation involves so only-the hardship and to the devotion has imported, and a soyun a big plus' the must opens the solitary furrow, often mocked and despised by another. Here a music is further and contemplative. There is two beautiful orchestral interludes in the Delius describes Zarathustra among a solitude of some mountains, or so only in dusk in meditative way.

'A Mass of Life' has been completed around 1905, although some passages date behind to a @@@1890s. Listening to a music today, is easy to forget his own half when the audiences oozed a nineteenth century classics. No another English composer has written music like this at the same time. Valued for full orchestra, heart and suns, and weighing in in almost an hour forty minutes, ossia the substantial work for any levels, and adapt that Delius was far more than the character-painiting miniaturist.

Ossia A first register of 'A Mass' of a Chandos the emission done several years, and of the only another still easily available. Has an advantage added to go in prize of estimativa, and hopefully promote that so only knows Delius by means of his orchestral miniatures (extraordinary although they are) to explore other appearances of east fine-faceted composer. Neither 'prize of estimate' bad 'inferior'. Technically, ossia the fine register , with beautiful balance, and all some interpreters (Bournemouth Orchestra of Symphony and Bach Corazón down David Collina, and some four soloists - especially baritone Alan Opie)is in a cup of his game. 'A Mass of Life' is not easy listening, but repay the attention has concentrated. Like the work is sung in German, and some the choral textures can be quite dense, is advisable to inform throughout to a text resupplied in a liner commentaries that also comes with an English translation.

A 'filler' in this 2-CONJOINT CD is a Prelude and Idyll, composed in 1932, because time Delius was blind and has paralysed. A music is reworking of passages of a bit-known work Margot the Rouge (1902), and has been mark with a help of his faithful amanuensis Eric Fenby (1906-97), and a poet Robert Nichols (1893-1944) the one who there is compiled a the text of an Idyll of a poetry of Walt Whitman. A setting, 'are once gone through half of the populous city', is treated usually for separate of a Prelude, like this here is the welcome occasion to listen a two near, as (probably) originally has feigned.
5 / 5
Also Sprach Zarathustra with @@@knob on. Ossia The together of WONDERFUL CD . I have not listened to a no choral filler, but a Mass of Life is an extraordinary work.
To the equal that write this description are so only for behind an inaugural night of a 2012 BBC Proms which there was ea Goes to derive' and Elgar' Hear of Coronation.
This has reinforced my view - of a Mass of Life - that Delius, although so only 18 young years that Elgar, is the twentieth composer of century (in the good way!) While Elgar is is remained closed in one was Victorian like the British version of César Franck. (Elgar And Franck so much has enough the wonderful melodic present, but everything is in the to to some sense likes to wade this in spite of treacle).
I sincerely recommend this Delius together of CD. Always It likes Me a Bournemouth the alive orchestra or officially - and a Bach the heart is FANTASTIC.
5 / 5
Beecham The interpretation has been long an only that interest a, and a quality of his east now quite main. Ossia The combination of elegance and passion, and thoroughly recommends it. A harm that Naxos could not extend to the book of some words, as they are hard to followin some choral parts (nit some singer' lack. I have had to go to an original poem and gather Delius libretto of them.
4 / 5
Is the Delius lover, then this action is for you. But, if you do not know Delius and has has not had never an occasion to listen to his works, calm a lot can find this registers long and tedious. Ossia The religious work and has to that be treaty like such. Be warned! This class of the music is not for Classical FM defenders (in United Kingdom) or partorisca Klassik partidários Irradiate (in Germania, Austria and Switzerland). Be sure to listen to the pocolos extracted before shabby. Prpers Having said that, ossia the glorious register so technically and musically. Registering bought in .
4 / 5
I really like this piece of Delius' operates it but ossia the a bit disappointing register. An action is good but a technical quality is not like this good.
4 / 5
Ossia The a lot of likeable and the action has registered well of a Mass of Life - sing excellent of a big and really beautiful heart that touches of an orchestra - Alan Opie is quite exceptional among some soloists in his mammouth function in a work and is very sustained for some other soloists, especially Andrew Kennedy in a function of tenor - a register is full and spacious and takes an essence of a music a lot felizmente - a balance is particularly good and in a prize ossia the subject real . Some notes for Lyndon Jenkins is a lot informative and add some interesting thoughts in this work. A perfomance is taken in the good step for David Collina the one who maintains all moving that it will maintain your attention - still if you are not has consecrated the Delian will have you your eyes have opened to the work of this wonderful composer thus new register and hopefully can loves investigations his music further ( there is to plot more to Delius that one 1st Cuckoo). An action of Idyll is achieved less than a Mass and does not match a register of Davis of Meredith in EMI the fact done a lot of years - like this a stars to take - but superlatives for a Mass - buy and enjoy !
5 / 5
Am not especially familiarised with a music of Delius, but somehow has known that this work would appeal the mine and I was a lot; I love it.

A main work in this two-CONJOINT CD is sound “A Mass of Life” or, like the more properly would owe that called, how is sung in German, “Eine the mass gives Lebens”. A long time in gestation (first his action was in 1909, but the sections of a work had been treated 10 earlier years), this shamefully the work has neglected has been championed long for Gentleman Thomas Beecham, the one who has spent Fischer young-Dieskau on to sing a function of demanding baritone. It is customary then to sing a work in the English translation of William Wallace (comprised in an excellent Naxos booklet), but is given here in a German original, based in Nietzsche is “Also sprach Zarathustra”. It is not the religious, but incredibly is stirring in his fervour and passion.

A work is valued for four soloists and big choral and the orchestral forces and some forces have involved in this register, a Bach Corazón and a Bournemouth Orchestra of Symphony so much his manager, David Collina, and a proud composer.

Some soloists all the action Zarathustra words, but is a baritone those who embodies Zarathustra he. Janice Watson, Catherine Wyn-Rogers and Andrew Kennedy, a soprano, half-soprano and soloist of the tenor respectively is everything excellent, but a baritone, Alan Opie, is little cut of phenomenal; already the veteran when this register has been done, sings with formidable resonance, fervour and sensibility.

A substantial “filler” is a Prelude “of composer and Idyll”. A soloist is once again Watson and Opie and once again, his and some choral and orchestral forces are few courts of glorious. An origin of a work, which comes from/comes from the years he late plus of a composer, is his longitude discarded work “Margot the Rouge”, which agrees to take in Radio 3 some years. While no like this memorable pleasure Mass, is a work of entity , which succour precise of obscurity.
5 / 5
When it Comes to Delius' A Mass of the registers of Life has been pocola and far among, yes has some classical register, comprising the a lot of one of Beecham, but when it comes to one was digital is to restrict the so only an another register to choose of, concealed of Richard Hickox partorisca Chandos, which also draws in some excellent Bournemouth Orchestra of Symphony. This is surprising when you consider that a Mass could be considered like Delius' Gerontius, the true masterpiece of the composer in a height of his art!
Ossia Any conventional Latin mass; some words are the setting of Friedrich Nietzsche épico philosophical poem 'Also Sprach Zarathustra', with his text clearly that follows a narrative of a poem, refusing some elements plus a lot controversial of Zarathustra is preaching. This be has said, a text is clearly the celebration of life, if it philosophical plus that religious a!
This work is like this far take out of Delius' First Cuckoo so it can take, almost the minutes of hundred of intensely inspiring music for four heart of soloists and full orchestra. I have it quell'has resisted always an opinion that Delius is comprised more by means of his main works that by means of his orchestral miniatures, and when I take the register like this a clear east to see that Delius deserves more acclaim that it takes.
To compare a register with that of Hickox the wonderful register is probably more, and while one in general timings of a work is virtually identical, has differences of time among some movements. For example, in In dein Summit schaute ict Jungst, a centrical movement and emotional heart of a first part, that the hill takes 45 long seconds that Hickox, that gives a music the sense more adds developer.
For Collina some soloists are at least like this as well as these arrests Hickox, although Alan Opie is ensured more in a pivotal function of Zarathustra that Peter Coleman-Wright is in a Hickox register. Some soloists are supported by A Bach Corazón is that it registers the one who are in shape excellent, his choral intonation is glorious and can not be faulted.
As I fill takes an Idyll and wonderful Prelude (Once spends'd by means of the populous city), to twenty work of small partorisca Baritone, Soprano and Orchestra, this time to the text for another of Delius' favourite poets, Walt Whitman. Ossia Another of the mine favourite Delius compositions, and have fond memories of cycling to do of Southport Liverpool whilst listening to this glorious music. Ossia The fine register with Janice Watson and Alan Opie the be has matched well.
This register is excellent, an equal, to a Hickox, and in some respects, some better! Whilst Would not be never without a Hickox, can see me turning to this register from now on, if so only for a wonderful voice of Alan Opie. An only drawback when being a booklet note quite scarce, although it takes some full texts and of the translations. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Have give to Delius. There is not any music headier or more hedonista that that of a German-born Bradford boy the one who has died in North France. In a summit of the his dreamy tarpaulin is A Mass of Life how has been given a enticing new register this year marking a 150th anniversary of the birth of a composer.

Delius Has been obsessed with Nietzsche and this piece, composed among 1904-5 is one of his the majority of personal works. Charting A life of man, as seen in a course of a day, his orchestral forces and the vast vowels summon on the no dissimilar world to this of Schoenberg Gurrelieder or to 8th Symphony of Mahler. Always it remains something of an experience of flavour, this in spite of his negligence feels markedly unfair when taken on a force of this register.

Given a wall to touch that Delius unleashes in an ear, is to the credit adds of the hill that he steers by means of a treacle, eliciting detail and has cleared again texture. A Bournemouth sounds of Orchestra of the Symphony wonderfully velvety, this in spite of woodwind the suns resupply the welcome note of refinement. More often that no, this in spite of, a sound muddies these waters and a Bach the sounds of heart oddly far (that considers his measure).

A passage of better soloists. Alan Opie takes the action of a lion. And while there is more tenderness to Benjamin Luxon approximation with Charles Groves in EMI (sometimes available), Opie has to that solidity that reads wonderfully in a otherwise sumptuous context of a work. The voice of Janice Watson grows in heating all a time and both she and Catherine Wyn-Rogers add the welcome erotic tinge to his suns. Surrounded by these maturer voices, tenor Andrew Kennedy can touch the little quota-faced, although it sings equally well.

If this new registers no quite to the left some earlier endeavours of Groves and a LPO, is because of a spatial and hot that Groves creates, particularly in an orchestral representation of evening partly II. Similarly, it is Meredith Davies register of an Idyll and accompanying Prelude that favour one load. But this disk is far more than the simple comparative and the welcome addition to a Delius discography.
4 / 5
This version of A Mass of Life is surely like this well like any one. Some soloists certainly touch ardent, especially Andrew Kennedy approaches to a start, soaring in an Orchestra, and of course Alan Opie in his enormous Function. A famale the parts are also very taken, this in spite of the my ears Catharine Wyn-Rogers occasionally can touch the little crude. This has said that that felt of a text and weaves his way by means of a with energy admirable music.

Like reason any 5 stars? Well, perhaps it is one download , but does not think so . When Listening by means of earphones (the mine is of quality very big in fact and give the support has included his of stairs more glorious) is conscious result of some sprain in a choral sound. Some the main climaxes so only slightly overwhelm some microphones. I will transfer to CD and listen in my main system shortly, and hope that this will hide a question the little more, but I doubt that that .

Spent with confidence, in general, this in spite of reason a majority of him touches really very beautiful. A character nods of congratulations to some Horns in a start of Part II. These parts are big and exposed, this in spite of is touched precisely sweet, leaving a sense of stillness and contemplation partorisca dominate.

Excellent in leader for Collina and tremendously the powerful choral flange this the @@subject in fact.

Top Customer Reviews: Ian Bostridge - The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
This was another rodeo partorisca Ian adds Bostridge - so it was 'Noel Cowardly Songbook' (sees my Description partorisca this title) and any deception, where all some Songs are sung in English. There are some real gems here; particularly Clues; esleep', esilent Midday', esection, Died' and 'Now Sleeps A Crimson Petal'. But partorisca me, my preferred definite is esleep' that is a second Song in an Album. There have it so only the pair of Songs that the looks bit it out of place - but in a whole, ossia an excellent and lovely collection !

I points have underlined is Clues ; 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23.
4 / 5
Has loved this cd, creates it or not wanting to listening to this in a car among a stupidity and chaos that has to that and behind me, ossia a perfect foil , sublime....
5 / 5
Virtually gems ignored and well known songs for a magic voice of Ian Bostridge. For me ossia the wonderful songbook in fact!
4 / 5
Ossia The introduction adds to a singer, and contains to plot of songs really good-looking had not listened before, particularly to Gratiana Dance and sings. It is the I really adds and well has thought was collection of tunes!
5 / 5
Ian Bostridge has one of some the majority of good-looking voices officially, and has aimed the sensatez and the enormous value selects material that will extend and develop his extraodinary present. Any everything of this material has been the perfect party for his smooth and soaring voice of tenor, notably some of Schubert&8217;s more dramatic &8220;lieder&8221;. It contrasts, at all it can be more perfectly adapted to Bostridge&8217;s present that this generous and good-looking collection of traditional English songs for Britten, Finzi, Grainger, Warlock and another.
Bostridge Door more than just the beautiful tone and the thin musical phrasing the these songs. It contrasts with some sounds of pure vowel of tongues more continental, as Ian has said in his sleeve-commentary, some complex vowels of &8220;Of the sud British English&8221; it is formidably difficult to surrender attractively in song. (He&8217;s very so only the question to sing them prettily. It thinks that with accuracy a pronunciation of the word likes &8220; it marries&8221; or &8220;bath&8221; it can betray any&8217;s deep geographic and social &8211; our vowels are the race -mark as well as it means it comunicacionales). But somehow Bostridge he, in his fruitful society with Julius Drake, heads to transcend some distribution and rid these songs in the way that put any barrier among an auditor and a music.
Is impossible in the description written to describe a sense of exhilaration this comes with these lilting pastoral and occasional airs boisterous ditties. They are in an and an ancient same time and modern, embracing immediately a mutual cross-fertilisation among classical and &8220;pop&8221; sensibility that there is always underpinned of the best of English music. Included one the majority of trivial of these songs (p. p.ej. &8220;Jillian Of Bay&8221;) it is memorable, and some of them (notably Ladies Chat Stanford&8217;s chilling musical setting of a Keats&8217; poem, &8220;The Good-looking Give me Without Thank you&8221;) it have not been under an add Schubert he.
Ossia The wonderful album .
4 / 5
Sublime music, wonderful voice, beautiful control. A complete extracted. I have listened this in the fellow east and is exited and bought it instantly. I will be to buy more.
5 / 5
Very done, Bostridge!!
A joy adds everytime touches this CD!
His emotion so only done this collection of the interesting songs.
4 / 5
Sublime music, wonderful voice, beautiful control. A complete extracted. I have listened this in the fellow east and is exited and bought it instantly. I will be partorisca buy more.

Top Customer Reviews: Elgar: Dream of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought so only this particular register because it is low prize & has comprised two law has has loved - SLEEP OF GERONTIUS and HYMN OF JESUS.
Had listened a Elgar register before & the memories when being a lot of beautiful, and has not been disappointed. Britten Behaviours Elgar is masterpiece with intensity and attention to instrumental detail that is quite so only, in my experience. All three soloists am imposed before , but particularly Peter Pears, the one who extracted likes an action of work, to effect add. His only voice there has been an ethereal, gender-less quality that has dressed Gerontius perfectly.
A Holst choral 'Hymn of Jesus' is also the fine register, directed by Gentleman Adrian Boult. It is the work that deserves to be better known, touching Russian Orthodox but with other Oriental influences also. A Delius ea Drift' look the good action, but is not the composer I priest for, as they are any judge .
Highly would recommend this 2-the disk dipped for lovely & quality of action.
4 / 5
Well, Ossia wonderful. A main work is Britten action of a Sleep of Gerontius, which is correctly famous. Britten Forms and no a music in the way that spends out of the each drop of work, and inspires his singer and orchestra to help have produced something special. The heart and the orchestra am inspired simply. Yvonne Minton Ángel and John Shirley-Quirk record-baritone arias is excellent. Peter Pears is obviously a lot all the world is idea of the add Gerontius, but is the fabulous, intelligent, deeply musical action, totally convincing, and the very quite a lot of reason, in his own, to treasure this register. With Pears, a thing to do is to listen to the as he , and any to expect to touch like more, or to measure until some level idealised of like this tenors ought to touch.
4 / 5
There is so only technical reservations in these cds: there are some a lot sudden finals to sure numbers in a bookmark, especially in CD2, where an echo of the final agreements is not data a casualidades to dissipate first of final of clue. An action of this glorious work is point and averts. Peter Pears is easily recognizable voice is in his point for Gerontius: has all a necessary disembodied quality, Yvonne Minton is particularly well in a 'pure' (like opposed the vehement) sections of the parts of Angel in a bookmark; John Shirley-Quirk in his dual function is also more effective. Britten Is directing spends a whole thing to the long of splendidly. His own fashion of orchestration has to that a lot the Elgar, and can listen his commitment in the each bar. I do not know a Holst and Delius the works in some fold cd, and has not listened still to them.
5 / 5
Was unfamiliar with Drift of Sea and expected to listen his in a Proms but lost it. Down £4 for the copy has used, has decided to buy. A copy was in Sea and Drift of excellent condition and a Hymn of Jesus is delights that am happy has found. An inclusion of a Gerontius (in the version for Britten has not known never existed) is an unexpected prize and I look forward to still to familiarise I with him on a prójimo few years.

Value of the money for a Holst and Delius so only.
5 / 5
A Sleep of Gerontius accompanied throughout my life of adult - each sadness, joy and significant moment of a past 50 years, until now I can not imagine that alive without him. On some years have looked for to listen the variety of different interpretations to go near my beloved copy of a Barbirolli. Sadly, This has not finalised always well, as when I have bought a version of Gibson of Alexander, which is like this bad compromised that included a flange refinadas of Alfreda Hodgson can do not saving. Felizmente, the others to versions like of those for Sargent and Boult offered his own delights, but his all comes from/comes from that it can call a ‘accepted' view of a work. No like this a Britten.

Here is an interpretation of Gerontius ossia both different and entirely valid. In general, Britten was any defender of Elgar, but ossia any routine action - is far too very thought-was to has been done in the whim. With an odd piece of king-orchestration, unaccustomed time and anything, Britten ameno fresh view to a work, and any one can deny that that has excellent control of his forces. Right of an inaugural Prelude, has the wonderful sense of anticipation and what follows it does not disappoint .

Has been a lot of fact of a shortcomings of some Pears of Peter of the aging' voice – but his a lot of the imperfections am returned the good for a function of the man to die. Well, are ossia sensitive earth theologically - the organism resurrected, and all concealed - but a sheer musicality and Pears of commitment ameno to a function is point and averts. Meeting taken-up in some Pears of alive way a character of Gerontius – absolutely brilliant.

The pears is constant a lot well for Yvonne Minton and John Shirley-Quirk, and while Janet Bakers for Barbirolli always will be my half favourite in a function, Minton done an excellent work. Shirley-Quirk The baritone is glorious.

Has two interesting fillers in ‘Drift of Sea' and ‘Hymn of Jesus', like this everywhere these disks are excellent value .
5 / 5
CD has been bought for 'A Sleep of Gerontius' - the glorious action of the deeply moving and uplifting work. 'A Sleep' is not an easy piece to treat: I have had a privilege to sing in him in Wells Cathedral last year. Ossia Of course an old registering like this neither Peter Pears neither Benjamin Britten is still alive. All three soloists, Peter, John Shirley Quirke and Yvonne Minton is glorious, how is a LSO and Corazón and a heart of University of Rey, Cambridge.
4 / 5
Richard to die Strauss has been informed to have said that the death was so only likes that it has written it in 'Tod und Verklarung' But dying and his sound of consequences so more beautiful in Elgar is esleep of Gerontius', especially like this expressed in Britten' the register adds.
Of a first entry of 'Praise to a Saint plus ... ' Britten conjures On the sense of levitation likes Gerontius the trace of soul to heaven, enhanced for a warm, embracing Snape Maltings acoustic. Ossia Done of calm ecstasy to touch!
I desire Britten was more expansionary to an end of a work, the desire gives a final solo more time to breathe. Of oftly and softly ... ' To an end is Boult' register that is exemplary. His glorious heart sings with intense spirituality. A note in Barbirolli celebrated action: I find it lurches roughly for now to moment, unable to find the fixed point of reference (a characteristic found also in the register of a same manager of Mahler 9) and a result is restless and tiresome. But Barbirolli the neighbour can not be totally discounted to portray it moving of Janet Bakers of an angel.
Daría Britten conjoint 5 stars for his only empathy with this glorious oratorio.
5 / 5
Has register refinado a lot of of Gerontius but does not have any point that tries to compare this one with any of them.

Britten Was famously frescos in Elgar music. They are sure he so only would have done this register there has been he state convinced entirely for a work and sense something to say. I need so only listen a Prelude to Separate 1 to listen that ossia true. Calm immediately enter the world of tension, expectation, hope and fear. It is riveting, and maintain it up.

People those who have listened Elgar the own actions have said has had the kinship among his approximation and Britten is. There is an urgency here and the visceral quality that has not chosen never up in enough a same way of a classical Boult and Barbirolli registers (a lot although I love him, especially JB is). It is this because of Britten answered like the composer? Reason was to avert, a bit, of a 20th century adds and noble tradition of Elgar interpretation that sometimes can look quite opulent and very fed, or included tinged with sentimentality?

The pears is matchless to transmit emotion and giving (like another reviewers there is remarked here) an almost another-worldly quality in time. His action is everything roughly truth and meaning, more than vocal beauty in any conventional sense, and for me at least truth and meaning triumphs here. If any like him to him his calm voice a lot like this action. I find it gripping. Minton And Shirley-Quirk is also a lot very in fact.

In mine dress own a sound is quell'has bitten uneven. Some clues in look of mine to copy to have slightly turn and uncomfortable pauses in his finals. You can very always listen some words clearly when a heart is singing the paving was (e.g. In an end of Part 1). Well, I am fearful I so only does not concern . I have lived with this register for on 20 years now and can not live without him!
4 / 5
I have loved this work and this register in fact a lot of years, having possessed quell'in the first place on vinyl. They are in accordance with another reviewers so it does not repeat that it has written it. I have sung also a work two times like the member of a heart and seeds heart. A register ameno out of one contrasts among some two part of a heart well, something that that would be easy to lose. My only reservation is that in timing some looks of microphone to be too close up of some of the section of some men, spending out of individual voices. Ossia Apparent especially in some two big numbers - a Devil' heart and Praise to a Saint plus - in one the majority of frenetic points. Perhaps if you are not there be in a heart that tries hacerprpers work (both heart and seeds-the heart is in 8 part in one signal) calms will not remark so much. For my part, remarks it that exposed some low and his premiers of the tenors in some signals I marvel: ' I underline like that?'
5 / 5
An expression 'could any he on' comes to import. Arguably Big Bretagna' only two composers of character of a last together century in the register of Gerontius. Britten Does not forget to adapt of his musical and courage of composition to add the little elaborations to Elgar bookmark (for chance, in a prologue so only: circles of drum in some silences - also done for Hake Davis, but a lot another, transmissions to a phrasing of a Gregorian section - very effective). To my alcohol, there is not choosing among an original bookmark and concealed has used here, but means this can not be an only action possesses. But has one of some actions any plus rule, this has to that be a second compraventa . Like another reviewers has commented, Britten run by means of a pious tone of the a lot of register and the knots gives the only and insightful view. A crucial element for a lot will be an action of Peter Peirs. It was older that his better at the same time and there is the treat well of frailty in a voice. Personally, I think that that this adapts a character and circumstance of Gerontius, and that this action is equally like this valid like this given for the surest tenors and purer. One questions arises: it has done Britten really love this music (like the walks of young man am gone in another Elgar, he saying has done to feel patient), or so only the treat to give Peter Peirs a classical function? If a last, ossia wins it remarkable to his amour for his partner. The time is electrifying. Some two shorter works are also to be recommended like excellent and 'fillers' generous, although some bookmarks/marcadors is not enough in the joins same likes Gerontius.
5 / 5
My version of these CDs comes without Drift of Sea, and is not still state thrilled for Holst Hymn of Jesus, like this the description is of Gerontius. I do not know exactly when it was registered, but would guess in around 1970, in Decca days of glory - as the one who the quality of sound goes, calm does not require to concern .

Surprised in a face of him that the composer interested in Gamelan and Shostakovich would have to that register something for Elgar, but this was before I have comprised a work. 'This is a better of me; for a rest, has eaten, and has drunk, and asleep, wanted and hated, likes another: my life was likes steam and is not ; but this invernadero and has known; this, if anything of mine, a lot your memory.' To the equal that has written (or quite quoted) Elgar in an end of a manuscript, and with abundance of reason - this work takes a Elgar compositional way all think of as to dip ready of byline for a British Empire, and uses it to create the magic work. But calm probably like a piece already, like this on to an action.

Any of some British hearts of entities and and the orchestra of international class would be likely to have done roughly like this well operates it like LSO and his Heart, as it thinks that that we have to concentrate in a manager and of the soloists. A differential sound of Peter Pears adapted a function of Gerontius well for me, this in spite of there is probably some moments when another does the touch it beautiful plus. Yvonne Minton And John Shirley-Quirk was singers of upper class of a day and both am a lot of- has adapted here - especially, am not left that asks Janet Bakers he better - perhaps she , but Minton the abundance a lot enough. Britten The look of interpretation near to perfect - has to be it a lot tempting to so only wallow in the to to moments like esoftly and softly', but of these is done without excessive sentimentality, that leaves a music speaks for him. And the heart of a Demon is treated with abundance of swagger and volume.