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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I want to witchy histories & this there is not disappointed.
(Averts partorisca finalise meso-way by means of my walk of bus). :)
5 / 5
Elizabeth is the good-looking young woman dipped partorisca marry his fiancé but the lecherous the earl wants to, finds the way to take his revenge of all his debasement in a hand of accounts.
One adds short bed of the talented author.
5 / 5
This history is for real the page turner, fast emotional and full of chance and characters coloreados, gripping yours imagination that you gasp and gulp every time. Calm accident be snared and enjoy a walk.
5 / 5
5☆ Trickery, Witchcraft And frames of Deception for the highly obliging Read!

To Snare A Witch is the Fantasy of fantastic Historical/Horror Novel has packed plenary of treachery, magic, witchcraft, trickery, skulduggery, deception, avidity, lust, all has on wrapped in the whirlwind of the history.

Knows the little bit in witchtrials but this open reservation on the new integer can of worms.
Has loved a deception and trickery, maintained really in my toes and I have learnt the whole new light on witchcraft.

I really wants to say more but am concerned can give something was. But material a book blurb gives was so only enough to grip your intrigue.

Some Characters are brilliant, is Endearing, any one particularly likeable especially Cruttendon was the vile, manipulative letch. But they all apt together perfectly. To the I Thomas liked particularly and Matthew of dynamic, his fooled me!

Has no the found to be a lot of scary, but that in fact adapt me so only well, was more in a presence and a cleverly plotted the twists concealed has done this brilliant of book.

Considering this is the Novel, fantastically has written, at all hasty, a history has touched was correctly.
To Snare A Witch is when obliging and enthralling has read that thoroughly I have enjoyed.
Ossia My first meeting with the books of Jay Raven and are really that looks forward to to read more!
4 / 5
For such the short book, this history has had all the classes of turns and wonderful transfers concealed maintained me hooked. A history has progressed quickly, the start is gone in the reasonably familiar scene of hunters of witch of the 17th century that accuses an old lady of witchcraft – with which concealed, a history really comes to the his own and fulfil the number of characters those who are not that look.

Some characters are a lot of writings and obliging, an author really nails a historian to feel and a balance among true and entertaining. It is a lot difficult to revise this book without comprising any spoilers and would hate to do that as I am gone in blind and was like this happy has done!

Is not scary like such but, as all the Gothic histories have to that, touches strongly in a horrible way that the people can treat each one which so another.

The other has ensured, is looking for an atmospheric bed for this Halloween – this novel will be an excellent place to start with.

The book has Revised on muttering Blog of Book of the Histories
has received the free copy of this book, which I voluntarily revised
5 / 5
Crooked of the jay of the Author is a better in a field to pen the horror with the Gothic historical chair his. Have has wanted a chilling atmosphere some words have launched in a history.

A rich powerful earl spurned, the enamoured woman with the soldato, and two finders of witch, a inquisitors launching a ghastly indictment, found they embroiled in the shivery history of lust and revenge. Had the odd dynamics to them everything.

In 84 pages, an author has directed to give the complete history that has had feeling me a bit emotions of outrage, anger, and especially, revenge. It has not had Never I like this happy state that to see a cauldron the be has used, the wave that is to read, and the personal elements that is added to change a flow of a history and spend in a shocker of the transfer. The innocence has been lost when retribution has been planned.

The alcohol of an author certainly would have been it scary the place when conceptualised this history. All some characters were slotted in such the way that has developed his bad subtly until a plot demanded them to result demented. The fear was added then to a mix when the realisation has come to fruition. A history has flowed on this in the step in bylines, aiming some shadows plus a lot rich of blacks. The bad shimmered, plotting his way to a surface.

Was a book scary? Any so much. But it has had an extra something in him, he plotline partorisca soothe my heart to avenge.
4 / 5
Ossia He novel and the a lot of gripping has read.  Deceit to revise novellas to the equal that are short and concise how is a lot easy to comprise spoilers.  I expect that I have directed to say you enough to want to read the but no for the spoil .

Is some times have read of the history of the witch but I have read operates it of Jay Raven before and was very impressed how is looked forward to to read is one.  It likes- one way an author is taking some subjects of the oldest horror and reinventing them so it was intrigued like this to like this would develop Witches.

A history begins with Thomas and Matthew enacting the scene.  It is sheer brilliance that has taken 2 actors and remixed his and work perfectly.  Thomas and Matthew have found the way to do significant quantities to find of money and identifying Witches. We begin with the Witch that is tried saw it reworking of an old dunking the method but everything is not that looks.

Adds the lusting old man and the good-looking young woman the mix and a reader is taken on it bumpy walk by means of witchery, lies and impersonations to to one likes duquel there is not reading never first of that.

A lot of transfers and the towers are involved in this history.  It is quickly paced gripping with a lot of balls of curve in a mix and an end is brilliant.  They are really while it takes more to add to this history.

Thanks to the crossing that Public for a copy for advanced
4 / 5
Ossia so only a perfect novel for a Hallowe'in period; short, bitchy, and has formed perfectly. It begins with a test of English witch, perpetrated for a fraudulent witchfinders Thomas Gaunt and his assistant Matthew Stiles, the one who stalk brazenly of village to village, collecting coin instead for the theatrical action of a sport of barbaric spectator to identify women like this of the witches. I admit to have the slightly morbid fascination with this historical period, which is reason I has jumped in a casualidad to be in this recognition, and has not been disappointed.

Ossia An incredibly a lot crafted history, which for says it can be read down an hour, amena memorable, there is rounded fully characters and of the atmospheric, endearing history of amour with a grotesco and a present of harm in equal measure. It is glorious, and can see me that it reads this again before a thinning of one goes is complete. It would take the witch any day now, compared with one every day malevolence of some human beings. Transfers and turns aplenty, exceptionally good writing – that is not still to enjoy?!

I also quite spent the moment in an Internet, that researches a rhyme of nursery ‘Locates A Horse of Rooster to Banbury Cross'…

Highly recommended – he ready and unsettling gothic the histories are your thing , is lovelier your time to spend the darkness, late of the autumn racked with ‘To Snare A Witch'. Glorious.
5 / 5
Usually am not too enthusiastic in novellas, but this one is like this brilliant that am happy could read he in a seating.
Filler of surprises, every time has turned the page something unexpected is spent. They are a lot of alentador that will have continuazioni to the equal that would want to read more on some main characters.
Are not that it says that it is roughly, like another reviewers has, everything will say is that cheerfully it would give it 10 is remained to do like this.
4 / 5
Ossia The good short novel, which have read in an evening whilst vacacional.

Because of him when being the novel is really hard to revise without spoiling anything, but will give tries it.

Some starts of book were with two hunters of witch that finds an old lady and alleging is the witch to the equal that can allege a bounty take paid to find any one witches.  Obviously they owe that try is the witch and a lot so only an old lady to appease some locals, and like a lot in fact believes does such things go to some inventive ways to convince them everything.

To the equal that are leaving a zone takes prey for the venues nobelman those who possesses the majority of a zone and has the proposition for them, which can not turn down without him saying some locals like them with his out of money.

What follows it is the brilliant history , full of small transfers, which does not saw never come, and the brilliant conclusion to a history.

In an end of a history could quite easily see this Jay neither could turn this to the novel of full period, or add sequelas with our two main characters in a future.

In general the brilliant bed, which expect there will be sequelas shortly.

Top Customer Reviews: The Anubis Gates ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this in a recommendation of the mate of work, while we break a gender of travesía of time, one has there is enjoyed always.

Would not find Tim Power before, as it is coming to a book with an open alcohol, but the reasonable expectation of the a lot of bed.

Has found a book partorisca be one involving romp by means of mainly three was, which give an author an occasion partorisca paint a picture of three different times settings. Some of some descriptions baulk the small and feel more like the caricature of the writing other people more than a product of before-hand-held investigation, but in general felt was quite easy to suspend disbelief and take to an occasionally confusing storyline.

Has the just number of characters to follow and to maintain all directly in your alcohol when there it is the jumps to time to spend tried to be the bit of the challenge, but a lot so much that has interfered too bad with enjoying a history. A magic/sorcerous elements of like this the time of travesías are achieved also felt the bit flimsy and leaky, but, again, any too much to take a plot - felt sometimes to the equal that have had to go 'lalalalalalala does not know , does not concern ' to sustain a suspension. If it has had state tried to start with to analyse some devices further of depths, I quite suspicious can has not resisted totally up.

There is enjoyed a creation of a world of some beggars to Londra of prompt 19th century and some the rival bands were amused. Also, a denouement and to the final develops is cost a wait.

In general, then, would recommend east reading like this lovely for any defender of fantasy/of travesía of time and, in fact, am gone in to buy the collection of histories for Tim Power that at present I am reading, so that it is recommendation enough, really.
5 / 5
This book has been suggested like this when being the Steam Punk classical, although really his more the history roughly time-travesías-with the little quirky the characters and the odd situations have launched in – to the long of some lines of HG Wells A Car to Time Terry praise Prattchett.
Like his imaginative and interesting and a lot a history is in a be of the main character has behind transported in the time and Londra resultant stuck to in 1810.
This in spite of when being both interested in history and originally of Londra has found separates of a book a lot frustrating where has cultural and historical blunders that entirely spoil a moment.
For example, a dialogue of beggars of pre-Londra Victorian is a lot Americanised, has called each one which as another ‘Mate' or ‘Man' in place of ‘advised, informs to ‘rubbishes' in place of ‘rubbishes', has ‘trousers' and any ‘trousers', etc. Theres Any cockney has launched here!!
I historical characters have to that to to modern names likes him to him to them the hake and Bob, in place of olde to to the traditional English names like to them George, Alfred, Thomas, Charles, William, etc.
Some beggars of Londra in a wine of drink of the book and brandy in the each occasion – but the wine was a tipple of a snooty upper classes, brandy would be considered ‘a lot French' and some the recent wars with France have done these unpopular. The ginebra was a favourite tipple of a half Londoner around this time and is still populate with a lot of Londoners today.
An author does not look for having researched old English coin neither, which certainly is a lot confusing compared to decimal – ie guineas , crowns, shillings, farthings, threepenny bits, halfpennys, pence, etc . In a book the plot of payments for things like alimentary is done with sovereigns of gold – but these have not been invented until 1817 as it would not be existed still. And pub grub with cervecero in a prompt @@@1800s would cost so only the pair of pence tops – certainly any sovereign!
These things averts this in spite of… enjoy histories of time of fantasy of the travesía and can forget that it could know roughly history or be postponed for the dialogue Americanised, ossia something still would recommend.
5 / 5
Enjoyable Has read.

Has think that a has not been uneven, looking to run to a vase the little time, and a denouement has been hurried, but a history in general maintained gripped.

I bit would improve - more explanation of some doors, like an organism-switcher is the result has established, a life of a kas...

Has read the description that has suggested that this could have turned to the fine-does of volume, and tend to adapt - has so many ideas that is presented hardly, never the alcohol has explained. We could have benefited of the work of period more orders.

So that has the plot in him, and can tick some boxes so that like the bit of magic, travesía of time, thriller and historical detail.
5 / 5
Not reading Tim Power before, and has finalised really in this pleasant. It is the bit of the romp, with touches of horror also (and test to the horror read never) but is ready, and well-writes also. There is abundance of action and colgante, but good characters and emotional depth - included some the bad types have his own inner life and questions.

Does not know that a lot on some Romantic poets, but have a feeling that Power his investigation here - Byron and Coleridge is both characters in a plot, and feel right mine. He like this done his nineteenth Londra of prompt century, which comprises a lot of streets and of the neighbourhoods that has is disappeared now.
4 / 5
This took the just while to take his, dipped that down after the pocolos capitulate and could no to spend me for the choose up. When I chose It finally on me persevered and has begun to take his, any sure am a lot when being no the defender adds of fantasy albeit taste the game Of Thrones, or some premiers pocolos capitulate were hard in disposal. All this has said a history-the line was good and was quite gripping, am them happy I persevere reason in an end was a enjoyable read but a bit odd to my flavour of normal reading, and when it has said normal, bad normal mine!

Is the history roughly travesía of time but so more than that, science, horror, historian, magic, the sorcery and a continuous cast in and on. It is dipped in quite a lot of three periods of time, two in brief with a main a. It is also very different of a book of Power of Tim previously had read - I bad totally different! In all the chance likes read of this type to reserve am them sure will enjoy this, me? He Are them happy bed that.
5 / 5
Such the fantastic yarn. Tim is surely a reason has to that to to writers like to them Neal Stephenson; a god to mix history with one odd is such the good likes gender. Some the only failures have found was a period of books, a scattering of names of character and 'jumpy' plot. Also, while no really the failure has found his use of 'had been/had gone' tediously repetitive.
5 / 5
A lot of Spoilers down!...
This compraventa is my third or fourth copy of this book And think is an amazing history . I can it does not recommend enough or speak more highly of him. It has won Phillip K Dick reward; personally, I am surprised that some prizes have prendido there.
Is almost impossible to dip down (all the world has to that sleeps?!!) . An adventure of travesía of the plausible time of Brendan Doyle is the roller coaster strolls, which, on some last twenty years are trace again and again and never there is bored . With each king-read of A Anubis the doors finds something new in him - or something that had forgotten of then last time.
All the world has did not leave it never to has also thoroughly enjoyed it and have known was to the island to desert ossia one of some books would take with me.
For the few years pleaded with my husband to read he - knowing that that would enjoy it too much. It has given finally in and read the roughly done twenty years. He maintaining loves it so as me.
Adores to read, and would be sure to say that our house is has built books, but this one east for far my preferred. A friendship to give sustains that it has moved it now on a lot of has wanted, beaten on, read the copies of death to digital format, ready for me to choose on while master without dog eared corners - how is quite the shame, in fact!
Has read he - and locate a literary roller coaster.
4 / 5
A lot In the first place, ive generous state today and has attributed 3 books 5 stars... It wishes the amazon would move to the system of porcentual so that the descriptions could be more attentive!

With that out of a way, ossia the book of travesía of glorious time . Everything roughly does well for me... Utmost characters, a lot paced plot and superbly writing. I any short on action, and loves them some little recreos of Londra of decades and spent of centuries. It is the shame some of a reviewers founds this the hard read, how is a lot of value an endeavour and there is much harder law there in a gender of fantasy.

For me, ossia one of these books that underlines - the bed more than the book the week and he so that it is easy to forget the plot of them, but ossia a the wont, and certainly read again in a future.

Thinks that ossia a class to reserve this would be perfect for any one looking to extend his wings of Tolkien-fashionable fantasy also, tries something different and take the look in this book.
5 / 5
Are the sure people can give the most built description writes well May...
Are the a lot of on and was reader, will choose on the book, loves it, the marvel because I reading prendió never, buy another pair, taking distracted/of routine for the week or two and bam... It does not choose on the no-book of studio for the year.

Has loved this book and has read also the oddest tides for this author, so only love a step/of fantasy.
4 / 5
Anubis Gates had been in mine to read cast for years but another (usually sprawling fines-take) épicos of the fantasy has had in a way. When it has taken the kindle this xmas thought that it would download it and finally read the. It had listened of him whilst nosing by means of some piece roughly Bryan Talbot Luther Arkwright graphic novel and esteampunk.' Curiously any the think was all this pertinent to any of those but was a novel of travesía of excellent time with one of some the majority of the original concepts of sorcery there is not reading never. A characterisation is glorious and oozes idiosyncratic charm, especially in some scenes that involves Horrabin a clown. Although now, with other thirty years of travesía of literature of time of paradox that follows it some transfers is quite easy to something, a narrative still is entertaining and the delight to read. Thoroughly it would recommend this to all the readers, if SF/fantasy buffs or no.

Top Customer Reviews: Withershynnes: In ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
A history devoured in a seating. Leaving with the warm feeling. That more could require. Looking forward to his next adventure
5 / 5
apresamiento a lot of forms and in this chance is literal. A lot of dangers owe that be faced. It will want also be found?
4 / 5
“ Was in a thirteenth now of a thirteenth day to the his thirteenth anniversary that Mabel Wetherspring has @to @give that it was very different of his fellow and that is remained of his family.”

Ossia An inaugural to quote of Withershynnes: In a Dark and felt immediately curious to know more in a main character.
This book is the mystery of the mediaeval fantasy where taking partorisca follow Mabel Wetherspring travesías like the shapeshifter… that accidentally stumbles to a cadavere of the villager and decides to take an investigation to his own hands, with a help of his capacities.

Mabel was the little boyish while it grows, brilliant and the little of the know everything. It has learnt like partorisca read and write, which was a lot of uncommon partorisca the woman a 13th century. It is resulted an orphan in an age of 13, but was his own mistress, with the house of the his own and operates it in a village Manor. It is resourceful and independent which the a lot of believable detective.
A plot is coherent, adding some very interesting transfers and the very satisfactory result. Also it has an introduction of the interest of amour with a promise besides the mystery that solves to come like the crew.
Will be partorisca look forward to reading more books in a series!
4 / 5
The one who the odd and wonderful novel Withershynnes is. Totally different of a normal shapeshifter we usually read roughly. Ossia The real tongue -in-history of fiction of fantasy of cheek that is also the thriller of crime of the mystery.
A narrator of a history is Mabel Wetherspring. As we join a history, is so only roughly partorisca discover that has an unusual talent, concealed of the Shapeshifter. While it uses this capacity, she stumbles in the dead organism. Mabel decides to use this only talent, and dips it to good use in trying to follow down a murderous. But the things do not go according to slowly. And there is mystery of murder and mayhem this is still in the awake sound. An only thing has not turned to era he nosy cow, which would have been quite apt.
Some of a escapades Mabel creates to this humorous and cringe-worthy but almost always fun. There are dark moments that offset a light plus some, but is pocolos and far go in. As Mabel looks for out of a villain of a peace, has the few transfers and of the turns but no attended Agatha Christie-fashion whodunnit here.
For such the short novel, an action is relentless, and Mabel is the terrific character . Ella and Gentleman Gabriel Warrener does the crew adds. (The toes have crossed can have more.) So much the characters have had depths and room for development. More, a mould of the support of characters was excellent and was good writing to a narrative.
Has the handy map in a start of a book. Ossia Of particular use likes Mabel goes flight (literally) here, there and everywhere in pursuit of and when be pursued by a apresamiento criminal and ignorant.
Withershynnes In a Darkness could be read by any of youngster-adolescent to adult but is the fun read any one imports the one who a demographic east has feigned. Offering the fresh perspective in an idea of detective is brilliant. Reason any one the Mediaeval Woman Shapeshifter when all has been more done the death (comprising a character of death).
Like this, while any exactly intellectually stimulating, has found Withershynnes In a Dark the real good transmission of a norm. Thoroughly enjoyable, Easy to read, hard to dip down. I recommend that it likes him the fiction of the good fantasy has read.
Thank you, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial, for a ADC of a book.
5 / 5
A murder of lovely magic/realism the mystery dipped in Savernake the forest that looks Mabel, he shapeshifter the one who learns could transform to animals of his election when it has turned thirteen. Some the early days so only enjoys shapeshifting, this in spite of so the his paste mid-twenties the murder arrives in his sleepy village. Using his skill and powers of ingenuity, dips was to solve a mystery and spend a murderous the justice. It could so that easily it has been it twee to the equal that begins good and softly, but the moment of profits likes intrigue and builds of investigation. A enjoyable book and a prime minister in the series. Down waiting for to read future episodes.
Many thanks to an editor for the copy of description has seen NetGalley.
4 / 5
Was excited like this to read this new history to the equal that have to him legustado a premise, and the one who does not love the bit of magic. Some characters are extremely likeable especially Mabel and Gabriel, and really the attractive calm to a history and maintain you that it wants to know that it goes to spend.
Has not taken long to read this history how was so that it adds to read.
A lot so only is there the murder and to the intrigue there is humour and the clue of romance. All can say are can not expect for a next delivery!
4 / 5
Has has wanted to Susannah Newstead the earliest novels (in spite of some introductory passages when being, apparently, lifted book to form to reserve) and liked an idea of east a. This in spite of, has read like the ALREADY NOVEL, written of one. So much, in disappointing. Still, some passages that describes experiences like the humans in shape/of the animal insect has been thought causing and interesting.
4 / 5
Susanna Newstead First book in his new “Withershynnes” forms-shifter serious – “:Withershynnes: In a Dark” – is the '10 out of 10' swipe... Without the doubt. I am not never be the particular defender of this class to write of fantasy, but some novels in his another 2 serious ( esavernake Mysteries of Mediaeval Murder' and 'Kennet Fence in Mediaeval Idylls') was like this remarkable that has has had to that so only read this book also. And never I am happy that has done!

A protagonist, Mabel, is the fully believable and hero very developed. His conversations with other members of a community, as well as his own thoughts (as fantastically developed for an author), is absolutely believable and does not attack the only 'was' or note 'uselessness'. As with everything of Newstead is other books, a geographic and provisional setting, some characters and his actions, and his conversations and the interactions are 100 historically credible and attentive. It is wonderful to enjoy the novel with the strong and determinate heroine (any one an easy accomplishment in one was Mediaeval).

And this novel hardly lacks for pertinent and believable murder of action, villainy, heroism, assaults, and action-has packed persecutions, escaping, and struggling abounds. But they abound inside a frame More adds them to establish believable characters and believable behaviours in one was Mediaeval; a accomplishment duquel is Newstead crowning attainment like an extraordinary writer of historical fiction.

Like this with everything of his books, I originally feigned to hurt out of the chapter or 2 the night – for savor so much a plot and his writing. And, like this always, this resolution has fallen for a wayside small of interior to start with this novel like maintained me say, “Well, perhaps so only another understood the or three.”

While this book is centred around Mabel skills and adventures that form of movement, can any never the be considered the bobo or light or unbelievable has read. He not having never has found the best managing of a concept that forms of movements – his process, his actions and results, and his consequences. In the eye of your alcohol can both see and feel some changes that Mabel has to that experience... Any frivolous 'flick of the wand' froth here!

Is looking for A book to entertain that it is historically his, with believable esal' people, and with the fashion of writing (and content) that the calm favour down wonderful streets of description and plausible action, precise looks no further. This book is the true gem . A second volume of his new series ( soyedieval Historical Fantasy') will be to look early next year, and for real wishes that I have not had to expect like this long before I can read it!