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1 first ENACFIRE Wireless Headphones, Future Bluetooth Headphones 18H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound 15-20m Bluetooth Range V5.0 True Wireless Earphones Earbuds With Mic, Elegant Portable Charging Case ENACFIRE Wireless Headphones, Future Bluetooth Headphones 18H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound 15-20m Bluetooth Range V5.0 True Wireless Earphones Earbuds With Mic, Elegant Portable Charging Case ENACFIRE
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2 Apple Airpods with Charging Case (latest Model) Apple Airpods with Charging Case (latest Model) Apple
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3 best Anker SoundCore mini, Bluetooth Speaker, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone Anker SoundCore mini, Bluetooth Speaker, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone Anker
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4 Anker Wireless Headphones, Upgraded SoundBuds Slim Workout Headphones Magnetic In-Ear Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0, 10-Hour Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof for Workouts, Running, Swimming, Gym, Work, Home Anker Wireless Headphones, Upgraded SoundBuds Slim Workout Headphones Magnetic In-Ear Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0, 10-Hour Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof for Workouts, Running, Swimming, Gym, Work, Home Soundcore
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5 Syncwire Aux Cable 3.5mm Audio Cable -3.3ft/1M- Nylon Braided Aux Lead for Car, Headphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, MP3 Player, Smartphone, Echo Dot, Tablet, Home Stereos, Laptop and More - Black Syncwire Aux Cable 3.5mm Audio Cable -3.3ft/1M- Nylon Braided Aux Lead for Car, Headphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, MP3 Player, Smartphone, Echo Dot, Tablet, Home Stereos, Laptop and More - Black Syncwire
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6 ENACFIRE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones, Future Plus Bluetooth Headphones 104H Playtime Stable Connection HiFi Sound Quality IPX8 Waterproof Wireless Earphones With Mic, 2600mAh Charging Case ENACFIRE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones, Future Plus Bluetooth Headphones 104H Playtime Stable Connection HiFi Sound Quality IPX8 Waterproof Wireless Earphones With Mic, 2600mAh Charging Case ENACFIRE
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7 Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with 10W Limited Output, Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66-foot Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung, and More Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with 10W Limited Output, Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66-foot Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung, and More Anker
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8 ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones 15H Playtime 3D Stereo Sound True Wireless Earphones Earbuds with Mic Grey ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones 15H Playtime 3D Stereo Sound True Wireless Earphones Earbuds with Mic Grey ENACFIRE
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9 Betron B25 Noise Isolating in Ear Canal Headphones Earphones with Pure Sound and Powerful Bass for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Smartphones and Tablets (Without Microphone and Remote) Betron B25 Noise Isolating in Ear Canal Headphones Earphones with Pure Sound and Powerful Bass for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Smartphones and Tablets (Without Microphone and Remote) Betron
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10 Anker [Upgraded] SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5, BassUp, IPX7 Waterproof, 24-Hour Playtime, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Speaker for Home, Outdoors, Travel Anker [Upgraded] SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5, BassUp, IPX7 Waterproof, 24-Hour Playtime, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Speaker for Home, Outdoors, Travel Anker
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Top Customer Reviews: ENACFIRE Wireless Headphones, Future Bluetooth Headphones 18H ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
The cost verified virtually at all partorisca disturb in a ENACFIRE 'Future' Some Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. There is little partorisca his action of touch-wise in this level of price. Some materials of the quality & of the build has used is self evident. Highly recommended.

Has given 5-stars in the each one of some 3 categories more than entities partorisca earbuds & auricular.

A ENACFIRE earbuds is ultra simple to use and a quality of his east roughly like this perfect as has has not listened never. I used him with my iPhone 7, iPads 3 & 8 and a Touch of iPod and a quality of the his same exudes of the each device. A balance of the his (sinister versus right) is point and averts so it is a quality of his global.

A unit of base in that a earbuds the chairs is partorisca upload he in his own right and contains the respectably big rechargeable Lithion-battery of ion, which perhaps touched of any source partorisca be able to of the USB. A earbuds, once inserted to a base begins partorisca touch his battery of own and small miniature LEDs in a unit of base follows his state of load. A earbuds can be recharged long without a unit of base he when being recharged. There is, this in spite of, a curious fact regarding a system partorisca change. When A unit of base is touched, a earbuds is not when the be has touched. Both units of base and earbuds can not be touched simultaneously. A small point but possibly one of entity a. This in spite of, a unit of base touches quite quickly and a earbuds uploads less still still time. It is declared in a specification that with a unit to base fully touched, a earbuds can remain active (with has repeated touch) stops until 18 hours. I have not tried this claim but I create it to be attentive.

A ENACFIRE 'Future' Some Wireless Earbuds is the significant upgrade to the his predecessor.
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified My experience with these earphones and Enacfire like the company has been fantastic.

Has been presented the Enacfire with which have been given a E18s like the present, I never listened of a first company, but a earphones has touched fantastic. My together has begun partorisca develop some subjects of connectivities (right earbud falling was) this in spite of like this I emailed his directly.

His service of the client especially is for real brilliant- after informing of a failure has answered mine inside hours, has asked the few questions that relates my subject and envoy out of the substitution a next day, any fuss. Have had included my service of own consecrated client contacts the one who has treated my subject and sent an update when a delivery of substitution was in his way.

Has experienced everything of a Enacfire for real wireless (TWS) earbuds and any one dips have like this disappointed far in of the terms of qualities of sound.
A clarity of a mid and diverse lower (especially a mids) is the clear crystal (tries some 8D audio on Youtube to try). A zone where a the Future model never is like this slightly that lacking of of the east a volume. In the side for comparison lateralmente with my E19s that use a same clue in a level of same volume, a Future is was the tad calmer- no for a lot, but enough to have an impact in a soundstage (the feeling of acoustic spatial/width when listening to the clue) when comparing to a E19s. So only to reassure a lot of- I surgery this with Enacfire and inform me that this model is slightly calmer that his predecessors and is normal (although they have not said reason this was - would be interest to know if any one has had more this volume to differ experience when comparing with another Enacfire give form!)

A Future earbuds feel very comfortable in an ear, but is slightly main that give leading form- very so much that it is a subject , but can feel a difference in comparison to a E19s.

A zone where a Enacfire the resplandor of the future is that stable a Bluetooth the connection is. So when pairing with my telephone and to the each one which as another (sinister and right earbud). They are like this fast to change on and pair, so only for simply taking them out of his chance that is ready to spend of longitude some calm time dipped him in.

According to which the life of battery goes certainly did not use him constantly for 4 hours the time without situating them behind in his chance, as I can any one really commentary here. All can say are does does not have him never had cut was on me when using them on a way to do or when in home listening the Spotify.

Finally is a point of price - in this moment in time is . It considers that I cost against other frames another more known that retail in some hundreds of the books and is the no brainer.

In general, would give a Enacfire the quality of his of the future the four out of five stars, as they (mine less) lack of an acoustic presence, transparency and loudness that has experienced with a E19s in a level of same volume. A quality of his this in spite of is for real glorious in this point of the price and I suppose so only could turn a volume on has bitten it more! That takes this until five stars for me is a whole container: of a lustrous packaging, creation and global presentation, affordability, quality of his (on all 3 models have possessed), qualities of build and robustness, and also a service of exceptional client is that it maintain me returning to a Enacfire frames.
5 / 5 by
The cost checked Like the owner of a leading version of this receiver believes them the have the only idea to revise them and while it bite he pricier that a last version, a new EnacFire the Future headphones are a piece adds global of technology of music.
Has the fresh creation, lustrous while maintaining the strong but light build, has the snug the returns concealed does not fall was while you choose a legislation bud coverages partorisca your canal of ear. Also they water resistant with and IPX5 estimating the one who finds them a lot of gain like the use these enough the plot in a gymnasium and alfresco in general like his well to know that I am sure and water that resists

Now to speak in a quality of sound: His AMAZING, some auricular have the deep bass the one who the pleasure as well as in general that satisfies your of music although im no a audiophile there are them enjoyed really listen the music with them and believe a lover of half music also.

A new characteristic has added to this version of a EnacFire the headphones is a capacity to skip advance and behind for double touching some fines-functional key in any earbud.
The life of battery was long and compatible has taken them well on 4 hours of use with the alone load, with a chance to touch that it leaves for multiple 0-100 load the find a claim of the total of 18 hours to be credible, ossia like this means that this version of some leaves of headphones for the use of life of the longest battery that leading versions
A final praise would like me to them give this receiver is his utmost Bluetooth connectivity, mecer Bluetooth v5.0 These are like this easy to pair with the ready devices simply take a buds out of a chance and is ready to pair, has found them any lag in a Bluetooth connection while inside a row has announced
5 / 5 by
The cost checked Like only Samsung/ user of Android in my family, the ees been in that has it handsfree to the envy likes all the world-wide around has a airpods and that easily and easily one connects when a chance is opened.

Has looked for ages partorisca the Samsung equivalent, an only thing has is a version of sport that is in engineered and more importantly does not have the life of battery adds.

These go in the good round that pod of touches that maintains him topped when any one into use. I do not use him constantly during a day - just train commutes and careers in an evening but think a battery easily would have to me last 3 days.

A better, and the mean a plus has bitten in these headphones are that a moment the take them out of a box, automatically connect to my telephone, and one invests also. No more faffing around connecting or disconnecting.

Can also skip the next songs for just that touch a piece of ear two times, advance of right ear, the left behind ear

These telephones of boss return like this very concealed a lot once was has concerned them roughly any of them falling was and was them impressed like this with a deepness of a sound. Sense as it has run them in mine living room. They are like this better then my old bluetooth of the concealed has had the boss partorisca connect both and the pocola what of control in a legislation this maintains whacking you when you run lol .

Did not have Him partorisca longitude to the equal that update partorisca revise other 6 months down a line.
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified These Enacfire Future wireless/bluetooth the headphones are exactly that has looked for. They offer the a lot of orderly, well the container drawn and the fact with telephone of the ear concealed resupplies quality of his add. Directly out of a box has come partially pair touched and headed to the with my seconds of telephone interior. It was simply the chance partorisca take a earphones of his chance partorisca touch, entering bluetooth frame of my telephone (iphone) and selecting 'Enacfire Future' and his paired immediately.

Offers the very orderly and comfortable access in an ear and coming with different sized ear buds which am sure would return more ears. They turn on and pair automatically with your telephone when taken out of a chance partorisca touch. Also you say when connected and identify them like left and right (audible voices of a earphones).

Like the looks of chance partorisca have the battery in him, a earphones the load has retreated on when I have dipped behind in a chance. Also they turn it was automatically and unpair of your device/of telephone that it is the very small touch . A chance has some LEDs on indicating them a level of load of battery of chance that also taste. Touching of the socket of USB is fact has seen the mini port of USB in a backside of a chance.

In general, thinks that these things are excellent and considering a price is the subject . Easy to recommend.
5 / 5 by
The cost has checked Excellent Bluetooth auricular, already have a leading model but these am very better, feels more comfortable in an ear, the sound is crsip, listen each instrument.

Is to calm very light like them hardly remark his in of your ear.
A life of battery has improved like forward has used once to hardly achieve 2 hours and these go 3 strong hours.
Also can touch a leading song as in some leading headphones this has not been possible, touch on quickly.
Accidentally has left the pinch of water in a the but look anchors it be working, Brilliant.
Basically partorisca a price these are the gem .
An only with would say is that a life of battery was the few longer hours, perhaps so only are when being picky.
In general highly would recommend him
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified Ossia my second set of wireless earphones of Enacfire and has to that any to leave me down with this version. One together whole looks lustrous and compress like this in some pictures. It comes with a earphones, touching chance, touching boss of USB and 3 different measures of eartips partorisca adapt your ears and not forgetting the little stock exchange partorisca maintain a bit earphones and the chance yes is was and roughly. A quality of his can any failure, clear and soften without cut in boxes of connections roughly 15-20m to the equal that has tried. Have jogged With him and he am remained in my same ears although it is slightly main that a sooner E18 version. Another improvement of this version is that some batteries am lasted much more partorisca his earphones. Another characteristic to go forwards or behind in your music playlist partorisca press your earbuds is calm quite useful once takes a hangs of him. I have not tried to verify is waterproof to the equal that alleges to be, while read if these works of characteristic on more in the first place first description of the try! My only quibble in this earphones is that I seat is the little elder for my mine of ears in pleasant, especially of my ears are quite small.
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified Ossia in fact my second pair of wireless earphone of a Enacfire frames. An original one has done perfectly and was taken later for my partner! A bluetooth earphones among the chance that also touches a earphone when it store him, as it touch a chance more than a earphones directly. (As I guess a chance contains the mini band of battery)

Pairing a earphones is simple, controls down a main key until go in 'way of Pairing' and look for a earphones in your telephone. An accident and right buds already connect to the each one like this another. I am using a earphones in mine Android OnePlus telephone, easy experience with a pairing.

A specs loan 4hrs of playtime but has not tried this was fully, my commute is so only 2hrs for day and I always dipped a buds backs to a chance. A specs say a chance can touch a earphones until 4 times.

Soundwise A earphones is a lot well, decent bass, has included better use a legislation sized eartips (a together of 3 resupplied), which prevents evasions of his and retains a buds in your ears.

A earphones is quoted like IPX5 waterproof but did not use him in a rain or in a gymnasium still.
5 / 5 by
The cost has checked well - as the little roughly me and my backstory with audio, partorisca leave some context my opinion. I classify to like a audiophile like opposed to an audio 'given' - i.et. It was more than happy and feel warranted partorisca spend until 2k in headphones of full measure, looked in the player of digital audio. Besides these points, am personally a lot sure that benefit further one taking, and the treble of result of diminishing returns here. As they are any the one who will spend decent money to obtain my personnel audiophile aims.

The devices have used/has - Astell & Kern players, Sony WH-1000X M3, and WI-1000X, varied main-final Sennheisers (both wire fence and no, filler-measure and buds), Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless.

Is 2019 and has had to that admit to a sheer consolation of TIDAL in my telephone (Samsung Galaxy S9+). A same time, has had to that leave go of my fixation on device-born DACs, in the offer for gone wireless (Bluetooth wireless, as opposed the Sennheiser is 'irradiate'-has has based solutions). It conceals all headed to a travesa to Sony bluetooth offerings, and Sennheiser is. So that maintaining is that it speaks on-board' DACs. My fixation like the result has turned to audio codecs - a Sony the street that leave access the LDAC, and with the options of Developer there is enabled in mine Samsung - I literally could see this be has deploys automatically. This fixation for audiophile Bluetooth the utopia headed to a Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphones. So many in the few words - is there state, that, and has bought the very few tights.

This travesa has has meant also having my open eyes (in 2018+ at least) to that incredibly far Bluetooth the technology has come. A lot of pleasure like a difference among 328kbps and big-king the files is not too many materials to the majority of ears, a difference among Bluetooth (still SBC, he) and wire fence - is equally a lot-discernible for a half user, has included audiophile (IMO). Has - like this taken on Bluetooth-versus-wire fence snobbery. It can thank Sony auricular for that!

As taking to a nub of him all - I FOLLOWS ENTIRELY BLOWN has GONE BY THESE EARBUDS!!! If it was the blind test , would swear these were in a very upper end. And here it is another thing - the people always qualify that with 'still a price' - but go to go against that and say that these are fantastic, in any prices. I can not imagine spending more, and that obtains any experience of better audio - perhaps frames, packaging, is - but material swimming. I proffer that these buds define a point further of this the returns is diminishing. Ossia Reason has titled this description 'game-change'. Really they are.

Has had a wired-versus-first wireless subject - which Sony concentrated amiably, together with the devise Bluetooth. With which conceal this in spite of, have refused some-wireless, likes have thought 'to the left is not to press our regime' - Bluetooth (with the bosses that connects some speakers/buds) had solved all some subjects of entities, likes latency, life of battery, etc - because door to that an integer subject new of the each one bud that has to that speak to the each one which as another - just a plus sews to go bad, and that a lot to good sure fact, in some very economic offerings on here say. I have tried so only these cos was like this abordables, and had had his down for 'down-of duties of resolution of audio - like this in a car, or for film - no partorisca itting down and listening' territory - no for the million miles. But oh my God - is these buds in amazing!!!

I) Isolation of noise - is excellent. The people here speak to plot roughly 'annulment of noise' - not comprising a difference. One is passive and down to the physicist that seals and earbud material, another east an active electronic technology. These do not have annulment of noise - and a audiophile in me is very appreciated for him! As well as sony has done with him, see the noise that annuls in other considerations like an adulteration of a street of signal, how is that it accuses signal.

ii) Volume - is fantastic and strong! It have been concerned has based on some descriptions - but looks that Enacfire has answered literally to this, and fixed a subject. They are very happy included in 25 volume. A note further - I use a Samsung excellent and oft-Profiles of his pasts for big. This only work properly with soyedia Volume Sync' disabled - that upshot is that I am happy that a buds does not have the control of volume, like this simply can be sure that they are always in soyhacha' - and then a telephone controls all and has full access to the full volume when required. If a buds has had control of volume, the d constantly be the worry had landed on less than full volume.

iii) Row - is excellent. It was able to roam roughly enough in my house, the one of fact loses clue duquel room a telephone (source) was in! How it is clearly genuine Bluetooth 5.0

iv) Attention to detail - I could go in roughly that adds this sound in an usual vernacular, but I no! It suffices to say that it is any coincidence that these buds has such fantastic acoustic presence - when a costruttore has seen apt to deploy an acoustic port in the each one one!! Ossia audiophile Territory, if I did not see it never.

These buds active caused literally to take all mine another buds, wire fence or otherwise, as well as a Beyerdynamics (believes it or no - these buds the better sound, for me), and a Sony buds. An only urvivor' is a Sony XM3s. These buds is THAT WELL!!

Well can have of the cariche of 'knockoffs' floating roughly, and in fact so only economic copies of technology familiarised, also of Cina. This in spite of - Enacfire to good sure require to be seen like the new and true player in a phase. Easily it prefer his buds in a Sennheiser offering (any helped for Senn slacking out of late, resting in of the laurels, contempt for clients - IMO). Enacfire Is clearly the new mark in his own legislation, really cured on like his , his clients, and his produced that it is some better. In my opinion, is a lot up there with any mark can think of.
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified Ossia my no spent prime minister never of wireless earbuds. During Navidad my brother has taken some like the presents and say that they were like this good. When being fed up with receiver wired I also decided partorisca go for earbuds. I have chosen ENACFIRE WIRELESS EARBUDS reason has descriptions a lot very like this far, - no in that have the bad descriptions in my opinion means quality of good product. My first impression was emotion . They look like this small, the packaging is very orderly and classy. Little box, stock exchange partorisca a chance, touching boss, exchanges eartips - all precise was there. The pairing was easy like any one another Bluetooth device. Quality of his east amazing and crisp, as well as a life of battery. Basses and big tones are both very clear. A form and a measure is perfect, does not move , does not fall out of my small ears, the difference of mine leading wired auricular. They are perfect partorisca the gymnasium, partorisca walk, partorisca conversation of telephone along and partorisca cold time. They are not economic, but value each penny. ENACFIRE Is not known mark but after my first compraventa would go partorisca another product of them and to good sure would recommend him to another.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Airpods with Charging Case (latest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified This is not a subject if it do not wish partorisca pay an extra 40 partorisca a wireless touching if on front, always can buy the chance in the date the late plus partorisca 79 of a tent of apple... But you are looking for the wireless touching experience, then these are not one some partorisca you..
Has thought initially has been sent a first auricular gene so that has no obvious transmissions in appearance, but after doing the bit of investigation, take the first gene that marry of touches with a new 2nd auricular gene.. They are a model a late plus to the equal that has announced. As they are happy man now.
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified very often write descriptions on Amazon, but occasionally, finds the product that deserves the bit of extra praise - no that Apple needs an extra announcing!

Has purchased the together of Apple AirPods like an alternative to use my excellent, but a bit bulky B&Or auricular when I travel in a train to Londra - partorisca regular use , daily calm . The no really considered these like the realistic option partorisca auricular, but has found some very positive critiques and one has read more roughly his, one has thought more than can be good. As I have decided to take the (albeit low) risk and buy the together.

Wow! I can not think that a lot in fact it is. They produce an amazing sound, far main and fuller that has thought possible, especially without that has insulation around like them a bit ear bud headphones, to block out of external sounds. You a lot in fact blockade out of his outside anymore that an economic of concealed them come with an iPhone, but a quality of his and the weight of a sound is like the mostly wins this - can listen you by means of him, as to speak!

Has tried these in Classical music with the second symphony of Mahler and has touched epic, doing an end of a really full and fleshy piece, has tried also one with some band of brass (Black Dyke the band that Metropolis of touches 1927), and has done a sound of full band and fruity, and today in the work has had on some Haste (A show of hands), Peter Gabriel (Eat!) And Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited II). A AirPods the easy frames of all these. I give that these elections a bit date me! :-)

I also founds to use his with my telephone really well also. I have relieved occasionally the light delay in an ear, as if a radio signal has been interrupted, but any question and has't has experienced that whilst touching music! I love a liberty of any boss for use of telephone. Any tangle today!

Hopefully Will not be updating this the few weeks, but the initial thoughts are that these are the product to break .
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked was skeptical at the beginning and has thought would touch some same as 20 EarPods but was bad, very wrong. Some bass is like this better and global clarity of sounds. You will listen new sounds in your favourite songs that calms has not listened before which will surprise you. Integration with iOS simply is stunning with that quickly is as well as his quality of build. I have tried a Jabra Elite 65t before and a Jabra the sounds dull same with impulse of low and nowhere approaches like this as well as AirPods 2. Although a AirPods can be the bass of heavy tiny has bitten.

I bad points is that an isolation of the noise is not really that well but personally does not concern me roughly that like taste to him/need to listen that it is around me especially when it can has to that the people around to speak mine. They are not some better returning earphones but for me at least, is slightly more comfortable that one 20 EarPods and to good sure does not fall out of my ears during exercise. A magnetic chance is the sleep to use but be wary of tiny bits of grime/the metal that takes attracted by some magnets that, with which many times of inaugural and that closes a lid, will dip dark frames in these something that will be next impossible to clean which is reason I would recommend to take some guards of powder like a gold Elago some have in a photo. To seal of the price looks the little big especially is on android and could consider the better options but these to well of good sure sound and one same better shabby is in iOS.

On all I to good sure recommends these, especially is in iOS. And you looked in the rival populate like a Jabra Elite 65t, these AirPods 2 to the good sure sound better.
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified A chance is likes to be used partorisca half the year or longer. It do not say never a condition is very good. A cosmetic harm is everywhere on, front, behind and sides of a chance
4 / 5 by
The cost verified has bought these partorisca use with my Pixel (android) telephones like this there is not the alternative of costruttore of pertinent android, some characteristics no in adnoird but in general the work adds and a quality is Apple . My only critique is that Apple would have to that have his Airpod application in a tent of android and in this price a wireless touching the chance would owe that be comprised.
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified An Apple AirPods has taken is quality of his astounding that the shines could not be more happier to good sure a lot recommended thank you
4 / 5 by
The cost verified does not see or listen a lot of difference has compared to a leading model, volume in an extra hour of the life of battery has compared to my leading model (mainly used partorisca Skype meetings), otherwise does not see any difference. To the left some five stars because a sound and the quality of build is in some levels of glorious Apple and there is bluetooth paired to the each device, Android, iOS, Mac or PC connected him to.
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified A chance wobbles the next side and some free hands Siri the limit does not act.
4 / 5 by
The cost checked has Ordered one 159 Apple AirPods sold of EU of Amazon . But it has received the economic pair entirely different of earphones. Partorisca Be precise, some mark has called Sephia, and number of model SP3060.
5 / 5 by
Amur Partorisca Purchase checked or produced of Apple of the hate but they do really favours a way with his creation and technology. It was a lot of sceptical in wireless headphones because of some subjects of brain fry, but the supposition can not maintain my tinfoil hat on all a time.

Has not seen never a AirPods box now and has opened once an always classy box, has been fulfilled with this little gem of the chance that has resisted a AirPods and has opened once has been surprised some time earphones and that lists a chance was. Once on and running has had to that try a quality of sound was as they are the bit of a Audiophile, ( has said AUDIOphile) to the equal that has dipped on Hans Zimmer. . WOW, The sound has surprised, a lot of spacial and a lot clear and I like a fact that still can listen an external world the bit, so only reason take these to look films in mine ipad when out of home seating in of the bars of hotels etc like this to have a quality of his and a liberty of any boss, oh and a fact that can no to feel them in my ears in the price massively. I produce it adds, his add and fantastically posh. A must for all the owners of iPhone.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker SoundCore mini, Bluetooth Speaker, Super-Portable Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black This has been mine recommended for the fellow and with him when be reduced to 16 I has thought would give it the gone. I unboxed the to find that it was considerably smaller that has expected. A build is good-looking and of such big quality, was very surprised. I have connected mine his telephone (astonishingly simple) and was blown literally has gone by a quality of sound. Weighed in base and any sprain, this full tiny speaker my living room superbly. Having the Samsung Bluetooth speaker retailing in 100, this little Anker swipes he to the cocked hat. I can a lot of recommended this speaker enough. Awesome!
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black When this is to arrive is fantastically packaged but a real speaker is tiny. I have thought, this does not go partorisca touch very a lot of - can the very possibly. I have then connected my iPhone has seen bluetooth, the game pressed and almost fainted. Really it is the fantastic sound , so more than has expected. A volume can take such the small speaker is crazy! I have had the years in fact of alike speaker and did not use it never why was tinny touching. This beauty has volume, tomb and clarity like the much more expensive speaker. Anker Has to that it has used there is revoked engineered technology of alien reason really do not have to that touch like this good.

Anker Is my informative favourite company and would recommend this to any one. A sound easily will fill the room and a measure the like this portable fact to the equal that avenge. Any to mention a battery that time of touches, FM irradiates, SIRI access and more. EXCEPTIONAL piece of boxes.
4 / 5 by
Colour: Now a lot This the genuine description. It has been it was vacacional and required some music, as it has ordered this like the economic speaker. I have it quell'has bought now two. WELL - Here it is an inferior line

Estimate -his really very economic.
Quality - among the row of colours, good packaging, and professional.
Looks really good.
The connection is absolutely an easy and more fast plus never.
A speaker also contains the FM irradiates that works (any too brilliantly, but reasons any) using an advantage to touch like a ariel. But work.
Row - perfectly a lot -10-15 metres easily.
Life of battery - a lot of very - hours without question, recharge quickly and effective.
Quality of his -frankly spectacular -for a measure and price, can fill the normal room with quality really well, and bass quite decent for the small unit. Control in your hand, and calm so only thinks ' is the flaming miracle of music'.
Has not been there is in all the chance to link two or three of this neighbour - probably a lot - but yes Anker could develop that, then literally falls some trousers of the system of SLEEPS (duquel has three, and I amour ).

I so only decided to write this description because sometimes, occasionally, any one develops the piece of technology that absolutely attack some something of everything in the price that the apple done, Samsung and Bose looks really on priced, and mark quite lazy. .

Spent one. It buys him like this of the fillers of Mesos for Natal (please me!). My new old year has said was 'incredible'. It is well.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black Bought this in the so many could touch the music is gone in a garden without that has to that move the surround speaker of the his on to a window. But I have not had any music in my mobile phone like this paired he with my TV of the try and while we look the program of television, look a sound was partorisca grieve audible. But then remarcemos that a control of volume in a Virgin Far Loan now has controlled a SoundCore Mini and when we turn that on, find a sound was load of abundance enough for ours likes. In the Then touch the pair of Emisora Irradiate by means of him and a sound was More than quite strong. We have after elected my walk of USB likes entrance or source and boy, my well of the his of the music by means of a SoundCore Mini! And they are the bit of a audiophile the one who hates systems of his poor!
5 / 5 by
Colour: speakers of Thesis of gold of Rosa, is such the good-looking colour, am enamoured with a colour. A speaker was very easy to dip on, there like this small but there like this strong was very impacted in the strong was partorisca the small speaker, a base is good calm can feel some speakers vibrate. You can listen the one who strong is in such the big living room. I am enamoured, amour, amour with my speakers!!!!! The good price partorisca such the quality detailed , the big good speaker does well!!!
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black Can not find quite a lot of good words to say in these small so only that the paralizacin of surprise is measure and price . A quality of build is so only adds and is compact and quite light to take anywhere although it has hanged enough and solidity to leave for some impressive sound managing for something like this small. It manages bass astonishingly well with the really crisp and his plenaries , dynamic by means of a row although like this never with something this measure has is limitations but is the seriously impressive piece of boxes. It was impressed like this has bought another together with the dual splitter boss (sinister canal and right) to do the stereo for a laptop that run by means of the basic free EQ and blow me was every time listen his, in fact is resulted my main source to listen now has included that it attack a Bose mini to perceive and rendering he now entirely useless as so only can not compete with a quality of sound. Well, a setup is not like this convenient but partorisca low 40 for a two there is absolutely any competition.
Amazing and can not recommend enough!!
4 / 5 by
Colour: fact Very good Black with the look of quality and feel. Quality of his excellent east partorisca a measure of a speaker. Works well with both pill of Android and ready telephone. Unfortunately, unable to take a bluetooth partorisca connect with the newish windows 10 laptop. You link of laptop easily with another bluetooth the devices and all the engine has been updated. If it have done with a laptop, which was one of some main reasons were purchased partorisca, has given he felizmente 5 stars. I have ordered several Anker the products and have all excellent summer like this a lot disappointed that my 'gone there company partorisca this type of product left down with this speaker. It has contacted Anker helpline but is so only able state to offer the free boss partorisca link a speaker the Laptop - the far better response that a majority of companies but no the solution when you have required Bluetooth!!!
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black Well arrive a lot of packaged and touched partorisca begin like this good.
Breaking Little speaker with utmost tones.
Loves a shell of black aluminium Kills and frames of toe! Has the bases of hule as it resists he in firm to a not bouncing was .
Bluetooth Is instant and a lot subject like this far.
Has Had the bit of a subject with FM irradiate but there is give calm once transmission of the on and takings a 'hiss' press a &62; (key of game) among some - & + keys of volume and leave it the minute to look for and find that podes then flick and select a canal loves... More once it conceal it is done again a reception is calm a lot has to that have a boss of load in to do like his antenna.
A reader of paper is the touch adds , but would do the playlist first so much is quell'has bitten tedious that tries to find clues with the suns flick on and down.
Very pleased with him in general and take the plot for your money.
Highly recommend.
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black When it took it to them in the first place is like this well, his add, perfect partorisca external with friends, couldnt complains.

A day in the cant included connect with bluetooth, so only doesnt connect,

Can has to that take the new one but disappointing after a day

This in spite of the wise sound his best that anything in a phase partorisca triple a price,

Adds partorisca alfresco and inner.

Thank you


Anker refunded me fully partorisca a device immediately without hassle,

Was able to purchase the new speaker and this a perfect east.

5 / 5 by
Colour: Grey Ossia possibly a thing am better spent my money on in a department of audio!
His astounding in such the tiny organism, the bass estupefacientes given a measure!! Loudness - Again, is surprising! It can a lot of beleive a volume and quality of global audio when in the first place I have listened his. 15hrs Life of battery - no sure still, used it roughly 4 hours, battery still ~70.
Oh And mentions, that is beautiful?
Some looks and the quality of build is something would expect of apple, the one who for a way, would touch 99+ partorisca this thing!
Has been sceptical roughly that buys this thing,
will not be disappointed I promise!

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Wireless Headphones, Upgraded SoundBuds Slim Workout Headphones ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by
Colour: life of the Black battery in 10 hours is so only that it is state required, some the leading versions have fallen so only short in this zone in my opinion.

The desire could say more, but partorisca arrive to this point will be necessary to try them was. I will feign that I will write more roughly his later, but, likes all the world-wide more, I any unless I am sent another together free partorisca try like the present? The one who knows, concealed certainly would aim me....

Update - like this impressed has decided to in fact maintain my promise!

Coast Well, has not taken the free pair but after using strongly partorisca the few weeks, has found these partorisca be awesome, the life of battery is easily 10 hours and more along, touch it are adds partorisca a price, in closing like leading models, the good solid sound but he do not go partorisca win a price. The connection to my telephone is utmost, any dropouts and a lot quickly the reconnect when turned was and then on, any pfaffing. Apt are adds also, stock exchange all some extra grips partorisca some ears and have any subject.

Well, Ossia all think, as partorisca reward Anker could send me another pair partorisca free, but will leave concealed to them , would give six stars, but will have to that be happy with five for now
4 / 5 by
Colour: quality of his Black is very well partorisca a row of price, and in general the good product. Especially like a fact that a earphones magnetically connect, meaning easily can him leave around my with the all a time and not being annoyed by them.
This in spite of, the few small things.
- An opinion of the low battery does not give you any a lot of notice. Often I am using these in a gymnasium, and take the low battery that warns it so only has to that be roughly 20 minutes until they are flat. Personally it prefer if this was bit it longer.
- Disappointed with a microphone. I have tried to do the pocolas telephone calls partorisca use these, but has had often the people say that they were unable to listen me when using these earphones.

In general the good product partorisca a row of price.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black A earphones that has received was the pair that has had empty he like caused a volume and of the subjects of connectivities. A Anker the instruments of support was incredibly useful and issued the new pair after determining a subject was the serious question , and a new pair has done perfectly, like this highly recommend to any one looking for Bluetooth earphones.

Has had alike Bluetooth earphones to these in some pasts and was much better that these earphones. My leading pair was much easier to connect, with this be much more last partorisca connect to, taking longer that necessary.

A volume in these earphones is a lot worse that has expected. I have read some revises partorisca say has not been a lot strong but has not had a lot, as I ignored him. Not Ignoring . These earphones really is not very strong at all, with a maximum volume not even approaching to a volume that would listen my music in (which is usually so only 3/4 of max volume partorisca another earphones)

A creation and a practicality of these earphones is undeniable, with a fashion that is very modern and slick. A earbuds and some hooks of ear that goes in multiple measures partorisca ensure the perfect access to any one is ear, comprising extra of small bits.

A quality of a music is well, with the tones the big plus that touch very cleaned and smooth, but some the lowest basses are not listened a lot at all, which is the flag partorisca me personally, but any the one who prefers to listen some tones some big plus, these would be utmost partorisca you.

His the shame that these are not stronger as they do not approach and that some bass is not more powerful reasons would be perfect if no partorisca these big downfalls.

Partorisca A cost, there is always soiled partorisca the error and is very good earphones partorisca a price, so only the disappointment partorisca me.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black of Genuine description of these earbuds. His I really adds, work really well with my telephone of android. Easy to dip on, comfortable in an ear (the mark of the sure test one of some a lot of tips of hule partorisca take a right access).

Has tried load of different earbuds of the amazon but any one have come near of these in of the terms of qualities of build, qualities of his for a price (the value adds!). Good and clear base highs.

Easy to do call them that Assistant of use of Google, controls in a earphones is sturdy, and in last the pair of headphones where a work of keys of the volume with android.

My favourite pair of earbuds and highly recommended!
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black has tried a leading version forward of these earphones and was a lot of albeit the little down on volume and depth of sound. Somehow it direct partorisca lose a first game and then decided partorisca try a pair for Taotronics as in short was terrible - has maintained partorisca cut was, the quality of sound was sub the pair and the maximum volume was really down. Decided partorisca try a new version of Anker offering and arrivals partorisca take delivery. Comfortably I can say that an isolation of the his naturalidad, a depth of his, tomb and responsiveness is very good. The life of battery has been tried but has has not had never a subject with Anker life of battery with any of his products. Exceptionally Comfortable and coming with the variety of buds. Finally, partorisca just shy of 17 there is rid would be surprised if any one could resupply the more all the experience of round. If you are in two alcohol or choosing among this pair or another would go thus pair to good sure. It enjoys!
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black has purchased this so much part of an Amazon extracted First, how were the little more economic crux that a RRP. This in spite of, is has impressed really. Foolishly I have bought the resemblance headphone set of another mark partorisca pair a price, but was a lot of tinny in sound. I have opted partorisca these Anker earphones as it have purchased another Anker has produced before, and is always state pleased with a quality and price.

These earphones is a lot dynamic in quality of sound. I listen to the a lot of eclectic mixes of music (dance, rock, pop, jazz, classical, etc.), And give support brilliantly with sounds of heavy bass, as well as the main tones.

The life of battery is excellent. I did not leave him never fully it drains still, but a long plus has used is 8+ hours in mid volume of level. A Bluetooth the row is also well, has roamed around a house without my telephone, still able to take the good connection (certainly my wall is thin).

Highly would recommend.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black I are not fearful to say that partorisca those looking for the product of audio of the quality, without braking a bank, Anker is a way to go.

There is stuffed my ears with the whole plot of terrible and adds earphones and know those looking for the product in this row of price is looking for 1 what and 1 what so only - bang partorisca buck.

The sound adds partorisca Bluetooth, the life of battery partorisca be partorisca exactly an occasion - physical activity, and remain in and does not nettle some ears after the data of use prolonged a compulsory bud adjustments.
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black I already possess the good pair of in receiver of ear, which are utmost but has required something bit it more convenient also. Like an iPhone and owner of iPad, was patiently while the AirPods 2. Having the complex of the darkest skin and beard and black hair, has expected these would be available in of the blacks or of the spatial ashes partorisca the thinnest look. Unfortunately, it has had any options by heart.

Had tried imitation of Apple more economic Bluetooth earphones. I have found a life of battery partorisca be poor, quality of his terrible, and worse still, if my telephone was in mine tejanos pocket, a connection would fall in and out of whilst walking, or has included to seat in a train.

Also had tried earbuds before, but having small ears, has struggled with some pours that return to my ears. I have decided to try that these have so be distributed with XS tips together with the point of price adds. It was pleasantly surprised, a XS the turn of tips of sound, has shaken my boss around and has not fallen was. The quality of sound was very better that that have expected in this price. My day partorisca try, these have maintained the solid connection my iPhone, by means of my trousers and especially, has travelled by means of Londra in a train, tube and on foot. As buds offered the class of focus, they the good work of his insulation. For an end of a day, an indicator of battery has aimed that I abundance there was still of the juice has left.

Is thinking partorisca buy these, trust, is a lot of value of the money.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black has purchased these partorisca an only purpose partorisca look TV and film on BBC iPlayer and Netflix whilst law, any that wants to disturb a woman!
In all the chance, a sound lag among the voice and the video was 3 to 4 according to that is unacceptable. On contacting a costruttore admits that his product is drawn mainly for music and the free delivery that calls and that a delay of sound has described is the common question. This in spite of, nowhere is this declared in a web of place of Amazon in a description of an element. I am returning an element like any one when not being returning for purpose.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black has had each Anker His Wireless Bud, if I am sincere is not my preferred of them all but nevertheless, partorisca a price the good product. My better part of this travesa is a service of client, in that left that my opinion with a crew, has taken all the consideration and resupplied a service of better client never. I recommend to buy of Anker, included if you are not happy, has some clients better interest in the heart and calm can not improve that it conceal.

Top Customer Reviews: Syncwire Aux Cable 3.5mm Audio Cable -3.3ft/1M- Nylon Braided Aux ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
Syncwire SW-SC017 To the Boss of Audio of the boss partorisca iPhone Car Headphone - Nylon Braided (Black)

If you are after the stereo To the boss then is in of the regime this boss of Syncwire is extremely very built, is built to last and looks well. It likes-me a fact that a boss comes with the especially drawn boss the strap has attached the one who calm mean can sack of messy and tangled bosses.

So many, that is in a box:
1. Syncwire Viril Of Jack of the price to Jack viril
2. It drives of user
3. Also 12 Guarantee of Month and has registered with his program of calm Guarantee you entirely take the Guarantee partorisca an extra 24 month like this in of the totals 36 Months

That takes partorisca your money?
A Jacks is done of league of Aluminium how has been anodized and laser engraved (Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts a surface of metal to the decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic arrival of oxide) which means these are strong and will last. These helps partorisca prevent oxidation of surface.

Enamelled Copper bosses and now a lot polished-plated the connectors rid flawless, noise-free and quality of his upper optimum. A supple nylon jacket of Headphone offered of Boss ultra-durability while doing sure can enjoy an experience of the his more cleaned possible.
Some bosses the external coverage is nylon braided, effectively protecting a boss partorisca be broken or fraction, maintains a tangle of the free boss too much.

Compatible with headphones, stereos and more devices with the to the port

Now a lot-plated the connectors offer that they treat big conductivity and incredible durability.

The shell of league polished that the good-looking looks enhances qualities of his significantly while giving it the sophisticated appearance.

Flexible nylon the offer of braided jacket protects maximum of tear and daily wear and ensures a boss is always tangle-free.

Ultra-Boss of durable audio with one impressive 15,000+ curve lifespan.

Corrosion-Now a lot that resist-plated covers him will spend you stereo experience of his for years

Enamelled the copper bosses perfectly transmit sounds of your player of music to automobile stereo or speaker

Compatible with:
Devices: Any devices that audio of touch with the to the port: Sony MDR-1000X, Studio of Only/of the Beaten/Seriis Executive, Skullcandy HESH, Bose QC25, Point of Echo, iPod, iPad, Walkman and more.

Telephones: iPhone (until iPhone 6Plus), smartphone of Android, etc.

enjoys big-sound of quality, then this boss is partorisca calm does not forget concealed is backed peels 24 guarantee of Month (and has resupplied recognition his web of place and enrol in a guarantee of price [does not cost anything partorisca join] calms entirely receives 36 guarantee of Month)

With still seal of the low price has compared to competitor of big mark while it is not to like?
5 / 5 by
Upper dog. Audio of big quality

Update Jul 2017: A flex, kink and untaggledness of this boss is as to any, any tangle never, any flex memory that are adds. So only sent for behind a aftermarket boss of substitution partorisca my Sennheiser HD380 has done for more because of tangledness and flex memory. Syncwire Need to do the boss for Sennheiser HD380. I will buy it!
5 / 5 by
Ossia The phenomenal boss . A very good quality has produced, packaged well, there is rid well and very especially touches flawless. I have used this with my Denon amp and Dali zensor speakers today and a quality of his this absolutely phenomenal.

Has a lot of alike bosses that it can be purchased, the same majority can be the little more economic that this SyncWire produced, this in spite of a quality of this boss for real is in amazing.

Fat breaded boss, can not see is suffering harm any punctual time.

If you are serious roughly music and wants to listen yours touches of big quality any committed and buy this today.
5 / 5 by
I have had diverse of these bosses partorisca connect my car stereo to the mine ipod and because these bosses live in my be the car has subjected partorisca heat and cold, the majority of pause, that exposes some bosses or at least a shielding as it looks horrible.
Ossia A prime minister a braided to the equal that has big expects that this will last the long time and also because I have had experience a lot well with a Syncwire frames.
To the equal that can see in a picture has attached some looks of boss well.
5 / 5 by
I have bought this partorisca feed signal of an IPHONE 6more to the Toyota transport (that has the socket partorisca reproductores of Mp3). It has been it bit it concerned when I have read areviee that says that some discharge was too free. Partorisca me, some discharge is returned perfectly. They have not required partorisca be forced in, but neither the fall was. A quality of his by means of some car speakers is excellent. A quality of build is also extremely big, and would have to that have the long and useful life. Has no hesitation recommend this product.
4 / 5 by
So only like each Syncwire the boss has used, this one is also fantastic quality. It is the period adds and really feels durable.
This in spite of, has the pair of the smallest flus with a boss, ossia so only applicable in the chance of sure use...
Because of the metal of a boss sheathing, is not a lot flexible. No really the question is using among two static objects, like the PC and Monitor or amp. If you are using he for headphones, can loop he around.
A second grip is also so only applicable is to coach to to use likes the headphone of boss... A metal sheath again. It is REALLY NOISY when it rubs on anything! A travesa of vibrations on a boss and by means of some headphones.
Am not leaving these points detract of a product too much. As I have said, so only really applicable is using he for headphones. The quality adds and a lot economic!
5 / 5 by
Well, I have to admit that it was quite cynical in a quality of a SYNCWIRE to the The BOSS has bought to connect my headphones to mine iPhone 5s and 6s, and the occasionally leave to my girls to connect his iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s respectively to his own headphones.

Has had a nylon braided To the BOSS for the few weeks now and has to that admit that they are to LIKE! And REASON say this?

Basically reason no APPEARANCES for The PLEASURE! - Roughly of some elements buy in an Internet A lot ALWAYS bolt until some claims have done for them neither for his descriptions of product or his has called like this FIVE DESCRIPTIONS of ESTRELLA.

I for this sceptically has taken out of a SYNCWIRE to the The BOSS of Boss Of his packaging when it was rid mine .


a) Some looks of Boss to be nylon-braided which looks to do look sturdy and ANY flimsy

b) Some Points of connection resemble also be strong and WELL-DONE & chrome-plated - look withstand a lot of use, While one connects him to some the devices ATTENTIVELY & takes him was SOFTLY

c) A SYNCWIRE To the The music of BOSS REPRODUCED of EXCELLENT QUALITY WHEN I connect it my iPhone 6s and MEIDONG E8A Auricular (previously revised has Seated On 19 Jan 2019).

To to Anything DOES not LIKE ?

At all to date, BUT will UPDATE to have to that a lot coming my attention.

Thank you To read my description. The appearance go he of some yours HELP to do or considering your compraventa on Amazon.
5 / 5 by
Ossia The very big quality boss that does exactly that need to do. I use it partorisca connect a ipad to a system of car audio while in the longitude commute, and is done my travesa like this more enjoyable. I have trusted the descriptions other people that this was the product of quality , and has been happy to find his opinions have justified.
5 / 5 by
Now I want to say that this quality of boss very big and has required the new mark a, he so that quickly it has done it partorisca explore and wine with this boss to the equal that was a better boss

has tried to fix my old boss with cello tape , which has done partorisca the feed behind taking to annoy and to the equal that have had a boss partorisca several years has been now of substitutes an old.. I have opted partorisca the delivery of the Thursday and he go in 5:30pm

connecting it one to era and my law of good pill partorisca try until I take my paper of his new outside partorisca windows the Thursday likes to be able to try that in my windows 10

connects he in my street of cube likes view in a pic and he so only long quite partorisca achieve like this he 1 metre a strong boss and has hule the orderly strap and is black, price very good and economic done a work and highly recommend this product
5 / 5 by
Another product of good quality of Syncwire, like this always with his insurance packed in of the boxes and with THIS CERTIFICATE. Nizza That looks, good material with arrival of price, a lot fexible compare to another nylon branded wieres.
This mark is my first election partorisca mobile bosses (and his really that last reasonably long), this jack the connection that objective that prenden attention the material of quality and arrival.

Top Customer Reviews: ENACFIRE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones, Future Plus Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
I absolutely auricular of amour and audio in general, so much so that I have bought the pocolas look wireless so only partorisca see that all a fuss is roughly. Prpers Having possessed a Enacfire Future earphones and has tried almost everything of a forward Enacfire wireless rows- would say that these are quite some same like Future spouse, but with some extra bells and whistles:

life of Battery- In a past few days have been that gives him the plot of use (approx 20 hours would say) and has not required to touch one spends chance at all. This feels like the big improvement in a Enacfire the futures and calm also can use some new usb space to touch another device. This goes in a cost of the urban nails of pocket' this in spite of, likes the besides Future chance is quell'has bitten big that an original of Future chance. How it is horses for courses really - I Personally appreciates an extra touching qualified in chances I needs to touch my telephone whilst are work or in a gone and is not like this big that annoying.

Quality of sound- A Future More earphones his much stronger that my original Futures. Probably in another neighbourhood another stronger in general, which in a main end all a difference. A quality of his global this in spite of is identical and has included a look of aesthetics of telephone of identical ear to my Futures. A sound is crispy and some bass is clean and deep. So only that has surprised really considering is spending very light, compact And entirely wireless earphones. I have walked by means of the centre of the busy city and any one have listened the alone thing another that my music!

Connectivity - I has had any drop outs or any type of sluggishness of some connections to mine telephone and iPad. His seamlessly.

In general, can very really justifies to spend of the hundreds in wireless earphones when a quality in this row of price is like this big. A phase is inner saturated a moment like any the one who is wireless earphone the compraventa can see, but of my experience can very really gone bad with these or a Enacfire Future. It likes me quell'has said, is horses for courses so it loves an extra touching capacity and is not annoyed by a slightly main chance, then definitively go for a Plus. It averts of that, a Enacfire the together Future has the creation more compresses with same quality of sound. Another adds to buy and the big quality has bitten of boxes of Enacfire, will be interested in that his afterwards!
5 / 5 by
I always trusted enafire partorisca his product adds in the price adds. A delivery was quickly and easy. One packing of a wireless buds was was quality of price.

Coming partorisca touch quality, has balance and strong bass of the his very global. His add to exit and run and an access is very ensured.

An access is light and very comfortable. Ossia A prime minister an I am seeing where a chance the touch can be used like the powerbank. Brilliant idea partorisca in a gone yes for casualidad has forgotten your powerbank. Everything in a would say and therefore to 5 indication of star partorisca this good-looking creation, sweats partorisca add and fine device of purpose.
5 / 5 by
Ossia For far, delivery down one of a better wireless earphones has tried! I tried it edge a too and have my just action, but wirelessly that pause, no the plot there is that well! I have tried Dacom, and those are grave lacking in my personal opinion, have also a Anker some, and those were decent, and has think that those were more until I have tried these bad boys! Enacfire - Really did not expect it partorisca be that well that sees that you are not a american frames or anything, and seeing more things of Cina is not exactly a better quality the plot of a time, was of course, doubtful, until I have tried these with my preferred bassy songs!

And oh mine, is these ridding in some booms and oomphs or that! They are seriously powerful and pack the serious punch. If it was partorisca suggest you partorisca purchase some of these, would say. Calm of then have an option partorisca return them if they do not like them in all the chance, but am sure will be like this of surprised and pleased taste! I have had mine inclusa another meso the try, and is both like this blown was. We are taking the second pair, and could take a partorisca my father also.

A build and the quality is glorious, can see photo, has included a chance is good and shiny and of texture and good quality. It comes with the chance that is handy. I go partorisca sell my old plus earphones now like the doubt will be partorisca use his anymore!

Highly recommended!
5 / 5 by
Ossia In fact mine 3rd pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones of a Enacfire frames. Has has had impressions a lot well with some forwards 2 but when I have lost mine 1st pair and mine another half would not give his mine has decided to try out of this new version (Future Plus).

Like usual a earphones has resupplied his of good quality with deep bass (the mark sure uses a legislation sized buds partorisca prevent evasions of his). 3 Different sized buds is resupplied.

Bluetooth The pairing with my telephone is simple and ties any time.

Has the key in the each piece and according to a number of press this extracted an action.

Has not had a earphones partorisca quite long to comment on life of the battery but I do not have there has been given on that I hang me my commute to and of work (1hr each way). Although they run out of the calm juice then can the touch in a chance like this contains the battery also.

I also like a fact that a earphone the chance also can touch your telephone but the frames calm sure have some right bosses with you if you are was and roughly.

I what only does not use these earphone for this voice that calls (still although it sustains), as I prefer a mic to be more after my mouth, but ossia so only my preference.
5 / 5 by
Partorisca Begin has bought the economic 20 pair after reading some descriptions and they have been returned an hour after opening them because of a 7 battery of life of small that tries that some descriptions are like this useful like the chocolate teapot.

In another hand has read some positive critiques (any negative) in these earbuds and decided to take the casualidad .... wow!

Goes in the robust chance that also can touch your telephone, his pair any question and connect to your devices easily, connected him to the Huawei P20 telephone and an old Gen2 iPod both have done brilliantly with them.

A Bluetooth the connection is solid could leave a room and go to another and does not lose a connection, the life of battery is exceptional 4 more than hours, a sound is the little bit tinny but this has taken ordered with some settings in my telephone, annulment of the noise am not sure roughly that, using them was when it is windy is not very good but perhaps am using one wrong sized piece of ear of the hule in a earbuds?

Taking all that the consideration lost them buy then again?

He I , brilliant earbuds.
5 / 5 by
We order this partorisca our grandson the one who has has wanted to this like this gift as I visit punctual. I owe that admit that I have thought initially that has been bit it expensive also reason are by train of the give lol but verified it and is excellent. Looks A lot well, quality of his excellent east and a life of battery is very too much. This is to go in the lovely box together with the good pouch partorisca store he in. Connecting it was very easy also. Also it avenges with to 12 guarantee of the month like our grandson would owe that be well.
5 / 5 by
Comfortable headphones that connects street Bluetooth. Has an integrated microphone and a quality of audio is a lot well, when being comfortable to spend, in my chance has dipped some smaller bands. He still a lot easily with any device (mobile, pc, portable, etc). A box is the battery that also works like the powerbank with the plot of capacity, as it fulfils several functions. Personally it likes to of me
5 / 5 by
These were the pleasant surprise once had touched his on and has begun partorisca use them around a house. A quality of his this simply glorious and when that goes alfresco partorisca exercise, this stay in my ears! I have tried other headphones but they tend partorisca exit when they are in a gymnasium or that goes partorisca the career, so only sure has a correct measure inserts/insert partorisca yours ears on him.
Still can listen external noise to the small terracing but looks that a noise that annuls is doing is work effectively.
A life of battery is well, to somewhere around 8 hours in the load. A chance then can resupply further touching partorisca his and has a start partorisca touch your telephone! That the brilliant idea.
These are not weighed too much when in a chance. A chance easily can be transported in the pocket or handbag and taken on spaces very small.
Is incredibly easy to connect to your telephone. It is the really simple process and any I same precise read a documentation.
Because steps of the hundreds of Books in branded auricular when a quality, feels and his glorious of these is like this big? To good sure recommended.
5 / 5 by
These are a quality of the sound adds , am pleased really with a quality of his and cost each penny has paid. A decent base, crisp big notes, acute sounds without breakup or sprain.

The use could not be simpler with fast connection with your telephone.Absolutely I want to one covers true and game... Literally take of a chance and his instantly can on and pair, dipped his backside (where fond reassuringly attractive and resist them firmly in place) and the turn was and it beginning that touches partorisca a next use.

Like the chance is in him uploads it, is always ready partorisca go when take while a chance has touch which is not hard to achieve thanks to a capacity to touch a chance and buds simultaneously together with a state of handy power lights that show when partorisca five seconds when a lid is opened and constantly whilst touching.
1 / 5 by
It was not where all some the good descriptions are coming from reasons a quality of his this extremely poor. To to I Sounds like to listen to the radio by means of has beaten he of has beaten. Returned.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with 10W Limited ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black has not been that this thing is career on, but so only can be the magic has considered. I have purchased this in October 2017 and touched it so only once (when in the first place it take), in spite of the sound regulates 15-60 use of small daily. My shows of telephone that the closings has 70 life of battery that remain (although I am not sure conceal built-in characteristic of Android 8.1 is highly attentive).

Is very built (to the equal that am coming partorisca expect of Anker), although I have found that the greasy toes mark it, a creation is quite stylish but any flashy, and sounds well for his measure and price, but a life of battery is far and was a stronger characteristic.

Highly recommended.
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black does not think partorisca have never really revised an element has bought of Amazon seriously but taste really felt has required to with east.

Are the university student the one who, which any the one who is in the alike situation knows, has limited estimativa and room partorisca the big stereo system. Whilst No a audiophile, has registered music before and know the one who the good sounds and that no. was blown entirely has gone by this little speaker. Of leading experience with portable speakers, has been expecting the plot less than a Anker speakers. All the world has the personal preference when it comes to a EQ curve, but this speaker exits a box that mine of sounds 'perfect' (partorisca the speaker that access in the pocket) Lows is under control, highs is crisp but no too excessive, can any one more is not these big bass and triple impulses in music more modern? Down-mids and lose the sound resembled that I usually dipped in a EQ. It is quite strong, and the stays clean until upper but starts to break up are listening to the strong song in the big volume, does not expect it to be an only speaker in the party, but seated in the office that read or like this background music, does not think you can go wrong at all buying this Anker Speaker!
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black has found a Sound in this speaker that is missing of in the bit of punch with his bass and like this felt a need of the turn. This in spite of has received them any first class follows on service of client of anker when it has learnt of my disappointment with a product and like the result has taken now partorisca listen a soundcore2 speaker the one who the highly recommend.

Anker Is exited of his way to ensure the happy era and can therefore fully recommend them partorisca rid the satisfaction of client adds
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black League, games, feels- all add

THIS In spite of, slope of the empty in of the clues or when connected the Bluetooth but not touching music he intermittently emits strong crackling explosions or hissing noises. I am expecting ossia the failure more than the 'characteristic' although there is remarked that a lot other descriptions there is remarked alike subjects. East spoils a otherwise has produced adds like his I does not add partorisca use, particularly at night or for the calm half

will take the substitution and see is better


has been contacted Anker with an excuse and a guarantee that had had the small number of alike failures, and offered the free substitution partorisca try. I had it the few days and a substitution is like this better. Any sign of static or crackling same in big volume. They did not ask me partorisca update my description and the free substitution has been given without any clauses or of the conditions, as having goes concealed has ordered thought that it would be useful of the give the pertinent description like a sincere update of the mine last a.

First impressions of a look, feels the weight and the arrival remains excellent. It likes- one the simple creation and one kills blacks rubberised arrival, although a mark is in a big side, is the measures adds partorisca pack and travelling, and a long battery has informed has like this far tried partorisca be quite good. It have preferred to be able to and To the the connections were in some backsides for the most cleaned look, but is in a RRHH side- is that it is.
Bluetooth The row is excellent; he partorisci immediately and has to that way that far has agreed of the sources every time. It has connected once a unit emits the sweet blue FOCUSED which does not flash although a source is stopped or goes to sleep, while a Bluetooth the pairing is maintained. Ossia Better that some have tried flashes it if some pauses of source or goes to sleep- annoying when it accustoms goes to sleep too much and a music finally stops, and some starts to flash.

Has no Bluetooth code, and this has the downside, has experienced the random music that is touched in my speaker whilst in the hotel that probably is coming from guests of next hotel that actuate inadvertently chooses and paired with my speaker more than his! To win this I now does sure my telephone or iPad is Bluetooth enabled and paired to a Anker immediately to close was the others sources.

A telephone rid of the works of free characteristic well, but some people have spoken to having informed that a mic space of sounds, to to the the bit likes to be in the box.

Regarding a sound when touching music, well agree that ossia the 30 speaker- I has seen some revises to compare the to the speakers that cost 5 times more, and ossia an unfair comparison . For a price takes the plus of the his decent (albeit with understandable the row limited in some upper and inferior finals) and some the global sounds are utmost touching in a background or like the source of alone room. WELL it is not Salvation-Fi but is surprisingly good and pleasant to listen too much of such the small and economic container.

Wind a volume on and his a lot of until it achieves his max with much less the sprain that a price would suggest. Well remark this in spite of that when using a IOS device (IPAD and iPhone have tried) a volume is regulated in of the small steps more than as the constantly smooth transition, ossia an although a control of volume is done of a source or of a speaker. This is not the subject add (and can be different using another type of source of his), but means calm does not have control of attentive volume particularly in of the very low levels when it goes of minimum (which is in my opinion slightly too strong if that uses whilst doing in a background or way of sleep) the swimming in a transmission. This left that feels that I require at least another step for the take a lot down before dumb.

In general is looking for the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker (other available frames), paid 150 and enjoy. If you want to something concealed is 1/5 of a price and he still done an extremely good work of the good product has drawn, goes to be quite pleased with a Anker.

I defiantly recommends
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black has loved my produced whilst work. It was my speaker of house and never travelled alfresco so much was impacted enough when after 4 month begins to change the self was after 10 second and that waste to touch. They are a lot disappointed. Still it have purchased another like the recommendation to the partner. This I now remorse
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black When have in the first place bought this element 6 month ago, has not thought that has announced on Amazon, ossia has 24H time of game, 6W the speakers etc. have had has bought also a Anker Soundcore Mini before it conceal that it has looked for it to be a speaker an economic and more upper plus that any dimensions.

That the amazon announces for Anker is all true! I have it that has not had never any questions with him during one 6 period of month. I fell it, drunk of the energy spilt and caff in the, never pursue was load, very strong (and maintains partorisca touch strong partorisca a time announced (24h)). I have it that press even to spent his limits in my telephone of android partorisca grow a profit of him and trying out of bows of different bass. They are very pleased with this bang partorisca buck and would recommend it by all the world so much is economic quality , big and hard. They are also the student and spends this around everywhere goes, party in my pocket basically. As you can see almost everything of some descriptions out of liking 6000 descriptions, all are 5, and how is mine . Never complain this product.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black Simply unbelievable his of such the small unit. It do not have to that be surprised as it has bought his small brother a cube and that the sound was something on too much.
Adds partorisca listen around a house and took it to the bbq recently and flies a show.
1st what I band when they are in my holidays
4 / 5 by
Colour: the utmost Black sounds, paired before time with my Point of Echo. The battery is lasted 4 days like this a lot happy with that.
5 / 5 by
Colour: Black I am very pleased with a Anker SoundCore. It is it measures it it adds , utmost and just form weighty quite that his can not be easily attacked on in my office (I follows the klutz). Touched the until full when you arrive on November 25th and used it on and was (often for the whole day) and a battery still is that it goes.

Very easy to connect to my pill, once I synced the first time connects immediately to my pill and portable while I power in a speaker, although I suggest to turn a Bluetooth in yours first first device to change in a speaker (as for some instructions).

The quality of sound adds, to listen the music or streaming in my pill and portable. Very surprised for as crisp a sound was and the volume is perfect for my use like utilisation to so only listen the music in my speakers of device.
4 / 5 by
Colour: Black has had this speaker partorisca almost three years now and has not been never disappointed. I have been able to use he in a shower and there is no obvious harm of a water and steam that has been he in contact with apart from a rubbing out of an information in a fund (but this also can be been reason have been bit it rough with him in time). Speaking of wear and tear, have fallen this speaker long but there is withstood everything of some swipes and tumbles! A quality of his and the life of battery is like this well so when have in the first place bought he - a life of looks of battery to last for ever! Absolutely I can recommend this speaker to any, his quite strong that can use he for parties without coming off worst on qualities. A box among him is very sweet and has simple but clear instructions. Some keys in a device are easy to use and touches a lot quickly. It has been add if a boss was bit it more along but this is not the subject of entity in any case. Bear in importing that a box does not comprise the power outlet, so only the boss of USB which can be plugged in any discharges of old load. Neither you think that it can touch music whilst is touching but for all was, my device is a model an old plus and any of these critics applies anymore!! I think that that this speaker is an absolute to fly for a price and recommended that to everything of my friends!

Top Customer Reviews: ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones 15H Playtime 3D Stereo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by
The cost verified has purchased these after reading many of some descriptions on Amazon and also after revising other on-line descriptions as I have required boss-free earphones partorisca use during my sessions of gymnasium - wired the headphones so only go in a way! These have been discounted and in general looked partorisca offer good value partorisca money.

QUALITY partorisca BUILD
usually can say a quality of the product for a quality of a packaging that a product arrives in. A earbuds is presented in the good quality the black box kills and partorisca unpack develops the manual of good instruction that it is a lot of writing albeit short. A earbuds is rid in the chance partorisca touch and each one that like this looks partorisca be a lot well has done. A chance the touch is also very built and feels quite robust. An USB that touches the boss is distributed also although this is not particularly long (roughly 12' in period).

Once take out of a chance to touch, a earbuds is easily paired to the mine iPhone. There is an audible update of a earbuds declaring 'Pairing, right canal', 'Pairing, the canal left' that is useful. Skipping And prendiendo the clues was easy with the double tap or so only in a legislation earbud respectively. This in spite of, a volume so only can be controlled invernadero your mobile phone, which is the shame .

A earbuds apt snugly and has found that any quantity to shake my boss roughly or that careers in a treadmill dislodged him which are to add if your exercise/workout is an intense and forceful a! I have not felt any discomfort to spend a earbuds in the prolonged period.

Although they are obviously any noise 'Actuated true annulling earbuds, these records snugly to a canal of ear and cut out of the plot of some external sounds usually would listen with headphones or earphones. As such I would say that these there is annulled was roughly 90 of background noise.

QUALITY of his
has found a quality of his to be excellent. Once paired a sound is rich and vibrant when listening in any gender of music. A thing to resist in the alcohol is that when doing or receiving called of telephone, calm so only will listen this by means of the alone canal and unfortunately any by means of both earbuds.

A earbuds has to that 3 battery of life of now but can be touched of a chance, which resists 15 hours of the touch and for this any precise to be plugged in the recharge your earbuds. A chance is quite small to return in yours purse/of stock exchange/of the pocket how is quite compact - calm so much can recharge in a gone.

The time will say to like them so only over time but look to promise like this far. In general, highly you recommend these earbuds.
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified partorisca have a Sennheiser PXC 550 which are a noise that the surprised that annuls wireless headphones but the heats partorisca a summer. For this rings an alternative partorisca my summer commute. Based in the suggestion of fellow, some descriptions have found here and in an Internet and a fact are on sale ( - 56 was) has decided to give try it.

Could not be impressed more with this earphones. His overachieved my expectations with qualities of his very and reduce 90 of a noise around you. I have had some hesitations in of the terms of the consolation and that there is earphones stuck in my ears partorisca ours and has thought with which some the time would be a lot of discomfortable, but return really well in my ears and with which 3 hours of mine very hurt was.

A connection with my iPhone is quickly and easy. I do not know reason but with my PC I need partorisca select a earphones in a poster of control but after the never stops.

An only downside founds is a 3 battery of hours which can be the bit partorisca annoy yes calm uses him partorisca work. A good thing is that a docking the canal also touches a earphones.

I highly recommend this earphones partorisca commuters and is entirely value partorisca money.
5 / 5 by
The cost verified has bought these telephones of boss purely partorisca run purpose. They are for real wireless and gave liberty more order when that runs compared partorisca begin telephones with the boss. Connected to the mine Samsung Galaxy S8 easily and auricular synced immediately. I have it that has not experienced never any question with connectivity. They come with three different measures of earbuds. A work partorisca measure big more partorisca me. Quality of his much better that has expected. They pack The punch and can not to lacking them so that I require him stops. Have Never come free does not import never approached to the fall was. A cradle partorisca touch that also the laws like the chance is also the really good characteristic. Only negative can see is that when inserted and a music is soothes can listen a light rattle of an interior of mechanism some headphones but I have to that stress ossia so only when a volume is particularly down. Otherwise Will not listen the thing. Well value of the money and recommended.
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked partorisca be sincere first was skeptical in these headphones. But it has changed my opinion after using for several days now.
- Accesses very a lot of (at least in my big ears.)
- With which that the pairing can be used for separate. For example: that goes in the course with only a earbud partorisca listen half.
- Add partorisca run and gymnasium. It does not fall off some ears.
- Partorisci Amiably with iphone a lot subject
- quality of his is not partorisca perfect but better that would expect.

- Maintain import that so only a writing of the finals of silicone are has comprised.
- Petit, easy to lose and the colour does not help partorisca find them
- loves the life of full battery will require to spend touching if around
- If your toes are in general measured is hard to see yes earbuds directed around a key has the light that calm press them
- Only can be paired that both earbuds is on.
4 / 5 by
The cost checked has had these 5 weeks now so only 1 port is changing the telephone of alone boss. The shame has begun was really well now so only the ache does not know never is touched or the course has touched....... . As I have been sent the substitution partorisca this element that is the service of client adds had him around the week used them now every day without questions. Description of update in 3 month.
5 / 5 by
The cost has checked I aways wants to try this line of the receiver but I not having never does why I aways has thought does not rid a quality of my levels. I bought him a ENACFIRE and blow my alcohol, fantastic crisp and his clear and exceptional building very comfortable in of the ears when you find a right place, considering me there is had to that remains on parallel with beginning for my woman has to that turn the little has bitten to your eyes. Lacks the little bit of low if any rectum taken in calm ears but a lot enough to dip you was and a consolation and liberty that benefits it to you with this line is irreplaceable with which pocolos small a lot included has fallen is there. Bluetooth Easy and fast league with just roughly anything. I recommend that calm give comes from it to him calm has not had never one of those you will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked that Shines bluetooth the headphones has not purchased never!
Wants to as has the docking and also law like the chance. A docking is magnetic likes auricular doesnt the free fall.
A docking the chance is also an upload which is very convenient!

Easily paired to telephone, a earpiece sinister or right, changes on automatically when undocked and the transmissions was when docked, saving the time that has to that press control and wait to turn on. Excellent in a gone and partorisci immediately.

The life of battery is a lot well, can neither so only use right ear or sinister piece or both same times.
His light and small, takes this everywhere goes!

Quality of his this very clear! recipient The end of a call of telephone is surprisingly clear also especially a distance of ear the mouth, calm whose need to shout like another Bluetooth the device done or unclear.

Recommends this product 100, the still am buying another for my partner
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified Really easy to touch, pair and setup, a lot snug access in my ears and compact chance partorisca store and touching. Sadly when that come from join Him right ear bud has maintained partorisca cut was. I have verified they were touched fully and has tried again later in a gymnasium. One same, a right ear bud maintains partorisca cut was. Tried maintaining my boss really still and telephones so only in the foot was, any joy. Unfortunately they are when being is returned.
5 / 5 by
The cost has checked certainly would not recommend a Enacfire E18 headphone. In the first place, a buds does not return my ears at all as I am far too small and these produced does not come with the row of different sized buds partorisca accommodate forms of different ear. Like the result the plot of his stray east, has to touch my music in the big volume and feel uncomfortable.

Secondly, A quality of his east shockingly woeful. A Enacfire E18 produced the tinny his without low any one. Included in of the big volumes, fight to listen my music when commuting to do in Londra and has given simply on spending them when in a tube or in a gymnasium where the background noise done these entirely obsolete headphones.

Thirdly A general and aesthetic appearance of some headphones is poor. They take the place and clave out of your ear in the pleasant corner. Perhaps ossia the result of me that tries to force some headphones to return - the question that easily could be averted with different sized buds. An only positive can see for these headphones is a chance to touch that it is small, looks lustrous and maintains some headphones ensure when touching using fond.

Considering are spent comprising posting and promotional discount in these headphones, has been expecting the very better the produced and I firmly believe does not offer good value for money. Admitted, these are not Bose, Sony or another reputable the mark but calm still expect the basic level of quality of his and access when purchasing auricular. I will be to look for the full repayment for a Enacfire E18s and promote another the steer well clear of this product.
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked First of all has been surprised partorisca see 5 stars of the each reviewer. Perhaps they are an only one the one who is miserable. Or perhaps it is reason are them an engineer of the his/of only musician partorisca buy the pair. Here it is my thoughts and the month partorisca use them.

In the first place a creation and feel is adds. They return amiably. A port to the touch are adds.
A quality of his in another hand is average, this in spite of, calm would not expect any one very better considering a reasonable price. A question is a connection among an accident and right is horrifying. A legislation maintains flicking on and was as it tries to connect to a device. It settles down for the minute, then starts having questions again.

Will be to return his asap so that the interference and the sound that the cut was is totally unacceptable

Top Customer Reviews: Betron B25 Noise Isolating in Ear Canal Headphones Earphones with ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
Thoroughly thoroughly You impress It partorisca consider a price. Quite honradamente are usually the sucker for some big frames and has had the combination of Shure is and Bose. And I have loved my Shure is. But with which 4 pairs (comprising samsung bundled auricular) when be destroyed by any one some cats, boys or combination of a two (and to plot of money) and that considers a life has turned of any look of poor headphones to achieve in my house, has opted paralizacin 'more economic' some but still while for the little of quality. Well it was them a lot pleasantly it has surprised.

The sound is lovely and crisp, bases quite deep (but I like this) - the annulment of noise is good (although Shure se215 was certainly better in a commute, but in almost 10x a price - he 10x - these are auricular is more certainly any 10x less in quality). Has prevails it chair and metal casing and very comfortable in an ear. To the looks of boss likes him can withstand of the attack of prolonged cat. In fact it wins to try the side to try lateralmente against mine shure is and try and determine a difference, but has died as it can no. Any engredo will have the difference adds.

Honradamente Himself Can do this for 12 - the certainly trying roughly of the his other products in time.

I produced adds
5 / 5 by
I have been using these headphones partorisca 6days now, and has discovered them a sound is excellent quality . Bass very good and 100 noise that annuls works.

This telephone of boss looks a lot of sylish and the free tangle and fact of material of good quality to last long.

Has been always after the big frames but with which come from this telephone of boss of the side down never goes back the types of upper frames where any I really enjoys my music has taken.

Spends chance and additional buds comes with east. It looks partorisca take more than way that has paid. Compraventa Happy. Highly recommended
5 / 5 by
These have been bought partorisca my woman the one who use the daily partorisca work. In some last ten years there have been a lot of different frames of headphone (jvc, senhieser, philips), each pair that hard so only roughly are to nine first month to break, likes work in the factory in the big car and can very really be very careful with some uses of headphones.
Like this far these Betron the headphones have done perfectly partorisca the year and two month, a long more any mark has lasted like this far. A quality of his east well, no like this as well as my senhieser or candy of skull of the (costing three times so many), but partorisca a paste of money well in his weight. A bigest compliment can pay is that when these some die to good sure will be in his substitute with more than Betron.
5 / 5 by
Once again ossia another product adds of Betron. I have bought of this company before and has not been never disappointed like this when I have required substitution earbuds has decided to verify these were. Those produced adds. Some looks of boss well, is easy to untangle, and a packaging was a lot well , has included to comprise the small drawstring stock exchange partorisca maintain them in. A buds was too big but the abundance other measures has been comprised and was easy to change. A quality of his excellent east to listen the music, podcasts and my registers of meditation. It likes that Betron always of email a yours bill that it can be downloaded and saved partorisca future reference. It is the personal touch well that aims that estimates his clients. Partorisca A price to good sure would recommend this product.
5 / 5 by
I can not taking listening my music again. After the pair I really adds of earphones has the data up are the question there was on that finds the good substitution. After the small taking both subject of big & final registers & all the disappointments has been that surprised to find these. Has no to give the one who hard was so only partorisca buy decent headphones!

Has been tried by a good revises these have had & can ensure you that they are all true.

Are like this happy with these headphones & can no partorisca recommend them highly enough.
5 / 5 by
This together of headphones of the canal of the ear comes with two measures of 'spent of hule' enabling the snug and sure access in an ear. A quality of his this a lot of well, listening the music or a word spoken. A handy on / was and the control of volume is in a lanyard more than that has to that regulate in a device is listening of. I have it that has not tried still a microphone with a telephone.
Very happy. I recommend these!
5 / 5 by
His pure, adds partorisca listen the music. Unfortunately any mic (my bad has assumed has had the mic has built in). It has had to that return them and order new some. The service of client adds, quickly, any hassle. I have ordered almost a closing some but with mic in Fri and took him on Mina. I have been using Betron for the few years and can not complain. I have required new some reasons lost him to them a lot reason have broken. I use headphones every day: music to and of work, gymnasium, weekend long walks (in some telephone). A question a big plus was always the tangled boss like the often he rasgara was and a headphone no (annoying listen the music!!!!). No such question with Betron, honradamente!
5 / 5 by
It was initially sceptical in this headphone. Has has wanted to something decent, perhaps very like this well the quality like telephone of boss of the beaten but have has wanted to something decent until I can resupply the beaten headphone. It take the economic a partorisca in 4, but is faulty directly out of a box. But you look partorisca invest main and has opted partorisca east a. A packaging launched was run, as I have not expected the economic headphone will be a lot of packaged. I have had to that add the screen has shot. A sound , is alcohol blowing price of paralizaciones. To good sure value a price!!!! I took it so only and it has had to that write the description immediately. To good sure value each penny. A packaging so only is way more than a cost of a headphone.
5 / 5 by
I go partorisca begin simple, these earphones is 100 value is value ! A quality of his in this way on the expectations and a support of the service of the client is flawless! It comes with to 1 guarantee of year that is to spare is very clumsy! Still although a boss can feel toneless, can resist 3kg of weight likes not breaking at all time very punctual! A packaging is like this good and is very easy to do your way around that! One instruments of the support is very bondadoso and extremely useful as they can take a do one quickly and felizmente!

5 star!
5 / 5 by
Tbh, Betron there is emailed me roughly 3-4 times in a past little month asking the description.

Has directed the bug me enough to give them a positive critique that deserves thus produced adds!

These headphones are brilliant! A lot strong, clear and have the base adds. It uses him roughly 4-5 times the week in a gymnasium. It prefers to use these that an Apple has distributed auricular with cane my iPhone 8.

Now using with a connector of Apple has distributed, but doing like this well.

Has bought the pair of 20 Sony auricular a same time, has finalised to give a Sony some were to my brother of boy!

Has not been paid for a description, so only badgered his of some emails.

True history! One+

Top Customer Reviews: Anker [Upgraded] SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by
Colour: black A lot disappointed, has load of Anker the box and is everything brilliant as when I have loved the Bluetooth the speaker has not had any reservation roughly buying his. It connects instantly and taking a lot strong but a quality of his terrible east. Somehow it directs to cut out of both highs and down leaving so only a mid row, or for the dipped another way, to touches to like any one is dipped the pillow on that.

Seeing all has joined other descriptions and that know an usual quality of Anker so only can assume has received the defective unit. I am returning he for the full repayment.

MODIFICATION, After my description Anker touches gone in immediately with me and offered release it upgrade to his Impulse of Core of the Sound 20watt. Still I owe that to any way to compare likes to like in an original speaker (this in spite of thinks that a terrible sound has because of the defect) but a new speaker is glorious and will do the low description this product.

To the equal that has said on have the plot of Anker box and very impressed with him everything until this order, finally have the question and a Anker the support of client is on state and in that correctly can be expected like an additional star. After this experience Anker to good sure will remain my gone to mark.
4 / 5 by
Colour: black A Glorious element, which has spent already a lot listening like. I have been enjoying some rich bass of the mine streamed music ( Spotify ) in a bath, fourth and was and roughly in a car (a wide row of music of boxes to glam rock, partorisca swing, to Celtic rock . Everything of 1950s to 2000s . They are the music partorisca discern auditor and can does not be missing a tone , depth or level of start of his anything. Build Of quality and a lot neatly the access in a hard chance has bought partorisca he, partorisca enable me partorisca the take is gone in of the walks and like this on , master . A start is of quality more orders that our automobile stereo. I have tried so much a to the connection and Bluetooth and both are excellent ( although one to the with my iPod 5 gene is slightly calmer that with Bluetooth playback ). I love a power on and power of whooshes , a solid chunky build, key of wise simple drawing and basically quality very good . Well value each penny.
4 / 5 by
Colour: produced of black of Brilliant quality with his excellent, the way adds and and light and small in measure.

- Light
- small
- build of big quality (has 4 hule bobbles in the each one his corners no the surfaces vibrate cariche)
- strong
- quality very big his

- when you direct it all a way until the full volume done the beep the noise once achieves full volume, and this interrupts a music partorisca for the half the second. You do not leave this calm stop to buy this so much is the fantastic product but is the bit to annoy, especially of then like to listen the music with friends and the appear for some drops of songs (drum and bass / bassline music).

In general I and highly recommends this product, especially for drum and bass / bassline / music to house where literally can listen a quality. Some bass is ailing, and with the good songs can feel some bass in full volume that is ailing.

Also would recommend to take a Anker Soundcore chance of travesa official, regarding this already sturdy the costs of creature to treat to some protects, and a chance to the left is hangs stock exchanges while in some gone with a hook of aluminium has comprised.

(Would not recommend taking an official Anker upload yes already the the usb spend charges so it comes with the boss to touch so only does not cover he of wall, but more the people have one saves in all the chance)
5 / 5 by
Colour: the black has to that say that with which have ordered this looked around again and has thought would annul and order an Impulse of Core of the Sound. This in spite of, have left the too long and was on is way . I thought that it could try it and, if not to adapt me, send it behind. I require it it have not concerned , really it is incredibly well. A sound is clear and quite detailed, some tomb is full and deep. On those produced the decent stereo image, for something like this compact, and he creditable quantity of volume with sprain very small. I listen to the wide row of types of music of Folk for Mecer and Metal, to Burst to Classical and of A Chapel the Orchestral. Extracted well with everything of them. A very good compraventa in 40.
4 / 5 by
Colour: black A lot disappointed. A quality of his fantastic east partorisca east measures , exactly that there is wanted, Bluetooth connects perfectly to everything and has the decent row then I plugged in a to the boss, and there is remarked has had audio lag. Face to look video and touching games unbearable. I can accept he with Bluetooth, audio lag with Bluetooth would owe that be expected, but would not owe that have any lag when plugged in by means of the the.

Tried it on my pc, portable, TV, pill, and was a same quantity of lag each one alone time. Start to be 200ms out of sync with a video.

Goes to be using this for music so only, then is well, but go to use he to look video or gaming, then can not recommend this, no with an audio lag.

MODIFICATION: Reduced of 2 stars to 1 and seriously am considering sending it behind.

There is remarked now static noise when that touches a thing. If I touch by means of my laptop or pc, gives of the horrible static noise. It is hard to listen in strong music, but once some stops of music, can listen it a lot clearly.

Also am remarking a sound that cracks on and almost that short was in time. It is usually when the music goes of low volume to strong volume quickly.

Honradamente, A more uses it, a plus like the piece of junk is finding eats. Has has not had never of the like this subject with something that simple like the speaker before. It is frustrating reason is exactly that require in the speaker and because of this reason, are reluctant of the send behind, but with some things of way are going, does not see another election.
4 / 5 by
Colour: black is small, very built and reassuringly weighty. A quality of his very but no this exceptional (the bass is the bit partorisca be missing of in time) but has to that the bet has to that spend the plot more partorisca take anything significantly better touching and portable, more is strong and really fill the small room well is in fact the better access partorisca our master chamber that my old Onkyo all in a salvation-fi system and saves the enormous quantity of spatial.
Like this always with Anker all more is classifies 18 guarantee of month, life of battery massively some materials have used partorisca feel qualities, control of the water and the pairing etc is really easy.
Could have done better use of this life of massive battery partorisca leave touch your telephone was the, perhaps ossia a USP partorisca Soundcore 3? But in general it looks the product of quality
4 / 5 by
Colour: black Wonderfully impressed with this speaker. So much so that I have it quell'has ordered of a partorisca my sister, and the fellow the one who has listened quality of his (and an arrival of lovely low profile) has purchased one for each of his boys this Christmas.
Has installed mine in my bath, where is giving endures a humidity (steam of shower) faultlessly.
Tip: taking was-of-called of hours of clients when washing the hair confirms engaged professional! There is!
Enjoys a speaker - deserve all accolades!
5 / 5 by
Colour: Lovely black little speaker. Easy operation, easy bluetooth connection. I have driven of my telephone via bluetooth and of my PC has seen the boss. A lot handy portable speaker. The clarity adds of sound. The bass is reasonable partorisca the speaker of this measure and price, but no those swipes that import. If I need something with basses really strong, calm probably will require partorisca take raisin of different / model more. I have chosen this speaker partorisca his clarity in a price. A volume and the power are very partorisca the small to half-sized room. Very practical.
5 / 5 by
Colour: the black has purchased this during some sales of Black Fridays as it was recommended highly for a lot. I have bought Anker has produced in some pasts and is always resulted of confidence without any subjects have believed so it would give this the gone. Has the weighty feels his so that it does not take attacked on like this easily and a curvy the creation the comfortable fact partorisca resist. Whilst Is not quite small to return in of the pockets, is easily portable.

Touches wise - sounds absolutely in amazing. I have been surprised in like this strong this could take and the one who clear some bass has been compared to mine original Bluetooth speaker. This has 2x 6W engine while my old a there is had 2x 3W engine like the clarity and the level of sound was a lot of noticeable. When Reproducing songs with heavy bass, can begin vibrate my office that shows some bass is strong in this speaker. Still with the row of music, this has treated always exceptionally like this, better that my speakers/of television/of telephone of the laptop would say.

Connecting a speaker to the mine portable / of telephone by means of Bluetooth was very easy. Calm does not have to that know the plot roughly technology to be able to dip this up! Some controls have done really well and I like a creation so that a correct key easily can be pressed. It was surprisingly able to take video of Youtube momentarily with a key of game but he automatically begun to touch again with which 5 seconds.

A battery a lot the time is that hard, when being able to easily last on 24 hours without a need for load. I had it of then, I have it that touch so only two times and ossia same with constant daily use for on 5-6 hours that is surprising.
A to the port and touching the port is protected to cover it which is quite good. It adds the level the big plus to protect.

Says that it is test of powder but am finding that the powder still accrues and there is fingerprint the frames when used. There is did not try it still external in a rain - I does not think wants to take this risk so only still.

In general is the speaker of big quality to the equal that can be expected with Anker produced. Really happy has found this speaker in treating he during Black Friday - is cost to good sure an impulse compraventa!
4 / 5 by
Colour: black This little speaker is incredible! It is better way that thought it would be. I took age partorisca decide the one who Bluetooth speaker partorisca buy but has taken one submerges is one and am happy has done! Has quality of his EXCELLENT (which is more than entity), to spare the volume and is easy to use - although it admits that I took the moment partorisca exit a speed partorisca bend-click partorisca skip clues. Once you that was, is well. Also a Bluetooth pairing with all 4 of my devices of android was the doddle. Minus Points? Calm does not have any idea of a state of load, although it begins partorisca flash red when going down. This in spite of, hard partorisca ages. Also they are asking has to that it has paid an extra 10 and has taken a version that will touch my telephone also reason has like this state impressed with this speaker has been using my telephone to touch my tunes the plot more with a result that my telephone touch needs more often! Also, well take a pertinent chance partorisca he. It feels test of ball , but need the coverage of pertinent powder if any when be used for the moment. You could use a box among but a plastic stock exchange really honks! In general, I am very happy with cost of mine.