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1 first OCUBE LED Digital Alarm Clock, Bedside Clock with 5 Optional Alarm Sounds, USB Charging Port, Full-Range Brightness Dimmer, Big White Digit Display, Snooze, Adjustable Alarm Volume, Mains Powered OCUBE LED Digital Alarm Clock, Bedside Clock with 5 Optional Alarm Sounds, USB Charging Port, Full-Range Brightness Dimmer, Big White Digit Display, Snooze, Adjustable Alarm Volume, Mains Powered OCUBE
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2 Casio Collection Wake Up Timer Black Alarm Clock TQ-140 Casio Collection Wake Up Timer Black Alarm Clock TQ-140 Casio
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3 best Digital Alarm Clock - Mains Powered, No Frills Simple Operation Alarm Clocks, Bedside Alarm, Snooze, Non Ticking, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Big Digit Mirror Display, Two USB Charging Ports Digital Alarm Clock - Mains Powered, No Frills Simple Operation Alarm Clocks, Bedside Alarm, Snooze, Non Ticking, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Big Digit Mirror Display, Two USB Charging Ports Travelwey
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4 REAL ACCESSORIESĀ® Large Silver Round Stylish Modern Wall Clock. Easy Readable Big Numbers. Ideal for Any Room in Home Dining Room Kitchen Office School Size : 23cm / 9" REAL ACCESSORIESĀ® Large Silver Round Stylish Modern Wall Clock. Easy Readable Big Numbers. Ideal for Any Room in Home Dining Room Kitchen Office School Size : 23cm / 9" REAL ACCESSORIES
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5 Lanhiem Indoor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer, Accurate Room Temperature Gauge Humidity Monitor with Alarm Clock - Easy to Read, Max/Min Records, LCD Display for Home Office Lanhiem Indoor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer, Accurate Room Temperature Gauge Humidity Monitor with Alarm Clock - Easy to Read, Max/Min Records, LCD Display for Home Office Lanhiem
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6 YCOO Dementia Clocks 7 Inches Calendar Clock Day Date Clock Digital Clock with Large Clear Digits Display, Alarm Clock With HD Digital Photo Frame (7 Inches White) YCOO Dementia Clocks 7 Inches Calendar Clock Day Date Clock Digital Clock with Large Clear Digits Display, Alarm Clock With HD Digital Photo Frame (7 Inches White) YCOO
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7 Alarm Clock, LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port, Projection Alarm Clock with 5'' LED Curved-Screen for Bedroom and Office, 12/24H, Snooze, 3 Levels of Brightness, Mains Powered Alarm Clock, LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port, Projection Alarm Clock with 5'' LED Curved-Screen for Bedroom and Office, 12/24H, Snooze, 3 Levels of Brightness, Mains Powered Mpow
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8 Alarm Clock Wake Up Light- Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Dual Alarms and Snooze Function, 7 Colors Atmosphere Lamp, 7 Natural Sounds and FM Radio, Ideal for Gift Alarm Clock Wake Up Light- Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Dual Alarms and Snooze Function, 7 Colors Atmosphere Lamp, 7 Natural Sounds and FM Radio, Ideal for Gift FITFORT
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9 Mpow Projection Alarm Clock, Digital Radio Alarm Clock with Dual Alarms, Adjustable Brightness for Screen and Projection, 4 Alarm Sounds, 9-Minute Snooze Function, Sleep Timer and FM Radio Mpow Projection Alarm Clock, Digital Radio Alarm Clock with Dual Alarms, Adjustable Brightness for Screen and Projection, 4 Alarm Sounds, 9-Minute Snooze Function, Sleep Timer and FM Radio Mpow
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10 Jeteven Kids Alarm Clock, Student Wake Up Digital Clock, 7 Colors Changing Night Light Bedside Clock for Boys Girls Bedroom School, with Temperature Calendar Jeteven Kids Alarm Clock, Student Wake Up Digital Clock, 7 Colors Changing Night Light Bedside Clock for Boys Girls Bedroom School, with Temperature Calendar Jeteven
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Top Customer Reviews: OCUBE LED Digital Alarm Clock, Bedside Clock with 5 Optional Alarm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Williams
As some images aim the one who brilliant this thing among one dark and a light! Easy viewing, decently strong for the moderately heavy sleeper, and easy to disable an alarm. Some controls are a lot self-explanatory, and does not take the character to operate. Bought this mainly for a function of battery when the regime to be able to. He the really easy fact to move around without that has to that constantly change a time again. Amur He entirely. White accesses any room also!
5 / 5 by Margery
HAS all a figure one could expect for a clock of alarm and further of this, is sĆŗper easy to do with. All some keys are like this logical and intuitive that a together initial on any included require a manual.
The form and the dimensions perfect for the bedside clock and a screen and numbers visible for different corners.
A dimmer and type of the his of alarm with keys of easy control, resupplies the value added and is found so only in much more of clocks of expensive alarm.
So only the small commentary, AC the the adapter is one a house used of United Kingdom outlets which is different of this used in EU, this in spite of, any one travelling EXTERNAL EU would owe that have a World of adapter-Europe. I inform this detail to the equal that can interest the no of residents of United Kingdom that loves to buy a clock and in my opinion does not affect one the tax of big clock.
Finally the highly recommended alarm clock with a prize of quality of/excellent proportion.
4 / 5 by Kizzy
This clock of digital alarm is surprising. Has big enormous numbers that can be seen by means of a room! It is very useful, there is roughly well has DIRECTED lights. There is the booklet of instruction that comes with him that can help you dipped the all up. You can control which dim/ that the shines want to he to be seen and a volume (big or low). Really like it ļ¼Žthere there is also the battery that comes with him!
4 / 5 by Destiny
Ossia An excellent small clock , has poor eyesight like this when I wake up in a half of a night is easy for me to see a time with some big white figures that can regulate you a brightness on. It has not used an alarm to the equal that has an echo for that.
4 / 5 by Ivana
Has tried diverse clock to take to the east a. It is exactly that I want to - compact in measure, easy to read, and a lot of importantly, leaves constantly variable dimming of an exposure, so that it is so only quite brilliant to read in our chamber has darkened, but no quite brilliant to be intrusive. We prefer the dark room to sleep. And, partorisca daytime use, can be looked to the equal that to those shines him gustanuno could wish.
Very other clocks in a phase resupply 2, 3 or 4 preset brightness levels, any desquels is dim enough for our purpose.
Is also easy to dip, although we have not required to use an alarm (the application of Android of Sweet Alarm that for me), offers the selection of sounds of different alarm and has the port of USB in a backside. It is not heavy, but looks quite robust.
Highly recommended if these are feaures that @subject yours.
5 / 5 by Rubye
The be has takes does not have a need an alarm for every day use so it can not comment in that. A clock, mine, is in his point - a lot sized digital figures, the dimmer control that gives so only a legislation brightness that could be it has required. An only thing that that I can say in an alarm is to do sure concealed. If any required, to turn it was. My woman the one who has the listened perfect has said to be able to listen a same alarm although it have turned a volume a lot down.
4 / 5 by Kaylene
Clock of brilliant alarm.
Numbers really big and easy to see inclusos without glasses. Arrived quickly, well has packed.
Easy to read the instructions and I have received pdf of instructions partorisca future reference to.
Usb Spend like this handy, brilliant addition to a clock of alarm.
5 / 5 by Marisa
Swimming very happy to say more , am very satisfied with east is the digital clock very simple, which a setting of a time is very easy. It is it adds to be able to regulate an intensity of a glowing number because it is an inner clock that use in my chamber.
Recommended 100
4 / 5 by Lucius
Ossia the addition adds in a chamber. The utmost ready looks compact so it does not take on too spatial. Adjustable brightness Is the addition adds to this model and like this easy to change time and dip a very pleased alarm and definatly recommended for all the world.
5 / 5 by Tifany
Master! A better thing that you easily can regulate brightness and volume, more ylu can choose sounds of alarm and ofcourse looks really good!

Top Customer Reviews: Casio Collection Wake Up Timer Black Alarm Clock ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
I am pleased like this with Casio alarms clock.

Bought it why travels the plot partorisca work and my old faithful has fallen averts of old age.

This clock has arrived fast and looks exactly like a one in a picture.

HAS an alarm that besieges you of the knob in a backside. Not to have it snooze function. Neither it has the tick - is entirely silent. Perhaps a reviewers the one who has said that that has these two things has been sent the different model

is luminous for prejudices he - be sure partorisca dip a clock in a windowsill or under an electrical light for an hour or like the week to recharge a luminous arrival.

Apparently 1EA the battery will last the year that is very convenient taste diarise for the substitute annually.

A clock maintains times quite well for the manual element - I control he against a radio roughly once the week and like this far, is remained attentive.

For me ossia the winner - economic but any like this economic fall averts inside minutes. If I take the year or two wear will be happy, but my Dad has to that one lucido likes to conceal still is going strong with which 13!
5 / 5 by
Ordered like the present. Boxed well and prime - come - with the regular EA battery, as any expensive substitution there. Nizza And small and light. Easy to use, alarm put of only time in backside and appeal on key on, the work done. Volume of looks to alarm well, tick is reasonably calm, and an alarm is easy to the turn was, so only press a key down. If it love the simple clock, sincere and alarm, ossia.
5 / 5 by

This clock feels light and chair 'plasticky,' but has has bought so only two of these clocks of alarm. A reason because behind in 1993 I has bought one of this same clock and is so only a past month has died on me. They maintain good time, has the reasonably strong alarm. If any calm turn was, he coverage, coverage and coverage! It is easy to use. His seen me by means of date, time of work, date of time of the examination and the multitude other dates and so only continuous aim a correct time. In fact, it is selling in the price the economic plus now that a price has paid them in 1993. That is not partorisca like!
1 / 5 by
A Product Discription partorisca this clock declares that a luminous coating (in some hands and of the numbers) declares that they resupply long-illumination of term in a darkness after only the short exposure partorisca light. Ossia The complete manufacture of a truth, as distinct in a semi-detached video.
4 / 5 by
My forward TQ-140 Casio show (also purchased of Amazon) is lasted roughly 3.5 years before a ticking has taken bit it too strong. It was happy to purchase a clock still again been due to his measure and facilitated of use.

Remarks that some numbers of exposure are green light , as in a look of the whitest picture. A coverage of compartment of the battery in a new clock was initially difficult to take, but with the perseverance finally avenges free.

A battery (resupplied) quite hard the long time.
5 / 5 by
Economic, pocket sized Clock partorisca Alarm that has measured x x 3deep cm. Plastic shell. Big numbers , clear and hands/of now of the minute with luminous coating. Sweep according to alarm of now further of hand-held indicator. Really simple to dip up. Insert a EA battery (distributed), dipped a time of a winder in a backside that has two place - there is pulled slightly has been partorisca change a time, pressed in partorisca change a time of alarm. The key on the clock has pressed to 'arrive' to plant to dip alarm on, 'down' dipped partorisca holes.
Has in the first place had one of these when it was the schoolgirl, and have wake me dutifully every day, in fact a lot of years. And I have taken some wake, likes more boys. Last partorisca always. A lot of sturdy and survived partorisca be scanning of bedside tables, has attacked on and has launched. This one is quite identical.
This has the clear, insistent, repeating chirrup of a call of alarm, but another that that, a clock is virtually silent.
The battery will last the year or longer.
This comes properly boxed, with all a documentation for instructions, guarantees, etc.
has taken this for a car, like the car clock interior there is clapped was, but ossia an ideal little clock of equivalent that will return in discreetly so only in anywhere..
5 / 5 by
Excellent little clock. That has big, easy to read numbers. When A illuminating the hands have had the good explosion of light resist his uploads partorisca in
15 mins to the equal that of my experience is in usual.

Is like this after silent how is possible to be partorisca these things. Alive in the far location so at night is silent. It was a clock used enmedio the urban plus l the doubt would not be listened never.

A compraventa excellent in an extremely comparative price.
5 / 5 by
I have bought this like the clock of travesa partorisca my husband the one who is the dinosaur when it comes to modern / digital devices. Has a iphone ( any sure reason ! ) And it can no a timer/of clock in that. It loves a simplicity of of the this and say me that it is a lot has drawn. A transmission was key of the alarm is well in an upper and is an easy push in, he so that has any need to hunt in a dark clumsily the looking for. A black face, the white book concealed is illuminated all contribute his when being perfect for any main or fights with modern technology.
5 / 5 by
Damn - If any awake until this calm then wake until at all!
1 / 5 by
It was disappointed extremely with this element and am surprised that Casio has dipped his his name. Has the very economic and tacky feel, a class of element could buy in the tent of book. This alarm is a lot of calms wants to create you an approximate time but is useless wants to dip an attentive time; for example, if calm wants to create you in 8am an alarm can go is gone in or more collected! An alarm done a same sound like the timer of typical cookery. Basically simply it is not dependable. I have received the repayment. Please read another and two descriptions partorisca star first to buy a; I made a mistake of not doing so much.

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Alarm Clock - Mains Powered, No Frills Simple Operation Alarm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Edgardo
Colour: Black At all partorisca disturb. It is exactly one still like this is in looks quite acute, simple and modern, work sufficiently, with all the functions that the necesidad.yo really like this exposed of big screen, Like some surfaces of mirror how is stylish and a lot the woman the amour to see I in this mirror .At all negative roughly that ..If it can boil the kettle, can operate this!!The point besides is comes with usb port .Like this easy to touch your telephone or another device .Perfecto for travesa or day to use of day . You can use with port of USB or some batteries 10/10
4 / 5 by Burt
Colour: Black Fabulous clock of mirror of Travelwey, simple to use and state of a modern characteristic art. Innovative and fantastically has drawn this lustrous that looks the clock has alarm and snooze functions, the dimmable slider partorisca regulate a brightness of a big illuminating the orange has DIRECTED imagines, and boasts two USB that put you of touches partorisca touch all your devices sustain given. It saves in of the connections to cover extra so that he the easiest life, like an old saying goes ' less is more'. More works like the mirror also ;-)
5 / 5 by Crista
Colour: Black Amour this clock of alarm! It looks like this stylish in mine bedside table. A sound of alarm are partorisca add why gradually takes stronger. It is sper easy to use and alarms of together etc. Wants that an exposure is dimmable so much can see a time if my edges wake me by means of a night. A fact that can touch it my telephone while I sleep also is an absolute price! In general touch the fab shows of albums and I throughly recommends
4 / 5 by Alan
Colour: Black I absolutely loves this very easy clock to use/setup some numbers are quite big and quite brilliant to see. Usually the d has to that create to verify my telephone for a time with this the ones of the that included has to that movement out of the bed and calms they was can touch you telephone in a sidetable likes ot there is usb in a backside. Value a lot well for money defo reccomend.
4 / 5 by Davis
Colour: Black has purchased this alarm partorisca my fourth and am pleased really with him. A creation of mirror with black casing access in well with my decor and looks simple but stylish. Some numbers are good and big like any question partorisca any one reading an exposure and I find a yellow CONCENTRATED Numbers no like this last in my eyes like Red sometimes can be. There is also the dial in a side that regulates a brightness partorisca adapt your precise which is a lot of gain when you are taking partorisca sleep.
A volume of alarm is good and strong to wake me on in the morning, at all elegant but does a work.
Would say to love the basic alarm that the one who his feigned partorisca do and is very easy to operate whilst that looks the most expensive plot that it is then ossia an alarm partorisca you.
5 / 5 by Devora
Colour: Black Ossia branded for a costruttore as it MANACLES it clock of digital alarm . This in spite of this could quite easily curves like the clock of travesa. This clock hanged in in the simple 125g and is powered for hands and/or battery. An enormous plus for this clock is that it also has 2 put you of USB.

The operation of this clock is incredibly easy and an exposure is the warm golden glow in those looks the mirrored surface and is visible day and night. A brightness of a clock could be regulated to your personal needs.

An alarm . That takes stronger a plus along him the coverages is sure to wake a lot on and a Snooze is so only 5 minutes.
4 / 5 by Vinita
Colour: Black At all resembles has been forgotten when that dips this together clock and a company has directed partorisca maintain down a price.
Are partially visually impaired but appreciates can read a time like this easily during a night. Still it can it take to do without the terracing n technology. Some instructions were clear and simple, any writings in Cina. I also like a fact does not have an annoying tick tock and an alarm has wake me this morning without the question. I think that that it is a lot of value each penny.
4 / 5 by Reuben
Colour: Black Amour a look of this clock, Looks a lot of stylish in mine bedside table. The big orange numbers which are adjustable as I can have him like this brilliant or dim to the equal that likes, as that any partorisca disturb of sleep but be able to see a time when awake. An alarm takes progressively stronger and can snooze partorisca 5 minutes. There is two usb touching put you so many can touch your telephone without using on another socket, to use a lot handy likes him the clock of travesa. It was ideal like the clock of travesa like his very light and can be operated for battery to the equal that agrees a time. In way of the battery so only tip a time partorisca the short while and goes was, can reawaken in in any for the moment partorisca press any key. I take the moment partorisca take a protective coverage in a front, asked was supposed partorisca be partorisca dull and hadnt has taken a, but has takes once has the lovely shiny mirror, perhaps the little tab would do it easier that take.
5 / 5 by Branden
Colour: Black has bought this clock of alarm partorisca my mother ( is 74!) Partorisca Spend his to a 21st century as it still trusts his clock of old manual alarm and is been on is last legs . After taking our clock of digital alarm and in that want to it, has chosen this a partorisca his have known like this to love an effect of mirror.
Very Dipped That on partorisca his and has aimed regarding the dipped, the transmission goes, etc but has been concerned concealed any when being a lot at all technologically has imported that fights with east, but in fact is the utmost trace with him, and is a lot of fact on that in fact can imagine was something the wise technology, lol!
Is the still shows really simple of affective alarm, with the well of big digital exposure (as easy to read with quell'actuate blurry vision a bit) and a mirror affects is lovely to the equal that can verify first to leave a chamber in him!
Is also quite compact as it can be situated discreetly anywhere parco to the socket, and an alarm is quite strong that is hard to listen still calm to good sure the listen going was.
Ossia The clock of the alarm adds so that they still are regulating the modern technology this in spite of master a clock to alarm that is of confidence.
4 / 5 by Juana
Colour: Black I like things that is easy to dip on, like this of some products of technology buy is the nightmare been due to all a 'essential' characteristic extras that is comprised that perhaps 1 in 50 never use. No like this this clock; it covers he in ( has backup of battery also), long press a snooze key, changes a time with an hour and of the keys of small and his facts, perhaps 45 seconds in everything. Be has takes I any need an alarm but looks to be equally easy to dip.
An exposure is, initially a lot brilliant and a lot big. A brightness can be regulated invernadero the wheel of thumb to the low that dips that it is discreet at night and virtually invisible for day. One measures is not ! It is a lot, a lot easy to read but, at the beginning, me feel aged (which are) how is aimed obviously in some members some old plus of society, a measure of exposure is growing on me. I attacked it it was some stars simply because of the global measure of a clock, is not an ideal of travelling clock. Has two put you of USB that it is a lot handy to ensure our Kindles is touched.

Top Customer Reviews: REAL ACCESSORIESĀ® Large Silver Round Stylish Modern Wall Clock. Easy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Coral
The cost has verified Yes, he ticks noisily but taste that so that it is of any question partorisca me. Occasionally the minute or two was but at all of entity. Sper Easy to read, and the good quality that considers the one who economic is.
4 / 5 by Shonta
Spent the GENTLEMAN has checked has WANTED or MADAM ,Thank you partorisca some clocks send me is utmost would recommend any partorisca buy them is utmost obliged of david
4 / 5 by Eloisa
The cost has checked Good element, big numbers, easy to read. Well done and fast service. Ossia One 2nd an I has purchased.
4 / 5 by Sherilyn
The cost has checked A lot looking clock. Good works. Clear face. Has an audible 'tick' which can annoy some people.
5 / 5 by Esther
The cost has verified Of the plastic money surrounds is a plastic a thin plus has not seen never in the product of house. I know it does not cost any a lot of but any I still says volume that paid partorisca in this chance.
5 / 5 by Melda
The cost has verified Very good and big numbers very easy to read was lost absolutely without my clock of cookery has maintained partorisca look in a wall partorisca a time and has not gone there the delivery was very quickly
4 / 5 by Kristel
The cost checked has bought two one has been broken on rids any subject with taking of the money has retreated another is well
4 / 5 by Lashon
The cost has verified This would be the any description to the star has had an occasion. It arrives fraction and a dial no .
5 / 5 by Soledad
The cost has checked clock Very small but the thin glass have broken when it plough a packaging sadly. It was easy fact
5 / 5 by Lean
The cost has verified can read a time down lighting also which is really useful to the equal that with the young boy is partorisca arrive all the hours or a night

Top Customer Reviews: Lanhiem Indoor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer, Accurate Room ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Margarett
Colour: Beige A lot disappoints it (a star). It dip it on, then a screen has been died with which two minutes. Tried the new battery, in chance that a a distributed had drained, but any exposure of screen at all. I am returned an element partorisca the full repayment and source another of another company.

has Received the very good email of services of client that excusan partorisca a fact a product was defective offering the substitution or repayment. An extra star partorisca priest of client.

2nd Update - the new monitor received (very effective, the fast substitution).

Is doing and doing well is very useful. Big exposure, which is good and some temperatures look very attentive, like this of a stars to 5 star and ossia thanks to the service of client adds. Other companies could learn the plot of of the this!
5 / 5 by Jennie
Colour: Beige has bought this in the so many is in a half of the heatwave in United Kingdom, a plus along and hotter that went it of then 1976!
Has wanted to know in that my point to melt would be. As any of the Celtic origin am not used to prolonged sunny days. Alive earth in wellies and waterproofs. The sun has a same effect on me that water owe a Wicked Witch of one West.
Can confirm that these works of thermometer fantastically and deep in 29.2'C
4 / 5 by Louetta
Colour: Beige An element arrived in good time and was a lot of packaged. A price was partorisca add and a quality is excellent, had included the battery, as it acts immediately. Some instructions have directed calm by means of a neighbour on process, which was extremely simple to do. Has the thermometer partorisca outside in a winter, which cost 20X a price of east a; when I compared him 4 times yesterday, some readings were 20.6, 20.4, 20.8, 21.1. Both were exactly some same. They are very pleased with this compraventa and would look for this vendor partorisca other first elements.
4 / 5 by Jinny
Colour: Beige Like this far like this good. Really easy to dip up and has the big clear exposure. Amur That can you toggle among C and F (using a transmission in a backside). Bought the to take on vacacional to control a temperature and has been using he home and in an office of then arrives.

There would be it given 5 stars but sometimes when it is really hot (and left in direct sun that probably is not ideal) an exposure fails and all a LCD exposed the figures go black.

Thinks that is acurate and a fact has an alarm and the sample mean does not have to that take our clock of alarm of travesa separate with us.

Would recommend.
4 / 5 by Asa
Colour: Beige I am very pleased with this thermometer of digital room, took the moment partorisca dip it up like the instructions have not been very clear, but now am very pleased that I purchased it, now can see a real temperature and humidity in a room during this extremely hot summer. A price is very reasonable also. Thank you.
4 / 5 by Rolando
Colour: Beige This has prisoner doing after the few weeks in spite of transmissions of battery. I have bought the different ine a same time and this is doing perfectly
5 / 5 by Jaimie
Colour: Beige so only can give 4 partorisca accuracy, as I do not have any way to verify that/ it tries or disproving a real accuracy of him. But it looks partorisca be attentive quite like this in 'when being able to know when it begins to go down 22c in mine wetted
Which is in of the external walls of a house but still inside my house lol, his time to dip my heating on for an hour in some first morning to rain for work or be freezing when I exit! Sound like a last room that extends besides a rest of my house in the extension of room. As His add when being able to control the cold will be he in some mornings!
5 / 5 by Sabina
Colour: Beige Lasted everything of 10 first minutes of a screen dispelled to the complete space. I have thought at the beginning a battery was sent with the step of era changed it and a space of screen is remained. Takings That has paid takes.
4 / 5 by Rosalyn
Colour: Beige has not expected too much of the economic product, this in spite of when being able to at least read a screen would be good! A LCD screen has been spatial after the pair of days! Previously to of the this, like another client has declared, has had to that resist a device in of the different corners to see an exposure. I will admit waste how is too of the hassle to send it behind as well as that owes foot a cost of has surpassed. If prpers have been I would pay more money for the product of better quality!
5 / 5 by Michell
Colour: Beige has wanted max/min thermometer partorisca maintain controls on temperature in conservatory. This product was ideal - although you owe that maintain resetting max/min currency yes wants a bit form to run record. No a product a beautiful plus, but the one who concerns ! The big figures mean that I can read he without glasses - first big. The value adds for a price. It can not comment on durability or life of battery to the equal that has to that no for the have long enough.

Top Customer Reviews: YCOO Dementia Clocks 7 Inches Calendar Clock Day Date Clock Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Galen
A good product that that says and some times and the day clear partorisca any with the questions by heart have found this in spite of some dimensions have listed misleading, some photos involve that a product is main that is and some 'dimensions of container' listed is partorisca a box of map that arrives in and is not some dimensions of real product.
5 / 5 by Sanford
Perfect solution partorisca my dad the one who has dementia. No longer it asks 20 times the day that the time is
5 / 5 by Skye
Fantastic !!
4 / 5 by Temple
It show arrived with clear exactly that it is supposition partorisca do .
Has done directly of a box.
5 / 5 by Aletha
I produce it adds
4 / 5 by Jeannie
My second sample there is there is prendido only law !!!
That has to that buy another!!!!!
Has not been the old year!!
4 / 5 by Harry
So only that has wanted to
5 / 5 by Shaina
Claro and easy to see. A lot handy for main needs to know yes is morning or evening ... But also quite useful for me, as I can any never agree the day is!!
4 / 5 by Cathrine
The show adds, a lot clear to read and brilliant to dip on, covers so only in and dips time automatically ! The value adds for money.
5 / 5 by Cheryle
Produced excellent. Easy to dip up with clear, easily readable exposure. Any precise resetting interruptions to be able to so it is a factor of entity for users with subjects by heart.

Top Customer Reviews: Alarm Clock, LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Nicol

I amour can look in a ceiling and see that time is. There is no hard light partorisca regulate your eyes to. A projection in a ceiling is clear and a perfect brightness. Ossia Perfect for people that does not like light in a room while sleeping. They are very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 by Cesar
Wow, The one who the surprise, a function of projection is really impressive and also extremely convenient, like the person of big myopia and neither will sleep with my telephone, like this in a morning can so only look in a ceiling and know that time is, will not be necessary to create and look in mine telephone which is on touch to know a time. Really it recommends this clock!!
4 / 5 by Claire
Very happy with this product. We have had the little in some pasts but a quality is is excellent. Highly you recommend this to any 5 stars of me
4 / 5 by Cassie
A clock has had before it was too brilliant. This has 3 dimmer functions. A light of projection is sum. And it can owe in a corner partorisca adapt calm , or no partorisca the have on at all. We do and it can see that time is in a ceiling. Again this can be brilliant or dimmed . You recommend. Easy to dip on shows.
5 / 5 by Mike
Easy spouse on and clear projection to ceiling. Has the by heart unplugged function and can turn was exposed of clock and so only have projection . The show adds partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 by Janean
Produced excellent. Amur An idea to look until a ceiling to see a time, no more than looking for a light of transmission of the table. They are fond this does a lot. Very easy to do and to read a time.
5 / 5 by Whitley
Wants! Of the that Has to that turn on to see that time is in a half of a projected in a ceiling!!
4 / 5 by Dusty
Easy to read but does not light a whole room! Helps ds stay in boxes of bed 6follows
4 / 5 by Timothy
has Arrived like this expected, the element was described like this, am pleased really with cost of mine, would recommend
4 / 5 by Shante
the clock Adds that it says.

Top Customer Reviews: Alarm Clock Wake Up Light- Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise/Sunset ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Israel
A product has arrived exactly as it has described. It was pleasantly surprised, quotes a prize, that a quality of build of this clock of alarm is a lot very in fact. A quality of the arrival and some materials are more than would expect of the expensive plus a.
Comes with instructions a lot clear that comprises the diagrams of some precise keys press partorisca achieve has has required actions.
The setting on a clock is quite easy and some basic functions to dip time of clock, time of alarm and changing a radio and light on/was is everything quite logical and memorable. Changing a radio preset canal to wake until, and that changes a light colour when that loves utilisations like the light of the way is not like this logical, but is described adequately in a manual of instruction. These two things so only are taking the little time to take used to, but is my only critique.
Otherwise The fantastic sunrise clock of alarm of the simulation, with good brilliant light when fully illuminated, well enough to use like this he bedside light to read in chance you so much desire. Some sounds of sleep are quite relaxing and is good quality also.
In general, youre looking to buy one of this class of lights, for a prize I really could not recommend a lot another.
5 / 5 by Sue
Has loved the sunrise clock of alarm for some time and considering now are creating to do when it is still darkness then now looked a right time to take one. On arrived, I unwrapped the and was pleasantly surprised with a measure, form and build and quality of global look; also it has the impression slightly smaller that my clock of leading alarm. Have @@give Quickly has not been able to dip on a clock by means of test and error and to the equal that require to inform to a manual of user to do like this. A manual of user has information very basic that if the clue will achieve everything wishes. One first what has been dipped a clock , which can have you 12h or 24h formed, and then some two alarms. It is useful to have two alarms, with one for a weekend and another for a week. I have been impressed with an election of sounds can choose with an alarm, birdsong, conventional beebing, radio and many other options, and of course has some mock sunrise option also, and is able to dip a period/of period of a sunrise. I have chosen to dip a sunrise option of simulation of 20 period of minutes is remained with a conventional beebing (the adjustable volume, and he softly build on a volume of a beeb until it achieves a maximum you selected), and this does well for me. It likes that of calm also can use like the mini light at night and change a colour and brightness of a light. Material will not use any colour another that a esunrise' a but is good to have some options. There is the socket of USB in a backside of a clock, which will be useful for plugging in of the devices and touching. Finally, ossia the good compraventa love the sunrise clock of alarm, which have done!
5 / 5 by Elinore
The one who a sample to alarm that it surprised with light and radios. Well value of the money. Very happy with this compraventa. This clock is a lot of stylish, quality of his a lot of apresamiento. But a more taste roughly is of light, which brightness can control you. Also taken sunrise function. I find it very useful. Taken the originally for mine self, but to to my daughter liked too much, as it looks will require to take one morešŸ˜…
of prize Very reasonable, fab quality, fast delivery, well has packed.
Recommends for all my familiar and friends. Also I think that it that it can be present navideƱo adds also.
4 / 5 by Scottie
Received it yesterday and touched with him of then, LOVES It. 20 level of intensity for some lights and also multicolor mark of option of the lights of this clock to alarm the pertinent light and also the radio. For some settings of light can choose any colour, multicolor or one of some 20 shadows of yellow.
Can dip on the ā€˜decadence to feign' that calm will have dipped you was to sleep and fact like the charm for me! Regarding a morning can dip on those times love a fake sunrise to last (10, 20 or 30 min), on two times of alarm of difference and associate to the every time sounds of character or your emisora to radio favourite likes . There are 3 sounds of character, has used them a rain a.
Laws well with the battery or with one covers, the more has it usb exited in a backside to touch your telephone. Honradamente The subject for his value, will buy another like this present navideƱo to my parents!
5 / 5 by Rosena
Has purchased this to use like clockwork of alarm, in place of mine iphone alarm (which fill with the sense of dread!), to wake me on more smoothly and plant in the better way for a day. I have been using he for the week now and although ossia the measure of chair of better small sample in some mornings. Some of some things I amour in this product:

- different settings for some light to the equal that can read or so only relax, or can light my room
- simple to dip alarm
- master a bit the different sounds can use, especially a water
- sunrise characteristic
- good value, economic

has purchased the little FitFort produced before and find them to be fact well and robust. I recommend to try this clock of alarm!
4 / 5 by Vita
After doing some on-line investigation .. Happy to having found this produced that do fault some needs of having the clock, alarm and light :)

One despertador on the call is smooth and good sound and highly would recommend this product .. Also it comes with the radio and a lot another characteristic ... It can be USB powered also ;)

to the plot of the controls has situated correctly in a device that do lacking all our needs .. I produce it adds :)
4 / 5 by Hillary
has bought this to have so only a device that can like this clock of alarm, light and radio. And he perfectly dose a work.
Now can change was entirely my telephone and save battery for a day with which.

A light is quite brilliant and and has different settings to regulate according to your needs.
A clock is simple and easy to dip on, how is a clock of alarm. I love some pocolos touch different that can do it some desquels is a lot relaxing.
4 / 5 by Tameka
This clock is fantastic,

In general am very happy with cost of mine, a radio is the decent quality for the clock and a decadence and sunrise characteristic active helped really with my questions that takes to sleep and wakening on - I any mine of use even bedside light now, I turn in a light a clock and when I am taking to bed I turn in a characteristic of decadence!

Was very easy to dip up with clear instructions and this morning have wake with the lovely light and a sound of tweeting birds.
I my investigation this has some characteristics of the much more expensive wake on light still so only the fraction of a prize.
Has pleased really with this element.
4 / 5 by Angelia
Master and perfect for one fourth some lights are controlled can decide a brightness and regulate alarms as you want to. A perfect alarm for a side of fourth that will love you and also some colours can change in colour different in a chamber and look well, Clock of Alarm with Sunrise/Simulation of Alarm of Dual Decadence and Snooze Function, would recommend it to another
5 / 5 by Johnson
Ossia a clock of awake excellent alarm on light. It has a lot of settings and calm can regulate a colour if a light yours preference to the as really it likes me. One despertador on the sounds are very good and in combination with a light, leave you to you to wake up in the period of time more than those strikes in your alarm of telephone of the ears. Highly you recommend this light of clock of the alarm!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Earleen
Colour: Blue His add
So that the friendly user
A projector means I of the that has to that have a light of clock in mine bedside table all night but still can see a time
His compact and taken any spatial at all
5 / 5 by Teri
Colour: Blue Very like this irradiate of clock, the turn adds on the one hand of my bed, the look really adds with the clear face.
4 / 5 by Mittie
Colour: the sample of Blue Excellent alarm would recommend
4 / 5 by Sherrill
Colour: Blue Simpler that dip I on & uses that a leading model that it was the ache to turn was/unset an alarm in a morning or has despertador on before alarm & or has not loved alarm to wake your partner up.
4 / 5 by Migdalia
Colour: Blue could not see my clock of leading alarm when lying in bedding unless I have seated on legislation. A mpow projects the a lot readable image to a ceiling which can be read lying down. There are 3 levels of brightness have it on level1 which is quite brilliant. There is the data of light illumination has gone by an image projected but does not import is not too brilliant. Some works of good alarm and some radio works very too much. I have not used an USB uploads still but ossia the orderly idea to having comprised.
4 / 5 by Annabell
Colour: Blue ossia the very small clock of alarm. I find it the toil of has bitten when that tries to dip some alarms with a key of paper and or key partorisca the take to flash. An only hard alarm now half, but a sound is well,maintains good time and has big numbers.
4 / 5 by Walton
Colour: the Blue sound is FAB, volume very too much. The value partorisca the money adds. Facilitated of use, has taken the few days and deceptions partorisca take some instructions (this could be better / more by means of / any to any ) especially a presset canal, has given at present on on that, this in spite of, concealed is not too much of a subject, like this usually so only listen to a a canal..

A sample has projected is FAB, this in spite of, now as we have it on a dimmest setting in our laws of fourth darkness well, an exposure is in a dimmest setting also, if folks is light sensitive that can be a subject, like this perhaps look another projection of exposure / of the colour..

In general happy with a soypow Shows of Alarm of the Projection', will break on with some instructions and a presets in planned course :-)
5 / 5 by Rebecca
Colour: Blue A lack of contrast among some blue figures and a black fund means is very poor when some lights of fourth is on or in a daylight - I can so only read the easily in a darkness. An exposure of projection looks GOOD but so only when a room is dark but ossia to be expected. A radio quality is horrifying but suppositions that the hips is to be expected for something like this - I has not bought he for an alarm or a radio.

In general, a lot of unimpressive and will require to be substituted with something that in fact works like the clock.
5 / 5 by Kacie
Colour: Blue that Spends of longitude some descriptions partorisca an original mark have decided to try an up to date version and I am wanted with him
4 / 5 by Rozella
Colour: Blue This clock are ADDS can do not seeing still will say some times where can see it and all have to that do is look in a ceiling.

The majority of all he neither of a screen or a view have projected included in new or more the feet is always a lot clear.

HAS the number of different wake on sounds and although no the utilisation a lot is less bad.

Top Customer Reviews: Jeteven Kids Alarm Clock, Student Wake Up Digital Clock, 7 Colors ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Lyndon
This clock of alarm is a lot compact, light and produces warm light, when actuated; it can produce different has has painted lights and of the alarms/of sounds.

HAS the smooth round , polished surfaces, can be put partorisca aim very so only a time and date but also a temperature of a room.
Is the very small clock of alarm, ossia easy to dip up with low interview. Recommended.
5 / 5 by Letha
This alarm is idea of the present adds partorisca boys. It is very funny - the animals and the birds touches partorisca wake you up. You can choose on any sound of all 6 available and change it every day. You can turn he in the the game with your boy. This device can substitute the light at night in the chamber of your boy. Partorisca Press in a cup will light your alarm with different colours partorisca roughly 10 seconds. Light is a lot soft, the no brilliant colours and not nettling to eyes. The alarm has the indicator of temperature also.
4 / 5 by Winnifred
What quite small. I have bought this for the room of my edges of 9 years. Absolutely you love it. Rings the silent clock as it does not disturb his sleep, as of the normal clock has taken has disturbed. Ossia The light of the night adds and clock of alarm and a lot easy to the use comes with the manual. His is the variety of colours to choose of (7 colours) according to way. Character of uses of clock of sounds of alarm. His is the buzzer in an upper to turn an alarm was or change a colour of him. Pleased with compraventa.
4 / 5 by Twanna
Has ordered this red (the results is pink) clock of alarm for my little room of boys. Out of a box was exactly the one who was them with which; the pleasant little clock of alarm,. After dipping in of the batteries and dipping a sample on is coming them to remark like this nettling and STRONG some sound 'natural' is! Now, it listens them it says 'except an alarm is meant to be strong?' Any one these types of noises! The The desire there was the way to touch a clock and he there is showed a time but instead go in to in this way of his strong animal and changes an exposure to the account down of has said touches.

A sample is not illuminated at night so much to see anything would have to that choose on an alarm, test and find the key down and prints it. You could touch a clock but like this on so only do the obscene noises in you wake on a rest of a house to good sure and not even aim you a time!

Really any that has been expecting them/has loved.
5 / 5 by Lakeshia
This clock of alarm is the election adds .Particularly I love his varied colours that hot port and me feel no this solitary in also does like clockwork to alarm to adapt me a lot when being a lot of evening for kearning in an is not never noisy and silent state when I dipped it on my bedside. Also it have it a bit additinal work them and I have not tried enough still .But material an alarm and lighting the characteristic is enough for me .A lot easy to use!!!
5 / 5 by Jame
Has ordered this clock of alarm for my room of bed of the daughter.
Ossia Useful to teach roughly time , date and day.
HAS sounds of the different alarm with changing painted lights I so that it follows that it looks for to teach my daughter to use alarm to the equal that can dip his alarm for his time of studio , time of game to dip the routine.
A quality of clock is a lot good and time, date and days nsnes aimed in the screen is easy to read.
Produces really useful for girls
To good sure recommend
5 / 5 by Thersa
A Jeteven the boys of Alarms is really fresh and stylish.
HAS several colours and can be for both boys and room of daughters.

Is a lot light and feel smooth.
Can be use like the calendar or light at night of the chamber.
Also can relieve the temperature of a room and his no expensive.
Gives to try it!
4 / 5 by Cyril
Like Amazing is this clock of alarm
I of has loved a pleasure the boy
HAS load of different sounds
the transmission of Lights paints
Alarm with sounds for them to wake on too much
to till animal noises to water
My daughter loves this and is excited like this tomorrow to be wake until the waterfall
Brilliant clock
5 / 5 by Ella
has received last week, has been used for few days, a clock of alarm ringing is a lot big, can dip alarm multiple, with dates and temperature. It has to that it weaves of functions, this prize is value adds , really likes to of me!
5 / 5 by Jeni
Ossia The a lot of pleasant looking sphere shaped clock of alarm. A time is easy to dip. An animal and his of the brook is hilarious (caused to press a clock for down). An exposure is clear crystal . An exposure of temperature is good to have.