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Top Customer Reviews: Claude Debussy - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
If you are interested in Debussy, well value the listen. Some actions are excellent and ossia the very lovely addition to a catalogue of the vocal music of Debussy. It aims operatic life had besides Pelleas and Melisande.

Top Customer Reviews: Kaufmann - Wagner ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Has copies of almost everything of Wagner works with the actions that quotes behind to a prompt @@@1950s. I have seen the majority of his shot in several venues but, arrival to see amd has revised the recent Tannhauser dvd with the disappointment adds was more than the delight to listen Kauffmann glorious actions of an excellent and diverse selection of elements of Wagner do. In fact, with which had listened to a prime minister little excerpts was near the tears with emotion. Wagner Done of the heavy questions in his tenors and to be achieved a singer has to have more than the powerful voice and a lot concentrated but has to that be able to transmit a sense of an action in a music more a soft plus and more lyrical the episodes owe that be like this very like this more dramatic declamations.
There is enjoyed a lot of final heldentenors and Sunday also on some years but never a those who mine of look to have everything! Suspicion so only can improve and eye advances in a hope that takes ours round give it casualidades to listen in of the complete versions of Tristan, Parsifal and Meistersinger.
This has to that be a better £9 I is spent the long time!
5 / 5
Can buy any disk of operatic recital of some last 60 years and not finding the better example for any voice in any repertory. Kaufmann Sings Wagner likes Bergonzi sings green or Callus and Scotto sing the bel sings. Interpretatively Is seminal and vocally glorious. A Walkure and Siegfried excerpts is extraordinary. It sings to to the this music likes them to them Christa Ludvig has sung Mahler. His the combination of the utmost operatic action nuanced with a sensibility of adds it lieder singer. If any one calms did not believe you never that it could it that any the personnel of emotional connection with Wagner functions of heroic tenor, so only listen the Kaufmann. It is inspiring, it is moving, a Siegfried is in fact pleasant when it would owe that be and the one who the voice and the one who the musician; dark baritonal bell that develops and coverages out of reminiscent of Mario Of Monk then a finely voice of turns of the boss of the youngsters has Given Stefano and german diction that likes Hugh Canning said, ' could take dictation of'. Ossia seamless Integration of vocals, musical nuance, characterisation and theatre among singer and Wagner orchestral valuing. It forgets one all-battle too typical among singer and orchestra in this music - quite have the happy symbiosis. A pre-2nd world-wide War tradition (probably true to a 19th century) to sing this music with bel sings the technician remained with helden-tenor heft is alive and well with JW. It excepts Volume a diverse impression that could sing it this music for 20 years and not drying out of a voice, or limit his capacity to sentence italian music.

Be picky, my only light beef is is one ordering of some pieces. The chronological order would have been preferable for an operatic excerpts like Kaufmann and Runnicles spend out of an advance in a composition and vocal writing among Rienzi and Siegfried like this clearly, that everything after a Coverage excerpts touch the little anti-climatical. Those with a technology to king-order one that follows to take notes. Runnuicles And a Deutsche Oper is resupplies fantastic partners and some modern Decca the sound is glorious.
5 / 5
Easily could find this CD to be more than an irritation that anything more-still like this another collection of excerpts of a more final tenor has adapted to Wagner in the generation, with until today register a lot complete of any of some works (I follows to exclude Blue-accione of ray!). They are not the defender of excerpts disks in some better of time, but with Kaufmann included a 'well is better that at all' the syndrome has begun to spend thin. Felizmente All this is counteracted a lot so only for mine having received a new complete Gergiev Walkure to soften a swipe, but this disk finally contains the complete work, albeit any one a feigned for the tenor.
A excerpts of some works are glorious- take a unexpurgated 'In Fernem will hold of Lohengrin, glorious Rome Narration, excerpts of Rienzi and Meistersinger and fragment of Walkure and the tantalising Siegfried murmuring superbly in a forest (sad!), All sung with a tone burnished dark and in bylines bequeathed is coming to expect. Like an aside, the one who the atrocity this mark to try to build on Klaus Florian Vogt like the Heldentenor-I in fact find his thin and feeble voiced tentativas to be pathetic in comparison the Kaufmann.
An orchestra is full and rich-the leading 'Berlin of German State Work' the orchestra has the past of distinguished register with Wagner and further, with basses of exceptional register Konwitschny, Jochum, Maazel, Sinopoli and Thielemann to appoint but the little, and here is glorious form under another down the employee adds Wagner manager in Donald typical of Scozia Runnicles- concealed one 2nd and 3.os the registers of tax have done for Pentatone down Janowski had used THIS ORCHESTRA and manager like this a lot change it surely would elevate him the first class!
An absolute GOLD of this register is a Wesendonck Lieder has treated for a first time to the mine listened by the tenor. Wagner Marked a bookmark 'For a female voice' but has to that well sure would have applauded this action.
Am opened to listen songs more usually associated with a female voice sung for the tenor-I property the register of Jerusalem and Masur in Strauss Lieder, and Melchior in Schumann, but ossia something more.
A smoky tones of the his baritonal the tenor is ideally has adapted each song, tenderly in Giving Engel, almost can feel a sultry hot in Im Triebhaus, Schmerzen is fill with the anguish tortured and Traume has a erotic passion and sensuous line the one who bodes like this well for any future supposition of Tristan- beat but hope!
Is the masterclass in art and bordos utmost, with Runnicles and an orchestra taken in shape rich , radiant and perfectly balanced-so that no an irritation at all, then!!!!
Ossia For far a register a plus end Kaufmann has done and is allocated to be the classical of a gender. A soyust listens' for lovers of Wagner-and the music adds that it does. Unlimited Stars. Stewart Crowe
4 / 5
A wonderful action of Gentleman Kaufmann and Master Runnicles, and the enormous pleasure to listen A Wesendonck lieder sung by the man more than an usual female interpreter. Certainly value five stars.
BUT, the desire had bought a CD more than one download. A booklet in pdf is unpleasent to read, included when missing to fill my screen of computer an impression is small and thin. My main critique is for a way a register is divided to FOUR PART when imported the iTunes to add mine ipod. In Fernem the earth is the clue in his own. If it download them they have to that have the sure data has attached to them, reasons is like this often WRONG and reason is like this difficult to correct. A data of the clue thus disk is the joke, that is Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited reason ossia also the clue in his own. A Wesendonck Lieder the clues are diplomadas . All five of them, and his little album is titled Any Dambi Elephant Rosa.
4 / 5
Has faced for for real of the words of art adds to fail me. Glorious flange and the very good orchestra. It is like this wonderful to listen Wagner the in fact sung music in place of only declaimed or in worse shouted and there is barked. Listening to this CD is the emotional experience .
5 / 5
I advances to look enormously to some actions of unavoidable phase of Jonas Kaufmann in Rienzi, Siegfried, Tannhauser when a time comes. Here we are to give it tantalising glimpse of joys to come. A peerless singer of enormous intelligence, row and the dramatic capacity that come from your radiant -Kaufmann mesmerises audience and sells out of any venue any big plus. Here his nuanced the interpretation of each frames of work was like the singer I for real adds. An orchestra is a lot of revenida and attuned to a dramatic landscape of each piece -to sustain a singer and transporting an auditor in a world of Wagner libretti. Ossia Surely that Wagner would have loved his functions of tenor to be sung. One returning 200th celebration of anniversary.
A Wesendonck lieder -usually sung for female singer- was treated fantastically and was the delicious unexpected present to an auditor.
4 / 5
Are Wagner enthusiast like this CD was the upper priority never is exited of then. I have had already Kaufmann Verismo recital and was therefore already captivated for a voice. I have had little doubt that Wagner the recital would be like this well so that the people have said. My expectations were more than has fulfilled adequately. Kaufmann Maintains alive an add Heldentenor tradition and also tip a plasticity of some representatives plus a lot of end of this tradition. More obviously, it is able to take down his voice ideally for a more adds intimacy of a Wesendonck Lieder. But in some works also, stuns with a resounding explosion of his cries of 'Waelse' in Law 1 to Die Walkure, in a course to establish his order of a sword that his father Wotan had bequeathed for emergencies. Then again, it is reservation in his transmission with a Woodbird, in a corresponding law of Siegfried.

Kaufmann Is a star of a show. But it would be wrong to spend in a gorgeous and carpet of support of the yours of series resupplied for an orchestra of a Deutsche Oper, Berlino, under an eye experienced of his manager, Donald Runnicles. A perfect blend of the voice and the faithfully taken instrument for a warm register.
5 / 5
In the swipe of scarce regime my order has arrived the pair of days with which had seen a recent has Fulfilled emission of Parsifal with Kaufmann like innocent fool. I have it that there is prendido hardly touch this disk of then. A flange is point and averts, an orchestral touching glorious and Decca has been quite generous to comprise an additional heart on 'In fernem Tierra, unnahbar euren Schritten' - to to the readers can like him look for this piece sung for Kaufmann that any one has uploaded to Youtube. A rendition here is breaking of heart.
When A disk has looked has been adapted of the disk looked of Peter late Hofmann this is to be release in a mid @@@1980s. A lot I have liked like this Hofmann voice, this registers this old plus there has been more crowd pleasers and is to Kaufmann credit that has won rave descriptions of to comprise some less obvious elections.
If you have not bought this closing like this a hasten 'add the basket'.
5 / 5
Be in accordance with some leading descriptions. It is not so only I add it helden tenor, but is like this a lot home with Puccini and Green. It was enthusiast to compare his Rienzi with my old Melchior register. To the respect Melchior is still supreme, but so only so only. In every respect Kaufmann is a perfect Wagnerian. Also it has Melchior sense of fun and mischief.
4 / 5
An excellent selection of some of Wagner moments more final for a voice of tenor. Kaufmann Is to good sure a more final tenor first of an audience today. It is house in virtually all some stir of the classical music and he can be comparison with some more utmost tenors of some spent - like this Melchior, Widdop, Windgassen, Slezak, Bjoerling etc. Ossia the CD adds .

Top Customer Reviews: Brahms: Viola II ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Wonderful as it would be expected of Maxim Rysonov - the delicious CD of the virtuoso

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
A wonderful cd - fantastically sung - full of passion and sincere emotion- would have to that have the heart of granite any partorisca be moved by these lovely songs
4 / 5
Katherine Jenkins is the true professional. Each song sings is polished and has a lot rid. A musical accompaniment is also of a same big level. It has achieved such the big level that buys an album or a lot simply depends on looking the election of songs on that. Really wish that would do a bit few more modern songs in planting to resupply for some surfers of money of a World. But ossia so only the personal desire. It can it fails this album? Well a lot I can any one, for this some 5-stars. It is so only the wonderful interpreter.
4 / 5
This was the add compraventa .An album arrived in timing very good and was in the excellent content was glorious like the albums of all this lady have been.Strongly I CAN RECOMMEND THIS ALBUM.
4 / 5
One of mine favourit singers like this always very a lot prescented clear and easy voice partorisca listen for recomend to any
5 / 5
Fabulous element, excellent value and a lot speedy delivery. A lot a lot it thanks. John BT.
4 / 5
Ossia The LADY can listen to still hours in final album , Brilliant.
5 / 5
Once again this popular Half soprano delights with his voice.

Top Customer Reviews: More of Most ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Some of one the majority of good-looking and relaxing the never written pieces in this planet. I add partorisca go to sleep to or relax with hanging some days. A stress the only silts was
5 / 5
Like this, when doing anything concealed requires concentration I quite not listening to anything with vocals find he in entertained . This is so only perfect thus purpose.
5 / 5
A CDs is wonderful fact
because him me like all some registers
An original CD has good-looking music
has listened his every night. I really liked
the original More Relaxing Music In
A Universe. I like him these CDs..
4 / 5
A cost of the good pal but I doubt that I will not find never the CD that enjoys so as enjoy an original.
5 / 5
A wonderful CD to so only have like this the background music when precise relaxes & so only left some questions of a day go era. I use it on my desk with the very relaxing clock fragrance & appropriate relaxing pictures in a wall. I leave to just tower of some pressures of a day while they are by train to experience them & to maintain my priorities directly. Also terrific in a car (especially when you are stuck in traffic) & can so only left some cures of a world go was & to be in your happy state typical of alcohol.
4 / 5
Mostly all slow and sad touching music of violin. It has not liked him, waste of money.
4 / 5
That has expected shabby forward of this series. Good music.

Top Customer Reviews: Brahms: Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The splendid and economic way of partorisca obtain an almost complete collection of Brahms' works. There is the few omissions. For example some 'WOo' the piano and the vocal works are missing and, where the alternative versions have fixed for Brahms exist generally so only one is has comprised. The majority of an ignored the elements are easily available in other subjects so that this no the loss adds but, really, a subject does not have to that it has been descibed for DG as 'completed.

But that of some actions? They are everything excellent and, in some chances, exceptional.

Some orchestral works comprise Karajan cycle of digital symphony and Abbado serenades and Hungarian Dances. All am a lot very in fact and give add plasure.

Some Concerts of Piano are together Pollens earlier and a Violin and the Double concerts Mutter is with Karajan. Possibly any plus end in a catalogue but still excellent.

A Music of Fourth is touched for the variety of interpreters all desquels is excellent and the little exceptional (Zukerman and Barenboim in some sonatas of violin and Rostropovich and Serkin in those for cello for example). Also I have enjoyed especially a Lasalle Quartet in some Quartets of Series.

A Music of Piano is very touched for Ugorski, Kempff, Vasary and Barenboim and thoroughly enjoyable.

A Lieder for Fischer-Dieskau, Norman and Barenboim is one of some jewels of this together. Quite ravishing actions, fantastically has registered.

Some works for together vowels receive fine actions like this do a bit few choral works. These are good-looking works and would have to that be better known.

Some final disks contain Brahms' works for heart and orchestra and comprise an excellent action of a Requiem focused for Giulini and some another for Sinopoli that remains among one much more in a catalogue.

In general, one stands out to dip which will give the pleasure adds. This in spite of some notes are simply the listed of clue. It have been a lot if the texts and the translations of some vocal works and the chorals could be be comprise - although this has meant the slightly main prize.
4 / 5
One treating, that directs and registering in this together comprehensible of Brahms row of registers of a lot well the excellent. Some artists comprise some of one the majority of famous names and signalled of a last half century or so much: Karajan, Abbado, Kempff, Pollens, Mutters, and like this on. And ossia so only for an orchestral and works of instrument of the alone.

If you are already familiarised with Brahms, this box will be the way to fill empty in your collection. More notably, although a composer is known more for his symphonies and (to the smallest discharge) fourth and only instrumental music, disks 29-46 of this together of 46 CDs is poured in songs and of the choral works. So that it calm so only know some the majority of famous works, will have to weaves to discover. And it is the composer with that is not still familiarised, this would be the very good investment for years to listen like.