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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
4 / 5
This work is an absolute triumph , the successful colaboration of the band of metal with heart & of orchestra.
A first movement, Rex Irae, in the first place premiered on 'To a Pandemonium,' surpasses an original, his heavy and organic bombastic ploughing, combining goth rock, flange of metal, with the vowel of skilled interaction among Tom Fischer & Safa Heraghi!!! A contrapuntal and Q.&.A vocals is convincingly has executed.
A second movement, Eternal Record, contains interesting dynamics, that begins a piece with the alone of electrical guitar, which is melodicly captivating, the prime saves passages of ambience, dynamic and the excellent percussion that touches. A heart gives an excellent, etheral action.
A final movement, Winter, is more organic that an original version, less rigid and more human!!!
Requiem, Is the work written for band, heart & of orchestra. Ossia Reason is triumph it , because bands that combines hearts & of orchestra a lot always laws.
Are engreído that the requiem a lot so only appealed to defenders of Celtic Frost/Tryptikon but also defenders of:
Rosa Floyd,
King Crimson (punctual,)
the death Can Dance,
Diamanda French,
Rozz Williams,
Carl Orff,
Bonita Bartok.
Ossia The work of glorious conviction & the credit by all the world has involved.
4 / 5
Has followed this band of then roughly 1985-6. Ossia Total self indulgence of Warrior of Gabriel of Thomas, but in a better possible way. Music without constraint. Starts with a Requiem of 1987 Pandemonium Hotel (my Album of favourite of Celtic Frost), then take you on the travesía deep to a black abyss, but calms you amenos behind was softly with a final clue of a Monotheist album.

THIS ALBUM HAS TO THAT WIN A PRIZE, there is also, although Tom does not love it .

Like treating you and be self indulgent. 46 minutes of pure isolation and escape available with this CD/DVD. Value each penny for the value of the defender that dips it the toe in the cold lake of black metal.
4 / 5
A good-looking piece of work, like a defender of old Celtic Frost To A Pandemonium so only floored me with his eclectic & way at the head of his work of time, like the frost was under a Thrash poster of metal; Rex Irae was for some too experimental. 33 years later & here have treated like rightfully would have to that be & like this of the longitude in planned complete trilogy as for a vision of a underrated Guerrero of G of Tom. Any for those looking for a heavy dark laden doom riff but yes is interested in a melodic/side deeper that condemn/goth metal, will be richly winner
4 / 5
the album Adds dvd total rubbishes totally out of sync waste of the music of disk adds like this with triptycon has to that of accident out of a DVD separates no the value that looks 45 minutes of outa sync music
4 / 5
A common shot of the majority of my favourite artists is his unpredictability and exploitation and continuous curiosity inside his artistic idioms. Tom Fischer has fulfilled this in spite of another chapter here in his musical start, seemingly related to Ice cream/Triptykon but a lot loosely - the requiem is very environmental, scarce and hypnotic, with distorted droning tomb and with almost of the minimum implication of a band averts of a drummer. This album ostracise some defenders, to good sure those that expect more glorious doomy grind of a current Triptykon, but Tom clearly is that it follows his vision here, a lot like this Mikael Akerfeldt, and is not compromising his music that looks for wider that acclaim (thinks Steven Wilson). An album is a lot of nuanced and fantastically treaty and has produced. Approximation this with an open and calm alcohol will be winning.
4 / 5
There is so only law 'the Only death is Real' and previously there is also law ' Is Morbid', both desquels is fascinating books in Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. ODIR Was more intriguing to the equal that has propiciado a fore some early starts of Warriors' the vision and he clearly have described stirs it of Swiss misfits quite entirely odds with some communities that is existed in. Some photos in a book aim stirs it of young boys, has on dress like his heroes Venom, exasperated to do a unholiest racket in a planet. Which is that it has done it in Hellhammer. Considered like the joke for an industry of music, there is ploughed on with the musicality has limited, but with the clear sense of image and purpose. Finally to the Celtic frost is born the young starts and the history has been done. A reason spends this on, is is staggering to think like the warrior there is clawed his way on the life like the pimply, the dagger that exerts, Times wannabe to be innanzi to the orchestra blown full that touches his own personal vision of art. Ossia A triumph (of death, sees that I bad) that this emission in fact represents - a man unwavering life long faith in him and like him (except Cold Lake, of course), anything some barriers that there is dogged lucido on some years.

So that it is Tone is soyasterpiece' likes in reality?

Has to that be sincere says that a grungy Rex Irae on 'To a Pandemonium' any really he for me way behind in a 80s, although other clues in an album were simply staggering (Inner Sanctum, Babylon has Fallen , Mesmerised, will not dance , One in his Pride). Ossia Partly been due to a production partorisca stifle, but is had to also to a fact that is, that is; the discordant dirge (all 'parping' horns, drums of kettle, screechy violins, strangulated electrical guitars, Tom gothic vocal, drums of double bass and the woman caterwauling). This in spite of, in a version of vinyl that has to that this esquiem' orchestral action, a clue has been transformed to something both quite listenable and in absorbent. Ossia Mainly because of a freshness of a female vocalist, a crystal clear and precise production and a powerful immediacy of having the unexpectedly full orchestra that hammers out of a 'tune'. This clue then dreamily drifts to a elongated Rosa Floyd esque soundscape, no the million miles out of a perfection of electrical guitar of Comfortably Numb - row some swipes of geese. This clue feeds after 2, which finally in bylines with one pursuing 'Winter' of Monotheist, which is like this mesmerising (although, short) and beautiful how is in an original. The wise fashion is a lot of reminiscent of a soundtrack of Glass of Philip the Koyaanisqatsi, which mournfully reflects a visuals of the destruction of the man of a planet. It is interesting that one 2 bookends of this emission (the previously released Rex and Winter) is a shorter of some three clues for the mile of country, which means that a bulk of of the this is a Grave new piece Eternal.

So much of the perspective of vinyl, with some lights have turned down, the pocolos goes him and glass of wine or two ossia really quite good.

But would contest that a DVD has some following subjects. In the first place, it is long and it bit it bored (are or is in fact longer that a vinyl? - I has maintained to nod was and wake until one same clanging of bells and Tom moaning 'wave after wave' on and on). Secondly, Tom, steadfast in his woolly hat, is his usual miserable self and only looks to touch the secondary part in a proceedings, hunched almost invisible left of phase of centre. It begs a question: Reason, are spent 30 years while to this moment, calm does not go in a limelight and the hammer was some of a work of good-looking electrical guitar in aims here? And, finally, a bulk of a time is spent looking a humourless drummer that touches a same thing on and on and on.

So much, like the defender of Celtic Frost (comprising Cold Lake, press to add), an emission of this work now, likes art, in fact have perfect sense - felizmente is weighed in of the parts, which affirms that ossia in fact the band of the metal that metal of touches with an orchestra (another way around), but finally his incredibly intrepid closing without straying to be self indulgent. So much, fascinating and that absorbs yes, but he masterpiece? Material Tom so only a perfectionist is worthy to answer that one...
4 / 5
Very a lot of writing revises here and so only can be in accordance with some positive commentaries. This almost in of the sounds of time likes them Ennius Morricone and is the celebration of the perfect blend of metal of death and orchestral action.

Loses in this
5 / 5
A cofanetto wonderful, was for aesthetics and content, was for the quality audio contained in the vinile red present in exclusivity in the preparation. Being He Requiem A piece prevalentemente orchestrale with numerous moments has given piano, pianissimo and sinfonici, find a vinile silent with a good reproduction of the scene orchestrale is pure goduria! He Requiem suddivide has given an initial part that had been composed in the 1986 for the album 'To A Pandemonium' has given Celtic Frost, an already appeared final in the the album soyonotheist' of the 2006 always has given Celtic Frost (mother of band of the master alcohol Tom Gabriel Guerriero) and a head office that he ours prode hero is attained has completed he with the help of the orchestra Metropole. This Requiem Is the premiere registered he Tilburg in Olanda in the 2019 and represents one'classical work and the rock has impressive data beauty! In the boxset present sleep also A prevails 7' red with the test of the piece 'Winter', the copy in CD and in DVD of the album and concert, a book continent he scores orchestrali, a booklet with photo and the history of the work (and papers), very n. 3 poster, a giant photo and a artprint. An indispensable purchase For all the the defender has given Celtic Frost and of the parrot rib Tryptykon. I add that He First boxset orderly has arrived all ammaccato along the bordos, he as it has been handed in perfect state in what the preparation used was more consona and sure.
4 / 5
A record are adds! Unfortunately I have bought mainly this for an alive DVD that is to be comprise and am not able to look reason is formed of MATE . Quite disappointed that Amazon/RaveWaves has not declared this in a description. So that now there is it tran$ $ $ ferred.
5 / 5
The lives of bel genial come the freezing celtic-triptykon here have always in vinile a lot good-looking with dvd annex.
4 / 5
Hervorragend ausgestattet, elepé im wattiertem has spent, geiles Poster und schönes Klappcover
4 / 5
All the world has to that verify this was, included if any like to him the metal. Finally, a whole Requiem for the immortal legend Thomas of the Celtic frost Gabriel Guerriero, treated by his current band Triptykon last year in Roadburn with a Metropole Orkest, is available this year. A first movement esx Irae,' has sawed-writing go in Martin Eric late Ain & Tom done like this long, touches more majestic, so only, & that disturbs that never, while an integer have opposite (which has begun his creation in 1987 & is in last complete) comprises the previously unreleased 32 small overpoweringly dirge-like & sorrowful according to movement that will take your soul in the travesía new every time listens it. A final movement of 2006 is pure environmental soundscape & concludes in pure tranquility. A long wait for this monolithic classical avant-garde goth the moment of metal is more lovely state he. Although the collaborators & of friends of Warrior of Gabriel of Thomas Martin Eric Ain & a legendary H.R. Giger Has left this plan of existence, his alcohols are present in the each ache-the commentaries have fill that it is imbued with such amour & of character.

Top Customer Reviews: Black Metal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
A whole album is acoustic and whilst an inaugural song is well, a rest is glacially slow and boring. More like Magnus Pelander does of only that forward Withcraft album, disapointing partorisca say a less when it is been five years of a last album.
5 / 5
Like this slightly different start of Witchcraft. One first half is much stronger but in general thoroughly enjoyed it.
The people that complains that it is more than the album of only, well the witchcraft has the police of rotary door to members of band like this really a whole band is the project of only .
Any partorisca metal elitists.
5 / 5
Magnus Pelander Humour of hat.
Wenn Man, wie ich, im Vorfeld gives aktuellen Veröffentlichung gives neuesten Witchcraft-Werkes auf gives Lesen jeglicher Rezensionen verzichtet, dürfte man überrascht werden. Weder Die Bandhistorie, noch gives Albumtitel (noch gives Focus of Nuclear Explosion) ließen give auf ein reign Akustikalbum schließen. Statt eines wilden Tripp Is in dying Abgründe give 70.ºr-Jahre Retrorock, herrscht Lagerfeueratmosphäre.
Gives ist keineswegs schlecht, daher auch meine Bewertung, allerdings cube ich ein Musikliebhaber has dipped sehr breitem Hörspektrum. It gives klassische Hardrocker dürfte ob dieser 180Gradwende eher ungläubig Gives Kopf schütteln und gives the album gives Turn zuweisen. Dafür wäre Is meines Erachtens aber wirklich zu schade.
Ein solches Album zudem ‚Black Metal‘ zu taufen, zeugt von jemandem, dem gives Schalk im Nacken sitzt. Großartig!
4 / 5
Wer Sale of data mag, ist enttäuscht. Alles ohne Pep und langweiliges Singen. Kann ich nicht empfehlen
4 / 5

本作は、何があったのかメンバーがマグナス1人になってます。そして彼がギター1本で弾き語るフォークアルバムとなってます。タイトルが「Black metal」となっていますが、音楽ジャンルのブラックメタルとは何の関係もありません。



古いアメリカ映画で流れてそうなカントリー風の曲があったり、重く湿った欧州フォーク風の曲があったりとよく聴くと曲ごとにカラーはあるんですが、やっぱり地味。休日朝の起床用BGMとしてならいいのではと思って試してみた所、寝起きの重い体に重いアコギサウンドが染みわたり、穏やかでいい感じでした。牧歌的でどこか懐かしい雰囲気はあるので、Azure RayやDakota Suiteみたいなスローコア系が好きな人はその流れで本作もコレクションに加えてみるのもいいかと思います。

Top Customer Reviews: Velvet Darkness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
4 / 5
The theatre of Tragedy is one of some the majority of influential bands behind some symphonic and gothic movements of metal, and is regulated with creating a 'beauty and a beast' his (grunts and delicate grandson vocals) that still popular rest today. The darkness of Dread of velvet is his first album, and certainly starts very humble. In his own legislation is quite the good album, although I sing good regime to the long of, but is more interesting owed in his place in history of metal.
4 / 5
An excellent cd, has tried everywhere, some tents they didnt included know those who this band was, really love this album, a company the one who distributed it and types of amazon of brilliant service, could do not renting enough, thank you.
4 / 5
This was one of a prime minister of of the this and a fashion of beast viril/female vocals with crunching gothic doom and Liv Kristine has the good-looking voice to be some look of songs to melt to a long piece to the terracing,but concealed is not the bad thing in this chance.
5 / 5
Only games until a third song then swimming. Unacceptable!
4 / 5
This album defines a term Gothic Metal. Theatre Of the tragedy has not been a prime minister to step in this street, but with this album gathers and cement all a ingridients that marks on this gender. Slowly doomy riffs, lighter of classical instrumentation, highly poetic papers in of the Old English saying a history of tragic amour, theatrical approximation to a 'Bobo & a Beauty' vocals - is everything there.

This album give goosebumps every time listens his. Some clues to signal underlined for me is 'Fair & 'Guilding Copesmate Dead' and 'And When He Falleth'. A last contains quite returning the stain spoken of the film called 'A Chews of a Red Death'.

One special mentions has to that go to a female vocalist in this album, Liv Kristine. Has one of a sweet plus and more angelic voice in metal/of rock, and his contributo in this album is essential to an atmosphere and one feeling it instills.
5 / 5
Daría ten stars could !! This album adores jointly Aegis. They are Theatre like this happy of the tragedy there is king-has released this like my old copy of an original has bought in the ages of Vienna take bad broken in movements of a lot of house some years. It would trade All some actions am not never state so only to see then live so only once how is really sad to know has had to that the left up.

Is mine all time favourite band in a gender of Gothic Metal and a prime minister of the his bondadoso to use beauty and boba vocals. They remain my preferred to this day. They are happy this in spite of to know them by means of his songs that has had a pleasure to listen the on some years. They are really that loves some few clues of extra prize and like this happy to possess this album again! :)
4 / 5
Album for real splendid, for the one who master the dead sonorities-doom, he cantanto growls varonil and cleaned feminine melt was perfection, creating a'the work gives to listen and riascoltare far gives the one who often today calls gothic, more intense and rich has given emotions.
5 / 5
Master work of Theatre of Teagedy, papers with the literary landscapes took of authors and writers of cult, is partorisca listen and read the papers, that any one is familiar with voices 'guttural', will comprise his reason partorisca be.... Epic In the sake and give it.
4 / 5
Excellent box, is a classical in the Metal of gender of Goth. This edition amena of the First songs in version demo and simply edges geniales.
The delivery has been almost immediate and like this always in the better conditions, excellent service
5 / 5
Glorious album of this group -the one of his best with AEGIS -

Darkness of Dread of Velvet that is lucido shadier, lucido more Gothic -east master the musical gender , his songs 'Black likes Diablesa Painteth and 'On that one shines of Moon' will dip to join claque..
Recommends animadamente this CD .
4 / 5
The darkness of the dread of velvet embezzles indéniablement my preferred small of theatre of tragedy although it loves a lot the precedent of album equally.
Describes to look me quite difficult, if this is not that vocalement marks his small differentiates witnesses of point of view with the half musical joined stronger. That In fact my preferred eats.
4 / 5
Is in accordance with other descriptions that was a prime minister groups the one who there has been an idea of the good-looking female voice coupled with the voice viril darkness, first years of Nightwish. Album very good
5 / 5
schneller Versand, Artikel wie in giving Beschreibung, wirklich CUT
5 / 5
Give Album ist klasse. Ich hatte mein altes Exemplary leider verlegt. Gott Knows dank The war is yesterday zu finden. Die Musik ist cup. Schönen Stimmen verschmelzen ineinander.
5 / 5
Upper! Gerne jederzeit wieder! Toller eBayer!Upper! Gerne jederzeit wieder! Upper!!!!!Upper! Gerne jederzeit wieder! Toller eBayer!Upper! Gerne jederzeit wieder! Upper!!!!!Upper! Gerne jederzeit wieder! Toller eBayer!Upper! Gerne jederzeit wieder! Upper!!!!!
5 / 5
Edle Neuauflage + remastered!jetzt besserer Sound! Fein für Quotes Sammlung... V v v v v vv v v v v
5 / 5
In actuality, the theatre of Tragedy could very totally be considered an establishment that has birth of date to gothic metal. But they were certainly a band that cemented likes it the permanent subgenre in a scene of metal. And this album was a one of the his discography that more contributed to this

the darkness of the dread of Velvet was something has not had when it was the adolescent and has in the first place discovered this band. I have had Aegis and his self-beginning titled, but no east a... Reason? Honradamente A woman in of the skins in a front was at the same time mine too that imposes ( was the quite sheepish adolescent!). Later on to the equal that have on grown I class of stray interest in a fashion and therefore never taken around to take this piece of gothic doom of death. The desire has had, as it would spend like this influential and hanged personal like this fact Aegis and a self-titled for me. But I am happy to have this masterpiece now beside mine 2 preferred.

A Lunar-Classical gothic the subject is next mine and has wanted . And a prime minister 3 Theatre of the albums of Tragedy is some of some the majority of album of entity with report to this subject in heavy metal. The darkness of Dread of velvet represents the first evolution of a band of his inception, as his remake his sound with almost each album. And this one would represent his last start in a fashion/of death of the doom, this in spite of felizmente any his last in a lunar-Calssical.

A self the album has titled was the clearly produced but album of hard paste with the acidic electrical guitars STRONG and the sorrowful, spooky atmosphere. Darkness of dread of velvet, a sale has produced the piece where a metal is not like this visceral in the tone and some songs are more moody and contemplative that obscenely dismal. There is remarked that to the plot of people considers this album to be a band masterpiece. This in spite of, I cant enough have spent. Perhaps his reason this album is 2 years old of history with me compared to Aegis and a self has titled that it has had it 14 years! I can class to see where is coming from this in spite of. Darkness of dread of the velvet again is the way down below in extreme intensity while still when being resolutely metal. In this way his to plot more like this current gothic bands of metal where a course of metal is secondary to a gothic breakings. And ossia the part a lot of key to his legacy.

In 1996 this was certainly the real surprise like any band of the extreme metal quotes had really precedence the this atmosphere in his own character like the band of metal. I think that to do like this, the theatre of the tragedy has touched to the need that was unfulfilled in a community and quickly result superstars in subterranean metal. Especially with an aggregated 'Beauty and a Beast' vocal pound his quickly won in the mass of rabid new fan the one who desperately has has wanted to something more romantic and emotional that some years of deathmetal has had ingested in fact a lot of years before. Heck! Now included his fiancées (those a lot extremely to recta on metal) has found the band of metal with touching, good-looking papers and the rich sound, sensitive. They are sure this album has created the massive new fashion and concept and fanbase. They are sure he is an album that so only-handedly solidified gothic the omnipresence of the metal in a scene. I remember the local metal cd proprietary of tent here in an American midwest mine to say 'oh the man has used to sell like this Theatre of album of Tragedy behind then!!!' Afterwards For ever, I choose, Coil of Lagoon and same f---in Evanescence owes this album the enormous shot crediticio to create a scene now sucks was!

So that it is some perspective on Darkness of dread of Velvet. Never I am appreciated like this for that, but I I admits I of the that finds to to this album likes him the interest like his another 3, at least any one this time. Firstoff... Sound the little more warmer and subdues a vitriolic intensity of the his first album. Also his no like this crushingly delicate and beautiful likes Aegis. Notably a synths has been substituted by an orchestra. But a stay of orchestra inside the 'fourth' the row of the pocola serious has has built melodies of simple keyboard. Occasionally a synths accompany with piano and organ and, in a song, patches of harp. In no way it is this album the enormous classical work. His plus of the sad game with musical accompaniment. Also some dramatic towers in presents of the arrangements in a start is missing here. Will have any pieces of piano of only long, any one follows of instrumental metal. All some songs are relatively some same in character. Sound the modest endeavour really. It combines that with a reign in of the electrical and languid guitars, moody structures of song... This album is decidedly peaceful and intimate. In the way is class of unexciting. This in spite of if a tone and the character of a song listens really yours appeal, then a whole album will be the nonstop like to listen to. Interior a moment this in spite of I class of the desire was more diverse in character.

Go to give still this album to five indication of star. I think that that the subtlety can be a key here, and are class of happy that Darkness of Dread of Velvet is not some responses esatte of a self titled or Aegis. It gives a sale more variety. Also again I have it has had to that my adolescent years to absorb his other albums. A very good thing this in spite of is an Old Engish Shakespearean the papers are in full rosy flowers here! And they are like this good-looking...

Have the bond-dyed longsleeve shirt of band with the coverage of this album in the, and is one of mine the majority of the favourite shirts and I spend it to shows like the tribute to this now forgotten band and that have done for me. Still I have a rest of my life to enjoy this album, especially for all that has done to help create the space in this world where could find the one who are in heart and solace. Like the band said them.. Esoothing ale For the parched sot'. Cela These 3 albums for them always will be, as well as some world-wide and legated has created in music and culture that spends on to this day.

Can not expect master and grow old with this album...
5 / 5
Once in the while it find the life that moment of transmissions. For me it was surfing some descriptions of music. I have been the defender of a prompt 80s scene of American metal(metallica,the maiden iron,etc),and there is enjoyed some of a more cerebral and dark music likes them Queensryce,Type Or Negative,Life of Agony,and same Diamond of Rey. Well to the left say me that have broken on better qualities of them all would have created Theatre of Tragedy. Here we have a darkly atmospheric gothic basic coupled with Raymonds heartfelt growls and a absoultly BEAUTIFUL And I GOOD-LOOKING voice BAD of Liv Kristine. It is for real he Godsend that has discovered this awesome sell this there is rid all I never wished partorisca in music. Calm the favour and give them try it, if yours he rookie to a scene of music to write heavier, the give the little listens and guarantee youll see a light. It enjoys!
4 / 5
Better and one of theatre bondadoso of album of tragedy, the cant takes quite listening to this album, am them like this lucky to have this album as it vinyl reason is like this scarce and hard to find.
5 / 5
Had received exactly that is to be expect. I have received a way of container at the head of schedule!
4 / 5
Another prompt Liv Kristine fronted CDs. It is a better of his gender. EXCELLENT CD.
4 / 5
One of Theatre of the better albums of the tragedy. A must has partorisca any type of Theatre of defender of Tragedy.

Top Customer Reviews: Ceremony And ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5
I so only recently taken to this band, are the defender of classical rock and liked that it has listened it like this I enquired further my delight. The seeked have been to maintain-base it to you of tube, looking excerpts of his present Rats In concerts of Recognition in Amsterdam and I has been blown has gone by a sheer acts of phase and musicianship on Tobias and his band of Ghouls. They are completelly hooked like snapped the copy of this alive cd partorisca touch in a car and want it. A quality of his can be the bit dodgy in of the alive register, but ossia exemplory. I love it. So only be conscious that ossia the compilation of songs previously to a present recognition so many songs like this of the Rats and Dance Macabro does not look .
4 / 5
In that has been lucky to have the ghost seen maintains the base of three occasions, sincerely can say that ossia one these scarce things - the alive album that directs an emotion of the show of alive ghost. Any bad feat when you consider that they are the a lot visual band . In fact, it is it wins it his musicianship that this album touches like this well. If the continuous ghost do things a way is, foresee them having a longevity of bands likes Reign or a Foos.
5 / 5
Glorious! I saw him on this recognition and he is the very attentive representation of this together. An opener, Square Hammer, well a prize of admission so only.
4 / 5
Brilliant album. A quality of his this point and averts for the alive register. Satanás Sarebbe Proud!
4 / 5
Are new to Ghost and has thought this would be the good intro. Prpers Having seen his in the documentary in Hellfest has thinks that would research further. Everything is good but he so only lack of basses and depths.
5 / 5
Stunning cd, incredible alive Band. There is some insertion of crowd in the songs but some the real actions are fantastic.
5 / 5
Ghost of the amour and ossia the alive selection end of the plot of his better songs. The strong game and enjoy!
4 / 5
Likes -you the ghost ossia the must . Or the good place to start with.
5 / 5
This there is gotta be a better alive album for some years. Ossia Ghost in forms.
4 / 5
If it likes-you the ghost ossia the must . Or the good place partorisca begin.
5 / 5
This there is gotta be a better alive album partorisca some years. Ossia Ghost in forms.
4 / 5
The album adds! I add 'Alive' feel too much.
4 / 5
The arrival of punctual delivery in perfect condition, has not known that has required this album, remembers of a way felt when I kisses listened in the first place live 2!!
4 / 5
Ceremony and Devotion, is one beginning it alive album of a Ghost grupal of heavy metal. With a band so only that it is possibly his better recognition still, the practically has begged defenders partorisca the alive memory and here is.

Ceremony and Devotion, is the alive register of a band in his recent Popestar recognition of one has has joined Declared of Amsterdam. Has a cast of partidário excellent closely preferred that comprises songs like Square Hammer, With Clavi With has Given, Cirice and Powder of Mummy. Each songs touches very solid with a band that finds well assaid. You will find each electrical guitar riff thunderous, each one so only of the electrical guitar fantastically smooth and a rhythm partorisca back like this impactful like this seeing a show in person.

A sound that the uses of ghost resembles that it has been it found more in a @@@1970s in of the terms of heavy metal. Some electrical guitars whilst weighed, looked so to the melody likes-agree him to him striking big. It is not so only roughly doing endless noise but more roughly writing catchy memorables songs. It is this fact likes Ghost of frames such one interesting alive experience.

All of of the this is quite impressive that considers a controversy that arrived first of a recognition in of the considerations to a whole sideline on when be substituted first of a recognition. It is sure to say that in of the terms to touch, the defenders will not remark a difference or cure because of an extremely professional action data.

The leader and the singer of a Pope of band Emeritus III has the odd strongly accented voice that the strong and powerful sounds in spite of his softer voice more soothing character. It does not have the voice like strong and impressive likes to Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson but will find concealed that there is so only returns a music perfectly. It conceal it is not to say that his action is perfect. There is the few notes that pause or start of the yours, but these moments are pocolos and also tries that ossia the pertinent 'warts and all' alive album.

A global sound of a record is in a money. A production and the final mix touches really well, a lot like last pair of emissions of Ghost. I think that that they could have chosen the less echoey the means but concealed does not hamper a sound at all. An alive sound really door the plot of a power out of some bands has dipped. Some the electrical guitars touch considerably heavier alive, of course doing some songs of bands the pocolos has bitten more soyetal.' It thinks a sound of better band in the phase and this record is fine evidence of that.

Ceremony and Devotion, test (mine at least) that the ghost does not need a visual element of his alive show to be highly entertaining. All precise is here and then some. Some songs are of sound, a sound of band adds and an album touches fantastic when it is cranked up. There is a lot little more a defender of Ghost could ask?!

Has published for Steven Lornie of Demonszone
4 / 5
If you are the defender of brilliantly to write, brilliantly built, brilliantly mecer the music touched and brilliantly sung of any type of description (nevermind metal) SPENT THIS ALBUM. Then go and take your hands in some three albums of studio and material of prize. This is not the band of metal like such folks, but is the bit of the phenomenon.

4 / 5
Ossia An amazing album for one of some better alive bands has has not listened never. It is the vinyl adds partorisca have !
5 / 5
A vocals is was and think these nameless ghouls has not known to bear alive touch, included messing on the only sexy of zero of year on so much a crowd acclaimed in joining it to him to end likes was of the bar and any one have broken the glass for accident. But it is ghost and therefore automatically it takes 3 stars
5 / 5
Are new to this group, had listened to the few songs and originally has not liked him a fashion partorisca pop to sing. Prpers Having given the he according to casualidad, finds that his songs grow on you. They are very written and memorable. It is in fact quite weighed in of the places also, no by means of grinding beat-of the agreements, but for subjects of épico and thoughtful papers. Search to listen the Absolution (in this collection and also in Meliora) to see like .
Finds quietly singing 'Hail Satanás, Archangelo' law ( is a heart of Year Zero), but, as they say, a devil has all some better tunes. I love his material.
Ossia The alive register , although hardly I can say, a quality of his this really excellent. It is so only an ad of applause and odd phase that gives era.
Is the a lot of one to buy love the good selection of his music, although it does not have a music of Prequelle (released the year later, in 2018) on that.
Is a lot the value that has.
5 / 5
Wonderful alive production in this cd, that does this experience to listen much more that normal.

Top Customer Reviews: MENTAL WOUNDS NOT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Really solid to double album like -you the material / noisy experimental
the uniform and an Organism really resists his possess like this of the separate and together bands his utmost also

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
Ten clues of Ronnie James has Given was of Black Sabbath - sheer brilliance ! Without the fault facing Ozzy Osbourne, has something magic roughly Ronnie is involved in. Of course, there is Exc absolute of an electrical guitar of Tony Iommi and some bass that touch of Geezer Butler like this always. In general the very good album partorisca have in the collection of any defender of metal.
5 / 5
I Expósito has the data bit it late in a game.
My bad.
HAS has HAD TO THAT then buy everything of a Sabbath has album of date.
Any disappoints.
Comprises a Heaven and Hell cd a devil knows.
In fact a last endeavour is the massive force of dark metal.
Dehumanizer HAS some songs add on.
The production has dated the small but his to be expected.
Material upper!!!!
5 / 5
Likes has Given, buy it, If it likes-you the sabbath buys it. One of his better offerings.
5 / 5
So only explored thru and am adapted has purchased this element some time behind ; yes, it is A lot Very in fact ; to the equal that ask when he Deluxe the version of him would be available, as Really it Deserves this State !
5 / 5
Likes -you Ronnie James has Given and Black Sabbath, has had to that have this album!
5 / 5
His heavy plus that usual, like this always the songs add, is my favourite clue !
4 / 5
Excellent has Given/Iommi album of Sabbath. A lot of underrated but we the value that takes.
4 / 5
Has wanted to buy like this taken well revises no bad. Need more listening too
5 / 5
Reproduction of good quality and extra clues in a second disk. A bit expensive but value he .
5 / 5
The one who the fab new album. Bought with Xmas money. That can say. Until usual level. You recommend to everything.
4 / 5
Wishes so only was available in the reasonable prize on vinyl. Fantastic material.
4 / 5
Simple to situate an order And he have come well before it quotes of the delivery has expected . It recommends and use again
5 / 5
is one of some better albums in my collection. Powerfull, espesialy 3 And 6 clues.
4 / 5
Adds to finally take this - original copies - can find one in the vinyl goes partorisca serious money - I so that it adds the addition priced reasonably my collection of sabbath - very pleased
5 / 5
likes has Given, the buy, If you like him to him the sabbath he compraventa. One of his better offerings.
5 / 5
Good album in general, of a three has Given the albums of Sabbath is is an easy third requires the pocolos play partorisca appreciate it
5 / 5
Edifice on my rear catalogue. It has Had this on vinyl partorisca years. Excellent Classical sabbath.
5 / 5
Perhaps are when being the little last giving Dehumanizer so only 3 stars, 3 and the half can be juster. His big plus
the question is that he cant resist the sail to Heaven and hell and is not like this very like this Mob principles, some leading Sabs
albums partorisca look some glorious vocals of Ronnie James has Given. Everyones In the fine form and a production is good but
touch an album of good more than classical songs. The time has the data adopts Ozzy melodies of the type and some arrangements celery
like Osbourne Sabbath of era(anything bad). The control was 'Afterall' and esins of a father' for evidence of of the this.
In general, are so only in happy has bought this he so that has the plot to offer, but Heaven and hell he aint!
Rubbish sleave also.
5 / 5
And, again, the sabbath remodels his players and, as if for magic has looks of Data. It is the light shame likes band of advantage of Martin of Tony has looked for to be add for Sabbath, releasing his 3 better albums of Mob Principles. But has the data is always good value for money and Dehumanizer does not disappoint . A lot. Out of one 3 has Given album, this is not a better. Out of one 3 Tony Martin album that preceded it, is still a lot like this good. It is the good album in better and contains one was and out of classical, the little clue adds, the little very some and the pocolos low means some.

'The god of the starts of computers was a lot. It takes the moment to connect, roughly 4 listens, but is the opener adds in spite of his sound now when being very dark, slow and almost metal of death. This was more probably the reaction to a movement of grunge that goes in at the same time, although it is the million miles of grunge. 'After all' it is a good song . It is the bit anxiety that essentially excepts some transmissions in yours is interesting and is hummable tune, albeit another slow burner. 'Crimes of television' wake him all arrive and is another brilliant clue with the thumping to and excellent heart. Door to import a clasic openers of yore, 'Cavalier of Neon' and 'Look a Night'. 'The papers Of Tierra Returns to some melancholic chuggery of before but class of improvement with each listen and a heart, although platitudinous, estacas in your boss like the mantra. Any bad. But soyaster of Insanity' is well in a key and, in my opinion, a classical only Sabbath in an album. Utmost start, better heart and one all-round tune that works.

chemes Of time' is a lot one same as 'of the Crimes of television' and is one of some better clues, when being more courts and more immediate that the majority of some another. Side 2 wavers the bit in quality this in spite of with which this. Esins Of a Father' plods laconically to the long of and no really build until a lot of or gone anywhere. 'Too late' it is ballad of the classes but is too long to maintain interest. It is the bit likes 'On & On' in Mob Principles, although 'On & On' is better. 'I' is a lot well, a lot of datk and broody but has teeth and chutzpah. 'Sotterrato Alive' has an almost metal of death riff. It is good but no better. A good way to finalise.

Like the integer gives a time of album and sure parts blossom. It is not all well but is better that Seventh Incident and slightly better that Been born Again. 3 And the half stars really.
4 / 5
So only give to these three stars likes them one follows jumps. It is the tribute adds to the man with the voice adds. Little it bite heavier that a material sooner does with Sabbath but a next better thing to Ozzy does well. I break some some clues skips this in spite of.
5 / 5
Sabbath Of amour. Amur Ronnnie Has Given. The hell and The beloved Heaven but this simply any one the short . Everything touches tiref and forcef.
4 / 5
Absolutely I want to it has Given it album of Black Sabbath 'Heaven and Hell' is an absolute classical, almost up there in absolute brilliance with premiers four album of the Black sabbath and ossia strong praise in fact. 'Dehumanizer' Any quite achieve these heights, but image during a unimpressive 'Never Say Die!'

Like an album there is some patchy clues, some are so only simple boring and some the only look bit it dated, captured in a prompt 90 east that has been it spawned, is quell'has bitten odd considering the material of his 70 still sounds frescos. Still like this it effects your experience to listen will depend in how much has liked join you to him estaca 80 is, 90 sound as I go it to call. It does not think it is the massive question but can tug to your alcohol in the quite nettling way, more like this in of the sure clues more than throughout.

Loan of clue:
Goddess of Computer
After all (the dead person)
T.V. Crimes
Papers Of Tierra
Master of Insanity
Car to Time
Sins of a Father
Too late
Sotterrato Alive
4 / 5
Good album and an easy transaction with a vendor the one who I highly recommended.
5 / 5
When This was first released behind in 1992 I has purchased an album on CD more than vinyl like alive was United Kingdom and my record have covered was in storage. An original CD is reasonable in of the terms of qualities of his but have always has complained a lot any when buying on vinyl reason for me the vinyl always will be a natural format for album of classical rock.

In mine dress this album is always state underrated in of the terms of qualities of music. I see very alike parallels here with 'Come to Try A Band' for Deep Purple. When An album is done with the transmission of significant personnel to the very famous line-on, taking wrongly compared to a better that a line of legend-has on fact. It have to that be taken on his own merit and this album is in this context, excellent.

An album has been released like an import of the USA last year with just an original 10 clues. I have resisted to purchase like this of leading experience with another imported king-master, has found significant differences in qualities of sound among emissions. Now having this emission are happy has expected.

In this emission of vinyl takes an original album and the record second with the alone modification, a B-side, an alternative version and some alive material. A coverage is double gatefold with some a lot informative notes in some interiors two sides. It is an excellent container with the illustrations restored and the hinge has reinforced to resist a heavyweight vinyl. The weight of vinyl is 198 and 196 grams. Some the inner sleeves are excellent 18g, paper of heavy weight with a plastic inner discharge antistatic. 'I hats was' the EMI for these ends the majority to touch of critical finishing to a packaging.

Some records estimates excellent for 'flatness' with the May has been disappointed with a noise of background surface on first game. I have required to clean both agree in mine VPI vacuum car to take that it considers a noise of level of acceptable background surface. A subject is a career -in beginning in 4 sides and many of some transmissions of same clue after cleaning. Unfortunately ossia common same with heavyweight king-mastered vinyl today to the equal that was with a thin weight, low records of a 70s & 80s. I seat this could be better and hopefully is limited my copy. Some parts of the music of a vinyl was well after cleaning.

Does not have an original vinyl to compare but I consider this king-mastered quality of his to be very good. An album is heavy and 'doomy': very different to the as there was on 'Hell & of Heaven' and soyob Governs'. A mix in this king-master is very very balanced and clear. Some drums for me the excellent sound, very cleaned with thundering impact. A career is gone in an end of some records is relatively small which damage an album the very reasonable volume level. Side three is noticeably stronger that some another in some same amp setting.

A second album with some extras is interesting but for me very essential. It does not like never it mixes of the studio and alive material in a same album, as they are always disappointed with a quality of bolt of sound further of chance in comparison. Some the alive clues are good but the majority suffers to differ quantity of his pill and sprain of light big frequency. Some three clues of the studio in this second album is a quality of his better of an extra material. It touches an original part of album one the majority of and there is rejuvenated my interest and recognition further of this album. This vinyl king-mastered the album is in mine dress significantly quality of his better that an original CD with much more the impact and the room that vibrates presence, but well am a lot the vinyl biased.

A quality of an album is wins it to the masterful band of musicians that done add together, the classical heavy rock and we have given all like this musical entertainment under a name of Black Sabbath and later like this Hell & of Heaven .

Finally an excellent vinyl liberta how is recommended highly. Dipped the in a coverage, look a volume and enjoy.
4 / 5
Two penneth chuckage of the true devotee of Mk2 Sabbath.

Perhaps take some time but are not (at the same time to write) too enamoured with 'Better A Devil knows.'

RJD' Sounds of voices like glorious likes any never the one who looks quite something that considers his illness at the same time but likes to listen the to stick- soyaster Of Puppets' Metallica and that have serrated one east thrashier gnashers in his glorious, opening trilogy, here looks to exist the sense of brooding turgidity which is quite inconruous with anything Tony Iommi has not done never and 95 of Ronnie tenure of a Money Mountained mic stand; he never, a lot 'take is going.'

'Dehumanizer,' Fences in his quite glassy sound quality in time, mine to look far more redolent of a save of 1980 and 1981 - 'Heaven And Hell' then soyob Govern' - in atmosphere and like this, emotion.

Like a unreconstructed RJD supplicant, any one needs to speak these two elepé before they are gimlet eyed and dreaming of the his revolutionary, Metallic impact but in fact 'Hell & of Heaven' could be contested to suffer 'fillers;' his last two clues, frankly. ( I tin a lot the failure soyob Principles,' included slightly, this in spite of, as it represents a perfect RJD/Iommi synergy without the trace of blubber.)

This 1992 emission has his sluggish moments, fulfilling but 'God of Computer,' 'Crimes of television,' soyachine of Time' and 'Too late' so only, justify a punt.

In fact, in that has it really cranked on this last clue, mentioned, yesterday, attacked so only the one who joyously immense this has gathered the troop could touch; Geezer Butler swinging was merry under the coverages seldom fails to illicit sublimate, ryhthmic inspiration and with Vinnie Appice paste like this hard as I can agree, rests for a dynamic duet to carve his magic in some heavens and anger with the synapses electrifying flourish that so only one much more of a better in the metal can concoct.

No, is a lot, very good.
4 / 5
In spite of one finds of a MOB line of PRINCES on this has not been an album has been expecting them does not resist any appearance to any MOB PRINCIPLES or HEAVEN And HELL.

Much more weighed with the production of MACK which for me grates and irrtates in measuring the same strangling a potential that this show of songs,if it do not listen never to a History of Flight of Black Sabbath 2 in vhs/dvd a sound of some of these clues in a fund of a sound of section of the so much better interview.

In that said that that has the data gives his Exc vocal customary in to likes it 'God of Of Computer' and an excellent and for me follows better 'After all A Dead'

A rest can take them or leave,the see this album like my step of the line on trying I too hard any to do that it have done before and for one the majority to separate that the sounds have created, would take it right 3rd time around
4 / 5
With which 10 years averts a mk III LINE of Sabbath on (or perhaps mk IV, if you count a Dave Walker fine of week of a late 70 east). This in spite of with Ronnie, Geezer and Vinnie behind, members of insurances of leading Sabbath (specifically Cosy Powell and Neil Murray) has the sense betrayed is changes sudden after a toil has dipped in in one Touches album and Headless Cross visits. But if this has been ploy in Iommi breakings partorisca augment profile of Sabbaths he certainly done like this in planting that has to annul it date because of sales of poor entrance, they the band expósita they touching local massively around a world.

With which 10 years averts a sound has changed certainly, that 'Dehumanizer' an album of Sabbath more weighed with has Given and some more have weighed bands of then 'Been born Again'. Some songs on show here and generally of the very big quality with only ins of a Father' leaving a side down ( is strangely reminiscent of a 'Never Say Clue of Date 'Hard Street'). Lyrically Has the data is mainly eschewing some papers of fantasy of old and now is singing in Computer and such, which have to has been earth breaking behind in 1992! Iommi Of course resupplies memorable riffs and solos throughout. Geezer And Vinnie try them once again to be a second better Sabbath section of rhythm (the person there is not matched never Geezer and Bill in my opinion). A production in this album although the improvement on some of Sabbath 80 the work slightly is that lacking of him like this lack of a subtly of some of a prompt has Given album, perhaps an album of benefited of the touch of Martin Birch, but judging to touch says works on Iron Maidens 'Fear of a Dark' perhaps no.

Underlines the clues in this compatible and heavy album comprise 'God of Computer', 'After all', 'Crimes of television', 'I' and 'Too late'. A last duquel when being of particular note to the equal that has the school chair older his and of the papers in a soyagic an always spend the smile my face. Like this finally not to lose it has been is one, is very better that is unexplainably bad reputation in some neighbourhoods of a press.
4 / 5
One finds that it do not spend number 1 - a has Given king formation, some 10 too early years, but hold a fruit of a darker Sabbath, album more weighed never - roughly of this would not have been out of place in Geezer is first album of alone Plastic Planet.

A solid endeavour, woefully underappreciated is day - and has included now the mystery to everything but some dice of faithful Sabbath some.

Dehumanizer Take some taking used to have Sabbath followed of Martin years, but has the property trove of Metal to Condemn here, and for partidários of the oldest sabbath, was manna of Hell.

God that Predicts computer a paranoia of Y2K 8 years too many punctual, and possibly influenced for A Terminator like him lyrical @subject, ossia in the dystopian world-wide where the man has been an error has created of the amour of God - and our boys some cars have decided to fix a question to convert - Doctor The one who fans of a new series would remark a new Cybermen easily could match this concept - soyun is the deception - So that it fix It'.

The song adds.

After all (A Dead person) - has Given doing his spooky material of horror in the brutal riff for Iommi, this song was almost a tune of @@subject for a Conviction of game of the computer. Reason any one? A riff certainly said is.

Crimes of television - Some suns and one of a bit those that examples of a uptempo song of Sabbath that really works. It is roughly television-evangelists in some the EUA, a junk eaten of Christianity or yes is more cynical to the equal that are - some con men the one who was fleece some con men.

Papers of Tierra - This one is based in the book for Samuel Clements which has been condemned is day - and ossia the history in a Bible - said of Satanás is perspective - all the world knows a history of Goddess and Jesus' perspective, but any one has recognised a Satanic side of a history - for this some pleas of a Devil in a saying of song 'Hey, to the left Explain me' - of course, like the song was paralización a lot behind in '92, fallen the deaf ears.

Brutal song and one of mine favourite.

Master of Insanity - Adds intro for Geezer - this was in fact an old song Geezer done on in the band of only - quell'ameno to Sabbath to complete some looks of albums. I think that that it is well, but nothing special.

Diagrams of time - Used in the world of Wayne, this version this in spite of is not one still - the lack of one polishes and a speed of the World-wide version of Wayne - and some papers are slightly different also. A fun little number this in spite of.

Sinned of a Father - the little odd riff of Iommi here, with a understated action of has Given in vocals. It take a way of a song a lot - the curium, but no bad.

Too late - a big moody ballad of an album - has the data is born Again, but nowhere approaches like this good. Some good acoustic work of Iommi in a song, but in general, any essential listening.

I - classical, moody, that the sabbath with the vocal hook adds of Ronnie. This alive killed song when I have seen to to a band likes them the heaven and The Hell behind in 2007... Finally that takes a recognition deserves.

Sotterrato Alive - Another monster of the riff, with the dulcemente rotary riff that so only Iommi can touch - is like your brain goes to be fed by means of the grinder of flesh - and will love it , loves Sabbath. Has the data is in shape a lot here, and Appice is the drums are solid.

Shame this semence on bent when he , but a time was and a low water a bridge headed to a successful Heaven and Hell outings.
5 / 5
The look of people to hate this album because has the data is worse then ozzy or a lineup changed alot in a 80s but a fact of a subject is that ozzy had been in east was a jewel in sabbaths illustrious crown and I of the that feels concealed is a understatment. Sincerely I create this God of Computer is a song of the better sabbath has not done never. Has a to of heavy bulldozer riffs clue for the clue of melodic heart for the bridge to gallop then one of some suns of better electrical Guitar Iommi there is never crafted.

An album like the whole is approaches perfect. God vocals Is better then never like can his way by means of to pursue lyric the good-looking poetry in of the songs like this of the Masters of insanity.

Butlers The grave pipe a proceedings so it is an engine for behind Iommis upper knotch work of electrical guitar, specifically immense in car of Time.

And Iommi is his usual of confidence self writing such masterpieces like this Crimes of television, I, After all (Some pocolos Dead) and papers of earth.

And to top it has been sin of a father and Sotterrato Alive is two typically powerful Sabbath Rockers.

So only calm the favour and add this yours Collection of CD as the defender of sabbath or any reason this really is the suberb album and has something for all the world-wide on that!!
5 / 5
Dehumanizer Has to that be one of the majority of studio to captivate of the albums of Black sabbath. It is to good sure his his endeavour strong plus of one 1990 east. An album has tried that gathering a prompt-eighties classical line-on has Given, Iommi, Butler and Appice was all this is to be require to help a band rediscover his upper form! Originally Released to the reasonable quantity of fanfare in 1992, is spent a bit for big for everything but some data-hard defenders in of the subsequent years. This in spite of, in recent time, Dehumanizer has begun finally to obtain a respect he always deserved, to good sure because of a reformación of a group in 2006 drop a Heaven and Hell moniker. It is weighed more and more doom-laden that any of the work of a band of a prompt 1970 is Ozzy years, this in spite of like this catchy and melodic. Although more afterwards in the fashion to Heaven and Hell is A Devil Is (2009) that has Given-fronted the heaven and The Hell of the sabbath (1980) and Mob Principles (1981), ossia the true gem in continent such crushing masterpieces like knife-God-of acute Computer, a TV of mecer Crimes, a anthemic Master Of Insanity and a fantastically pursuing Too late. It recommends Dehumanizer to the equal that have to that has, any only for the heaven of the hell/and the Black sabbath/has Given of the followers, but for all the defenders of metal of traditional heavy/rock.
4 / 5
This album takes to plot of clave! Entirely unjustified. All the world thinks that that that the sabbath is so only Ozzie! No, it leave!! They have substituted with better singers!
Ronnie James has the data Is sabbath for me! This album is heavy and is an only album that left gobsmacked with which a prime minister listens.
An album that shines - the strong touch!!!
4 / 5
Ossia Classical meldodic the metal and some songs are a lot very here. It give it it has Been it of tower for another round and a sale the tight tone. This is not I so that it adds likes hell and classical heaven but is very good. It liked a lot in fact and rejection thrash like this of better class of metal. That The black sabbath has created some metal adds here concealed is based in songwriting. At the same time appearances for the heaven and type of hell of emission but this one has done well enough. ' It schemes of time' it is to underline is one . But like -you the melodic metal then this one east the a lot of one to add your collection. Rock on! Has the data is jamming in another side, and can bet concealed is a chance .
4 / 5
An album adds for Sabbath. A lot of underrated for the defenders of Sabbath takes the little listen the fully take his. A standout the clue for me is Master Of Insanity a first time listened it to them the instantly has loved that. Mine other beans the clues are Of the ones of Computers , After all(Some pocolos Dead), TVs Crimes, Car of Time & I. Ossia The album adds has the data is the excellent voice like usual, Iommis the electrical guitar that touches awesome, the papers are surprising. If you are thinking roughly buying this is the album adds .
5 / 5
Mina, ossia one of a better has the data was , has been slated for partidários a lot of sabbath for several reasons but a quality of a music speaks for him.
All know that during a register of these albums all has not been well among Ronnie and has caused alot of embrague inside a band but hey ready, his pelvis of cosy pauses and Vinny appice is spent in and then a chemistry of mark II or III? Kicks In.
Each song is weighed (still for levels of Sabbath!) With some of has the data is more vocals never . This is not way&of Hell of the Heaven suff more than the ninety is take on thst was.
Think some songs really controls on same 12 years down a line. The sound of electrical guitar of Tony in this album is really that spends and certainly knots any one has listened his paralizaciones like this angry to the long of time! Please buy this album!!
5 / 5
1992 Is Dehumanizer was sixteenth album of studio of full period of the Black sabbath. It is class of an anomaly in his career, in so as that has gone his third album with Ronnie James has Given in vocals, the one who there has been has sung previously in a band tenth and eleventh Heaven of album And Hell and Mob Principles but has left a band to start with the career of only achieved, to be substituted in the first place for Ian Gillian of the inhabited Deep for an album and then for Glen Hughes of the inhabited Deep for an album.

After a band has lost Hughes his then recruited Ray Gillen before finally when finalising with Tony Martin the one who, excluding this album that interrupts a five album of studio and almost ten year streak, has sung in each album of studio of Black Sabbath afterwards.

As interrupting Tony Martin streak a lot already does seats the little odd, is also the little odd in that the both is and is not the final album of a band with Ronnie James has Given in vocals reason his in fact reforms with him again in brief in the decade and the half later to dip was three new songs in the container of the swipes more add and then once again with the different name (Heaven And Hell) and places out of another album.

An album has been produced for Reinhold Mack, the one who has to character for his work with Reina, ELO and Deep Purple. A work of production of an album this in spite of is the source of complaint among partidários a lot of and of the critics, those who contest that a record is too muddy touching.

A general audience and the critical consensus that surrounds an album was that it was a toneless plus of a three Black Sabbath album with has Given, but the people can differ on if ossia reasons this one is in fact bad or reason another some so only spend to be was better.

Like Chair in this @@subject so only will touch to lose the personal preference in an end of a day and calm really has to that try he for calm to discover where is. An only thing would say is that an album is the little dense and to good sure he grower like this really love a better out of him has to that probably dipped in at least five or are serious listens before really doing the test.

Musically, An album is very heavy, darkness and doom orientated, mainly lens paced and mostly based around the longest clues; if any one builds of speed on his usually so only for an alone of electrical guitar or an end (with the few exceptions of course).

I defenders of an album would contest that some songs are substantial, and the critiques of him would contest that some songs are overlong with too much repetition. His not liking an album is devoid of variety this in spite of, sometimes has soft arpeggiated sections and has the little tasteful touches of background tones, but to be just is mostly everything in big riffs and has the data is vocals.

Some clues are quite powerful, brimming with teasing potential energy, this feels intense reason a song feels likes is resisting behind something and threatening to explode anytime. It can be he frustrates to the plot of auditors that some songs basically overuse this teasing maquinales and seldom in fact explodes like this fiancé, but again according to your point of view perhaps that so only the most intense fact.

Is listened satisfied some big Iommi riffs, the pocolos alone of electrical guitar and has the data is inconfundible vocals, then can very really lose is gone in this album. It can not redraft history and substitute Paranoid and his start in the urn of each critique and upper-100 cast, neither has to that the be expect to, but is another together of songs to be enjoyed in a calm form already enjoyed.

Underline the clues comprise a musically-atypical only 'Crime of television' that is to the fastest plot that a rest of an album, as well as some very heavy 'Papers Of One will hold and a glorious 'I.'

In general; there is certainly to plot of reasons to give this album listens it; if you are the defender of Sabbath , if you are quell'has given defender, if you have enjoyed the album of the heaven And The Hell and yes calm only simple like big doomy riffs and slow songs. I speculate that a metal of the dresses of the album fans more so much of some defenders of original rock, and enjoys it Stoner or the metal of Doom would be more accepting of the production and the direction of an album.

In general, if the a time, money and patience for him and the suspect would be bent for the enjoy calm then would owe that give this album shot it. In an a lot of worse will take one or two new enjoyable clues for your collection, and yes is lucky then calms perhaps will find something that you really connect with.
5 / 5
Forget all your preconceptions in the heavy metal and everything calm never listened of and roughly Ronnie has Given and Tony Iommi. If his heavy metal is interested in, looks no further, reason ossia a real shot . Click a 'add to key of basket, slip he to the yours cd player and listen daunted to some true masters of the metal that objective all these punk and posers how is done really. If you are REALLY to metal and consider it (taste ) likes pinnacle of of art and civilisation, this album will attack your socks was, I guarantee. I mean seriously, if you have had to that recopilar a band of definite heavy metal to represent humanity in a universe a wide plus, could calm really do very better that Iommi and has Given neighbour? All the jokes averts, ossia for real the a lot of underrated and seriously album of metal of hard core. Like a Subaru the types say, 'The buy, will comprise'.

Top Customer Reviews: Dance Of December ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Fantastic but different album for the fantastic band. Ossia To a sale like them listen to with some lights was. Weighed when they require partorisca be but any question when they require the bit of melody.
4 / 5
Was one of some people has impacted of a fashionable transmission in another Katatonia album. Bundle of december is one of a better gothic album of metal. I have bought all another Katatonia the albums been due to of the one of the this some May has been disappointed for a fashionable transmission. These albums definetly merit 5 stars. Ossia Katatonia In his better vocalist, adds, wonderful guitarists and more than all the a lot of double professionals-low drummer.
5 / 5
This album was first released in 1993, with only to to three members like of a the basically unheard of band. This album has resupplied a band with the base of partidário becuase is remained true to his Swedish roots and has spent was some for real brilliant and environmental gothic metal. People those who have listened his plus "tinkly", "Last Just shot Gone down" it will be impacted by a transmission concealed there is occured inner Katatonia the musical fashion but ossia for real the interesting addition to the collection of any defender, because of his qualities like the whole album, a whole thing in near is something can listen the on and on again, has resupplied to maintain an open alcohol for a prime minister "game-try".
4 / 5
Ristampa Of the first Album of the Swedish band cured tiled Black Lodge. It gives it remarked that this edition has been a lot badly view and on rinnegata tiled same Sale causes it of the new coverage and of the use improprio of the logo.
4 / 5
Excellent box, a classical a lot good empacado, has arrived in of the excellent conditions.
5 / 5
For the lovers to Condemn like this .
An excellent Box :)
5 / 5
A Jewel for the lovers of the good Doom.
The Material Prime minister of Katatonia with an excellent quality of audios and excellent illustrations.
5 / 5
IMO immer noch Gives beste Werk von KATATONIA (habe is seit Emission, als Katatonia noch wenigen Leuten bekannt war). Düster und melancholisch, dabei dennoch immens kraftvoll und treibend, immer wieder has dipped dem einen oder anderen ruhigen Intermezzo durchzogen.
Quotes Stücke haben die entsprechende Länge, sich zu entfalten (bis über 13 Minuten), was sie auch brauchen.

Yesterday noch place Blackheim, gives eh prägend ist (siehe are Diabolical Masquerade-Only-Alben). Songs of data sind verschachtelt, immer wieder für Überraschungen gut und like this mancher Gänsehautmoment kommt durch quotes sehr melodischen Zwischenspiele zustande.

Wer erst Has dipped Harm neuen, weichzeichnenden Katatonia konfrontiert wurde, wird sich natürlich wundern, welche Power und the innovation has given to Sell bad drauf hatte.
Is ist wie immer eine Frage gives persönlichen Geschmacks, welche Seite gives man of Band letztlich besser findet. Für mich jedenfalls haben Katatonia seit dem Weggang von Blackheim aufgehört zu Existed (er soll ja nun wieder dipped dabei heart).
Dips 'Dance of...' erreichten Katatonia meiner Ansicht nach ihren Höhepunkt. Besser wurde Is nicht mehr.

Yesterday vergebe ich blutige 5 von 5 Sternen. Ein wahres Meisterwerk !

Quotes 2007.ºr-Version ist remastered und hört sich deutlich besser a. Besitzt zudem einige Bonustracks.
5 / 5
Can not think that these types were in a same age to the equal that are right now (18) when they have done this album, probably my preferred has not registered never. Each one that like this of some five épicos on here is exquisitely crafted, and still a three instrumentals on here help to dip a way and the spend for all the parts a course of a record. Jonas Renkse The vocal action in an album is one of some actions 'growled' better has has not listened never. While his growls is not technically like this disciplined or controlled likes those of Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, when takings to to the papers like 'Promote my rests to water violente, join an organism with the serenáis heaven, enlight my wounds with curing tongue, a portrait is kissed in the solemn night', this album demands full unbridled passion, torment, and sorrow to be spewed advances of a singer larynx (which there is unfortunately does to lose his voice to growl finally, but he up with the amazing albums that the clean use vocals), and think that Jonas returns a very better album that his fellow Mikael would have. An electrical guitar riffs is heavy and memorable and some keyboards are chilling. Some bass is a lot audible in a mix and sounds to surprise, and an action of drum is one of a better some have listened early years of a band (and probably in period of music). Some drums are absolutely thunderous, with each snare the accident that sends colds down my plug. It is a sound of anger melancholic pure, but by means of drums. This album simply does not take never old, and is one that I frequently game in the weekly base. These questions of albums listen his of some extremes to the another, and trust me, is like this value he. It is quite frankly one of a cup five more utmost albums has has not listened never. Now 'go to a forest of Amazon that never final, there will find your own copy'.
4 / 5
Katatonia Has been recently more than the band of rock of the melancholy, but at the same time of this emission, has had the different sound.

This album creates the repetitive to grind of electrical guitars distorted and that drums to echo that is appealing in spite of him. On in the first place listen has been bored slightly, but then something maintained going back. Years and dozens of listens later (and the substituted CD) has imagined was. Katatonia HAS the way to create the groove that is mesmerizing is receptive his. An album insinuates in yours subconscious after the little listens. A hard vocals is not like this as well as I clean some in of the latest emissions, but adapt this music so only well.

This type of music something another metal really can a lot of - that can do like this cold and / or background music.

This free also tacks in a Jhva Elohim Meth EP (any one a demo version for a same name) in an end. Ossia The good addition , of this CD can be relatively expensive, and he blends in amiably with a music in Souls of Dances of December. An only question is that a EP has been released before Dance of Souls of December, and still clocks he in a disk - only really the question if, taste, of precise things partorisca be in a right order.

Ossia The well has bitten of atmospheric metal.
4 / 5
Dance he of the souls of December is one of my favourite albums of all the times - [and any I usually listens to metal of death if ossia that it is is considered] - is an album of desesperanza pure - Jonas Renske has a cry that surprised - astonishingly expressive, desperate, and tortured [ has the very quite singing voice also although any really sings in this album] - an incredibly intense vocals is completed perfectly for a soft electrical guitar, melodic, he giving the very only sound. It appears five vocal songs long that is balanced by three pieces notarises them short, helping to create an introspective way. It is a perfect album to listen take it in the night when it calms can not fall asleep, although it is lulling enough to fall slept to also yes can. It is an album can result entirely absorbed in, entirely stray, the beautiful and chilling masterpiece - that has surprised.
5 / 5
Loves this CD, so only mecer hard and strong. Remastered, Cleaned and pristine. If yours to metal, highly recommends this CD. My ex-brother in-the law touched it once for me, and has taken hooked first time around, thank you Robbs.
5 / 5
Metal of the doom of death adds of Svezia, punctual 90 album to dip it dipped this band in a map. Highly recommended!

Top Customer Reviews: Forgotten Days ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
This was my prime minister listening to these types. I mean, I have listened and read of his first, but not having never has listened his work. That has spent is that Strong! M revised there has been the description in this CD. They rented it so much that has said to me 'WELL, has to give tries it'. So much, I have looked for on Youtube partorisca this CD - full album, has chosen - and oh boy, has paid. I have finalised you grieve one listening was in the amazon that order he - and another (Heartless - which have not received closings). But this a, this one the have already and is been touching in the very active way, can say like this. Yes, it is to declare quite active in my player of CD. The album adds, in fact. To good sure roughly that. But ossia so only my humble opinion. Control for you.
4 / 5
This round of time, a band has added more tones and the alone electrical guitar clearer , cleaner to his doom of mark bombast. One follows of the title is an immediate, the @@@cofre that shook, thunderous piece of music with an alone of unforgettable electrical guitar. You follow a shorter tasis' and 'A Quicksand to Exist' is fine examples of just likes groove-orientated the metal of doom can be when he well. Although an epic ilver Wings' in fact touches the majority of a time, a discordant interaction among some electrical guitars and the keyboards is the little grating and Leaves a global impact of a song, which is the shame adds like this mostly spends an auditor in a travesía musical thrilling. With one concludes 'Caledonia', Pallbearer dips his toes besides gothic metal, the bear says 'alternative' rock, which signals advances to perhaps the informative musical direction - still maintaining his roots in condemning some hopes. In general, this feels like this he transitional album. Extremely weighed in of the places with some tones some light more than tug in, leaving some materials to shine in some main. It listens repeatedly with an open alcohol, taken in some musical landscapes in the offer and you will be that it want to over time.
5 / 5
Perhaps need more transfers that one 4 or 5 gave it and is the grower, but now included feels that, averts of an opener, there is at all particularly memorable here. Yes it has his only sound and groove, and think this band really has something, but for me like this far this a does not achieve some heights (or has included some foothills) of his earlier albums. It would like to say I revisit this bookmark when I have listened the little more the time but am not sure this'll raisin. It listens in the first place first to buy. Horrible coverage to kick, perhaps the opinion, like when the new band of your crew is rubbishes tends to be the poor season.
4 / 5
A bit those that the transfers have required before melodies seep in. One to listen to with the headphones with some lights was.
4 / 5
Probably without The sud of misfortune work occurred Tony Iommi, with the consequent loss of the first phalanx of the said average and of the annulled, any one would have all this music … The life is odd, there is lost something mine all we have had like this another. Corrected The type has Metal of date, all derives it Doom, he Stoner and the Sludge derive tiled musical peculiarity has given Iommi. Now Jump (musicalmente) has given a cinquantina has given years, and arrival to the 2020 year has given publication has given this work has given Pallbearer (is he parrot fourth album in studio), discovered reasons have read an article Doom of the sud of festival, his an of the crumb revised musical favourite (the 4 friends that read know the thing of mine refer). I owe that dip In history also that gives roughly a year in here this music mine (s)involve tantísimo, and afterwards the thing gives a lot of subestimar, always for quei 4 that ancore buy he vinile, boxes (is a double vinile) cost less has given 20 euro! My Party to the surprised, that here dream planned vinili very black for a music pesantissima coming in the best tradition Doom. I have read that these giovanotti, has given base in Arkansas, in a city has given nomination Little Rock (name that is all a programmed) dream he future of the generates. Write it now To the fourth Album published is not flies furba, mine I any sleep furbo, dream a passionate musical with syndrome gives compulsive purchase, that leaves travolgere, often and willingly, gives sonority (for me) new. The days forgotten is full has heavy data-doom-sound, pesantissimo, that well amalgamates to the states to animate has given this sventurato period. It will be also that He lockdown here There Is stressato further of each limit, and that has given inner annoyances been born gives this situation are devastated inconscientemente, mine this music works, touch it gave, coming a cure homeopática. Like this It Raises The all volume and forget the enclosed past days house in the “Mobile Sands of the Exist” - “A Quicksand to Exist” – the most good-looking song of the integer lotto with a incedere gives cart-armed that travolge for real everything. Alas it is also that more Writing of the whole Album (is suitable true, sews good-looking last small) mine is an only extract of the album with a video of bel that can see his youtube. The other only extracts Dream The Clue of Days to title Forgotten” (also this has the grace has given a ball give scrapping) and “Rite of Passage” a cavalcata spruzzata has given passages “épicos” first of the final, and larguísima, “Caledonia” that appiana all he ache with him run of sweat condemns give ballad sudista. Personally A lot like this which was fascina (perverse) that this music exercises the sound gave, mine would like to share he thought with other mine alike, my seen that a lot it can go has concerts, then a lot remains that turn you black vinile box of the sud of steel, and far deliver all still one turns! Good Weighed hear!
4 / 5
Has the true ultra band of the heavy doom with the pause has shot real to some alcohols of rock fans very usually interested in music this heavy, Pallbearer would be a band that he.
A bit Mecer foursome, Arkansas homeboys, is taking more and more brilliant, retaining his súper the heavy/doom vibe, and composing songs of anguish and beauty in the fashion the majority of the bands will not touch . Ossia Reason a band uses clean expressive vocals and personal papers of Brett Campbell, those who possesses the voice of flange adds that it mark a power of an album that much more impressive.
For a music, a band has the vocabulary again that a lot of bands of the doom can not approach. Mixing complex agreements but any when being any proggy or flooding in excessive wanking, is one using of jazz and classical agreements was in of course the gravity that the curves impact shows it a band in the new mission to redefine heavy music, and using very real sincere to Ozzy clean vocals to add an enormous quantity of melody to a miasm of electrical guitar.
Included has looked is the pairs runs more courts, around 4:00, which is speed of warp of the time for Pallbearer. It is the shame COVID-19 has had such impact it miserable on everything, reason when Pallbearer finally paste a street to share this astonishingly beautiful still ultra heavy album, goes to do a lot to to another likes Thou, Yob, Esoteric and Ulcerate a lot of nervous.
4 / 5
Some records of vinyl have arrived new and undamaged. Touches of vinyl and touches wonderful. Any question at all. The album is adds. Some short plus, punchier songs and riffs but some tones, sounds, and vocals is all vintage Pallbearer. This album has been written like this purposefully to be touched alive. A More listens them his (easily on 30 or 40 times) continuous nod my cervical plug. The album adds.
4 / 5
Heartless Is the amazing album and ossia the toneless to follow of a fact that one first clue remember of the question there is at all to see here.