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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
That a together amazing. One touching is out of this world-wide and some interpretations of Grieg the glorious brilliant music. A point underlined partorisca me is a Work : Olav Trygvason. Although so only three scenes of Law 1 has been completed, because of a librettist any when finalising a libretto, that remains for real is in amazing. It calls it a masterpiece that was sadly never to be finalised. One valuing is electrifying and sustains some voices perfectly. It is dramatic. Ardent and calm draws in the world of Norwegian intrigue. Highly you recommend this dipped to any the one who loves Grieg and wants to listen excellently has touched.
4 / 5
Has read some first descriptions to buy. Sensitively Has treated. Spent with confidence, will not be dissapointed
4 / 5
Ossia a collection to go for him loves all Grieg orchestral music in a neighbour boxed handy. Also I have a DG version with Neeme Jarvi, but prefer is a - a touching, that directs and the register is all peerless. You can find that it reconsider some works in a light of this together - for example, Grieg only symphony (like a composer has not concerned takes a lot of) is a lot of listenable to in his incarnation here.

Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Ossia A Better Grieg Box never with the very small minor, so only A-the smallest concert is'nt a better, prefers Andsnes in EMI, all other registers is some better or one of a cup three Grieg. Calm here take a Better never Holberg-continuazione, more never Complete Peer Gynt. It is wonderful of the Box with Grieg music of orchestra. Grieg Has directed this orchestra for him on done 100 year. This orchestra is OLDER that EUA. They would melt in 1765. One of 5 old orchestras in a word. They are better now that never. An orchestra of Grieg hometown. I can so only recomend he in an indication a big plus..... This box is better then Deutshe Grammophon box with Grieg music of Orchestra. I recomend this of BIS more.
4 / 5
This description is not my own but of a BIS put web. If calm still is debating time to take this together, debate no more. Some 8 disks are available individually (I think), but calm can have him for a prize of 3 or 4 BIS CDs with this together!

To list some the diverse distinctions have attributed to some registers that it mark on this sumptuous the offering is almost impossible; he the sufficed to say that a whole series has received a Grieg Prize in 2007, a year of a hundredth anniversary of a death of a composer, as well as the very special commendation for United Kingdom Grieg Society a same year. During 2003-2006, like the individual disks have been released, reviewers during a world was heaping praise in some serious - astoundingly enough, like this ossia repertoire that at least in the part belongs to some of one has quite-represented on disk. But this has not looked to import to some critics, those who has described an action of a Concert of Piano likes one this 'will do falls enamoured with a music throughout again' (American of Drive Record) and that of a Holberg the continuazione or that obliges that simply it forget a lot another' (Classics ), considering a Peer Gynt Continuazioni to be 'interpretations that rejuvenates included this almost trite, music too familiar, relieving he of all a ballast of history of action' (). It was a freshness of some actions for Ole Kristian Ruud and a Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra that has attacked the majority of critical - freshness coupled with expertise: 'Bergen the musicians have lived with these bookmarks/marcadors of his creation and all some actions here have the relaxed, idiomatic naturalness in his virtuosidad' (Gramophone).

A second point was a quality of his upper - a result of inspired and laborious work for a BIS personal of register in combination with a splendid acoustics of a Grieg Soiled to Bergen. Esonically This quality of demonstration of characteristics of production both in stereo and SACD fines-formed of canal' has written a reviewer of Classics ; 'a fabulous complete cycle, admirably do fault for a technician of splendid register' was a verdict in Classical-Repertoire.

A third factor that contributes to a warm reception was of course a music he, a fascination and the power exerted for a Concert of Piano and a complete Peer Gynt, an emotion projected in Bergliot and Give Bergtekne, a charm and freshness of some orchestral songs and Continuazione Lyric - in some words of a reviewer: soyusic that would have to be any deaf or has died any to love'. A complete traversal, has considered generally the point of reference in a Grieg discography, is now available in this stereo-only version in the very advantageous prize.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has been wonderful to rediscover Grieg by means of this thoughtfully the album fixed. Sensitive actions of both Cabin and Glynn develop subtleties with each listen.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
All the world enjoys and appreciates Grieg concert of piano BUT listen to some ask Lyric and Peer while partorisca the be has wanted and value and a together of exceptional double disk.
5 / 5
Like an amateur classical music listner and amateur music I highly recomend the ! I do not have theoretical or pratical knowlegde partorisca write the description he deep plus.
5 / 5
This album of two disks is an excellent introduction to the composer more adds of Norvegia. Any one only is all some works would expect comprised, is treated superbly for artists to notch upper and easily comparison of stand with an a lot of other available examples.

If you already have some or everything of some works, in other actions, this album is still values partorisca purchase. And yes it calms no, it could much better that this like this neither a point of start of the collection or same like him mini-collection in his own legislation.
5 / 5
Are always the little wary in classical music CDs that resists soyla the ore titles' . We think it to me of these sad 'Bach' Swipes more Utmost' and soymena that Mozart' elepé of a 70s, with pop-spent of the art and that looks the collection of disembodied movements. As I have bought this CD with relatively of low expectations.

Was meant really partorisca fill the empty in my collection. I have listened to the shot adds of Grieg music on some years – a Sound the concert of Piano is one of an add warhorses – but my flavours have tended to some baroques and some modern, more than late nationalists-romanticism. I have wanted really the register of a Holberg Continuazione, this in spite of, and in a prize this CD – with his hodgepodge of Peer Gynt, a concert, and a rest – looked to do a trick. A plan was to fill an empty temporarily, and then tent around for the collection 'better' liked really a Holberg like this so has thinks that has done.

Has resulted that, so as this neighbour could be the hodge-podge with the lousy title, A Better of Grieg is a lot, a lot good. An action of a Holberg Continuazione for Raymond Leppard and an Orchestra of Fourth English is note -perfect. It transmits both a fresh classicism that Grieg looked for to evoke of 'the time of Holberg,' together with a class of Scandinavian-passion-breaking-by means of this one finds in some of Ibsen late works. Leppard And an ECHO is equally expert with some Lyric Pieces and a Peer Gynt continuazioni.

A Concert of Piano is all the fire and virtuosidad in some hands of Stephen Kovacevich, he pianist to date it seldom had has very thought. Hake of ladies the orchestra of Symphony of the BBC of Davis resupplies the accompaniment end. If has the complaint, is so only concealed – an orchestra is a backdrop more than the full partner. In another hand, this is to MEAN to be the shop window for a soloist, like this perhaps the approximation of the hake of Ladies is a legislation a.

A big surprise was Zoltán Kocsis interpretation of a Op. 12 Lyric Pieces and one In Touched of Piano. I have it quell'has admired long Kocsis' deft touch and sympathetic reading of Bartok, and his Grieg is all concealed. A Grieg pieces of piano of the only often is touching, sometimes rapturous, and more often introspective. We adapt me to knots of Chopin Nocturnal and Impromptus filtred by means of Brahms. Kocsis Does well laws with them.
4 / 5
Sad to inform this. I have purchased this CD is in November and failed to try them when they are gone in. I have been listening to CLASSICAL CD is all the morning and has discovered this unopened packaged in shelf of mine. AH! The wonderful way to finalise a morning. Nope. I retested a car to be sure has done. It was. I have verified a CD is to see powder had on him. Nope. It will write Amazon and one 3rd Agent of Party and Inform this . Where One is are likely fo follow. Always it has had to give the vendor another test and would be necessary has him has tried well my failure. Caveat Emptor. I owe that say that this Service of the client of the Amazon was mine to be besides a turn in my history with them, the second set was same question . Obviously it has the subject of costruttore significant.
5 / 5
A lot of a lot inspiring interpretation of highly of emotional music.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Of the elephants in lucida tent of china.

Had said me that I any gaspillerais More my time in Davidsen-bashing, but all the same !
Chooses A Program in lucido purer that tree of edges généalogique, all like this of that of compatriot of edges, the lujoso Andsnes, here kidnapped, and he survoler with so much of placide limit of indifference to the goujaterie or to the inconscience pure.

A satisfy, the cantatrice, that expresses (or that the one of fact speaks) regularly in his candides texts of presentation, excuse partorisca the advance his lacunes pair the axiome according to that in this music, lacking partorisca do simple, transports if no the thin alcohol of Grieg évapore (I enjolive). It fails perhaps do Simple (and are not in at all engreído) concealed does not mean that it does not fail at all that partorisca leave filer his big voice that goes down manomètre give dye, give nuances (essential in these pages to 95 strophiques, the lacking to vary constantly), and of the dynamics to the terracing lucida feebler and lucido more uniform. And this takes that she One, that was to rent at least, chosen of confrontarse to two groups of considerable melodies, the splendid Haugtussa (cycle initiatique main of the sud his heurs and misfortunes of has joined young vachère that arrived like The Good-looking Meunière of Schubert) and the very spiritual, thrilling and sophistiqués Are lieder op. 48, that she Look with a miscelleanous less homogène whose his two planetary tubes that they are « In svane » and « Våren », but any « Among Trace Pincio » that expected this in spite of here.

In his two have opposite 48 and 67, Anne Sofie von Nourished and Bengt Forsberg (DG) has situated that bars to one he level high of intelligence that all the assistance legitimately can be découragée, excepts Barbara extraordinary Bonney (Decca) that, with Antonio Pappano perfect, the proposed joins the conference of him joins extreme sensibility of the op. 48, His two ladies that has dénitivement has regulated the question in his other melodies in common with presents him the disk of the one who gives « In svane » and « Våren » of anthology. It mentions also touch his fewer perfect disks but extremely attachants, of has joined another Norwegian, Solveig Kringelborn, that the registered » with piano, but also orchestra (like Bonney) good name of these melodies.

The voice lateralmente big, more afterwards to the outside of Sra Davidsen, his compatriot Flagstad and the Swedish Nilsson has had the sensatez besides grave his Grieg with orchestra, and that way more than splendid, election that would have in the doubt has had to that privilegiar his cadette (but is more expensive). Prpers Having felt In concert Nilsson with piano in his Grieg, can testify that she and found the same question of calibrage of voice to the shoe-feet and of agilities that Davidsen.

In rodeo, useless to lose time of edges and partorisca yield to the sirens give people without memory, neither ear that that shout already to the « Norwegian Miracle » [sic]. Lea Davidsen is not never better that to the scene, attended like this with edges of hope Fidelio of Covent Garden (with, precisely, Pappano) partorisca look incessamment !
5 / 5
Has had the big level of anticipation when I have ordered this compilation of Grieg songs. A phenomenal pairing if he not having never one! Leif Ove Andsnes And Lea Davidsen has on come with spellbinding actions, fantastically has registered. Lea Davidsen miraculous The voice can be listened here without the full orchestra, but with an inspired and like this brilliant accompaniment for Andsnes. A wonderful amalgam of tones and textures
like this own of Edvard Grieg and these two eat artists: an incredible offering in the each way!