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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
Any subject with time of delivery etc.
has used this the little time now and am wishing has had a 2 version of man now as you can use a burner of alcohol with that a. One bases in east is too down partorisca take clearance partorisca a burner of alcohol, and some feet of hule would melt has tried forest of burn in him.
This resists quite a lot of waters partorisca 2 mugs of caffè, and while a esbit the blockade is enough to take a quite hot water for the hot drink, will not boil it. 1 cup of water will boil, which are adds for caffè when you are calm on is suitable, but love a water to hydrate the lunch, any well.
My little boy is taking to camp and that walked with me now, like this probably will sell this on and take something more quite quickly (possibly a 2 version of man. I will verify some descriptions a lot attentively).
But to take this to do properly for me would require too many modifications.
Shame, 'cos I really liked one looks of of the this, is very small and light, was so only that has looked for, but unfortunately so only could any one quite cut a mustard when it is touched to lose his.

has tried the pair other options of then buying this, and have arrived in a conclusion that that has required all to the long of era fine it-solution of fuel.
To this end has has bought so only he Bushbox.
Ossia A fold of the aluminium was the stove resembled a Firebox, but smaller.
HAS some options for hexamine blockades, burner of alcohols or forest. It disassembles and walk of bands to the little stock exchange of material.
Was the next election go in east and A Stove of Pocket, which packs to beat it a measure of a Altoids has beaten.
In an end has been with A Bushbox because it looks sturdier and more stable, comes WITH the trivet and has a tray of ash for prenderte that burns an earth down.
My boy still uses a Esbit and suitable his interior of need a moment, but the cup taken on of the most spatial plot that a Bushbox, and Has to that spend fuel while I no.
Expects that this calm help was when that considers the stove of only. If there was then known which knows now, would have gone directly for something has taken.
Has the pocolos yours available options in a phase. As mentioned sooner, has A Stove of Pocket (Does In Big Bretagna) which was the very attractive option . Emberlit Have his own version, Vargo a Hex Stove and like this on.
Have verify these was before you yours decision.
Good regime.
5 / 5
Hopefully Has uploaded an image on with the two coin of book and a Westerion Lighter for the comparison of measure. This thing is light weight , packs well and works wonderfully.
Has tried so only he with 300 ml of the cold water and he have come to a boil downwards four minutes. I have used the whole of experience lighter in a tent of surplus of the army, cheeper that a some on here, and could have them/would be necessary has snapped for the half and would have done a same work.

The llamas have come up around a stove like the left a blockade that chairs on a bit recieving box in a chamber to light. And I have said that it would have to that it has used it the half the blockade.

Any reason to boast the will not cook to feed also. It will update a description with which gone back of mine campi9ng travesía in Islanda that this is to be purchase partorisca.

Some blockades will be dipped in the sealable alimentary stock exchange and then inside a stove to reduce a measure of band for hike of mine after reading other descriptions in tainting a flavour of a lunch.

A Definate 5 stars.
4 / 5
Has seen my others the descriptions look for to be so only and balanced, am giving these 3 stars have based in a unit has taken. I will cover an easy a prime minister.

Have fallen of a stars likes 1 of some feet has been missing and 2 of some feet were to lose, a missing foot I found in a stock exchange of point and king-semi-detached and presionado on another 2, now is totally possible that calms will not have this @@subject certainly the person mentioned it more. This relates to build quality although some bosses of cup are certainly securely fixed.

Another reason am falling the star is a poor creation of a stove to do like the shield of wind one before pill has used fracasada to boil 500ml of waters to use to alone pill, a second pill was to meso gone first of a water has boiled. Yes I know the a lot of people are trying with 200ml of water but 'In reality' 200ml is not enough to be useful (for me anyways) has imagined was Youtube of street concealed a subject was a wind , has done the windshield out of the foil of has beaten bent on 4 times for the give rigidity (Date 5') and one finalises bent to the small paste and inserted to another to do the foil of beat hoop 5' big that surrounds a cup has resisted he in place with the clip of paper for a test and there is redone a boil.

In a second try a pot (400ml this time) is coming to a boil in 12 Min and there was still 2 min of life in a Esbit compressed. A pause of wind has taken singed in an interior and is remained cabbage in an outside like this doing his work.

In general some pluses outweigh a minuses and in fact will use like windbreak access inside a cup (for now, a MkII will stick to an outside and be the permanent solution that offered variable ventilation), buys small dish (or use an empty T-Light container, or one of foil of beat) also could feed to use gel. Dragon of fire a (On Amazon) likes the blacks that negotiate of camp. Be conscious that although pills of fuel of Dragon to Shoot technically will do perfectly well liquefy when hot to the equal that will require to be used with the dish/tinfoil solution.

Buys again that knows as it knows now? Yes I considering me a bit pluses really do outweigh a minuses, and but for a harm has gathered the feet would have valued 4 stars.

has found one beats to circulate old ( day of cm) and this has done the world of the difference a lot so only is the second windshield has bitten the fact the true fine stove of fuel, has used a Gel and some Pills of Dragon of the Fire. These do really well. I do not go to annoy doing a small meth the burner how is clearly any one has required. Still to 3 Star but for winner some deficits have listed on the this is resulting the a lot of useful little box of cook, for the days were.
4 / 5
Found can you returned the Sea the Summit X-Short inside a pot of cookery, on a burner.

Has dipped a burner in the plastic stock exchange to prevent it dirtying a pot. Then the stock exchange that contains fuel, parties and brews in a burner. Then a x-hoard and finally a lid.

When Master it brew I hot 200 ml so that it heats quickly, then he brew in a x-hoard and drunk that while another 200 ml is heating for the second brew.
5 / 5
Act a lot well and effectively for travesías short and is a lot compact. (Used by the partner in the travesía) markings is highly useful and is the pleasure to use, also will resist around 6 to 10 hexamine inner of blockades of the fuel he transport slope (according to measure) and can returned the small meths stove if need be. It would recommend to spend some wool of steel of the cookery or to casserole scrubber to take a soot was and any one it surplus pouch or stock exchange small droughts for this stove to the equal that netting pouch comes with east the good ruin with daily use.
A system also does reasonably well with alcohol gel fuels of type and a lot of charcloth.
5 / 5
Luz, easy to clean and done a work. That more is there to say roughly this averts of him is maintaining has taken the permanent place in the mine that camps essentials box.
5 / 5
Has bought this cookset to the equal that has loved the small cookery with to pot and lid that mine returned Snugpak sale of Response like my Crusader cookset any one is returned. It is relatively light for a measure and will boil quite a lot of waters for two regular brews. It is not a fast plus in boiling waters it that it use him compressed of fuel (around 8-12 minutes alfresco partorisca to full pot) but has found that a base could be modded to take the burner of alcohol to the equal that would augment his a lot of efficiency.

In general thinks for a measure and the price & of weight ossia probably one of a more cooksets there inner a moment.
4 / 5
Very done and probably last the lifetime. Compact and easy to spend. No a cookery of the apresamientos to Everest but is a cookery apresamientos for the walk of day or long weekend to the equal that can have the brew.
5 / 5
The folds was to the small container very orderly, easy to transport and light. It looks it it will maintain for years. Compraventa Good
4 / 5
has wanted to this the uses 4 small Highlander blockades and boils my water downwards 4 mins took it to download even cooked with him the investment adds for future cookery and drinks
5 / 5
Bought partorisca festival of Download. The perfect measure the cook can he of soup or espaguetis and boils quite a lot of waters partorisca 2 cups of caffè. Light and compact
5 / 5
Absolutely fantastic. Sturdy And packs small (material of solid fuel in the interior of the stock exchange sealed). You could it wants to do your shield of own wind - the shoot will not exit in all the chance but for a cup to cool because of wind.
4 / 5
awesome Little box for the fast brew when camping . Hard , light, and the sales am gone in the a lot handy door stock exchange. Slightly overpriced but better that to beat of disorder . More looks a biz
5 / 5
This was such the utmost stove and the egg of the cooked bacon and sausages when you camped will require enough the few cubes of the fuel but this was so only such the compraventa utmost. :)
5 / 5
Fantastic knows master one... ive Has used these cariche and he is utmost. The sale was to the ideal of small tiny stock exchange to camp or the bug was.
5 / 5
Another compraventa for my husband and is pleased with him.
4 / 5
Excellently Has done, construction very strong.

Has measured in the pot was a lot of handy. Sales down to the convenient measure.

This in spite of, would say that I found it the little in a small side - final for the brew, no quite big enough for the lunch when has wins!
4 / 5
Ossia At present my cookery of main light camp, perfect for bowling waters for my breakfast and one has dried eats usually volume with me.

Like any hexi the stove is no good for simmering or using in an enclosed space like the porch of tent.
5 / 5
Excellent piece of boxes, partorisca emergency brew box when trace of hill. Compact and light measure does not take on a lot of room in a rucksack.
4 / 5
Well of light stove partorisca cook some months of state when any precise the big fire partorisca maintain warm. It tried it so only it is gone in a rear yard like this far (Without some tabs) really wants to use local material to burn and see any reason because this no .
4 / 5
Has known at all
read other descriptions
Fantastic stove
has Impressed a present recipient the one who knows all
4 / 5
near of Excellent cookery and very light and has used easily. A better basic cookery has not used never and a lot reasonably priced
4 / 5
Excellent cookset. In a small plus has not seen never, and very economic compared the resemblance soyicro' cooksets, which are done typically of titanium, the meaning is cost the bomb. This box is done of aluminium, how is still quite light. There have it plently of interior of room for the few days' value of hexamine pills and the lighter, and there is easily has taken the folding spork and bending plastic cup (Helikon the Swedish army that Cup of Folds) in a cup of a stock exchange.

Some first time cooks something in him, can find the quite acrid smell that is the data was (has to that me the fact does to feel slightly queasy), but after the pair of uses, this smell no longer arrives . As it suggests that it breaks in before you go to camp with him.

The look of tiny pot (585ml), but more than quite big to resist has beaten rule to feed (400ml).

Would recommend to maintain a stand of pot inside the plastic stock exchange when it is packed inside a pot, to avert scrolling of hexamine residue to an interior of a pot.
5 / 5
Well I have ordered this cook dips accidentally when exploring using the pill of small screen. I thought that it that it had moved partorisca down when in fact it has had paste 'a compraventa of click'. When A stove has arrived partorisca have @@give that this was one of my better deceptions. A together integer is fact very good and among the point spends stock exchange. I have had an occasion to have the game with him. It has taken 5 minutes to boil cold water (environmental temp. 20C) bear to say a time will augment like this of the drops of temperature. I have used 1/2 a 'exercised @@subject hexi blockade of some bands of rat more than a esbit own mark. I also experimented with the tea light day before. With which in an hour has spent a temperature of water until approx 60C. This does this in spite of radiate hot and could be used in this way like a heater of emergency in the small tent (does not forget a ventilation) but has frozen thinks that it would take a casualidad. He also works with the burner of alcohol or trangia burner. With a main burner has to that create a pot on a base or some starts of llama. I have used 3 bulldog clips in an upper flange and [situated a short on him. One calls 'flat' around a cup so much clock was for a hule has has covered bosses!!! With a burner of alcohol is like this quickly like my trangia to boil water.

Will be to use this so that my only source to cook for only outings because of this light , versatility & of durability. It would take the main cookery 2 or more the people have trusted in calm for lunch and of the hot drinks.

In summing up am extremely happy with cost of mine accidentel and would recommend it whole heartedly.
5 / 5
Ossia The lovely stove adds that it is compact, light and effective. Used this in the recent wildcamp in a mournes and has taken a hexamine pill approx 12mins to boil 450mls. Really it likes that of light and compress this stove is like this the help maintains hanged down in hikes of day along and at night camps. It would like to buy something more powerful eg: Jetboil for winter and camps more along the walks but this stove is the bit adds of boxes.
4 / 5
Has used this long when it was and has had a lot of the good lunch cooked on that. Utilisation the burner of alcohol with him and does the sleep. Well value of the money and would buy them this mark again. Easy to clean and well has done.
5 / 5
Thinks that ossia a better little stove of camp for the light hiking there is for a money. I addapted mine to take a small program a blockade of chairs of fuel in that then leaves the stove of alcohol of small penny (Goes Youtube) to be used. Works to treat it. Very light and easy to the band was. Of course it could it have upgraded to a main version that comes with his stove of own alcohol ... But they are tight and has loved to maintain light of things.
For a money his well.
4 / 5
An a lot of the container has built a lot of fact of anodised the aluminium he economic plus that unit of titanium looked. Unfortunately using esbit the tabs does not resupply quite hot to produce that it boils water. It opts for the Mini Trangia cookset instead. If it has required a meths the stove can be substituted with the lid of polish of the shoe and esbit/hexamine tabs.

Update 11/12/13
arrived to return to this unit to verify yes can be improved with the different type of stove.
Has take a esbit title of pill (just file of a kerb of aluminium) and this augments a base the height of pot.
This leaves a evernew stove of alcohol of the titanium to be used. A full pot of the water now can be boiled.
Like an alternative a trangia gel burner now access in neatly in a base and that use gel4 the fuel is the very effective boiling and simmering half.
A fact of good character and compress cookset is now the very real option.
5 / 5
The piece adds of boxes: upper tip-fuel of dragon of the fire of blockades of use so the averages the heats of blockade on half container to do the cup of tea in of the seconds. Some May messy but very effective: in fact it boils a liquid. It has dipped the piece of metal down to contain spillages. Perfecto for festival to download where gas canisters is forbidden.
4 / 5

  写真3枚目のやかんと湯沸かし競争している写真を見ていただければわかると思うのですが、左側のなんだか似たような形のゴトクスタンド、たぶん作ってるOEM先が同じなのでしょうけれど、ぴったり使えます。これにより、少しだけ夢が広がりました。だけど付属のEsbit のほうが使い勝手は良いです。





5 / 5
Seit einigen Jahren koche ich mir auf Touren meinen Tee dipped dem Level Taschenklappkocher und einer Edelstahltasse. It is sollte jetzt bad Was neues heart.
Generell Hat mich die Qualität von diesem Kocher überzeugt. Gut verarbeitet und durchdacht konstruiert. Ich dachte allerdings durch Give konstruktionsbedingten Windschutz wäre Given Kochleistung besser. It has given passt aber einfach nicht zur Größe. Füllt The man gives Becher place kaltem Wasser (400) ml voll, braucht man mindestens zwei Esbit-Taps an is zoom kochen zu bringen. Daher ist Give Stövchen eher für given gemütlichen unter some geeignet.

Ich werde wohl auf Gas wechseln ...
5 / 5
Ich Cube im Order regelmäßig place Rad und Zelt unterwegs, meist von einem Campingplatz zoom anderen. Sozusagen als Upgrade Zoom herkömmlichen Klappkocher, Gives man vlt. noch aus Bundeswehrzeiten kennt, habe ich mir has given has Dipped gekauft a unterwegs Fertiggerichte zu erwärmen. Man kann ganz einfach give Inhalt give Dose/Packung/Fertiggericht give (sehr schicken) Topf geben und unter stetigem Umrühren heißmachen. Ich empfehle hierbei Given kleineren Esbitwürfel, gives has given besser zu 'dosieren' sind man of falls nur erwärmen und nicht gleich kochen .
Zoom Kochen von Wasser für Tee/Kaffee braucht Man entsprechend viel Brennstoff, geht aber auch. Dafür habe ich mir Has given Kocher allerdings nicht gekauft!
Ich The cube dipped dem has Dipped rundrum zufrieden, gives Aufsatz für give Topf hat ebenso wie give Topf selber einen separaten Netzbeutel, und ersterer passt platzsparend give eigentlichen Topf, sodass is auch kein nerviges Klappern gibt.
Macht Spaß, ist klein, leicht und erfüllt seinen Zweck.
Wer ganze Mahlzeiten selber zubereiten , eine Bratpfanne oder flache, breite Gefäße für Suppen, Eintöpfe und Soßen verwenden oder ggf. sogar größere Mengen Flüßigkeiten kochen möchte, dem empfehle ich eher Systeme wie Give Spiritusbrenner von Trangia or.ä.
4 / 5
Wer für unterwegs einen sicheren Kocher sucht ist Yesterday genau richtig. Klein, leicht und funktionell. Zoom erhitzen von Dosensuppe oder Wasser für Kaffee,Tee, Instandgerichten hervorragend geeignet (zu arg viel mehr allerdings nicht - braten fällt dipped Esbit flach). Einziger Wehmutstropfen ist Gives relativ hohe Preis für Esbitwürfel - unbedingt einen Windschutz mitnehmen (ein Stück Alufolie geht zur Any auch) sonst steigt gives Brennstoffverbrauch drastisch a. It has dipped einem 14g Würfel kann man 500 ml Wasser, bei sommerlichen Temperaturen, erhitzen. Insgesamt ist Gives kochen place Spiritus deutlich günstiger, effizienter und gives Brennstoff deutlich einfacher zu beschaffen - wer allerdings auf Wanderungen nur bad etwas warmes braucht und keine piritusbömbchen' im Rucksack mitschleppen möchte ist yesterday allerbestens versorgt.
4 / 5
This popote is partorisca Create them Play the utilisation that has, is partorisca say : do bouillir of the person of games of the water joined (lunch liophilisés and soups) during big randonnée in autonomy. It is very light, and The utilisation and the transports give pastilles esbit is simple (the aeroplane comprised). This in spite of this is not has adapted game 'cook', lucido gas or essense is advised more the game gives cuissons more along or intense. And The Llama not being very intense lucida the ventilation sometimes can be uncomfortable, but with the habit is seldom a question.
4 / 5
I really wantes partorisca love this idea.. It has done but it has taken alot of time 2 tabs and paintbrush partorisca burn to do waters boils. Some of some tabs wouldnt the same burn when dipped in a direct llama of a campfire.
Has found the cooked more in a campfire that using a fund of stove. I have ordered 2 initially it will be partorisca return one.
4 / 5
Nach Gives ersten Einsätzen unter durchwachsenen Witterungsbedingungen yesterday give erste Fazit:
Gives Kocher Hat wie angegeben ein kleines Packmaß. Durch Quotes beiden Meschtaschen klappert er nicht im Rucksack. It is passt sogar meine Falttasse oben has dipped partorisca Give Beutel. It gives Esbit-Verbrauch ist nicht Like schlimm, wie nach einigen Rezensionen yesterday befürchtet, gives mag aber auch will give gelegen haben, dass ich grundsätzlich einen kleinen Aluminiumwindschutz has dipped meinen Kochern verwende.

Gives Volume ist genau richtig für eine Present, sowohl a Wasser zu erhitzen, als auch a kleine Mahlzeiten unterwegs zu kochen. Durch Quotes Markierung innen und außen kann quotes of man Wassermenge genau einfüllen, was letztendlich auch Brennstoff spart.

Dies Reinigung war einfach, ich habe ein altes Buff dips give Topf gepackt. Damit kann Man direkt nach Gebrauch gives Topf abspülen und trocknen, ersatzweise auswischen. It gives Boden give Topfs kann Man a feuchtem Fat noch vor Ort reinigen, ebenso give Stövchen. Abtrocknen, einpacken und weiter geht Is.
4 / 5
Ossia The decent little stove and cook of tucks near amiably.

Like state of description, cubes of precise burn to feeds wants to take any real heat. This takes expensive and adds hanged. I have been achieved adding place very small to help take a heat on besides fast and if not to impose you feeding a calm fire constantly can use piece of the cube to feed to start with a fire and he then maintains to add twigs.

Like another reviewer has declared, some legs are too much after together and with anything of the diameter more adds siting in a stove is very easy to attack a whole thing on.

For a money there is some options that you probably would be better was with, stoves that has been built so that a cube of fuel is used specifically like the judge of start for stir small. As such ploughing to add the fuel is main.
4 / 5
Luz, little that uploads, the measure Touches 3 fat cups of café or 2 bols of soup
little use with giving zips of allumage barbecue much less onéreux that his cartouches of the mark
4 / 5
have done the error has the data has thought that it was bigger, mine is exactly graziosa and practical that have decided has given to have he in each chance. Light, Announce a price contained and has given good bill. In 450 ml has given water, alas, any one can cook a lot of the pietanze ( like this can call) that spends usually in mine hiking. Often, it laughs it requires 600 ml has given water. Neither I Noodles go in, reasons the circumference is tightened and would have to spezzettarli. Optimum For the 'hairs of angel spezzettati', dry paste that he cooks in a minute. However, it Goes well like this!
4 / 5
Habe Gives Kochset ausprobiert. 300 ml Wasser haben In 7 Minuten sprudelnd gekocht. Allerdings hatte ich einen großen Esbitblock und noch Has embezzled rd. 15 Minuten Brennzeit, Gives the man gives Esbit ja nicht löschen kann. Kaum Rückstände, gives Topf sehr handlich und gut festzuhalten. Nur Gives Deckel bleibt beim einschütten Gives Wassers nicht gives wo er heart soll, wenn the man gives are Rand festklippen . Verpackung alles schön handlich ineinander zu stecken - wenig Platzeinnahme und sehr leicht alles. Ich Cube zufrieden und gespannt auf gives Echteinsatz.
5 / 5
Has bought Games of the cyclo-camping, those suffices the game joins alone person.
The popote contains 500ml and any 585ml
has Declared the environmental temperature joined of 19°C without ventilation
500ml to water heated to 80°C with 3 sweep of 4g ESBit in 15mn. Very Corrected.
Well Touches to heat café, tea, chocolate and hydrater he lyophilisé, but no more.
Attention : according to the opinion, any never added of the salt in the water.
Together : manufacture or buy One take it the ventilation touches the outside, if it does not heat risks to be interminable
4 / 5
did not use it still, bought it reason often do travesías of street in of the mountains in winter and has has wanted to something portable to cook oats and tea to mark if the streets have closed. It is quell'has bitten big that the softball when packed up and goes him to control n stock exchanges of teas and interior of bands of the oat how is perfect for that.

Top Customer Reviews: Esbit 985ml Stove ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
So only gone back partorisca use this camping.
Has substituted a smaller version the one who had used them partorisca the few years, A foot had fallen off of a last a, the question another has mentioned of this mark.
Could not be annoyed partorisca do the new foot out of the ray, a quite easy fijamente.
Has used so only he with solid fuel (blockades) has done really well.
That would have been he better would have been the separate lid for a main pot to maintain a caffè/feed soul whilst has used them a cup like the cup.
Global am them really happy with him.
So only verified and a lid of a Esbit 585ml is way too small.
5 / 5
Has ordered so much a steel and hard-anodized versions of aluminium, both am a lot well, simple in concept and to a point. Prefer a system of steel. Some bosses of the pot of the aluminium is riveted was a steel is soldato. A together of aluminium has an extra has bitten, the stand for gone inner for pills of fuel. Some feet in both is fastened to a base of a section of cookery has seen rays, this would do an easy'ish upgrade to substitute some feet with the spikes that enables the plus in planting more take company in an earth. Nizza Has bitten of boxes.
5 / 5
Maintains to import that there are stoves of alcohols there for the fraction of a prize. Admitted, ossia at least a little main quality, but a concept is very simple and this looks class of expensive now that I have it. Components of patterned aluminium and the little burner of brass. A manufacture would owe that be quite economic like the prize would owe that be consistently economic.

Good arrival in some surfaces of metal.
Extremely compact and light creation.

Takes roughly 20-30 minutes to boil a -800ml the pot but any stove of alcohol will take this longitude I supposition.
Some sleeves celery bit it economic, but these are still better that some súper economic boxes that takes in a discount that negotiate of camps.
In this prize, to the looks like would have to that dip bounce of him of fuel of small metal in a box also.

Has been tried so only the give 4 stars, but @give that it is better that an economic some. It likes- one arrived of some metals. I will see like this it resists up in my travesías of future camping and modify this consistently.
5 / 5
Ossia touhger That I thoucght has been using he with the titanium spork and for the date there is not lined a surfice
active prefured an option to buy with the lid opposed one the small casserole , this has said my emergancy access of ramen niceley
4 / 5
Some excellent small cookset, this can use solid hexy blockades or geles fuel, he doing more versatile, the cup of big cookery, with the small plus a, which has done like the lid, & a together integer is to store in the stock exchange of point.... For a prize, is excellent
5 / 5
walks of cycle of the Day or the weeks that camp so only. It uses calm that will want to!
5 / 5
The one who the wonderful piece of boxes. This stove will last me for years and of the years, a work well, feels durable and the sales was amiably. Used this roughly 15 times now and is always the pleasure.
5 / 5
Has bought he for my partner and loves it, took it camping and when it has walked. Lights easily and does the good 2 or 3 mugs of tea.
5 / 5
Does perfectly included in of the windy conditions, very light and dry cleaned , would have to has bought these ages
5 / 5
Looked well and has packed on a lot of compact. Found the to be bit it unstable and upper weighed in a once fill up herb with water. We use pills of the fuel but I think it would do better use a refillable the burner of oil comes with
4 / 5
Amur This little stove, bought like the present and very satisfied. I add that it takes 2 classes of fuel. A lot compact and light. The hard looks that spends too much. The time will say.
5 / 5
I like this, is in his point has measured that amiably in mine racksack when it was and roughly.
5 / 5
Adds little stove will buy again aim packed well and my house punctually.
4 / 5
The portable compact cookery fantastic takes it a lot where the law adds I amour he
5 / 5
the piece Adds of boxes, esbrit the excellent burner a lot quickly 1ltr waters roughly 7mins (right conditions).
Something of delivery on, would have to be in the each only campers rucksack,although so only like this emergency behind on
5 / 5
the box Adds well has done has used the the little time now any complaint. ..
4 / 5
Such the good piece of boxes. It tries It To them with a burner of the alcohol and an inner full pot have boiled 10 minutes. Easy to clean and the bands was goos. It comes with the handy sleave partorisca dip it everything in.
5 / 5
Can use tabs of solid fuel (any one would have to that be a lot but there is so only has taken a 'pertinent some' & needs to revise them), meths or anything like the yes desperate twigs, This versatility gives it a flange in the gas cookery, although the gas is cleaned more & possibly more economic him him the good stove. Amur A fact that can an interior of what learns more load of tabs partorisca feed & more besides. More, is quite light for more than people, would say. So only those that look for ultra lights of travesía would opt for titanium instead. It was also quite easy to clean. First time have been he was, has forgotten to take an inferior part to dip a tab to feed on (doh!), As it has had to use a lid to the rovescio & has burned a fuel in a base of him. When I am coming house , I chipped has been solidified molten tab of the fuel with the blunt knife & has then registered a rest was & is looking next pristine!
5 / 5
Has Bought this like the present for my partner, which love travesía and am them very pleased
the also wants to appreciate to a reviewer the one who has said has required them to buy «Esbit compressed of fuel (Hexie)» to complete a present !
A lot useful!
5 / 5
Has used he with some methylated spirit and has taken around 15 minutes to boil 600ml of water. To good sure need the screen of wind like the stand does not resupply any one a lot in a way to protect of a wind, and of here dissipates a heat out of a pot.
5 / 5
The no required instruction - easy to use - advise tests he in a cookery partorisca partorisca take his use -
has dipped a lisle one on a big a partorisca cook accelerate or the cookery that reduces a fuel has burned ... Useful tip .
5 / 5
Touches the stove of light weight partorisca camp, this can use Meths or solid blockades, did not use it still but looks partorisca be until a work, and adds for a prize.
4 / 5
This little stove is brilliant for one for camps of prejudices or has included the longitude walker. I have used this on one. 5 travesía of day and does a good work. Utilisation have dipped in a burner and take the 7 min boils! Perfecto for loan has done to camp lunch or of the water For the caffè/of tea. It does not use some pills of fuel but always take for the backup. I finalise to return of the festival and has used this all the weekend, again the brilliant stove!

A thing.... I take the small discharge to cook foil with me (light and perfect weight little pause of wind )!
5 / 5
Has arrived a lot quickly,quite expensive, any used still so only drawback was that a headline of the pill so only has three legs. It could take for without another leg but this that can do thats reasons the ees so only estimated to the equal that to three star.
4 / 5
Produced really well, the subject only is a prize in my opinion but if your ready to paid that you will not be unsatisfied
4 / 5
has bitten it credit of boxes to have with you on the days am gone in some car beats that takes the flask for the hot drinks so only the on one something. Quite small to be easily spent in the band of day.
5 / 5
WOW, The element has been purchased like valentines present for husband, has arrived first of time, packed really well. My husband Is pleased like this with a stove and that looks forward to travesías of punctual planned camping. A stove can be used with Methylated spirit or solid fuel - create utmost.
The bands Was neatly and is light to spend in own little pouch.
Thank you.
4 / 5
Has bought like the option of light cookery for when it was am camping or the cycle that visits and he a work perfectly. Some bands of stove a lot his room to leave for the cloth of more cleaned, some pills of solid fuel, and the few stock exchanges of teas. If I am using a burner of alcohol takes among 8 to 12 mins to boil the full casserole (800 ml thinks) and uses in means of a fuel in a burner, has tried a small plus of a two esbit pills of fuel and looked to take more along, requiring three of them to do a work, but was around 2c in that then as I can be be unfair to them.

A screen of small wind around a stove done the big difference and take you the long lighter as when a burner is in one his stove the tad fiddly to achieve.

While the the ones of the east of reasonable expectations is the bit adds of boxes, you wont cook a dinner of Sunday in the May but the down small bands and will take you drunk and of the hot lunches when calm the precise.
5 / 5
Has taken my cookset today and has had the game with him in my cookery that boils 500ml of water. A meths the law of burner adds but a pot is not presenting the big quite zone to surface to a llama to be effective. I have used meths and esbit a lot of time and has been disappointed roughly that time a cookery has taken to boil a water. This in spite of, a main complaint is that as it disassembled a stove one of some plastic feet are fallen off. It was impossible the reattach that. Looking on Youtube resulted it obvious that has not been an only person to have has had this question. They are retuning a stove to the amazon and there is refunded my money.
5 / 5
Really slow to boil waters it and will require lid on. Mark sure purchases a big more sized pills. A ESBIT some are expensive with delivery up. The fuel is better and the little faster. Utilisation a correct fuel (meths) for burner. The LOOK does not use Coleman fuel is more the essence has based. To the left it says it that could begin was with the small llama but early results the little uncomfortable. A description now comprises meths like the fuel felizmente. If you are limited for spatial and the weight is a @@subject probably well for the cup of tea or soup. If it love anything more a lot limited. If you are going to the long trip which is quell'has bitten far and is using fuel. Calm probably container of fuel of the need that is quell'has bitten stronger that a plastic one among and this will add to the weight spends. The good point is that it is compact and has done amiably.
5 / 5
An a lot of well, the place of small cook partorisca 1 or 2 people when you need to save in spatial and hanged. Some careers of neighbours of the cook in Esbit pills of fuel (Hexie), the alcohol or the shavings of small forest have run you out of some another! I did not try it still but you look also it can use Biological fuel?

A boil-in-the-stock exchange (can so only apt 2 stock exchanges in there) took around 10 - 12 minutes with alcohols, while podes shield he of a wind!

He uses the foreigner of hot, ( has flown mine of a woman) partorisca cook on, in your tent
(alcohol/of alcohol SO ONLY - NO HEXIE INSIDE YOUR TENT), can remain you warm and dry in your tent with this cookery.

Would be more be happy he:

1. Some pots where done of Stainless Steel
2. It has had also another small stock exchange partorisca a cookery, as his interior of accesses some pots (partorisca maintain some clean pots)

These are signal very small , as I am not never happy!
5 / 5
Does well with solid fuel or with meths. It can use the small gas stove the srew on cylinder (small) access inside a pot.
4 / 5
Amazing cookset. State useing mine partorisca some last 5 years and his probably my favourite piece of boxes of camp. Also a Gerti Gundel Windy Lid of Silicone 12 CM returns he something on like this he yours looking for an adds on. I have thought always a lid was kinda that loses of a together.
4 / 5
This is to be buy like the present partorisca my edges those who is very pleased with his present. It would recommend it to all desires Monica.
5 / 5
Has bitten really credit of the boxes 👍 cooks well and is compact to spend. I have been surprised by a quantity partorisca feed could return to a big pot, could does not finalise all have been stuffings 🙂
5 / 5
has taken this like the light easy little stove partorisca the winter that the camps also have the jetboil im comparison ossia alot slower but still fact very good and has something abit more roughly the one who a jetboil the sound adds partorisca the brew but need the little protect of law of wind of foil of beat it well. The piece adds of boxes on all and súper economic to run : )
5 / 5
Habe mir gives conjoint zugelegt gives ich als Gespannfahrer (the bicycle dipped Beiwagen) auch oft sehr früh oder sehr spät im Jahr unterwegs cube und mir dabei schon oft gives Wunsch nach einer heißen Compresses Tee give Sinn gekommen ist.

Bei meinen Recherchen und nicht zuletzt durch Quotes Neuanschaffung eines Kollegen (Original Trangia give schwedischen Armee) würde ich neugierig und erinnerte mich one gives Kochset von Esbit dass mir gives Öfteren ins Summit gestochen ist.

Zur Auswahl gab Is entweder Anodisiertes Aluminium, Edelstahl oder anodisiertes the aluminium dipped antihaftbeschichtung.
Letzteres Faithful raus gives is mir dann doch zu teuer War als wurde zur Auswahl Variant 1 und zwei bestellt.

Beide Dips sind von gives Verarbeitung hoards jedoch liegt mir gives Edelstahlset besser gives the man is einfacher reinigen kann (dazu später).

Gives Edelstahlset trat dann gestern In einem Direktvergleich gegen gives Trangia-dipped meines Kollegen a.
Die Aufgabe 750ml Wasser zoom kochen bringen, dazu gab is 70ml Ethanol of reign (besser dipped 10 Wasser verdünnen gegen gives Ruß). Natürlich Dipped geschlossenem Deckel und ohne Flammenragulator (oder wie sich Gives Teil schimpft).
Quotes Kocher schafften die bei optimalen Bedingungen in 11:15min (Esbit) und 12:00 (Trangia) wobei gives Zeitunterschied will give liegen mag dass gives Trangia Brenner aus wesentlich dickerem Material besteht, größer ist und somit zoom vorheizen länger braucht one in optimum data Brennphase zu kommen.

Beim Verbrauch Crash sich Gives jedoch ganz anders gives, yesterday lag unterlag give Esbit dipped 35ml dem Trangia gives nur 23ml.
Gives Unterschied liegt Ohl auch Yesterday One gives the mass gives Brenners gives sich dieser nicht like this hard erwärmt und dementsprechend gives Brennstoff weniger Gas produziert.
Daraus ergeben sich noch zwei Aspekte Man of data berücksichtigen sollte:
Gives Esbit-Kocher ist (aus meiner Sicht) bei kalten Temperaturen zuverlässiger zu zünden und er kommt auch has dipped sehr unzureichendem Brennstoff zurecht ( ich habe ihn bad spaßeshalber has dipped 70 isopropanol befüllt dass gerade rumstand und nach ein wenig Überredungskunst lief er aus damit! Die Effizienz is bad dahingestellt!)

Als Ergänzung wird mein Conjoint später noch einen original Trangia Brenner bekommen a ihn im Order zu verwenden und eben sparsamer unterwegs zu heart.

Zoom Thema reinigen;
Mein Gedanke beim Kauf War, dass sich quotes Edelstahltöpfe besser reinigen lassen dürften als given hartanodisierte Variant.
Nun reinigen lassen sie sich Hoards, selbst die Verfärbungen verschwinden has dipped einem Klecks Scheuermilch schnell und rückstandslos.
Beim reinigen Gives Unterbaus gab is dann aber Die große Überraschung; die hartanodisierte Oberfläche lässt sich mindestens genauso gut reinigen! Sämtlicher Ruß War Nacht einem waschgang has dipped Spülmittel und einer Bürste verschwunden.

Gives gesamte Conjoint ist sehr kompakt; it gives Brenner dipped Unterbau kommt zuerst in ein Packnetz und dann gives großen topf, darauf gives Deckel und alles zusammen gives große Netz... fertig!
Likes ist alles extrem kompakt und hat of man sogar noch etwas Platz gives give Deckel/kleine hoards praktisch read bleibt (yesterday könnte man Feuerzeug, Topfschwamm oder Besteck Unterbringen).

Obwohl sich Gives eigentliche Grund für Damage Kauf gives Edelstahlsets erübrigt hatte bleibe ich bei gives Entscheidung weil is einfach schon optisch sehr edel daherkommt und mir Quotes wenigen Gramm Mehrgewicht nichts ausmachen.

Alles In allem finde ich gives conjoint absolut klasse!

-sehr Gut durchdacht und konstruiert
-sehr gute Verarbeitung (besonders given Edelstahltöpfe)
-schön kompakt gives alles give Töpfen Platz findet
-data Leistung ist hoards

-give Verbrauch ist im Vergleich zu einem Original Trangia ziemlich hoch
-ein drittes Packnetz für gives Brenner selbst wäre toll gewesen

Ein zwei tips noch;
Wickelt gives Brenner in ein kleines Baumwolltuch like klappert er nicht und hat of man eine Art Topflappen dabei.
Zoom zünden verwende ich eines dieser billigen kleinen wiederverwendbaren „Streichhölzer“ Dates normalerweise place Feuerzeugbenzin betankt werden aber zur Any sollte is auch ein Tropfen Ethanol tuen.
5 / 5
Active, the power calorifico of a hornillo of the alcohol always will be but down that one of gas or essence, has been a compraventa of round, in the first place the neighbour occupies súper little, with fill custody he of alcohol takes some 43 minutes in eating entirely, I use of the 96 %, the pot and sarten edges pequeñitas, I to the heat beats and do the paste go a lot well, goodness very big of this crew is that you can cook inside the tent of campaign, with essence or gas any one can for the heat and gas, comes a lot good protejido and in a pair of found of point, the only paste partorisca dip something is that debeis island a bit bases it so that any one burns the cloth, but any one heats in surplus the fund of the together.
5 / 5
Habe Gives Kocher hauptsächlich für meine Wanderungen und Fahrradfahrten angeschafft.
Sleeps schlägt er sich tadellos. Größere Mengen Essen wie auch Wasser erhitzt er wirklich schnell. Habe zugegebenermaßen mir noch ein Stück Alu-The Lacking madness müssen, damit bei given of Wind Hitze bleibt wo sie hin soll.

Gives Topf ist leicht zu reinigen und bietet ausreichen Stauraum, Gives man nutzen sollte a ein klappern zu verhindern. Würde jederzeit wieder Given Edelstahl Variant auswählen, auch wenn sie leicht schwerer ist.

Ich hatte zuerst aufgrund einiger bedenken wegen Gives Spiritus give kleineren Kocher has dipped Trockenbrennstoff besorgt. Weniger wegen Gives auslaufen, eher weil ich has dipped meinem Sohn (3) öfters unterwegs cube und im Eifer gives Gefechtes vielleicht schnell bad data falsche Flasche gegriffen werden könnte. Auch dafür gibt Is súper Lösungen. Beispielsweise Die Flasche Trangia in Signalfarbe und place besonderem Verschluss.
Somit habe ich mir dann doch Gives Spirituskocher besorgt.

Bei Gives Trockenbrennstoff Ausführung kann ich nur von abraten. Zu teuer , ungenügender Wirkungsgrad und zu umständlich , Die Tabletten queen zu fummeln.

Nehmt Gives Spiritus Kocher. It gives ist Corazón Geld wert.
5 / 5
Esbit Spirituskocher Spiritus-Trockenbrennstoff-Kochset:
Gehärtetes Aluminium, Betrieb entweder has dipped Spiritusbrenner (ist dabei) oder place Esbittablette.
Eine Pfanne Has dipped vernünftig füllbaren 300ml und ein Topf has dipped 800ml.
Packmaß 14,7 x 12,8 cm (winzig), 417 g (gives ist echt leicht), kostet neu knapp 40 Taler.

Aluminium of days ist ziemlich dünn, wirkt alles aber trotzdem sehr stabil.
Quotes harte Schutzschicht scheint súper zu heart, füht sich wertig a.
Gives Brenner ist dicht verschraubbar, Hat abwechselnd große und kleine Düsenlöcher und eine Regulier/Löschkappe.
Zusätzlich gibts für Esbittabletten noch So that any Art Podest.
Schönes Detail: it gives Topf hat eine kleine Nase zoom Ausgießen, was auch sehr schön funktioniert und innen geprägte ml-Eichstriche.
The harp dates werden im Betrieb nicht heiss.
Nicht Like this schön: Ineinandergestapelt klappert alles ein bischen, weil nicht fest arretiert, gives muss ich wohl noch ein Tuch und any kleine Spiritusflasche reinpacken - Platz ist noch gives.

Tries dipped 800ml kaltem Leitungswasser und 90%igem Spiritus, place Pfanne als Deckel:
Dampft nach 13min und brodelt nach 16min, auf gives Topfboden sind nur minimum Verfärbungen, kein Ruß.

Fazit: Für Does not compress Kaffe unterwegs oder any Dose Futter scheint gives ziemlich súper zu heart.
Wie bei allen Spirituskochern muss Man wohl auf Windschutz achten, gives give Brennergestell wenig davon bietet.

Top Customer Reviews: Esbit Stainless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
I love it: the simplicity combined and the functionality come joint to do an excellent product.

Does well with my regular election of burners of alcohol (so much a Trangia and the DIY stove of penny) in of the twenty big with nary the quibble. I have it quell'has used also he with esbit cubes the one who read a lot well, this in spite of is the little messy partorisca my flavour but I certainly will use on my ultralight travesías!

Is light, functional and simple: it maintains a wind of the your burner and resists your pot/mug dondequiera - that more could ask?

My ONLY complaint is a prize - fallen for 25 (was £20 when I have bought he) and could be in partorisca the winner!
4 / 5
Fantastic spouse, trangia access of burner perfectly like this done a trangia gel burner. A stock exchange is good and sturdy also.
Stanley cookset and access of press of the caffè on the this the difference of a trangia triangle that need the trivet. Ossia That shines👌🏻

Only negative, any tab has distributed. A pair would have been well. It aims him in a photo but a small impression says that they are not distributed, misleading and poor announcing! -1 star
5 / 5
Light stove - has used he with both the trangia and a esbit burner. His both return a stove, but a esbit to one this slightly better likes simmer of the coverage has the boss in that the easiest fact the sado out of a llama without in of the calm llamas. Aiming a Trangia simmer the coverage is the subject a bit risked like this there is limited spatial to fall he in without having your hand in a llama.
Good Light stove.
4 / 5
Adds little stove that hanged afterwards to at all and the cup taken on of any room in the pocket. Personally I am using with a Esbit meths burner, which clips in place of a tray partorisca resist the tab of solid fuel. This creates more bulk, but time partorisca burn longer. With tabs partorisca feed really have the pocket of shirt dips up.
5 / 5
.....Which is light and fast.
Compact, light and works with the trangia stove. It finds that the windshield is required in of the twenty strong, another that that it is idea needs the any cookery of system of fuss that the just heats/boils water. A pot of wide based cookery better work that the big presionar one because of offering the zone has heated main. One a kettle of litre is ideal.
5 / 5
Adds windshield and stand of pot for my days to walk was. Trangia Accesses the side but some subjects was after a stand is hot result has developed slightly leaving a rim of a burner to slip an empty that has touched then a burner. Fast and easy solution was the to dip the tent peg in the each side to resist some sides in place during any expansion. Perhaps a Esbit the burner is the slighty better access in some spaces and can not suffer a subject of expansion.

Really compact and measure of pocket.
5 / 5
Incredibly light and compact hexi stove. I add for ultralight cookery.
4 / 5
A stove is very light. I have been bent in that taken the stove of titanium, but this really is quite light that are not fussed is stainless steel . There is not any pin or complex parts to gather a stove for use. It takes the bit of dexterity partorisca dipped that joint, but any science of rocket.

Does not use some tabs of solid fuel with east, reason does not like to like a soot of of tabs on my pot. Utilisation a Trangia stove of alcohol with east. A flange of a Trangia access of stove to some three spaces in a Esbit perfectly. A subject only has is that a simmer coverage of a Trangia stove, when open, no quite apt inside a triangle. This is not the question if so only am using a simmer coverage the sado out of a llama. But master use a simmer coverage to reduce a llama, then results the question .

In general, would recommend this product. Has a flexibility to use compresses of solid fuel, or stove of alcohol like Trangia with him. It is very light.
4 / 5
Bei Verwendung Has dipped einem Spiritusbrenner wird the data Knows etwas fummelig, gives give Brenner fest eingesteckt werden muss. Wenn Gives Brenner bereits gefüllt ist, muss the man gives eingesteckten Brenner von has extended halten, a oben gives Deckel abzuschrauben. Ist Gives eingesteckte Brenner has read, muss man genau zielen, one gives Brenner zu befüllen. Beim Trangia Triangle ist dies dipped gives ringförmigen Halterung besser gelöst.
4 / 5
Sehr flexibel einsetzbarer und praktisch auseinanderbaubar, aber leider ziemlich scharfe Kanten, A denen man sich leicht bad ritzt. Meinem Sohn gebe ich Gives nicht The hand of data. Wer aber vorsichtig Has dipped umgeht, Hat einen platzsparenden, soliden Kocher für alles Mögliche.
5 / 5
Lässt sich sowohl Has dipped Esbit-/ Spiritus-Tabletten als auch dipped Trangia-Spirituskocher (und baugleichen Spirituskochern) betreiben. Of the ganze bei nur minimalem Packmaß und geringem Gewicht. Bietet auch Zoom Kochen has dipped dem EUA-Feldflaschen-Becher ausreichend Auflagefläche. Die mitgelieferte Etuitasche ist robust und funktionsgerscht. Ein minimalistisch aufgebautes Gerät, vielseitig In giving Handhabung und dabei auch noch schön anzusehen. Damit macht Man nichts falsch.
5 / 5
Is light resistant is Compatible with the stove of alcohol trianga rellenable partorisca bronze if any one wants to spend he with solid pills hanged less escencial to cook or heat something in saw them highland or
4 / 5
Perfects dual fuel (alcohol or solid tabs) solution for a ultralight rear packer or minimalist camp. Mate this up with the cup of the titanium or the pot have covered small and the beer can stove of the alcohol and you have a perfect solution for hot drinks and to animate water for the freezing/dehydrated-eaten of the trail has dried. Works well in all the temperatures.
4 / 5
Eigentlich ist Gives Produkt relativ Gut. It is ist leicht, schnell aufzubauen, bietet meinem Spirituskochen einen sicheren Still und give Packmaß ist minimum.
Nachteile sind, gives Becher steht nicht wirklich sicher auf dem Kocher und rutscht langsam runter, wenn gives Kocher nur ein bischen schieflage Hat. Auch bei gradem Stand, muß man ab und zu gives Stand überprüfen, weil durch quotes Bläschenbildung im kochenden Wasser gives Becher leicht bewegt wird.
Zweiter Nachteil ist, dass er doch für has given sehr geringe Materialaufwand und leider etwas scharfkantige Verarbeitung, ziemlich teuer ist.

Aber für Minimalisten, the data dipped wenig Gewicht ein wenig Windschutz aufbauen wollen, ist er brauchbar.
4 / 5
Has bought this to pair with my Trangia stove of alcohol to the equal that can resist the smallest pots that a Trangia has beaten of Triangle. Fact wonderfully. Fast setup, extremely light and compact, rugged, returns perfectly in a comprised sturdy pouch. Only downside is that it is the bit pricey but is a lot of value an investment.
4 / 5
Perfect, utilizzabile was With him pasticche has given fuel has had the habit that with the burner of alcohol Trangia or Esbit. Sleep soddisfattissimo Of my purchase. Besides Hanged at all and occupied little space in the rucksack. Perfect Gives to use with him Dipped gives cookery Stanley.
5 / 5
Has bought this to use like the headline of pot for my Esbit stove of alcohol (not using a dish comprised for a solid fuel). It slips perfectly to some three thin discharges once am attached and taking resisted snuggly. A spacing of some supports of leaves of pot for a lot of different sized pots to be used without wobbling . Laws like the decent windscreen also.
4 / 5
Light, resupplied has given one has sweated robust tavern, does will manage excellent sweats work. The Base is a lot stable also with pentolame half, he external walls cool in cold my attention was basic that instead remains rovente. Decisively comfortable.
4 / 5
Give Kocher erfüllt eigentlich Gut seinen Zweck, Hat mich persönlich auch allein durch heart Packmass überzeugt. Man Sollte sich zoom Kochen allerdings immer einen einigermassen geraden Stein or.ä als Unterlage zur Hilfe nehmen. Und Sollte etwas Wind wehen muss man Wahrscheinlich noch eine zweite fat Esbit Tablette nachzünden a roughly 0.7 Litre Wasser zoom kochen zu bringen.
5 / 5
leger Small good row
perfect game all use ''bushcraft''
4 / 5
Erlaubt Quotes Verwendung von Trangia-esken Kochern, has given rasten einfach gives Schlitz ein. Aufgebaut steht Is stabil genug und bietet sogar rudimentären Windschutz. Súper leicht und kompakt.
4 / 5
Light and excellent work with my Trangia burner of alcohol! It likes- one contrives that it also can use Esbit want to. It would recommend it to any any one light, compact still strong!
4 / 5
This product is practical and light , rid in Joined pochette in nylon of good quality , j has mine 4 stars to the place of 5 automobile to the assembler of games of the opinion n is no too a lot of fact , although he ,'is no difficult d produced of assembler .
4 / 5
To the equal that has expected. Light technology , decrease, rugged & of confidence. To be used with Esbit pills or stove of alcohol. Quite interesting, a Biolite access of Kettle amiably, a lot handy when it does not feel likes to gather a Biolite Stove and light the fire for the fast soup in now to eat.
4 / 5
At all Of pb with ESBIT. It is tjrs a lot well has conceived.
This parre the ventilation is very light, very practical and little onéreux.
Déplié In 3 parties emboitables easily, and with his housse of transport,
that averts to the 3 sides of déformer or of 'plier'.
Usable (and recommended) In complementing of the mini réchaud to alcohol of ESBIT,
that among another averts the compraventa gives 'popotes' the réchauds already integrated !
A lot of stabilisé, Joins casserole to camp fill can easily
hot to the sud the 3 supports of the on.
4 / 5
habe Harm Artikel schon In giving Praxis getestet, gives Zusammenbau funktioniert sehr einfach, lässt sich ebenso einfach auch wieder aus einander bauen. sehr klein und leicht, habe Is immer im Rucksack dabei
4 / 5
Petit and compact - well for three use of season.

Has dipped on the little more difficult has cold hands in time of winter.
5 / 5
The work adds with my Trangia burner of alcohol, way more stable of a round Trangia Mini stand and protect of better wind.
4 / 5
Paralizaciones-Download and sustain gathered in a simple product only and light. plié Maintains to plan and any Place in him takes, practical.
5 / 5
Exceptional Practical And little ingombrante consigliatissimo also For starts has given more days and in places impervi has submerged is not simple to find a piano of point
4 / 5
It gives So only with him pastiglie objective or in abbinamento to the hornillo is súper. Light And complete also has given bustina For him transport
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
Benutze Gives Kocher als Windschutz und Halter für gives Trangia-Spiritusbrenner. Meine 0,7l Emaille Cup passt perfekt drauf und bringt gives Wasser zoom kochen. Transport of zoom passen Kocher und Brenner platzsparend in the cup given. Perfekte Kombination!

Verarbeitung ist Gut, etwas scharfkantig (-0,5 Punkte) , lässt sich aber nachbearbeiten. Die mitgelieferte Pockets könnte zudem kleiner und dem Minimalismusgedanken entsprechend gestaltet heart. (-0,5 Punkte)
Gives Preis ist allerdings, genau wie beim Trangia Triangle, zu hoch. Aus einer Suppendose lässt sich Ähnliches basteln. (-1 Punkt)
4 / 5
5 / 5
Optimum .... Benutze Is als Halterung für gives Trangiakocher.
Leider sind Quotes Kanten Messerscharf.
Hab sie Has dipped Schmiergelpapier entgratet
sonst wanted to Punktzahl
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
トランギアのアルコールバーナー用に購入。 この組合せでメスティンを使いご飯を炊いています。
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: Lixada Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca use like the shield of wind partorisca a burner of alcohol and the stove of basic twig partorisca do tea and animating soups while they are is gone in a local forest. As you can see the pictures has done well in both tasks and considering some sides has been wanted to highly.
4 / 5
Has used this the little time now and can say is the add little has bitten of boxes, is light, compact and easy to dip up. Calm once take it going the burns to the claves likes-is exiting them fashionable, with some bars of crosses situates sustains the decent sized casserole / of pot the difference of an older/version smaller that was the ache to balance anything on. It is very any to have that takes your pot out of a fire to add more the different fuel some of some another there.
4 / 5
Ossia The quite good piece of boxes: easy to light and maintain that it spends for a base that opens and burns hot. It is quite big, but with a cruciform insert you can situate the smallest pots to an or another of his corners. In the recent test, has boiled of the half the litre of water in the small dixie in this way and expósito that has done efficiently, far better that a stove thee dixie would owe that have state cookery on. I need the good quantity to feed to maintain it that goes over time, if foraged or propiciado the long of still a purpose. This to good sure deserves consideration for the place in your rucksack in the camp/of hike.
4 / 5
I a lot always the things of description have felt this in spite of obliged to with which have received this stove! Work! I will be to use with the Trangia way meths burner. It tried it it was and it is a flow of width /of perfect height of air for a burner - has boiled the kettle downwards ten mins. A quality of build is well, comes with the discharge of sandpaper in the chance there is any acute flanges. It is weighed enough, this in spite of me quite was in a heavy measure as it does not blow was - is using meths could be lethal!!! But it packs it was small and has the good pouch. The wise measure sustains all mine the small camping has beaten / of disorder of the casseroles and kettle well. Probably it would not use he for the twigs as they would blacken a metal, goes to have this in spite of looks in a gel fuel afterwards. Little use of tip meths, if the dilute a lot slightly with waters for him partorisca blacken on your pots so many.
4 / 5
Has bought this for wild camps with my young edges. We begin with something levels of entrance like this to try a water.
Arrives in the sturdy little pouch in a measure of the chance of CD. Seeing the this has on taken roughly 30 second and all slotted in amiably. A plastic film apresamiento the minute or like this to peel was, alternatively could the burns was I supposition .
Does fantastically, sausages of cook in the frying pan, more some peppers all for the little value of claves of fuel. I have used it takes lighters to take my fire that goes still consolation. They are really happy with this stove albeit any súper the light for a purist is sturdy and done a good work. Also it packs down a lot easily with which uses. Shining!
4 / 5
Very Impressed with this thing. Used the in the pair of outings where has required to pot or 2 to boil water but decided to dip to a test. We have had the very old big hard forest parasol this is to be break. I burned it everything in here in a garden. A thing has taken súper hot and thought it would found. At all. A thing has continued to take a punishment. It will be the must everywhere go now.
4 / 5
Can not try use as it is so only , too hassle lighting etc but like him campfire mate , moving coals to box of fire , very ossia the gone . These helps protect some smaller pots , with the program in bylines and combustion more controllable .
IGNORES a ' tin a lot ....' .........
Has used as it is so only has clashed like this of 3 stars to 5 . Easy to gather quite tinder and fuel , in fact I overdid he 1st time was , and the results can not be faulted . All a better reason have used striker of mine to ignite a tinder container inside a stove .
5 / 5
Perfects pocola folds was stove . Absolutely I love this thing. I can seat in front of tent with this like this the stove or the little contained camp the fire and a forest of the leaves advance opened to be easily fed in.
4 / 5
Amazing piece of boxes. A lot very he he. Unfortunately it does not return with a Trangia burner.
4 / 5
Has been hammocking for a first time this weekend that takes this to cook on. I have taken also some pills of solid fuel.
Had surprised absolutely in like this easy and that shines this was to cook feed on! A pill of the small fuel has used like this that lighter that fire with the constantly has fed his twigs and any time my lunch has been cooked.
He also bent like the small fire, the hole controlled with which had eaten.
There is gotta admit - I loves it!
5 / 5
A work of good product and that says. It was the disheartened for a way has been packed went in it the plan resealable stock exchange of sandwich and any packaging partorisca say in a mark does not know if ossia an error like another Lixada the products have bought in eBay has had branded packaging
5 / 5
A way adds and more effective that cook using the fire real.un lixada the box is more economic that a lot another. It is the element of simple light weight that it is ideal to camp. And if yours the man of grotto exasperated , can take the burner partorisca feed to use instead.
4 / 5
These works of tiny stove well. It is easy to gather and use. A small pot or access of casserole neatly in a cup. A stove needs the plot partorisca feed this in spite of and the big supply of the claves etc is required. If that buys again, would go partorisca a main measure and I would verify value against other models.
4 / 5
Fantastic little burner.

Can spend the whole plot more than east partorisca the stove and there looks no real need.

He, has to chime of a blue protective film when it arrives, and yes a hole partorisca your Trangia the needs that file out of the small to return.

But this unit is light, easily retractable and does exactly that need to resupply the stove / of fire, everything takes down £15.

Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Stove very small of twig! Ossia partorisca Substitute another more economic stove and is two good times! Near simple and easy on the more draws so that it is quell'has bitten credit of boxes !
4 / 5
Really like this has product found that this in spite of easier that begin lighter of mine to house to shoot fact, wool of cotton in Vaseline external and then use some two pieces of metal that space in an upper to dip he in but this was probably be due to use the lighter of flint in place of the gas lighter but he have done add for the fire, has not tried cookery in closing thinks that can take more practical keep the fire going and regular temperature
5 / 5
Exactly that there is wanted. It is a lot tight if yours using the Trangia burner of alcohol but use a paper of the sand comprised and rub around a flange and he would have to that slip in finally. Any sure the one who the people have said on some plásticoes blue when being hard to take was. Litterally Takes second.
4 / 5
Handy Little stove of clave that that is required.

Is quite simple to dip near but some pins bend the bit to easily

Once on and that the careers is quite hot to boil 1l of water in around 5 minutes

A good alternative mine jetboil
5 / 5
For a prize are chuffed like this punch. No his any the light plus has compared to examples of titanium but spending so only on 500 grams is not really the question for me when I go backpacking but to be sincere I are not really the defender of a minimalistic the approximation enough would take the one who works and this one does really well. To good sure would recommend to friends 👍
4 / 5
A perfect measure for the small fire to heat water for tea. It is calm creation mean can take the low party the to light your tinder easily.

Took it to practise fire of work of the shrub that luzca with my edges in the way have contained that neither killing a gram.

An idea is to have a stock exchange of adventure can take for the days was that we can spend easily but has a lot of external box. Ossia Perfect.
5 / 5
An element is WELL. This in spite of some pieces of crosses are some same, would have to have an opposite empty cut in a half to form a cross or X. As it suspects this element is mixed possibly up with another piece in a point of assembly or packaging. It would hate to Say it is the fake . Some works of element and his well has done.
4 / 5
Produces a lot well, as it has described. Utilisation partorisca a first time yesterday and do a lot well.

Abundance of room partorisca dip small pieces of the forest or the twigs and a construction helps a fire partorisca maintain that it goes calm so that dipped more twigs or small forest.

I cooked the big portion of rice and took small time.

I that goes partorisca use more and gone back partorisca update.
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize is very good but there is deducted a star because of the a lot tight access when using the Trangia Burner of Alcohol (to the equal that stagnate is very difficult to take a burner and an outside of a burner has been streaky) For some reason although my Esbit the burner returns it perfectly I so that it will be to use that the burner that goes forward.
5 / 5
Loves this stove of camp ,is roughly like this versatile and hike friendly to the equal that can do the !!
4 / 5
Has found that it is the piece adds of boxes of light weight for forest meths and blockades to feed now am looking to see can use gas aswell versatile bit of boxes
4 / 5
Love this compact good stove easy to dip near very strong easy to maintain fed with well of forest to fish travesía etc
4 / 5
has said previously is not lixada, chair a lot so that the more certainly is.
4 / 5
The element adds, the only desires have had the guard of fresh wind that would return his,
4 / 5
Does well, simple but effective. I have done egg mixed and of the water boiled for caffè any time
5 / 5
Looking forward to using it on my travesía next was, the service adds solid engineering
5 / 5
in that had it the pair of some smaller stoves of Lixada this was an easy election .

Simple construction , solid, can be built in the subject of as and resupplies the good sized and very easy to maintain fire.

If ossia a class of the stove is after then choose your measure and go for him really calm can any gone bad with this mark.
5 / 5
Has think that a pin that resists the joint would be a weak point but his tried partorisca be excellent forest , burned and charcoal partorisca hours in finals. A bit add of boxes.
5 / 5
So only the one who has required them, very good together place, easy to open and use
5 / 5
did not try it was partorisca expect until punctual of quality very good
5 / 5
Simply one of a better few stoves of forest has has not used never. Slips To my rucksack that takes virtually very spatial or hanged but creates the small effective fire easy to cook on!
5 / 5
Very easy to use, quality of good and easy metal partorisca cook. Highly it produces recommended partorisca all campers
5 / 5
Amazing stove, uses it all a time! Included better has used with the Trangia stove of alcohol!
4 / 5
Easy to use and uses so only small quantity partorisca feed to boil water
4 / 5
A bit heavier that has expected them. But the product adds

Top Customer Reviews: Lixada Camping ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I owe that admit that it was dubious in the effective this stove would be but has had my first tries run partorisca try he in a rear garden . Windy conditions but has boiled the full kettle in 6 mins that was faster then my gas stove . Compact and very light 👍👍👍.
Used it of then two times and is brilliant!! A version of the also cleaned titanium a lot well with which use .
5 / 5
So only the description of small box with one of a Lixada stoves, small version in a listing down in H 16cm X W basic ( upper).

HAS the forward one of them (what tiny ) which have bought to the long in fact the year but too small to be of use and has thought always would be partorisca add if so only was main.

Ossia This version ! Still quite small to pack anywhere but quite big to do the decent usable fire. I have added some thickness of foil of light to do fault like the point of collection.

And has taken an occasion for some time of quality with my daughter and take his by means of the basic fire that does.
Has added some nest of cord of the sisal to take a spark in stove doorway - no in pics. And it is on state.

Has done then the pot (tatonka the full cup) for 2 chamomile tea and enjoyed them with cookies in a sun.

4 / 5
Received it so only, built it and am pleased really with him.

His a lot of fact, sturdy and, so that other people have said, his big. Ive Taken this creature to a bacon of forest prójimo and cooked, eggs, wild garlic, the sausages etc. Acts like this well.

To take going, the suggestion is the balls of the wool of light cotton has dried in Vaseline. Clave small twigs , dry arrive and build of there that.

Thus prize, I cant recommends it more
4 / 5
has had the look in the plot of this first buying is some based in descriptions,and am happy has taken is one .

Has had the pair of travesías used it,and the laws so much is meant to-this very stable,and easy to spend,and also clean a lot well when used.

Has cooked some noodles and arrows in billy has beaten in the,and used it to cook that it uses the main frying pan-with better results that my electrical oven,really!.Some slats of metal that among a calm cup mean can rest a lot of sizeable,or camping cup quite small in the,and is very stable.

Goes near a lot easily,and the folds was,and is dipped in his chance a lot fácilmente.un the must has for bushcraft,any as your main firestove,or as the separated one to boil water,or cooking afterwards to your fire principal.un hot of him with some decent forest is excellent,and a big space in a side the easy fact to top on sure to have abundance,reason burns like this well that it can take it you by means of tent the forest 'basic' bought enough quickly.

Absolutely loves the,and easy for having fires 'discreet',also...
4 / 5
Looking in another type of forest of boxes of fire in of the llamas have produced was reluctant to spend like this money. Some cost £80. I have seen this, and read some useful descriptions. For a prize has thought really could not lose. And have no. These produced is brilliant. Clipped Joint any question. Good measure, sturdy, quite light, and practical. Sometimes paid to buy quality, but with east, in fact feels likes the quality adds for the fraction of a prize. Very happy, has no hesitation recommend this product.
5 / 5
Shining little compact small stove and easy to gather. Certainly it is the little fiddly to do a prime minister little time but then take a hangs of him is simple. It can be used like the stove or for just having the small fire to maintain you warm so only taken for the feed small and often. deffinatly Buys another of mine never pauses and has recommended to friends.
4 / 5
Very easy to light a stove and place up. Very light to spend and easy to store. I plan to spend he with me on my travesía to camp in two weeks and is really that looks forward to use the. Already I the test run in my rear garden to see that well it is, and yes is brilliant :-), a fire of stove lite on quickly and burned efficiently. I will give another update of this description after my travesía to camp to leave is like this are trace with a stove.
4 / 5
Looks exactly like this in some pictures on here. A bit fiddly to gather at the beginning but WELL once all some parts are hooked in neighbours. Good measure to take the fire that among there and feels sturdy enough to resist the pot or kettle while it is in the earth to level of course.
Will amend and modify an indication to star yes required with which have tried was. So only very sure when this will be.

Justo an annoyance is that a storage pouch suffers harm. There is the tiny yard in a cloth like pointed in some pictures, with one aiming better with a tip of the pencil in him to aim measure.
Any enormous but quite big to see by means of and probably to fray and grow with taking some parts of stove in and out of him in time. It will try stitch he up. So only annoying when something is new mark so only rid and no in perfect condition.
4 / 5
The stove Adds. Any small or terribly light, as it would expect of the stove of forest of the steel. Well gauge of the steel will do east the durable bit of boxes. Quite resembled a Emberlit in a general creation, but two times a measure. The together spaces perfectly and is solid of mecer when gathered - so it would owe that be able to take until the iron of mould dutch oven. Also it comes with the black stock exchange ordered with velcro next - to the equal that will maintain a soot of an interior of my band. Orderly!
5 / 5
Perhaps was wrong to have any main expectations around those useful or practical this would be.

Is small, the smallest plot that has thought. His I quite annoying to gather with which some first tentativas of pair because a metal is thin and curves. So only it feels kinda flimsy.

And so only.... That is stops ? It is really very practical for anything in my experience like this far. An interior of the build of the fire has to that be quite tiny - like this perhaps heating arrive some lunch or something, but then is practical using the small gas burner is way easier and faster.

Like the heat source? It is like this small is really any one value an endeavour.

Where Use still this? If you are wild camping you so only would build the fire. If you are in the camping is so only more practical that use gas or the average of decent portable barbecue.
4 / 5
Ossia The lovely sized stove (Lixada big S/S) that sells the punch! The dry forest has used, shavings of the rich resin kindling (fat forest) and a mark of the cotton on cushion this is remained of the half partorisca describe partorisca surface more orders to take the spark of my cane of iron. Once begun, a very situated start has done partorisca the good draw and sinister ash very small. I made a mistake of initially that uses my pot of my box of gas stove and some bosses of hule have melted/has melted open. Doh! Of then it was the test run in a backgarden, I nipped in a mine that takes 1.5 pot of litre. It was quickly to him it boils an average of full pot of water partorisca the hot chocolate and the marshmallow roasts. Learnt some alimentary lessons, uses a right train partorisca a work, a necessity of having the fire that begins box ready (stored in the waterproof container would be ideal) and that requires partorisca practise aiming where some sparks earth when that uses my cane of iron. Felizmente Was the atmosphere relaxed and has had no adverse conditions.
4 / 5
Has decided to purchase this partorisca my travesías partorisca hike. Sound the little has weighed that it would have liked me to them, two heavy times like the gas stove. It is a lot of sturdy and compress down a lot very which are adds. It has been I near quite well, some light acute flanges and the if it marvels that time in general this would last after the little good forest burns. In general his priced well and value the good like the sturdy a lot of stove of compact forest.
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly, any instruction but quite simple to take your boss around. Taken lit it quite easy, has taken a model a big plus , sustains the frying pan or kettle securely quite but also can heat so only the cup to water yes precise . Aim to use with the Triangia burner of alcohol aswell, can not see any reason no after the mod or two. Obviously sooty with which uses, a little stock exchange among him protects your box when it is packed was, in general, no the bad bit of boxes for a money.
4 / 5
Light weight, sturdy and quite easy to dip joint after the pair of tentativas been due to any instruction. It can be used with the trangia the yes situated stove in his lid to boil the big mug of water in roughly 12 mins. It is canny for the forest in of the llamas but you require to maintain the feeding quite often.
Some segments have all warped the bit with which first use, any totally surprised but are by train to ask me if ossia a norm ?
5 / 5
Ossia A burner of incredible forest and after cooking, is quite big to seat in front of as the fire has controlled. I do not comprise a need to pay more for the bushcraft cooks when ossia like this a lot of
4 / 5
has used both forests and charcoal in the, has boiled 1 pint of cold water to boil in has beaten he of disorder in 6 mins. It Draw been due to is easy to add more fuel to the equal that burns and form of him the heat of funnels for up a lot of efficently. It bends better down camping stove ive never had in 50 years of out camping of grille
4 / 5
has finalised to order this in a last now first of the travesía to camp and am like this happy has done. I will say, I have not used he for cookery (still although it could have), used it so only like this mini campfire. It is small, but packs the punch. Easy to pack and comes with this own stock exchange . It would recommend 100.
5 / 5
Amused little stove that bends extraordinarily flat. Be very careful when gathering like the metal is quite acute. It has built once he the work adds to contain the shoot which can have the habit of the cook/boils water.

Tool of utmost teaching for girls to teach an importance, value and serious of fire.

The measure has built fully is also so only in legislation for the stove/ mini hole of fire. Happy decide in this measure more than a model a small plus
5 / 5
has been spending it now of then around the year calculates.
Has substituted my gas cookery. Wouldnt Transmissions for the trangia neither.
Fast Hot cookery with minimum fuzz. Walk of folds. Light.
And the fuel literally there was mentido in Forrest spends. Perfecto.
4 / 5
Wow Read is like this easy to dip joint, is perfect to cook on and boiling water. So only the tip uses a tile of old ceiling to dip down the, this has done well. It is like this I compact taking on cup of any spatial at all. Very happy with this product.
4 / 5
A lot of very small stove of forest in the good prize, much more economic that another in a phase and a lot very built and sturdy when slotted near. I have taken enough his substantial weight that could be a lot or bad, is definately sturdy. The pots return on a lot amiably and the law adds to cook things with stirs it of small claves, to the look likes could be used with pills of of the fuel but I have not tried that. Calm would be likely to try he with the meth burner although it is not feigned really for that. I used it the little time that camps now and has done well although a metal there is warped but any a lot of can be done in that and does not affect using a stove once is slotted near. An only thing is that it does not come with anything to take an ash like this when those use have bent the pocolas spend of foil of has beaten under the to take an ash that reads amiably and stores that tinfoil in a stove pouch like this always the have.
4 / 5
A work. Perfect measure like this with which have cooked your lunch or has done the brew is quite big to have the fire that also will resupply the little heat while, eats.. The folds were to at all. Has the few small stoves but this looks to be a an I always find me using.. I add!!!
4 / 5
Ossia The add little stove. No a better to cook, prefer the forest circulates gas stove to cook on. But for having the little fire in a rear garden which will not break an earth are adds. Spear was quite hot for 1 or 2 people. 4 it Takes sturdiness, but concealed is not a better characteristic roughly the, is light, sturdy enough, and was in better plot that has expected. Perfecto to camp. You can cook in the master but he slightly tarnish any pot or to the kettle is using. It calms that can upload up and overfill the and will resist to plot of forest.
4 / 5
Burner very small for the nights wild camping. It boils Water reasonably quickly but is perfect to cook burgers sausage of draft of the belly to the to all the things like to them concealed. Although well little heater to jave after your chair of camp. It would buy titanium 1 next times. In general produced of quality
5 / 5
Excellent pocolos returns of stove joint a lot well and is sturdy and easy to spend.
Can be delicate to take the fire that goes initially but well when headed.
Thinks that need the little more the holes he big plus around some sides to augment flows of air.
Used it the pair of time and really like it especially for a pice.
5 / 5
Ossia The really good stove , used it the little time and found the easy to use especially with a zone of big access in a side that fuel of leaves to be added when required. My subject only is a together initial on, some first time have used a stove was the day of cold winters and found those difficult with cold hands to dip it near. Perhaps with the bit of the practice will result easier, will leave is.
5 / 5
Heavier that expected but quite small to return in the side pouch. It comes with this own chance like any contact with another train when used. Easier that cooking in some embers.
4 / 5
The piece adds of train! Flat bands very flat, quite light for my band to hike, taken on spaces very small, is in a height of my hand-held period. It likes a subordinated base which maintains tinder level, of an earth (adds in wet time) and leaves airflow, an upper cross-the section stabilises cookware to cook on. My only flu is any direction to dip joint, this in spite of is not science of rocket. It has dipped once on calm once will agree.
5 / 5
Before fold on the stove usually so only done the normal fire. It feels good video seen solid on Youtube. The down flat bands in a black slip distributed and the accesses perfect with Stanley new cookset which is the bit of regime. Travesía Extremely lite and ossia perfect never be in the lugging gas canisters around too bulky for me.
5 / 5
Nizza Little stove. Any súper light, but no too clunky neither. I found it the little delicate to dip near a first time, but was very there with which.

Are more probably partorisca use this when has the camp of base, and any to hike to camp and long distance.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Really pleased with east took it so only today and has tried is gone in my backyard- has taken literally 6-7 minutes partorisca boil 2.2 litres of water! His súper light and compact but looks close sturdy really recommend it!
5 / 5
Has bitten adds of boxes. Very easy to dip up and use. Very light like any remarked when added the stock exchange. So only used once as it can not comment in lifespan, but like this very like this far.
5 / 5
Almost a copy esatta of a Emberlite but with more than holes of ventilation that is the plus. Well fact, compact assembly , easy and arrived a lot prompt. Bargin Prize for the element of quality. Calm can not be disappointed. 1 question was a pouch comes with has the velcro fastening duquel a side was bad stitched and is exited but the little bit of súper the glue will fix concealed.
4 / 5
Really happy with this compraventa, absolute essential bit of boxes when alfresco any needs to concern roughly feeds to take some kindling has ordered..
5 / 5
Excellent, little stove of forest, did not light it still but dipped the neighbouring, looks excellent quality, thank you :)
4 / 5
Sturdy, value for money, heavier that expected but the decent tradeoff for a durability
5 / 5
the quality Adds. Easy to dip up and take averts. The burn adds, boils 1litre in 3-4 min. really is the must has.
5 / 5
Handy Little stove of forest of practical economic quality assembley and dissambly then take alfresco antibala
4 / 5
have a small German bushcraft stove also, which can credit last the lifetime, but ossia better value for far. Simple, effective. It gives out of the stack of heat. Impressed.
4 / 5
It is the bit of the ache to the empty jointed but is very very easy to maintain a strong llama with an entrance lateralmente
4 / 5
was near partorisca buy the firebox stove but am happy has bought is one. Very strong and so only takes 1 min partorisca dip up. Good chance also.
5 / 5
Has taken a main version, adds little stove partorisca a field. Access down an interior of the mine bergan pocket lateralmente and taken on spaces very small. First time was (in a yard) has had the fire partorisca roar that it goes inside minutes. A X shaped the stand of casserole is useful with some smaller pots. That can say, exactly that says in one has beaten.
5 / 5
Quite easy to return joint. The measure adds for one. It goes to treat he with small twigs and boils a stanley billy can in roughly four five min. Luz like the feather.
4 / 5
Adds little stove that saves the fortune in goleada gas a lot compact is own stock exchange for storage 2 little groaned a coverage of plastic film was the ache to leave and then puting the neighbour the cut my toe in the acute flange (OUCH) averts of this piece adds of boxes
5 / 5
taste everything in this little stove of forest, excepts the one who fiddly is to dip near. The desire had taken a hinged characterises now, in spite of him when being smaller.
5 / 5
Quality a lot good. The better plot that my old a ..
And has arrived very first of a planned date..