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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this after the death of Bowie - arrive the box then enough has ignored well his later work (be 'later' anything after'cary Show' in my alcohol, any particularly like dance he 'Of Sinister'' - and 'Tonight' and 'Never Left Down' was terrible), but after his death, was enthusiast to listen his voice again, and, after all recently has been producing the material adds. It finds all his later albums profit of has repeated to touch and ossia any exception , but is the bit of the mixed stock exchange, with some excellent clues and some any like this good. Produced for Nile Rogers, has the dancier, funkier feels his that many his albums his late plus, this in spite of felizmente less announces that it Dances 'Sinister''. Also it has a upbeat feels, when being his soyarriage' album, although also extracted a subject sad of the suicide of his brother Terry ('the jump says' - an of some songs add in an album) I also particularly liked ' has Been Around', the wonderful version of 'Flights at night' and soyiracle Goodnight'. No like this very it was ' not to leave me Down and Down'. Any particularly like his ' the Free chair' version neither, although it was well to listen Mick Ronson electrical guitar - has little registered he first die. In general the album a lot - and always good to listen the voice of Bowie again.
4 / 5
When Released behind in 1993 this album has taken half descriptions . It was the start of the sound of rock of Bowie and sees in enough the different, way more mature. There is the mix of jazz of acid, soul, electronic and some ways of mecer on here. There is enough the few coverages - I feels Free, Nite Flights, some darkness does not leave Me Down and Down, and know Goes to Spend Someday. Bowie Dips his only transfer on him. Well follow down an original version of Tahra is does not leave Me Down and Down so only for the listen.

I really like this album because it is such the department of Bowie is a lot the way known besides directly advances rock. It touches the little dated now, especially with an appearance of him he B. Sure! On there, but it is it adds it it listens.
5 / 5
Ossia An only official emission for David that the did not like me. When I have read that David once again collaborated with Nile Rodgers I that this would be something special. To be brutally sincere is the total has left down. For me to say this hurts because of my boy David left with quell'I so only can describe like the disjointed polish of lack CD. I have it quell'has said whenever David had pressed his music to new levels, in these some looks was in some class of whirlpool, no quite knowing where go after going. There is so only one follows concealed is brilliant and ossia a final clue .
This emission can have fulfilled with the critic acclaims has stuck like this my with the era to say ossia so only for partidários the one who wish to have each emission of David. Also you signal it it was that a reproduction of his excellent east.
5 / 5
Ossia fascinating, is spent for big at the same time. Where has been everything? Obviously David has done roughly of his the majority of interesting experimental music so only after his pair. Now that it is like this sadly gone we reconnect with his music in these 'unfashionable' periods when you are, maintaining see, doing amazing music. Amur This album, full of surprises and delights.
5 / 5
For the start am biased to the equal that have loved David Bowie of mine adolescent, more done of the years that I priest to agree. This album of the mine has not gone never fully appreciated in his initial emission, in spite of him no. of paste 1 In a map of album. They like him to him all his registers was the advance of a last, was always happy to follow where this the character that the surprised directed. For me this was an indicator of as his material his late plus would take form, some personnel a spent the a quite staggering Blackstar. In spite of some minor sees others finds this album has the continuity and thoroughly in satisfactory. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Any one his album more add but some the clues add and is Bowie
4 / 5
Averts of a Jump so only Says, a rest of an album is a lot of bland and forgettable.
Has bought so only he for my Bowie cd collection.
4 / 5
Has not expected any a lot of east but was pleasantly has surprised.
5 / 5
Another Bowie masterpiece - like this expected that. I add partorisca listen whilst driven ...........Or any one another time!
5 / 5
This is to be purchase partorisca substitute the copy has sustained to some the ex years does. It has wanted to substitute like such the good album
4 / 5
Bought this again after active lost my old '90s copies the while it does. It is one of a bit those that DB the albums could any never cover to. There is the little clue adds ( has Been Around, Walker Brothers covers Nite Flights, the jump Says) but no partorisca me also although an album at all. Has the bad start of me: some bells in 'A Pair' frames weirdly caseous, and partorisca me there is too much trumpet/of sax during an album.
4 / 5
Has listened so only to the east once he so that it can take five stars have listened to the little more the times want to all bowies the albums averts of two
4 / 5
am not able to give the description of this album to the equal that was bought partorisca my edges in Xmas. It is the Bowie defender .
4 / 5
It has to that very sure that will have people those who read this that (a) thinks that are in better the philistine and in worse the heretic, and (b) that my seen would owe that be ignored because of (a). But any to like the 1993 album of turn of David Bowie 'Black Bond White Noise', and (and ossia a controversial bit ) prefers it to a lot of his earlier albums, any only a nadir of eighties of 'Tonight' and 'does not leave me Down', but also 'A Man The one who has Sold A World-wide', 'Young American', and 'Low' among another also a lot that was to go in a prójimo ten years all duquel has bought out of the combination of habit and hope. But it liked then of one was of Car of beat it integer so much has said enough.

As 'Black Bond White Noise' can be been Bowie 90' album of turn but of some inaugural chimes of 'A Pair' so only knows has gone is gone in in the new direction and that this goes to be different, another face has added to some a lot of faces of David Bowie. And different is, an underlying texture of 'Black Bond White Noise' is routed in jazz, the rich field in occasion for Bowie-the-experimenter that there is not plundered previously and would not visit again for another twenty or like this years until 'Black Spear'. But while 'Black spear' would mix hip hop and nude-jazz, 'Black Bond White Noise' is a lot the fusion of jazz, funk, and hip hop.

Surrounding He with the mix of old and new collaborators, the collection of jazzers, rockers and funksters, any Bowie, David and Lester (of a Together Art of Chicago) has to that of suns of the action on saxophone and trumpet respectively in any less than new of some 12 clues that gives an album the consistently jazzy feel. But ossia also where some lies of question for a lot, as it prevails he further of the clues of whole album is too homogenous, has no big standout clues, any obvious single although three [!] It has been released. WELL Yes instantly I recognise a coverage of Cream are ' Seat Free' and perhaps Morrissey are ' Knows Goes to Spend Someday' or perhaps Scott Walker is 'Nite Flights' but among Bowie' own compositions there few songs that the frames feel up and take notes on first listened, requires time to grow on you. But then, and perhaps the difference of another Bowie album the east sooner is a secret of 'Black Bond White Noise', is an album of adult has oriented, one this better work like the integer that in selective three and the half minutes snatches, and is for this that likes and the appreciate more and more like the oldest volume.

To the equal that seats behind, listens, and enjoy, is different, but is the good different.
4 / 5
A full absolute property of gems have to that partorisca all Bowie fallon bbc s
5 / 5
WELL, but any of my Albums of Bowie of the favourite - I am happy to have he in my collection this in spite of. Value having if you are the defender .
5 / 5
To say this album is the work of the characters would be to extend things , but like everything of the albums of Bowie after his dreaded 80 period, has experienced the auditors will find his later music incredibly rewarding.

Are the defender of Bowie prompt 70 start, but to the equal that have grown older, my flavours have matured, and tend to find that it is Bowie initiates more recent draw it behind, repeatedly. 'Black bond White Noise' offered an auditor something very different to anything Bowie has done previously. Probably a better way to value it, like the auditor, is probably clues for clue.

'A Pair', ' has Been Around', 'the jump says', 'Pallas Athena' and soyiracle Goodnight' is a type of strong melodic songs that came to expect for Bowie, all laced together with some stunning synthetic arrangements. 'The jump Says' literally explodes out of some speakers in the hail of beaten of synthetic drum. Fantastic material! Also, if it calms it has not listened never the coverage of Bowie of Scott Walker is 'Nite Flights', then is missing really was in an of some songs of the finest coverage has not registered never. It remains, to this day, one of mine all time favourite clues.

A thing is, likes with all Bowie 90 start, is full of the depths have hid, and is more rewarding after multiple listens. To good sure something for a more experienced auditor.

This in spite of, sad to say, concealed no each song in this album is pure gold, has three clues on here that felizmente dispense with, especially a coverage of Cream are ' Seat Free'. But in general, if you are the Bowie big followers the one who is looking for the few clues to dip in the compilation, then has some value of real gems that discovers in this album.

P.D. Also, control out of a video to 'the jump says', is timeless.
4 / 5
For me, has two part of the career of David Bowie, his work of Car of Beat it that it is a bridging point among a two. One first splits is a part that really means one the majority of mine, a second part begins here, in 1993, and heralds a start of far more use of rhythms of dance and contemporary music, some duquel finds less accessible that some sounds of a @@@1970s and @@@1980s.


1. A Pair
2. You have Been Around
3. I seat Free
4. Black bond, White Noise
5. The jump says
6. Nite Flights
7. Pallas Athena
8. Miracle Goodnight
9. Not To Leave me Down And Down
10. Looking for Lester
11. I know it Goes to Spend Someday
12. A Song of Pair

in all the chance, on to this album. It begins with an appealing instrumental, 'A Pair', which combines some 'Low/Heroes'- way sonorous keyboards with the lilting, line of melodic bass, some swirling saxophone and some electrical guitar of funky riffs. It is quite captivating in his own, meandering way. Chic Nile Rodgers Was in duties of production again (dance 'Sinister'') and mates of old band Mick Ronson (the one who tragically has died 24 days after the emission of an album), pianist Mike Garson and Reeves of Car of has beaten Gabrels. A next clue, ' has Been Around' is thumping piece of rock of jazz and funk mixed in. Bowie in brief Dipped 1971 this 'of the Transmissions' in some papers. An album was, I supposition, feigned to be the class of 'Young American' leaves two - east times updated to be the sophisticated urban soul fulfils club to dance techno rhythms. This treatment has been given to Cream sixties blues mecer classical ' Seat Released, enough rendering he unrecognisable. He in fact just sounds like the Bowie new , modern adds song. There is mesmeric, intoxicating rhythms sliced averts for the searing Mick Ronson only. It has to that it agreed it to it that, in a lot of ways, that the grunge was a music of one was, this in spite of Bowie is exited with something has taken. A lot of adventurer like usual.

A wonderful trumpet of Lester Bowie (any report) presents an ebullient title and stimulating clue with an instantly recognisable Bowie vocal. Has the place-rear, summery feel and he vibe resembled this which some of some clues on 'Tonight' aspired to. I remember other songs, but can no to spend them to import, so only snatches here and there. In spite of an almost chilled out of vibe in timing some papers are typically portentous in of the places. Bowie certainly looks rejuvenated here, so as the lyricist and vocalist. 'The jump Says' has the frantic, dances it the rhythm has influenced, all the beaten of repetitive drum by minute and swirling saxophone in of the places. Bowie Vocal is one of this deep, that touches serious some. Some excellent brass soloing in a half. It is the a lot of instrumentally adventurous clue, in spite of a metronomic his of drum. 'Nite Flights' (in fact the coverage of Brothers of Walker, although again it touches like the Bowie original) has the deep, bassy and another that vibrates, deep and haughty vocal. In a lot of ways, these clues are like some of a 'Hero' and 'Lodger' material but without some of some industrial electronic vibes of this era. Some U2-fashion electrical guitar punctuate an air. They have begun to dip out of materials like this inside months. I ask reason? Bowie That directs a way again. It touches cliched, but is true.

One instrumental (saves the little chanted vocals) 'Pallas Athena' has some 'Heroes' real the saxophone that swipes everywhere his pounding, clubby the drum has beaten. Soyiracle Goodnight' HAS the incredibly catchy instrumental hook and again, Bowie vocals is nostalgic memory of the earliest eras. 'Not To Leave me Down And down' is the little twee, romantic song that would have been slated has had look on 'Never Left Down' or 'Tonight'. It is it was like this cliched and easy to critique these albums still rent east a. For me, they like him equally, it have to that well points in these albums, anything some means comunicacionales of the music says. A song is perfectly acceptable this in spite of, but is certainly any work of characters. 'Looking for Lester' is the strident instrumental looking some talents of some outsides-has mentioned trumpeter once again. A presence of instrumentals in this album enhances a 'Low'/'Hero' comparisons in the tiny way, but of course a global ambience is absolutely different. Mike Garson has the alone of piano of the mark in a clue also, which is always good to listen.

' Knows Goes to Spend Someday' is the coverage of the Morrissey song. I know at all in Morrissey to the equal that has any knowledge of a song but looks to adapt Bowie in the 'Wild Is A Wind' classifies of mournful way. 'A Song of Pair' restarted an inaugural clue with more pumping beaten and wailing saxophone of Bowie, as well as the floaty, indistinct vocal. It is the end to relax to an intriguing album. It is my preferred of this esecond period' Bowie laws until 'A Next Day'.
5 / 5
Love this album. It is not mentioned often which is understandable likes Bowie cannon is chocked filler of classical albums. But ossia that shines - in of the turns, darknesses, brooding and melancholy in a way Bowie so only can do, contrasted with joyous uplifting irresistible tunes. When it Has been has in the first place released did not touch it any stop for the year. Now, after the long pause has listened his again and touches like this fresh and thrilling to the equal that retreats then. Black bond the White noise to good sure would be in my cup 5 all the time Bowie favourite albums.

Top Customer Reviews: Dream ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I love this CD. My boys love you to. A more touch it a more master that. Of the That is surprising. A superstar. We would want to see the sound extracted with Beverly Cavalier. Thank you For these amazing songs. You lose to you it Gives that. Looking forward to listening more than your songs in a future. Masters to you.

Top Customer Reviews: United We ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I owe that say that that has a lot of be pleasantly surprised by a global quality of this album! It is quite scarce to find the compilation of estro' the one who is given a casualidad to dip new material advances without an inclusion of the succession of record king of his swipes and even more scarce to find such the compilation that is a lot well. Sadly, So as it love it a lot to be a chance, more often that any one once a law there has been his heyday a quality of his start diminishes and all that listening to the new material of this yours done law is desire of mark for some old days.

Ossia More to good sure Any one a chance here this in spite of! While it is so only to say that any of some songs here are 'dance floor classics' and take to the respectable (but funky!) mid-At all to time a lot of some songs and the actions are the mark and the upper notch want to 'undermine was' all of these laws old records!

Especially well is 'the night of Daughters Was' for A SOS Sale (SOOO well to listen Mary Davis glorious vocals again!) And esalvation' for A System but a thing adds here is that so only 'A sobresalto of Way' for A Barkays and ' Can Sustain On Stops Me With Funk Shuns is slightly low level ( I are quite picky here!) All of some another 'jams' is well the value that adds to the collection of your respective favourite artist.

Included a UWF All the Stars follows work like the sleep and calm can listen abundance of an influence of Roger Troutman (this CD look some of his final registers) that goes in in a groove and vocoder department! Charlie Wilson of a Band of Empty figure quite prominently in a UWF clues (which is a lot of stops to the defender of Empty ENORMOUS likes!) And a musicianship all the round is sum . Although a UWF is the community sound as if they are all comfortable with his individual functions and for this some songs flow amiably and owe vital 'a-forced' funkiness roughly him.

In general, ossia triumph it real and the record this resupplies the travesía welcome down walks by heart (with moving it modern!) For those of us the one who loves to take 70 is the mid 80 funk music. My only real quibble is that a version of Mp3 here comprises two extra songs any resemblances in a physical CD. Reason ossia a chance , does not have any idea?