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4 / 5
I owe that admit that I have struggled with this wifi extends, and perhaps Ive has comprised bad a function, reason Im any one The expert. In our room of rear TV a wifi forces of our Orange of @Subject of the house was so only to sometimes of well. A purpose has bought this partorisca was partorisca improve this wifi signal, and improve my television streaming quality. So much, a setup is not like this sincere as it looks, partorisca cut the short long history, has used an internet partorisca connect, and has put on the separate wifi account, with his proper name, but using a same signal like my subject of house. There is a lot of Utube drive on like this partorisca do is, reason have found some instructions have comprised no attentive partorisca an internet dips up. So much, all was well, has situated one extends among my subject of own house and a room of rear TV, has had three wifi the bars that objective, and an application has said to be in an optimum place. And then some abonos informative, a wifi the signal has been of just/well to a lot of well in a rear room, was happy. But, when I streamed my TV, is buffering so as before, and that goes was all hover intermittently?? This didnt spend when connected to a subject of house. So much, I have decided to do the Test of Speed, and found my @subject WiFi has pumped was 16Mb/s in wifi to a rear room, and one extends was down to 12Mb/s,?? As I have tried to change some servers, and also trying by means of mine VPN link, still one same, 16 of @subject of house, 12 to extend. So much, this took to an end of mine expertise, and would like me know reason one extends cant at least augment a signal as it matches a subject, and also reason one extends to improve mine wifi force of signal, but any streaming speed? Ive Sent it behind, excellent service of Amazon as usual, but I still of the one who comprise reasons he didnt improve my television Streaming? So much, in my chance, didnt work. Ive Still date three stars because it augments a wifi signal, but has not looked to improve my TV streaming, good response of vendor, has appreciated. Update further, after receiving the vendor sustains very detailed, ive has changed my @subject wifi canals to new settings, and one extends streaming the speed has augmented of 12Mb/s to 15Mb/s, and now is matching my Subject Orange in an insignificant wifi zone in our rear chamber, Happy. A lesson ive has learnt is that, for a prize, sound an amazing product, but has to that perceiver with a neighbour arrive and testing. And certainly contact a vendor with any subjects.
5 / 5
Ossia Some some produced - my room is in a coverage, a subject is down, and has augmented mine PS4 speed of 8gb to 30gb!!! Still it has the a lot handy application!

Ossia For far a better product for the Wi-Fi extends.
5 / 5
This element was very easy also install... Has plugged a booster in my chamber! If I have loved also download the game of Nintendo of mine Swich has had also take a game console down and the be after too much a Roughter also download anything!! Now a booster is n my fourth I no longer has too much do this I so only can download my games of my chamber! When I tryed too many downloads of my fourth has had the point of internet and now have 3 bars that I always had with my I-Telephone before I have installed a booster!! I am thinking to take the second some hips among a sunhouse!! They are very happy with this element that is reason has since it deserves 5⭐️‘s 😎👍
5 / 5
has done exactly like this expected extends a wifi row in my plan and take around any hefty to Victorian wall.

I plugged he in prójimo my subject, powered on and has connected then both using wps. It takes everything of two mins (perhaps the value that mentions that my subject is also he TP-Link, and one extends only works with a band). Then I unplugged one extends and plugged he in a hallway roughly 8m is gone in the plus centrally plant located in my paving. One extends has begun to do immediately and now have three wifi bars to signal the show in my telephone in something died where was lucky to take even a fence previously. Curiously a TP-application to Link sometimes has said a signal is feeble among one issues and extend, and in another says that it is perfect, included this in spite of has moved neither or is obstructed. But it looks to be doing well to all the cost and not having never of the questions with connection in these dead zones anymore.

A ssid exposed a same name so that it does not have any need to reconnect to another coverage when you go to a row of one extends. All a lot of seamless.

Done of the years have bought the tp-link nano @subject to try and solve a poor wifi coverage in a plan - never looked to do like this has to that and looked to require to plot of configuration so that it looked the simple work. This one is sincerer to setup and operate, I desire had bought this sooner.

Has pleased really.
5 / 5
I alive in the house shared with another arrendatarias and is not that it surprises that his all regularly uses an internet. I maintain the base of a paving of earth (a door, the flight of stairs and around a corner of one issues) and although my internet connects has not gone too bad has not been adds. So only it take the alone point or a bar, perhaps two but this was very scarce. Also I have the ready TV in my room and although it have tried to connect the to an internet, a signal was far too feeble and could not take any constant connection at all. I have decided to buy this expand with a hope that can be able to improve my force of signal and perhaps so only perhaps the fastest connection.
After the very simple installation the things have not looked too much is like the only real place could spent in an expand was down the radiator (picture 1) which is so only roughly 6 feet of the mine portable.
In an expand an exposure has aimed that has the bad signal (sees picture 2) and has not expected too much at all, but die had at least to go. Have @@give Then that this was a signal coming To one expand and NOTwhat sends ERA.
Now has taken my PC arrive and that careers and my surprised has had full bars in mine wifi connection. It has treated the little speed of internet tries with SpeedCheck Pro and wow... My speed of internet had augmented of roughly 3-5Mbps to 20-30Mbps. I have been of then also able to connect my ready TV to a coverage with the a lot of signal improved - 3 fence has compared to any before and although the little slow when connecting to canals of internet, cut well.
Has has connected of one expand for a final 6 feet to my computer and a speed is trace included further peaking in 43Mbps (Tried with an on-line declare ). Of course any improvement at all for a television like this is still in link he purely wireless .
Wholeheartedly can recommend this device and although in any one the course announces that it augments speed of internet, in my chance certainly has. A very happy and satisfied client.
4 / 5
Ask a lot well of the boxes is this wifi extend.

Simply covers his in, tap in an allocution to dip in a propiciado by instruction, adds a admin signal, register to your subject, adds to issue passwaord, saves and there go.

Covers this in in a cookery, enables a wifi to achieve my nave in a rear yard with the force of full signal. Our subject is in our point of telephone upstairs in the rear room in the fat walled bone cottage like this @subject the signal was always the external question, but this extends resupplies excellent coverage.

Some said it will augment speed but sadly any for me so that it was wifi is prettu the be slow extremely rural in location. We are at present in a process of having edge optic returned like this hopefully that it will give better quality
4 / 5
alive in an old house with fat wall that seriously signals of blockade of Wi-Fi and has bought this in a hope augments my signal enough to be able to use my cup of lap in a backside of a house. It has taken around 10 minutes to dip on, and a result was fantastic. I have tried my speed to download before and was so only 1.5 mbs but after dipping on this amazing little device my speed of download has jumped to . Also like a fact that has the socket outlet in a front of him so that it calms no free a outlet. To good sure recommend that this row extends to any with alike questions.
4 / 5
Very sure if the mine was faulty or just rubbishes. Any same pickup signal of Wi-Fi to augment in a zone where Wi-Fi was already well. Tried installs and reset 6 times and the work of only place was inner roughly 5m of one issues!!!!
Has thought an idea was to grab the signal where was week and then the augment.
Shame like another TP-material of the link has is a lot of - of here reason has chosen this a
4 / 5
has written already the description of of the this but the looks are not posted does not know . Alive in the very old house with walling very fat and has tried of then buying the new TV has required to take the booster.
Really quickly and easy installation! When He the work has augmented really an internet for my loan telly. There is remarked then my TV any connected to a WiFi. & Of a booster has had another option of the ours WiFi name to connect to. Tried all 3 and would not connect . With which resetting my TV unbelievable quantity of time, I then exited in order for a device to do properly - would be them necessary turn was, mine gone back telly on and attended for him to connect and then gone back in booster. This has been supposition to do the things he easy plus this in spite of things to mark like this uncomfortable and the ache in an ass. And more recently I am returned in fact this element because it was more than the ache in an ass then before.
5 / 5
Has debated among east and he powerline system. It has been partorisca east a so it was quite economic and has thought them would return it to them if it does not act.
A setup can be easy but took the moment: there are three methods, and a prime minister two (quite simple, press the key to pair with your modem) has not done with my Virgin Box. A third method done but requires the bit of technology savviness.
Then has to that choose a lot attentively one something: two spent has separated for just to the wall can do the dramatic difference: the mine in the first place tries has not done at all, but a second a has done all my house 'illuminated' for wifi.
Has to that remark this in spite of that if an appliance loves the use is among two 'cells' of your new coverage can take garbled: I have had to relocate my Sleeps for the pair of metres likes work less a lot afterwards that before, in a zone that was very covered for a normal wifi... As he all the taking the little bit of adjustment but for me he a trick.
5 / 5
Extremely orderly creation, very discreet, and the way adds partorisca improve reception of internet in of the parts of a house some distance partorisca issue; in our particular circumstance a disadvantage of the substantial concrete structure also wins (or perhaps bypassed). Any difficult to connect and place on, included partorisca any main and often baffled for technologies of present day. It can not do comparisons with any another equivalent, but am totally happy with east a.
5 / 5
Is easy to install this in spite of, does not strengthen a WiFi, interferes with him. After running multiple tests have @@give he very interfered with some speeds of download. I have spoken with my ISP those who has confirmed that these types of boosters is some wrong elements partorisca purchase. Lines partorisca be able to is totally well and how is connection wired directed . Boosters This in spite of, is not .
4 / 5
Partorisca My application, this was entirely useless. The part of my house has poor wifi signal, as it take this element partorisca try to extend a row. It is easy to dip a point partorisca access on, and is all has configured, this in spite of, has situated once a point partorisca access down, any of my devices has connected to a point of access, was all those remain in some subjects.

Resulted, a force of the signal of my subject was so only enough for my devices to choose on, and is is remained tethered to to a subject likes opposed to move by means of the AP. After revising roughly of a TP documents of links, is possible to configure 'aggressive tethering' in of the devices of windows, but there is so only 3.os hacks of party to take around this in of the mobile devices, which was my primary use .

An alternative would have been to connect a AP to a street of @subject ethernet, then press a signal was, this in spite of, has not taken the clear cabling street to achieve that any one.

Would be to add if a listing there was clear fact that the majority of devices will remain tethered to a subject for incumplimiento..
4 / 5
The product has done well for 3 month. After this period of time, paralizaciones only to do, my devices would connect his but resupply any Internets. I never changed or anything his, paralizaciones only to do. I have tried resetting the and locations to change long, but still does not act . I have decided to contact support of disguise. After conversing to them for 2 hours, still there is not founding the solution to my subject. They have maintained to ask calm question for other 2 hours (4 hours in of the totals), and finally decided to spend my situation to other people so that it can me send to substitute it, like the product comes with 3 guarantee of years.

After the week to send the information to them has seen the email that answered to his questions, has asked to send them behind a faulty has produced. Also we ask me to pay for some costs to send. It say him I have not been happy with east, as I have been that looks for to order this was for enough the long time and buying the substitution would be easier that spending time to pack and sending them a faulty one to take the free substitution, any to speak in a cost of topmast. They have answered still they do not send me a substitution until I send them a faulty a.

You basically lied on some police of the guarantee and the support of terrible disguise have resupplied. Any recommended, has bought so only another of the different mark.
4 / 5
Has bought this like this at present uses TP Link Powerline adapters for the connection wired of mine @subject to mine portable.
Finally after the few tentativas has directed to dip this on those use an application setup process (Method 2 of 3) to the equal that fail to find my @subject WPS signal (Method 1) which was good works . I have situated he in the chamber but there is remarked an indicator by force of the signal was in 0, as I moved it more afterwards to a hallway, still to find a force of signal in 0. I have then moved to to a unit likes near like him tin to of my subject (the semi-detached picture) this in spite of any of a Wifi the lights by force am lit, so only of the light to be able to and a wifi light, as I can confirm am receiving the signal of the mine @subject to a unit. Complete waste of money. It was to return for the full repayment.
4 / 5
After changing of the subject broadband to the HE @subject of paper because of poor broadband connections (the the distance of one changes to our house is far so that the service is poor and the speeds were terrible) finds improved accelerates to a majority of our house - This in spite of - some elements in of the sure zones looked to be experiencing subject like steaming constant & of quality disconnects so much the one who a subject new has on fact partorisca accelerates looks to be lack in force of row/of the signal. Well If your elements are seating on the, no like this well has to that the wall has involved.

Our CCTV requires a connection of Ethernet to be viewable in our telephones, like this now was in the dilemma like subject new has been dipped up in the different location to an old a so that it can not see a CCTV remotely without running 100 feet of boss of Ethernet around a house - not spending .

Has purchased this WiFi extend mainly to order a CCTV subject (when being so that has the port of Ethernet on he) but there is remarked also is helped to improve a TV in a same room that begun to experience streaming subject of qualities and falling was constantly when that tries to look Netflix or Amazon of a transmission in issuing. Has have the noticeable the improvement in ours seeing experience as now it is touching 4K without @@subject, buffering, lag or deterioration of quality.

Is simple to dip on - cover he in and a red of exposures read, press a WPS the key in a subject and then also in a booster and league.
My partner this he and is the self has proclaimed technophobe. It was proud does not require me to order he for him & dipped arrive whilst was was. Using an advantage of extension dipped it up in a room where one issues is and then has connected once moves he in a together room where a CCTV & another alive TV.
When plugged Say that some lights aim a force to signal so you can gauge yes goes to do. It finds six the 3 in his something elected and is doing perfectly.

Im Under an impression that can the to you dipped up without a WPS key but when being so that has a then does not have to that worry in working that was. It was spent enough and game in setup respects.

Im Considering buying another for down a garden to maintain all ours cover the casts in some workshops have connected likes the signal down there is intermittent.

A light on is quite brilliant to the equal that according to his location could consider the bit of tape in a light but be careful any to press to to anything likes them the centre is the key.

Very happy - would recommend to any that requires to augment a signal around @subject of sound.

Justo FYI - in reply to some of some questions have seen request in boosters and extenders - subject precise he with the byline of service/of/alive connection. This in is not for the subject like this without the main @subject this no . It thinks of him it likes him to him an advantage of extension.
Is the signal based and does not use a power lines like this calm does not need covers it he to a main same coverage like subject. While it is paired correctly, then move it where calm the want and discharges he in in any socket to be able to or the advantage of extension loves. Assuming a light by force of the signal in aims touches to take the signal of yours issues then laws.
5 / 5
In the first place was, those that are interested to buy this device has to that be conscious that has three near on options.

One first option, of the discharges have not simplified any way of game, require you to press two keys, a WPS key in yours @subject and a Row Extends key of pairing. And this would have to that be that, excepts no for me, which sincerely a manual and instructional the video warns roughly.

A second method requires that it download and install a TP-Link Tether application of any Google or the apple tend, as it type of the ones of mobile device.

For me, using a Tether application to dip on a TP-the row of Link to Extend has done like the charm, and has had one Extends device on and running inner 10 or like this small to download and installing a Tether to my pill of android.

A third method, which felizmente does not have to that use, involves plugging a boss of the ethernet to a Row Extends and connecting to the laptop, logging to a TP web of Link-place, and spending out of the number of on-line instructions.

WELL, once a TP-Link TL-WA850RE the row Extends is setup and correctly situated among your @subject and a device wants to have the access of appropriate Internet results the joy to do with and give these basses wi-fi zones to signal that stimulates required a lot.

In my chance, has required to resupply the strong plus wi-fi the signal to an upper paving fourth retreated with a TV of Internet streaming box. So much, once it has dipped it and it has located a Row Extends and reset my streaming the box so much the devices have connected perfectly with each another.

Recommended a TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 the row of Wi-Fi Extends to any that wants to extend his wi-fi the signal of one corners of his (half sized) house to another without too hassle or that it has to spend the small fortune. To good sure he 4 product of star (reason a together easy on the way has not done for me).
5 / 5
This product is like this sensitive likes row extenders come. The service has changed literally providers of VIRGINS to the HEAVEN and he have prisoner to do after 3.5 hours to try for the dipped on top of

Same with a help of a technician in a telephone that speak by means of him a lot to any, can'nt takes it to do. Save your money and does not buy this product, a build is economic and a value for money is no existent!!

4 / 5
Really pleased with this product.

My house is the bit in a longitude lateralmente narrow with still wall of the solid brick to somewhere goes in. With one issues in a backside of a house (an airport of Apple) has been that experiences the drop in WiFi to a front of a house.

Was really easy to dip up. It covers he in to the point to be able the approximations of the main to issue, downloads a TP tether application (I follows to use iOS) and take them has connected.

Once everything , relocates one extends in discharges that the next plus to where need an impulse but still in tower and good row on. Ossia! I plugged he in in my first landing to walk and has aimed the marked improvement to a WiFi in a front of my house.

Has been that creates to 60mbps by means of him, my device of television of the Apple that had been struggling with filming streaming any work for the treat!

Pair Of things to remark. It dips on the delegated SSID more than Justo that extends one that exists but once. The device is logged in and the signal is agreed then any subject big. Included easier for static devices.

A unit is not too bulky, is in fact quite slimline thinks but falls one covers as it could interfere with skirting or pipes of central heating as where is planning to use the.

HAS four indicators lites in a front that resupplies the a lot of dim night lite where has situated the hips, which is well.

In general the really good unit, good and easy value to dip up. To good sure recommended.
4 / 5
A compraventa worse has has not done never. It has squandered endless hours that looks for to imagine some questions of connection were the absolutely a lot of avail. Yes a neighbour up is easy that use an application BUT a connection is roughly like this of confidence like the armed fireman without legs. I have bought this to extend mine wifi was the my cameras of the coverage and he have done for the moment until there is @@give a camera was not in fact state connected for the day. I have moved a socket upstairs, down, for behind upstairs, behind down and looked, has the hours later, that the camera is like this use as it chocolate fireguard when connected to this monstrosity of one extends. I have been to him there is it anticipated the settings in an extend and a @subject and at all can fix this. Included that tries to connect to a extenders wifi with my telephone like this then can access a extenders the settings is 'll so only be fulfilled with the constant 'can not obtain allocution of IP' on and on again 5 minutes later and work well!! Aaaaagh!! So only when calm has spoken you out of going in a rampage then verify an hour later and boom, subject same!!! Almost it has jumped it out of mine upstairs window 5 times to finalise a misery that has to that try and fix this chunk of useless plastic!!! Stay well out of him or calm could finalise another terrible statistic!!!!
5 / 5
Bought this product as I have had previously the TP-point of access of the Link POE, which was having the conflict with my Subject of million the Thousands this in spite of lame bad WiFi in the pair of zones around a house. Orderly and there is rid a same day, has chosen to setup saws option 2 as it prefers to manually do these things, a lot simple has taken roughly 3 minutes partorisca do, once setup I plugged he in and bingo perfect fact, has downloaded an application of iPhone has suggested and has situated one extends that it uses an application partorisca drive the better place partorisca me. I produce it adds now taking decent WiFi everywhere one marries brilliant value partorisca solve the question.
4 / 5
These products in spite of being the functional powerline adapter and passthrough so only augment a calm wireless signal already the? I thought it that I leave partorisca connect to a powerline coverage wirelessly, he the no. has looked for to augment a signal to my telephone in my paving of mammas of a hallway to a room of the bath with one issues 10m of him, and he less than of a telephone can not augment a signal by means of the door of pasador... I have been partorisca return it, but in an end maintained it partorisca go to do another TP-Link powerline. Law a lot of otherwise... Tp-I link is good quality and does not go partorisca take buying of them, concealed has said that has tried a next level on an adapter with him Prpers goes that looks aerial and dual band and a 5coverage of g is stronger but a signal so only is augmenting a wireless has, not using a pwoerline coverage that the mine would be a point
4 / 5
has Bought partorisca improve row of a terrible Virgin hub 3 subject. Súper Fast but terrible edge wi-fi so only is not the good mix.

Partorisca Virgo Attach a WPS the function no immediately. So much it covers one extends to a wall approaches'ish to a subject, press a WPS the key on then goes to a page of @subject in your browser partorisca enter , the sign to some subjects partorisca Dip Advanced then, then wireless and then finally WPS. Click on 'add client' in a fund of a hand-held page a lot then expects the pocolos second and his all the fact.

Vastly Has improved a coverage of Wi-Fi upstairs where Virgo the @subject struggled partorisca achieve of down for behind the wall of double brick.

Has had the little of these of then was first invented and this has been a plus like this far. Having of the available discharges still is the prize and also a ethernet the socket down the fact perfects partorisca chambers of boys with his computers and xbox is etc.
4 / 5
Recently moved home new and could not take WIFI in the pair of upstairs rooms. It does not have very known in this product but there is remarked concealed is was very revised for several clients of thousand. The inferior line is that it is very good and now take speed of download of on 50mb where has there was previously any one. Personally I have no the found that easy to install and could not take a product to pair with my @subject to the equal that for a recommended method of pairing, which was method ‘ one' in some instructions. For so has has had to that revert to ‘method two' that was the neighbour arrives partorisca use the computer. It take there in an end but could not have done like this without Youtube. Still the good product this in spite of
4 / 5
Very impressed with this WIFI extends.

In the first place arrives a same day like orderly and a lot of packaged and is partorisca come sealed, how is new mark . Has a paving and my subject broadband main is situated under my loan Sony TV and is connected street ethernet my Sony Blue-player of ray. Basically, if I have connected my Sony XA2 mobile phone via WIFI in my cookery or fourth, a signal was quite poor - same although my paving is situated in a paving - have situated like this one extends in a front hallway and has extended coverage to a whole of my house. Like this now, I do not owe that trust so much in my provider of mobile internet in several parts of my house.

The really is simple to dip up and there is the downloadable application, as I can control he of your mobile phone, or another compatible device.

A security is something on and does not have any casualidad of any one the short yours connection.

So only agree that has one same SSID like your subject main excepts has -ext in an end but uses a same signal and to use an application, need to distribute an email address and only signal - so that it do the note of these, although a extendeder can be reset.

The Hips can be directly connected to other devices have seen a ethernet connection in a fund of one extends.

To good sure would recommend 100. It was a lot of sceptical but am like this happy that has purchased he - now have the connection of internet adds everywhere my house! SHINING.

Full instructions, the calm duty requires him is comprised how is basic details in a box but to be sincere, dipped that up without a lot of need for directions.

(I knows a picture is not fantastic but aims full coverage of my subject main for a blue CONCENTRATED - that can dip you to the turn was during a night in of the sure hours).

Gives comes from he - have at all to lose but the plot to benefit of WIFI everywhere your house.
4 / 5
Setup Was delicate like WPS has not done in our subject (other devices have done, as it looks to be one extends). The manual near arrives to use the browser of the web has not gone very better, as it was to struggle to take any device to connect his own coverage (if it had not been quite a lot of technology savvy glielo would be resembled to him so only not exiting of a box. When I look of Knots the ours coverage, any device could connect his, that quotes an IP config error. We reset a device, and has tried to give to the fixed IP, dipping he in a DMZ etc without regime. Finally tried to contact TP the links for one assist. It has not been able to take any responses of email. A estaca of on-line forum (hardly of confidence but has had any official troubleshooting support) has suggested has tried to leave one extends sleeve DHCP questions for him (and turn them is gone in a @subject). This kicked all the devices of one extend, and a lot then could connect (IP config subjects again). We rebooted the and has had still any regime. Returned to Amazon. If you are the engineer of the coverage are sure calm can take it to do. Similarly, if has the different class to issue ( has tried he with both Means comunicacionales Virgin and Heaven some) yours mileage can improve!
4 / 5
Produced excellent. Easy to configure with a 'Tether' application. So only follow some instructions on application to the equal that go.
A main thing to agree is only works with so it likes to have the subject of dual band with Virgo you just need to go to issue page and disable 5G while you connect of the discharges. Also rename a coverage in one covers when it comes up. So only I have dipped EXT in final of mine like this easy to find. Then it covers of movement the pertinent location and connect to a coverage that use a coverage has appointed for one covers.
Has taken this for upstairs and give the very better connection. When it Take my new superhub of virgin was easy to reconnect so only that spends for instructions in Tether application again.
4 / 5
Alive in the bone of 200 years cottage with the detached workshop of cochera & of the bone that has the hayloft on used like the spare room, was this room of guest has loved a WiFi signal to achieve. It is roughly 10 metres out of a house. It has dipped on one extends like this for a WPS instructions. At the beginning I plugged he in in a cookery (which is a room in a more next house to a cochera but 6 metres out of one issue) A WiFi extends has aimed 3 lights, but has had so only the toneless signal in a hayloft, slow but usable. As I have tried plugging one extends in the the socket in a cochera that is roughly 6 metres of a house and under a hayloft. I have had now so only 1 light in one extends but astonishingly the plenary WiFi signal in a hayloft! Really we could not be pleased more in a result. A neighbour on the instructions was clear & quickly. More than everything has not required to telephone my edges those who has had to dip on all our technology artilugios up to now!
5 / 5
Well, has tried to connect the using WPS ( press WPS key in yours @subject and one extends a same time) and this has not done. I have then chosen option 2 in some instructions where connect via the web of place. A web of place has required the signal has has not had? I have then downloaded a TP application of LINK to the mine iPad and he have asked still the signal?? I then his row helpline and has not been utmost. It was useful but can not comprise. A a consultor of the piece well gave was to treat to reset. You resist down a key of reset for ten seconds. With which have used a signal ‘admin' and took it connected in two mins. I am surprised by a row is given me. At least 20 metres further down my garden. I have sent it almost behind but now it is on and running is excellent.
5 / 5
Well Is TP-Link like this the one who knows what time last but is a sincere product that extracted a lot well.
Is that I am doing has to that way that be to has anticipated setup and has changed a way to Access the point of then was boss of the interior of Ethernet achieves of a subject of Internet. Always better to use boss when podes.

In this configuration was able to accelerate try an Internet in 60.ºg Which is quite fast and a max that the internet done. Lame 60.ºg Still when moving to the room with only the 2 out of 5 signal of bar.

These also pair up with your WiFi subject with only the pair of key presses in a box and any tinkering in an interface of web.
5 / 5
Coverage very feeble the detection that means that one extends has to that be in a next room to a @subject - no really helps partorisca take wifi by means of a house been due to ours fat wall. The container has not contained any one drives of installation or help as has has had to that do this all of on-line instructions, and an hour later is so only only start (I follows 23 and the reasonably techy person!)
Would recommend to take a tether the application like this is the plot more user-friendly that a support of web of place - has any support of client of the United Kingdom, has to called UAE, and any web of the supports of operation have based neither.
Importing still to remark that ossia so only the coverage to the equal that was slowly also.
4 / 5
This description is based exclusively in these elements ‘WiFi point of way of access. So much, in calm chance no @to give you that this can feed he with the signal of coverage that use a boss of Ethernet (the unit has the RJ45 socket - see pic - in my example a yellow boss connects to the 5 port coverage transmission), and then resupply the WiFi point for to access quell'location/of room.

Specifically has looked for an economic solution to resupply WiFi access to the office of garden that has had so only the supply of the coverage wired and this has done perfectly.

Is the edifice of forest , around 5m x 5m and this servants internally with the very strong signal, but also achieves out of the just distance also, the far plus 20m or like this first some starts to signal to take feeble and sketchy.

Really easy to dip on, substitutes an old to issue used like the WiFi point of access, as it was included able to change a name of a new SSID (of this TP device of Link) partorisca match an old to issue, with a same signal like utilisations, like this not even has to that dipped on any new all so only spent in working like first. Ideal!

Like this now my telephone, iPad and punctual WiFi transmission (for outside lighting) all does again.

Has has used now he for several months, and has done 100 reliably, does not fall never was or disconnects, and recovers gracefully to be able the outages, and other devices automatically reconnect his afterwards can outages.

Have included to have it connected to the 6 extension of way, as I can not save any one has has consecrated sockets for him, this in spite of him well. A thing the look was paralización - is quite the wide device to the equal that can interfere with covering after his, if they are súper wide - in my picture, is so only roughly touching an after his discharge (goes pic), but his so only in records!

Thus type of use, like the simple WiFi point of access, highly recommended!
5 / 5
This was quite sincere to dip on closing with our broadband to age the @subject concealed does not have the WPS key. We use in levelling to walk of the earth to extend ours wi-fi to two rear rooms and looks to give the quite good row. Some indicators give the clear indication that is going in and the one who a force of of the east of current signal. Once paired with your subject that can be easily unplugged and has moved yes has required. If ours issue had sustained the dual band then would have paid an extra to take a version of dual band.
4 / 5
This now is doing astonishingly well and sending the good signal to my garden is loss'. This in spite of, a together easy on the information has not done, and a Tube the video have not helped with some neighbours up. It likes I , can has to that ignore all this. I took hours and the bit of regime and the prayer to exit that to do. I am exited included and has bought the boss to see if this has helped.

The precise things know... Some needs of device to know, and be said, yours issue signal. Once it has he plugged he in where I love it, and has pressed some pertinent keys in yours @subject and a device, and him some correct blue keys neither flashing or no, then require for the dipped up with your wifi on-line signal @subject in a TP-page of web of place of the Links. Calm effectively is that it creates another connection of coverage that need to register in the to the use is out of row of your basic signal. It tends to call your to issue more than name..... ext. You can a lot of this until a web of place finds your device, this in spite of. It avenges on automatically in a page of the website like the device scanned. This took load of tentativas in connecting to a web of place to @give this, and for him to come on at all.

Has confused of all this, as it was I, but after together-up was to good sure all value he.
5 / 5
Was distrustful that the wifi extends would do for my examination upstairs to the equal that has the main questions that takes the signal that begins of an earlier phase to a upstairs rooms. A blend of extremely fat dividers and funnels I surmise like this of forest entryways square wifi signals. In general I will sustain to to 5G likes opposed to 2G so that some taxes are better with some diverse wifi units in a zone that meddles with some signs.

Dipped that up with my passageways a first walk and took it upstairs to a corridor, and now all the rooms are regulated like this well with the best that means wifi speed to the equal that can do gainfully of my office now. Phenomenal! I have used to use an electrical boss extends with an old wifi change it this in spite of continuous to the fall was and the signal in an electrical boss extends terrified. I create to 96Mb/s download out of the 200Mb/s line upstairs which is more than pertinent so that I need stops. Dormancy Is so only 22ms also like any all this terrible for work. In an out of casualidad that has been gaming, More the probably require the main speeds, still for voices and fixes, is extraordinary!
4 / 5
Has purchased this he so that it was economic and looked to have good descriptions, in spite of the forwards TP-Links to extend not doing . I have installed he in a upstairs island, directly on of the subjects in a living room, and look to help one something dark in a chamber that had arrived recently after the half comunicacionales the virgins have presented mart Wi-Fi' (the signal was constant, and is trace of around 12 mbs to 30 mbs). This in spite of, one has DIRECTED the lights were ridiculously brilliant, as we have had to that move he - I generally sleep by means of anything, but this was too still for me. Tried he in a third and of the fourth chamber, but the force of signal is gone down to down 5mbs. Tried he in a cookery directly goes down a chamber, worse that before. Tried he in an office down (another something dark) and when it bequeaths, was brief and struggled to do 2mbs. And then, several devices of Wi-Fi have begun to fail - Harmony, and And-Cams. I unplugged One extends, and everything is returned the normal - like this decided for the turn.

Pair Other things: it have not remarked this was so only ; but when I have verified a newer version of this product, was a dual band extends has tried already the pair in fact years. This has finalised exactly a same way.

@In rodeo, has not been if these produced does not act, or is so only very pertinent where I the precise. But I have tried this (of 2012?) And a newer version and the mixed results took in better.
4 / 5
Talktalk Has resupplied a mother-in-law with the subject terrible, wifi wouldnt goes 10 feet in his paving without cutting era. As I asked could solve them a @@subject and this row extends has done for the treat. Door to issue mine and the dipped that up with 2 key presses, a WPS the key in some subjects are pressed in the first place calms then press an ONLY key in an extend and attended for some lights to change to aim all is connected and thats the, the unplugged take it home and his summer that does perfectly a lot of then, súper easy to setup and once done can the to you unplugs and the movement around without prpers that has to that concern roughly reconnecting he again been due to he storing your wifi routers details of connection. If taken the new to issue repeat a process again and spend on using it.

To the mother-in-law is súper happy now can put to bed and use his pill and telephone without him that loses a wifi connection.

Recommended for shear ease of use and looks to do perfectly.
4 / 5
Has looked for to install using all three has has suggested methods in a propiciado by instruction. Neither of they have done. Still although I had it plugged in next right broadband ours does not choose on any signal. After several hours to frustrate to try to dip this has given up on and to the reset has a main broadband entirely like this there is messed on an original signal. They are the technical type and does not have the questions that dips electronic on I so that it doubts ossia the question in my side! The money has squandered.
5 / 5
Looked for it wifi extend like my subject wireless is down in front of the house and I have had it wifi dead zone in mine upstairs fourth back... The descriptions in this element was favorecedor like this decided to bite a ball and take it.

While it is doing well and am taking roughly 25Mbps now in a wifi dead zone, I kinda the desire had spent the dual-sell wifi extend now to the equal that have superfast internet of boss (Virgo) but can so only partially explodes in this zone... How it is good to consider looking in calm really precise a 5Ghz sale on a band - esp him him the fast wifi subject.

I frames on one extends was bit it more delicate, has not gone simply discharges and press a WPS key like state of instructions, has tried this the little time and has the data then on test the take to connect via this method. In an end has had to that access my settings of subject wireless and configure he by means of there. So has question dipping the on, tries to do this and see order prevails it giving up.
5 / 5
Has required it booster to mine wifi force of signal, and this resembled tick all some boxes, has based in descriptions of client. Unfortunately, a booster has not connected invernadero a WPS key. To arrive to this point, would have to mention that I am entirely useless when it comes to technical subjects! I have moved to the installation of browser of the web, that looks for to enter 'web-link_to extend' my bar of allocution, and then the request has required to find the compatible boss to 'connect' a computer to one extends. For those like this stupid to the equal that in an extends to an electrical socket, hopefully one 'can' and keys 'wireless' in an extends will be lit. Click to your wireless symbol in your computer, and, together with your neighbours', your system will be showed and also tp-link. Click on that, will be aimed to enter the signal, then basically ossia! Calm then can move one extends to the the half of point of route in your house and work! Hoorah! Excellent piece of boxes
5 / 5
Has written already the description of of the this but the looks are not posted does not know . Alive in the very old house with walling very fat and has tried of then buying the new TV has required to take the booster.
Really quickly and easy installation! When He the work has augmented really an internet for my loan telly. There is remarked then my TV any connected to a WiFi. & Of a booster has had another option of the ours WiFi name to connect to. Tried all 3 and would not connect . With which resetting my TV unbelievable quantity of time, I then exited in order for a device to do properly - would be them necessary turn was, mine gone back telly on and attended for him to connect and then gone back in booster. This has been supposition to do the things he easy plus this in spite of things to mark like this uncomfortable and the ache in an ass. And more recently I am returned in fact this element because it was more than the ache in an ass then before.
4 / 5
Rings the wifi extend like my subject wireless is down in front of the house and I have had the wifi dead zone in mine upstairs fourth back... The descriptions in this element was favorecedor like this decided partorisca bite a ball and take it.

While it is doing well and am taking roughly 25Mbps now in a wifi dead zone, I kinda the desire had spent the dual-sell wifi extend now as have superfast internet of boss (Virgo) but can so only partially explodes in this zone... How it is good to consider looking in calm really precise a 5Ghz sale on a band - esp him him the fast wifi subject.

I frames on one extends was bit it more delicate, has not gone simply spent and press a WPS key like state of instructions, has tried this the little time and has the data then on test the take to connect via this method. In an end has had to that access my settings of subject wireless and configure he by means of there. So has question dipping the on, tries to do this and see order prevails it giving up.
4 / 5
Has required the booster to the mine wifi force of signal, and this resembled tick all some boxes, has based in descriptions of client. Unfortunately, a booster has not connected invernadero a WPS key. To arrive to this point, would have to mention that I am entirely useless when it comes to technical subjects! I have moved to the installation of browser of the web, that looks for to enter 'web-link_to extend' my bar of allocution, and then the request has required to find the compatible boss to 'connect' a computer to one extends. For those like this stupid to the equal that in an extends to an electrical socket, hopefully one 'can' and keys 'wireless' in an extends will be lit. Click to your wireless symbol in your computer, and, together with yours together', your system will be showed and also tp-link. Click on that, will be aimed to enter the signal, then basically ossia! Calm then can move one extends to the the half of point of route in your house and work! Hoorah! Excellent piece of boxes
5 / 5
has has had to that 'the pen dipped to paper', as such, to say that well this unit is. It was not if his all does also, but so only can give my experience with this unit. It is easy to dip on, is good and compact (any ugly antenna has required external of the to unit likes can have) and, a lot in of individual, work incredibly well. I have it to enable my subject of Heaven (in an upper paving, two walk arrives) to do with my Panasonic DMR-PWT655EB Freeview Play/HDD/Blue player of ray (in ours living room in a paving of earth). A WiFi the signal of a subject of Heaven is too poor down in ours living room for a Panasonic inner WiFi to be able to connect to an internet and to see one takes-arrive services. Work brilliantly now, thanks to this unit. You recommend this without any hesitation anything.
4 / 5
Is the good row extends with the pair of (of entity) “objective” when using “OneMesh”
In the first place, is not that seamlessly as announced, once in the while the precise turn was/in WiFi in my telephone when I move in another room to do properly. It is connected to a WiFi but any internet of connectivity. After an out/in laws well.
As, and the ache in a with the himself wants to use DHCP reservation for your devices. When The device is connected by means of one of this extenders, a DHCP the question is done with the virtual MAC allocution, the first half of one extends own MAC allocution and according to one of a device. As you will require to configure your DHCP the server that maintains this in the alcohol likes the device still will aim his own MAC the allocution when connected directly to a @subject or the modified a when connected to one of a extenders. I am using the TP Archer to Link MR600 concealed does not sustain multiple MACs for the same DHCP reservations, as I have had to that use an outside DHCP server. When I inquired Sustain Technical in of the this said that this was a behaviour expected and when I have signalled out of some limitations of one issue DHCP server, simply has not answered.
4 / 5
Has required to strengthen my wifi signal in a backside of a house and has bought is that it follows other descriptions. Has the normal Virgin box and seated with this plugged to the source of power any plus of few thumbs out of him. Using a WPS the method does not look never go to connect in spite of several resets and I have given on with which means it an hour to try. I have connected finally use an application downloaded and concealed has done perfectly once I and imagined out of that in fact say me. It is the most complicated plot that a WPS the method but is doing now and doing a lot very in fact. So only read some instructions, a unit dips out of his own wifi the signal and is that you have to that locate and access he by means of first of calm then can connect until your own that exists wifi. This has not been like this clear to the equal that can have been in my opinion. I recommend it? Yes sure, it has actuated once it is excellent.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my daughters steps University to extend a wifi the coverage of one issues in a living room to the equal that achieves his chamber. It have to that be said once installed this a lot of well.

Has had so only a socket of discharges in a way of room (where need to go) and he so that it was the characteristic sum that you still take a socket of discharges afterwards installs thanks to a creation to comprise that in an extends.

A subject was to install. He no for just pressing a 'WPS' keys in issuing and extend. As I have had to that speak my daughter by means of exploring to a subject in his portable and then logging in and that spends for some settings to force one issues to 'find' an extends that they use WPS in of the settings... Once six 'paired' using the socket to cover afterwards in a living room as for on. It was then possible to so only unplug and movement to a socket of discharges of way of room.

As it was not easy to install. It was not if this was one to the fault of one issues or one extends or both !

@In the rodeo is good and extends a wifi really well, objective he far of easy to install and require some knowledge of basic coverage for the take working... No for a faint hearted....
4 / 5
One Extends is very simple to dip on, basically you.

1. It covers he in
2. Press a WPS key in a device
3. Press a WPS key in yours @subject
4. Attack 30 seconds
5. You are ready to go.

Your new wifi the extension will be appointed to the to something likes 'yourcurrentwifinetwork-EXT' and has to that a same signal as you current wifi so much is súper simple to connect to and no the macizo faff likes is with some other products.

Regarding a row, augment your current row significantly (25-30 feet) but obviously a next plus can take you to a main hub, a better goes to extend a signal. There is the blue wheel that shows that strongly a wifi the connection to some discharges is (stronger a better) and there is enough the low level blue glow that you will not remark at night.

Fully recommend.
5 / 5
Out of a box taken so only roughly 3 minutes to take this dips up and working. So only press a WPS key in a side of your subject, covers this device in and press a key of interior of centre 2 minutes. I need to be quite near of your subject for a neighbour up. It closes on to a signal of @subject immediately, then after the pair more the minutes have the full force wifi connection with _extn has added to a name of your subject for this device and a same signal as yours issue. Calm then can move one extends slightly further was. In my chance a signal has had to that spend for a cookery, down the corridor with two fat wall and to a living room. Of there that a speed has fallen the bit , but was that it suffices to augment to a clave to shoot plugged to a TV in a far side of a living room. A solution of low cost that reads so only. Has the BT Punctual Hub 2 and the BT smartdisc the one who read for a side of a house. Another disk would be cost £65, while this cost £15. A no brainer!
5 / 5
Has had already a Boss of Ethernet of the mine @Subject to the far place in my house and had used he for 1 concrete device - the TV ( configured for the connection Wired ). I have wished to do better use of of the this. For plugging that boss to this device ( more than a television ) and dipping arrive as 'Way of Point of the Access' ( any one a incumplimiento way ) resupplies the strong WiFi signal ( resembled this prójimo to the mine @Subject ) which I maintaining use for a TV ( configures for WiFi ) and for another device in a zone that requires the WiFi signal. Precise goes to a TP-put of Link for info on like this to do this of then is not in a propiciado by instruction in a box
4 / 5
has bought one of these and well of law, as has thinks that would buy the second to improve a signal in the different part of a house (is not the enormous house but has five chambers and is in a L form). Dipping on two of a row extenders looks far of sincere, and am not sure has included now is dipped on correctly. There is not any instruction in a box to do is, and an on-line information is sketchy and a lot of techie.

Is that it is doing with coverages and Wi-fi then am sure these is well, but say is not drawn for users any technicians.

And reason is a reset pinhole in a fund where is really hard to see/achieve? In a side or the short would be like this better.

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are very impressed thus produced in of the terms of his action, a flexibility of his characteristic, and an interface of excellent user. There is this in spite of the bug with an initial installation that requires partorisca take around.

When in the first place it install a product is promoted partorisca connect to the special setup WiFi coverage that a device creates. When you Do like this, the first-window partorisca begin the looks concealed calm to ask you partorisca dip the signal partorisca a device, and give a WiFi coverage the name and signal. This in spite of when calm this and the click apply all this raisin is that this window king-look-with a space of fields again. Calm can any never take besides this point. I have tried the multiple computers but any one have done. It is not apparently the subject of browser likes window the one who the looks looks partorisca be part of a process of connection to a device more than the window of browser.

That owes the point dipped it up is partorisca connect a device your coverage with a ethernet boss, then discover the yours the street issues that IP directs it has on elected using DHCP. It connects to this allocution and calm take an occasion partorisca dip on a device in the alike way as when you connect his setup WiFi coverage, but this the time in fact works. With which that can the to you dipped up in any way loves by means of an interface of excellent user.

A number of version of a firmware is and am sure this will be to update punctual to direct this subject, but calm at present is stuck with using a workaround. Respecto Still Netgear - I thinks there will be a lot of these correspondents behind unnecessarily for people those who can not exit like this to take around a question and is the shame, like this otherwise is the product adds . Obviously a lot of people that does not exit like this to connect to a device never included takes an occasion for the update to the new plus firmware version, like this until a product in a canal is updated to the fixed version need newer to be able to follow some instructions on.

Has two other things to mention. In the first place, this device is not one extends (devices to hurt that is) but the wireless access signals that that need a ethernet backhaul. Secondly It Has any supply of power in a box, as if you do not have the POE transmission or alike will require spent he 12v DC PSU to go with him.
4 / 5
1) the quality of Hardware is very good and solid

2) Good level of there is anticipated characteristic

3) is solved some subjects of signal have had with my last point of access. It can it does not be missing a force to signal

1) uses a boss of Ethernet with the boot, he no quite apt in an empty small in a backside, has to force he by means of to connect. It has not thought well it was.

2) When Configuring he for a first time, has dipped the new admin signal for him. But then while I have tried login, the majority times it would not do and would close me era. Around 2 tentativas out of 10 perhaps laws, but a rest of a time no . The to reset of hardware and dip one same (sure) signal in again. What same, the majority times it would not accept my signal. I have thought perhaps it is my keyboard or browser, as I have tried the different keyboard and different browser and included the different computer, but has taken a same thing . In an end, has tried to dip the plus imple signal' with which he another reset of hardware. I dipped it/ I dipped It to 'Netgear1' and this has done. Now I can take to a admin every time. I have then changed a signal behind to that has loved to dip initially (the sure signal) and he then done every time. As so only I can think that it is the bug to the that to any one like him to him the sure signals in a point for the initialise. A lot frustrating and there is taken on cup of the plot of my time to diagnose. And yes, it has used one late more firmware and has had still this subject.

3) Considering is the esubject' device, lack of some characteristic basic. E.g. calm is not asked the username when logging his, so only the signal. For this can not configure multiple users or change a incumplimiento 'admin' username. A CLI (Interface of Line of the Mandate) the option of access is enabled for incumplimiento, which thinks is the risk of security.
5 / 5
Wireless signals no like this very like this expected, interior 6ft of one issues a signal regularly the drop and the telephones would change behind to 4G. Some names of device of lacks of interface and casts so only MAC allocutions, Netgear say this will be to consider like the future amendment but he do not owe that it never has been so that in a first place. Time to save of the daylight is a subject , Netgear headed to a manual to the equal that says to dip Final / to Begin, Month, the day but some options of day are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, calm apparently precise select a week, but more the devices know when time to save of the daylight is, reason ossia the thing . A inreface and the characteristic is rushed and has not thought well was. It would not recommend this product because a primary function is not stable, returned for repayment with which 1 month of missery, substituted with TP-Link Deco M5 (3 Band).
5 / 5
Mina TP-Point of the link of Wireless Access had failed like the substitution has been required. I have used probably a lot half some available characteristics in a WAX204, has connected simply (in the period of external Cat 5) to the TalkTalk subject and laws like the WAP. A question with Dual canals is that 2.4 GHz is slower but has the best to achieve while 5 GHz is faster but does not have an included achieve - simple response in a WAX204 is to leave a device decides. As I move further of a device can see a frequency (on mobile phone) transmission of 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz like this always will take a better service can give you down changing circumstances.

A device looks good and my only complaints are that some lights of indicator are too brilliant (and there is not founding the way to change them was) and a LAN amber of light shows in place of green he has the device has attached concealed is less than Gigabit. It can very really complain.
5 / 5
Has had this for the pair of month has time so it has had to see that it is like, is very easy to dip up and is quite stable calms a lot of tinker with some settings, some main downside of of the this is that a wifi the forces of signal is poor, am taking resulted a lot very on was but more than that is poor, has taken this to improve mine wifi coverage of my Half comunicacionales Virgin Hub3 which has but so only in next row, was afterwards to a Hub3 the would not improve a wifi the coverage would be very worse. I am using this like this the point to access wired and to the equal that have said that it is well in next row.
5 / 5
Simple to setup point to access that reads totally standalone without any cloud or controller of management, all a configuration of the options of coverage would expect to find in the business AP. Ossia That have loved for the half of house but fault of all a visibility and the statistical would take of the to something likes Ubiquiti Unifi, of an only reason I mark down to 4 is these loans of client have connected is no more than the MAC allocution and SSID ready.

The signal is well, achieves during mine 1500sqft marries and to a fund of a garden (roughly 20m) with quite a lot of bandwidth to fully use a 80Mb connection of edge.
4 / 5
Any complaint roughly action. But some instructions in one Drives of the rudimentary installation so only has not done. Perhaps an on-line manual is better?
4 / 5
Has purchased two of these and one repeatedly drop of a coverage (fallen ping containers). Ports to change changed, coverage setup and the boss then there is finally @@give was a physical connection among a ethernet boss and recessed ethernet port. If has decent quality ethernet bosses with to solid boot and/or a boss a lot easily flex then will have subject of connection of the boss. Poor physical creation of a device. Otherwise Looks to do like this expected that.
4 / 5
Laws well in way of bridge for the phase where has loved to resupply WiFi of another WiFi 6 AP (Unifi) to several clients. A aerials taking a lot WiFi 6 reception and resupplies decent connectivity via Ethernet to the TV, consolation etc.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. His sooooo add likes the use it like this point of access , has them 4 pcs , as his coverage my full house basment and 3 flours for bosses . With big speed to the equal that see in a video . On 5Ghz his around 650 mbps and on 150 mbps . Connected to huawei 5subject of G cpe pro . Easy to configure . But the ones of the one who know reasons a page of the configuration does not ensure , his has delicate way to spend stops. But no hard . A need of company to fix it . Device well of the that attack for the have .
5 / 5
Deckeninstallation For POE

Gives Point partorisca Access sollte give Airport of Apple Extrem ersetzten.
Reichweite Gives WAX218 ist Gut.
Die angeben 175m2 sind realistisch.
Sehr einfache Einrichtung, Simple Weboberfläche.
Störend sind Wände dadurch sinkt Quotes Empfangsfeldstärke like this haben kleine Geräte z.B. IPHONE nur noch 2- 3 Balken von 3 Balken hinter einer Wand ca. 7 m Abstand.
Obi dieser Beamforming unterstützt habe ich leider nicht sicher herausfinden können.
Laut Gives Protokoll Standart sollte Quotes Funktion vorhanden heart.

Vergleicht The man gives ganze the place gives WAX214 kleines Model sinkt die Empfangsstärke und dadurch die Reichweite noch bad etwas beim iPhone nur noch klare 2 Balken Abstand 7m hinter einer Wand.

Im Vergleich zur WAX 610 können WAX214 und WAX218 nicht ganz mithalten. Im Vergleich WAX of data of the hat 610 give beste Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis.
Direkt unter dem Point of access - 6 m entfernt Sichtkontakt - 8 hinter einer Steinwand ist gives Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis.:
WAX 610 = 72 dB - 56 dB - 46 dB
WAX 218 = 65 db - 51 dB - 37 dB
WAX 214 = 63 dB - 48 dB - 37 dB

Alles Messungen sind nur 1 give ausgeführt worden jede Messung dauert 30 Sekunden.
Gemessen habe ich Gives dipped give NetSpot Application auf einem Apple Gerät.

Internet, Currents und Videotelefonie laufen sehr gut auf to the 3 Modellen.
Nur bei Gives Reichweite Give WLAN Signal gibt is unterschiede.

Leider hatte WAX of data 218 einen Technischen Fehler unerwartetes Verhalten im Netzwerk Geräte immer wieder nicht erreichbar. Daher als defekt zurück. Darauf hin habe ich als Ersatz WAX of data 610 erworben.
WAX 214 ging zurück gives mir persönlich die Abdeckung von 100m2 etwas zu gering herausgestellt hat.

WAX610: ist für mich Gives Testsieger Is ist give beste Kompromiss zwischen Gerätegröße und Reichweite.
Has given Modell Hat auch auf dem Paper Beamforming + und weitere Funktionen quotes bei gives beiden WAX 214 und 218 nicht aufgelistet sind.
Is ist aber auch gleichzeitig gives Gerät Was keine simple Weboberfläche mehr hat.
Yesterday darf Man keine Berührungsangst vor Funktionen und gives Hilfe in giving Oberfläche haben.
5 / 5
Produced very good to vary Subject small of Netgear.
Uses it the stray title and is súper! Dish and creation. The possibility partorisca cut REBELLION TOUCHES THEM the discretion. Plastic Of quality with the boxes of the fixation touches dud ceiling autoporté.

His Plus:
+ Antenna in client of heavy way
+ PoE , the consumption goes the -
+ the management gives VLANs pair SSID
+ Paramétrage pair SSID give widths of bands and specifications (B/G/N/AXE) and give dipôles 2.4/5Ghz
+ the simple installation
+ Reward corrected

His less
- 4 SSID max

Tries of perf (-70dB) rodeo, concealed any valley joins studio :D
PORTABLE PC (ProBook) UP:270Mbps Down:200Mbps 7ms
Telephone (RedMi 8) UP:130Mbps Down:120Mbps 6ms
Telephone (RedMi 5) UP:100Mbps Down:90Mbps 7ms
4 / 5
The configuration is quite complex ,any discharges and game and requires knowledge has given programmings nets ! Any sconsiglio The purchase The the one who does not have dimestichezza ! Attention diet Poe ,The optional diet requires a alimentatore any resupplied ! Surrendered In terms has given distance come any one the point of access has given quality ! Only What positive is a lot compact and little invasivo Coming aesthetic ! If they can it has configured final The 4 ssid diverse for a professional use ! There is not he WPS neanke gives far or gives configuration !
5 / 5
Gives Gerät ist für gives einfachen Consumer Bereich, kostengünstig und has dipped wenig Ausstattung. Meiner Meinung nach zu wenig. Die genauen Funktionen sind nicht gut beschrieben (z. B. It was macht give way of axe 2,4GHz genau, bündelt er, gibt er Kanäle frei oder blockiert sie or. ä.). Die Mac Adressen können nur für sich allein hinterlegt werden. Wenn Gives bad 20-30 eingetragen sind (Haushalt, Frau, Mann, zwei more Bondadoso) und ein Gerät geht kaputt oder wird getauscht, sucht man sich im MAC-Zahlendschungel einen Wolf, vor allem, wenn is später gemacht werden soll und quotes MAC ist nicht gleich parat. It is gibt keine Möglichkeit Given MAC/gives anzumeldende Gerät has dipped kurzen Text zu beschreiben, was ich selbst im günstigen Bereich für eine Selbstverständlichkeit waystation.

Is gibt einen unschönen Fehler In giving Software (). Wenn Given Verwaltungsschnittstelle (2,4 GHz) deaktiviert wird, a nicht andauernd für 15 Min. eine SSID zu haben, Man of data später nicht mehr braucht, geht auch quotes eigentlich benötigte SSID im 2,4 GHz Bereich nicht mehr. It gives Support von gives Aufmachung his waystation ich für weniger kundenfreundlich und total überfrachtet, die Seite erschlägt einen, viel PR und Schein, wenig Übersicht, keine Topmast Möglichkeit, kein Cat. Wenn ich mich erst registrieren muss, a Harm Hersteller einen einfachen und nachvollziehbaren Fehler (in seinem Produkt!) zu melden, lass ich Is lieber gleich. Dann kann auch kein ernsthaftes Interest bestehen. It is gibt keine the topmast Directs oder keinen Cat, wo the man is einfach offiziell mitteilen könnte, place einer Topmast gäbe is sogar die Möglichkeit auch später zu antworten, aber dann habe ich als Kunde nicht gleich to the Date dagelassen.... It gives Aufwand, gives dem Kunden zugemutet wird, für einen Fehler Gives gives Hersteller verursacht hat, waystation ich für überzogen. Wenn Gives Gerät WAX214 auf gives Lean Seite gesucht wird, bekomme ich zwar sofort gives korrekte Gerät angezeigt, aber wenn ich gives Support kontaktieren , wird is nix ohne Registrieung. Viel Geklicke für nix weiterkommen. Für einen eindeutigen reproduzierbaren Fehler brauche ich nicht gleich keine Diskussion In einer Community.

Weiterhin werden verbundene Geräte nicht hinreichend angezeigt, z. B. It has dipped welchen Level sie sich verbunden haben (g, n, ac oder axe) und place welcher Geschwindigkeit (Gerade für Tests und im Fehler wichtig). It gives it is keine vernünftige Anzeige gibt, weiß man letztlich auch nicht, was give AP tatsächlich macht und in welcher Geschwindigkeit. Die Übersichtlichkeit ist nicht gut gemacht (Aufteilung, Übersicht usw.), z. B. Reset und Reboot auf einen gemeinsamen Tecla zu packen ist schlicht blöd, wer drück schon gerne auf einen Tecla of Reset, wenn er vorher gerade 30 MACs für 2,4 und 25 MACs für 5 GHz eingetragen hat und gives 30 Minuten lang dran gesessen hat. It gives Neustart zur Übernahme gives aktuellen Einstellungen finde ich auch zu langsam, gives fallen are Anfang einige Warteminuten a.... It gives Datendurchsatz Hat mich auch nicht überzeugt ...

Kostengünstiges Gerät, Gives eben auch nicht viel einmal eine Stromversorgung oder eine Dokumentation, given of data Einstellungen nachvollziehbar erklärt, z. B. It has dipped dem Schalter schalter the man gives Modus ein oder aus (ach any), aber nirgends steht gives Modus beschrieben... naja wer Gives wissen möchte, kann sich gerne one gives Support wenden, aber nicht vergessen: vorher registrieren...
5 / 5
Einwandfreie Zusammenarbeit Has dipped Fritz!Box und Fritz Repeater 1200. Verbindung zur Fritz!Box mittels Cat8-Netzwerkkabel aus dem Keller ins EG, von gives aus ins OG mittels Repeater. Of the the signal gives Acces Signals hätte ich mir etwas stärker gewünscht, aber in Verbindung dipped dem Repeater im 5 GHz-Sell auch für has SEATED>TV of IP sehr gut geeignet. Bisher keine Aussetzer oder Ruckler. Wegen fehlender Koaxkabel wurde dafür bisher auf Devolo Powerline 1200 zurückgegriffen, Was nicht immer stabil lief. In Kombination von WLAN und dLAN ist nun gives ganze Haus the internet dipped und television versorgt.
4 / 5
Now already Mine trust The NETGEAR and UBIQUITI gives diverse years, the prize, in field more has created, the seconded, if it wants to something more, also in codiciado ad, my no dilunghiamoci.

Have has detained 4 has given these devices, WAX204, that have competes has given to extend the my diverse net fourth of the house, splitting obviously gives a Subject has terracing of date netamente upper, of the the estimativa has given €380
Impostati like this as Point partorisca Access that it comes, the installation is very simple, and the interface is the usual and intuitive has given NETGEAR whose here there is habituados, with some has seen graphic improved.
He link is stable, cosi Coming sweats operation in the time, instead, remarks to come to the usual that he Wireless, also impostato aim it, has a mediocre power, my attention, with uses he that am not doing, is absolutely satisfactory, instead, the my preference come power and stability of the Wireless signal, has embezzled the UBIQUITI, that in terms has given a fast comparison, offers practically he double of the coverage the parity has given provision of the device.

With mine more than decennale experience that have with NETGEAR, my appearance gives these WAX204 a service however has optimum data level, with a high length, exactly come mine is sucedido with each another the device has given this company.
4 / 5
Also give @Subject ist echt ein sehr gutes Gerät damit lässt sich schon ordentlich arbeiten Speed of hat und WiFi 6 echt einte tolle Knows. Die Benutzeroberfläche ist like this weit in Ordnung is lässt sich einiges einstellen aber bevor man etwas überhaupt ändern bzw. Konfigurieren kann kommt, gives Registrierungszwang sonst Man of hat ein teures Gerät has dipped eingeschränkter Funktion leider ist has given eingeschränkte Funktion almost, die Basisfunktion gives Routers Günstigere könne gives weitaus mehr auch has dipped WiFi 6 die findet ihr yesterday auf Amazon. Wem Gives nicht stört Hat yesterday einen echt guten @Subject wo gives, Preis Leistungsverhältnis vollkommen passt in diesem Fallen kann ich euch gives to Issue empfehlen.
5 / 5
Gives Point of access wird in einem einfachen und recyclebaren Pappkarton geliefert.

Mittels PoE ist sie Stromversorgung über ein einziges Kabel (Ethernet >=CAT5) möglich, Was Installation of data sehr vereinfacht.

Quotes Einrichtung erfolgt ohne jeden on-line-Zwang lokal are Gerät for WLAN oder LAN.

Gives einzig kuriose Are Gerät ist die Platzierung gives LAN-Buchse one gives Oberseite vom Gerät. Ist Gives noch egal, solange give the access Signals one gives Decke montiert wird, sorgt give dafür, dass gives Kabel bei give Wandmontage one gives Oberseite herauskommt.

Gives sieht nicht nur doof aus, sondern erzwingt gives Einsatz von flexiblen Netzwerkkabeln (entweder möglichst dünne Kabel oder direkt Flachbandkabel), one gives Kabel seitlich oder nach propagation herausführen zu können.

Montiert The man gives AP einfach 'falsch herum', stehen gives Netgear-Logo und given LEDs auf dem Kopf, was auch bescheuert aussieht. Wäre Gives LAN-Port one gives Unterseite, hätte die of man Probleme nicht.

Trotzdem handelt Is sich a ein sehr gutes Produkt, die WLAN Ausleuchtung ist noch einmal wesentlich besser als bei gives vorher verwendeten Telekom Marie of Speed WiFi, die vom Signal his schon nicht schlecht waren.

Ich würde Gives AP jederzeit empfehlen.

Wichtig: Nutzen Sie kein PoE, müssen Sie Gives Netzteil zusätzlich erwerben, is wird nicht mitgeliefert! Kostenpunkt: Ca 20-€30, I nach Lieferbarkeit!
4 / 5
Of 2 years had substituted Lucido Wi-Fi also little effective of my box SFR THD (edge FTTLA) pair a routeur archer C60. This was very better but this routeur does not situate of port Gigabit (1000 mbps) and like my debit was always bridé down 100 mbps and lucida need of the pair of Wi-Fi lucidos the increasingly numerous devices does not cease to augment has decided to change pair this point of Wi-Fi of access 6 of in Netgear. I complain just Of any for has done it before ! Of 90 of raisin of more than 400 mbps ! It is so only enormous !
( Does not have to that 400 roughly the transport has joins edge of installation to 1000 mbps shared (500 squads of games of month filaires and 500 squads of games of month without the edge wholesale games to do simple).
He boîtier heats a bit, but normal seen this that gives support with all his devices connectés (roughly a veintena) home. I have it I have posed to the sud my piece of furniture, but he and the absolutely all this that fails fixer of games to the wall or ceiling. I appreciate any to have to that antenna, and the discretion of the boîtier.
5 / 5
Premetto That it is for real An optimum product especially For the one who has house in iù plans. Personally I have used it Point to access coming and any come extends. Have Marie domotizzata like this as all has spent studio wi-fi and Echo alexa, like this as a product like this do fault coming he bread. Only difficulty that have found Dream He miriadi has given settaggi in the signpost has given control... It prevails it has given to understand Coming settare all and do them recognise the devices here have dipped a ò has the date times my alone because some options in the signpost a lot knew him, like this as some devices has not read saw, any one read configured and on a laptop there is need the update of the card has given net because any one found he Netgear. One goes back fixed all goes was big! I advise it absolutely.
4 / 5
Signal ist einfach nur schlecht.
Mehrere Points of accesses von Zyxel als auch Box of Fritz of the data yesterday haben ganz andere Reichweiten.
Given Einstellungsmöglichkeiten sind well.
Durchaus besser als Reigns Consumer Produkte, aber schlechter als quotes Konkurrenz bei Zyxel.

Mesh fähig ist gives Gerät place seinen €200 'natürlich' nicht.
Gives Sell Steering Algorithmus kommt scheinbar vom Praktikanten und ebenso ist gives 'fast' in fast Roaming eine relative Definition.

Also auf keinen Fall!!! Mehrere dieser AP zur Heimvernetzung kaufen. Hierfür unbedingt Quotes 6.ºr Serious anschauen (WAX610 etc.).

Im Endeffekt eine Softwarelimitierung.
Wie bei Gives Sendeleistung nach FirmwareUpdate .
Danke Netgear.

€750 für 3 dieser miesen APs verschwendet.

Wenn Man sie direkt are Arbeitsplatz aufhängt, dann funktionieren sie quickly like this gut wie ein FritzBox Repeater.
5 / 5
Bauartbedingt benötige ich In meinem Haus zwei Points of Access. Bisher hatte ich dazu zwei Fritzboxen älterer Bauart im Einsatz. Mein Wahl für Gives Upgrade faithful – zunächst – auf Netgear.

- Verarbeitung (z.B. Rückseite aus Metall zur Wärmeableitung)

- Web-Oberfläche place deutlichen Schwächen (z.B. Eingabe von MAC-Adressen)
- MAC-Filter pro SSID-Netz nur max. 32 Geräten
- zentrales Tool zur Verwaltung nur im ersten Jahr kostenfrei, danach jährlicher Betrag I Gerät
- give Kombi-Betrieb von WPA2und WPA3 dipped einer SSID wird von vielen Geräten nicht unterstützt

Was give Gesamtsystem für mich allerdings vollständig unbenutzbar macht, sind die permanenten Verbindungsabbrüche. Ich habe eine sehr heterogene Client-Umgebung (iPad-YOU, Windows und Android unterschiedlichster Gerätetypen) und bei allen Systemen bricht quotes WLAN-Verbindung ständig zusammen.

Folgende Tipps aus dem Internet ohne Erfolg evaluiert:
- Netztrennung von WPA2 und WPA3 (ich hatte damit avenges Netze)
- WPA-Schlüsselwechsel deaktiviert
- Frequenzbreiten verringert

Fazit: Ich habe quotes Systeme zurück gesandt (wie immer sehr guter Services von Amazon) und mich für einen Mitbewerber entschieden (TP-Links)
- zentrales Management kostenlos (sogar als Docker-Image verfügbar)
- umfangreiche Konfigurationsunterstützung
- seit mehreren Tagen vollständig störungsfrei (Home Office, Videokonferenzen, Streaming etc.)

Anmerkung: Ein Eintrag In einem Netgear-Forum fand ich sehr interessant – give Point of Access eignet sich demnach nicht für eine Mehrfach-Installation.
5 / 5
Product very well, that favours it to Him partorisca be able to dip to the wall. Lucida Signal wifi is very good.
3 negative points:
- the interface of management the worst that has seen never (would believe shows 15 years in backsides)
- some squads have of the harm the connecter on (a priori owing to the wpa3 true in wpa/wpa2 there is of the harm)
- the last updated suppresses the possibility of paramétrer the power of the signal (updated to not doing if this function is that it imports partorisca touch)
4 / 5
Ich habe mich gezielt für ein 'Businessgerät' für mein Zuhause entschieden, auch wenn is sich hierbei one dies kleinste Variant handelt, a auch bei vielen Endgeräten einen sicheren Betrieb zu gewährleisten.
Einrichtung Hat hervorragend geklappt. To the Funktionen sind vorhanden.
Gives oft bemängelte Zwang einer Registrierung wurde has dipped einem Softwareupdate entfernt.
Hervorzuheben ist außerdem, dass Is sich nicht nur a einen Accesspoint handelt, sondern dieser auch als vollwertiger Subject genutzt werden kann
Was mein vorheriger Subject nicht beherrschte: 2,4 und 5 Ghz Wifi greifen nahtlos ineinander. The nach Gerät und Entfernung Subject of zoom wird automatisch zwischen beiden Netzen gewechselt.
Wer Spielerein wie ein Handy-Application zur Konfiguration sucht, muss dann doch auf quotes Geräte für gives Privatbereich zurückgreifen.
Ich habe Has dipped diesem Gerät eine hervorragende Abdeckung In einem Einfamilienhaus vom Keller bis gives ersten Stock erreicht.
Gekauft bei Warehouse of amazon ist gives Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis unschlagbar.
5 / 5
Has bought these Games of product profiter give last evolution of the Wi-Fi. In fact lucido the signal resupplied is not upper to that of my edge of current box and does not contribute me any goodness if this is not an additional electrical consumer.
The Configuration is not especially easy so more the one who the complete documentation does not exist that in English because of the professional character of this crew.
Has there is remarked the competition and the availability of the technician NetGear that One helped of Ireland.
5 / 5
Agrees with others that do comparison to the signal Wi-Fi of the subject TIM. He signal is decisively inferior And have bought it expecting that it was Stronger! The products Netgear often my deludono mine here helmet because have low prices and boast provision súper. Instead, they work almost Tactfully and often under the half comunicacionales. Guai The the one who there are questions because he technical support of the Netgear is orrendo. In mine Marie have 23 devices connected (with which he TIM Hub no any one had questions) my passage music in streaming looks also too thus point of access. I add that The distance Of the speaker and the access point was roughly a metre.
5 / 5
I games of indispensable accessory to create a point wifi mosque your box does not spend quite loin that has a boss ethernet has connected your box.

He wifi spend Loin here 100m2 covered without any question.
Installation very simple.

Raso Can any The consultor this product
4 / 5
On the dot of way of access, the IGMP snooping, that leaves the diffusion multicast and like the IP of television pair, is not has actuated. Result: any chaine TV if the box is connectée to the sud a port Ethernet. It touches this is thank you of activer lucida way Routeur of the point of access and to go manuellement modification joins option. It does not find this genial fully. A simple Archer C6 of in TP-the links have done without question.
I games embezzles, pair against, lucida signal WiFI is a lot well, the pair against has found to give worries of déconnexions he lucida way Wifi the axe is has actuated, with giving Galaxy of smartphone S9 while these models of edges not even HAMMERS. Lucido Passage in way AC solves lucida worry. Any Pair to concern against so much with his other Cars of the coverage (PC, other frames of smartphones whose Apple and Xiaomi, printer, etc.).

Modification: Still in way routeur and in activant the IGMP proxy, this does not spend . He lacking to go in The Configuration advanced and create a group of bridge (group of Pont) with him port Ethernet to the sud like the box or he décodeur/IPTV is connectés. Miracle, this raisin. It is in the doc but this is not intuitive.
4 / 5
He produced AX1800 is An optimum Point of access for interiors. Left lose He PoE: you want the maximum surrender have to feeds it The 12V. Instead in the endowment Any one is compressed the alimentatore, that is sold leaves it (peraltro the absence is indicated in the presentation). Any himself understand but he because it has given this option. It is Coming you sold a'car without the llantas... Perhaps They do It For filled spend has given more? (One thinks viril...!)
5 / 5
Gives Gerät geht zurück! In giving Beschreibung steht nichts davon dass has given Gerät keine Web-Bases besitzt. A data notwendige APPLICATION kommt man nur has dipped Anmeldung und nach Registrierung gives Geräts place Seriennummer. APPLICATION of data gibt nur für Apple & Android. Fernwartung für mich somit unmöglich. Wer nichts einstellen und braucht bekommt schnell gutes WLAN. To the anderen müssen Date Hosen runter lassen. Merkwürdige Geschäftspraktik von NETGEAR. Hätte ich Quotes anderen Rezensionen gelesen und geglaubt likes hätte ich NICHT gekauft. A Alternativen mangelt is ja nicht.
5 / 5
The speed of the WIFI is inferior The that of my subject(of TIM). The configuration Any one is simple mine for a sistemista a lot here dream questions. No the ricomprerei and sleep seriously intenzionato restituir why is scadente. Sleep Seriously In doubt that was Wifi6.
5 / 5
The instalacion is very easy. It has to that until 4 SSID different, each one which can configure in both bands; it leaves the isolation of the red main worlds each SSID. The Control of trafico also the works peels each SSID, so much in ascendants like this falling. You can ademas indicate is partorisca all the users connected or partorisca each a.
The graficos of state and uploads Any edges a marvel but give you an idea of so it goes the load of the device.
The discharge in Interior is normal and can arrive the the 300 Mbs for conexion sinned questions. He istalado two in a bar and a room of games and has a maximo of 64 users simultaneos.
Resumiendo, goes well and despues of several very had months any question.
5 / 5
In small remorse that his réglages of limit to signal to the power and to the canals. Lucido The way of detection gives the together signals is quite poor. Calm the casts give devices connectés is a lot little useful : so only his directions Mac is announced he any and The step of possibility to give them games to facilitate the surveillance.
The access has seen a browser does not leave that street is IP of direction . And the access has seen a name DNS causes a to of turn joins non-existent page (sees photo).
Positive side The quality of the Signal and his debits are well.
4 / 5
His frequency 5ghz is an optimum product was coming spent that coming speed.
His frequency results incompatible with him 90 has given produced compatible with alexa.
Further to be A product adapted The professionals, results impossible to use it the ready house also with a minimum has given competition in the sector.
Besides (Coming signalled in the details of the product) sends without alimentatore.
5 / 5
This point of access has done directly out of a box that use some instructions that is coming with him without even that precise goes the Youtube. Simple, effective and like this far, doing well. There are 4 possible coverages available and is easy to outline the 2.4 bandwidth of g of one this leaves both 2.4 and 5 g. For those he so that there is WPA2 for security. In general I am very happy with a device. Netgear Support of telephone is available free for 90 days with which shabby.
4 / 5
Atrocious setup experience.

Some devices pre-the installed certificate is refused for Windows, like an interface of the web is not reachable.
The android does not sustain WPS, as I can very included connect for setup.
Trying configures for boss, a device redirect you the Netgears put of error 'can not be connected to your device'
5 / 5
Wifi has simple data configuration, does not have a firmware very articulated and this a lot always helps. The absence has given a controller any one helps in the husband here was more has given a device obviously coming in my chance. In good synthesis produced negotiates of shopping centre', of confidence and cement.
4 / 5
Give AP macht einen wertigen Eindruck.
Dip dem Lan Gives Routers verbunden, Netzteil, welches ich gleich dipped bestellt habe, place dem AP und give Steckdose verbunden. SSID aufgerufen und schon Man of war verbunden. Ein paar setup Punkte erledigt und schon The war gives AP Betriebsbereit.
4 / 5
Hot a lot ! Truth pas sober Games his period of life !

Has to that it Feigns to change of paid in the config Wi-Fi, in can not force of the sud to bandage 5GHz that of the canal 36 to 48 (sees 1st capture of screen) while it would owe that see 100 to 108, 116 to 136 (until 161 games some paid, the attention is has authorised no in France !)

And Lucido debit max has announced plafonne to 780 Mb/s of the sud 2.4 and 5GHz (sees 2nd capture of screen) little import his ways chooses (norm AC/AXE, width of 20/40/80MHz, ...)

Received In firmware and and all spent in
5 / 5
Dope a month has given utilisation can consider me satisfied For the purchase. Finally the varied devices dream connected establemente and A lot have odder disconnections like this coming mine sucedía first. I have had strangely some Question with the prize installation The cause has given questions has given security relieved of the browsers
4 / 5
I add WiFi force of signal in the quite big house. Also very easy to dip up.
4 / 5
I always for Netgear for my business and the transmissions of house have tried another but can beat Negear, any always easy to to dip up but the signal is same sum in the big house.
4 / 5
Does not sustain 160MHz way, as I can does not take that it runs in 2400Mbps with my laptop, doing a port pointless.
5 / 5
Can be used like a Point of Access or @subject to the equal that can do more than of the this in a box :-)
4 / 5
A lot of @subject. Has openvpn both client and server, as well as wifi 6. Only shortcoming is any port of USB.
4 / 5
Disturbs The attitude of a company in trying taking the money was for the product that does not love . They try to fly my money to allege that a product suffers harm when it has been delivery registered and 1st class.
4 / 5
- Reichweite

- Wird richtig Warm (vergleich dipped einem Portable, jedes Pill ist kühler)
- Verbraucht richtig Strom
- Neustes Update verhindert die Einstellung give Reichweite, also sieht given ganze Straße jetzt meine SSID
- ECHO Modus sucht man vergebens

Im Grunde müsste the man gives Ding zurückgeben. Ich betreibe ja Yesterday kein Hotel or.ä. und mein Changes DLink hat 10 Jahre ein besseren Job gemacht has dipped 1/4 gives Stromkosten und einstellbarer Reichweite.

Vor allem, dass Die of man Funktion gives Reichweite deaktiviert. Eigentlich Betrug Are Kunden eine Funktion wegzunehmen. Als würde Man bei gives nächsten Fahrzeuginspektion gives Tempomat ausbauen has dipped to give Begründung 'ab jetzt nur Vollgas'.

Schade Netgear, ich Cube besseres gewöhnt.
4 / 5
Ich hatte Harm, bzw. jetzt wieder Damage 104 in Betrieb. Dieser sollte ersetzt werden. Die Lieferung wie immer ohne Probleme. Bei Gives Installation kam ich aus dem Staunen nicht raus. Of the kann doch nicht heart, gives ich mich registrieren muss a to the Funktionen freizuschalten.
4 / 5
Habe mir Has given Point to access bestellt a endlich bad auch Action of data meines Routers, gives im Keller steht, in giving ersten escalona meines Hauses nutzen zu können.

Bisher habe ich alles Has dipped Powerline Adaptern meine Routerherrstellers realisiert. Aber nur Has dipped eindrittel give Action.

Hab daraufhin im Internet recherchiert und Cube auf Points of Accesses gestoßen. It gives ich aber keine kabelgebundene Netzwerkverbindung ins hatte, habe ich is immer wieder verworfen. Nach einigen schlaflosen Nächten habe ich einen Weg gefunden ein Netzwerkkabel nach oben zu bekommen, Dosen montiert und has dipped einem Profimessinstrument durchgemessen. Danach habe ich mir Has given Point of access bestellt. Ebenso einen zu diesem Gerät passenden POE Transmission. They wanted to Erwartung alles montiert, Was schnell erledigt war und konfiguriert. Soweit Like this gut. Nach 10 Minuten schaltete sich gives AP aus und Is dauerte eine Zeit lang, bis er wieder Betriebsbereit war. Und Gives machte give AP gives ganzen Abend. Ich habe dann Damage AP A einem separaten POE Adapter angeschlossen a auszuschließen gives give verlegte Kabel defekt knows, trotz vorheriger Messung. Aber leider War auch yesterday kein Erfolg zu verzeichnen.

Fazit: AP ist Are nächsten Seal wieder zurückgeschickt worden.
Installation of data schien bis dorthin einfach und dies Bedienoberfläche war intuitiv zu bedienen. Wenn Given Lieferzeiten nicht likes lange für einen neuen AP gleicher Baureihe gewesen wäre, hätte ich ihn mir vielleicht noch bad bestellt.
5 / 5
Any one would recommend it further of an use in an only soiled wall sinned. Little it can, a lot of bugs, reinician the connections each 10 minutes with 30 seconds of time of reconexión. If it accesses L the register is full of '', ' ' that indicates diverse questions. After something more than a month peleandome with him and with which two transmissions of firmware gives he for impossible.
To use in a house, impossible. Scarce power (Of the 5 metres give me less can that 4 coverages wifis of together and the application to measure me of then is the 76 metres ), any run the interferences of wifis together (any one fulfils the European bands of 5 GHz, hardly can choose among 4 bands with the last firmware).

Seat a lot of estafado and arrepentido of any to have gives the time. And of course it has had to buy another point of different access reason was unacceptable

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link EAP115(UK) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5
After time of waste and money on like this-points of the accesses of the hand have seen the web of place of popular auction, that thinks that would be partorisca save the money that buys old and economic, has decided an only way to take prójima to the compatible and guaranteed experience, would be partorisca bite a ball and in fact buy he marks-new device.

Like the money is tight to begin with, this in spite of, I still need partorisca find an economic plus, still pertinent option - and ossia like me found me in TP-the entrance of the link-group of level. Reassuringly, Some descriptions partorisca a EAP115 has touched positive, and resupplies a POE functionality that requires in our house setup. I have taken a jump of faith. Like this happy has done; strong connection, and setup is like this simple I has had to that bend-verify that I have not been disappeared something.

A web admin behind-the end is clear and simple still functional (does not have any need for any yes calm applications so only want to direct see the browser of the computer in your coverage), and have included found an option here to turn a FOCUSED was; a lot of gain situate where can otherwise causes visual interference.

Am impressed like this with a EAP115 that will be to buy another to substitute our patient (decrepit) Zyxel.
5 / 5
The configuration is easy partorisca to the users of house like to of them, I so only run the CAT6 boss of my transmission of coverage to a PoE the injector and another boss were to a point of access. After the pocolos small calm here go. It comes with the PoE injector like any need to buy the separated a. For some mine the odd reason that exists TP-Link PoE transmission of coverage not being able to this on, probably reason run in of the requirements of different voltage, etc. In general am happy with a coverage of signal, has to be quite good to cover the house of half measure with full bars.
5 / 5
The unit adds; it has not had never the question with him or required to never reset he. Wifi Down another end of a house, some girls are calm in last! The green light on is very brilliant in some evenings, but this can be turned was has required .
5 / 5
Likes a lot of houses, our BT Hub is not located in a better place for WiFi the coverage and I have loved the solution of low cost. Already I actuate established some cat6 to a loft to resupply the connectivity wired via one (also excellent) TP transmission to Link focused, is the doddle to add another point to be able to and then situate a WAP in a ceiling in a cup of some stairs. PoE Significantly has reduced a quantity of work has required.

Some configuration in a hub to do it the allocution of static IP, then appointing a SSID so there is not had to that change all some devices sustains. Now each room in a house has 3 bars.
4 / 5
In the first place, I a lot usually the description but I have required to discharge my WiFi to achieve deadspots in a garden and could have pulled my hair was, has had has run the cat5e boss approx 40 metres in a house of state of my subject current and has connected an old to issue ( to use like the something heat ). It have done this in mine pervious wife without the questions that use BT routers and another do another to use two another older routers again without questions..

For any reason in my present house, so only does not act . I can so only it boasts a two routers clashed and has has caused questions in a coverage.

This little device ( point of access of the Ceiling ) of TP the links was to arrive and that careers in 5 minutes and of the works perfectly!

I highly reccomend he for a money.

Is my first time with POE crew (Can On Ethernet ) but do really a lot

expect that this description helps any one looking to do something alike
5 / 5
EAP 110 not being able to up the POE transmission, so only has seen a comprised POE injector. If precise genuine POE buy a EAP 120.
Update: I have tried a EAP120 and has taken significantly worse coverage that an old TP-Link WA801ND. It suspects that the coverage in my installation is better adapted to the device with extenal aerials, as I will look in those instead. Harm, like this EAP120 the discreet looks and is easy to dip up.
5 / 5
A EAP110 need of model to be powered street some have comprised PoE adapter. It CAN not be powered in the ethernet the boss has connected 4PoE Transmissions like this has thought them. I have bought three to install in of the spaces of coverage without the socket of discharges. You trust a power that comes from/comes from the transmission of alone coverage. Now I owe that install advantages of power together with a Point of Access. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. IF I have REQUIRED A ACESS POINT that has REQUIRED Any HANDS SOCKET of DISCHARGES I ACTIVE REUSED A SUBJECT OLD. Of some instructions, see a EAP 115 has this capacity but this has not been to clear in a description of product of the amazon.
4 / 5
Shining APs. Very easy the setup and the interface of Web adds. So only used like basic APs inner a moment like any tried a captive or multiple portal SSIDs but very impressed with ease of setup. Adding additional APs to a setup was the alone click to copy config to new devices. Everything in valuing a lot well for money. Recommended.
4 / 5
Adds!!! Easy setup to the equal that have had already the lan the boss run to a workshop in a garden but I have required Wi-Fi as my pill I use there does not have the lan the port and that exists Wi-Fi is too feeble to achieve. Now have Wi-Fi of the full power and the signal would owe that cover the whole garden has required . I go to take another and place he in a far end of a house where a signal is feebler. I add compraventa.
4 / 5
There is like this state impressed of these products, that now regularly installs him to to the properties likes them to them the course of my business service.
The utmost look, is very easy to install and there is so only incredible coverage.
SSID And the wireless security is very easy the setup, and now have clients very happy with sum of wireless coverage of the discreet device
4 / 5
An orderly solution to create an additional WiFi zone out of a row of the yours primary @subject - ossia the one who this device is feigned to do. And he he a lot very in fact. Perfecto for the office of the garden where can run you a boss of Ethernet was and covers another end in a subject of house. Dipping on is not too registering but will have to that record in the new box and change the pocolos settings to add the necessary discharge of the security of signal has protected. I also halved a regular WiFi row to restrict a new wireless zone. A groups of the mountain was has bitten it fiddly to take legislation. The devices the economic plus is available but this point of access is no eyesore and do a lot well.
4 / 5
Did not conceal impressed with force of signal but his pertinent for my needs. In of the terms to accelerate has them virgin in the lan to a iMac this continues in >200mbps, when it unplugs them that boss and connect to a tp link wifi can take them 70-80mbps in a iMac (2017) and a ipad pro in row of spatial of the point. Ossia Same like spaces of subject virgin to signal that it gives 70-80mbps on and 200mbps on 5ghz. I guess sound an only option this is limiting a tp speed of link.
4 / 5
Well and easy to configure and leave me to have multiple WiFi coverages to maintain the things separate. Utilisation with PoE transmission for ease of installation. A Omada s w is easy the setup for me. It can take the third external device to cover a garden and house of state.
4 / 5
The coverage is well. This in spite of, the device is not stable. It closes on intermittently which so only can be cleared by the reset. Two devices have done this, a prime minister has been returned but an original is one same.

No really acceptable, this class of device would owe that run 24/7/365 without subjects.
5 / 5
A TP-Link EAP115 is a lot well, produced of big quality , comprises some highland group. I have bought the small to complete my project. Punctual delivery. Thank you.
4 / 5
Has bought this for house and coverage is far better that @subject of heaven. You grieve repositioned in correct place in the centre of hostel follows to expect be able to so only use this for whole house.
4 / 5
Good product with only a characteristic annoying some resets of clock if the power is lost. So has a lot and like me could not find a server of automatic working time needs the reset the everything. It averts of this excellent product
4 / 5
No PoE the injector likes declared in some responses the questions, any a lot of use without him 😒
5 / 5
Upper product. It has not lost it it beat it of then installation. Improved a wifi coverage of the mine old 3with unit in a same place. Recommended.
4 / 5
Very easy to connect until your that exists to issue, simply spent in a boss of Ethernet and transmission on, appoint your WiFi coverage and your on-line in a lot of devices. Produced excellent
4 / 5
Facebook WiFi no without installing a software separates in the pc very useful for this function!
4 / 5
Point for of good access of the money! Perfecto to explore a web and gaming!
5 / 5
Produced a lot well for a money that leave to extend my wifi row around a house, like this would recommend them this product.
5 / 5
Has Had the little setting of question on a software but an installation was easy to do
4 / 5
A WiFi the signal was very good and is very easy to install .
5 / 5
Ossia The element adds that calm leave you partorisca give the much stronger wifi signal around your house. It suffers bad wifi like the result of a stuffing of wall of inner metal in our house of modern build. We connect this to our subject broadband in a half paving of the ours 3 storey marries and now have the quality adds strong wifi on all 3 pavings of a house and he still extends external.

Has plots and a lot of characteristics that will not interest any a lot of users of the house but this also would do own partorisca use in of the offices or of the small subjects like this of the restaurants and cafés.
4 / 5
So only a lot he. Some speeds are shockingly lens. They are in the edifice where has almost any neighbour wifi signals to compete with but an edifice is old and has to that the fat wall has believed so these would do except even be afterwards to an only product 10-15mbps.

So only impacting!

He the Knowledge is the point of access of the estimativa but so only that!!!
5 / 5
Point of the access of coverage adds, fantastic and taken really fresh stylish creation. Very happy with a product

Top Customer Reviews: Tenda Nova MW5s-3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
WELL, where begin? To the left initiate with some flus of the developers of my house. It is add that has dipped in FTTP Infinity (where has the line of modem and direct edge) to a house - I am a lot of appreciative of of the this, although ossia a norm with new builds now. My main flu is that has dipped this line in the room of small storage in a front of a house, surrounded by fat wall.

When I have ordered BT broadband, has taken one 52 Mb line - reassuringly brilliant. When it has taken one issues rid (BT Marries Hub 6 - a WORSE wifi the subject has does not have to that never use), was plagued for disconnects, slow wifi speed and much more.

First of fast 6 month later and are in my final of talents. I look for to use an old VDSL subject to supplant a Wifi signal, has the light improvement, but no the plot at all. Then, I find this device on Amazon. They are sceptic at the beginning, but some do any looks the Godsend.

Left to say, this Tent MW6 Is the Godsend partorisca people with subjects of wireless connectivities. There is has changed literally my life!!! My woman no longer complains in his telephone Wifi disconnecting and believe me, this has spent daily and was the ache in a bum!

Has admitted, does not have the big house, is 1180 sq ft on 2 pavings, but a material of edifice is solid and was really interrupting a normal wifi signal.

Upstairs Has taken pitiful 10-20 Mb speed to download before Tent. Now, volume 100 signal and 50 Mb speed of download. Even conservatively, Ossia 250 improvement .

Finally, but certainly much less (and is the big 'F And!' The BT Hardware) ANY NEED covers it a Tent directly to your Subject, so only a Modem/WAN connection - ethernet boss. A Tent has the PPoE setup wizard. I have used one that follows partorisca BT Infinity:

P: bt

This bad are FINALLY RID of this piece of sh Huawei BT Marie Hub 6. A slow and feebler more the subject wireless has not used never (but does not say any in eBay, so to good sure is selling!).

Could have gone partorisca a 3 box Tends MW3 which would have been £35 more economic and would have to that 3rd box, this in spite of, there is wanted Gigabit ethernet connectivity for future proofing and a two MW6s covers my house perfectly. I have paid yes more, but it was TOTALLY he values he.

All can say is if an on to to the sounds like to of them, please so only take MESH Wifi fixes already - will change it your life!
4 / 5
Has had bad wifi coverage of mine (free, does not add ) ISP has distributed to issue and has thought roughly buying the new to issue. With which some reflection, has decided has not been one issues the substitution concealed required but a wi-fi the coverage has required to order (the house is not big, but questions of enormous signal...)

Had been doing some reading roughly coverages of the point but the majority were quite expensive, £200+. I have not wanted to spend that on something concealed could not fix my question. Some investigation headed to this product, which have had for the week or like this now.

Is SURPRISING. Strong, compatible, of confidence wi-fi everywhere in a house - a lot of something dead, any dropouts, any buffering... And you move given around inside your coverage of house (for example streaming video of the server to house to the television) consistently take speed of on 200MBit.

All concealed of 3 small boxes tiny concealed chairs inconspicuously in the shelf or mantelpiece; setup was easy [by means of an application for iOS and Android], and a whole thing was to arrive and that careers in 20 minutes or so many. There is coverage during a house, and for 50 feet around he also.

All concealed for £99, there is rid... Much less of a cost again @subject... Very strong recommended. Calm included can add additional units, until 10 in of the totals, if precise coverage by means of the widest zone.
5 / 5
Fantastic product the one who any only deletes something dead. Also it leaves a 5ghz signal to be augmented. A profit here is that has 2 (or 3) hubs this is generating the fastest speed by means of out a house.
Has bought a MW3 and this has directed to augment my WiFi row by means of out a house. Also (more importantly) has directed to augment a speed of download. When I have purchased a MW3 was the client of Half comunicacionales Virgin the one who has received 100mbps, a MW3 has managed this perfectly.
I upgraded my speed of Internet of 100mbps, to 350mbps.
Has been sent the subject new for Half comunicacionales Virgin to manage some new speeds (has there was previously a Súper Hub 2, was upgraded to a Súper Hub 3). Ossia When the subject has begun, a súper hub 3 options/of the functions are not like this very like this Súper Hub 2. SH3 Does not communicate as well as a SH2. As some accelerates I where receiving fallen to approx 68mbps.

After contacting a Tends instruments (those who are fantastic BTW), a Mw6 has been suggested.

Leading MW6
Accelerates capped was around 68mbs, this has been wired and wireless by means of all the devices, with a Xbox when being a big plus in 68mbs.

With which MW6
Accelerate available like this wireless and the wire fence is 280mbs+
has dipped on a Primary knot afterwards to a Xbox (because of this location ) Wirelessly speed where consistently on 250mbs. When it wired the speeds have paste 400mbs!

Has the Gaming PC/Workstation wired until a second knot in a room to dine. This has achieved also speed of 250mbs. Unfortunately I can not try a speed of PC wirelessly like this wireless dongle has is an old . So that the speeds are not like this well like 5ghz, although they are compatible.

A Mw3 has had a lot @@subject that rids my ISPs speed (100mb) previously mine upgrading. But on 100mb? Utilisation a Mw6, cost each penny.
Mina Mw6 has 10+ devices have connected his and the speeds are utmost, the force of signal is sum.
5 / 5
Has had all the classes of WiFi questions of then changing of Virgin Boss (also expensive) to Heaven (basic broadband any edge).
To be sincere, has has had always WiFi subject in this house, is Victorian with fat wall.
Drop to signal outs etc., An usual atrocity; and reason touch music and a radio by means of Sleeps wireless speakers, this was the real ache in a with the in the quite daily base.
Has decided to try a system to Mesh to see has has improved things.
Has on read and has discovered a lot of options, some hellishly expensive and some with desperate descriptions of has confused totally people.
A New Tent MW6 the system looked to take descriptions quite good and price wise, was very competitive.
Like this, has bought the 3 fixes of pod and are I happy has done!
An improvement is extraordinary.
A subject of Heaven is frankly the rubbishes and so only has taken 3 or 4 bars around a house and frequently any one! It has fallen it was the majority of a time and his service of client could any one or would not help , (although they have feigned was), or has culprit more. All knows a game for now very ?
In all the chance, sad to dron on; all some questions have vapourised of then installing this Tend system.
Was extremely easy to follow some simple instructions and has taken roughly 5 minutes!
Was the little fiddly for me personally reason, taste to him has said, has the Sleeps fixes it and I control that with Points of Amazon.
In spite of, is everything on and running now. Volume 5 bars and a lot dropouts everywhere, included in a nave of garden!
Was the religious person , could thank some spiritual establishment. As I am not religious, thank a person the one who has invented a system of the mesh and I thank Tent to adopt a system and doing such the good piece of boxes!

June of UPDATE 3 2019
has had this system that read of then April 20th 2019.
My opinion has not changed at all.; Wifi Is running perfectly, any dropouts or a lot another issues anything.
4 / 5
After struggling with Heaven Q subject and Wi-Fi with 2 extenders the zone has had to that describes and good coverage with small or any signal as it has taken it casualidad in these.

Has dipped has On taken less than 10 minutes, connects one with the boss has distributed to issue. Application to download to telephone, connects to cube, renames the coverage and the signal dipped, reboot unit. Fact! Other two units are pre-has connected so only situate them and cover them in. The units are quite small and how is so only the white cubes does not look out of place.

Unit of laws in maxima of 866.7 bps where has there was previously 1300 bps but throughput (as measured for speedtests) is one same And now have full coverage everywhere in a house (and part of a garden).

Sustains coverage of guest, time restritions and Qos. Still I have Wi-Fi of mine of heaven that cut and heaven Q has connected, all more is in these and running adds.

Like this if any one the 100Mbps broadband and can live without specifying some canals, these are more than pertinent for full coverage in the good speed.

Highly recommend.
4 / 5
If your wifi is by train to annoy you, does not think in this compraventa only orders it!!!
Finally any points of multiple accesses or losing connection or that it has to connection of transmission.

There is so only a true consideration, a LAN the port is the 100 mbps port in these. This means thats a maximum speed unless transferring wifi device to wifi device (then his fast plus). So has the connection of the fastest internet that 100mbps this will limit an internet in wifi to 100mbps. Reason a port / boss that connects to your subject is so only 100mbps. Hard wired devices to subject of your internet still would take a full speed.

I marvel of one finalises of a house, to another, outside etc... Everything in a point of access of name of same coverage, changes automatically and just works. Perfecto.

Easy to setup a 1 knot with an application, another 2 car connects his. It has taken 5 minutosmenos. It has taken more with a longitude to unplug all an old access points.

Of those who Be postponed for him when being dual band and a lot of triband, concealed does not effect the speed so only sustains more the devices that is connected without him effecting % of the houses not having never this @@subject and yours the internet will be a slower point in all the chance.(Further of chance)

used it wifi application of analizadora in mine telephone to look before and with which and a signal was much stronger of this unit to one some has substituted them.
5 / 5
Ours issue is in the corner of house with walling very fat and a wifi the signal is very poor.. This element has been bought like the substitution for the Powerline adapter that has not been very of confidence. It was very easy to dip up with an application, and resupplies the strong signal during a house. Very satisfied.
4 / 5
Has possessed to plot of routers on some years. Some of them have been utmost. Some of them a lot-like this-utmost and no like this fast . My fellow recommended this one and Ossia one of an add some. One first what there is remarked was that quickly and easy was to dip up. Each subject has has not possessed never required to be dipped on the computer, and was sometimes the small confusing. This one uses an application for pill or your smartphone. Some walks of application have thought a process . Ossia. It is ready for Use.

According to that the action goes, this does well. It has taken up it downloads average and upload speed for my house. Had any drops of action or jitter in my tests. The applications in my devices have update quickly and seamlessly. Netflix The aims uploaded a lot quickly without noticeable búfer time. Very impressive. Gaming On-line and downloading the element in the computer is included faster the before .Some units has the smallest impression that our old routers and so only generally blend in with this point wifi the system takes wifi signal where does not use never to take any signal .

Highly recommends to change yours issues to TENT wifi and money of frustration And calm saving with spotty wifi coverage.
4 / 5
Was bit it dubious like this economic appearance in comparison to another. This in spite of, was very easy to install and place up and gives the coverage adds, has to Blink the cameras and To Alexa was in my cochera and has loved the strongest signal there as well as around a house, this has done that perfectly. A thing the note is that in an application gives an impression that can use you one Tends application to see speed of connection, You cant.

Has telephoned an office to sustain the one who informed that the needs to download it wifi checker to do that, as his application that objective the speeds is for some futures and a lot now. Personally they are well with that and of the that finds it a subject, well a lot now that knows, previously to this has assumed a crew was faulty,

I wireless handicapped person in my subject of Heaven and has the data Tend a heaven SSID and Signal so that all my crew still would use a SSID and the signal always has.

For me at least finds this and compraventa excellent, he exactly that has wanted and give me the coverage of good big speed during my house and has gone my cochera, does not have any reason any to recommend this
4 / 5
has suffered with temperamental homeplug / powerline adapaters that tries to take internet during my like this discovered house a soyesh' systems and thought it could solve my questions. It has been it bit it sceptical of this box like his like this economic - but thought it is cost the punt has based in a majority of some descriptions that is positive. It dips up out of a box was easy and sincere.

The initial impressions were very good. A recommended distance averts is 1 room or 10 metres - data that has to the wall of fat bone has found this to be more like 5 metres, but in an end there is spaced then was and full coverage apresamiento during my house - no jerky / while to video and was very impressed... Until today.

2 Of some three boxes have been 'blue' light signifying the strong signal to that means red any signal. Included situating some devices a lot afterwards to the each one like this another would not connect or look in an application. United Kingdom' ready' of the support is in fact an international number in Romania and a cat of on-line support is always off-line - to all the cost of some times of day use it.

Emailed A support of United Kingdom but any contact up to now - a lot of dissapointing and does not inspire any confidence. Roughly to send this backside for the repayment.

Update. With which a lot the reboot - a lot finally has connected devices - for roughly 2 days then disconnected again. I emailed Tent like this for his offer in the commentary to my estaca original - but of then I emailed his has not had any response. A precise thing if you are having the questions is the ones of confidence, responsive line of support - as the tent does not have . In a process to return these - I has spoken to a line of support of the Amazon - the one who so only suggested everthing I already tried - rebooting, deleting & king-adding, resets of factory etc - but at all has improved a unreliability of these devices have gone back like this. Sad - for a poor support to the long of would not recommend anything of this company.
4 / 5
Bought how was economic and looked it would do that I have required in a short term. It was the averages a prize of the 2 Google partorisca separate WiFi near, whilst using enough a same technology (the old bit, any consecrated backhaul etc). Using in big Victorian seeds with walling very fat where the Virgins Superhub basically would achieve two rooms in a paving. It takes full reception in the each room by means of some pavings, and the chunk of one of a garden now. Setup Was easy, an application is better that has expected given a prize, and dipping on static ips and the port forwards etc etc was painless in comparison to Virgins Superhub. A backhanded compliment that that can be, but his really very bad. The wireless action has been of confidence and fast, again compared to the Superhub, but there is typically at least 3 devices streaming video, downloading, exploring a web, or gaming, and this is giving support so only well. Economic celery, but is small and well of look, as while any raisin long fondling yours box of wireless access this is unlikely to annoy you.
4 / 5
Has struggled in my house to take a wifi accessible in all the rooms and a garden. I reverted the hands the units have connected to a lan for a TV in a living room and for the computer of my edges in his chamber. It has attached also the point of wireless access to one of any hands unit to give wifi coverage upstairs.
Has had still something dead, does not leave in the lived, but an entrance of boss is in my office in some corners of a house like subject main is in a wrong place. I have been reading on some coverages of point but to be sincere could not justify a cost.
An I spotted a Tender New MW6 in special offer, as it gave it the gone.
A box has arrived a following day (Amazon First) and a box ‘felt quality ' well the fact and the press was good and clear. Opened a box to find the a lot of place out of boxes with partitions to protect a product.
A wifi boxes them there is the cellophane has wrapped around some sides probably to take lining.
Some units are to read and but does not feel economic to the equal that have seen in the write on, in fact have enough the solid feels. Quite ready to remain on show. Down it is one is some connections to be able to, boss of coverage (a boss of slowly of the white coverage distributed), has the yard was like the boss can exit this in spite of leaves a unit to seat walk in his 4 legs. A key of reset is virtually invisible. Up it is a light concentrated, is quite small but quite brilliant for prejudices he especially when blue in colour.
Has read a small instruction Manuel and plugged one first unit has connected a lan boss of the mine @subject and also some hands unit like this like this any to disturb a together current up. A unit flashed the little time and is then blue solid state. Verified with my Ipad and logged to one new wireless using a SSID and the signal written under a unit.
Wow The coverage was very better that my Vodaphone subject (that it was it already better that my BT Subject). Very impressed. Connected a second unit in a point of living room further in a house of my office (approx. 10m) and by means of two wall, inside the few moments some CONCENTRATED has been blue solids. The signal down was solid and in my garden (in the first place times that the had not been never a chance). I have then connected the lan boss to a second unit and has connected my TV. It has done. Now it could take some hands unit.
Has connected a third box upstairs directly in a second unit, again gave the solid blue light. For some first time have not had never complete wireless coverage inside a house and a lot something dead.
Has had to move this upstairs unit in another room so at night a blue light was too much brilliant for the fourth ( could finalises to dip some tape in the, but gave also an occasion to experience).
A negatives, some bosses to be able to is courts roughly , this has tried difficult in a chamber to take a box to seat in the unit and has required a goodness of extension to be used. For a sake of the few centimetres. Also a band to be able to is 8cm long and when used with the four extension of goodness of way or pair ganged goodness of extension (as used under my unit of television) has on taken two sockets.
Has left this setup for the week and has had any real question, my woman Ipad has changed on to a subject main and for some reason does not have behind changed until reset that caused to take the poor signal (one of some something dead), has changed of a wireless in my subject main and has had a lot @@subject any far plus.
Still relatively expensive so that it is a lot to somewhere that does the good profit, but law! Calm does not require to use an application, unless that adds another unit that is not gone in an original box. It remarks an application is for IOS and android so only, does not have any available application for Windows that is the bit to disappoint.
If you are that there is wifi the questions of coverage would recommend these units.
4 / 5
My house of Airport of system of the old apple of Wi-Fi is taking very unstable and slow. Has an Extreme of the airport and 5 Airport express to cover house of hole. But has there is not ridding never a full speed of upto 40M bps (heaven) unless they are afterwards to Airport Extreme Device. My boys are complaining that they take terrible speed in his rooms, and has begun to cause questions for his studio (and gaming). To improve this situation, has looked to system of Wi-Fi of Mesh, but the majority of them is quite type, and asked costs to invest, especially to the equal that have known no if in fact it improves or the no. has then found New Tent MW6, which is significantly more economic because of his dual bands (compared to tri-bands) and some descriptions are not bad. So many, has bought the box of 3 unit to cover my house. I received it and installed his last night, and surprizingly has taken full speed in the majority of a zone of a house. Because of some arrangements of room, has one something that does not resupply full speed, but ossia the enormous improvement !! The installation was also súper easy and any fuss! I am expecting to receive additional unit to cover all the zone of a house now, and am sure will clear all something dead. Investing so only £160, our house wi-fi is now súper quickly! Action of excellent cost, and highly can recommend this yours!!
5 / 5
Has tried numerous row extenders and súper wifi hubs but this beats him all the hands down. Has the Virgin connection to the reasonably sized 4 chamber detached house, sweats 30ish to the old years likes him some wall is solid some are stud to wall but have struggled always to take the robust signal by means of a whole house.

Has ordered on Tuesday and Amazon dutifully there is rid Wednesday. Ploughing a box fells likes is unpacking something concealed has been thought roughly and each one that like this of some knots looks any one has done in fact give form and of the his places around his office/to house to see that it has looked it, simple but 'elegant' (for the wifi subject) and uncluttered. There is not any key to fiddle with, the blessed relief with him toddler this was for ever resetting a leading system to do some lights flash!

In fact read some instructions previously to plugging in (first worlds) and was all dips on a lot quickly, takes a knot connected (like the master), dipped a coverage up in the application of telephone (if you are upgrading a system to exist, could wants to download an application before you unplug an old system if your 4coverage of G is poor) and then so only can go around a house plugging in some other knots wherever want to him. The instructions advise 45-60 seconds to establish the connection but mine where quite all the instant. An application is simple and intuitive and still gives control in wether a light of indicator is on or was, his so only the tiny light but has had the knot in the fourth could be annoying. A whole house is now fully connected to the alone and calm coverage so only can add more the knots in the date he late the plus has to require to take more row, although I think that that a system has is already overkill for a measure of property.

Have a LG ready TV in a cookery, which is where spend the majority of our time and in spite of the 100 Mb connection of internet, is not never able state to take anything another that Netflix doing in a wireless connection, in spite of one issues to be in a same room and unobstructed. Some investigation has indicated a LG tvs (or mine specifically) has the very feeble wifi auricular. Now I have one of one Tends knots plugged in for behind a TV with the short ethernet boss plugged of a Knot to a television and seeing looked , perfects on all the canals in HD.

Any one has thought that robust a system is, but of my initial experiences with a system; facilitated of place-arrive and quality of arrival, am sure that enough time has gone to a development of a system to adapt my needs for some prójimos 5 years until a next step in technology takes on (and mark in our house).

Very happy with compraventa, yes looks expensive but I total a quantity are on has spent that tries to remedy a situation with bad results touches the subject would recommend one to any one. Has the host of characteristic that any I really comprises (or need) but a neighbour-on defaults the way of idiot test to take you up and that careers securely without that has to seat it PHD in computing.
4 / 5
A lot usually write descriptions, but subjects of the coverage in my house has come to the point where had had them enough. It has to that 3bed seeds detached with an extension. Edge of half comunicacionales virgin. Having the active dual band 2g & 5g, would walk them around a house - my telephone would fall connection and link to another band. There it has Been it powerline adapters during a house, all broadcasting wifi. In a subject has had them 100MB, in an extension would have 6Mb - was them lucky. Almost every night it would owe them attractive out of a powerline in an extension and discharges he behind in. Still then the has not had the connection adds. Mina skybox has had to be cabled to a powerline and constantly drop. iptv In another room has been linked to another be it used like him wifi extend and wire fence for better connection. Read in a MW3, but after saying me has them has had to that something, looked to a MW6. So only reason the although it would require them something stronger. The next day it has arrived. I took 15mins to setup. It covers main Unit in, application to download that it use QR code in some instructions (he has them has used instructions). This unit is in a spare chamber upstairs cabled to a VM subject. Down he having to that soiled has dipped them another MW6 - has downloaded it to them wifi analyzer of appstore. It has said 60 coverage, but when turning in a MW6, blue light apresamiento on unit and then analyzer has been to 100 coverage. plugged A iptv to a cube so only reason was easier that do that spend for some papers in a iptv and this has connected immediately. It has been the extension - wifi the analyser has said 40 coverage. Turned in a unit and this have been to 100. YES!!!!!!! There it is wifi in the place that is to be know for any in that has good connection. It has been to an I down bathes that usually it has any signal 80 and YES!!!!!!! It can take up in of the video in there. Before, the used to seat in a couch looking TV, while to buffering in mine telephone - would connect. Ossia Like the new life - full wifi, speedtest has said 60Mbs like this lost some but the one who cure, the have the connection - has not fallen and no búfer. There is put to bed , the connection there was still. OMG Is this like the life would owe that be. Reason any one the he first. Spent an hour that updates alexa / coverage / iphones / the heaven boxes like this easily identified in an application.
5 / 5
Took To him around 7 minutes to install all three boxes by means of-out of a house and a difference has to that individual. Both 2.4 and 5ghz laws seamlessly without the question only has found. Always it has taken drop outs daily of mine WiFi but has has not had never the alone drop of installed a Tent. That was more than amazing was that I use WiFi Blink camera so much inner and external. A some outsides has had 2 bars in a WiFi climbing and now is in a maximum. I have taken included the camera down a fund of a garden (around 15 metres of a house) and has had still maximum bars. An only downside, if I can calls concealed is that it calms can not change a canal, any that ossia the question for me. One another thing, operates Tent of mine by means of the VPN and has not caused any internet of wise questions.. Expensive perhaps, but highly would recommend it.
4 / 5
In the past life I company drawn and has maintained coverages; this in spite of, house WiFi is always delicate state to take legislation. I have launched money in him on some years to try and the take well for our 5BR marries but has had always drops and something dead. Like this far today - this looks of system to be a perfect solution and I have does not have to that the question so only likes him has had before. If you are having any WiFi questions with coverage anything highly would recommend you control out of a MW6-3. I am running a system in the way of bridge and routing saws mine Asus subject to retain some of a Asus to the characteristic likes. Has one of these cubes in the each paving of a house and concealed is spare for good coverage. One of my boys is a miser gamer like this boss his interface to one of some ports of bridge in an of some cubes. It has gone regular levels of variables WiFi jitter to 1-2ms ping the returns of one issue. I have begun a day that careers two points of accesses and multiple SSIDs - now has a managed by a point of then automatically changes clients of 5Ghz the based on qualities of signal. A house WiFi the office of help is has closed officially!
4 / 5
Ossia Third mine tentativa in of the systems of Mesh, after the enormous frustrations with other particularly pending products of the places on (TP Links Deco am speaking roughly calm). I have been using row extenders as well as points of additional access. My house is not that big, but now there is disabled the dual mine and 5GHz Wi-Fi of @subject in favour of this point

This one was to arrive and that careers with all 3 knots downwards 20 mins. It would be more fast state if the instructions of an Application for the green light solid had not confused me with a light blue real solid. One has printed the instructions have had blue and an evidence of connectivity there is showed this was corrected. WELL It Is so only the pair of days so it can not comment on reliability. I can comment on 5 Wi-Fi of signal of bar during a house. Forward Facetime the once scaly connections now mecer solid.

More economic that very other systems - is manacles excellent value for money - strongly recommended
4 / 5
This looked like this economic compared to other boxes to signal that was sceptical roughly is possible action but has been advances in a base of descriptions.
Very happy that has done! Connected quickly and simply to the mine that exists Talktalk WiFi @subject that resupplies Superfast Broadband (edge to cupboard). The units of satellite have connected instantly to base unit and an immediate improvement in force of the signal has been remarked.
Used now partorisca to the long of the month and has not had never the drop is gone in any of some numerous devices has attached. A WLAN sockets in a remotes is the real prize. Using a standalone subject a speed of connection in a point a far plus of one issues originally was 19Mbps. Once one New was to arrive and that runs this has jumped to 135Mbps! The need says more!
4 / 5
Because of a location of mine ethernet socket and creation of my house, has struggled always with WIFI to a hungrier device - ours television. Mostly television knots of current and shows of Cousins, netflix and iplayer, as well as spotify and radios of internets in ours Yamaha music-launch-devices.

Our living room is an extension of an original house, and has has not had never he powerline the the adapter really does a lot well. To take signal of ours issues to an amplifier/of TV, then has to that spend for 4x wall, one in the refrigerator and to the microwave has built. A house is not very big, but penetrating all this is the question for even a better routers...

Took it the little goes to dip up. My together initial on fact well for more than devices, but for some reason it disconnected (all some knots have lit on red). Have @@give That everything of some devices in my house (ready telephones, portable, pills and television) constantly connected and disconnecting with one issues and one New how was desperately unstable. I have been to some settings of @subject in mine portable and turned of a wifi, and dip all bandwidth to spend for so only a ethernet port, to a New primary knot.

Mina LG the television loans still would not connect to one wireless, like this instead the dipped the secondary new knot a lot afterwards to the mine television and has connected has seen a ethernet boss. I finalise to do it speedtest in mine television and im taking 48-52mbps - previously has taken them 8-10mbps the good day and HD streaming was the thing of sleeps. Now it is súper fast and of confidence.

There is much more expensive wifi-systems to signal there, but the really of those who knows reason would pay extra. For me at least, this has done a work, and a lot well in that.
5 / 5
It loves it, any often write descriptions yes never but I gotta has said this system has solved the plot of mine wifi questions. Easy to dip on, quite a lot of discharges and game. The settings are controlled invernadero the application of telephone, which is quite simple. I have required it it bit it more the control that has resupplied as has the I enough quotes-hungry family and no the plot of bandwidth to go round. The the majority of mine QOS material street a @subject and one do one really well. I can take the decent wifi the good signal was to a garden and still to a carpark for behind that. They look well, but the calm mark sure dipped him to somewhere this minimises interference. I have tried to dip mine on the refrigerator, but think a bulk of the metal on has launched was. Dipped the elsewhere and add. Highly recommmended.
5 / 5
Has taken a band of 3 cubes in treating it special and initially so only dipped on 2 of them, has done like this good same in our big Victorian house. No more an annoyance of the mine telephone that loses signal and clunking of a Wifi extends to another while touching the game, one New the system was all that has had had expected partorisca.

Until there is prendido to do. There was scaly state for the week or like this - devices upstairs takes on it to some toneless down units. Then a upstairs the unit has DIRECTED has been red for any signal. We discover then it concealed very so only it could do any the take that they again, could not take one 3rd cube to do neither.

And an application - took you the the look has to that use a mobile application partorisca east. But calm repeatedly take you behind to a setup screen, constantly say you there is any system to connect to, and is generally the nightmare when calm so only loves discharge and game. Have to scan it barcode in some cubes also with your telephone... They are sure other systems transports so only-relieve?

In all chance given a whole reason compraventa this is to go does not have time to be peeing roughly with WiFi configuration, sadly fails. Shining in principle but will be to return this like this faulty and taking something of the mark has listened of!
4 / 5
This produced are adds. Setup Was súper simple and far easier that equivalen and more expensive NetGear Orbi. Some units are smallish, discreet cubes that does not try hard to announce they. Each unit has a ethernet port which is súper handy. In fact any unit can be a unit of base . In of the terms of action, is not to perfect. Whilst Maintains the stable signal and of confidence by means of my house, for one 3rd hop of a unit of base, throughput drops of 90mbit/s to 30mbit/s. This a lot really annoy me like this I any precise 90mbit/s in the each corner of a house, but ossia a reason for 4 stars. An accompanying application is simple and effective and resupplies the simple functions but the lacks am anticipated to to the functions like has planned limits partorisca of accesses, vpn and fact to commission dhcp servers.
4 / 5
Something very bad with this system but can not exit that. Has 2 insiemi of 3 MW-6 cubes, likes six in of the totals. His synced on neighbouring treat it, any question. Each cube aims blue solid. Firmware Is (6332). Each unit is inner 20ft of at least 2 other units. The application aims them all has connected well. Taken the dozen or like this devices of echo of the Amazon conected and maintain to the fall was. Each little music of small streaming stops for the pocolos second then resumes. Each unit one same, any subject where in a house. In an old Virgin Wi-fi his never fallen was, so only has not had a row to achieve all a house and garden. Which is reason I has taken this system. He maintaining force of signal of the Wi-Fi excellent during a house but maintains to the fall was. Also each few days an of some units changes to RED and disconnects of a point. An only way to take them to reconnect is to unplug a goodness to be able to and discharges behind in. The support of technology has said that I have to that sent to believe throw' of a question! As you Send the screen has shot of the music that goes in and era!!
Now yes loves music of current on Amazon without annoying dropouts has to that disconnect an Echo of one Tends Mesh and king-connect-in Virgo Wi-fi, where reads well. That class to squander a point to spend £300 in this system of point.
5 / 5
A system is the breeze to dip up and to use. One issues, maintains to fail, every day failure. They are work , master gone back in a heating on Hive or see the one who is in burgle for house and a Tent MW3 has failed like this does not have any access until I can take house and reset he. It has to that Tend support. Desperate, has spoken the a lot of different people all saying to the transmission was and on, dipped like bridging unit, dipped the to reboot every day any of these works, any one would take held of a subject. Finally they have substituted in fact a whole thing and was appreciated more this in spite of some new some were no better. The when to a question to purchase another he so that it could send a backside in some wait that was the subject of casualidad? No. 3 insiemi of New Tent not doing with exactly a same failure.
Are sure will have some there reading this and has thought , yeah has bet is not for the dipped on well. I have been to PC and networking for years, can do this class of what all day and have other versions of a product still arrives and doing now. An annoying thing in of the this is that when it is fantastic. Rock solid Signal, any something dead and wifi has projected down a garden. Awesome. Then they fail again...
Averts this and take the Netgear, Google or pay looked an extra for the product of quality
5 / 5
Terrible. Bought this to improve mine in existent Tent MW3 coverage as so only have 100mbit he ethernet and this has 1gigabit which leave me to use the a lot of of mine 350mbps connection of boss like possible. This heap to crap incidents daily requiring a power to be pulled. At all in his place has helped. It tends' S The web of place and lean it are no existent. I have had to use again one of a MW3 like door been due to a sheer unreliability of this doorstop while I ponder changing a whole system out of
5 / 5
In spite of all some opinions of the buyers that gives a star, has decided to buy the in all chance based in an excellent five descriptions of star. And like a lot those some descriptions of star, am complaining my compraventa. For some premiers few days, was adds excepts that it would not connect my wireless printer. I posted this like the question that can see you on and has been advised to contact the sound sustains that I - but absolutely any response.

Then the few days later, my devices have prendido to look in an application. Again, I have written to sustain and has mentioned he in some questions, and again any response.

For this can a lot in good conscience recommend this product to any reason has any questions, he casualidad is will not take any response.

Are quite sure, this in spite of, that suddenly will find a capacity to answer here to this description - the one who the harm can a lot of some same with subjects of product.
4 / 5
My @subject to exist (Asus RT-N66U) has resupplied a lot WiFi action but when being the only Tx/Rx anchors it has struggled signals to achieve some signals some far plus in my house (both on 5Ghz and ). As I have purchased two of a Mesh of New Tent MW6 knots with an intention to use my @subject to exist for wired connections and one New in way of bridge to resupply one 5 / WiFi coverage and extend the sound achieves. My transmission of office had connected also to one issues down for the plan along ethernet the boss that the careers down hides etc. And has loved to see could substitute this boss with the short plus CAT6 connection to a 2nd New the knot located in an office without any degradation of action. I did not resist it it was a lot of hope that substitutes the connection wired with effectively the wireless connection among some New knots but he in fact resulted well.

Has situated a New prime minister the knot down approaches one that exists to issue and another upstairs in an office with a transmission of the there connected coverage to one of the his gigabit ethernet the ports that use he CAT6 ethernet boss.

A New prime minister the knot has given the blue light after the short time taste then changed in mine second New knot upstairs to the equal that has connected seamlessly and has given also the blue light indicating level of excellent signal. I have used then an application of Android to update a firmware in both devices. Inside the minutes have had everything of mine 5Ghz Wifi devices on and that career and some devices of office have connected well has seen a transmission.

I probably 'overthought' things in trying to avert any clashes among one that exists to issue and one New like this disabled 5Ghz and Wifi in mine @subject to exist first to connect and changing in a knot of New prime minister. A 5Ghz the band has done well in a New and has assumed that they also would relieve a presence of the signal of my cameras of security but concealed has not been a chance.

REMARCE: If has any devices (mainly cameras of security or old telephones) does not disable a band in yours that exists to issue first to configure a New.

After the bit of on-line investigation looks that an application would owe that have the Loan Assitant assitant option under the settings that leaves to be done available for 30 minutes to leave these devices to be configured. This in spite of, an option of Ready Assistant has been missing in my application!! I posted the question on Amazon and also emailed Tent in of the this but his both have drawn the space. I left it the day that thinks that the tent could answer but has listened at all.

After giving it some have think that that have @@give that king-enabling in mine @subject to exist could aim some New knots to relieve concealed to signal which could do Ready Assitant look in an application. The short long history, this has done! It was then able to dip on devices without any question.

Has run it WiFi analysis (signal and test of speed) of everything of some rooms in my house on 5Ghz and , and also he LAN Test of Speed among two PCs, a upstairs and another down so much before and after New installation. With one New in place and WiFi disabled in mine @subject to exist had the improvement of level of the signal in all the rooms and especially in a far plus was rooms where was around 20dB main that with a subject old. Speedtest maxed Out of my connection of Internet (edge 38Mb/s down 9Mb/s arrive) from everywhere in a house. More surprisingly a LAN the test of the speed has aimed the big improvement that use a wireless connection among an office and down. I fold Verified some results and has run also some video streaming tests. I have tried streaming has bitten main and main video of tax of mine IN The in an office to a television down until I have taken to stutter in a TV. This has aimed that I am able the current much bigger bitrate video of one IN The to the mine television that uses one New more than a connection wired old! Very impressive.

A system has been running perfectly of then.

Would have given 5 stars but docked some stars for a lack of documentation king configuration and a slow Tends support ( has answered today, on 2 weeks later saying me to select Ready Assitant of my application!!). I think that that a manual/application would owe that comprise the whole section on way of bridge setup aiming several phases of configuration and mark clears that has devices a lot to disable this band in yours that exists to issue until his arrives him dipped in yours New.

This in spite of, quotes a prize of this compared to other devices looked wholeheartedly would recommend to any that wants to extend one achieves of his house WiFi.
4 / 5
The together initial up was simple. Inside half an hour a coverage of point has been dipped up and doing well. A row has been extended to besides a limit of our house. We could connect in a rear yard, something has had previously difficulty. It has to that be to 5 description of star. This in spite of, inside the few things of hours have been bad. A connection has been fallen and could not take a system to do reliably with which concealed. Still for resetting each unit manufactures it defaults and that begins again, a system of the point no . An application in my telephone a lot reliably connect so that dipped full stop to dip a system up. His all has taken has packed up and has behind envoy to amazon for the full repayment. Have appealed to buy the TP-Link AC1750 the row of Universal Dual Band Extends, the broadband/of Wi-Fi Extends, Wi-Fi Booster/Hotspot with 1 Gigabit Port and 3 External Antennas, Way of Builds of Point of the Access, Discharges of United Kingdom (RE450) like a work but (to be just) any as well as a system extends when it has done. I have read that a big plus spec tend system, a MW6 good compraventa. Perhaps it would owe that have, but a MW3 was in an amazon extracted has chosen so.
4 / 5
I alive in the four chamber chalet bungalow this is to be extend to this along and narrow with some wall dips that has been originally external some. Very difficult to take the decent broadband signal during a house. Of here, my neighbour up was to issue he with the direct connection to a point of access, which has fed the row extends, and he powerline the the adapter has connected to a subject with the second powerline wired my TV. While lame 30 Mbps in a subject, so only take 10 Mbps in my PC in a studio in another end of a house and a powerline the adapters no at all in a studio. Of here, the point to house looked an ideal solution . I have bought a New Tent MW3 the triple band and one add-on units. Different some another, has not had any question with an application of telephone and dipping on a unit has connected to a @subject and three auxiliary units, a duquel has been connected directly to a TV. A broadband speed in my studio has fallen to half that have taken with my together original-on, one broadband to a TV was very unstable and has maintained to the fall was and nowhere was a broadband signal of a point of New Tent like strong or like this stable that that has had already. Of here, they have been returned. A triple band has been refunded and am expecting finally will receive the repayment for another unit. As they still are that it looks for the solution where can take wife-wide coverage in the alone coverage more than a three I am using at present.
4 / 5
Some of some descriptions suggest ossia VERY initially, but results problematic, as I postpone partorisca write the description partorisca quite the little month (sees note in an end). I have tried multiple different options for advanced to extend our wifi, beginning with simple plugin Netgear wifi extenders, and then TP powerline adapters. They have helped - the bit - but any one has solved a deadspots. This New the laws of what for the treat.

Existing box: TalkTalk wifi subject (2018 model)

A challenge: One 3 storey Victorian seeds, with adolescents those who are gamers, parents besides those who enjoy streaming a radio, Netflix ... And doing in an internet of house. This bad require something concealed was quickly, has had the good row, and bosses some multiple different questions for bandwidth really well.

A solution: Connected one New to a backside of a TalkTalk subject, and has situated one of these cubes in the each paving. The disorder has very around with any settings of then. Still in an upper paving of our house, which previously would register so only a bar of wi-fi and was painfully slow, now offers a maximum number of bars of wifi and runs like this quickly like this when I am seating downtairs in a same room like subject main.

(From time to time one of some boxes takes unplugged to do a vacuuming ... But it covers it it retreated it, and it is doing again well.)

This thing does really well and some pocolos the white cubes are a discreet addition in the chamber or landing. It is been the solution adds for knots.

Update: Shortly after that writing this, one of some cubes there is prendido to do, then the second result temperamental. I have tried some instructions of reset and at all has done. Coincidentally Was having some electrical work a following week, and some turns of electrician of a power partorisca in an hour. This has to that have reset something, reason never of one New the cube is and my subject has done perfectly.
4 / 5
Averts to avert avert.

This product is of the new provider to a phase of United Kingdom, and like such have any interior to sustain United Kingdom. If has the technical difficulties run your own. A number of main support is in Cina (international call) but does not concern on some costs will not answer a call. I have taken by means of the some the EUA (international call) has taken my name and number – and does not have behind called. Tried contacting them by means of Amazon, any response inclusa a telephone to sustain of technology of the Amazon. Tried contacting them by means of half comunicacionales social - once again any response.

Has experienced two questions of first order, one has to that dipped on the name of different coverage and can not use a same name like your routers SSID - in the bed that up is is is quite the good idea to have the name of separate coverage so that changing among knots to the equal that move around a coverage is unimpeded for a coverage a slow plus of your subject. A question of first order has is with some primary knots ethernet port connection to my main PC - this randomly would fall was, sometimes with which so only the pocolos small sometimes after the few hours but always daily.

In a band takes three knots , a primary knot has to that be plugged to your subject (LAN the boss distributed) like pleasing ensure calm for a socket of extra power, and then more two knots that besieges you in of the strategic locations around your property.

Is returned element to Amazon, shame really I quite liked a box – Wi-Fi has improved certainly speed for factor of 4.
5 / 5
After suffering for more than 3 years with Half comunicacionales Virgin (VM) Superhub 3 and varied other solutions to have the decent wifi connectivities in home, New Tent MW6-3 finally directed to dip the smile in my face. No without few clues to crease the front this in spite of.

Has a roughly 3000 sq ft the house has built sometime in a late @@@1960s and on three pavings. A boss of edge goes in in some arrivals of a house that the mark for a Wifi to extend during a house vertically but also horizontally by means of the garden and cochera in an opposite end of a house.

Is of entity to mention some other solutions have tried to resupply the comparison with Tending New MW6:

One all singing, all dancing Wifi subject
Wireless repeaters during a house
Powerline adapters
Half comunicacionales Virgin Wifi booster

Any of one on the solutions has a lot of fact to improve a situation. It comes it Tends New MW6.

Aesthetic:- Each knot is exactly one same and can be interchanged and measure 10cm in the each measure. Some knots are quite light in the weight and he look has built reasonably. There is the empty to hang some knots on to the nail in a wall or to somewhere more which is handy. A FOCUSED in some knots is no obtrusive and can be turned is gone in an application. Each knot comes with the adapter to be able to that is the bit in the a shortest side this in spite of one can buy a cord of extension or he long plus 12v discharges.

Sleeve-up:- it is the breeze with a Tend New application that drive them calm comfortably to achieve the solid connection. Can download it wifi speed checker and situate some secondary knots where a connection is feeble/feebler.

Better points:
1. Value for the money especially data the one who another point looked the solutions am cost.
2. One achieves the knots is quite amazing. Usually it is advised to situate one nods interior 12 feet and with the clear view of the each one another but New Tent MW6 league to the each one like this another besides this distance and by means of multiple wall. For example, my main knot and a one in a cochera is at least 20m averts with 5 wall goes in and still take the solid connection in a cochera.
3. It has improved to good sure a wifi question in our place. Maintaining is to connect in the each thumb of our house.
4. An application leaves ‘fast roaming' quell'helps that rid of a connection of device of a knot to another seamlessly.
5. Each knot has a ethernet port to the equal that can connect devices, for example portable the of work, directly to have a better connection.
6. A schedule of interview in some leaves of application rebooting a daily system the time closely automatically which is very convenient. Calm also can choose the concrete days in that want a reboot to arrive.
7. Provisions for coverage of the guest and control it parental have seen an application is good functions . Any reasonably the subject has to that have these functions but incorporating them to Tend New the even more convenient mark.
8. You can verify that the devices are connected to the knot in an application that is that it shines reason are not happy with an active connection, can reboot a device that then will choose a stronger connection.

1. Calm can not choose some wireless canals!! A MW6 selects the pre-the canal dipped for incumplimiento. Ossia To the ache likes him to him the canal Tends the uses is a lot near of a more occupied canal in my zone.
2. You will lose a WPS functionality of some knots do not have this ease. An only way can still active WPS is calm still is using your main to issue and his wifi- as the majority of no. of people
3. If has a loan that roams turned on, then a wireless printer will not connect (has a house). This is not to Tend New lacking but a printer incapability the not leaving level.
4. Some new knots/of the cubes are not a more pleasing to some eyes or discreet, especially when situated in a table etc.
5. Strangely, Some devices would connect to the random knot or the feeblest connection more than a knot a next plus and a stronger connection. For example, points of echo of the Amazon for some reason always connects to 5Ghz and my telephone and the laptop would connect to . Similarly, I am seating 3 feet out of a subject of primary/knot, my telephone still would connect to a secondary knot further. This, boasts, is not to Tend New lacking but like some devices connect to several available connections.
6. I have used initially 1 primary and 5 secondary knots during a house but has not gone totally happy with an action. The subjects of intermittent connectivity have been remarked. Have takes then 3 knots and an action looks for having improved. They are by train to try it At present to see if this is not so only the effect of placebo.
7. An application does not have the ‘refresh' inner of function. Ossia The ache because I owe afterwards and open an application every time changes it to some knots.
8. An application is slow.

In general, in spite of some limitations, are pleasantly pleased with an action to Tend New MW6 to the equal that solves for main question of WiFi achieve without breaking a bank.

Thinks one in the description was useful, would be appreciated highly could paste a key 'Useful'.
5 / 5
Has received a MW6 3band approx 2 weeks ago.
In the first place because it has purchased..
Mina BThub has not achieved around my full house and I have purchased boosters which he so only worse. Connection in the telephones constantly would fall was and disconnected. One issues never has included taken near to send WiFi my cochera.
(The subject Is based in a circled point in pic)

A MW6 is unbelievable. Any so only achieve my cochera also achieves to a street that is alcohol blowing.
To the equal that can see of an image is the massive distance for WiFi. It was able to cat of video in WhatsApp in a street with subjects of zeros.
A zone has underlined is all have tried in fact and am sure will achieve way for behind a house but has not tried like this is all I need.
Some 3 points represent some locations of a MW6. Xbox One is connected to 1 of some secondary knots that use a ethernet boss. It is such one improves of a Bthub.

To dip on all have has had to that do is to go to issue the settings that browsers of use and disable a WiFi. (It does not think that it is to say necessary but practical very)
All have has had to that it was to create the new WiFi name and signal then discharges in some other 2 boxes somewere and ossia setup.
Like this simple.

Excuses for long description but or air ein 2 alcohol yes would owe that buy or no, HE

would like me buy more these but does not have any need to them so that it is that powerful
5 / 5
Update seven 2018:
Although a subject has not taken solved by the lean tent, has tried movement one Tends unit and Alexa around the bit and expósito that, has resupplied is noticeably more afterwards to one of one Tends unit, some works of good system. WiFi Now working week during a house and am happy with to a product like him upgraded my indication.

Original description:
In to the balances like and if of some subjects fix would recommend it but how is am not sure would buy it again.

PRO: A lot quickly and near easy on legislation out of a box, excellent coverage during a house (was has there was always the question when using routers and points of accesses to the equal that has walls very fat), looks very better that routers with ariels, the application is simple and sincere.

WITH: The application is has bitten it sluggish, coverage/WiFi maintains to the fall was (with only 13 has listed the devices have connected to the 3 system of unit).

In a last point, is not the question with a connection of the internet like other devices has connected for separate by means of ethernet is affected no. The main annoyance is Spotify on Alexa maintains to the fall was for 5-10 second like this often like 10 times an hour. I have contacted alive support by means of a web of place the one who has taken several notes and has said the solution would be envoy invernadero email (has not received still 3 hours later...).

In general, has begun a lot well and gives excellent coverage but is not that it gives a wait of compatible action (and that has had with routers first) to the equal that am tried for the send behind and take something more concealed can not be fixed.
5 / 5
Has bought this because of a prize adds and some good descriptions. This in spite of, has not had a lot in a way of the guidance on to the equal that could configure this another way that a incumplimiento. Like the bit of the user to be able to, asked that flexible would be, particularly to run with structured cabling and the hardwired LAN. Here it is my findings

- Good prize
- A good application with some good small characteristics
- look abonos
- Abonos wifi signal (I follows to take my plenary 100mb/s in Virgo)
- Setup is sincere use a incumplimiento setup ( You cover one to the your @subject and some another connects wirelessly to some primary).
- Has beaten daisy chains him on structured cabling (Broadband @subject >WAN [NOVA1] LAN >WAN [NOVA2] LAN >WAN [NOVA3] to the equal that can take width of the full band on everything of them (but this uses two of the yours LAN the ports for some means NEW in a canal)
- Some characteristic interesting in an application. For example:
or can see you the one who is eating on your bandwidth (stop that streaming, daughters!)
Or can appoint you your devices to do it easier that see the one who the devices are connected (and those that are using)
or can do you a bit basic bandwidth QOS to take a device that eats especially a bandwidth
or can do you a bit of the basic parental controls for devices have connected his

- Believe his possess subnet with his own DHCP (incumplimiento is but can change he) likes some protocols are problematic wants to communicate of a WIFI coverage to devices in an Ethernet LAN.
For example...
Or has Had subjects to connect to Samba actions in mine IN The (which is hardwired to the mine main LAN) of a Tent WiFi. It was finally able to mostly win this but is quell'has bitten intermittent.
Or has not been able to print to the printer had shared of the car of Windows in mine main LAN. Again, it was able to win this with printing of IP directed but any ideal.

- I could not use these reliably in Bridged Way, included when daisy-chained near. To be clear, Bridged bridges of Way WiFi devices directly to some main has connected LAN. In this way, the Wireless devices take his DHCP of your subject broadband main and chair directly in yours main subnet, and has consecrated any subnet for a Tent. This in spite of, while this fact for the pair of days, one Tends boxes suddenly disconnected with the red FOCUSED and has has had to that reboot his to restore WiFi. This could be more to do with my subject Virgin (and your mileage can vary) but has given finally up in this idea and left them in DHCP way.
- Ditto to connect these to the yours LAN individually in bridged way. They have done for the pair of the days cost but has finalised to lose the internet with the red has DIRECTED.
- Use join the way Tends recommends, with a primary connected to the your @subject and some another wirelessly connected to some primary, you'r the broadband speeds in some Secondary units will be significantly worse (in my experience). I have tried before wiring them near and took on 50 drop in the width of the band has compared to a primary unit.

In general:
- Good lovely box that that says in one has beaten. But calm mark sure comprise his limitations and go in with your plough of eyes with considerations to a fact that use his own subnet and DHCP.
5 / 5
Laypersons Report..
1. Alive in the two paving of chamber, 2 people.
2. Sky subject In living room.
3. Numerous routers/ISPs in years
4. Has normal broadband until 7Mbps, any edge.
5. Nowtv And Amazon in living room and both also a chamber. So only HD the television read and 720 streaming.
6. It has done all an usual canal transmissions, moving material blah blah on some years.
7. The edge tried in a signal
8. The signal has tried repeater - useless
Basically although it can common well and all television cost, the poor signal and the careers am gone in of the backsides of fourth back in of the mobiles or portable the. Telephones constantly falling signal an iPhone and an Android, is not his, is a poor WiFi signal. It maintains that it has to that revert to data or die hotspot, ludicrous

WITH WHICH 7 YEARS to try all have researched point and has bought this Tent
New MW3.

Literally, undo a box, covers a ethernet boss to primary knot (any of some three white boxes) and another end to a subject. It covers to a wall. The box will go green.

Then second box in chamber to wall one, goes green.

Third box in chamber of wall two, goes green.

Download an application Tends WiFi and will aim you some knots, all three.

Then need register your devices to a new coverage that looks The new SSID has called New something. Your old coverage still will be there. It forgets old coverage in of the devices for prenderles that researches it and that tries to change to old coverage. I register the New with a signal in a fund of some knots, exactly like you when you take the new to issue. It goes round doing all your devices, does not forget a wireless printer.

In an application will see quell'device is signalling to the knot and calm can label him yes loves and control of an application yes has required.

Basically now have all my devices in a new coverage and his all now has the wireless signal fill as it can use my mobile or laptop in a rear chamber.

A colour is more brilliant and picture crisper in mine streamed content of television also.

Boasts some new boxes with some new SSID laws like the second modem/of @subject. Still I can use orginal SSID. Any insurance of a technology, any one has changed orginal @subject WiFi was, but think you could. Some of some other descriptions are more technical.

Heaven. Value each penny. A way would describe is in a point to think an only response after trying all more would be to take the subject powerful decent, I this instead and work. Easy to setup. Perfecto partorisca to to the basic user like him. They are quite lame the unit with even more the knots would do, to good sure the value tries he in the relatively economic cost.

If this description helps a person and they take to be like this happy as me with this product, are ecstatic. Lovely quality of life a cost, as it sees for him if you are not sure.
4 / 5
Alive in the along, thin victorian house and I despaired like this to take WiFi to do everywhere in him. Because of some fat and numerous wall, a rear cookery-diner is always be the particularly annoy something dead.

Has tried PowerLine adapters and WiFi extenders but all have looked for to be slow and unreliable. I have done the 1 gigabit hardwired LAN in a front of a house and this connects our printer, IN The, Punctual TVs and YouView Box etc to the ours BT Marie Hub 6 subject. Further that, WiFi failure for the half way to a cookery and extending a wire fence LAN would be, in better, little practise. In any case, it is WiFi master in the communal zone with a collection familiarised of laptops artilugios, pills, PCs and cellular etc.

Was in next row, has found also always a BT Subject to be unreliable regarding WiFi. We live in a shadow of a Transmitter of television of Palace of Glass, so it suspects the radio interference is another subject for knots.
Like this, that Mesh come from WiFi the system was the last resource !

Looked in a MW3 the system but does not sustain 1 gigabit LAN the connections and this would impact a speed of scrolling among one IN The (in ours hardwired coverage) and WiFi devices in a cookery. A MW5 looked well but has opted for a MW6 as (a) was the few more economic pounds and (b) is announced as covering the a lot of row more orders.

Was more than the tad dubious like this previously at all has had has solved really our subjects. Well, I am a lot pleasantly surprised - all does brilliantly.

I handicapped person WiFi in a BT Subject and has connected a prime minister Tends his box to our street LAN (and the pair of transmissions). I then installed one Tends APPLICATION in mine Huawei mobile and dip a WiFi SSID and PW to be one same like those previously used in a BT Subject.
He all looked to do has installed like this some other 2 boxes - a half way to a cookery and another in a cookery he. They have come up with 'blue' DIRECTED is after the minute - and is looked to be all has dipped.

This in spite of, there is remarked then the pair of subjects. In the first place, speed of internet of any WiFi the device was so only roughly 10 of that has had before. Also, it has not had any communication among WiFi and LAN devices (eg. We were unable to print or to access one IN The).

There is then @@give that has required to dip one Tends boxes the 'Way of Bridge (more than AP - as my BT the subject is still our DHCP server). I this easily and there is remarked then he firmware the update was available. This has taken roughly 5 his minutes automatically downloads and install (that uses an APPLICATION). I then powered all Was/On (comprising a BT Subject) and he all the life burst into. All the work perfectly and the speed of connection is excellent. Also, for a first time, can roam around a house with the mobile or compressed without loss of connection.

Has found included that a soyiddle' Tend the box is not in fact necessary. If I can it was, still take an excellent connection in a cookery. This in spite of, left it in situ for purpose of redundancy.

So much, like this far am very pleased in fact. I do not write any a lot of descriptions of 5 stars but this box has has surpassed far my expectation and a later continuous month to work reliably. For a first time, also have usable 5 GHz (and no only dodgy 2.4 GHz) WiFi in a cookery!
Like such, am like this happy has not paid on two times a prize for some of the boxes of a competitor. This all require.

- When Changing to 'Way of Bridge, some of some neighbours-on the options are no longer available. This in spite of, ossia as well as they are mostly still available in a BT Issue which, in our chance, continuous direct our coverage.
- Also, while 'Backhaul' is available in this box, ossia so only invernadero wire fence LAN connections (some other costruttrici sustain with the owner PowerLine solution of type). It concealed it is not a subject for the knots but he can be the consideration for some buyers.
5 / 5
I alive in the long house, thin and taking wifi throughout has been the nightmare for years. Especially when Virgin insists on installing a legislation of @subject in a front. I have been looking in the number of different systems and has decided the system of point would be a better. I have been for one 'New Tent MW5s-3' that was a more economic option could find concealed has comprised it Gigabit port, like our speed of download is around 120mbps.

An installation was very easy. I took him out of a box, plugged a primary knot to a backside of Virgin of mine hub street ethernet, and plugged in a power. Some other 2 knots have dipped one in a backside of a house in a paving of earth, and one in a half of upstairs. I plugged his to the power and has connected to a primary knot immediately ( can say for a FOCUSED in a front of a unit).
I then connected to a wifi using a SSID and the signal impresa in a fund, and this has been I has had access of internet. With which this has downloaded one Tends Application of a Tent of Application, where he immediately found a system and enabled me to change to settings likes him a SSID and signal (which have changed to be of the same like our old a like this all some devices have connected automatically).

after walking around a house and trying of speed, a down knot in a backside of a house gave 105mbps, out of one 120 that enters a house for boss. This is not bad at all, has surpassed in fact my expectations. When upstairs This in spite of so only has taken around 17mbps. I have decided that it covers it a upstairs knot to a ethernet boss, connected to the powerline the adapter has had to save, which another end then plugged to a backside of a primary knot. It uses to to this likes backhaul in of place of wifi. This has augmented a upstairs speed to around 87mbps, which is more than GOOD.

- A lot quickly and easy to dip up.
- A lot Wifi signal during a house.
- Steps to signal to knot to knot unnoticeably when walking around.

- An application points the one who the devices are connected, which the sale is on ( or 5G), which knot is connected to, and yes at present is that they download any data. This would be to add if an information was updated, but ossia seldom a chance. It looks to be attentive in timing to upload an application, but if anything changes would require to entirely near and king-has opened an application to take an attentive information later.
- Is not able to have different SSID is partorisca and 5bands of G. An idea is that in place of an user that chooses that band, there is a SSID and of the subjects will choose a band. Again, this would be to add if work, but he the no. that Looks in an application now at present has 33 devices connected and has not situated the alone one of them on a 5band of G. Of course to plot of some ready devices only support , but any of a iPhones, iPads, Alexa is, Firesticks, etc is in 5band of G neither, and this a lot limits some accelerates to some devices and there is any way of the transmission. A lot frustrating.
- You can not attribute an inner device to allocution of fixed IP. Ossia The half my failure for not verifying before hand, but to be sincere ossia such the basic characteristic has assumed any subject has sold these days would comprise it, but apparently the no. Has port sending, but this is not very a lot of use in my ready house. I require my Boos Hub to have an allocution of same IP like other ready devices can find it, but now some transmissions of allocution of the IP every time one New reboot (which is programmed for incumplimiento to reboot every night!).

Remark all mine gilipollas is related to a software of some devices, no a hardware he. For this are while these finally will be fixed by means of the firmware update.
4 / 5
Has dipped so only so only on a New Tent MW6 the point but my first impressions are:

– very easy to dip on, in spite of reservations after reading several descriptions with the people that spends the hours that dipped on systems
– simple, easy to use application that good works
– strong wifi signal during a house
– any one falls outs in the there has used places to be before
– a lot of subjects of connection to the equal that moves by means of a house and any hand in questions to the equal that move to knot to knot

has been concerned would have the questions give you one a lot down cost of this point of 3 sales the system has compared to another. After unpacking, has turned my Half comunicacionales Virgin Hub the way of modem (very easy using a browser). I have connected then a first knot to a VM Hub using a distributed ethernet boss and expected for him to dip up. After the little as it was complete and has followed some instructions to give my coverage the name and signal and then connect it smartphone of mine. All has done well have added like this some other 2 knots the one who another time has connected a lot quickly.

After verifying a signal during a house was impressed really without only a compatible force of a signal but a seamless the way can move around without any loss of signal.

Has had previously 2 discharges in wifi extenders but the devices would take to a signal to the equal that have moved was and a lot automatically choose on a prójimo a. Now this subject has gone and am impressed really with this system of point.
4 / 5
Any happy with east. Spent the whole day that tries to dip on first near. But it resulted it it was faulty like this sent the backside. According to spouse looked partorisca be doing well at the beginning. But now it is that it loses his SSID on 5ghz canal in primary unit. It has used primary unit more. As I have thought so only I exchange him round. Now a unit that was well is losing his SSID in a 5ghz canal. And another unit is now well. As they are by train of the supposition has to that be the firmware subject. As the majority of my material is connecting to a canal. Reason a 5ghz the canal is on and down like the I-I. Taking WiFi the analyser and the controls yes are the unit is doing one same
5 / 5
has bought a Tent MW6 partorisca my house partorisca augment a wi-fi resupplied of my subject.

Of a start has has had questions. A literature no consulting roughly dipping on wireless printers so that they will do with PCs that career in the connection of coverage wired. Emails partorisca sustain of client, has seen one Tends put web, is not never state recognised or answered to (A macizo negative in my book). Also, a base of the on-line knowledge has not resupplied any joint (considering this is the simple requirement required for a lot of people). A cause of a question, with which almost the week of Googling, is that a coverage of point dips up for a Serious the devices uses the together different of the allocutions of coverage of yours IP wired. A different ubnet' for a techies. For this mine 4 wired networked PCs could not see my wireless printer at all. This is to be solve for bridging some coverages. But doing is reduced a functionality of a coverage of Mesh and Tend to warn you, has seen an application, that could lose some of a functionality.

Another, and probably @@subject main, is that a quality of a connection of coverage is very poor. Any sure reason ossia reason a force of signal is súper during a house. This self-evident he with slow internet that explores of mobile devices when a coverage is under the bit of load, 4-6 wi-fi the devices that traffic of access of place of real time immediately. When Used with the pair of portable (or in some chances so only a laptop) running Zoom, SQUADS of LADY, GoTo fulfilling or Cisco Webex a signal results a lot of choppy with looking of quality of poor coverage. A plus of an occasion a connection has fallen so only on entirely. This question has been solved to turn my old wi-fi retreated on and using a a built to a subject. A difference was night and day. As no a solution call on video regularly - so much is like this of 2020.

Some the good descriptions thus produced are any bogus descriptions or of people those who use the wi-fi only coverage setups, without such things like this of the printers, and those who so only owe that do the simple bit of internet surfing.

Needs to do video conferencing with your familiar or to do THIS Is not The SOLUTION FOR you.

@In rodeo: Of the perspective by force of the coverage adds - more coverage that calms can imagine BUT of the perspective of quality of the worse coverage that terrible, and does not expect any help with your subjects of support of product. For like this, my system has been returned for the repayment.
4 / 5
Looks WELL in a shelf. But it has closed on the little time. A solution to this was for the dipped to reboot daily. It has closed still on two times of then. In both occasions are still able state to see and configure he of an application but a lot WiFi the devices could connect his. A simple reboot would solve it but there is any reboot option in an application. Instead (when being lazy) changing an interview daily reboot to 1 mins time and while fact but looks really stupid any to have such the simple interview option. It would prefer it it had it there is anticipated more the options but he is does a basic work.

Almost the year on and has on dipped with him because the majority of my devices is cabled (can not beat old boss a lot of) as it does not remark of the subjects when in fact I am doing.
Still closes up and require a power that attractive, included although it is still in a coverage and easily could be solved with the esbota' key in an application (I to of to the that likes that there is of any interface of web, everything is by means of an application. The ones of the that needs to control he of another side of a world-wide).
But worse recently is one has has connected devices, randomly falling was. Has 20 devices (too many?) The majority is lightbulbs and the speakers that do hardly anything. I know it is not some bulbs in failure, is everything well in an old point. Now I am looking to substitute this unit because I am annoyed me finally enough.
A thing has discovered for rtfm, can not change a canal!!! It is not that it selects a better a, is fixed. My neighbour has Heaven that resembles so only eat the available canals and I can not move out of a way. Very poor.
4 / 5
Is to anything the taste, of steps the very few days looking at all some descriptions and web of places to then do a compraventa has informed.

Have the fund in him but these are like this simple to dip up:

1) discharges in an of a supply of the power of the cubes approaches to exist @subject.
2) Connects to a wifi of this cube and signal of entrance in a cube.
3) League ethernet among issuing (BT, Virgin etc) and a cube.
4) Run by means of an application - do sure manually select a type of connection if he no first time (sometimes dynamic tip ip, has chosen so only a recommended one in a 'another' / soyanual' conjoint arrive and has done instantly).
5) has DIPPED on the new wifi name and signal.
6) Discharges in some remaining cubes during a house.
7) Optional Recognition of one wireless of a subject old (BT, virgin)

My Speeds.
(I is still in BT Edge 4 300mb or as)

-signal of Full bar during a whole house (1400 house of City by means of 3 walk) - with the cube each walk.
-297mb Speed for computer on according to walking with ethernet connected among pc and a second cube to walk.
- 110mb Speed for computer after his on wifi.
-Around 80mb the upper walk.

In general - total installs time 5 minutes.
5 highly would recommend.


are fearful my forward 5 description has to that go. Some premiers 3 knots have done perfectly. I have required to extend coverage and has bought another 2. It could no to take them addition to a knot to exist ( has to that be in a same circuit for Sky). The technical support taken, any help. Envoy behind and has bought 2 x 1 (“adds on”) concealed is not pre-has configured. @@Subject Still, so only will not leave me add to a coverage to exist and I do not want to two separate systems. These are utmost can escape you with 3 - but for me need 4/5 wired the knots and I simply can no to recommend them thus purpose like his so only no . The real shame but I will be sending all 5 backside and buying the plus mainstream (albeit expensive mark)
5 / 5
can take one Tends application to connect to these things, will not find calm a lot can do.

Using likes Mesh to substitute a WiFi in the @subject built, then to avert Double NAT precise career a Tent in 'Way of Bridge, in that marry the one who pocola characteristic there is so only disappear.

A worse thing this in spite of, is a frequent disconnects. In habladores clients to jump to new IPs, and interrupting streaming and anything more could be do. It looks like this one New the units are rebooting his occasionally (and no, this is not an interview reboot, which have dipped to 3am).

Neither sustains IPv6 which is surely crazy in 2020.

Is considering These, could advise take the economic wifi extend if the things are really bad, and so only save up for the system of better point. Which is that I desire had done.
4 / 5
This 3 point of unit wifi was quite easy to dip on one for one, because of a factory pre-configuration out of a box. With which concealed, a manual is the little scarce when it comes to optimise for better results. After using a mobile Tends application to connect to a unit of New prime minister, spend for the wizard to create the new wifi coverage to do on the name and signal (the unit has connected already to an internet has seen a distributed RJ45 boss). Once ossia fact , calm simply discharges in some additional units one the time. Calm then can connect your personal devices to a new coverage. With a subject of Virgin modem, has any need to turn of his wifi transmitter, which is something can has to that do with the BT system (according to another reviewer).

Is this dual-coverage setup ossia to coach to leave me the quite value this product. At the beginning, it has been disappointed enough with some results. Has the Half comunicacionales Virgin 200 service, which when tried on with the fast laptop takes 213Mbps down and 12 up. After connecting to a new New coverage, some results of test were down to maximum 110Mbps. This has not improved until I have been to one Tends application and touched with some settings; I have changed a new New coverage the 'Way of Bridge and has saved/has restarted. Eureka! Now I can take on 200Mbps down and 11+ up.

Has had I a lot of persevered in a first place, without help of a manual or any on-line documentation, would be returned this product and a description would have the alone star. A reason a jury is still he was is that I go to see that often some drops of coverage was and the one who of confidence some speeds are on one next week or so much. A coverage has alleged is the tad optimistic and so only can be true has the clear line of view, while in the real-world-wide house with bricks and of the pavings of forests, the action will vary wildly.

Another minus (eats aimed has gone by another) is a unreliable firmware update in some secondary units - simply will not download any @@subject that the times have tried. I have tried only update with a ethernet boss to a primary unit but these hips fracasadas, as it does not know that more to try.

In an end, has reservations roughly recommending this system.
5 / 5
Well, has compared the little propucts, an investigation, and has been for a New Tent 3 band.
When it Has arrived has connected one of them on, killed a wifi in my subject of edge, and the devices have connected WELL.
All looked well. Devices occasionally lack of report of access of coverage for the short time, and then connect Much more late. No the good signal, but to the left is so only take the material dips up and a tweaking more has thought late.

Has looked for to access mine Tradfri hub to dip commanded a subject with the bulb that informs like this off-line - An application could does not find.
Has then discovered that the devices have attached to one New has has had allocutions, which is the ache likes mine LAN is dipped on stops .
One the ones to control on some settings of your coverage is pathetic, but one of a bit those that the things leave is transmission a subnet. I changed it to .0, A AP has restarts, and has gone back eats .1 - Like this still I can not take to a hub.
My devices of Echo have has had to that obviously reconnect with which one restarts, and now can connect to a AP, but can not access an internet. I am suspecting that ossia reason are choosing on a IPv6 allocution as well as a IPv4.
Has has not had never anything but question when IPv6 taking involved and always the disable now.

To the equal that results that it Tends has decided that I can any one:
Disables a APs DHCP & take some questions have sent to mine @subject dhcp.
Visits of IPv6.
Changes a canal out of a incumplimiento 6 (how is screwed 6 is flooded where alive).
Changes a 5Ghz canal of a incumplimiento 40 (ditto).

Three breakers of extracted in & has had so only in of the this for the pair of hours.

Thought to change one issues LAN to .1, A AP LAN to .0, Undermining out of the transmission that connects it to another LAN port in a New, and moving some bosses of coverage on my subject.
This would have to that solve one 'any when being pas able to achieve other vendors' hubs in a LAN' question, but still would be stuck with my devices to Echo very when being pas able to access an internet because of a IPv6 subject.

Also, when it covers you in another knot of point is supposed to just 'connect'. When I plugged a second an in, some colours of light/sequence have indicated that is to be connect perfectly well, and a wifi connection in this side of a house has improved enough bit it.
An application this in spite of insists that no other knots are connected.

Scaly, And mostly UN-configurable - Rear in a box goes thinks. Time to ask the repayment.
4 / 5
Has looked for the system of point for my house of parents. Has the big house, covering roughly 1400 sq m, like this normal extenders any one operates it. In a verge to buy Google WiFi when this has on burst in mine deals of a day. For £60. I have thought reason the no. am impressed, some units are good looking, discreet and hardly take any juice to run them. Dipping up was the doddle, the primary unit is directly be to a subject of heaven, changed of WiFi in a subject of heaven, has appointed a point one same like old heaven SSID and has used a same signal. Boom, has DONE! Now they have strong Wifi that has spent an end to house to finalise. Application to control it all is WELL, has bitten dulcemente the aim has has connected devices (has taken 2 hours to register a Show of Echo but by means of out that a show was working) but can take his was cleaned and can configure more the things would expect. His no like this to to the rich characteristic like them to them some of his alternative more types, but for more his more then enough. Pair of things to consider, Google different WiFi, these works beside the yours that exists to issue (DSL at least) to the equal that agrees, will require your to issue and a point. Calm also has to that agree, logging in yours @subject to list one has has connected clients, if you have dipped on one same as me, then calms so only will see wired devices. The placing Of some knots is of entity, maintaining the good signal among each of some knots creates the seamless point, recommends that it touch with a placing. Obvious point, but marks the sure the port of spare Ethernet of you @subject, a new Heaven some resemble so only come with 2 put you in a backside of him so has has had to that the little rewiring to take everything to do. Cela All has said, fantastic value and love game with Meshing WiFi in the prize of @@subject, looks no further. Recommended
4 / 5
Has to that say the a lot disappointed era with one Tends Mesh Mw6 system, was the very good prize and would have been overjoyed had done he for me, but alas he no. When it has taken plants on that that has not been to hard but no like this easy as declared, has taken the reading in my telephone likes force of excellent signal, this in spite of when I the test to accelerate so only has taken so only on 1mbps speed of download, has taken 35 to 37mbps without a system to signal so it would have been better maintained of the money spent in my pocket. I have tried to move a place of some ways the few times but this do not have very helped, and the persevered and tests to accelerate tried in different time of a day but still a speed of download was terrible. For I have sent so much a system behind for the repayment.
4 / 5
Has had this system of point dips up in my house for on 1 month now and has thought to write the description.

To the equal that to plot of people now this is doing of home, has them súper signal of bad internet in my room - 5 property of fourth very súper big. Has half comunicacionales Virgin Superhub 3 (200Mbps) (2 words to describe it ...Slow and useless). Before it has bought them a WiFi point, my room (far plus out of a hub) takes 2 Mbps!! ( They Are them lucky the take 15 Mbps) - I has finalised always connect to the mine telephone hotspot. The to plot of investigation in wifi extenders (hard one has taken them was the TPlink which augment my room wifi to 25Mbps = returned) and has found them a system of point (never listened of him). Really I have not loved to spend the fortune on he - the honradamente has thought to spend £150 was in plot but other systems to signal does much more expensive has read some descriptions and looked some video in opinion of people. I have decided to go for him and I am them really happy has done them. I can say the halves of trace 120Mbps - the discharges he to one issues the take 200Mpbs. 1 box down and 2 box upstairs (my games of sister like 1 box is gone in his room ).

Has on dipped - simple and directly advances, has had them a lot @@subject that dips it has on - taken less than 15mins

Stability: stray 1 star because it has fallen once - any idea because but some two boxes upstairs there is prendido only law entirely but with some test and of the instructions of the error of client has begun to do.

Service of client - beautiful informal FB cat late at night- helped when a connection has fallen . Both of the knots have not been sure reason has prendido or reason has begun to do again but enough quickly assist with questions

In general: £150 very displaced, highly would recommend to buy this if you are having slow internet - gone for a MW6 his version any that much more. They are like this happy has been them for him, of the each room has connection a lot very now and the very precise to expect for hours in a service of client that complains to Virgin

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link TL-WR940N ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
With which having subject with buffering whilst streaming the program has seen a box of Fire of the Amazon, has begun partorisca look to like this partorisca solve a subject.
Is in of Means it comunicacionales Virgin 200mb the broadband as has quite a lot of speed, has tried upgrading a ethernet bosses to Cat 7 and this has helped,
has read this in spite of that is in fact a routers this is to distribute for free, his really so only can not maintain up with that has too many devices and like this looked to the subject better.
A TP-Link AC1750 looked to be a better election, any economic but no too expensive and the have purchased like this!
Has dipped some Means comunicacionales Virgin Hub to issue way and has connected a ethernet advantage by means of the TP-Link AC1750, in this way a VM subject is not that he a lot the work excepts to go through half of the TP Link to issue!
Of then doing this has not had any buffering and has directed in fact the current 4k of a box of Fire of the Amazon.
Any so only concealed but some the available options in this subject has compared to some regular of the distributed with the broadband containers is surprising, QOS or the quality of Service mean can prioritise the sure devices and some the Parental controls am a lot very also.
Highly recommends to purchase another @subject and that sees that your broadband is in fact able of!
4 / 5
Very @subject but BEWARE. TP-Link 450 Mbps Wireless N Subject of Boss, Easy Setup, WPS Tecla, Discharges of United Kingdom (TL-WR940N)
loves one 'the coverage of the functionality of Guest is sure that is taking any version 5 or 6 of one issues.
Version 4 Any guest wifi. Any only confidence an advertising. It goes in to touch with a retailer. A number of version is in a retail box.
(This info is of my experience - I has had to return the version 4, and of TP-office of support of the Links.)
4 / 5
Has taken this subject in a sale of open box to use with the virgin súper hub 2 with which result quite emparenta the could not manage all my new ready devices.

Has dipped a virgin to issue in way of modem now. I have been that runs paralizaciones east almost the year and has has had to that the restart 0 times. Wifi Is noticably faster, I of the that has to that disconnect and reconnect my laptop for the take to do anymore. Wifi Connecting is noticeably faster.

I really could not be happier that has bought this. If has more than handful of devices in your house really would owe that take this or something likes him more than sticking with a virgin hub. I owe no only out of virgin really this in spite of, a @subject 'released that takes with more ISPs is terrible. Take the decent a like this is not even very expensive.
5 / 5

was bad in this subject. After the pair of days all has been to hell. Suddenly broadband of mine begun to suffer massively deceleration of >350Mbps to less than 20 Mbps ofter the pair of as and often 0 Mbps. One uploads the speeds also suffer the resemblances deceleration. Then it remarks a 5Ghz wifi is disappeared. The cycling of constant power has begun to take ridiculous as so only solve some questions for the few hours conceal . Looking for an internet is resulted to identify that this was the common question and the suspect is like the result of me updating a firmware. It looks TP-the links have identified some questions and had issued the firmware fix but so only for clients of EUA. Installing this would invalidate a guarantee according to TP-Link. This in spite of that installs that firmware has been recommended in the numerous places that recommends that they ignore a message to look. But of course it invalidates a guarantee to the equal that have decided to return that one issues but is a lot well until a firmware update.


A big-gloss black unit that I really liked of an aesthetic point of view grieves has taken out of a box. Setup Was easy when I have changed mine Means comunicacionales Virgin to issue the way of modem. With which which there is remarked an immediate improvement in a speed, at least 25, of all my devices have connected in my House LAN. And ossia both devices wired and wireless . My only niggle is that it does not loan some have has connected devices so only those that use DHCP to take an allocution of IP or is Plex servers. As well as my main Plex the server has thinks that that I can also installed Plex in the pair of backups has to that my film, music and series of television libraries with everything of these allocutions to have to that static IP for sake of consolation. Some another where gave him the static Ip the lack of allocution but ossia the smallest point to the equal that has other utilities to verify all the devices in mine LAN. Prpers Having said that this the improvement adds on using Virgo Hub 3 and well value of the money has paid.
4 / 5
Has bought a AX6000 with which mine 3rd Asus RT-AC88U has failed. It is probably sure to say are the user to be able to but this thing has no skipped beats dip it of then up.

To touch in a neighbour on a lot in brief, is the doddle.. Literally he in my telephone see an application. It was almost the little has annoyed of not requiring more endeavour for my part. It was able to dip on of the subjects, dipped on separate and 5GHz SSIDs, hides him, create the coverage of guest (duquel can you also left to the separate 2.4 and 5GHz) attributes static IPs etc, everything of an application. You can take to one there is anticipated more settings of an interface of web.

This is not the description of mine leading Asus subject but to say ossia a upgrade is a understatement. Mina RT-AC88U has run incredibly hot, to a point where has had to dip the defender of office after his to blow air on that. It was also unreliable. All 3 interior fracasado of the year with different subjects.. LAN I ports have failed, could not relieve devices in a coverage, could not attribute allocutions of IP to wired devices etc etc. Ossia of course subjective but a AX6000 looks to better plot also. An angular 'gamer' aesthetic swimming for me, especially with to to something likes him the subject that, in my chance at least, chairs in the (airy) cupboard.

An only negative thing can say on of the subjects is a prize . Almost £350 it is in PLOT to spend issues it, and the time will say if of the money were had a good time , but if a cost is not the worry, so only choose an on and does not concern roughly buying another subject for the few years in a much less. A lot the 'any-atrocity' bit of crew.

Remarks lateralmente: it has given so only 3 stars to sustain reasons have not required to contact support. Images even like the 'any-techy', is unlikely to require the help that takes dipped up. Then again, you are probably not reading the description for the £350 subject..

Finally, so that well, my ISP is the half comunicacionales Virgin and am using a AX6000 with one Súper Hub 3 acting likes modem.
5 / 5
Has bought this to do with my half comunicacionales Virgin hub because mine wifi hanged in of the conditions of heavy use eg. When Touching PS4 on-line. I have suspected that mine PS4 used to plot of bandwidth and a hub could not give multiple support wifi connections simultaneously touching video. I have not taken to try this phase because I have installed to grieve a tp-link 450 the quickly has aimed to be unsuitable because it looks to limit mine 100Mbps connection to around 50Mbps. I have tried several devices and all have informed the averages that has expected. I have behind changed to a Virgin hub and has been to turn on 100Mpbs. For me ossia totally useless to the equal that have has had to that the turn. Shame really like another TP-produced to Link like this a powerline extends is really good.
5 / 5
Has the (2nd Gene) Virgo SuperHub, and although utilisations extenders, so only has not cut a mustard in of the terms of row/throughput.

Has bought this subject out of desperation, Virgin of mine dipped SuperHub to Modem Only Way, and now row very precise extenders and that careers he WiFi coverage on two frequencies a same time (2.4 & 5 Ghz). Mina SmartTV, which frequently choke on beginning OnDemand programs (usually of iPlayer) is now soften like this butter.

All is more snappy and fast, and this product takes some thumbs on my woman the one who is usually unfazed for technical things.

Very impressed!
5 / 5
Was having questions with poor wi-fi signal in of the sure zones of my Half comunicacionales Virgin Superhub 2. My laptop constantly would lose the signal and my poor husband have taken fed up with me say to estápuesto a wi-fi'. He to his usual long investigation and has ordered this the Saturday for delivery the Sunday. It looks in 10I are and was installed quickly. Apparently, all hubby has has had to that it was to turn a Superhub 2 the way of modem, connect an Archer 7 his using a distributed ethernet boss, turn like this behind on and hey-ready, the work done! Each wireless device felizmente found a new box and, after writing a signal has required, has closed on to a new wireless coverage. Any hassle, any fuss and now everything of the laptops the of a family, the pills and the telephones have the rock solid signal.
4 / 5
After reading a lot of descriptions add has thought this device really the help augments my signal and take he to some of some zones have required in my house, but a lot so only does not improve a signal, in fact the reduce.

At present am using a Vodafone that the modem/issues which is notoriously bad to the equal that has thinks that that this would be the vast improvement . It is of entity to agree that calm still require your modem further of chance unless has the line of DSL, the mine was edge .

After the very simple installation was to arrive and running, has thought this in spite of that has to that be something wrong. A signal was in fact feebler! Some speeds were also slower, is very disappointing. With which 8 hours to try to take an improvement has given up and is returned an element. A quality of build was half and facilitated to plant up was well, this in spite of feels economic and no alive until expectations.

+ conjoint Easy on
- quality of Economic build
- Any improvement with wifi signal.

I hope has found this useful description :)
4 / 5
has had my service of internet with Half comunicacionales Virgin for a past 7 years. I have had each alone generation of SuperHub (generation 1, 2, 2ac and 3), and each one which so only one of them has been quite a lot of rubbishes. Originally A question was so only with a wifi, like this for the while I have used my original SuperHub in modem only way, and has used an Airport of Apple like the subject wireless. Then mine SuperHub 2ac looked to be more stable, as I have sold my Airport of old Apple. But my Half comunicacionales Virgin later SuperHub 3 tin a lot included resupply the connection of stable Ethernet - I constantly lost connection of internet in of the devices that has been connected by boss of Ethernet, while devices that has been the street has connected wifi done well! As I have dipped now mine SuperHub 3 in modem only way, and am using this TP-Link AC1750 like my subject wireless. A TP-Link setup the process was very simple, and looks to be very stable, and resupplies a lot wifi coverage in my house. I have not had any drops in connection of internet at all an installed week that of then, which is the level of the action could so only sleep of with a hardware of Half comunicacionales the virgin exasperated. This TP-device to Link all those some Half rubbishes comunicacionales Virgin SuperHub 3 would owe that have state doing all to the long of. When Mesos comunicacionales Virgin finally circle out of the SuperHub which resupplies one the majority of basic functionality of the connection of stable and decent internet wifi??
5 / 5
I have had my service of internet with Half comunicacionales Virgin partorisca a past 7 years. I have had each alone generation of SuperHub (generation 1, 2, 2ac and 3), and each one which so only one of them has been quite a lot of rubbishes. Originally A question was so only with a wifi, like this for the while I have used my original SuperHub in modem only way, and has used an Airport of Apple like the subject wireless. Then my SuperHub 2ac looked to be more stable, as I have sold my Airport of old Apple. But mine Mean comunicacionales the latest virgins SuperHub 3 tin a lot included resupply the connection of stable Ethernet - I constantly lost connection of internet in of the devices that has been connected by boss of Ethernet, while devices that has been the street has connected wifi has done well! As I have dipped now mine SuperHub 3 in modem only way, and am using this TP-Link AC1750 like my subject wireless. A TP-Link setup the process was very simple, and looks to be very stable, and resupplies a lot wifi coverage in my house. I have not had any drops in connection of internet at all an installed week that of then, which is the level of the action could so only sleep of with a hardware of Half comunicacionales the virgin exasperated. This TP-device to Link all those some Half rubbishes comunicacionales Virgin SuperHub 3 would owe that have state doing all to the long of. When Mesos comunicacionales Virgin finally circle out of the SuperHub which resupplies one the majority of basic functionality of the connection of stable and decent internet wifi??
4 / 5
Has thought TP-the links was the decent mark and after reading a blurb in a box roughly all a C3150 characteristic, has been expecting the prime minister-produced of tax. That the disappointment. First of all, it can not take any of some wireless radios to remain on for more than pocolos second. @It gives That it can be reason have dipped a Wi-Fi in the schedule and that one issues the clock was probably wrong (to the equal that has has had no in this phase has connected to an internet), disabled a schedule. This in spite of, some the wireless radios have continued to the turn was with which roughly 30 second or less. With which some more fiddling around with some settings, has directed to take a radio to remain on, but a 5GHz the radio has maintained to the transmission was after the pocolos second. It was so only when have enabled a loan connects characteristic that both radios have decided to remain on. But with this skill, the control has lost then duquel the canals has loved to use. After directing to maintain some radios that transmits, has tried some tests with my mobile phone. A row of a Wi-Fi was totally unremarkable. I have then tried the few tests of speeds and still in a same room, so only the few feet of one issue, so only could achieve roughly 5-7Mbps cariche (I usually take roughly 16-17Mbps) and 20-21Mbps download (I usually take roughly 60-62Mbps), as I have decided enough was quite and sent it directly behind. Any recommended.
5 / 5
Going of an Archer C9, then to an Archer C3150 v1, has bought finally an Archer AX11000.
Finally issue it value while.

Really can not be TP-the service of client of the link or help 'technical'. It was having questions with a C3150 v1, reason so only see mine 10coverage of the paper of G likes 100M, any 1G, likes would have to that be do. We love me to knots to try wifi, and any another crazy hoops to jump by means of. If it was not it takes discontent ASUS like this a lot, would not have annoyed with a this Archer AX11000.

Felizmente, dipping has been arrives smoothly. Update his own firmware, and then frame all up by means of his application or the web page is quite easy.

To the equal that has expected a row is better that a C3150, and all looks more stable with that has on 20 different elements have connected his. To the point where already I any precise use one extends to cover mine smallish three paving, three house of chamber.

HAS is suitable built in Ookla tries of speed, which among hand, calm reason at least know that it is point of the start is, for a wifi the drop was as you move further was. (A drop was is expected fully)

really have not felt likes that it has to that spend more money in my coverage, but this does amiably with Virgo 500 container. An eight built-in the ports have meant also can take out of 1G networking transmission of a loop.

Has had he for 1 week like this far, and to the reset there is never he, averts to dip different bits on, which he he. A whole 6 days without new settings, and everything still is going well. Of then I will not take never an use of 10G networking, and more probably never go faster that in an internet (The majority likely stay in 1G does not take never here), fully are while to take the good ten years out of this thing, five in a much less.

So much, like this far, value of money while spending? Appearance like this, reason of the cash has saved to move of Heaven to Virgin for the year, and now state swallowed up for this thing! It is so only a C3150 did not cut it more!

Be warded this in spite of, this thing is not small, and has some his weight. My window of room of the front sill, there is so only so only quite his room, to hide for behind a curtain.

Is there the most economic options? More probably, but you want to something concealed takes a work done, spent he largish zones of your house, and there is gamers in this house, would say, marks an investment, then in planting to contest with economic rubbishes.

Does not have to that be súper techie, so only able to read instructions to dip this thing up.

So only does not expect the help adds of TP-Link directly, if my experience with them, is anything to spend of longitude. So only an out of three people looked to know that in fact it speak roughly. Then the simple orry' email of the manager with which of three hours of my times have squandered. Such the shame!

So much, spent directly of Amazon, as if anything goes bad, calms that can send behind, and beginning again!
5 / 5
Date a prize is interprets it very solid , after the month or two has had any outages, drop outs or to the to anything likes concealed.

Has taken clashes was reason seats that one issues the page of settings has been missing few options would have expected to see. There is so only the small selection of 5ghz the available canals, where my subject old has had much more. Also, a force of a 5Ghz the signal looks feebler according to one has has connected devices I use, ossia well for me I so that it follows to take usually 2 wifi bars during my house. For those with housing main while it sees strong signal on 5ghz everything by means of, could remain down. This has said, included with a signal that aim like this slightly in a side a toneless plus, the speeds have been that surprised and compatible.

With that out of a way, a subject is perfect in the another way.

A band is very strong. Resisting the signal like strong as mine another subject. Speed of that is as well as you would expect. It is the quite congested band to be on. A frequency is bogged down for other people routers, cordless phones, Bluetooth, and the god knows that more. To connect your appliances of ready house to a coverage, legated or low priority devices, is adds. If you are connecting it telephone, pills or portable the, ready TVs or devices of alike ready TV to shoot clave, use 5ghz where can you.
5 / 5
Has purchased AC1200 Archer C6 to substitute a wifi function of a terrible Virgin supa hub 3.
Wow! That the massive improvement, strong brilliant wifi signal and a wire fence gigabit the subject is faultless.
Will update in the date he late the plus has subject, but for now, is the big YES of me.

Has purchased the second a to use like a point of access in a mancave. Everything is doing superbly!

Tip. Tour mimo on. Recognition Qos was to love full speed everywhere, on him the the internet fluctuates too much and using more than a sure fact ssid and the signal is one same in both.
4 / 5
Stable product well, big, weighed and sturdy, bit it ugly creation this in spite of, a lot of settings. Nizza And useful options. Far access tethering with Application. Good interface, but precise more options for icons of different hardware that is the type has connected in fact and model, is editable is wrong but precise icons more different that choose of is bad. Good row. A lot RJ45 ports 8X, port aggregation, Control of Access, DHCP allocution of IP that bows, VPN, WAN 2.5 mbps, USB of fast speed C option the backup and sharing, Antivirus built-in and has aimed already a lot of gain of Tendency Micro in several occasions. Ready for WPA3 wireless level in future. It HAMMERS wireless speed of until 10 gbps. So only IFTTT not doing for me in this subject in spite of taking this @@subject to TP-the links sustains several times for Email and on-line communities of TP-Links and remains unresolved. A stars was been due to of the this. If IFTTT working and is solved, will add another star.
4 / 5
C subject has has improved a lot of mine wi-fi capacity of then the on done installation the week has sawed has not had was it of alone drop.
Also, a coverage substantially has improved included in a further part of a house can take the good connection and in a same room of one issues, am taking the fastest connection that am paying paralizaciones.
Finds this easy to recommend.
4 / 5
Have this and a model a low plus TP 300. A TP300 is better! This in connection of drops and cause all the classes of wifi the questions used it of then. He really struggled when low heavy use (4 different TVs looking on-line content more telephones). But a tp 300 no, this in spite of this has been supposition to be better! I have done sure a WiFi the signal has not been in conflict of another approximation for but does not help . Well, I have believed at the beginning that it was Virgin this was a question but of then connecting mine PS4 and acequia PS3 to a box with the connection wired that it use the passthrough discharges has not had any question at all. Now they are behind to full HD viewing, without buffering or terrible resolution on amazon, Netflix, Youtube etc. These tp passthrough cover them is gone in also handy to dip on the WiFi subject for a garden to the equal that saved that runs the boss of coverage by means of a house. Respecto Roughly aliviándosese has attacked a hose this in spite of. I have lost my first planned computer that a lot of years.
4 / 5
Has bought this to use with mine SHUB3 likes wifi in these drops were during heavy use and is not quite stable the current UHD has contained. Mina desk PC is plugged in street ethernet. It has dipped a SHUB the way of modem and has tried this new to issue. Mine ethernet speed (informed invernadero speedtest) has been of 360 - 380 mbps to 200 - 320 mbps. Variac. Massively and any stability. Has thinks that would see a wifi has done any better, and if he so that it can be able to convince I that a loss of speed has be worth it. This in spite of, a wifi is is worse that a SHUB3. Initially reportiing 20MBps (mobile speednet uses the different measure for some reason). Whilst streaming 1080p Contained of mine IN THE GORINGS dropouts each pocolos small. After the moment, a streaming there is prendido. I have then done the mobile speedtest again and has taken 50kpbs. Rebooting Of the subjects to swim. Then the unplugged and reset a SHUB retreated to issue way. Needless To say, this is going back and am looking for alternative.
5 / 5
Adds all-rounder for all the world-wide that looks for both coverage of speed & adds (the test of stress is spent on 5 devices immediately). A setup is quite easy for all the world-wide to manage, but be conscious of just the few smaller subjects:
All the external antennas are detachable, but is meant for 5 GHz only. As in his substitute with some enormous 9 or 12 dBi the models will not improve Your 2.4 GHz coverage (these 3 antennas are built-in/interiors).
Yes plans on using WDS bridge, be conscious that is so only visible in a poster for incumplimiento/subject (and not accessing point) way. A WDS the options are accessible with which clicking a last line in a cast of sinister option (the way advanced).
WDS Does not look to do for both 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz frequencies simultaneously, has to choose one of them.
Averts of there is not founding anything a lot already mentioned in a product info, TP-the links has done the work adds with this model. And also with his support as they had helped me with config in roughly... 2 minutes.
5/5 In both mark & of product, the coverage of whole house with the alone device, dipped up in of the minutes. Awesome!
4 / 5
Out of some looks of boxes well, feels where a pros stop.

HAS 3 macizo aerials, neither duquel looks partorisca help and give it very better wifi row that my Heaven partorisca exist @subject? I moved him, his redirected, has moved a subject, turned it to the rovescio and always has 1 less fence of the signal in several devices has compared to a Heaven hub! Disappointing to say a less.

Has bought this has thought with an antenna resupplies the width more wifi signal that my current hub, in fact his worst!
The speed is very when you are in a same room, speed partorisca access wire fence is a lot of - that reads of part and his well, but is buying this partorisca extend your wifi the row will be sad that has annoyed included squander a time unboxing the and then sending it behind partorisca the repayment that is exactly the one who has done them. I can not help that it thinks this 3 antenna is so only partorisca show and in fact do absolutely at all.

A rest of some characteristic, on-line portal and wifi/security setup is all well and like the subject normal, at all groundbreaking here, work well and quickly. I have it that gives so only 1 star been due to a reason has purchased them was to 'extend' my wifi, which the failed and was in fact can the be worse that a Heaven square box without antenna up?
4 / 5
Ossia The product of the quality adds and am impressed extremely with him, particularly was down £20 !! It is very easy to dip up and has been acting something in installed that of then. I dipped it/ I dipped It up like the WAP (Point of Wireless Access). Has the boss of coverage that goes to a outbuilding that use like an office. I have connected this device to a boss that has had two profits of entities. I gave the only wireless coverage for this edifice and he so that has an entrance (ethernet in) and five starts like this he also laws like the coverage hub a same time. This also can be used likes subject the or the wireless repeater also. Five stars - for a prize, goes to take another for my house so only to dip on the separate coverage for my ready house artilugios.
4 / 5
Has finalised once dipped on, he so only done when connected his for a boss of Ethernet. This in spite of, that looks for to use any wireless device and he would not accept a correct signal, included after king-dipped up and reboots etc. he so that it can never really use his wireless ease. More, apparently, based in some bars of indicator, his wifi the row is no better that my @subject to exist is, although to extend a row is that it has bought partorisca. I have called a service of client hotline but was in the some Chinese place and a person there so only has not had one comprising of like this to fix this subject averts of king-dipped on etc. Are by train of the turn. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5
Has bought this Device to substitute my TP-Link TD-W8970. A question with an old device has been he has not sustained 5 ghz wifi. A device has bought to substitute he , but extracted like this bad in of the tests of the speed among two devices has connected street gigabit ethernet honradamente could not believe my eyes. But it does not take my word for him. Please, has left some results speak for them. A benchmarking the tool has used was iperf3

TP-Link TD-W8970
[ GOES] Bandwidth of Scrolling of the Interval
[ 7] dry 105 MBytes 884 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 107 MBytes 900 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 106 MBytes 885 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 110 MBytes 920 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 110 MBytes 921 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 110 MBytes 923 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 108 MBytes 907 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 111 MBytes 928 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 108 MBytes 909 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 110 MBytes 925 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry MBytes 937 Mbits/dry

TP-Link AC1750
[ GOES] Bandwidth of Scrolling of the Interval
[ 7] dry 70.8 MBytes 594 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 60.6 MBytes 508 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 66.4 MBytes 557 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 60.1 MBytes 504 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 59.6 MBytes 500 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 61.9 MBytes 519 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 66.6 MBytes 559 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 63.9 MBytes 536 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 62.6 MBytes 525 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry 67.3 MBytes 565 Mbits/dry
[ 7] dry MBytes 576 Mbits/dry

If the memory do fault both devices cost a same quantity when I bought them, and a better treating the device is like this older has been interrupts.
5 / 5
Has bought this subject like the still substitution Virgo Superhub 3, which have had to that moment. Always it take one has announced accelerates of some Virgins hub (100mb) but the coverage and the stability were subject for me.

I work of house and a room I use for an office is the just distance of one issues, with the diverse wall goes in, likes 5ghz the signal was almost non-existent and included was extremely feeble. I have won this with the TP Link to extend (RE450) but I internet taken still dropouts at least 2-3 times the day where would take kicked out of Citrix auricular and has to that sign behind in again - usually in one the majority of question of time. This was obviously be due to a Virgin Superhub.

Has read that a WiFi the coverage of this subject was better that a ISP is combined subject/of modem. Cela, remained with one there is anticipated characteristic of an Archer C3150 (to the equal that MU-MIMO, QoS and parental controls) that a data of attractive container a number and row of wired and wireless devices in our house.

Has on dipped was easy - just connected a boss of Ethernet of a Virgin Superhub to a WAN port in an Archer and then dipped one Virgin hub the way of Modem of his paper of settings. A paper of the settings of one issue is very easy to follow, with several levels of paper, of basic to advanced.

After the pair of weeks, an action of of the this has been solid of rock. I have it that there is retained still one extends to cover an office to the equal that require the strong signal for calls of video of the iPad - the can not do the miracles has numerous obstacles and the long distance to cover - but has not had any internet dropouts at all and WiFi the coverage is has improved to good sure. I love a capacity to prioritise the sure devices that use QoS, like mine WiFi CCTV camera or portable.

In general, highly recommended - I am happy has been for a slightly more expensive C3150 in an of some models plus very low for some characteristic additional has.
4 / 5
When I have looked for Amazon for the new NETGEAR modem of Wi-Fi hub, this was one of some units that is coming up with a better spec. This in spite of, when you arrive are not Netgear, but TP-link it and has not been the Wi-Fi of modem hub but the Wi-Fi hub that has to link you to the Modem. This has not been clear fact in a spec. Tip the rear socket for 'Internet' excepts is is RJ45 type and any the socket of DSL of telephone line. Again this is not to clear in a spec. I have directed to dip this unit on using my old NETGEAR wi-fi hub as it modem to a telephone line but with a radio signal has changed WAS on that. Like this now I have two hubs in my office in place of one! A spec. It have to that the be be write better to do this clear and one 'Netgear link' take of an entrance of data of the investigation to Amazon. A row is no better that my old Netgear wi-fi unit as it still uses repeaters around mine (relatively) small house. 1200 Sq. Row of the metres is not that far in reality.
4 / 5
Material master that so only does directly out of a box and this have done averts of one issues with the Netgear N900 wireless extend which I so only really need for mine BluRay recorder concealed there is LAN and any WiFi. A last I fijamente using a Netgear setup. In general it has been the step of entity on mine Virginmedia SuperHub 2 and when I 'upgrade' to a Virginmedia Superhub 3 bad so only has to that of then the way of the modem and he will not affect any of my coverage has attached peripheral that is the ache to setup if anything changes.

I so only plugged in, has followed some concise and clear instructions to setup mine SSID and change it to a signal has used strong in a VM SH2. Then so only it acts! All my peripherals averts of an aforesaid Netgear extends has connected to a @subject and the speeds were instantly has improved. A main profit is stability likes VM box constantly falls one or both of some canals of Wi-Fi in the regular base. Now it is in the way of modem is well and can enjoy full speeds of 220Mbps of mine 200MBps connection that stops of has paid!
4 / 5
Uses my main gaming PC always in the connection wired - Right of a virgin hub to the Gigabit change via Cat 6 boss. I have spent this like wireless signal of a VM hub is terrible, this did not give me a lot of improvement during a house.

Initially has had them this dips to issue on way and has substituted a gigabit transmission (dipped a VM @subject the way of modem) and has used a TP ports to link direct my PC, some results were atrocious. Still with one issue cortafuego is gone in meso in my connection wired of VM Modem (CAT 6 boss) to TPlink Subject then with the cat 5 boss to PC has lost 200mbps with some tests of speeds and ping when being wildly different. (All this on roughly 8m)

has gone back now to have a VM Hub way of @subject with a TP links it that it is used like a point to access so only - in this capacity his just in GOOD.

Is looking for Something to substitute a VM hub would take them something more.

Could be them annoyed would return them this.
5 / 5
My requirements for networking the hardware is the little on half to the equal that are the little wary of products like this, but the good descriptions during an internet convinced me for the give the gone. An action wired is excellent with big throughput and any one has fallen container , the wireless row is orders also although utilisation aim of external access. Has each characteristic could require, and very calm probably never (comprising the built in has bitten-client of flow and support of printer/of storage of USB). Has the configurable coverage of guest and bandwidth prioritisation characteristic. Sending the ports is easy, and some build VPN and dynamic DNS the characteristic is appreciated.
5 / 5
Have a lot of be happy with this subject for some 18 months that had it... Up to now.

For some first time have required to enable some parental controls - any to block out of some boys but to prevent wifi webcam to speak to an internet.

A regular way for the parental controls the work is for one issues to simply of traffic of routing of the stop to an internet for the concrete device. It conceal it is not that this issues does this in spite of, looks that all is stop solving DNS surgeries - all the traffic still takes routed the internet. Ossia Trivial to bypass, and entirely useless for IOT devices that use numerical IP more than DNS names.

Which is the shame , so that it averts of there is so only be an another @subject smaller: having one 'NAT Stimulate' the characteristic there is enabled has meant that while I have used homeplug devices or mine 'Twinkly' xmas luzca, a @subject prendería traffic of routing for the pocolos small each 5-10 minutes (Nat the impulse has not been required and it turning was fixed this)

If any do not need never parental controls then this subject is well, need a characteristic then this subject is not for you.
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca use like the substitution partorisca our Half comunicacionales Virgin Súper Hub as, when our property of house has been built the pair in fact years, more the people took on Half comunicacionales Virgin partorisca his broadband services to the equal that have had the special offer partorisca all the new owners at the same time. This now means that inside the few feet of the hundred there is countless Súper Hub GOES is and our connection is resulted more and more unreliable. We have had the pair of substitution Hubs of VM but has no really cured a question to the equal that have decided to change tack.

In the bed quell'some of some descriptions partorisca TP-Boss partorisca Link WiFi Subject and looking in as other people have solved poor VM WiFi the questions have decided to purchase for ours installation loft space with the view partorisca do a WiFi signal in our house our robust plus. A a @subject arrived and was out of a box has changed a Súper Hub the way of Modem, has run the CAT5 boss of a port of Modem until a loft space, plugged he to a TP-Link to Issue and has turned on. Partorisca First use of time has used the connection wired with a laptop partorisca register to a TP-Link Admin page and inside the pair of click of smiled it one issues had found a model of the boss and a connection was alive. A bit those that more click later and had configured a WiFi like that would want to and everything of our devices found some new SSID quickly. I have then revised a setting of basic security and has done the pocolos change simple partorisca do sure of the subjects was like this insurances to the equal that have required partorisca be and, after the fast reboot, has been ready partorisca go. A time of total installation was no more than fifteen minutes and that have included that dipped the pair of rays to the joist partorisca locate one issues partorisca force of better signal.

A subject has been in place partorisca the month now and he so that it went it far excellent. The difference of a forward Súper Hub has not had any drop was or any need the reboot (albeit believes does the setting where can do you this in the daily base the time closely) and a connection has a lot of be stable. We run 2 PC is, 1 Laptop, 2 FireTV is, 3 Mobile phones and the CCTV system that can be seen alive and of the subjects is treating everything of of the this is stride . He no unusual partorisca both TV of Fire is partorisca be streaming a same time without a @@subject and our laptop of work can be quite weighed in of the data when quell'using VPN connection and, again, a subject has been question -free. There is a lot another characteristic of a product likes Guest WiFi, Bridges, DMZ is etc. Which are throughout and on like us really needs but am pleased some characteristics could be used owe our transmission of requirements.

In general, partorisca a paid of the prize and some subjects were having with the Súper Hub, ossia an excellent piece of boxes partorisca the house WiFi setup. It was quickly and simple to dip on, resupplied the good level of security partorisca our devices and he so that far it has been it faultless.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca extend the WiFi connection.

Like Work: you Cover a boss of Ethernet of one that exists partorisca issue - subject main yours to this point of access. Calm then connect to this point of access.

Dipping on a point of access in two any easy:
1) Connects to this access/of bridge of coverage, which will call TPLink.
2) has chosen automatic setup, this in spite of partorisca there is anticipated more the users there is an option partorisca spend for manual setup. Calm here can choose a name of point of the access and a signal.

Personally, finds this point partorisca access highly of confidence how has been connected and when being in poster a lot of month. It resupplies the strong WiFi the connection and I highly would recommend this to any that wants to extend his coverage
5 / 5
Easy to install out of one covers of boxes and game this in spite of----- trying some speeds of download: doing with Virginmedia broadband in the upper speed of 350mbps and an old sony the laptop that windows of careers 10 using That broadband speeds checker trying in the Weekday time of lunch:
1st: using a virgin modem hub 3.0 unit that use a LAN connection in the first place, this is using a boss partorisca connect directly among a Virgin hub unit of Modem directly to a pc, a speed has achieved: 385mbps . Yes, it concealed it is not the typo 385mbps. (Odd like virgins of only state speeds of only 350mbps??) This in spite of.
2rd: Using a TP-link LAN connection, as connecting a TP-unit partorisca link directly to a Virgin modem and that runs the boss of a TP-unit partorisca link directly connected to a PC. The speed has achieved: . Yes ossia correct ossia a lot disappoints it that it considers his the connection of boss and TP-state link 300mbps.
3nd: Using a Virgin modem/wifi connection a be of unit 1 metres out of a pc, the successful speed (disappionting resulted of some virgin modems wifi units.)
4th: using a TP-unit partorisca link WIFI connection a unit when being the 1 metre out of a pc speed acheived was . So much, the far better result fron some virgins inbuilt wifi and better then a TP-link LAN connection?
Like this, conclusions : it declares 300mbps out of a box and he dosent rid anywhere near that speed, resulted a lot disappointing that to uses likes him to him the connection of direct boss, seriously disappionting considering declares 300Mbps. This certianly subject of cause with my girls when touching in of the on-line games like roblox and fortnite to the equal that would begin to lag (frame of ice cream, stop and start). My joint if your just doing normal material down uploading music or has included the film can be acceptable action , but partorisca gaming the no. Adds to this, declares 300mbps in a box and he clearly cant that out of a box, as his of the accidents of me - reason says it to him can do the certian speed out of a box and he dosent then his no returned partorisca purpose. Disappointing cost.
4 / 5
Very @subject but BEWARE. TP-Link 450 Mbps Wireless N Subject of Boss, Easy Setup, WPS Tecla, Discharges of United Kingdom (TL-WR940N)
loves one 'the coverage of the functionality of Guest is sure that is taking any version 5 or 6 of one issues.
Version 4 Any guest wifi. Any only confidence an advertising. It goes in partorisca touch with a retailer. A number of version is in a retail box.
(This info is of my experience - I has had to return the version 4, and of TP-office of support of the Links.)
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca do with my half comunicacionales Virgin hub because mine wifi hanged in of the conditions of heavy use eg. When Touching PS4 on-line. I have suspected that mine PS4 used to plot of bandwidth and a hub could not give multiple support wifi connections simultaneously touching video. I have not taken partorisca try this phase because I have installed partorisca grieve a tp-link 450 the quickly has aimed partorisca be unsuitable reason looked partorisca limit mine 100Mbps connection to around 50Mbps. I have tried several devices and all have informed the averages that has expected. I have behind changed to a Virgin hub and has been partorisca turn on 100Mpbs. Partorisca me ossia Totally useless to the equal that have has had to that the turn. Shame really like another TP-produced partorisca Link so a powerline extends is really good.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca improve a poor coverage of ours Means comunicacionales Virgin Superhub. According to the majority of some descriptions and comments this has to that of state a simple task partorisca change a hub to setting of Modem and plugging in a TP-@subject of Link, but has been distant a lot of the. Partorisca In the minute after dipping on a system a connection of internet has done well and could see the massive improvement in speed and force of signal, then the loss a connection of internet. I am spent of the hours that looks for a coverage partorisca the solution and to the virgin has had in a chance, he in fact done after changing roughly of one issues settings but there has been grieves has dipped a telephone has died down again. It Likes him the person more looks partorisca have the alike subjects have experienced, as so only can assume has received the faulty the unit and he will be returned to Amazon partorisca the repayment.
4 / 5
Bought partorisca use like a point of access. There is not any option of point of concrete access, calm instead has to that disable a DHCP server and dip one issues partorisca use an external IP of your host @subject DHCP row. Once it had imagined that it was work perfectly connected to the pair of powerline adapters, resupplying quickly, stable wifi in a zone where taking the boss would be near impossible. The row is point and averts, and of the subjects offer all some options of calm configuration never need, and included has the handy uptime exposure. A lack of what only of of the this a capacity to download update firmware in a device he, necessitating that firmware instead be downloaded manually and installed. Partorisca A prize although certainly it calms can not complain.
4 / 5
C subject is really good. It is like this simple to dip up. It covers you in your connection of Ethernet to a port of the ethernet blue in one issues, boss to a TP application partorisca Link where has dipped the on and calm then is ready partorisca go. An application is really well, is able to change a routers signal and original name to the yours own, see the one who has connected his, users of blockade, to uses likes him to him the subject the and there has included the way where that can be used like the row extends of your original coverage. If I need to register to a subject in an application, a username & signal (rule on more routers) is ‘admin'. One issues is quite small (which is expected partorisca a prize). It is almost a measure of mine free which means that lacking of row in of the terms of WiFi forces of signal. If you are looking partorisca use this like the subject main partorisca a house, to good sure would consider an expensive plus routers. But I need the fast and economic fix for your WiFi in the ‘dead zone' in a house, ossia perfect. Partorisca An example of WiFi speed, my propiciado by Ethernet is 50mbps and by means of WiFi in this subject, volume among 40-45 mbps which is quite good.
5 / 5
Loves the subject wireless economic, ossia quite good. You can extend yours that exists wifi coverage, or add another point of access, or just turn of a wifi and to use likes the economic ethernet (but mediocre) subject.

Take which pays stops: it is a lot of flimsy and a aerials will burst was yes calm the tombs. Also, and a lot especially, so only it has 100Mbit ports like this he uses the provider like Gigaclear (taste , those careers in 300Mbs) will not see more than roughly 80Mbs of him.

Partorisca Connect to one that exists wifi coverage with typical edge the broadband speeds is well and act a lot enough. But it does not expect it partorisca be it powerhouse needs of the main speeds or the coverage he complex plus. These days, the point the wireless coverage is a way to go . It is more expensive but to good sure values he.
5 / 5
Has bought 2 of these devices in a tentativa partorisca extend mine WiFi row in a whole house. They were both street has connected ethernet bosses to a subject of DSL, and configured like this of the points of wireless access, both with some same SSID and signal like my subject main. In theory, this has to that all the law well, and like paths around a house your telephone etc automatically exchange to a point of access with a signal a strong plus without you still remarking.
This in spite of, has maintained in that has as looked partorisca be unpredictable provisional wifi drop outs.
The Too much me literally 2 month to finally diagnose the one who some devices of question of the question!
A test that has tried finally this was as follows: it connects street wifi in any device, and ping any device in a coverage wired, or in a wifi of another point of access. If calm this, will see more pings going back in the pocolas tens of milliseconds to the equal that would expect, but each one that 5-10 seconds, will take a ping concealed taken on the second integer partorisca take correspondent behind. It is so only when the street has connected wifi the one of this device, any when connected saws boss and any when the street has connected wifi to my subject main. I can so only it boasts that has some really bad firmware in them, in spite of me that verifies that his where both that run a later version.
Substituted him both with WAVLINK AC1200s and a question has been he was.
Perhaps these devices are economic partorisca the is not returned partorisca purpose.
To good sure does not recommend these at all.
5 / 5
Using this jointly with the Netgear line of power to create the second WiFi coverage in our house. Our house of Victorian city has the complete WiFi dead zone in a backside of a property, which is where my office partorisca house at present is - in a third paving loft extension. A cookery and the also fallen garden in this dead zone. We do not require use of big power in these zones, only internet quite stable to run ready speakers, music of current, printer of access and do the Career of video has based conferencing - Skype, zoom, squads. For less than £15 a backside of a House he maintaining there is WiFi and still in a garden am taking 15-20 Mbps downloads and strong signal. Ossia Three walk down where one issues is located. My laptop of office is solid of rock and connected to this has seen a line to be able to - which takes a main broadband connection to a spare chamber. One issues then beams that in a secondary coverage that gives whole house WiFi for the total cost of £. It sees picture of test of the speed.

Has the drop in speed of a subject main and this subject is so only he 2.5 GHz any 5. But I any precise all some toys for this coverage. The speeds am taking is more than pertinent and then some. The streamed HD content of video without @@subject - like this still gives the support concealed. Calm can buy the subject better, yes am calm sure can spend £@@@100s in coverages of point and improve action, but this combination there is rid the stable whole house WiFi in abundance quite speed and qualified partorisca £.

C subject is spent and game . Calm so only can use a SSID name of coverage and passcode in a fund of one issues. You would be on and that careers less than the minute. Or you can go to some settings and configure he in of the different ways or change a name of coverage and signal. To maintain it simple, ran it so only like the separate coverage - I has changed a SSID to a same name and signal to the equal that have embezzled of a House - just labeled the as'zone two' how was to clear that coverage connects too much. Necessary reason some rooms now receive both signals of coverage. This one is less fast of a main one and this subject is less able of one 'nighthawk' those careers a main system, TV like this ready and the connections of big question would owe that be directed by means of a connection of main coverage. This has said, this subject is more than able to rid strong and stable 40 Mbps downloads and cariche. Ossia Perfectly well quite stops more than users very happy.
5 / 5
Out of some looks of boxes well, feels where a pros stop.

HAS 3 macizo aerials, neither duquel looks to help and give it very better wifi row that my Heaven to exist @subject? I moved him, his redirected, has moved a subject, turned it to the rovescio and always has 1 less fence of the signal in several devices has compared to a Heaven hub! Disappointing to say a less.

Has bought this has thought with an antenna would resupply the width more wifi signal that my current hub, in fact his worst!
The speed is a lot when you are in a same room, speed to access wire fence is a lot of - that reads of part and his well, but is buying this to extend your wifi the row will be sad that has annoyed included squander a time unboxing the and then sending it behind for the repayment that is exactly the one who has done them. I can not help that it thinks this 3 antenna is so only for show and in fact do absolutely at all.

A rest of some characteristic, on-line portal and wifi/security setup is all well and like the subject normal, at all groundbreaking here, work well and quickly. I have it that gives so only 1 star been due to a reason has purchased them was to 'extend' mine wifi, which the failed and was in fact can the be worse that a Heaven square box without antenna up?
4 / 5
Amending my original description...

For a money, guesses ossia good lovely class - when it operates. It is fast - has had it crummy old Netgear the @subject that does like the cheapo AP before and has taken around 18M download by means of him like this opposed to Ethernet of mine in 100+M. Fallen this in with relative ease and instantly has taken 80M in a test of same client.

There was all working and - when being the CCNP engineer of coverage for trade with 30 years of networking decided - behind has to that upgrade a firmware. That the incubo, stray access and has taken several incumplimientos/resets and reboots to restore all has retreated to working. It has not resisted calm with some details here, but if you are not technology savvy, any included think to do this - does enough out of a box for you, the maintain that way.

More recently the pair to be able the-travesías owed to the finicky toaster in my house cut all a juice in all my house. It has done my coverage gone back? It classifies of - except this TP the device of link has decided that would begin ARPing for my IP of @subject (he incumplimiento raisin to an Internet), for this blowing my coverage was. I have imagined this was with Wireshark and MAC examination of allocution, but my Mamma probably fights with east...

A pair other settings didnt survive a reboot - has changed weirdly to result it DHCP server when he wasnt before. And I am sure I has had all a config has saved WELL.

Lost the good pair to find of the fault of the hours and rebooting to this, sent it behind and - regulate to Amazon - has taken the same full repayment has spent a date of turn expiry.

Thinks that am done with TP-boxes of Links - has had the pair of Powerline adapters that was also economic and scaly. Until it likes you to you to bet Of I supposition...
4 / 5
Are the professional The CONSULTOR and networking the SME and I have has wanted to this like the point to access wired that the second says the supports and I am having a lot of subjects of software. 1) it Comes with the hard coded ip allocution more than exploding DHCP has to that way that has had to that jump by means of hoops to take my PC in a legislation subnet to connect at all. 2) I have connected once and it has changed his hard coded ip to the allocution in an interface wired this takes to reset when it enables way of point of the access that can forgive but his annoying. 3) it has selected sync time with PC and he have dipped a time correctly and an interface of browser there is hanged. It researches further he of some skill of way IPV6 and has fallen a IPV4 interface of here reason has lost a connection. As they are now in the situation where I cant dipped his time correctly and I cant connect with IPV4 and I need to reset and beginning again which have done 3 times now. 4) Also that annoying that on every time do the transmission has to that attended for the reboot and you cant marks a lot of transmissions immediately (poor AM YACIDO creation). It could be as well as it issues it but like the access wired the signals touch the nightmare to do with and so the sound that goes in a cube because I cant be annoyed retuning he during covid. Waste of money
5 / 5
client of Half comunicacionales Virgin. Has a hub 3.0 and a WiFi is terrible. Bought this and when I took it finally put on the drastically has improved WiFi coverage and speed.

The virgin box dipped the way of modem. It connects a ethernet of a virgin box the WAN port in a TP subject. Connect the PC to a TP street of @subject ethernet.

Goes to an and select Wireless to Issue>Dynamic IP>then selects clone MAC allocution. Calm says has to that it does not have to that but took it so only to do to select clone Mac allocution.

Using a TP subject for WiFi and ethernet now. Torres of virgin box in the red light to aim is in way of modem.

Expects these helps.
5 / 5
Have this and a model a low plus TP 300. A TP300 is better! This in connection of drops and cause all the classes of wifi the questions used it of then. He really struggled when low heavy use (4 different TVs looking on-line content more telephones). But a tp 300 no, this in spite of this has been supposition to be better! I have done sure a WiFi the signal has not been in conflict of another approximation for but has not helped. Well, I have believed at the beginning that it was Virgin this was a question but of then connecting mine PS4 and boys PS3 the boxes with the connection wired that it use the passthrough discharges has not had any question at all. Now they are behind to full HD seeing, without buffering or terrible resolution on amazon, Netflix, Youtube etc. These tp passthrough cover them is gone in also handy to dip on the WiFi subject for a garden to the equal that saved that runs the boss of coverage by means of a house. Respecto Roughly aliviándosese has attacked a hose this in spite of. I have lost my first planned computer that a lot of years.
5 / 5
Has bought this to be the Access of something hot local Point - to add an additional WIFI SSID to a coverage to exist. In the first place it was, an interface and the options of configuration are excellent - really easy to use with a lot of functionalities. That has left this down for me was a Wifi forces of signal ... With this located near of a location has wished, has resupplied the worse connection that concealed offered by mine original far WIFI subject (a Capsule of Time of the Apple) - like this basically pointless for my chance of use. Notes: wifi configured for big start, any apparent difference when changing arial direction or place. I appreciate that I have chosen an economic plus AP the subject able could find and perhaps my expectation was unreasonable.
4 / 5
Has bought this to try venue WiFi networking among my telephone and the PC, as using likes the point of access. I have wanted to it loved/It To it specifically economic, standalone, any internet.
I powered on mine TP-Link connected my telephone of Android has seen WiFi and has accessed some settings of device by means of my browser.
A fast setup was simple. It has chosen WiFi Point of the access and a device have configured/rebooted. I have not changed any settings but calm can require configure IP directs to depend that it is doing.
Turned of a cortafuego in my PC, connected it and my telephone to a WAP and was able to shoot on a Server of Apache in my PC and some PINCH streaming to my telephone.
The work Done. £
5 / 5
A WiFi in my house has been distributed for one issues resupplied by my provider of Internet TalkTalk. Whilst This 'A lot of' time when a signal disappears or delays a lot down. Like the bit of the punt has bought this device and connected it to one of a LAN exited of Ethernet of a TalkTalk device and after the very simple 2 small setup all now is running significantly faster. One issues is in the different room and is separated of my PC for roughly 20 feet and a fat wall. Well value of the money for me in this chance.
4 / 5
Has bought this to add like one extends my coverage to exist, has had them the leading version of this roughly done unit 4 years and has not had never a like this thought @@subject would take them another. Well im dissapointed, and thinks them the know reason. It looks to have cheaped was, a low prize could be down be to an age to draw and the functionality but he looks his because of the redisign of a chipset and firmware. Some the old units have had 4mb flash which is really down, this one there is so only down 4 likes more is no longer compatible with third part firmwares likes openwrt or ddwrt. As this one is now so only a lot as well as he repeater or ap calm of any Any one control.
5 / 5
You know that BT Marie Hubs dipped out of release it hotspot signal you can hook to? When it calms it does not see never BTWiFi-With-FON or looked then is the signal can use for free with the FON accounts or the BT Broadband account.

A typical phase is that it calms does not have your own WiFi in the edifice but you can see other villages BT-FON services. You can hook to them and register in with your own credentials (any paid partorisca he so that it is money bobo partorisca a HotSpot service) . A question is a service does not achieve when you want to be.

Solution, uses a TP-Link WR841 in WISP way to connect to a BT-FON hotspot. Calm still has to that sign in the BT page like normal but once done can you hook on anything and everything to a TP-Link. All you mobile devices, your printer, desk and computer of laptop.

Partorisca Situate a TP-Link where takes a better signal is then free to seat calm where is comfortable.

Expects a same thing would do with any one another hotspots the login stops.

Followup 2020/05/20
has sold this to the fellow that bolt in digs without WiFi service. It had connected to the BT-WiFi BT-FON the service has chosen on the neighbour and signed until one £15/deal of month. A signal was bit it feeble and so only has taken 200kbps. With east in WISP the way of client can take 16.ºg More his own WiFi and LAN.

Followup 2020/10/29
has bought another. WiFi Has taken saturated and pings has been to 4000mS. The solution was partorisca dip bandwidth shaping. It has dipped 20mbps global and has given individually each allocution of IP 10.ºg. The person complained and Joins of Rocket nolonger warns of ping latency. I can augment this discharge all goes well.
4 / 5
Ossia The product of the quality adds and am impressed extremely with him, particularly in era under £20 !! It was very easy to dip up and has been acting something in installed that of then. I dipped it/ I dipped It up like the WAP (Point of Wireless Access). Has the boss of coverage that goes to a outbuilding that use like an office. I have connected this device to a boss that has had two profits of entities. I gave the only wireless coverage for this edifice and he so that has an entrance (ethernet in) and five starts like this he also laws like the coverage hub a same time. This also can be used likes subject the or the wireless repeater also. Five stars - for a prize, goes to take another for my house so only to dip on the separate coverage for my ready house artilugios.
4 / 5
C subject has has very improved my wi-fi capacity of then installation to the along in fact the week has sawed has not had was it of alone drop.
Also, a coverage substantially has improved included in a further part of a house can take the good connection and in a same room of one issues, am taking the fastest connection that am paying paralizaciones.
Finds this easy to recommend.
5 / 5
That has spent to an old WR841N? This v14 the version is 25 smaller and can not be flashed like all the leading versions the dd-wrt or openwrt. He now a lot included have the power on/was transmission or wifi on/was transmission, has included a ethernet the goodness of patch looks shorter!

Basic but looks quickly quite on 2GHz, bought likes the one of leftover and travesías to issue so it can not complain although it is the real shame that has done to that quell'was one of his products add.
4 / 5
Some works of @subject perfectly and was the pleasure to dip up. I am using he in way of Point of the Access to leave wifi to achieve my cochera like Virginmedia Hub is after the useless. Work like this well improve wifi signal of a TP-the link is gone in a cochera that of a purportedly 'Intelligent wifi' of a hub 3.
Would recommend one issues to any the one who needs the regulate wifi subject. Work well for streaming on-line video and the pair of camera of IP.
5 / 5
Has thought each device has a capacity to change a signal in 2020 (for administration) but in the chance has forgotten: username and pw is both admin. They are too lazy to send it behind, but has to them that say, are them seriousely disappointed of this product. Perhaps my deception was to invest too less money. But a truth is: the any buyed the reason is economic - has done them reasons some users have spoken roughly he in the positive way. Again: produced that disappoints in meso....
5 / 5
Has bought the pair of these to go in the local alimentary bank - a duquel is sending/receiving his signal in the wireless bridge - a lot of compact - decent quite signal in the just distance - and for the newspaper that explores and youtube video of type - treat well. There is not remarked any dropouts - like this in general very pleased with his action. It can also port advance a lot easily with this - which any routers is the nightmare when it comes to dip this up.
5 / 5
To Seats glielo likes there is denigrated this @subject to call it the @subject 'presupposed'' in a headline - is quite economic to return this description, but is in fact the very good house WiFi/@subject.
A force of signal is easily a lot enough for the decent-sized house, and is very simple to dip up and use.
Are by train to to use likes him a together extra of ports and the signal booster for upstairs that careers of a backside of the Virgin mine hub (which is down).
The material adds.
5 / 5
Has bought this to add a point of access in my office to house that it is a point a far plus in a house of my Broadband of @subject of Heaven. Before I have run the boss around an outside of a house, has thought so only would verify to install the afterwards to subject of current Heaven to the equal that have thought because of a big outside aerials, would have to have better coverage. Well... Happy has done like the coverage is fantastic around a whole house now compared to a heaven broadband coverage. To A lot of stronger signal likes more breaking up and disconnecting of meetings of work! For a prize has paid, is the value adds .
Also covers it and play it also yes wants to maintain a incumplimiento settings. Like this good and easy to setup!
5 / 5
Some wall of the bones of our house prevent a wifi signal of the our BT Ready Hub 6 achieving our small annex. How it is used mainly for the guests has loved to dip on the coverage of guest separates of our personnel a. But my subject main does not sustain the characteristic of coverage of the guest. After the bit of the information that looks for, comprising descriptions of Amazon, has bought the basic TP Link homeplug, any wifi, and this TP Link to issue TL-WR841N.

I simply plugged a homeplug to a socket but ANY PAIR he with main homeplug. Using a tpPLC utility of TP the links in my PC could visually see that a new homeplug had joined a system and for plugging my iPad to a LAN socket in a new homeplug could verify that it has had it a connection of internet. Then I unplugged an iPad, plugged in some subjects to a homeplug and an iPad to one of a LAN sockets in a backside of one issues. It was then the chance of following setup and quite selecting a incumplimiento elections and a wifi was to arrive - literally everything does in around 10 minutes.

For any that loves dipped on the guest wifi coverage in home this subject is the very economic, simple and effective way of the do.