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Top Customer Reviews: Generic Protective ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
These products are partorisca add and such the prize adds!

This product is done well and would have to that last the moment, is reasonably hule fat and does not look for the pleasure rasgará when applying to a controller to the equal that has to that extend alot partorisca return around a controller, work well and no among a way to use a controller. Sometimes it can slip out of place but it is easy to apply and good access and seats good and snug in a controller. A colour will not spend was and looks fantastic, also does a lot well protect a controller of muck, the swipes and the scratches likes him the controller faces multiple abuse every day.

Some discharge of the thumb included is sum and is fact out of the hule hard and is a lot of gripy and protect a joysticks well. They are reasonably easy to apply and once there on they a lot easily exited, ossia as well as they will not interfere with gaming time.

One surpasses has arrived punctually and was packaged in the bubble envelope so that it was very protected of swipes during has surpassed.

Will be to buy another punctual for my second controller like this very impressed with a quality of a product, to good sure would recommend a product and a vendor.
4 / 5
Have not Detained Foreseen to try has planned die coloreé diverse and has to that say that it was skeptical ... Mina In reality dream remained affected .!! Optimum material And For long sessions is l ideal ! Protection 100 of the joystick .. Optimum
4 / 5
Detained For rimediare was my excessive sbadataggine. It dyes it is extraordinary and is a lot that Resists. All'start can be difficult abituarsi all'impugnatura, mine with him time here yes does in peace the habit! I advise it animadamente to the sbiaditi Coming me!
4 / 5
Has commanded this product in 'Interested Capricornio' ... Without too much And believe as well as 2 other products in other vendors :
- in 'Joined that planet of shines'
- in 'angemart1999'

Produced of Amateur Capricornio is simply the BEST gives 3 !!!

Is exactly to the measure of the manette ... He any And L any game to the sud his outlines give holes, everything is very protected without that the housse has not been 'coward' to somewhere ... Lucido The cut is so only perfect !!! (That is not Lucido the chance gives competitors of products).

He no Sent any bad !

And especially Lucido touched is very very sweet, without slipping more, but is truth very thankful and does not stick the powder !

In + protecting them-the claves are resupplied and is supers !!!

Does not command elsewhere : taking-The in this vendor : Amateur Capricornio (did not know before :) any of Actions in them ^^)

Is very simple : have king-has commanded other games goes to the sud all the months manettes (and substitute his less very bought elsewhere) :)
5 / 5
Bonitísima has spent the use for him mip joystick personal is done for real well except cover them pomelli those any sleep done well and lacking red sleep ahahah
4 / 5
Very mine the coverage any one adheres the plenary with him joypad in the backside. However Mine find benissimo
4 / 5
Optimum to arrested person In another before and my sleep found a favola! I advise it animadamente!He my Controller is still intact
4 / 5
Étui Corrected, this takes a lot easily the games can wash him. I have bought it Touches more have his manettes that slip every time. To the sud the manette of the generation of premières the étui is good but to the sud the second generation with the apresamiento jack integrated he and the small décalage but no uncomfortable. It was thank you to cut his étuis Car the adapter does not spend if the no. After seen Lucido the prize expected a lot to have of the luxury, recommend these products if no.
5 / 5
All Come mine expected, optimum saves in silicone with cover the time has given attended for the delivery is a po along my bar the pity expect
5 / 5
has done just fault that Cut A bit Go down game that the adapter of my beach of turtle xo one can return

Top Customer Reviews: Generic Protective ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Entertainment of good and easy quality partorisca clean and comfortable to touch with Kolding to a lovely controller!
5 / 5
A chance was a lot of but has has had to that the take was when I use a gaming MIC reason is not returned with a chance on but averts of that was a lot of
4 / 5
4 / 5
Interferes with a thumbsticks, dpad, and each key and a grip is terrible global

Top Customer Reviews: WWE 2K22 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
So much, as you would expect, a cleaner of looks of the game, but is has had 2 years partorisca be developed and, partorisca me at least, in the PS5. As any surprise there. But there is still subjects LIKE THIS VISUAL that unacceptable meeting partorisca arrive to this point.

Has something really was with some eyes of some characters, with to plot of them looking crosses eyed.

Some teeth, oh god, some teeth. Ciao Smiled of Hollywood!

A hair still are not partorisca add, the looks of Kane terrible. It touches shoot like this done in his entrance.

A balance of his quite sinister east.

A lot of characters he still the look is slipping more than walking.

A lot of glitches in Undertaker hair.

Still to plot of wise glitches.

I characters still look ridiculous when spending the things and some objects glitch and vibrate. It sees Alias' electrical guitar or a championship around Becky to waist of Lynch!

Some animations of the terrible and slow referee only.

Some celebrations are ridiculous, undertaker jumping around like the girl after the victory? It is like all have the generic celebrations more than the personalised some.

Some transmissions of key and combos done of the touches of game to better plot in my opinion, which is the enormous plus , but expected for something concealed looked out of this world, will be disappointed. It is better that leading but no the grandson that looks so much would owe that be!

Modify: A playability is in fact really good and Rey Mysterio the shop window is in plot of fun, especially when you begin unlocking skins and new characters. This be has said, I still expected more than a map and an initial roster is quite poor. Looking in a brilliant side, these things can be solved with patches and of the updates!
5 / 5
Has taken 2 years thus game to be liberto and has not been value a wait unfortunately. A game does not do and incidents if yours saves to the file is on 100mb like any show to create or characters. Please no shabby.
5 / 5
Wwe 2k22 Continuous in and further 2k20, looks to surprise gameplay is smooth , the presentation is sum , so that the energy has been spent in this game, 2k left all the world-wide down on 2k20 but has has it to good sure does up with this game
4 / 5
to touch a precise full game creates the 2k account. Until calm so only can it touch soltera party and with only 8 wrestlers. 2k is taking age to send an email of verification to create an account. Like this until I take an account is so only the £50+ demo. For any one thinking to take a game. It would suggest while to the few weeks/of days until they order his system was.
5 / 5
WWE2K22 Returns a franchise to that a lot was a lot of years.

2K has DONE the brilliant work that revises a map and some controls. A game feels smooth in a PS5 and has has had so only 1 'glitch' in a matrix like this far where an arm is spent for the table and took has stuck there. Haha.

Speaking controls, 2K simplified him.

Control R until choosing opponent. Press Or to grapple. Then any one X or □ or the combination of them and the direction. For the special you so only press R2 + X!!!

Is that simple to pull some of one the majority of awesome movements in a WWE the universe and some transmissions leave you to direct more on falling a lot to a calm that that concerns roughly the one who your toes are doing!

Have MyRise, MyGm, MyFaction, MyUniverse Shop window, On-line, Game Now ways to maintain you busy and with some impressive roster of wrestlers can have you hours of fun.

( Has paid an extra £3 to unlock to plot of old time superstars but does not need to!)

Would have been 5 if no for a prize. Any cost of game 3 salaries of hours for me!
5 / 5
Has taken this elsewhere, but a game are not adds.
Of a death of THQ, 2K is dulcemente state doing decisions that has done a worse and worse game.
A system to Control this year (although doing it slightly more realistic) is the ache in a bum. Doing reversals the work of supposition is in one the majority of stupid idea the Visual concepts actuate has not had never. Gameplay otherwise Is one same like first. Phase of movements by means of your opponents or lose totally when you are directly infront of them, fight with basic animations still, still synchronise dress by means of your organism, entrances in some ways still do not offer quite customisation and the new ways are bland.
MyGM Is not some defenders of way have asked. They have loved way of career and has taken this hot disorder, concealed no any sense because has thinks that has been the decent idea.
The shop window is one same old, included old, so only with Rey Mysterio like star of coverage.
The universe now has the way that calm leave you to touch like a member of a roster, but falls short of 'Here comes Dolores' way of campaign.
MyFaction Is the paper to confuse game that resembles has been inner has created 2K games of NBA and a tentativa to see yes is quite populate in WWE to warrant FIFA-way microtransactions the next time was.
MyRise The histories are too many predictable, although I am not sure if ossia reason have on grown looking wrestling in one Was of Attitude.

A game is the disorder for inside and for out and it saying is an improvement on 2K20, is likes to say the Ferrari is an improvement in Robin that Connects. 2K20 Was like this bad, Anything would have been an improvement .
4 / 5
Is the enormous improvement of 2k20, a map is much better, a physicist is better. Some controls are not utmost, a fact of old system and was more the friendly user, a new some look the little has confused. Some the different ways are all improved but again could have done with the little more the endeavour that considers has taken an extra year +. It is more afterwards to some old games all has wanted but still no quite there
5 / 5
has not touched it WWE games for the very long time. This game are adds! A GM the way is the little basic but quite amused for the game by means of or two. A community creates the way is brilliant! So many creations add that it adds the very good level of fun

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox Stereo Headset ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
4 / 5
Almost it has it has loved that the asleep fall in this headset, cut some ears perfectly and a consolation and the entirely destroyed sound another expensive headsets that has bought previously especially with Dolby Atmos has actuated. Any usually do descriptions but this one has had to be said! I also bought and has had to return a Sony pulse 3D headset as it has not been very comfortable wise compared to this.
5 / 5
Quotes Verarbeitung ist gut und sucht ihresgleichen in dieser Preisklasse. Leider ist Gives His miserabel abgestimmt. Ich glaube Quotes verbauten Lautsprecher a sich sind eigentlich gar nicht schlecht. Allerdings ist Man gezwungen die Werkseinstellungen zu verwenden, weil is keinen Bow gibt. Of the gibt is wohl nur bei gives Wireless Variant. Man könnte wohl has dipped Hilfe give Dolby Application to Access give His abstimmen, aber ich kaufe keine Application für €18 a ein €60 Headset dipped brauchbarem His zu versehen.

Gives Resultat ist ein viel zu Record-Lastiger Sound. Call to Owe cold war like gar nicht richtig spielbar. Die Schüsse und Explodes dröhnten unangenehm und Schritte waren kaum hörbar. Natürlich darf ein Gaming Headset im Tiefen Bereich paß machen', allerdings darf gives restliche Frequenzbereich nicht zu kurz kommen. In diesem sind wichtige Gameplay Elemente wie z.B. Schritte angesiedelt.
Daher ging Gives Headset leider zurück.
Zur Mikrofonqualität kann ich nichts sagen.
5 / 5
Tolles Headset Has dipped hohem Tragekomfort auch für Brillenträger. Man schließt is direkt are Controllers über die 3,5mm Buchse a und braucht keine Batterien. Achtung Is gibt yesterday keine Bow-Einstellungen wie bei gives drahtlosen Variant. Falls euch give Std His zu leise ist kann man im xbox Menü noch quotes Lautstärke erhöhen.
5 / 5
Gives hs ist hervorragend verarbeitet. It gives Klang ist Súper und Quotes schlechte Abstimmung kann ich nicht bestätigen. Dumpf ist Gives Klang auch nicht. Eher präzise und differenziert basslastig. Of the Kabel ist Loan ummantelt. Nicht Has given gummi artige the material gives one gives Kleidung reibt und has given Reibe Geräusch überträgt sondern Textilfaser wie bei hochwertigen Kabeln. Dolby atmos ist ziemlich Gut auf dem hs. Ausführlich getestet. Sitz ist bequem und Gives Lautstärke Rad rechts ist súper. Die Kritiker yesterday vergleichen wohl ein €60 hs dipped einem €200 hs. ;)
5 / 5
Finds zusammen ich habe mir zuerst gives Wireless Headset von Xbox geholt und jetzt etliche Monate später gives kabelgebundene günstigere beide Geräte sind für ihren Preis hoards give größte Unterschied besteht darin dass man beiden kabelgebunden Headset one gives linken Ohrmuschel nicht quotes Lautstärke gives Habladuría und sgms verstellen kann und dass is for kabelgebunden ist dafür aber 40 € günstiger ich kann beide Headsets empfehlen wobei man natürlich bei gives kabelgebundenen 40 € sparen kann und gives Aufladen give Headsets
5 / 5
Gives Headset macht einen wertigen Eindruck und quotes Ergonomie ist gut. Ein wesentliches Question besteht in giving Abstimmung, denn has given ist zu basslastig und klingt zu dumpf, as dass alles irgendwie matschig klingt.
5 / 5
SPECTACULAR!!!! Never Probe some helmets with this sound the real tan ,in xbox serious x with dolby atmos actuated in cheek of way.. In Calling to have to that it is impressive hears of where coming you the steps,of where shoot,the explosions retumbar the helmets to the point that vibrates fuertemene fact of the effects too many real for the prize that have neither loves a beach of the turtle of 350 euro gives this quality!
5 / 5
Has received correctly and The time. Once introducidala clavija in the jack and Weigh it to update the company of the control and the consolations does not listen . After multiple surgeries the result Sinned used likes some normal helmets by other peripherals.
5 / 5
For real satisfied!! At all It Gives invidiare The headphones has given upper quality (has given price) say it for experience!! The one who there is Xbox go his this produced Announce enclosed eye( or the wireless version )
4 / 5
Volume and quality optimum audio, alas when it uses the vocal cat, the cause of the microphone has given scarce quality, he voices has given yours 'mates' and the audio has given game capture of the microphone creating a fastidiosísimo effect this is that it gives impossible communiqué with killed he squad without disturbare and assordare your mates. Sconsigliate For him multiplayer has given squad. Surrendered effected Dopes he First utilisation
4 / 5
look me some headset spectacular having accounts the prize that has. So much in his (use dolby atmos and ecualizamos, already is a past) as in clarity and operation of the microphone. Comfortable edges and give very good to be inside this row of prize.
5 / 5
Original product of Microsoft. They work well And they consent a wide regulation that favours the indossibilità of the headphones.
4 / 5
The sound is very good but lamentably averts to touch use them to see film with his dolby atmos and the films come with dolby atmos in English very pocolos almost any in Spanish in any of the current program.
4 / 5
Optimum headphones For Xbox, sounds cleaned, optimum effect antirumore
5 / 5
Salvation! Has a question with the headphones, any one can connect to the game console...
My game console is a xbox A X, loves sabre if compatible edges and as I have to connect him, reason but go to give them..
Thank you.
4 / 5
Optimum under each Point.
Ben insonorizzate and read.
The only pecca my notice the audio as a lot perhaps a po low.
5 / 5
Optimum headphones very comfortable expectations more than good Mine Any optimum the only pecca and that any one can adapt them perfectly your piacimento has given game my sleep for real a good product
5 / 5
Manufacture :

- the plastic the the solid air
- on/of of the micro
- light

- cordon jack that is not détachable of the helmet in chance of domage lacking to change lucido complete helmet

Edges :

- micro of good quality (turn to separate fine player)

- Lucidos the edges is flat
4 / 5
I have loved the headset concealed is not too expensive and the taken the. It touches very good and is perfect for gaming.
5 / 5
The headphones do like this described & well of the money.
4 / 5
Fast delivery
Lucidas works of helmet perfectly with the Xbox Serious S.
Lucidos I edges is excellent and in seating me to perfection; lucido micro is not neither too yard, neither too long.
4 / 5
Are extremely safisfait Of my product. Comfortable, lucidos the edges is more than satisfactory games lucidos prize. I recommend truth.

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Wolverine V2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The slick controller of games. I have been using my MadCatz 360 controllers with several PCs now partorisca some years, and has been cursing so much my age and a controller partorisca my ineptitude and the leaves of anger. With this I no longer has an excuse, a Razer Wolverine is an improvement in almost each way; each key has the 'click' tactile, no more than asking like your has not pressed when I want to Dante to turn and launch his sword, requires less endeavour to press a joystick keys and move one sticks him. I tried it on several titles, a series of Cry of May of Devil, Control, Raiden V, Blasphemous (any first person shooters, of the keyboard and the mouse are upper) and the one who small aiming has been required in the to to titles like to them the control was necessary and attentive - less swearing for my part.

Has an extra pair of keys in a front, which can be personalised, as if the controllers a lot already have quite a lot of keys, and has the east of low transmission reduces a travesía in some sinister triggers and rights, to ensure reduction of lag.

Are quite happy with an interface of USB wired; there is abundance of slack to achieve a television he is necessary - and there is covers it that leaves a goodness to be disconnected approach a port of USB, in chance any travesías in the or your dog chooses on a controller and the careers was (this has spent in fact mine, and has saved the laptop to finalise in a paving).

A a caveat has is prize - there is the plot of controllers that is more economic. It would be satisfied with the comfortable controller with keys maquinales that has tactile feedback, but this one is a lot so only in everything.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video.
For some people, gaming is not the form of entertainment but the lifestyle.
For me, touching is so only the form of entertainment.

Has used the plot of console to touch the games and I also use a console for visual entertainment like youtube and netflix.

This new Xbox the controller is glorious, am very impressed but any surprised by a quality of this little device.
Am not surprised reason have been using a Xbox control for the long times and I know that to expect, has contained this in spite of something that my wireless controller has has not had.

I wireless controls are advantageous reasons his he easier that move around and deletes a need for bosses in front of a device that can easily people to cause to trip. This in spite of, has a disadvantage adds to run out of juice in a half of a game and forcing people to do use of some bosses.

In another hand, wired the never run controls out of juice, can touch until we run out of toes or can.

With a reintroduction of a controller wired, Xbox has decided to do better use of an available space to situate some extra keys. Obviously these transmissions are welcome reasons leaves to map more keys and he easier that touch.

For me a question a big plus with this new Xbox the controller is a prize , a rest is perfect.
4 / 5
Adds wire fence Xbox controller of Razer. I know to a mark before it likes-me also possesses the Razer Gaming headphone and am very pleased with the too. A controller feels very robust, an agronomy is orders feels very comfortable to resist is a then a real Xbox has controlled. A controller can be connected to a Xbox has seen his comprised 2-metre braided boss with USB. Some keys give the good click when pressed, is extremely precise and sensitive, has not experienced any of entity lag while it has touched. Has is the just weight to the as personally really likes me to of him. To maximiza a personalisation of this controller would suggest to download a consecrated Razer Controller Setup for Xbox of web of place of Microsoft to do adjustments and remapping some keys to maximiza yours gameplay experience. Unfortunately, this software is so only available for windows. He also meant to be compatible with games of PC but I have not tried this characteristic.
In general, am really happy with a creation and an action of this controller, I really enjoys it touch with, highly recommend. It has given so only 4 stars so only reasons is too expensive, has included an original Xbox the costs of controllers so only £50ish in a tent of Microsoft, Razer will reduce a prize in the near future.
4 / 5
Ossia The glorious feeling and responsive controller, of a rubberised bosses to some keys they.
While a diagram by heart is typical Razer does a lot here and detracts of at all.
Some keys utmost celery there Tactile while resupplying quite control to be the quality has considered very big.
The result of games responsive and included after the long periods to touch all still feels less fatiguing in general with this controller.

My partner was the bit dubious at the beginning but has said interior 2 hours has been engreídas that this has deserved the big quality resilient big bookmark, not going to break any punctual time.

Has a nitpick although all felt that a prize was the empinado in spite of his quality has not offered all a functionality of one similarly 'elite' priced controllers. But sure it feels well in a hand, when touching behaviour and games of fight.
4 / 5
A gamers in a house takes boba excited in controllers. It is not all the controllers some same? Apparently any one! This, in my opinion, is an expensive controller... But apparently it is in fact the well has estimated one, the one who has known! It covers and game out of a box. The good looks and feels good to resist. All some keys are sensitive and responsive like this required, and a grip is well. You can remap some of some keys yes are bent like this. The connectivity is order because it is wire fence . Well, like this wireless is a thing of today, but sometimes only calm can not beat the little bit of ‘old fashioned' and sometimes when being wired is so only so more than confidence. Period of good boss, unless it seats far of your screen! You can it covers your headset/auricular in the port of audio in a controller any worry. I guess six serious in yours gaming is possibly the good investment.
4 / 5
So only in that used that the wireless controllers until this point was really enthusiastic to try the version wired to see yes has done a lot of difference in of the terms of response and action. Still before it has taken to this part could not believe the one who comfortable was to resist in a hand. Ergonomically Satisfying and a quality of build is so better that some regular controllers. All the keys and the transmissions have the feedback to satisfy to them and you can say ossia the controller that will last. A boss is long enough to be able to seat some distance of the big TV or monitor with consolation and mine gameplay so much has been far a lot in satisfactory. Perhaps it is so only psychological but the time of response feels tighter and has been in the decent streak.
5 / 5
This controller in the first place, the chair adds in your hands so many with any Xbox controllers. When being it Razer produced expect the sure level of action abd quality and this controller certainly paste a mark with his point of prize, going in more economic that more pro xbox controllers and sometimes was Xbox controllers own owners.
The work adds in Xbox One and PC, in that touched joins of rocket in both, a latency was utmost of his wired and a key and he cause presses feels tactile.
4 / 5
Ossia The really the controller does well for a Xbox. Very attentive, is the unit wired , any wireless, but is the add upgrade in a level a. Calm leave you to customise a front two keys and gives far more control of game.
4 / 5
Ich habe Gives Controller nur geordert, weil gives the controller Regulates einen Megalärm macht, gives meine Mitbewohner mächtig nervte. Im Wesentlichen sind wohl Mikroschalter verbaut, Die kaum zu hören sind. Als Prevails drauf gibt is eine bessere Ergonomie. Die hinteren Tasten sind viel besser erreichbar. Man muss nicht ständig umgreifen. Nur Quotes Menütasten hätten besser positioniert werden können, aber damit kann ich angesichts gives Vorteile leben.
4 / 5
Und Gives finde ich bei diesem Preis von einem Hersteller, gives sich auf Gaming Hardware spezialisiert hat schon etwas bedauerlich.

Aber nun Gut, fangen wir dipped gives Lieferung One. Geliefert kommt Gives Controller In einer sehr schön anzusehenden Box. Innen ist Box to die rundum place Schaumstoff ausgefüllt, gives Controller ist also bestens vor Beschädigung durch gives Transport geschützt.

Optisch sieht Gives Controller sehr gut aus und fühlt sich vom Gewicht und gives Gummierten Oberfläche auch sehr gut und hochwertig A. It was mir súper gefällt ist, dass die Knöpfe like this ein ähnliches Klickverhalten haben wie the man is von mechanischen Tastaturen kennt, hat of man also einen sehr schön definierten Druckpunkt.

Given hinteren analogen Schultertasten lassen sich durch zwei kleine Knöpfe auf give Rückseite like this einstellen, dass man sie nicht like this weit hinein drücken muss und kann like this noch schneller Flavour to die betätigen, ich persönlich habe bis jetzt noch keinen wirklichen Vorteil bei meinen Spielen erkennen können, aber ich denke wer gerne Shooter spielt wird gives sehr zu schätzen wissen, ich bevorzuge jedoch bei Shootern dann doch meine Bad und Tastatur, aber gives ist reign Geschmackssache.

Gives Kabel ist wirklich ausreichend lang, ich benutze gives Controller für gives Pc und kann mich ohne weiteres bequem zurücklehnen und spielen, ohne dass gives Kabel knapp wird.

Is wurde auch nach dem USB Stecker eine Kupplung verbaut, finde ich sehr gut, denn wem ist is noch nicht passiert, gut vielleicht betrifft gives eher die etwas ältere Generation, die zu Zeiten gives SNES und PS1 usw. noch gezwungen The war dipped Kabel zu spielen, dass man aufsteht und gives Controller irgendwo hin legen möchte, oder einfach ohne zu denken it läuft und man nicht bemerkt, dass gives Controller ja noch dipped gives Konsole bzw. Pc verbunden ist. In diesem Fallen, löst sich einfach given Kupplung wenn gives Kabel zu kurz wird und nichts passiert.

Schade finde ich, dass Die weiße Directed vorne are Controllers viel zu hell ist. Wenn Man sich zurück lehnt und gives Controller vor sich hält, man of hat immer has given weißen Lichtfleck im Augenwinkel. It has given kann Man auch nicht im Controller Setup in giving intensität oder Farbe verstellen.

Was ich etwas schade finde, ist dass auf dem Produktbild, zumindest zur Zeit als ich has given Description verfasst habe, auf dem Controller eine eher gedimmte grüne Concentrated zu sehen ist, was in giving Tat besser gewesen wäre.

Ich habe The data has Directed dips etwas schwarzem Klebeband abgeklebt, stört mich jetzt nicht weiter, denn is funktioniert ja alles einwandfrei, aber eine Möglichkeit zoom dimmen wäre mir schon lieber gewesen, denn bei einem neuen Gerät erwartet man eigentlich nicht, dass the man is direkt nach Erhalt gleich dipped Klebeband modifizieren muss. Ich habe noch einen Original Xbox zoom of Controller Vergleich, bei dem ist gives Logo auch weiß beleuchtet, aber is ist a einiges gedimmter, like this dass is nicht stört.

Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass Is ein sehr guter Controller ist und wäre gives nicht gives the question dipped give zu hellen CONCENTRATED, dann wäre is eine 5 Sterne Bewertung geworden, like this leider nur 4 Sterne.
5 / 5
Razer bietet Has dipped dem Wolverine V2 einen Toll verarbeiteten Controller. Of the klare, klickende the feedback gives Tasten ist sehr angenehm und gives Controller liegt gut in giving Hand. Thumbsticks und Steuerkreuz bieten eine hohe Präzision und Trigger Of data of Option of data-Tasten zu sperren, ist ein Characteristic cleaned. Dank Software lassen sich die Zusatztasten leicht programmieren und Gaming has dipped dem Razer Wolverine V2 macht großen Spaß. Of the the point has underlined partorisca give Controllers sind auf jeden given to merge Fallen-taktilen Knöpfe und gives Steuerkreuz.

Insgesamt liegt Gives Controller In kleineren Händen nicht ganz optimum. Of the liegt vor allem will give, dass die Thumbsticks weiter auseinander liegen als beim offiziellen Controller und auch die Sondertasten auf gives Rückseite nicht ganz leicht zu erreichen sind. Wer länger Has dipped seinem Controller zocken möchte, dürfte Gives als anstrengend empfinden.

Ein Question für gives Controller könnte außerdem gives Preis heart, denn place dem “Fusion Pro” von PowerA gibt is ebenfalls eine spannende the alternative dipped Paddles und sogar avenges Zusatztasten. Paddles sind vor allem für Shooter-Spieler One gives Konsole interessant und waren lange eine Besonderheit gives Xbox Controllers of Elite.

Falls man Kampfspiele wie Struggling callejero oder Mortal Kombat spielt und einem quotes Paddles immer zu viel waren, dann sollte man einen Blick auf gives Razer Wolverine V2 Controller werfen. Wer aber mehr Tasten benötigt und noch mehr Einstellungen haben , gives greift zoom Razer Wolverine Definite oder wechselt gleich zur Königsklasse und kauft sich gives Xbox Elite of Serious 2 Controllers.
4 / 5
Control with Boss, partorisca XBOX Serious X/S and PC. The Boss is quite long, some 3 metres, that would have to that be sufficient to touch of the sofa :) The final extreme of the boss besides is desconectable, so that free in chance of tugs, and any one tugs to console. A paste of entity is that the control is not extraible and any one can substitute he in chance to break, for a control that cost 120 euro, is something has it account before the buy.

HAS an approximate weight of 275 grams, a longitude of some 16 cm, a width of 10.5 cm and a thickness of 6.5 cm. The Sufficiently light for sessions of prolonged game, and of a measure that the very comfortable fact.

Lateral taking is gummed and have a texture rugosa that will avert that it slips for the half of the action. It feels very comfortable in the hand, quite ergonomic, that can arrive the sin annoys the the analog claves the sinned leaves of the maintain correctly, everything is the one distance very corrected (has the quite small hands and any one suppose me difficulties).

So much the keys like the crosshead have visited less than in the official controls, with a lot of good sensibility, that that the frames of action to form faster, and for the triggers LT and RT, has in the rear part 2 limits deslizantes that rule his route, he doing much shorter, or slower in the fashion of the official. The short is perfect for FPS.

I keys and the Edges of crosshead mécanicos, and listens when pressing them the 'click' typical, the truth is that van really well.

Van to stick very sweet, perhaps too much for my flavour, but is what to accustom .

I keys een' and soyenu' is situated of diagonal form the the side of the logo of XBOX, and in the zone of the triggers, hay 2 extra keys (M1 and M2) that situate the height of means comunicacionales of the triggers. These 2 edges to control mapeables to give them the function that has loved. Under the hare of key' hay a new key with a circulito likes icon, that is for the configuration of the audio.

By means of the application 'Razer Controller Setup for Xbox' for Windows and XBOX will be able to mapear the keys M1, M2, View and Paper, and save profiles, as well as rule the levels of the trigger of sensibility. Also we can configure the vibration (that finds so only in took him).

The control incorporates jack of Audio of in the centre of the inferior part, so that we can connect some headphones directly to the control.

A control with a touch and some very good finishings, very comfortable, with some keys with a fantastic feeling, whose short route (especially the one of the triggers) of the an extra in of the competitive games, especially in shooters. Goring to sin any one contributes a lot respect the official control, the extra keys remapeables any one contributes a lot and difficult of pulsar of a comfortable form the the time that prints the triggers, for example to jump and shoot the the time, because costs costumbrarse the once is habituado the normal control reason probably any one use him.

Excessive estimate for a boss on and the keys of control Sinned rear, the extras are well and the quality is a lot well, but any justify the difference of prize respects the official control.
5 / 5
Razer Is a prestigious mark in the world-wide gaming, with that looking for a control of games of qualities, this model Wolverine V2 was a sure winner.
In this control, the quality any one perceives for the lights and of the decorations, but for details that partorisca my edges a lot of entities like the ergonomics and the materials have used.
Extracted a Compatible control with Xbox A, Xbox serious X|S and PC. I go it Uses he in PC, and gladden me a lot that is totally compatible with the official control of Xbox, reason is recognised so much for games 'officials' to the equal that for emulators of ancient games, that gives support the configuration of all his keys and functions to be the support given for DirectInput.

Looking for in several portals of gaming, hay a lot of reviews that virtues of pause (and some defect). It gives my opinion:

- remarkable Ergonomics. The control has a form that that the hands A lot of fatiguen, having the keys and sticks the good discharge (my hands short edges L in of the gloves, neither big neither small).
- Material: the part where sustains the palmera of the hand is of hule texturada. Any slip neither his the hands.
- I keys have touches a lot well, with a 'click' light when pressing them. The costruttore calls it keys mecatáctiles'. The uses of directional crosshead also this type of boton, although each key is not independent, but that the crosshead is of an only body and note the keys when quell'moving.
- I rear triggers can use like this of the analog controls with good route, or with some controls deslizantes, changes him the route so that they comport like this of the keys. In some games is that it interests this versatility, or still is necessary to use them like key unexpectedly, to have a faster action.
- Connection of Audio in the same control, and control of volume of the control. Ossia Usual in of the consoles but in PC is more comfortable closing to be able to be separated totally of the PC with only a boss.
- Powerful vibration, but any one annoying. It can vary of a 'acúfeno' attacks It, surely because of the weight that movement the engines.
- Boss of 3 metres of longitude, with fast disconnection (with a special connector, any one can confuse with other connections -see photos-), so that in chance to tug desconecte sin that suffers the USB of connector. For the use in PC, where the screen has it to us near, any one is necessary that wireless and calm sea save the annoyances of the recarga of the battery. In theory (for the gamers demanding) the connection for the frequency of Radius there is lag, for boss, any (or much smaller).

Also has some
- The Boss has founds he of hule/plastic. It would be more Flexible and comfortable has had founds he of braided edge.
- @@Subject The discussion or preferences: the fact of any one has connection for bluetooth or the receptor of radius has consecrated can be a question for some user. For me, any one the this.
- Something smaller. It has Directed he of lit (in aim, under the logo of Xbox) result annoying in the darkness and the he atascado.

The prize is something high. In accordance with the prize of the controls 'First'. The weight of the prize in the decision of compraventa is perhaps the Personal plus of all the factors.

For east of mine a highly recommended control.
5 / 5
This control is not the original of Xbox but is perfectly compatible with the consoles Xbox A, Xbox A S, Xbox A X, Xbox Serious X and with PC.
Although Any one is an original control and is of boss, adapted a lot well to manually, very looked to the original control.
Compatible with the new consoles and possesses new characteristic that any one has the original control of Xbox.
Require access The Internet for the installation of the software.
To open it the box find the apt control in a good space cushioned to ensure that it does not spend swipes.
Comes the control with Boss, an USB of adapter for PC and a manual of instructions in several tongues among them the Spanish.
In the control has a battery of keys and crowbars like Edges;

- Crowbars of analog view.
- The key Seen.
- Tecla Xbox.
- Indicator of state.
- Small key.
- I keys of tactile action have mechanised Racer.
- To the tactile crosshead has mechanised Racer.
- Action of key.
- Tecla of configuration of Audio.
- Port for headphones of 3,5 mm.
- Upper keys (LB/RB).
- Triggers (LT/RT).
- Upper keys multifunción (M1/M2).
- Conmutadores Of limit of trigger.

The control adds keys meca-tactile of support and immediate action for keys macro a lot of gains in of the determinate situations and of the games.
The goodness of the keys meca-tactile is that has a cycle of life of 3 millions pulsaciones, upper to the of Xbox, and a capacity of response he he pulsación faster.
In this control has some cause personalizables to improve the response in the swipe and like this shorten the route of the trigger to shoot but fast.
I fists of the Edges to commission quite rounded and with a texture gummed that facilitates a good lame.

Has required a new control and in east has seen the possibility to have a abordable the sin disburses a lot of money.
Some my edges any one imports that sea of boss and when him having to that do that the original any one has so it has decided to try the and is loved.
The control is a heavy control (274 g.), That gives the security that is of a lot of quality.
If Any one wants to spend a lot of money and have a good control, advise this place sinned the doubts.
4 / 5
He Looks for reliability, any hay at all like the classical tampon connected for USB. Questions of zeros of compatibilities, zero lag and to swim battery of rests sinned. The Boss is a lot long and thickness, remarks very resistant and with terminations very good and regulate, so much in the control as in the port of USB of connection.

The control for his part has some extraordinary finishings. The touch is very pleasant, robust, the leaves of weight celery. It remarks that has among hands a Tampon of quality.

The disposal is the classical of Xbox, that besides is compatible with the new consoles and the leading generation, he. Has two Extra keys frontal and another two in the together cup the the triggers.

A negative point that found the to the disposal, is that for the use to crosshead, the joystick the accident is a lot of paste and can arrive the annoy when it use the cup of crosshead said. Said crosshead has a really pleasant touch, sweet and precise, goring of precise sin of a good pulsación to mark correctly, that averts dud pulsaciones.

This model in concrete Any one has rear keys. Neither it has illumination RGB, neither any indication averts of one has DIRECTED aim in the frontal when it is connected.

I triggers of route Along (ideal for games of behaviour) can reduce by means of two rear closures and like this can use adequately in of the games of swipes.

The touch of the keys is very special, with a swipe maquinal and a good boat. As well as also to crosshead.

Both Joystick feel precise, sweet and mark a lot well to plant. It can regulate the sensibility and of the dead zones by means of the Software typical of Razer.

Of course is Compatible with the vibration, whose engines can regulate by means of the application for PC of Razer, as well as also the mapping of keys and macros or reallocations of mark. Any soya a lot of defender of his application, results heavy and problematic. Neither it is that necessary Sea.

In the Inferior part finds the port of start of audio jack 3,5'.

In of the general terms, has a precise control, stable, with some finishings of qualities, and sensibilities very anticipated in of the keys and crosshead.
4 / 5
Has tried this control so much in my PC gaming like this in the Xbox X of a fellow and the opinion has been unanimous: it is the perfect control so that it looks for a gamepad precise and of big row.

In Xbox Any hay more than the connect and ready, in PC (Windows) hay that installs the Razer Controller for Xbox to be able to take the maximum show and the configure the flavour. Very simple and the best, is a very light program.

Going back to the control, of the moment in that takes of the box one @gives that that goes the have among hands and, calm once launches the glove, touches, the sensibility and precision of the keys and to the ergonomics confirm it: for mine (and my fellow) is the better control for Xbox of the warehouse: light, wise, precise and comfortable. All the necessary to give to the better level in of the games that reflected to demand like this can be Fortnite or Call to Owe.

To crosshead and the keys of action the tactile edges have mechanised, ossia, aúnan the best of both technologies and concealed commentaries in the game, like the precision augments an atrocity regarding the original control. This addition limits them to Him of the triggers, that leaves to cut the route of limit, is the better possible combination for a control, of then dips the speed and the capacity of reaction to the limit.

Incorporates in the Inferior part a start of audio of 3,5mm to connect auricular or auricular+micro to avert like this have a boss until to console or the PC. Also it has to that an adapter to connect an interchangeable USB is exited, maximizando his options of connectivities.

@In rodeo: it is the definite control for Xbox X, at least in these moments (the mornings does not know never that it can exit it to the warehouse). For PC is another like this of the same, big show with an inferior prize to the others controls of big row, reason thinks that is a point his favour.

Had that dipped a paste, would be that it is a control with alámbrico and the leaves of the mayor of the people prefers them wireless, but personally in PC prefer all with boss (control, mouse and keyboard) considering the mine has all the necessary to touch with consolation and to the level of big plus, reason recommend it to 100.
5 / 5
For Aleta has arrived the control the , my edges is like this crazy. For him Hay some doubt, signal that hay an expert mark in the new generations of consoles that is Racer and can try this control is almost a marvel in the world of the games...; I transmit the main impressions after his use, in this chance drive me of the expert in the house in this type of subjects, the small of the house.
Positive appearances 👍:
✅ The prime minister that underlines of the control is his ergonomic creation , very comfortable so much for took him antideslizantes like this for the own rear form of the control, has an empty pronounced among the extremes of the control and the rear zone where substitute the toes that any one uses and that leaves to accommodate the hands perfectly. The feeling is that the creation is thought so the join up both hands with eases.
✅ The weight is quite light 274 grs.
✅ HAS a response in the games of 100 , tongue of the sensibility of the clave and of the blockade of the triggers. IMPRESSING
✅ compact and comfortable Creation.
✅ PACKED Of 10, as you plough the rests of box have impressed of like this comes..., Quell'conceals called the attention a lot, is that has account until the last detail.

In those expect Him less favorecedores or negative 👎 :
⛔ To the crosshead give the feeling that it is but comfortable in other controls.
⛔ Be “joined” to Touch he with boss, any one there is bluetooth concealed thinks that in a control of this characteristic would have to that be of rigour, for liberty and consolation...

Finally, is in front of an extraordinary control but, for the first time, any one bend the give an only response..., I Think that, in this chance, hay that sopesar the front of positive points the the negative, especially for his prize. My edges prefers quality The independence in the control..., But each person is a world-wide and more in the world of the games...
Has looked gain my opinion ... As thank you very much and that servants of something 😜.
5 / 5

In Soya of PROPRIETARY PC of a control of Xbox 360, possibly of the better controls that quell'hay that saves the distances with his new versions.

This control of Razer called a lot the attention and although it is a Genial control for game, has his PEROS.

Indicate that has produced Razer, reason know his level of details that draw and manufacture.


The control is a RAZER model WOLVERINE V2 version Xbox and with Boss.

To That it liked him to it when that trying:

✅ robust Commission, with weight of 373 grams. The control of Xbox One has a weight of 441 grams.
✅ The finishing of the control is of quality and has hules antideslizantes for a lame minor.
✅ Have keys multifunciones configurables with application Razer.
✅ I keys and the Edges of crosshead of pulsación fast, very sensitive and comfortable.
✅ HAS adaptable triggers, that can configure his route.
✅ Boss if, but of a big longitude that any one affects in at all to touch.

That Any one convince:

❌ Obviously is a control alambrico.
❌ Has measured 1,80 and have some normal hands, neither big neither small, resupplied my height. Like this this in spite of the control me small. If I want to obtain a lot I the triggers, has to force the thumbs, and very little.
❌ The control slips something for the rear part, what that any one arrives with the control of Xbox 360. The motive is for the form of the agarradoras, in this control is something less pronounced and for the hay of rear part less ergonómia for the hand.


Recommends the control because it is complete, any that the hay doubts that it is a product Razer.

Now, a lot of eye with the measure of the control, so only thus he down 1 star in the punctuation.

The Boss? Calm forget you quickly when you touch.

4 / 5
Modify : Leider wird give Razer Controller nach nur zwei Tagen a diversen USB-Ports nicht mehr vom System (Wins 10 64Bit 20H2) erlkannt, auch nicht nach Reboots, Of- und Reinstallation give Geräts. Er ist somit nicht mehr brauchbar. Insofern nur noch zwei statt Give vorherigen avenges Sterne. Fehlermeldung ist als weiteres Bild anbei.


Give Rezension sind avenges Bilder beigefügt, auf denen Given Bedienelemente gelb markiert sind, die beim Standardcontroller (Original von Microsoft) nicht vorhanden sind. Ich werde auch im Text Vergleiche zu diesem Standardcontroller anstellen. Warum? Weil er immer noch Give beliebteste The controller follows Markt ist, wenn man vom deutlich teureren Controller of Elite of the Microsoft bad absieht. Aber zurück Zoom Wolverin V2 von Razer, Gives ich im Folgenden einfach nur Razer nennen werde.

Zunächst ist Give Razer ein sehr stabiler und hochwertig verarbeiteter Controller, soweit von außen ersichtlich. Nichts verwindet sich, knarzt, klappert oder wackelt.

Größe und Gewicht entsprechen In etwa dem Microsoft Standardcontroller, vielleicht wenige Milimeter größer. Insgesamt liegt Give Razer sehr Gut In giving Hand. Die Ansicht-Flavour ist leicht ungünstig plaziert, gives the man dipped dem Daumen über give linken Clave greifen muss. Insgesamt ist Give Razer aber ergonomisch und er bietet gummierte Harp, Microsoft to die bei seinem Standardcontroller nur ab dem Modell Herbst 2020 anbietet.

Give Anschluss erfolgt ausschließlich über ein fest Dipped dem Controller verbundenes und 3 Metre langes USB-Kabel, welches über eine guten Knickschutz are Razer und einen Stolperschutz verfügt (gives ist ein Zwischenstecker, gives getrennt wird, wenn man zu heftig über give Kabel stolpert). Und Gives ist auch schon give erste Unterschied zu Microsoft, deren Controller über Kabel und kabellos (Bluetooth) betrieben werden kann und somit dem Nutzer given Wahl lässt. Eine weiße, nicht zu helle has DIRECTED zeigt die Verbindung PC of zoom a. Sie lässt sich nicht abstellen.

Windows 10 x64 ist (lt. Anleitung Give Herstellers) Voraussetzung für give Razer und give Controller wird damit sofort klaglos erkannt. Im Tent of Microsoft gibt is dann Application of die 'Razer Conroller Setup for Xbox' (geht auch follows PC), place dem diverse Parameter (Empfindlichkeit give Claves, Belegung von Tasten (M1, M2, Ansicht-Flavour und Menü-Flavour) has dipped 19 fest vordefinierten Funktionen, Stärke give Vibration von 0 (aus) bis 10 (is rappelt richtig give Händen)) eingestellt und Profile verwaltet werden können. Like this wie ich give verstehe, merkt sich give Contoller aber nur given zuletzt gewählte Konfiguration.

Claves of data, Bumper of data (LB/RB), Trigger of data (LT/RT), die Ansicht-Flavour und Menü-Flavour verhalten sich funktional und haptisch sehr ähnlich Microsoft of zoom Standardcontroller, was beutet sehr präzise und ohne zu hohen oder zu schwachen Wiederstand. Aber Is gibt auch Unterschiede:

- Claves to die lassen sich nicht in giving Höhe verstellen.
- Cause to die lassen sich mittels give one gives Unterseite angebrachet Trigger-Spent-Schieber nahezu feststellen. Of the heißt give Auslöseweg kann Hard verkürzt werden.
- Für Die Ansicht-Flavour und Menü-Flavour gilt give funktional natürlich nur, wenn ihnen keine andere Funktion zugewiesen wurde.

Give Steuerkreuz und Die Tasten A/B/X/And verfügen über mechanische, taktile Schalter, welche nicht nur länger halten sollen, sondern auch ein first haptisches und hörbares Feedback geben. Of the gefällt Gut.

Bumper to die M1 und M2 sitzen mittenorientiert neben give Bumpern (LB/RB) und die Triggern (LT/RT) und sind beim Microsoft Standardconroller nicht vorhanden. Also schonmal zwei Tasten mehr, die sich wie oben beschrieben belegen lassen. Sie sind Dipped Gives Spitzen give Zeigefinger auch Gut zu erreichen, ohne gleich Bumper oder Trigger ebenfalls zu erwischen. Auch Triggern und und Quotes Nutzung give M-Flavour, auf einer Seite give Razer gleichzeitig, ist place etwas Übung möglich (z.B. Row spannen und Pfeil auslösen).

Neu im Vergleich Microsoft of zoom Standardcontroller ist auch Die Lautstärketaste, dipped gives zusammen place dem Steuekreuz die Lautstärke give are Controllers angeschlossenen Headsets (3,5 mm Klinke) für give Spiel oder give Ingame-Cat geregelt werden kann.

Dipped give Teilen-Try können Screenshots geteilt werden. Auf Give meisten Microsoft Standardvontrollern dürfte ein solche Like you nicht vorhanden heart, denn sie wurde durch Microsoft erst give brandneuen Version (Modell Herbst 2020) hinzugefügt.

Insgesamt ist Give Razer wirklich ein sehr guter Controller, aber kommen wir zoom Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis:

- Razer Wolverine V2: 119,90 € (Amazon direkt/ ASIN: B08GG8QSQH)
- Microsoft Standardconroller Wireless: 58,19 € (Amazon direkt/ Modell Herbst 2020/ ASIN: B07SDFLVKD/ benötigt Rechner dipped Bluetooth oder kann dipped einem handelsüblichen USB-Kabel betrieben werden)
- Elite of Microsoft Serious of Wireless Controller 2: 169,98 € (Amazon direkt/ ASIN: B07SR4R8K1)

(Angaben vom ca. 2 Uhr)

Im Vergleich zoom neusten Modell (Herbst 2020) Give Microsoft Standardcontrollers bietet give Razer zwei Bumper mehr, eine Flavour für die Lautstärkeregelung, zoom Teil mechanische Tasten, Schieber zur Verkürzung give Auslösewegs give Trigger und ein paar wenige Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, kostet in etwa aber auch give Doppelte, und man muss beim Razer auf given Möglichkeit eines kabellosen Betriebs verzichten. Aus meiner Sicht rechtfertigen leichte Pros, verbunden place Gilipollas, nicht Harm ungefäht doppelten Preis.

Sollte ich schon rund 120 € für einen Controller ausgeben wollen, dann wären mir Quotes ca. 50 € mehr für Give Controller of Elite of the Microsoft auch nicht zu viel. Und dann bekommt Man dann wirklich einiges mehr, z.B. austauschbare Komponeten und Avenges Paddles.

Fazit: It gives Razer Wolverine V2 ist ein sehr guter Controller, bietet aber im Vergleich dipped dem Microsoft Standardcontroller zu wenig Vorteile und Man muss auch Nachteile in Kauf nehmen. Of the passt nicht zu dem Fast doppelten Preis. It gives Razer ist weder Fisch noch Fleisch. Inofern gibt Is auch nur 4 Sterne.
5 / 5
The Prime minister that Hay that says is that the packed is a delight, remarks that it is very cured and can situate the the inconvenient sin seen.

With the control in the hand feels with a weight has balanced, neither very light neither excessively heavy. The neighbour is like a very solid blockade and transmits the vibration of effective way when it is actuated.

He pulsación Of the keys to the touch is a dry click that diverse a bit among them, surely to distinguish easily the groups of keys. In the rear part has two crowbars for the blockade of the triggers, this does to limit to reduce the route of the pulsación and that sea more direct, I the always has blocked maintenances for games that requires a fast response.

The behaviour after an intense use is excellent, any one have developed never neither the keys neither he joysticks. That cost yes a bit at the beginning is the Control with him joysticks in of the games in first person, conclusive edges but accustom you easily.

Regarding the Boss, has a sufficient longitude for all the world-wide and comes with mouth for the connector that always is a plus. Have liked me to him that comprised of the possibility of outrage of wireless connection for Boss, although this can that embezzles immediacy to the control. I called the attention that has port jack to take auricular, any one had seen the a lot.

Like Conclusion, the strong points of the commission sinned of the doubts of edges finalised and the cure of the details sews that they the a product of big quality, the negative points for my edges the impossibility of wireless connection and the prize that look a bit high.
4 / 5
We find in front of an incredible Controller. Of the moment that takes to us of the box the feeling of quality comprises it everything. Of the Boss, the triggers, the keys. All this oriented partorisca Give the better experience of game already sea in PC or in Xbox. His operation and configuration perfect Edges in both program, for now any question of compatibility.

I frontal keys can reasociar easily, especially in PC, a lot of entities to attribute controls that in of the games of PC can suppose appeal to the keyboard. One underlines the triggers, that has a key to choose his route, a lot of gain according to the type of game. Besides they have an unexpectedly fast function.

Is exited of Audio for jack of 3,5mm, tried in PC and works perfectly.

Extracted a control has oriented I competitive games multijugador, especially on-line, where will remark some goodness. The speed of the response and the ergonomics of the Control improves the control of the character in all the situations. The sin Doubts a small goodness.

In other games also results a lot comfortable and appreciates his precision in some games. It is an a lot recommended control so that they spend long in front of the console or PC, is an investment that fences in the pity, and for long term. In PC any risk of hay that interrupts and for now in Xbox maintains the same control for the next generation.

The only negative appearance for some can be that it is not wireless. But the Boss is especially long and the truth that never has launched he in failure, although it supposes to have writes it something more disordered.
5 / 5
Gleich vorab, Ich habe Gives Razer Wolverine V2 Controller nur dipped meiner Xbox A und RDR 2 sowie follows PC DIPPED Force getestet und möchte yesterday meine Erfahrungen teilen. One gives Xbox A X konnte ich ihn bisher leider noch nicht declare.
Geliefert wird Give Wolverine V 2 in einer hübschen Verpackung Und nach dem auspacken macht give Controller, was given Verarbeitung angeht, einen sehr guten Eindruck. Er ist spürbar leichter als Give Original Xbox A Controller und vor allem bei give Benutzung are PC DIPPED Force fällt auf, dass sowohl given Analogsticks wie auch the data Causes one gives Oberseite spürbar leichter und präziser zu dosieren sind.

Given allgemeine Haptik gives Controllers ist meiner Meinung nach sehr gut, Wer ist griffig liegt auch nach langen Sessions súper in giving Hand, Auch place schwitzigen Händen. Ein analoger 3,5 mm Anschluss für ein Headset besitzt er ebenfalls.

Razers eigene Software ermöglicht unter Windows 10 diverse Einstellungsmöglichkeiten, wie gives individual Zuordnen give Tasten und die Empfindlichkeit give Analogsticks. Of the Klickgeräusch give Tasten ist meiner Meinung nach etwas lauter, aber von meiner Gaming-Tastatur cube ich gives ebenfalls gewohnt. It is kommt ein echter Fashion of Nostalgia bei dem Klick-Geräusch auf.

Sicherlich, gives Preis ist the round dipped €120 nicht gerade günstig, für einen Controller, wer jedoch viel und/oder professionell spielt, sollte gerne bereit heart, etwas in are Peripherie zu investieren.

Ich habe nach Gut 3 Wochen give Benutzung testweise wieder meinen originalen XBOX Or-Controller in Betrieb genommen, gives jahrelang treu gedient hat, naja, sagen wir is bad then , er ist ab jetzt ausschließlich für Gäste reserviert😉.

Give Wolverine V2 ist That ein typisches Gerät, welches man erst wirklich zu schätzen weiss, wenn man dann wieder umswitcht. Von mir eine Absolute Kaufempfehlung für to the, die Auf give Rennstrecke die Kurven noch ein Quäntchen präziser nehmen wollen.
4 / 5
The truth is that it always had touched with the original controls of the consoles, but after trying this control thinks that goes for the transmission the originals for versions of this costruttore 😁

treats of a really comfortable control, with a grip so that any one slips although we sweat a lot for the hands 👍 always roughly desists complicate 😝

A part of the own grip, is a boss of control with quell'obtain 0 lag, a lot that imports in on-line, any question of hay for the any one arrive the boss how is quite long 👍

In that the the feeling of the goodnesses of alone keys can say, his route is short and precise, with a pulsación sweet that any atasca never 💪 and speak of the triggers... The big of down have adjustable routes in 2 place, short ideal for shotters and long ideal for transmissions 👌👌👌of behaviour of a the another by means of some crowbars in the inferior part of the control.
Besides adds 2 extra keys to add shortcuts that gives an extra of goodness in the starts, all a lot very thought and useful 😁😁

In that the the compatibility, I any have Xbox, but for the pc edges geniales, instantaneous detection in Windows 10 and 100 has configured the keys ✌️✌️

In definite, treats of a control gaming with all the necessary to be able to amuse he during a lot of hours, included followed jeje, obtaining thank you the he an extra goodness thanks to his speed of response of the keys and configuration, any you arrepentirás 😁👌💪✌️
4 / 5
treats of a compatible control with several devices (pc, xbox). In of the account of compilations, the control this sake. On the one hand it is comfortable, with the distribucion of the control of xbox and a ergonomia well. Habituado The inalambricos, is this but light, remarks the weight of the battery. On the other hand, it is a lot but comfortable a inalambrico, so much to touch, as it has finalised once to touch and calm goes saves it.

All the keys (comprising to crosshead) Edges of clicks of write', as the ones of the mouse, but with a bit but of route before it presses . Van well, edges comodos, but any doubt that is equal of durable that the another type of boton, especially in algun moment of tension or estres pressed but strong edges of the has had to that.

He joystick analogicos To genial van, for my best that the ones of xbox. Van but sweet and less rigid, and have mayor sensacion of control.

On the other hand, reward it look a lot big. We are speaking of 120.ºt For a control that any one is inalambrico. Sincerely, having for 45.ºt-60and controls estandar of xbox, any one look a lot very shabby.

-A lot of light
-Joysticks analogicos excellent

-The prize is a lot Big, especially having accounts that any one edges inalambricos

-I keys of clicks to write any one finalise to convince, but think that has to accustom me, reason give he sensacion that has better feedback, ossia, remarks better when these pressing the keys
5 / 5
Give Razer Wolverine V2 habe ich mir bestellt für PC-Spiele, die ich manchmal zur Entspannung nutze. Of the wäre bei mir hauptsächlich Legends of asphalt, welches ich mir über give Microsoft Playstore heruntergeladen habe.
Give Wolverine kommt In einer sehr aufwändigen Verpackung one. It gives Controller ist darin aufbewahrt als würde er Give 10-fache kosten. M.M. nach etwas zuviel Umverpackung.

Given Verarbeitung ist cup, yesterday gibt is nichts zu meckern. Über Knife of data-Seite kann man viel Software herunterladen und nutzen, egal ob einen oder eine Verbesserung give Grafik. Yesterday habe ich lediglich nachgeschaut aber nichts davon installiert. Jedenfalls scheint sich Racer Yesterday ordentlich Mühe zu geben a Give Spielvergnügen Máximo zu gestalten.

Quotes Bedienung give Wolverine ist sehr gut. Die Knöpfe sind to the gut zu erreichen und to the verfügen über einen sehr gute Druckpunkt. Claves to die reagieren wie sie sollen, sehr präzise und man kann damit sehr feinfühlig steueren.
Einen Langzeittest habe ich noch nicht gemacht, aber Give 4 Wochen wo ich ihn fast täglich genutzt habe, konnte ich keinerlei Probleme feststellen.

Give Kabel Hat eine beachtliche Länge von 3 Metern, place einem USB-Kombi-Stecker.

Give Controller verfügt auf give User-Seite über einen Analoger Audio-Anschluss (3,5 mm) für Xbox und PC (Windows) a ein Headset anschließen zu können.

Given Razer™ Fusible-Tactile-Aktionstasten und Razer™ Fusible-Tactile-Steuerkreuz funktionieren äußerst präzise und steuergenau.

Fazit: It gives Controller ist Súper verarbeitet, liegt perfekt in giving Hand und er lässt sich sehr gut bedienen. Claves to die arbeiten präzise. Sicherlich ist Give Preis recht hoch, wer has given aber invertiert erhält einen sehr guten und stabilen Controller.
5 / 5
Controller of new order for Xbox X/S or Pc Razer Wolverine V2 the last up to date version of Razer, the truth that in if the controller is a marvel the good that works, he pulsadores edges maquinales to feel each pulsación 0 of Lang, this any one could be of another way of then is wiring and any one can speak of a wonderful technology, he joystick is another marvel, while it has suffered questions with the joystick of the official control that remain these stuck, for more than cane that dies is very suffered any question quite all the contrary is very fluent

take He in comparative with the official is another marvel , hay a big difference, the this is more ergonomic gives game of flavour with him, further to be lighter, although neither hay a big difference, inform me that in my opinion would prefer the weight of the Elite and have he of the liberty that offered the be wireless

Has to that two extra triggers that will be able to configure our partorisca flavour and his boss has a longitude of 3M

in my opinion control it look a marvel, remarks a lot the difference with the official control, but brake me a lot the limitation of the boss, look a big a lot behind, has the habit to touch but in pc that in Xbox and for me is a big limitation that offered the wiring, is boss of the commission of sin would be a 10 with the real prize, now well, compares with the Elite of version any colour of hay
4 / 5
Ich weiß noch früher, wenn man auf give ganz alten Xbox gespielt hat, hatte man einen Controller, welchen man kaum in giving Hand halten konnte, weil er like this groß ist. Die Konkurrenz hatte dagegen Controller, wo man kaum etwas in giving Hand hatte. Die Technik hat sich weiterentwickelt und give Razer Wolverine V2 ist seit Langem give erste eigene Controller von mir und ich cube begeistert. Ohne zu spielen, nur durch Quotes Haptik give Controllers gefiel er mir schon. It gives Controller ist extrem handlich und durch aufgeraute, gummiartige Beschichtung One gives Seite give Controllers rutscht dieser auch nicht weg. Er fühlt sich einfach Gut A, gives Controller in giving Hand zu halten. Ich nutze Give Controller für give PC und war erst einmal überrascht, dass ich keinerlei Software herunterladen musste und dass give Controller sofort einsatzfähig war. Man merkt gerade bei Rennspielen doch große Unterschiede zwischen Tastatur und Controller. It gives Controller überträgt Die Tasteneingabe sofort ohne jegliche Verzögerung. Positiv für To the Gamer ist sicherlich auch Give ca. drei Metre lange Kabel. Ich muss sagen, gives einzige Kritikpunkt ist für mich Vibration to die gives Controllers beim Startvorgang meines PCs.
Für mich gehört bei einem Controller dieser Preisklasse auch ein gutes Marketing bzw. Unpacking dazu. Yesterday ist Razer sicherlich ein Vorreiter, sodass sich Given Verpackung wirklich sehr edel wirkt und man von Anfang one gives Gefühl übermittelt bekommt, yesterday bekommt man ein gutes, werthaltiges Produkt. So that findet man selbst are unteren Ende give USB-Kabels einen eingravierten Razerschriftzug. Ich Cube vollkommen zufrieden, 5/5 Sternen.
5 / 5
In this chance go to leave it the opinion in a control for games with boss for Xbox serious X of the mark Razer. Like the costruttore has several models that knows that I am commenting it Wolverine Definite (Xbox A). Regarding the creation Any hay at all that says, the creation is ergonomic, taking well for games, is comfortable and the keys good edges and look robust. Has two keys of multifunción for the controls and so that you can customise the game. Door to crosshead and the keys with tactile action that also facilitates the use. Also we have a way of Wise kitten with limits to do like an unexpectedly fast species. The start of Audio is of three with five that it is appropriate partorisca to console. Another thing to underline is the weight , is adapted any hanged a lot with that is comfortable to use. He So only paste that could dip is that has Boss, in my chance like a game near of the sofa any one create any question, thinks that would have to that one wireless. His comparative would be the elite and A lot there is at all that envies. I think that that it is one of the better controls that has had the recommend. The wait helped with this description, if it is like this for the goodness can pulsar the key of “useful” that looks under the opinion to do me the sabre.
4 / 5
Ich War früher selber in giving And-Sport Szene aktiv und ich kenne give Unterschied zwischen Original Controllern und gemoddeter Controllern nur zu gut. Scuf und Razer sind In dieser Szene bekannte Namen und Hair-Trigger, Triggerstops und Paddles bringen frames Spielen und Spielsituationen einen entscheidenden Vorteil.

» Was bietet give Razer Wolverine V2 ?

Give Razer Wolverine V2 ist Like this ein verbesserter Controller, gives besser und griffiger in giving Hand liegt als give original Controller.
Give Weiteren kann Man mittels give zwei Schaltern auf give Rückseite jeweils für jede Seite give Hair-Trigger-Modus und Trigger-Stops aktivieren und deaktivieren. It dies bringt besonders bei Shooterspielen einen Vorteil, dass the man gives Feuerbutton nicht komplett durchdrücken muss, sondern give Tecla schon bei give kleinsten Berührung auslöst und man like this im Millisekundenbereich schneller reagieren kann. Gerade In giving Shooterszene sind Millisekunden oft entscheidend über Sieg und Niederlage.
Zusätzliche und Character Belegungen give Tasten sorgen für oftmals eine bessere und schnellere Controller im Spiel und sparen Like this auch wieder kostbare Zeit. It dies kann man alles mittels Razer Application für die Xbox ganz genau einstellen.
Lobenswert finde ich Give 3m lange USB Kabel place einem Kombistecker und die Griffigkeit give Controllers. Dieser liegt auch bei längeren und schwitzigeren Gamingsessions Gut In giving Hand.
Quotes Reaktionen go Tasten und give Steuerkreuzes/Joysticks sind präzise und stimmig. Man kommt relativ schnell und gut damit zurecht und hat keine lange Umgewöhnungsphase vom Original Controller.

» Was bietet give Razer Wolverine V2 nicht?

Einzig Paddles vermisse ich beim Razer Wolverine V2. It has dipped they have given kann Given of man Aktionen give Hauptbuttons auf die Rückseite give Controllers legen und like this muss man nicht Toe to die vom Joystick nehmen a eine Aktion give Buttos auszulösen, sondern macht give bequem via Paddle. It gives Given für mich eine wichtige und essential Funktion für einen verbesserten Gaming Controller ist und dies yesterday komplett fehlt, gibt is auch einen Stern Abzug.

» Kompatibilität Dip Windows

Give Controllers ist sofort Was-of-the Box dips Windows startklar und wird ohne Treiber erkannt. Sobald Given of man mittlere Logotaste drückt, erscheint auch direkt ein Menü unter Windows (siehe Screenshot).
Weitere Anpassungen lassen sich mittels Razer Application für has given Controller vornehmen. Dabei kann Quotes of man Tastenbelegungen, Sensibilitäten und vieles mehr ganz individuell anpassen.

» Fazit

Ich kann ein Positive Fazit aussprechen. It gives Controller ist qualitativ sehr hochwertig gearbeitet und sehr gut konzipiert. Zudem ist dieser Controller auch für And-Sport Turniere zugelassen und hat of man einen ganz legalen Vorteil.
Wer Paddles nicht nutzen mag oder Has given als störend empfindet ist dipped dem Razer Wolverine V2 sehr Gut beraten. Wer Corazón gesamtes Gameplay auf Quotes Verwendung place Paddles bereits trainiert und verfeinert hat, wird has given sehr schmerzlich vermissen. Somit ein guter Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittener Controller für ambitionierte Gamer.

Ich hoffe meine Rezension War nützlich und konnte given Vor- und Nachteile has given Controllers verständlich vermitteln.
4 / 5
Nachdem ich nun lange Jahre Give Joypad meiner alten Xbox 360 für fast alles genutzt habe dachte ich mir is wäre interessant bad etwas hochwertiges zu probieren. It gives kam Die Gelegenheit has given Tampon zu declare gerade recht.

Was mir direkt aufgefallen ist, ist give Gewicht und wie to the gut has given Tampon in giving Hand liegt. It is fühlt sich wirklich Gut a von give Gummierung über die Verteilung give Gewichts bis hin zu give Keys und Thumbsticks. Keys to die bieten einen sehr schönen Klick als Feedbacks und reagieren direkt. Sehr praktisch ist Give Trigger of data of the man von einem längeren und dosierten Weg almost auf Instant umstellen kann. So that kann man in Rennspielen z.B. dosiert Gas geben und in Shootern direkt feuern. Of the Joypad ist präzise und Given analogen Joysticks ebenso. Dazu noch zwei Keys zur freien Verfügung. Dank Give beigelegten Adapters auf USB sind die meisten Einsatzmöglichkeiten sehr vielfältig.
Dank Give Kabels sollte kein Inputlag vorhanden the heart Was besonders für Hardcore oder Turnier bzw Onlinespiele wichtig ist.

Alles In allem ein the Upper controller gives heart Geld wert ist für given echten Zocker und definitiv 5 Sterne verdient hat.

Masterfrage ist ob ich mir Has given Controller auch like this gekauft hätte? Nein! Denn auch wenn mich Give Kabel nicht stört Like this bevorzuge ich kabelloses Zubehör ABER ich cube mir dessen bewusst give ich kein Hardcoregamer cube daher hätte ich zu einem give günstigeren und kabellosen Controller von Knife gegriffen denn die Qualität von Knife Produkten ist meist über jeden Zweifel erhaben.
5 / 5
The concept to draw is North American and the China of manufacture; the company Razer underlines for his wide row of pieces of computers, underlining functionalities and vistosidad (in some of them especially with games of lights multicolor really attractive).
Inside the box finds the control together with an inseparable Boss of connection (longitude, long) with apresamiento USB. Under a flap is the instruciones in several tongues that comprises the Spanish, and in paper, for my flavour, too small. The plastic employed in the carcasa is of quality, robust.
All the Edges of controls of accionamiento sweet, of response very agile. In the rear part finds the apresamiento of Audio by means of jack of 3,5 mm. Dimensions of the control: 16 cms. In his longer part, and 11 cms. In his wider part. It perceives a pleasant feeling of weight when that taking. The surface of the salient inferior, those that takes with the palmeras of the hand, has a comfortable hammered antideslizante. One underlines the functions of the key to regulate of audio.
Show: Comfortable to take and of manegar, with sweet controls and of the fast responses. Very dynamic, of robust manufacture. The only question is that Any one is a cockroach of piece .
5 / 5
Seit vielen Jahren spiele ich leidenschaftlich auf Gives Konsole und habe bis Dates immer auf Die Standardcontroller von Microsoft zurückgegriffen. Umso gespannter War ich, wie the gut gives Wolverine V2 von Razer bei mir abschneidet.

Optik und Haptik stimmen Yesterday schon einmal. It gives Controller liegt sehr gut In giving Hand und setzt auf dies altbewährte Form. Die Grifffläche ist rutschsicher und selbst längere Sessions sind kein Question. Auch Claves of data fühlen sich gut a und lassen sich präzise steuern.

Im Gegensatz Zoom 'normalen' Controller, verfügt gives V2 über zwei zusätzliche Keys im Schulterbereich sowie einer Soundtaste zwischen Kreuz und Clave. Letzteres lässt separat Gives Ingame- und Sprachsound regeln, was ich sehr gerne nutze. Die beiden zusätzlichen Keys im Schulterbereich können frei belegt werden, wie is einem are besten passt. Of the eignet sich vor allem für Quotes Leute, Bumper of data of the data und place of parallel Cause Mittel- und Zeigefinger steuern. Yesterday entfaltet give Controller meiner Ansicht nach heart volles Potential.

Was ich ebenfalls gerne nutze sind Trigger of data-Stop-Transmissions, plants denen Trigger of data nicht ganz durchgedrückt werden müssen. Eignet sich vor allem für Ego-Shooter, gives yesterday schneller geschossen wird.

Insgesamt Cube ich sehr zufrieden, auch nach vielen Stunden gives Spielens. It gives Controller liegt gut In giving Hand und arbeitet zuverlässig. Ich gehe wohl nicht mehr zurück zu einem normalen von CUP :)
5 / 5
He the game gone back he with the last games in PC and remained has surprised that has improved the controls and all quell'offered this Razer Wolverine of Xbox but compatible with PC.

To That it liked him to it more is his ergonomics , touch and of precision in the like this digital controls (crosshead, keys and trigger) as analog together with the vibration in the compatible games.

Controls him Van all very sweet and precise being able to configure all and his sensibility of the application of Xbox for PC or in the own game.

The connection is for Only of USB with boss of some 3m, launching in failure the wireless connection.

Also is exited of Audio of Jack 3.5 for comfort it to connect your headphones with microphone to submerge even more in the game.

His weight is quite light and the creation, for my flavour, lovely: with his green swipes and, as it says, so much the touch as you take it and exceptional precision.

Comes presents in a box with cushioned Inner and creation a lot of CUP.

Is worth it to spend a bit more than money and Sabre that will have a precise control, resistant and of quality for years.
5 / 5
The control Razer Wolverine is Compatible so much with Windows, Xbox One, Seriáis S and Serious X and suppose the perfect option like alternative control, especially is players that competes of on-line form and research the better experience of game.

Regarding the product, the ergonomics of the control is perfect and results comfortable partly graces the sound takes natural. It has to that a connector Jack of 3.5 mm to connect regular headphones. The crosshead is mechanised and is possible of reasociar the keys for Control of mayor and personalización, saving them down several personal profiles.

On the other hand the interaction with the keys is agile and precise. The triggers sensitive Edges and have varied limits to create real feelings when stepping the accelerator or brake in the video games of behaviour or the swipes in the titles of action.

In definite, a control with a quality - excellent esteem, where hay that underlines that it is not wireless, but with the boss has had to that is directed for the avert any entrance lag that can prejudice you in your experience, of particular use touch the competitive level. In my chance uses the control for the Xbox serious X and prefer it before the Elite owed to the touch, quality of the components and facilitated for the configure.
4 / 5
If you are a jugon so much of PC to the equal that of Xbox A, Xbox Serious X or Seriáis S buys sinned to doubt this control. It is a professional control and your starts have improved considerably.
In the first place to open it his box will see the quality of the device, so only find the control Razer Wolverine V2, some small instructions and 3 stickers of the mark Razer, but will find all orderly tan and has collected that gives the sensacion to have something very professional among our hands.

The instructions explain 4 details of entities and simple:
- That edges each one of the keys of the control, cuales edges the reemplazables and those that any one the edges and cuales keys of edges mecano-tactiles.
- Like this use he in of the consoles Xbox or in PC, (in of the consoles only pulsar the boton of Xbox and in Windows of PC 10 64bit the transports of engine -install automatically the first time that connects the USB of boss).
- Like this use the Control of audio, pressing the boton of control of audio + the crosshead of direccion.
- Like this converts the triggers LT-RT in of the keys that annuls visited of the triggers thank you The some individual eyelashes.
- Like this configures or reasociar works I the different new keys have added to the control that profiles of uses. Partorisca East does to lack to use the aplicacion Razer Controller Setup for Xbox downloadable of the Tent of Microsoft.

The control has an aesthetics a lot equally The the one of the original control of Xbox but this recubierto of a hule characterises skin of serpent that gives a consolation taken and exceptional. Hardly hanged and does very comfortable and pleasant. The Boss has a system anti-caidas to the equal that have seen already in the controls of the ancient console Xbox clasica.

Extracted a control Razer exceptional and very professional. If you can compralo, any one the doubts a moment.
4 / 5
NB: With which answered of the SAV RAZER, this gamepad is not simply pas Compatible to Call to Have to that WW2 PC still to the sud with lucido game in way GAMEPAD in his controls. They have found His same questions that me. It can configure lucido interventor but is not active.
The utilisation of gamepad leaves to use to the more his games of consoles and some games of PC whose his FPS.
This gamepad Of second generation is joins Alternative good to the products XBOX microsoft. It is extremely good finishing. His Contacts are frank saves can be the espaldarazo of the sud the joystick right-winger that adentra a bit before treating.
The possibility to reduce the Yards give gachettes with giving commutateurs the glissière is a plus innegable touches his games of has shot. I have effected Test to the sud a car of PC does not situate of XBOX. I have downloaded Lucido software RAZER dédié but does not leave to modify true his Affectations of keys touches PC. After having verified That he gamepad was pair very seen WIN10 64b, has verified equally the affectation gives contacts to the keys DX. I owe that say that One the fact is missing to look for long the windows of small software in him cachea usual microsoft has hid down feigning it frontal harm that RAZER has not resupplied a software of the keyboard of emulation touches this contrô contacts them is not seen correctly. Especially his keys A,B,X,And dévolus to the DX 1,2,3,4 is diplicados pair his keys sitos to the on give legislation of focus and has left. It is harm . After, the test to the sud Called to Have to that WW2 does not join me left mapper his keys of the gamepad as of the touches of keyboard. Lucido Touches no his reconnait simply the no. Spends his réglages of control of the COD OF OF THE SUD GAMEPAD, finds lucido interventor and the poster. Afterwards it can affect give the meadow of ways has programmed to to the the tone likes him the BEAST, SCOUT, INCUMPLIMIENTO. You have shouted, I have not achieved to use these Affectations then give parties. Reason? Mystery...
Has contacted, RAZER the admitted joins limitation to the sud his keyboard of affectations to the interventor the pair has loved his developers of CODS in some worries of equities in fines players but any some still have answered my question of the sud lucida way GAMEPAD of the no effective game. A know that in another game, of simulation this time, SPINTIRES, he GAMEPAD is very seen and facilitates grandement the behaviour gives vehicles. Lucido USB of boss of 3m leaves to touch to the sud a loin TV situated of you.
Finally, a controleur of quality that fallen well in main, situates also vibrations, with giving the classical contact but a lot of sitos and of confidence. Lucido The prize is this in spite of a lot of Loin to be néême he lucido the world gives the consoles is réputé have give expensive accessories.
5 / 5
Player of several decades, has been has wanted to declare this manette, compatible series X and S and Windows of low PC 10, with the end to verify of the sud lucido terrain of game his innovations have proposed.

Has like this here Joins manette filaire, the aim that is everything simply to do a interventor lucido faster possible, this is not a worry of economy.
Lucido The boss is of good longitude but this in spite of any tressé.

I edges Weigh and his form any one will disturb you that it is not lucido obligatoriamente chance of the cross of direction, without outlining this time and give switchs. Sure enough, it touches to win some millisecondes during the espaldarazo of the tone has joined, razer proposes again microswitchs of type mécanique with the course has joined diminished.
His gâchettes is not to embezzle of then is equally the Possible street gives crowbars of keys in two of the manette to diminish his course this in spite of joins time to win of infimes millisecondes.
His keys See and the paper is not the his usual locations and owing to the presence the vicinity of the joystick the equivalent finds him less accessible of course.

Touches lucidos edges, the apresamiento jack is to the usual location and a key will leave to spend to cut lucidos edges or modify lucido volume of the game or of the tchat to the consultor equally of the cross directionnelle.

Will remark The presence of two additional keys in the upper near give gâchettes. It will fail then the installer joins the games of application to attribute them of new functions. Alas, Impossible here to attribute them give macros, as it touches to do a bit special swipes to the consultor of the alone tone joined in a game of fight.
In spite of, will be able to attribute them Other functions like diplicar joins gives touches X An And B or the sensibility of the analog clave.

His Paper Key and See is equally personnalisables and is possible in the application to create the different profiles touches to register these modifications in functions of the game or of the type of part.
Is equally Possible to regulate the power gives vibrations.

In rodeo, will have comprised It To you, any glorious has chosen to reproach to this manette has allocated surely to the pro of the FPS that wish to dip all his casualidad of his side.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A clickti perfect Games his QTE !

Fulfilling Lucido noise very thankful to the equal that Touches a keyboard mécanique 🦾 in the feels practically any with lucido the helmet but I adore 😳


- the key of tall quality is three appreciated to use so much to the feeling that to the edges

- Boss of joystick slightly main that me plait a lot of view that has gives the little fingers achieve more easily with thumbs of month

- the His additional touches are very situated and simple used

- Lucida the flu offers an incredible maintenance as well as a consolation a lot négligeable 🧤

- Lucido the weight is handed better that to the sud joins manette basic xbox serious x 🎮

- the draws is sublime truth likes all his accessories razer in general of another side ✅


- My remorse is that he any and is of flu to the sud his gâchettes to the equal that of the sud the manette seriáis x

- Is any truth a defect but an election speak felt well of the your boss to see favourite the transmission gives battery all his 2/3h or dip a boss directly (are a habitué give the batteries but I confesses that with the boss is more appreciated in chair or know that there would be lucido more message « his battery of the yours manette is feeble » 🙃


Touch me is a glorious is now my manette preferred she rivalise amply with the manette elite 2, so only can that recommend to try this manette razer that touch is so only INSANE ! ✅😍
4 / 5
Manette Of the game taken Touches my edges that the writing lucida commentary after tests.
A lot a lot of manette Of game filaire.
Lucido The click gives the keys is good comfortable, and has comprised that of the joystick, although that this is not that it tires game lucido thumb and comprised during long sessions of intense same utilisation.
A key poussoir leaves to block his gâchettes his maximum sensibility to the smallest pressure. I find this very interesting Option, especially touches his games that does not need joins analog entrance to this level. His joysticks is necessary and the manette maintains well manually. The ergonomie is excellent truth and all his keys or joysticks fallen perfectly under his toes (extremities or last phalanxes that follows his keys).
Lucido Port jack to the sud the manette is well has thought and a lot of gain as it concealed in any one a step to use or buy a boss along jack games lucidos helmet of game. Besides, this reduces nomination bosses that trainent and in that can it to it take his feet or his abimer going in with lucida chair.
I Games of harm lucido prize a bit high, if any I would have mine 5/5.
4 / 5
Draws the summer has thought to the line of the console and is quite thankful although the manette is weighed a bit.
The manette is very comfortable and In maintains it well in general.
The level Lighted up, he any And that lucido logo Xbox that is aceso (his liserés green any one is ).
Lucido The edge done 3m, any détachable, that gives a big field of action but where there is to the era of the without edge, concealed perhaps uncomfortable games some
Games to configure the manette that is personnalisable, will do to lack to use lucido planned software to such effect. You will be able to paramétrer The manette to your habits of game.
He Grip to the sud his stir any transpirer and included after long hours of game.
Is a lot reactive, His flexible keys, and in lucido the game ossia gives bazas appreciable. Lucido Clave and the cross directionnelle is necessary, his engines give good vibrations.

Is to join a lot of manette, but lucido the prize has elevated is not justified to the mine look.
4 / 5
Razer Wolverine V2

The quality is excellent Games lúcete the prize has continued !

Compatible with my PC and my Xbox

the premières to Him has chosen that there is remarked is that this manette is extremely reactive and is partorisca join surprise a lot well, is filaire and precisely she no an a lot of lag rapport of pair to joined without edge.

The apresamiento in Main is also a lot of ergonomique, his palettes adapt perfectly to the hands ( was the fat hands ) and everything lucidos the keys are easily accessible.

His macros Edges réglables easily and has been partorisca forget another very good point, the texture of this manette is appreciated to the touch and especially the leaves joins well attire in main without never slip.

This manette to all this that fails and reward of Edges is reasonable !

Recommends without hésitations, is good and Of quality.
A small presionar 'Useful' Thank you well !
4 / 5
Has been Pair very surprised the edges Weigh (relatively two times heavy rapport of pair to joined manette official of XBOX Serious/A X), the manette the directly recognised summer pair the XBOX, and equally PC.
PC of the sud, has installed lucido software Razer Controller Setup partorisca XBOX with the end partorisca be able to modify his 2 optional touches.
His 2 clips of verrouillages to the behind is very practical, leave me less than the pressure touches one sustains adentrado, lucido the result is visible in his games of courses but lose in attire of street.
The reactivity gives the touches are not partorisca see again, his response of touches instantanément.
Lucido Port Jack is always of actuality, leaves at the same time partorisca listen lucidos edges of game of edges and also partorisca use lucido microphone (has to that a micro helmet)
The manette in the neighbour is of quality a lot good-looking
4 / 5
Are gratamente the pair has surprised this manette. Sure enough, there was sense partorisca say that it has not been the truth has adapted to the users that has big hands. This in spite of, he fulfilling a lot well has conceived.
His gâchettes is idéalement situated, his keys are a lot of réactifs and, in the together, the ergonomie is cup. His stir to good sure has been able to be some longer centimetres, but I chipote.

Adores I draws at the same time on and elegant.
The longitude of the boss is amply sufficient.
I M looks to structure partorisca be solid and is very stable to uses it.
And, More than imports still, the precision is to the date.

In rodeo, would do partorisca lack partorisca be Play difficult not being seduced.
Lucido The prize is Corrected.
4 / 5
Has declared PC of the sud
The manette the summer recognised without concerning of the sud my PC. Lucido Software Razer leaves reconfigurer his key, the sensibility gives claves, …

Inconvenient :
▼▼Reward high
Goodness :
▲▲▲Very precise and thankful partorisca use (especially his analog tampon)
▲▲▲ the quality gives finitions excellent
▲▲ connection filaire
▲▲ the looks is very
▲Lucido USB of boss tressé and reinforced

Of general way, prefer his manettes filaires. This averts His questions of lag and of empty battery. Ossia Excellent. A lot of ergonomique and Comfortable … to Condition to be able to dip lucido prize !
5 / 5
Toller The controller gives nahezu jede erdenkliche Funktion abdeckt. Sehr Gut zu steuern und edel In giving Optik.

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5 / 5
The value adds maintains my controller has touched fully more the battery is would recommend.
4 / 5
Ossia Like this easy to use and my edges now does not annoy me partorisca battery anymore

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4 / 5
After using this grip partorisca some last few days, and initially when being in a moon with him, has to say the few defects of active drawing cropped on that has done partorisca reconsider me my description, and like this change my indication.

One first question is concealed having a chance on means my controller no longer uploads in a Venom touching cradle. An extra thickness means a metal prongs no longer achieve & for this will have to that take a chance partorisca the touch. Has thinks that that my cradle had broken, the results is a chance .

A second @subject is that when a chance is in a RB the trigger is resisted down because of an access/of tension of a coverage. Ossia A reason has had to that come and update my description because a subject @of prime minister although the bit ‘meh' can live with him for an extra grip these offers of chances - this in spite of with the trigger almost constantly taken, is a subject . And impacts gameplay in the way to frustrate.

Is such the shame because it likes-me a grip, a fashion is attractive and master a bit grips of hule for some claves of control but this pair of the defects so only he more than the hassle to use with that without. I can try cut a chance in an upper/take out of this part but am quite sure a chance then will fall off like this for now, the sad types have fallen out of amour with this coverage.
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A Xbox is very used in my house and whilst my controller has very survived, some girls is does no. Taking fallen the little more and an infamous day has found one of them chewing a thumbstick. If at all more this 'If of Protective Coverage' of Cybcamo comes with several insiemi of coverages for a thumbsticks, as they are integers once again.

A coverage is the green rubberised sheaf. It returns easily around a tampon and gives extra grip. He certainly done a tampon of control feels the little bulkier but after the while I can take used his and he still works with small hands. A green colour is the little odd, any brilliant or camo. An odd dark green concealed is not really a Xbox colours. My boy loves his tampon of new control (although we know is one same on down). A coverage is not something that would consider on its own name, but for the boy prone to fall tampons, is the good option .
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I really like this coverage for my far but there is not remarked that spent in a RB & LB keys. This would be good but reason is the tight access presses these keys in and really effects a gameplay. In a past has tried to cut a sleeve to return better but the only frames is worse as I will not be that it tries that with east a more looks to be that it maintains a sleeve in place. Really bad of them to not thinking in these keys because another that that thinks that that this sleeve would have been the winner . I seat but unless it takes remastered tin a lot and will not recommend this coverage.
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Some grips of hule in mine xbox a controller is all spent - I does not know if ossia orientative of an obsolescence drawn of some controllers or that have touched too many games in some last few years. Any way, this together of grips has done an old controller the little better to manage. A grip of organism returns quite securely around a controller and among the fetching red colour. His smooth surface is easy to clean, while a created the textures improve the sound that mangos.

A thumbstick the grips come with the variety of texture and forms, although his all return slightly too loosely for me. It is possible to feel the little bit of movement still, which can be distract while touching. It is solved with the bit of superglue, but thinks a stretchy the grips of hule could finalises to be sized smaller like an access is snugger - ossia an only downside.
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Is loving Jazz on your main Xbox a controller, then this skin is consideration very lovely . A skin has the fat coating in some bosses that also comprises the studded the grip when extra sturdiness is required when lining on one kills shot when touching called to owe.
A skin is really easy to return, once some sleeves are in place, a remaining skin snaps easy to plant around a joysticks and keys. A joysticks the tampons are optional, personally does not require him , but some tampons can add extra depth the a clave if yours has required.
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Likes that a box comes with grips of thumb for some claves.
Am using a controller of the elite and some hules have begun to exit have used like this this in a cup of him for the coto the little has bitten. I have added also some black grips to a sinister clave and feels better after the little has bitten.
Helped was that it tries to take the Modern COD Warfare attacked it that it finalises a mock Boat in 20 second or less.
This returns on quite easy likes dipped in the glove for a controller and is stretchy and turn to plant.
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A anti silicone to slip protective coverage for your Xbox a far priced in £.
HAS the surface of texture to help with grip. It offers some protect against scrape, swipes and yes accidentally would owe that fall he during an animate gaming session.
To return a skin has dipped some feet of controllers in first and wiggle he in place.
Also has four different textured spent to finalise a look according to your preference. Some ports are still accessible.
A controller felt comfortable to resist, no too bulky with this additional skin. They are curious like this will feel during more along touching sessions and averting sweaty hands and improve grip.
Am not too sure to like chair in this element, I like a protect resupplied but think that a colour is so only the little bland would prefer something more vibrant and entertainment.
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Very easy to fix to a controller, and helps to give you more grip in a controller he. You take three insiemi different of thumbstick discharges also. Each neighbour has the slightly different type, has adapted your way of game. I produce to add and the value adds also.