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1 first Evoluent Right Handed Wireless Vertical Mouse with Amazon Basics Batteries Evoluent Right Handed Wireless Vertical Mouse with Amazon Basics Batteries Evoluent
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2 Posturite Penguin Ambidextrous Wired Ergonomic Mouse | USB, Alleviates RSI, Easy-Glide, Vertical Design, PC Computer & Apple Mac Compatible (Black/Silver, Size: Medium) Posturite Penguin Ambidextrous Wired Ergonomic Mouse | USB, Alleviates RSI, Easy-Glide, Vertical Design, PC Computer & Apple Mac Compatible (Black/Silver, Size: Medium) Posturite
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3 best Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse, Multi-Device, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz Wireless with USB Unifying Receiver, 4000 DPI Optical Tracking, 4 Buttons, Fast Charging, Laptop/PC/Mac/iPad OS- Black Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse, Multi-Device, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz Wireless with USB Unifying Receiver, 4000 DPI Optical Tracking, 4 Buttons, Fast Charging, Laptop/PC/Mac/iPad OS- Black Logitech
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4 Anker AK-UBA 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for Laptop, Desktop, PC, Macbook - Black Anker AK-UBA 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for Laptop, Desktop, PC, Macbook - Black Anker
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5 Ergonomic Mouse Wireless, seenda Rechargeable Vertical Mouse for Multi-Purpose (BT3.0 / 5.0 / 2.4GHZ), Ergonomic Mouse Bluetooth for Laptop / PC / Smart TV / Mac / Smartphone / Tablet / iPad - Black Ergonomic Mouse Wireless, seenda Rechargeable Vertical Mouse for Multi-Purpose (BT3.0 / 5.0 / 2.4GHZ), Ergonomic Mouse Bluetooth for Laptop / PC / Smart TV / Mac / Smartphone / Tablet / iPad - Black Seenda
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6 Wireless Vertical Ergonomic USB Mouse - Optical Model without cable - Mice with Ergonomic design - prevention against mouse arm tennis elbow - For Laptop Desktop PC Computer Macbook Wireless Vertical Ergonomic USB Mouse - Optical Model without cable - Mice with Ergonomic design - prevention against mouse arm tennis elbow - For Laptop Desktop PC Computer Macbook CSL-Computer
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7 Anker® Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse 1000 / 1600 DPI, 5 Buttons Anker® Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse 1000 / 1600 DPI, 5 Buttons Anker
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8 Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse Bluetooth - Glacier Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse Bluetooth - Glacier Microsoft
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9 Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse Microsoft
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10 3M EM500GPS Optical USB Ergonomic Mouse, Wired, 3 Buttons, Small / Medium -Black 3M EM500GPS Optical USB Ergonomic Mouse, Wired, 3 Buttons, Small / Medium -Black Post-it
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4 / 5
They are 56, and work in devotion excluyente the administrative function that require partorisca use the computer all day. Had state that use the normal mouse partorisca years, without questions. This in spite of, have begun partorisca take stiffness in some half joints in my toes the few months done. I have been to a doctor, has had the test of blood partorisca govern our rheumatoid arthritis (which he ) and one was of only conclusion that has had RSI. I have been advised for my mate partorisca reserve a date with a person of health in HR work. I this, and my L the department resupplied with a Evoluent has smiled. Partorisca Say the hated at the beginning is a understatement. It has thought "Any way does not take never used to this!" This in spite of, more do that it had been resupplied with a mouse still has said that that has required the persevere, as I have done. I have had to that admit, has not caused any ache in my hand to the equal that smile to regulate had done, but found the a lot of hard to use with accuracy. I have decided to initially maintain both a Evoluent smiled and one smiles to regulate so it has had the election. It was dulcemente with a Evoluent smiled like this done the point to use he for just the part of the each day. I this for roughly two weeks, and gradually has found has used a Evoluent smiled more and more, until a day there is @@give had not used one smiles to regulate for the whole day. In this point, has given one smiles to regulate for behind his. I have regulated now fully and find a Evoluent smiled like easy to use like regular mouse, but now am comfortable how is resulted finally want to he-win situation. My toes no longer clicks or give me ache, and in an end, I in fact found that when it has used my computer in home, has found has been missing my work Evoluent mouse. So only it uses my laptop of house for personal use, like this obviously could not ask work for another Evoluent smiled for house. For I have decided so much that to have a house of same consolation for £80 was a lot of value he, and have for has purchased so much a same mouse on its own name to use in home, and am a lot happy that has done like this. Please note ossia the entirely unbiased description, never have included listened of 'Evoluent' before that takes a mouse in work.
5 / 5
Has bought this in June 2014, is a lot comfortable relieves aches of the traditional mouse of forearm has based has taken, but an action to pinch cause other aches for the moment until suitable to a new 'pinching' place, which is that it spends when he the key of primary mouse is used.

The click is action a lot light that I although it was adds... But there is the trade of reliability-was, the longevity of part is a lot poor; thirteen month later and a key of the clicks of primary mouse duplicates each one another click, has tried to press a speed of double click to one dipping a fast plus, which has reduced a number of double clicks to in each 5th or 6th click. I then uninstalled a v5.5 engine that use Revo uninstaller and a Evoluent the tool of uninstallation has distributed so only an engine of native windows are remained to see was the subject of engine ; still he. So much, I have tried clean the using an air duster (the air compressed) still any fixed…

has tried to contact a vendor but there is any way to do this street , in fact said to contact a costruttore (still although east contravenes some Sales of United Kingdom of Law of Sakes 2003 which declares that an agreement is with a vendor and no a costruttore). Any way looked in a Evoluent put web; they any to offer any returns at all: to quote his section of Guarantee of his web of place '4. The repayment is not available for the products have purchased by means of the reseller (any by means of our on-line tent).' It echoes it the one who some Sales of Law of Sakes 2003 states (is listening ?).

Like this @in rodeo this smiles A lot EXPENSIVE probably will begin to touch up after -1 year and there is not any turn on ...
Recommends wants to buy this checks some police of repayment of a reseller a lot attentively. I consider ossia relatively device of low reliability to the equal that has to that 2011 LADY of Smile of vintage of Natural Laser 6000 that still does well except a coverage of battery has broken (that it was it my failure ) and concealed cost in the third that this mouse has done.

To the equal that has has bought of a Anker vertical mouse, much better as it is not like this vertical like the hand is in -60° more than a quite extreme -80° with a Evoluent the produced and only costs £13!, Has a same number of keys and some same three smiles of frame of phase /of sensibility of the speed and is wireless and an arrival of same easy grip and feels well has done. ( It notes that one wireless Evoluent is even more expensive that this one!). Also, a Anker smiles it there is slightly keys of action more rigid, more like these in a LADY Natural Laser 6000 in action, but ossia any bad thing that

1) is not like this rigid that can not take used his
2) are likely to last more along how is the most robust creation
3) can buy three Anker smiled for a prize in an of these Evoluent some and yes loves more economic, a wired an east £10...
Also, has experience of Anker guaranteeed to the equal that have had the battery of them concealed has had the questions and substituted him any quibble (18guarantee of month) loved not even returns he!
Update 2017-08-05: Anker substitution of mouse still going strong how is his keys . The note can use the key of X Control has smiled to redefine actions of key.
4 / 5
Has bought like the substitution for an old plus Evoluent 3. I have tried one 4 but sent it behind. They are by train to use it On Mint of Linux so that any of some works of elegant material, neither is has required. An extra width in a sculpted the base is an improvement . That a lot is annoying me this in spite of, after the week of continuous use is, a noise some do any when I took your toe was. They vibrate with the 'twang' reason are too thin and flexible. This is due to a suction of your toe that is liberto likes taken your toe of some keys. It arrives in some upper and inferior keys so only. It is by train to drive me given.

When I used It in the first place, has found a shiny plastic arrival in a rest of sticky thumb him him any perspiration in your skin at all. Has use to that now, but a noise gives an impression is the economic and bad bit of boxes. It is certainly a lot economic!
5 / 5
Has been suggested this mouse done several years when hurt my shoulder and my office to act setup has had to that be regulated to sustain this. I have had it subjects to extend my shoulder to a legislation to the equal that have been promoted to do with the wireless keyboard with the tampon of floating number, and a Evoluent smiled. It has done a lot very in fact a lot of years and was a lot of happy with him.

Of a COVID lock down, has been doing of house and has purchased a small version of this mouse. I took the few days to take king-familiar with one feels and use but once for behind his - quell'is really be comfortable.

My measure of glove is 7.5 like I flange has measured/normal small according to a guidance. I prefer a small more a like this gone back my calm comfortably and are quell'has bitten more agile with him. A rest of thumb has the smooth chair his hips which prefer. I have gone back to a normal measure an and whilst is well, prefers a measure a smaller where possible. A colour has lived was also really a lot of - I knows it there is not impacting in an use but the the amour that sees it!

A programmable the keys are also a lot handy and easy to setup. Has this in ours iMac installed an accompanying software to ensure the additional keys can be programmed.
4 / 5
After researching attentively for the pair of evenings, ossia a one that has chosen. Given a quantity to time an I use the mouse, and a unpleasantness of ache in my hand-held/arm, a prize is peanuts .
So only done a work. I have begun to use the immediately, and was able to locate with him immediately, any one the adjustment has required, as I think that that it is adds.
A software to program the keys is like this easy and obvious likes to take, and some the extra keys are really useful for CAD - I use SolidWorks, and has had any question that suitable. My past mouse, Perixx MX2000 was to add and has had esc delete and s the tones have programmed. With a Evoluent 4, has had to that reduce this to esc, but is not the enormous loss. More keys and he 2 click of way tilting the wheel would be included better, but is a lot of gain like east.
An only characteristic is a form , and my immediate impression after doing for the day is that my hand is in the most comfortable plot working place, any ache, which usually would take after the few hours.
Averts of that, an usual fast delivery of Amazon.
In general the quite happy client to good sure would recommend. It will write again if anything changes.
4 / 5
Has been using an of these mice in an office and has decided that has has wanted to one for when acting house. His one of a bit those that the ergonomic hand-held smile left there and has been for years. I love a place to hold so it means your arm is in his natural place and you the wrist is not twisted. A lip in a fund for a little finger means a side of a hand and the little finger does not scrape a surface of an office that spends with some of some ergonomic mice more economic. Some keys are a lot of responsive and has some function changes possible if it download one smiles to eat. My office one there is on 5 years as I know it would have to that last years while calm looks it. It would have been well to have the wireless version but knots lefties is in a minority sadly. This in spite of highly would recommend.
4 / 5
Are the novelist that means long, long hours in a keyboard. A fact of long time, RSI in my right hand drove to the the sinister smile rid , ergonomic and has used a Evoluent of an early part of a millenium, pairing he with the succession of Macs. For use of office and to write, is perfect - no RSI in spite of enough the day a lot of uses of time every day, 7 days the week. This has said, I also World-wide of game of Warcraft and is really a lot neither fast or quite attentive and there is still to find the way of the take to program some keys. For normal every day use, this in spite of, is perfect.
4 / 5
This mouse has been an absolute Godsend ! I have begun to suffer RSI and has tried this. It has it that says too much the week to take used his. They are 3D styling like this seat in front of the computer for roughly 38 hours for the day and I use all three butttons. In the normal mouse I use an indication of toe for a key of sinister mouse and a middle finger for key of half mouse (or scrolly) and right key but with this I has had to that take used to use indication for accident, average for meso and a coverage and pinky for a legislation. ( You can install some engine so that some keys are configured like the normal mouse but Ive has found that this method utlises my better toes like this Ive stuck with him) likes it has said that that there is taken on the week to take used to but can not stress that of the difference has done my life. I can do all day with absolutely zero hand, toe of wrist, muscle or other aches or complaints.

An only reason reason has not attributed this product the plenary five stars is reason with which roughly four years a sensor of the key of sinister mouse is result faulty and when I clicked on he once he behaved how there was state clicked multiple time. I have contacted Evoluent but has not received the response. Seeing he so that at all there is it concealed can compete with this mouse has bought so only another. Utilisation my mouse to PLOT, to the plot more than a half mouse is used I so that it guesses it has suffered but so only does not feel like this robust like the mouse of Microsoft. If/when this a pause will buy another.

Another prize adds is that to the plot of people is surprises in an appearance of a mouse and often ask questions roughly the, assumes that I have to that be really well in my work (which are) To the equal that has a potential to resupply a lot fascinating conversations, or if I can not be annoyed to do a lot of laws a day can so only squint your eyes slightly and look to one of some upper corners of the your monitor while it touches a mouse. You will look you are thinking to the mathematical equation a lot of complex and one touching will draw attention to a mouse so that all the world-wide only look in you and think 'Wow, ask me which time that the good-looking type goes to solve a meaning of life'
4 / 5
Ossia my second Evoluent mouse like my another has aimed signs to die with which around 6 years of daily use. I have used to take a lot tired and the quite sore wrist/the arm that use the conventional mouse but a Evoluent there is prendido this like the place of your arm your low plus is in the natural place and a radio and ulna is not wry, which spends when that uses the regular mouse. I took roughly an hour to take used to a L/R click and a be of wheel of the roll in a side and I have any disadvantage when touching games of computers! You can also done to commission attribute some desire of diverse keys .
Uses a version wired how is easier for me to take was with me am using another computer. Yes they are the bit in a pricey side but hey is by train for the use in the daily base, that is not to like? I also recommended the to mine chiropractor the one who has thought that that it was simply wonderful and he maintaining has him on his computers of practice.
4 / 5
Brilliant of vertical mouse, has helped enormously take touched of of mine RSI. I have begun with the economic (fifteen crux) vertical model, to the to the equal that liked but of the as it has not had a lot of programmable keys - and this Evoluent a fact. I use it every day and enjoy the using every day - simplify my work, has improved mine RSI any end - that could be it better?

Say that it could be better = a Mac software. Of then I upgraded the big Invernadero (YOU X ) some waste of mice to wake on when an awake computer of sleep. An only solution is unplugging it and replugging the, which is resisted that. A lot of people suffer some same, Evoluent has announced that is doing to fix he - like this of September 2017... Any fixed still four month later.

Smiled of big quality, ft for purpose, but has left down for support of software for Mac users - a would expect better of a product of expensive quality.
4 / 5
Condition/of delivery 100

Initially very happy with product, has developed this in spite of worries:

1) Durability: the product has reputation like any when being any very durable. Another has taken averts a device and found the to be that lacking of in of the sure zones (p. p.ej. Integration of boss). I am not interested in the £60 product that need that substitutes each few years.

2) Ergonomics: Looked partorisca do well relieve stress of traditional mouse. I have had this in spite of suspicions that the stress would be transferred to a fund of a hand instead, which is not the solution long-term.

3) Lack of accuracy of indicadora: the product is extremely difficult to use in the gaming half.

In general a mouse feels very expensive so that it is. It does not look the way of confidence to solve a question of tension of the mouse related unless all is partorisca explore a web. If it was the averages a prize would consider it more attentively.

Am returned a product and has bought the £20 trackball instead partorisca use beside the mine gaming has smiled, and am much happier.
5 / 5
Has been that uses this mouse partorisca 9 month now where takes heavy use and would say it has relieved hurting in my wrists almost entirely and leave me to use the conventional mouse for occasional gaming house. It likes him-me some programmable keys to the equal that have found a incumplimiento of an inferior key when being right click the little odd to the equal that have changed that to a half key and inferior key to bend click and that well of law for me.

In honesty the has not tried a lot other vertical mice so that I am not sure that roughly he warrants a seal of prize, does not feel especially first all is plastic smooth hard to a touch has compared to say my Logitech G400s in home which has a little really good feeling surfaces.

Has had to choose any negatives the d has said to touch the little heavier that the d likes as I do not help with achy toes when doing work of precise mouse and the especially unsuitable fact for gaming. Also a evoluent the logo in a backside is way too brilliant for the dark room.

In general does not complain a compraventa, but chair with £15 vertical mice around the hard meeting to see is costing 5 times a prize.
5 / 5
Likes a lot another RSI sufferers, am spent the considerable quantity to time to look the alternatives to a regular mouse. Although there is to plot of opinions there, and different solutions that has done for different people, could not find the definite response, and in an end has opted to give a Evoluent has produced the gone.

My first impressions have been mixed, and for a first pair of weeks was very concerned that it had done an expensive deception. This in spite of, have to agree that calm already suffered with RSI, then does not go to disappear at night! Also, I need to be very disciplined and ensure resist this mouse to the equal that has feigned; it is everything too easy to situate to your hand on likes them the regular mouse.

Sure uses a downloadable software to customise some keys; there is to plot of options very good. It can be particularly useful to program one of some keys to do like the 'double click' those ran down a number of precise clicks does. Also, be sure to dip a like this big sensibility like this possible. It takes the moment to take used to, but really careers down in a quantity of precise movement.

So much, a month on? I am thrilled totally with this mouse, and my ache has gone enough. For week three, my ache has begun to subsidy and no longer has required the daily dose of ibuprofen after the work of computer of hard days. I have gone to be in constant ache, to be virtually the free ache.

This mouse will not be for all the world. Crucially, Need to be sure that your mouse is a primary cause of your ache, and no other things, like your keyboard, place, office etc. Typically, the ache of mouse is noticeable for ache in yours your arm low plus and/or wrist. But like this it splits of an ergonomic solution in a battle to prevent or treat RSI, sincerely recommends it.
4 / 5
Has used a Evoluent whole smile to do in fact a lot of years and has bought now this one for home uses also. They are qualities adds and is like this better for hands and of the wrists that some old fashionable mice. It takes the bit to take used to in one beginning but will take a hangs of him in the week or so much and will not want to go back . With these mice, the difference remains rid or rid, likes mark of the compraventa takes a correct a. It uses mine without any questions and without having had to install anything in a Ubunu portable of Linux.
4 / 5
A product of the good quality and I can comprise that it is well for people with questions of wrist. My subject own is elbow of tennis , adds to this has big hands - I expósitos that this mouse has not relieved one You and in spite of being a main measure Evoluent, was still the tad small for my hands.

Another subject for me is that a function of the right click is not a click-sweep immediately under a wheel of roll (goes pic), but a fund an and like this was my little finger that aim of rests, was constantly right-clicking unintentionally. Possibly it can be king-programmed, but like the mouse was nmot that mine of helps has DECIDED turn without further ado.

Is a lot of fact, a clicking is soft and sweet touch to the equal that can inadvertently click too much, but the volume has used to a touch a light plus. It is not economic for any piece, as so only would buy to have known would relieve it to physical condition (and if ossia the question of wrist , would suggest to verify a 'Penguin' mouse - better IMHO).

Four stars this in spite of for the good product.
5 / 5
Has used Evoluent smiled like this in work and house for on 15 years, both wire fences and wireless, and has tried previously effective, comfortable and of confidence. This in spite of as another reviewers has declared this later generation search having lost a part of confidence of an equation. This was my mouse of house like any used like this regularly like my mouse of work, this in spite of with which so only the year a key of sinister mouse is intermittent result, sometimes not doing and another 'bouncing' as it fold click in the alone press. I have contacted Evoluent and does not look to concern . Ossia Prevails it the element priced and expect the - More will not be that shabby Evoluent again.
4 / 5
He Suffers RSI/ache of joint or toe of trigger in your right hand, this mouse is ideal to avert further agrovation. It has more than enough programmable controls. Some 3 keys of mice can be the little difficult to take used to have a “key of mouse” of right click under your 4th toe.
A bit those that time to achieve by means of my office for something, has taken an upper “rear” key of mouse to the equal that am still very used to a height of a mouse likes compared with my old horizontal unit - I so only has to that take used to lifting my arm the little elder!
Ossia The very done unit , the little expensive but has done faultlessly of then arrived and was simplicity to pair up. It is quite “fatter” that a lot another vertical mouses like the majority of comfortable fact to use. One touches - achieve a sinister limit of your surface of office and need to physically reposition one smiles behind to a legislation of your office, tip of the smiles in his right flange and slide he in an office; this averts that it has to that physically that it has to that choose ithe smiled up risking inadvertent pressing of key in doing like this.
4 / 5
Has been that uses this mouse for some months now and is to declare very comfortable to use. I bought it reason have had the question with my muscles of shoulder of shoulder have diagnosed later like this frozen. It can look bulky but is far more natural the place for a wrist and very easy to take used to. With which month of use 4-5 days for week, has not had any question with my wrist or of the muscles of shoulder. It times when some the wireless games arrive and the transmission of the battery does not order this, as it would advise to maintain an available alternative mouse when this raisin, and certainly the spare battery. In general, I am very pleased with him, and is in fact a lot ready.
4 / 5
For a prize was a lot of disappointed with a quality of build of a mouse when in the first place used, has a same class of economic plastic feels like sub £10 ubject' the available conventional mice. This in spite of, after taking used his was very pleased with some results have achieved to the help solves an ache experienced in my hand of the conventional mouse.

Unfortunately like the title suggests in that has been to please with a device and used it daily for 2 month there is there is prendido now law! The windows Informs the question with a device of USB when connecting and simply refuses to do. It would look that my initial impressions in a quality of build was corrected. To read some other descriptions also would look that I do not have a lot of casualidad of the repayment is but will be to try in all the chance.

Microsoft Or Logitech - Please jump on board with this creation and take something to stage of comparable quality to a MX and to the of series. I will be throughout one of those in twice a prize!

TLDR; The creation adds and the joy to use when it has done, which has not been arrest time a lot a lot of! - Avert.
5 / 5
Has been that uses this mouse for roughly twelve weeks and now feels entirely natural mine. Volume to plot less ache of my right wrist and the hand that has had before when that uses the conventional mouse.
To good sure not being going back to the conventional mouse.

MODIFY: With which less than two and the half years, any enough for an expensive mouse, this mouse has had to be take like the keys are by train of gone faulty. First a, then the second and now the third key frequently registers a unintended double click that, like this which continuous to do, can be I a lot annoying. It does not look to be possible to open one smiles until cleaned without risking the breaking and reinstalling a software or changing fulfilled of key any any difference. Better appearance that was an expensive mouse , now much more expensive.
5 / 5
Well, here it is the one who precise knows.

His precise and are add partorisca gaming and multimedia programs (3d/Photoshop etc)
the engine is VERY partorisca me (win7 64).
Once take used his is quite good to use but the little delicate to choose on closing after the long time that uses it.
A key of big half mouse is a characteristic BETTER for me so that it follows the 3D artist that use him program that uses a key of half mouse ALL A TIME.

Quality of the build does not represent the £90 product!!! My first boss of mouse is coming free and there is prendido a mouse of working with which 6 month of use. This so only could me be but a coverage dark ash in a backside of a mouse reacts to my contact of skin dulcemente in dark disposal and bubbly with which roughly 8 month yes the uses have weighed.

Saying all this was an only ergo mouse around the years of the pair done concealed was a lot well and still would recommend it now, but a big prize and the quality of half build means to take 3 stars . There is now a lot a lot of alternative more economic that it could do he for you.
4 / 5
Has had the v3 for enough the few years now for work and has decided that has has wanted to one for home also have decided like this to buy the second.
Now a prime minister one has to that say is doing perfectly in spite of a fact that a bit slider the tampons down have spent entirely was because of wear (I use he on 8 hours the day). But work well and can not live without him!

A second an I has bought 11 month ago but has been odd on me roughly 4 month later, to the amazon has substituted amiably he with the new one which has been doing well up to now. Seven month after receiving my substitution, some smiled is beginning to aim exactly some same symptoms that it is: mouse randomly freezings for anything of half the second to 5 second or forgets that you have resisted down the key of mouse while tugging and falling calm so that the fall finalised in a wrong place. After the little more sever freezings he prison and an only way of the take to do again is to unplug it and discharges he behind in, if the concealed does not do to restart is required.

My findings like this far:
- is at all to do with engine because I have taken my one of work (the good old a) and has tried he in the house and work well, has tried then my house a (the new a) in work and he judders and and freezings.
- In one was casualidad that it can help, has tried uninstalling some engine and reinstalling his but there is not remarked any improvement at all.
Both computers are running windows7 pro 64bit.

Would want to recommend these mice to the equal that am a lot of neighbour to be vertical different a bit that has seen but a quality of build in my opinion is not sum and are loosing faith in them. But a same time I amour my old a!
Has asked the substitution again and hopefully this one will last longer...
4 / 5
After using an of this work has decided spent one for use of house. One smiles situates a wrist in the most neutral place that the mouse rule that is much more comfortable. It is adjustable for sensibility in a fly and of the works well in both the office or foreign. At the beginning look it can look expensive but is a lot of value of the money particularly suffers sensibility of wrist, carpal tunnel etc.
5 / 5
In the terms of him is function like the mouse, can a lot of he really lacking. It was having ache of first wrist to use it, now are not . So much, I add. This in spite of....

Some wears of coating was, doing look tatty.
A bundled incidents of software in each use, as I have on data with him. The bad am stuck with a regular configuration of some keys
So that it is the very expensive mouse , would expect it to be rechargeable, not trusting EA battery.
A mouse is very sensitive the surfaces, that means to foreigner of the mouse usually needs to be used, or will not follow .
4 / 5
I in fact loves the, but has had initial questions with him, of here so only the four-stars to estimate. A question occured aim on when a mouse has maintained to clash and so only a sinister key would do. I have had to contact a costruttore and take has detailed instructions as to solve a question. Ossia My only bugbear with a mouse: Any look of instructions to be bit it old and does not mention any one subject that it can arrive with Windows 8.1. But this subject has been known roughly, as it would have been useful at least slips had been added to a booklet, or some on-line instructions in that to do.
Some smiled is very comfortable. Simply I want to one feels of him in my hand. And I really apprecate when being able to configure some keys to my needs. I have taken used to use them quite quickly and find that it is by train to do me work more efficiently.
4 / 5
To substitute an old one more which was lasted ?6 years. Disappointed an old more a had not lasted more along although ossia a subject with a lot of electronic devices. A new one is like this good. I take him to prevent symptoms of elbow of tennis further and law well.
4 / 5
Mina RSI has been worsening on some years and this has has helped really. Ossia My third smiled like forward two has been used in the worm has decided this in spite of takes an I to use to house like this profits of of the this to a reduction of the ache of wrist has been excellent.
5 / 5
Has begun to look to ergonomic mouse after the developing severe aches in my hand and wrist. Any a lot of hours the day in an office like the CAD the user and I has had to find the way to relieve a discomfort. After looking in the number of descriptions has decided to give this one tries it.

At the beginning the struggled to take used to a different orientation and creation of key and in a first pair of days asked had squandered the money of a company. It is the very expensive device has compared to the normal mouse (and has had to convince my boss this was the compraventa interesting ).

Well, For an end of a week has had a hangs of this new mouse. Now it would not be without him. Remained with taking regular short pauses and exercises/of arms of the wrist now fulfilling can direct much more days before a discomfort results the question .

Like him SolidWorks the user has found one has distributed the engine has caused some of a Solidworks functions of key of the mouse to be stray, which drove crazy until I have tried some engine of mouse of regular Windows. Now everything does like this has to that. I have had a same question in a past with Logitech engine of mouse also, as I will not attack any one aim were partorisca east.

Has found an optical that follows to be attentive on more surfaces, mark like this full here too much.

Has not tried any one another ergo smiled so that it can not do comparisons. All can say is that this one has done the enormous difference for me.
4 / 5
A lot a lot bought reason has the tunnel of carpel has version 3 law this version 4 feels a same only difference is a quota colored lights, does not have a numbness and tingling in my toes (had 3 injections in wrist like this far) anymore more mine now the husband uses this mouse without questions. It would recommend this product.
5 / 5
Has been using an of these for the while now and would like me echo all some descriptions that the point was that excellent and effective is to reduce an ache, tingling and that the numbness associated with RSI/Carpal Syndrome of Tunnel.

Has had always a flu this in spite of, some keys have used for navigating behind and leading by means of, eg, web pages, is counter-intuitive for incumplimiento. You can exchange some work that use a Evoluent software, so that a key of thumb is mapped to back and a pinky key mapped to advance.

This in spite of does not have any engine for 64bit View or Windows 7. If it check a Evoluent the place will see to recommend the program called 'Tecla of X Control Smiled' and at present am using he with results add in a W7 Presented of Emission. Oh And it is free and really light.
4 / 5
Delivery really punctual of amazon. The colour is not very black this in spite of, more the mid ash of money, as it bit it fed up roughly that, the suspect has wrong correspondent a- but less than my worries - I needs partorisca maintain working and a flat mouse has used killed me. Given an ache was in, the colour is fewer worries .

Ergonomically Very a lot of ( used a Anker has whole smile before this dies the few months - rubbishes) and already my wrist is the better plot (with which two days). Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Perfecto partorisca my needs. It has Had one of my inability sustains student but hubby fallen and broke it. Substituted he with east an and is like this good. To good sure helped with ache and facilitated of use.
4 / 5
Ossia The ergonomic mouse adds . I have had already one in the work and I recently have taken the second a for working of house. It is pricey but is really value suffers / wants to avert taking RSI. Calm quickly will feel a difference among using this mouse and the traditional mouse.
5 / 5
Ossia A second Evoluent the mouse has purchased. Used one for the months of pair in work and has bought then a second a for house. After the few years of ache in my right wrist finally this mouse a work. It is quite well for daily use and maintains an arm in the place relaxed - much less stress and tension that other mice have tried - Intellimouse 3.0, Logitech MX-1100.

After a first day to use it there is remarked attentively improve - the ache had minimised and the wrist was less bad in an evening.

After a week there is remarked that the ache still can reoccur tire me and it beginning that it moves one smiles that it uses the wrist put manually held the integer has been drawn. The wrist has to that remain still and fijamente.

After a month there is remarked that a joint among thumb and palmera is hurting the shortly after that are to spend of the hours that sustains that put on mouse - a second question when calm tire you and it beginning that it use a mouse in an easy but way and wrong more any ergonomic.

A good:
) maintains palmera in the vertical place like this relieving and almost deleting ache in wrist
) via boss of USB how is quite light and does not dip too stress in a wrist
) A residual in an outside of him can be easily cleaned and find coating to be a lot well for daily use.
) An utility of engine is well to attribute the actions done partorisca commission to fashionable keys 'Ctrl+W', 'Ctrl+Tab' and another. The engine is very stable in of the Windows.
) Disorders of person with my workstation laws - the people take very confused when seating in front of such elegant mouse and Microsoft Ergo 4000 keyboard with almost of tones of spatial :)

A bad:
) A thick engine drives mad in mine Mac ( Macbook Air -2010 year ), that causes 100 CPU use for 'EvoluentAgent' and can look a temperature my Mac going all a way up until a point to boil (100C, -212F) where the reboots and the terribly hot rests. Otherwise A do one very - except this thing of overheating. Raisin inclusa when I smile is not plugged in. It would owe that be fixed to use this mouse in Mac with has customised keys. Once 'EvoluentAgent' is killed, everything goes well immediately, some drops of temperature. Uninstalled A Mac engine instantly after a second overheating to avert any permanent harm.

) A key on, well afterwards to the thumb takes pressed once in the moment when grabbing a mouse. It would owe that be more like 'Logitech MX-1100'-way - the little smaller and harder that press. One same with a key a lower afterwards to pinky - the little annoying while it learns a correct way to grab the mouse.

A neutral:
) Is initially state surprised to discover that a course after the pinky is in fact one 3rd key. It did not expect it it concealed. It can be attributed the keystroke likes 'Ctrl+Tab' but has taken the moment to accept that this part is the key in place of the hard surface.

Summing On some points gives this mouse 4 stars out of 5 - is very good and almost deletes ache in the wrist when used correctly.
Ossia One smiles ergonomic has tried better. If you can give support buggy Mac engine and easy-to-keys of the click then tries the vertical mouse - for me is very good.
4 / 5
Would have given this mouse 10 stars for as comfortable is in my poor wrist, this in spite of, be conscious that has the one of entity downside: there is not any solution to fully customise his 5 keys (to the equal that would owe that have!) You are running Windows 7 64 has bitten. I have not tried a lot another YOU.

To start with, a mouse comes with a CD of installation that, in year 2012, only works partorisca XP and View (32 bits). I have had to look for on-line for some newer engine and expósitos that a costruttore suggests an external software (goes [...] Where it is suggested to use [...] It stops more than engine). I then installed this XMouse software of Control of the Key so only to find that I can any one, in fact, transmission a defaults of some 5 keys of mice. A subject is spoken here [...]

To conclude, has finalised with an expensive mouse that still although it is in fact comfortable (the primary reason reason has bought the, like this finally am maintaining he) so only can be used with his basic, incumplimiento configuration.

Are enough, quite bummed to say a less!
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have thought an ache in my wrist has been due to RSI, after beginning the new work that involves a lot of entrance of data. This in spite of, found it quite delicate to use - harder that situate a cursor where has has wanted to he - and, more importantly, more uncomfortable then an original, mouse slowly. Perhaps ossia reason an ache was down to something more (which have discovered when it is looked in another wrist also), but has there is prendido now use the and gone back to the mine old mouse. They are sure, with practice, an action of different wrist would result easier, and perhaps, partorisca RSI, would help, but has not done a trick for me. (My question, in calm chance the the also, is Of Quervains).
5 / 5
This is to arrive this morning and like this far like this very good. It has done in mine mac air immediately with the z/the zero installs, and one downloads to dip some keys have taken two minutes and some elections are enormous. It is lighter that looks, but this means movements around easily - I has been concerned would take it some moving by means of an office. It is also any way approaches like this odd to use have dreaded like this. A wheel of roll has looked more behind that it is comfortable at the beginning, but tweaking likes to resist a thing solves this. I imagine it is more a @subject @ has bought a too small for your hands. It goes big. The sensibility of key is perfect, and all a lot well has situated. I have been suffering with very bad RSI / YOU - probably the mix of both - for six months now and here is while these helps, as my mac trackpad does not look to be: although it is good to owe in a left now to mix things on has bitten it. It will inform behind the few weeks to see if this has helped my RSI.
4 / 5
Is looked forward to that uses this mouse and hasty house for the try. Has big hands and some starts of RSI how has been expecting thing of sound of this mouse of prize. Sally I has been disappointed. A way in this way is drawn the only caters for half to slightly of the main hands, if your hand is main that that will find you this uncomfortable to use hand like this feigned the place will not be possible, forcing you to twist to your wrist likes the contact of frames of the hand with a mouse.
5 / 5
I, in general, amour a Evoluent smiled and will not use anything more but a guard of long little finger means for me always am pressing an inferior key (that in my configuration is explores advance) and a glowing Evoluent the logo was so that it distracts that I have used finally the black bookmark to space was.

A control of speed of the indicator, which have been concerned roughly the paste for the deception is totally discreet until required and an addition of the second, the key of individual thumb is the real boon.

Sadly A lip of long little finger does to use the exercises in frustration for me I so that there is relegated the to owe of emergency and use again my serious 3.
4 / 5
The lack of element has developed so only after a year - ossia an expensive unit and would expect it to last much more and question free service - any support of United Kingdom neither for this element - a lot of disappointed - I will not RECOMMEND THIS - no SHABBY
5 / 5
Amado this legislation of mouse out of a box! A hand-held place feels comfortable and natural, some slips of mouse well and has taken any time to take used to a vertical place. One smiles feels a lot of fact and some keys are easy to press. It installs but an extra software is useful wants to take full goodness of some characteristics. Any questions of the at all same connection although I have used he with several different computers / setups.
5 / 5
Fantastic product with discharge and game out of a box. Once Evoluent the software is installed comes to this own and attacks a competition for six. Shining to relieve RSI and carpal tunnel. A lot very still gaming although another reviewers said, utmost programmable keys and functions. Test calms will not be disappointed!
5 / 5
The one who the transformationm. Long my wrist and the thumb would result tingly or just ache with the conventual smiled this some work splendidly. I have experienced any questions of user with a differant keys to use and was able to do seamlessly of the mine mouse old rule to the east a.
4 / 5
A product of good quality and returns my hand perfectly. A characteristic of the speed of the indicator is well, which enabled me to move around a screen with movement very small. Has RSI and has had reduction to hurt that uses this product, compared to the traditional mouse. I find it better to use with the tampon of wrist of mouse of support.

Is certainly the quite produced to look in and feels quite luxurious for the mouse.

Sure checks a Evoluent put of web for details of measure. Taking some looks of right measure to be really of entity. Sometimes my PC is used for any with the main hand. They can use a mouse, but his hand-held place is gaze more to the traditional mouse and find it uncomfortable for the longest periods of use.
4 / 5
Laws well, intuitive to use.
Measured your first hand to choose that measured to take - I has taken a big plus (rule) has measured one which is the tiny has bitten big, but a small plus one would have been too small and fiddly.
Expensive piece of boxes, like this hopefully will last and also helps with aches.
5 / 5
A quality of a build of this product of prize is excellent but a support of software is Achilles Tallone . A software does not sustain a MAC YOU (Invernadero) and of the mine enquires the NO for a foreseeable future. My joint is looking for the vertical mouse for a MAC is - buy the most economic alternative!
4 / 5
Has expected this would help me with questions of arms that has like the result of the harm of with the.

Sadly For me has not done and has has had to that the turn.

Leaving avert my persoal the difficulties with him have found one smiles very good. It was a lot of responsive and precise and a (progammable) the keys felt a lot of sturdy and long that last.

I hapily recommends this product to a lot of that looks for the mouse of good quality that has facilitated a RSI that so the mouse can spend on. My only remorse is that he ddn't does for me
5 / 5
Satisfied with a speed of a delivery.
Has global wireless smile well but bit it uncomfortable to change some settings for a right click. Has a version wired in the work and is better to the respect.
A speed of mouse is quell'has bitten too much quickly still after changing some settings and does the scrolling bit it difficult sometimes.
In general is the good ergonomic mouse.
4 / 5
Am returned this element as I found it still too big for my small hand -the keys were hard to achieve. They are better trace with a 3M vertical 'joystick' smiled of type, although it is even more slow to use that the traditional mouse. (A traditional shaped has smiled has is the... Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex RGB Gaming Mouse -a lot of and small, recommends for some smaller hands)
4 / 5
This mouse is an elegant shadow of metallic purple. It returns the small hand of my very good partner, and extracted excellently like the mouse.

That can be dipped to several different resolutions. It has done well in my old partner XP Portable and pursue equally well in his Windows new 7, 64 has bitten computer. You can take basic functionality with some engine of mouse of the Windows, but extracted better and can be personalised more easily if it download some correct engine of a Evoluent put of web.

Reduces an ache of RSI for my partner, and how was the compraventa very interesting .

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have been using a MX Master partorisca a last pair of years but has has wanted to something partorisca help reduce stress my wrist and avert RSI.

A good:
+ A form of a mouse and a corner that dips your hand is perfect.
+ Transitioning Of the regular mouse is easy
+ the connectivity is a lot
+ the keys are situated well and easy to click
+ Logitech the software leave king-program a DPI switcher (the one who use that in all the chance?!)

A bad:
seeing so that it is partorisca say a soyX' Vertical, has been expecting a same quality and resemble in order likes MX Of Master.
- No infinite/frictionless wheel of roll
- No horizontal roll (not even the tilt in a wheel of vertical roll)
- Any key of thumb in a base of a rest
- Could be the little heavier

In general is smiles it good and far better that joins £10 options. This in spite of, am not sure valey in a MX name and seal of prize.
4 / 5
Adds until a sinister key begins to turn alone clicks to bend clicks (for me roughly 2 years, for a lot of other chances less). There are available instructions to this tension' a low cradle a key but we have to that it does not have to that that for the relatively new product. A subject has been known partorisca to age likes them reason Logitech is not quell'ordering was is the mystery. Avert this mouse.
5 / 5
Has possessed several Logitech smiled first, the G402, and then the wireless G403. A quality of build is like this well like those, would not love it to be any heavier, and does not feel economic. An unwanted lateralmente movement another reviewer has spoken on the only games to lose to practise, has been that uses the vertical mouse more economic in work for half the year now, and whilst there has to that well sure the curve to learn, does not have those issues more. It notes that has not possessed one of the his MX serious before, as it can not comment in the well compares to those.

To some smiles. It feels solid, some keys require pressure very small to actuate, different some mice plus very economic, and is everything easy to achieve, comprising some keys lateralmente. Coming from my wireless G403, has no real perceivable latency that takes you with the wireless mice more economic neither, which is the big a. One smiles slips easily in mine foreign of mouse, does not tug or take like some mice plus very economic neither. Ergonomically Some mice is also a lot well, calm force to maintain your hand in enough the comfortable place.

This in spite of seat that one smiles is quell'has bitten overpriced, but this can be said for any of Logitech main final lineup (although the maintenances go back...).
4 / 5
Owe mirror the descriptions other people; ossia the good improvement in a M570 (as far! - Only the week of around 10 hours the use of day) minus a prize.

Logitech The thumb Wired earlier-the ball lasted on 4 years until foolishly I have given was and has purchased a M570 thinking it a upgrade. 6 x M570 is in -6 years, 100 tax of failure, and his all failed for a same reason; questions of key! All 6 has suffered double sinister-clicking subjects of 6-18 months afterwards purchase like disappointed, and the pair has suffered also a esar'/'before' the keys that takes too much.

If some changes last more than few years, at least, then would recommend a MX Ergo in a M570 hands down. It likes-it join me transmission of corner, some keys celery very better and is customisable, and there there is also more keys - with a lot of possible functions!

Modify: 05/12/17
things Like this far is well. A prime minister @@subject small are in that has the interior a moment is, assumes, to do with some savings to be able the/ways of low energy. Often I will be by means of reading the page and I will be to try to progress a page with a wheel of roll and at all spends; it looks a 'wake-arrive' interrupt/handler favours some keys/of right click accident or the movement of a ball - no a wheel of roll. A bit annoying.

A bit according to @@subject is a wheel of the roll decides an on/down the action of roll is equal to 100 is in sure software when this program is not at present home. For example, I am reading pages in a browser of web, and without clicking on VLC player of Means comunicacionales to spend he the house, will try and regulate a volume for 5 (purportedly a wheel of advance of roll) and neither pushes until 200 volume (of any leading volume) or, an opposite, will shoot all a way to 0 volume. I a lot annoying if a comfortable listening the volume was 40 and shoots until 200! So much, every time I needs to regulate anything, need to click an application to spend he to direct first to regulate any one turns-dipped of wheel.

So much these subjects would owe that be curable with the update of software.

Modify: 09/08/20
A key of sinister mouse has begun double clicking when so only clicking like a M570 is has done...........

So much, roughly £100 ÷ 34 month = £3 for side of property of the month.

Done perfectly (I thinks a second 'Modify:' the subject has been on quite updated quickly, but, he still sleeps and takes the second or like this to wake on - sacrifice 50 life of the battery for now on pleases 👍 ) this in spite of recommends it. If a prize is well for you, to good sure go for him. It is lasted a lot of use of time daily has been of then bought for office and gaming, a still hard battery for ever, sometimes thinks is the magic until an illusion is broken with a red-light-of-recharging with which month.
4 / 5
Has used an old Logitech M570 trackball for years and although I have not been happy with his term along operative life, could find any upper alternative until they have come up with a MX Ergo. Had a revise which has said that an action of ball was jerky of a still place and when I have begun to use a MX I has has thought that looked to be true, but the current use search having softened out of any one has caused a stutter and now has the silky smooth action. One bases of the hinge looks a lot of solidly built with the magnetic annex but honradamente once is in 20° place there looks any need to never dipped the flat backside again. If there has been known that this corner has done a unit so more comfortable that use, would have rigged an old M570s to have some class of wedge basic down him! Seldom it uses any of some smaller keys but a wheel of roll and some the main keys look robust although the only time will say so that it was a main cause of failure in a model an old plus. In general they are a lot of enthusiast in a unit in every respect averts of a prize. Still although I have bought a device partorisca £ in place of an original £, still chair that it is overpriced and expect that once a soyust has' the litigated has bought his units, Logitech will reduce a prize to widen a phase. Calm neither like trackballs or calm any one excepts could not use anything more, as when my M570 failed, the felt has had little option and does not complain buying a Mx Ergo.

Of then buying a MX Ergo I somehow directed to line a ball of thumb that had begun to result sticky and has caused an action to be stuttering. I have found the red of substitution with which ball of phase of Perixx, Peripro 303, here on Amazon and partorisca low £10 a Ergo is of tower to be silky smooth. I think it in fact it is smoother that when new with his original ball. If you are considering buying a Ergo, spent the one of leftover one of these balls also to ensure that I take smooth action and long life of a device.

Of then originally has bought a device has discovered that a marble requires the regular polishing and I use the cloth this there has been lubricante of the his silicone has impregnated. I clean both a ball a the recess and this maintains softens for roughly 4 or 5 days when precise cleaned again. It thinks his fat of organism of a thumb that is deposited in a ball and arrivals in a three that locates the points where augments embrague and does a wheel a more difficult that move. Cleaned is glorious but precise routine interview to maintain it that way.
5 / 5
Update as of 2nd December 2019 (2 years later): it smiles Included, still he perfectly.

Update as of 10th August 2018: Any one there is remarked that a wheel can be pressed out of his socket has seen a hole down. I have pressed a ball out of a socket and has cleaned was all a fluff and gunk inner. Some works of ball usually again!

Update as of 29th April 2018 (1.4 years later): On some last 2 weeks a trackball has been doing bad; occasionally a trackball movements extremely dulcemente in the random direction that so only goes was to turn a trackball sporadically several times. Ossia Frequent result and annoying quite that feigns to buy another. There is no apparent reason for a sudden drop in a trackball action. I can not see any powder/of fluff under a ball when it turns in all the directions. Some keys still do usually.

Update as of 10th December 2017 (1 late year):

This continuous mouse to do perfectly. A wheel still turns like this smoothly to the equal that has done when I used it in the first place. A wheel of mouse has no faltered, neither have any of some keys.

Has had to take the small quantity of powder/of fluff of a ball (has turned a wheel around, has used the small quantity of condensation of respite of mine to create cohesion/of traction, pried a fluff was with the lid of pen has seen a hole in a fund of a mouse).
A quantity of fluff that collected in a trackball a last year was quite to cover my small fingernail.

Neither the consumption of the power of a mouse is a lot down or has been using powerful battery reason some battery last for several months in this mouse (my mice of leading computer have required to substitute much more often).

Initial description as of roughly 1st December 2016 (date of order):

Works in any surface (obviously). Calm does not have to that move your whole forearm; a zone around the smiles can be occupied by other objects like the smiles does not move around (so only your thumb has to that movement to move a cursor; you could probably still use east lacking yours thumb(s)). Still like this attentive likes mouse of normal computer (simply regulate the sensibility of mouse invernadero fixes operative to your preferences). It is resulted fully regulated to use this trackball inner 2 days. I can touch Skyrim that uses this mouse like this very like this with the normal mouse. I recently the Dark souls have completed 3 using this trackball, like this perhaps this gives some people an idea of like this of confidence this mouse is. Trackball Inertia of door/for now (anything a term of physics is), as you can access zones of a screen with moving it quickly of a trackball (also the easy fact to do the turn of 180 terracings in of the video games). I reward it empinado has compared to mouse of normal computer, but think that some goodnesses have mentioned to justify a prize. After experiencing the one who the trackball can offer, does not want to return to normal mice. It is trackballs for me from now on.
4 / 5
A MX is a awesome advances in a trackman fashionable controllers. A paging/zooming keys, a key of big sensibility, having an extra iron in a wheel is all add when doing with drawing, CAD or applications of type of the electronic.

2 years later - a thing is limping - a sinister key has begun to intermittently fail - doing tugging impossible, sometimes releasing then clicking mid tug - that falls the thing, choosing something more on - really frustrating.

Is the life of battery has been fantastic also.

The hips leaves to connect with the PC that use a logitech dongle or bluetooth - which are to add when newer ultrabooks come with only the USB so only C port. This in spite of, has been here a subject. To all the cost of type of connectivity, some drops of device was, or looks to go to sleep, taking the pocolos second to wake up and directed be I quite annoying. Occasionally it fails to connect for the minute or so much. Sure, it costs it when he - but is quell'has bitten buggy around this zone. Finally it can refuse connect to the concrete laptop never again. It takes engine, reinstalling options, and he a lot of pair again.
5 / 5
First was has liked /him /me really and has bought in fact he 2nd for house & of work but has has 4 so only found vulnerability with Logitech is Unifying auricular of USB that these needs of mice to connect to. So only they plan to fix 2 of his next month and NOT FIXING a rest 2 vulnerability. .

These vulnerabilities will leave keystroke attacks of injection, record keystrokes, and take control of compromised systems. An only light positive' is to require forwards to have physical access. But in the middle of work with a lot of people that goes through half of (mates, cleaners, delivery ), would not take a casualidad to use this device anymore.

Is probably more the worry for his wireless keyboards (which also has 2 of) but still any value a casualidad to use a mouse in the middle of doing until some 4 subjects is all fixed.

Look for some references of bug for more than info: CVE-2019-13054 ( will fix next month), CVE-2019-13055 ( will fix next month), CVE-2019-13052 (his wont fix) & CVE-2019-13053 (his wont fix).

@In rodeo: this device will remain the fixed off-line box all the subjects (or substitute with release it upgraded/fixed receiver). Until then, I will not be buying another wireless Logitech produced again.
5 / 5
Ossia The glorious bit of boxes, I to the equal that wishes had bought the sooner.

Has transmission to this trackball after developing it dodgy soyouse shoulder' and has helped to relieve some massive symptoms; this in spite of, really wish it had changed to the trackball way before now like me @give you how much stress takes of your joint of shoulder. They are not hard to adapt to ( has taken me the morning).

This trackball especially is done superbly and such the lovely, solid, element. My favourite characteristic is one change which leave me to exchange among using mine mac and mine pc, which can both remain opened in my office. I can use each one which so I like this need to in a press of a key.

Logitech Has taken really his law jointed and his LogiOptions the software is doddle to use in both a PC and a Mac ( has installed and used it on both) and the piece adds of software: installing and setting-on a trackball is like this sincere, so only to the equal that would owe that be.

Connects a trackball using a has built Bluetooth in mine Mac and using a wireless adapter distributed in mine old Lenovo ThinkPad T430 (which also uses to connect mine Logitech keyboard).

Has paid £84 for this element. Still in this prize considers it the subject.
5 / 5
Addendum My leading description: A wheel has inside only the short time of use, are weeks perhaps, sticky results, hard to go. I have looked for to open a mouse to any avail to clean it. Cleaning a ball is according to that I can imagine was, any possible. I will add this to revise of element in of the questions down element.

In that has to that the arthritis in my hands has tried several versions of Ergonomic mice in years of past/month. It has given on on everything of them to arrive to this point. It has gone back to this version of ball of the thumb and has solved to use the predominantly to the equal that am tired to look for a magic mouse that fixes it everything. Works of ball of the thumb well and this in spite of, the time feels likes is out of the alignment with my wrist finds it easier that some the ergonomic mice have abandoned. Any questions of battery at all. Although the time will change that I seat sure. GOOD mouse in general. A negative this in spite of, some looks of sinister key to be unresponsive in time. I owe that click more than a swipe to take the response. Any sure the one who this half but prefer this question to some other questions with other mice.
5 / 5
These produced is the quite damn good mouse. This in spite of, is not an instant soyiracle cure' to hurt wrists, neither is without defect.
Would owe that be warned, this mouse will take time to do a lot of difference to your aches. Previously, it has used an old Logitech MX500 smiled and had developed hurts of terrible wrist, to a point where could use he for less than 5 minutes the time.
At the beginning, this vertical mouse has moved so only an ache to an outside of my wrist in place of an interior, but after several weeks of this (and the next repayment!) Suddenly I have @to @give one hurting has been gone. Entirely!

Gives it casualidad to do. You will be happy has done!

Has some deserts to this mouse, this in spite of.
In the first place, a 'DPI' the adjustment is massively on complicated and like this unintuitive as it can be .
Secondly, A soyain/backward' the keys are very bad situated, those directed if a key of before it is unreachable for everything but one the majority of gigantic of hands. They require to having gone down and has behind moved to be usable.

One another smaller flu has is that this mouse, when being much bigger that other mice, is very easy to attack around in my office to the equal that moves my hands around unless I am careful.
Also would owe that remark that there is remarked that are 'phantom clicking' far more with this mouse, resembled a reviewers in a 'Linus Technology Touches' youtube canal, where thinks that to have clicked but in fact has no. Clicking Or fold clicking is also occasionally interpreted like the short 'the click & tugs'.

Has not estimated of for life of battery, reason am using he with an USB-C connector has attached, effectively turning to the mouse wired.
5 / 5
UPDATE: This trackball has died with which 8 month to use have changed like this a description to two stars.

I update again yes takes the substitution without any fuss, is supposition to have to that 2 guarantee of year.

In the first place ossia the very very trackball, but could be better.

Initially was the little scratchy that feels the disappointed but to the equal that have expected, this has been he was on is adapted.
The seguace is quite a lot of - the jitters the small but no quite that found it problematic like this far.

Has not had any @@subject taking used his that comes from/comes from the CST trackball.

A corner is very comfortable to use and feels very natural.

Copy and pasting text or doing the precise clicks is any question , a logitech the software leave to dip up and control a trackball in to the any way likes.

My only real flu, and ossia the big one for me, is a lack of smooth scrolling. Has another MX smiled and the CST trackball, everything of them there is smooth scrolling, really does not comprise reason logitech has decided any to dip he in this mouse, has paid felizmente more for a functionality.

Am not sure that the time will last like the battery is not user replaceable but am sure so that the continuous time in of drive them of people readier to stick on like this to exchange out of a wheel of roll and substitute a battery.

I deducted 1.5 stars for a lack of smooth scrolling that expects of logitech in this prize, and other 0.5 stars for a jittering reason has another logitech smiled that any this, does not know a reason but am guessing is the slow polling speed to use less energy the one who leaves for a life of incredible battery.
4 / 5
Has purchased this mouse that expects that it would be them blown was given a prize. It has it that says was very disappointing. When being a miser spreadsheet user the like the mouse that can run it vertical and horizontal, has not had 4 wheel of way or second turns. Had an option to use a FWD/BCK keys to do this in a paper done of commission, but then the lose a function of these. Some another @@subject has found them was a speed of mouse, has struggled them to find that something sweet that has not gone too fast but is not painfully slow state. A breaker to treat this in spite of era to find that a wheel partorisca vertical roll was fully latched. This scrolling done in of the discharges of big propagation a lot of tiresome. Returned the amazon for repayment and has used again my small but more abler logitech MX Master. Has more functions, more customising 2 wheels to turn latch/unlatch option and is 40 economic more
4 / 5
is a reasonable product . Logitech Does not have very other competitors.

A clue 'ball' is noisy into use. If works in some means of office, calm will not remark a noise, when you are going a ball. My PC is virtually silent and a ball of the tracker of the roller is noisy and distracts it (a raw and unfair example would be the wheel of hamster ).

Using a trackball is annoying in the 4K monitor. If I have required to move an indicator of mouse of some arrivals of a screen to another. I owe that maintain that it goes a ball, and has to that stimulate my thumb for the reposition. My joint of thumb would have tired sense....

Has used a Logitech software, to do dipping transmissions, but is any t perfect. If you are using the HD or alike monitor, would have to be good.

A wheel of roll could have been better. Logitech HAS a wheel of amazing roll in a G502 gaming mouse. The ones of the that knows reason his no t has dipped that goes of roll in a mouse of ball of the clue.

If the RSI, then will save a trackballs could save your wrist, but that one spends of your joint of thumb.

Does not have any idea in of the that hands Logitech model his mouse on, but is always the pocola was.

Still prefer the classical mouse.
4 / 5
My trackball has has failed today. When I rotate a wheel an indicator of mouse so only twitches roughly in a screen but does not move properly. I have tried unplugging and replugging a receiver to Unify, changing a trackball was and on and that verifies an opening under a ball for muck. (I the cleaned regularly like this any in there).

My old Action MX has smiled still doing felizmente have ordered like this the substitution of Amazon. Any one a lot this in spite of for the trackball less than the old year. I have it quell'has broken out of my old M570 for now.

Has attached the photo of a two side for side for comparison.

Has had a model a first old plus of east an and has liked him that reason less is tiring in some hands in the long period.

Like one does this trackball also has the key to do yours your movements precise plus.

Mina an only flu is that this has the micro USB that spend of touches and a keyboard of new Work he the partners has the USB C port. Ossia The deception according to which am concerned and the bit of the ache when it comes on touch.
5 / 5
Is considering This mouse seriously then calm to good sure would have to that it tries! They are new to a world of peripherals of the elegant computer but I think that is to say the a lot of-built and smiled of funky. Already I love the after perhaps 2 hours of use - to seat likes is using something of a future and looks awesome in my office also. A quality of all (packaging, smile, software) is to join at the head of some levels £10 offerings and for less than £60 of the warehouse of Amazon thinks that is the just prize , also.

According to your current mouse could not have quite a lot of keys but I there is not remarked this like the question and with the compatible Logitech keyboard (like my K780) can remap the keys of a mouse for when a fn the tone in a keyboard is pressed. A Logitech software (Options and has another for an USB to Unify connector) works without @@subject in mine Mac. I have found that a Bluetooth the connection was has bitten it laggy has compared to a connection wired has used before but changing a connector to Unify has cleared this on and the latency is not a @@subject now. I am not sure if ossia the general Bluetooth subject of mouse, a subject with this mouse or the result of interference of where are by train for the use.

Has hands like calm the axes but I a lot necessarily import if this mouse was included slightly main! A general consensus, this in spite of, is that ossia the big mouse to the equal that could cost try first to buy has the smallest delivery. If it returns your hands is very comfortable to use.

Included a packaging mentions that this mouse has the curve to learn but there is not it remarked when being massively different my general experience of mouse of computer - is attacking that naturalidad feels in a hand. To good sure would not choose to change behind to the 'horizontal' smiled now.

An USB-C port is quite rigid to discharges /unplugs and has directed to attack the on already but am choosing in of the small failures here, especially in comparison to the very he a rest of a time. It likes!
4 / 5
Ossia A second vertical mouse has possessed, a be leading of another costruttore.

Are very happy with this device.

First of all, a mouse is more comfortable that resist, when being as the form resupplies sufficient support for a whole hand, and a lot so only a thumb, which is remained with the slightly grippy the soft touch rubberized the texture leaves a hand to seat stably in a mouse without any force of grip. A soft texture is also more comfortable that resist that a hard surface on some devices.

A device also profits of builds the in rechargeable battery, and comes with the USB-C port and USB-A the USB-C touching boss that also leave a mouse to be used like the peripheral of USB wired whilst touching - or in chance the wireless connectivity is not available.

A device will connect street bluetooth (that synchronises instantly and without any delay to an Apple MacBook Pro - which is not a chance for all bluetooth peripheral). I have experienced any lag or pauses in the connectivity that connects street bluetooth. A compact USB:A wireless dongle is resupplied also in chance of any / poor / / / bluetooth connectivity - although I have not required to use this I.

Some starts of device of a box without installation of engine in the mac - but resupplies additional functionality Logitech the software of options are installed, likes indicator of State of the Battery, programming of key, DPI setting (with switchable profiles in the key consecrated), qualified to dip cement of frame of the application, and 'Logitech Flow' those automatic leaves that change of wireless profile to the different device (pill / of computer etc.) when emotional Mouse to a flange of a screen, also leaving copying and pasting among devices.

The device sustains 3 wireless profiles separate which also can be changed manually using the key in a base of a device - as well as automatically using a logitech software of flow, leaving device to be used with multiple computers / mobile devices.

Has impressed particularly with one (perceived) quality of build of a device - some material solid celery, a key and the action of wheel is positive, and a device feels 'quality'. It is too punctual to say if this will translate the reliability of long term... This in spite of this feels very better done that my leading device of another costruttore, which has begun to fail after so only -2 years of use.

In of the terms of negatives...

Some keys of thumb (which are mapped to first / of rear actions be incumplimientos) does not feel entirely natural to use - especially a key forward, which because of his navigation has to that be pressed with an end of a thumb, and can result press a mouse or accidently has left clicking a same time... Ossia Probably something that can improve with familiarity, and is quite insignificant in general.

Is also value that mentions that any provision has been done for a storage of a wireless dongle in a base of a device - so much in a chance that any usually use a dongle, then have the device that requires use of a dongle, then a dongle probably will be lost in a fund of a esafe put' where has tent the to you... Or perhaps ossia so only me!

In general, is looking for the wireless vertical mouse, especially one with full mac compatibility without requiring the separate dongle, then probably will struggle to find the better alternative.
5 / 5
Has @to @give recently that has taken ache in my elbow and wrist and there is remarked that was had to probably to the big time is spent to use the mouse and keyboard. I have used one these in some pasts and decided to take one again. One smiles is a lot of responsive and a hard battery the long time. There is the USB dongle to leave for the wireless use and he can be business inside a mouse in a compartment of battery. I find a grip of a fantastic mouse! One smiles a lot in fact movement. This means that my hand, the wrist and the arm in fact do not move . Utilisations your thumb to move a ball and your toes use some keys. There are some regular keys for sinister click, right click, but there is also the few keys that can be customised to do very precise .
A better part is that an ache in my arm there is lessened and probably will disappear entirely over time. Certainly I can recommend this mouse to any the one who is looking for the different approximation to involve with technology without some aches and of the aches that sometimes come with him.
5 / 5
In that used that 2 Logitech M570 trackballs for several years and some sinister keys that fails in both I have taken the patient of has bitten to substitute them. As I have decided you squander it in the MX Ergo. It is a lot well, and good functions. Has some nifty pocolos looks also, but was novelty of mine, any necessities.
Like a record and pleasure one can dip the magnetic foot on and take more corner in a mouse. This feels slightly more comfortable that a M570.
A real reason this takes the 4 and any to 5 description is a prize . It is more than two times a prize of a M570 and so only does not see two times a value. Perhaps it is 20 better but any two good times.
Still if this a hard more than 18 month that will be in prize. If has failures of key although I will be a lot disappointed.
Like this far, like this good.
5 / 5
So only in amazing! Certainly it is biased in that used that his predecessor (trackman) for years, but M570 is in one joins new! Very sophisticated, luxurious has produced: no- it slips to cover of an organism gives your palmera the very good grip/rest; a wheel there is so only a right quantity of control, a wheel is calm, responsive and with a right quantity of control in his clicks. It is sweet of twist of organism shaped the ergonomic perfection. A two customisable keys (each one that like this of different form to easily distinguish them without looking) is in real prize. Application the concrete functions can be attributed to them (inside sure limits). They are still to try some costruttrici allege that the suns EA the battery will last 18 month, but an on-of transmission in a base certainly helps to conserve can. A control of cursor is very precise and there is not any delay in reaction of cursor at all. A receiver of USB is practically invisible when plugged the, and for tents of transport inside a mouse, minimising some casualidad to take has lost. They are very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
Wireless substitution partorisca my old Logitech trackball. Like this comfortable to use and with has has added keys partorisca go forward/behind in of the web pages.
A wireless part is not like this of entity in the device like the stays dipped but work well and a claim of life of long battery hopefully be substantiated in real life. There is the condition of the lights of battery concealed to go in momentarily when in the first place you use it so that it assumes that it will say me in good time when of the substitutes of precise battery.
Has has had years of the service of my version wired old to the equal that has big hopes partorisca east a.
Curiously, a name in a product so only says 'logi' without one 'technology' and any logo. Packaging All looked 100 Logitech likes I researches it and has discovered has is-branded' his and 'logi' is looking in of the products now. It thought it that it could have it been the fake but felizmente a lot second that it can say.
5 / 5
Has some 2 pieces of the oldest version a 750 a house and one in work, and asked is cost spending all this money partorisca buy this in spite of another trackball.
Yes, was!
Is main, as it returns a better hand. A bit wedge helps partorisca dip less tension in some muscles that causes RSI. A trackball is smoother. It had remarked that I found it the small (jumpy) to click in some small icons in a toolbars with one 750. This was a main engine partorisca me partorisca buy this. And a MX Ergo has solved a question.
To to Another thing likes is that of horizontal scrolling. Always good to have concealed. It is a lot annoying when the page or the map is too wide and has to that fiddle with scrollbars. This does well here.
A thing does not comprise is a key in a trackball for behind a wheel of roll. I guess it is partorisca change DPI setting. When I press It, one '2' the light blinks and maintains partorisca blink. And a trackball the stops that reads. When I press It again, '1' blink and stable of results, then the turn was. And a trackball is doing again. Any takes me partorisca use it, but am curious reason is that that.
5 / 5
I while partorisca retard my box of description was sure, but this mouse has helped mine again purchased undiagnosed RSI. The desire has had this before I have had some symptoms. It would recommend this same if you do not have any RSI how is quite natural to use. I detail CAD does and the host other applications of the office and I do not require to change a dpi sensibility. I have taken it it has used his in of the minutes. My mates have tried he for the pocolos second and not liking but of calm has to give it the little time. A software/of the utilities of the engine is lustrous and leaves some customisation of sensibility of keys. Utilisation a tiny dongle distributed and has not tried my built in Wi-Fi. It is the pricey the mouse but I have opted for the version broken boxed for £68 and well each penny. It is a lot it has done it. There is the pair of Ytube video there the help the decision.
4 / 5
The element has arrived punctually and when I have taken he out of a box, has had the good weight roughly that.
Thats Was the promising start, touched it up using a micro usb socket (would have been included better with UsbC, but concealed has not been the big thing then). I dipped it/ I dipped It up using bluetooth, among my two mac is and he paired quickly and changing among them was like this simple as pressing an upper fund.
Has been using it now for just to the long of the year and I poden does not be missing a device.
Use him is quite big for my hands and I do not owe that shuffle he during a place, thanks to a ball. Have setup Some of some other keys to do sure tasks in a Mac.
A tilt the function uses all a time, as he the most comfortable fact to resist, a ball is the joy to use .
To the equal that will see the pictures have changed a ball, has loved so only personalise a device the bit, has had any question with an original ball, has loved so only the transmission.
A hard battery for the very long time, has does not have to that the touch long of then taking it possibly roughly 3 times.
A harm neither comes with an additional wedge to tilt a corner bit it more, would have liked me has tried that, sees that it differentiates can have done for the use daily.
One to to a thing really would like is could that to him connects easily to the 3rd device, as has the 2 Logitech keyboard that has blue toothed to 3 devices (K760 solar & K780 this one has tones of windows also).
Like any looks of clean of the mine mouse of apple and trackpad, but taste use this better mouse.
Would recommend for any gamers the one who does the plot of home, especially during COVID-19, never appreciated more than now.
Has pleased to good sure has bought this, yes expensive, but when apresamientos a health of your hand count it, value of the extra money, and a wheel has not taken long to take use too neither.
4 / 5
Trackballs Is the things/of the hate of the amour likes him a lot of-known savoury of propagations of yeast. I love him and find using smiled he significantly more painful - further of a way. But lovely that a M570 is, a deliberate election to use the low spec transmission for some main clicks finally heads to the alone clicks that is seen like this of the double clicks. Oops.

This is to be fix, sincere, with a Mx Ergo. It is also he has taken the no-surface of slip more than a smooth plastic of a M570. A wheel of roll can be pressed to accident or right to do likes two keys more. There is the key that really goes down a sensibility, so rotating a wheel has produced the very indicator movement smaller. A battery is an inner LiPo rechargeable (invernadero the USB micro port) more than the regulate EA one.

Can apparently also be linked invernadero Bluetooth (has not tried this, so only using has seen an USB dongle I already taken and now have another transmission of). A link of leaves of final key to another PC.

Still has to that be right-handed. I am surprised still does not have any mirror-version of image for left-handed people.

A Logitech the ads tend to say to the something Likes ' Of the leaves of only adjustable hinge to choose an ideal corner among 0° and 20° to take the most natural hand place and relax augmented'.

Which concealed does not clear is that it is 0° Or 20°, with at all possible goes in. Ossia Reason is the orderly discharge of metal - this adds significant weight, how is less comfortable to maintain resisted up in the way that can you with a M570 - that turns in the ridge and is taken a side or another saw magnets. They are still a lot sure which prefer...
5 / 5
As well as the pro user to draw/of coding & gaming perspective the transmission of mouse is the big but extracted same for the simple web that explores so that it uses still the smile few things that be able to you of has had the habit of with any one another big final mouse.
A prize to water of the eye was the factor but an elegant vids in Logitech the place is soooo appealing this in spite of my thoughts have been resisted some afterwards receive this wheel of roll.
He Has a lot another decent mouse with an option to 'transfer released a wheel to go ie take a clicking to press the key in yours mouse eg Logitech Action MX mouse that use daily, will be out of regime here...
Has known has chosen to grieve this ego smiled on how was like this light that something was no quite 'right'.

Ossia The breaker to treat likes option of the wheel of free scrolling is the big characteristic in any smile for me and prolly more another imho and so that has other options there roughly £20 this has the wheel of roll of free spinning then sad to say this 'Logi' to the equal that look to be calling they these days have messed up in this prize!

But for the wrist does not hurt lol

My indication of the star is not based in gaming or way to sleep so it can look quite down but Is the good mouse if you are not annoyed in free roll wheeling.
4 / 5
Are the professional programmer and this just work perfectly reliving my ache of nerve to use rule mouses.
- Smiled adds with two settings (shouted and went down) for your wrist and palmera
- the quality of build is exceptional like waits of logitech
- works with Linux, mac, windows (tried in all the orders)
- the keys of fast shortcuts are surprising (sees options to dip for keys in picture on with white circles)
- request and slow down one smiles scroller using key lateralmente
- that clean a ball is very very easy plants it pen under some explosions of wheel out of clear and prints it behind in
- the speed of roll is perfect for every day users
- accesses on palmera snuggly
- gaming lack that, but frames up in productivities and use of office wonderfully
- connect to two different computers a time any transmissions @subject easily
- long durable battery = havent touched for last 6 months this in spite of in strong disposal
- whose remorse he at all in these MX Masters mouses to the equal that are well for the work of studio likes music or graphic designers
- is using for work of office then you cant gone bad with this yours to palmera will love the
- USB of uses Micros B - has bitten out of dating
- rear and key of before it is has bitten out of place for thumb to the equal that would require to use indication of toe
5 / 5
has taken this like the substitution for mine M570. A one has received was faulty is returned like this behind but am not taking another. Some reasons are:
has been to expects it better key clicking with less than the his but is an exact still likes M570
is micro-usb and any usb-c (like the description said). I comprise that it is of 2017 but it would have been a so only a lot usb-c device in my office
When that turns a ball done the sound to line, something that mine M570 no .
A ball feels economic reason is lighter compared to M570 but can have good reasons to do that (and.G to reduce a moment and he faster that change directions)
A cup is rubbery which am not sure liked

liked a capacity to change a corner and I has liked him an additional functionality, but does not go to buy the device in 2020 concealed does not use usb-c to touch. I will maintain mine M570 and attended for a next model. It has taken unfortunately 7 years to take a MX ERGO (2017) with which a M750 (2010).
5 / 5
Has bought one of these has exited to grieve - quite the few years does now. Over time it developed it a question dreaded of the double click caused for wear in a microswitches. I have lived with east for several years until EJT Consumables offered the new M570 on Amazon in the just prize and I have been for him.

Neither like this classifies of the device or the no. is not for all that use world-wide a thumb is quell'has bitten odd, and the little part of me if it marvels yes will take 'carpal thumb of tunnel' in some point. This in spite of, for my no-gaming the purpose is a lot well, and does not have to that reserve to plot of spatial of office for him. I can customise some keys, and for the general purposes is the good alternative to the conventional mouse. If experience with a forward one east any one drives , this will last for around five years and then a microswitches will begin to cause questions again. Ah Well ... These keys take to hammer the. The prize was so only, and to plot less than buying of Logitech. The product was true, in correct packaging.
5 / 5
So that… it has to that maintain has taken a together. Logitech MX Master 3, a Vertical and now a Trackball - this is attacking in £200 value of mouse (mouses?), And it concealed it is not comprising a tear-of vertical an I bought and junked. Everything to fix some aches of forearms that has grown with each full day spent in a computer.
A MX Master is the brilliant mouse . Anything, with which concealed, feels the bit like the accident-down, and a Vertical to good sure felt that way… and a lot anything for my wrist, neither. Any one it restful experience.
And like this to a Trackball. SAD, is HOW MUCH? FOR A MOUSE? Ahem. Yeah, there is concealed. Has two settings of corner, but reason any one would love it flat, behind in a corner that ache of causes for more than people in a first place, is the mystery. But it is solidly fact with an exception of an advance of ugly click/of the rear keys, and a trackball clue like this with accuracy like this trackballs do. A 'detail' key that is supposition to leave you the precision more order him is not a lot a lot of cop: it uses a mouse for work of graphic drawing, and is so only too slow to be useful. The difference of a main that follows, calm can not regulate a speed that uses a otherwise good Logitech software.
Can press a scrollwheel lateralmente to, err, roll lateralmente; useful, but the bit in a same slow side in a faster speed.
And a main thing? With which 3 month, my ache of wrist is has very improved. I am expecting that continuous.
Like reason so only 3 stars? Well... If has has not used never a MX Master will know is that it turns free scrollwheel. It is fantastic. Absolutely silent, calm leave whizz on and down web pages and documents with just the flick. And you are feeling old-skool, can go back to a ratchet-effect.
And going back is so only that a Trackball has done, lateralmente scrolling notwithstanding. It is the horrible scrollwheel. Massively clicky, with uploading to hold so that it does not have a lot of casualidad of whizzing anywhere. Worse that a Vertical. The Hate. Reason could do not using a freewheel in this expensive massive mouse?
A bit reluctantly this in spite of, will be to stick with a trackball for a RSI profits. Until they spend it was one with a freewheel, when probably I will take out of another mortgage and buy the 4th Logitech has smiled.
4 / 5
It has been using this partorisca some months now. Still in original EA battery. Checked that rechargeable EA NiMH law of battery in this too much. After heavy dialy use, is still like this free in current so that when new.

My working space is compact, like this ossia better that the mouse partorisca me - I is coming partorisca the prefer, as it acts well and the find like this intuitive, perhaps more like this, that the regular mouse.

Comes with Logitec unifying auricular of USB. It could use this 'out of a box' without setup has required. I have used of Logitech software partorisca link a receiver of USB with the Logitech compact wireless keyboard. Marcos partorisca the abonos, spatial effective combination.
5 / 5
After using a MX Ergo for the moment, an annoyance is surfaced. A base is quite big in of the terms of zone, still, still, a trackball slips by means of a cup of table. Ossia Reason a material in a fund of a base does not resupply quite embrague.

Has had a M570 in fact a lot of years and a model before it concealed. Had my eyes in a MX for the moment, but was reluctant to take he because of his prize compared with a leading model.

Now has taken a MX -- and does not look behind. He the better lies in a hand that all the leading models. And some characteristic is quite good: DPI transmission, as well as a transmission of way (changing among WiFi and Bluetooth). Especially a transmission of way is awesome reason when being able to use a MX on two computer immediately, in a press of the key, is very useful. Calm save you that buys the second trackball (does not want to maintain moving a receiver to unify among some two computers)!

Expect a transmission for an accident-click to last longer that with a M570.
4 / 5
Good product, feels well manually, takes the bit to practise for the use properly if any fact with the first smile, but after the while it is easy to use and cruised by means of a screen. Well for maps and any application or operating system in general, to good sure any for video games of fast, especially 3D shooters, RTS perhaps or RPG. Well with small laptops or partorisca to to any one him me like the one who hates tampons to touch. The pictures aim mine a with which have done some modifications to paint fact to commission so only to look better. A so only a downside of this model can find is an element in that a wheel is resting. It is fact of the ceramic compound of some class and averts to be bit it noisy when used, is taking stuck sometimes. I think that this thing does not exist or is improved there is anticipated more models. In all the chance, the element adds thus prize.
5 / 5
Has had the trackball done of the years, as when I have required the mouse for work, has opted partorisca east. At all disappointed, law the plot with excel by means of dual screens, and when being able to go a ball by means of this like this easier that choosing a smile up and that begins again to take cofortable. Your hand is always where is of course comfortable all of a time.

Some the programmable keys are well, uses him to move a cell left and right in excel and advance of page/behind in Chrome. I am still in an original battery and an inner storage for a dongle thingy is the orderly idea. An only question is when any one wants to use my computer, the choose up and the churn roughly, that asks reason does not do like this smiled he - no really the failure this in spite of. Otherwise brill.
4 / 5
Date a prize is quite empinado. Too expensive has spent slightly for big for a creation and of the capacities this different mouse can do!
Loves the functions of a short and new yard has has rested corners your hand-held chairs on; more terracings of satisfaction. The main cost was to solve a RSI has been taking after using my logitech smiled in the mac. Now upgrading to this beast is exciting. Taking used to a trackball with a thumb is new and the interior a moment am adapting his. You work them keys in of the applications are tailored like this dipping on the this is little fiddly but first of legislation. Also it prefers a rotating run that tilts sinister or right. Any of another trackballs this. Ossia M570, which is old now. Required something new and refreshing!
Some things sure, is not leaving this in acting after paying like this so much! Interior a moment after using for 2 weeks is comfortable and usefull. It is doing well and I will update this description.

Update!! It is been 6 month now and now am touching for a first time!!! It is crazy. I owe that done to result habituado to a Logitech MX Ergo device and beleive port; had any subjects with RSI. It has taken some time to regulate but doing inside small has has limited spaces, this thing is an inventive work of art ! I am swinging to this fashion or flow of working and is something on way that love. Utilisation a plenary slant and has not had subjects at all.
Has wished so only has bought a new but the most economic version open like any small inferior frames would not hurt or be remarked at all with this beast of the wireless mouse!
4 / 5
Has had a Autley vertical mouse but has tried this and he is so less comfortable.

Especially your hand-held needs to be more vertical that a Autley and an external flange of your rests of wrist uncomfortably in a surface of office and take shabby/@bruise. The mine is constantly red and @bruise now, and ossia with him on the foreigner of mouse of decent silicon.

Am using he for him is fines-described like this device but thinks could change behind to a Autley and use the box of Transmission of the USB instead.

Originally Gave It 3 stars but spent it down to 1.
5 / 5
For an expensive product has better expected more precise matching components. A prime minister ting there is remarked was the clicking when that moves a ball. Suspicion ossia down to the plastic is returned bad casing in a house of ball. There is remarked then a key of the right mouse so only acts when pressed directly of a cup. If has the longest hand, or hastens so only he of a front, does not involve . This key does not look flush with a rest of a house. Finally, the small ridge among a rubbery grip of palmera and a plastic probably will result uncomfortable after the moment of use. Subjects quite smaller, which would have been acceptable was the third of a prize. Disappointed in to the east produced like Logitech is usually a lot of engineered.
4 / 5
Has been using the Microsoft trackball the mouse for the time extremely largo & has thought would take the wireless version to start with a yard has retreated on all some bosses, has taken the used one for £26 but am happy there is any way would pay £35 or £65 for him.
A ball is noisy & in my eyes does not run free at all compare to a Microsoft trackball & the closing feels that way to this day.
Have the triple monitor dips up & can take an indicator to spend for all 3 screen in one presses with this Logitech a not even half way by means of also yes have the big hands there is not to sustain of the wrist has compared to a Microsoft Trackball feels economic of a word goes, expected it to be better for Logitech but that the harm was, a dongle is better done that one smiles.
So that it follows to grasp me to the mine Microsoft wired trackball & the lame hope advances in fact a lot of years to come like these days a prize is big to the equal that are scarce now, sad Logitech disappointed in this product.
4 / 5
Good weight and feel, quality of silts. One smiles has an adjustable place to do is returned your hand more. Some keys are programmable and of the attackers and the rear keys are utmost for the web that explores. Has an option of bluetooth or using a logitech unifying adapter to the equal that can dip he until utilisation two different devices and movement of one to an another like this required
has directed to take roughly 17days of the full and calm load can continue use the while touching it behind up. Nowhere near a 4m has alleged. One the smallest irritation is ossia uses the software has separated a the usual logitech setpoint used for forward logitech smiled

there is downgraded he of 5 stars to 4 stars been due to life of battery - with mine another logitech the wireless mice would take 9m in the rechargable NiMh EA
5 / 5
has been using Logitech trackballs of the mine Quake days behind in a 90s. Any easier way to run on stairs for behind whilst still shooting!! Today they are the developer of software but still use the trackball. A last version was a M570 duquel have a house and one in an office. They connect in wireless dongle. This new MX that also but also to regulate Bluetooth. This means a less what to take on upper of the port USB which can be lovely in a ultra book. Connecting in wireless can be scaly sometimes (in M570) for any apparent reason. It has had the zeros subjects of then using Bluetooth.

A trackball is fantastic. Big that leading version. Access perfectly in a hand. A tilt the function is more than the gimmick. Help done really. It goes reduced also likes podes so only toggle on and use different muscles in your hand. The quality is glorious with the materials of big quality have used. Real quality. Good weight. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
I have bought a Logitech MX Vertical mainly partorisca a fact that the uses have left with three devices simultaneously. A secondary consideration was an ergonomics .

Has had to that buy the mouse of seal of big prize throughout again, would not spend my money is one .

- Looks well for the mouse
- can use is a mouse with until three devices have connected simultaneously (sees a negatives also, is not everything adds to the respect)
- the wireless connectivity that use an USB-An adapter is a lot
- the life of battery is a lot as well as hard until week of constant WFH use )

- some keys of Easy Transmission are in a fund of a mouse! The wise creation, this almost renders a fact that can use you he with multiple devices in fact the point of ache. In my opinion, having some keys of the Easy transmission in some subordinated entirely attack a purpose to the equal that have to that choose one smiles on, use another hand to press the key an or two times according to a device want to change to!
- A transmission of the speed of the cursor is useless for me. It would have given this mouse 5 stars have used a transmission of speed of the cursor on a key of Easy Transmission instead.
- Has better alternatives for an ergonomic mouse (I has a Anker a this cost GBP 12 ossia like this very still ergonomics so only)
- Bluetooth the connectivity is not a More adds them. If I use street Bluetooth, then the needs to king-pair with my Mac almost once the week (this in spite of, sees positive - a wireless adapter work very a lot)
the life of battery is too short and needs the transmission each one that 18 hours in the max
- ergonomically, is the pocola was. I find a corner the little uncomfortable in long period of use

has better Expected partorisca
4 / 5
has bought the plot of Logitech box on some years and I have, almost without exception, delighted state and impressed with everything of some products has purchased. This mouse is this in spite of an exception. I used it quite at length a last week and 3 things cause me to mark this product down. In the first place, a wheel of roll has begun the audibly squeak after the very short time. A wheel also has the 'lumpy' feel which is not that it would expect of Logitech. A second @subject is an on/was the transmission is very rigid to use and does not give the 'click' positive feedback. A third subject is the general plus one in that a product feels cheaply fact and does not feel robust or the product of big quality. As I have said before, Logitech there is always impressed previously with some products that (I am writing this description in the Logitech K740 keyboard - a better, more comfortable, the solidest keyboard has has not used never!) This in spite of, this mouse is one to avert think.
5 / 5
Has treated initially well but after the few months a battery has begun to lose his uploads quite quickly with a mouse that results unresponsive until it was recharged.

In this level of prize, ossia entirely unsatisfactory.

Basically, arrivals that has to leave it on touch everything of a time.

4 / 5
Has produced of quality but some 'expert' ergonomic strike again - the keys are not situated for effortless. This plus, the flange of a key of right mouse in a legislation handside could do with some class of hard flange (otherwise, would be clicking has not known that calm in fact is pressing down in a wrong part of a mouse (and no a RHS key)) - although easily solved with some diverse discharges of rear tape.

The life of battery is excellent. Still going strong with which 2 more weeks of daily use.

Oh, And a characteristic of corner is simply the magnetic base.

One the final flu is that a key of the roll does not have a 'unlimited' characteristic to go a lot like his MX smiled (for which press the press / of key a wheel of roll in to cause this functionality): the look of mine likes is trying to take like this of money of you like this possible with a next MUST-ACTIVE upgrade?.

In general, like the developer of professional software in that used the a lot of his mice(s) abeit never a trackball some, will give this trackball 3/5: expensive £77 but in general the product of quality.
4 / 5
Are always late to a party and the one who the discovered this Logitech MX vertical mouse has been for me. Has the vertical mice really be around done a lot of years?! It is the thing of the beauty and I can not taking looking in him on my office. I thought that it that it would help it with my forearm painful legislation (also golf) and really has. One 'approximation of handshake to use the mouse is like this intuitive and was the amour at the beginning feels. Any question in using it at all.

He, is expensive but is the product of big quality and there is money and sanity to be except on some years for any that has to that buy battery. A Type of USB C touching the boss done the perfect sense and he rids the enormous load a lot quickly (the smiled also can be used whilst a boss is touching he).

Goes fantastically with my new Logitech MX keyboard. Ossia Another history ...
5 / 5
Has been using Logitech Trackballs of then '95 when an original Trackman the marble has been released; I have moved to a Trackman Goes of Marble when it has been released in '99, then a Wireless/Wireless version in 2001, and has bought my prime minister M570 when it has been released in 2010… to the equal that could say that they are the defender !

Ossia Mine 3rd unit ; a prime minister a “dead person” after being attacked of my office of computer for a cat, then kicked by means of a paving to the wall for me in a darkness when I have gone back of an office that takes! (A cat roams in to see the one who a noise and the swearing is roughly; I glare in a cat and is everything, “That?” LOL!)

In all the chance, a 2nd unit has done very better and is lasted roughly 7yrs first of a micro-the transmissions down some keys have begun to fail, fold clicking in place of the alone clicks etc. have had the occasion to use a new MX Ergo but although have to him legustado an additional functionality found it bulkier and less comfortable to use, as it has to that remain with a M570.

Thinks Logitech has perfected basically an ergonomics of a trackball with an original Trackman creation; a ball is drop your thumb and your hand-held rests of course by means of a unit, with some main keys, more a Wheel of Roll in of the subsequent models, under your half three toes.

And now to a software; to take one the majority of out a trackball precise install a SetPoint software, which leave you to change an acceleration and/or orientation of a cursor in a screen, program some keys with the concrete functions etc. also have a K800 Illuminated Keyboard, but to modify his functionality has to that install a Logitech software of Options, and to run a trackball And a precise together keyboard installs a software to Unify to pair the with a wireless adapter.

Like my new M570 arrives, I turn of an old a, opens a software to Unify and follow some instructions to turn in some new trackball and attended for him the swimming of pair.
Well, to the left is test again… swimming. Sigh.
Well, to the left is to restart a system and try again… at all. UGH!
Well, has left uninstall a software, clear out of some entrances of Register, reinstall a software and try again… sucedida! Really?

But has more… using my keyboard a now active illumination when my hand is near a keyboard, a “setting of Detection” of the Hand, likes opposed to when I in fact type.
As it ploughs a software of Options, transmission an illumination that dips behind to “When I write” and… at all.
Of then spent on I so only uninstalled a software, cleared out of a Register, reinstalled a software and has tried again… sucedida! Felizmente, and for any reason, a SetPoint the software has not been affected by any of of the this.

I amour of mine M570 trackball, and a K800 keyboard, so much ask of the hardware is fantastic, but a software is, in time, an exercise in frustration. If he so only revised a trackball he this would be an easy 5 description of Estrella, but given some subjects with a software have attacked of the Star… YMMV.
5 / 5
Has used any Logitech or Microsoft trackball smiled (or is mouses?) In fact a lot of years and find them much easier to use that I smile level (or mouses, will have that looks this on now). Mina trackball is wire fence and has been seating for behind a computer how is dulcemente result the centre of means comunicacionales how has gone wireless. A Logitech and the versions of Microsoft are almost identical and this new mouse is to somewhere among half to two third of a measure. It feels the little small but that perhaps so only taking me has used his but is like this easy to use.
4 / 5
Suffers syndrome of tunnel of the carpel – I strongly expect mouse of use for 30 years and has been in the investigation to find the pertinent mouse that reads for me for some time. I have tried a lot successfully variable, but there is not founding never my ache 'definite'-free mouse. It was excited especially, as I have thought, to having found this Logitech MX Vertical mouse that is contoured in one the majority of ergonomic corner and drawn partorisca to to the people like to of them, as some sales blurb has said. The for like this decided to fork out of a quite hefty prize (a bit more than would prefer to pay ). On arrived, gave it the gone with a lot of anticipation, but although finding it upper to other mice have used, has no the found like this comfortable to the equal that had expected, but thinking so only could has to that take used his, has decided to give the just test. With which three weeks, this in spite of, I still found that my hand has not seated of course in a form of a mouse without consciously doing it. This has had also an effect to do a key to go the slightly unnatural piece and has done to paste a key 'sinister' inaccurately difficult. This has meant that has has had to that consciously the click can be until three times for the involve, each click that adds to a stress in my hand-held/wrist. My hands are that it would call measured of half (the man is), but is in no way small. Suspicion therefore any with the big hands can not suffer some questions have had, but for some same token think that any with the smallest hands active even more the difficulties that use this mouse. A global result is that it felt the constant moderately nettling tension and ache in my hand and wrist and would advise precaution (and trialling) to any one thinking to invest in this mouse, especially if they do not have big hands. They are also a lot engreído that a vertical corner is corrected. Have Now, given even more money to Logitech, reason has has bought now that it was my second (less glitzy) election, a MX Ergo which, although I am so only state using he for the pair of days, looks to be the much more satisfactory solution for my wrists/of hands. Suspicion that with which so only three weeks' to use a flash and glitzy MX Vertical, is now so only that goes to gather powder in a shelf – another waste of money.
5 / 5
Have two of these and my woman has the third. All well. Comfortable and easy to use. I have required to substitute my main PC wired trackball have bought like this another. After the pair of weeks has developed trackball lag and stutter. It has spoken with the technology in Amazon. It had substituted a battery and has moved a dongle to another usb port but to any avail. Amazon refunded buys of Mina and I have ordered another. I used it slightly for five days and his taken lag and stutter it worse far. The sound that goes back for the repayment. He to amazon has the bad batch?
4 / 5
Has begun of then use a MX Vertical, am found less tension in my shoulder and arm. I have used a MX Master, MX Ergo, Magic Mouse 2 and a Wacom Intuos Pro. A MX Ergo has done a work that reduces tension in my shoulder and arm but with which few years of use, some starts of ball of the roller to take sticky.

Has used a MX Vertical for the maps that draw in Axure and Sketch in you X. He an amazing work to reduce RSI. It takes the bit to time to take used to this mouse to start with was with but few days of constant use, could not use again some mice of normal laser.

Highly recommend some MX Vertical mice for any graphic designers to to those who would like him to him the movement out of pill of graphic or normal mice.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker AK-UBA 2.4G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: Wireless has Begun having my hand and the wrist that takes sore with which he , As it spends enormous quantity of my time in the computer or another (work or video games personal projects) is the big fear , I swapped my mouse of work with this reason the where spends the majority of my time (8 and half hours) and has not had an ache in my wrist of then.

The people in an office say feels odd but does not remark anymore (had the the year now) and took so only the few moments (as) partorisca take used his, was the pair of days before there is prendido swipe he on that moves my hand around. Works so only like the normal mouse but your hand is turn to the majority of natural place. It thinks roughly it dip your hands am gone in front of calm with you elbows for your side, which the way rids that partorisca be? Now think of as resist the normal mouse.

A 3 dpi the setting are partorisca add and match an economic gaming mouses, there is gamed once in the when it take was a lot of a lot of subject. But you big to gaming clave with your gaming smiled partorisca gaming and this partorisca other things that that does.
The life of battery is orders I taking the pair of the months that use he 8 and of the half hours 5 day the week. There is an on/was transmissions in the May honradamente does not use it never, can down after the little min of any use and calm so only require to click any key partorisca the take that goes again.
So only encase any one asks does the something down he partorisca a Bluetooth when any into use.

The has not begun to aim even ware the year later. I love this thing and would buy it again in the heart has beaten.
5 / 5
Measure: Wireless Unfortunately with which almost 4 month of use I so only can not locate with this mouse. It is the shame because it returns my hand perfectly ( is a first ergonomic mouse had tried). A rear key was in a something perfect and has had the good easy touch. But some the main questions have looked for to be related to a wireless connectivity. From time to time an indicator would stutter by means of a desk. In fact a movement of the indicator has not felt never entirely smooth, he doing hard to be precise. Not to impose you the one who DPI has had plant to or that speed of mouse I near in of the Windows. So only it does not seat right.

A mouse is far too light. I do not comprise a tendency with doing smiled like light like possible - surely with some hold these leaves to control more final? I also found that that owes click a mouse for the take to wake on begun to result annoying - there is not any indication is awake or slept until tests and the use.

The one of then had been substituted with the Microsoft Sculpt Smiled Ergonomic, which has to prjimo-perfect quantity of control.
4 / 5
Measure: Wireless can not recommend this enough, is the transmission of life for people those who do in a computer all day, and does not say that slightly. For ever lame questions of wrist, buying supports and all this jazz. With which take this , no the piece more question of wrist. I use it every day and seat like him that has not been using my wrists at all. Calm would not think never so only having your vertical wrists would do such the difference, but does.

A thing - would recommend also taking an of a squishy tampons of support of the wrist, otherwise your bones of wrist will be to rest in an office, which is not ideal. I am not a lot expensive and a two complete each one which as another perfectly. So only taking an of these tampons of the aspic really no at all.

For some people those who find this hard plus to take used to that I ( has taken his immediately), will require to defy your ideas roughly like the mouse would owe that be. It requires more concentration to find it and dip your hand around the, but then, the hand-held navigation is the averages a point of ergonomic drawing. Take an extra second or like this to imagine out of that is doing, cost the. It seats to like it was easy to move he - press he softly with an open hand and slips, any need the grip last at all. One of some main questions with trad the mice is that crash to an unnatural claw dipped to maintain your grip on him.

Will say that it has preferred it the battery of L ines. AAA? Really? This day and age...? I have bought rechargeable AAAs, although it conceal is not necessary - some old batteries more economic that Poundland is lasted ages in this mouse.
5 / 5
Measure: Wireless I so only can not express the one who thankful I are that any one has invented these and also that this one sells partorisca such an excellent price. I have done always around computer and has not had never any subjects with my wrists at all. I have then begun the new work that was 100 work of the computer and all have changed.
Partorisca me Also does overtime so many could be do 10-12 days of now in the computer. My wrist has begun partorisca feel 'feeble' and could anything of grip very a lot of - as my steering wheel. Always it seats better in a start of a next day as I have not thought a lot he. Then it takes partorisca feel better and has had constantly the toneless, numbing feeling in my hand and wrist. Starts the overcompensate with my sinister hand, bad affects my daily life.
Like I googled and discovered in a vertical mouse. Fast look on Amazon and this one is coming up like the link sponsored, but because of a low price and the excellent descriptions bought it. Delivery of next day, the Sunday also.

Has been using this for the month now but honradamente can say felt a very first day of difference. It takes the pocolos small to take used when resisting but now is according to character . First to try this I has been stressed extremely that tries to do although an ache. Has has had to that a point where cried in a thought of the house of the walk would owe that leave the work there is wanted to because it lose to feel in my hand.

Would advise that it buy one of these to all the cost of has subject of wrist - reason attended until you are in ache. All can say is for a price that have taken to lose?
5 / 5
Measure: Wireless A smile is not appropriate partorisca question of wrist. Some main keys ('sinister' & 'right') requires considerable perhaps as it directs also of more than question in a thumb. In another hand some extra keys (main and backward) is near a thumb, which direct the a lot of press accidentelle on him. My endeavour partorisca avert that it press him direct of more than endeavour in my thumb and wrist. In general -of a start partorisca use this mouse has developed more ache in my wrist and thumb (the ache was a reason partorisca buy he).
Is not partorisca clear the mine in those base leaves partorisca say that a mouse is 'ergonomic'. It is not .

UPDATE: that Follows my low evaluation Anker sent another mouse (partorisca free) in those some subjects have mentioned on is solved and is very better partorisca my questions/of thumb of the wrist.
A model is: it Smiles Wireless, Anker Ergonomic USB Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Controls lateralmente. After using this concrete model my wrist and the ache of thumb is reduced - although any one has deleted.
4 / 5
Measure: Wireless has had the subject painful with my wrist and hand and the fellow recommended this mouse. I think that that they are enamorando with him! Absolutely any question that takes it partorisca do, seats wonderfully tactile in my hand and after my old, normal but smile very old, movement like the sleep. It moves with the precision adds, which is well, can does not be missing he. It can have given 5 stars but smile it slightly smaller could have been the fir of has bitten easier my small plus reservation which are not tiny, but the little less than means. A very small hand could struggle. This in spite of, this past 2 days convinced me that the a mouse is here partorisca remain , and the pair of days more and measures it will not be a subject! A foreigner of new mouse with the support of wrist was an excellent partner.
4 / 5
Measure: Wireless An idea to resist the vertical mouse like the palmera hand-held will not take stressed is a lot good. But a question with this mouse is a texture of the surface of the mouse is too smooth to resist and has to them that resist my thumb and indication of toe closely against a mouse like any skirt of my hand when movement around in a tampon of mouse. In this chance, seat my hand is stressed more than resisting it horizontally.
A second question with a mouse is a place of key of click of upper mouse (sinister click) is too far out of an inferior key. It does not cause question when you resist a mouse horizontally of your indication and the middle fingers can situate 'forms You easily. But when you resist one smiles vertically, an indication of toe has to that constantly movement until click a key of mouse that is unconfortable and easily that wheels .
Has tried a mouse partorisca pair of days, has decided does not be suitable partorisca me, returned and transmission behind to the mine old logitech M705.
5 / 5
Measure: Wireless can see like some people could have taken but no well partorisca me.
Pros- Is quite big (although still very quite big enough for my freakish hands). It smiles left and well the clicks are well, Solid build. Attentive In following. Any need the foreigner of mouse.
Gilipollas.- I does not like a vertical place. It feels you like is resisting a mouse 'in' yours delivery, more than resting your hand 'on' a mouse. For me this does to use a mouse for long periods more tiring that the regular mouse. This question is exacerbated when pressing some keys of mice; Reason one smiles is not lying walk in an office, for 'press' the key, your toe has to that apply lateral force, which moves a mouse lateralmente. The counteract this yours the thumb has to that resupply an opposite force in another side of a mouse. A upshot of of the this is that, for press a lot of some keys, calm essentially has to that queeze' a mouse among your thumb and of the toes, which is the plot more endeavour that pressing down in the key of traditional mouse with your toe. (Particularly a key of half mouse that it is quite rigid)
thinks that this mouse could be of use for any the one who any one in fact uses one smiles all the a lot. If your primary application is soyicrosoft Office' or alike, where calm mostly keyboard of use, then can be well for you. But they are the CG Animator, as it uses one smiles to plot (particularly a key of half mouse for Maya navigation), like an extra endeavour has required to press some keys and a instability has caused of one lateralmente the force in some keys done a creation of the vertical mouse fundamentally unsuitable for my needs
4 / 5
Measure: good Wireless Works, but to be the five product to star this would require to be slightly more whole in creation; a corner requires your wrist and forearm to be slightly sustaining on to an accident, which find is not a perfect place to take wrist and hand-held tension. Still, it is far more natural and comfortable that the smile regulates for long use; given an election ossia the very a lot priced alternative to some more expensive options. Occasionally some drops of wireless signal out of mid-movement, I just need to spend it more afterwards to a receiver of USB to restore movement of smooth cursor; has a receiver of USB plugged to the port in a front of a computer that is under an office and my left ( is one of these curvy offices so that it does not have the plot of election in a subject), a signal would cut out of the plot when a receiver of USB was plugged in a backside of a computer.
5 / 5
Measure: expensive Wireless Accident he, does not buy one of these unless you are in a unfortunate dipped partorisca require one.
This dips Anker in the first place partorisca aim options-has limited-consumers with devices that any one:
A- has not been thoroughly tried
B- was utmost creations, ruined for principle of committee or the 'first looks' approximation.

Am thinking B, reason a quality of build is otherwise stunning, especially in this point of price!

Tries to close the door of a flange a prjimo more a hinge, is toil . Ossia The one who clicking feels.

In the investigation partorisca have clean lines that joins up, Anker has opted partorisca go with the alone piece of flexible plastic partorisca Right/click Accident. This has any give until in a thumb and the half of one 'hinge'
A 'centrical vertical colum' extend too far behind to a zone among your thumb and forefinger also, like this still with hands of adult viriles, is awkard to the click approaches a softer course.

The short long history, your thumb uspenders' to counter a force slightly and begins to cause questions after the moment.
(And ossia with me changing to smile regulate from time to time to give my hand the pause)

A browser has retreated/advance the keys also celery tacked on in some last small and take some acrobatics to operate, but at least when being difficult to the click his mark to accidentally of click.

There has like this well with this mouse:
-adds that it follows, some of some better was
-slip the tampons down are sper easy to clean and really very adhered to a base
-the ages of hard alone battery
-arrive it plastic feels gorgeous to a touch
- has the little low battery light down some keys/of before behind.
-The scrolling are add, feels really a lot
-perfect weight

In any phase, can very really see like this is to be lose in the product the one who otherwise easily one has used more in some last 30 years. And ossia the bell to look that something is really a lot well in Anker.
5 / 5
It has begun having my hand and the wrist that takes sore with which he , As it spends enormous quantity of my time in the computer or another (work or video games personal projects) is the big fear , I swapped my mouse of work with this reason the where spends the majority of my time (8 and half hours) and has not had an ache in my wrist of then.

The people in an office say feels odd but does not remark anymore (had the the year now) and took so only the few moments (as) partorisca take used his, was the pair of days before there is prendido swipe he on that moves my hand around. Works so only like the normal mouse but your hand is turn to the majority of natural place. It thinks roughly it dip your hands am gone in front of calm with you elbows for your side, which the way rids that partorisca be? Now think of as resist the normal mouse.

A 3 dpi the setting are partorisca add and match an economic gaming mouses, there is gamed once in the when it take was a lot of a lot of @@subject. But you big to gaming clave with your gaming smiled partorisca gaming and this partorisca other things that that does.
The life of battery is orders I taking the pair of the months that use he 8 and of the half hours 5 day the week. There is an on/was transmissions in the May honradamente does not use it never, can down after the little min of any use and calm so only require to click any key partorisca the take that goes again.
So only encase any one asks does the something down he partorisca a Bluetooth when any into use.

The has not begun to aim even ware the year later. I love this thing and would buy it again in the heart has beaten.
4 / 5
So only can not express the one who thankful I are that any one has invented these and also that this one sells partorisca such an excellent prize. I have done always around computer and has not had never any subjects with my wrists at all. I have then begun the new work that was 100 work of the computer and all have changed.
Partorisca me Also does overtime so many could be do 10-12 days of now in the computer. My wrist has begun partorisca feel 'feeble' and could anything of grip very a lot of - as my steering wheel. Always it seats better in a start of a next day as I have not thought a lot he. Then it takes partorisca feel better and has had constantly the toneless, numbing feeling in my hand and wrist. Starts to overcompensate with my sinister hand, bad affects my daily life.
Like I googled and discovered in a vertical mouse. Fast look on Amazon and this one is coming up like the link sponsored, but because of a low prize and the excellent descriptions bought it. Delivery of next day, the Sunday also.

Has been using this for the month now but honradamente can say felt a very first day of difference. It takes the pocolos small to take used when resisting but now is according to character . First to try this I has been stressed extremely that tries to do although an ache. Has has had to that a point where cried in a thought of the house of the walk would owe that leave the work there is wanted to because it lose to feel in my hand.

Would advise that it buy one of these to all the cost of has subject of wrist - reason attended until you are in ache. All can say is for a prize that have taken to lose?
4 / 5
Can not recommend this enough, is the transmission of life for people those who do in a computer all day, and does not say that slightly. For ever lame questions of wrist, buying supports and all this jazz. With which take this , no the piece more question of wrist. I use it every day and seat like him that has not been using my wrists at all. Calm would not think never so only having your vertical wrists would do such the difference, but does.

A thing - would recommend also taking an of a squishy tampons of support of the wrist, otherwise your bones of wrist will be to rest in an office, which is not ideal. I am not very expensive and a two complete each one which as another perfectly. So only taking an of these tampons of the aspic really no at all.

For some people those who find this hard plus to take used to that I ( has taken his immediately), will require to defy your ideas roughly like the mouse would owe that be. It requires more concentration to find it and dip your hand around the, but then, the hand-held navigation is the averages a point of ergonomic drawing. Take an extra second or like this to imagine out of that is doing, cost the. It seats to like it was easy to move he - press he softly with an open hand and slips, any need to grip last at all. One of some main questions with trad the mice is that crash to one unnatural claw dipped to maintain your grip on him.

Will say that it has preferred it the battery of L iónes. AAA? Really? This day and age...? I have bought rechargeable AAAs, although it conceal is not necessary - some old batteries more economic that Poundland is lasted ages in this mouse.
4 / 5
Unfortunately with which almost 4 month of use I so only can not locate with this mouse. It is the shame because it returns my hand perfectly ( is a first ergonomic mouse had tried). A rear key was in a something perfect and has had the good easy touch. But some the main questions have looked for to be related to a wireless connectivity. From time to time an indicator would stutter by means of a desk. In fact a movement of the indicator has not felt never entirely smooth, he doing hard to be precise. Not to impose you the one who DPI has had plant to or that speed of mouse I near in of the Windows. So only it does not seat right.

A mouse is far too light. I do not comprise a tendency with doing smiled like light like possible - surely with some hold these leaves to control more final? I also found that that owes click a mouse for the take to wake on begun to result annoying - there is not any indication is awake or slept until tests and the use.

The one of then had been substituted with the Microsoft Sculpt Smiled Ergonomic, which has to prójimo-perfect quantity of control.
5 / 5
A smile is not appropriate for question of wrist. Some main keys ('sinister' & 'right') requires considerable perhaps which directs also of more than question in a thumb. In another hand some extra keys (main and backward) is near a thumb, which direct the a lot of press accidentelle on him. My endeavour to avert that it press him direct of more than endeavour in my thumb and wrist. In general -of a start to use this mouse has developed more ache in my wrist and thumb (the ache was a reason to buy he).
Is not to clear the mine in those base leaves to say that a mouse is 'ergonomic'. It is not .

UPDATE: that Follows my low evaluation Anker sent another mouse (for free) in those some subjects have mentioned on is solved and is very better for my questions/of thumb of the wrist.
A model is: it Smiles Wireless, Anker Ergonomic USB Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Controls lateralmente. After using this concrete model my wrist and the ache of thumb is reduced - although any one has deleted.
5 / 5
Has had the subject painful with my wrist and hand and the fellow recommended this mouse. I think that that they are enamorando with him! Absolutely any question that takes it to do, seats wonderfully tactile in my hand and after my old, normal but smile very old, movement like the sleep. It moves with the precision adds, which is well, can does not be missing he. It can have given 5 stars but smile it slightly smaller could have been the fir of has bitten mine easier the small plus reservation which are not tiny, but the little less than means. A very small hand could struggle. This in spite of, this past 2 days convinced me that the a mouse is here to remain , and the pair of days more and measures it will not be a subject! A foreigner of new mouse with the support of wrist was an excellent partner.
5 / 5
Left expensive he, does not buy one of these unless you are in a unfortunate dipped to require one.
This dips Anker in the first place to aim options-has limited-consumers with devices that any one:
A- has not been thoroughly tried
B- was utmost creations, ruined for principle of committee or the 'first looks' approximation.

Am thinking B, reason a quality of build is otherwise stunning, especially in this point of prize!

Tries to close the door of a flange a neighbour more a hinge, is toil . Ossia The one who clicking feels.

In the investigation to have clean lines that joins up, Anker has opted to go with the alone piece of flexible plastic for Right/click Accident. This has any give until in a thumb and the half of one 'hinge'
A 'centrical vertical colum' extend too far behind to a zone among your thumb and forefinger also, like this still with hands of adult viriles, is awkard to the click approaches a softer course.

The short long history, your thumb uspenders' to counter a force slightly and begins to cause questions after the moment.
(And ossia with me changing to smile regulate from time to time to give my hand the pause)

A browser has retreated/advance the keys also celery tacked on in some last small and take some acrobatics to operate, but at least when being difficult to the click his mark to accidentally of click.

There has like this well with this mouse:
-adds that it follows, some of some better was
-slip the tampons down are súper easy to clean and really very adhered to a base
-the ages of hard alone battery
-arrive it plastic feels gorgeous touches it
- has the little low battery light down some keys/of before behind.
-The scrolling are add, feels really a lot
-perfect weight

In any phase, can very really see like this is to be lose in the product the one who otherwise easily one has used more in some last 30 years. And ossia the bell to look that something is really a lot well in Anker.
5 / 5
An idea to resist the vertical mouse to the equal that to the palmera hand-held will not take stressed is very good. But a question with this mouse is a texture of the surface of the mouse is too smooth to resist and has to them that resist my thumb and indication of toe closely against a mouse like any skirt of my hand when movement around in a tampon of mouse. In this chance, seat my hand is stressed more than resisting it horizontally.
A second question with a mouse is a place of key of click of upper mouse (sinister click) is too far out of an inferior key. It does not cause question when you resist a mouse horizontally of your indication and the middle fingers can situate 'forms You easily. But when you resist one smiles vertically, an indication of toe has to that constantly movement until click a key of mouse that is unconfortable and easily that wheels .
Has tried a mouse for pair of days, has decided does not be suitable for me, returned and transmission behind to the mine old logitech M705.
4 / 5
Has had the evaluation & of Security of the Health in work, and was suggested that use the vertical mouse the help prevents possible harm to my wrists and carpal tunnels. Like our Crew to Gather correspondent detail me of an ergonomic mouse for £85, which a company would buy.
Has thinks that was ridiculous, and seeing has to that way that has loved one for my PC to house also, has looked for around for something more economic. After completing my investigation has bought two of these, for the fraction of a prize, and has alleged a backside of work in of the costs.
Take the bit to take used to, but with which two days result a norm , and is now much more comfortable that the slowly normal mouse - which now finds to be bit it odd and uncomfortable in my hand.
Know a costruttore in that bought those other elements of Anker before, and am sure will last. It is been the month like this far and is both still operation perfectly.
To summarise, ossia the very economic product , well value of the money, and much more comfortable and natural that the regular mouse.
To good sure recommended.
5 / 5
Can see like some people could have taken but no well for me.
Pros- Is quite big (although still a lot quite big enough for mine freakish hands). It smiles left and well the clicks are well, Solid build. Attentive In following. Any precise to foreigner of mouse.
Gilipollas.- I does not like a vertical place. It feels you like is resisting a mouse 'in' yours delivery, more than resting your hand 'on' a mouse. For me this does to use a mouse for long periods more tiring that the regular mouse. This question is exacerbated when pressing some keys of mice; Reason one smiles is not lying walk in an office, for 'press' the key, your toe has to that apply lateral force, which moves a mouse lateralmente. To counteract this yours the thumb has to that resupply an opposite force in another side of a mouse. A upshot of of the this is that, for press a lot of some keys, calm essentially has to that queeze' a mouse among your thumb and of the toes, which is in plot more endeavour that pressing down in the key of traditional mouse with your toe. (Particularly a key of half mouse that it is quite rigid)
thinks that this mouse could be of use for any the one who any in fact uses one smiles all the a lot. If your primary application is soyicrosoft Office' or alike, where calm mostly keyboard of use, then can be well for you. But they are the CG Animator, as it uses one smiles to plot (particularly a key of half mouse for Maya navigation), like an extra endeavour has required to press some keys and a instability has caused of one lateralmente the force in some keys done a creation of the vertical mouse fundamentally unsuitable for my needs
5 / 5
I can see like some people could have taken but no well partorisca me.
Pros- Is quite big (although still very quite big enough for my freakish hands). It smiles left and well the clicks are well, Solid build. Attentive In following. Any need the foreigner of mouse.
Gilipollas.- I does not like a vertical place. It feels you like is resisting a mouse 'in' yours delivery, more than resting your hand 'on' a mouse. For me this does to use a mouse for long periods more tiring that the regular mouse. This question is exacerbated when pressing some keys of mice; Reason one smiles is not lying walk in an office, for 'press' the key, your toe has to that apply lateral force, which moves a mouse lateralmente. The counteract this yours the thumb has to that resupply an opposite force in another side of a mouse. A upshot of of the this is that, for press a lot of some keys, calm essentially has to that queeze' a mouse among your thumb and of the toes, which is the plot more endeavour that pressing down in the key of traditional mouse with your toe. (Particularly a key of half mouse that it is quite rigid)
thinks that this mouse could be of use for any the one who any one in fact uses one smiles all the a lot. If your primary application is soyicrosoft Office' or alike, where calm mostly keyboard of use, then can be well for you. But they are the CG Animator, as it uses one smiles to plot (particularly a key of half mouse for Maya navigation), like an extra endeavour has required to press some keys and a instability has caused of one lateralmente the force in some keys done a creation of the vertical mouse fundamentally unsuitable for my needs
4 / 5
Does well, but to be the five product to star this would require to be slightly more whole in creation; a corner requires your wrist and forearm to be slightly sustaining on to an accident, which find is not a perfect place to take wrist and hand-held tension. Still, it is far more natural and comfortable that the smile regulates for long use; given an election ossia the very a lot priced alternative to some options more types. Occasionally some drops of wireless signal out of mid-movement, I just need to spend it more afterwards to a receiver of USB to restore movement of smooth cursor; has a receiver of USB plugged to the port in a front of a computer that is under an office and my left ( is one of these curvy offices so that it do not have to that it weaves of election in a @@subject), a signal would cut out of the plot when a receiver of USB was plugged in a backside of a computer.
4 / 5
Sure. To the left it is to be so only. With the prize of down 20 € can not expect the product that can rid everything. This in spite of has some elements that am disappointed roughly. To all the cost of that, felizmente would buy this again for the give the gone.

Left to start with with some good things:
- Surprisingly comfortable same with the big hand, but in the cutting after
- texture of Good feeling. It does not feel economic or plasticy
- Good durability in spite of a cost under
- Locations of Tecla (comprising rear keys) is comfortable and easy to achieve
- Leaves for DPI changing (further down)
- Wireless

Gilipollas. And ossia where need to do a decision for calm while or a lot ossia the breaker of extracted for you
- An Optical Sensor is questionable. With several surfaces, or included the grainy gaming-way mousepad, there is noticeable issues to choose up and stutter is a consequence . Included in of the smooth surfaces and estandard' tampons of the mice do not choose on like this fluidenly like appearances for the mouse in a modern age. A subject has persisted to all the cost of DPI Setting.
- No onboard memory. DPI The settings are stored in your Computer. While you can change a DPI Settings, can so only that once an USB Dongle is in a PC, and a Mouse is has recognised properly. Pressing a DPI Switcher Tecla without quell'only incumplimiento join it to you incumplimiento dipping. Ossia The subject potential for any one enclosed (work) devices that does not leave for dongle installations
- Any possibilities to touch. 2 AAA The batteries are required. If ossia the pro or with still you will leave to decide, for me is the definite with.
- To choose on my Pro Ready. While has big hands, turn to a mouse. But you ail. Any no perfect navigation and are sliding in a surface. With it bite it more the coaching are sure I so only will take used to this, but the main measure would be appreciated.
4 / 5
Takes the bit to take used to afterwards the years of the traditional mouse, having a side of your hand and the little finger that tugs by means of your surface of the office is not ideal (and have small hands.) Drawings these would extend out of the flange of plastic to do a work of cupping up around a little finger and hand-held side. My question of mine big plus this in spite of that does not look a lot of responsive. Utilisation one smiles mainly with text docs; need of mice to dip a cursor exactly where loves it, like this quickly like this possible but look to be that it moves a mouse in the plot to go in a right place like this there looks to be the time-lag. Also it looks to have that moves my hand around the plot for quite small on-movements of screen, as my hand always is that it exits a foreigner of mouse. I have tried without the matt to see if this improves the things but he Declare of no. to settings of mice of the Windows to do transmissions, but at all improves this. It is not responsive/quite sensitive for use along, which is frustrating, can see me going back to the mine old mouse! It likes Anker of the products but am not happy with east a!
4 / 5
Has been that looks for the wireless mouse that quell'was quite big for my big hands.

This one has on burst in my investigation, originally refused it so that it has not been after the ergonomic mouse. I have not seen anything more than liked.

Reason Anker gave some really good client service in a past, consider them like the mark that pode in. As I ordered it any way.

A unboxing the experience was well, chairs like the product of prize immediately. I have begun then to use it. My surprised, this was the pleasure to use . Never it has thought to take one of these. It is the really good access for my hand and very comfortable to use.

Can not recommend this mouse quite if yours has thought roughly the, would say to go for him. A quality of this element in this point of prize is exceptional.
4 / 5
This mouse has helped certainly with my wrist and ache of forearm so that it is to good sure it plus and has taken has used his very quickly. This in spite of, is not to perfect and that can be has very improved. In the first place, an arrival is not quite grippy quite which mean has to that properly hang in a mouse when the paralizaciones of lifting reposition. Secondly, A force has required to actuate a main two keys is the pocolos too big. While in the calm normal mouse effectively is pressing a key down to an office, with this one requires to grip among your indication of toe and thumb when clicking, which presents another new ache in a base of a thumb. Perhaps this will relieve with time and use. Thirdly, A row is not orders. I have tried he among home in the first place where my PC is in an office for the half the metre was. A mouse was choppy and unresponsive. Mercifully Does well where a PC is under an office directly goes down a tampon of mouse.

In general then, while he certainly helps for his purpose feigned (relief of tension) has the pocolos other intrinsic questions. For a money although it say it that the test of still value sees likes trace with him.
4 / 5
Possesses several products of Anker, of powerbanks, to telephone boss etc, as when you look to substitute mine (economic) vertical mouse, when I have seen Anker has had one among his products has been for him with has has closed eyes.

This in spite of, has discovered early that one smiles has not treated well for me. Mainly one in following. I find it unresponsive, and treats differently in of the different surfaces. It uses the tampon of black mouse, and in this surface extracted bad! When I use it directly in an office, extracted better for the moment, but then begins to touch up.

Has contacted Anker whose custormer the service was to add, send me to knots the free substitution a lot quickly (without me that has to that return a forward a), but sadly a mouse has begun behaving like his a lot prompt predecessor.

Is the real shame , reason a mouse was very comfortable to use & looked well. It seats good quality also.

Like me reverted behind to mine leading (economic) vertical mouse, and will look for another mouse to achieve.

Like gift to give this product 2 stars so only. But one that follows is one of one the majority of what of entity in the mouse, and this mouse has done to use my PC a lot of frustrating. I give the second star for a service of client that was adds.

This experiences to good sure does not deter me to buy Anker produced in a future, as I am satisfied highly with mine another Anker produced, which have been utmost treating and the value adds for money.
Perhaps has taken miserable two times with this mouse, but I the doubt.
5 / 5
Harm of repetitive Tension of tradtional the mouse there is necessitated the movement to ergo formed.

A fashion of one smiles certainly takes pressue of some sinews around a wrist and I am remarked fewer pins and orient already and thats so only after using for the week.

I Windows of use 10 and one wireless dongle was installed instantly, I didnt need to download and install anything manually, only laws. A profit added is that an old microsoft the rests of optical mouse have attached, he like this done the Huion Compressed to draw and pen of mouse, like this can them choose up and use a lot while the master.

Sensibility - this mouse is very sensitive compared to some another the uses. Reason the require some other smiles have attached the can not change some settings for the retard down; perhaps it has software that will leave that, but for now the havent found that and thats an only reason to lose the star to arrive to this point. His is six available keys more a wheel of roll. I assume all these can be programmed but the have any needs for them like this havent delved to this appearance.

Finds an uncomfortable device to use but concealed obviously will improve with to use like him all the things.

So many, the fact of good device that certainly helps with RSI and in only £ is the subject!
5 / 5
My last wireless mouse has broken like this the decided to change things on and try the new a.
Was the deception .

First of all, one feels of a mouse is well, a hand-held place feels better and search likes it will reduce rsi etc in my hand.

This Anker smile any one has one same wireless achieve like my last a, in this where the chair and move one smiles roughly, a anker one loses signal and to move constantly. Ossia extremly Frustrating and in my opinion done an useless mouse.

So only am seating around 2 metres were with line of view of a micro the the adapter but some smiled no properly. Ossia With the installed new batteries (which has not been comprised in a packaging!)
There is included the on-line light pause of view of a mouse to an adapter, to do.

Resisting this in alcohol, my last only cost smiled £7, like this Anker the mouse is more expensive for less than a row and usability.
Ossia Reason has them has purchased now an up to date version newer that another mouse in some wait my questions are solved.

Will use this mouse in my work where the so only will be down 500cm of a micro adapter and im sure law a lot there.

According to that it can see them one smiles has any way to sleep another that an on/was key.

2 stars is in right partorisca east for mine usecase.
5 / 5
Has to that way that be that uses this mouse for the few months now of has decided here is roughly time for the description. As any the one who spends atleast 2 hours the day in the motorcycle, a right wrist sees the just quantity of action (any, any that classifies in the chance is sblacking was). He a bit those that the month headed to to take aches in my right hand and in that pause to the friends have @@give he isnt uncommon to take the ache etc yes is one all season rider. Be in the computer in acting all day has not helped like this although it uses the mouse rule in the time would take uncomfortable. Enter a whole mouse. I have known no Never such the monster existed until I have begun to look for smile more ergonomic (meece... meeces... Take your pic). A prime minister some have seen was around 90 odd crux that has dipped have been, this in spite of, further looking for aimed the most economic options.

Was the wheels of has bitten of the jump of 90 pounds to down 15, this in spite of when I have seen Anker has had one for the sale has had a lot of quams in the take. When being that Anker is the known mark and respected when it comes to chargers and banks to be able to, I wa quite sure this would not be the same bad product although it was around 12 pounds. I have opted for a wireless version (the one who doesnt these days) and has been using he for the just little month now. Taking used daily for a acequia the one who use it whilst that do a work escole etc. I occassionally uses it to touch games also and a transition of the mouse 'normal' to an integer one has been quite easy and painless (figuratively and literally). With the good pair of branded EA battery in him, some originals have begun to use with one smiles still is going like this the without accidents can say doesnt eats by means of battery.

A creation is a mouse rule upturned and in his side. A wireless USB dongle chairs in a storage of sure mouse (if it calms that wants to take around with calm) or in my chance is always plugged to a pc. There are 3 settings of the sensibility and some transmissions are noticeable especially when gaming. When being a occassional gamer I of the that really requires it gaming smile although I had him before. With a level 2 keys, the broken of roll and 2 keys lateralmente for navigation, is no different to the regular mouse, so only to plot more comfortable like second a naturalidad resting dipped of a wrist so many frames useage much more bearable. Felizmente Can inform that I have begun of those use this mouse, an ache in my wrist has gone was. It suffices to say use the mouse for the newspapers of long periods (a lot of people ) then would recommend this like the much more comfortable option that the regular mouse...
4 / 5
UPDATE 12/6/19: I am returning this like this wireless connectivity is resulted unreliable after so only two days.

Has bought this in treating he of lightning like the d been after a Logitech MX Vertical for the moment and has thought the d tries a concept of vertical mouse with the risk slightly the lowest investment.

, and is necessary , not jumping or skipping like this far any that is well. In of the terms of ergonomics, the'go some ache in a base of my thumb after a first day partorisca use but so only can be an ergonomic equivalent of a curve partorisca learn.

Partorisca A prize is quite unbeatable, and yes the look in another mark has smiled ergonomic, is clear that they are just rebranded Anker of the (or vice versa).

My main flus is:

1) AAA Battery without way to use rechargeables and discharges in when some careers of battery was.
2) A material is way too slippery, is difficult to seat your comfortable hand without tensing, and the slips was way too easily.

In general, for £11 or of the roundabouts, the would not owe that complain , to good sure do, so only require some refinement.
5 / 5
Is not often that writes descriptions for elements, but this element there is so potential to be add, still falls short in an appearance, which, for me, renders he unusable. As has thinks that would give other buyers improve the bosses up.

Has a version wired of this mouse - I bought it the few years , when it seats some tension in mine forearm. The Really the helps relieve this tension; he the enormous quantity of difference. Absolutely I love it and I use it every day. Seeing has taken so one to do, has thinks that would take another for home, and has opted for a wireless option.

Whilst A wireless option is shaped almost identically my version wired, a material of the surface of a plastic is totally different. My version wired, older, has the rubbery has arrived his, doing it really grippy. A wireless version that has bought recently has the a lot slippery arrival his. Perhaps it is so only this batch, does not know . This in spite of, to use a mouse, has to grip he really tight. This takes tiresome, @@tiredness of causes in my hand after the short period and imagines will cause additional tension in time, swipe a purpose to buy such the mouse in a first place. I have finalised he using again my old mouse, rule, which is hardly ideal.

So much, my joint would be to take a version wired of this mouse, presuming that a version wired still has a rubbery surface that marks grippy and easy to use.
5 / 5
Likes raisin of the cariche of my time in of the computers, has thinks that would give the a lot of-smile ergonomic recommended the gone.

I usually laws with the gaming smiled, which was awesome for enough anything. Has precision, was predictable, and has seated well in my hand. Total A+. So only transmissions because it breaks and have had an occasion to try something different that could adapt sessions to do longer.

Some smiles does well, but has had subjects with an ergonomic fashion. I gave it the week, but think it the tension has caused in fact in my shoulder as it could have headed to soyouse shoulder'. I have thought my office setup was well, but can not be 100 is. Any way, changing to this product looked to coincide with a @@subject that develops. East sucks and has changed on to an old mouse, which cause me less hurt to use interior a moment.

Because of a fashion, has thought also one that follows was odd. Been due to as it is drawn, look to tug down slightly when that goes of accident to legislation. It has given so only this the week, as it can have regulated (i.et. Compensated) to the east over time this in spite of.

Ossia My sincere experience with east, but has listened external positive commentaries those who use ergonomic mouses the day-to-day. The friends have been surprised reasons has described (but alternative to use more expensive - perhaps has something lacking).
5 / 5
Has bought this mouse so only the little on done the year when I have begun the new work and having an ergonomic mouse in my computer of house has had the requirement for the new one to do result like this had to connects to this mouse feels and could no with the normal mouse.

Do well for all this time, so only with a substitution of the batteries and was like this comfortable to do that I have bought another for home to substitute a very first has bought of another perfectionist callejero big! One feels is perfect for my hand, is light and a control is perfect so that I need stops.......

This morning an axial that resists a wheel in him is place sheered is point of trace with an electrical component that regulates is movement . This are quite annoying like this regularly uses this to do I so that use CAD means one smiles the mine is now useless to the equal that are so that it connects to a wheel.

On until this point was like this happy, and still are to be is seen the use of years and is lasted enough the moment of a constant use has the data buys another probably simply because of this down side...... Take another year out of a new one and the substitute once breaks this thinks that that the redesign is required thus mouse to be perfect and take the plenary 5 stars.
5 / 5
Can see in a picture my old one which have had for the reasonable time and that consider what time fell it or has seated on is has surprised lasted that while it do.

Be once fall too often and now is acting prisoner so that there is not doubted to order a model included again.

Is easy to take used to have your hand lateralmente and has found that it is so better for my hand.

All some work run smoothly.

Some second shows of pictures where a usb is in a mouse, the appeal was and discharges he to your computer and automatically dips up in of the seconds. A good prize for me is that has dipped a usb of the mine mouse now broken to my PC, uses the laptop the majority of a time, and like this when I want to use my PC so only will take my mouse with me to use in this computer also.
4 / 5
Recently in that has been to diagnose for elbow of tennis, has purchased this like my first mouse of ergonomics. It is brilliant to relieve an ache, access in a hand well, and some keys are in the logical place to use. His very easy to dip-up. His in fact one the majority of comfortable mouse has has not used never!

Like reason one 2? It stutters. I have tried different surfaces, and tampons of mice, and while he slightly better in the stutters of dark surface. If has the small monitor and dip a sensibility of a mouse in big then can be well for you.

Has seen other descriptions where the users have had a same question and has blamed some sensors in wireless mouse, and moved to the version wired. But have the wireless level very old has smiled that reads perfectly in some same surfaces.

These looks of the highly estimated mouse on here, as I assume to come to be miserable and perhaps has taken one with the bad sensor. If you take one which no perfectly of day a, then suggests to return the immediately...
Has has wanted to one feels of a mouse so much, has been exasperated to find the surface that would do it on, as there is invaded a period of turn!
4 / 5
Ossia The mouse adds for a prize. This in spite of some signals need to be directed. Has the very big hand. 20cm Of middle finger the wrist. The meaning can wrap my hand around a mouse. Coming directly of the economic dell has smiled this mouse in fact causes to plot of tension in a start but I have stuck with him.

After the day of use. A mouse is comfy but still dips to plot of tension in a thumb how is slippery and also in a ring finger and pinky while trying click any key. It has liked him the most opened hand grip and perhaps the other small for a rose and the toes annulled.

A weight of a mouse.

Is far too light. I need some his weight. Perhaps change to EA battery ? It finds mine self that dips to plot of pressure in a low corner a thumb as of the pricks of mice on been due to disbalance.

A dpi.

Although you know volume that paid for but these looks of mouse to forget a dpi is on randomly. Meaning it so only retards down while works and remain to guess if a software has clashed. Oh Any attentive a dpi has reset to 800, a bit annoying.

With which some prolonged use although it can not go back to the normal mouse. The vertical mice are some futures and ossia the good shot in him.

Modification: if it press a wheel of roll and a sinister key a time still changes a dpi. It goes figure. It explains a sudden transmission in accelerating on.
4 / 5
Laws of the long hours in a computer and uses one smiles to plot. Starts to take numbness and tingling in palmeras of mine and a doctor have mentioned a possibility of Carpal Syndrome of the tunnel and I have begun to look in of the ways to help prevent it. One of some solutions was to take the vertical mouse. It have seen a Logitech MX Vertical Mouse but a prize looked prohibitive at the same time of then I wasnt sure this would help. As I have bought this instead. I owe that say that ossia the neighbour quite a lot of copies of a Logitech MX Vertical but my findings were that thats exactly which are. One smiles doesnt returns entirely in my hand with a result that theres the empty among palmera of mine and a mouse. Further, some keys are has bitten hard to press or perhaps a way some chairs of mouse in palmera of mine harder to press. I also found my middle finger that has to leave it a surface of mouse to leave my indication of toe to click. Few things but when you use smiles it to plot the big difference. In all the chance has to that way that be advance and has taken a Logitech MX Vertical and found the big difference. His more expensive way that this but use like this calm begins to @give reason. Very careful thought and the precision has gone to a creation, like the mouse is returned better in my hand, a corner looked correctly, some keys clicked with less than the endeavour and some material helped also with a grip in a mouse. I have thought that estaca the description of my findings in this mouse and also which helped has to that another be buying this mouse for a same reason that has done. Continuous do a bit use and same hours a Mx Vertical mouse and has found all mine Carpal the symptoms of Tunnels have gone entirely, which is the big relief and to good sure value of the extra money. :)
5 / 5
Has purchased this for working of house during a Coronavirus lockdown, as I have lost really a same type of mouse I use in work. Ossia The brilliant product , action very smooth, and is the very effective form to reduce wrist and hand-held ache. As I say, has the habit to do with this type of mouse, like the compraventa was a success of instant for me. If you are not used to use this type of shaped smiled, recommends that you come from any to think roughly he also - some keys are in a same place like the regular mouse (i.et so only under your toes) is so only that your hand is in the different corner. HIGHLY it recommends these products - no only reasons saved of wrist and hand-held ache - but reason is fact very good and very smooth sliding action in an office.
5 / 5
Ossia A upgrade of the wire fence of vertical mouse of the different mark that had begun it peeling.

Is a lot amiably fact, feels lovely and soften in your hand. I am not sure if a plastic laminate used will begin to peel like my old mouse after the pair of the years but I think that is a chance with all some second looks the identical products on offer on Amazon.

In of the terms of function, a vertical place reduces tension in a wrist. Movement in Bluetooth is smooth and compatible. I have been annoyed by a sensibility of big mouse at the beginning but there is the key in a cup of a mouse that calm leave you toggle among settings of sensibility easily which has dipped commanded a question.

Would recommend to try the vertical mouse is feeling tension of wrist, and this one east the good prize of the good mark.
4 / 5
This is to arrive the little while fact and with excites the unpacked and dip the up. With my old mouse my hand has rested softly on way that takes any endeavour partorisca use. With this mouse, is like this smooth and your hand is in a slant, does not have any way to in fact rest your hand on that . As you owe that grip he closely - a lot closely. Reason my hand maintains sliding out of him, means my double wrist in the acute corner, which certainly is not ergonomic. This mouse is toil partorisca use and hurts my hand and wrist after so only the pair of minutes.

Right... Has has had to that the so only unplug and dip my conventional fashionable mouse behind in as this mouse my ache of wrist significantly. Ossia The harm has drawn bit of the box and are now roughly partorisca take out of some batteries and launch he in a cube of rubbish, where belonging.
4 / 5
A smile is not like this ergonomic like a lot of of is competitor, this in spite of is economic. A location of some keys of thumb is has thought bad was and is difficult to use with any accuracy.
Uses 2 AAA battery that is not distributed, the majority of him is competitor uses the only EA so much was more expensive that run.
Finally and a lot especially one smiles often fails partorisca relieve movement, this is to improve slightly when using the tampon of mouse has painted darker but is unusable in the office has painted light.

A product with potential this remains down for subjects to draw and poor hardware. I am disappointed with this device and would not recommend the purchasing.
Shortly will be partorisca return he partorisca the repayment!
5 / 5
Has been having the ache that use the mouse. My mouse of the apple killed me and has changed partorisca smile it the big that has helped, but after the while an ache has worsened.

Use the Wacom partorisca help, and the trackpad with my sinister hand, but has thought would try the vertical mouse without spending the fortune.

Once has used his, one smiles really helps an ache in a backside of my hand. It has not gone but certainly helps.

Sometimes attack one smiles on (how is main), and is not the fantastically done smile or anything, but looks quite good and that love it to.

Would recommend that you come from one has ache or no...
5 / 5
Has had ache of shoulder previously to buy this mouse. I do in my pc on 8hr the day and was having tension of arm. Taking like this last to spend on with work. I rrsearched in an internet for solution. Ossia When it has found keyboard and ergonomic mouse. I have bought this mouse. His next summer to the year now and has forgotten totally the one who painful my shoulder and the arm were. This has been the transmission of life for me given an enormous quantity to time a lot on computer. Recently it takes to do, take the bit has concerned . I have substituted some batteries have bitten still does not act . I achieved it it was the Anker and has offered to send the replacment produced to the equal that has 18 guarantee of month. But there is @@give one of some batteries have been inserted wrongly and my mouse has not had any question. I am pleased with a quality of product and a level of priest of client that this company resupplies. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5
Has seen the mate that use the alike device and has had the gone with him, and has decided would substitute them my mouse broken with one. It is really plus very big by means of that the mouse rule in a base, but is quell'has bitten main. Calm uses it as it is shaking hands, with your thumb against a side and your toes in a sinister mouse and right keys, the wheel of the chairs of roll goes in.

Has some keys of function and transmission to change resolution (speed some movements of mice) that can actuate it you with your thumb.

Takes the pair of days to take properly use to use smile it vertical and global am them pleased with him. He the years have favoured the trackball (basically one to the rovescio the mouse and ossia an ideal substitution for those if you are familiarised with them.

Is quite light (still with the installed batteries) regarding calm for the moment accidentally could attack on like calm is not used to a height.
4 / 5
One smiles at random the points begins jittering roughly. It is not for long and if you are not using he for gaming or the sensitive work is well, but otherwise is near worthless. I have bought of Anker reason have had one of his battery that was a lot of (the fact this not having rechargable can in spite of being of the company of the battery probably would owe that I warned)

the service of Client was well, send me to knots the substitution when it operate in a supposition has been dodgy unit, but that one has done exactly one same in that direct me to believe is economic components , likes Amazon refunded me.

Could have mine another, smiles no ergonomic more economic plugged in in to to a time still likes jittering Anker of one having any question, as it is not one YOU or question of load. It is the shame because a form and squeezing the motion is one the majority of natural and comfortable has tried, which some low quality components or IC programming that it frustrates
4 / 5
Whilst this mouse all are meant to do - cure helped my ache of wrist, was easy to dip up and use, has is lasted so only four month and an USB dongle there is prendido acting. At least it assumes it is a dongle, thered has directed comes on inside a mouse and flickers like movement he around. If it have bought this in a big street would be down there now demanding my money behind. How it is, unless Anker Directed chooses to do a honpurable what, all can do is to warn another.
Does not buy It . It is not of confidence.
5 / 5
Has had a Evoluent given of vertical mouse (far too quickly for his prize) and this was an alternative substitution . In general, it prefer a mouse to be slightly more vertical like the device is not like this smooth for accident clicking (main chooses key). 5 Or 6 keys? Well it has 5 but a two in a space of the thumb is not that easy to use and neither is an upper key and ANY SOUND configurable to do that it loves. Wireless is is feeble, doing it bit it difficult until it find his row (dongle plugged in backside of PC of Tower down office). £14 vs £110 Was any opposition, but can has to that think again. MODIFICATION: Really frustrated with a thing, Is not configurable, included after several emails of transmission with Anker directed to the equal that was the waste of cash. Some keys of Thumb go in a way when they ANY that master and an Upper Key is absolutely pointless to the equal that can do not achieving. To be just has been offered to return he for Anker but have no.
5 / 5
Have the shoulder frozen and bicep tendinitis that extreme of cause hurts like this after the careful consideration has opted for an ergonomic mouse, are having a time extremely last clicking a sinister key more than owing click he really hard or two times so only for the take to do anything, does not have this question with my normal mouse, which could them has to that go back the like this double clicking to do an action is hurting me, has tried changing a sinister and right key, which was easier to click but has maintained to confuse me......
The one who likes them is one managing, and a wheel of roll is orders now that there are them upped a speed to 7.. My right click is smooth and easy to use.
Would have given 5 star has had both main keys have done some same, but how is, is by train to cause me more ache like this 1 star :(
4 / 5
Update: I finalise to have the substitute some batteries after the transmission in the month and two weeks ago, leaving the transmissions to the power except way and using he for 3 business days the week and the little extra

has been diagnosed with sweet carpal syndrome of the on done tunnel the year and although I am a lot rid active has required so only to splint of wrist for my hand for long walks the pair to time of then. After the few weeks of 12 days of now that comprises to 5 now stint in a computer my hand / of wrist has said enough. It can not use the mouse with a splint of wrist like this looked for something more. I have tried it trackball smiled have home but there is not locating with him.
In that had it another Anker produced and given some good descriptions and the prizes have thought is is cost the gone and would say to go for him is considering other options.
Has not had any question that use a mouse. I attacked it on the little time some early days until I have taken used to situate my hand on he more than in which I have been doing has begun of then use the mouse. One wireless dongle plugged in and has been ready to go immediately - I movement among two laptops the without subjects. I have it that has not had never a subject with losing a connection although utilisation with the laptop in an office more than the PC under an office. Rueda and clue although any better that other mice have used. A measure is well for my hand (measures of glove 8 / 7” / 18 cm)
4 / 5
I have been suffering with ache of wrist and pins and needles in mine yolks partorisca some time. Tried several supports of wrist, etc. And the ball of clue of the friends without successes. This has solved a question entirely partorisca took it to me a pressure of my wrist and moved it to a side of my hand. Any only that, but love an advance of extra page/backward keys after my thumb and a capacity to change a speed of movement of an indicator of mouse by means of a page to 3 different speeds, again partorisca use my thumb. Highly recommend calm to give it the gone is suffering .
Only downside has found is going back to an old mouse. Can use it, but it feels odd.
4 / 5
There is so only has begun so only use this mouse, and my first impressions are reasonably well. In the first place, mixed descriptions read in a weight of this mouse - in my opinion, the mouse, likes more the things that comprises auricular and cars, would have to be like this light like possible. No respecto himself heavier escomer more expensive' to some people - ossia rubbishes . A mouse is light, included with a 2x AAA battery (any distributed) in him. I have tried previously the Logitech MX Master (partorisca around £70!!). It is like this hauling the brick around my office all day. And some keys were in a wrong place. And a mechanism of the click of the key was far too sensitive (so only slightly resting the toe in a key pressed it, as it have to that maintain my hand-held muscles tensed partorisca sustain a weight of my toes - cue hurting toes/RSI/carpal tunnels ). How it is returned, and has used again mine £3 ultra-cheapo smiled - is better way that a Logitech! But with which 3 years of daily use, this mouse is now temperamental, as it was time partorisca a upgrade.

Quite digressing...
Has the two-control setup (1x 27 thumb, 1x 24 thumb) side for side, like this do to plot of scooting of a mouse of one finalises screens to another, likes need something fast but attentive. These looks of mouse to achieve that surprisingly well.

When being the vertical mouse, is easy, when that resists a mouse, to nudge the slightly when clicking the key. But yes consciously it squeeze the little with my thumb to the equal that presses a key, work well. It guesses my memory of muscle a lot quickly learn to do east.

In all the chance, agrees , will update this description the few weeks to use to leave any those who has interested to know like this are trace with him.
5 / 5
Unfortunately a point of prize misleads calm to thought this can be an inferior product - resist your horses!
For <£15, this mouse challenge some players plus very big there and reserve the product of quality ossia the joy to use .
Has researched an ergonomic mouse to use to Season Lightroom the photo that modifies (approx. 50k pics / Year) like the Magic mouse distributed with a iMac so only has not gone quite comfortable when used in prolonged periods.
Has not loved to spend the small fortune and explored a lot of different types: ball; wire fence; laser; optical etc.
has taken it punt with this product and is has impressed to good sure.
Has been using he for around 18mths now and has not had any subjects with him: an arrival is to like it still was on day a, a 2x AAA battery last the just while (I use Philips 1000mAh rechargeables) and all the work like this has to that.
My only flu is that a mouse is sometimes slow to begin up after sleeping for the period. The tens to change it is gone in a subordinated and then behind on again, while his to king sync he. Any biggie.
Can regulate a DPI row to adapt a task and a backside / sends the keys are useful to explore on-line.
A way your hand interacts with a mouse is quite different to smile it the most traditional creation and can take the few uses to take used to, this in spite of was not without him maintaining. Persevere People!
I mine of use with the Fellowes gel foreigner of mouse / of tampon of the wrist and an integer near is the joy to use.
Wholeheartedly would recommend this product.
5 / 5
Pro - Plugged To the PC that careers win7. The engine installed automatically and work without @@subject.
Thinks that my wrist feels less painful after the day in work, but precise more time to be sure of course.
With - Looks for to take that answered from time to time and has to that it stimulates up and dip the backside down again. This spends with and without to foreigner of mouse. This is not related his that goes to sleep after the pocola inactivity of small that also is annoying likes the period of inactivity is too short. Not to leave me to do the cup of tea for example without going to sleep.
Attacked it on the pair to time when that taking, but ossia error of just user , and with which 3 days is spending less often.
Update, Anker lean it contacted and advised to dip a dongle in the USB 2 port in place of USB 3. When I this some animal of engine-installed and some works of mice very better so changing of 3 stars to 4. You are 4.5 if this was possible like his support was very good. So only a too short time in an inactivity timeout is still has bitten to annoy.
5 / 5
Has thinks that would take one of these so many had listened wonderful descriptions roughly him. This in spite of, some the same times have begun to use this mouse, has begun to experience acute aches in my shoulder and with the, which have dipped down to sleep ape. In all the chance, after the week some dead batteries and having any AAA some to rid, has used again my mouse old rule and some hurts resembled also go was. Then today, some batteries in mine dead old mouse and this time have had a lot of EA is to rid so only AAA are has dipped like this new some in a Anker smiled and has begun to use that again, so only to find that with which so only the pair of hours some aches are returned to the mine with the, shoulders and hand. Like this sadly these produced is not for me.
4 / 5
Has bought this like the substitution for the most expensive conventional wireless mouse that had begun to misbehave. It take the few days to take used to a different creation, but I maintaining finds it extremely natural and comfortable to use. Everything of some looks of keys of good quality like this done one in general feels of a device. It is too prompt to comment on durability, but in my experience, the mice tend so only to live for while his domesticated biological counterparts.
5 / 5
Has bought prime minister of mine Anker® the Ergonomic Optical mouse Wireless last Vertical year and found the comfortable plus to use that a traditional fashionable mouse. My another smiles traditional old has begun misbehaving have bought like this the second of a Anker the Vertical Ergonomic smile

My four stars for Easy to the control is reason has big hands and could do with the main measure, but look hard to find, another that one measures hands, is easy to resist and use

has the way to save of the battery, but the click of any of some keys wake him arrive - I does not find that one @subjects

would recommend also taking an of some tampons of support of the wrist, otherwise your bones of wrist will be to rest in an office.

In that used those a lot of different types of mice in a lot of years, would recommend this mouse
5 / 5
have severe questions with my shoulder owed in order in a computer and abuse of mouse, and found to use this mouse helps done in fact. My chairs of shoulder in the most natural place and I am slightly less ache because of him... No the cure for some subjects this in spite of like this rehab is required!

Takes some taking used to still a new place.

Some keys are well, when being able to change a sensibility of a cursor in a mouse to press the alone key.

Has found an annex of USB is quell'has bitten snug in my port of laptop, and the look bit it economic as the concerned can break but in a prize, one smiles in general is fantastic.
5 / 5
Ossia A second element of Anker has bought (previously buying uploads it as it is coming to avert - different mine Kingps which has been fallen everywhere).

In all the chance, regarding this totally useless product. I have used this the little time (perhaps entirely roughly 30 or 40 solid of days) and has had this for 3 month and did not use it of then. I have had in shelf of mine for some time to the equal that have had the harm of shoulder and has tried again where clearly is broken.
Flashes Red in a side and goes round in the square form in of the circles (as for a video).

Has has not fallen never an element, not being any semence or harms and when travelling has had always the stock exchange of the laptop with protective pockets was in.

Deeply disappointed with this company - I never any to use them never again!
5 / 5
Is the economic mouse and feels that way when you resist - a lot of plasticky and light.

A sensor maintains skipping (mine @mine @subject big plus with him) any one @subjects a surface - smile calm / office without calm...

Is also kinda difficult to bend-click without emotional a cursor for accident a same time. Cela I supposition there is more to do with a mouse that is vertical, but take you some time to imagine was as to click and not losing-click. It is reason already calm is not that it applies a force for down but to a side now.

Sad, but would not recommend a product to any and will be to look for the new mouse.

Top Customer Reviews: Ergonomic Mouse ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
- Has come fully touched
- is Coming with the decent metre-USB along-C braided boss (the majority sends the crappy 20cape of cm)
- the connectivity has seen 3 ways (, BT3.0, BT5.0) In the prize abordable/very reasonable
- the ways change quickly/easily
- zone/of the right keys Silent accidents the boon when doing enmedio calm or when your partner is sleeping after your
- Robust mouse and has been the decent quantity partorisca abuse like this far
- Rechargeable. As no more hunting partorisca battery when a battery of mouse suddenly careers out of juice.

- A lot really.
If they are súper picky, then, a smile among 1 measures so only. It has meso/the small hands and some smiles felt the tad big in my hands. Still, I have taken once it has used his, has not been noticeable.

Without the shadow of the doubt, one of some better ergonomic mice has has not possessed never has used/. They are the regular user , then , has not taken long to take used his. This has said, knows to to my daughter did not like moving of of his laptop trackpad to an ergonomic mouse! Oh, A youngster are like this annoy sometimes!
Helps to relieve a tunnel of carpel and subjects of ache of the wrist. They will not go it it was immediately; it will take roughly 3-4 days for your hands to start with that feel a place relaxed and take an ache entirely. You will know the one who useful these are calm he never misplace the and has to that use a normal mouse... arrgghhh! It hurts! I trust, you will learn to maintain an extra ergo the mouse in a house has to that one one any in a family is using goes AWOL!
4 / 5
Ossia The odd a, like the mouse is perfect in the each way that RESUPPLIES is resisted in such the way that calm leave you to do one the majority of out he. To the left explain me.

First to use an ergonomic mouse, would resist a mouse in the way that left to use my indication of toe to both actuate a sinister click and control a wheel of roll. This has left my middle finger to actuate a right click so only.

A question with this ergonomic mouse is that a placing of key has the right-sprain, as I try control of the smiles in this way, my pinky the toe is too down down and rubs against a mousepad, rendering me unable to move one smiles around. Also for my indication of toe of properly that controls a wheel of roll. This touches extremely insignificant, but a whole idea of an ergonomic mouse is that you can rest your hand and use minimum endeavour to control a mouse. In my chance, has to really do an endeavour to resist my hand in a correct place to control to a mouse likes usually.

But there is @@give concealed is not that smiles him is suppositions to be resisted. And this mouse taught concealed. For properly and comfortably operate this mouse, has to grip he like this calm the ball of tennis, besiege your indication of toe in a sinister click, your middle finger in a wheel of roll, and your ring finger in a right click, with your pinky resting comfortably under your ring finger.

This has done my whole experience that uses this extremely comfortable mouse. It has taken the moment to take used to, as I have been that controls a normal mouse partorisca in the middle of my life. Calm once begin to do is, calm will not go back never.

Now to his drawbacks
A placing of a BT / the Wireless key is inconvenient. Sometimes I hasten with my thumb accidentally and will begin to control my personal laptop when I am trying to do. A better placing thus key would have been where an attacker and backward the keys are, and of the attackers / backward the keys can be moved to there a BT the key is. Your thumb comfortably rests in a BT key, while it owes movement to find an attacker / backward keys. Changing these would do felt.

Another that that, smiled adds. A silent / clicky right click and accident is the bit of the gimmick in my opinion, but suppose that it is to add is doing in bedding afterwards to the partner to sleep.

A life of battery is excellent.
4 / 5
Am giving up with this product, first mouse arrived and was well for 2 days before a wheel of mouse has begun to squeak every time has been used. The vendor was quite bondadoso to send the substitution this in spite of afterwards 5wks a subject same, in that a wheel constantly squeaks. He squeaks that a lot that my mates in an office can listen it too much. Cutting my losses and that take the form of different model to somewhere more. Although a vendor is useful unfortunately a product so only is not a lot enough.

Update 14th December 2021
Well after the few months to use a key of right click has has failed now.

Complete and utter waste of money, the suggest avert this product and buy the legitimate mark instead.
5 / 5
Has been that uses the vertical mouse of different frames for roughly 10 years now. Evoluent Vertical mouse 4 was my last a for roughly 3 years, smiles it a lot well, but any that has required to go forward. This mouse having the adapter of USB also in Bluetooth the support for two different connections is that I drew. I require to attach to the desk and the laptop and be able to change without has to that I look again etc. Like this the functionality of connectivity is sum for me.

Uses a mouse is responsive, easy to use. Works in of the multiple surfaces, which is adds for my locations of different work. Easy to change of desk way of USB to Bluetooth and can pair to pill of mine as well as portable. When being rechargable has seen USB C the easy fact partorisca take on the travesía without worry in battery, neither the be has joined up with bosses.

Hard a distance will maintain to be 5-stars.
4 / 5
Wants this mouse. A life of looks of battery to be very long, has not required for the touch still with to plot to use to the long of the week or so much. I am connecting to my PC has seen a resupplied dongle and a response is instant , can not say any difference of the mouse wired. It is good and comfy in my hand, without wrist or of the aches of elbow or aches.

A way of sleep is a lot well, as any light jogs in an office does not wake it on, instead the click of key is required. I imagine this is helping closed a battery.
5 / 5
Like the reason says for the give the casualidad is that calm at the beginning can think a key to change among Bluetooth and wireless is in a right place, and to be THIS SINCERE in a wrong place, have so only each paste the once for the deception and this was when I had it in the first place. It does not take Me bad, some designers have to have it drawn after the night was and would be necessary moves it to the to to the wisest place likes IN OF THE UPPER but is that it is.

Like a fact goes to sleep after the period of inactivity to save a battery and calm owe click the key for the wake on, always am forgetting to turn mine another mouse was and this has meant are in some same batteries as when I have bought he in some 2021 Black Fridays and used it each day of week 9-6.

Works in mine Mac and car of Windows without annoying in BT 3 and 5.
5 / 5
Has changed to smile likes him my hand has begun to the accident of a leading mouse has had.

This mouse is excellent. Light, comfortable to resist and very functional.

Looks the dongle and two Bluetooth devices as it can be paired with THREE DEVICES simultaneously and the simple toggle key to change among devices.

Loads via USB-C like this also a lot handy like some parties up with my USB-C powered spend auricular and wireless! Fewer bosses well!

Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Has received my mouse today and directly out of a box with 100 load!

Has had already mine Dell XPS 15 9500 and HP AIO PC that the careers have turned like this Bluetooth in both devices and has Chosen BT 5.0 for my laptop and BT 3.0 with my PC. A connection was instant and no lag/delay.

Has tried each key and looked to do well. I have not tried a receiver of USB to the equal that are more than the BT user, but am sure that the works add also! A nylon braided touching the boss is to good sure the plus.

Immediately could feel the difference among the traditional mouse and this vertical mouse. A tension of wrist any same prpers gives is there until it buy one of these.
4 / 5
Has had this mouse of then August 2021 and is very comfortable to use, has done doing like this easier for me this in spite of sadly, a wheel has begun doing the terrible screeching the noise and I can any take and now a window of turn has closed, in a realm of the things is not expensive but calm would think it at least would have some longevity, all more are adds roughly the, the shame fails like this like this sadly, can not recommend.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia One 'white of focus' version of this particular mouse, Anker also the sell in the amazon but at the same time was more economic that take this unbranded version that paid partorisca leave Anker stamp his name obtrusively in a side! Excellent, but prize-verify a two in chance is different now.

After spending the long time pondering so only a right mouse, and almost plumping for one of Logitech final upper MX mouse, had listened good things in ergonomic mice and for perhaps 1/6th of a prize of a MX looked at least value to try it.

I use smiled it all day every day, sometimes that feels an ache sometimes in a past, and this has, forest to touch, cured it. In an initial few days has caused the new tension in my shoulder, of all the places, but quickly disappeared never to return. After an initial clumsiness of transmission I no longer same look and have any intention to go back.

Loses little on the most elegant characteristics and is quite ready - frankly, sooner - to look a lot to the left is gone in the office of house. I sent it that flies by means of a room the pair of the time when new, forgetting to give extra clearance to rid movement, but neither is never state has thought roughly again. Also They like Me some turn in fact was automatically to be king-wake with the click, I often used to accidentally wake my computer for striking a mouse. No more!

I use he for games and there is remarked any @@subject at all, in fact a curve he easier to impulse of an office that the flat mouse.

An only characteristic he no tick when purchasing was silent keys. They are that it would describe as 'old-pupil'. Any one noisy, any one calm. I still like this of the silent keys really, but unless your keyboard is also silent would be it redundant. I seat bobo that speaks in calm keys to the equal that seat here to a far stronger clatter to write.

This in spite of, has a really big question with this mouse.

Has attached the photo of my hand in a mouse, more some equivalents of photos accionaría of both Anker and CCL. As you can see, there is the deep difference among where my rests of thumb versus a probably substantially diminutive the hands of model of photo. Ossia An old trick , but deliberate trick or no, means a key of the most next thumb is entirely unusable for me and for certainly does not have big hands.

Has taken around this to use a Key of X software Smiled of Control in of the Windows to toe a functionality of some keys/of before behind, of the advances is hardly ever has used even although utilisation an internet for a lot of a day, and am quite happy to have that moves my hand entirely to press another key in these scarce occasions.

Ossia An only reason can think of any one to give this mouse the gone, although you have looked for something pricey. If he a lot the casserole was has not lost too much, and another good appearance of economic mice is having the transmission. Surprisingly stranding when calm no.

MAY of UPDATE 2017: 6 month on, in that used that this mouse exclusively, my opinion has not changed.

AUGUST of UPDATE 2017: I have bought the Logitech Triathlon to the equal that have required to change quickly among devices. It is surely one of Logitech better mice... This in spite of nowhere approaches like this comfortable like this one. I lose it.

JANUARY of UPDATE 2020: it used it on and it was of then, but mostly stuck with the Logitech has smiled. The times have changed and a lack of Bluetooth the connection is the little a lot today.
4 / 5
Recently in that has been to diagnose with the elbow of tennis has bought this element to use whilst law (work of office) and so only actuate had for the few days can feel is taking a tension of my wrist of painful/elbow. I have taken to a scrolling of alternative mouse and L/R corner of click in 20 mins. Ossia The element adds and leaves your hand to seat in the much more natural place. Fantastic prize also - much more economic that some another has seen in a web.
5 / 5
Like any the one who spends many every day have seated hours in the computer for his work of day, the harms and the tensions of the use of prolonged computer is the definite worry. I have been quite lucky in my career like this far to have has not suffered never these, but knowing people those who have, has decided to take preventative action, investing in the vertical mouse and the wry keyboard, together with the together of rests of wrist of the foam.

This mouse was the election adds , offering the smooth crazy arrive him plastic to the equal that feels better that more smiled in this prize, and looks quite well together place albeit the little in a light side. It has taken so only the few days to take fully has used his, and I maintaining finds it to be perfectly comfortable and competent to use every day for hours the time. Some two keys lateralmente in some have left of one smiles is shortcuts of before behind handy/ in of the browsers of web and a DPI changing the key on a mouse is out of a way, like this last the paste accidentally.

Finally, is looking to improve your ergonomics with minimum cost, can any gone bad with this vertical mouse. After several months of use, to good sure can recommends.
4 / 5
Use the computer all day and has has had long questions with wrist and of the aches of arms. I have tried enough the little of some special ergonomic mice, and whilst the majority of them is reasonably comfortable state, any a lot of is easy to operate (i.et. Some keys do not fall easily to rid, and is not easy cruise it around a screen precisely). They tend to be extremely expensive and to the look bit it bobo (if you are by train to use them in a workplace). In some last two frames, some keys are resulted unreliable after the year or so much. I have ordered one of this the week done (for work) and can does not be missing he at all. It looks ready, it returns my quite big hands perfectly, and some keys are situated perfectly. It is the joy to use , looks discreet, and is ridiculously economic. An only failure is that sometimes (when left untouched for the pocolos small) some freezings of indicadora on screen, but aim prpers give that to touch a wheel to go a lot slightly jumps the life, as this is not the question at all. I am impressed like this that has ordered so only the second a for house.
5 / 5
Has been that uses this mouse for roughly 3 weeks now and am loved with him. It has not expected too much for £15 but ossia a lot of lighter that my forward (rule) has wireless smile and a new (mine) whole place too hardly any time to take used to. It finds that a place feels the most natural plot and is taking considerable pressure of my shoulder/of with the how has been annoying for some time now. They are by train of the recommend To my friends that has subjects looked in a computer. I have it quell'has used included he in a container of arts and feel that I have had good control in details to the equal that have done. I have not had any question with a wireless signal and really was game and discharges so only. I think that that ossia an amazing product for a prize.
5 / 5
Like any the one who regularly trains in the gymnasium and practical of the martial arts found it quite amusing to learn that my questions of elbow was caused in fact for RSI whilst seated in work. These produced has has changed entirely all the paralización and in fact have 3 in several locations (office/of house of him etc) to ensures does not have to that never use the normal mouse again. It can be quite unsightly in time (reason has has taken the fin of shark in your office?) But some profits outweigh some commentaries. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Have tendonitis In my right shoulder, of an old harm but does a lot worse to seat in the keyboard all day. This gave a lot ache, which has extended down my arm my right thumb, and has dreaded that it would have to that leave a keyboard so only. One first what I that has helped was to buy it pivoting the arm sustains that clamps to an office... But still an ache was intense, with sometimes acute in to call them feelings and numbness in my thumb -- and there is @@give that so only a light twisting of a hand to grip the conventional mouse was part of a question. It results it was a whole question , like this of then that uses this vertical mouse for the week or like the question has there is almost losing.
If I revert to an old mouse, immediately seat the tension in my shoulder, and am surprised that the second small looks twisting the movement of a forearm can do that.
Would recommend this mouse to any of any age, being racked with pain or no -- the prevention is better that cures, every time.
Feels odd at the beginning, but have very had of the few questions that takes used his, and works perfectly.
5 / 5
Has used a lot different mouses on last 20 years, in work and privately. It has had some well, bad and average. My last and leading one was a worse. The alone clicks were sticky doing it double, a lot annoying and for real the hated.
A day there is remarked vertical mouse in the office. His user was a lot of happy with him, as has thinks that that I will give it the gone. Some on-line investigation and found CSL one. The prize was acceptable, no too economic and no too expensive, if it was rubbishes , would cry.
When it Has arrived, the unpacked and has begun to use the. My God, the one who the thing! It is like this easy to use, precise and extremely comfortable. It returns the hand perfectly and can not taking in the resistant!
HAS three extra keys, two for advance of moving pages and behind and of the thirds some May ... It does not know that he still :) I run quell'is a lot well with option for the press, which leaves to move the page with sliders on, down and lateralmente without pressing or that resists any key. A lot useful, especially in Excel. Also it has the lovely blue light in his sinister side :)

Honradamente, am not exaggerating, Is SMILES It BETTER there is never has used. They are by train of the master And recommend it by all the world. I have bet the common of the people will not use never anything more has tried once is one. But of course, to some can not liking , how is with all more. Work for me fantastically, as you can for you to :)
4 / 5
has suffered golfers elbow and thumb of trigger in a pair spent of years like this desquels does not annoy me so now but from time to time so only take the twinge. But I am lately state taking the a lot sore point in my wrist to the equal that could be carpal tunnel. Utilisation smile it almost everything of a time in acting so that it has thought would go ergonomic to see help . I have been for a version wired more than a battery. Has-liked me a way was packaged with a separate boss of a mouse as it has not taken streaky. Plugged He to a computer and any question has done immediately. It has taken the pocolos small to take used to but in an end of my turn there is remarked that my hand hurt the little bit, although after the pair of days uses this has gone now. I have had a lot of soreness in my wrist of then using this like this hopefully is helped with that and my thumb now does not look like this tight. One smiles is not a shiny hard plastic but has the smooth rubbery feel and there is no clicking when that uses a wheel of roll. Has the blue light around a sinister side and all the world-wide the one who has seen this mouse has commented on that. A compraventa good especially when compared to some prizes of some another.
5 / 5
Has decided to change to an ergonomic mouse because of taking ache in my arm and shoulder after using my mouse rule for 8-9 hours the day. They are a lot happy has been thus mouse. It feels quality really well , has installed immediately in mine Windows 10 Pro without any subjects and took 4-5 seconds to take used his ( has thought it would take the day or two, but the really extremely comfortable and intuitive). After the week to use it there is considerably less ache/of tension in my arm and shoulder, which worsens when return to an office and use my regular mouse, as I have ordered another for an office.
5 / 5
Bought like the present navideño, was a lot well has received. After several months to use have verified partorisca see if my father still has used this or reverted behind to the his familiar mouse old.
Pleasantly Surprised partorisca see has loved the, in that had it the delicate few weeks as it has acclimated to one totally creation of alien. His opinion was that it felt it really the most natural plot to use and felt any wrist or ache of the toe associated with prolonged use for a model an old plus. It is said me partorisca buy another, like the refill in chance that anything spends to this. It would recommend this product, directly of a mouth of horses!
4 / 5
Thought that it could give this test of vertical mouse has tried like this all a rest. Basic, rollerball, pen, appoint it tried it, a rollerball was my preferred, but still any me prendió taking aches in my arm.
Some looks of vertical mouse to be the well has thought was combination of everything east has gone before. It finds my hand is in the much more relaxed place and that it has to move one smiles around in an usual way means the difference of a rollerball my wrist is not static for has has extended periods.
To the equal that am so only state using this for just to the long of the week does not have any clue like the life of battery, but help me work, the one who worries . Any one the gaming, but my work have on my computer for the work of the day and has maintained a ceiling in my boss for some last twenty years, as I think that could qualify me to comment.
5 / 5
Has bought this mouse for a purpose of working of house been due to obvious reasons.
Has loved an ergonomic mouse that would help to reduce ache of wrist.

A product feels bit it economic (but for a prize, any while any 100 sturdy).
Is light which are adds.
I keys are not situated terribly (the attackers and backward the keys are the pocolos uncomfortable and a key of precise roll be pressed in the sure corner to avert forcibly pressing he).
Has begun to use this 26/05/2020 and any indication that the battery is wavering (also aim in my opinion).
There is remarked that a big more a dpi a more probably a cursor will go to derive when a mouse is stationary. This does not spend too often. A transmission in dpi by means of a key is lovely this in spite of.

Small question with a bluetooth auricular, does not look it in fact access to a underside of a mouse. This in spite of, so only leaves a receiver in mine portable like this personally, any question.

In general, decent mouse. Any while any one anything those surprised of him. That the mouse 'normal' done.
5 / 5
Ossia The decent mouse . He really helped with my shoulder frozen, an ergonomics is known and sound. I have bought this like economic test was for my first vertical mouse and this piece fo the plastic done the decent work of him, is very dipped near.

So only the word for Mac users. Out of a box, this mouse will not give you all some functions gives calm in the middle of Windows. If it check a free application SensibleSideButtons still mac ( is free), would have to solve this. It downloaded it so only and this does this Anker smiled (in general likelihood all another 'drawn for PC' SMILED the much more pleasing proposition.
5 / 5
Experience like the substitution for another vertical mouse that is gone through battery like the girl in the tent of candy spends for, candy!

A creation of these accesses a hand perfectly and maintains a wrist in the most relaxed place and natural.

Has two has has paralysed toes as it finds it almost impossible to use the mouse slowly. With this creation is much easier and more comfortable.

Follows smoothly by means of a tampon of mouse and a boss tucks neatly out of a way by means of a cup of my keyboard.

So much my edges and I have used this fashion for years and is very happy with like this movements and functions.

So many has there was far I any one annoying squeaking or other noises.

Inferior line - I would purchase again. I add little mouse
4 / 5
is convenient in a hand, returns the small hand well but can not use a key of before as my thumb is not long enough. A corner is convenient.
Initially has not been happy with a mouse but a costruttore persuade me to us to persevere and has taken used to one smiles quickly. Happy now
Description 6 month later - included happier! I have taken entirely used his and does not want to go back to the usual flat model. Any ache to arm more, any uncomfortable twisting of a hand has required to operate a mouse rule
4 / 5
originally has bought one of these for my Dad. His Parkinsons half that has been for ever clicking some keys of mice when it has not meant to and has taken a lot frustrating for him. It has loved that, and one smile ahs dies the new lease of life, of then can not use the pen more. Prpers Having tried the mouse of the dad, has bought one on its own name, and is helped certainly with my arthritis/tendonitis. Has took him now for a whole crew in work, and one is beginning to buy them for home uses also. I a lot seldom write descriptions, but this produced are to add and highly would recommend
5 / 5
Fantastic mouse. Tried the bloke is work and has has had to that so only take one for both work and house.

Nizza, rubbery grip, good creation for a hand, slips well in the foreigner, and So better in a wrist!

I usually HATE ergonomic crew (keyboards, a 'blocked big smile to write etc), but this a fantastic east! A hand-held & wrist is in the much better and natural place when on it is side .

Any fantastic for gaming this in spite of where the extreme / fast precision is required, but has maintained my old mouse, rule plugged in still that. It is well for the slowest games this in spite of, and feels like this odd going back to the regular mouse!

Has cured entirely my ache of wrist has used to take when using smiles it too long.
4 / 5
When My old mouse is result unworkable has decided to take the punt and take this ergonomic mouse. Has-liked me an idea of him and, in fact, has lived until expectations. It is very comfortable to resist and the house felt with him almost immediately. Some keys and goes all that would owe that do and does not find any difficulty in using a mouse for movements require. Early days, but already finds it more comfortable that mine old mouse.

Has the pair of minor drwabacks, neither duquel me prenderá that it uses a mouse. In the first place, it is the little that slips to resist and find me that it has to that regulate my grip from time to time like my hand-held slides slightly down a mouse. Secondly, he no in the smooth ant surface to write where my old logitech the smile has not had any question. This in spite of, this is to solve easily to dip the piece of A4 paper under the until I take something more substantial that do like this to foreigner of mouse.

MODIFICATION: With which less than the week there is prendido to do like this the indication of star has reduced. A harm - felt really comfortable to use. I will return it and probably take another ergo smiled, but no this mark.
4 / 5
Has had this for the week like this here is my thoughts:

The obviously takes the pair of days to take used to. In planting to dip your hand down in some smiles regulates to attack he for a part.

Advances of chairs in your toes in place of your palmera. So much in place of mecer yours palmera and pressing down in of the order of keys of grab keys among your toes and thumb (likes the puppet lateralmente hand-held, sad, can not think of the better example). Finally this means less stress to the equal that have found my muscle of thumb exerts force further of my toes.

A profile of fin of the shark and blue light in a look lateralmente fresco.

A L, R & goes of the roll is absolutely well and intelligently has situated. One 3rd key (pressing on goes of roll) is quite delicate, more so much of the conventional mouse.

Some keys of interior cruised advance and behind by means of your pages of internets (any tab). A backside an opportunely located east but a forward a delicate east and tend any for the use. A key in some upper transmissions a speed of cursor among fast and very fast.

There is on 20 years of relentless excel and powerpoint use and like such my indication of the toe and the forearm can be quite painful these days that use the mouse. This has done the quite big difference in just the week; an illustration of muscles of the sinews of forearm/have twisted in fact done to plot of note in that used that he for the moment. No the doctor but ossia my subjective experience. Wholeheartedly consulting any and all the world-wide to buy a like this collected how was possible, is that well.

Good service also. Fast delivery. Sincerely educated follows on email to see was happy.
5 / 5
In fact a lot of years have suffered RSI and has to that be careful that use the mouse. For this reason always have two or three different shaped smiled in my office and use the different one every time chair. For this reason can not be sure ossia partorisca fix he partorisca RSI but having smiled of different form to mine other two helps the plot.
More feels good quality , moves a lot of smoothly and is easy to take used to.
Looked in varied different models and of the wine to a conclusion his all is exited a line of same production but with the logos different have printed. Now it has in my hand am convinced was a lot.
5 / 5
The element has arrived a time has specified, very very packed, one in fact the map of mouse is smaller and contain a mouse, 2 battery, a usb auricular and one drives of utilisation.
The good look, has an arrival of mate like hand-held rests in firm on smiled, without a key of roll has 5 clickable keys, any modern recognises one smiles automatically (windows or linux), is so only take the bit partorisca take used to a form of this mouse adds.
5 stars partorisca a vendor and mouse, thank you CLS-Computers.
4 / 5
Has taken partorisca a subject with my hand that the expect this will relieve with use.
My wrist does not remain vertical likes signalled in a pic is but is no where near like this twisted like old mouse.
One feels of a mouse is really well, some the main keys have the positive sound well, but a left a very always laws, the never know sounds a computer of system of works of the coverage or one smile concealed is not doing correctly. A wheel does not have any @@subject and there are them still partorisca try some other 3 keys.
The delivery was punctual and his a lot of boxed with instructions.
Tries one and see help those with RSI subject.
4 / 5
Partorisca The pair of month has been suffering harm of repetitive tension (RSI), or elbow of tennis, and has tried all some devices have suggested of a physio to any avail. It has begun partorisca think that an ache would not leave never and has then seen this device and he has been a compraventa possible better. It has taken a legislation of tension out of my wrist and the arm and am now more comfortable in my computer.
Are not that it says that an ache there is entirely dissappeared, but is given weaves it to me of relief and at least now can has smiled was with the most facilitated plot and think this finally will take an ache entirely.
5 / 5
Was initially sceptical in an idea of the vertical mouse, but after suffering the recent rear harm has has wanted to something concealed dipped less tension in my arm, as decided partorisca give this tries it. And I am very impressed with him.

A mouse feels prize , fact of the comfortable, soft plastic this feels well in a hand. A vertical alignment surprised for as comfortable and natural sense partorisca use - so much so that it tends partorisca use this more than mine gaming has smiled. Switchable DPI Settings and 5-key setup does this very adapted partorisca those of us to to which likes to of game in a movement; has this has connected my Surface Pro 4 and the law adds partorisca all have launched in him, of World-wide of Warcraft the Civilisation, although has has not tried still he with a FPS. Also he well with creative applications; again, an adjustable DPI the settings he easy to adapt to your needs. Some keys of main mice are responsive and there is so only a right quantity of travesía, whilst a wheel of mouse feels appropriately 'notched', leaving partorisca smooth scrolling but with clear stops.

Has thought initially that some two keys lateralmente have been situated bit it big, but after the little adjustment has taken has used his placing and now find them like this easy to use they so that it would be in the smile the most traditional. A nano auricular tucks was in a underside of a mouse when any into use, although his value that comment that a receiver any quite a lot of chair flush with the organism of one smiles - no a @@subject of then will not be that it uses a mouse without an apt adapter, but the value that resists to import slowly in those tugs a mouse in any a lot of scratchable surfaces whilst is slotted in.

An only thing that would improve this device is was to comprise the rechargeable battery, but a two AAA would beat that it can last the long time (while memories to turn a mouse was when any into use...).
4 / 5
This mouse is quite different, but returns your hand a lot ni9cely in fact. Like this easy I calm use once takes used to a different corner of the yours free which is more compatible for this tan to do the conventional mouse. My hand. The wrist and the muscles of arms go down to not hurting at all now. Utilisation a computer to plot, and constantly has to that use a mouse. It is not fearful to try this mark and model.
4 / 5
A white translucent sale does not light in this mouse (the version wired obviously ). There is the red tiny DIRECTED in there to somewhere this lights when first you can on, but then goes era. This device is essentially covers any one play it and I used it to touch all partorisca flash-the program of browser has based shooters the first person shooters (L4D2, for chance) to RTS (W40K) to another that Year and City. A point is this mouse loses at all in another wired smiled. I have not had any stray connection and a vertical creation has done asks some aches and of the aches I usually among my wrist and forearm of conventional mice. A lack of any bosses also the easiest fact to move roughly in an office without that has to that rearrange everything to take a boss by means of.
My only flu is a clearly plastic feels to some keys and a tacky clicking the sound does. Another that that, this was the add compraventa.
5 / 5
Has been that uses this mouse for roughly 2 month. At all to have both version wired and wireless and prefer wire fences. The looks of wireless version to be bit it dulcemente after going them time.

Took the few days to take used, but with which is hard to go back to regular mouse. Still it uses gaming smiled for gaming, but for the work prefers this one. No longer I have it tires in a forearm that builds up for an end of a business day.

5 Out of 5.

Would be good to have the better location in of the keys/of before behind. It feels he taste pulls my thumb has behind taken a lot.

With which 2 years of daily use, can say that a the hard mouse and has forgotten entirely Any ache in my wrist.
A subject only with a mouse is that the coating kills under my thumb has taken entirely 'washed' was. This place is not the shiny plastic. Any have to Him legustado one feeling like this I so only dipped some tape to trace in a something intrepid. Work like the charm.

A mate of mine, the one who use the wireless version has no such question. It can be ossia so only my question.
4 / 5
Spends far too many hours for the day that use the mouse, seated in front of my desk.

Consistently, has had soyouse elbow of ache of tennis of shoulder for the pair of decades- headed in work, continued to leisure.

I use he to explore, more than gaming, but easily can change DPI settings, as I do not see reason no very there, also.

Has bought these 5 months , in the whim, and found the partorisca be brilliant.

Took roughly 5 minutes to take used to a form, but has had absolutely any RSI questions, of then.

Never of the turn of good terracing to the mouse 'traditional'.
5 / 5
Has seen one of this be used of the mine GP and has thought would give does when I have substituted my USB of Microsoft has spent leading mouse. It has been it bit it apprehensive could find difficult or confusing into use, but in fact is been absolutely well, and to good sure is more relaxing in an arm. It likes to of me to plot. There is so only to to a thing does not like . Like a mouse of LADY is illuminated (this in spite of blue in place of red), BUT a LADY smiles a light is exited when a computer has slept. This one some light stays on 24/7 and sound in entertained.
4 / 5
Quite odd looking creation of mouse. It has Ordered this reason my forward Tesco texet the mouse has begun glitching in a key of primary sinister mouse (phantom double clicking, sometimes to to the laws like to them any clicks at all but has pressed a key, another time requires the long click in bylines of the take to answer). This glitch is adapted of these crappy creations of plastic mouse, the the desires have been done of better materials for a same prize.

In all the chance, has ordered them this mouse, has arrived a lot quickly, found he in a packaged box, is the dark blue box with a picture of a mouse and a logo in a side, has opened them a box, found the manual which immediately distinct German writing and recognised it but can them any the read, has found them an English section on page 7, has 5 keys, 4 desquels is usable keys and a fifth is the DPI scaling characteristic, basically a mouse can operate more precisely and faster with the big more DPI number, ossia of particular use on to the most demanding things like them the games of computers or using software of sure map.

A mouse is shaped to return the human hand for one the majority of part, the writing that reason is not the delivery returns all the solution because all the world has different sized hands. To the long to time there are them wounded my right hand in such the way that the can not spend out of fulfilled that requires my hand to be in the repetitive place for too much long before it results intensely painful and finally closes up. It feels the little ache when using a smile typically a day has spent of then taking it, but when the grip he well and relax some muscles in a hand the little does not cause , so that it is good and probably an adjustment some hand-held needs to spend stops. I have used the traditional mouse for 24 years, of the era 3. As my hand had it the habit of.

When it has begun that it use this new mouse, has had any need to take used his because of a way has resisted them typical mice in a past, this in spite of sometimes the do accidentally paste a mouse approaches a dpi the key and the falls on is side because that has the habit of the mouse of the smallest profile the does not think roughly the, ossia probably an only adjustment that need to be done.

Modification: with which 2 months to use this mouse has developed the phantom double click in a key of right mouse, has expected them he of is lasted bit it more along but how is is resulting unusable so that the stops of use.
4 / 5
With far working and too many wired the accessories in the small working space have decided to look for the wireless mouse. Of then have subjects with wrists stagnate and arthritic the hands have thinks that would research ergonomic options. There are several available options, branded or otherwise, but this character one of CSL-the computer has taken descriptions favorecedoras . I have used he for a first time yesterday and is fantastic and intuitive to use. Near very easy on, returns my hand perfectly (measures of glove of the ladies 7.5) and was the sleep to use. Easy in a wrist and hand. Any complaint like this far and already recommended to the mate.
5 / 5
Laws in him and has been that takes the sore hand for an end of a day that use the regular mouse.
This there has been 2 profits have begun of then use the, my hand is not sore in an end of a day and 2nd, the people have prisoner that use my office - I rest rid and have the left there is rid a legislation there is rid folks chair on and the opinion/complains roughly the when being uncomfortable.
4 / 5
Loses the star because it requires the dongle, which means to lose the port of USB. In 2016 these things owe that all be pure-Bluetooth, he BT the chip does not cost £50.

Averts of that, is looks well. It is light and resupplies the just grip. Utilisation with the Mac ( The Suceden) and looks the normal mouse without any installation has required. For incumplimiento, a two thumb-the keys enable roughly terrible 'control and functionality of roll; I have had to override his with actions more useful that use BetterTouchTool (application of third of party). It is the shame can a lot of override a DPI key of selector on one 'fin' (as often in fact the precise transmission to something likes concealed?), But I can confirm that some works of selector well with OSX, although I do not take any visual chance - the just cycles by means of some three available ways. Has delivery quite small for the man (my indication of toe is 7cm , toe of half 8cm, palmera 9cm long and 8wide cm) and laws well; I think a 'trick' is not to try to fill your palmera with him, so only use your toes to grip he softly. Two AAA the batteries are has comprised.

In short, feels like the solid of vertical mouse for the very low prize, which unfortunately alleges a port of USB.
5 / 5
Has used this mouse for roughly 2 years now, and after the use excluyente widespread has required now to substitute he because of tear and general wear in a key of sinister click.

Is has eradicated entirely any one signs of tension in mine the right forearm and any ache have informed. It is not one the majority of effective mouse for gaming purpose, as I will be upgrading to one this is to do for gaming, but for daily purposes like spreadsheet and processor of word or simple exploring laws of purpose so only well.

Has used again the traditional mouse when mine ergo one there is prendido to be useful (wear and tear) but that the day still has taken tension in my arm. How it is any psychosomatic to arrive to this point, but has felt noticeably uncomfortable.

Would recommend like this it prime minister any to ergo use of mouse.
4 / 5
In some last 12 months have used this mouse in work in a daily base to do in CAD software and other applications of general office.
At the beginning and like this with each vertical mouse, need to take used his and does not feel like this precise as with the regular mouse. But he really decreased an ache could experience in an end of a day because of repetitive clicking.
This in spite of, in mine particular mouse a key of central roll was quite hard to press and caused the different class of light ache in my hand. After the week or like this, this key is result easier that press and an ache is disappeared.
Unfortunately now with which 1 year to use a sinister click has begun to cease working, that does a hard mouse to use.
In general am happy with a product he but disappointed for his lifespan.
This in spite of a service of client the work adds and and sent the free new mouse of load!
5 / 5
Took To him the moment (a week or as) to take used his, but now is well.
Builds quality A lot good.
A key of roller is a lot last to use, of then is tilted, and is hard to press, is a lot last to press he without emotional a mouse, which dips tension in a wrist. And ossia exactly that it wants to avert with this type of mouse.
He Plans use a centrical key, does not take this there is prendido so only use the.
Averts of that, is a lot good. It has to that key lateralmente that is programmable, and another that can you toggle a sensibility of a mouse!
5 / 5
Has had acute ache in my hand and forearm of Carpal Syndrome of Tunnel/Tendonitis for on 2 years, likes raisin a lot the time that modifies big quantities of pictures with Photoshop. It was rotating among a Browser of Microsoft the ergonomic Blue clue, a HP 4500 ergonomic and the totally flat a, but still an ache is remained, included when a laptop has been closed down. When I have received this mouse , has begun for the use immediately, has taken a skill of him for the photo that modifies less than 20 mn, and 'photoshopped' for 4 hours, without any ache at all. My acute CTS has gone totally, this mouse is ideal for me.
My hand-held measure for gloves is Average:
middle finger to touch to start of wrist: 7 thumbs_17.8 cm
width of my right hand: of a pinkie to a base of a thumb: 4 1/2 thumbs- 11.5 cm
finds this mouse perfects for intense use and also a prize is blissfully economic for a relief rid, 10 stars is my indication thus produced.
5 / 5
Has purchased this mouse he roughly done 6 month - is really comfortable to use and does not take any a lot of taking used to. Also it looks to do in just in any surface. An original mouse has developed the light question with a wheel to go with which roughly 5 month (the scrolling was jerky more than smooth) - I has contacted a company and they have substituted one smiles so has the thought has to that it has had fault of manufacture. They were the pleasure to treat and happy to help, included after such the long time.
4 / 5
There went it 2 month and I am in a second dipped of battery, any one always agree for the transmission was, but looks to have to that you are for battery. A main question has with this that some legislations and sinister keys a lot always cause the result in an exposure and look to require a lot presses to take a result has wished. A form is As well as have arthritic hands and is useful. It takes some batteries is easy, raises by means of a room that he
4 / 5
This vertical mouse feels the little has bitten odd at the beginning, but your early adapted hand his and looks some technology of alien has discovered. It feels more comfortable and natural in a hand that the mouse calm rule once takes used his. An only downside the'go expósito is that with fast movements your precise hand-held grip constant light adjustments of the maintain gripped properly, like this the are not sure the d wants to use he for intense gaming, but another that that thinks them is the piece adds of boxes and well value a seal of modest prize.
4 / 5
Has had this mouse the little month, has discovered roughly the when that law the piece in a Guardian, and that requires the wireless mouse, bought it. At the beginning it looked odd, but has taken quickly has used his. I found it at least like this as well as another mouses has used (smiled?). It is quite attentive and included uses to retouch of photos in Photoshop.

All some keys are easy to use and light to operate, some works of good wheel. Perhaps an only odd thing is, if you have not been using he for the while it does not answer to movement until you flick a wheel. The calm punctual volume has used to operate a wheel to take it that goes again and into use normal is very fluent. (This can be the peculiarity of mine setup).

There is remarked tht he certainly dipped less tension in your wrist that remain in the natural place, then , himself spend the whole day in the PC to good sure would help to maintain your wrist sã.

The quality of build is like this well the best of Logitech, has the transmission for the turn was to conserve a battery and a dongle is of a more up to date class and very small.

Finally a company really can very enough for you and is very attentive, any that has required to go in the touch but they am enquired with me roughly my satisfaction.
5 / 5
Has bought this no really thinking it would do the a lot of difference but I use the computer 8-10 hours the day and has had such ache in my wrist all a time that has had to come from something.
Has been for something economic in the chance has not done.
Has done!! Literally inside the day an ache almost had gone. It has taken so only the pocolos small to take used to.
Has to that be almost the year now and has not had any ache has begun of then use east.
Can does no the guarantee will do for you but I would recommend to give go.
Reason paid more when it calms do not require to.
5 / 5
Has had RSI for years, and has taken already by means of two versions of another vertical mouse of the provider of specialist in Olanda. It has been for it orders the third, but to the equal that has ordered the new keyboard on Amazon this one has taken my eye - and am happy has done. It is the really comfortable little mouse, more orderly and less has weighed that my leading model and immediately felt better in my hand. It is also incredibly reasonably it priced compared to vertical models looked, going in on 1/3 that has paid a last two times - and included this was in an economic side has compared to some have looked in. If you suffer at all with numbness or ache like the result of the use of calm extracted mouse to a. It could not continue law without him. A vertical mouse the enormous difference, he really done, and like this far am loved with east a,
5 / 5
has taken the wrist hurts really bad like this has changed them my mouse to this and this is to go - no more aches of wrist! It has taken the day or like this for me to take used to resist the mouse horizontally but movement vertically, but once has taken a hangs of him, was much easier in my shoulders and wrist. A connection to a computer was súper easy also. I so only dipped an USB in, and automatically has linked without any @@subject and any delay in movement neither. It produces very good!
5 / 5
Has begun recently do the plot more office-the work based and know some questions RSI can cause have bought like this this mouse like the preventative has measured. It feels really comfortable and calm once begin to use the vertical mouse will comprise reason reduces RSI risk. For any those concerns that takes some taking used to, for me, was like this natural as using smiled he the most typical. Thoroughly it would recommend.

Has found this useful description, please paste a key 'Useful' to leave me know that writing these descriptions is worth it.
5 / 5
Has been using this for several months now, and the appreciate, likes run to use the natural keyboard and trying a lot to stress my wrists/of hands too much. It prefers a neutral hand-held place in this mouse, but to that that does not like is that it is exclusively a lot rid and like me transmission of the hands in the regular base (and generally would prefer a sinister hand, as I can use a tampon to number a same time). It feels to like gives better fine control (using a flexors/extensors of a wrist and toes more than some sides deviators with the normal mouse, perhaps?), But it finds that I take some keys of thumb quite regularly for deception.
5 / 5
Volume tendinitis/RSI by means of a whole back of mine free which cause me the free flexibility in my wrist and hand for weeks. This has meant could not use a hand properly, could not sustain in the, open doors, control a steering wheel etc etc. to try and fix this has taken this mouse , the cushioned mousemat, and also the other of wrist for a keyboard to change a place of my hands of 'the claw' dipped.


A combination of a three has done and my hands are very better. I LOVE this mouse, is really easy to use, has taken has used his immediately. My right hand was very worse that my accident, as it has not gone so only one writing, was 'clawing' my hand when I have used the normal mouse and especially he trackpad trackpad also. All the world would owe that take this mouse, to all the cost so much to have tendinitis or the no. is the very better place for your hand, much more natural, and much more comfortable. The imports of bear is well there is rid! They are sure he has the option rids left but so only maintain quell'import when it spent one. Functionally, Work really well, a lot responsive, does not feel economic or anything, is the good material.
4 / 5
Has done immediately , is in good sure discharge-and-game. It is the little difficult to manage. Has small hands he so that it was hard to grip he without him that slips out of my hand when pressing advance. This in spite of to good sure can feel an immediate relief in my wrist and that the lowest forearm. And to kick a sensibility and smoothness of the use is fantastic. To good sure value a compraventa and have them abundance of compliments of people in an office for some looks of way also!
4 / 5
Has bought at the same time this mouse has suffered the bit of RSI because of the question of shoulder (longitude storybut fixed by another of the mine compraventa of amazon).
Has taken 3 sail was really comfortable using a smile in this way. At the beginning so only it feels wierd.
Laws in that has reduced some effects of a RSI, although clearly solving a question was one the majority of what of entity this in spite of uses likes my main mouse.
Which have found this in spite of is that he doesnt act a lot takes gaming, I cant pinpoint precisely mostly does not find it quite attentive to game especially when fight. For the general computer uses his final but for gaming now I transmission to the gaming smiled that it finds very better for this a 4s

Update - a description was for a corded the version of one smiles that it has given them 4 at the same time. This in spite of of then the time is lasted before it has broken would reduce them this to 3
has has update now my description to 1 reason has bought them a wireless version of a mouse and his absolute trousers
quite simple to say - does not buy a wireless version of a mouse - will be you disappointed. Still with new battery, a lag in a mouse is massive. For any gaming is the little annoying. For gaming sound the disaster. If calm so only loves something to explore in a web, then take a wire fence. For gaming take the pertinent mouse

Top Customer Reviews: Anker® Ergonomic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
- Very comfortable to use
- All the easy keys partorisca achieve
- Go quite rigid to click in
- Can take the small taking used to
- value Really adds for money

In general am happy has bought this, certainly is more comfortable that use that the regular mouse, although it does not come with any bells and whistles.

Quality of build:
A quality of the build of this mouse is at all to write home roughly compared to mouse of main final, but when you consider a prize of this then is so only to say that ossia value for money. It is quite light, and some looks of lasers to do perfectly well. The only time will say like this to a longevity of a product.

A mouse has the bloated red light in an interior of a mouse, where situate your thumb. I think that that ossia the quite the stylish touch, adds to a global aesthetic of a mouse. Another that this, is the quite minimalist looking smiled with the crazy black arrival. Honradamente Returns in perfectly with mine other components that is all black. Something the value that considers is a height of a mouse, which is the little elder that the smile regulates because of a creation skewed. As you can see in my images, one smiles so only on access in a drawer of my office, but can a lot really the use unless a drawer is pulled was. Finally, some accesses of mice amiably in my hand. It would consider my hand to be quite meso in measure for the man. If has the calm main delivery then could find a forward/has retreated keys the little difficult to access.

Has facilitated of use:
was in fact quite surprised in like this easy was to adapt to this mouse. Any that is perfectly easy - a fact that calm now is applying pressure lateralmente to a mouse to click more than still down means that you have to that resist one smiles quite closely so that he a lot of slide. After the few days these results according to character this in spite of. A question that am finding harder that take on is a stiffness of a key of wheel. Utilisation a key the plot for tabs/to close inaugural in an internet and a pressure owe that apply to click he in of means he that am quite often that moves a mouse out of an aim wished for accident. This could improve with use, but is annoying quite that are deducting the star.

One of some better things in this mouse. Anker Could like this easily press a prize on just because of a word 'ergonomic', but £10 for the mouse is more than reasonable down more circumstances.

Has found this useful description then to the left know with the thumbs up! Like this you felt it to him it has been missing of then feel free to give thumbs down. Compraventa Happy!
4 / 5
Originally has bought a wireless version of this mouse but after the constant disconnections drive me absolutely crazy. You can be think reason I that annoying to buy a version wired? Reason these WORKS of mice. Has discomfort of serious wrist when that uses the regular mouse and this creation is absolutely the life that change. No more achy or tight wrist, a place improved of my hand leave to do more along wearily a lot of minor so only.

A version wired comes with the band focused in a side that is hard to see until an evening but is the good touch. A key so only on a page sends/the rear keys once pressed can change a DPI (Speed) of a mouse. One smiles is economic and there is the few improvements likes the wheel of roll could be much lighter as well as a key presses the tension of decrease.

Global am them like this happy has bought this mouse although it wishes would improve a wireless version!!

A lot happy with cost of mine.

Any complaint.
4 / 5
Of my history of description could remark that historically I liked them quite Anker produced (of banks to be able to and bosses), and in a face of him this product is quite well, but he no quite to the left some the usual big levels am coming to expect of Anker. In the first place one packing is mainly plastic and looks a lot economic, at all as his others supplies. A mouse is shaped well and movement of clues well, this in spite of has the velvety fashionable coating to touch soft that is far too slick in the real use that does the sure control harder. I need something with the little more embrague to take toes to slip, would have to have more than the rubberised has arrived that the arrival of velvet of the satin in some zones of toe. A microsoft has smiled is substituting has the thin rubberised bumper that was perfect. As I have said, it is not the bad product and looks good but into use daily real leaves the little something to be wished with a embrague. I am clashed reason find while some wears of arrival was quickly to resupply the little more grip/of embrague, but probably will look tatty if this spends although it would do it the experience of the better user.

Has seen the little identical looking smiled in the amazon with the names of different mark has printed on the like this perhaps ossia so only the produced ossia state bought in and has labelled up?
4 / 5
Has bought this reason the mine that exists the normal mouse gave RSI. It is economic as if it is not exited, the would not lose too much.
An element has arrived today and dipped that up. First what there is remarked was that a goodness was roughly 50shorter cm that mine mouse to exist, as I havd to go and find the USB extends goodness for the turn my desk (the continuous goodness in a bakc of my office and behind down to a backside of a cupboard). So much, swipe of half the star for that.
Use him feels a lot slippery. So much, hard to resist. I guess I will take used to this but does not feel quite well still.
Some keys all the work well although a main one is quite rigid to bend click easily. Once again, probably I will take used his, but does not feel legislation.
Like this, is doing like a RSI reducer? I owe that say yes is. It is possibly he bit it too vertical, but is better that my mouse to exist.

Update - has gone back. A question is that it is so that the slip has to that grip he quite hard to maintain your hand in place. That, if calm already have RSI, is almost impossible to do.
4 / 5
The smile has looked for originally reasonably priced that it has had it the thumb and pinky-rest of toe in any side, to take my toe / of thumb smaller to tug in a foreigner of mouse. In spite of better endeavours, could not find to to the the conventional mouse likes that (of some of some photos in the amazon exaggerates a measure of the rest of thumb of the mouse and has sent one has retreated of this reason).

Ossia Like me has finalised to try the vertical mouse. At all 8 hours+ in a computer all day (for work) but never there is discomfort of wrist there was really. But have think that that the vertical mouse could achieve that looked for in of the terms to avert thumb//pinky contact with a foreigner of mouse.

When in the first place it has taken a Anker vertical mouse a lot really likes to of me, in spite of immediately that it comment that a corner of a hand (more vertical more than horizontal) felt more 'natural'. I have been using he for the week now and there is has regulated perhaps my hand-held place on he a bit, using my thumb and first toe (=key of sinister mouse) bit it more as the claw (i.et. Elder on a mouse). I am finding using is beginning to come more of course and am beginning to like it.

FWIW, Has smallish hands (-18cms of an end of a wrist to an end of a toe a plus along) - I suspect would be even more usable my hand was the pocola main or a mouse was the little smaller, but does not think is the shot -murderous.

Some smiled is quality a lot well, especially for a prize. Has kills it, rubbery feels his, some do any to please and the compatible clicks and a key / of the centre of the wheel feels well. Pressing a wheel (key of centre) calm more has regulated once to a corner of a mouse and is pressing he in a direction of a movement of transmission - another time, takes the small taking used to.

To the costruttrici of mice likes them have the concentrated cutout to do one smiles more exy' and this one has the red a, roughly outlining where a thumb would go. This in spite of, is not too brilliant and in mine dimply the office has lit so only could be deceived for red product. As it would not owe that be a subject.

In general, ossia the mouse adds for a prize and well value the try is looking for a vertical rodent economically priced.

FINALLY, can say that this mouse is ridiculously on-packaged in of the plásticoes of alone use? There is the clear plastic box. Inside that is another clear plastic moulding that closes a mouse, which rests in the box of map, that contains a boss of mouse and leaflets of instruction. This day and age, with growing awareness of a subject of plásticoes and where, probably, the majority of some sales of product is on-line, reason, oh reason, can any one pack this element more environmentally sensitively? (I email a company in of the this and recommend that, outrage of mine of the action [on-statement!), you Write to a company also []. It has taken the good response but obviously is so only probably to change yes quite a lot of people complain.)

WELL, has to possess until buying it Logitech MX Master for Amazon, which was recently 'he on-treat' in the big reduction, to substitute a Anker vertical mouse. Yes, it was even more that 3 times a prize of a Anker. This in spite of, and ossia obviously the purely personal experience, has found that although a vertical mouse was to good sure more comfortable for my wrist I so only could not take an accuracy, included with which 3 month of -8 hours the use of computer of the day. This was down mine and any one the fault of a mouse. This in spite of, of then has taken a Logitech MX Master for Amazon has has recovered fully my control of next mouse. So much, the vertical mouse is probably any for me, although it does not complain trying an and one 'the entrance costs' is quite down.
5 / 5
This is not the description of a product as as it looks to be the perfectly done of smile well. My question is that so only can not locate with him at all.

Has been racked with pain of wrist when I have been that uses the conventional mouse for any period to time has expected that like this this vertical mouse would be a solution . This in spite of afterwards use he for the pair of hours in place of my wrist that hurts has had the ache in forearm of mine, shoulder and with the. I have found that the difference of the normal mouse where calm of course press down on he of here does not move when it calms does not love it to, this mouse has maintained to move slightly every time has tried click on something and for this have had to try multiple time for a click to register. He also sense likes one smiles tried to escape my hand and I have had to grip he all a time as I moved it.

Has gone back now to the conventional mouse and whilst my ache of wrist is returned a rest of an ache has gone was.

Tin a lot of image to the equal that would use this mouse for fine work like the photo that modifies but perhaps finally touches to lose to a measure of your hand, place, etc.?

Any way has not been for me.
5 / 5
Has purchased a Anker vertical mouse reason my wrists have begun to hurt after prolonged use for the normal mouse, the has not been disappointment neither, with which the received and has begun to use a Anker there are them remarked the dramatic difference among my conventional mouse and this a, excellent device a lot of value of the money and of then using it my wrist and the hands are not tired or hurting anymore, recommends this mouse to any the one who suffers with bad circulation or of the toneless wrists, in that has said that there are two things annoy that it could be it fixed by redesign, a thumb is in the levels still likes the advance, for behind keys of browser like this calm easily press these keys when moving one smiles that it is annoying, thinks Anker would owe that a discount of the deepest thumb that it has to that stimulate yours thumb on some keys, if the note concealed, also a dpi key to accelerate although the good thing does not store some settings of speeds, like the next time use yours PC would have to that press a key again to take a dpi the speed loves, class of annoying when it consider a RII smiled agrees and stores a dpi the speed chosen, averts these two things, highly recommends Anker Vertical mouse....
4 / 5
Certainly takes the small taking used to, having a mouse in an angel and until calm , expect the little my-click, like the pressure in some keys will press a mouse in the direction. When kicks By heart of the muscle in, he all the regime, likes takings used to use a thumb like the counter, as you are doing it pincer action.
Feels the little more esstful' in a wrist having this corner.
Has taken mine for an office (to the equal that likes in of that has ergonomic where spends the majority of my day), and has given my mates the bit to laugh has maintained like this kocking a smile of a table all a time because of his profile created (is probably the pair of the centimetres he big plus that the regular mouse, because of the his angling), but the volume has used to the too. If has delivery really big, this can not be a mouse for you, as with a angling, a side of your hand probably will tug in a desk, but for regular and small hands, this does amiably and comfortably.
5 / 5
This mouse feels quite solid and very done, and has done well. This in spite of, any have to him legustado an ergonomics and found the difficult to use so that it was too small for my hand.

A front of a mouse is lower that one rear, as I have found my toes squashed together, with my little finger has on pressed against an office. Like the result was that annoying to take my toes in a right place for some keys and wheel of roll, A mouse is also quite tightened so that he he more uncomfortable that resist.

Have a Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 which is main and more comfortable that resist, and help of mine RSI. Unfortunately a Evoluent no with him KVM change it am using, for this a reason to purchase a Anker vertical mouse.

Like any so it has done. It does not trust some pictures for sizing to the equal that can be misleading reason a lot of look to be modelled for people with small hands possibly to do a bit pocolos mice more prominent. Mark sure that controls some dimensions so many is sure will return your good hand.
5 / 5
The uses smile it to plot and has begun to take some ache of wrist, as has thinks that would give this tries it, especially of then was economic. It was pleasantly he surprised it that has had an almost immediate improvement and now roughly 5 weeks later an ache in my wrist has gone entirely.

At the beginning a mouse felt odd after the years to use a traditional form but I have found that concealed has not impacted my capacity to treat fulfilled. This has said does not use the mouse for the work of precision likes map or gaming so that it can not be a chance of better test here.

Some smiled is a lot basic and a lot read. Another that an odd form his resemblance in quality and operation to a level of common entrance Logitech mouse. An only difference is the slightly rubberized texture that is well.

Before I have bought this used prevails it a lot of-ergonomic Logitech smiled (the MK710) , but while a Anker does not match a Logitech in of the terms of global quality, a Logitech now is seating in the shelf that gathers powder and thanks to his ergonomic creation a Anker is a lot my mouse of election.
4 / 5
I have begun partorisca use these vertical mice the few years does with which has taken RSI of constantly using the PC, and does not think never will go back to the normal mouse. There is much more the expensive versions but these am very well partorisca a prize. They do not feel like the product of the big end but his certainly are not súper flimsy any one. I generally maintenances of the active and one in backlog like this usually inevitably break with which two or three years of daily use. But ossia cost a lot very partorisca money, as I maintain partorisca buy them! My only complaint is a navigation of a forward/has retreated keys, which seat so only on a thumb, doing them quite easy to press for accident. This in spite of calm in fact can price these were with the screwdriver and launch them was. Probably any one a better idea, as it leaves the hole in a shell, and if you are not careful could break a internals, but has done this with the pair like this far and look any one some worse. I imagine I will be to buy these for years to come.
5 / 5
Randomly has thought so only roughly that adds this mouse has been for me like this checked and had not left the description. His literally the few days of the old year and use it every day all day (work of house) and has not had never the subject alone.

Has begun to take aches of entities in my wrist and like this changed the number of things, ossia so only one but I believe is better for my wrist.

Takes used to a transmission quite quickly and use a same mouse for gaming and work.

Touches that frustrates that many the alike mice are crazy prizes like this senses likes was the risk at the same time buying is one but does not have behind looked. For once I desire could give something extra stars that possible for his functionality and value.

Seriously tried to buy the backup an only reason all raisin was finally and would love this mouse again when fact.
5 / 5
Has harm of wrist and question of cervical plug that cause questions with my right arm, of has purchased here this vertical mouse & has thinks that that it would give tries it.
Took roughly the averages an hour to take used to his only movement, in a the start was bit it uncomfortable but has not taken too much long before I seat quite comfortable with him.
Some legislations & of sinister keys are easy to click, a wheel of roll is smooth to use. There are 2 small keys afterwards to a thumb (right rid) ossia to go forward or backward the page, his placing feels the little odd mine , but have small hands (I follows the small woman), any with big hands can feel easier with these keys perhaps.
In general, is the vertical mouse well , good quality, well seat his, quite easy to take a hangs of him. Certainly it feels better for my wrist, chair that cause less tension my wrist.
4 / 5
After reading the small no-like this-good histories in a wireless vertical mouse and he drain of the battery has been pleased to find the version wired of a popular Anker mouse. Reason has a hassle of battery in the wireless device that never movements besides a 8 thumb to square foreigner maintains the base of? This record-and-forget the version has the good weight and he sturdy seat his. Some keys and wheel to go all have the very positive click motion and spend that the same studio that feels as it has not expected in the mouse of this prize. His value that comment my old mouse was Comfort it of Microsoft 4500 which finally died, and has gone reconditioned unit that cost two times as much as this one.

Has has not used never the vertical mouse before but has not had any question that takes used his, and still after using he for the ten minutes, that rests palmera of mine in an old one has felt immediately pulled and unnatural. Now I owe that buy another for an office..
5 / 5
Has RSI 'Elbow of tennis' in both arms have caused of years of use of computer (PURSUES and gaming). It is a current thing . This mouse is brilliant in mitigating an irritation has caused to use the normal mouse. A corner is perfect and entirely natural. It had used a whole mouse before but was entirely vertical, and there is not remarked that when being in 90 terracings is not totally natural until I have bought one of these Anker has smiled. A corner has bent light feels to better plot.
A way a mouse feels in your hand is a lot ergonomic. It returns in smoothly, almost to the equal that can relax your toes around that. A two inner thumb the keys are achieved easily and a lot probably to be has pressed accidentally. A one in a cup is out of a way, also. Some the main keys are easily clicked with small pressure, which is well.
And like me some lights of way :)
has 4 of these mice for diverse house of devices and in an office and highly would recommend him for daily use or for games that does not require big precision. I touch Civilisation 6 and Manager of Football with these mice, and ossia perfectly well. But any I really recommends him for big accuracy FPS games. Any that thinks would not treat well, but simply reason so only are not a right class of mouse for that. A place of some keys and a corner of a hand does not leave to intense shooters, etc.
5 / 5
had possessed a leading version of this mouse. With which four years, a boss has to that it has developed the short interior and result very intermittent.

Has decided to repurchase a still a so it has had there is enjoyed always this mouse. This version is slightly more extreme in his shaping, has more corners and more than the dramatic curve. This in spite of, in fact thinks returns in your marginally better hand and is comfortable for your wrist.

Are the graphic designer , as it spends the majority of my day that resists my mouse. With walking rule mouses, finally begins to develop an ache in my wrist and forearm. A curve in these mouses looks to delete that to leave my arm to seat more of course.

So much, use your mouse to plot, highly would recommend it.

Also, very very built for a prize. It feels excellent.
5 / 5
Very comfortable in a hand ... May ... It goes to take the bit to take used to.

Like the long time RSI sufferer, finally has bitten a ball, and has bought one of these in a hope that would relieve it a discomfort regulates suffers. Early days to confirm if this will be a chance , but certainly feels to better plot that my normal mice.

Personally, does not find it quite attentive for gaming, and does not follow particularly a lot on unevenly has painted surfaces, but, in the tampon of decent mouse, is so only well.

Horizontal movements (for me) looks the little was, the one of movement lateralmente with a result of mouse in a cursor that drifts for down as well as lateralmente. Rotating A wrist, more than tugging lateralmente has produced the horizontal plan very trajectory this in spite of, will take used to that finally.

For a prize, and levels of consolation, is to good sure the good mouse, and would have to that do the things he easy plus for me in a long term.
4 / 5
Has known this would take some taking used to, and has been prepared for that, but unfortunately this type to draw has a defect, at least this particular model in all the chance. Each press of a key/of mouse sinister legislation moves a mouse, and for this a cursor. I suppose his reason a pressure is lateralmente in place of descendant. I have found that my wrist has been tensed that tries to maintain one smiles still how was clicking. Consigned to drawer of mine of office.
4 / 5
Has tried he for some diverse weeks and has decided his is not for me. You wont be relieved hurts in your wrist. Will have some another. That annoy one the majority is that your hand will slip down of this mouse like calm only need to grab the and the resist. His no the subject big but after the calm time will feel it. You say to you it will have to that move your whole arm to use you to good sure will be to do exactly which have been doing in yours traditional yours wrist. If you are looking for precise tool this will drive you crazy. Material if this mouse would be heavy more and have some estoper' for your that could be.
There is exasperated really try it ,perhaps will like you. I will remain with mouse escole old.
5 / 5
Has bought this so I am suffering to discomfort that use the normal mouse, like this the description is for people with hand-held questions more than general users to to those who likes him to him something new. It is the good creation to have a more straight wrist. It is comfortable to use, very smooth and feels well has done. This in spite of a half wheel is too rigid when used like the key (the wheel is a lot) - inconvenient and probably to be one @subjects the users with hand-held questions. Material few applications really use this key this in spite of as it can not be a subject for you. A question a general plus is one súper slick surface - yours slide/of the toes of the hand was calm so much has to that do an endeavour to maintain in in place, maintaining your tense hand. Solved to apply tape to mask in the pocolos places, but the no-arrived of the slip would be better. If deciding among wireless/cabled the versions would suggest cabled is having questions of discomfort, like this ossia already the little heavy.
5 / 5
It has used an Apple has smiled Magic that it is exceptionally walk. This calm mean bondadoso of has to that form your hand like the claw partorisca use some gestures while using it as the normal mouse. It has used a Mouse of Apple in the work and he gave me to the knots hurt very bad in a backside of my wrist. I have bought this Anker smiled Ergonomic partorisca try and the help improves an ache in my wrist and is night and day differentiates. This mouse feels very natural to use calm once take used his - takes an hour or 2 partorisca take used partorisca resist to smile in this way.

Once take used his, feels very natural and also an extra 3 keys are accessible for your thumb in the way that feels very intuitive like opposed to when some companies try and add keys in the normal mouses.

Strongly would recommend! There are some revises concealed mentions DPI/in Following subjects - I has has not experienced concealed but have a Version Wired, any Wireless
5 / 5
Originally has purchased a partorisca do to help diminish RSI subject. This mouse has reduced noticeably the operational tension has compared to the traditional mouse

In of the lovely terms, is really hard to beat any @subject eat ask you he. It is honradamente so only the solid mouse and the little unbelievable the prize given a quality.

Was very easy to justify also choosing an of these on partorisca use to house with which was like this happy with experience in work.

Was originally a lot apprehensive in potential difficulties gripping and accidentally moving a smile whilst applying pressure in some keys, but I so only really struggled with it partorisca roughly a day and has been without question never of then.

My only desire would be an addition of at least two keys more partorisca some more done bindings, but honradamente, ossia really an only thing that loses of a otherwise fantastic piece of boxes.
4 / 5
Ergonomically Is the smile adds . It feels really good and access comfortably in my hand. This in spite of have had to that return he because of some keys that result faulty after a day of use. The clicks a sinister key and he would register likes the click in some things of the half key instead inaugural in the new tab. This was a lot of frustrating for a last now of my work day yesterday when it could a lot of anything without finalising with dozens of tabs on screen.
Am returned a mouse and has ordered a closing again, in a hope that has gone so only he faulty unit, like this Anker the quality is usually very big, which is which attracted to this mouse initially.
4 / 5
Has had big expects to change to an ergonomic vertical mouse , big hopes that would help relieves ache of wrist but has some big drawbacks with this mouse - , his quite hard to use mainly because of a slippery surface but also thinks mine been due to having small hands , my hand only looks to slip down and my arrivals of wrist to try to turn behind to a place would be with the regular mouse. In of the terms of his functions are all there but unfortunately so only does not look a lot ergonomic and because of one surfaces no very vertical. It looks sturdy and very built so only a lot like this practical.

Update Anker contacted was a backside of this description and offered the substitution, which is smaller and much easier to use, has changed my description to 4 stars like this this model would be well has main delivery , but for me a substitution has sent that it is model A7850 is very better and more comfortable that use, very happy with a substitution - is a lot of fact and responsive - 5 stars. Anker Has tried that as well as the products add have service of exceptional client!

Links the substitution here:
4 / 5
has like this state impressed with this mouse has taken the second a. I have done in him in fact a lot of years and ache of wrist of the experience to use a mouse. A better solution the d has found previously was to use the ball of clue instead. It had seen some mice 'vertical' and found his uncomfortable to use. A Anker ergnomic the smile is not 'vertical' is the good engaged among the regular mouse and the vertical a. Much more comfortable in a wrist in day to use of day. It will take the small taking used to so much is quell'has bitten big that the regular mouse and has the tendency to take your hand in a cup of him when you move your hand of a keyboard to a mouse.
4 / 5
Anker Has there has been always produced of surprise and this one is no different. Really I want to one feels of him and a global creation is quirky but in a better possible way.

- In the first place, is A lot ergonomic! I have had it issues with my hand and of the wrists almost all my life and this mouse is the helps adds for these suns.
- Is durable that I can say.
- Quality of build A lot well that it is insane that considers that this economic !
- Period of good boss, if the tiny has bitten short but again, for a prize can not complain like an extension is quite economic and...
- Has the wireless option partorisca hardly any one augments in side! I did not try it but I have listened it is excellent.
- A global look and creation, with this red and blue lighting and lovely texture really the mark feels first that head to my next point...
- A feels of a product. It feels to attribute like my Logitech MX Ergo has smiled that is smiled he Much more expensive. Ossia The good signal how were to share a thing, this would be upper of a cast!
- The hips follows a lot amiably in spite of having an optical sensor and is quite lovely to use, included in of the games as WOW and CELA.

In general, recommends this mouse how is the device adds , offers an incredible quantity of characteristics for a prize and a lot probably help suffer carpal the syndrome of tunnel like.
5 / 5
Are the enormous defender of Anker the products and was excited enough to take this ergonomic mouse, but is has left unfortunately disappointed. I expect that they will do the slightly has bitten the smallest version of of the this and then would be perfect. Hardly I can achieve some keys and a scroller, which the less comfortable fact for me that the regular mouse. I have tried giving it the casualidad and taking used his, but for me has not spent. A material is done to take easily soiled and fingerprints is very visible. The question there was also that takes a same accuracy with this mouse to the equal that do with regulating a. I found it impossible to use in an office directly the cause moves too fast - has had to that use the tampon of mouse for some traction. Now when it comes to some characteristic ergonomic of him - I thinks is utmost - relieves a tension in your joint, and maintains your arm in the most natural place, but is to good sure the curve to learn to take habituado to use east. I recommend for people with the main hands and does not recommend he for people with the smallest hands.
5 / 5
A lot, very better that a wireless version but so only a question, a boss has distributed is too short! Has any one gives his anything like this rigs for him to snag infrequently if your office setup is slightly unusual.
Update; I have been sent the new Anker Wireless mouse for free of Anker and gift to say this but was like this bad to the equal that remembers! A wire fence Anker the mouse is well, so only need the version with the boss the long plus like an option but a wireless is the nightmare. Anker Takes the pride adds in his products that is refreshing but seat a need of wireless models to be redesigned of an earth up!
4 / 5
Has purchased like the substitution for the economic and very bad the conventional mouse distributed with the new Asus PC. This Anker the mouse is a first vertical mouse has used. It returns a hand neatly, with some keys all falling of course low toes or thumb. All five keys have the light, positive action except a key of wheel of the roll, which requires the press more in bylines: a wheel of roll acts smoothly, with quite only of click to feel without impeding. A mouse has been given the crazy treatment that mimics something of one feels of hule very smooth - much more pleasant that an usual plastic, and grippy without being sticky.

In mine Windows 10 PC was spent some -and-game, and a curve to learn was almost non-existent: an only thing has had to that agree was that a mouse is main that the conventional mouse, and calm like this precise learns to impulse your hand on that. The cup taken on of any spatial plus in a desk. Some the ergonomic effects have alleged to look to be real: my arm immediately felt more relaxed all a way until a shoulder, and has been the using never of then. If it find that you suffer wrist or ache of shoulder of protracted use of mouse, this can be the better solution , and for small more than you would pay for the other of decent wrist.

The only time will say is of confidence, but in this prize would be prepared to substitute it annually. They are to convert it.
4 / 5
Have the few questions with this mouse; a creation, a weight and a coating.
In the first place, a creation. I have used the pocolos vertical mice in some pasts and while this is not the bad corner in of the terms of rotating a wrist, at all to sustain a palmera and toes. This in spite of, one the big creation the defect is a point a big plus where some parts of a casing fulfils, which forms enough the acute point and, likes mine, if a casing is not joined perfectly, can line. Moving the hand of a keyboard to some smiles neither the half has to that look out of a screen and interrupt your concentration, or the risk that is stabbed in a palmera.
Secondly, A weight. Ossia The economic mouse and feels economic. I comprise that it could prefer I smile it the lightest and another the majority of weighed a, but with an of course main centre of gravity in of the vertical mice, these needs to be more weighed that is. Trying avert some risks on while they move the hand of a keyboard to a mouse, if my hand was so only bit it too down to take a cup of a mouse, more than him moving with my hand to a side, often would touch on. Another unecessary the interruption yes is trying concentrates.
Finally, has the thin rubbery, but also smooth coating. In the vertical mouse, where some clicks of key would owe that be engineered to require less force (the force has to that be lateralmente and couteracted for a thumb like opposed to the mouse rule where a force is down and counteracted for an office), this coating feels almost slippery and requires the forceful plus 'pincer' grip. After trying to take used his for the few days, my hand and the arm am remained to hurt more each day.
Ossia Entirely counterproductive and does not feel ergonomic or comfortable at all.
5 / 5
I am spent the majority of my business day in my computer a lot a time is displaced navigating with the mouse. I have moved some 5 years or he like this done to a Anker vertical wireless which there is enjoyed using never of then. Unfortunately to to the my new computer no liked him to him a wireless version to the equal that have been relieved partorisca find an identical model was availed in a version wired.
Has given so only 3 stars partorisca gaming use partorisca a simple reason I any game. And so only 3 stars of for life of battery of of the this is obviously untested in a version wired. In a wireless version is always excellent state.
4 / 5
Partorisca gaming, this takes some taking used to - having your hand more lateralmente that spends. It takes some formation, especially with twitch skills and games of fast movement that would expect you in FPS or any game of action.

This has said, a mouse is very comfortable and there is remarked improvement with my carpal ache of tunnel in a right wrist. Obviously, a the use less the mouse of computer a plus a CT will be relieved, but this mouse a work partorisca leave me to game and work while maintaining a minimum irritation. Apresamiento A lot of pauses and does not send too many hours in the computer. Also try sport of touch and exert some wrists in other ways to strengthen them - more than just trusting the mouse partorisca solve a question.

This mouse is the good bit of the box and am thinking partorisca buy the 2nd a to take to do.
4 / 5
Has looked for the house partorisca buy in an internet. Oh My goodness, like this houses. So much clicking.
In an end my hand has begun takes partorisca hurt.
Although I have had the mouse of marble, partorisca years and of the years, which is already very comfortable, in an end has decided that something has had to that be fact. A new mouse to be bought, one alleging to be ergonomic.
And in fact this anker smile a trick. It covers and game. All hurt gone. And another 'this one helped the description written to join all some another.
Recommend, for me well.
Good regime to everything of you looking to relieve ache.
5 / 5
Been suffering aches of wrist been due to use traditional mice. It has wanted to opt in still other mice but wasnt sure as to take. After doing the brief investigation has found this lovely Anker Vertical Mouse.

When it Has arrived, was bit it sceptical in of the terms of not knowing yes would be easy to take use to. I owe that say a feeling and an access in a hand is extremely natural .Access like the glove and feels almost an extension of your hand when quell'using. I took an hour to take use to. I included tried out of gaming with him and looks to do a work without any subjects.

An optical sensor is attentive and fast. Doesnt skip Or mistrack.
A grip is also very good. If it takes your hand and doesnt slip out of your hands.
The engine of universal USB means that it is recognised by your system automatically. Tried in MAC and Windows.

After the pair of month has the place was my daily engine gaming mouse and state using Anker Vertical Mouse never of then. My wrists there is relaxed and does not hurt anymore.

In general was pleased really with this product and to good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
Likes a lot another reviewers, has taken ache of wrist and numb toe of a wheel of roll in mine regular mouse, as has thinks that would try this, was very easy to take use to and was comfortable with the use almost immediately, after the week or like an ache in my wrist had gone entirely! For a prize, can does not be missing this mouse, has been been that has surprised, and a prize added to do my better arm can not recommend enough, in fact can not see that all mouses (smiled?) It is not this creation for incumplimiento!

Produced to astound, if wrist of the, ache of arm of the toe to use the mouse, then go to take this!
4 / 5
Has had elbow of tennis like this bought this he so that it has taken the plot of ache of wrist which can have caused an elbow of tennis in a first place. This was the pressure of emission of big help in my wrist. Of then I work in of the computers each day that takes the pause has not gone really in some papers I so that it can recommend this like this something concealed helped me maintain working while my wrist and the elbow have cured . I have taken it it has used his surprisingly quickly. They are even more slow in using the one who the normal mouse but am taking faster over time. It is in fact be enough very still gaming also, no like this bad I had dreaded. Very good and very economic.
4 / 5
A purpose of Ergonomic mouse (like comprising them ) is that they are suppositions to be more comfortable to use that I smile to regulate. This an is not - in fact his in fact quite painful to use. A question is some sides . A side with a key he totally smooth. A difficulty there is that hardly you relax yours yours hand slide of toes of a mouse. Another side (the side of thumb) is incredibly concave and reason owe that grip a mouse to maintain your toes in the, collected to find that your wrist begins to hurt. It is not so only me - I has done a woman uses it (the regañadientes, as it likes them his a lot of ergonomic mouse) - and some words has used was ' hate this thing, has done my wrist hurt immediately' - like this there the him. Any ergonomic. This in spite of a FOCUSED in a side looks quite - he so that it has taken the star for that. But it would not buy it it has been you and I will be to send mine behind.
5 / 5
Has had has not used previously the vertical mouse but I had thought always in my alcohol that traditional mouses was very uncomfortable after using them for the moment. I owe that say that this mouse done to good sure a work and am not sure would not go back never the traditional mouses anymore. Explanation for my descriptions of star:

Ergonomic 5/5 - I thinks a sinister click and well the keys could be the little easier that press. Personally they do not import but for an ergonomic mouse requires more force to depress that it would expect. Still, I doubt this would annoy any and he is certainly a lot it breaker of extracted.

Still gaming 3/5 - This mouse the fine work with gaming (I uses it to plot for such purposes), this in spite of, so only can gives a half bookmark as it is not drawn really for gaming. For example, some keys are not programmable (reasons was) and a sinister click and well the keys are, as it has mentioned previously, more rigid that that would expect for the gaming has smiled. Still, if you are a miser gamer and wants to use this mouse still would give it the shot, he a good work.

Life of battery 5/5 - This is not applicable my compraventa like this have ordered one smiles wire fence
5 / 5
has received prime minister of mine of these -hace18 months, and after the pair of month a wheel of roll there is prendido to do properly (a free connection in my supposition), this in spite of afterwards mention this in my description Anker a lot amiably offered to send the substitution (in spite of a way to be original out of guarantee), which now am using! The toes have crossed this one will be a test of time, and I so only taken first round of miserable time.

Ergonomically A chair of mouse adds; your hand his just tanks (to a point that yolks of mine so only exit a front; but this looks to complete a click slightly more in action firm). One crazy rubberised the organism is pleasing to a touch and looks and feels surprisingly first. Personally like a wheel to go the touch further advances the data like my rest of toes advances like this far, but ossia the minor quibble and for a prize this mouse is fantastic.
5 / 5
Has bought this mouse reason has dipped to plot of pressure in my wrist whilst using smiled in work and house. This true mouse to a title is ergonomic and natural to use:
Likes a lot another reviewers the point out of a mouse feels comfortable and calm quickly adapt to a new place quickly. I took personally an hour to take that thinks in my hand-held place.
Some keys of thumb am situated so that they are easy to use but yes calms the master avert your thumb also of course chairs out of them.
A mouse has the smooth to feel and does not have a shiny plastic feeling sticky smiles them the economic plus has.

Has had the pair of the minor grips there is remarked:
- Some fights of sensor in big (1600) DPI way in the aim worktop the surface that the causes have smiled jitter on screen. This is not the question for me I like this uses a plus under DPI (1000) frame but can affect other users that use this surface.
- A key of half mouse can be difficult to press in due to the fact that rigid feels. This partially is not a mouses the failure like my arrivals of middle finger to seat in a key of mouse in place of in slowly with him. I am expecting in a future with using a key of mouse loosens on has bitten it.

In general the shabby recommended in this point of prize. In this prize are sure calm could find the fellow or familiar member the one who enjoys it and the give it calm no.
5 / 5
I have had this partorisca the month and still am taking used his. He that I require it to do excepts am not sure is better. I never suffered before like this perhaps I didnt require it.
This in spite of, like the mouse extracted like this expected, has some precise and more calm keys that that. He the clicks when calm the precise to and the rolls when requests.
A anoyance is some light rests on, when a computer isnt, could be the powered usb but mean you cvan find he in a darkness.
Very Global.
5 / 5
Returns a lot comfortably in a hand in a requisite 45 corner of terracing (90 terracings is in fact wrong - look in a corner your hands of course form when calm resist them was, good and relaxed, in front of calm). Movement of cursor very smooth, switchable among 1000 and 1600 dpi has seen an easily accessible thumb the transmissions marks he easy to do well laws among sweeping movements. A blue light in an organism is the a lot of classy touch. The action of key is positive but quite light to be useable. Better work in the foreigner of mouse that in mine tampon to write, but ossia the habit has been meaning to break for too much long now. Ten crux a lot well is spent.

Modification: two month on and commentary that a boss is spending where enters a protective sleeve and is likely to break entirely far too punctual. This mouse so only takes two hours of use two nights the week whilst are by train to remain in the hotel so that it is to say unpleasantly amazing. Fallen two stars in a principle that the brilliant, smiles no functional goes to be indistinguishable of the no-functional POS has smiled.

Further Modify: that has used this exclusively in mine portable personnel, I causes there was recently for the use in mine portable of the work and I remark that a movement of cursor is far less soften that has believed, comparing he with a mouse I usually uses there and also that compares my laptop to do when used in mine portable personnel. This is annoying and am surprised the has not directed partorisca anger me on my personal laptop, quotes a character of my work in that. They are sure he now, this in spite of ... A boss is still intact but a drop of two launch rests owing to a cursor jitteriness.
5 / 5
Has ache of joint, comprising ache of constant wrist, and has taken advised for my occupational therapist to look for ergonomic solutions to help with east, as it spends the plot of my time in the computer. This is coming very recommended for any one was and looked the decent prize to the equal that have tried was. As it has pleased I have done. I find a creation a lot of comfy in the resistant lateralmente, feels more natural that creations of traditional mouse. Using the this has augmented a quantity of time can use a mouse before it pulls my wrist too much.
4 / 5
I a lot seldom give something the perfect bookmark, but this mouse is remained the comfortable and compraventa that life of transmissions. This can touch bit it dramatic but tension of wrist to use the mouse is painful and these helps of ergonomic drawing here. It returns in my hand a lot well and has optional keys for the internet that explores/etc. Any to mention is a lot abordable compared to other products.

In general has to that no @to @give that has required bad this until I bought it. If utilisations your computer the plot then perhaps the a lot of shaped the mouse is for you.
4 / 5
Really loves like this smiled, his typical in quality of build partorisca Anker, feels very solid but I so only cant the use. Ive Has used the little smiled ergonomic now and I havent has has had subjects but his very difficult the grip this one. Because of a form of a mouse and one a lot slippy arrival, hardly you grip he and your hand-held slips, your hand just slips to an upper meaning constantly is moving your hand to try and take control of him. Material himself perhaps my hands were big and could hoards a whole mouse could be less than a @@subject His the shame really but how is, his really unusable for me.
4 / 5
If Far like this well, very comfortable to do with, any slippery like other descriptions have mentioned. Bought this for the take on the travesía as I do not owe that spend my vertical mouse more expensive and for the £10 any one a lot to free if it has not been a lot but is! It thought it that it was to be big trusting other descriptions but is well for hand-held measured level of women. It could buy to to another likes the one of leftover one or perhaps try a wireless a.

Will update a description I once uses it more so only used for the few hours but to the left is to see like this extracted the full business day.
4 / 5
Has been recommended this mouse for the crew of occupational health of my work. I have been experiencing ache in my wrist for several years and he have taken to a point where interfered too much. OH Recommended this like an alternative to use the air marries to a £70 a recommended by means of the provider of the work. This mouse is fantastic. With which 2 weeks was free ache . Really it can not believe a difference has done and the just desire had begun the using sooner.
5 / 5
Has required the still mouse gaming concealed has not been to worsen the cyst has in my right wrist (caused to use smiled he too much in of the games mainly, in years and of the years). I included changed to perceive to the left rid for roughly 10 years to leave cures on, but inside the year to change for behind a question had reappeared.

Has bought this mouse like the bit of the bet, any to expect to any help or be that useful to touch games with, but for only held it or has like this the cost shot it. Well he he! Inside the week all my ache of wrist while using a computer had gone. I can included games of game a lot enough with him. Like this happy bought it. I can not it say will do for all the world-wide suffering question of wrist, but certainly is returned a bill for me. One of a better, and the most economic cost has done this last year!
5 / 5
Possibly subjective but the think would prefer them was in the corner More the add (vertical plus)
that resists with your thumb in a place resupplied is uncomfortable but has found them in fact resting my thumb where a dpi the transmission is well.
Half click (click of wheel of the roll) is difficult to use because of a navigation . I usually half click with my indication of toe and the so only cant look to do that without emotional a cursor with a mouse. Work a lot using my middle finger but a motion is more than the push has left that it hastens it down
5 / 5
has bought a connection wired a wireless reason has tried unreliable in a past. But this are adds. Fully upload your computer before in the first place inserting connection of boss to computer. Useful tip. A computer reads a software of a mouse and installs a software required and calm was to go. I have been concerned that it would have to that take that it uses a mouse of the laptop or a computer would take garbled but he any (leading experience). Prize!!!!!! Compraventa Brilliant.