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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
1 / 5
One of a worse kindles...
Has the kindle I and has thought would take a partorisca my deception of 2 years , worse.
Has maintained partorisca freeze, would not touch properly, the account of girls has has maintained gone missing and everything would be deleted like this then would owe that king download everything.
Has taken has sent the new one for amazon.
And then begins again. Freezing each ten - twenty minutes, coming up with the oops something is wrong message constantly!
Service of the client of the amazon was useless would not honour a repayment (which will be partorisca take further)
SAID ALSO That they ARE having QUESTIONS WITH The KINDLE FIRE 8 That is TRYING SOLVES.. Still still it is selling faulty sakes the people.
1 / 5
We buy a Kindle in bases that this of mine a 'Android' device and for like this own partorisca use with Mathletics application. Unfortunately the amazon any Mathletics available like the device is quite defunct. It has bought something more the one who read.

Frankly disappoints it of Amazon - because it was Mathletics is a help to teach rule in fact inside schools of United Kingdom.
5 / 5
Ossia A second Fire partorisca Pill of Girls that has purchased in a pair spent of years, a prime minister is one 7 ' version that lacks in of the capacities of hardware in the period partorisca time like this fill he with content. This in spite of, one 10' the version is very better, is much more responsive and has not suffered a lag of one 7', then again costs more and has the very better specification of hardware.

Are happy has behind resisted in this description this in spite of as the recent transmission has caused my edges, those who is Autistic, partorisca have the entirely unnecessary meltdown, will explain.

In an Amazon of past week has released the update of entity an AM YACIDO (interface of user) like him now looks and reacts differently.

Now does not take me bad, the to everything likes him to him the transmission, all requires the updates and I would be a prime minister partorisca the admit and is the transmission of any one good . This in spite of, if the amazon could have pre has warned of a impending transmissions so many could have prepared our little some consistently have been a lot advantageous. A screenshot of a way he maintaining the look can be been all concealed has been required.

Can imagine an accident of my edges when you choose on his pill and he looked entirely different to a last time uses it, has not been his pill anymore, where had his pill gone, the one who had taken the, want it behind...... Meltdown. Absolute disaster, 3 hours of consoling later and the enormous quantity of the explanation for my part finally accepts it and he maintaining that wants to.

Unfortunately, so only another situation where the limits in communication can cause desesperanza to the which are not prepared for the change which can be seen like the positive transmission for another.
4 / 5
'Fire HD 8 Edition of Girls is ready partorisca use legislation out of a box' Amazon of claim in a blurb, like that can give directly to of your boy partorisca his to have has amused. Yeah Right. In a brilliant side, ossia two hours are happy raisin partorisca do a basic configuration now more than in 4 on the dot on tomorrow navideo, although it lose the month of a bundled the fire of the year Partorisca byline of Girls by means of early limit. The amazon would win the plot of hearts partorisca offer an additional month, of the parents will require partorisca do this at the head of gifting partorisca avert tears. This really is the first-commentary of impressions, and am sure will add more. It looks the well has presented enough has bitten of hardware, and am sure will take has used his, but first impressions inevitably last a bit.

First update of week: it is generally well. More conjoint-arrive really required to fine dip ready an experience (and there is still has taken some to go, with an organisation of some some few chaotic options), but value persevering. A factor of form, with a chance of silicone has distributed is a lot usable, and our 9 old year there is not complained once roughly the when being babyish or anything. It is a lot of Amazony in a profile of father. I can any one quite take my rounds of boss likes the pill of of general purpose, but perhaps concealed is not an idea (and our edges would adapt). Extracted WELL this in spite of, and all a curated the games and the applications are smooth in spite of a hardware that is has dated enough. The subject of only entity there is remarked is that it is a lot of fussy in chargers. Although it touches of any telephone of Android uploads, a touchscreen goes haywire with a lot, and it looking on on Google this looks to be the known question that am surprised persists with this hardware of generation later. Felizmente One uploads distributed is well, but so much to try to standardise and minimise waste of these things. A subject smaller is that there is not founding still any way to see some titles of applications, with only icons to go in which can be quite samey.

Three update of month: Like the pill of girls are add, although has the tendency to reset an application of girls when it goes to sleep which is the bit to frustrate when calm so only require your boy to take the pause for the pocolos small and can any the guarantee can spend on exactly where has to that the left was. For all more is really quite clunky, and a management of the profile of the boy is ghastly, especially partorisca to to the things like to take the contained they inevitably clog he up with. It has gone back here specifically today to mention that an a lot of-trumpeted the time limits no properly. Time of British Summer (GMT+1) has begun this weekend, and some time limits look any to having taken he count it, like the pill was closed still until an hour later that it was necessary has been. Changing a limit has confirmed a bug, which has been informed the Amazon; I will expect the response and report behind with anything useful I receives. Has has had to that for now dipped a limit of more than ! WELL, as I have had an on-line cat with Amazon in his question, and could not reproduce a question now. Like this neither it is been quietly updated in a last pair of hours, or is the glitch that so only manifest a first time is used after a DST transmission, in that if probably they are well for one next year. Any knoooows.
5 / 5
Ossia Ideal partorisca my toddler although as it maintains partorisca touch a screen all is looking the arrivals to turn was was very better could close a screen but still see a content. Another that that like this far an element is really good
1 / 5
Having the plot of questions with this pill. Very complicated partorisca do. It maintains partorisca freeze. It maintains partorisca go Off-line and is very slow to go back on-line again. I can not take the lock partorisca touch to a screen partorisca my boy partorisca look to programs likes him to them accidentally screen partorisca touch and the turn was, how is pointless so that there is wanted to partorisca. The programs do not continue to a next episode, freezings of the pill and he then sees off-line as then it takes age for you to take a next episode. The battery is bad and almost require touched every night. Any I same have this pill the week and these questions have arrived of day 1. Very contained is limited- does not have the row adds of rhymes of nursery etc for my boy to listen to. You do not recommend this pill to any one has to that the way that be the waste complete of money. It wins turn and take the repayment (together with some accessories that has bought for a pill.
5 / 5
I can not recommend this enough! I have had iPads and iPhones and there has to that well sure that they are upper of a phase. This in spite of, is has convinced officially! For 160 (sale vacacional of the bank) this has been to good sure one of mine buys better, never. My woman and I use for all an usual web that explores atrocity - Facebook, email, Netflix, first video etc. Alexa Is the brilliant addition (and easily like this well, if any better that Siri). A side of boys' is surprising. Prpers Having written in the age of my edges, everything of a content has available his is entirely age pertinent and loves it. Some the parental controls are fantastic and that they have to do first educational content to be able to touch an application or look the video is an excellent characteristic .

In general, loved with this pill. It is not like this slick like an iPad and some cameras are not like this big spec, but for 500 more economic that an iPad, will use something more wants to develop David Attenborough skills.
1 / 5
The product is restricted like this partorisca content of Amazon that does not leave you partorisca use very very other applications of android. The films no of the outsides of a Ue. A lot of applications will not connect . A lot of services no because it is out of a Ue. With which reading all some pieces roughly doing it abroad, he so only a lot unless it download all a first content of the hand and he then expra after 2-3 days after looking. Really disappointed in Amazon. It fails in of the so many ways. At all it is simple with this thing
3 / 5
While the pills of edition of Boy of Fire and his chances of bumper are friendly boy please be conscious that once the free byline of one 1 year of Fire partorisca Boys Unlimited finalised neither has to that paid partorisca the esingle' boy or 'familiar byline. While Chico of Shoot' compress of edition and his chances of bumper are boy friendly and good value partorisca money pleases partorisca be conscious that once the free byline of one 1 year of Fire partorisca Boys Unlimited finalised neither has to that paid partorisca the esingle' boy or 'familiar byline. There is any option partorisca pay for bylines of multiple alone girl partorisca each profile like this unless has 3 or more kids each one that like this with the pills of his girls of own Amazon can feel like I be penalised partorisca only having 2 boys. This has not been clear fact in time of compraventa (Dec 2017) and is still no in time of writing (Dec 2018). Like this at present the byline partorisca 1 boy is and bylines partorisca 2, 3 or 4 boys (under a byline Familiarised) is . Amazon Of the shame does not offer or publish you can not have 2 bylines of boy that would compare to .
3 / 5
One produces are partorisca add and would have given it five star there was it a lot of state faulty. I bought it partorisca substitute the tampon of the jump and my little boy is wanted with him. This in spite of, have expected the little more than six weeks' use before it die the death. It is not that it has been it in any way mistreated....

Like this saying, this element comes with the 2 year any quibble has guaranteeed according to which comprise. To be just, the amazon has treated a subject immediately that it was more impressive. That is not impressive is that we send me to us the refurbished compressed to substitute an almost marks new element that has been grieves touched. I have it that there is has not finalised even to paid for him has extended of a cost on three month!

Now are asking will be to send this backside and advances for a period of these two years?
4 / 5
I have known it do not go partorisca be a pill a fast plus there, and is to good sure the no. But he is very partorisca a prize (in a sale) and partorisca the girl. One the majority of what annoying has found like this far is that an application of full screen that pursues in some girls login incidents quite regularly and an only way to fix is to restart or go to the father login and attended for an application to king uploads. Needless To say, my edges is not patiently while mine to restart a fire when he this, and is spending roughly once the day. Still it thinks that it is to say a better option , particularly for some boys plus a lot young, but dip your expectations the pocolos lower and will be quite happy. A selection of applications, TV, film, reservation etc with girl unlimited are add, how is some parental controls. It would like more than control in a homescreen -- i.et. It likes dipped the like this of some shows of television was in a cup in place of more recent, or included the selection done to commission that chooses in a cup. A screen also takes quite mucky quickly... And there is remarked that before a boy achieved it (mucky in a sense that feels rough to a touch in place of smooth and fingerprints galore, more than way that those normal pills IMO). A chance is solid grip , very taken , and easy for the boy to resist. But in general, a pill is quite good. If an application has not maintained that crash, is the solid 4-the star compraventa, and hopefully this will be to solve with the update of software in future.
4 / 5
Kluncky, Any ease to install youtube girls, instead is forced to use cruddy shots. A lot of convoluted setup processes with a unresponsive screen to touch. Value an available price of £59 but any the penny more...

Update: Compraventa Peppa Word of Pig and can calm actuate it under a profile of boys, hell any, so only acts down some adults mean this pill is worsening for a day and the seat likes the sound that uses the 486 processor of one 90 this when uploading more applications. Seriously not kidding friendly of an operational perspective and grieve the friendly adult....

A lot disappointed, that revises a value of £59 to around £20 ish and any the penny more!!!
5 / 5
My daughter loves this present of anniversary, gives something to distract his alcohol of travesías car long. My only negative is that a low battery extremely quickly.

HAS so many educational games - and some the parental controls are utmost to dip time limits of game, time of bed (like any access in sure time unless unlocked for father) and any access in any no-contained to age related unless agreed by an adult.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this tab! Spent for my daughter of 3 years like the presents navideño. I have been touching around dipping arrive and downloading contained for his all take it. They are an user of Apple and was bit it dubious- needn't has concerned ! It is it adds! Highly recommended. Oh And for the people that worry roughly Youtube - I can not look to download an application of girls of Youtube/of Youtube real anywhere, but has downloaded an application of Youtube/of Youtube original and Netflix etc and given his permission of account - so can be done.
4 / 5
Ossia The terrible product , a more has bitten roughly is is if robust!

Previously was able to select and download a content that your boy has had access to, the recent update now means that a boy has access to all some applications, films, reservation etc as taking was a whole point of 'parental control'.
Has had to go in and block a content has not loved my edges to access. If it love your boy to so only having access to the few things the calm times then are looking in that has to that thousands of blockade of elements.

In of the considerations the functionality, when correctly it was to add and my edges have loved that.
This in spite of the little the month after having it a prime minister kindle has had randomly would restart or freezing whilst uploading applications. Then it die the death for ice cream during the video of boys and rebooted on and on, he so only taken to a first amazon that uploads first screen to try reboot again and would not go much more there.

A second kindle has arrived yesterday and gave it to my edges this morning, swipe on he little more than an hour before some questions has begun again.
Waste to connect properly the coverages that there is previously had done well with a prime minister kindle and work perfectly well with multiple another wi-fi has enabled produced.

Has then suffered some dreaded 'Oops Something has Been Wrong' screen, reboots and resets of the factory has not cured this and on that speaks to a service of client kindle the crew has been advised that an element has required to be substituted.
Took saying 3 times in a cat that has loved to return he for the repayment before it accepts that I have not loved this in spite of another dreadfully the defective element has sent mine in spite of all some promises that some prójimos one would do well. A fact is, can accept a faulty element but two in the row is not acceptable and breaks any confidence has had previously.

If you are in your window of turn of the month and wants to return the kindle, please be undertaken with them!

I really can not recommend this element at all and does not rid all those fiancées. Has the very sad little boy and am a lot disappointed in Amazon that continues to sell an element that is conscious is bad defective and disturbing like this boys.

Shame on him!
5 / 5
Has bought this for my three old year and is cariche brilliants of applications for his his age the fast plus thanks some pills of leading boys recommend
5 / 5
Terrible. Bought 2 for my daughters. One has been substituted two times another once and still have a same question. Message of error “oops something has been bad” as then it freezes a whole pill. Tried to take my money behind with which 3 substitutions but a lot apparently to to amazon likes him the cheat his clients
4 / 5
All is stress and worry when that tries to change a kindle with which breaks after 14 month. There is not a lot of link in a web of place of Amazon for the transmission, instead has to that treat directly with services of client. They hide it was some details of contact and when calm find it a process is the nightmare . A device is half, would not buy again. It is breaking of mark for Amazon!
4 / 5
My boys are in 3.os boys kindle fires, usually maintain them for a two guarantee of the year then substitutes him. This time around a jump of the prize for the better model was a more is never state and is remained unsure as to do. The lovely grandparents have given a no in and purchased him like this of the presents navideños and am like this happy his , has gone of a fire 8s and calm immediately can see reason is more expensive, another that a screen an obvious big plus, a life of battery and short touching the times are 100 has improved. I am assuming the time to upload the scarce is partly down to a new usb-c upload which will cause the few subjects as we do not possess very other bosses that a some distributed but the looks will be required to plot less like this perhaps will not be like this of to the the question likes in the first place thinks. Speed of download of applications is noticeably faster and games like minecraft in fact where like this in a 8 the constantly incident. My boys love a colour lived and calm would not believe the one who happy a stand in a backside me, with which years of there is spilt drunk and the elements broken of some daughters propping on his kindles. Like this always a content of the boys and the way of boy is another big vendor thus kindle, loves to know my boys are sure on-line and can control time limits for video of internets for example, an application of the parents of free times is the orders of recent addition to do the included easier that maintain clue that is until and settings of transmission. An option of the device of the pause can see will be a lot handy when they are paying more attention to a kindle that me.
Like this far this kindle has surpassed my expectations and I highly would recommend for the oldest boys that love games of touch more thorough.
5 / 5
'Fire HD 8 Edition of Girls is ready to use legislation out of a box' Amazon of claim in a blurb, like that can give directly to of your boy for them to have has amused. Yeah Right. In a brilliant side, ossia two hours are happy raisin to do a basic configuration now more than in 4 on the dot on tomorrow navideño, although it lose the month of a bundled the fire of the year For byline of Girls by means of early limit. The amazon would win the plot of hearts to offer an additional month, of the parents will require to do this at the head of gifting to avert tears. This really is the first-commentary of impressions, and am sure will add more. It looks the well has presented enough has bitten of hardware, and am sure will take has used his, but first impressions inevitably last a bit.

First update of week: it is generally well. More conjoint-arrive really required to fine dip ready an experience (and there is still has taken some to go, with an organisation of some some few chaotic options), but value persevering. A factor of form, with a chance of silicone has distributed is a lot usable, and our 9 old year there is not complained once roughly the when being babyish or anything. It is a lot of Amazony in a profile of father. I can any one quite take my rounds of boss likes the pill of of general purpose, but perhaps concealed is not an idea (and our edges would adapt). Extracted WELL this in spite of, and all a curated the games and the applications are smooth in spite of a hardware that is has dated enough. The subject of only entity there is remarked is that it is a lot of fussy in chargers. Although it touches of any telephone of Android uploads, a touchscreen goes haywire with a lot, and it looking on on Google this looks to be the known question that am surprised persists with this hardware of generation later. Felizmente One uploads distributed is well, but so much to try to standardise and minimise waste of these things. A subject smaller is that there is not founding still any way to see some titles of applications, with only icons to go in which can be quite samey.

Three update of month: Like the pill of girls are add, although has the tendency to reset an application of girls when it goes to sleep which is the bit to frustrate when calm so only require your boy to take the pause for the pocolos small and can any the guarantee can spend on exactly where has to that the left was. For all more is really quite clunky, and a management of the profile of the boy is ghastly, especially partorisca to to the things like to take the contained they inevitably clog he up with. It has gone back here specifically today to mention that an a lot of-trumpeted the time limits no properly. Time of British Summer (GMT+1) has begun this weekend, and some time limits look any to having taken he count it, like the pill was closed still until an hour later that it was necessary has been. Changing a limit has confirmed a bug, which has been informed the Amazon; I will expect the response and report behind with anything useful I receives. Has has had to that for now dipped a limit of more than ! WELL, as I have had an on-line cat with Amazon in his question, and could not reproduce a question now. Like this neither it is been quietly updated in a last pair of hours, or is the glitch that so only manifest a first time is used after a DST transmission, in that if probably they are well for one next year. Any knoooows.

An update of year: A pill looks for having developed the failure. If it begins at all, it takes an age to do like this. Although it take the pair of tentativas to involve with the familiar representative support with a product and his guarantee, has committed now to sending out of the substitution in the base of next day, which is quite impressive. It HASTENS of STOP, this in spite of... Sinister pill that looks for to begin up for the pair of hours, and finally do, has then gone through the update along indictment like search the have behind on follows again. Discovered just in time to annul office of substitution. A lot of credit to two out of three of a support reps has conversed with which was more cooperative and useful.
5 / 5
Ossia Ideal for my toddler although as it maintains to touch a screen all is looking the arrivals to turn was was much better could close a screen but still see a content. Another that that like this far an element is really well
4 / 5
having the plot of questions with this pill. Very complicated to do. It maintains to freeze. It maintains to go Off-line and is a lot slow to go back on-line again. I can not take the lock to touch to a screen for my boy to look to programs likes him to them accidentally screen to touch and the turn was, how is pointless so that it has loved partorisca. The programs do not continue to a next episode, freezings of the pill and he then sees off-line as then it takes age for you to take a next episode. The battery is bad and almost require touched every night. Any one I same have this pill the week and these questions have arrived of day 1. The contained a lot is limited- does not have the row adds of rhymes of nursery etc for my boy to listen to. You do not recommend this pill to any one has to that the way that be the waste complete of money. It wins turn and take the repayment (together with some accessories that has bought for a pill.
5 / 5
Absolutely fantastic pill. They are unsure like all a moaning is roughly in some others comment. He in fact dipped me out of moment for the order. It is the brilliant pill , has plots for girls to do. It is like this easy of the place all on grieves to take 10mins. An application of Youtube those some people said you that any one can upload, calms that can do. The fact the a lot of easily and has shared he to my profile of edges. Profile of parents, settings, adds content, contained of action, games and applications and there is, can share your applications your girl is. They are a lot happy with him like this far. I want that in a section of sound of father like the normal pill also where can download quite that loves. They are like this happy has not listened to some other commentaries and is so only be with him. Thank you Amazon.
4 / 5
A kindle fire 7 for the boys is so only the gem! You can setup the screen that time, Books, applications, the games are qualities adds and is contained in a half of boy without accidents.
Could do not recommending more!
5 / 5
Perfecto for my edges. Hes Amado a for the moment and did not like me never of an idea of him having a been due to a content can see and has not loved on he all day. This device allowes a father to have forget and full control of content and settings. His easy to dip up and has the simple way for Boys to use. It comes with the chance of hule big the one who the very durable fact. ( Fallen two times without the mark)
4 / 5
Ossia exactly that has loved for our lg. It is brilliant - interactive & plots to learn with some applications. Interactive programs as you look. We feel he does not have to that look the one who our lg is on 100 how is restricto access to the calm material does not love your boy to interact with. You can dip how long it love your boy in a tampon before in firm down or have he for the first prejudices bed you can dip the bedtime & has gone back was. Can turn it on but they can not access he without the pin. Result. Our lg is not quite old neither wants to take his tampon to bed this in spite of when it takes older can restrict it to books with the bedtime.

The life of battery is perfect, easy to use & the screen the touch is sensitive. Has the protective screen on ours but concealed does not restrict sensibility. Easy to dip on too much.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of them for my daughters for Christmass.
Has to that say that it have been expecting more out of them. But the patient tries to signal things more than entities:
start with the PROS:
A better thing that liked is of the chance for boys (he really looks and feels good quality and can manage hard impacts included).
The software is easy to dip up and to the good sure boys friendly. Also there abundance of options to configure exactly that calms master he to be used by your boy.

This in spite of that goes to a GILIPOLLAS the cast will be longer.
Life of battery isnt that adds likes announced (looking uses of only video roughly 35 for now) and thats in both tabs like this could them say one of them is faulty in of the terms of battery. Also touching his time really long that compares what time resists the load.
To the amazon so only leave to have applications of tent of amazon. If it install applications of third sources of calm party can use him so only in of the parents accound but can not add in your profile of boy. Our application more has wanted to was Girls of Youtube and his a lot of disappoints it that his no available....
So only state using he for the pair of days bud remarked that his tend to freeze from time to time that does my unbalanced daughter. If it calms in any one has to that in a way to do the aim (ex doing the puzzle) free all progress.
The applications that confronto very often (I installed Skype for my profile of daughters) that loves called of video of mine and grandma but after the day of ise his impossible of the launcher even after reinstall.
The quality of camera is really poor and any flash available.

To good sure would return him if he wouldnt be the present of Santa
Tries to explain your girl is returning the presents of Santos....
4 / 5
My edges of 5 years has used an iPad previously and looked to look for out of the each terrible video on Youtube/of Youtube - I has been horrified in that that can find like this easily for this a compraventa of an edition of girls of Fire of Amazon. It is wonderful and to good sure can not find any one inappropriate content, now does not have to that control his use times like this often to the equal that knows is in the application of sure girl.
5 / 5
It adds little pill partorisca mine 5 yr old, the restrictions he much easier and any advertising!
Also love a fact can change to way of adult that is like a normal fire. Coverage, sure and signs of year a lot of first time extras.
4 / 5
Terrible pill. It was a lot a compraventa of the then begun day partorisca clash. The life of battery is horrifying and how is one touching of him! It takes hours and of the hours! Returned and has bought the normal fire HD 8 pill that can do you a same thing on! You can subscribe to some girls of the amazon and he will do exactly some same or calm so only can use like the regular pill that also has a profile of boy but calm so only can add sure applications on there of your profile more than them when being able to download to that likes. The life of battery is surprising is one! And also one touching! As it averts a tab of concrete boys and go for a normal Fire HD 8 Tab!
5 / 5
Really not finding this like this intuitive likes an iPad - a section of the girls have not felt at all and can not see like this partorisca download shows here - I so that there is so only there is appealed partorisca use my first account but I then am restricto to the number closely of download and when we are was will be limited to that it can see it inner a 48 viewing of period of now. Masters some few tips or the booklet of pertinent instruction! It feels partorisca disappoint like this far...
4 / 5
This is to be buy partorisca ours two old year toddler the few days done and touch the good educational tool that want.

This in spite of, in spite of this be 'the new mark' and in the orange box sealed a pill there has been to the soiled screen likes him the view in an image has attached.

Imnunsure If ossia reconditioned and sold like new, or touch the byproduct of some class of use of lubricador partorisca help dipped a chance partorisca foam on, but a screen there has been an odd brown film and streaks in the as well as printed of toe.

An image has attached shows some seconds of pill after being taken out of a box sealed.

There wasnt any one another byline of use, but when compraventa new attentive the good shiny devixe, any this looks likenits the state has dried down with litter it rag.

Needless The saybit was sprayed down with antibacterial sanitizer before being die to our edges.

And some looks of device partorisca do perfectly partorisca a moment, his only bit disappoints partorisca be sold the one who looks the device used like new, especially partorisca a prize of £130.
4 / 5
Has bought two partorisca my kiddies & to good sure value each penny! Has so many different applications partorisca some girls, books partorisca read this dress so many daughters and boys! A better part is, some applications continue to do included when we are out of internets/wifi has tried it like this the pending swipe of the travesías long! The boys fell it the little time this in spite of been due to a thickness of a chance, has done any dent or scratches at all! Better cost partorisca mine 4yr old boy & 6 yr old little lady. I have recommended to all my mummies of boys of dads and partners escoles 👍🏼👍🏼
5 / 5
purchase this like a upgrade of the 7 thumb Kindle Fire with which 2½ years of constant use. A pill is dipped on partorisca use for an adult like the normal Kindle pill but when some Girls Unlimited the application is running a pill results friendly boy. Some Boys Unlimited the operating system is fantastic to the equal that can be controlled using the telephone. A bedtime the settings and the contained can be the place and the use can be controlled. The boys have accesses to the enormous row partorisca age pertinent applications, books and programs of television. The feature films can be shared, but require to be purchased on Amazon. Reason can be blocked or has changed was with the tap of telephone, can have the habit partorisca discipline bad behaviour also - a threat of scrolling of time of pill a work! It is all very easy to dip on, but usually updates of needs and the full load before use.
An only negative is my difficulty that dips on music in a new pill. We use partorisca use an application of Rocket, but does not recognise a SD paper anymore.
Like the professor the one who extracted the subjects have linked with unmonitored accesses of internets in the daily base, ossia highly value recommended and adds partorisca money!
4 / 5
This element is announced like esqué boys so only a desire of happy' except the arrivals of amazon partorisca verify in telephones that a last update of software has takes that characteristic, like this now kids flooded with all the Applications, Games, films etc. Whilst there is still some control you to you can a lot for example select the books of dozen or the applications of dozen the time, thousands and only hundreds, comprising some have downloaded not even. This will confuse a boy and affect qualified partorisca learn, concentrates and clave in something. Sending it directly behind, dissappointed to the equal that was partorisca present navideño main
4 / 5
love these pills of girls of the fire, my edges is in his second, and ossia my prime minister of daughters like this in general has had 3 of these. Some new coverages in this have the stand on the which are add, and love a brilliant has ascended this is to use.
These am very easy to use- my uses of 2 years he perfectly well. Has a lot of different options on there- a lot of a lot of different television programs, books, applications and games. We have found some utmost games- peppa pig and Disney some that is in fact quite educational. Some programs can download and save for when it calms has not connected the WiFi and some games usually do too much.
Take first free boys partorisca the year creates, and is reasonable with which conceal, and calm also take the no quibble the guarantee partorisca 2 years creates. With my first edges compressed has had 2 substitutions because of the screens broken- the amazon surprised with that and is a lot the value that buys this particular pill partorisca a guarantee.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my little a partorisca holes and in travelling.
Dipping it on, is coming to the page of byline.
Apparently in order partorisca east to do Has to that have the byline.
Calm a lot can not use a pill.
Partorisca Use it precise to BUY applications/vids ect in a profile of father and then share to a profile of boys.
Excepts is the first calm member can not share your first content has comprised. You can so only the action stuff you has paid partorisca.
Can share applications, but an election is abysmal, the majority of them are touched, and no the plot of them is a lot very partorisca boys.
Like this in order partorisca this pill partorisca be used like the association of alternative girl to other pills in a phase, amazon of has paid need even more money on yours first affiliation, otherwise is basically the youtube researcher with some parental controls.
Are happy to take this prompt enemy xmas and has been partorisca dip it on, reason had left the until xmas would be annoyed more than already are.
At least with other pills in a phase can dip parental controls on, downloads my prime minister of amazon has contained, uses it all off-line once downloaded, and does not have to that extra of paid partorisca a privilige.
A besides only side can think them of of the one of the east a chance feels sturdy, another that that, be prepare partorisca pay for a material although it is free everywhere more.
4 / 5
We purchase a Fire of Amazon 7 Edition of Pill of Chico, 7' Exposure, 16 GB, Chico Blue-Chance of Test, Sold stops: EU of Amazon . £ On August 21st 2018. On July 26th 2019 that the pill there is prendido partorisca take the load. I have contacted service of client the one who has sent amiably the substitution how were inside a period of guarantee. When that Tries to dip this pill on partorisca our edges of 3 years, discovers that a FreeTime Application/ of System this is to be add to these older generations of pills as well as new some and he would not leave In-of the compraventa of Application or bylines of Application. I am spent 2 hours on-line cat troubleshooting, partorisca try take it ordered like my edges could use a Peppa Given the World-wide application want. Still it does not act , like another substitution has been ordered on July 31st 2019. When that Tries to dip this an on again, finds exactly a subject same! Then it spends other 3 hours troubleshooting to try and take this subject has ordered. Still it does not act. Finally after another hour of cat and calls the repayment has been admitted for the quantity depreciated of only £! This is not acceptable but after another hour the representative of the service of the client has ordered the £20 background Gesture partorisca trade to also be envoy. This in spite of, a history does not finalise here, in some emails have received there is remarked a repayment would go to the card of View exp 03/19, has not been consulted roughly where a repayment would owe that go, any one once. No longer it resists the account of bank with this bank and obviously does not have this paper of bank. Like the repayment will bounce behind the Amazon. As I have conversed again and called and has been said is all has ordered lateralmente of Amazon now. Well obviously a repayment of the paper will not accuse and bounce behind the Amazon, has called a Halifax Bank to verify this and has declared clearly any payment could be received as I do not have one has they much longer. I have conversed still again to be said “Included although it calms does not have has they now, has used to have one has they previously which has been closed and there is refunded to this paper that was active is suppositions to give your cheque… can any one in the then require the test that declares that they are not you helping… Then we escalate a subject”

Amazon ossia so only very right or acceptable. They are without the repayment for the pill of my edges of 3 years. They are on he has spent 7 hours of my time that tries to take this orderly this in spite of any repayment. So only I want to one £ adding my Account of Amazon to the equal that can purchase an alternative pill where does not have these subjects. The services of client there is prolonged this @@subject and caused and my husband so much affliction can not begin to say you roughly. Some fines undertaken of dollar of the millions, quibbling on some subjects and of the errors for just courts of the books of hundred, for real is disgusting.
5 / 5
Has bought for our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter for Christmas for travesías car. I will not go to details in pros and gilipollas of this device to the equal that are declared already in the descriptions and weighed them to us on before shabby. We have chosen this reason can be broken accidentally because of a character of toddlers and police of the girls of the amazon is a lot appealing so it is Amazon and parental controls acequia free for the year. To good sure does not leave his use a ipad or samsung in this age, included with the protective chance on and parental controls. As this will be the present navideño dipped that to us on first of the hand and all the work well and to the equal that has expected.
Update: you think it that it update like this this is to be give like the present of Santo and our net is now state using this for week. When in the first place it receive it it was able of the imagine was immediately and there is really has taken a hangs of him and thoroughly enjoys to use the. Any one has had any connectivity or the battery issues like this far. So only it uses for short periods to the equal that loves touch with his toys more than being in the pill but he has been utmost partorisca to to the short periods like owing the lunch familiarised and maintain entertained. The contained is perfect for his group of age and enjoyed some of some educational applications. Already thinking in upgrading to shoot of boys 10 next year.
4 / 5
This device is well for the pocolas reason; a chance of bumper are add, has the brilliant guarantee and he there is a bit content really well for boys.

A screen is a lot so that he , some applications of girls are all good, very better that some 'applications of adult' in all the chance.

To beat it has dipped on multiple accounts in a pill and the parents can have control quite well punctually of screen of the girls, that can access and that it can purchase.

Like this far like this good. But in the then take to some boys ui. It is quite terrible in like this far he preloads with suggestions of application. Ossia Well in him, but aim me the kid the one who any click to download all, am quite sure is scarce.

So that it spends is a full storage on reeeee-aaaal quickly. Spatial of zero for files of system.

Of course, has then bought a sd paper and of course expected to be able to dip likes incumplimiento of storage. Nope. Well, the movement has left all my boys a lot of applications to a sd paper. Nope. Any one leaves to be moved to a paper.

A sd the paper has left a handful of quite a lot of down regular photos of my girls big toe to be moved to a paper. It thanks for so much.

Like the storage is woefully directed, that roughly life of battery? I need the main battery to be sincere. It is good but will not last the travesía long without the recharge.

Buy again? Any probably no. Or if it do not annoy with a boy that dips so that it can have more control in an install and save me a terrible plot of grumpiness of my girls when his preferred (all) has to that be uninstalled.
4 / 5
Has purchased the edition of girls of the fire for my daughter and initially this has looked to be the good compraventa - a content of the boys of the amazon is good and parental controls useful and relatively intuitive.

This in spite of, one of some reason keys to buy a pill was partorisca enable my daughter to look film whilst travelling. Has around the films of 40 boys in the micro sd paper that has done always seamlessly in other pills of android. Unfortunately, this is not a chance with a pill of fire.

When A childs the profile is actuated, a sd the paper can not be accessed. Apparently, there is not any way around the this and that has spent in an hour in a telephone to sustain of Amazon, a work so only suggested around was to look some films have seen my profile of adult. Clearly, this is not ideal as really I do not love my five old year to have access to my profile.

So much, the entirely squandered £100. Thank you A lot in fact Amazon.
5 / 5
Eat... A pill is so only like a version of adult. It is in decent economic pill - bit it sluggish, but with the good exposure; and that has come from/come from appleworld, is revelation to be able to insert the paper by heart to transform a storage of a device. But an appearance of whole Boys of a container is not easy to value. Of the perspective of hardware, and daughters (ages 8 and 10) likes a bit chances of bumper and like some pills, and appreciates some discharges of insurances concealed is comprised in a container. But an overwhelming majority of some girls gladdens in offers - while I am sure afe' and 'the pertinent age' - is the total turn-was to the father the one who gives the bit of has thought in that is injecting to his boys' alcohols. They are sure he has some good material in there, but a mechanism for enabling / disabling the particular elements are weighed enough as we are to go all -was. Meaning there is not any value in this element of a container. They are very sure in an efficiency of another access of control of contents - I so that it can enable access to particular applications, books, video etc. That has purchased - but these also are lacking sophistication (p. p.ej. It can a lot google room) , and a 'walled garden' of a tent of application of the results of Amazon to the majority of significant limitation that had expected. I eat... On balance, is been the good solution for now, offering the access the things there is wanted really resupply the ours girls, likes music (music of amazon / spotify) and ebooks / audiobooks of our local library (rb digital / overdrive), but more probably the bone to step to the better solution.
5 / 5
Mina 3yr old loves this. It is a right measure for his few hands and master that can it that to him all she. You can dip a groups to age like this all some applications and the video etc are all age pertinent and can turn a browser of web on or was, as I seat comfortable leaving his with him. A chance is also very durable and one is the easiest fact to prop up.

Negatives Is that it is not súper quickly responsive. It is a lot confusing considering some downloads (calm so only can have the maximum of 25 programs) and can a lot of sync some boys with first video. Also, when it is turned was, has been expecting the to start with up in way of boys but begins up in a version of normal fire. A battery like this far is well. I last roughly 3 days of first moderate use of precise touch, and ossia not even of slowly.

Has bought this for small a like this spent anniversary a plenary £100 and then 4 days later was in a sale in £65. Gutted Like this really is not to value a full prize. Also, it have to that buy the seperate sd to the card likes 16gb is swallowed on a lot quickly.

Once take used to a fact is not he súper responsive smartphone and no an operating system of android, is the very small pill.
5 / 5
- The hardware is really poor, any second hand compressed of 4 years will treat and look better, conteplate fines-touch and will be quite ready to know that a thumb in a flange of a screen would owe that be ignored.
- Options very limited in of the terms of applications, for example, my Maps of Google of amours of edges Tierra, is not possible to install Maps of Google and some builds application of Maps of the amazon is not available for a half of boys
- to win one has limited the options of an Amazon store you can install a Tent of Game of the Google, but an interface of the girls can not use any of some applications
- has Youtube, but the worse version. Used with the Account of Google down 13I will aim the message that Boys of Youtube so only can be used. Boys of Youtube is not available in a Tent of Amazon (versions of only fake of him) and a version of a tent of Google can not be presented to an Interface of Girls.
- Has left your edges uses a pill with your account, to win some limitations on, a tent of the amazon does not have any restriction that leaves compraventa in-application or otherwise, like this NEVER has LEFT YOUR EDGES USES YOUR ACCOUNT. A pill of Android rule is sure reason a Tent of Google will ask your signal of Google in the each one compraventa.
- A global content is poor, very limited, any option for multiple tongues, for girls of 3 years and on will be probably better of just creating an account of adult in a pill and trusting in Services of Google. For boys down 3 years, a pill is not usable as it does not relieve fine the touch and a screen will be unresponsive if a boy does not resist it correctly.
5 / 5
Swimming to disturb. We have spent all some grandchildren a . A last a has purchased was the week for our 18year of old net month likes test that calm is not never too young to begin 🙃
5 / 5
Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Some Boys want to him ( has bought one for each) and directs his attention for a allotted the time dipped them. Sure you could go in roughly that calms could take him an iPad or iPhone or some another overpriced piece of boxes, but for a thing if same tombs an of these calm things so only know that it goes to spend his, but a comparison any just stop in durability, sweats some the settings can tweak to, any only, dipped when and for what time can be exposed to a screen but also a content, calms that can dip they like this has to that read for like this long before they can touch any games for example (duquel I, has to say is for one the majority to separate very educational) a content is vast and mean so more than has expected and my boys in fact are happy now to dip a thing down when it shows 'TIME UP FOR TODAY' to the amazon does well! In the world where exposed his nd the access of internet is now unavoidable, the the sure and controllable fact.
5 / 5
There is not partorisca the dipped down!! It is robust, stable, with abundance of storage, the first glorious device partorisca boys.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this pill. I have bought he partorisca mine 3 old year the one who has has begun so only aim the plot of interest in of the telephones etc.
Was a lot of reluctant to take the pill as they do not like them of of the boys the one who the results got obsessed with they but has has wanted to I also my daughter partorisca learn to use devices as, leave faces it, has to partorisca modern life. This pill was the perfect committed. Now it has included I closed it so that it can use him gustanuno and-reader and download free age pertinent books until his content of hearts. But it does not have any access of more adictiva appearances of use of pill like an internet or games... A better thing is that like my daughter takes older can give the access has limited the another characteristic in the base of time of time restricted and has included dipped when it changes was altogether (ie bedtime).
Also can buy books for his for my account kindle and transfer them on there be anything especially want to, without there a lot when never being any possibility of my daughter that buys anything without my knowledge.
Highly would recommend this pill for any any one his boy to learn to use to pill without giving them accesses to adictivos halves comunicacionales.


My daughter has has had now this pill for 3 month and I have had to that reduce a star that estimativas down to 2 for some following reasons.

1) A pill lags terribly. So only it uses this pill for mine 3 year olds books and has used so only around 20 of a space of storage but a lag when opening and closing the book or that looks for travers his library is by train to drive me crazy. Often meeting clicking in the title two or three times because I am not sure has recognised a mandate.
Once in the laws of book without any lag this in spite of.

2) A life of the battery is not orders. Utilisation a device for roughly 30 to 45 minutes every day to read my daughter. It is not used in any one another times still like this need the touch each one another day.

3) The majority of frustratingly, has chosen a kindle on tonight so only to discover that my profile of daughters had disappeared. It can see that it still exists in some settings of my own account, but there is any way of the access.
Researches it the scarce has aimed that ossia the common failure and an only way to turn this kindle behind to the acequia one is to do to reset of factory! Like this essentially mine kindle edition of the girls of the fire can very at present be accessed by my boy.

In general, while my initial impression of this product was a lot quickly the apparent result reason was in a First sale and I to good sure would not buy another kindle fire like the result.
4 / 5
Left it the first moment to write this description to the equal that have wanted to give it the fair has bitten to use to comprise like some of some other descriptions have reflected our experience. In the first place, we take 2 of these; one for my edges (3) and one for my daughter (5). Here it is the few bits of feedbacks:

1. Payment: one amazon 0 repayments - this was a positive prime minister - having a capacity to pay the pills the few months was the big plus .
2. Configuration: in inaugural, touching and turning on, takes time to configure and place on profiles so the calm mark sure gives time to do this prevails leaving your boys know has arrived to avert some unavoidable meltdowns.
3. Installation of application: a main reason that takes these was for travesías car long and of the flights when we will not be able to access wifi. This half has to that all your application that downloads for advanced and agree to king-install the sure applications / tip whilst is in wifi to avert some aforesaid meltdowns when peppa the pig is no longer available of the give a bit attitude.
4. Experience of user: no a better. As any the one who laws in creation of experience of the user, is not very intuitive. A navigation of profiles of father to the profiles of boys is a lot of clunky and glitchy. He all takes time and there is to plot of intervention of father to take some boys to dondequiera be. Nowhere approach like this intuitive as 'the main mark of pill' (but is significantly more economic which is calm reason is probably here!) In general a navigation is glitchy and a touchscreen is not a lot responsive the time that leaves my edges that gives it the good old whack with frustration when it can not access an application loves.
5. Selection of application: a number of applications can access and download is enormous! Excellent to resupply some election and variety for all the flavours of the boys and is utmost that like the father can control this. Once my boys have been able to take to some applications, is hooked - my daughter (5 year) is better to be able to cruised a touchscreen that mine 3 old year but still take it abonos 20 mins of first silence of a screen whacking starts. There is also the good selection of shows of television, books and real games.
5. Battery: it does not add . It takes the long time to touch and once has touched fully calms does not take 'value' a lot out of him.

@In rodeo - is obviously to the most economic plot that another soyain frames' pill - and can see reason - but orders to do that it says that it do in that maintains some boys entertained when calm the precise to. If has a estimativa there has to that well sure a soyain marks' to the pill is far upper. In of the lovely terms for money, the d says the solid 3 out of 5. Any terrible and to good sure to plot of election to maintain some terrors entertained but is glitchy, the battery does not add and the user experiences no like this seamless to the equal that can be.
4 / 5
Fab For mine 7 old year, loves that. Any pop ups, and age pertinent content.
5 / 5
An only good thing in a 7inch one that has bought is that usually pertinent contained tip but so only when it operates! Also it has the soft chance that resupplies the protect well.

One first question is that it is aiming an error in spite of having a byline of year. I have contacted support of Amazon two times but still after deleting the account of my boy the little time, does not solve a @@subject and volume this error for things likes Hey Duggee! As they are of tower to import bbc iplayer there which do not owe that I control him of pertinent content for different ages. This means could have used to pill he the normal fast plus has bought a chance to protect I!
5 / 5
This pill has taken the version of google software of android and quell'ruined so only to a point of uslessness.
Taking a SD paper to do in the account of the girl is impossible. Have A bit sing and the video of sign have wanted to be accessible for our edges, but for them to be accessible his account, has to be additions to a paper that use his account.... Which is well, but calm can not access a paper with his account.
I sounds like a pill is totally customisable to content this will be showed, ossia misleading as so only can select elements to not aiming and all more is just game until calm hides it.
A screen to touch feels like an old resistive to the screens to touch likes him in of some old LG Cookies, so only horrible to use and has to that really the nail to do answered.
Wants to see regarding the do properly, Samsung the way of the boy there is it nailed absolutely! If it love the headache and to pill that any one anything properly, takes this.
5 / 5
Like my edges has begun was with a Fire 7 boys(8gb 5th gene) and last 11 first month of a Micro touching the port has broken on that. As we take the substitution has sent was. This one is lasted 13 month and again a Micro touching the port has broken and would not touch like this where was side a 2 guarantee of years. Also we use the paper by heart in this pill but like any owner will say you there is not alot of applications that goes in a paper by heart and if the application fails to install rests in a pill and there is any way of the take unless dry a pill and has them has had to that do is each one another week.

Has bought my edges the Fire HD 8 boys (32Gb 7th gene) and this car was 2x better as(cos there is one spatial). But 12month to a day a Micro touching the port has broken. Amazon Like this contacted and has sent out of the substitution that has arrived 2 days later and was the new mark a inc chance, load, box of boss and like this on and was the Gene 8 (any one the Gene 7) like the little upgrade (good for a front that camera of faces and creation of chance) .

One sewing the has not liked him in these pills are is concluded alot with material of amazon. The side that uploads google the tent of game helps 100 like the majority of some applications my edges loves the game is free in google tent of application and in the amazon is not there or sides you if out of some 12months kids first thingy.

Going in the fixed amazon a Micro port of USB in your pill. And you would think for now a Fire HD 8 would have 2Gb of ram for now but is stuck still on . The toes cross a Gene 9 has the best upgrade his.
5 / 5
Some Boys Unlimited byline that comes with east is an only reason bought it. This in spite of, is useless! Some boys can see the carousel of video that is comprised purportedly in a byline, but almost each one one selects then gives one saying of message of the error 'ANY TITLED_' - INCLUDED although these titles are announced in a page of product! Amazon CS Is absolutely useless state and has had to that squander literally hours and hours to time to try to take a lot the one of fact listens and help. Still I am trying! Although an agent has substituted finally some devices, a question still exists and waste to repayment. Therefore now I have two expensive devices and useless. Too much confusing and disappoints it for some boys when they can not look some materials that looks in a carousel like available.
5 / 5
This product would owe that be add. It have to that be as an iPad for boys. It is not . Order of of the this, but is not . Has subject. And because of that, my poor woman now has the shouting toddler in the 5 night of car of travesía of time of now.

Has bought this like the present for mine 3 old year reason my woman has has had to that do the long walk in his own with our two boys. I all like this instructed, has taken plant on, and has downloaded load of video of a cup to 3 shows likes him. I have left it likes him the surprise for him for when among a car. Happy family, has been was. 30 minutes later, call of woman, is chaos ...

Unfortunately when a wifi stray connection, some pictures of icon of some missing video and has been substituted by signs of generic video. In classical toddler way, recently decides hates one of some shows and so only would look another two. But to the equal that know as to choose if you can not see the one who each one is? It begins video bingo. It loses. Several times. It begins toddler tantrum. Baby Awake up. Baby Now crying too much. Mother on motorway with two crying boys, 30 minutes to the 5 night of now strolls. All reason this product has subject.

Very happy

Top Customer Reviews: Osmo Super Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
My daughter has asked this after the see in youtube , has maintained his occupied all late , are now roughly partorisca order one adds on sale / of mathematician of the pizza :)

Top Customer Reviews: Galt Toys, Bubble ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
I have not been the defender of of the this. One first experience has had to that mix a solution and attentive 24 hours - no the good start for anxious boys. My daughter is 7 and found some of some elements fiddly and difficult to dip neighbours. Had the lack of solution of bubble and halfway by means of us the interest has lost so only and has finalised to do our own giant bubbles.
4 / 5
To the entertainment adds, easy to do and has maintained mine 7 old year happy for the bit in this crazy world-wide alive in interior a moment
5 / 5
Utmost idea but any I so that it adds manually. You are asked to do your solution to bubble that taken at least 24h. No really ready to involve boys of a start.

One do one a solution of bubble (so that I need the good quantity of detergent flatly) a solution is week for this experience.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my grandson and a mix to use for bubbles was quite useless and so only some bubbles could be blown! I know it it can do our mix of own bubble with washing on liquid but ossia in short supply in an interior to house a moment in lockdown, like net a lot disappointed has aged 4!
5 / 5
Has purchased for one of our grandchildren those who has loved an experience of a be of the water has turned brilliant colours.
4 / 5
The look adds bought like present like any opened still neatly has packed.
5 / 5
A lot little in a box that could be used without adding extra materials of a house.
4 / 5
The better rubbishes of just buying some very disappointing bubbles
5 / 5
The boys have loved this few neighbours.
Even Comes with dishes of small sticker.
The value adds for money and a lot of entertainment! It has had to that take involved I!
5 / 5
Rubbish. Boring. The majority of some forms, the exercises no !
5 / 5
Grieve any of some experiences has done in spite of following all some instructions so that the girls were has disappointed a lot.
5 / 5
Has bought this for a daughter loves bubbles. It is in a moon with him, the experiences are amused to do. Easy to follow. I add for rainy days. Very happy.
4 / 5
I contents are not really utmost. In general I think that that it is well for prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Fire HD 8 Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
Already we possess the Fire 7 (5th gene) and an iPad mini (2nd gene). Surprisingly enough, this Fire HD 8 has been bought to substitute an iPad. My boys prefer a Fire, and fight on the one who takes for the touch. A reason is simple: an iPad requires games to be bought individually of a Tent of Application, and of popular games like a series of the touches of Life is £4 each one that like this, has to limit a number of rests of games. It contrasts, a Fire for the application of Girls leaves them to explore and download any application loves, of the curated, age pertinent selection, for free.

A Fire for the service of Boys gives the accesses to the selection curated to age pertinent games, video, books and Audible audiobooks, that can download without asking permission. While I Can control to to the things likes them-him the screen-time limits or filters of ages of any screen of parental control in a device, or a web page of Dashboard of Father of Amazon. It is the sure walled garden . Ossia A main selling point of this device. All more is a lot of-to-have, but finally irrelevant.

Still reading? Here it is an a lot of-to-haves this does this Fire HD 8 better that has joined other pills of Amazon for me. In the first place, a faster processor the difference. Startup Time and time of download for applications is noticeably faster.

A 8-thumb (1280 x 800) the screen is the enormous improvement versus one 7-thumb (1024 x 600) one. It could not look a lot on paper, but is really noticeable when touching games and looking video. Because of a slightly proportion of appearance more rectangular, some looks of the significantly main screen that our iPad mini (in spite of a difference in the diagonal measure that is so only 0.1 in). Probably A model of 10 thumbs would be better still, but has does not love anything this bulky.

An USB-C port is another a lot of-to-have. Our pill to Shoot the oldest uses Micros USB, and I still, after all these years, has to verify an orientation to do sure am plugging he in a right way. Sure, it is not the big shot, but is good to take touched of of this little annoyance.

A stand looks the gimmick, but is tried already to be a lot handy. A corner is more empinado that expected (almost vertical, and can not be regulated), but is correctly to look the video without that has to that prop the against something. Regarding his durability, all can say is that I have bought a Fire 7 with Chico-husband to try when it is in the first place exited… (notes of controls) 5 years ago. Taking quite fallen every day, this in spite of survives. Ossia Quite durable.

He, is not to perfect. I have looked for to use the pleasure the ‘grown-arrive' compressed, and finds one Shots quite also closed ‘-down'. A tent of the application of the Amazon has the reasonable selection (comprising, surprisingly, applications like Skype and Zoom), but a lack of applications of Game of the Google like Gmail and Google docs quickly results to frustrate. But my boys have has not required never any of that, and realistically, these devices have not been done for ‘real work'.

Another thing to look was paralizaciones is that I need the bit of setup out of a box. Precise connects to WiFi, enter your signal of Amazon, skip by means of the 2-small intro video and place on the account of girl before it is ready to use. The mine has required also the legislation of update of the software out of a box. All has said, has taken so only roughly 10 minutes to dip on, but is probably more to do this forward that that pound on to a boy has excited.

An only real downside is that this pill is quell'has bitten more expensive that leading versions. This has said, considers that a standalone Fire HD 8 without “Special Offers” (i.et. lockscreen Ads) costs £. You take 1 year of “Fire for Boys Unlimited” byline with a device, which usually costs £ for First subscribers (£ no-credited). This means that in of the current prizes, am paying £16 for a boy-husband of test and guaranteeed of 2 years, which is the shot quite well according to which am concerned.
4 / 5
Was very pleased when our order was upgraded for free to a new model. It has done well for the pair of days then the questions have begun. It could not share content with my profile of boy, has contained that is to be share previously somehow is disappeared. I am spent almost two hours with five different client agents of service without resolution to my question. I have been said that I can have it substituted with the refurbished model - reason chooses that with which three days to use marks it new model?! The applications downloaded and announced like register required in fact free in of the details / an account has created. A lot disappointed that like this the harvest on finds subject technicians with zero resolution of service of client!
Update in this description:
service of touch of Client gone back invernadero an email address that does not receive of the responses. This in spite of, am exited a subject I. Any one has contained download ( has to that be in a profile of father) and then the action with your girl is classed automatically like this entertainment, as BBC iPlayer kids a same category like Mathletics application or Alphablocks. When you have dipped to learn aims for your boy a pill automatically blockades (or he so that it alleges like Barbie applications still show) all a content of entertainment. I take it, a boy can not look television first to read for X minutes or doing some mathematician. But as if some have contained download and he then the distribution is precisely to augment an educational file? It has to that disable Learn In the first place, as advised, love your boy to access the material has shared. And for a way, film and clips of Cbeebies shows (episodes of Bing) is still not aiming in the profile of a boy in spite of being has shared. Only available in a profile of father.
5 / 5
Has taken this like the present for my boys during lockdown.
Loves a fact has his own profiles, the timers dipped by the parents and the extra applications can be additions ( has added in the girls of heaven and netflix like these werent on already).
Found it to be the bit of the faff with taking some extra applications, downloading a game in profile of parents then that they have to that go to a profile of boys to agree/adds him to his profile, but after the bit of messing around the imagine was!
I googled to the equal that to add playstore to a pill (only available in profile of adults) to the equal that could add other games have in our telephones etc. there are video in youtube that converged calm by means of him - quite easy to follow and first time in fact.
Loves a chance, one has fallen-be on is really useful. A chance is smooth and no too bulky. One in hard load all day. A camera is good and some pictures are accessible by means of a profile of parents that is the very characteristic. A volume is well for a measure of a pill. Some girls of amazon unlimited, comprised with a pill is good - has load on that!
Like the to start with compressed judge, the think his certainly the money is very displaced. Any economic plus there but the think some extras are worth it!
Is everything really happy with a pill - no only some time some!
4 / 5
Has looked for to pill for our little a, has gone to go for a 2018 edition but when we discover to 2020 edition was in a way, pre-ordered without thinking...

Has come to like it punctually said but remark the little question, compraventa is to know has loved to add Disney+ for our little some the profile but he so only have not done for some reason...

Speaks to the done partorisca to the amazon but any one have known that it was a question , first time contacts them to knots, has said that would go back our interior 48 hours but concealed is coming and has gone without any response...

Has tried again and a same history, felizmente this has taken fijamente with which almost two weeks with which shabby.

Swears these two sessions, tongue to at least the dozen of Assistants of Amazon...

In general, a pill is well, so only roughly done a work for our little a...

A sewing of plus, takes an age to touch (8-10hrs of 0), ossia of 45W uploads also, our ol' school of Nokia 3310 cariche fast that this..
5 / 5
Absolutely loves a bit pills of fire of the boys. Ossia One 3rd one has purchased. I have bought previously 2 of some 7 versions of thumb in Christmas for mine grandkids and has been done up with them.

Is the addition adds in any house, a gc games of game, learns clock and new material video on him. They are utmost to spend around with you especially yes needs to maintain some calm boys for the little moment, in a date etc and calm no the master give your expensive telephone to touch with and the risk that takes broken. So only give them this and some headphones and will be easy to occupy.

These kids the fire is like this sturdy, A chunky past of the hule protects it really well of drops of a flange of a sofa like all knows the one who the boys can be that haha.

Has has purchased so only a 8 thumb one for when a gc the round come like this there there is always a here for them to touch on. My amours of mine young plus to teach me all some rhymes and the new songs of nursery learns to look some video. I can not estimate this quite big for a prize and durability, can has not beaten the!
5 / 5
A very good product for some boys especially, my daughter is to have one of our telephones to look Youtube or touch the little game like this buying this device was one of a better decision never.A pill comes with the plastic chance pink of only quality and perfect cloth. A sound and an image are very clear ,or can select the age of a boy and automatic all some games and the video will be download in a main screen according to an age has selected. Also a boy can not look Youtube/of Youtube anymore (mine an always asking where Youtube of knots/of Youtube ):)) I create the profile for his and one for me where can download that it loves game or clock but Youtube/of Youtube definetly is restricto and is the good thing , spends less time in a pill and more touching is gone in a garden or indoors.
4 / 5
To the pill adds for mine 3 old year. Easy to control the time of screen has seen a dashboard of father and select time a pill can be used. Some girls shoot unlimited the container are adds with the educational pertinent age a lot of happy to the equal that is helping with papers and of the interior of numbers a moment. A kickstand well of law and saves propping a pill on so that it is to say the addition adds . The screen and the quality of video is that it would expect for a prize. It is perfectly well for applications of girls and the video and a time to upload also looks reasonable. A 2 guarantee of the year also offers the peace adds of the alcohol has to that anything raisin. The @In the rodeo are very pleased with cost of mine and how is mine preschooler. An only thing that to the left the down is not when being able to add the boys have contained of first video to a profile of boys the one who the looks bit it bobo taste these have to that be looked in a profile of father that half to change among profiles.
5 / 5
All is expected like this, adds for our edges & would have given more stars. This in spite of some girls unlimited 1 byline of the year in theory is fantastic but some the audible books no . We have downloaded a lot of & all the step concealed is taking 'an error occured' message & then swimming. Has update a firmware, has deleted has then downloaded some reservation again but still will not touch . Some help to fix this Amazon would be good.
5 / 5
Ossia Ours second Kindle for Girls. Our prime minister was and is fantastic but this new one has been a utter ache. Has has had questions of software of a second week! We have not had Never these subjects with our prime minister a. Súper There is Disappointed. We are by train to send it Behind like this defective and love the new a.
4 / 5
Very disappointing, any only is this pill has closed to download applications of tent of game, the meaning could not download a software of mine the cold schooling has required. There is no micro HDMI outlet neither so that it can not be linked my TV. Considering a prize of this pill are more disappointed.
5 / 5
This was a upgrade of an older version, A creation of new chance are adds with a stand and run of speaker, a new camera is good and has all some characteristics are that it has been has required.

So only down the side is a key partorisca be able to has moved like this when my little one looks for to use a paste of volume a key partorisca be able to like this there after legislation to the each one like this another.
5 / 5
The availability of applications is a subject of entity. Tent of application of the amazon does not have several popular applications.
Could download a apk, but does not have any do any.
Also the no installed applications by means of tent of application of the Amazon can not be shared to profile of boys that is also the limitation of entity.
5 / 5
Very Partorisca small boys, has bought one of a screen a small plus some when they were in the offers and my edges has loved the I so that there is upgraded slightly for his anniversary and is to good sure the better measure for him... Now for him to destroy this a too over time aha.
5 / 5
Ossia A better pill there in a phase.
So only like any one other products of amazon.
Amazing Fast responsive .
Unbelievable Has produced.
Thank you . My daughter loves the
4 / 5
has has not used never a pill of first amazon as it will say that as it has found a UI and creation of uncomfortable and busy page. Sharing applications of a profile of adult to the profile of a boy is not he directly advance and are well in of the following instructions.
Another that that my granddaughter of 4 years loves it, included with which having an iPad, loves some few applications to all the cost to learn, touching or looking.
5 / 5
Has dipped so only so only this on and looks like this far add it compraventas! I do not have any a lot of experience with pills but really pleased with east. Excellent service of Amazon, a lot material in a free byline for girls.
5 / 5
The life of battery could be longer.
The desire there was the way to control the one who the applications are in a fire also like this on permanently take.
Also the desires have had an easier way to download applications to an account of girls in planting to change among a two to download and then action.
4 / 5
I want to these kids pills and does not have to that never worry in my girls that uses them. Ossia Ours second a to take all some argue whilst is partorisca stick house! Cant Am missing anything roughly him.
5 / 5
My toddler is the nightmare partorisca fall or launching the things but this chance is by train partorisca surprise it only shoes!
5 / 5
Has bought mine of mine 4 yr old to touch games, has to etc my little one loves it, looks simple to use very pleased.
5 / 5
Found it gain for the groups of different age like some girls all has had different reason for the use.

Top Customer Reviews: FurReal Friends ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
Quality of looks really economic. Some teeth are horrendous and look really scary. Some noises does not look to the transmission was. Really disappointing.
4 / 5
Works of way of the sleep very does not agree it coming with the far control like any sure because this description asked roughly a 🤷🏻‍♀️
5 / 5
surely could had added the bit partorisca cushion his - his hard and quite unloveable!! Amused a recipient for roughly 30 mins!
4 / 5
This was the present and is has arrived broken. Felizmente Amazon refunded the element and I have ordered another that it is in full working mandate.
4 / 5
Mina 6 old year granddaugher was very pleased with a present. A lot of cuddleable. Good delivery etc.
5 / 5
Spent for my daughter for Navidad the one who is 4.. Lovely pocola what
5 / 5
A better present on celebrates of anniversary!! Petit Tola Has has wanted to wee kitty of look of prime minister! Everything celebrates was with cat down hand! Nizza To touch and sounds like real cat! Really recommended!
4 / 5
It is coming already in that that has not been ideal. Already he noice before I have opened a box and draining some batteries
4 / 5
is pleasant and cuddly but losses the plot of his hairs around a house when my games of boy with annoying but does not complain the buying
4 / 5
Is pleasant,so only that is coming prendido all the route and there was it q open quickly face of my boy and was surprised, for q the box spends that it vibrates and doing noise all a day.
4 / 5
The prize adds! It has taken partorisca my girlsnfor Navidad and work adds still.
5 / 5
Has taken this partorisca my net spends it everywhere mine annoy it but while it wants to is awesome have bought like this mine another granddaughter a aldo
4 / 5
Any question with this order at all. It is coming quickly, it was in conditioning like this new, and was the shot adds.
4 / 5
A mouth there is prendido entirely move a day with which Navidad. It has not been if the mine is deserted or that but my daughter wants at all to do with him maintaining.

Top Customer Reviews: LEGO 43105 VIDIYO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Material his work that the signals was like this punctual like partorisca take one the majority of out this place requires the reasonably up to date device that sustains an AIR the software has required. I bequeath HAS the web page consecrated where can verify you if your device is compatible or no in him so that it is in good sure values partorisca verify there wish use a functionality of AIR.

I suspect because of a side of AIR of things and some girls perhaps any in that have the compatible device that this can do this class of paste and lose and sadly does not have the interior of house of compatible device a moment (planning in a upgrade shortly). This in spite of well the signal was also that these insiemi will appeal to a lot of boys and AFOL is too much for both a quite fresh looking figures, boxes of fun storage, has painted signals and also one has printed tiles.

In spite of us a lot when being pas able to use an AIR the functionality has has purchased now another 6 of these BeatBoxes (I slowly to buy some dips some suns of small plus also) like my Daughter has decided that that loves some pocolas 'houses' small and one imagines him and for has so headed to quietly to the squirrel was one has printed tiles for my collection to tile printed. Of course it will have adult minifigure the collectors have interested in this too much.

In an interest of science (or enough in a chance that my Daughter has loved multiple Mermaid & encipher of Unicorn), has bought two Mermaid & two Unicorn BeatBoxes and averts of a cement has consecrated 2 has printed tiles for each figure other tiles to form included was random in both identical minifigure BeatBoxes. As to collect all 104 has printed the available tiles can require multiple conjoint cost or perhaps transmission with friends.

A Llama of Party BeatBox has 82 pieces together with the pair of the smallest parts spare and a figure is really there is detailed amiably. The llama of party comes with his 2 special tiles cement that you so only can take with him and another 14 random has printed tile (like one some receive it can be different to a some aimed in a photo of product another that a two his cement). There is also the brick separator has comprised.

A chance is easy to build and has the strap of handy door together with the rear dish that your boy can decorate and inside a booklet there is three building ideas. A rear part has headlines for some tiles and a front the clear part has a zone for a figure to be with his maracas and the roller skates.

An idea is to download an application and video of music of the mark but as we have not taken the interior of compatible device a moment my Daughter has there is enjoyed only touch with some figures and changing some creations of boxes.

A serious amused included without an appearance of AIR but of course this adds more to a value of game and that bequeaths had feigned some insiemi to be have used stops.
4 / 5
A word to warn. I have verified an I League put for compatibility of device for a first application to purchase. In a pair of days has taken for an element to be rid, my device was no longer listed like compatible. I bequeath it quell'has Done an update to an application, and has take devices that was having subject, as I can not install an application. Felizmente My main reason the compraventa was to take a minifig, but looked forward to to try out of some video.
4 / 5
Has downloaded a Vidiyo application, has had the game and has loved a like this ordered concept these bandmates but of an application has the update already can does not use. Followed Bequeaths joint to king install and found my telephone is no longer compatible. It results any of ours 4 devices, all less than 2 years, is compatible to the equal that remain with some very expensive minigures. As frustrating and there is disappointed.
5 / 5
Lovely League but an application is terrible and so only can takes to do properly in the telephone of my husband any mine or to daughters like some two girls can not use a same time. Disappointing
5 / 5
Absolutely terrible!!! Chico a lot unbalanced! The no compatible application with any of our devices!
Waste if money and a lot disappointed
5 / 5
the application has not been compatible in spite of verifying before I have bought he
4 / 5
This toy is a big quality that is resupplied always for League. It is the fun creation with the headphone boss. A character resupplied with this neighbour is like the llama of robot. Other insiemi of character can be spent as well as seperate members of band that can be used near in an application. An application is the one who leaves these produced down. It requires 157mb to download but then need an additional 323mb once an application has been installed. A time to upload is a lot the time and my edges has minimum patience to the equal that has taken quite fallido. Also he lagged and has frozen enough to plot during a video that does process. It could not exit like this to save video to some telephone but there is the option of action. It would recommend to download and verifying out of a vidiyo first application to purchase this element. There is the option of the free game where can select you the character and create video without a compraventa of the toy.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The new concept and seat the bit of the risk partorisca League to undertake. It was dubious roughly the but gave it the gone and is like this happy has done. As well as to the build has not been one the majority of defiant, a piece relatively is boring in his own but remained with an Application and some video of the music of Reality has augmented this a lot of is entertaining. The Really the frames for lock adds down entertainment familiarised.
Combines technology with music and of the works and physical activity well beside an I Bequeaths concept of creativity. As well as they are not to Bequeath like this know it to us but laws so only.
My woman and I have had a pleasure to build these. No quell'defiant but has amused any less. I want to like some few tiles can be change to the different effects gone in in some video of music that can go you in to create.
Some works of application perfectly. It is easy to use and cruised, and my four and the boys of six years have any one @subjects that uses it.
I suspect will add more to a collection.
4 / 5
Ossia Breakings of some new VIDIYO serious of LEAGUE 2021 collection. It is the new concept that involves interactive touching the use has resupplied a mobile application to enable some capacities of the reality augmented of a together, agree me some dips of a Series lateralmente Hid. An interaction among a together and an application is well, use him Bequeaths tiles to customise your video of own music and some actions of a minifigure and a fund. An application is good but has thinks that was to be smoother (I has the Pixel 4XL and an iPhone 11Pro), personally does not think any a lot of boys will have the quite powerful smartphone, if any at all, to run this application properly. Also, it has not been it takes what time enjoy this together reason once have held to do video, a minifigure and some tiles will not be enough to touch in his own, does not take me bad, a minifigure is a lot of coloreado and only and some creations of some tiles are very fresh also but is not enough for creative touching. Unless it is in the prize has discounted, would not recommend likes the present for any concealed enjoys to touch bequeath a traditional way.
5 / 5
VIDIYO Is the collaboration goes in to Bequeath and a Together of Universal Music, and is essentially a game of the reality augmented where can do you video of minifigs dance the popular songs against some funds of real life with your telephone.

Thinks that is spent here is has struggled the small to to find the way to win money without touching by means of an application: A 'beatbox the neighbour contains the only minifig in the stand with the headphones- themed spending chances, but is in fact so only a minifig and 'beatbit' tiles that interacts with an application. In fact, calm does not need some physical objects at all to use an application, so that has virtual minifigs has built his. A beatbits effects of sinister use of interior of different video some video -does not contain of the clues of music, which is which originally has thought. This in spite of, one dips him is very fresh, with a lot of value of game added like the mosaic in a backside of a chance, and a bit removable DJ stand inside a chance, and could see the boys that is to collect them.

An application is even more compromised. First of all it is absolutely humongous - 500mb, which wins he also big the same work in of the most economic telephones, but is somehow still very slow, taking an age to scan in a minifig and stand of a camera. Certainly too slow for a patience of him is audience of aim. Also it looks the 20 according to ad for an arrival of application to obtain, every time calm ploughs it, which nettled to treat adds.

With which concealed, your die an option to choose the name of band of the cast - you can not invent your proper name - and when 'A Flimsy Waterproof' is ready for mecer need to find the big quite spatial to shoot a video. And ossia when my VIDIYO the adventure has finalised, like the application has alleged that any spatial has filmed was too small, comprising empty carpark of a supermarket, the room of sport escoles and the field of football.

This in spite of, this in spite of, comprises that calm then can modify some 60 second clips and send your video to the cement feeds, but no in any one another type of half comunicacionales social, and apparently a row to upload the video is already days long so only the few days after an application has been released. I comprise that this and an inability to do on the names of own band is to protect girls, but does an application extremely limiting, although I do not take it never to do.

So much, yep, a neighbour is in fact unnecessary and an application has add it subject a lot of.
5 / 5
Ossia The new type of place partorisca Bequeath, drawn partorisca be used with one of his applications partorisca do video of interactive music, starring league minifigures at the side you and your friends. A neighbour comes with a minifigure (a Llama) and the box (does partorisca Bequeath) partorisca spend them in. You can decorate a backside of a box with a lot of tiles of small mosaic, liked that the be be resupply so that we could maintain change them. A neighbour also comes 16 22 bequeaths tiles, each different colours with pictures on the- League called these Beatbits. You have chosen that of these Beatbits partorisca use for each video and these control as it has added the look of special effects in a video.
Once in an application scans your minifigure partorisca add them like the bandmate. It has dipped your bandmate in his- which fold was partorisca result his phase. You decorate some flaps in a side of a phase with until 12 Beatbit tiles and start. Calm then scan a phase- has had question here- find that he never scanned all our beatbits, limiting some special effects could use in a video. When Left partorisca use an application they my edges of 9 years has maintained partorisca take ‘Oops, bandmate very recognised' and the result has frustrated increasingly. Each one Beatbit corresponds to the special effect like the flight of cat by means of a screen, the kaleidoscope effect of an instrument partorisca a minifigure bandmate partorisca touch. Each one which as Beatbit use it require partorisca download an extra effect that uses data and space of telephone. An application has the calm multiple music is can choose do you video to- these do not require partorisca be downloaded.
Could not exit like this partorisca share a video has done with any out of a Vidiyo community- ossia the downside partorisca we. Our boys are 7 and 9 and would want to share a video with his direct friends and family more than the the audience of the half comunicacionales social wider.
Likes Vidiyo then neither can buy of different beatboxes partorisca develop your options in an application. Calm also can buy the stock exchanges resembled minifigure grab the stock exchanges where take the surprise minifigure and extra beatbits but no his chance of storage. Alternatively it calms so only it can scan the picture of a minifigure/beatbit partorisca use in your video without in fact having some bricks in person. Of then that does a video does not use any interaction with some bricks has been once scanned an use of League in this almost pointless.
Like enormous Ties the defenders have been disappointed really, has deleted an application and wont be taking a lot another. My edges of 9 years has said that ‘Ossia stupid, ossia of the worst league has dipped has not done never' and has declared would give it minus 10 stars yes could. If you are considering purchasing a neighbour then would recommend that it check that your device is compatible and have the game in an application with a free test minifigure first.
5 / 5
Ties 43105. Something new and the little difference of League. Yours door to bequeath the life to create video of music with help of the downloadable vidiyo application. A together among the box coloreada, aiming you roughly a costruttore of video of the music. The interior has plastic stock exchanges with some content of inner pieces. You take to do the phase of the brick built with spending boss, 16 has beaten bit and the mini enciphers of a llama of party with maracas. A together integer is brilliant and colour. You can locate each piece easily and follow each part in a correct order. A manual of instructions is very illustrated, with clear images that it is easy to follow, with each be of piece recognisable. A neighbour contains 82 pieces. An application is directly advances to download and update. You can touch it is the way of type of the free game where can touch you without compraventa of a together or with your vidiyo conjoint. Quite simple to do the video, each one which is not aimed in a screen. A variety of options to choose of and parts to explore in an application. Any @subject with an application like this far. A new fun fashion of league. I need the device ossia update and sustain a vidiyo application this in spite of, as some without compatible devices wouldnt be a better election of together league for them. It entertains And the place the one who doesnt pause a bank.
4 / 5
Where to start with , are the little rasgado for this together.

Are adds does not take me bad, like this usual with LEAGUE a quality is fab. Some instructions are utmost and some colours and the creation are as to any one. To to my little daughter likes them to them a toy so only a way is but calm then add in a part of video of the music.....

To the equal that download an application and there is scanned our member of band and beatbits, then takes to the the screen to register where the music is touching and a llama is dancing was with you. It registers but then it calms it can not save a register? You can this in spite of sign until a social program and share your video with another legoers.

My daughter has has wanted to do the and that looks a video behind so much was amused but am so only very sure, this in spite of really enjoys it so that it supposes that ossia all these subjects !
For adolescents that amour to dance this could be amused also.

Is moves it real to Bequeath so much knows it and was the swipe with my little daughter , like the thumbs on .
4 / 5
Is LEAGUE 43105 VIDIYO Called of Party BeatBox Manufacturer of the video of the Music is the small league has the place concealed requires an use of an application to take one the majority of out that has to that offered.

Like this with all League is resupplied some bricks to create the creation, in this chance is for the llama of party! A mini the figure is amused enough, his special accessories are maracas. You built once a llama and a BeatBox use an application to create and register your video of own music. Ossia The very different side to Bequeath but is moving with a time and has the boy any one his technology at least for the short while they will be to touch with Bequeathing which think is the thing adds.

Require the compatible device to download an application so that the value that controls him a device an old plus.

The fun toy adds global to Bequeath east brings together technology and practical toys!
5 / 5
Ossia Well love an application of reality has augmented, and some tiles to go with him. But they are not League.

Has the very small quantity to build you can do (adding some tiles to cause a part of the reality augmented) but mostly ossia the way to access the (a lot of slick) application in your telephone.

Loves that 7 old year that use the screen like this depend, but is not fooled for a League marks - this is not really the physical toy. We find it to disappointing knots.
5 / 5
Ossia The idea adds for boys that likes touch with bequeathing, has taken for mine 10 old year but mine 4 old year joins in with an amused also. There is minimum edifice this in spite of, which order of expected reasons his mainly directed around an application. You can use some bits to create and re-create video of music that some girls have has wanted to do. An only question has found is that some looks of application to have teething questions and maintains glitching but averts those some boys enjoyed it!
5 / 5
Has taken this for my daughter but, disappointingly, is not compatible with his Fire of Amazon @@subject so that I am unable to resupply a lot of feedback.

Is looking to purchase, would verify work with your device as it looks to be quite limited in that some work with
5 / 5
in a box takes beats it box, the bequeath character and 16 different beatbits. An idea is that it download an application and then by means of an application uses a bequeath character and beatbits to do your video of own music. You can choose a lot of different options in a video. It has resupplied my boys with some entertainment, although it has been limited and this toy can so only really be touched with with an application.
5 / 5
TIES 43105 VIDIYO Called of Party BeatBox Manufacturer of Video of the Music.

Ossia Another 'stirs it was' element of League. All want League with the real passion. Unfortunately this produces no really resinate with us a lot at all.
For me personally a thing I amour roughly touching with Bequeathing is using your imagination, Not using WIFI.
5 / 5
Takes an application checked and downloaded to do sure this will be compatible-then can have amused doing his own little film and moving clips that is amused-good and easy quality to use and be entertained stops.
4 / 5
No a better league put never, any really the take and has included my bequeath the edges obsessed is not interested is. Perhaps it would adapt other boys but partorisca is so only 3 - no really value he.
4 / 5
Inhalt =>Was bekommt man für heart Geld?

Gives Wichtigste vorab: Die beiliegende League Minifigur ist wirklich gut. Ordentlich bedruckt, In keinem anderen has Dipped zu bekommen, einfach klasse.

Nun zu Gives to BEQUEATH „Vidiyo“ Beatboxen…
Kleine Conjoint League für 19,99 Euro, die ihren vollen „Spielspaß“ erst entfalten, wenn die of man dazugehörige Application benutzt. Dieser War für mich auf meinem Iphone 12 echt traurig.

Aber zurück Zoom Anfang.

Vom Inhalt His sind Conjoint of data to the gleich: Eine zugegeben wirklich ausgefallen gestaltete Minifigur, eine kleine Box, welche man zusammenbaut und 16 (ja, is sind wirklich 16) kleine bedruckte 22 Fliesen, die „Beatbits“ genannt werden. It has given sind tatsächlich bedruckt und nicht wie bei Ties üblich erst dip Aufklebern zu versehen.
Insgesamt Listet Ties auf seiner Dipped of the data of the website has dipped 70-100 Teilen (variiert von has Put zu Place). Wer jetzt aber glaubt, dass er yesterday wirklich „gute“ Teile bekommt, dem is folgendes gesagt:

Man bekommt die Teile, given in giving Regel als Ersatzteile in anderen Spouses immer übrig bleiben, some data damit vorhandene Box zu verzieren. Also ähnlich wie die Steine aus Bequeaths „Points“.

Man bekommt yesterday keine tollen Steine, man of data ernsthaft für etwas anderes benutzen könnte. Einzelne Elemente scheinen zwar brauchbar, aber im Großen und Ganzen sind The data Underlines yesterday quotes 16 bedruckten Fliesen und die Figur.

Kommen wir nun zu Give Application. It has dipped dieser soll Is grundsätzlich möglich heart, place dieser Application eigene „Spiel-Spaß-und Tanzvideos“ zu drehen. Die beigefügte Figur wird in giving Application dargestellt und tanzt entsprechend dipped. Die 16 beiliegenden „Beatbits“ schalten dann in giving the diverse application Sachen frei. Of the sind einzelne Geräusche, Sounds, Hintergründe usw. Zumindest theoretisch.
Ich habe Is mehrfach versucht, allerdings scheint Application partorisca die place dem Iphone 12 are Probleme zu haben. Application of data fordert einen auf sich „ausreichend“ Platz zu suchen, damit die Figur dargestellt werden kann. Anschließend wird eine Virtual Bühne hinzugefügt (optisch stellt Man sich are besten give AIR-Modus von Pokemon Goes vor) auf give dann getanzt werden „könnte“.
Ich schreibe bewusst könnte, weil ich nicht dazu kam, eine virtual Bühne In giving Application erscheinen zu lassen. Unser gesamtes Wohnzimmer War offenkundig nicht groß genug… Hinzu kommt, dass Application of data nach 2 gescheiterten Versuchen einfach eingefroren und abgestürzt ist (Photos of the data dipped gives rotadas Flecken im Bild zeigen Application of data kurz vor ihrem Absturz).
A dieser Stars muss ich aber fairerweise einräumen, dass gives Iphone 12 nicht in giving Prompt to give kompatiblen Geräte give Application auftaucht. Wenn Man bedenkt, wann gives Iphone 12 erschienen ist und wann has given League Dips erscheinen, ist is mir unerklärlich, wieso gives neueste Iphone nicht unterstützt wird. In Zukunft wird sich gives bestimmt noch durch ein the updates give Application korrigieren lassen, trotzdem muss man auch gives erstmal im Hinterkopf haben.

Lohnt sich meiner Meinung nach Give Kauf?

Zoom absolut überzogenen Preis von 19,99 € auf gar keinen Fallen. Klammert Application of data of the man aus, bleibt give Einzige, was einen „Mehrwert“ bietet, die beigefügte Minifigur und quotes 16 bedruckten 22 Fliesen. Dieser Mehrwert besteht aber auch nur dann, wenn the man dipped gives Sachen und seinen bereits vorhandenen Legosets spielt.

Womit wir schon beim Kernproblem für mich als Vater sind:

Ties Stand lange Zeit für Kreativität beim Bauen und Spaß beim Spielen. I bequeath lebte davon, dass die of man unterschiedlichsten Dips kombinieren konnte und trotzdem Spaß hatte.
Man konnte früher ein Legoset in to the Einzelteile zerlegen und einfach etwas Anderes daraus bauen. Of the sind meine Gedanken, die ich dips League in Verbindung bringe.

Nun kommt TIES „Vidiyo. Zielgruppe sind laut Put web von League und give Verpackung more Bondadoso ab 7+.
Ties setzt Also voraus, dass more Bondadoso im Transmission von 7+ ein geeignetes Smartphone besitzen und fördert dips has given Together, dass more Bondadoso noch mehr Zeit vor einem viel zu kleinen Bildschirm verbringen.
Ich Cube persönlich give Meinung, dass gives to give absolut völlig falsche Weg ist. Unabhängig davon zeigt sich mein Classifies relativ unbeeindruckt von gives Conjoint.
Given bedruckten Fliesen und given Figur sind toll, aber gives eigene Taschengeld würde man im Leben nicht dafür ausgeben wollen. Like this viel dazu.

Abschließendes Fazit:

Für 19,99 € würde ich niemals auch nur eins dieser Conjoint kaufen. Wenn mich einzelne Looks interessieren und has Conjoint data irgendwo für 9,99 € zu bekommen sind, dann würde ich vielleicht zugreifen, dafür müsste quotes Figur mir aber schon verdammt wichtig heart.

Sind Has given Dips als Geschenk geeignet? Bestimmt, allerdings sollte Man sich die Frage stellen, was man nicht alles stattdessen für 19,99 € schenken könnte.
5 / 5
Gives meine Rezension jetzt irgendwie länger wurde als geplant, stars ich mein Fazit für given, die keine Lust haben like this viel zu lesen bad yesterday one gives Anfang:
Man bekommt in diesem has Dipped ein klein wenig Ties, a more Bondadoso im Transmission von 7+ dazu zu bringen, gives Smartphone zu benutzen. Kaum Steine Zoom Bauen, dafür eine Application, die keiner braucht. Und Quotes dazu nicht einmal besonders bedienerfreundlich oder spektakulär ist. Und Quotes vermutlich auch schnell ihren Reiz verliert. Und Gives Ganze zu einem nicht günstigen Preis.

Jetzt Given längere Variant: Als ich gives has Dipped ausgepackt habe war ich schon einigermaßen enttäuscht. Viel Zoom Zusammenbauen bekommt Man nicht für die knapp €20. Die Figur ist hübsch und auch quotes Beatbits sind bad was anderes (also reigned of data Steine betrachtet) und auch hübsch bedruckt (keine Aufkleber, was mir auch gefällt). Ansonsten sind alles In allem nicht besonders viele Steine dabei, gives Zusammenbau ist sehr anspruchslos. Also als nächstes has run an Application of data. It gives it Download funktionierte anstandslos und auf meinem the Handy android funktioniert sie bisher auch ohne Probleme. Of the erstmalige Einrichten dauert ein wenig, ist aber im Rahmen. In giving Benutzung dauert is aber leider dann auch immer wieder. Erst dauert Is bis sie startklar ist, dann man muss give Figürchen, welches man benutzen , (immer wieder aufs Neue) scannen. Dann läd er. Dann kommt ein Hinweis, dass Man andere nicht film soll. Dann läd er. Dann kann Man sich ein Lied aussuchen. Dann läd er. Dann kommt ein Hinweis, dass Man aufpassen muss, was man aufnimmt. Dann läd er. It gives hatte mein Sohn dann schon irgendwie keinen Bock mehr. Of the sind jedes Bad vielleicht 15 Sekunden, aber die häufen sich partorisca und give nervt. Bis Man endlich loslegen kann vergeht mindestens genauso viel Zeit wie gives Lied nachher lang ist. Of the steht irgendwie In keinem guten Verhältnis. Die Hinweise kommen auch irgendwie jedes Bad aufs Neue, like this vergesslich cube ich nun auch nicht. Die Auswahl give Musiktitel ist zudem ziemlich begrenzt und auch nicht besonders auf more Bondadoso ausgelegt. Als I data Bequeath-Look (bis zu drei Stück möglich) dann endlich in unserem Wohnzimmer tanzten fand mein Sohn gives Video ganz witzig. Auch Beaten of data machten ihm Spaß, sind aber nicht spektakulär. Man kann Regen fallen lassen, die Figur hüpft oder macht etwas Kampfsport, die Farben verändern sich, man kann Muffins werfen, is erscheinen Regenbögen… sowas in giving Art. Verliert aber schnell seinen Reiz, wenn the man is einmal kennt. It is scheint auch nicht zu gehen, dass man ein vorher aufgenommenes Video von sich bearbeitet. Also braucht man immer eine zweite Present oder the hat partorisca nur tanzende Ties- Look. Vorher Man of hat noch die Möglichkeit, seiner Bandage einen Namen aus einer festgelegten Ready zu geben. Hierbei kann Man aber z. B. auch immer nur vorwärts Zoom nächsten Bandnamen klicken, aber nicht wieder zurück zu dem letzten Namen gehen. Warum? Man weiß is nicht. Jedenfalls dauert Gives auch wieder. Ich denke, mein Sohn Hat nochmal Spaß, wenn er selber in einem the video dips Figur tanzt, aber dann ist give Zauber wohl auch vorbei. Zumal er In einem Video, in dem er tanzt, vermutlich auch lieber Beaten of data selber aussuchen möchte – was ja scheinbar nicht gleichzeitig geht.
Gives sind ja alles Sachen, die vielleicht auch noch bearbeitet und verbessert werden könnten. Of the Hauptproblem ist aber, dass ich gives Ganze total sinnlos finde. Application partorisca die hätte man auch als Goodie für Ties-Defenders rausbringen können, dann von mir aus vielleicht dipped Werbung, aber Looks of data plant ihren „Studios“ und give Beaten braucht man nicht wirklich. Of the ist vielleicht wegen give ausgefallenen Look noch Was für Sammler, aber mir wäre gives Mini-Ding keine €20 wert (zumal ja im Endeffekt auch kein wirklicher Spielspaß dahinter steht wie bei einem Transports oder Flugzeug etc). Application of data hätte sich auch locker like gestalten lassen, dass man ohne irgendwelche vorher gekauften Ties-data of the Look of insiemi, Musik und Effekte hätte auswählen können, a ein Video zu machen. ( It was natürlich nicht gewollt war, gives ist mir klar. Könnte Man aber vielleicht einfach bad machen für Defenders of data. Wie z. B. Fisher The prize dips partorisca give Video und Spielen auf ihrer Internetseite.) Dauerhaften Spielspaß sehe ich Yesterday jedenfalls nicht. Davon Bad abgesehen, ob man dauerhaften Spielspaß dipped Handy überhaupt ? Ich für meinen Teil nicht. Mein Sohn liebt Ties. Er baut gerne einfach Like und lässt seiner Phantasie freien lauft und er baut auch sehr gerne Conjoint nach Anleitung. Und genau Gives finde ich first. Einen Grund, warum ich Gives ein Handy ins Spiel bringen sollte, sehe ich absolut nicht. Davon abgesehen, dass Die Altersangabe für Conjoint of data bei 7+ liegt. Müssen 7 Jährige schon Smartphone haben? Und selbst wenn, Man, dass sie ständig gives dran hängen und bietet ihnen dafür noch zusätzliche Anreize? Nö, muss nicht heart – meine Meinung.
Für Quotes €20 kaufe ich meinem Sohn z.B. lieber ein Creator 3in1 has Put, gives hat er wesentlich mehr von.
4 / 5
Reden wir Bad nicht über Die Äpp, sondern über gives Produkt: Llama of Data Beatbox.
Gleich vorab muss ich sagen, dass Die UVP von €19,99 hoffnungslos überzogen ist. Selbst bei einem Preis von aktuell €14,68 entspricht Gives noch einem Teilepreis von 18 Cent. Of the sind Dimensionen, die einfach zu Schnappatmung führen.
Wie bei Ties üblich, ist die Verpackung überdimensioniert. Dafür muss Amazon aber Versandkartons verwenden, Die noch überdimensionierter sind.:
Versandkarton: 30x23x13cm
Produktverpackung: 12x12x12cm
Beatbox: 9,5x7x7cm
Gives sind ungefähre Werte, aber is zeigt, dass viel Müll für ein winziges Produkt anfällt. Dafür kommt Is unbeschädigt One, was für mich als AFOL eine Freude ist. Mein Geldbeutel stöhnt, mein CO2-Fußabdruck ist like this groß wie die Socken von Hulk, aber mein Herz wird erwärmt. Warum?
Gives System 'Vidio' ist eindeutig für Sammler ausgelegt. Sicher werden viele zu Gives Beatbits sagen, dass gives also given bedruckten Teile aus gives 18+-Together hingewandert sind, given in 400.-€-Conjoint durch Sticker ersetzt werden. Aber Gives Ergebnis finde ich einfach hübsch. Viele Give Beatbits werden sicher In MOCs oder Ties-City Verwendung finden. Mark Motivates sind wirklich fresh, andere leider langweilig.
Quotes Beatbox selber dipped dem transparentenTeil zur Präsentation give Minifigur ist zwar klein, lässt sich aber für jegliche Lieblingsfigur verwenden. Im nicht transparenten Teil kann Man Kleinteile und die Beatbits unterbringen. Dazu kann Quotes of man Rückseite dipped partorisca give Kleinteilen in of the Boss of Points dekorieren (Spoiler: Beim Einhorn erkenne ich eher einen Totenkopf). Alles In Allem ein stimmiges kleines has Dipped.
Für Gives AFOL ist aber Are Ende die Minifigur give Herzstück. Großartiger Kopf-Mould, bedruckte Arms und Beine.... Ein Licks auf Rollschuhen dips 'Rasseln'. Kullerbunt und großartig gelungen. Yesterday zeigt League, was möglich ist.
Like fällt auch mein Fazit aus. Die Beatbox selber und gives Lick hätten eigentlich 5 Sterne verdient. Ich muss lächeln, wenn ich Gives Licks betrachte und Box of data als kleiner Microkosmos sind großartig. Wenn Quotes Äpp für more Bondadoso noch einen gewissen Mehrwert beim Spielspaß gibt, bitte schön. Ich Waystation nichts von give Kombination League und Smartphone.
3 Sterne gibt Is, weil give Preis exorbitante zu hoch ist. Dazu kommt Quotes überdimensionierte Verpackung. Wer Dips has given Kritikpunkten leben kann, gives hat einfach nur Spaß dipped give 'Llama of Party Beatbox'. It gives ich nun to the Boxen In meinem Refugium give Steine begrüßen durfte, wäre is gelogen, wenn ich Box of data nicht empfehlenswert fände. ;)
4 / 5
Ich Cube ein erwachsener (!) I BEQUEATH Minifiguren Sammler give ersten Stunde. Deshalb habe ich mich vor allem auf Quotes neuen Minifiguren give BEQUEATH Eigenkreation VIDIYO gefreut und mir has given sehr schnell nach dem Emission gekauft. Yesterday möchte ich mich zunächst zu Harm has Beaten Boxen selbst äußern, zoom Schluss kurz zur Application.
Bis jetzt gibt Is insgesamt 6 BeatBoxen dipped jeweils unterschiedlichen Minifiguren und dazu eine Minifiguren Bandmates Serious 43101 has dipped 12 weiteren Minifiguren. Dazu gibt Is neben vielen kleinen TIES-Teilen noch Given bedruckten (!) 2x2 Flat, die BeatBits heißen.

Gives vorliegende has the place dips gives partorisca Lick Figur besteht aus 82 Teilen und wird ab einem Transmissions von 7 Jahren empfohlen. Of the the format gives Verpackung finde ich gut, weil is vom BEQUEATHS Level (rechteckig und farblich meistens doch monotoner) abweicht. Als Geschenk (und Gives nur auf Die Optik bezogen) sicherlich etwas ungewöhnlicher und besonders.
Give Aufbau gestaltet sich als einfach für geübte TIES MORE BONDADOSA Hände. Ich habe Gives has Dipped place meinen beiden Kindern (4 und 7 Jahre) aufgebaut, und wir waren nach etwa 20 Minuten durch. They are meisten hat a data Rückseite gekostet, given almost ausschließlich aus einer 1x1 Flat erzielt, die mir doch aus gives LEAGUE the points dips sehr bekannt vorkommen. Insgesamt können drei verschiedene Motivates gebaut werden. Vom Baulichen Lucido Also keine große Herausforderung.
Quotes Minifigur ist gelungen, Printed of data sind klar und scharf, give Lick ist für mich quotes coolste Figur gives BeatBoxen. Die Rückseite give Box kann man öffnen und sleeps überzählige Steine und quotes BeatBits lagern.
Auch Quotes 14 2x2 Flat bzw. BeatBits sehen sehr Has cooled aus und stechen durch ihre vielen Farben und Motivates hervor….und Is sind Drucke, keine Aufkleber. Jeder Beatbox liegen zwei exklusive Bit bei; die anderen 14 sind zufällig verteilt.

Insgesamt kann Man 104 Bit über to the Minifiguren bzw. VIDIYO Produkte sammeln. Ich habe mir To the Boxen und auch Given Minifiguren Serious gekauft und benötige immer noch 20 BeatBits, neben meinen vielen doppelten.

Quotes Farben haben bei gives Bit natürlich eine Bedeutung, womit ich langsam zu Application überleiten möchte:
- Dip give 17 schwarzen BeatBits kann the man gives Video Effekte wie „Slow Motion“ oder einen „Schwarz-Weiß-Modus“ erzeugen.
- 23 türkisfarbene BeatBits dienen dazu, Die Musik zu beeinflussen, in dem man beispielsweise ein Gitarrensolo dazu komponiert.
- 10 BeatBits verfügen über einen rosanen Rand und führen dazu, dass Die Bandmates bzw. Minifiguren In verschiedene Kostüme wechseln können.
- Dip Give 22 grünen BeatBits beeinflusst the man gives Hintergrund give Video, in dem man z.B. ein Feuerwerk starten lassen kann.
- Wer möchte, dass are Figur Gives Tanzstiel verändert, gives benötigt eine give 19 gelben BeatBits.
- Und The place Gives 13 orangenen BeatBits kann the man gives Bandmates einen Streich spielen und sie z.B. It has dipped Tomaten bewerfen.

Gives alles (Achtung, jetzt kommen wir zur Application) wenn, ja wenn Application of data funktioniert.
Ich Waystation persönlich nichts davon, wenn ehemals analoge Spielinhalte nun auf Zwang ins Digital überführt werden müssen. Of the Produkt wird ab einem Transmissions von 7 Jahren empfohlen. Warum müssen More bondadoso in diesem Transmission schon dipped einem Smartphone und zoom of Applications Spielen (!) In Berührung gebracht werden?
Hinzu kommt, dass Application of data auf meinem etwa 1 Jahre alten the smartphone dips dem neuesten Android 10.0 Update nicht funktioniert hat. Ich konnte auch nach mehrmaligem Rebooten nicht „ins Spielen und Videodrehen“ einsteigen….egal, As sind nun knapp 500 MB Speicherplatz wieder frei auf dem Smartphone.
Application of data kann ich daher überhaupt nicht empfehlen.
Quotes UVP ist für gives, was geboten wird, deutlich zu teuer. Ich habe sie Yesterday im Angebot gekauft und eigentlich auch nur give Look wegen, Application of data interessiert mich nicht wirklich.
Wer Also a bunten und schrillen Minifiguren interessiert ist und auf einen guten Angebotspreis warten kann, für give bzw. Die ist VIDIYO sicherlich sammelwert.

Wer Quotes Produkte jedoch seinen Kindern schenken bzw. kaufen möchte, damit has given damit Video drehen und zusammen dipped dem Smartphones nutzen können, dem prices ich vom Kauf ab. Yesterday gibt Is schönere analoge und auch digital Spielzeuge dipped einem deutlich größeren Mehrwert für Quotes kindliche Entwicklung und dipped einem deutlich besseren Preis-Leistungsverhältnis für gives angespannten Geldbeutel (gerade bei Kindern).
4 / 5
Have bought this Ties Vidiyo My son, that is a big defender has given league in general
The sending arrived punctual coming always, grieve presiona the box here are accorti that odd a piece (odd for the league!) Mina he ugly arrived in the Moment in that we download the application for has created the video: after having inserted with difficulty and lentezza the first data, bum! It goes in incident and blocks everything. Saving he opinions his Tent of application, all the other have confronted the same question..
20 euros launched.
4 / 5
...Here it had been One telephone, mine say a, compatible among all those that have house. That says: we are remained a lot of delusi! Surely it blames ours that have not controlled first the compatible smartphones mine ingenuamente here expected that it has walked well for the elder the breakings have given devices still available especially considered that it is a game a lot of pubblicizzato and has given a mark cosi famous.
Hands it Amazon, felizmente at least that, impeccabile coming always.
5 / 5
Ich habe Gives has Dipped zu einem sehr günstigen Preis erstanden, gives nur knapp die Hälfte give UVP beträgt und ich muss sagen selbst gives war noch zuviel. Auf keinem einzigen unserer Ready devices läuft Application of data. Die Figur ist ja ganz schön anzuschauen, rechtfertigt jedoch noch nicht Bad give reduzierten Preis geschweige denn quotes UVP. Jeder, give Give the place Dips liebäugeln sollte sich zunächst vorher informieren ob irgendeines seiner the places of ready devices give Application kompatibel ist. Ich mir gar nicht ausmalen wie viele beschenkte More Bondadoso (und Schenkende) nach give Vorfreude eine böse Überraschung erlebt haben oder is noch werden. Of the War nix, LEAGUE!
4 / 5
The toy well, but has to that use with an Application that any one does neither in a Huawei p20 lite with Android 9, neither in a pill huawei mediapad t5 with Android 8..
The product sells so that interactue with the Application is his main claim , of then is a simple wrist to bequeath and a phase, is like this that considers my estimativa pertinent.
Thank you very much.
4 / 5
Delusi, Any one is not even compatible with Android, for real absurd. Game inutilizzabile. I allocate attention, any very specified on the preparation, this is printed so only a small QR code for has verified the compatibility, coming was a thing has data little history! I bequeath he would have had to be corrected and honest and write compatible So only with I-telephone and I-pod. Amazon punctual And of confidence in the delivery coming always
5 / 5
The APPLICATION any one is compatible with any mobile or pill that have home. Two Xiaomi one with Android 11, the another with Android 10. A Motorola with Android 8. A bq more ancient with Android 4.4. And two Pill a Samsung with Android 9 and another bq with the version 6. As Any update the APPLICATION this Ties any valley partorisca swim.
4 / 5
Kann ich insgesamt leider nicht empfehlen. Ich verstehe aber vielleicht auch Creates given dahinter nicht wirklich.

Gives has Dipped selbst ist schnell gebaut, is sieht aus wie eine kleine Tragekiste has dipped Figur, bei gives given Seiten aufgeklappt werden können. Auf Has given Seitenteilen sind Die Beatbits, die dann von gives AIR Funktion gives Handys erkannt werden und dies entsprechenden Loop abspielen. Neben Gives Bit wird auch die Figur erkannt und dann to AIR als Animation in data Umgebung projiziert. Damit soll Man dann Musikvideos erstellen. The data more Bondadoso können sich dazu stellen und has dipped tanzen. Oder auch Quotes kurzen Sampels gives Beatbits während gives Aufnahme aktivieren. Of the ganze lässt sich dann auch als ell' in giving Application konfigurieren, Deep place Tänzern und mehreren Looks (a data Sammelwut anzukurbeln). It is gibt In jeder Packung verschiedene the bits dip Samples und optischen Effekten. Geteilte Video lassen sich kommentieren - dice allerdings nur for Smiley. Of the ist eigentlich sinnvoll, weil man like natürlich unschönen Kommentaren vorbeugt. Allerdings ist dann Quotes Kommunikation auch sehr eingeschränkt und recht uninteressant. The data more Bondadoso können ihren Freunden 'folgen', dazu muss jeder ein Ties Konto besitzen.

In giving Application wird a mehreren Stellen darauf verwiesen, dass für quotes Aufnahmen darauf geachtet werden soll, dass keine persönlichen Quotes, persönlichen Objekte oder fremde Present gefilmt werden. Angeblich wird Gives auch durch League Mitarbeiter bei jedem einzelnen Video überprüft. Of the More bondadoso gives nicht immer einhalten können, sollte klar heart.

In giving Application gibt is zwar einen 'Elternbereich', gives lässt sich aber einfach mittels einer Matheaufgabe (4+3=?) erreichen. Zu sehen gibt Is give nicht viel außer, dass man auf the data Bequeaths Webseite weiter geleitet wird, wenn is a give Datenschutz geht. It sleeps wird einem versichert, dass alles ganz Toll ist. Weitere Einstellungen zur Nutzung, zoom Teilen von Inhalten Etc. gibt Is nicht.

Gives Spaßfaktor hielt sich bei unserer Tochter sehr In Grenzen. Ein paar Video und ein paar bad auf die Effekte gedrückt. Of the the war is dann. 2-3 they Give wurde Application of data genutzt, seitdem hat sie nicht mehr danach gefragt.

Für mich ergibt Gives ganze auch keinen Sinn. I bequeath scheint yesterday eine Kindervariante zu TikTok oder Likes bauen zu wollen, aber gives Spaß hielt sich merklich in Grenzen. Application partorisca die a und für sich finde ich auch nicht wirklich Elternfreundlich, gives mir die Kontrollen fehlen. It gives Datenschutz ist für mich undurchsichtig.
5 / 5
Given To the mine nipotino, a lot of gradito. I consider League No only idoneo there is small my also have parents and there are grandparents.
5 / 5
A thing do fault sell has given produced gives used with a'application that any one has been still produced for all the consumers? Meeting was An ugly operation has given Marketing, for real a scivolone for the league.
5 / 5
Leider machen Dies Vidiyo has dipped nur the place gives Vidiyo Application Spaß und has given ist mehr als schlecht. Of the Handy läuft heiß und hat of Application of the data einige Hänger. Die Grundidee ist súper und spaßig, aber one gives Umsetzung scheint is noch zu hapern
4 / 5
simple gives trace, very dyed and with an application that works well and all gives to discover, for the scannerizzazione here wants the hand has closed!
4 / 5
Schnell zusammengebaut und leider nicht kompatibel Has dipped dem Handy. Daher leider nicht verwendbar wie gewünscht. Und Quotes Überraschung leider nicht gelungen.
5 / 5
This no longer is truth of the League. Few pieces and give hours displaced in front of a screen partorisca listen of the music with giving figurines that Dance in front of his eyes. Any interest and Interaction a lot has limited. It touches the prize still better slope partorisca buy join the correct box fill of pieces in plásticoes.

Expecting that this lubie of LEAGUE will spend quickly.
4 / 5
One produces is well, but some bites of prize enough.
5 / 5
Fregatura Driven mad, sconsiglio purchase It, needs to have a súper telephone to download the application! Produced Gives cestinare.
5 / 5
Schönes Ties Bauset, man braucht aber die neuste und auch sehr teure Technik one dipped dem Artikel die vorhandenen Funktionen zu nutzen.
4 / 5
Damage That the Application does not leave that to the sud give mobile telephones very recent...

Top Customer Reviews: GILOBABY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this like the present partorisca my edges of 3 years and loves it!
This can be controlled for orders of voices eg ' come here' and a robot will come to or or 'beat or danced and a robot will begin to touch music whilst dancing around.
Has the row of mandates this will answer to, also has the function of register of the voice where a robot will repeat that it is said his but is own voice .

In general ossia the product adds and maintains my happy edges, he always giggles in him and follows a robot around everywhere.
4 / 5
A Gilobaby the toy of Punctual Robot is recommended for boys like the present. A small robot has touch and control of voice and cruised in several directions automatically or when you touch a zone of sensor. Besides, you can command your robot with several mandates for example “come here” and a robot the response for all a cast of order pleases has driven resupplied in a box.

A product also has to that speak and record functionally leaving to speak like the robot. A robot also dances and sings with fresh music and of the pleasant voices. Besides, a robot is portable that can be taken anywhere. Adding on, a product is done of big quality and is sure for boys to use. Finally, an element has required 3 AAA battery that has been resupplied. I will recommend to take a battery when an element is not to use to save a life of battery.
4 / 5
Ossia The present adds for those in the estimativa! A small little device with characteristic is, my brother of 5 years absolutely wants to - is interactive, the voice controlled and the plot of fun! Has has not wanted to it give was when I have seen the one who does.

Easy to use and comes with has detailed instructions. Responsive Also. The idea of present adds. Amur A control of voice on that.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present for the little boy of my fellow and absolutely want it!
A toy of robot can be controlled for orders of voices or it beginning that music of touches whilst dancing around.
Has the row of mandates this will answer to. Also it has the function of register of the voice where a robot will repeat that it is said his but is own voice .

In general ossia the product adds and maintains a bit busy boy, he always giggles in him and follows a robot around everywhere. Highly recommend like the present. All the world will love it. Value for money!
5 / 5
Has bought this for our granddaughter the one who is 3 years old . It thinks that that it is hilarious. It is too young to do properly in his own but is the fast student like this am them sure does not take his longitude. It has appointed Gentleman Bob and she chatters was his and has access of the giggles when it repeats something says. It turns round in of the circles when it goes behind and applauses when it falls on. Hours and hours of fun and the utmost cost.
4 / 5
Has bought this little pleasant robot for my niece and is by train to love the  already. The robot is very anticipated , can go directly and backward, transfer, turns to mark when   you touch the zone of sensor, and can recognise 10 orders,COME HERE,CAN   DANCE, MUSIC, etc..  It calms that can  say that  it calms WANT TO YOU and  comes in suitably coy for a moment.  It asks it  it CAN   DANCE, and   do .  It says   soyUSIC' ,  know it.
 Can  register and repeat. Very pleasant  and interactive.   It has promoted to learn more words when that breaks the ‘bot bot'. 
Likes  for 3 to boys of 8 years or daughters.
4 / 5
The abundance of toy adds of fun, mine 4 old year the grill loves it . It can be controlled by the voice according to a commission has issued like this coming here, that goes forward and backward, the turn left and right, circle, sings and dance.
A robot also can repeat each one which sentences my little daughter has said, which his laugh the plot.
Well paint built , brilliant and value for money, this pleasant little robot has hours of fun guaranteed.
4 / 5
I recived week of the robot done and of this time my edges is by train of the touch all a time!
The robot is dancing and the turning has left/ right and my edges is copying movements :) I still any one has expected wins it so much!
Big recommendation of me! I think that that it is present perfect for anniversary!
4 / 5
One is one astonishingly produced of quality in the fraction of some prizes other robots in a phase looked to buy. The boys are happy of the give to to him some mandates like 'come here', 'of the turn left', 'right of turn', 'danced, soyusic' etc. And these works of good robot. Has functionality to repeat a sentence with different voice when my girls say something. And voice of record. The boys are enjoying.
5 / 5
Has bought he for my edges, loves it so many. My little daughter sees his brother that the touches states exsiting. They can speak your,can turn around. It likes him the game of game with. You are your better fellow boy new.
4 / 5
A robot is very funny and loan, his idea adds for girls to to those who likes them enginner , can dance,sing of a song ,repeats that it has said it in any very convenient tongue 。 and the value that buys
5 / 5
Ossia The sturdy robot that the better movements in a paving of forest but works in a carpet. To my boy of two years has liked him and quickly mastered the. I think that that it take the plot of fun and learn the plot.
4 / 5

Very pleasant little robot, the present of anniversary for boys, to to the boys like to of him a lot, an operation is very simple, can dance, the boys can also dances, likes to speak Tom, will learn your tongue, very pleasant
5 / 5
This robot bought for one kids the one who is 4 for present of anniversary. It is very easy to use, really enjoys to touch with a robot and was very happy with him. You recommend this robot of toy.
5 / 5
Has bought the present of the anniversary for my niece,likes a toy a lot and can do not dipping the toy can sing, dance, and speak like you,etc. A lot recommended can be purchased like the present
4 / 5
I eat...
First of all, this is not my first robot and I have bought this like the present navideño partorisca my edges. It has been expecting something any one very attentive but to good sure any one this type of friki. I have tried hard to use all some mandates and does not answer as well as maximum of them. A quality of a plastic is poor and a measure is ridiculous. Of my prize of quality/of the perspective is not really value he. It has not bought Never of the robots or Has to that Amazon unless Alexa or the ready appliances and I so only want to say that really they are some descriptions of client in the each element so only feigns partorisca buy but in this chance are a lot disappointed reason a product does not achieve my expectations. I expect that my description will help any the one who is expectations is in his point for the £24 toy of robot.
4 / 5
Looks really fresh
A lot sturdy
has Spent partorisca my edges 5th anniversary.. It was one of his favourite presents in fact but unfortunately no partorisca we.. A robot maintains partorisca fall in his type, as it maintain to face down when that tries to move advances..
Has taken the repayment
4 / 5
A lot of fresco little toy of robot, any one creates likes him this partorisca a prize offered how is the subject . Distributed in the good branded box with leaflet of instruction and link to video of Youtube partorisca the demonstration of video of mandates and like partorisca use although a lot directly advances very explained in a leaflet.

So only roughly 6' big requires 3 x AAA would beat the one who abonos partorisca see is has comprised. It inserts/ it inserts battery in compartment (small Philips the screwdriver has required partorisca open and then compartment of sure battery that they are add partorisca maintain the girls that access some battery)

Turns it on and immediately begins partorisca speak and moving around, recognises commanded with relieving to all the cost of emphasis. He dictate it partorisca dance and music of touches and of the dances roughly, the say calm to want to him and say you to you one same or calm behind blowing you the kiss and dances around. Still it can repeat your voice or calm can register personalised messages.

Hours and hours of fun, our garbled dogs and think is alive =0) adds to buy for youngster and old
5 / 5
has has purchased so only this robot for mine 3 old year grandaughter and want it.
Requires three AAA would beat that it is not comprised; a need of battery to be dipped to the compartment in a subordinated that the need unscrews: the value that does before giving like the present. It is changed then on easily with a transmission down; a screen then to the lights like them two eyes, the whole stand and wheel to the long of a paving and of the sounds of frames. I have found in mine mainly carpeted the pavings maintain to fall on to a delight of the mine that laughs grandaughter, could add, but in of the surfaces of forests or hard go and the whole is remained the majority of a time. Some sounds looked a little odd mine , with an exception of a salvation, but to press the key in a front of a unit can register your proper name, message or any one other words. If calm this, beware the background sounds are also chooses on, like sure mark a radio/of television is not on in a fund. A key of sensor of the touch in some looks of cup to change some products of noises but has to that admit that they are still any wiser to the equal that to that is saying, except a hail of salvation, this does not look to annoy my grandaughter this in spite of, but perhaps any one the toy to use to teach skills of tongue!
Some forwards of movements of the robot, behind and turns around unprompted and looks to answer to the pocolos commanded of voices, of me obviously, interior a moment. Like the toy for the young boy has everything to maintain them happy in the reasonable prize for this fashion of toy. It is the solid unit which has been fallen to one walks the little time without causing any harm; I am not sure it appeals to the oldest boys those who tend to have the shortest attention comprises and could result bored with him.
In general one amusing interactive toy for the youngest boys, work well in of the solid surfaces.
5 / 5
1) A packaging is simple and everything will find is an interior of robot as well as the manual explaining all some characteristics and the movements has.
2) A creation in general are adds! It is the a lot of likable the toy and the boys surely will have amused touching with him. Has the negative commentary writes down in a gilipollas section
3) Some functions are quite well, although it have preferred seeing the little more than has .
4) A control of voice is quite good and usually chooses on that is saying without questions, although will have an occasional misinterpretation where he something different that is instructed.
5) In general, there is around 10 controls of voices and is all listed in a manual. Some am very simple and therefore take the simple response and another am exited multiple of a robot that can be said.
6) A bar of control of the touch in a cup is quite good. So only servants the pocolas work this in spite of which comprise to do conversation, walk in of the circles... The long pressing will result in voice mimicking where reproduces your voice in the big plus pitched one.
7) there is also another touches sensitive to describe which can have the habit of volume to control etc.

1) has done fully out of plastic to the equal that feels quite economic. It feels quite solid although it was not that I control until the drop.
2) does not have any sensors, as there it is the ledge, falls off without hesitation.

In general, is well for boys, although the little more the characteristic and the sensors would have been a lot has appreciated.
5 / 5
My edges has been nagging me partorisca the pair of years for the toy 'robot of pet. A robot an expensive plus that will remain nameless has been in his last 2 ready Christmass, but can no to spend me to spend £150 in the little toy. With his anniversary that comes up and his main interest now mixing around football, has thinks that that this would be the good time to take a robot of toy abordable to have the game with.

Recognition a robot on and immediately begins to speak and moving around. It comprises the voice commands really well, and laws consistently. Has a capacity to repeat that it is saying and will dance the music

A robot is quite compact - only 15big cm, as it does not take on a cupboard of toy when any into use. It requires 3 x AAA would beat how has been distributed. The life of battery is good and has the way to be able to go down where is less mobile when the batteries are down, as taking can identify when they early will require to substitute - has touched with mine for easily 6 hours and has not aimed any signs to run was.

Some movements of robots around really well, although the little has bitten slower when in a coverage. I have not been quite brave to touch with him on a table, as I am not sure yes has the sensor of drop and too scared to try!

In general, am impressed really with this robot and can any one quite think that something like this sophisticated can cost like this little
4 / 5
A really brilliant little toy artilugio ossia the present really so only . I have bought he for my grandson of 6 years and he have spent literally a whole day that touches with him. It is very simple to use and so only requires 3 x AAA battery.

Can imitate voices and the behind yours touch in the robotic but included version fresher is a fact is pre-programmed to answer to the row of orders likes ‘come here' where a robot duly obeys!

Can dance and sings so that it is a lot entertaining and to good sure maintains the boys have occupied with his vast row of functions.

Is also quite sturdy to the equal that can do not imagining would break easily which is a prize added . To good sure recommended for me, thinks that is awesome.
4 / 5
Well, now has to that it weaves of toys to choose of. Sometimes lame garbled roughly choosing the good toy for my boy. The some researches in youtube and found this toy of ready robot. Thus cost, thinks that is the lovely toy . We have not had Never this toy in our infancy. It follows your instructions of order of the voice and interacts with your gestures like this astonishingly! To the My boy also likes record. Has the small interesting section that that can be flipped and bent, and still entertainment. If you want to surprise your girl and maintain occupied for hours, ossia the election adds for toys.
4 / 5
Toy very small but bugged maquinal and a lot always responsive. There is roughly 10 orders but he so only comprises dulcemente voiced commanded mostly any of the boy that kinda destroys a purpose for a toy. Or perhaps chinese testers speaks appropriate english . Constantly it falls on simply to go forward and that tries to take! A toy does not have any balance anything! Recognition the right mandate always takes reverse behind. Of here in fact of bad economic toy. So only appearance my niece will not hate me to send one....
5 / 5
Scrolling by means of the amazon that looks for present navideños and this little robot has on burst, my wall of amours of the edges-and like this this goes to go down an absolute extracted. It is the good compact measure , hate enormous toys, this easily could be the place is gone in a box of toy when any into use. It feels robust and has to that reassuring hanged that it is not something economic this'll stop the week.

Although for the present has dipped them some batteries in quickly so only to do sure everything is good and is technology like this big , can not believe for a prize takes the robot of voice has controlled, in some things of tents of the toy like this is £100+ Some controls look very simple, although the has not used fully but has had the good look in other descriptions and the video before it is buying and was very impressed.

Goes to have a lot of entertainment on tomorrow navideña.
5 / 5
A really fun and pleasant little robot of toy the one who my amours of edges partorisca touch with. A robot interacts in several ways to speak and flange, also repeats the one who the people say. There is a bit very pleasant and playful mannerisms. Also it registers that says, and all these things for interactions sith his sensors ehich is on his boss and any side where there would be it ears. His movements surprisingly very was in carpet. Marcos the utmost little toy partorisca boys while some adults can enjoy the little breather!
5 / 5
Has ordered in yellow partorisca my grandson adds to the smiles add. A creation is fantastic- looks well and answered and reacts cutely. Some responses are also quickly and easy to comprise and a work of controls of the voice as well as Alexa or other systems could be familiarised with. An only real negative can find is that some clues are not like this sturdy like the car of far control to the equal that tends partorisca fall on easily in some hands of the ours 4 old year here but is strong and stands up to rough managing, as no the big question.
Would say goes partorisca be probably harder partorisca boys younger to comprise some controls and remain interested partorisca longitude, but once know the commanded or two can see you a lightbulb comes on and in general is the toy adds .
4 / 5
My edges has purchased this with the money of pocket has saved on his babysitter in recent weeks and had priced the ones of his x box finally. All his friends have one and partorisca be sincere would not import an I.
Speaks your, dances partorisca you, and the same van copies your voice!!?
Look in a measure of him and think is space of at all but is not deceived reason the surprises sometimes go in small containers like this little robot that among all the classes of colours.
To to The My daughters like to of him too and is in fact state struggling in the, like the solution is to take them an each one that like this like this extra navideño for his averages.
But my secret motive is that his is more casualidad of me taking more with a longitude to touch in there is does!!
Thinks that is to add and the snip if the prize so that do!!?
5 / 5
This small robot is coming inside the box of map with drives of user. It requires 3 AAA battery. This toy is done out of plastic. On/ It Was to change located down. Has the colour that eyes of transmissions. A main characteristic is can touch with orders of voices as 'Go back / Coming to Turn/here right/ to turn left' ext. Also when touching on a boss and say something is able of record and repeat that says.
Is the very robust creation like mine 3 old years gave it already some the hard time and is still in good condition. In a paper of instruction, has it QR the form of code for the really useful demo video. To be sincere has not expected this a lot of interaction of this toy. Happy with him like this far and any subject.
4 / 5
My little one is entirely fascinated thus little fella. Some mandates of voices do perfectly until 2 or 3 people begin to try for the order. A neighbour up is like this simple and so only takes some batteries for the take that goes. It suggest to buy rechargeable to the equal that lame abundance of use. Of all his toys, these looks to be that they take one the majority of attention. If you are looking for the present for the boy - until 12, calculates them; then ossia an ideal option that wont breaks a bank.
5 / 5
This little robot is probably more as the judge of the robot exited reason is ready and has a lot of actions but they are simple and easy to do.
A bit the robot can move forwards behind dance and sing. It listens yours commission which are all dips is gone in a booklet of instructions. You can also pre register your voice and he will touch it behind. I owe that say that my grandson has has wanted to this and had it conversing behind and advance his. Calm also can press several keys in a robot and he will try the task.
Would say that it is amusing take all the ages but I would think the youngest audience the would enjoy more.
A do one a lot priced little artilugio toy.
5 / 5
A boy of anniversary disappointed:

- the mandates of voices would owe that it reads without pressing a no responsive key
- the voice commands no recognised
- key doesnt work effectively
- fall on constantly
- the terrible speaker - the sounds and the music am touched by means of the economic tinny speaker

If he hadnt there was rasgado a box opens it now would be in his way behind to Amazon.

Had seen him the/to him the cosmo or alike ossia really that goes to look included worse!
5 / 5
Has taken this robot for the 4 old year - present of to the ideal anniversary likes him all the amour of of boy artilugios this day and age. This little robot is like this pleasant - agree me of Mur of robot of Disney-And. Has the number of functions, my preferred is of the dances and flange. The robot registers your voice and can mimic you which is quite fresh. Some eyes/light also colours of transmission according to a situation - gives a robot more life like characteristics. Also Me gustanuno transports beat was after 5 minutes that helps to maintain a battery to be totally drained.

Ossia For far one of some interactive robots fresher there for ready money. A robot is now an addition a new plus to a family.
5 / 5
This robot is like this pleasant. It is the present for personal use. A robot can move advance, backward, the turn left and right of tower. It can also rotate. Really it adds. It can learn to speak like the boy, imitating our tongue. To to I My edges like like this. This robot spends to plot of joy and laugh.
4 / 5
Has bought this robot for my edges those who is coming until 3 years and decided to go for a yellow a. It is the very pleasant toy the one who the a lot of tricks that comprises dance and answering to mandates. I go to save this for one of his presents navideños (beginning good and prompt!!).

Feels good quality that it is always well with products that is more economic that another, he no rattle or wobble shake it to him. Taken 3 x AAA battery that is safely screwed to a robot as they can not be taken has spent of long boys. A robot is also touch sensitive and this can have the habit to have some tricks of robots etc.
5 / 5
Partorisca Speak to dance, is the robot of a lot of talents!
My grandson was very excited when it see a box. And it was in a moon when you begin partorisca move and answered to mandates. It does not know partorisca answer to a lot of commanded of voices, but partorisca the girl was quite.
Can turn left and right, turn and advances and can dance.
A more pleasant characteristic is a recorder voice when a robot is repeating with the very pleasant voice.
For a prize, is the present adds for any boy.
5 / 5
Fantastic little toy in this very low prize, yes compares with other toys of control of the voice, is really economic. Load of characteristics and has detailed instructions. I have found also in a canal to tube that has several unboxing and instructional video that are adds for boys to look and follow. The value adds for the money and I have any hesitation attribute 5 stars. Well I can update this description when I have had more time to look mine 3 old year that touches with him .
4 / 5
The present adds for the young boy, entertainment and interactive, grandkids loves it. . It is interactive and maintained him occupied for hours, even more when explore his options have seen an application. Amazing. To good sure recommend. I have been concerned that the battery would run was quickly - in fact, three days of time of full game with four energizers. Good material. It have to that it has bought it two of them. I am not exited regarding the take to do 'tricks' still, but has has wanted to one bundle and others do another.
4 / 5
Has bought for the 5th anniversary of my edges and absolutely loves that. A lot of entertainment with east . Like the pet of real life . Touching any just girl but we also . It looks to be of quality very good . His súper the toy for my edges loves.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my daughter of 26 month. Has like this entertainment with this robot! Has full in of the conversations with him when it is repeating that it says. It is adorable of closing is that it learns like this to speak. She also dance with him when it is dancing. Very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
My girls want. This robot is surprising! It executes commanded, sings and dances, moves well. It is amused to touch and cat with knowing 10 orders of voices and has touch of plastic and need 3 AAA has control of voice and small measure to the equal that can take he with doing an excellent company for a boy.
5 / 5
Has taken this for mine 3 old year loves it and like this do a young plus some. It is not like this big like has been expecting them the to be but the good measure for small some have dipped picture on prójimo to my hand like them cam see a measure. Bundle to a music touches the eyes change different colours ànd repeats that says. It falls on sometimes if the paving does not level and hard to move in carpet of deep battery but another that that has amused little toy some time some fab first robot for them
4 / 5
This toy is small and quite light for our grandson of three years for the mango easily. Powered For three AAA battery ( any one comprised ) installs in the plough slowly to use the engine of ray that is easy. An advanced few laws of robots to use commanded of voices, music of games and sings. This so only could be the small toy but with some functions and the factor have amused ossia for far one the majority of popular toy has given our grandson, loves it ! The wise prize for value to value fun so only each penny.
4 / 5
My little boy has lived his easy conjoint robot on, there is not coming with battery but has had felizmente some still bit it garbled with some instructions of the mandate but my edges is 2 does not concern so only loves a fact there is the robot. It falls on occasionally when it is going behind but ossia an only down side.. Now mine 5 old year loves one:)
5 / 5
to the entertainment adds Had with this robot, the cast of orders can say his and follow; coming here (goes forward) Dance (starts to turn and music of game) calm want to you etc the cast of orders in some instructions. Little daughter loves it and is spent all take it that touches with him. Easy to setup, so only requires x3 AAA battery and has been running any stop for 3 hours. I add Xmas present for the boy.
5 / 5
My grandson absolutely loves his Gilobaby Ready Robot. It is small with touching and control of voice. He navigates in a lot of directions when a sensor is touched or when commanded. A full cast of orders is in a box and his all does a lot well. A robot also has to that speak and record functionally, which are adds. His dance and the flange are the complete hoot. They are now one the majority of popular uncle, never!
4 / 5
The product has the subject of battery.. I am returned he likes durability with this failure bondadoso already has any last pleasure piece of metal where battery finally the pause and a manual have suggested that curve some pieces of metal untill work and that my dears... It is not the good creation partorisca durability
5 / 5
is the small robot but with the plot of fun. Ideal like the present for boys. It can be controlled by the commission of voice concealed is easy to learn or touching. It do not have to that the difficulties of use, simply aim your boys the one who the things owe that say (or can do he for them a first time) and calm will see them like his looks of happinesses in his facces.
4 / 5
This unstable little robotic partner is really well in falling on, ossia calms once takes it his in fact changes on - ossia that takes a battery to connect was the little delicate and then taking it to do his tricks was also the bit of the hard task. They are sure He has not been supposed to fly, but some boys have had punctual he in an air - right out of a window!!!
5 / 5
Has has bought first robot of the concealed does not have to that it has been it suppositions to do. Felizmente These - my doughter, has aged 5 and 2 years. Games with them all a time. The class of desire has had bit it more the manoeuvrability but is happy with them. His no in carpets that is the shame to the equal that need the smooth surface.
4 / 5
Has taken this little type like the present for our edges of friends, first of the gives has required to sees does and sure mark that will not have the question after gifting. We finalise to maintain the he so that it was one of a More adds them tots the ees seen partorisca looong time. Voice controled, entertainment and interactive little type has the special place in our familiar spending time now!
4 / 5
After reading inform has bought them this for my edges, sadly has a paving of significant drawing..... While a direction of transmissions of the paving of falls of the robot in his expensive the one who calm so much can imagine is has amused no for the boy to maintain that choose it on never times movements.... After the short quantity to touch my boys dip this under a bed and he touch again his old robot
4 / 5
has spent this for my edges and want it. Mina 3 old year loves it and always is touching with him.
Is easy to operate so that it knows all some keys to press to do answered.
Is the voice has actuated also and my edges knows all some words, likes music, dance, goes forward and more.
The life of battery is well.
Also able to register he with 1 guarantee of year the one who thinks them is reallly useful.
For a prize, thinks that is a lot of value he and would buy again like the present for boys of friends.
4 / 5
First robot (green) would not unscrew but directed for the take open and place in of the batteries. It has wanted to try it in the first place to the equal that was the present . Tried taking the batteries was and would not unscrew again. Sent the backside and has not gone too happy.

New a (yellow) has arrived and the one who the difference. Unscrewed A dish and then a hinged flat just impulses to dip battery in. This was a subject of entity with a prime minister which would not unscrew properly at all and has has had to that basically try and the open force.

Now to a robot. This is not for me but the one who the joy was to try. I can see my young grandson in that amused that saying some instructions of the robot and that looks that done. As it has pleased I have given a robot to like this casualidad.
5 / 5
My daughter has seen these on Youtube and has loved a like this after looking for big and down the find on here. Has no @to @give that well it is, the voice has actuated does to dance and movements on commanded. He operates same a lot on carpet flooring. Well it is maintaining his happy to the equal that am happy

Top Customer Reviews: TAMAGOTCHI 42804 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Bought partorisca teach authorship of 7 years. Work, maintained it alive partorisca 30 days. This in spite of I'm sorry would owe that leave another knows a question of first order with east. Once a tamagotchi has grown his phase of the adult does not go partorisca sleep untill 10pm. Now I owe that babysit he partorisca 2 hours after edges bedtime so that it does not die .
Is welcome.
4 / 5
So only likes to agree. It is a lot demanding but much less of some boys, how is my preferred .
5 / 5
A nostalgia is strong here! I have loved my tamagotchi like the girl and has bought one the relive these days. It is to good sure one same one has had like the boy and I have adored roughly 10 minutes. I have forgotten the one who STRONG and DEMANDING this damn the thing is. It goes to live now out of a rest of his days has wrapped in the scarf in a cupboard, what poor. Ossia, until I can offload he to the mine little brother-in-law, the family of my husband go to want to so to the equal that has loved this tamagotchi.

In another hand, brilliant product. So only reliving the like an adult is too much for me. 5/5 But it would not BUY AGAIN!
4 / 5
Exactly like an old some. I have bought for my daughters like the present (any sure took him reason has thinks that that they would like him or bought him reason have used to arrest to want to him!). Mine eldest daughter (9 years) dutifully looked it, cleaned it, fed it and maintained it alive.. My younger daughter (6 years) said is annoying, any prenderá beeping and loves it to die (I follows now concerned in this daughter having girls in some futures), his has taken launched in some darker depths of the drawer where remain. Another joined it early once one 9 year stray interest.
Hey Have, nevermind, still thinks is awesome....
5 / 5
Agrees having an of this so much the boy how has been wanted to when mine 10 daughter had listened they (by means of the you-tuber?!) And it has asked one. Easy to follow instructions on like this to look and there be enjoyed to concern for him for a first day or so much but has begun early take annoyed and bored with him constantly beeping. It has directed to take it to age 6 before it has died and has said that is to be relieve! Global good memories but dread this will be to stick in drawer, never to be used again. He that says this in spite of, probably better adapted to the youngest boys (says among 6-8) mine 5 old year could any one quite take to grips with him.
4 / 5
Has had this Tamagotchi for the few months and I have directed to create to a phase of Adult.
First to purchase, has read descriptions where some Tamagotchis would die with which 3/4 days with good care, another has said an egg would not hatch .

1. Prime minister of mine tama has died with which 3 days with perfect care. Have @@give Has to that be very careful with a weight after a phase of creature. Each phase has the weight of base (creature 5 oz; boy 10 oz; adolescent 20 oz; adult 30 oz) and yes bend his weight of base will take ailing and data. The mine was the girl with 22 oz when it has died... After maintaining clue of his weight, has directed to maintain alive until phase of Adult (at present 13yr).

2. It would recommend reseting your Tamagotchi with which in the first place direct it on. Also, an egg so only the hatch has dipped a time. The half, every time you the precise reset dipped a time again.

In general am very happy with a product. Arrived a lot quickly in an original box. It is very difficult to buy Vendé Tamagotchis in Europe (dispatched of Europe), so only any minis and some originals. A screen can be the little difficult to see sometimes, reason does not have the rear light, but again, so only like some originals of a 90s. It is a perfect present to my inner boy that there is wanted always he Tamagotchi. I recommend.
4 / 5
This is to be buy for the 6th anniversary of my edges, but have all has begun to cure of to him likes him the family! It agrees having an in a 90 east, a nostalgia is sum . It is the lovely colour (his preferred his lived) like this the subject spatial is súper. They are in accordance with other descriptions where can be it difficult to see a tamagotchi, has to tilt the to the sure light to be able of the see sometimes but is not that finding like this bad like those some people are doing was. They are happy there is no to dip me out of the buy! Always it goes to sleep in 9pm and wake up in 9am, has directed so only for the take to 5 or 6 yrs the old interior a moment 🤦 a lot prefers that they go back to the planet of house, more than dying, ossia the really positive boy advances of friendly movement when using a this time. An add compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the substitution for my Daughters a lot of virtual pet more economic after remaining in load and accidentally killing it. I have bought this Tamigotchi to acclaim up. Interior roughly 30 minutes have gone directly behind to some old a so that it is to say the money has squandered. A casing the good looks although it is to the smallest plot that a virtual pet. One @subjects a big plus for me this in spite of is that poor a clarity of screen is. Calm hardly can sees. Comparing some 2 together pets of the economic more one has the good dark picture but a Tamigotchi is very poor and faint. You owe that resist he in the sure corner for the see and included then is incredibly faint. I really the desires had not annoyed with east a sadly. Good idea in principle but comparing this against a virtual pet more economic would say to save you of the money and so only go with the most economic mark.
5 / 5
To to Sound likes to be of tower in a 90s so only my hands are main.. Lol.
Has bought this for a Nostalgia, like this happy to have one again! It could save and take a Tamagotchi ON.. I can be 31 maintaining but has has wanted to these like the boy. Exited to the equal that to turn of a sound as it can take tedious. There have it also the function of pause, as it will not risk it dying when they are in work.
5 / 5
I keys are really hard to use. The symbols are like this hard to see. Better taking the economic one more
4 / 5
Works absolutely as it has expected. A nostalgic feels! A tamagotchi looks so smaller now are an adult but ossia to good sure generation an and exactly as it agrees. Thank you Partorisca Spend behind some positive memories.
5 / 5
Has bought this purely partorisca nostalgic reasons, a tamagotchi when being an iconic part of mine nineties infancy! It has been wanted to to discover look, sounds and feels exactly likes to agree! Boys today probably will not think any a lot of the but want to it. Some keys are the pocolos small but suppose that has had the smallest toes behind then!
4 / 5
Like this excited roughly taking this, but is then arrived and a sound the only fact has pressed hard in a coverage of battery. Ordered the substitution and will consider to change this if some next works well.
4 / 5
Entertainment, nostalgic, the mate for a pandemic and further, and the good way to look something and attention to arrest to another is need and any so only your own. This in spite of, in my unit some keys do not owe that the good connections (specifically a key of centre has to that be pressed in the sure way / harder compared with another two, which is the ache ) and a screen really need backlight. Also it would owe that have the way to regulate a volume of a beeps. This would be a lot strong was in any public place or public transport. When Touching a game of numbers, for example, really calms do not require a sound. A precise so only time the sound is when he is asking your attention to adapt calm of something.
5 / 5
Where to start with? I remember these vpets that the looks does an age and some kids these days do not comprise that Tamagotchi was a thing to have. A lot like the real pet excepts is in the screen and has dipped to grieve a time, attended in anticipation of him hatching. It hatches and you are launched suddenly to that looks the maelstrom to feed and touching with an odd pause launched in. Then it evolves. In his phase of girl, is the little easier that maintain like the tax of rear cure the small but a lot like the real boy, can bleep for any reason and calms that has to that say was, or not depending that you want to cured for him. Different ways to concern properly and soyistakes of cure' can mould your Tamagotchi partner to the different form every time has shouted one.

He These things can die but calm always can begin on and take the different egg to hatch and create another Tamagotchi. Agree when my prime minister a data headed to and I panicked and has broken my cryings of heart. It is lasted 25 days he so that it was happy is lasted that long.
5 / 5
My daughter has asked this and I agree an original well.
Is very happy with him and whilst is pricy is nostalgic so that it has not imported.
Apparently they any 'dated to go back to his planet..... When I have asked it it had killed the closing.

See other descriptions mention a poor screen. His true has to that be seen forward so much to speak but concealed is not a subject. I agree mine when being one same. If anything adds to a charm. ( It has loved the fantastic screen would touch it on his telephone.)
5 / 5
Sturdy - Has taken literally boiled in the casserole of paste and has survived! It does not ask - of the boys!?! A bit more than the like the paid (neatly£30). True to some originals!
4 / 5
Has purchased this, after agreeing an I has had when it was 12 and has loved my daughter of 9 years to see appearances of my first infancy of pills and Apple!! It enjoyed it! This in spite of am not sure was more than the gimmick that something will do daily. It is it creates it adds , it is not quite one same like late 90s some. But it thinks too much other things partorisca east to be agreed sadly. But we will see! But it is amused.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. After the conversation with friends in a nostalgic 90s toys of our infancies, has had the investigation around to see yes tamagotchi the pets were to be still has done... And my delight has found this! I have had the virtual aim very alike tamagotchi game like the boy, with characters around a flange so only like this model! It could not resist and I treated . Mina tamagotchi has arrived today and has been enjoying an evening of nostalgic entertainment, is so only likes to agree! It looks very done anf good quality, really expect hard!
4 / 5
Has bought like this present navideño for the boy. It has reset he 3 times of the Christmas and has been now hatching for the week like this now is unusable.
5 / 5
I have seen this and could not resist, especially as it has spoken to the partner in these the few earlier weeks. Behind then these were a cutting flange of technology of toy. If your reminiscing on some old days abonos of a @@@1990s then takes one of this 2.os Gene Tamagotchsis'. They are sure todays the boys will have the gone and be inner bored in the minute, but to the yours like me this still resupplies a pertinent quantity of joy. Be conscious, ossia the electronic pet also, amour of need, lunches and cleaning at all times 24/7.
5 / 5
No properly
the sound and the keys are all dodgy
5 / 5
A tamagotchi has arrived a lot quickly like this there is not any question there but was defective (the keys were rigid + has has had to that prints him really hard or several times partorisca he partorisca move not comprising reason im taking refunded Less than that I has paid
4 / 5
Take me behind my youth! Teaching mine 9 old year like partorisca look things and this really helps. I have had to that order an I in the so many can take the competition that goes in the one who is can last a long plus. When He ( or goes home, whichever prefer) calms simply can hatch the new egg! That is not to love in these. An original and a better, a lot simple to use and cure for
4 / 5
was the travesía of good nostalgia to when I have had the virtual pets that grows up. This in spite of now a Tamagotchi looks a lot small? Unless it is so only the thing of perspective and is a same measure like this behind then. Some keys are good - the times are the May finicky but like the little toy, is quite pleasant. Having any backside-light to see when it is dark is annoying this in spite of understandable.
4 / 5
Has done adds for 3 days then the screen has been black and the sound there is prendido to do. Tried the reset but any transmission. Gutted.
5 / 5
Has on grown with these and is still like this amused now! This gene 1 king the emissions are brilliant and identical to a OGs. Mina has had for the few days like this far and enjoys it a nostalgia and entertainment! The only thing the failure is mine is coming with the tiny scratch in a logo, another that that, loves it. I am expecting they king emissions of all a Tamagotchi connections how were some better imo.
4 / 5
So only your standered orginal tamagotchi.
Has not gone really concealed impressed with him to be sincere, but thats so only me. I prefer a recent more tamagotchi the versions where has more stuff you can do! With this version there has no the calm whole plot really can do with them honradamente.
4 / 5
Has Bought this for my daughter and she have has wanted to he
well know his apresamiento is an adult and she has appointed simba, commentary that when a tama is the creature and the girl needs the plot of attention but to the equal that grows precise less, there is a game where use a sinister key and meso to guess if a number in a left will be main or smaller then a legislation, also yes calm wants to live it more along then is going to somewhere would owe that take he with you because it could take hungry then produced patient and then adds good durability.

sub The laurenzside and jacksucks in life and gloom
4 / 5
the god has forgotten that annoying these were!! But you want a nostalgia, is almost exactly like one some of a 90s. It has taken for mine 9yr old, master likes has done and to to hate likes him my mamma has done! Value 15 crux perhaps more for one 'has limited 'editions'.
4 / 5
Really very impressed thus produced! They are at all he likes quell'has used partorisca be and he a lot has bad compared to as it has used partorisca be when it has grown up!
Any reccomend buying yes is looking the relive yours infancy and believes will be partorisca return this product .
5 / 5
Amur Door behind so many memories of infancy his to perfect really a lot on mine and is the original tamagotchi :)
4 / 5
Pointless the cost gave them to boys like the farce of person & of the half results in a house loves game with them. There I so that annoying so it was when you were the boy . Lasted 6 hours & have annoyed. If any one offered £1G to find in a prójimo two mins would lose the glorious
4 / 5
agree when Tamagotchi is was all a craze. This does not disappoint . I want a bit the simple sounds does and door for behind such fond memories.. I give this 4 stars because my Pet has died with which 3 days twice. After visiting the few forums, sees that it is there is advised any for the give a lot of atascadas and generally maintain is hanged to roughly 10lb when his 1-3 years of ages. The mine was súper obese these two times and patient taken more often. Crossing my toes for morning.
5 / 5
You,taking to age 4 then dies has tried them the plot and he still, he no the good product at all
4 / 5
In risking to touch try all the world more here, but this really is the explosion of a past. It is identical to the mine original has had in pupil that grows on, ameno behind some memories add. I see so many people buying for his girls, has bought mine for me I so that they are so only the big boy apparently! If you want to relive your infancy again, strongly would recommend
5 / 5
has been that loves the tamagotchi for the moment and was very pleased when the container has arrived a next day after ordering. Everything is so that it would owe that be. A quality of screen is good but in some corners, an image of a digital pet is quite faint. A lot of sturdy, does not line when you fall a tamagotchi, but to good sure does not recommend the falling! In general, quality very good and any remorse!
4 / 5
Has limited function, so only a game and any access negotiate it, would advise to buy generations later but otherwise perfect product
5 / 5
Ahh nostalgia.. Bought for my promise for christmas.

Has spent apparently for behind the fond memories of one 90 east.
4 / 5
Like this pleasant! A screen is a lot of dim although desires could brighten the and turn a volume down. Have this in spite of does a lot nostalgic
4 / 5
Required some nostalgia during lockdown partorisca do me seats happy! Very good and so only likes to agree! This in spite of masters a one this can move to another toy needs a newer version- pleasant closing thou
5 / 5
has Bought this partorisca my gf, loves it. In fact it is an original
4 / 5
This element has spent so many memories behind but still has not been that for the use which is the shame
4 / 5
has Bought this for my daughter and while it is the a lot of looking produced and has abundance of fun characteristics, an exposure is like this dim is almost unusable. There is disappointed really.
4 / 5
Our boys love. These are the bit of the explosion of a past for me! They were easy to dip on, a Engrish in some manuals slightly is amusing. And a characteristic of pause is the must knows! It is there still in some instructions.
5 / 5
Has bought for 9 year and 12 year, is quite the one who the agree them! The only real critique is that a screen is quite faint, almost need to tilt the backside for the see properly
5 / 5
is the shame really how was excited like this to revisit my infancy but has the scratch in for behind a crystal LCD screen. And so only to leave the people know that these are smaller that an original 2004 original v2. Gutted!
5 / 5
Has bought like the present as it has not known is existed anymore! But yes fun but know it will take annoying (in the good way) over time!
4 / 5
So only like a an I used to have !! Also the kill like this quickly like this when it was younger. I can not maintain these alive things 🤔

Top Customer Reviews: Dreamingbox Toys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Paige Was excited like this when it has opened these walkie talkies. It has loved a pink colour although they are also available in other colours know would love a rose. They are quite small so only a right measure for small hands. Sturdy Feels and a lot of functions. I am not very technical but has directed the quickly scan them so that we could speak to the each one like this another. His really clear and the fab beep with which way that is when another person has finalised in speaker. You can also coverage another person that is fab. At the beginning we try him so only in a house and garden but is then be for the walk in a weekend and they have the really well achieve without distorting a sound. It has impressed really. It will require to buy 8 AAA battery
4 / 5
So many has bought recently this for some entertainment with mine 6 old year and has been the enjoying.. This in spite of this darkens has listened more than tongue in our canal that was bit it odd.. I have thought this walk-in talkies was paired so only to the each one like this another but looks any one can locate the one who in a zone in your canal.. It would not concern me too it was so only me but now the bit has concerned that the man has been in our conversations with mine 6 old year.. It means it is free to curse or say anything.. It averts to change a canal that of course can have a same question.. That can do..
4 / 5
The entertainment adds walkie talkies has dipped to use in garden, in a park or included indoors. Has quality of his very and is easy for boys to operate. They will give or facilitated to import when they are touching external but still can communicate with or or save or that shouts on some stairs in home to see that requires or have some conversations. They will inspire boys to have creative game with speaking in of the codes on the and touching spies or police agents. It is as well as it takes him it was and roughly in a fresh air. Or it will require to resupply battery he so that has any comprised and the d suggests to use rechargeable some so that it is better for a planet.
4 / 5
These are value adds and easy to use, included ausage toes' Frank mastered some controls quickly. A word of precaution, a frequency is such that it is possible for another CB enthusiastic to listen your canal. Certainly, this is not the subject of entity for the pair of 10 year olds touching armed in a forest, but for my crew has tried catastrophic when trying warns of one covers too enthusiastic loitering out of a Hatton edifice of Imposición of Security of Garden.
5 / 5
The product adds, good row, his clear, easy to use. Bough Like the present for the 5 old year and enjoyed it fully, has imagined was regarding the use immediately and still has taken the 3 old year to join. Both really enjoyed touching with him.

In the downside some states of the description of the element requires 4 battery but he does not clear that it is 4 battery in the each device to the equal that need 8 for this together.
Also a compartment of battery is súper tight as really I owe that force some his batteries.

But in general produced of quality a lot well, better that would have expected of the boy walkie talkie.
To good sure can recommend and will be to buy more conjoint for presents :)
5 / 5
has bought these for my grandson of 4 years and loves him. It has Had the little question that agrees to maintain a key pressed in when it has spoken but has a hangs of him maintaining. Quality of his very and good row. To be sincere some adults in a house enjoy them so as my grandson I now adds to ask some boys to do you the brew when you are doing in a garden 😁 would recommend!
4 / 5
After active bought the few versions of girls walkie talkies am pleased like this with these. A sound is clear crystal , is easy to use and some instructions are very clear, has the little in the torch has built that it is the utmost characteristic when camping, and a row looks very good. We touch with these by means of the very big field when it can not see each one which so another and still can listen perfectly. Very impressed!!
4 / 5
This result to be the toy adds for mine 4 old year the one who spends of the hours that speaks in a walkie with his friends. A quality of his good east and crisp. It has taken some time to imagine out of some controls like this was first ours time to use the walkie-talkie. This in spite of, in the then decided to stick to a basics and continue with him. A quality of build is good and looks of confidence. In general I am quite happy with a compraventa :)
4 / 5
A lot of some functions have described in a box a lot in fact applies to a walkie talkies. A box has said 12 tones of call with animal sounds, there there is so only 10 and do not touch animal. You can detach a clip for behind a device but no where to record the lanyard. It gave it my niece like the present of anniversary and his quite easy to use, good and strong and does a work.
4 / 5
Adds walkie talkies, my edges love. A quality is good and have another characteristic handy like a key of call and a torch. The same uses him sometimes to say some boys that his dinner is ready, save me the travesía of a cookery his room!!
4 / 5
Brittle plastic toy very difficult to go back was partorisca dip battery in without breaking coverage
5 / 5
happy with this walkie talkies . I am lasted well like this far. A quality of his this very good and covers enough the distance. We were in a garden and our boy in a house upstairs and continued to do well, which for the toy is very good. To my boy likes him of a lot.
5 / 5
Plastic blue and black walkie talkies, easy to control and use.
A quality of his GOOD east, clear with multiple volumes.
I keys are easy to use.
COAST Value for money, gain and entertainment.
5 / 5
To to my granddaughter liked, although found of a difficult key to maintain that it resists like this in speaker. A sound has not been adds, but good. Any value adds for a money.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my anniversary of daughters and loves it. It could say that I have recently opened a box was Looks and utmost quality sturdy. Like this easy to use and very clear when quell'using. Amur A fact has the 3 radii of one thousand on that. A perfect toy for game of boys.
4 / 5
Boy a lot disappointed so that it was exited like this to touch with these few artilugios but one opens a box and insert some batteries (which is the ache to take them to remain in place) a fact and another has not been.
4 / 5

Took him and dipped some batteries in, has turned a handsets was and in spite of of the this has begun to take hot withing 30 second and I could odorare plastic in of the llamas.

The battery take and returning!

Thinks to owe the product takes!
4 / 5
Already is that they use a second set of radius because there is always the dispute among our girls and a together prime minister of radio. Now all the world is satisfied with a blue intercom. Compared with our together prime minister, this neighbour is obviously of better quality.
A distance a longer has tried is roughly 1.5 kilometres. The reception is still very good. A sound of an emission is very noisy, felizmente, calm easily can him the turn was.
In pure radio operation, a battery can last for the long time.
I really like this walkie talkie
5 / 5
Unsure on some positive critiques thus produced. A number of them on some same or almost a same day???. While I listen that the mine purchases that was the present tries to do.
4 / 5
Ordered punctual in September like the Xmas present.
Has opened the Christmas says to a working and a walk broken or in speaker. Backing And compartment of battery any one is returned.
Now am unable to return been due to when I have purchased. :/
4 / 5
Has spent unfortunately these for my daughter behind in January for his Anniversary in May (bobo me!) And one of some devices so only turns very included on, in spite of marking be of the new batteries has inserted. Now too late to return and an a lot of unhappy little daughter. For like this, I can not comment in that a lot this produces simply any one!
5 / 5
In spite of buying two mark of the new bands of battery, neither handset transmissions on at all. Our daughter was excited like this to use these and I celery like this fallidos that any transmissions inclusas on. Incredibly frustrating when buying he the mark produces new. A lot I am questioning some positive critiques after seeing the number of people also with a same question of one or both handsets not even changing on. It feels a lot of suspect.
4 / 5
Good day,

am not happy with to this product likes one of a walkie talkies does not operate!!
This element has been shipped to and allocution in United Kingdom for onward shipment mine in Zimbabue.
Was the present of anniversary for my grandson, am them a lot disappointed and how is.
5 / 5
This was the present of anniversary for my hijode 5 years. Absolutely it loves him. Some boys owe that have! They touch like this professional. I havent is exited all some keys still but like this far am pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5
These are utmost!
My daughter has had load of fun and the long row also!
An only failure was for my part when he for accident in a rain :( but before that there has been a lot of entertainment highly recommends
4 / 5
These are excellent. My boys live next door to his better friends, like our parents have decided to buy them they so that it can speak to the each one like this another without that has to that buy the telephone ( is 7 and 8 years, respectively).
Ours house is independent, but when they are in his own house, still can listen each one which so another is voice clearly.
Is also very easy to dip up and use.
4 / 5
Quality really well for a prize with some has added characteristic extras like the torch, is easy for girls to use and work in the decent row.
4 / 5
To to My three old year likes. It has been touching with them all a time. They are very good and strong. Has the option of torch that is not súper brilliant, but all of its own for boys. A sound is a lot clear and a row is well. We try it we throughout a house and is doing everywhere. They are perfectly sized to return the hand of my edges and my hand comfortably. More than everything, maintain my boys and the happy husband.
4 / 5
A quality of his and a product is adds. Unfortunately, one of them has turned was for me and after changing the batteries has maintained the still turn was. I have used new duracell would beat so many can does not be missing anything but a product.
4 / 5
Like this impressed for these. His and quality of utmost row. Had so the entertainment that hide of touches and look for with our 2 boys. They want the
4 / 5
This celery really has done well. A quality partorisca a prize is fantastic and a quality of his and vary it far better that has expected.

Really easy to use and a beep in an end of each transmission is really useful also.

The fun toy adds and mine 7 old year is in a moon with them.
4 / 5
The product adds partorisca some boys, easy to use but a start of the his on one has been gone down with which has taken fallen to the equal that could do with being bit it more robust.
5 / 5
Gives navideño perfect for 2 brothers that wants to be spies! Quality of his and the row is a lot well for a prize of this product.
5 / 5
Of confidence and robust.

Some boys love it and maintains him entertained. Surprised by a quality of his and robustness.

The value adds.
5 / 5
Has bought for the 6yr old, his father informed that it was very received and a row is phernominal, a boy could remain in contact with his mother whilst was the mile has answered his horses! Honradamente Thought it so only would be good inside his house and garden.
5 / 5
Has given grandson of 5 years for his anniversary and he loves it. Has the use of good row in a garden and a house and the sound was something on.
I keys are has bitten small and fiddly but adds for little fingers
4 / 5
These are so only perfect for my daughter of 6 years. A row is ENORMOUS!! And very clear. The entertainment adds in a forest or in a beach
5 / 5
My young girls can so only roughly take this legislation with the bit of entrance of adult. Once they have it it has ordered it is an excellent walkie talkie enjoys it touch with.
5 / 5
Very good walkie talkies. His very clear and quality of solid build. We use him to us 4.5 miles averts and calm still can have the conversation. My daughters love so much converses them each one which as another on the all a time, included when in a same room!?
5 / 5
They are the utmost walkie talkie partorisca an easy prize partorisca dip was,the look adds and easy to use any tried in the long distance still,a lot of fact
5 / 5
Petit, the work adds, quality of his very good east better that has expected. When Calm take them was does not look the quality adds but is.
4 / 5
I edges will want to these, in xmas day. Thank you, partorisca fast delivery. The little smaller that has expected, but good.
5 / 5
The pair Adds of walkie talkies. Fun partorisca touch with and easy to use, included partorisca my three old year! Any reason because it calms would not owe that buy these like the present partorisca yours little some.

Service of client very friendly also. We have had a subject with a backside to one of one has contacted him like this one the company and they offered me to us another free cashier of load. It has very appreciated!! :)
5 / 5
Has bought these partorisca converse to my partner (the one who has listens loss) whilst is cruising. It is hard partorisca he partorisca listen me whilst are on coverage and is in a helm and this look partorisca do a trick partorisca the economic way to communicate. They are not very strong, but am conscious has not been feigned partorisca an use employed him to us stops. Calm basically take that paid partorisca, law but is not one the majority of incredible.
5 / 5
Surprised by these. Good quality and his clear. It feels
Like a real
5 / 5
My boys have loved that, is easy to use and small in measure.
I sounds or the voices are clear to listen too much.
5 / 5
Has bought partorisca my grandson of 8 years. It loves it and work to enough the distance, at least the averages the mile was.
4 / 5
Good distance, quality of his well, adds to camp when the boys want to exited in his own. The battery operated but looks the last ages.
4 / 5
Takes these like my edges could communicate with his friends down a street during lockdown. A row on is brilliant, is utmost for hide of touch and look for in a forest also! As it has impressed we can order another together for when we go to camp.

Top Customer Reviews: Fire HD 8 Tablet, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been using my Fire HD 8 More solidly received it of then. Here it is my initial thoughts that will update like this taking partorisca know this better new pill.

Main uses: Kindle reading, the web that explores, streaming Netflix, Disney and First TV+, BBC iplayer

At present own: Fire HD 8 2018, Asus Zenpad 3s 10, Ipad Mini 3

the Better characteristics have compared to a Fire HD 8 2018:

3GB RAM – minimum spec would be 2GB RAM today. One 2018 Fire HD 8 has to that RAM. If you can extend your estimativa, buy a Fire HD 8 More with 3GB like the fact the shot adds test more future and partorisca £20 more, is the real any brainer.

2Ghz quadcore The processor to good sure feels faster that before

USB-C- an of some characteristic better informative. Really it has reduced a risk partorisca break that micro the ports of USB am prone too

Wireless touching – Another characteristic only to a 8 More. The help has wireless touching crew already so that it is not resupplied with this pill. If you do not have any, does not concern , does not take any one a lot esforzo spent he in yours USB-C boss and touches faster also in this way.

Continuous have the Micro SD empty – add partorisca store more books, music or film

Was like first:
Measured - although still 8, the form has changed slightly and is more iPad mini in shape. I think that that a 8 thumb is better involved partorisca measure and qualified partorisca resist with a delivery( useful to read kindle books)
the sound is quite well for something like this small
the screen and the colours remain some same and is well for kindle reading and HD streaming
the life of Battery looks one same like first but will update this late plus.

Fire of amazon YOU – Always the point of debate. I prefer native google but so that utilisation he partorisca, is well and acceptable.

Announce –my version is constant ad . Any a lot of difference of before. They are well with him.

A strong upgrade for one 2018 Fire HD 8. Perfect measure for the consumption of half comunicacionales personal calculates. A Fire HD 8 More is the best upgrade because of a 3GB of RAM. Low RAM is one of some things that pills of telephones/to cause to retard down on some years. If has has the habit of pills of Amazon and Shoot you, this has to that be one of a better value for pills of money around.

Update 1: A screen has a same resolution like this first and some minimum coffins for the screen this measure but is more brilliant that an older version. The colours can not compare to a screen of SMELL in this saturation and contrast is poorer. The processor is to good sure faster but a FB causes of application lag and I any recommended installing it. This in spite of compared to the mine Pixel3 telephone, a FireHD 8 More is not like this smooth or fast but a Pixel3 has had one of some faster processors in fact the year. I announce the model the date of support there is a bit to to same ads like to last model and no more intrusive that before. The life of battery is well. A chance for a pill has changed slightly and does not return my old chance.

Life of the update of 2 battery is certainly very good. Ossia With adaptive brightness on. The web that explores to use a Browser of Silk could be bit it smoother.

Update 3: it would owe that there is it stressed that a New Fire HD More ( and a no-more) has the different shaped screen. It is shorter and wider and in way of portrait that is which the usually the resist, I measures it to be 8 thumbs (h) x 5.4 thumbs (w). An old version was main and more tightened in 8.4 thumbs(h)x 5 thumbs(w). Basically it has a proportion of appearance that is now more afterwards to a ipad mini. It does to resist he in way of portrait and reading the books the easy plus. Looking film in landscape, there is the thin bar in an upper and the fence slightly fatter in a fund. Downside: I am taking it it bit it airado for a stutter when using a browser of silk! All more like streaming and kindle is very good. Perhaps the future update will spend the smallest improvements.

Please take the second to paste an useful key. It does to write these descriptions and constantly updating them interesting. Thank you.
4 / 5
Has has RECEIVED only mine All- the Fire of New Amazon 8hd pill besides and chance. Prpers Having possessed a forward 2018 8' version and whenever it compressed he of Amazon of then 2012 this 2020 version is my fourth pill would owe that be alot better because of a faster processor newer, a main ram and memory and also having wireless touching comprised to. It is also slightly smaller also because of a bezels the be reduced in thickness in this new model like this a lot another 3 rd celebrates screen and protective case protectors VERY RETURNED of leading Fire 8' generations! (Depending like resisting a besides new pill for example yes calm resist it horizontally long ways a height is one same like the oldest versions but a real width is smaller in period that some pills of leading generation.) The UPDATE DOES not COMPRISE REASON the AMAZON is DIPPING THE SAME DESCRIPTIONS ON HERE FOR Both LEVELS ALL-NEW FIRE 8' PILL And The MORE SLIGHTLY the VERSION more has WANTED TO ALL in the same DESCRIPTIONS?! I am not SAYING THERE there is ALOT OF DIFFERENCE AMONG BOTH MODELS For this The £ DIFFERENCE of PRIZE. THIS In spite of The VERSION further of this HAS HAS WIRELESS TOUCHING CAPABAILITY. A FAST plus that the TOUCHES COVERS it And 1 EXTRA RAM MORE has COMPRISED. SURELY THESE 2 DIFFERENT MODELS OWE THAT Have THERE POSSESS SEPERATE LISTINGS of DESCRIPTION?!!
4 / 5
Has received so only this - specifically one 2020 model. Has one 2019(?) Fire of amazon HD10 - which has been well for my purposes (clash of clan). An old plus hd8 (and hd7) was also puny. So much, a hd8plus is an exact still likes HD10 - 3GB RAM and USB-C. A device wont win prize for beauty - a thickness bezel is dipped slightly, but he a work (assuming is happy with a system of echo of the Amazon).

Has taken the pocolos small to take it has begun/registered and download my first few applications.

3GB RAM Is an absolute minimum for the reasonable experience. I can use he for video or other applications, but 3GB is better that 2GB, and no like this well like 4GB! (A more RAM means application changing is smoother, and do not delay annoying).

Loves the speed-the trader the Apple was rival, Samsung, and another, look elsewhere - and expect paid more.

Thinks a prize-the point of a device is slightly too big - I daresay the amazon easily discounts 25-35 in available time, and the desire could have expected that long.

So much, sound the 'gone anywhere' device, and his quite economic that yes takes stray or broken, his no the question.

Are sure another will find extreme failure with him. Have ipads And other pills of costruttore - and have several pros/gilipollas (usually sides, or lack of updates). [The amazon has been perfect in my devices for updates; each one another vendor of bad extracted pill or diverse].

Some ads of annoying house of screen, is annoying, but, entertaining. It likes I of the one who alcohol that.

He, can install a google tent of game, but think attentively first to do. (The sound disturbs it when suddenly it fails, and owe tools to use to reestablish, or the figure was the one who is in failure - google or amazon).

Like me have the variety of measures (Amazon HD10 vs HD8); perhaps a day will choose on the '7' if his upgrade a RAM and quell'USB-C.

Podes Any Never have too many compressed - a for each room, or each application, or each visitatore in a house, or the heaven forbidden, he pandemic the pauses was and is closed house for 3-9 month. (Excuses, but concealed could any never spend). :-)
4 / 5
Was excited like this to take this new version of a kindle fire. My main purpose for him was to look in of the recipes in my cookery, which store in mine google walk. Unfortunately every time I have tried it opens one of my recipes, a google the application of walk has clashed. To take the on-line fast look, has found that ossia the common question . It looks that the amazon does not sustain google docs so much has has had to that unfortunately return this. Very sad!!!
5 / 5
Action of pill and feel well. It would read a lot it revises to warn king absence of applications of Google, but also that has had the method to install. This in spite of, the amazon has take a capacity of the do in this version. Now I have the pill that is so only half useful. It would owe that it has bought it an Android still the basic one would have been better. There is disappointed extremely. MODIFICATION: service of the client of the Amazon contacted and has been able to return, the service adds and easy turn - would have added 2 stars.
4 / 5
This description is for a new fire HD 8 pill. When I have ordered this device has had big expectations.
On has arrived a container was a lot of and a device is coming with the mini booklet and the upload, USB with discharges of wall.

A device is not the bad measure, slightly fatter that has thought but still very bad. Has a white device that good looks. One first what there is remarked was a screen, he almost the look has the film there is it to him stuck to to him the he. I have seated there for the pocolos small that tries tomarprpers was until there is @@give concealed is so only like a screen is!

Súper Simple, annoyingly tries to take subscribe to all the classes when dipping on a device , has had at least 3 different things have wanted me to subscribe too much!!

A way uses a device is quite simple and intuitive. A screen is good but no fantastic! It is HD but perhaps is a colour brightness or something concealed does not give it a wow factor! A navigation and uploading is also the little laggy and jerky.

A sound is surprisingly good and looks it there is stereo speakers.
A camera is the disappointing! But has 2 the front and behind. A Tent of Application a lot of useful applications that is handy.

In general, the good device so that it has paid. If it do not expect quality of iPad of the Apple then will be well and will be happy with him, after all is so only £89!! As you are taking to plot!
4 / 5
MODIFY: it results to leave the bad description is a way to take amazon to fix material!! They have ordered finally Disney more and other applications to do in profile of boys like this better(does not comprise reason has not been to like that first) still can not take first video but all another streaming the services so many better

A lot like this yes is buying this to use a profile of adults supposes that it is a lot enough. But I have purchased this specifically reason has the profile of the boys where can choose that takes. In the first place, Disney more so only can be used in a profile of the adult like my boys can does not look in his. Although this has taken SEVEN SERVICE of client reps the finally take said this. Also, you would think if the payment in the first place video could use it, but no, your boys so only can look first video has paid ANOTHER £2 the month on the this. Like this more money to use something I already pays stops? Any thank you. I have had an old plus, roughly 2015 model where a profile of boys was basically one same to the equal that of the adults but with the contained has limited. If there has been known that that would be like this would not have bought it never
4 / 5
to the lovely pill Adds. It feels very built and refined in a creation has compared to a Fire HD 8 2018 I has had.

I really like an inclusion of Type of USB-C to touch.

For all the services of half comunicacionales social main (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) he the good work, as with messaging services.

The device adds for video streaming and downloading. Also it took it microSD to download material also.

Has bought this device to revise in a Travesía of Technology Geeks. Has has released already the video of a unboxing experience in a Travesía of Technology Geeks Canal of Youtube.
5 / 5
Is four years have bought of mine second generation 8Fire of the thumb compressed and my experience with this will paint this description of a Fire a late plus HD8 More. It is early days , in fact 24hours so only have received of a newbie. Please be sweet ...
First impressions? It is the different form . It looks more square that oblong, but a screen is a rectangle of same portrait . That? An upper bezel used to be wider to accommodate a selfie lentil of camera. A cam has moved now to a centre of a left bezel, giving an equal bezel in the each side of a screen. Any biggie! Brightness Looks better. The response to touch is slightly faster thanks to the bending of RAM of old 1.5 again 3 gb in this model besides. Frankly, ossia a main reason to buy a version besides. Other versions have so only 2 gb RAM.
Dips up? A bit the mixed data would have to that be able to transfer settings and applications of pill of mine of leading Fire. So only 50 car apresamiento-installed, how is remained to download applications of a Tent of Amazon and bugger roughly with signals. Applications of the fire is not out of a Tent of Game of the Android: they are out of some Applications of the dark place of Amazon has called. To be just, Applications of law of Amazon well, but his row and the variety is less/less than would have to that be a chance. Any Ebay application. Any application of maps of the Google, for example. It has done the fall of Amazon was with Ebay? Have EBAY In my leading Fire, but is not in some Applications of tent of Amazon now.
This memory to mention these pills of Shoot' the main purpose in life is to sell and content of Amazon of the game - Kindle reading, First Films, First Music. So much, there is the built in biasing in favour of these sources of content and hostility to some another. Netflix bucks A tendency and has is application in a tent of Applications of the Amazon, but will require to subscribe. Another film streamers is not like this lucky. You can try access his street a Silk of browser of the web, but controls in fact game in this device. MUBI Films no, for example.
Touching is faster using some adapter of the hands resupplied and goodnesses. There is an induction uploads available for separate, but here in Skinflint the corner so only a essentials. Alexa Is comprised likes of break to the service of the robot and she still has the way of landscape that the claim of Amazon mean can see material by means of the room. They do not say that room of measure, but to the left is any be churlish. If has a technology Alexa dim some lights to demand and probably draw some curtains, but to the left is not to take personal.
Can not comment in gaming capacity like this like this drugs a lot him.
The value for money remains exceptional by means of a Fire 8 row. Accessories like chances and pouches less like this, unless you look external Amazon . Calm can not take like this compressed for orders like this modest he anywhere more to my knowledge. A 8format of thumb is the good engaged among a slightly small, slower 7inch and hand-the accident that induces 10models of thumb. If so only some applications were more numerous would be it five stars and the cigarette: but an upper four is not bad.
5 / 5
Has purchased this all new fire hd pill for my younger daughter. Always active has possessed devices of the apple really has known no that to expect, as decided to touch around with him. The prize has touched the big part in this compraventa and honradamente can says was the money is very displaced.

Is a pill incredibly abordable of good quality; the quality of picture is clear, the sound is quite sufficient and is very smooth when navigating around. Some applications of cariche of the device reasonably quickly and works well when fines tasking. It has not expected such the screen of upper final.

Has plots to maintain you entertained, mainly tethered to the applications of the amazon, and tonnes to content to choose of: books, video, applications & of games, compraventas, music, audible, informative, browser of internet, emails of control and more. A camera is not that bad neither. Alexa Does really a lot of (sees the video has uploaded)

love a fact that can develop you a space of storage. I have purchased the 128gb micro sd paper as I do not owe that me worry now for the good while. I am impressed really for a life of strong battery. A claim is until 12 hours, although it concealed depends in that calm uses it. A first day after the full load am spent the hours and the hours that touch around with him and has been surprised to still see that has had more than the sufficient battery has left.

In general really pleased with a pill, adds for girls and of the adults equally. It is of entity to remark that this device is not the fashion of substitution of the laptop of pill likes surface of Microsoft and Apple Ipad. For a prize has paid, has not expected this characteristic of productivity.
5 / 5
Caveats Of course is one same to like all the Pills of Fire of the Amazon - has any Game of Google, as unless something is in the applications of the amazon, can not install he without ideloading'. Any WhatsApp, partorisca judges of start, or Google docs etc.

But has required this partorisca Zoom conferencing (in fact, fitness of joint) and partorisca east is is brilliant. The screen is big and enough that shines (was for alfresco), the hard battery long enough, and is still quite economic.

Also very still BBC iPlayer, comprising downloading to the big SD paper. As you can upload up and film of clock and programs of off-line TV. And of course, there is own contained Amazon.

Some speakers are that it would expect for one 8' pill - precise listened well to use them. But has the headphone socket, and Bluetooth so much can use wireless earbuds.

Feels responsive and is ideal for a headlined uses - 'portable entertainment'. One 1' increase of screen in some 7' frames some difference, but a real difference is in a quality of all - the processor, memory etc, does not feel sluggish at all.

Pill perfect cockroach for Zoom, iPlayer and First contained Amazon.
5 / 5
Thinks that this pill are add, been using it today and have any subject with him at all. I add for streaming and touching games that is all aiming to do in all the chance, is not trying to be the substitution for your laptop. It recommends this Pill for any the one who only loves decent pill to look games of game of the video the little bit of the web that explores , reading and to to the material likes concealed. To the amazon Does a lot of
5 / 5
With any upgraded to to product likes to see the big improvements, some updates to a Fire HD8 the more is more smaller but have the big impact on use. An extra action of Ram this pill far more snappy and faster that leading versions that used to lag. Navigating Among the screens is súper fast and smooth!

Those that are by train to ask the one who a special offer' the option means for the take bit it more economic, well ossia effectively 'with ads' A screen of house will have one announcing for diverse, usually to the amazon has has based produced. Has not founding this to be I too annoying or intruder and has given the reception to a saving.

Would have been it noice to having seen an improvement to a creation and especially a camera that is still so only 2mb and no the well. This is the little fussy, like this to the pill is still value adds.

When Bought with one wireless uploads then this will bend a pill up like the device of type of the show that are adds to show photo, informative and time etc. This really adds an use that takes of a product and negates a need for him standalone screen / of speaker.

An audio in this pill is also surprisingly well, strong, rich and full for such the small device.

@In rodeo - I of legustado to having seen more updates / of the improvements but ossia still value really good!
5 / 5
Has possessed everything of some pills of fire and a hd10 is in a model is a lot of fact and some starts of car of way to show when using yours uploads wireless more economic own. USB c Is the good touch but a screen the think for a money is poor. His dim and no good to use. The video is GOOD and no his bad (tinny) but his 20 crux overpriced goes says?
Am returning to mine likes the mine 5 Yr old tab s2 8 thumbs still was extracted in the each way to the equal that would say so only buy the 2nd hand-held device with better spec.
Touches the economic echo a lot alternative of show but another the concealed or to the pill of girls would recommend while his to go on sale)?
5 / 5
Extremely pleased with my Fire HD pill besides. Reading some professional descriptions in the speed of processor had presented the pocola precaution and was a main reason to go for one 3 GB RAM HD More. My main use will be like the device to read, in that has gone disappointed with a regulate kindles in a past (absence by heart, purpose so only etc) and that loves the device that would be until showing images of doctors textbooks and also offer some use of video. He everything of these a lot well.

The He gamer has has loved it gaming car, is obviously in a wrong page that looks in this car but runs the game of test of Minecraft to interact with girls so only well, that surprised for a low prize. Any noticeable lag on launching BBC iplayer, Disney more, Amazon first Video.

For a function to read, inner a 8 frame of thumb, books of text of the colour and has included the magazines do well. Resolution of the totally satisfactory image and depth by heart well. Experience of the external reading in brilliant light has been well.

Life of excellent battery with mixed, any one heavy, the use that last 5 days.

There is amply available expert commentary in the side that uploads a tent of Application of full Android (eg looks for a Verge, 'As to take applications of Google in a pill of Fire of the Amazon'). This wasnt critical for me but has very tried satisfactory. I wasnt expected to take Google Docs or the walk that goes but these do well.

Like this in general brilliant value and a lot useful. I choose one £10 discount for a constant advertising, that knows that it can buy you your way out of this if it is an inconvenience . One static add shows in a screen to close which hasnt been a subject for me at all.
5 / 5
Has arrived this morning and like this far like this well, the a lot of solid all the action of round screen , well, decent speakers and enough quickly, this extra ram is noticeable.

Are not the gamer to the equal that can any one really commentary in this front but very pleased after the day to explore and having the round of the game and the life of battery looks a lot of that says in a box gives or take.

Extra RAM, The more upload and more storage, would say his value for low money £150 especially is in the program of to Amazon like him.

Five stars of me.
4 / 5
Honradamente Love this pill, a picture is absolutely spectacular, like this easy to manoeuvre, the life of battery is brilliant, is at present be on 2 days with me using it this in spite of in 35....Ossia A 2nd pill of the amazon has bought in spatial of 2 weeks, one for me and My daughter, absolutely brilliant, highly recommended
5 / 5
My initial reaction was favorecedora. An application of Telegraph there is prendido to do in March because it has been modified to require the latest version to Shoot you, and has been pleased to see now is that he again in this model.
This in spite of, my Evening of Manchester Informative application, so that I pay the monthly byline, is unavailable thus model.
My Continuazione of Office Pro there is prendido to do he almost done two years and now works in this model. But I can it does not use reason can not transfer files among this model and my laptop. When I Connect a two, some launches of Browsers of laptop of Windows ( has no upgraded the Windows 10) and aims it has recognised a Fire. But when I click a bit triangle for the develop, all this raisin is that a triangle disappears and says there is not any element. If I try to copy to file of a laptop to a Fire, has said that a Fire has been changed was or has been disconnected.
Need like this still to maintain my old one and clave with a quite clunky continuazione of waste this is coming with him.
Update 24/06/20...
After the a lot of hours that converged on-line to multiple representatives and included when be sent the substitution when it has been supposed a Fire had received was faulty, has had finally the call of telephone that say like this to take a connection of USB to my PC to do. All has required was to access the screen of Settings (which has not been visible unless a device has been connected to my PC saw USB!) And change the setting of simple transmission.
One the fault of an application of the MEN the work has been spent to some developers of Mirror of Trinity.
Have Consistently upgraded my description of 3 stars to 4. It would have been 5 if this transmission of USB there was state dipped on for incumplimiento or if like this representatives of service of the client there was not unaware state of his existence.
5 / 5
In that had it four Kindles, is evident enjoys it some characteristic of this device. This Fire offers the screen the big but no uncomfortable plus to palmera. An exposure is crisp, clear and a brightness can be easily regulated and global functionality is well. A life of the battery is not demanding and after the rests of use of the day in the reasonable percentage without one immediate load. My only critique of this model is a placing of a control of volume and keys to be able to. These are all a same colour , black, is too close up joints that it cause accidentel touching of a key to be able to when a key of volume is a feigned aim which changes a Fire was! Besides, a place of these also cause the volume accidentel that shouted or goes down it of then invariably ossia where situate your indication of toe in palming and gripping a device. Of then at all in the life is perfect, the supposition has to that take his use. This in spite of, this can be the consideration to draw for any future models.
5 / 5
Reason has left to be me sucked to buy another kindle does not know . There always it looks to be a subject with them. East times a minecraft the update has not done and a response is always to reset of factory that means some girls lose all his toil in of the games. We have had it kindle of 2 paralización of years to do entirely and another in fact the year done;t laws properly and now this late plus and I more adds is causing the subjects and had he less than the month. You so only a lot never look to do properly like this wants to store anything he in his calm mark takes does not want to save (e.g. minecraft Worlds). I will be to look to the Transmission of Nintendo in future - more control in his activities (reasons to listen the music or game minecraft require the normal login no the boys a). The prize added is whilst is more money upfront, On 2 years will be better era! A thoroughly disappointing experience of amazon still again but the suppositions is quite economic and takings which pays stops.
4 / 5
A lot of value partorisca money all want to is partorisca explore FB, has read the books take your email, twitter and seal of messenger .. But I have wanted to it has/ wanted to it to it partorisca be able to do the one who my old Fire 7' could do.. Game Moxie (no longer sustained) explore ebay (the no longer sustained application ) - so much although his battery is better, his processor is faster ( ..A bit) it can be load wirelessly and his slightly main .. His taken it backward a lot elsewhere in actively barring some generally available applications .. It looks the slightly childish thing partorisca do Amazon ?
4 / 5
Pre-Has ordered this new kindle partorisca substitute mine 2012 second generation kindle. It has been rid a day of emission. This kindle is to the fastest plot that my older version , a life of battery has improved vastly and a screen is more brilliant.

So much has read far reserves which there is synced of an old plus kindle the this version, used it partorisca explore an internet and has looked films / series in a netflix, Disney more and virgin applications.

Has been partorisca black by heart in 32gb with special offers, although please be warned of you has not possessed it kindle before this basically means that you go partorisca receive to pill that has advertising in lockscreen. You can buy without special offers partorisca the small but more.

Are very happy with this pill and bought with a protective screen and a coverage that the amazon recommends.
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize, ossia reasonable. Looking Youtube or Netflix is totally well ... And probably the one who this was drawn mainly stops. Ossia Probably an USB of better android-C pill can buy today in this point of prize.

A question is that ossia absolutely packed full of Amazon bloatware and can not install some applications of irons of normal android in your telephone. Calm in the first place will require partorisca spend an hour or like this fiddling roughly partorisca take everything of some applications of Amazon and take all has retreated the normal (i.et. Installing Tent of Game of the Google and all a Google usual to to the applications like to them Youtube/of Youtube, photos of Google etc, that substitutes a launcher of Amazon with something eats New Launch or Lawnchair) and so only then can install your applications. Included it calms then it is still slightly hamstrung compared to the normal pill - p. p.ej. Any breaking-screen (which is the ENORMOUS ache partorisca to pill).

But partorisca a prize and once an Amazon bloatware has gone and can install normal applications, a pill is well: reasonable action but a bit sluggish partorisca to to the things likes them to them-him him maps of Google and some web pages.
5 / 5
Mine seen has to that be qualified reason are 94 as no like this mentally agile like presents younger, but that I can see to the readiest plot. This device has more bells and whistles that the clown of circus and in the terms of ergonomics requires a cost of the freest attention that is warranted partorisca the device that saves work (buying the book). Prpers Having said that, alleges partorisca be offering the lovely services the people those who require joint, ossia an insidious threat of a web that would have to be regulated
4 / 5
Absolutely wanted with a compraventa. It is not a better pill in a phase and neither is that it goes to be for a prize. I am using a pill like him streaming device while doing of house. Has access to all some applications could require and work perfectly with them. The life of battery is brilliant, was able to touch youtube video and Spotify while doing all day without a need to touch (life of the battery so only reduced for 50) This pill would be adapted more to streaming, exploring an internet, the office and work of half comunicacionales social likes him word and Excel.
4 / 5
Has purchased 2 hd8+, law so that it has feigned.

A worthy upgrade of a hd8 - 8th gene.

Is speedy games of inaugural/application.
The life of battery is perfect (for now like this new) - has had to that around 8-9 hours with intense use of utube & Roblox.

A subject with a screen timeout is still in this version. (firmware). Still any option to dip screen timeout in a profile of boys.
4 / 5
Has used to have to that 7 thumb (4th gene?) It compressed to shoot then changed to Samsung still bit it. Now they are behind to Amazon how is looked the shot well for a late plus 8 tab of thumb. A bit those that thoughts:
+ Feels robust, is fast and the screen is well, an Amazon is vastly improved of an old one and third applications of party receive fixed much faster, together-up was the easiest thing in a world. Also I Like turned to of a show of Amazon when you dipped it on the wireless load.
- Does not feel like this first like the metal and glass Samsung Tab. The extra accessories are too many expensive on £120 pill. An application of Youtube/of Youtube dims with which 30 seconds owe that way that has had to that regulate my settings to maintain screen on for 30 minutes unless it has closed.

In general recommended yes is subscribed to the amazon is not never that grows services of loans.
5 / 5
Was súper excited to receive this Fire 8 as at present I have an old Fire 6. And he no dissapoint, has bought a plum a together with a offical husband of the amazon and he looked utmost. Perfect measure for me and no like this bulky like forward some.
Was a lot of responsive and in general can not say anything bad in of the this.
This in spite of this has not been to return to use mine. In the first place he no sync and transfer my fire 6 to shoot 8. Secondly Any of mine google the documents can be used and will not open mine old plus Netgalley documents.
This was the subject real for me because it was a main reason bought it.
5 / 5
Has to that say that I am disappointed with this later iteration of a kindle fire 8. I have had the little kindle pills to shoot on some years and frankly an old plus some have to seat and better treaty likes him has to that have the number of committed has done to spend in in the point of low prize. I appreciate ossia the offering of estimativa but still with that in action of the view is a lot of sluggish. Even more disheartening is a battery. It takes an eternity to touch and once finally powered on exhausts quickly such that would be you lucky to take more than the little use of hours out of him.
5 / 5
Can not find anything to disturb in this kindle. I have had it kindle compressed in fact a lot of years and was gutted recently when have run over accidentally a a had had for like this long. I have ordered immediately the new a. Dipping he until my account was easy and, down & behold, the mine had has purchased reservation, applications, music, all has thought at the beginning has been gone for ever. Even Photo and the video had taken years before it was there for me to see. They are toying with an idea of the kindle white of paper to the equal that thinks that that they are the lighter of has bitten to resist but in a moment are very happy
5 / 5
I have received mine 8 More HD in that had it the Nexus 7 partorisca roughly 6 years. It is very strongly the amazon has based likes to be poised partorisca live with his same products without special offers. My bear of main bug is that it notifies partorisca press a lot fully does on all the applications i.et Messenger of Facebook, Informative BBC, Instagram. Work of notification of only email. I have spoken to 4 consultores of Amazon and can any fixed . When I have asked if this was the common complaint and the subject of compatibility, was 'disconnected'! Now I actuate read several forums looks notifications of presses not doing is the common question with pills of Fire. Also a source/of text and quality of icon of the application is not HD. I have bought one 8 More HD without special offers partorisca £150 expecting it partorisca be fully functional but is not . While the amazon issues an update with fixing he partorisca these questions.
5 / 5
Absolutely in a moon with this pill! Crisp Claro in all the considerations, a lot responsive in everything is instrumented partorisca do, solid and his, and the perfect measure partorisca purpose, light also. Further, and like this for, it has arrived promptly and has been boxed with usual Amazon outstandingly orderly precision. Thank you, Amazon, once again! 👍🙏
4 / 5
Has an old fire 8hd,the battery that spends out of
To the equal that have decided to buy a new 2020 8hd.
Very disappointing is slower down uploading,neither can take touched of of unwanted icons on page of house. Also it was partorisca comprise that he automatically
down upload all my data of my old pill,he no.
And-mailed Amazon of questions,2 weeks later still while, mine of looks
that once buys could not concern less.
5 / 5
Has one 7th gene HD 8, one 9th gene HD 10 and this 10th gene HD 8 More. A new HD 8 More is faster and more responsive that my old plus HD 8 and prefers a new form that it is a lot one same like iPad that shines mini. In general ossia the very good pill although in future would like me see the option of pill of the Fire with the screen of SMELL of big resolution and 4GB of RAM so that felizmente would pay an extra £50.
A capacity to add the paper means that a 32GB the storage is to spare partorisca my needs. Has the wireless to upload for my iPhone and work well with this HD 8 more although it is not like this quickly likes to upload east comes with a pill.
5 / 5
Has bitten Disappointed really. Has think that bought the new improved Kindle the fire but is a lot last to find any improvements.
Is smaller (obviously) that a 10version of thumb and lighter, but more uncomfortable that manage. It looks partorisca have the life of the his own also. With 64gb has been expecting something special in mine old 32gb but there is still partorisca find anything needs to invest in the Samsung (or perhaps any one!)
4 / 5
Ossia Presents he in me in mine remove slope. I am pleased like this that has done a right election. It is easy to use and his add having the camera again. I can not go the technicalities so I am no expert, but would not be without him and I am so only state using he partorisca just to the long of the week. A life of battery is sum and load quickly. Still I am discovering the things but I am really having entertainment and enjoying my compraventa new.
5 / 5
Are the proud owner of a Fire an old plus HD 10 Pill... That that could add has bought partorisca around £105 this time last year. Now it finds that the model does not exist anymore and neither can have this stuttery down-produced of quality partorisca £20 less or spend £150 partorisca a new HD 10.

No only is this model this small plus, but neither extracted well. It is not that touches the terrible product, but is the macizo downgrade in report partorisca price. If it was the smallest version of an old HD 10 (which is which has been expecting) would be with a money, but is not . An error of boot in a beginning a lot exactly win me on neither.

Am returning this and taking the refurbished Samsung Tab of Galaxy And partorisca £70.
4 / 5
Is the good device , but not treating an of a task so that it has been sold, “So only ask Alexa”, was in the support asks 4 hrs , agent of the support has not been able to imagine out of a subject, asked the reboot a tabled approx 15 times, agreed of 1998 when I have used to closure and restart while my pc hanged, Custoner need to sustain to pull on socks , the mandate of substitution has been opened, but the annulled. It will look for to imagine out of a question will update this description with which on how has been.

Update: it has Had to that create the new account to do Alexa laws, cant uses mine in existent byline of first video, something is wrecked on side of software , will pursue Amazon aggressively to take the orderly account so that any payment for services for multiple account.
5 / 5
Has bought to substitute a pill of Fire of old model. Very pleased. Easy to dip up and link with my point of echo. Really it likes that of calm now can maintain video of look whist surfing other places. Happy that is upgraded to an USB C type uploads.

Wish some accessories were more abordables, or that there has been offered to buy other products of amazon for the special prize when buying a same time like the pill.
4 / 5
Picture and his utmost when streaming and a pill is so only a right measure, take First video,Netflix and Disney+ any question so only does sure when ordering the chance for him takes a 2020 10th generation to the version likes the measure is different of of forward with all the pills of amazon wishes them so only would leave google and google playstore on averts them of this pill adds for streaming of some applications have mentioned!
4 / 5
I have bought this pill like his small plus that my another and although quite big to see everything in a screen and this the majority of portable fact and can return in the stock exchange easily too much with the very good battery life and when being easy cruise it and a lot especially value for money too
5 / 5
Excellent ossia all says and more. It is easy to use and place up. Also it resists everything of a music has purchased on amazon to the equal that can dip on punctual of game to listen any time. I owe that say very impressed with this product and would recommend it.
4 / 5
Ossia Another adds little pill. It looks well, it is quickly and responsive, and has the fantastic HD screen. But it is point besides main is his value for money - absolutely glorious! It would not doubt to recommend this new kindle - really the like.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine 5 edges of year. It is comfortable to resist and no too brilliant. It touches the game Roblox on he mostly all a time and is utmost. Easy to resist and hanged light. A battery is decent. Also chargers quickly in compa the others pills of estimativa.
A lot happy
4 / 5
Loves that. It does not expect it to do the one who a pill of android will do yes calm @to give you that is buying does not think you will be disappointed. I love a fact is also show of Amazon. Falling on another is the goodness adds . Life of battery a lot a lot of
5 / 5
has bought this to substitute a Kindle has bought in 2013. It is like this easy to use although it has taken the pair of days to regulate!
Has surprised that easy was to transfer my account of one to another. Really happy, thank you.
4 / 5
Ossia Really lovely and easy to use, my only negative point is some advertisings , when that tries to read a paper so only can see the neighbourhood of a screen to the equal that embezzle is taken up with one announcing a lot of frustrating and annoying
can purchase without some advertisings the suggest you
5 / 5
find that a screen is not easy to read in strong light. Some jumps of screen roughly without any instruction, which can be a lot disappointing when that tries to read something. Some the extra eases with this model are useful, but is used mainly to read Kindle books, prefer a leading model.
4 / 5
Has bought initially this has so it has loved it kindle to read when it was & roughly, but has has wanted to something estimate for money that has done another material. Ossia Certainly that! I can handwrite note in of the applications, material of clock, use Alexa etc. For something has not thought would use a lot, has to no for the dipped down! It is quite quickly, use of good & exposure he more than mine telephone tbh!
5 / 5
The product adds to use and place on, beautiful exposure, the connectivity adds with Wi-Fi and bluetooth 😀.My only complaint is that it is dipped until produced of Amazon of the exposure in a lot of pages more than just having all some applications there to use and can use, his r in already expensive. So only they would owe that have some applications have closed his in a first page of exposure in place of having 3 pages of products of Amazon, cuz of a prize has expected to the pill could dip on 4 my personal use(pages like the telephone) with a lock of applications of the Amazon in.