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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
When I have bought this, was $ 38, and takings the cycle of symphony of Schumann of integer , Beethoven initiates complete, Tchaikovsky complete continuazioni orchestral, the fascinating disk of religious symphonies for Honegger and Britten, and the smattering other things, American and Romantic.

Has begun with a Mahler disk and has thinks that can also there is flushed mine $ 38 down a basin. Partorisca Direct Mahler, Marriner so only is not your type. All a dignity and the heaviness of Mahler evaporates in Marriner fashionable dance of the approximation. Included an engineering of his for Bernhard Bauer in this disk has contributed to a global impression of dullness. Felizmente, is not an engineer partorisca register on all some disks (so only that one and a Bartok a).

One Schumann disks is surprisingly well.
5 / 5
Excellent churns That this coffret. The orchestra of Stuttgart is excellent and Marriner directs a repertoire that knows good but that the poseridad the occulté. It directs this orchestra among Celidibidache and Norrington that finally fixed well the Horizon stylistique. Bolt of direction, with a lot of nobility, that does not go to his extreme and shows very attentive to the dynamics, to the balances and especially to the clarity gives lines. If it love his contrechants, this coffret is the games in fact !
The Best : 2 disks Beethoven with giving start and give pieces of circumstances. Excellent consecration Of manacles it example of pair. A Beethoven a lot of haydnien and apollinien but this goes well with this repertoire.
Glorious Integrate them Schumann (but a lot of schubertienne... ) With guinda Of the sud lucido twisted the symphonie Zwickau (inachevée). Edges charnu, dyed, light.
Total tarpaulin equally in his continuazioni of Tchaïkovski that Sent perfectly to the direction of Marriner.
Surprised well : Strauss that clear of some the transparent edges. Excellent attainment in Boxes the Espiègle. Likewise it joins 2nd of Rachmaninov without pathos, with a lot of disposal and of boats. At all idiomatic but that like for the listen like this has touched !
Bartok, Britten and Honnegger is Of good bills but a chouïa décoratif. The beauty gives the colours spends it to the sud the urgency of the tongue
A lot good-looking 4th of Mahler that there also goes well with lucido boss but ternie the pair has joined soprano that no a the carrure (M. Shiraï, More known like mélodiste).
Quite stray, His Gerschwin and the American music where lucido the boss is too gourmé, too noble. Excellent provision of Cécile Ousset in mark. Like this at least 7 excellent disks, qq complementos thrilling and 3 disks dispensables.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
This ragtime the music is in fact essential. Some tunes were selected attentively and wonderfully touched for two finals pianists. He all touch adds.
5 / 5
Wonderful Ragtime music for Scott Joplin and another touched in of the pianos of a period for Martin Souter and Roger Shields. Martin Souters the touch is the little heavy but Roger Shields that the touches is both light and lyrical with adding fingering and when it can add required - just listing his rendition of Harlem Rag for Thomas Turpin. A terrific cd in the low prize.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
An astonishingly good register of 1952 of the brilliantly enthusiastic company and underlining a very first appearance officially of Leontyne destined Prize partorisca be one of a world adds operatic sopranos. Well the value that investigations.
4 / 5
This is not my favourite version of Porgy and Bess. This in spite of is an excellent one and would recommend with hesitation.
5 / 5
Classical edition, almost integral. A bit inferior to the crumb attended, given especially confronta with ledizione abridged of the 1963, my still very advisable.
5 / 5
Porgy And Bess has been written in the 1935, and the version has given Leontyne the prize there is influito a lot of the sud sucedido of the operated that all'start a lot has been a lot of caloroso.
4 / 5
Possesses all a 'completed PORGY And BESS registers and the number of points has underlined subjects also. There are points for of everything of them, and like me everything of them for different reasons. I have on grown in an old RCA the points have underlined of PORGY with Leontyne Prizes and William Warfield. Here they are, it has taken the earliest decade in the decently-the alive action registered of 1952, and the one who the action is, broadcast in his a lot well for Berlino emisora irradiate and well-has preserved. In some ways, his theatricality eclipses was that of a ultra-version of complete Houston of Glorious Work (that remains a global better version). But any any one this work to good sure would have to that listen this vivid and thrilling action also.

Warfield Is glorious, entirely absorbed in his part and faith further moving. Prize, in some ways, is included better here that in a register of studio later (this in spite of, there, certainly, is wonderful to have his flange Claro is and the suns of Serena also. A voice is perhaps a lot like this rich to the equal that would result in @1960s, but is already the voice of entity, incredibly lovely and beautiful to listen. Also it exhibits the deep implication in a function and I defy any to resist ' want to you, Porgy' in this action. Taxi Calloway is Taxi Calloway, and is terrific, creating the vivid Sportin' Life and mostly remarking some notes, although ' has to bounce it concealed is leaving punctual' takes a plenary Calloway treatment. Irresistible. A Crown was in rough voice that late but he never cheats, and is convincing in his meanness and bravado.

Some the secondary characters are all splendid, and some of a more surprisingly the wonderful moments comes from him/come from, also. An audience (otherwise unheard) pauses to applause for trawberry Woman' and can listen reason. A bit those that the moments are undoubtedly some better in a PORGY cannon - a bit trio where some ladies persuade some police that eserena estada law three days and in the be nursing his' this hilarious and lovely a same time.

Of course, has run, but Porgy his taking Buzzard Song, and any of some courses is disfiguring; Maria is 'rap' song (' hates I' struttin' way') is a main loss. These movements of action propulsively and bars an auditor together with him. A sound is quality of good radio emission of 1952, and everything is clear, with almost any sprain to speak of. Ossia The wonderful action . Yes, calm also would owe that possess one of some complete register later for a sake of completeness, his and whichever the actions are attracted to. It would opt any for a Decca/Londra or a RCA Version of Houston of Glorious Work. A last is a theatrical plus, a slightly better forward sung. Some critics prefer a EMI/Rattle register but, as well as it is, can very quite rake on his level to excite, this in spite of Willard the aim is excellent likes Porgy. This register, this in spite of, is the WINNER and very listened lovely. It does not lose It ! These ROCKS of action!
4 / 5
Well, ossia the real curium . An alive register of 1952 with a mould I absolutely adds. A register is not terrible at all, in fact is quite good but to good sure could be better if any one has taken a time to remaster he with all some available excellent tools today - in fact, thinks it could be to better plot.

An action is really interesting. Have Never, in all a Porgy and Bess is does both listened and seen, has listened time like these - like this quickly am surprised some singers in fact can sing some words - listen - to 'the train is in a canal' - ossia the REALLY fast train , like a train a fast plus in history. It was so only fascinated for a speedy time. All the world is mostly in excellent voice, and is so only adds to listen he without all a fuss and muss of interpretations more modern, where all is tugged was. Ossia refreshing In this consideration. All concealed and Taxi Calloway, the one who is fantastic.
4 / 5
There is no @to @give that some first few scenes have taken place near of a city where
has lived, and that weaves to have of revelry and confusion at the beginning.
Has not looked to resist near, perhaps a newer production ,
but was the bit there is disappointed. Of course, some voices were stellar!
5 / 5
Ossia The wonderful historical document of the famous renaissance of George adds Gershwin PORGY And BESS. It is the very a lot touching action of the famous production that has visited a world for three years in an early 1950 east looking the very young Leontyne Prize and the fine William Warfield. A sound is a lot well Pleasant Radio Emission. Now, for purists this is not record of notes of complete studio; but, the edition of working alive action. Ossia Like a work has been treated this time, in this famous recognition. An original work was roughly three long hours and does not smoke never the one who change or final thoughts a composer can have had like this the bookmark is spent for several productions . It has been considered bit it too long and the death has taken another way of composer of character some too punctual. An original clocked in in the very on three hours. Shadows of Wagner and The COVERAGE! Gershwin Would owe that it has been alive and well when this paste of production some streets and has had considerable entrance. It is to bad has died like this young and never taken to give his final thoughts or work in this production with this mould.

Oh Well, Leaves to leave this and take to an action manually. He in a lot of ways is excellent and a lot of entity. It presents to the a lot of youngsters and beautiful touching Leontyne Prize seven first years of his start of famous Metropolitan Work. A voice adds and the artist is listened in an a lot of start of the phenomenal career. This function presented practically to a world-wide and was a triumph of entity! One air ummertime' was always one of a lot of encores in all his alive recitals. I have listened personally touch sing this at least four times in his four career of decades. Always it stunned with one the majority of tones of pure floated piano one have never a privilege to experience! His points have underlined in RCA is also Spectacular! If you want to or like this it acts or it is a unabashed defender of Leontyne Prize, and are, here is the casualidad scarce to listen his in 1952 in the door a lot of entity that opens to act which she never registered complete in a Studio. It does not spend this casualidad stops. Has Historical Guild to thank for this special extracted.

Now, any to light a rest of a launched also take Excellent actions of William Warfield and Taxis Calloway. Again historical in a better sense of a word. Some another woman of work is everything of pertinent to very good; some bit it shrill. Also we take to plot of implication this when being the alive action . Finally, no an absolutely complete action of this Masterpiece but, the very a lot touching historical document of a renaissance of entity with some career of entity breakthroughs. Again, thank you the HISTORICAL GUILD!
4 / 5
Quality of his poor, useful more for archival interests or Gershwin fanatics. It takes the SonyColumbia Masterworks production or version of Houston of Light Work.

Top Customer Reviews: September Songs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
I adore this CD. I have been always the enormous defender of Gentleman Tom and I love a music of Kern, Gershwin, Weill and when liking decision partorisca the buy was the no brainer. I find it a lot of restful partorisca listen to, any less because of a expertly the accompaniment of piano has touched. A booklet has said that has been too expensive to take permission to print some papers of song - any need when a diction is like this very like this.
5 / 5
A good-looking election of material - the songs have selected to adapt an on-70 voice without looking obvious weaknesses. Contributi Excellent of the youngsters on coming soprano.
4 / 5
A diction is very good. A music is sung with the feeling adds and enjoyed it really. My sister ( the professional musician) felt the voice of Thomas Allen has adapted this type of music a lot well.
5 / 5
Thomas Allen is the cup [ singer of work and can change his voice to continuation these songs. The actions add
4 / 5
Ossia a lot of enjoyable and sweet, done with consummating skill in the small cloth, to be returned to again and again.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed. It seats that this artist was a lot of was yes his zone of consolation and that his voice there has not been a rich bell has expected paralizaciones.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this partorisca a last world of clue in union this in spite of thinking his to add
4 / 5
ホルスト作曲の「組曲惑星」のジュピターを元にした聖歌・愛国歌「我は汝に誓う、我が祖国よ: Swears To Thee My Country」を大ヒットさせたキャサリン・ジェンキンスの先駆的役割を果たしたカナワさんの「ワールド・イン・ユニオン」は1991年以降ラグビーワールドカップのテーマ曲となり、ヘイリー(ウェステンラ)にも引き継がれています。
 1. オラトリオ「サムソン」-輝ける大天使(ヘンデル) Handel: Samson, HWV 57 - Leave A Brilliant Seraphim
 2. 歌劇「フィガロの結婚」第3幕-楽しい思い出はどこに(モーツァルト) Mozart: He Wedding has Given Figaro - Immersed Sleep
 3. ヴェスペレ(荘厳晩課)-ラウダーテ・ドミヌム(主を讃えよ)(モーツァルト) Mozart: Vesperae Solennes Of Confessore, K 339 - Laudate Dominum
 4. アヴェ・マリア(バッハ/グノー編) Gounod: Bird Maria
 5. 歌劇「椿姫」第3幕-さようなら,過ぎ去った日々よ(ヴェルディ) Green: The Traviata - Attend, Of the Past
 6. 歌劇「トスカ」第2幕-歌に生き,恋に生き(プッチーニ) Puccini: Tosca - Lived Of Art
 7. 歌劇「ジャンニ・スキッキ」-私のお父さん(プッチーニ) Puccini: Gianni Schicchi - Oh! Mine Babbino Cher
 8. 歌劇「アドリアーナ・ルクヴルール」第1幕-私は創造の神のいやしい召使いです(チレア) Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur - I Edges The humble Ancella
 9. 歌劇「つばめ」第1幕-ドレッタの夢(プッチーニ) Puccini: The Rondine - The one who He Bel Dream has Given Doretta
10. 歌劇「ルイーズ」第3幕-その日から(G.シャルパンティエ) Louise: Of Lucido Day
11. 「レクイエム」-ピエ・イエズ(フォーレ) Fauré: Requiem, Op. 48 - 4. Wry Jesu
12. 「オーヴェルニュの歌」-バイレロ(カントルーブ) Canteloube: Songs Of Auvernia, Serious 1 - no.2, 'Baïlèro'
13. ミュージカル「ウェスト・サイド・ストーリー」-トゥナイト(バーンスタイン) History lateralmente west: Tonight
14. 歌劇「ポーギーとベス」第1幕-サマータイム(ガーシュウィン) Gershwin: Summertime
15. ミュージカル「オー・ケー」-優しい伴侶を(ガーシュウィン) Gershwin: Any partorisca Look me
16. ミュージカル「ロバータ」-煙が目にしみる(カーン) Roberta: The smoke Among Your Eyes
17. 映画「艦隊を追って」-レッツ・フェイス・ザ・ミュージック(バーリン) Follows One Fleet: Expensive Accident A Music And Dances
18. ミュージカル映画「上流社会」-トゥルー・ラヴ(ポーター) Big society: Amur Some
19. 「リヴァプール・オラトリオ」-あなたが生まれ出てくる世界は(マッカートニー) Liverpool Oratorio: A World is Coming The
20. ワールド・イン・ユニオン(ホルスト/スカーベク編) World In Union
4 / 5



5 / 5
has been enjoys it Kiri You Kanawa voice in fact a lot of years and have many of his registers. Consistently, This is not some first time have listened the sound sings some of these arias and songs, but this CD resupplies an ideal sampling of his art. As you can see of a listing of clue, covers an earth of Handel and Mozart, by means of Puccini and Charpentier, all a way the Gershwin, Kern, Berlino and Porters. In the way, a song of Porter, True Amour, of a film Big Society, is a main surprise. Raisin composed It specifically for Grace Kelly, the one who there has been an extremely limited row. Kiri Of course has an enormous row, this in spite of his rendition here is lovely, included moving. I suppose it it would not owe that be surprised, this in spite of, like this different the majority of crossover singers, has sung this class of music, in some clubs of Auckland (where has lived and is worshipped), before it has operated listened never. Highly recommended (although has all his others registers - you can not maintain everything of them in yours automobiles).

Top Customer Reviews: Gershwin: Porgy and ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Any bad but has expected better and a sount has not been until an usual level therefore it has not done well

Top Customer Reviews: Kiri Sings ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Well, more partorisca the take there before saying anything more. It is neither flesh neither bird, and goes partorisca be there naysayers the one who despises a whole idea of 'legit' the singers that do tunes of show. Kiri HAS form: there is Jerome Kern album, the album of Riddle of Nelson, and three or four complete musicals, comprising a unspeakably the history lateralmente West bad under Bernstein. But here it is a thing . Still although I know it is bad, and still although it is sometimes quite arch and mannered, absolutely love this register. For the start comprises probably Gershwin better songs, comprising (a gorgeously sung) Summertime, one of some the majority of the perfect songs never writings. And it is Kiri you Kanawa! It forgets a carping in his flange that is blandly beautiful. A voice is, of course, flawless, but really 'taking' these songs, singing with real feeling and with an exemplary attention to some papers (mostly Cholera Gershwin). I give this Gershwin any day now more than his Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and another jazzers. Any monkeying roughly with a line of some melodies, any vowels doodling, so only Gershwin fabulous songs luxuriously orchestrated. Pure joy.
4 / 5
The one who the loss the music was George Gershwin dead early. Kiri This justice of classical songs. This CD substitutes to the cassette bought in roughly 1982 and now shabby. The better sound on CD that a tape has not done never!
4 / 5
Loves this voice of the ladies and this album certainly triumph' s concealed. Tip his in his better and is a enjoyable experience
5 / 5
has countless album of Gershwin music in a phase, but ossia certainly one of a better some. I give Kiri From time to time touches it tad take (as if his vocals was a afterthought) but in a whole sings with passion, and a combination of a luscious orchestra and fantastically crafteg the songs is something to cherish.
4 / 5
After a success of some descriptions and a public reception of his album Blue Heavens with Nelson Riddle, released in 1985, Kiri has done four records more than popular 'evergreens' of some Utmost Americans Songbook in a next decade. This was a prime minister of these CDs, of 1987, everything digitally has registered. It has been a lot of fact of a fact that the number of arrangers has been involved to write a backings has treated of an Orchestra of Theatre of the New princess directed for John McGlinn. Robert Russell Bennett has resupplied five of some arrangements. In a chance - ummertime' - has used George Gershwin' fix original. They take an atmosphere of Broadway perfectly in that it touch like the program of 15 show-tunes. We begin with omebody wants to me' George Gershwin has composed with Buddy Desylva and Ballard Macdonald before he teamed up with to the rage of brother likes lyricist. A lot Gershwin the majority of popular numbers is here, like 'the amour walked in', 'the amour is here to remain ', 'A man I amour', 'Embraceable you' and a lot another. An only tune that has known no previously was a soyeadow serenade' of a 1927 Strike of show On A Band. All some papers and the details of some shows that some tunes are derived is given in an accompanying booklet. Material Kiri sounds more home in work, but ossia a enjoyable program this in spite of.
4 / 5
John McGlynn has looked for here to re-create some bookmarks/marcadors originals, as we can enjoy Gershwin ready like this first has feigned. There has been sucedido marvellously, some orchestrations the attractive main of this album.

Unfortunately these bookmarks/marcadors has not been feigned for a singer of work, but often - an imagine - for the winsome naïve able to be in light of turns, wistful, offered, sprightly, heartfelt. In this disk the little work of elements: esomebody Wants to Me', 'the boy has wanted to', 'the things are Looking Arrive', ' has taken Rhythm '. Some another disappoints.

The accompanying notes explain that McGlynn feels Gershwin the songs have like this often be in the custom-made arrangements for individual artists. Ironically Such tailored the arrangements are exactly the one who Kiri needs. McGlynn Is brilliantly the original orchestrations revived to require a lot considerably more adapted.
4 / 5
This album I in the first place bought some twenty years or like this done on tape. I gave the endless pleasure and always am finding new things musically and emotionally in him. I looked for it a lot of time and am pleased like this to having found to again in this format. They are not a lover of work and can not take to a concept of any work or musicals. These arrangements are some original and far to be emotionless reflects exactly a way and intense restriction for behind deep emotion. Gershwin Is the character and this era to write of the song is very special. Kiri Purity of voice and clarity of phrasing and enunciation is equally like this breathtaking like jazz improvisers, You Sarah and a rest of this stirs wonderful.
4 / 5
Has countless album of Gershwin music in a phase, but ossia certainly one of a better some. I give Kiri From time to time touches it tad take (as if his vocals was a afterthought) but in a whole sings with passion, and a combination of a luscious orchestra and fantastically crafteg the songs is something to cherish.

Top Customer Reviews: Renée Fleming - I ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Some songs are well, a singer is wonderful, this in spite of sometimes bite it strong.

My worry is a register . It is very hard and upfront. There is not any depth, some instruments are flooded has gone by a tonality of an orchestra.
5 / 5
Wonderful music of Lady Fleming and a lot, lush arrangements of James Levine late. A descriptive organism of work in song of American/work.