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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
It is the way gives coffrets that restarts several œuvres the pair of data joins big lyric scene, variant of those dévolus to a singer or a composer.
That the presents Give Estaca of spectacles « Wolfgang Wagner », to the staged that has done of the noise.
There is detailed my commentary Of the each one œuvre to the sud the Version DVD (or CD) separate, when it exists, and here-down, touches the Walkyrie.
After visionnage : Tannhäuser (2014) 1 star, Lohengrin (2011) 2, Vaisseau (2013) 4, His Masters (2008) 4, Walkyrie (2010) 5, Tristan (2009) 4, was partorisca join average of 3,3 that averts to 4 stars, touches lucido prize closely and the access to the salt the mythical.
Complains The Absence of Parsifal, in the staged very original but any dénaturante of Herheim, of 2008, that the summer télédiffusée but of the that has not found of trace in DVD (2012 is Tube of the sud).

WAGNER The Walkyrie Bayreuth Thielemann 2010
Have visionné this CD in him coffret « A Bayreuth edition », does not have it expósito séparément.
Production of Tankred Dorst of 2006, captée here in 2010. To the first law, the tanière of Hunding, in writing joined of blochaus, is meublée of chairs, to the second law he rocher of Wotan is a ilot tiny and his inmediaciones of in Hunding nude, the negation of a decoration. To the third law, Feigning visualmente, this no longer is Wagner that inspires Tercero Reich flambeur, ossia his ruins of the magician joined-nazi structure that inspires décorateur. His Walkyries Rouges release well of this decoration where gliela ash dominates of the start to the fin. The final scene is partorisca join give More good-looking that has seen, the embrasement is achieved truth, although Brünnhilde, has deposited to the sud his palette, looks a bit to the narrow.
Genial direction of Thielemann, dégraissée, where sees that partorisca separate some passages (the Mounted..), this work is décidément chambriste.
Regarding the singers, when On it will have said that they no longer have the vocal power of the his big aînés, is this in spite of in his place the Bayreuth. He défunt Botha, sure enough wrapped, has had a thankful bell. Youn Any the quite black voice neither powerful games Hunding. Among them, it joins good-looking voice (Heller) game Sieglinde, to the sweet likes him Crespin. Excellent Fricka Of Fujimura, vocalement and scéniquement. He Wotan of Dohmen, quite young and minces, joins it clear voice and little powerful : lucido the god is projected already. Sra Watson sings well his Walkyrie, but, are desolado, has of the harm with physical edges : it looks to do folds of Wotan… Duet of Edges with Botha think me scéniquement to old gravures to the sud his singers hurleurs of the time of Wagner.
Genial Equally The apresamiento of Edges : it feels the orchestra , in spite of the « mystic abyss » of the has been sotterrato, and feels clearly his singers. A lot very down-titrage In French.
To the Total, this in spite of, a quite well spectacle, does not break, loin of there that, of this coffret of the sud the Bayreuth estaca Wieland. Wagner. The fourth star is Game Thielemann.
Does not lose especially does not prevail : it is the time of première , to my knowledge, that sees his inmediaciones, the salt the, his coulisses of this mythical place, with giving glimpsed of artists, like the concealed everywhere elsewhere. The fifth star is to Touch east prevails.
The commentary reduced and resumido In English, German, French.
4 / 5
Interesantisimo Packs The reasonable prize to experience the directed of the sanctuary of Wagner, good versions vocalmente that pause and but questionable the escenografias far of the wagnerian sleep, goring of sin in near is a big espectaculo operatic.
A lot recommended so much for the followers but of the cults in generates it and the composer, regarding the neófitos reason Bayreuth is a referent.

Top Customer Reviews: Rossini: Two ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
BOS : Perhaps this ONE touches well enough like the memento for an usual camp picnicking auditorium of Glyndebourne (especially after the pair of glasses of VC downed) has taken still... It would not spend still in the house of provincial Italian work.... A production of university tax, the a lot of poor acting and the third-estimativas to sing.
C: A lot WELL, in fact
4 / 5
would be quite difficult of the say some Barbers is better that Cenerentola, or no. The voices and the music are of sound. Have enjoyed personally so much Cenerentola, because of a music, a way is staged, some voices, a rhythm among some scenes. I really felt in a theatre.
5 / 5
Has had already sublime actions of these 2 of Rossini better works on DVD, but this pairing in BluRay is perfection of have opposite Art. Any the one who enjoys the work at all would be crazy any to take this for 25 bucks

Top Customer Reviews: Lintu | Sibelius - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The very comprehensible container in fact that consists, any only action of some complete seven symphonies, but also comprising significant documentary content. These falls to three categories as follows.

Each symphony is preceded with an optional pair of courts of documentary elements. A prime minister gives the general historical fund with the mix of archive and material of current film and resupplies the setting generalised partorisca a documentary piece prójima. Ossia The conversation among a manager and his interviewer. During this a work in question is, sure enough, analysed with some varied subjects and of the points keys of a music touched for an orchestra and with a musical annotation underlined during one touching. Ossia The lovely resource that will be it enlightening to both novice and has has experienced collectors. He repay repeats to see in pertinent time. These seven preliminary films can be seen like the documentary complete hour and can be averted during normal playback of some concerts.

Has an another documentary perhaps tellingly the class ‘titled of Sibelius.' This is the collection of short glimpes, to be bondadoso, and can not be to all the world is flavour . It is unlikely to be touched more than a swipe and fault of an informative heft of some other documentaries have described in a leading paragraph.

Some registers of some symphonies have been done in ‘of the alive' concerts in Helsinki the centres of music how is the vast concert and that impresses room. Symphonies 3 And 4 has been registered on 02/, symphonies 6 and 7 on 10/01/14, symphony 2 on 08/05/13 and symphony 5 on 04/09/14. During a series a register rid admirably natural and his that varies wide and a visuals is particularly crisp. One static (possibly phase) the place of the camera is changed by means of a series and house in of the different players like the consequence. Some the remaining cameras are able the zoom in of considerable distances to close house. Ossia seamlessly Done with just two exceptions during a final symphony where a right camera behind, the start is retreating zoom of next house, is entirely out of house for 11 every time first second to achieve acuteness in and second. Although surprising, ossia the much smaller blip in of the hours of visual presentations. It could be an imaginative use of the cameras but his looks of value unconvincing!

A creation of some transmissions of orchestra with some horns that movement among an accident and for behind rear legislation. There is also enough the plot to change personal among some players. More significantly a creation of series has both insiemi of violins to some lefts, a cellos centre, a rape in a legislation and some basses in some legislations for behind a rape. Ossia The model regulates has used these days and rids the a lot of-balanced ‘alive' sound of phase. He also emphasises a desirability of playback crew to have included sized speakers to centre to match a main accident and right so that an emphasis of phase is reproduced of course home. A sound is presented in excellent DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 as well as stereo.

Some actions are clearly a result of a lot experiences in concert and owe resultant ease of familiarity, delivery and comprising. A manager done with an orchestra previously to take his current function of manager of boss of an orchestra in 2014 but some look of orchestral members steeped in a Sibelian the idiom the gustanuno could expect. Some actions could be described in general like this a lot main-common and am a lot of interpretive has surprised. Inside this description Hannu Lintu, a manager, gives his room of players of only individual to express them while still maintaining the tight control in near and time.

A solo of the inaugural clarinet in a first symphony is the chance on the dot and is the gripping experience the behold. The times are chosen frequently to maximiza dramatic effects how is dynamic. There is for so many considerable points of brisk the time that generates emotion as well as examples of the time in firm that leaves for weights or considerable sensibility. Some conclusions of symphonies 3 and 5 is approached to give the sense of musical satisfaction more than exhilaration and a rovescio is true of a conclusion to a first movement of a fifth symphony. All of these commentaries are data inside traditional expectations.

Inner a moment this together has no alternative competition to dread. A regulate throughout is sufficiently big and rewarding for the do probably that, for a lot of buyers, this will be one only view of some symphonies will require. Other collectors, with existent loyalties the Sanderling, Vanska, Karajan, Gibson, Monteux and another famed for the particular register still will find a lot of partorisca enjoy and learn of to buy this dips which would be thought more than, in these circumstances, as offering additional more than value of substitution.

This description is not feigned to be the analysis detailed of the each component of this considerable task. This would be disproportionately long in some circumstances. This in spite of, would have to be clear that a whole concept of the remarkable actions has sustained of the good documentary discussion and the material will do this the hard law to follow left so only supersede.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of enjoyable put of registers the one who famous Sibelius' 150th anniversary. A box-the place comprises the hardback reserve which adds to a together collectability and a Arthaus catalogue that adds hanged unnecessary! I binned the! In all the chance, remarking Hannu Lintu is directing the way is clear that certainly knows like the mussel and forms the musical sentence. Lintu Adopts the very slow time in the inaugural movement of a First Symphony and a solo of the languid clarinet draws an auditor to Sibelius' soundworld. All seven symphonies touch recently minted down Lintu baton. Lintu The times are in a quite flexible whole, but has the good mandate of the structure of a music and is the master of dynamic gradation - know like this to build the tension and the emission amena catharsis. An Orchestra of Finn of the Radio symphony is not in a heavyweight classifies - calm never deceives 'in still Karajan' BPO. An orchestra offers the sweet plus Sibelius, that directs in some serious and woodwind more than a brass - emphasising songful lyricism more than elementary sturm and drang. Still, Lintu is able of whipping-on the storm when Sibelius' questions of music - you''ll not listening a pulsating can that, says, Karajan and a BPO ameno to a Fifth Symphony, but pocolos auditors will feel courts-has changed. Lintu Sibelius Is nuanced, brilliant and alert; the clarity of texture amena rich rewards. The picture is quality and clear crystal of his excellent east, and in a documentary, Lintu offers a lot of astute observations that is not never less than interesting. A film in Sibelius' life and work'ort of Sibelius' is, to dip it a bit, class of odd... But it is a music that @@subject. Recommended.
4 / 5
Thoroughly Can recommend these. The actions add of orchestra and manager. They are an ardent defender of Sibelius' music and these registers, qualities of his, production, everything in fact is up there with a more has not seen never and has listened. Very satisfied!
4 / 5
eccellent Actions, superbly has registered. Highly recommended.

Has arrived punctually again recomended.
5 / 5
A together of boxes is different another saw you containing blurays, partorisca east like the CD dipped with the lid of white Velvet that achieves a box, with the picture of a manager, Hannu 7 symphonies, Orchestra of Finnish Radio symphony. In a sound lateralmente formed, PCM Stereo, DTS HD Master Audio 5.1. Formed of picture 16.9. Subtitles. English, German, Korean, Japanese, (introductions,A documentary of now, short films). Region By all the world. Inside a box three DVD sized boxes to contain Blurays Disks 453 mins. A hardcover book 87 pages that mentions that this neighbour is to celebrate Sibelius 150 Anniversary(1865-1957) bolt of some New Helsinki musical centre. Inside a book, Bluray 1-3 with Introductions in Sibelius and his music. Then symphonic subjects Lintu describing with an orchestra a music, a lot likes Thielemann in his Beethoven Bluray has dipped. A Following test is esome Genders of big stairs. Symphonies Among Utopia and Progress. Teleology And Period. A Chamber is mine more afterwards . Also in French and German. Then details of the special documentary, Sibelius, Lintu and some 7 symphonies. It classifies of Sibelius- short films. A modern look in Sibelius. One 2015-2016 Catalogue- 15 years of Arthaus musik. Down all this the farce of map. Certainly the box has thought well was.

Symphony Any 1 introduction calls ' Young and reckless'.. Symphonic subjects . Symphony Any 2. The introduction soyediterranean Luz' Symphonic subject . Symphony Any 3. Introduction ' A prayer to God'. . Symphonic subjects . Symphony Any 4. ' Another World-wide' . Subject symphonic . Symphony Any 5. ' Pieces of mosaic of Heaven' . Symphonic subjects . Symphony Any 6. Introduction ' the shadows grow longer' . Symphonic subjects . Symphony Any ' A Window in the new World'. . Symphonic . On 10 hours with the symphonies and a rest have described.

Possess some insiemi following of Sibelius 7 symphonies: a two for Davis and also Ashkenazy version, more Maazel Sibelius 4th and 7th- which thinks a better available on CD. Tuxen Is directing a Sibelius 5th with a LSO has taken a last movement that is hard to achieve. Fast start, gradually taking faster, then spending out of this subject wonderful, which have to underline on a rest of an orchestra. As has an idea roughly to the equal that thinks Sibelius would owe that I touch.

Now to Lintu, is been born in 1967- Rouma-Finland. It has studied in a Sibelius Academy where of 2014 , has done like this part time Professor to direct. The main place is, manager of boss of a Turku Phil Orch 1998-2001. Finnish radio Sym Orch 2013-2016. It is boss main manager of a RTE National Sym orch of 2011. A 1st SYMPHONY has been written in 1899 with a consciousness of Finland imports like this audience has comprised a lot well, while they where down some Russians Tsar. Lintu Is able to spend out of an emotion and in an end is still reason is still emotional of an experience, then some applauses of audiences. 2nd SYMPHONY WRITTEN 1901 begun in Italy and finalising in Finland. Again it spoke it to some Finns especially a last movement with his majestic music the one who Lintu amena was with flavour and sincere emotion. When it has completed it has to that compose , so only he then done an applause of audience. 3rd SYMPHONY : 1907.unla The writing of this work has taken Sibelius three years. Some of a music has been taken of the oratorio done on. Here it explores his inner voice, no a nation. But an earth is been born to inspired lucido deeply and this Lintu comprise reason is the Finn he, and this comes to a fore in his in leader of this Orchestra that there is Sibelius in his bones.

4th SYMPHONY: Sibelius has known well of a start of his career to compose would have the sum of international career. In 1908 to Berlino after listening a new music of a time, has begun to renew his music. Some of a poem of the yours has composed called a mountain, finalised in 4th symphony completed in 1911. A before is considered different to the his other three symphonies,introspective, mystical and another worldly. Here it develops his soul to an audience. But it has had at the same time the fear of death after his operation in the tumour that grows inside his throat. Lintu Knowing this facit of his life, extracted this symphony differently to other managers. I mean has Finland in his soul. 5th SYMPHONY: 1915. Tuxen With a LSO is a better register of this symphony. This in spite of, Lintu begins was quickly and comes up with a first subject, but in a last movement the time of an orchestra quickens and some summits of lovely melody was likes sun of some clouds, which directs partorisca prolong. Davis and Ashkenazy a lot quite directed this, which is a lot last to do. For me this melody is a creative fire that has gone inside a man. It likes Wagner has written in a direction his cycle of Coverage has taken with a music.' I do not comprise the majority of him, as as it can expect another to' That is reason thinks Sibelius is Universal, to be inspired by his homeland, was able to speak in a world. Vaughan Williams the one who has consecrated his own 5th Symphony to Sibelius has declared that in his own music.

6th SYMPHONY:Sibelius has had blockade of writers. It has completed his symphony in 1922. This is not in symphony of extremes but of poise and serenities the one who Lintu relishes. When Sibelius has directed his work in Scandinavia has seen so the part of his alcohol likes Nielsen, this in spite of some Finns has seen like this that the patriot adds. 7th SYMPHONY: This is to exit of the typical Sibelius process, where like this composed a work, another is arisen in 1915 which has finalised in a 7th Symphony has completed 1924. A complex work of a movement and difficult to direct according to Lintu. Some the slow parts can take well, but is some fast time that it is difficult. Included Sibelius has had difficulty with him in some tests, but together wine in a premiere. A work of sum of expressive beauty, of dignity and tall magnitude. Lintu Door this is gone in a music and taking that for real lovely melody. I have seen the famous Finnish manager directs this wonderful piece, while seating for behind an orchestra and I could see in of the next neighbourhoods. I have it that has not forgotten never like an alike melody out of any where and was a lot of clear. Sometimes it is hardly audible on some registers.

Hake Davis once said of Sibelius ' His voice is unmistakable. Some people still think is the specialist in a representation of morning of the final cradle but his subject is a vastness of a natural world, mixed with the sense of uneasiness in a stranger.'

Can see a front of glass of a Helsinki Soiled like some movements of camera to the long of some outsides forecourt. Inside an orchestra is in a Centre of an Audience. A camera is where would be necessary to be it. As you can see some expressions of a manager, an orchestra and several players and he like this advance. Lintu Knows some symphonies a lot well and his face is not without emotion, can see feels to to a music likes Reiner has declared of a swipe.' If any one calms that can feel, calm would not owe that be the manager'. A picture is a lot clear and a sound is excellent after all is DTS HD Master audio 5.1. Stereo Is also available.

Has required the version filmed of one 7 Sibelius symphonies and this one is a lot the value that possesses, in fact is resultant one of my favourite versions of his symphonies.

VOTE 8 out of 10. I have done this, reason Brit to the amazon has not situated my on-line useful votes. I have lost a lot and they refuse to do anything.
5 / 5
Another has descriptions of date a lot clear of a content and general levels, as my contributo will be a bit has limited. Some introductions to a context of some symphonies is more interesting and a lot of atmospherically has filmed. Some discussions in of the subjects and the structure are also highly that stimulates. It is these extras that resupplies an only selling point for a container and will cost the viewing has repeated. It is clear that a manager has very researched thoroughly and this translates to a together excellent of actions. Have So only stereo replay ease, but was impressed more for a sound and for an orchestral touching. A filming of some actions has added entertainment of mine, but there is remarked also some transmissions of personnel. Unfortunately an idiot the one who shouts 'bravo' in an end has directed to go in the pair of time, but am very pleased to inform that Lintu maintains, and a rest of an audience, silent for the pocolos second after each action.

After a 7th symphony comes the together of introductions that is not quite identical to the as coming before some individual symphonies, but thinks that any one differences are few bits of the materials have ignored. I am not sure reason has comprised this excepts to fill one 3rd blue-disk of ray. I have thought a characteristic ort of Sibelius' touched interesting, but I in fact found the intensely annoying. Run at the beginning really bad for having the 'graphologist' pontificating in Sibelius in a base of his paper. To the graphology is a totally bogus discipline (worse closing that writing of description) and in any case that tries to draw conclusions of a writing of the subject known is the bit likes to look for to identify the wine to try when you have seen a focus. Any of some other bits attack me like this lovely and are fearful has not had a patience for the see was.

In spite of being negative on some final elements, does not go to attack stars because in general ossia the glorious container for any with the serious interest in Sibelius.
5 / 5
Pause one blue the ray is like this expensive - although I have directed for the take bit it more cheaply elsewhere. Among the format of boxes of shoe of miniature. In that take a lid finds the thin hard behind reserving which contains the cast of some registers and the short test in 3 tongues. Then three dvd the chances that contains one 3 blue rays. Then the fat paperback ad for products of Arts of the Euros. Then some packing. In general he no quite returned in mine CD shelves. It can not help reflecting in an alone Hake Davis blue scrape that it comes with all some symphonies and some poems of the yours and Kullervo, together with SACDs of all some works, everything in him boz a measure of 2 CDs and in the fraction of a prize! In spite of, I am happy has bought this. In of the first tests of each action Lintu illuminates a life of Sibelius and an element roughly to be treaty. It looks to have complete it to take works and is able to communicate each detail with an orchestra, the one who answers superbly. I have not had still time to compare each work with, said, Davis or included Berglund, but am impressed deeply for a devotion and consistency of these actions. There is at all eccentric or self-considering and each symphony is built patiently on his jig has seen of fragments, often calm and relaxed with small gesture of a manager, then the forward to press to the climax with the expressive gesture that galvanises a clearly a lot-assaid players to give that little it has bitten more. A video, something Davis version does not have , is excellent in each way, how is one 24 has bitten sound. Value he? Emphatically Yes! It arrives mine that for ditching an advertising material can find room in a box for the one of leftover dvd the chance that contains Davis blue scrape. Then I can it gives it was or sell Davis box dipped of SACDs!
4 / 5
A must has collection of good-looking music, the quality values very big of registers each penny of a cost, master Sibelius music. Steve
4 / 5
Give Menü und die vielen Extra haben mich überzeugt. Von Give hervorragenden Interpretation und künstlerischen Leistung abgesehen gefällt mir auch sehr, dass yesterday umfassend über give Komponisten und are Sinfonien berichtet wird -bis hin zoom Menschen Sibelius. Of the mag marks zu viel heart, aber für give Partidário ist is sicher ein Must-Have, auch wenn Deutsch und Englisch nur als Untertitel vorliegt, was aber nicht stört.
Box to die macht ordentlich was his und ist im Vergleich zu manch anderer BD-the boxes die ich habe are besten verarbeitet. Auch Give Innenleben ist perfekt abgestimmt -yesterday finde ich Toll, dass ein aktueller Katalog hinzugefügt wurde, gives zoom Stöbern einlädt und mir als Klassikfan zeigt, wie viel is noch im Bereich Klassik-Musikfilm zu entdecken gibt.
Tonne und Bild sind sehr gut- oft streame ich über meine Anlage zoom nebenbei hören und habe überall in giving Wohnung einen herrlich gespielten Sibelius in einer aktuellen Aufnahme give Ohren.
Ich kann sie nur empfehlen und werde mir noch eine Zoom Verschenken bestellen.

Top Customer Reviews: Belfast [DVD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Every year ameno the film that is special and Belfast Access to this category and are sure Gentleman Ken knows concealed.
Has seen this in a Film festival of Londra and am wanted to has done. A film was the visual banquet of an extreme to the another. To start with with one launching it was the election and The Collina of Jude was certainly inspired fusion. A rest of a mould was all excellent. Although autobiographical seeds ossia for the film which has aimed a start of some questions in Northern Ireland in one was modern and although chilling has had the determination of both sides. This film has not aimed some politics has aimed the normal people that experience the time in history that still touches so many people and although I have not been the part of him found me thoroughly engrossed and with thrilling wait a DVD as it will see it again and again.
4 / 5
Included That it is times a lot difficult for the adults can be happy times for boys those who see some world-wide differently.
This film remember of my infancy in a to Soviet busy Poland to the equal that for some adults was hardship and constant danger with mainly two colours : flags and ashes of edifices or red trams of a communist party. This in spite of for me was a time a happy plus and more coloreado of my life. It was all (likes for Belfast boy) in friends & a community.
All in people, experiences, sharing more than material things.
Does not exchange never my infancy for a one in then a West coloreado. I have loved my PRL, my ' depressing' Warsaw. This was Belfast ' ' quell'I left with tears in my eyes.
Still, while turn for recognition, on landing, when those approximations Okecie the airport owes unforgettable feeling of butterflies in my stomach, that runs the beats of heart to the equal that feels likes recognition my school runs over, an old amour.
But ossia infancy of mine , my memories adds is of tower. My interior kiddo in me is of tower. This is to fill .

The film adds.
5 / 5
Liked a film to plot when I have seen he in a cinema. Any meaning to be the factual or documentary of fashionable account of ‘the questions' in N . Ireland.
BUT here my point - A date of digital emission for streaming in a belfastmovie the page in of the half comunicacionales social is giving a streaming to date likes him 8 February 2022 and was on disk 1Part . Ossia Bit it more probably quotes it of the emission of Amazons likes 31 December 2022
4 / 5
Well, is quite pleasant, but is not to patch it on John Boorman is 'Hope & Gloria'. @I give it is supposition to be by means of the eye of the boy, but he no the true coverage in this way. A lot of some accidents are without the presence of a boy and of here would have to it contain grittier sense of threat or violence.

A real question for me this in spite of, was a lack of 'out of continuity of screen. In a signal Judi Dench the character has said the horizon of tray deunas saws of boy' in his age. Well it is exited in 1937, which would do a Dench the born character in 1927 and 43'ish in 1969/1970 (the setting of the film). It is touching a main grandfather!!! Also, a Dench the character has painted his brown legs with has drawn seams during WWII. It would have been 18 in 1945, it likes the doubt was with the men that dance in this way 12-17 years to Belfast in that then. Belfast Can be the tad 'buttoned arrive' and religiously rigid, for both codes' daughters, included now.

So many, in general, the disappointment and does not add it. Seen the once, but will not look it again, different 'Hope & Gloria' that is watchable repeatedly.
5 / 5
'Buddy' Bolt familiarised in the district in big Protestant measure with the few Catholic families, but a day his community .... It is turned suddenly to the rovescio. Buddy The family takes to take in a mayhem and has to that decide remain or leave an only place has not called never marries.'
The Protestant families that alive in the Protestant community where sure like this the description is misleading.
The Catholic families that alive in the no catholic zone this in spite of, where any one sure, they where burned was and forced to leave for militant Protestant.
4 / 5
Soppy, Hail-paper sentimentality has stuck near reason looks the quite extended library of the photograph accionaría does not constitute the film. Like this Cliché is heaped to cliché a need thus spectator to resist Branagh apparent self-aggrandizement firmly has grown. For an example so only, like this two emotional picture beautiful the artists that to to pose likes him Kenneth pep and of the mamma could have product such the stubby albeit the charming partner is one for a geneticists to ponder. For me, well, I have looked in an irrational fear that suddenly a whole mould would break was to the attentively choreographed routine of dance, dodging balls and bricks with eases and way, as they touch and transmission in timing to even more Van Morrison drops of needle.
5 / 5
In 1969, the young boy that bolt to Belfast Took a start of some questions in Northern Ireland among some Protestants and of the Catholics. Based in some experiences of infancy of manager Kenneth Branagh, ossia the powerful and emotional work with moments of humour. Well it shot it in black and white with moments by heart and excellent actions of Caitriona Balfe, Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench and has sawed Hinds with the action of flight of the scene of Collina of Jude of recently arrived young in a goodness with abundance of 60 to nostalgia that looks in a start of some questions in Northern Ireland by means of some eyes of a normal family.
5 / 5
Has seen Belfast in some pictures and can say that it was absolutely glorious. An acting, a music,the history and Belfast was simply wonderful. Kenneth Branagh has done the glorious work with the history that mark this picture Oscar, for him certainly the merit. A must sees film, calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
One wonderfully evocative glimpse of 1969 in Belfast street. No an actor has been squandered and some characterisations were the joy to look . Idealised But entirely involving. One of these films that marks visit of interesting cinema. And it averts of Gentleman Wilson there has not been the politician to be seen
5 / 5
A film that resonate for years to come. Branagh Have something on to direct in a really gives, of the 9 year olds perspective a moment in Belfast when “the start” of questions to escalate. It is beautiful in his simplicity and poignant in his message. A film is relatively short,98mins, but some circles of history to the long of in just a right step, some last 20 minutes disappear in the flash…brilliant. I educated, it felt anxious,scared, has laughed, cried and cried, that calms more precise that the film. They have created the film to be gaze by means of some years for generations to come. Congratulations to Kenneth and his crew.

Top Customer Reviews: Disney's Encanto ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I literally read a chapter of 100 years of solitude (GG Márquez) with some yellow butterflies a day before that looks this film. If it had known this film was plagiarizing Colombias novel more famous would not have looked it never. Utter Rubbish!
4 / 5
A film is well. It thinks this in spite of that a quite overcrowded visuals has benefited a lot of worlds 3D version. Those evasions 2nd watchers, obviously, is a fact that to see a film in 3D all more spatial taking or 'air' around the, doing a visuals less 'nervy'.
The depth/of perspective is the very useful phenomenon in a realm of perception. One same goes for a music that comes with him. The person in his right alcohol would want to listen the plan soundscape like opposed to surround his in his cinemas.
4K Is the little improvement in 2nd, but never like this dramatic (an improvement) as full 3D (active shutter).
4 / 5
A young daughter in Columbia, an only one without powers in his familiar full of the people with the different magic presents has to that save his family. An entertainment, the animate fantasy animated musical with music for Lino Manuel Miranda, ossia the solid and enjoyable endeavour of Disney Any surprise like such but some songs are enjoyable, and is very animate and amusing with the goodness of mussel of good voice for Stephanie Beatriz.
5 / 5
These films taken for surprise for as beautiful, captivating and this emotional . I did not think it it would finalise to look the like this a lot of time to the equal that has. A music is incredible, a visuals is gorgeous and a storyline, well, needless to say the one who my boy and I enjoyed it and seen the the minimum of 10 times now. It is going directly my punctual collection to the equal that exits on DVD.
5 / 5
Has seen he for 'released using Cineworld unlimited paper.
Swimming of individual. Dissapointing storyline. Odd writing , bad, uninspiring. It feels hasty, forced by the date of caducity, artificially created, likes written by the adolescent in the lap during to 20 pause of minute of school recess.
Good music this in spite of. Tottaly Different world.
Take the soundtrack instead.
4 / 5
Love a visual iconography, a fact there is no obvious villain, a music is catchy.. All the round, one of the mine favs
5 / 5
good film, looked it on superscreen, looks and sounds to surprise in dolby atmos,would have to surprised to look on 4k likes sound the film coloreada, superscreen is better that 4k sound very better

Top Customer Reviews: West Side Story DVD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Comparing this version of a film against an original 1961 version is pointless. They are two different adaptations and each one which to the equal that has his own merit. A choreography in a first version was better but a storyline in a new version is believed and more dramatic with perfect fusion. Both are excellent films and a 4K the disk is glorious. It goes partorisca he!
4 / 5
Has taken snooty in this when I have learnt this 'WSS' was having the king-mark. I have considered always a 1961 film of 'the history lateralmente West' as any so only a More adds them musical of all the times, but a film more orders. As it Could Spielberg any to match it never? A response is 'with relieving'. It is I triumph it . A mould is that it shines - to a large extent young relatively unknowns with singing voice partorisca die for, and a flange to a history that comes from/comes from Port Rican actors as well as New Yorkers. And Rita Moreno - 'Anita' of a 1961 version and has aged now 90 - will spend you the tears when it sings esomewhere', or does not have any heart. Any does not doubt never he - ossia the for real wonderful film .
5 / 5
In 1950 New York, 2 rival bands Some Jets and Some Sharks battle on territory while one of some Jets falls enamoured with a sister of a leader of Some Sharks. If any one was the felizmente of appeal of the remake of one of a better musicals of all the times and turn he to the classical musical in his own legislation, is Steven Spielberg. A lot faithful to Oscar winning classical 1961 original that was loosely has based on Romeo And Juliet of Shakespeare, this is stunning partorisca look in with music and of the excellent songs and terrific actions of Anson Elgort, Rachel Zeigler and the mostly ignored mould that does on some two bands with Corey Stoll like the racist cop spending in some racist subjects still appropriate today. So only it could be a More adds them musical of a 21st century like this far.
5 / 5
Yes, this new version has his moments but he lacking of a magic of an original film. Included a last moment has any of an emotional impact of his predecessors. Another example of reason on the earth has produced the remake? There are some numbers of fine dance and a toil of the mould but the history lateralmente West was the thing of his time - and that sure is not a 21st century. Really it would not annoy unless it calms it has not seen never a show before. If has a blue ray of a production of Forest of Natalie so only touches it again Sam!
4 / 5
… And a winner … is? To good sure, a 1961 version. This version of new film of the correctly famous musical has more ‘form' that ‘way'. It is this in spite of easy to follow he – still with the sure interest -, but has not felt never of the true emotions. Some looks of music also a like this different intrusion how is of an original sound; it has been, in fact, king-orchestrated without having sucedido any victory to enjoys it of an album of mussel of original Broadway (included a trio Bernstein-Careers-You Kanawa there has not been sucedido partorisca be better that an original B ound of way). It is everything says. A flange is at all effective, particularly Maria is ( sounds like this in the sure female voice pertinent in of the Italians has has baptised cartoons); a clarity of some papers leaves something partorisca be wished like this in a splendid number ‘Gee agent Krupke'. A choreography has to that individual, but can one has nostalgia partorisca Jerome Robbins' glorious tribute to a dance? Oh He, in fact. A mould is acceptable, but looks without soul and blood; any accident although we have to that save of this assertion a delicate way Rita Moreno offers his function. A film also disorientates so that it is addition and changed to a history and dialogue. Finally I owe that admit that, included with my varied negative commentaries, has has abhorred at all this remake, but … has to that wish to look HISTORY lateralmente WEST again I certainly dipped in my disk of blue ray with Robert Wise direction.
5 / 5
This version of the history lateralmente West is in a lot of better ways that an original. It was for real engrossed when I have looked in a cinema. It would dip a big fence and has not been disappointed. You take sucked to @@@1950s new York and still although you are one finalising you entirely forget his coming! For real I need partorisca be seen by both defenders of some original and new spectators equally! So many remarkable scenes! I particularly like a difference in location partorisca 'A Hand, A Heart' and 'hey agent Krupke'. There is the bit of round of transmission of some songs partorisca fall besides near of a production of phase, and flows amiably. To good sure one am adding my collection!
4 / 5
Two adolescent bands ethnically different do the plot partorisca dance.

Has looked so only 45 minutes and has given up. If you are interested in that I although, then please read on.

That in the earth was Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment and thought of 20th Century Fox of when they have decided the remake History lateralmente West. It can be been the big swipe in 1961 and is wanted probably for a lot of cinema goers in his seventies and eighties, but has to that be said that the majority of people down fifty probably is not same conscious of an original. Although it has won the never beaten eleven Oscars and is resisted estimate very big for critics of films, historical of films and another in a subject, is not spoken roughly very thick for a half film goer. It is seldom, if never in television and he like this arrest it a lot of is the memory forgotten almost far or a quantity ignored totally. Spielberg Apparently said to a studio that has has wanted to do an old fashioned musical, and apparently ossia enough of the reason to spend still on $ 150 millions more money. It was, that has read, the toss up with Singing in a Rain. It would owe that it has chosen it Flange in a Rain, which probably would have been better, but the suspect is still state died on arrived in of the cinemas.

Like this with poor closing Spielberg film, there is of course abundance to enjoy. An inaugural that establishes the sequence is really quite spectacular is sheer past and virtuosidad. Some appearance coloreados, a gorgeous conjoint callejeros, one wonderfully re-created fifties aesthetic and of course a quite glorious choreography and dancing of a young mould. This in spite of all these superlatives poden any infuse interest in some characters and a plot and if they are not there all this aim of pluses noise of deep result. Ossia That past mine , recognise an art and passion that has gone to this project, but in an end I so only has not concerned in any of some characters or a history, has not had any connection to them and so only has not been interested.

Musicals Is almost always box poison of office and included to one likes Spielberg pode a lot so only decides one and fully expect clients to go massively to theatres because he he. Still with walling to wall positive critic of critiques and audiences, generally any one looked very interested in the remake of the sixty old year musical the majority of normal people had listened not even of. With all one in a world-wide and like this a lot excites for a project this has been suspect the project of vanity does reason a manager has has wanted to he. If it had been pitched at least known good manager I suspect has not taken included the meeting roughly that. All a normal metrics indicated well before it quotes of emission that the history lateralmente West has been to tank and he , included worse predicted it. He cemented firmly that musicals is so only any one the office of the boxes does not draw any @@subject that well has done is or that credit known a manager is. But I suppose he some the only calm managers do not say any to.

In 156 minutes, is the film along and needs a lot of stamina or the very good reason to stick with him. Some the law of long films and has found an audience, but here a period is a @subject @ that would have to it has been directed. With an uncertain audience a lot fully committed to an idea of the musical, a bum numbing runtime could have put to the plot of people was.

Oscar ceba this more certainly is and I the suspect can win the little in to the some technical zones likes them to them the design of dress, cinematography or creation of the his, this in spite of him almost certainly will not win any of some prizes of entities likes them manager or better film. Although any exactly disdained for an Academy he probably taken far less nominations that has been expected to do. Suspicion that all has concerned is happy of the forget and movement on.

The history lateralmente west will lose the fortune, requiring at least the $ 300 million box the office takes so only to break included, has struggled to $ 70 millions and is now probably failing to involve an audience again in a streaming services.

No my cup of tea.
5 / 5
This film is extraordinary. Fantastically Adapted for Kushner and masterfully directed for Spielberg. Pay in front of an original film and show but spend the 21st has wake more the perspective to some subjects has created. Has has wanted to all some changes to an original script, like an inclusion of a character Valentina, a fleshing out of the rear history of Tony, and a Spanish dialogue entirely felt. A film is visually beautiful, looking it has been done in 50s, a fusion is something on by means of a joint and some sounds of music like wonderful as never.
4 / 5
HARD to of the one of the east the good film but I do not think it will obtain a Oskars of one and Married He has to that the plot more assault that goes among East is some sequences of dance . They are missing of a passion of an original .For example Amsterdam .Originally In a ceiling now in a street . There is not any passion among Anita and DANCES is all roughly passion .He no Rita Moreno and George Chakaris ossia my feelings .So only I can suggest if his has not looked an original one pleases to do like this.


Top Customer Reviews: The Beatles: Get ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
So only partorisca balance out of one 1 misery the one who loves in 4k and with extra, extra.

Still am celebrating a fact that this still exists!
4 / 5
Is odd that this is not when being liberto like him 4k blue ray, of then has been to like this question partorisca scan a film in 4k and show he in this format on Disney+. Also, of a final yard was 8 hours long but some 60+ hours of tape were available, would have thought some extra images or the pair to do characteristic or an original film can be be comprise.

This is not the together of the collector. It is for people that does not have Disney+ and is an inferior product has compared when looking in programs it.
4 / 5
All there has been the ours own expectations to Go back, the film 52 years in a doing and thinks more the people have not expected to take the prójimo 8 now documentary experience like that takes.
Peter Jackson is modifying and recovery of a January 1969 images is that they take breathes, expertly pieced together to do a spectator feels as if really they are there, that sees the lives of real working band again.
Seeing his different personalities, mostly leaving, sometimes any, is such treat it.
His musical talent was incredible. Seeing Paul that comes up with Going back or George that arrives with the song has written last night whilst looking telly.. His fantastic.
Without the doubt one of a plus that entertains, entertainment, moving and finally chance of thrilling film the long time. And exactly that we the defenders of music have required during this difficult time.
5 / 5
This ‘Goes back' still exists is cut at all of miraculous. A 7½ idea of the hour to that has looked always of ‘Accident The Be' to be the thoroughly miserable period in a life of a band more the orders in a world is developed likes any how May. The hours of films and audio have been painstakingly touched on for Peter Jackson, with an originally planned two cinema to turn of now to film to the three TV of part seriáis – ironic data an initial premise of Sinister Be it was the film of television that finalising like the grainy 87 cinema of small verite. Long out of printing reason portrays some sessions like the entirely miserable experience, albeit capped was for a joyous and iconic rooftop concert; that there is here is at all short of the revelation to some working practices of Beatles.

In that gave it on alive action in 1966 because of any when being pas able to listen extracted in some days before fold rear speakers and instead concentrating in working in a studio, an idea of some sessions was to go back to basics – a sincere, crude, warts and all the action without overdubs has left. Some sessions, taking place in January 1969 initially convened in Twickenham studios of films, with quite all taped and/or has filmed. Those some cameras have seen was the group rusty extracted alive, in the together cold and cavernous with starts of early morning, far take out of his normal working practices. Some sessions have taken a lot fragmentary careers by means of classical songs, but has taken also songs when be created – although in this original film really calms any volume to see a lot is, with too much concentration on John be apparently take went thanks to having very deep in the heroin addiction, Paul that finds like this bossy, George that come from and to a large extent failing to take his songs when being the cure has planned given and the attention and the walking was for several days, and Ringo falling in with all the world. This is been knowledge perceived for on 50 years.

That it is like this staggering roughly the version of Jackson is that has, almost always the underlying images used – an action can be one same but a camera has used is different almost exclusively. A film absolutely resplandores, has accused a mouldering images to something each one has bitten like that impresses so ‘it will not grow Old'. Covid Has has benefited really this film because Jackson there has been basically at all better to do with new production on control and has undermined like this to some images, that spends the months that goes painstakingly by means of everything available to the piece has jointed the new history – an of friendship. Paul no longer finds like this bossy, but enthusiastic. John lights a room in time with his acute humour, and an interface among these two friends are seen often to close in when something that raisin of interest. The songs of George are planned dates credence too – John that help with placeholder papers for ‘Something' – “Attract me like to the cauliflower” is both hilarious and shows like the tip to write of the song that anything the scanner concealed correctly will do until some the correct words can be found.

A film is in three part – Twickenham Studios of Films, Apple HQ Studios, and a rooftop concert. This hard comes to same of the heights more are with fines corners of camera that take well to an action. One special mentions has to that be fact of a sound – the crew of Jackson has had to that invent technology of new audio to take a better of ape Nagra™ tapes, which have has left the previously buried conversations for Beatles that pause in an another or deliberately touching instruments to mask that it was has said. One HAS the learning there is enabled pertinent mixes to be gathered, to develop commentaries to be drawn was.

This is to announce initially like this Blue-ray™ so only, and so only a three television to separate Seriáis with extra zero. A version™ of DVD has been announced in some the EUA, and looks probably of a series has been aimed in 4K Blue-Ray that this also finally be available – the information is at present patchy. That is rumoured is that it can have the 6-8 disk long version later in 2022 with entirely of extra and images of prize, and that some original ‘has left The Be' the film finally can be take the standalone emission to touch compare and contrast; there have it included it 60 cinema of minute the planned emission of Beatles: it goes back –A Rooftop Concert that is sending some defenders to the frenzy that this famous concert finally can be liberto on CD. But for now this will do a lot amiably in fact. If have thinks that it has known everything in these sessions is time for these perceptions to be thoroughly defied in the complete, immersive triumph.
5 / 5
A Netflix the lacking version a vital thing! There have it absolutely tries a lot of plenary taking. Just fragment!
Liked a film, but is 8 hours of frustration without full tests. After the pair of viewings, the majority so only will jump to a Rooftop final. Ossia Probably a last time this film will not be done never on. So much, to the left it is to have some works! To the left it is to have a definite version. Although it is to bend a time, 6 disks, and twice a cost. Defenders of Beatles will not import in the one of payment. And 16 hours will be to treat it to seat by means of if any of some tests are cut. And it can not be hard to add them in. Coming on Peter Jackson. You want to be agreed for a film of Beatles definite, or so only a 8 now chopped on version?
4 / 5
To answer Ladies 1 Star. An Original film left It Be will be liberto like the emission has separated later in a year. I have looked Disney + serious 3 times and his in disposal to be adds to have it on Blue Ray but yes begs a question because any at least another pair of hours in a doing Of....
4 / 5
Although this among him coffins the bone dipped, a fact that the emission of of the this exists in the video of house is the victory in him. There is a lot little in Disney programs that I interest that I have not looked already, or possess already, this was a current exception . Happy I goes to be able to have this on its own name, without additional costs. Of course, a container of extras would be welcome, but ossia well in his own.
5 / 5
Are the defender of Beatles massively . Any obsessive a, but the really big defender. I will buy any new emissions that goes but could never really be annoyed with ploughing by means of endless give of outtakes, like the finally have Go back in the fully-restored, the format has modified properly was brilliant. It had looked a backside of original film a day and has not been never the defender of him. It looked like this miserable and bad filmed, some images were saturated in grain, that was too sour the document to cost that annoying with. One was quite, thank you very much.
In comparison, Peter Jackson is takes on east prejudices of day: the sound and the vision have restored, is as it has been filmed the few years done, and is an absolute pleasure to look . But further that, it feels the document much more attack of Sinister Be is registering. Calm almost seats that an original manager Michael Lindsay-Hogg was having his revenge because a sale there has been given in his question that has touched in Tunisia.
Yeah, Has tensions because ossia a start of an end of a band, ossia sure, but is solved and instead a joy to look them mucking around, composes and record is front and centre, which is as it would owe that it has been.
Of course, has the bit to presage here: the early meetings of Lennon with Klein, Glynn Johns warn was a type, Harrison that pause roughly that agrees his own song and Macca almost in of the tears when George stalks afterwards has fallen was with Paul on Two of Knots (this in spite of, has read Macca irritation hasd like this to do with some question in a trouser to to department likes him the fact with the electrical guitar of Harrison that touches). But to look Paul almost forcing he to come up with the song in a something in stupid-on the dot in a morning, and somehow plucking Goes back of an ether is so only enthralling, while a rooftop the concert finally takes a treatment deserves, and can one sees the sale sincerely is enjoying.
Like the headline has said, was a point underlined of the a lot of darkness 2021 for me. Yes it is almost eight hours long, but ossia like this near to look Beatles in full flight like calm will not take never. Sure, it would want to prpers having looked his record Revolver in the alike way, but calm can not have everything.
5 / 5
Is angering that we Brits is shouldered out of a way for an American company when it comes to do this available series, especially when it agree where Beatles have caused!
Amsterdam has not invented Beatles but look to have hijacked his, has Gilbert so Sullivan & pirated 150 years ago.
Ossia Available he subscribes to Disney thank you, has some pride!.......Or has the Blue-player of Ray of will be available like the region-free boxed spouse.
Like the humble Region 2 proprietary DVD finds it totally frustrating that 'Go back' is not planned at present for emission of United Kingdom on DVD. In an unlikely chance of any of a reading of Company of Mouse of Mickey this, Please! Please! Please! Want to a bit Beatles on DVD!
4 / 5
Has looked this in Disney+ programs and was enthralled after all these years to see this history in a doing. I have expected on 50 years to see this 'official' emission, and now to be able of the look again and again in home now with this emission in Blue-the ray is something has not thought never would see in mine lifetime, thank you thus present.

Top Customer Reviews: Handel: Agrippina ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
A fun production, any probably partorisca some purists, but one which me more appreciative of Handels character. Especially the defender of a tenor of counter Jake Arditti, the one who shines like this Nerone

Top Customer Reviews: West Side Story ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
In the 1950 New York, 2 rival bands Some Jets and Some Sharks battle on territory while one of some Jets falls enamoured with a sister of a leader of Some Sharks. If any one was the felizmente of appeal of the remake of one of a better musicals of all time and turn he to the classical musical in his own legislation, is Steven Spielberg. A lot faithful to Oscar winning classical 1961 original that was loosely has based on Romeo And Juliet of Shakespeare, this is stunning partorisca look in with music and of the excellent songs and terrific actions of Anson Elgort, Rachel Zeigler and the mostly ignored mould that does on some two bands with Corey Stoll like the racist cop spending in some racist subjects still appropriate today. So only it could be a More adds them musical of a 21st century like this far.
4 / 5
Yes, this new version has his moments but he lacking of a magic of an original film. Included some last moments has any of an emotional impact of his predecessors. Another example of reason on the earth has produced the remake? There are some numbers of fine dance and a toil of the mould but the history lateralmente West was the thing of his time - and that sure is not a 21st century. Really it would not annoy unless it calms it has not seen never a show before. If has a blue ray of a production of Forest of Natalie so only touches it again Sam!
4 / 5
Has taken snooty in this when I have learnt this 'WSS' was having the king-mark. I have considered always a 1961 film of 'the history lateralmente West' as any one so only a More adds them musical of all time, but a film more orders. As it Could Spielberg any to match it never? A response is 'with relieving'. It is I triumph it . A mould is that it shines - to a large extent young relatively unknowns with singing voice partorisca die for, and a flange to a history that comes from/comes from Port Rican actors as well as New Yorkers. And Rita Moreno - 'Anita' of a 1961 version and has aged now 90 - will spend you the tears when it sings esomewhere', or does not have any heart. Any does not doubt never he - ossia the for real wonderful film .