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4 / 5
The money has squandered, has paid partorisca the produced that in a description sustains 65 Lb and has broken when I have tried impulse 7 kg, has bought this product because it has had a lot of good descriptions, but a difference is big, if there is broken for 7 kg until 29 likes said in a description is the big difference , this description is dud.
5 / 5
Has bought 40lb braking tension and after reading roughly some inform has tried them a line and he snapped less than 18lb then has tried them a wet line and snapped in so much of has sent them this backside and there is has bought now the better braided line. It would not recommend Never this to any one. Hook to the fish of the time of the life and a line snap you would not be calm very happy . Stay out of this material, his junk
4 / 5
the regime of Yellow dye, sees in some pictures, is clogging on a wheel, regime in your hands, the dye has to that no run, mine another reels is one same, he tangles he on too much easily, fishing the line would owe that be dyed then done to line, these rubbishes has been done to line a dyed, his reason some dyes that is exited, produced of rubbish, there is almost ruined 2 reels and there is ruined to peach of the night.
5 / 5
Probably last like the braid is not announced for period of the hook but I have seen the pocolas other descriptions and has thought I wouls gives it the gone for a prize. But the subject big is of the one who tank . Ailing maintain it he so that it will be useful but is looking in of the this for tig doing, I wouldnt one the expensive plus and the purpose has done to mark likes ESP, Korda etc is the one who precise.
5 / 5
Mina spool has to that easily apt 120+ metres of this on Yes is In fact like this declared but is not , is more like it compared it to mine and is condsiderably fatter concealed it.

Mina spool that it would have to it return 120+ metres of accesses in means of this braid, roughly 50 metres before it is maxed was.

A colour bleeds was, is now white and no longer red.

Averts of that is braid a lot strong for this some 2 stars and any 1. It would owe that be strong this in spite of in this thickness. I have taken some good fish with him.
4 / 5
Can not complain in this braid.
Has bought he to do leaders and rigs of hair for carping.
In 135lb tension to break and .6mm thickness, Is perfect.
Has been expecting the to be to the fattest plot, to be sincere, but is perfect. House well with mine 18lb camo line and does not look out of place. It joins really well and it is very easy to do with.
Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Any the one who needs the strong fine line, for any purpose, the need looks no further, A material would not owe that break down in alone, or cold wet time, is easy to rib to the shortest period, but is quite strong to cut by means of the flesh yes dates quite a lot of tension. - I use he to ensure closing pins to break to latches in Boxes of Storage of the crew of Emergency Uploads ships - Where 'extreme time' is considered normal.
5 / 5
Strong but thin and correctly for a work has purchased partorisca. It would recommend this product to another. Rid a time, good value for money.
4 / 5
Has bought this product and tried to dip it on the mine reels.. Had a start has joined a knot in a spool and has begun to reel, with which 3 turns has been twisted under each another. Cut a knot untangled he of low a loop... And untwisted the.. Under another loop, this box continued has directed to take around 15m untangled and has taken then lost under a rest of a spooled line.. There he in a cube the one who the waste of money can very included attach it to the yours reel and reel he in. Bought this product to the along in fact the like this lost month an occasion to allege the repayment. It does not squander your money
5 / 5
Ossia an amazing product . I am said
has purchased this element he 14 May 2020.
Name by heart: Name | of Measure of Ash: 109Yd/100m 135LB/ | Sees this order
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