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Top Customer Reviews: Polo Red For Men By ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Good smell, is spent of longitude other descriptions, a lot aftershaves odorare one same these days this was bit it different.
4 / 5
Like found you reading descriptions in cologne. Well odora well. I have spent so only this correspondent partorisca some last 6 years. It is expensive? I think so. It is value he? Yeah. The calm duty buys it? Perhaps... If you want to odorare well.
5 / 5
Amur This! A scent is positive and to good sure said! POLO does again! Highly it recommends this to POLO ADMIRERS, calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Is difficult to properly of spray a product because of a hole of the small spray in a boat of perfume. Both a sprayer and a boot probably would owe that be changed.
5 / 5
Fragrance Is so only for the short time.

Top Customer Reviews: La Vie Est Belle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Bought like the present partorisca the mate of fellow/next and has to that say work! Sound the fantastic fragrance, can very really odorarlo on she, but can try hard partorisca looong time, sound the very feminine, very thin fragrance, can spend he partorisca almost any occasion, Im damn sure will have the tonnes of compliments! :)
5 / 5
A lot of fragrance but any last more than an hour. Considering a prize, has to atleast last for 7 to 8 hours.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my anniversary of daughters, is his preferred .
5 / 5
A glorious perfume with durable longitude fragrance light and pleasent
5 / 5
Odora fab as it always would owe that take compliments of men and women
4 / 5
Give me irritation of throat that usually does not spend , this has to that be the product to feign reason buy this one all some time and I have has not experienced never this. A scent is also a lot was, any last long.
4 / 5
The favourite perfume of my woman and incredible value of this on-line provider!

Top Customer Reviews: Calvin Klein CK One ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
The box of the permission of settlement Sinned the protective of celofan but the worst has been that to the abrilrla the boat has been opened, an authenticate deception, sell you a boat of open settlement is very strong but with the subject of the covid, is a fraud and a deception, go you the sabre that the manipulated this boat, a product that calm place the to you in the skin, ademas the colour of the settlement is different asi like the colour of the spray of tube, is an ash but clear, launched it to the rubbish of the disgust that give. Never but I go partorisca the buy at all in amazon, has a reintrego pending of the month of the May and a request sinned partorisca arrive, spends several days of delay, but give me as it eats he with potatoes. AMAZON of goodbye, L mine any one deceived May. Until never.
4 / 5
I Perfumes comes sinned any type of precinta, reason partorisca which could have been sinned fill more. We have bought previously this product in of the physical tents and always comes precintado of fá such situation, has initiated the process of turn of the product and results that the repayment any complete , reason hay that assumes the costs partorisca send, some costs to send very expensive when treating of a liquid. In this way, they avert partorisca do a lot of type of repayment, as any one is has owed to bear pay he for something that any one is true neither an alone cent. Amazon Any one would have to that leave that having the prime of goodness partorisca his compraventa, any one has to that gliela same way partorisca his turn. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
The product arrives in time and of the good conditions, goring to sin any one is has arrived wrapped in cellophane of paper and the code of the fund of the boat any one coincide with the one of the box. The smell is the same (at least L my look) and last roughly 3 hours in my skin. Apparently I will remain with the doubt yes is or no original or a good copy.
5 / 5
Any one comprises the people that since it is dud, here this the test. Odora Like the one of the tents and the same with the same box, also amena to dip in diffusing way.
5 / 5
The eiqueta of the boat is small does not look the the original, the smell no odora almost swim it, the looks have fill, he compraventa sold and envoy for amazon for it decian that alli any habia loses that it was original but disappoint me too much, odora the current, any one has smell almost :(
5 / 5
buys It the good prize to offer, already reading the commentaries reaffirm me doubt that the yes original taenia of era or no, concealed that it avenges seal sinned of plastic sealed… with key enroscable that any one is sealed neither …

Today a lot of imitations and thinks that has had to more than this perfume in concrete already the original sea or no..

The Only a lot measures it that it is grandecito so that it likes can last of enough and for the prize that has obtained fences in the pity , but to the equal that say for any that finally like the smell , that for mine any one there is at all that sees with the original .

Has arrived all correctly
5 / 5
Look the Original, but like the box is diverse which agreed doubt me. Included Any one am using it the newspaper, of then have an equalises into use, but the odorò a bit those that time and looks genuine.
But clear, when reading the opinions of by here, doubts.
Always will recommend CK in of the Perfumes, for my edges the best.
5 / 5
Some people think that is not the original and can ensure that he the this, comes with the box and everything. The traditional Fresh smell and durable , a lot very shabby.
4 / 5
Has bought an equal Perfume in Liverpool and that has asked odora equal, any one seats that I last less time.
So that has the doubt are 100 that it is original prize and a lot very

Top Customer Reviews: Plant DPT Kakadu ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This serum is pleasant to use but would not buy another boat. A serum is milky and reasonably easy to rub in. Has skin quite dry and has found that I have not been careful the all sink to one something and this serum is too pricey to have that maintains to dip more and more on. I found it it was better to dab few points of a serum around my face and then rub he in. It has absorbed well and it has not left my greasy skin. My skin can be sensitive but has has not had subjects with this product.

There be enjoyed to use this serum but am not blown was with him. I have used the plot of the different serums and I find some results are always quite alike. They improve a look and feel of my skin has compared to so only using moisturiser in his own, but his any one anything spectacular. Has has has used serums that is down £20 to to that liked so to the equal that of east a. Material yes calms particularly like these ingredients will enjoy this serum how is good quality . This in spite of, if you are in the estimativa calm to good sure can find good serums for less than money.
4 / 5
This serum of Plant DPT contains some very impressive ingredients, comprising vitamin C, retinol and squalane. An aim of a serum is the brighten, protects and replenish yours peel whilst helping with dullness, your of vitamin and uneven skin depletion.

A look and the texture of a serum is quell'has bitten different of a majority of serums in a phase. It is aim in colour and slightly more liquid, meaning that you so only require the few drops, like the little really goes the long way. Has the well feels his and liked that it was absorbed quickly to of my skin, as not expecting around for him to dry first of emotional on to a next step in yours skincare diet. My skin felt hydrated and calm, as I have had has had so only the facial. Sometimes the products will do my skin bit it more red that this has left in fact he with the glow is, in fact looks far more afterwards is using this serum that in fact seat!

I really liked this serum that rid that it has promised it, which is not always a chance with products of beauty. An only negative point is is pricey for the 30ml bounces but, in that has said that, calm sometimes pay needs this has bitten extra to take something concealed really works for you.
5 / 5
Really love this mark! They are like this happy has taken them a casualidad to try it was, clearly tip the one who that spends the little more the crux can do.
Has been using this probably so only less than the week, uses it to them down a same mark moisturiser but has used he without using a moisturiser and is hands down a better serum has them has not used never.
Calms my redness, and done my big (mature) the pores look less noticeable. It looks to have the effect to blur and so only in general done my look of better skin. This was apparent at the beginning use but his lovely to feel this sure and ensure with the product and the 100 recommends.
Another good characteristic is there is not a lot a lot of to scent as it does not clash with other scents can use.
I use roughly 5 drops two in the each cheek and one of the mine front is enough to do my whole face and down my with the.
Is tins in colour and is not in a less greasy. Each one another serum has them looks to be so only like this greasy but this one looks all roughly that it sinks in the replenish a skin and my skin so only looks 'fed', is an only way of the describe.
Reward-wise is empinado for my estimativa but will be them to do my best to try and continue use and mandate again.
So only everything around lovely.
Also is amiably packaged in packaging of map and arrived a lot quickly after ordering.
4 / 5
Ossia An expensive serum and probably any one would have bought me.

A name kakadu me think of Australia and a kakadu national park but and a kakadu is the native of plum to Australia. In a zone approaches a Kakadu national park. This plum has been found to have levels of viatmin C 100 times that of an orange. Vitamin C apparently can reduce wrinkles and something of age, can resupply support of collagen, can reduce hyperpigmentation and the transmissions of skin have caused for photoaging. Also it has more antioxidant that a cranberry

A cacay is oil of the die expósita so only in some forests of amazon. This oil is of course rich in vitamin And and retinol as well as inoleic acid that easily permeates a barrier of skin and, for like this, the helps facilitate a penetration other components actuate.

A serum is the fluent milky serum , any watery but any fat, a thickness of alone cream.

Smells Of creamy vanilla and leaves my skin moisturised, smooth, looking well, and no heavy, greasy or tight feeling.

Ossia The British company , vegan freindly and any tried in of the animals.
5 / 5
Plant DPT Kakadu & Cacay Vitamin Booster Brightening Serum

This serum is unusual in that in planting to be the greasy and sometimes greasy serum clear, is the liquid aim this leaves no greasy residue at all, sees photo of a dropper with a serum in him

My skin is prone the drought and can be sensitive to some lotions and of the potions, but has not had any reaction at all to this serum, and has left my skin that feels lovely and soft

to use you so only express the few drops your hand and apply your face and with the, then applies my usual facial moisturiser with which

has has used the serums in some have spent that although his , leave my skin that feels greasy, like this ossia the refreshing transmission

A serum is light and early absorbs to a skin, is suitable for sensitive skin, vegan friendly and fragrance free

His quite more expensive that facial serum that has used before but love of the sounds of effect having in my skin and the little goes the long way
5 / 5
This serum contains two extracts of plant, cacay and kakadu, which are relatively new and unusual in priest of skin. It revises the plot of products of priest of the skin and I always beginning to examine a scientific literature in some ingredients. Ossia Of the first time can not find anything pertinent. Kakadu Certainly looks to interest. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins, but concealed does not mean is any better that the plot of much more common, and the most economic sources of antioxidants and vitamins. Also it means it does more casualidad of some up to now careless bad effect, and there is some worry that eating it (the normal thing to do of then is an edible fruit ) can cause harm.

In general, thinks that is way until punctual to achieve the verdict in this product and I can not recommend he in this prize.
4 / 5
This Plants DPT the serum has fulfilled my expectations, has done my look of skin very better thanks to a fact that has a lot of ingredients but maintain import to be constant to have good results. My skin is more hydrated and has not had any allergic reaction, as I am happy with a product. Also I have the day that the cleansing reparations geles which has a lot of be well for my skin, like this ossia one of the mine favourite skincare frames.

At present priced in £, looks to be bit it pricey for the 30ml serum, but considering some results, very the try. I have tried other products of serum that is very promising, but this a real east and has done adds for me, so to good sure will buy it again to maintain my skin sã.
4 / 5
Has tried the pocolos produced of this mark of prize and all of them have been utmost. This a there is not disappointed me also. It comes with packaging really beautiful that it is really aesthetically pleasing.
A serum has the very fast-that absorbs formula and the good light texture. A serum is suitable for all the types of skin and is vegan.

This milky serum contains the triple dose of vitamin C, natural retinol and hydrating squalane.
Has used a serum for the few days and he have done my skin súper glowy and radiant, very soft and hydrated. It is a perfect addition my skincare routine.

On application, precise meeting so only the few drops massaged yours skin. These produced is surprising. It is no-greasy, tanks your skin a lot quickly and leaves any residue.
4 / 5
This Department to Plant the facial serum is chock full of antioxidants and vitamins and drips the white liquid of the his pipette; the bit as to beat of runny sap. A bit those that the drops covers the skin has cleaned recently easily; and he adsorbs without leaving sheen. In the recently cleansed expensive looks to reduce my tone of natural reddish skin and after the few days use it has not caused any allergies.

HAS the good moisturising effect; and it is something can use two times the day - and using the serum more than the moisturiser in well looks to be the good substitution for me. He isnt the compraventa economic but the little goes the very long way. Whilst Any one the substitution for the moisturiser he the good work.
5 / 5
Has used this together with the newspaper mousturiser and the cleanser balsam of a same line. It has wanted it likes felt in my skin, a quota feels afterwards and that quickly my skin woujld absorb it, etc,etc. But with which 2 days to use have begun to remark that I am breaking went in it rash during a T-zone in my face! Continuous go, A rash has continued to worsen. Decided to take. A rash has cleared after the week. For a sake of an experience ( and appreciate to God for self-isolation and a lot that has to that face any) has decided to resume tyhe whole diet - balsam, serum and mousturiser - salvation rash! Has has had to that take! A same spent with another purely botanic cream and quite expensive before, as it can be me and can be allergic to some ingredient am not conscious of, the line does not look to be suitable for my skin, sadly.