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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The present was a lot has received. The album adds also
4 / 5
the element adds no the mark im very happy with element ,,,,,,
4 / 5
lovely thank you
5 / 5
a lot well, has arrived punctually
5 / 5
Partorisca like that more. I have wanted always Metallica but I have not Had this album. Now I have so only I can say still it wants to him.
5 / 5
This doubt is awesome - a coverage to Spend a page is the preferred particular how is the real slow and heavy classical. Although resulted some sakes with which 25 years, also. Ossia The must for any one the catalogue of metal has retreated, but if tones to the long of, agrees to fall dip ready your electrical guitar :-)
4 / 5
Like a partidário avid of Metallica, has found this when verifying for the new album. Ossia The album of coverage - I has known the majority of some songs covered and this is to be do better for a fact that was Metallica that covers it. Raunchy And gutsy, so only to to a way likes!
4 / 5
The product adds, prize and delivery. Excellent service all around A+++++
5 / 5
has Arrived punctually and s has has expected
4 / 5
A must for any defender of Metallica, awesome.

Top Customer Reviews: And Justice For ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Certainly different to other albums five death of the toe to punch has done. But like this amazing!

This album is still FFDP. A difference is there assault is toned down and an emotional lyrical the writing takes control to plot more. Any the one who has not died emotionally and in fact comprises a point in music of metal besides shouting and the assault a lot can appreciate one anger and emotional torment behind some papers.

The question is in plot of defenders of music like a same flavour constantly of a same band, an old age to the person likes them the transmission. A second a band tries something new is “ohhh yours sell it has been moan of moan of the moan”. Or oh this is not FFDP.

I like this FFDP has changed a sound partorisca an album. And to plot other do another too much. If I love an angry song FFDP, If the love the sad song FFDP, yes love an emotional roller coaster FFDP.

The thing is like -you the war is a response and a way of a fist... It goes it listens to them. If FFDP spat out of some same songs partorisca each calm album still groaned “oh they all touch some same”

Give the thank you partorisca read 👍
5 / 5
Five Death of Toe to the punch there is not disappointed with this album.
My husband and I have been defenders partorisca quite the few years now. We saw him to alive knots 7 times and do not am missing never to surprise me like this can take a crowd moshing and take a crowd sobbing with his emotional acoustic songs all in a same hour.
The majority of his songs has like this meaning and is paste a lot last especially is connected to an army in any way.

These controls of albums some hard songs are and also the pair of soft songs. Another album adds boys and I cant attended for an alive show prójimo.
5 / 5
Excellent album. I took it the Friday (18/05/18) & has listened his for a first time today (20/05/18) & has not been disappointed, to be sincere I has everything . The no lacking albums & never to impress. It has taken a deluxe edition & all some clues are inc. that shine some 3 clues of prize can that to him resupplies highly recommend it.
4 / 5
With which a cd has arrived early punctually, has dipped a cd in and a wait has be worth it.. Just fantastic occasion to listen too much.

Thank you!
5 / 5
Another album adds for this fantastic band. Some sounds of hard paste and some good-looking melodies. This feels like the very personal album to a band and does for fantastic listening.
5 / 5
I absolutely amour 5FDP. So only they maintain to improve and better.
Ivans The voice is incredible, and dips like this the emotion to everything sings.
4 / 5
Has purchased this album for the particular clue but there is enjoyed in fact the majority of a CD.
5 / 5
Has grown on me - very beautiful with which a prime minister listens, Bly awesome with which three or four. Ido Was, Sham Ache and Bloody is my preferred
5 / 5
Absolutely love this album. When Yours create and go has arrive and gone.... I touch this.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
All the world knows a classical cup 30 alone swipe 'Is Vic There?' ...Such the utmost tune.
Loves a underdog sales thats any paste the band of marvel or any one sales unexpectedly.
Has seen this live recently sustaining Some Steams and the quite enjoyed the but Some Steams blew was but thats another history.
Is Vic There ?, I Want to and that Goes Left Well is dips ready quite good but a rest is so only half tunes to be so only.
Department S has registered 2 more album that has comprised some of a oldies reworked and modernised and new songs too many the one who wasnt bad. Theres The call of new song ' Create' thats any one bad neither.
This album takes the respectable 4 stars so only for a song is known Vic There?
4 / 5
Has had already everything of Department- United Kingdom 7' solteros (as well as a French emission of 'This Vic There?') And I have been disturbed that that is not never able state to achieve the copy of one to date unreleased elepé of SUBSTANCE. I have then seen an original 12 album of clue, 5 alive clues, 4 b-sides and the demo everything in a CD - but has gone value a wait?

'Is Vic There?' (His slightly comical song more known ) is a lot good but surpassed by a for real excellent 'in Right Sinister Disposal' and ' master' solteras. Unfairly perhaps, it have expected a band to maintain a same big level of some single throughout - but has been disappointed.

An original album has looked so only 12 clues that comprises one 3 only 'Of the' the sides and I have found that have to him legustado so only three other songs of an original album. This in spite of, thanks to SUBSTANCE now when being the CD of compilation took 5 alive clues additional 4 desquels is a lot good and the value that takes for them ( 'going Right Accidents' (alive) when being better that a version of studio, which always has wanted to).

So much, averts varied versions of some suns 'Of the' sides, has had 7 other clues that liked that it was upbeat, often urgent with interesting papers - as 'Any one spent to a Blues?', On propensity of society the bypass depression to burst the pill. 'So only It Feigns' it was another of mine favourite.

Has listened the mix of Madness and a Band of Four in some funk songs of rock. While these were less urgent truggling Irish' was a lot of but to the to another likes esomewhere goes in of heaven and Tesco is' was mundane.

Does not think would have been happy with an original album but ossia the good compilation with some very strong clues, and quite a lot of good clues to do value having without driving mad on.
4 / 5
Has bought this album in the whim, any reason are the big defender of Dept S but reason was the big defender behind in 1980.

Partidário Big? WELL, to the left I qualify me it conceal... It was the pimply 13-14yr old living is gone in some claves. Taking my hands in the suns (a 45rpm alone) has involved cycling to the city and local record tent 'Discotrak', roughly 10 miles in general. I have bought both is Vic There? And that Goes Left Well in this way, like this in my book was the big defender ... oh And I have read roughly the in some Swipes to Clash also. I have read that has produced an album resume call... As I have expected... And it has expected. At all.

Career on 27 years, me surfing a web. That is this , Sub-stance released in last? I will have it it conceal! Click. Download.

So much - was a value of album a wait? It is another of this classical has has lost album? Ossia The difficult a.

My perception of a Dept S has been based on two single, two fab the Informative Wave offerings with lashings of electrical guitar and synth that nestle in with another New Wave material of a time - some Steams, Teardrop Explodes, etc., Two more A lot of b-sides. It is difficult to say that these songs are representative of a sound of a global album, cos does not think is.

Has, this in spite of, one follows priceless - I Master - apparently his alone third. (You certainly a lot stock that in Discotrak!) As it looks this only did not dent some maps in the big way, and is the shame of cryings that he no cos the mine is fabulous. Better that is Vic There? Better that going Sinister Legislation. An absolute gem. It is you fine it-layered piece that builds and just builds in the menacing line / of electrical guitar of the tomb. The papers add, the piano adds, the brass adds in an end. It tries that the song can be more adds that one orders parts. Give a producer the cigarette.

Another that of the three solteros (I now know) which more paste a mark? Well, also it estimates Mountain Carlos or Bust, an opener Of All one has has lost Defenders and the external pair. Some of some other songs are well, but no grab taste of those has mentioned. And some songs have the thing of basses/of electrical guitar of funky that goes in, which agree me of Spandau Ballet, Level 42, etc.... A lot @@@1980s, but no my scene. If ossia a direction Dept S has begun in, the suspect would not be remained such the 'big defender' for longitude...

So much, are I happy has bought an album? Well, yeah. The nostalgia Averts, there are some clues add in an album, and like any the one who still listens to old '80s material, New Wave, Advertising, Clash, Skids, TRB, Piranhas, the material has saved my money of pocket to buy and cycled all these miles to take... It is the very worthy addition my collection. To be sincere this in spite of, well take to listen to I master - a past for big masterpiece.
5 / 5
A history of a Department to group S is really sad. They have had really the big good name ,unforgettable and immediate solteros (is Vic There, that goes left well, mountain Carlos or bust), the charismatic singer then swimming.... Of an air , for certainly stupid or tragical a @@subject to go left well, remembers while to the his first album for month and some hear you in the belgian seen again of rock, that is remained ; that the disappointment!!!!! A material of album has been issued in the CD titled 'Is Vic There?' In I grabbed compulsevely and in the notes of a sleeve, could read that Vaughn Toulouse was sadly defunct this time. A group has reformed recently and is visiting ... I saw him alive and needless to say that they do not approach for far a level of his only lovely album. As not annoying for this new reincarnation but instead go for this esub-stance'. Has a same immediacy like his single, is sometimes a lot of funky (struggling irish, to somewhere among heaven and tesco is ,strangely A proportion Takes -like -in some pauses, which is the very good thing to my ears). A transmission of rest when that conceives that such material brilliant is is remained untouched for years and reappears so only now under an original form and also is surprising is that the majority of some songs has aged well in his original and his very better register that the one who a present version of Department S presents in concert. Some things still are that they lose in this CD (the Italian and French versions of Vic, a italian was in 1993 CD, and some sessions of PEEL) but WELL so only can be happy this esub-stance' has reappeared now and this time for good.
5 / 5
Like all know, a street to burst the stardom is littered with also-rans and chancers, a lot the one who can easily and deservedly be refused like soyarvel of Some Pastes.'

But the fate also can be equally cruel to artists those who fallen of aim and true potential for a wayside because of the combination of bad regime, circumstances and - often - the gross lack of faith of a self undertaken still register that has given initially the reception to a unfortunate bandage to the his community bosom.

DEPATMENT S Sadly has fallen to this category last. Those of you there the one who still can take to good sure will agree his a (in fact bloody add) paintbrush with stardom, a punchily atmospheric 'Is Vic There?' This paste a Cup 30 in April 1981 and Short propiciado by One Bursts appearances, unstoppable hype and - perhaps inevitably - the burn and the premature accident of a band grieves 12 month later.

On (crikey) two decades later on, '...Vic Still sounds like potent and ready like this never, directed for Mike Herbage scorching electrical guitar, mysterioso keyboards and Vaughan the charismatic baritone of Toulouse. It is like this impressive an introduction like any band could wish for, but is in no way a whole history, like ub-Stance' try, proffering 22 clues in everything; ransacking a whole sale (and unfortunately slender) archive.

Some first 12 clues are DEPARTMENT S criminally unreleased album (Rigid the refused, that waste to release some master tapes for less than £50,000, for this that causes a band to splinter) and listening his now interest you that has invested such little faith in this quintet end like these songs drip with charisma and distinctiveness. In fact, while DEPARTMENT S can be been spawned for two disparate movements (Mod and New Romantic respectively), for a time has taken to register these songs - with BLONDIE engineer David Tickle in some controls - was the powerhouse.

For judges of start, is hard to see reason '...Vic' Followed solteros failed, like this manic 'going Right Accident' and one dark and defiant ' Master' the interior is hailing distance of alike character, but there is load other tunes refinados here: in fact 'it Hear To Koln,' a strident opener 'Of All One has has lost Defenders' and a sale is down-exposed secret weapon 'Applause Now' is an equal of any of a single.

Musically, Also, DEPARTMENT S gaze for has broken it. In Mike Herbage has had the ceaselessly powerful and inventive guitarist; in Vaughan Toulouse thay has had the amiably arrogant frontman with the line adds in acerbic wordplay (Applause to control Now' and a sarcastic, but incident ego overburdened of ' Master' and will see that I bad) and a meatily Tony effective Lordan/ Stuart Mizon section of the rhythm there has been the propensity for bastardised beaten of boxes a lot enough to defy Blondie or a Band Of Four respectively.

A rest of a collection hardly leaves a side down, neither. You follow 13-17 it represents DEPT S in his better alive, those careers by means of a single, 'Applause Now' and a unrecorded esay me Roughly He' with verve, consistency and spare power. Esay Me...' It is considerably more commercial that the majority of the material of a band, but same when they have given he until a funk likes boy like this white outfits there is retained at the same time his integrity.

Intriguingly, An end clutch of B-sides and was-taken to maintain a level. WELL, a daft spent of T-REX is esolid Gold Easy Action' could be felizmente jettisoned, but a brilliant is is by train to expect you', soyonte Carlos Or Bust' and Phase of Toulouse of ironic suicide 'Dipped All Some Crosses in Some Right Boxes' suggest this DEPARTMENT S - like all the bands add - had established his own special identity with his B-sides so only.

Pressure, circumstances and egos the DEPARTMENT cut tragically S is obviously enormous potential and a terrible premature death of Vaughan Toulouse of a @@@sida-the illness related in 1991 places a estaca incredibly sad-script in an end of a history. This in spite of, esub-Stance' is the plus of welcome emission that it would be necessary to ensure it Toulouse and has has sawed profits to do at least real posthumous attention. This in spite of evening, the respect is foreseen undoubtedly here. (9/10)
5 / 5
has bought this in a base of a classical song Is Vic There and an impressive leading description that really sold an album of mine.
1) A song adds and eleven fillers (excluding clues of prize), or
2) One 9/10 album has expected paralizaciones?
Well, An inaugural song 'Of All One has has lost Defenders' conjoint a way perfectly with this menacing opening; this continues with one impressive (slightly goth-touching) Romany Blood. I want to they are to add and with This Vic There complete the first half of upper quality.
Some second half starts well with a behaviour that Goes Left Right but then struggles the bit (To somewhere Among Heaven and Tesco is is an alternative version of one is when being tune of @@subject has to do fault!) First to go back in clues with Applause Now. Some alive clues and b-the sides are impressive also, especially say me Roughly L.
Like this, for me, a result has not been 1), or 2) thus mattter, but has had it damn to well tries. (7.5/10)

Top Customer Reviews: Pushin' Too Hard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
They are the big defender of the seeds and this mecer my World.
4 / 5
Now here is the sweetie partorisca defenders of 60ts Cocheras and Psych (and has included the bit of 50ts Blues) - 'Pushin' Also Hard: Some Seed' – another beaten Big round-up of Record - but east times partorisca offer a aural mate of CD to a 2019 Neil Norman has Directed/Alec Palao has Produced Soundtrack and Documentary Film of a name although it celebrates an explosive career of the SEED the one who has taken L.un. For storm in a half last of this amazing decade.

Takes twenty-one clues that comprises one impressive thirteen previously unreleased – that waters atasca in fact partorisca such the looked for with which and influential group. In some words of a song - sinister is tries to comprise - here is a skyward details…

United Kingdom has released Wednesday, 27 February 2019 (8 Part 2019 in some the USA) - 'Pushin' Also Hard: Some Seeds – Original Soundtrack' for the SEEDS [and Other Artists] in beaten Big CDWIKD 342 (Barcode 029667093224) is the compilation of CD that offered on 21 clues (comprising unreleased) as follows (73:23 minutes):

1. Pushin' Also Hard
(November 1965 EUA partorisca Begin 7' so only in GNP Growing GNP 364X, A-the originally regulated side as ' is Pressing Too much Lasted for Some Seeds that Saxon of looks of Heaven with 'Out of A Question' in a flipside - the July reissued 1966 again like the seeds that Saxon of Looks of Heaven in GNP 372X as 'Pushin' Also Lasted with 'Try Comprise' in a B-side)
2. They say for RITCHIE MARSHES (1963 USA 7' solos on Pastor M-2203, A-side)
3. Any Evasion (Apresamiento 3) (registered 20 July 1965, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
4. It can not Look to Do you Mina (February 1967 USA 7' so only in GNP Growing GNP 354, A-side)
5. It tries to Comprise (Apresamiento 3) (the January has registered 1966, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
6. Out of A Question (Alternative Mix) (Apresamiento 8 has registered 14 Sep 1965, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
7. A Perfect Wave for NEIL NORMAN (of a 1982 compilation of EUA elepé 'Bustin' Surfboards' in GNP Growing GNPS 2152)
8. Tripmaker (Alive) (registered 29 April 1967 in a Bowl of Hollywood, intro for 'Humble Harve' Miller, 2019 unreleased)
9. Bad Hoodoo (Full Period Stereo Mix) (of an April 2011 10' EP 'Bad Hoodoo' in Beaten Big LTDEP 101)
10. Farmer of ladies (Stereo Version of Album) (of one 1966 'A Web Of Touch' USA Stereo elepé in GNP Growing GNPS 2033)
11. Up in his Sleep (Apresamiento 1, has registered 2 April 1968, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
12. Calm satisfy you (Version 3) (Apresamiento 6, registering details so many for Clue 11)
13. Daughter of Time of the night (Apresamiento 8) (Apresamiento 8, registering details so many for Clue 11)
14. The creature Pleases does not go (Alive) for MUDDY WATERS (1954 alive register treaty partorisca GNP Gene Norman to the Angels - 2019 Previously Unreleased)
15. A Gardener (Apresamiento 1) (registered 4 October 1966, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
16. A Turn of Picture (Stereo Version of Album) (of one 1966 'A Web Of Touch' USA Stereo elepé in GNP Growing GNPS 2033)
17. Fallin' Of a Flange Of my Alcohol (Apresamiento 12) (registered 3 September 1968, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
18. A Wind Blows Your Hair (Version 3) (Apresamiento 6, has registered 10 August 1967, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
19. Miles Shadows (1993 Mix) (of a 1993 CD compilation 'Travesía 'With Your Alcohol' in GNP Growing GNPD 2218)
20. Ballad Of Saxon of Heaven for KIM FOWLEY (1:20 monologue of minute has registered 2009, 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing register)
21. YMCA HEAVEN/ of something Tongue (1:03 small Radio Promo Announcing) 2019 Previously Unreleased GNP Growing registering
Clue 1 to 6, 8,14 and 21 east IMITATES - all another in STEREO

One three-way foldout paper digipak the sleeve looks the festooned booklet of 24 pages inside rammed to a gills with photo of period, advertising of trade, mastertape boxes and has included the discharge in fact of the defender in a rear page of a September 1967 subject of Adolescent has Dipped. Down one sees-by means of FLAT CD is the repro photo of some second EUA of subject alone partorisca 'Pushin' Also Lasted in GNP Growing GNP 372. The habladuría of notes of Alec of some songs in registering commanded with additional notes in a stragglers - Kim Fowley monologue and some 1954 Muddy Waters alive register (is that Little Walter trilling in a Harmonic). It is a lot tastefully the fact and some illustrations gives it that Cochera/Psych looks also. Long-Engineer of Audio of the time NICK ROBBINS once has done more some honours and has included some sounds of the roughest materials tickettyboo...

Historically attentive or no - a Ritchie so only of Marsh seven inclusion feels unnecessary and the tad takes (the real name of Saxon of Heaven). No like this Neil Norman hey big bird frat surf of 'A Perfect Wave' (like fresco) and an alive reasonably well the Muddy waters have registered cut of 'the creature Pleases does not go ' cleverly lines on the fabulous bluesy Take 1 of 'A Gardener' - the glorious outtake he not having never one. Included better still is two exceptional touching Stereo run of a 'A Web Of Touch' elepé of 1966 - soyr. Farmer' and 'A Turn of Picture' – these keyboards and electrical guitars like this fantastically clear (as the Registering them). Kim has synchronised Fowley vocals partorisca 'Ballad Of Saxon of Heaven' is backed for quota fuzzed-on boogie electrical guitar while Kim old waffles on roughly jackets of skin and the arrival of the heaven in a West Cost. Some boys of flower and colours and really groovy habladuría in a YMCA the space is the hoot – the heaven that says some boys partorisca fall wars and go down with a vibe of amour.

Sure his a lot of all brill, but there has to that to spare in these unreleased versions partorisca maintain the happy defenders and a uninitiated comprising reason a band has been resisted in such condition then and still is now. Very fresh in fact...

Top Customer Reviews: And Justice For ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought ...'And Justice Partorisca All' in a force of'ome Days of Cocheras Rey-revisited' And.P. And it was disappointed really with some albums mixes global. A work of electrical guitar of the grave on 'Days of Cocheras Rey-revisited' And.P. The surprised and The Metallica have touched that shines and this me really excited in an album of informative full period partorisca come. Some parts of the electrical guitar of the tomb has been taken well out of a final mix of ...'And Justice partorisca All' leaving an album that the unbalanced and a lot thin sounds. A writing of song in this album for real is that it surprises but some songs have required some lines of basses partorisca give an album the sound the full and more heavy plus. Some songs have had the potential adds and is has not been until they have been listened alive that his true magnitude could be listened when Jason bookshop like a God of Basses knows and amour. It was deeply saddened for a Death of Reef Burton one can comprise to the discharge Lars sure' and James' reluctance partorisca substitute on this album with Jason but to the equal that say 'A Show has to that go in'. It wins to buy the king-mastered copy of this album with the parts of the basses of Jason have restored to a final mix, so that it can listen some songs to the equal that have been meant partorisca be. This album is incredibly strong but a global mix leaves it down. Still although any like him to him some mix of the album still wants to some few songs and felizmente will give it five stars how is that well!!! In my humble opinion split them to him of the basses of Jason were as it would owe that it has been then this album would be worthy of cientos stars and no only five!!!
5 / 5
This album is to 5 classical star - nuff has said.
But to the amazon takes 1 star partorisca advertising (and selling) album that comprises a autorip copies, and then any to give you the digital copy. It is spent the little time , and is sneaky af of them. Bad form.
5 / 5
Ossia He gimmicky the emission Strolls inspired by a lightning, a vinyl is blue, thin, dimpled and poor quality, touches bad.
4 / 5
Been the defender of Metallica of Master of the puppets was first released and state listening to this album of then. Now I am buying his rear catalogue saw him of then in television in Glastonbury. It prefers Master of the puppets but ossia almost like this brilliant. This album aims that they have broken of earth . I am touching this to plot and enjoying each clue. Still they use some of these clues in his alive shows today.
All the defenders of data of Metallica hard will know this an already. But if any one calm the the still listened calm like this has to that buy he like this objective that has complicated his musicianship is.
4 / 5
Loves this album.

Has read some moans in a sound but I mentally classify the majority of metal as touching bit it thinner that a low-fi grunge/sludge this forms the significant part of my collection of music. As it was class for the expect . In fact a sound contributes to something I particularly like in a his - album machined, precise assault.

Global vying for my album of favourite of Metallica with MOP. Class.
5 / 5
For me,this album, together with soyaster of Puppets', represents Metallica in his summit. '...And Justice...' It was an album that has obtained a band the a lot of wider audience and, like the result, the more mainstream audience. I have listened the people speak on some bass separates to be muted in a production of this album because of some inter-the band that argues or anything, and yes- graver would be good. But it is still the album of murderous and well the value that possesses the copy of!
5 / 5
EXCELLENT CD, the arrival of good quality in good time. Amur Metallica old
4 / 5
has this on vinyl when type, ache in a rear turning on some disks in turntable, has loved upgrade to CD, bought it second rid like this the does not line Metallica bulging stock exchanges. For real a last album (in my opinion) where has aimed and originality some showed and song of epic that does.
4 / 5
Ossia The gimmicky the emission Strolls inspired by a lightning, a vinyl is blue, thin, dimpled and poor quality, touches bad.
4 / 5
There was already in cd but has begun them with vinyls recently and im very happy with him! His well! The classical album!
5 / 5
A credit to a sale - like all the albums there is a bit does not like me May...
4 / 5
Awsome sounds, good to listen the whilst behaviour, am them pleased and recomend
5 / 5
Good quality, the value adds, easy to apply. It does not cover whole screen like state of description, as it is not surprised when it does not cover your whole screen
4 / 5
the album adds of metallica , hard to decide if this or the master of puppets was his better album
5 / 5
Loves it, there went it on tape for years, the sounds have included better in this
5 / 5
Brilliant album, happy with a compraventa and the delivery adds times too
5 / 5
It did not like really of him in a 80 this when it has been released this in spite of does not think is the good record . It is good but does not complain that the skipped that goes to a concert in a recognition has retreated then.
5 / 5
Very good and the little underrated of metallica better.
5 / 5
Classical metallica album, years like the metalhead the only round that takes so only partorisca update collection of music, happy has bought them this.
4 / 5
And Justice Partorisca All [VINYL ]

100 satified with order, payment and delivery.
100 satisfied with a vinyl.
5 / 5
Good prize and fast delivery. That more can the man wants?? Thank you Again theo vanderheyden tent of music lommel belgium
5 / 5
Excellent album but no upper to Kill in' All, Master of Puppets or black album. Cant Expects to see them in Download!!
5 / 5
The good quality pocola has bitten in a calm but has turned well up as it have to that be ,adds partorisca listen too much . Well of fast nave ..