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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 by Charolette
A browser of Silk fill the empty in a FireStickTV device as it leaves an user to surf web of places inside an Amazon the first system that use the application of genuine Amazon. This ought partorisca mean some functions of application well when compared to third applications of browsers of the party. There is not a lot of a lot of available outside but concealed does not mean Silk of the amazon would not owe that aim big. In an integer so only concealed. A subject of only entity has with east an inability partorisca clear an application of all has visited URL is, which means when an application is closed and then king-has opened an Application takes a last place and calm send you directly there. The conceals can be the good idea if a place in question is legitimate it one but is the dodgy spam place flogging some hide anything and in hablador put with which place partorisca burst-on, then a function partorisca send you behind to such the place are a lot annoying, any partorisca say the risk of security.

A way around is partorisca leave an user partorisca dip a page of the house or another would be partorisca have the function of reset partorisca begin an application to the equal that was a first time .

Like an application is good but would have to that be better, and with any simple fix it probably will be. For this reason has given an Application, 3 stars.
4 / 5 by Tomoko
Is the early days that use this in my clave partorisca shoot although it use it on my pills. I compare it the Firefox. It likes Firefox that use in mine no-devices of Amazon. They are not partorisca profit and does not pursue calm with ads. This in spite of in a clave of Fire is quell'has bitten clumsy especially on managing video and sometimes an image is to the average was screen . It calms this very better to the equal that would expect. When you Begin Firefox the always goes to a page of investigation while the silk goes to a last page accessed and has to that retreat to a page of start - a box of investigation of the Bing.
Prefers this but is the @@subject preferably. A system of investigation is one same in both always clumsy with a far.
So that has partorisca and against but date an election I vote in favour
5 / 5 by Jake
In television to Shoot ossia absolutely terrible. Any endeavour has been done to rethink an interface partorisca a controller of television of the Fire, for this are in front of driving the something around a screen to the click in of the keys and of the controls has drawn partorisca the mouse.
Immediately take stuck in the box of dialogue that could not move for down partorisca teach a good key that quell'was of a screen.
If ossia answered of Amazons to a prohibition of Youtube is regrettable.
Use Firefox.
4 / 5 by Dulcie
This browser is well, albeit quite basic. If utilisations the windows and The Android also means having the together different of favourites and has stored signals in this browser to the yours other devices. Calm think you can download Firefox in a Kindle Shoots him the desire in of the llamas to access yours has has shared places by means of all the program, but has not explored this possibility. I take an attitude that my Fire is so only the simple device to read and basic exploring and that yes wants to do work 'appropriate' I need to use something more. But in an ideal world, I quite does not exist and a Fire has been built around Firefox or Chrome.
4 / 5 by Eugenie
Are the Football of defender of the massive Australian princes and a the calm United Kingdom so only can look see the byline of internet, does not have any way of just sending it directly to the TV of loan am spent like this of the years that cable the laptop until a TV. A whole summer is spent with this neighbour up. This application means finally can have the advance of orderly room and feed obsession of mine. Works really well without takes in the alive game, trust is the game of any fast would know instantly. It is brilliant and easy to use. No really sure which more done.......... They are that one has followed lol
5 / 5 by Willard
Well, has been patched and has to that modify my forward 1 description.
To the silk now runs like this smooth . No more stuttering and freezing. Maintaining (for some last 4 weeks or like this, in timing to write) is adds. A new interface for the house/of favourite arch is good to use in a clave of TV of the fire. The department of labour patch adds!
4 / 5 by Bobbi
Downloaded and installed this in mine firestick TV and then decided to read some on-line descriptions like the had not listened never of him first to scan by means of mine firestick TVs and it seeing there. Almost EVERYTHING says a same thing - very poor in subjects of security. As any unknowing the clients would owe that reconsider first to install - unless the security is not the primary worry for you. In the AMAZON of separate note FIRESTICK the television costs to purchase for those without the esmart' conjoint of television.
5 / 5 by Yasmin
Has this like an Application in mine Samsung the television that use a Clave of Fire of the Amazon. Every time I register in and Youtube of clock some starts of images of the video to retard down and finally freezings. I am not sure if ossia the question with a Clave of Fire of the Amazon or with Silk. I have used to be able to see Youtube with Amazon in mine television but a decree this service and I now owe that use any Silk or Firefox, neither is treating well. It does not use Silk in mine portable, prefers Chrome.
4 / 5 by Opal
Has downloaded this in my Clave of television of FIRE of Amazon. Aaaargh! Reason can do not take some plants web doing properly? I logged the BT, but am unable to look BT the sport like this fails to upload. BT Says that ossia the subject of cookie . Strangely They Are unable to change settings of cookie. It is like having the “My Browser of Prime minister” of the provider of the boys. If to the SILK is based to the Google Chrome browser, reason is restricted like this and reason can does not change settings like comprehensively as you can them to it on Chrome? It is this protectionism of Amazon?
5 / 5 by Cristina
This is to be recommend like the gain add-on for my television Firestick. Easy to upload but there is rendered the useless whole system because of any-operability of far control. Simply it calms it can not select a necessary setting or application and an usual on/down and select the keys no his like this has to that. I appreciate that another has resupplied the positive critiques but has read I also experiences looked the mine. There is not any instruction or touches resupplied for Amazon or for more in a web (to a better of my knowledge) on like this to return a Firestick to original settings, when a far control is not doing.
5 / 5 by Olinda
Browser of web really well that to to the works so only like to them Google excepts has a prize partorisca aim you is resulted appropriate in Amazon, applications of Amazon, the prime of Amazon has seen the no intrusive tab. Really it is well. So only I do not know reason calms would download it on anything another that a device of Amazon. It is easier partorisca web and of the investigations of Amazon a same time this in spite of.
4 / 5 by Jacquelyn
Likes Desk the way partorisca leaves of Youtube much more controls inc commentaries that other applications. It can it has chosen researcher & more settings that TV of Fire firefox. Aversions- Frequently grinds partorisca take it so the hides quickly locate to 150 to 210 megabyte clogging memory. It has to that exit to clear hides. Amazon bloatware Are Photos etc without uninstall the worse fact that adds @@@100s meg. New MSN the video can not be changed was. The favourites can not be orderly. The storage of web of place is RIDICULOUSLY big. The registration in the some places could store so as 45.ºgabyte. It can not delete individual exploring traces. Private Exploring is the good point. There is no adblocking or another plugins. Better Firestick browser In spite of his failures. Keyboards of law to mark eg the evasion would owe that it reads like the rear key on has said the video does not exit Silk
5 / 5 by Fidela
the browser is reasonable and quite easy to control using a controller of television of Fire of Amazon. But I Alexa takes never to do with him properly this in spite of.
According to Amazon an implementation of United Kingdom of a browser of Silk for a TV of the fire does not sustain the investigation that the uses gone in of voice the difference of a version of EUA. Has has take of the bit of the his announcing that it says that it does. In an integer of need of mine quite the bit to do to do it a gone the election at least when in a TV of Fire. Material Firefox is probably better.
4 / 5 by Neville
Pertinent. Downloaded reason can not take Tube directly in a clave to Shoot more. It shares a same question like Firefox workaround - with which the while it spends time buffering first of falling on in spite of the have superfast connection of internet. Sadly I will be to substitute a clave to Shoot been due to of the this.
4 / 5 by Alysha
Has taken a TV of Fire? Browser of Silk of the use and this will do a TV accesses like this more has contained; it gives the graces for this Amazon :)

touches contained of video easily without hiccups and is perfect. Hopefully An investigation of voice will exit punctual for entrance of text :/

has the easy to use UI and is to the honesty has optimised enough to plot for a TV of Fire.
5 / 5 by Roselyn
No a better browser. It maintains to freeze want to that it runs anything. Any fast plus.

I telephones are faster using some same wifi
5 / 5 by Inger
Like the browser is exasperated. I installed it on mine firestick has seen an option of Youtube (Firefox or Silk) to look the video of Youtube/of Youtube and now there looks to be any way of the use so the browser. I have cleared it hides of sound, has cleared die. I have been looking for some way of the work like the browser and has come on short. Has the few on-line informative services (France 24 etc) that I at present clock and has had to think that for having the browser of web in a firestick in fact could look these services in my TV. Prpers Having looked the video of Youtube/of Youtube, now can not go back the 'so only the browser' is any quantity of internet or help of amazon that looks for has any responses!
4 / 5 by Regine
Be in mine late 70 I probably does not take one the majority of out all these artilugios but after using a Firefox subject to take you Tube in my TV, has found that a browser of silk was much less probably to freeze on half way by means of the characteristic. It likes eye Tubes video more than programs of television am very happy with a Browser of Silk. Now I left to see alive football, this would be really adds!
4 / 5 by Dexter
Downloads so that it can look video of Youtube/of Youtube in my clave of Fire.

A work.

My only critique is that he often cràshes yes is looking video for the long time, and to clash bad orders to hang and does not result responsive to a far control. It develops the alcohol of the his own and first of calm know it to contrariedad is listening to Barry Manilow attacks more utmost.
5 / 5 by Marcus
Requires to plot of patience to look Youtube/of Youtube is. Freezing of video, recurrent 2sweep of black cm in a fund of a screen and a short 2cm of a subject @of screen is disappeared that spends seemingly at random, pressing the key in a far to spend for suggestions while the video is by train of audio of touch of causes and video lag and freezing for at least 10 seconds.
5 / 5 by Siu
Perhaps it is why has the basic firestick is remained with a fact that ossia marks it new application - but ossia still a lot 'buggy' and sometimes uncomfortable to use. Playback On Youtube can freeze, as it can a cursor. Youtube/of Youtube Can randomly selects a esearch' field when a cursor has not gone so only nowhere approach it, but was clicked on something more totally! If takings the account that careers to the equal that the version of Beta, probably rushed was partorisca coincide with a loss of an application of Youtube/of Youtube and arrival of a Firefox application - and like this probably improve over time - then is 'WELL,' if frequently frustrating.
4 / 5 by Melinda
Has downloaded so only partorisca look Youtube/of Youtube to the equal that original application is no longer sustained but the browser of Silk is entirely useless to the equal that the video do not touch smoothly and resembles búfer all a time in spite of having fast internet. The application has caused several accidents partorisca shoot clave. I have experienced subjects looked with Firefox. Iff The application will do like this a lot Youtube so that the original application will change my description but for now his totally useless of here 1 star so only.
5 / 5 by Julissa
This application is brilliant! Calm leave you partorisca look for anything to the equal that on-line and also has access the Youtube/of Youtube . It is entirely free and calm does not have to that signs in or anything went it once has downloaded. As any need to concern in that! This application does not involve any payment or details and is really brilliant.
5 / 5 by Aleida
In the bed that the number of the descriptions of client have had mixed feelings in this gram mower but decided partorisca take one submerges and has pleased has done.
Arrives interior 3 days of mandate and has been quite gathered easily although some of some pictures in a manual of instruction could have been the little clearer.
Begins after 3 appeals and after a battery has been touched on first time electronically. It is lighter that use that there is has anticipated descriptions and easy to manipulate.
In general the good and highly recommended cost
4 / 5 by Vera
In television to shoot suck you can not download anything, Youtube/of Youtube is terrible on he with him buffering uses an application of Youtube/of Youtube alternative instead. Firefox The better work on to the places of video likes him Youtube/of Youtube downloader is of better in all more, neither uses investigations of voice neither.
5 / 5 by Sandra
The amazon has spent this application was when google has decided the spit there dummy and pull his application of Youtube/of Youtube for fire of TV of amazon. An application is to order now can look Youtube/of Youtube again without questions that so that it does not give never the thanks to amazon and..... google .....Take the life!
4 / 5 by Susy
Each one of then TV of fire is exited a lack of the browser of web was the very big down signal like this a lot give the reception to this new application, but a thing that the really the needs is qualified to return to screen of house of paper of settings that is accessed to press a key of paper (Key with some 3 horizontal lines)
5 / 5 by Cassaundra
This immediately goes to the mobile version of a web of place that am trying the access has seen my firestick. When Tentativa to register in the plants for content of clock, can not move for down by means of a paper to a register in key. Unless I can imagine it it was like this to spend for a paper or transmission to a desk version then this application will be deleted. At least this one leave to take to a web of place the difference of firefox!!!
4 / 5 by Arica
Ossia An Amazon -the browser done for television of Fire. I have used this for some Youtube and researches it of BING around the pocolos put local web. Some controls are intuitive, there is the good number of options, and looks like this far to do.

As I do not have the Bluetooth the keyboard am not sure will use it the enormous quantity, but is good to have and is free.
5 / 5 by Tari
Easy to use application of browser of the internet. Used this to look for and download Brit-boxes.
5 / 5 by Lorinda
Totally rubbish. It has not done well at all. Complicated partorisca use, the control of voice was terrible. It averts to all the cost in my opinion. (Sad amazon) is a lot as well as maximum things but no east a.
5 / 5 by Meaghan
A lot happy with this download. Accessing video, particularly 'Youtube' with a clave of fire of the Amazon that use a Firefox browser, was always the swipe of has bitten and lose. This browser has done perfectly and smoothly of then used instead. You recommend.
5 / 5 by Raphael
Did not use It a lot still to the equal that was downloaded so only partorisca obtain access to Youtube when google blocked it on devices of Amazon (my Clave of television of the Fire). He certainly done brilliantly partorisca this purpose. I will be able to resupply the most detailed description the few weeks. A version in my pill of laws to Shoot well although it looks the little slow but concealed can be a pill he.
5 / 5 by Lanita
Ossia In my opinion the far upper browser a Firefox short with Exc in my ready TV. Downloaded the specifically partorisca look you tube and like a fact that when I exit my firestick canal and go back his resists Tube in a something left it and does not have to that reload an application of Youtube/of Youtube. When Signed in my account touches all my casts of game easily and smoothly without any stutters or jamming. It say of another way, like this smooth like delighted 😃 😃
5 / 5 by Carlton
Incredibly slow in the clave of TV of the fire, the experience of user is a lot poor. Like the substitution to an application of Youtube/of Youtube old, ossia entirely terrible. Video always búfer, stutter and lag. Prendiendo Or skipping by means of the video so only one in the each one five test. This sincerely is that I consider that uses the different program
5 / 5 by Genevie
Now that a FireStick does not run an application of Youtube/of Youtube, is forced partorisca download browser partorisca look video on there. It is very partorisca a prime minister two, perhaps three (if you are lucky) but then his búfer was and is forced to reset your FireStick. Absolute waste of time!
5 / 5 by Giovanna
Did not use It a lot still. But having the browser of the web in a TV is handy reason do not have the computer
4 / 5 by Renda
founds the difficult navigation with this application in a clave of television of the Fire. Of then in the first place downloading it has developed easier to access to to the favourite places like to of them the tube but an internet is probably easier that access of pill, computer or telephone.
4 / 5 by Shae
Easy to install and partorisca use, this in spite of the bit laggy and no able to change a subject of him.
5 / 5 by Belia
Like this far are when giving 5 stars. I took it with which google and to the amazon has fallen was and no longer could take Youtube/of Youtube in a clave of fire. I began it it was with the known favourite browser, Firefox, but with which roughly 7 minutes partorisca look Any video begins partorisca stutter like me to him was buffering, something I never experienced with an application of Youtube/of Youtube. I have downloaded Silk and like this far is been each one has bitten like good like original application. It thanks God!
5 / 5 by Lizabeth
It looks like this they were on dial of speeds. I ordered him hardly, a day that follows has arrived. Although my hubby did not spend him, feels good quality partorisca of the money. Like this far, like this good.
4 / 5 by Taunya
Has Had the little bit of question with this browser in a start but with patience and some tweaking has directed partorisca take it doing on 80 that some look of costruttrici partorisca think is his norm.
5 / 5 by Sherley
Adds little browser taken once the little has bitten partorisca time partorisca take familiar with a navigation on he no had an occasion to really give a part of voice of him the good test and one in characteristic of the mouse of the screen is in prize .
4 / 5 by Madelaine
Does not know reason has annoyed supposition partorisca give access of the internet by means of my TV has seen my clave of Fire. Extremely heavy partorisca use and any value an endeavour
4 / 5 by Barrie
the silk was the new browser partorisca me when it has bought my Fire. I found it partorisca be extremely useful, likes I the plot of business on-line. Partorisca More than things, already I any use needs my big magic box, so only my Fire saws Silk. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 by Otilia
Partorisca Effective viewing of video of Youtube in your TV, the silk combines perfectly with your Amazon Firestick partorisca the experience of flawless viewing.
With free download, that is not partorisca like?
4 / 5 by Marlana
A bit nuff, built in the researcher is poor and near fails.
Google Far better Firefox is also well, need to be both fast plus and the plot more development to the cat there is up with some alternatives
4 / 5 by Laurice
has Been forced partorisca use this partorisca look video on Youtube/of Youtube after the amazon has taken rid of an application ‘of Youtube/of Youtube' of a clave of television of the Fire - maintains partorisca clash and the video sometimes do not touch at all, a lot unreliable
4 / 5 by Coralee
A browser is very good and the work adds in a clave of TV of the fire. It is very simple to use. Quell'Amazon would owe that do now is partorisca create a tent of Amazon in a TV of fire that does in the to principle still likes him the browser.
4 / 5 by Royce
Has had so only this the few days but he looks well used it partorisca look the video is on Youtube/of Youtube and any question like this far. So only I date 3 stars like his still the mine sews new but will see like the touch of things was.
4 / 5 by Fleta
You can do basic exploring but that annoying is that when it turns my Show of Echo 2nd screen of people was, an audio partorisca touch when streaming street a browser.
5 / 5 by Shelly
Has found this incredibly frustration partorisca use and has given up trying. Slow to operate and no really until a work as you would expect of the browser of modern web.
5 / 5 by Emilee
Can now browser a web in my TV... But the writing is not that it surprises, a lot enough uses the real keyboard or one it FireTV application in a telephone to write, an in the keyboard of screen is so only too heavy!
5 / 5 by Oralee
Rubbish. All want to partorisca east to look Youtube. Master also access and just freezings on constantly. But to be just Firefox is like this bad. Amazon.... Rethink And spend Youtube/of Youtube rear street firestick directly. Abundance another available free program without paying you £80/year.
4 / 5 by Theola
Browser quite decent and adds with a fire of Amazon. It is useful to access like this youtube application no longer works. It is also useful for the number other places of the half comunicacionales in to a web like them a bit canals of German TV etc
4 / 5 by Jovan
This element all I need and is effective and effective in the each one way very happy to recommend this element
5 / 5 by Carolin
the browser of amazon is like this easy to use evan l can use it and l the new hate techno material . The lives of amazon until his fiancée like this always .
5 / 5 by Ivelisse
Any really require it reason alexa all now but the good application for a television to take an internet in a big screen
4 / 5 by Ramon
A lot totally sure reason but required to select the browser to use an application of Youtube/of Youtube and ossia a one has chosen. He a World-wide need another browser? Any insurance but looks to do well.
5 / 5 by Tanja
Uses this for a work, looking Youtube/of Youtube, and is such the terrible experience . Each video so only does not clash any one @subjects a period but ossia an only way to look Youtube/of Youtube until to the amazon and The Google dip order his spat.. No the happy client

Top Customer Reviews: Search Engine For ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 by Ivelisse
Easy download in of the minutes to mine all new Kindle Fire, súper.
4 / 5 by Ramon
That can one says roughly to the Google likes or of calm no.
5 / 5 by Davina
This Application is the must ! If there is something that you need to find quickly then Google will find it!
4 / 5 by Vernell
The one who can live without Google the must has application. Familiar to a lot in his calm computer now can have all some usual characteristics in your pill of android.
4 / 5 by Jacinta
Compared to in PC of husbands this era that annoying partorisca use and no like this the friendly user, like the novice of computer any one an easy start to google
5 / 5 by Ken
Tool very useful to have. It is good to have this in mine Kindle likes done of the a lot of faster things.

Top Customer Reviews: Firefox for Fire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5 by Pura
My clave of television of the Fire was lying in the drawer partorisca almost the year until I have listened yesterday that the applications of browser were available. I took it it was punctual, escaliente' he on and has downloaded a Silk and Firefox for browser of television of the Fire. Web streaming of the alive TV is jerky in Calms (not softening like this calms) but is smooth with Firefox. All of the sudden, the majority of plot has contained is available.
Would want to Firefox even more yes when looking video a cursor has been turned was after the short delay, to say ten second and is not remained in a screen. Also some movements of cursor around too quickly: the fine movements are impossible, included with short clicks in some far. A result is that I usually overshoot one links that I love click on and has to that do the pair to try first to take to one something legislation.
4 / 5 by Ladawn
Has decided to install this application been due to a @@subject that the amazon and The Google have had falling he out of an application of Youtube in a TV of fire. When it Was first setting on a TV of fire and looking in some recommended applications of a section of download, this has taken immediately my interest as I used it before in the PC of old Windows. These works of application seamlessly for me and is the browser adds to see web pages. A place of particular time on my television to shoot this was an only alternative to look Youtube/of Youtube, has not had any subjects with Youtube/of Youtube as some people have informed, but now felizmente think that the amazon and The Google have dipped order his disagreement and an application of Youtube/of Youtube is on and that careers again in some models of television of the fire, does not use Youtube/of Youtube in a television to shoot now have an alternative with my virgin V6 box. Ossia The decent browser for a TV of fire and is to add so that they can not be annoyed to create of a chair to go upstairs to turn in a PC, so only to explore the web page.
4 / 5 by Denese
Fails to install fully in ours together of old TV,requiring five or are tentativas,and a recognition of voice sometimes works.
Occasionally freezes to require unplugging for the few days-have it almost sent behind.
Is has had the software upgrade of then so that appearances and see
Some claves of device was quite the distance especially yes has to that use an adapter,as you can require the flexible row writes one for mountain of wall.
A far is good quality and is simple to use,the prize that the this can control a volume and poweroff of a TV he.
An amour of boys to launch you video of his tube and First TV( although limited unless it loves paid-included-more-to-dress)is notches to see quite upper.
Primemembership The free delivery is a cherry in a cake.
Is hard to compare a global container to anything more,but generally are class of enough almost quite reasonably so only-in satisfied.
Like this far.
4 / 5 by Salena
Has found a paper a lot confusing. .
Was but does not look logical. Has no @to @give me a bit the applications have had to be downloaded. I assuumed would be built in.
A thing a lot annoy is Alexas the voice is like this strong compared to a content or audio of source and I cant see like this to regulate this
Some cariche of content of the Youtube/of Youtube quickly and is good quality. 4k I video look impressive in the any 4k TV.
An informative alive Heaven has seen a clave of Fire is horrifying annoying.
Has bought this for Youtube/of Youtube and to connect to an Android telephones the one who read but no in incognito way.
In general am pleased with a product.
5 / 5 by Audry
Has turned 10 years HDTV to the ready TV and shaved £180 for year in my bill of internet of the TV. I have not tried using Alexa still as it can not comment in this appearance, but am loved for responsiveness of a far and an ease of discharge-in installation. I am using wi-fi access the broadband of fast edge rand was the little concerned roughly a lot when being pas hard wired invernadero Ethernet. I needn't has concerned as it is treating better that could have expected. I lose having a EPG in real time and when being able to register, but take-on the TV is like this well these days that a Fire of Amazon Sticks really ticks all some boxes.
5 / 5 by Hisako
Is quite easy to use and has used to have an earlier version to the equal that knows my way around. This in spite of have not used never Alexa before and has thought gives for the try has asked like this to find me an application and she have answered “ to change some lights of fourth on “ like this perhaps my emphasis is out of alexa row. Also it thinks that that it is the amazon of the big time has moved on 8 bb7 to the equal that has more things now to add to a clave to shoot that never first.
4 / 5 by Reid
Has taken this to look Youtube/of Youtube when google has take an application of Youtube/of Youtube - but has given now up with him. Like another reviewers has signalled was, the look of video longer to finalise stuttering or that clashes a browser, has not had never these subjects when looking direct has seen an application or using another streaming applications. I will be to look in future has seen an application of Youtube/of Youtube in mine NOW boxes of television instead.

Updates the 26 May 2018 - a later Firefox the update looks for having fixed a subject with the longest video - happy of the recommend now.
4 / 5 by Giovanni
The amazon clearly feels a need to dip this software in my device without my permission. I did not ask it, still it receive it so only a saying of email had ordered the. Utilisation firefox in a laptop, but am giving is the 1 like the software would not owe that be situated in mine firestick without my say like this.
5 / 5 by Ali
So only utilisation this of an application of Youtube/of Youtube there is prendido. Looking Youtube/of Youtube of Firefox is SO ONLY SO ONLY USABLE.

With which 22 minutes, some results of exposure apallingly stuttery - my supposition is some class of the memory that dread of bosses.

An only cure is to RESTART a first clave.

Of course, of Firefox has no the usable LEAVES act that there is not founding never, ossia tedious.

But has no alternative better to look Youtube/of Youtube.
5 / 5 by Brittny
Adds adds adds. Left me partorisca turn mine 11 old year TV to the receipient of services of question like netflix. Cant Alive without him.
5 / 5 by Skye
Has found a paper a lot confusing. .
Was but does not look logical. Has no @to @give me a bit the applications have had to be downloaded. I assuumed would be built in.
A thing a lot annoy is Alexas the voice is like this strong compared to a content or audio of source and I cant see like this to regulate this
Some cariche of content of the Youtube quickly and is good quality. 4k I video look impressive in the any 4k TV.
An informative alive Heaven has seen a clave of Fire is horrifying annoying.
Has bought this for Youtube/of Youtube and to connect to an Android telephones the one who read but no in incognito way.
In general am pleased with a product.
4 / 5 by Dan
When Dipping up with my JVC LT-24C685 television one installs the process looked to hang the pair of the time and I has been forced to start with to line again.
Then in some point when it has been for gives on him so only looked to do.

There is remarked this with hardware installs sometimes looking to hang when a process has completed without saying you.

Has the BT Marie Hub and some disks of Whole House and when it avenges to connect the Wi-Fi was necessary to restart a Hone Hub in another room more than an Integer Hone disk. Before he look up.

Control of looks of voice far more effective that manual looking for.

@@Subject Main I really has is that I can not control some Programs of television with a Clave to Shoot handset but can the majority of material of Clave of the Fire with the far TV excepts Alexa which is a better part of Fire Stck.
4 / 5 by Shirl
Using in a fire of cube of TV of the Amazon.

Firefox The application love to register, like this podes record in with some firefox accounts for the use properly and nags calm roughly to the fair has bitten also. It does not have any pertinent tabs that all the world-wide require these days, bar of allocution the full car out of places to the equal that write, but mostly only helps if it is the calm place love to go more than dondequiera goes, then you gotta take occupied with a not regulating on keyboard of screen of Amazon. A screen of house of the pin, Bookmarks/Marcadors, is the tiles under his section of pocket sponsored that you can not take. Some same pages with, the majority, the ads have blocked, roll and stutter, where a browser of silk does not even when loaded with ads.

Has thought firefox was all roughly daunts, options, options of options, as you can explore that it loves. I have not tried never to explore an internet in a past 25+ years and feel likes does not have any election in any do any and like this limited in that I can do. An option in a esettings paper' to turn the majority of a collection of data that / follows they , on or era.

Has bought a Cube to Shoot to take touched of of a PC of means comunicacionales in a livingroom, but now sees is not possible to do that, so that has no decent way to explore an internet in any usable way with a browser of silk and zero announces that it block, and this firefox the application is a worse experience has in any expósito program.

Using adgaurd dns is an option for browser of silk, but the plot of places circumvent that enough easily. Behind to a PC of means comunicacionales this in spite of like this another device of Amazon for a cupboard.
4 / 5 by Marguerita
After adding Firefox for television of Fire and ITV Hub to the mine recently experiences Firestick, has found a Firestick unusable for iPlayer because of excessive buffering - very embarrassing on Day navideño. I later uninstalled these applications and the data cleared and hides and has looked a program wished in iPlayer without questions. (I previously had installed a HDMi advantage of extension among a Firestick and a television to give lean a buffering found when I in the first place tried to use a Firestick.) I have not taken round to try recognition of voice with Firefox but knows can speak to Alexa to control spent.
4 / 5 by Delmar
Has turned 10 years HDTV to the ready TV and shaved £180 for year in my bill of internet of the TV. I have not tried using Alexa still as it can not comment in this appearance, but am loved for responsiveness of a far and an ease of discharge-in installation. I am using wi-fi access the broadband of fast edge rand was the little concerned roughly a lot when being pas hard wired via Ethernet. I needn't has concerned as it is treating better that could have expected. I lose having a EPG in real time and when being able to register, but take-on the TV is like this well these days that a Fire of Amazon Sticks really ticks all some boxes.
4 / 5 by Tess
Has taken this to look Youtube/of Youtube when google has take an application of Youtube/of Youtube - but has given now up with him. Like another reviewers has signalled was, look of video longer to finalise stuttering or that clashes a browser, has not had never these subjects when looking direct has seen an application or using another streaming applications. I will be to look in future has seen an application of Youtube/of Youtube in mine NOW boxes of television instead.

Updates the 26 May 2018 - a later Firefox the update looks for having fixed a subject with the longest video - happy of the recommend now.
5 / 5 by Eliana
A limit of voice in some far works excellently but has had the significant questions that takes my Echo 5 partorisca take some mandates and touch a program/of television of the film in a TV in place of a screen. With which helps of the support of Amazon was able also but has bitten flaking that the commission executes. It looks precise development further partorisca spend out of some subjects. If a mandate 'Clave of television of the Fire could be shortened the clave of television or television to Shoot this would help partorisca have found like this my Echo 5 executing a mandate before I have finalised a sentence with ailing effects.
5 / 5 by Darcy
Quite honradamente was them bit it concerned,as it has taken them my fire-take in Europe for the install in the TV in 'Poland where looked them to remain for the longitude while. Like the appearances done in a TV, and has Expected could do do in Poland.
Ive Any idea because it has been them concerned, law directly out of a box. One installs has taken the little time, but all has been smoothly.
5 / 5 by Tangela
Reason oh reason does not take this Firestick more collected !!!
Has taken the TV of Loan and is spent several months that tries to take the applications on gives up in an end !!Tried once again to download the first video has done finally and promptly has lost Netflix the partner recommends this Firestick has solved all my questions and the reception have improved are very happy has bought so only another for a TV in conservatory 😁 !!
4 / 5 by Fidel
Has used in a TV of old plasma without WiFi - works a lot well, highly recommended. Delicate to install reason have stand of television for behind television with additional speakers but HDMI extend boss (which is comprised) has left to install Clave vertically. We were able to look BBC1 & 2 when it has had atmospheric questions with normal reception of Oxford transmissive. Has internet a lot well signal without buffering subject.
Has looked program in iPlayer & has listened the music on music of Amazon - quality squared a lot well & of sound. Described like this voice of Alexa of the use to select programs, volume of transmissions, etc is the prize. Value a lot well in £ special offer.
4 / 5 by Gertrude
His WELL. But I acessed a radio internet streaming place and he then clashed with a firestick screensaver has to that way that has had to that restart a browser and open a web page again. Using firetick clave of control in the screen is not a better experience.
PS So that Youtube has wanted to - has the application of tube of the loan in troypoint which is better
5 / 5 by Enoch
has any way to create bookmarks/marcadors of has visited often pages - reasons heck no?

The pages often have an accident - in the own amazon (help!!!!) Put web, Each CLICK to the 'new page' resulted in a same error, in hablador use of a esar' key.

Hire in the THIS ON-LINE TENT (or Another part of amazon) street this browser (using devices of television of the Fire) is IMPOSSIBLE of the CORRECT signals are ALWAYS has refused. It can not be 'cookies' been due to reason a CAN not BE BLOCKED in FireTV devices.
4 / 5 by Verena
Has been bought like the present and for some premiers few months was a lot?, Then KODI has packed up without the decent backup, then absolute rubbishes. Side me partorisca take it dipped on, then the films are so only state announces 20/30mins then the screen goes spatial. Tried upteen different systems to look films, all a same quality, poor. I actuate disconnected A Box of AMAZON and unsure he to cube he or take fire to the. It can not take information of confidence of any AMAZON another as well as to continue.
5 / 5 by Denae
Has expected things of paralización of sound of of the this. Nope. I used it once and it was to delete the shortly.
Does not see a point of an application that calm leave you so only see part of the page without the possible scrolling.
Be the waste of time for me and frustrated so only. If I want to Youtube/of Youtube of clock owes application.

There is more coincidentally has lost his connection of coverage directly after using Firefox in a Firestick?
4 / 5 by Twyla
Does not have a 'application' for each venue of classical music that would like me recognition. Only berlin Philharmonic has a 'application'.
.TV, A Praise
This in spite of reason this has a Firefox the browser easily can do a rest that interest ( Doctors, A Praise, Avenges State work, Gothenburg Orchestra of Symphony, Orchestra of Symphony of Detroit) to 'Bookmarks/Marcadors' in a browser.

Also have the Roku clave but that so only has the browser subscribes ,
5 / 5 by Georgina
Is a lot well take programs in Netflix. Faster That Virgo, but no much faster on BBC iPlayer. This can be lack of BBC , as he hiccups all a time. It gives it better frames, but material spear in you calm does not want to and to take a lot a like this called content calm has to that you the fork was cash partorisca east and cash for that. It can finalise with enough the bill. Youtube Is more fiddly to take, that in the PC.
4 / 5 by Abbey
A fantastic bit of crew and the subject in a prize. The amazon Does well, maintains some prizes down like this possible! ‘It prevailed has now result the different product that a so only the service of basic delivery. A Tone is to maintain a value for the clients and am sure your Prize of Action will continue rocketing big heaven, but grieve tests to so only do the fast buck in a cost of a Client will lose your reputation, like this like this undertaken adds to have before you. Well it produces fact , adds 🍻
5 / 5 by Vonda
has Uploaded this on and began it up. All has looked to be good. Moved was on to something more in a Firestick, but going back the Firefox, does not act . It begins on GOOD but when it explores to any web page there is the class of 'thunk' the sound and a screen goes spatial. At all more raisin. I have gone back to a firestick homepage and has tried this again several times with a same result. Also it refuses the uninstall, which is less than gain. Honradamente Can not recommend this to any one!
5 / 5 by Lorenza
Is really good to have the browser in a TV of Fire. It looks to do quite well and answered well to a far control. It looks to be very resembled a browser of silk, am not really sure has any action adds or differences of use. An only thing I really does not like is that there is not any way the pages of zoom in or era. So many, more the way of look of the too big pages for a screen of TV and feel the bit to overwhelm, and was well to be able to reduce a measure yes has required. But it averts of that the good addition to a TV of Fire adds.
4 / 5 by Mariko
Reason all this sign in crapping for TV of fire in firefox application of his browser the waste complete of time and like this leading reviewer has declared unusable with Youtube and plot of the places of video have used with work & another browser that has any of these his ridiculous subjects fast plus to buy the box of different TV concealed has any of these subjects.
4 / 5 by Zana
An application is well. You can explore an internet to the content of your heart.
But, the big question for me is fines-tabbing. Calm can not go anywhere with pop-ups to the equal that will take immediately redirected. Although, they have comprised a characteristic of pop-on windows. Things that opened in new-the tabs so only will open in a same screen, clearing all the data of a page that can have you used likes gone in-text and has included a timestamp of the video.
5 / 5 by Marco
Has downloaded this application of free browser reason Youtube has been annulled in First. Mina some small critiques is that in a chance of the video along, one feeds the starts that jump and prendiendo spontaneously to an end. It is the shame because ossia often when they take to a nitty gritty of a tongue.

Another the concealed and for the short video is well. Have So only docked was a star because I am not sure is the question of bandwidth or a browser or youtube he that causes a question
4 / 5 by Clementina
Ossia the add adds on for your box of clave of television/of Fire. Work exactly like the browser in your computer, and can sync the to your Firefox accounts to the equal that can choose on all your bookmarks/marcadors of your main device. An only thing that the bugs are an indicator - is the circle and is difficult of the take exactly where calm require it using your TV of far Fire. Hopefully An update will fix this punctual.
5 / 5 by Hyacinth
Had annoyed really when we have lost Youtube/of Youtube of a Clave of Fire. He like this had any alternative, has been still th application, is not sure state that browser to choose and has chosen Firefox reason am familiarised with him. It finds Youtube/of Youtube more difficult that use with an application that was before but does not have some questions of screen, jumping etc. Like other people have mentioned. As like this often, something concealed done has been changed for something concealed no also.
5 / 5 by Elanor
Quite a lot of rubbish. Installed this before using to the Silk likes incumplimiento of the browsers can be quite terrible in of the telephones. Any reason to not using Silk incumplimiento browser this in spite of so that the amazon has done the very functional application.
5 / 5 by Lynelle
Has dipped this application my Clave of television of Fire of Amazon like a adjunct to a resident browser, simply like the backside-up. It have used the little fact of the years like the browser in some old Windows XP when an original browser has failed to guarantee on-line security, when being happy with him then, I ventured on he now, and can fully commend his action. He all concealed I need. He no incumplimiento to the place once opening neither! You are in liberty to explore. Work well for me.
5 / 5 by Zane
Mozilla Resupplies produced excellent and compatible in some world-wide to compute. A Firefox web-the browser is better and more useful that very other levels of industry, the safari has comprised. Sadly This iteration is being missing of in functionality with my system of TV of the fire. A row limited of options, this only work intermittently.
4 / 5 by Bo
Recognition of the voice of Alexa does a lot well, included in way of whisper!
Is the pleasure to use in Calm-tube and saves to write in of the details to find that I want to.
In general the very good product.
Was very lucky to having purchased this in some deals of Black Fridays when it was so only £30, the subject real. :-)
5 / 5 by Manie
yeah His well,but the,m the dinosaur,instructions to wish so only would say you that it is everything free and perhaps included have a capacity to upload all and easy instructions to delete the one who calm of any,likes the say,im that annoying with technology,but his very same for bbc iplayer,has looked all killing Eve serious 1 already,like this for a prize,yes his well the value that shabby.
4 / 5 by Edwina
Has downloaded so only this so that the amazon and The Google have had the disagreement and an application of Youtube has been takes.
This application no for Youtube/of Youtube. It begins of good, then just stops. Taking jittery and unwatchable. This renders a Firestick entirely unresponsive and has to that reboot everything.
Totally pathetic.
5 / 5 by Ruby
Our laptop had been stuttering and prendiendo for any apparent reason. A partner have said thinks it can be down on board of Microsoft, like this a bit in desperation take and has substituted he with firefox. Brilliant results, as we think that that we have tried a version of clave of the Fire. Both versions operate in an almost invisible way- ideal for the browser.
5 / 5 by Elida
Buys this in a weekend and think is adds. We had loved to look programs and material of a computer. Maintaining is looking Netflix and video of Youtube. I add! This in spite of, when I have been to the curries and has recommended a Clave of Fire of the Amazon, our first thought was of Jeremy Clarkson, and has not been enthusiastic.

Need of companies to take on joint that so only reason the celebrity is famous and fronts the TVs program, any the populate. In this chance could have bought one of these earlier elements, but some advertisings with Clarkson dips was more than me has promoted for the try.
5 / 5 by Cleopatra
An only downside was lack of instructions but felizmente ours daughter-in-law has known regarding the , of one converted quell'effectively TY to the Loan one with small cost. It opens on a world of Nexflix and First Amazon. Compraventa Excellent.
5 / 5 by Milissa
My woman and I am now both to the ours mid seventies, as we have agreed no only and white black TV, but any TV. This new innovation, partorisca is the massive jump to a future, and can not think that have this technology like this easily available. Door with him so much, any only in entertainment of instant, but so much informative TV, and some of some Applications that relates to world-wide current subjects Aljazeera, Door more the perspectives to ours have thought. Shining, brilliant.
Thank you.
5 / 5 by Dawn
Absolutely exceptional. Clicked In the, pressed instal and was installed almost immediately. The clicked in a new icon and a web page have opened instantly. It take several minutes to upload Google. I closed it and it open it and it has tried several places and they were all like this quickly. I have deleted Google and all his extra bits.
5 / 5 by Keith
The desire had taken one of of the one of the east the fact of long time, economic, easy to use. You think it that that can be delicate to dip on, but has not had any question that follows some instructions. Has the very very wi-fi the connection like an all the work adds, and have all one takes-arrive canals in HD that could not locate services of terrestrial TV.
4 / 5 by Gabriella
Does perfectly once registered and put up for a TV.

Has had to take support of amazon for the dipped the eork in ireland ( has answered a lot quickly and has taken place a lot firdt time) and has has had to that the give three goes to recognise my Acute TV.
4 / 5 by Lester
The difference of a Browser of Silk, Firefox for television of the fire has looked to cause the bit of the on has contained hiccups of video. Probably because of some plant that is to use is mobile optimised and a firefox useragent probably is recognising like this he desk application.

A UI is intuitive and easy to use and is optimised for a TV.
4 / 5 by Kylie
Has used to use it every day to link to the canal of yoga has seen google. Of an update goes to a web page then the transmissions was; any one creates reason.

A lot a lot has appreciated suggestions- would have been 4 starts otherwise.
5 / 5 by Corinne
Some laws of day - a next day he no! Terrible reliability. If you cant resupply the ready TV or does not love upgade (taste) suggests them of investigations something more like this this is not enough of confidence to resupply satisfaction
5 / 5 by Carli
My husband would resist his hand on that it is in no way, form or form tekkie has imported at all, but installs this and was pleasantly surprised the one who easy is to do.
In a cast for one of the ours compraventa last better year!
5 / 5 by Shanon
Shining. It installs instantly. I actuate he with the code in your main computer, then Youtube of the looked in your TV of fire. A click in a Firefox the icon and calm has Youtube/of Youtube behind. Now I can look Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and to the of Noah of Trevor, each morning in the big screen! Yay.
4 / 5 by Kallie
Was pleasantly surprised by a good clean interface in my clave of TV of the Fire. A good row of regular characteristics with time of fast response for load of page.

A free addition really useful to leave the access the web pages has compared to a stock clunky browser of TV in ready TVs
4 / 5 by Emmanuel
A lot well, easy to install and use. Answered quickly to far control.

The smallest improvement so only is for a far to have the little form to seat in your hand. It is very smooth and directly-sided and easily slip out of your hand if any gripped.

Top Customer Reviews: Ocean Browser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5 by An
Rings the new browser partorisca my Samsung compressed like Firefox has not been of confidence recently. It has chosen Ocean of a tent of application of the Amazon but this so only repeatedly incidents without inaugural to the equal that have uninstalled the. Partorisca Be just perhaps is drawn so only partorisca Amazon Kindle devices, although it is not described like such.
5 / 5 by Louvenia
Has not used in an end as no liked them to them his functionality and creation etc etc
4 / 5 by Wilfredo
that it dips was partorisca do; an alternative to to likes it of Bing and Google.
5 / 5 by Porter
A very good user friendly browser that it is quickly and attentive.
5 / 5 by Desiree
This was available has seen an Amazon Appstore. But, it does not install . It is this this in spite of another Application of Android this has been neutered for a version of Amazon of Android?
5 / 5 by Cherise
Constantly incidents, still does not touch partorisca flash content, dulcemente, no really a lot very at all. It takes of device. Now I am looking for the decent browser.
4 / 5 by Gwenn
I love this browser his fast, work a lot well, and is easy to use , has tried the small and ossia one of a better any like this far.
4 / 5 by Francie
Works partorisca me. Varied descriptions - an only thing partorisca do is partorisca try it.
4 / 5 by Collen
Has maintained partorisca fail on Facebook and could not give sustain other places of web I regularly visits. The silk has his questions but this was ..........
5 / 5 by Eldon
Has tried this reason the silk has touched on partorisca me. I have not gone particularly impressed, and am going back the Silk now that looks partorisca be that he again.
5 / 5 by Jospeh
Browser that explores but lose too viewable space in a screen.
4 / 5 by Leilani
The browser of ocean is easy to use. Has not founding still the place with the clip partorisca film to to that does not like .
4 / 5 by Lasandra
A lot was written in Chinese (I think). Downloaded by deception, taken was almost immediately.
5 / 5 by Maura
Would not give it any star can , dulcemente, clashes constantly. Absolutely useless.
5 / 5 by Edward
Has used this browser like l has looked for to do around the question that video of touches in mine kindle fire.
Any one the fault of an application but he have not helped partorisca cure my question.
5 / 5 by Felicita
As declared for more, load of pages of a fund of a web page any one an upper as you owe that move partorisca until a cup of a page. This a lot annoying volume, a lot quickly....
4 / 5 by Felicitas
Is GOOD but has found Google Chrome better to the equal that synchronises with my desk and laptop
4 / 5 by Marci
Fact that says in one beats - different amazons own browsers that goes the swipe of has bitten and lose
4 / 5 by Dalton
Better that calm, much faster. Ossia m incumplimiento Browser now :)
4 / 5 by Melaine
It likes all kindle of the browsers does well. Game of the video behind is slow and buffered (and concealed is not my speed of Internet). Reason can a lot of kindle the users downloads just Chrome or Firefox :(
4 / 5 by Leisha
Very better and faster that the browser of Silk of the amazon in mine Kindle. It recommends
4 / 5 by Carlee
Faster that Calm in Kindle HD the fire but the accidents almost every time is used.
5 / 5 by Betsey
First impressions after the few days downloads is that it is the massive improvement in ilk'. It looks to upload the pages the fast plus also.
5 / 5 by Bethann
Better work that kindle freezings after the moment with Silk
5 / 5 by Jackeline
No enthusiastic in this application been due to a creation like deleting it and has gone back the Silk.
4 / 5 by Lakenya
I have had browser of silk in a kindle fire and has maintained partorisca clash. This has not clashed once.
5 / 5 by Mistie
Finally fed up with the constant accidents of the silk and the odd behaviour have been partorisca look for the new, created partorisca Kindle, Available in a AppStore, browser.

And the ocean is awesome!

As mentioned by another reviewer, some plough of pages in a fund, but do not last to move for up. Another that that the ocean done to to the things like to agree where in the page was, this Silk could any never do.
4 / 5 by Beckie
A browser of web is a lot this in spite of do not solve my kindle the fire flashes @@subject of the player has taken a message of error that my device is incompatible with flashing player. I have been tried partorisca maintain this browser of web but decided partorisca maintain so only a browser in my device and stuck with quell'I knows well. If yours looking for the browser of different web then ossia certainly value the try I quite liked the and Im fussy roughly software in my device.
5 / 5 by Valarie
Simple, intuitive, fast & effective. Outperforms Calms in the each way. It does not freeze or incident. I particularly like a 'gimmicks', as it collect ready & a paper of fast control, enabling a control of toe to access all the functions. Amur My Kindle Fire HD, but the browser of the amazon leaves the plot to be wished.
Tries browser of Ocean - you will not be disappointed!
4 / 5 by Janel
Very better that Calms (any that this says a lot of!). Still prone To odd gremlins and light instability. Curiously it uploads pages of a subordinated that it is a lot annoying. The calm frames @give you Safari that well is on iPad. All duquel mark a marvel if the amazon does not update never Kindle software, and if no, reason no......
5 / 5 by Rebekah
There is so only has downloaded recently this application to the mine old Kindle Fire, and has to that say that, as ,far, has been the revelation. So better that Calm. Faster, smoother, more responsive.

When I used It the pair of week and the better knowledge I reveiw again and can change my indication, but like this far, like this good.

Top Customer Reviews: Opera browser - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5 by
Like the uer of the Passport of Delay, a BB10 the browser has begun to 'fail' on much more plants web - eg Linkedin - where the so only would aim the advance of page and not leaving access to a web of place down.
Partorisca Maintain my useful telephone, has required the most up to date browser that lean given a web of place later that encodes protocols.
Has tried many of a tent of application of the Amazon and this browser is, like this far, easily a better. They are very pleased with him and has found any subjects of compatibilities with BB10 YOU
5 / 5 by
has Lost his VPN function although still it allege it partorisca be there is not .
5 / 5 by
is as well as the browser, but taken to many resorted of calm is computer.
4 / 5 by
Good browser that reads well in my telephone. All he like this has to that be
5 / 5 by
The browser adds that it is easier that use that it calms and extracted better
4 / 5 by
Is as well as the browser, but taken to many resorted of calm is computer.
4 / 5 by
the browser Adds that it is easier that use that it calms and extracted better
5 / 5 by
I have installed in mine Kindle and was like this faster that before with Kindle browser.
5 / 5 by
Has bought this in mine kindle like an alternative to browser of Silk but is not very gone the difference visually
5 / 5 by
A preinstalled browser in Kindle the fire has maintained partorisca freeze, as I have begun partorisca use this and good works.
4 / 5 by
Very impressed with both a product and a very short delivery time
5 / 5 by
Could not see a point, does not add or enhance my interface of web; I downloaded it.
4 / 5 by
Vixen of fire of good use pc but in moment any one other real browsers a lot fussed browser
4 / 5 by
Amur This browser, fast and easy to use east maintaining in place of chrome.
4 / 5 by
Still my absolutely preferred browser in the each device I use.
4 / 5 by
The saver Of data are partorisca add when precise use to the connection of poor internet likes the airport WiFi.
4 / 5 by
Is in fact a browser of real Work.. The only good works
4 / 5 by
It has had so only the look of fast look very but did not use it really the plot
4 / 5 by
It is good but I quite so only use a browser of simple old amazon.
4 / 5 by
The work in my PC is utmost, but a Mobile application in my pill is exasperated, I cant the one of the east and like this any for the use never.

Top Customer Reviews: Super Search Bar ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 by Merle
I am not sure like the really done differently and the one who an advantage is compared to a Kindle browser of web. Work but is not really the gain additon