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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place concerned for photo that is partorisca a T6360 without a neon lights like this envoy was partorisca Heat email of Solutions and the punctual response received and very a lot that reassure me would take a T6360B and intimating control in a photo in the amazon has not been all near in his hands. Like this ordered on 17th feb planned 21-25 Feb has arrived 20th. Packaged In original Honeywell the red box wrapped in bubbling wraps closed in external plastic ash with pucka bill (any always envoy). It was a T6360B1036 with light of the neon and that follows some instructions that has come with a thermostat dips on in fast order. Attention of paralización precise to some of then have hid the instructions am gone in a quite tedious impression is the note to an effect that if a circuit is down 6 amp (by heart) precise comprise a neutral boss as well as alive and the load wires like this of my circuit is rigged up with the 3 amp fusible I class of has guessed has required a neutral. This was to substitute mine a lot very old (40 more years) thermostat of equivalent that sadly has begun to aim his age and is not very attentive. Well it had exasperated the. An accuracy in a T6360B is terrific; has the battery has operated digital thermometer after the his. A light of neon comes on when a boiler /ignites and His I really adds to be able to see when a boiler is on and that soul a house up. The service adds, delivery and has produced. I am delighted and chuffed to bit with him. You are stars.
4 / 5
One of a Statistical better Room in a phase, and any fuss to return. Electronic very small for gone bad.

As where a Stat is trace, If a dial is not to dip with accuracy for yours has feigned use of places, a dial can be king-sited, This is to achieve to turn of prime minister of a power to a Stat. Releasing A faceplate ray enough to leave scrolling of a coverage, then softly with your toes, appeal a dial of his iron, and again softly, the push has retreated on in a place has required new. Then substitute a coverage that does sure a two Lugs in a fund of a coverage correctly locates in there recesses first has dipped a coverage behind in place. Some knowledge is required thus fulfilled.
4 / 5
A do one exactly to the equal that says in a description. This in spite of, a photograph aims the white controller with the blue glow around some flanges. Ossia A wrong photograph like the thermostat is the white controller , with the light orange circulates in an expensive advance - no blue glow or any one another glow. It was I happy - he, work and act a lot of (so only like a Honeywell controller I substituted).
5 / 5
Has inherited the a lot of grubby / the product has covered Honewell thermostat with a house. This substitution was simplistic to return and done a good work and in the good prize. A light aiming the question of heat is useful.
4 / 5
C to install but be careful any to fall a die of small lock when that takes a coverage that retains ray in a cup.
Useful to have a neon on indicator
5 / 5
Any question with room stat at all all his request to do
A straight substitution for me but always verify like his wire fence on like this different configarations possible
4 / 5
was a substitution esatta for a forward one this has broken. More than the one of the east one has the little light of neon
4 / 5
So that it has not said Any aversion , a lot of fact
And has been rid when they said it would be
5 / 5
Salvation ossia good value for money and of the good works and with his lights of neon to leave know when a heating is in
5 / 5
Easy to return and do very well like one would expect of Honeywell. Thank you.
5 / 5
Easy to return with only three bosses like light of the neon is wired internally, also looks the most attentive plot that my old Honeywell room stat.
4 / 5
Is returned well to some work and old mountains, which more can ask of the product. Any complaint.
5 / 5
Unit very a lot that requires to three installation of boss, or dip another way a two transmission of bosses of boiler of control and the neutral. An alive boss changed of a controller has the on duty habit in an indicator of neon once another boss changed and neutral is connected to some pertinent terminals. This indicator of neon with looks of resistor partorisca be internally has connected that installation of frames simpler. This in spite of, some needs of @@the @knob of the temperature partorisca be takes then repositioned in a knurled irons partorisca correspond to a temperature of correct room dips partorisca use the thermometer of mercury of environmental temperature like the reference.
5 / 5
Has been returned in the pair of minutes for the no professional. A unit is gone in easily and looks ready and clean with the light when he in in operation. A very orderly substitution partorisca the thermostat of 20 years.
4 / 5
Has tolerated an inferior product partorisca two years where a thermostatic on/was the row was unacceptable
Honeywell has considered a better, & work perfectly. A temperature is something on & on/was the control is among 0.5 & 1.0 terracings---IDEAL
4 / 5
Perfect, and some works read well, is handy to see if a heating is on or no.
5 / 5
Excellent little easy thermostat to install and read
4 / 5
Works well, like a light of neon, any a lot of to disturb
4 / 5
Ossia the product of big class , work very partorisca correct temperture.
5 / 5
Really happy with east, was the straight substitution partorisca the version broken any one has DIRECTED. I took literally 2 minutes partorisca install.
5 / 5
Does well with a Honeywell timer, could not ask more
5 / 5
4 / 5
hy There, has loved the thermostat of room for the long time, but so only taken around to return one, a joint of the electrician in a web page helped to choose, honeywell, as well as all a insrumentation in my works was honeywell, the product adds in the reasonable prize. recomended.
4 / 5
Compared to an old Honeywell has substituted, these looks of model partorisca expect until a temperature is 2 or 3 terracings under a setting before kicking in. Constant complaints on winter 'is a heating was?'. It has had to that mediate for the dipped big manually every time. Then of course it has taken too hot and has had to that be reset.

Will be to substitute the.

Judging for some other descriptions, can have the faulty unit.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
This system are adds in a lot of ways: fines-room, control of excellent temperature (learns partorisca heat characteristic and rule consistently), easy to use. But it is unreliable. Or enough a Cloud has based the servers have required for the far control is unreliable. Like this it wants to be able to control heating of an application, calm frequently can no. Ossia some same when house and connected to a same coverage.
4 / 5
Honeywell evohome Is a definite in fines the room that control of heats. I have bought our of A EVOHOME Tend those who trades on Amazon as 'A Tent of Ready Thermostat'. The backup and the support of this vendor is surprising. If it love room for the room that control of heats for your house then ossia. We have had Nest before and is the thermostat to describe so only adds , but can a lot fine control of room. A partner recommends evohome like had returned it his house. A Honeywell the application is easy to use, perhaps too easy like mine 4 old year can change some settings. At present have it at all these rivals this system and taking 5 stars of me been due to of the this.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: Aim This is to be buy partorisca substitute an identical thermostat that had developed the failure with which almost 20 years. A new one has a FOCUSED to leave know when a heating is in fact on although this has not been mentioned in a description as it can not be in the each one one has bought. These are of confidence and attentive and long that last with very small hysteresis (difference of temperature among turning on and was) to the equal that gives temperatures of room of the accuracy been supported by..
5 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: the aim is difficult to think that Honeywell has left his drop of levels - is ossia the genuine piece of Amazon I marvel. A temperature remarked is four terracings centgradas down some other 3 devices verified it against. A difference among the really warm room and the cold room is so only roughly neighbourhood of a thumb in a that dips the knob that would be work of supposition. It was to return for repayment.
4 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: it exchanges Objective Very simple on substituting unit of 12 years. Even 2 boss that returns as it was easy to substitute. The leaflet Of instruction is resupplied but can look for the on-line video are unsure in a wiring.
5 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: to to Perfecto White likes-partorisca-like substitution, comprising installed. The any one has comprised instructions, but downloadable. Very surprised partorisca find this calibration was has gone by 4 terracings celcius! Easy to fix know it partorisca do - just take a dial and substitute in correct place as measured by the thermometer of room. But it do not have to that be necessary. Works perfectly now.
4 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: White installation Very easy, am in no way technical and has directed partorisca change of the mine old Honeywell thermostat (much older) so only partorisca take the picture of like this is wired and matching some numbers have inscribed in some old one to a new a.
Was to 5 work of minute .
4 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: the aim has purchased this reason our Thermostat of Room has taken broken somehow. Ossia A perfect likes to like substitution. Our Plumber is returned easily when it avenges to service our Centrical heating Gas Boiler. Works perfectly
5 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: Aim All of its own partorisca application, and sensibly priced. The unit has been used so that it substitutes partorisca exist which had suffered harm for original installer. Now correctly installed and good works.
Recommends this very known mark to another.
5 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: Tip No quite easy to install like this substituted the drayton roomstat that quell'was a same measure , an entrance of boss was in a cup in a Honeywell against in a fund in a drayton but has taken there in an end.
4 / 5
Quantity of Container of the element: 1Colour: the aim was partorisca like it partorisca like transmission like my old one had broken inner. A simple work and the good product.
5 / 5
Having has ordered finally a wiring, a Honeywell the thermostat is perfect partorisca my house. Has the look in some diagrams partorisca wire, this in spite of, and comprise why calms can not trust wiring information. Picture 2 shows an original thermostat, Model , wiring diagram, where boss-4 (BLUE) has the icon of control (real wiring in picture 1). In picture 3, a Honeywell , is boss -3 concealed has a control. As I have dipped a BLUE boss in of the boxes-3 (real wiring in picture 4).
Any so much! This configuration has blown a fuse. On it exchanges a Honeywell Yellow and Blue bosses (any picture partorisca this), some works of thermostat perfectly. Those who can trust?
4 / 5
This is to be buy partorisca substitute an identical thermostat that had developed the failure with which almost 20 years. A new one has a FOCUSED to leave know when a heating is in fact on although this has not been mentioned in a description as it can not be in the each one one has bought. These are of confidence and attentive and long that last with very small hysteresis (difference of temperature among turning on and was) to the equal that gives temperatures of room of the accuracy been supported by..
4 / 5
Is difficult to think that Honeywell has left his drop of levels - is ossia the genuine piece of Amazon I marvel. A temperature remarked is four terracings centígradas down some other 3 devices verified it against. A difference among the really warm room and the cold room is so only roughly neighbourhood of a thumb in a that dips @the @@knob would be it work of supposition. It was to return for repayment.
5 / 5
This thermostat is easy to return, any precise battery, can not be cut, and has the very tightened row among clicking on and was (my old thermostat would leave a fall of temperature until icicles hanged of my nose, then maintain a heating on until it boil. This one maintains a temperature in the small row).
5 / 5
To to Perfecto likes-for-like substitution, comprising installed. The any one has comprised instructions, but downloadable. Very surprised to find this calibration was has gone by 4 terracings celcius! Easy to fix know that to do - just take a dial and substitute in correct place as measured by the thermometer of room. But it do not have to that be necessary. Works perfectly now.
4 / 5
Has bought to to this likes to like the to like substitution for mine Honeywell thermostat of wall. There is do fault well takes a lot the year and besides was quite attentive. +1 terracing when compared with the thermometer of mercury. This in spite of his substitution has looked for to be quite inaccurate with to +4 terracing inaccuracy when compared with a same thermometer.
5 / 5
Changes very simple on substituting unit of 12 years. Even 2 boss that returns to the equal that was easy to substitute. That The leaflet Of instruction is resupplied but can look for the on-line video am unsure in a wiring.
4 / 5
Installation very easy, am in no way technical and has directed to change of the mine old Honeywell thermostat (much older) so only to take the picture of like this is wired and matching some numbers have inscribed in some old one to a new a.
Be to 5 work of minute.
5 / 5
Quite fiddly to install but a lot extremely hard. Any instructions to wire with the product averts of the very small sticker inner that is hard to read. The temperature was way was has had to take a wheel to turn was and redid the for the take like this near like him tin to take the temperature has wished.
5 / 5
All of its own for application, and sensibly priced. The unit has been used so that it substitutes to exist which had suffered harm for original installer. Now correctly installed and good works.
Recommends this very known mark to another.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Taken this system installed like this splits of the new boiler that is dipped in for the gas Sure engineer after the plot of investigation of internet on all some systems. An engineer there is advised against the but has thinks that would take the punt. Spent in a main box and 4 extra radiator the thermostats that spends totals to £350. It has Had he partorisca the month now in the level 3 read seeds with heat & of the wisest boiler hub in cochera.

There is disappointed with system as without spending extra on vary extend a system does not do and this has not been clear done mine.

Bet to heat a lot of control partorisca rooms.
Easy to install and begin.
Far access to the turning that hot on or era.

Will not save you the money has run your heating in the schedule in all the chance.
Requires partorisca estimate for at least 2 row extenders or will not take signal to all the thermostats. They refuse to give these partorisca free now to the equal that have done change it recently and has begun partorisca touch. As it adds £80 to your prize.
Any way to refresh temp has informed for thermostats of radiator without killing application and restarting. Like this often temp could fall down that the plant but the boiler will not kick in so that it is not in application partorisca the restart.
The application is not intuitive and a thermostat of wall has resupplied so only controls a room. Like these locks out of main relative or any house of boys partorisca be able to control temp.
Wiser instrument it centrical can registers to your system and control your heating without requiring any one signal etc of you. Hoyo of big security to the equal that am sure the hacker could also!
5 / 5
In a first inspection out of a box, some looks of good unit-done and has built some instructions are not some better but the typical of the manufacturer of central heating with some very small circuit diagrams and tiny writing. Still partorisca one drives partorisca find of the failure.

A unit is quite easy to connect in place of the mine Honeywell the wireless controller and this have been a lot well. Some subjects begun when I have tried to dip on a unit like my a lot reluctant mobile to find a unit to base that it was a lot of frustrating. Finally, with which having any success I téléphonique Drayton sustain the one who spoke by means of a process and with which three neighbourhoods an hour, thinks that takes there hurrah, but any one has had a subject with registering an account as we require to start with a whole process again. A delicious lady of Drayton was a lot of happy to continue a telephone for this time has taken hungry like I stoped for lunch. You amiably sent by means of some instructions that is followed to a paper, resetting a unit of first basic.

Mina according to tentativa has had little improvement in a prime minister. Doing by means of some repeatedly his instructions finally have taken to a page of registration, súper has behind thought in action but a lot alas in a same @@subject that has maintained to say me could not connect to a cloud. Again I have telephoned a Drayton helpline to the equal that has confirmed a registration accuses no completed felizmente again.

Is now unable to say me the one who some next steps could be but thought it can be a subject with my canal of Wi-Fi numbers which look extraordinary as there is roughly 50 different devices have connected to the mine WiFi without a subject.

To give them his planned has promised to go back mine with some more advise it but is taking cold in late and have any central heating. I have it quell'has spent also a better part of three hours that tries to dip something on which would have to that be quite simple. As there is now reverted to the mine old Honeywell Wireless timeclock thermostat like this at least eating his retreated on. Other looks @@subject immediate to be if it does not connect to a calm cloud can not control a centrical that hot how is quite the subject big.

So only will be to return all a TRV is and a unit of base and look for something more.
5 / 5
Has taken enough the little month to choose out of Honeywell Evo Marries and Tado. Tado The row was in a basket and has purchased. The order of slope has discovered that Tado is touching an annual cost for an evening more v3+ produced, as there is annulled an order. I have had a Drayton wiser now partorisca to the long of the month and can say fulfil my requirements and more. Some the active designers has update recently his application that can you now tendency a temperature daily or weekly. It comes with all some bells and the whistles likes him some another, but in the a lot of more economic prize. Also, if WiFi go down you still can operate he to press a key to heat in a hub. I have read this is not a chance for Tado. For this another of some reasons because they have been for a Drayton instead.
4 / 5
Ossia System really good and installed in the @@@1930s bungalow with 13 radiators. The deceptions have done in a prime minister installs:

trying be ready and maintain the orderly things I initially installed a unit to base a lot near of a boiler. This was the deception as it would owe that dipped he in location like this centrical like possible in order for him to see your to issue/TRVs. (And preferably out of big metal white sakes that goes to interfere with signals).
Naively Has assumed that a new loan TRV(thermostatic Valves of Radiator) would be compatible with an old lockshield(tap) controls of valve. You require compatible thermostatic valves of the radiator and I has had to install 4 new some for a planned system. (The economic units are available partorisca around £7 each one that like this - and calm does not look to be able to buy so only an organism of valve). These require a system to be drained and the bit to plumb work.

Good points
While it takes the moment to take used to a philosophy for behind a new control, his add when being able to change the individual radiators were. There is remarked that some heats of system on so faster and each radiator takes hotter.
Has found a very intuitive application and relatively clear.
An integration with Alexa is seamless and brilliant.
A thermostat is a lot attentive and a TRVs quite attentive.
Have an option for a system to change on in fixed time (normal way) or to be ready and use environmental temperature to determine time of start (way of consolation)

Bad points.
Sometimes takes the moment for a boiler to be asked to shoot in spite of an indication of the ON showed llama in an application.
An indication of a state/of place of the each one TRV would be useful.
Would be a lot if a thermostat was no-backlit LCD with an exposure on all a time more than that has to that wake he until showing a current temperature. Also it assumes that so only a temperature of thermostat is used in his room ascribed more than one has has associated rooms TRV – does a system so only ignores a TRV temp?. (I also asks can have the system the economic plus without a thermostat as I am not sure adds a lot.)

Things that still confuse:
An application has too many ways to change temperature of room. And.G
• has the impulse does as has the time limit. (Also enabled of a TRVs control). It does to enable of a radiator automatically applies a same impulse to another has attributed in a same room?
• Also can change a temperature of room without a time limit of impulse.
• Can also dipped a room to MANUEL (aimed like the HAND in an application) control.

Are still unsure ALL or any of these settings is automatically overridden for the transmission of temperature has planned?

Word to warn for those with a system an old plus. It had planned to ready control so only 4 of 13 radiators in the so only has used rooms part time. I this but there is remarked the one who warmer one was of whole house. A question that is that 6 towel/of drive of radiators in my house not having TRVs (just lockshield taps). Some the living zones would create the temperature with the fourth ‘lists controlled' was, then previously the read these would change on but ask a boiler ON to prolong periods to take them until temperature. This in spite of, obviously a 6 towel/of drives of radiators with lockshield the valves then would take a lot hot in of the rooms already until temperature. As they are now that it has to that convert these the TRVs or ready. @In rodeo – yours houses require TRVs!

Ossia The very good system and am not totally sure the one who the characteristics are missing or that calm never needs. The only worry is a longevity of a motorised TRVs in £40 the pop.
4 / 5
Has installed this in mine Bish Young - the right transmission of a unit of control taken discovers 5 min - amazing!!!

Some radiators were súper fast to change and the thermostats of pairing was súper easy. Has this unit setup with the house of Google and work likes to treat the. Hey Google, That is a temperature in my fond room ;) that want to. I can setup each radiator with temperature and separate schedules of different room. If for some precise reason augments to heat in an or more the rooms can twist a thermostat of the radiator and he can arrive or simply application of use or say your ready house to augment that it heats in any salt.

Thinks that ossia the better way that Nest or Hive - I has had both of them in of the leading houses but Drayto (shneider) is súper easy and calm can the to you installs without the fuss.

Highly @invoice recommended saver and massively to the equal that hot rooms that loves.
4 / 5
The complete nightmare the setup, work sometimes, any another. It is sincerely he adds when it operates, but incredibly is frustrating when he no, which is at least the averages some time tries and interact with him. The mine there is taken on 3hrs in a telephone to sustain of client the setup (and are the professional engineer the one who has installed thermostats and numerous boilers on some years) as finally with which 3 days of tinkering has had to close my WiFi canal, then setup the entirely separate wifi coverage so only for a hub, likes otherwise has not done at all. It does not give multiple support acces points, included when ssid and the signal is one same, and frequently fails to connect to a cloud. There is any poster of control, as it trusts in those use an application, regime like this a lot that directs yours heating the few years time when drayton has given up developing an application and the apple/of android TOUCHED THEM To you has moved in the few phases. This feels like the product of beta this is bad state thought by means of and has been released first of his loan. Drayton Need to 1. Integrate the powerline adapter to a hub to take reliance in WiFi, 2. Present the zigbee hub concealed does not trust wifi or an application, and does not require to authenticate has seen a wiser cloud to the equal that can control a entite system and reprogramme thermostats locally to all the cost of your connectivity of internet and updates of support of future/application, 3. It marks a ready plus to the equal that can inform his on has been been/to the manager of device (p. p.ej. Alexa) Like currelty is so only change dumb without the state that informs, like this for example has the program to turn them on in 4pm but there is already manually changed him on, now will turn is gone in 4pm (surely would owe that be wiser concealed it!) 4. Programs of tent locally in some statistics as it do not walk in the cold room if your zigbee the signal has fallen was and a hub has not been able to say a valve to open (he some needs to heat question also, but this at least would be the step in a right direction that assumes does already continuous of one with the signal).

My joint with which 2 month of living with him? It does not buy it , it saves on the little more pence and invest in a honeywell evohome system. Ive Been wishing has had of the few hours after unboxing this. It is like this near to be the really good product, but feels like this is hasty and do like this lost those some really good occasions for the something concealed in fact would be the phase that directs.
5 / 5
Are in home the majority of a day and need to have some rooms heated but a lot everything of them. Alive in an old house that it is expensive to heat and hard to insulate. Prpers Having done that it could be fact , has loved to save further on fuel and has begun to look in some rooms that was empty all day but still was heated reason a heating was on. A Drayton the Wisest system there is appealed mine because I can dip schedules for each room that would benefit and so only heat them when they have required to be heated. It was quite easy to install: my radiators have had a lot-regular TRVs (Thermostatic Valves of Radiator) and some loans TRVs would not find and neither any of some adapters. In an end drained down my system and swapped a TRVs for some a lot of economic some of Toolstation this was compatible with a new ready TRVs, and then could easily is returned a loan TRVs where has required him. The a wiring concealed was trivial.

My house is a lot long was when being the chalet the bungalow and I have found two of a loan TRVs was roughly in a limit of a row of a Wise plus Hub, as I have bought two Spent Cast Wiser - these are a lot expensive compared with others Cover Ready that it use but they hips function like an amplifier for a Wise plus Hub that ensures that these two zones always take the good signal.

Does not go to write here roughly everything of some profits of the punctual system - is looking for the ready system then calms already will know the majority of those of his ads. It looked in several systems that comprises Hive and Nest and felt that a Drayton the Wisest system has offered a better value for me because of an ease to dip on zones. Has everything of some characteristic of an another averts of the capacity of the nest to not having schedules instead opting to learn that loves to remark like this and when you have dipped your heating.

Drayton Has not had so only a better party of characteristic for me, but was a better prize , and Drayton has been doing systems of control of the heating for the years of the ass - is the name to house to heat.

An application there is roughly statistical a lot interesting (graphs) to aim you as yours heating is treating. Has intelligent ways that can close of a heating for the room has the window opens there. Work well with Alexa. With a help of Life360 and IFTTT is easy to dip on geofencing so that if any one is home goes the way of background heating and then automatically resumes a schedule when any one arrives behind home again.

Now on to reason has given so only 4 stars when which have written suggests 5 stars...

[A] has the yard to be able to, or some drops of internets was, then often a hub takes estuck' and pode a lot of reconnect to a Wiser cloud - chairs there with the red light on. My son-in-law has a same system and also experiences this subject. A still continuous heating do, but calm can does not do or control it remotely. One fixed partorisca east is to turn of a master transmission for a heating, like this closing down a hub for 2-3 minutes and then the turn on again - but need to be in home to do that Unless: I am returned covers cast in a power feeds to a Wise plus hub as (remotely) can cycle a power on and era. Felizmente, does not take any a lot of internet outages or run to be able to.

[b] Is quite an investment in timing to dip especially of some schedules and I change with some seasons [1] Cradle and Autumn, [2] State and [3] Winter - I has asked (but has had any feedback) that the ought to be simple to have an Application stores your schedules like the PLACES so that you could restore each one which so it DIPS like this and when calm the precise.

Inferior line: the brilliant system but any one is perfect.
4 / 5
Have the Worcester 29CDi Classical Combi, and has had the engineer of level of local heating, and an electrician the one who could not imagine was like this to wire a thing. If you do not know any the one who competently can imagines was, then a pro installation of Amazon or Drayton has coached affiliates is to good sure the value that stops of has paid.
Once running, work perfectly. Two island steps quite big... Any extenders, for the half wifi bars for each boss. Any one bad at all. Ipad Or android equally good application. Basically he all a lot well, without fuss.
Downsides... A noise. There is an engine which could wake you on if the radiator is near a bed, and then reason opens on valves all a way, there is the noise to rush water to a radiator. I am taking used his, but well consider. Also a thermostat has comprised is not a lot useful at all... As it can not control all the radiators... So only a zone (paramount a boss of radiator in this room). Personally, I find an application a better way for far, as it has used Ipads of a bay in the each room, and then augment with some bosses has required . A lot useful, and there is not going back!
4 / 5
Has taken one submerges in the ready heating and has considered a pros and gilipollas of the pocolos fix but this ticked all some boxes in the prize that was abordable and am happy that has opted for a Drayton box on some another. It was the breeze to install and configure by means of an application ( has has had one that exists Drayton controller that I simply lifted out of a group and slotted a Wise plus hub in his place). Although has the small paving, for any one first few weeks could not maintain the mine of compatible connection issues which has been situated so only the few metres was for behind the wall but His maintaining believes was a subject with one issues like this clear result that mine other ready devices have fallen was randomly - the subject has been substituted and has there is enjoyed month without the alone drop-was.

Loves that it offers the meaning of way of the consolation that dipped times you of room and learns the one who far for advanced to begin to heat to achieve a temperature wished first of a planned punctually - I so only dipped the schedule and forget he - and master that a bath is always cosy ready for my shower of the morning without that has to that agree to look a thermostat at night. Also to prize that has a way to echo like this learns when partorisca take first heating of a planned was time.

Some valves was simplicity he to install and has not required an adapter for my radiators - simply unscrewed one that exists TRV is, screwed a Wise plus some in place and an application found each one that like this immediately, and do noise very small. An application is to add but is the faff dipping it up for geofencing to the equal that need to install applications of parties to do it work and there is Was the way actuated when it leave a house, but once dipped on top of only forget it. Alexa Integration is good but could be better - I can use my voice to verify and control a heat in of the individual rooms but there is still to find the way to have a heating was everywhere without manually turning on Was Way in an application.

In general this in spite of, highly would recommend this system for any one considering the system to heat of ready house that can control it heat for the room and concealed does not join calm in signs that to him for basic functions (like geofencing).
5 / 5
A lot disappointed in a Wise plus HeatHub produced of Drayton Controls.
The initial installation was a lot of he directly advance and has taken the minimum quantity of time. Unfortunately ossia where a positive experience has run was. An Application to Heat Wiser that is to require to setup a hub is at all the friendly user and has required to call a line to sustain to take a product has registered correctly. It has registered once it was found then that so only a mobile that has done an initial setup could access a controller and so only inside a house. It has not been possible to access a controller that mobile of date of the uses out of a house. With which much more called to sustain and a lot of resets of system and king-the start is remained with the system that has has not fulfilled expectations or many of some claims of product.
A final straw has come when a joint of a support of client has left a system in the state where the no longer could control a boiler, that leaves a house without heating! A representative of the support of the client was unable to fix a question in a telephone and has finalised a call.
Will be to look to the better solution a lot quickly!
4 / 5
I have used this product partorisca almost the year now and the like. It is the better plot that Hive or Nest as it leaves individual control of the each room and some real savings on heating. Alive in the paving has rented, as has does not love a lot of transmissions too many significant in a current system. An edifice has the centrical boiler but is leaves individual control in the each paving.
A Centrical wise plus has substituted an old thermostat in a wall, has required so only to add the cord to be able to, like this leading one was battery powered, as I have dipped the cord to be able to and connected it to a socket of wall. If this was my paving , I probably something more elegant, but as I mention, loves to take this all was once leaves a paving. This has said, is clear that installed me; it is quite easy likes DIY and have of the basic knowledge of electrical installations.
This box is the good start , but has bought more devices to develop a system. Some bosses of radiator (Drayton Radiator suddenly Heating the Wisest thermostat) has the thermostat in him, but is not necessary for big rooms (how is only centimetres of a radiator). That recommends is has one of his digital thermostats (Drayton Room to Heat Thermostat of Loans Wiser) in the each room also. A Wiser system automatically assumes his temp in the place of a radiator is once they is mapped in an application to be in a same place. You would owe that dip a digital thermostat some metres of a radiator. It has dipped one closes to the cradle of a creature, as some controls centre a temperature in this place. For a way, if has the creature of creature, this is surprising, as you can guarantee that has a correct temp all a time in his room. It is peace of the alcohol like digital thermostat is very precise.
My neighbour up: the radiators begins on 2 beds, 2 baths, living room(5 devices); 3 digital thermostats: 1 in a room of creature, 1 in my room, 1 in a living room.
The wisest support is also a lot of responsive invernadero email; sincerely they look for to help you, asking more pictures and aiming you if a question has been solved or require more help.
My bill to heat was definitively more economic, like this the winter has has heated so only some rooms that was in, all has programmed to be on-is gone in of the different periods of a day and need of different temperature. Definitively value of the money.
4 / 5
Fines-Control to heat of the room with a Wise plus TRVs looks the good idea, until calm @give you that really it is so only gimicky - at least without a thermostat of additional room. Calm can not program a schedule of the thermostat of room, neither can have the place was way . The control of Alexa looks for having limited to dip the way of impulse of now half when you ask heat in n°C, and Wiser does not answer to 'the tower heated' at all. A thermostat of room is really slow to answer to the key presses, doing turning a heating was to go down a point closely takes far too long. Sometimes an exposure a lot included reflects the one who a system is doing, p. p.ej. One calls shows of icon when a point closely is lower that temperature of room, and there is not the ask heat. Sometimes with which regulate a point closely, jumps on the terracing, perhaps reason a system has not registered a transmission and then some updates of thermostat of the room to a closely real point?

An application... You are required to sign in the 'cloud' material, which means yes wiser goes was, or yours the internet does not operate, calm can any an account or sign in with which reinstalling an application. If an application is to take of a tent of game or tent of application, calm will not have any way of setting anything. It is bad drawn, sluggish, a selector of point of the neighbour is roughly the odd horizontal reel how is delicate to choose with accuracy of.
4 / 5
Had been looking for the moment in of the systems to upgrade my control of system of old central heating when I have found Wiser for Drayton. A box that comprises 2 valves of radiator is value adds for money and comes neatly packed in the alone box. Returning a hub and the valves is quite sincere. Has has required adapters for some valves but these are comprised in a box.

A course a more delicate has taken an application on and that careers and dipping on a system to leave control and far control. I have had to turn to a service of knots and on-line support finally took there. A system is still quite new and clearly has the pocolos bugs in a software to be past was. It says that a technical support was a lot of and responsive.

All is on and running now and can control a temperature in of the different rooms of my house while they are was and the augment where required.
4 / 5
Has bought this system (Multizone 1 heating Only) to substitute the thermostat of Nest. It was very easy to install and configure. I am using OpenTherm to control my boiler that gives the smooth plus and, hopefully, controls more effective.

There is not founding any subjects comunicacionales in my small house among some radiators and a unit of control. It likes-me a control of the radiator likes bad am not heating the rooms do not love in different time. For example, I like the warm chamber to wake until and the quota one in bedtime. Everything now possible.

A IFTTT works of good integration and used it to geofence my house of the travesía likes the house is toastie on arrival. This is giving the reception to but means a cat ignore for some warm radiators!
4 / 5
UPDATE: Drayton the support has revised in fact an entrance and resupplied a joint in a valve. As my impression is very better now.

Has purchased a version to heat so only with two thermostatic bosses of valve.

Returning a controller to heat was easy as so only requires four bosses to having connected to the dish of regular wall. Connecting to a termostat is easy using a setup.

Now join any things so many is. A device is roughly three metres and a thin wall of my subject of half comunicacionales Virgin. In spite of of the one of the east a hub has the feeble signal and a connection can take ages.

Contacted Drayton he sells compatible valves with a thermostatic bosses to the equal that sell some other bosses with valves was the box. My current valves are not compatible with a thermostatic bosses or any adapter. This in spite of his response was that so only sustain a product and has closed a subject.

Like this in general finds a good product but a quite useless support.
4 / 5
In spite of one issues as it will spend for down ( can be to help find one same) with a system up and in current are them has wanted to all looks to be working (a lot any one a TRV ) but think my organism of old valve is stuck and does not love to drain a system in these temperatures to new records some. An application is easy to use and there is has had so only an update adds to control of anywhere.
As well as some questions and has had the little.
1) has ORDERED in the week of black Friday had fallen to £ like this ordered when it arrived it clearly had been out of a like this returned packaging for the substitution.
2) the physicist installs was easy trace afterwards to the boiler and 4 bosses have connected to follow some instructions and markings in a boiler and disconnected some old controls. Plan of type of old boiler king returned but any connection
3) has followed an instruction for setup found a hubs temp the coverage has followed the instructions have added mine WiFi any question then tries to connect to a cloud and failure.
4) Support of Telephone is useful but with which almost 2 hrs still not connecting and was to send me an email to try some ports . Some tests go back As well as his did not conceal and is suggesting sound my coverage that causes a subject. To arrive to this point has control but so only when connected to the mine WiFi
5) With which must of summer 15 tentativas in pairing this thing I email and take nowhere quickly so only in that want to me partorisca try one same on and on again.
6) Gives up and decide telephone some last time explains a situation and that mine WiFi is not a question as when logging to a subject can see a heat hub and his MAC allocution.
7) A new type in a telephone asks a MAC allocution and once has this say knows whats wrong and that requires to run the script of this end but that that could take until 24 hrs to take accused and that touches the subject common.

This in spite of downwards 3 hrs the ees has had an email to say is been fact and restart a register of application in and complete a setup and now have the fully functional system that am loved with.
Takes frustrated with dipping it on himself the desire had taken by means of the 2nd support of type of technology 1st averts to time bet but still with these subjects prpers spend all again hell yes and all because I want to say 'Alexa has dipped a living room to 20 terracings' more than leaving mine An and regulate a thermostat
5 / 5
after reading the descriptions have decided to upgrade my control to heat. I have had the drayton fixes it aired to the mine combi boiler to the equal that has had sense to remain with the drayton has produced. I have spent out of an installation I and was very easy. 2 blue bosses neutral, 2 alive bosses red, 1 yellow boss for on and 1 black boss for out. And some bosses to link of Some alive to with 1. And ossia. A neighbour up is a lot directly advances, basically so only download an application and follow one in instructions of screen. A system has some profits to give temp reading of a statistical radiator, and now linked to alexa, can ask some temperatures of statistical room and regulate with the mandate of voice, can dip a statistical radiator, so that if his core on a boiler, yes go under the point closely. Has all some characteristics of time of a system an old plus also. It does not marry more coming home fry how is everything controllable of an application, anywhere.
4 / 5
Has looked for all a different ready heating systems and decided is, mainly because of a cost.

Was easy to install and create and running, a system has been in still roughly 12 month now, some battery last well in some devices and a noise of some thermostats that turn on and was is not too strong (but is not to calm for any piece of an imagination)

Some the recent transmissions to an application are very welcome and has been required, very ossia all a good material .

Here is reason estimated it to them 1 out of 5

has loved to be able to control this of the mine telephone and so only does not operate, a connection is like this intermittent the never can be trusted to, some days when it decides to the law is so only to retard and laggy connecting to a system.

Has to that have entirely reset a whole system roughly 5 times in a past 12 month, am writing them this today up to now again my telephone is unable to connect to a same system although at all it has changed it of yesterday and the find me paste a key of reset once again, now included this in spite of the classed this as 'easy' to install is defiantly a lot something wants to be doing each little month.

Are so only on loan to pull a whole system was and stump up for the Nest or another better know (better drawn) system. Calm the favour and does not try and skimp likes the so only will complain it.

A inhouse laws of thermostat so only well but really takes a loan out of the ready heater to so only use this so that it limited it extremely act temp Arrive or down there is any control of individual room.
5 / 5
This generally does like this announced but has one follows subject:

1. Wifi The reception is terrible. A heat hub was 3m of the WiFi subject by means of the wall of alone brick and constantly disconnected. I have finalised to dip a point of additional wireless access in a room afterwards to a heat hub. Even 1m was still does not aim full signal like an exposure by force of the signal probably is not too attentive.

2. As another has said in of the descriptions, anything another that the small house will require casts of discharge to extend coverage for thermostats.

3. A work of statistical radiator very but is very sensitive to other heat sources. Our radiator of cookery has some pipes for a rest of a paving of earth that careers after his. If one of another paving of earth the rooms reports hot, a radiator stat in a cookery thinks that that a room is warmer that is due to some pipes that taken hot. Has other rooms with subjects looked where a stat thinks a room is hotter or colder that is.
A solution to this has been to buy thermostats of extra room and add in a room in an application. This then controls a radiator stat and the things of balances were.

4. The big rooms suffer the bit of having a thermostat afterwards to a radiator but ossia one same with any TRV.

In general like a level to control on heating (or any) individual rooms and has resupplied has described to heat without doing big transmissions to a system to heat.

A solution in some rooms that is not when be controlled correctly has been to buy thermostats of extra room. In approx £70 each one which so it is not the economic adds on.

As Headed like the box with a room stat and a radiator stat is resulted 8 statistical radiator and 4 statistical room like this quickly added until in £500
5 / 5
was unfamiliar with a product and has had the number of questions. I have sent the number of emails to a company and has received extremely quickly and answered useful. It has to that very sure that will look for to help with any future subjects have. A system now looks to be doing well although a test will be when a time a cold plus comes. An only worry has is that an application always say that a Hub has any signal in spite of him when being so only 10 metres or like this of the mine Wifi Hub. Like the system is operating a lot will expect that there is no future questions with him.
4 / 5
I have bought a box partorisca house wiser in October and has has had to that finally returns he partorisca the full repayment in February.

In the nutshell a device was incompatible with our boiler and we could not access a device of outside to our coverage of house (which attack an object of his cost) a box often disconnect and reconnect too which has done his operation partorisca bet. Numerous calls to Drayton and promises concealed 'his engineers looked his' finally head to at all and several months more have suggested late that return partorisca the repayment.

Has bought a Tado system instead to the equal that has done perfectly of out a box and has instructions of excellent installation.

In the Amazon of positive note was very useful and refunded a device after several months without quibble.
4 / 5
Early days still, but think like this system very better that would have liked him a bit alternative. It is not on the dot as it does not say any one is holidays or try learn your habits etc. But this has said that that acts like this the programmable thermostat, but partorisca each room for separate.

Does not comprise reason comes with the thermostat of room, TRVs and an application of telephone would be enough to operate a house. A thermostat of the room can not turn of the radiator, which TRVs has beaten; and a TRVs can ask heat without a room therm. So you have had it trv in the each rad, this would do a work!
5 / 5
This product is competition adds for some players plus very expensive in this phase. A quality of build is sum, as you would expect of the the company of entity likes Schneider. A TRVs is cinch to install, how is a thermostat of room. To install a controller of boiler, can require some help of and electrician/gas engineer according to your level of expertise, but is all very easy.
My only flu with this product is that a TRVs so only really upposition' in a temperature of room more than actively measures it, like this for the really attentive temperature for zone or room, will require to invest in thermostats of additional room (in £80 launcher the, concealed is not economic).
The value adds global for money this in spite of and would pay more for some frames to compete.
5 / 5
One adds to sell the point is a capacity to control a temperature in each individual room has seen an application and a loan thermostatic valves of radiator (trvs). Before it buy control some valves to exist slowly to substitute. If they are a scarce plus M28 the ray that returns to be prepared to have that spent expensive adapters of the provider was United Kingdom. Resupplying all is compatible to expect an easy to configure and regulate system.
5 / 5
Are class of sad, reason have loved to love our Wiser solution, but so only could any one: it has done well in 2 rooms but in a third could any never take a legislation of temperature, always informing among 1 and 6˚C big that a real temperature. Reason an error was inconsistent, could very so only manually regulate for him, so that the island usually has frozen or as to sauna.

When it has DONE, a system was simple to operate, quite attractive, and has taken a work done in the reasonable cost has compared to competitor. For-control of room with loan TRVs are adds in theory (this in spite of any when it is not working) and is well that some works of system although yours the internet is down (while you are in a same wifi coverage).

A system is quell'has bitten simple and an interface the little buggy in time (particularly a neighbour on process). An application is quell'has bitten slow to upload and I connection taken occasionally fail when it has tried finds a hub (retrying always fixed the finally). There have it little informing functionality, which was the shame to the equal that have loved to know that often a heat of system has asked at night.

But to the equal that have said, a big question was that he so only any quite a lot of laws for knots. It is obviously the question with an algorithm that looks for to exit a temperature of the real room based in a temp reading afterwards to a radiator. A room has done well, but another caused it questions: mine trusty equivalent Drayton TRV4 the better work to maintain the compatible temperature that a ready algorithm Wiser! We swapped out of a whole system to delete questions of hardware and still swapped TRVs among rooms, but always a same room there has been a question.

Wiser the support was usually quickly to choose on a telephone and always friendly, but is painfully slow to return emails (10-14 days yes never) and did not telephone me never behind in spite of saying me a lot the time would do like this with updates. Once finally they have adapted it was the question of software, was pocolos have had to that do to fix a bug, and an only solution has offered was for me to buy a thermostat of extra room. This would have solved a question (I in brief has tried to move a one of the our living room to a chamber to confirm) but would have added almost 50 to a cost of a system so only for the take to treat like this announced that. I asked him to resupply one for free like him workaround until they have fixed a question of software but has refused; to the equal that are returning our system. A shame.
5 / 5
A system is value adds for money and work! I can comprise reason has has some the bad descriptions like found that the bit to frustrate to dip up. Changing a wise plus hub was the subject of two rays, takes old receiver and substituting. It was apprehensive roughly distance among a wise plus hub and my subject is 3 pavings ! But it has done immediately with thermostat of room. It would have liked him to of him it has been it able to physically of cover he in our coverage of house but no RJ45 socket. I have called once the support was very punctual in solving a subject. The works add with alexa
5 / 5
has installed a bridge with ease, as that the current thermostat had connected already with some colours of same wiring. Setting on a bridge and then installing/frame on some thermostats and TRVs was like this easy as it can be ! Like this now I have connected fully with total control in all the rooms. It is surprising that quickly I one installs and a consolation to be able to seat in a sofa and asking House of Google to add 2C to a room is sum ! A TRVs could not be like this slick like Tado some, but to good sure does not look bad at all! So you are in a phase for the system that will dip your heating of house in a cloud, wholeheartedly can say can any gone bad with these.

Can not comment on some of a @subject another is informing considering signal and distance to the equal that are in the terraced marries (read: Londra small). For me it is doing perfectly with roughly 15m straight line and 3 pavings/of wall among a bridge and a far plus TRV. Also please notes that dipping this calm arrives to require you to be able to manage the screwdriver and have some basic knowledge of electricity/cabling.
4 / 5
After the enormous quantity of investigation to different systems, really impressed with our Wiser neighbours new up.

Easy to return, controls of big quality, and the difference other systems, some abordables TRVs means very better can control our room of house for room.

Some works of application exactly like this expected, and although well dipping ready a far side has been the challenge , is now well currency he and a support has been point and averts. It would imagine more the people would not have one issues @@subject I , as they are more than happy to recommend.
5 / 5
Has purchased this system for the paving vacacional, as it could remotely turn in a first heating of guests arrives. I have paid to have it returned by the engineer of Gas Boiler. A first day or two was a lot of but has to that the to the left grieve a plan and tried to access he of home has taken a message of unable error to find WiFi. A bit those that weeks more have late drives behind to a plan of the take all dip on once again and has spent the whole day taking ordered it. The wisest heat has alleged was one the fault of a broadband of dual band so much - with BT the help has directed to the turn was 5gh, so only leaving band. Has has had to that included change a canal to 6. Whilst In a plan all was well for the few weeks but then prime ministers of mine is spent the weekend fry there with only a key of impulse to help hot he up for half an hour the time. I have driven some 100miles back a next day and to the reset has a whole system once again with an email of a line of help of the technology. But on it returns home it has taken a message of error still again. Have emailed Complaining but has listened of course at all retreated at all. I think that that this system looks the only work if you not having BT broadband and yes is there daily to reset he. I will be to ask to the amazon for the repayment has had once a system substituted - still like this another call of engineer were cost. You save a cost and ladies'and compraventa.
5 / 5
Fond this has bitten of boxes. It can not be like this anticipated like other systems but is easy, he a good work and is the good prize. They finalise to add support for IFTTT like this hopefully will see more the characteristic coming on board - anything more coming Wiser?

One the statistical radiator literally scrapes on and he paired with Alexa easily.
5 / 5
A main controller simply slotted partorisca situate to substitute my old controller. Taking a thermostatic the valves on is quell'has bitten delicate but well value an endeavour, read some instructions and his much easier. His all that tongue to the each one like this another in the level three chamber detached house. Updates of the software so only spent in the few hours. Active has ADDED of then more three intelligent TRV is. Sound the good system partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Good product in general, although that loses the pair of things.
1. It would owe that have an interface directly to an until (via IP), but an only option is partorisca use an application.
2. A service of use of cloud are not partorisca add, and sometimes has subject syncing
3. Using the multiple telephones/subjects partorisca direct the alone unit is the little finicky, and sometimes precise time partorisca take on upper of
4. It would owe that have the way to add multiple accounts to the alone device.
4 / 5
A box is very done and packaged. The instructions are clear and an application is very intuitive.

This in spite of, taking by means of the final step in setup - where yours the account is paired and a House Hub the access of cloud is completed - has failed repeatedly. After several resets and tentativas of fresh installation, has looked for support of Drayton. A support was well, if slow, with basic troubleshooting covered (which I already fact, but more partorisca be sure).

An eventual result was that Wiser has subject with Huawei routers and Drayton and that spends for partorisca try to determine causes of root. Inferior line, if has the Huawei subject, will not be able to complete your partorisca install correctly.

Felizmente, has the different to issue like the transmission. I will use it concealed and revisit this description, has to be it has achieved.
4 / 5
The installation and the together initial up are quite easy (especially has the dish to wall regulate for control of boiler).
Has had the moment of panic when I powered a hub down with which registration with an application - an application could not connect to a hub with which can up. It is resulted that FAQ covers a @@subject - can take it until 15 minutes when a hub beats-cycled the connection to an application.

Good points:
1) An application is quite easy to mantain a system and schedules of together
2) is easy to add more valves of radiator to a system and is possible to the mix esgular' valves with 'wise' some.
Subjects smaller:
1) From time to time an application has said that hub has not connected the WIFI in spite of a fact that hub the indicator focused says that a connection is up.
2) The valves 'Wise' could be more calm state - produce some noise when they plough/near, which could be the bit to annoy in the chamber in a night.
5 / 5
A product has done to add - for 2 years and has failed then. The amazon basically says to go was included this in spite of Drayton says would have to that substitute a faulty a. These are too many expensive to have that substitutes each one 2 years and needs of Amazon to take his together law on that. It does not buy - buy of the retail with the longest guarantee.
4 / 5
Has had subjects with a unit how was a turn of warehouse of the Amazon , when rid has had loses parts and any instruction. The instructions were easy to rectify street an internet , setup this in spite of problematic era like the unit was registered still to another account of cloud of the user. This in spite of afterwards find a support numbers the extremely supportive lady in Drayton has taken an account mancomunada the original deleted and walked then by means of a re-create of an account. The product is now fully doing and am looking forward to them that it sees that it can effect them good control in a heating in home
4 / 5
A heat hub looks to have the defect of the drawing and he takes disconnected often.
The support of technology has culprit initially my superfast Internet of edge but after diagnosing has admitted that my Internet is well. But they are adamint to admit a subject with a heat hub.

Remarce: A heat hub so only acts in WiFi band

finalised in earching for your Heat hub' message after spending money on that.

Hot like this wiser hub is not wise at all.
4 / 5
Has substituted all an old TRVs in my house with the system he Wide plus. Easy to dip up but has had to buy some special adapters for some old TRVs. Good works. No more heating rooms when they are not when the be has used. Saving around 2litres of oil the day, as it would owe that it pay for him the year. Alexa Appears quite fresh, but easier that use an application in the telephone.
4 / 5
Has Had the look at all some other ready systems but this one east a better.
I a lot of recommed that tries to dip this on if you are not technology savvy and a lot fully comprise hiw systems to heat the law suggests that you take an engineer for the dipped up for you.
Has had it glitch dipping a system up in a fact that the would not register until I have changed my telephone behind to my subject more than a wiser unit that uses a wifi.
Once dipped on the laws perfectly has has had to that do the minor adjustments to some time of time likes them thermostatic the valves are near a paving.
Has measured the temp differentiates 1.5 terracings C when compared to the stat in .

Has had the thermostat/of wireless timer in all the chance so that the doubt will save me money.

The one who this technology is to give me a capacity to control a temp in any room any time of anywhere.

Thinks that this will be more effective when an use of an open therm the technology is employed reason then a system will be able to control the flow times which has to that enabke the to mantain the constant plus temp.
4 / 5
Has loved Drayton I bough the ready box 1 3 weeks done and so only recently installed a thermostat of radiator. A main box is doing well and one of a thermostat of the radiator also is doing well. This in spite of like this the tried to install another thermostat of radiator a base of him snapped was. Usually it would return them this this in spite of do not want to take a system of boxes whole loan down to the turn has cost like this around 120 pounds to install. So only I want to take the thermostat of new radiator has sent mine can you to them send one broken one.
5 / 5
So only I love this system. I have bought two boxes partorisca our venue of Parish Room, as it has adapted a system of better heating that with a system has described, and was easier that install - no rewiring has required. One of them dipped on perfectly, but has had the question of pairing with another. Any @@subject - a Drayton the instruments of support has answered a telephone a lot quickly, was knowledgable and useful, and has had punctual has ordered. An Application is easy and intuitive to dip on, and now have full and flexible control of a system partorisca heat of the Room without that has to that leave house. Shining.
5 / 5
Has on dipped was bit it delicate intially, that tries to find a coverage, connecting his, flummoxed an electrician partorisca quite the moment, once on and running, he the one who his supposition the esees has take of a rad statistical of some chamber like this theyre like this blinking noisy. Has a house dipped quite warm, and these things shoot on at least 3-4 times the night, disturbing mine and a sleep of boys, then , behind the regular trv for some chambers. If it could choose again, the d looks elsewhere.
5 / 5
Does well but the lacks looks information/ for one there is anticipated more users. P. p.ej. A room stat does the humidity but this is not available in an application, qualified of lacks to change an impulse of radiator temp increment, historical room temp/that heats the question and the cost have estimated would be utmost.

Update - soiled historical temp, the question and the external temperature is now available.
4 / 5
Easy to install and setup. The application could be the little more intuitive and faster that answer but constantly is developed when being and has update. Really happy with this setup and will continue to add more than a TRV is so much and when volume around his.
5 / 5
Very easy to the turn has had to this in spite of changes the pair of valves in a radiator. Functionality in very good. I have required 1 of some sockets but are in 3 storey manacles as not surprising . Really it loves a bit the reports look also. Excellent value for the money and are by train to expect it will save in costs of fuel and show where a heat is escaping.
4 / 5
Easy to dip up and use but hub and trv maintains loosing signal, the alive in the small house with the new bt hub, drayton client servive has said the require the drayton the signal to cover ready extends the cost would be £42 to fix a subject, like this the am not happy with a product or service of technology
5 / 5
A together fast and easy real on top of the east is done a world of difference to our system to heat. I can not recommend enough!
4 / 5
Easy to fix box to wall but valves of radiator any like this easy. It results my valves of radiator require the adapter that no among boxes and support of the technology recommended some but any of them the compatible look, has given up. Connecting the cloud to do remotely touch and go sometimes well other times owe that try later. The trace of Black Friday extracted like this discounted and still value while
4 / 5
the system is apparently populate so only in United Kingdom, but works amiably in Poland. I connected it to my old gas boiler Atmomax More for Vaillant. He directly substituted Vaillant VRC 420, which was a lot of but surely not costing effective. I guess the require the whole winter to properly value the Wisest action. This in spite of to arrive to this point any complain, and dulcemente maintains to buy more thermostats for a system.
5 / 5
The hardware are add, all the accesses, easy to install but a software has the alcohol of the his own. It sees picture, the llama is on but a temperature of room is main that a point closely. Also I see that a boiler on/is gone in a controller looks very random and any a lot of correlation to him or there is not the llama aiming in an application.
If a software is exited this will be 5 starts, the hope has left for punctual updates. Once fixed, will be the value adds for the money and I predict you easily will do a cost behind in a season of winter.