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1 first HONOR Band 6 Fitness Tracker 1.47" AMOLED Smart Watch with SpO2 Heart Rate Smart Watch, Suitable for Women's Men's Activity Tracker Compatible with Android iOS, Gray HONOR Band 6 Fitness Tracker 1.47" AMOLED Smart Watch with SpO2 Heart Rate Smart Watch, Suitable for Women's Men's Activity Tracker Compatible with Android iOS, Gray HONOR
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2 HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS HONOR
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3 best HONOR Fitness Tracker, Band 5 Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS, Black HONOR Fitness Tracker, Band 5 Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS, Black HONOR
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4 Shieranlee Watch Band Compatible with Huawei band 4/honor 5i Activity Tracker - Sport Watch Band Straps Watch Band Replacement Strap Shieranlee Watch Band Compatible with Huawei band 4/honor 5i Activity Tracker - Sport Watch Band Straps Watch Band Replacement Strap Shieranlee
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5 HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS, Pink HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS, Pink HONOR
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6 HONOR Band 6 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Watch Men Women, 1.47"AMOLED Display Smart Watch with Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Smartband Sports Activity Tracker, Pink HONOR Band 6 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Watch Men Women, 1.47"AMOLED Display Smart Watch with Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Smartband Sports Activity Tracker, Pink HONOR
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7 HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS (Pink) HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch with Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Smart Watch Women Men, Pedometer Step Counter Watch Activity Tracker Android IOS (Pink) HONOR
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8 HONOR Band 5 Smart Wristband/Fitness Tracker with Heartrate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Calorie Tracker, Sleep Tracking and Full Colour Touch Screen – Water Resistant up to 50m – Coral Pink HONOR Band 5 Smart Wristband/Fitness Tracker with Heartrate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Calorie Tracker, Sleep Tracking and Full Colour Touch Screen – Water Resistant up to 50m – Coral Pink HONOR
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9 HONOR Band 5 Smart Wristband/Fitness Tracker with Heartrate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Calorie Tracker, Sleep Tracking and Full Colour Touch Screen – Water Resistant up to 50m – Navy HONOR Band 5 Smart Wristband/Fitness Tracker with Heartrate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Calorie Tracker, Sleep Tracking and Full Colour Touch Screen – Water Resistant up to 50m – Navy HONOR
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10 HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm Smart Watch, Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate and Stress Monitor, Exercise Modes, Running App and Built-in Speaker and Microphone, Black HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm Smart Watch, Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate and Stress Monitor, Exercise Modes, Running App and Built-in Speaker and Microphone, Black HONOR
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Top Customer Reviews: HONOR Band 6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
This clock is really be such the fantastic tool partorisca maintain clue of my sleep and account of no. A clock knows when apresamientos naps and will add it your clue of sleep partorisca a day and the update consistently!

In my opinion a sleep that follows work very well and can spend a show quite free so that your skin is not when being hugged for a device the one who half awake on hardly that feels a clock in your telephone.

A mobile application goes to detail in your sleep that follows and any exercise that initiates you with a clock also. It has not chosen automatically up doing exercises but for a prize and the one who bands, honradamente are by train of the give spend he partorisca east!

Some cariche of device on really quickly, when you are in your office not moving , so only touching he for 10 minutes of the around 3 to 4 use of days! So only be careful to use any timers when doing exercises like haptic buzz the feedback will cause a battery to drain faster. It is timer is customisable also with now full, small and second compatibility, so only use this characteristic sparingly for action of better battery.

Is given around 12 types of clock and calm once link your clock to an application of health resupplied, can go to a tent and find more expensive that clock. A majority is around .49 pence That is adequately priced in my opinion, this in spite of himself look for a long calm phase enough can find some quite fresh expensive of free clock. One first photo of a Face of classical clock is one of mine favourite and he was free in a tent!

A step that follows is in pair with my s21 ultra with only around the -30 difference of any - although this could be due to movement in a house without my telephone in my pocket.

In general, for an enthusiast of estimativa conscientious - ossia the produced recommended for the first user of time of ready clocks to follow exercise and no.

Ps. Of the on-line descriptions a sp02 the tracker is also very good and a monitor of heart rate is also excellent! I am not learnt too much in sp02 but a heart rate to good sure the looks is doing well!
4 / 5
Has possessed previously another ready clock.. The generic Chinese mark one has bought on Amazon. In a prize still like this one. But this one is like this better. So many functions, and his all does perfectly. I think a HRT and the monitor of sleep is quite something on, and also has it menstrual memory of cycle (I has periods a lot regulate I so that it appreciates some memories, but for those with less than predictable cycles, this probably is not like this useful). I find a stresses controls really interesting to use. As any the one who has suffered attacks of panic in some past to the equal that has on tugged on me when any I still comprises has been stressed in fact, this monitor kinda helps to maintain in tune with mine bodily feelings. Sometimes very same prpers gives are stressed but are. I love some pocolos plans to exercise this in spite of did not use still. Could select it brisk walk etc and automatically will time you and measure your heart rate etc.. A timer and functions of the alarm in a clock is súper. Something my forward similarly-the ready clock priced has has not had. A SpO2 the measures are like this interesting, especially in COVID time, that knows those that people those who have COVID but does not feel that patient in fact can be a lot down on oxygen of blood without struggling to breathe. Also I want to change some faces of clock with an application of Health to adapt my way and need. Abundance of free some to download, although there is also abundance of has paid some also. I have bought this in the treat and so only reason given had my ready clock forward my daughter. I have loved so only the no frills ready clock that fact, partorisca low £35, and this has fulfilled everything of my requirements and more! I have found this clock is like this fill of frills. If it hate a frills and work extra like a monitor of sleep, menstrual memories of cycle, or SpO2 measures, or measures of level of the stress, or some plans of exercise, so only could choose ignore them. So only they choose to enable in your application of Health. But I found enabling them all I so that the chairs is interesting and interesting. Very characteristic packed to a clock abordable. It has contested among east and a FitBit. Like this happy has read some descriptions and has chosen to try this first. I saved £35 for not buying a Fitbit now, and thinks that am happier with east a.
4 / 5
Still although (the users and publics) has voices our descriptions and opinions. Fitbit/Google has ignored both And a competition - Honours 6 east and has been for some last 8 months! Significantly better in the each way

An ONLY and means an ONLY reason I retried one load was reason have thought, an honour could reduce a period grupal less than 15 metres. This in spite of, on trying both, the period is compatible
and the is not virtually one same - So much, as yours 'criteria',REASONS PAID almost 5 times a prize?
5 / 5
Utmost of invisible tool to run. One the only hiccup is that I have had to download an application for the use and that the application is by train to say of the odd things, as ' has slept 10 hours and 5 minutes' that, can ensure you, has not spent of then was the toddler. (More than an isolated occasion when it is returned to River.) Otherwise Works well, a hard battery partorisca to the long of the week. A calorie that counts the odd looks, has said 200-something on 7k, does not look probably but perhaps will imagine era. In general it was the plus of compraventa acceptable.
5 / 5
Has Had the clock of mark of the name that cost the few dollars of the hundred and he have died. I have substituted he with east and has spent he for roughly two weeks. He all my old a , with a prize added of use of the longest battery first to require the recharge.
4 / 5
I upgraded of a band of honour 5 and ossia the improvement adds . A view is much clearer, a slightly main screen the difference adds. I want to be able to dip an alarm in a clock. He all want to and the fraction of a prize of some very known versions of of the this. That The tracker Of sleep is very attentive how is spo2 and heart rate, a stress graph does not have any idea as it knows when they are stressed but the he really done! A counter of does not look in a generous side, ossia my only flu
5 / 5
Can easily last the week with all the characteristics there is enabled.
The screen is acute, brilliant and responsive.
Liked a customisation of of a face of clock and like this objective continuous control of heart rate, sleep and levels of estréses. It gives some joint and useful information to comprise results in of the applications. Also it has to that breathe exercises.
Comes with the protective screen.

Upload The boss is not too long.
Has had it mini attack of panic when trying pair to mine A50 still after updating all the devices a band 6 has not looked , investigation of Google fast and using given in place of WiFi updates a cast. Also I need the location there is enabled to connect to telephone.
SpO2 The control is not continuous but his no quell'useful in all the chance but good to take the measure here and there.
The sleep that follows is not a better, calm so only registers you so awake is exited once of bed or more dips it down dreams like this light the majority of a time.

Global amazing piece of technology thus prize.
5 / 5
Bought to substitute the band of honour 2 pro. Shows of the excellent main screen much more information. Find my telephone is already useful state. Amur A magnetic battery uploads clip, muh easier that before. A much better begins fastening, no longer very small take of a strap means decrease to signal
An a lot of value upgrade of a ready band 2 although LACK of GPS. This in spite of using GPS in my older band has chewed by means of a battery as I doubt will lose it too much.
4 / 5
Has has had so only he for the pair of weeks, looks well. All some relieves the law well excepts the maintenances take the message that can say one 'band' to the car controls a SPO2 measured in of the settings looks unable to discover that.
A screen is really clear and a comfortable strap. If a screen is plastic then his a more has not seen never but suspicious that his 'gorilla' glass that, of course, is included better.
5 / 5
The mobile application utmost work, load of information. The life of battery is surprising and an accuracy is very good. I love this band, especially after sending for behind another mark. I will stick with Honour.

Top Customer Reviews: HONOR Band 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
State using this partorisca the while now and has to that say that I love it. Mainly I use it partorisca maintain clue of my sleep and heart rate but also to uses likes him to him the clock and during exercise.

Returns amiably and a band has the very small system that mark sure a lot to spare is taken tight. Calm require it to be tight-ish partorisca he partorisca measure your heart rate properly. A screen brightness is well out of a box and a turn of car in laws the majority of a time. If he no the little tap will wake it. Some works of screen of the good touch and is quite smooth for a paid of prize for a band.

Can control your music that touches in your telephone by means of a clock this in spite of is not one the majority of responsive characteristic but work. The settings can be changed by means of a clock he this in spite of is obviously any one an easier thing because of a measure of a screen.

All those some monitors of clock is abordable by means of a Huawei application of health (that spends for incumplimiento he possess the Huawei smartphone so that the easy fact).

An only negative to this clock, which is really the small negative, was that I took the pair to try pair, but the fast update of an application and he then paired instantly and has not had any subjects of then, like this really a lot something to take the account is looking to buy this clock.

Uploads The boss is small but the life of battery is order like any precise of the thick use and there is the clipping mechanism to the equal that resists to one uploads well.
4 / 5
Ossia My tracker of the prime minister of the fitness has possessed. It likes- one simple clean creation and clear screen. A screen the touch is a lot of responsive. I have spent also any one the clock for several years, trusting my telephone for a time, but ossia comfortable for all day wear. The ones of way that far has run it with him, dipped on the 5fitness of program of km and has spent he in a shower (raincoat 50m). The utilisation to control my quality of sleep and a function of heart rate is also very effective and easy to use.
When Some clocks have gone back this weekend spent , updates a time automatically. It can a lot of he really lacking still a prize.
4 / 5
Has had load of economic was clocks of fitness of the mark and be unimpressed and any used with which roughly 6 weeks. Admitted has not had these 6 weeks still but is the offering does much more that some another has had.

A clock is good and brilliant. A lot of responsive to touch even when wet (that it was it a subject with another). A life of battery is something to take the notes was, has opted to dip some beaten of control of continuous heart on and is lasted 4 days without cariche.

Are not at present exiting the interior a moment so much could very really use a O2 monitor for advance. This in spite of is the really fresh thing to have.

Also I really like clockwork expensive different can have, is really good to have the face for an occasion.
4 / 5
Has bought this tracker of fitness reason forced to some additional activity that is jogging. It was the good election . Has so many functions! When the circle was my heart rate and pressure of blood that is useful when it wants to lose some weight. That is to amuse also is that I say the one who far go and the one who calories I burn during a whole formation. And among my favourite colour, which is black . There are a lot of things to say in this product, but is enough of entity that is waterproof, as I can clean he with waters he and at all spends ( has verified!) Your data can be stored in an application has called Yoho Sport, as I do not owe that write anything down in a notebook or something. It is like this useful that has an option to adapt me when it is now of start and jog for the moment! In this way I do not owe that agree roughly the all a time. Jogging With this clock is amused really.
5 / 5
This tracker of fitness was for my daughter in law the one who is trying to lose a weight of creature.
Has dipped he until following his calories is burning in his mamma of fitness and classes of creature and his account of any that walks behind and advances to his groups.
Loves one to maintain clue of his sleep to the equal that can look for behind his when a creature was to wake at night so much help with that dream a bit one east taking to. Absolutely fantastic, this in spite of sometimes yours tip in the little sleep but calm so only is relaxing looking the TV or the reading and any one have slept at all, but could do that it was calm, no the question.
A fact is waterproof is probably a better characteristic has the creature, as any a lot of trackers of fitness am totally waterproof. You love it and my granddaughter loves touch with him and trying eats it while it is shabby.
5 / 5
While this product is better that all can find in this row of prize, unfortunately is not attentive... I have tried this to spend he in a same hand with another attentive product in the distance closely. Tip to 2.6 distance of km when a real distance was so only 2.1 km. It registers more the steps that calm is taking, for this a inaccuracy. Breaker Of extracted for me, but perhaps has had them the defective unit. Returned.
Another that that, fab. Good exposure, customisable expensive, saturation of oxygen of the blood, waterproof.
Pleasant, can dip the timer of a clock he, but pode any place on an alarm. For quell'use requires an application...
4 / 5
Has had the Huawei 2 ready clock for the few years, and when I have begun to have the questions that finds the new strap when I break has decided the upgrade, has found initially the clock of different mark, which have chosen for appearance, that looks the regular clock , and 'beautiful'. After the pair of subjects, a prime minister is a sleep that follows, which could no with my at night working turn and sleeping a day, as Huawei the register of application resembled perfectly well, then, with which some second paralizaciones of week to link messages. So many, looked in a Huawei application to see the one who the ready sales sustain and found this with the pocola researches. It registers my models of sleep, can change a face in the to one of the number of elections, is like this easy to dip up and personalise, can no to see me moving on the clock that is supported by a tru leaves of sleep of an application.
5 / 5
The well has bitten of boxes. More comfortable That a Fitbit has used to have (which has broken) and the hell of the most economic plot.

Accounts of is not attentive how is heart rate and saturation of oxygen that has against compared of the devices of hospital. Good row of faces of clock with more for Android that iPhone.

The life of battery is good (a week or two). The control of sleep is reasonable, but wake up in a night and so only dipped there, say you later that you were in rem and deep sleep which is not well. It has dipped also in my reading of the bed and he have said was slept.

The notifications are utmost and leave me know some first few words of messages of text or emails. Works of control of game of good music. The waterproof works are and so only the take was to touch. The controls are quell'has bitten unresponsive when it is wetted.
The timer and the clock of stop is extra useful that is simple but work. Works of sedentary alarm.

To the equal that say much more comfortable to spend that the Fitbit and seat more attentive (the sleep averts). I will be to stick with this mark. He all I need.

Have it streaky but then spend bricks around. Has maintains has taken the economic coverage.
5 / 5
Has bought this after my Clock of the apple would not touch anymore. A screen is sum , the vast variaty of the available funds. A sale does not have to that be take of a strap to touch, and a life of battery is excellent. An Application is sum , the characteristic is abundance , contains sleep that follows, timed, clock, time, notification of telephone, control of music, monitor of heart rate, counter of the Calm no. so only can create your wrist to automatically of tower in an exposure, or touch a screen. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5
Has Had this element partorisca around the week without subjects, take the day or two to solve to my steps and routine of sleep with all I need that read well. Really so only it uses to like the normal time that says sample that give notification of my mobile that the with any screen read easy and navigation. The alerts of email arrive with a first pair of lines together with WhatsApp, Facebook and messenger. Exactly that has loved in the prize adds. It is light comfortable and ossia the week without touching a battery. It does not use an application that a lot and is quell'has bitten fiddly to dip on, would have liked me the monitor of pressure of the blood but is added the few things of then taking it like this those who knows?
5 / 5
Are very impressed with east in a sub <£30 I paid for him. My woman aimed recently a sleep that follows report of his better expensive plus-known mark, and has believed to be really interesting and has loved to try something alike. They are so only state spending this at night and there is well the first week to require for the touch. A present application a data in the a lot of easy to comprise way, a clock is light and discreet, a screen is vibrant when it is on, and spends the plot of time in standby the way where is still register but saving the battery with a screen was - this means is not that it distracts at night. Occasionally it begins to take your heart rate at night and of the glows the nifty eerie-green but again ossia thin and a lot distracts it at all. It looks to register a lot still although I have it the pocola free notch at night. Very impressed.
4 / 5
Bought this to link with my Honour 9 Lite telephone. Everything is supposition to do . The hard battery 7 - 9 days with all have turned on in some settings. Had a subject with a sleep that follows, but the recent update to an application has ordered was. It is like this attentive as I can expect with a sleep that follows, although calm say you that had the nap feels in a same place without emotional for an hour, and say me personally that have fallen to sleep sooner that knows has... Any a lot of a @@subject this in spite of reason are not moving at all that that that can be has expected. Works of pedometer to the equal that have to that, works of monitor of the heart rate to the equal that have to that. Any subject with an application. You can download the faces of new clock have seen an application if a some already uploaded to has not been to the yours to to that likes, there is the variac. Well he so that has something for all the world.

In general would recommend it to any one looking for the monitor of cockroach of fitness!
5 / 5
I really like this sale of fitness. I bought it to count my steps, and also control my heart rate when I am exiting.

Some faces of clock can be changed of a Huawei application of Health. It can control accounts of any, Heart rate, SpO2 and give notification for messages and of the calls of telephone.

One of the mine characteristic favourite is that the pocolos small first of your alarm, calms that can dip to vibrate and softly wake you on calming like this awake arrives to feel more rested when your alarm goes era.

In general, am very happy with him and highly would recommend it.
4 / 5
This band of fitness has been economic so that offered; it looks he adds, first could them say and you of any steps too much money in smartwatch is your class of fist of clock, if you of any risks (perhaps you the one of to which likes, or has to that another expectation) then buy this band of fitness reason is a better one in raport with which spend on that.. One follows of the sleep is utmost , the heart that the control also adds, the life of battery looks very long and like this on. They are still testing , but for this quantity of money, sure he wont dissapoint me.
5 / 5
This tracker of fitness is the cost adds !

A tracker of the fitness arrived in the box with simple instructions that it is easy to follow and leave you to start with with a tracker of fitness really simply and easily!
A tracker has required to be touched for the moment before it can be used is súper easy reason he atascamos to the port of USB! Any need for extra chargers! Very convenient!

The characteristic extras are available in the the application likes dipped on alarms, linking notifications of message of different applications in your telephone! This means that your tracker of fitness vibrates and tip a notification on screen!

+ Life of long battery

Very happy with my compraventa
4 / 5
has purchased this tracker of fitness to control my steps and heart rate to the equal that want to try and take more is.

A tracker of fitness is quality really poor and there is prendido to the law maintained it disconnecting of the mine telephone and a strap snapped
4 / 5
Will try and maintain this up to date likes to fulfil a glitches and hopefully good bits also.

The life of battery adds, Bluetooth can result the drainer use so only he to update application of health in morning for analysis of sleep and in evening for pedometer.

Is useful to have your Bluetooth on in your first telephone of rooms to see has your telephone in your stock exchange. But take it was afterwards as I think that that ossia that battery of drains in both devices.

An analysis of sleep has the glitch, as I am revising now, tucked on law, has not been to sleep still and measured to has been slept for 30 minutes already, yesterday has measured 2 and the half hours and again, had not been to sleep still.

A pedometer are to add but has lost today on has registered my no in aim, 11000 simply reason I any sync with an application first at night half. This suggests that so only there is qualified to store a day of data in a clock.

A navigation of GPS for cycling is quite awesome. Calm give you the map of your travesía. Calm basically has to that the link up with GPS and Bluetooth in a telephone and he maps and measurs distance to accelerate etc. Calm to give you anaerobic aerobic and allsorts

has has had already an update for a clock and gave the thing of music and a thing of oxygen. I can not exit a O2 what as any subject to the equal that stagnate a band is no measured anything
A thing of the music could not exit neither. A so only another thing that is odd is some messages, does not look to match until anything.

Touching is quite quickly and easy. A bit fiddly to connect it but once connect with a usb is sturdy connection.
5 / 5
Love this band of sport of the honour.
1. It matches with my telephone perfectly. Mina Huawei the telephones has installed an application 'Health'. Daily a band has collected is synchronised to my telephone. Also I can dip notification for applications , messages, calls of telephone and alarm
2. I Like him when being very waterproof. Ossia The big improvement compared with the old creation has. A port to the touch is sealed entirely and can so only uploads with the magnetic upload by means of some two magnetic points in your clock. Supposition thats reason can swim with him!
3. You can change yours 'expensive', a subject , easily in telephone or in your clock.. As you can see I have chosen two different cat expensive.. They are pleasant.
4. It measures good sleep. Can say you clearly which have many found sleeps, light or included sleep nap... Very attentive. I think that that ossia another progresses this clock has done. My old a has not been very attentive
5. It can dip timer , alarm and 'find my telephone' etc
6. The heart beats like this usual
7. SpO2… Function a lot very for now like one of a crown the symptoms of the virus is down SpO2.. It maintains to control mine.. Always on 98 , the supposition are quite sã
8. The suggestion for buyer : better buy the protective screen ( has bought six).. As when you are asleep, can break or line your screen... Like this far my screen is a lot
In general, thinks them contains the majority of some necessary functions as when being the band of sport.
A battery is quite long that last. It can easily last for the week. Easy to touch, the usually so only submerge like this doing me on computers
5 / 5
Well it bite of boxes. More comfortable That a Fitbit has used partorisca have (which has broken) and the hell of the most economic plot.

Accounts of is not attentive how is heart rate and saturation of oxygen that has against compared of the devices of hospital. Good row of faces of clock with more partorisca Android that iPhone.

The life of battery is good (a week or two). The control of sleep is reasonable, but wake up in a night and so only dipped there, say you later that you were in rem and deep sleep which is not well. It has dipped also in my reading of the bed and he have said was slept.

The notifications are utmost and leave me know some first few words of messages of text or emails. Works of control of game of good music. The waterproof works are and so only the take was partorisca touch. The controls are quell'has bitten unresponsive when it is wetted.
The timer and the clock of stop is extra useful that is simple but work. Works of sedentary alarm.

To the equal that say much more comfortable to spend that the Fitbit and seat more attentive (the sleep averts). I will be partorisca stick with this mark. He all I need.

Has it streaky but then spend bricks around. Has maintains has taken the economic coverage.
5 / 5
Ossia The lovely device adds of that does not have any question. This in spite of, is not without his quirks.

A screen is brilliant, colour and crisp. A touchscreen is sensitive, perhaps the little too so much. I actuate a screen with movement or touch, for this is easy to cause and push to the variety of settings from time to time. This can be confuse at the beginning, but adapt his.

A sync can be bit it random from time to time. Any real reason can see, so only randomly takes hours partorisca update die, likes normalised of sleep.

This has said that it is very versatile and customisable. Each available option partorisca follow your daily activities (or lack of!)

An exposure is glorious colours , brilliant , diverse and a lot responsive

Compare this to some very expensive 'big mark' the device and calm will see ossia amazing value . A bit those that niggles but swim too annoying.
5 / 5
That Does partorisca a prize. I have had a band 3 partorisca the year and he was utmost partorisca notification, any one has lost more calls. I have tried the different mark and has been partorisca the screen the big plus, no like this of confidence and has lost several calls.

Has seen this in stops of offers ... @@Subject! A upgrade to a band 3, screen partorisca touch, the colour and the notifications no pardon has beaten the.

Really pleased with this compraventa, syncs with my telephone of android easily and a Huawei the application of health is easy to use. At all negative to say, especially in this prize. Amur He

Update... Still to to that him me like this after 6 days but some arrivals of battery partorisca run was, any insurances where 14 battery of days the life comes from/comes from. You touch to plenary again and see what time takes this time . I am running more the functions and that use a clock to the equal that has feigned. It guesses it takes long life for not using a band to his potential.
5 / 5
A real shame, was unable to use my clock. A two Huawei applications that is required to the career does not act , and judging of some descriptions on Game of Google, is not so only my @@subject but everybodys. My clock has been returned, as I never taken partorisca the use. If a do one or no, a software of Huawei the no SHABBY no..
4 / 5

This clock are add, but go to run to questions with taking an application partorisca do. Precise install Huawei health, and partorisca take concealed to the law will be required partorisca install Huawei Mobile Services (core). If you are by train of the look for in a google tent of game, whose annoying. This version wont work. I need to google a APK version that final in '301'. Partorisca Any reason google tent of the application will not update it to a later version.

Fences in this, a clock are adds. Calm give you given like this useful partorisca yours your outs and day the life of day. It is to declare really useful partorisca me partorisca help develop my work outs. Calm really take your money cost of him.
4 / 5
Has Had this element partorisca around the week without subjects, take the day or two partorisca solve to my steps and routine of sleep with all I need that read well. Really so only it uses partorisca like the normal time that says sample that give notification of my mobile that the with any screen read easy and navigation. The alerts of email arrive with a first pair of lines together with WhatsApp, Facebook and messenger. Exactly that has loved in the prize adds. It is light comfortable and ossia the week without touching a battery. It does not use an application that a lot and is the bit fiddly to dip on, would have liked me the monitor of pressure of the blood but is added the few things of then taking it like this those who knows?
5 / 5
Was after state the tracker of fitness for the moment. It can not justify the Fitbit or another expensive device. It have tried the economic-ish the Chinese device with the fact arrives to appoint (also with a obligatory fake five descriptions of star), but not even uploads and has gone back.

Has bought finally an Honour 5. Ossia The tracker of the fitness adds . Fact for Huawei and is used with a Huawei application of health. Shining so only. An application is excellent. As He that for a prize is further me. Reports, no, qualities of sleep, all broken down and often with recommendations. The external exercise can be registered. In an end is presented with the map and of the cariche of statistics. All feels seamless. Amazing.

Is perfect? Enough near, with some caveats. It has to that be paired with the mobile phone. An application takes readings of both and creates an account of any average. Some registers to Honour less a lot of indoors that a telephone for some reason, but chooses on has bitten it external. When Registering external exercise, the cloths blown against a band of wrist sometimes pauses or for a register. Sometimes an application does not register a whole street walked (or run) reason a telephone has lost contact of GPS, but concealed is not one the fault of a band of wrist.

Highly recommended. Bought another for my woman.
4 / 5
In general am happy with a compraventa. A band is comfortable to spend and does enough that it think it . I have not expected each element of him to be 100 attentive as I have not been disappointed when I have discovered has not been. For example, a heart rate in some levels some lower looks to be attentive but when it exerts in a car to row a reading of the heart rate in a band goes way too big compared with my strap of @@@cofre. A monitor of sleep is also the little odd, went it mostly register quite attentive when it goes to sleep and create in a morning but another day had me sleeping paralizaciones almost an early hour in an evening when you look a TV !

Has not used all some functions and did not expose it never to water, except when I am washing some dishes or my hands he so that it can take splashed, does not spend he in a shower, as it can not comment fully, but some functions have used to do fault generally well.

Last 4-5 days among cariche and touching is quite quickly like I discharges he in still an hour or like this while I am not doing a lot and that well of law for me.

Like the way to register your data and the half of the compare day to the day, week the week etc. Is very useful and, for me, well value of the money.
5 / 5
Has used diverse prime (aka expensive) trackers of mark in some pasts but this one ....Well He so only all want to but better!!!!
I cycle and walk (any one a same time!) And it loves that follow concealed and sleep and receive notification of my telephone, as well as generals of level of the monitor of activity.
One first difference there is remarked is that a band, felizmente, does not give me any for cycling (an odd thing in a Ft a!) But he the control with accuracy (as confirmed by a Garmin in my bicycle).
Has decided any to take the band with GPS but was pleasantly surprised to find that this a piggy behind GPS of your telephone when you dipped it to any external activity. This uses more battery but he like this done the band with GPS BUILT in so that any a lot of difference there.
Loves a little mine and different faces of transmission in an almost daily base!
The analysis of sleep is very comprehensible but can not judge his accuracy as I have not tried never he with another device.
The notifications are quite strong to ....!
Syncing With Huwawei the telephone is absolutely seamless this was a worse thing with my last tracker, (agrees almost 4 expensive times) while age or reinstalling an application to try and incident he to do properly.
An only thing he no that my expensive one has done is to recognise activity to exercise a trade is gone in the costs of accuracy to press a key the little first time to begin.
For me are so only adds!
4 / 5
Has not had Never it tracker of first fitness, but has not wanted to spend of the money in the big branded a. I used it to follow my fitness during zumba- ossia easy to dip up in way of sport and said the one who the calories have burned and goes to detail in an application in my heart rate each minute. Also the utilisation to follow my sleep, which is my characteristic preferred - objective in an application when it was in REM, light and deep sleep. Calm then give you the bookmark in your quality of sleep and ways to improve. I have bought this one specifically how is fully waterproof, while to external plot some are only plash' that bad test that can be to the swimming has used. I find a hard battery for days, and is quickly to touch. Reason is Bluetooth, calm also aims you messages and calls. I estimated it 4 more than 5 stars like the meeting can disconnects a Bluetooth if my telephone is not near, and has to that fully restart my telephone of the take to connect again. But ossia so only the subject small. In general really pleased and highly would recommend to purchase.
4 / 5
A Huawei application of health renders this device Quite pointless.

So only like access well an application uses an accelerometer of telephones to count your steps. A subject is your tracker of the fitness also is doing east. In planting to melt to the to the data likes Fitbit in fact to solve this subject. Some developers have chosen to simply add some 2 sources of the together data that gives wilding inaccurate results.

A monitor of heart rate is abousr 15 bmp was when compared to the mine pulseoxymeter and a spo2 the function is worse that useless. I have it that take so only to do once and has said my spo2 was 87 again entirely inaccurate..

A counter of calorie is so only simple inaccurate.

An only positive really can give it that a pedometer is something in

My joint in any one looking to buy ossia to save up and buy the expensive plus a.. Ossia At all but the toy
4 / 5
has Bought this like this sometimes does not have my telephone in my pocket as it can not follow mine a lot at all times and has loved the alternative economic to the FitBit. Also I leave to count a lot when in a treadmill more than having my telephone in my pocket that bounces roughly. You will require to take an up to date version of Huawei application of Mobile Services (Version 4) of the web the gustanuno in PlayStore is not current only Version 3, as of 1/4/2020, like this Huawei Application of the health no except is an easy to fix @@subject. A counter of does not look roughly in that I normal take of the mine telephone perhaps more 5. A tracker of sleep looks attentive after the little sleep of nights, some notifications of mine telephone look almost instantly and some works of control of the music a lot(firmware in some needs of band have update for control of music and SPO2 function). Compared my woman FitBit Load 3 I honradamente does not see where one £90 difference is, if anything finds this better. A band is comfortable to spend and works of response of screen to touch well, lags from time to time but grieve noticeable.
4 / 5
Has bought this to have when that goes the workout. It helps monitor a heart rate and gives the relative calories burned account.
Is test of water and when an option to swim is selected a screen closes to prevent your shots in a water of the turn was that I the good characteristic.
Has the Huawei like an application was installed already, is easy to use and syncs given automatically.
He Spend a sample while the calm sleep automatically informs likes you your model of the sleep was, included without selecting an option of monitor of the sleep.
Gives an option to choose that the notifications would owe that be showed in a clock, chooses to have called of messages and just telephone, any show of incoming emails.
Would recommend so that the the good quality and abordable.
5 / 5
Has in the first place had one My band 4 and was to add until he wouldnt update a firmware, Like this has tried them this. WOW That the difference, This thing felt clumsy and some animations of the screen etc was poor compared to a Mine 4. Calm ask you to download an application, then another Huawei application to control your telephone im guessing, He doesnt say concealed but I of the that confidence Huawei according to which can him to them launch.

The stay clears of this horribly the tracker of the data has drawn. His no the patch in one My band 4. Reason do the needs to install 2 applications for the use? And he still didnt work been due to a upgrade to Andoird 10 and using me the Samsung. If has the huawei telephone and is happy with an integer that what of spies of conspiracy, Goes writes advances. 4/10
4 / 5
Gosh Is difficult any to go in a cup in praise thus wonderful piece of boxes. Like this light and very done and with functions that is ideal partorisca to the people the pleasure any one maintains an eye in his health. An exposure has a lot of options and I maintain to find more than a clock can do. Really it is deprecating to simply call it the clock, how is like this more than the timepiece. It was rid so only last night, taking so only 3 days to order and I fight to comprise like something like this very like this can be sold for such the reasonable prize. I am looking forward to that it sees that it spends with a monitor to sleep tonight and will try to agree to update this description afterwards.
5 / 5
The tracker Of fitness is really amazing. A better part of him is quality of a mark. It is a lot of stylish and the big quality for a prize has paid for him. Coming to some functions of real clock - offer wide row of activity of fitness that follows capacity. Monitor of heart rate, tracker of sleep, tracker of the pressure of the blood is an upper some.. Contador of steps (Pedometer) is to good sure the thing adds that I can be used in daily base .. It can be followed behind historically has seen an application of smartphone to the tracker of Fitness can be connected. Dipping it up is the very easy task with manual of clear instructions resupplied with container.

Highly recommended 👍
4 / 5
has Bought for my daughter like his first ready clock. It has known no that to expect for a very reasonable prize this in spite of this look adds. That can say quite attentive, some characteristic additional have my daughter has thrilled, to to the simple things likes them to them to his speakers of control of music of clock. It was to buy additional on its own name. His a lot of sleeker that has expected also and the measures of look adds in both my wrist my big plus and wrist of daughters a lot slender. Has multiple holes for fastening in a measure wished and of the works very was when any fastened tight
If any transmission of thoughts will add on but after the few days use ossia that looks like this far
4 / 5
This is to be buy to mainly maintain clue of heart rate & spo2 (oxygen of blood) levels. I can not comment on it is fitness that follows like this concealed is not reason has bought the.

He no purport to be the soyedical device' but it trying jointly with press he of toe oximeter was surprised enough. Waits that his measures would be in a park of ball' but is in fact be 100 bang on!!

With a constant sleep that follows and listen the monitor of tax there is enabled a battery has been still in 20 after the week. I chickened out of & recharged the, but that has taken so only in an hour.

To the equal that has mentioned some readings of the oxygen of the blood is attentive. A history of aims of the Application detailed of heart rate but (unfortunately) any of spo2 levels - these are so only available 'for test' of a device. It is the light disappointment but no the breaker of extracted. Hopefully Huawei Will update an Application to follow these readings also.

Has not bought he for sleeps to control but an information resupplied for an application is in fact state quite informative.

A lot usually spends the clock. Has the esticky-was' bone of the wrist and the clocks tend to worsen it. Ossia Like this slender and light-hanged that the has not been in a slightest has bitten uncomfortable. The majority of a time forgets are by train of the spend.

Has abundance of faces of different clock to choose to comprise the pair of equivalent a lot some for those of us concealed read 'hands in the clock' easier that digital.
5 / 5
This Huawei Ready Titness the tracker surprised entirely. For a prize of his bands alot of characteristics like a monitor of heart rate, a counter of any and the function of control of the sleep, which are still to try was. A life of looks of battery a lot I so that far it has been it using he for the week and like this far there is has not had to the touch once. A band is built quite solid and compared it to devices like the Fitbit which cost 3 times so many. This band is the little smaller that mine old Fitbit, prefers a small and light measure of this device for when I am coaching or that careers. An also left sale is personalise one background to the different one and theres the small to choose of. Calm once the Huawei application of the health installed fully can follow a monitor and personalise settings, has seen also other available bands to the equal that can change a fashion of a band but I prefer a black as it looks quite lustrous.
5 / 5
My edges of 8 years want to this - likes him has beaten his steps of aim. It returns well it can change some faces in a screen too much to which likes. It is brilliant that comes with the cradle to touch so it is easy to touch and load quickly
A mobile application is good but has had to change it to the mine iPad as all my alike calls and that vibrates in his clock and I could not find the way to disable a function of call but dip an application in an iPad and he there is prendido an application is always to use when you direct to find add the profile of the boy and he can see his weekly data
5 / 5
My edges of 8 years want to this - likes him has beaten his steps of aim. It returns well it can change some faces in a screen too much to which likes. It is brilliant that comes with the cradle partorisca touch so it is easy to touch and load quickly
A mobile application is good but has had to that change it to the mine iPad as all my alike calls and that vibrates in his clock and I could not find the way to disable a function of call but dip an application in an iPad and he there is prendido an application is always to use when you direct to find add the profile of the boy and he can see his weekly data
4 / 5
has bought this tracker of fitness for my husband like the present of anniversary.
Looks well in a wrist and do a lot well, want it a lot. Once open it, dipped that directly in his wrist.
Says that it loves some few colours in a screen and a number of faces to choose of (in an application is also possible to download some plus). And this access with his HUAWEI telephone.
Was the good election . Has so many functions! It says that it know his heart rate and pressure of blood and is useful when you want to lose some weight. And it says the one who far goes and the one who the calories has burned by means of a whole formation. And it comes with his favourite colour, which is black. There are a lot of things to say in this product, but has to that be waterproof, as I can clean he with waters he and at all spends
Big recommends.
4 / 5
When being an owner of a Huawei the telephone has decided to buy the same clock of mark and I my work of house in this clock.
Am pleased to say that a clock has surpassed my expectations.
That adds it small tracker of fitness for low £30. A life of battery is surprising. It follows your sleep, no, workout, heart rate, SP02, say you the one who is calling, clock of stop, music of pause, etc,
For a neighbourhood of a prize of the fitbit.
Things to be conscious of:
Heart rate & SP02 the control is not verifying HR/SP02. You owe that select he for him to verify your HR or SP02. Ossia Where a power of battery is like this long.
According to quell'application is listening your music on, can so only the pause has seen a clock. Any one resume on more to to the applications likes them-gliela music of Amazon to the equal that will owe that use your device to continue playback.

Highly recommend this clock.
4 / 5
Ossia The device has complicated to revise and have a lot of thoughts. In the first place, for a prize this device is excellent. A monitor of heart rate, the sleep that follows, etc everything does like this announced. This in spite of, have found a battery I so only last me 10-12 days for cariche, as has all some characteristics on. Besides a calm device require to install an additional application for Huewai, which finds the little annoying. Some looks of clock styling and looks to be surprisingly durable. Free a tiny load almost immediately and has had to that buy the substitution, also a boss resupplied with one load is tiny and poor quality.
4 / 5
Has possessed the Fitbit for years and buying is was almost more economic that that substitutes a strap in a Fitbit! It is not quite like this sophisticated but the majority of a material that imports a Fitbit done in the fraction of a prize. It likes a UI, is of brilliant, merry and easy to read. Utilisation the Huawei the telephone and work perfectly with an application of Health. A subject real only is a battery , is a lot last to touch because of a need to jiggle a boss the plot and requires the special connector that is easy to lose.
4 / 5
Has bought like the present for my woman. It is very pleased with him. Any sure the one who attack an account of is not, but looks to give compatible result for some same walks. Telephone and the notification of text is useful especially when a mobile is in a fund of the his handbag or pocket of discharge. Any used to swim still as it can not comment in the well is low waters but looks to be a lot well there is sealed. Load of hard battery well. Very pleased with him like this far.
5 / 5
This Ready tracker is one of a better in his row. Has a SMELL to show which is lovely to look in and is also the utmost characteristic. A device was easy to pair with my Samsung A70 street a Huawei Application of Health. There are several settings partorisca to to the these activities likes them-him the cycling, walking and free fashionable activity. A strap is good and of the big quality and a sample will look good in any one presents the one who is the fitness .
4 / 5
A really good sale for a prize. If comparisons this to other bands with these horrible lcd shows this feels likes heaven. Some profits of having a smell the exposure is real. Calm also take a lot of richer colours and much more the life of battery has compared to this economic quality lcd bands of exposure and calm also take much more expensive of better clock and in general the a lot of smoother experience. In general it say that ossia one of some better bands in a phase right now and the defo compraventa.
5 / 5
Whilst The Probably does not have like this a lot does like this more expensive some, he all that requires it to do. I have had the diverse honour telephone which find far better that Samsung offerings. This does well with a program of Health has comprised although calm can download has another mark of telephone. A function of the heart rate registered in has imposed it still likes the car that my uses of GP like help when I exert. Other types have tried far was that any help to maintain insurances of working levels. For his side very a lot of
4 / 5
has had this so only the month now and can say that a tracker of is not attentive, as it looks to be a monitor of heart rate. I bought it mainly for a tracker of sleep and like the description has said that that is 96.3 attentive, has chosen this in another. This in spite of is to good sure a lot that attentive for me. Multiple time despertador in a night and unless physically I create and walk around, does not choose it never up. Also, has has the times have awake place for hours this in spite of like this my clock say have fallen small slept after putting to bed ! Of of the this was my main aim in taking a clock, are dissapointed. This in spite of, have enjoyed using a monitor of exercise and he to good sure me more conscious that my levels of activities. For a prize, is the good clock . An application is also easy to use.
5 / 5
A sale of fitness is sum and does the plot but calm can not take an application partorisca do until it install version 4 of a Huawei system and only version 3 east in a tent of application of the Google, this will attack a lot of people. It suspects a lot of people are returned a band as they could do not taking to do unless they have had and Honour or Huawei telephone.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to something partorisca follow my fitness, the elegant swimming and this returns a bill. The nave was fast and setup was the breeze. Works like this a lot of final clocks like this big. It was able to dip up measuring Heart rate and pressure of Blood in of the regular intervals. Tip all the notifications of telephone in my clock and also notification partorisca call that it is the more add. Like this far he excels in all the conditions and to good sure enjoys it this clock. It recommends it by all the world.
5 / 5
Has found finally the tracker of fitness partorisca me. Has the life of long battery, easy to dip up and use, like this comfortable that almost does not seat when it is in my wrist. It is also he waters that it resists like this do not owe that me worry roughly covering it on rainy days or while having the shower. I love a creation, all the world is asking where has taken of. It does not think has anything bad could weite in this clock. It is perfect and value of the money. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Quite band but inaccurate. Apparently last night it was in REM dream while doing some dishes. It is not one the majority of enthusiast but sure activity to the equal that was slept. As that can trust it any some other parameters?
5 / 5
Manuel setup the instructions were not even the page long.

Could very initially take a band of fitness to connect (street Bluetooth) to my telephone. It has connected once a heart BPM has not been attentive and has maintained to change among 89 & 46 BPM is and an oxygen in the account of blood was no existent and has maintained to say me the retry. No very impressed at all and unfortunately because of a technology, chair that paid so that takings. I will be to invest in another but will be to look to spend around £100 next times.
4 / 5
Was to send this element behind when in the first place recived the, so it has had any sp02 function to the equal that has declared. But with which he firmware update all was a lot. 5 stars. The sale of better calm health can buy for down 30 pounds. A lot of functions and life of good battery.
5 / 5
At the beginning would have given these 5 stars but to the equal that have had he for more along I am beginning to doubt an accuracy. Especially a monitor of sleep. It does not look quite sensitive to choose on when have wake unless in fact I create and movement around although I have read the book register like this napping! Monitor of the heart rate also the looks bit it down when exerting. Well for a yes calm money so only loves the rough record
4 / 5
My husband is very impressed with this tracker. There is copd and ossia an only tracker that gives the SPO2 (oxygen of blood) that law how is a lot of gain for him. It has done also like the motivational tool in those walks more been due to some memories can dip. Very pleased in general . Five stars all the round.
4 / 5
The band of honour is tracker has estimated well , he all that it is very light and the quality of strap is well.
The application is also well, the only thing is has has had to that manually install later Huawei service manually as it was not available on tent of application.
Tracker Very global...
4 / 5
A clock has arrived a day after ordering, a lot of packaged and creation very orderly.

Has taken so only the little mins to dip up and a the clock is a lot of comfy to spend - something that has found the question with ready clocks forwards.

Some characteristic is of sound for the sample this prize ( has paid £100 for the apt forward-has bitten, which there is less characteristic state).

I trackers Of sleep looks attentive, so that done a heart rate, gives a very etc!

To good sure recommend for a prize of @@subject!!

Top Customer Reviews: HONOR Fitness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
My Mamma has adapted really well to this ready clock. It finds it easy to use after explaining to the his on regarding the use. Has abundance of useful applications partorisca help motivate partorisca improve his health. Also it has the long load. It is it has pleased really it likes.
4 / 5
In that have me /CFS loves accuracy in HR, any and the sleep and all can shout is WOW! I have had the Polar 360 and the Fitbit HR and far prefers this. A tracker of sleep is surprising and incredibly attentive. A saturation of the blood of the oxygen is glorious. I have found some do not counter far more attentive that a Fitbit which often would have me doing 10,000 any when in fact it was lucky has done the averages concealed.
A telephone is required for GPS that follows as I am happy to conserve a life of battery of the Bands.
Is slender and stylish with the súper brilliant colour responsive screen. My only tiny niggle is a pink strap is the bit bla 😁, is more than the salmon more than shadow of creature.
Has looked 3 hours of Youtube and read 5 first descriptions to buy calm so much can buy with confidence 😁
4 / 5
Band of Excellent economic Honour 5
I previously paid roughly £159 for the Fitbit Uploads, the falls averts inside a year. Has the Huawei telephone and has loved the wearable can swim in. I have verified with Huawei/office of United Kingdom of the Honour and has confirmed ossia the real product . I have ordered one £30 Black Honour Band. It arrives yesterday. I have followed some instructions touched it and downloaded Huawei Hail to the mine telephone and synched the. They are very happy. Particularly I Like him of a Find my Telephone. I have not swum in him still, this in spite of, £30 that can you any gone bad.
4 / 5
Loves this clock has been rid quickly. One hard load for days in the and a strap is very comfortable.

Some clues of clock a lot of different things comprising any and the heart rate there is fine screens forward to choose of and more can be downloaded free in an application.

A clock notifies calm of all calm dipped that to in to to an application likes facebook, of emails, ect. It can be linked also to the yours telephone and vibrates when have the message or the call ,ossia brilliant for when you are was and roughly and cant listen your telephone ringing.

Highly recommend this ready clock by all the world. I love it.
4 / 5
Is has bitten points to judge his action fully, as these are so only my initial impressions. In the first place they are not really the pink person but I have does not love something dark, and look quite pale and thin, as I have been for him. This in spite of in the real life is the deepest rose that looks on any of my screens (telephone, pill, portable), the quite sickly colour, as I have ordered the strap of substitution in green. Secondly One Drives of Fast Start, which is all the volume for way of instructions, is so only a one the tiny page that objective that for the touch and pair he and saying you to download an application of Health. With which are for your account, as I expect that an application is intuitive when I find time to look in him properly! Finally it has the very small wrist, which I , is well. I have been concerned roughly having the long excess piece of strap and any when being pas able to maintain he in place with a keeper, but has the little seal in a underside that prints to one of some holes in a strap, as it remains dipped. Inventive :-)
4 / 5
has Bought this tracker of fitness for my daughter. It is a lot to sport. You love it. Amado a colour. Found the easy to use, easy to synchronise with his telephone.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. It take this to substitute my Fitbit Flex 2 with which take the new telephone and could do not taking the sync.
Is quite one same, but any community, as defying your friends is your thing , will be disappointed.

Are quell'has bitten puzzled reasons sometimes tip my steps like this less than my telephone (when they are in a movement and spending my telephone and spending my tracker). It is also a lot that attack at night like doesnt always registers that I have been I awake and walking around! Sadly, he no record walking on any - not even so that the steps that is taken.

For a prize, is quite good but not perfecting.
4 / 5
Has had the pair of Fitbits in a past, a the stray, another so only has disintegrated. Both were of sound of triple figure to purchase and some time does before calm look anticipated now see in trackers of Fitness.

Has chosen this for the variety of reasons, has wanted to them follow my heartbeat like his summer the moment of has paid them any one his attention, the result glued to some laws of office more than walking around place, my woman there is intimated are them roughly 5lbs out of divorcing proceedings, but mainly has wanted to them be able the covertly messages of control and emails whilst walking around laws more than having moan of people roughly using my mobile.

This has the plethora of good descriptions, the honour is the sub frames of Huawei and the have the Huawei P30 Pro so it has expected it to him would do well with my telephone, aesthetically looks fresh and also a point of prize is very good.

An A lot of -

- the packaging is good and closely the map has formed , small sleeve and the interior of white plastic tray duquel takings a tracker , upload it cradle and advantage and also some instructions.

- A quality of build looks decent, has had them this tracker the fortnight now and any subject presented him of the perspective of build. His solid and chunky, would have liked me to them the slightly more robust plastic buckle but he hasnt failed and im a lot also has concerned that he . A unit has the big face, a screen is súper acute, very brilliant, a strap feels very durable.

- Consuelo, the sometimes takes was at night, guesses it the part of that is reason the ones of the that spends any jewels or the clock to bed, as his the usual the thing and he have taken the pair of days for me for the forget was there but thats reason the have the clock in a wrist how is there be for umpteen years and the hard has had the fitbit two or three years ago. His no heavy, his doesnt go in a way and the hardly remark it now, quite all would expect for really!

- Startup Is quickly and simple, he still with my telephone in of the seconds and links well to a Huawei application of health. Any question or delays at all.

- Functionality, where to start with?

A row of different faces to try out of the expósita is the really good characteristic and ive has tried the little.

A counter of not having roughly variance to a counter of any in mine telephone but thats probably linked to now leaving my telephone around more than trusting in the to follow my activity and in any case in a course of the his typical day usually less than 10 of tracker the telephone difference in around14-17k no.

A monitor of heart rate is very attentive has found them, ive tried it on the few occasions and has then used the clock to stop the manually count my HR and a difference is usually less than 4 or 5 beaten and has the variance in HR in that then to be expected in any case. Sound the good HR Monitor!

Messages and Connectivities, this was one of some main reasons has chosen them this on, like this could them covertly verify my messages and of the topmasts in a paving of tent without being bawled has spent of long health and security :) work so only well the have my telephone in my pocket, the probably would say does the two according to empty among the message or landing of topmast in mine telephone and then to a tracker. The reading is quickly and simple, the fast press and move for up or down. If his patient of just turn that imports behind to an office to order.

Dream Monitor is the good characteristic and has directed mine trying the hone down the routine pertinent sleep which is no what bad. His calm give you the really useful graph like this to some levels to sleep you has experienced nightly for now. Good material.

Music, the didnt consider would require them controls of music this in spite of has them has purchased so only the bluetooth transmissive for my van like this can them touch Spotify of my telephone. This propiciada a cigarrette lighter of socket and can be fiddly the disorder with yes says im in heavy traffic, the so only can attack a telephone with my toe and select a next clue, his súper easy and the friendly user.

- Life of battery, the havent honradamente has followed a time to touch a battery, this in spite of, in some two weeks has had them this has them has touched so only he for a second time. Interior that well remarks there are them Bluetooth always changed in that of course causes additional drain. This says when compared to some old apt bits has had them ossia the turn adds for me, was for ever in a socket to cover each pair of days!

- I havent tried out of the other characteristic likes him workout of etc still but will take them to them and likely update in the moment when it has had them a band and the long term have tried.

A Bad -

has mentioned a quality of build in an earlier buckle like the worry, sweats the really small niggle that ive has had to that think the while roughly choosing something on, but in a prize signals that ossia hardly can complain in such the small component that like this said hasnt the even broken harm or has suffered.

Am using this with the Huawei telephone as it can no also without Huawei telephones but judging of some commentaries the ones of those who thinks that to be a subject, and thats he the ones of the that has anything negative to say but will update them this revises like this the do a majority of mine compraventa some months to come.

So many, finally, is likely them no apter that when it has bought them this, but that wasnt an intention of a compraventa, has them this in spite of connectivity very better to a world-wide external whilst in work, am them concerned less in my heart rate, the really am resulting more active - neglected to mention that a unit vibrates and the little green doubt comes on screen yes youve state inactive for 60 minutes, thats quite decent and effective in doing me leave my backside.

One first of the entity for me was that it has directed them in my models to sleep been due to of the this, and the sincerely feel very better for him. My routine of sleep has been cleaned up and the now find me after so only the pair of use of the weeks in the habit are of regular sleep. Again that the so only can be the good thing.

Still can be fat, but im the happy fat sleeper.

You Of the that Needs to spend four or five times so much in the Fitbit, or very multiple in the ready clock, this tracker has the whole host of characteristic useful and attentive in an absolutely ridiculous prize.

Five Stars.
4 / 5
A sale is well, has faces to choose of calm this in spite of feels to like like the westerner is done to expect,and will develop in that.

A SPO2 has been advances of the way released in Asia, United Kingdom has had to that expect the long time for the take, there there is also still a lot SPO2 that follows etc in an application, like the taste to me the plan on buying this to see is taking quite oxygen in your sleep, the calm no. was a main reason has bought this clock.

Sleeps to Follow.
Until recently this was awesome, is very attentive, aimed when I created the pee etc a lot. This in spite of recently is ebeen the saying has had 12 of 15 hours sleep when I have had 5 or 6, which are not adds! My partner was like, reason took you tired says that had 15hrs sleep!! With which she a mathematics in his boss @gives his no possible.

A construction is well, a screen takes the swipe a lot - a rest of a thing will line. I took it on doors, has swum with him, gardened in him, nomination is less bad.

A bit to maintain a flap of the bracelet where it presiona this in spite of is not well, in fact compared to one My band a part of bracelet is possibly one annoying an elder for me of this whole device! It is far I too free!

The life of battery is something that will be to annoy roughly also, whilst alleges such the long time, does not think that is with a control of heart rate or skill of sleep, expect the cups of week, and I bad cups.

Touching is quite quickly, does not take long this in spite of, ossia one of his thank you to save, he also click on to a Cradle to touch like any need to take some bits of bracelet or explosion went it to to a bracelet likes them another - Of finds that really handy in fact.

'Find my telephone' for me, the one who loses my telephone CONSTANTLY is the massive help, is add, the bellowing ' are here' of the mine telephone to all the cost of the settings is brilliant.

Faces wise, has Navidad, Halloween and Normal any like this far to the equal that can see. Which is quite decent.

Subject of date! This will drive you slightly crazy, to the date is American fashion !! This means is MONTH and then DAY, Crazy, confuses at the beginning, there absolutely any way to change this at all neither, which, if you are having the blond the moment is that annoying be to say 4th of Jan like tip 1/4.

For a money, especially considering a prize of the fitbit his the good band, and recommended that to other members familiarised - purely because of a prize!
4 / 5
Was a lot of intrigued thus tracker of activity, especially given all a functionality they the tracker of fitness has all am wanted. He any, the burned calories, the miles have walked,heartbeat, and can follow your activity of a device. It is good access . Also it follows sleep! An application is simple and easy to use.
4 / 5
Sale of excellent economic Honour 5
I previously paid roughly £159 partorisca the Fitbit Uploads, the falls averts inside a year. Has the Huawei telephone and has loved the wearable can swim in. I have verified with Huawei/office of United Kingdom of the Honour and has confirmed ossia the real product . I have ordered one £30 Black Honour Band. It arrives yesterday. I have followed some instructions touched it and downloaded Huawei Hail to the mine telephone and synched the. They are very happy. Particularly I Like him of a Find my Telephone. I have not swum in him still, this in spite of, £30 that can you any gone bad.
5 / 5
Band of honour 5 still has to that to a same creation likes him the band of Honour 4 with the rectangular flat screen. A feeling to spend a device in a wrist is very comfortable and a strap is paste also with a lot of holes to return the majority of the wrist of an user.
A product shows the colour that shines and acute screen.
An interface in this device has a lot of be very optimised, some intuitive icons, easy to use and can show until 45 characters. When Connected to the smartphone, Bandage 5 can signal incoming calls, SMS, email or notification of social networking applications.
Band of honour 5 uses attack on / down cruise it
Band of Honour 5 has no physical keys, so only a key of House touches a fund of a screen, can have the habit to refuse calls.
Band of honour 5 has the wide selection of wallpapers with the variety of subjects, but if you are not satisfied, can go to a tent of faces of clock with more than models that can be changed to adapt any situation.
With a TruSeen 3.0 sensor of heart rate that uses a AY-the algorithm has controlled, some readings of heart rate am highly attentive. Besides, thanks to infrared technology that constantly controls a heart rate, some processes will not be interrupted at night. On that, a way to alert when some transmissions of heart rate am integrated also, which will vibrate when a pressure of blood is main that normal.
Further of a sensor of heart rate, the ready band of the honour also comes with a SpO2 sensor, which leaves a detection of levels of oxygen of the blood to give timely opinions. Exposure and comprehensible control of data, comprising heart rate, time of exercise, distance, frequency of stride, no, calories and results of aerobic exercise, to give users the majority of comprehensible view of as level to coach.
Has 10 different exercise ways like Outsides that the Inner career that External of career in disposal of excursion External cycling, inner cycling, swimming pool, free exercise, inner walking, rowing car, treadmill.
A product is water -resistant based on ISO 22810: 2010, this ready bracelet also looks the 6-axial sensor that automatically can identify four main types of swimming (free swimming, butterfly, swimming of frog). And backstroke), record an at all speed, distance, calories and calculate a SWOLF bookmark (calculated using a time to swim and a number to swim ways. A more under a SWOLF value, an effective plus one at all).
Band of honour 5 has the life of good battery, can last roughly 4 days, and yes down a screen brightness, a time of use will be much more.
4 / 5
Has tried the pocolos trackers of fitness to the equal that was that it loves to take that it spends my clock of Apple in my sinister wrist to the equal that can spend traditional clocks again. As such I has looked for something quite small to return in my right wrist that would follow heart rate, sleep and activity of fitness that comprises to swim he like this has to that be waterproof. I have wanted also the life of long battery as it was not the touching every night like clockwork of apple.

A lot the found the all is.

Life of the battery easily will do the week, is lustrous and comfy in a wrist with all some characteristics I needs. He the really good work of a heart rate that follows and has a characteristic addition of a SpO2 in following. It looks to be attentive in a heart that follows and also in some steps.

Sleeps to follow is good and insightful.

One a thing that could with having the bit of attention is an application, gives all a info I need, but a creation and the navigation could do with being has update.

In general am very happy and would recommend to any one looking for the tracker of fitness. Any need to spend a lot of money when this he all takes in £30.
5 / 5
Has decided to buy this tracker of fitness for my woman to the equal that receive the descriptions add for a prize has compared to some other more expensive trackers. Like this far like this well, it resembles with distance of accuracy and any record (has done the comparison to Endomondo application), easy operates it record outs, the heart rate and the information of sleep looks quite attentive and useful. It connects to telephone so it receives notification (want to ). Interior a moment, the battery still is that it goes in 5 days. Perfecto for his needs. You recommend if you are the fitness of level under goer.

HAS the screen to paint that can regulate you brightness. To to The A lot of functions likes them-him the timer and stopwatch. You can use to swim but has not used this closing. Attentive Following information the tracker to sleep which uses huwaei truesleep technology.

Does not doubt is an ideal tracker . A lot of entertainment and calm included can change some faces to adapt your way or occasion.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason have wanted to be able to see a screen in alone that shines - ossia very better that my current band. I have wanted also a functionality of raincoat in a swimming pool and he ticks that box. We come to expect the plot out of these things these days - this does to spare for me in the fraction of a cost of some of some competitors. It has been it bit it selective when that registers an application after all reason my clock wants to know to my contacts likes him any to this..... That hard time - the time will say.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this clock of fitness! I have had a lot of clocks of numerous fitness before but ossia for far a better. Has the screen coloreada lovely that can choose you of a lot of and conjoint creations ups. You can choose to to the subjects likes him-him the Christmas Halloween etc for a screen forward.
Link on perfectly with my telephone and can in fact read my messages of text or messenger of Facebook or that it is messages of application. You can choose the one who the applications links to. It is it adds to count my time of sleep of the steps and heart rate. In general a clock of fitness I better there is never has had
5 / 5
Ossia the tracker of the fitness adds with all a info precise clearly showed in an application of excellent telephone. A brilliant touch, colour the screen is clear and sensitive, and with the selection of 'expensive' different to adapt everything. A so only has left down is a level of oxygen (SPO2) remarking leaves that litigates to take any reading in time, often requiring four or five tentativas. Now, so only it gives on how it is like this tedious to use and has given up with him entirely, trusting the stand monitor only partorisca east. In general, this offers exceptional value for the fitness that follows.
4 / 5
Produced really good. Comfortable, easy to clean and waterproof. All have required of the ready clock. Condensed And clear touchscreen has good response. Following a lot, Calories, Distance, date & of time and included tip a time and level of battery. The faces of clock can be changed in a clock or street an application and more can be downloaded. View until some last 10 notifications/ of messages and choose that the calm applications do not want to see . Clue workouts like external or inner careers and of the walks, trainer of cross, interior at all, inner cycle, cattail or free workout. Other functions comprise Heart rate, SPO2, tracker of sleep, clock of stop, timer and find telephone.
5 / 5
Has bought this has to that way that has wanted to begin that it follows my steps and my sleep and ossia the load of characteristics for a prize.

A screen is quality adds and has prevails seat his.

The law adds and am changing among east and my Honour Smartwatch according to an activity am doing.

The All link in with the Huawei application in mine iPhone which is easy to use and help me follows my data.

In general... The tracker adds in the prize adds.
5 / 5
Has bought this on done the week like my leading one has died the death . It is the lovely clock , good and comfortable in my wrist. Amur Some colours, expensive and characteristic. Felizmente Comprise a SPo2 checker also. The only light question is that an application of sleep is the swipe of has bitten and lose so that no @to give that although they are relatively still law, has read for the pair of hours before I go to sleep. But I am not concerned too much roughly that to be sincere. Works of application well in mine iPhone 8. It has not tried he in watering this in spite of was a way my leading clock has died lol. It can do later, when I seat that bite surer in him.
4 / 5
I am surprised like this partorisca a prize a quality. It is súper easy to use, yours the pairs telephone easily and an application in simple to use. I have compared some readings to a Clock of Apple and is very attentive. Has all some precise characteristics, counter of any one, monitor of heart, o2 the monitor are adds. A clock is self no the economic cost is the chunky boss of the hule and the screen partorisca touch in general will not be partorisca disappoint.
5 / 5
Are really happy with this tracker of fitness. It is easy your use, partorisca connect to a telephone, as has the Huawei telephone I already have an application. Baterry Last partorisca days, has 15 classes of workouts, measured your heart rate, oxigen in blood, follows your sleep... It is the really complete fitness tracker. Has the plot of characteristics that can direct you with a Huawei application of health. It recommends
5 / 5
this are adds in of the so many ways, tracker of sleep, bpm, the pedometer of battery is pointless like the fold counts each step with your telephone and doesnt leave you partorisca change source. Application of causes partorisca run ALL THE SAME TIME when essuperior by force' has them the huawei telephone as it has thought that that this will be perfect, his in fact a lot angering like this something like this simple cant be remedied.
So only wants to sync a sale once for day in a morning, is that too much to ask?
4 / 5
A sample are adds. I have bought it likes him the present of day of an early mother for my mam, is to be aiming be more apter. Has an amazing exposure, the brilliant and some colours are utmost. A strap is the fashion of sport , a lot of matieral and no rubbery to feel like a bit bands of sports. A subject only is an application , no in his pixel of Google 3a. It is the shame he really rest waiting for the trying that it receives messages by means of a clock.
4 / 5
Really pleased with this like this far; well looking clock. Rings a ossia attentive and no too chunky in my wrist. A does not count quite attentive, has taken the little moment for him the sync until my walking. Happy with a quality like this far. It has not tried a section of sleep of him so no the go through the night .
5 / 5
I really like this tracker of fitness reason has the a lot of very feel when in a wrist. It feels light and hardly noticeable which are adds to go in of the careers and that use a function of sleep of the control. It take roughly 10 battery of days of light to use of mesos and whilst using it models of sleep of the monitor. An exposure is the lovely, súper clears AMOLED the screen and does looks to surprise, especially at night.
4 / 5
Has bought has the present in my partner. It likes to of him the plot, uses the huawei the telephone and this band is also of huawei. As has a preinstalled software in his telephone already. A sale of honour 5 is screen to touch and has a embedded metre of heart rate and oximeter. They are quite attentive.
5 / 5
Some looks of clock well. Estimativa Tracker quite regulate of activity. An application this in spite of does not do and Huawei so only sustains his own devices.
5 / 5
Has bought a prime minister one for my woman, to substitute a tracker of old fitness - ossia brilliant! Hooked Directly until his telephone, any subject, and has bought has added to to the characteristic likes-him the monitor of heart rate, and the sleep that follows!

Finds light, comfortable and a battery gives good life.

Has taken my father a like this precise follows heart rate and quality of sleep, and loves that!
4 / 5
So only having the this was the product adds and has required an update of application for my telephone... That was a Huawei application and would not download in my telephone like an element was useless without application...
4 / 5
It produces very good! I love it. I bought it take partorisca help me doing some exercise during a coronavirus lockdown and partorisca maintain heart rate and tax of oxygen under control and work perfectly! Precise updates it to take a oximeter the function but is quite easy and fast! I love the
4 / 5
Ossia in fact my prime minister never Fitbit and all can say is that I need.
Arrives quickly. I tried it immediately it go to spend it to sleep he so that has the Tracker of Sleep and is quite attentive.
In a morning has been to a gymnasium and tried out of a Treadmill workout. Some statistics in a treadmill and a Fitbit looked to match.
The alerts of call is the better characteristic also.
Are very satisfied with a product.
Thank you.
Highly recommend
5 / 5
Nizza, well looking clock, life of good battery, a lot of characteristics. An only question with him is not a lot attentive(distance), for example, another day has been for the walk and my telephone and a sample has aimed entirely different numbers. Spent one same when I have been to a gymnasium, after running has verified a crew of the gymnasium and I have seen different numbers for the distance but all more is perfect. The Value he for this money.
5 / 5
Has had to download 3 different apk files of the sources ignored external of tent of game so only for the take to pair to the mine S9 this in spite of does not do like this described that. He wont sync any data of beats of the heart of sensor to an application like the mark to follow the burned calories during a day. His economic and not even value 30 crux. A compatibility is terrible by means of the program and the only looks means the work has been done when doing a firmware and software. It gives something gain!
4 / 5
Produced of quality of this probably a true prize of this upper mark like this called the look in battery has compared to a rest . It recommends this a fact.
4 / 5
The container has arrived a next day . The device of Theo honradamente surprise. Any to mention a typical function has like another ready clock. There is a figure loves which are can dip the alarm and he vibrates in your wrists! Honradamente Ossia Like this useful for people those who have difficulties to wake up in morning. And also it analyses a quality/ of sleep of the sleep. The juice loves that.
4 / 5
Look the good cost . I have it matched up with my telephone, also Honours, and looks to be attentive. It can not comment on sleep like this always take my clock when I put to bed me.
5 / 5
Are really to to that him him like this ready band. A hard battery at least 7 days according to which operates use.
Likes that they recently upgraded a functionality of a device to add controls of the music yes is touching music in yours telephone and some faces of clock are a lot diverse.
My only qualm the interior a moment is a sleep that follows, sometimes thinks that are napping when they are not , are just reading .
5 / 5
Loves everything in this clock... The battery is surprising, included with 24/7 heart rate on... Still it can take atleast 5 value of days of life. It can not have chosen the better clock so that I need. A lot well follow my exercise and aiming me to move when I have seated for too much long (to the equal that are lazy) a lot handy and nifty. Thank you.
4 / 5
Link easily to my mobile, the application has like this information, I same agree me to vibrate when I have been stationary for too much long
4 / 5
You link easily to the mine cellular, the application has like this information, I same agree me partorisca vibrate when I have been stationary partorisca too long
5 / 5
the clock of small sports Adds partorisca of the money. I add like the counter of any and heartrate monitor, does not add sleeps partorisca follow he like this looks partorisca think I fall has slept hardly chair in some evenings sometimes.

A customisable expensive of the clock is the good characteristic to the equal that has the decent quantity of options partorisca choose of the yours in pleasant.
5 / 5
A sample was lovely but my edges have taken the rash in his same wrist although it spends a free sale

loves a clock but sadly has has had to that the turn . On all well for a money
4 / 5
Very received without to to any defect likes him the product was almost packaged with discharges to protect. It has been spending he for weeks and like this far like this well,w is a lot of function. A wristband is thin this in spite of. You love it!
5 / 5
Briliant Looks easy death to do application and that has bought well anouther for a woman
5 / 5
This device is fantastic without that has to that spend the fortune. It follows all calm the love the league to your mobile, and calm included promote you to do the bit of exercise. It has pleased really. I have loved so only the device to follow my steps and I any exercise a day to follow concealed. This so much more.
5 / 5
Like this far like this well love an application of saturation of the oxygen
Works for me 😁
4 / 5
awesome,the really adore this digital clock. It is an amazing a. I spend it every day now unless it is out of being able to. It informs a time, it walking has done them and which time has them sleep the day. Quite functional
4 / 5
has Bought are adds to look tracker of fitness like the present, after reading the plot of positive critiques on here. So only to find that he no with any one another telephone another it Huawei telephones, as it requires a huawei application of gallery, which is not to found in the majority of telephones of android (another the Huawei).
A lot disappointed!
5 / 5
Does not have any way this counts some steps. I have done basically my housework for 20 minutes and he have said has done in the 1000 no. There is not any way I that. They are quite disappointed like this is an only reason has purchased this goes so that it begins my walking again
5 / 5
It has Had this like the substitution because of a leading band that the bad works. Ossia Fantastic and was more economic that a leading band and with more than functions.
The substitution was swift and painless thanks to Amazon..... Really useful😀😀😀
5 / 5
love this tracker of fitness. It has possessed previously Fibits, finds this like this well, if any better. Has the variety adds functions, the abonos touchscreen expensive, and has the life of fantastic battery. 10 Out of 10 - especially for a prize adds!
5 / 5
Shining to control no, fitness and sleep. An application gives and desglosa of excellent map of the yours workout. Heart rate of measures and Sp02. Some to to characteristic good extra also like to Find my telephone. Light and comfortable to spend. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Does well until my telephone an update now can not open a software of fitness I need to use this clock of the tracker probably does well in the Huawei telephone but no in mine Samsung Galaxy A70 and im any only.
5 / 5
Has better done that has expected, control my headphones, tip a name of clue. Wrist of shows and pressure of blood. A lot of different exposures. Battery last age, the week easily.
5 / 5
Is the really quite device. And it is easy to use, which is only need to connect with a telephone for Bluetooth. Has the plot of functions likes heart rate of commentary.
5 / 5
Has pleased really with this tracker, perfect to continue running and the general step that accounts. Also it has the monitor of heart rate and oximeter. It can also read whatsapps and the messages of your telephone likes him much more expensive ready clocks.

Top Customer Reviews: HONOR Band 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia My second compraventa of band of honour, a partorisca my then decided daughter takes one on its own name. An available look adds and partorisca a prize surprised why this good . It has taken partorisca control my bpm and levels of oxygen this in spite of era sceptical, like this in the date of hospital has verified the one who attentive was against a monitor of the hospital and my surprise was something on. I add that it knows that a sample with accuracy will resupply a data. The only defect comes with an application, a data of the clock a lot always transfers to an application correctly, account of does not resemble but a bmp sometimes differs of a band, any always but enough to comment on. To good sure would recommend to buy one especially like the judge of shows of start, access for purpose and looks reasonable also. Correa looks of period adds well in my wrist my big plus and of the wrist of daughters a lot slender and abundance extra strap to return wrists on more measured. It is like this easy to spend this can very included really the feel when spending súper light and comfortable same during a night, and are not the person the one who usually spends clocks.
5 / 5
Ossia The very good value and tracker of fitness of light weight. An account of is not the little generous. A tracker of heart rate compares well the most attentive trackers. A screen is very good. A main reason has bought was the sync with my telephone and notify me when it has taken messages and of the calls . I maintain my telephone in my pocket on vibrates and often used to lose calls etc. This tracker of fitness prevents this. It is not the ready clock, no attended to be able to read response or long messages to them with him. It is very light. It likes-me a sleep that follows characteristic and there is no pesky cost of byline to use them.

An android the mobile application could be better. It has not been updated for some time because of some disagreement of trade with some the EUA. This in spite of, this tracker is available in a cast of devices sustains given in an application of android and like this works to the equal that has feigned. It tries to take you to sideload a newer version of an application of the health but I would not recommend this and is not necessary neither.
5 / 5
Loves this band for a prize and he all would require it to do. I chose it reason have loved a suitable for swimming with and has required like this to be properly waterproof.
Few small things I aversion; when you have chosen the swimming workout and has finalised has it unlock a band for striking arrive and behind down (delicate with wet toes) And then resists down a screen to stop that you ask to him to take or resume workout which is the little longitude winded.
An only another the annoying thing is does still to find the face that exposed a life of battery, has taken taken our mid swim with the symbol of low battery in place of the mine swim period, has resisted was until an end of an at all but me @give that it does not give any look when taking near of the low battery and to find a calm battery neither needs to verify an application of telephone or select settings in a band and find battery to see the one who remain. It averts these two things have been happy using it and an application for the few weeks now.
5 / 5
Has to that first beginning to say an accuracy of a tracker has been enough something on, has tried to trick he without of fake but only looks to follow any real. It looks to confuse long periods to seat still for sleep. The sleep that follows also looks quite something on. I comfort it wise is good and small. For a prize is the really good tracker .

Has the little negatives, a prime minister is is caused the rash in my arm where chairs. I have had he for 6 month and there is remarked recently. It does not know it is a material of the band or some deceives in fact moisture against a skin. It is not painful, but has has had to that take spending he for the bit to leave my arm recovers.

Secondly Is integration with the fitness of Google is well, but not perfecting. Any all the functionality is shared with Google. And I have to that manually sync for him to spend. Also so only it looks to transfer some of a data of sleep and any of a data of heart rate. But the is not well. It is not to finalise of a world-wide material like some bands the own application is quite well, but would be good to see more integration among one 2. Ossia The provisional solution for me until fulfilling to to the punctual clock likes enough to invest in.
4 / 5
Is not sure state has required really this element, but has given shot it. They are now state spending he for the month and am happy with him.

Follows your sleep a lot well and is good to maintain your sleep under control.

Follows that it does not walk which gave motivation to take stroll he in an evening on some lazy days.

This two characteristic is more be useful for me. Also it follows statistical in yours workouts and your heart rate, and give you the preview of some telephone of trace of the notifications. There is also handy tools to dip the timer or find your telephone ( will begin saying ' are heeeere!').

A screen is a lot quite and some looks of application slick also. Has he Huawei the telephones has so be joined to do with this telephone, can not say does like this well with other frames of telephones.
5 / 5
To be sincere I desire has had did not buy it never. A text is very small and difficult to read. I bought it mainly to swim but a lot so only can do not comprising some details but I find it very difficult to the turn was. There is virtually any instruction and I have to that go in-line to find that I am looking for. Included quell'concealed is not to clear. I find an application to walk the total waste of time and so only spend of longitude a clock. Also some steps in a clock a lot always matches up with a same application with which syncing. But there is a very good characteristic. I take notification when the people are by train to contact me. Ossia A lot handy. But in general unles is on 3yrs old, any one annoying . I can not exit like this to use some characteristic.
5 / 5
To use this band of fitness has to that have a Huawei application of installed health. An available application on tent of the game of the Google is out of date and can not be update to add new devices like this band of fitness.

An only way to update an application of health is to download Huawei AppGallery of your browser and install a apk! Always the bad idea that considers an integer Huawei/the Chinese that dread of spies. A shame because have has wanted to really mine Huawei telephone.

This would have to that be enough to dip you this bought. Any I still goes to some subjects could find when that tries to register especially when any look of providers to block Huawei messages of SMS.
4 / 5
Comparing this to another counter of any, which was to be quite the well in that tried that the multiple time in a past (a Garmin), a Band of Honour 5 consistently almost FOLD my account of any around a house, and adds the good 20 for external activities.

A monitor of heart rate is well for day to the day that follows, but for the exercise has informed my heart rate more than 30bpm main that a garmin tried that against and that of the experience was to be more attentive.

A sp02 works of characteristic perhaps 1 out of the each one 10 tentativas.

A iOS the application is limited terribly - any to enable you to zoom in in some maps for heart rate etc, and without way to see the map of your career has included hard has had GPS synced with a telephone throughout.

For a prize, and for the first device for any, is probably GOOD to compare your days against each another, but does not assume any of some readings is in any in fact corrected way.
5 / 5
A lot This was the waste of money.

A main function has bought this for era to help my woman follows his models to sleep so many could measure an impact of things tries to improve his sleep. It looks unable to say when it is to wake unless it takes his telephone and physically syncs a device with an application immediately, which is rubbishes because awake on at least each one that 10 to 20 minutes during a night. As we do not have any confidence in a device for also in following.

Also, this morning has taken a sample was before it is exited of the bed and she dipped it on his bedside cupboard. This was to do roughly 2 hours and is has had so only the notification in his telephone to say is done 67 a lot this morning. That?!?

Pointless Device that can not follow sleep or general movement with any terracing of competence.
4 / 5
Has taken this and a battery has run was after 2 and the half days every time touched it. Thinking it was defective sent it behind and was refunded. It was happy to purchase a clock still again thinking it would be better but a battery still is lasted so only 2 & half days. It looked further intom the and to take a 'wake to see' in of the settings a now hard sample longer approx 5 days are not messing with him to plot at all for the spend down . Any way has decided to maintain the reason likes. Well visablity alfresco, the characteristic is which second that it can say is very attentive. It would recommend it , this in spite of theres the new an out of now to the equal that sees for that. It looks this in spite of a characteristic more a more a battery probably drain I supposition. In general the band of good clock.

Top Customer Reviews: HONOR Band 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Having me /CFS Loves accuracy in HR, any and the sleep and all can shout is WOW! I have had the Polar 360 and the Fitbit HR and far prefers this. A tracker of sleep is surprising and incredibly attentive. A saturation of the blood of the oxygen is glorious. I have found some do not counter far more attentive that a Fitbit which often would have me doing 10,000 any when in fact it would be lucky had done the averages concealed.
A telephone is required for GPS that follows as I am happy to conserve a life of battery of the Bands.
Is slender and stylish with the súper brilliant colour responsive screen. My only tiny niggle is a pink strap is the bit bla 😁, is more than the salmon more than shadow of creature.
Has looked 3 hours of Youtube and read 5 first descriptions to buy calm so much can buy with confidence 😁
5 / 5
Where begins but to say this clock is surprising! It was the little has concerned order as it looks like this economic for the ready clock that does like this but am like this happy has done. It is far upper that my old Fitbit. Has a by heart amazing exposure and a heart rate and levels of law of oxygen perfectly. An application is also orders. Honradamente Recommends this clock, calm would not complain buying! Also it has a life of amazing battery, sleep And does not add that follows!
4 / 5
To be sincere, has bought initially this tracker of fitness for my woman because I have bought the a lot of sample quite on its own name 🤣.
Say that, ossia the breaking little clock. That he for my woman is a fact that can you now exercises of clue in the trainer of cross and the cattail as well as has access to like this more samples of face. My woman so only loves it. It has Had a band of Honour 4 before and ossia to good sure the very up. A screen is more acute with a lot of better map. No longer it looks it tentativa add to compete with some trackers of fitness buy for much more of money, is the main product .
A life of battery is sum in those. A sale 4 still has 2 battery of life of weeks with which 2 years. We expect some same of east a.
Some pink stays clean the difference other frames and gives a strap that constant newish look. If you are looking for the a lot of all rounder fitnes tracker/SmartWatch partorisca around £30, this one east for you!
4 / 5
Is has bitten tip to judge his action fully, as these are so only my initial impressions. In the first place they are not really the pink person but I have does not love something dark, and looked quite pale and thin, as I have been for him. This in spite of in the real life is the deepest rose that looks on any of my screens (telephone, pill, portable), the quite sickly colour, as I have ordered the strap of substitution in green. Secondly One Drives of Fast Start, which is all the volume for way of instructions, is so only a one the tiny page that objective that for the touch and pair he and saying you to download an application of Health. With which are for your account, as I expect that an application is intuitive when I find time to look in him properly! Finally it has the very small wrist, which I , is well. I have been concerned roughly having the long excess piece of strap and any when being pas able to maintain he in place with a keeper, but has the little seal in a underside that prints to one of some holes in a strap, as it remains dipped. Inventive :-)
4 / 5
has had the few clocks some years and I totally want to this one. Have @@give When I bought it that connects to my telephone has seen an application of health already in my telephone like his course of a same system. It follows sleep and gives a no really good. You can change a face of him also which is awsome. I had it 7 days now and touched it so only once.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my daughter of 10 years for the Christmas and absolutely loves it. It will not take it it was and it has been I adds is by train to take to think to his sleep and also the activity levels each day.
Disappointing this in spite of that an application does not look available for chrome devices or versions of pill of Android older like my daughter has not been ae to use an application and need to use my telephone.
Has had also the pair of questions from time to time synching given.
Everything in, fantastic value really and a function to swim in this model is extremely useful for boys that at all.
5 / 5
Has bought like the present for my partner and is has thrilled absolutely! Everything says in one has beaten. So only 'with' to the look was paralizaciones is a step that follows, this is to base in the interior of pedometer some looks like confidences on movement. It does not expect your steps to be followed if your arms are stationary p. p.ej. When Spending boxes or some such. Also it looks to be somehow linked to a GPS of telephones like any hips wont be followed with walk of accuracy /run in a something same. Ossia A lot that imports in of the terms of treadmill use.

Monitor of looks of heart rate to follow a lot with accuracy. There are multiple ways that looks to improve sure that follows the characteristic when enabled for a correct activity (pursues of Inner/walk, career of external/walk, etc). Creation very durable, the screen is VERY BRILLIANT and but the election limited in the clock faces some desquels is very difficult to say a time of.

Highly recommended for any one looking to take an exercise that follows clock but does not love splash is gone in the £100+ fully look rich ready clock.
5 / 5
Has has had so only this for the pair of days but like this far loves it. It was like this easy to pair to the mine Huawei telephone. I have directed to take my messages that reads as it feels it that it vibrates when have the notification of my doctor or family. Also to the equal that am disabled has has to that me movement done my organism the More than way that can see measures of the activity and I will spend it next week when I my exercises of water in a group. I have it quell'has bought now my husband a too and is pleased like this with him I so that it follows.
4 / 5
Has bought this tracker of fitness for my daughter. It is a lot to sport. It loves it. Amado a colour. Found the easy to use, easy to synchronise with his telephone.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my daughter of 7 years. It loves it. It looks quite attentive when it is walking and loves an application of sleep. We are still for the take swimming to try recognition of shot but like this far like this good. It has taken the moment to dip up with an application to the equal that have required to create to to an additional account like him to him the uses of a same application for my ready clock. Global good product for a money. Any sure roughly life of battery still but is is like Huawei 2pro the clock will last well.
5 / 5
It has Had this partorisca the few weeks now. The life of battery is excellent especially when compared with other clocks although he no last while announced, volume around two and the half weeks among cariche that is fantastic compared to a lot of more expensive frames. Touching the time is quickly, less than the pair of hours for the full load. I have bought this mainly because it does not listen never my coverage of telephone in my stock exchange and utmost partorisca east, vibrates in your wrist while you are in row (approx 10 metres). You can dip that notifies wants to receive, texts, whatsapp, messenger etc A big portion of exposures of text on screen, two value of screens likes to take to see the good bit of a calm message thought can not answer, need your telephone for that. Recognition goes the exposures and calm can refuse a call of a band. It calms that can dip to notify you if rooms of row of the yours telephone which is handy. Account of any is not particularly attentive, the accounts less than election have walked , well of options to follow workouts, will follow your heart rate, pause he down in of the levels and calculate the burned calories. And number of any, use free formation for classes of gymnasium. The tracker Of sleep is rubbishes , says am sleeping when Im so only seating looking TVs but this was so only the option of novelty for me. A calm application of the quite the plot of customisable the options that comprises a capacity to dip multiple alarms, can change an order of some papers in your band and of the faces of clock, has the plot of faces although they appear quite samey. It has not directed to take controls of music to do unless my telephone is connected to the bluetooth speaker that is quell'has bitten odd and an option of the camera so only will do has the huawei telephone. An arm to run to show the time is a lot of swipe and lose, no more than fact that is annoying like this calm then screen of precise press to see time, any good has your full hands. The wise measure is smaller that the majority, has the very small wrist like this this was the factor for me, finds that because of his thickness has the tendency to take is bosses . In general it would say that for a money and the life of battery is good value , he a bit the things require the bit of work but he that needs. If you do not want to spend the plot and the life of battery is of the entity can not go far injustice with this clock.
5 / 5
Absolutely love my new clock. This was the substitution for the different mark of clock, but like this pleased has found is one. Has the huawei telephone how is perfect. I have discovered also there it is ready sales to go with him, which will be to take to help with bmi etc. Is easy to read, included in Sunny day. There are so many elections of the face of different clock can download also, like this never held with a look of him. A sample is very comfortable, and a system of load are to add and easy to use, any strap the attractive was for touch lol.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my woman and pleasure.
Is a lot of fact, looks good and easyish to use.

Dipping it up for his in a Samsung s10e was difficult. An application of Google has not been updated. As it takes note of a following to the equal that has approached to attack me...
Has had to go to go to a APKmirror put web and download Huawei gallery of Application.

Has downloaded APKmirror official of installer on game of Google and used it to install Huawei gallery of application.

I then used Huawei gallery of application to install a later version of an application of clock.

An application of clock said to download a later version of HMS Core of a Huawei gallery that has done and then he all has done.

Personally possess a Huawei p30 Pro with all an on stuffs on way that would not be the question for my mobile.

But that the tracker adds in all the chance.
5 / 5
I like a sale in general. An application connects quite well with mine iOS application of health, but can be quite basic in general. An account of pode any sometimes not registering all my steps, depends in which these movements of arms while path. It likes-I use it to me he in a group. A hard battery so only under the week, but can be recharged in in an hour. It finds often I require to use an option of free formation, as to to the things like to his dance he or hula hooping can not be followed otherwise, and that the data does not transfer to a iOS application. The desire could pair he directly with Mine WW application (hanged watchers). A prize is one of some reasons have chosen to try the and am happy has done.
5 / 5
Something there is remarked is that a boss for one uploads that volume with a clock and one upload boss for a Huawei the telephone is not one same, would have been a lot was interchangeable. I have had a band for 1 day and I love it. It has been to swim, humedal and slept with him on and has taken at the beginning the place but has grown acusstomed his. A strap feels well against my skin, a clock is easy
enough to imagine was and excellent for when I am exiting. So only it wishes a counter of has not been bit it more attentive. Not being any speaker in this clock, is so only the far for your telephone and the capture of data. It has it Huawei the telephone like the clock is a lot of compatabile with him. A prize is very reasonable so that it is, for 30+ he a work.
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute the fitbit. It has not Loved to spend to to too much money likes him to him raisin the clock during a day. It has loved to maintain an eye in my sleep. A creation is well, the strap does not nettle . It does not register when they are to wake during a night, late that exited of bed and walking to a bath does not choose on that am awake. A lot disappointed with a life of battery, has researched and has expected this would last at least to to the week likes a bit the people had informed 14 days among touching. The hard mine roughly 4 days. I have turned of a monitor of continuous heart that expects it would save some juice but does not have a lot of fact the difference. But for a prize has paid them, compared to a prize of a fitbit Big that has loved. If it has spent all a time probably would have spent more money in the plus stylish looking clock.
4 / 5
Unusable. I have bought this for my promise the one who has the Samsung S10 with software later. Apparently for an application to do has to that it downloads 2 applications, a Huawei application of Health and an application of mobile services. An application of the health would not open at all that says an application of the mobile services later has been required, included after installing, a-install, king-install etc... Of all the applications. Calm apparently can takes to do to go to the website separated and that downloads an older version, whilst adapting paralizaciones Huawei to have access to everything in your telephone. Any Good. Just king-packaged the and sending it behind. We were excited like this to try it was but are now so only MASSIVELY disappointed and has annoyed. This day and age to have that goes to an officious application to take the product to do... Ridiculous. It pays more for something that is guaranteed to do immediately...
5 / 5
I like this bandage like the clock in general but is not attentive at all! Included when I use mine hula hoop where are in a situates this band says that I have done likes 1000 a lot so only of that. It is very sensitive. I have had Fitbit sales before and has thinks that was inaccurate but this takes a cake. The so that main likes partorisca of these memories to move, messages of the text and some alert when they are half way by means of my start. If it could go back in it times probably it would buy the band of different fitness.
4 / 5
A tracker are add, very attentive and everything says in one has beaten. A subject only is an application . Had like this questions with him not doing , failing to sync etc. When An application is doing his very basic and any a lot of the friendly user.

This tracker is the place adds to start with is interested to try was trackers of fitness/ready clocks!
5 / 5
HAS one of these for my daughter and the black one for my partner. They are both very happy and an accuracy resembles stack on a lot against some accounts that looks in yours telephone etc. Well for sleeps to follow too much and the monitor of heart rate is well. The hard battery .
4 / 5
I add partorisca maintain clue of your movements. Included better if not to impose you sharing all your information with Huwaie. My new telephone will not leave me upgrade this, something partorisca do with Google. Like this calm can not install an Application. But it has maintained my old telephone and have an application in that.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my woman as it liked them to them an idea of the ready clock but is not his usual to to that likes partorisca of the clock, as it has not wanted to spend the fortune on something concealed can finalise unused in a fund of the drawer. But it loves it, although it says it does not register his activity to an application of telephone, but concealed so only could be 😂. The life of battery is brilliant, using 3-4 life of battery the day, would have to last the pair of the easy weeks, has the look of expensive plus to the equal that has to that be touched every night otherwise will have died for mid tomorrow a next day. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this tracker of fitness for a prize! It is quite attentive, some maps are utmost and I like a fact that follows my sleep as well as my fitness. Battery last until the week. Only negative place on an application in mine Samsung s9 was the bit of the fight but he have done in an end.
5 / 5
This band all the promises. We buy some extras a for me in blue when we have seen that well it was.
A subject only is with uploading an Application. The tent of Application of Google no longer fully sustains a Huawei produced of mark, so that need of buyers to upload Applications of Huawei Gallery of Application.
Once the fact has full support for telephone for questions that can arise.
5 / 5
Has not done with mine Samsung commentaries 10 more. Tried all but any joy. I have downloaded an application to discover that I have required for the update. It could not find any way to dob this. I have bought another mark and has had any question any one.
Is returned this element for repayment.
5 / 5
Are having the subject enormous with a monitor of heart rate when I my work outs does not choose on mine BPM and just stays in some blue describe which is not me giving a rough kcal count which is really frustrating I so that it follows that it tries to control mine kcal intake Vs was! Has any one has experienced more this? I moved it on mine another wrist, has done adjustments on and down my wrist and taken a strap in one was. My wrists take has bitten it sweaty while exiting this disorder to mark roughly with a reading? I think that that I will have to return it likes him the function is not that he that would owe that be.
4 / 5
I money squandered that buys east. You owe application of Health of download(any question) can not open an application. It declares ' the subject of Coverage tries again later'!!! At all bad with my coverage. Tried like this ways to open. Any work. CONSULTING.. READ The FIRST FEEDBACK
4 / 5
Bought for my daughter of 10 years for Christmass to the equal that has an honour lite 9 mobile phone. Ossia The add little clock, follows everything for his and comfy enough for his to sleep in. The battery is surprising can take the week out of the full load! Highly it would recommend
5 / 5
has bought this Fitbit for my daughter and has loved that. It loves his colour and has on dried in the pocolos small. His slender creation feels really comfortable and is quite slender and looks beautiful in the wrist of my daughter. The life of battery is very good.
4 / 5
Loving my clock of fitness, has has not had never a a before as it can not compare to another.
Are adds to count my steps, say me messages of my mobile phone. I have used an outside running starts but for some reason are having questions with dipping an external cycle. It has read a Time but concealed no longer is doing. It can be I just need to imagine these things was. But in general I am happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Bought this like the present partorisca my woman, absolutely loves it. Material quality a lot well, near easy on and like this far a lot of confidence.
Has taken several firmware updates to spend he until one the majority recently, but once everything well.
5 / 5
Has loved this clock when I took it in the first place. An application is run For Huawei Health. Really easy to upload and easy to use. The weeks in me have had an update in my telephone, Samsung A6 rendering a virtually useless sample. An application no longer works, so only comes up with the message that ask to update an application to Huawei 4.0 or more. Virtually impossible. I have had to that return a clock, has has ordered now another, which an application is compatible with my telephone. Disappointed.
5 / 5
This does a whole thing, can dip on alerts, notification, timers, etc

First of all his the fitness helper, clues, the monitors and the helps have achieved your aims, his excellent and I cant recommends this highly enough.
4 / 5
Could a lot of upgrade to model later to my telephone. In his way has retreated
5 / 5
produces Really well, one same likes the one who a big plus priced the products do. I can map my travesías and he give me statistics in a mobile application. The hard battery roughly 4 days.
A subject only is my mamma also has taken one and sometimes my application chooses on habits in place of mine to the equal that live in a same house.

In general really happy with him!
4 / 5
Has bought this when I seen all some positive critiques. It is a worse clock has has not bought never. It counts your steps when you are seating but move your arms. The tracker Of sleep is out of sync - say me there is not wake during a night but I have been awake and walked to a basin in 2 in a morning. A tracker of the heart rate no - I are formation of weight and says my heart rate is in 90bpm when it is clearly he no- is any much bigger! That the waste of money!!
5 / 5
An honour of clock 5i is fantastic with the wide row of faces to choose of when you download a huawei listens application of health.
His brilliant and adjustable, an oxygen of blood of the heart rate and works of contadora of the good step.
Charing Is easy also of a small Cradle.
Would recommend this by all the world.
4 / 5
Has bought the upgrade of a model sooner. He exactly that says in a box and any question with pairing etc. Quite Easy for the fifty something to use... Enough it says lol
4 / 5
does not do a lot clear that requires to download a Huawei application of Health to pair a sample - something that believes is impossible without the Huawei telephone (to all the cost of operating system) for this that leaves a defunct clock.

Is returned one looks done the month this in spite of still to return my money. Emails of diverse correspondent to pursue without response. It does not give your money to these cowboys as you will not see it again 👍
4 / 5
Wow that the little smasher! I love my clock and spend it daily.
Simple to use and link to my telephone of Apple also.
My partner loves a now, but any rose has said!!
I bows of good measure so that it will return around his fat wrists also!
4 / 5
It can it does not use! Calm say you partorisca download an application, downloaded it once calms then say you partorisca download another application partorisca sustain it. Downloaded both but still not doing ?! How it is basically useless, the look will be partorisca send the backside.
4 / 5
Has loved an easy to use application of fitness. This was an excellent election . Value very well for money, the life of battery adds (so only has to that touch once or two times the week), application very easy to use too much. Highly it would recommend!
4 / 5
Had disappointed really with east. It looked well but simply it could any sync he with my OnePlus (android) telephone. This has meant could very included dipped the on, likes access to a Huawei the application has been required. I am spent of the hours that ways of investigation to do around the, to any avail. How it is it is returned. The majority that frustrates
4 / 5
Some descriptions thus produced looked good but when I have been to dip a clock on and download an application, an application has required wasnt available in the android and I has been required to download the Huawei application of tent of the application. He all mine looked enough suspects and at all the friendly user. I am returned this this in spite of my repayment is still to be accused.
5 / 5
A bit those that questions that installs an application in the telephone the new plus. A sleep any very attentive. On all the basic tracker a lot of
4 / 5
has bought two of this pending isolation for mine 6 and of the daughters of 8 years.
That fantastic smartwatches!!
Easy to dip up and easy to use.
Also returns well around his small wrists.
Taking them to walk and exercise during the isolation is not to cry it anymore, is raring to go now!!
4 / 5
Whilst Are sure a clock is well, has not taken according to which trying likes the application no he so that it could any sync a clock to the mine telephone and for like this couldnt dipped the up. Prpers Having looked his is the known question with an application and the a lot of people are having subject (comprising people he previously done for until an update of application).
5 / 5
The product adds although I have had to that return a prime minister an I had bought likes the screen forward has been stuck.
A band of substitution has done well without any subjects
am pleased really with an honour 5 band. Definately The good piece and quaiity for money.
5 / 5
Bought this element to the equal that have been interested in a test of the stress and the levels of oxygen try this in spite of neither duquel looks to do. If has no synced an application for a day does not maintain the data in a clock likes to be conscious this can not maintain die for every day unless you sync the every day.. To be sincere is more than the mine elegant pedometer. Shame really
5 / 5
Be conscious when that orders this clock of fitness, an application has required to the pair with your telephone is unavailable. Lovely looking shows the one who the disappointment.

Top Customer Reviews: HONOR Band 5 Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It does not use he partorisca fitness but more partorisca maintain an eye in my heart rate after the heart attacks the pair in fact month. As my medications constantly is changing his handy to maintain an eye in his effect. Some sensors are quite attentive and tend to be something on with a some used by mine gp and hospital. Probably it will substitute with magic clock 2 as I prefer the clock but the brilliant have bitten of boxes for a money. Regarding this concerned with a level of information an application requires, is the ready device and access of need to some information to do properly a Chinese government probably does not concern if my woman love to buy bread in a house of way likes the suspect am sure.
4 / 5
Ossia A better £30 I is the amazon has spent on. I have bought it likes the present and has ordered another after looking in him and it dipping up. Fantastic value for money, he all and more than has expected of him. It is like this comfortable and no calm included know you there went it on. A build is fantastic and with an update of the software later is so only still better. A cradle the touch is quell'has bitten hard to take used to, but after the little time could do he blindfolded!
4 / 5
No SHABBY! It does not buy this clock has the samsung. To connect a clock to the yours precise telephone Huawei health. Hardly it downloads this calm application said, the need updates it but so that precise Huawei Mobile services. I have tried to download it is, but he isnt compatible with my telephone like this now have the sale the one who cant link to my telephone. It was excited really to use it when I saw it but disappointed when I couldnt the take to do! A sample looks it could be really good but reason I cant connect to my telephone, his entirely useless.
5 / 5
Requires an application to use device. I use Pixel of Google 2 XL. I have been to Touch Tent to install Huawei application of Health. To start with, it asks Huawei version of Mobile Services 4. When I looked for It on Game of Google, so only have version 3. After installing version 3, Huawei application of the health still does not do and shows a same message. A workaround is described, and this is installing an application by means of Huawei Gallery of Application that is tent of application of Huawei. Partorisca East to do precise to enable installation of 3.as applications of party. It does not spend for the escáneres of security of Google. I am not sure if this situation owes the prohibition of EUA in Huawei.

Like this still although some looks of device well, so only can use feel a lot sending your data in Cina to the type has called Xi Jinping. Be conscious. Probably any suitable for personnel of security, official..
5 / 5
Shows really good. Exposure very clear, has had he in in a shower, while asleep, in a gymnasium and any question at all. Quite easy to use, 1 key of tap, syncms well to my telephone of android. At all of clues, sleep heartbeat o2 all a lot well and attentive that can do them was.
Ap In telephone the sync with this easy to use. It can refuse calls, but cant answered. It can control volume of music of the telephone and skip clues.
The alerts of message is a lot so much the ones of the one who owe the control telephones like this cn see the one who the message was of and first line of message.
So only niggle is that an end of a sometimes exited strap of some little final bends an end has bitten.
Chargerd Once and is lasted the week for the moment with each function on.
In general very impressed and good value.
5 / 5
Has loved this clock until today! The time of delivery adds and arrived in good working mandate. As of today I can not open a Huawei Application of the health like an update is required for a Huawei application of Mobile Services. Calm can not download an update required of a Tent of Game of the Google. Calm instead has to that it downloads of a unlisted Huawei service that requires the excessive data has left. This means a Huawei the application of Health does not even open. This clock no longer will communicate with mine 2019 telephone, a bit devaluing the! All feels like the fraud! It would not recommend this product until this is to order.
5 / 5
Was has bitten it sceptical in a band but wow as far more ready and the most economic band ive baught he such you obviously a time but on these another characteristic has discovered them that it is not in a desciption transmission of option of music of music of example ur listening to in a level of clock of brilliant oxygen in your blood the bad that more or love with a heart rate controls my missus has taken this for me and another that taking it was to touch always in my wrist more sample of bad ready wrist for prize abordable for far amour he 5 days like this far and has touched once like this brilliant of battery the majority of ive has had was cups 3 looks of day slick and does almost nough mosth the things will require 100 recommended calm of those who like this returns so only but the gaurantee you wont any one the metiom a 3 year has extended warrantee the taking iy in showet bath and swimming.
4 / 5
Has found this in the piece of telegraph for clocks of fitness to the equal that negotiates of technology of our generation. They were corrected. Literally it can not believe a prize so that well this thing is looks /.
4 / 5
Has thinks that would try the tracker of fitness to the equal that am coaching for the half marathon next year. In a prize has paid has think that this was the small 'also good to be some'. This in spite of afterwards 2 weeks totally love this product. Work as well as my newspaper wearable and adds in a gymnasium or has run ( will require your telephone with calm for some functions). Highly recommend to the to those likes me to him any one the tracker of lovely fitness adds.
4 / 5
Yes, knows them, would have to has read some other descriptions more closely but oh any, mr know-he-all, has bought he in all the chance. And yes, they were a lot: to a thing does not like the standalone, download needs a Huawei application, which does not operate, and say you precise download another, Huawei mobile service the the think was, which calm basically control of harvest of the yours telephone the Huawei, one same CONCEALED has not done. Now, the no spent to the paranoia of Amsterdam regarding Huawei, but when all the master is the calorie of pedometer/of the monitor/of the counter of heart/sews of fat burner and the needs two extra applications, a duquel control of hands of mine telephone to the third celebrates so only to be able to dip a time, well, the reader has wanted, is where can stick you concealed. It averts. Save your pence and take the fitbit, has abundance of them roughly, good quality refurbed some, and leave Huawei to a @@subject to feed the national hysteria of Amsterdam. oh, And it is the bit flimsy. I have not expected the rolex but really, the d be concerned roughly spending it to do anything in chance broke it to them, has included to dip quell'on was bit it hairy... No, it averts, spend of the money on pizza or CDs
4 / 5
Because it pays more partorisca something concealed done exactly a same thing?
Has a smartphone partorisca honour so it had seen this like an alternative the fitbit, to good sure has not considered sample of apple.
Partorisca A prize simply can any gone bad with east!
Follows my steps. Heart rate of measures and follows my sleep. 11 hours!! 😴😴 They are so only always sleepy
But with this I beats hopefully control partorisca begin and improvements of mark.
A lot easy to dip up with my telephone of honour.
Via Bluetooth.
The hard battery the good 3 or 4 days that depend if monitor of the ones of constant heart rate on and tru control of sleep, as this will augment consumption partorisca be able to.
But the one who cure, touches behind to 100 quite quickly and is ready to face a day again.
So only the buy now! And save £££
5 / 5
Like the works of clock well....
At all - look a lot
Sleep - more detailed statistical that another
Marks the rhythm cardiac - the good looks
Oxygen of Blood- the mine has not done never, says to Please try again

Application - when have tired to link a clock to an application was a lot of difficult and so only would not look , so that it has been for gives on repente has looked. In a page of main application, the aims steps like this far (and history) heart rate - a last reading and main and go down like this far each day. The sleep gives the good detail. Tip no only the one who the minutes/of hours sleep you had but in that % has had it a lot deep, light and REM. I never listened of REM (movement of fast eye) with other monitors of sleep but apparently has said that ossia when it is dreaming. Also it gives to the information more than entity likes to breathe the quality (the mine was 100 last reading) and quality of total sleep (mine 79). It breaks down a statistical sleep to even more that this but I have comprised one of entity some, IF these figures are near of attentive this could be the very better monitor to sleep that I have seen elsewhere. Some instructions included are woeful.
Update - in that used that he for more along any statistical look much more attack that any one another punctual clock has used. Some do not look to be attentive, more so many that another has tried. But a tracker of sleep is surprising. A time I asleep fall is always in right and has my wake on something to time on, ANY when I create some 20 minutes later like other clocks. Even more that surprised this in spite of is still know when it has it nap during a day! No other trackers of sleep have done this. It knows what time owe that wake during a night. I have found this difficult clock to link to an application and an oxygen of the blood still does not operate.... But it does not exchange he for Any one another ready clock!
Update... Finally it has taken an oxygen of blood that read, has dipped the toe to a legislation of a clock, no in a clock.
4 / 5
A tracker is really well, really attentive. I tried it against a Samsung Galaxy FitE and has treated so much better, has finalised to maintain is one.

The is not attentive, how is heart rate . There are a lot of options of different exercise, likes interior/of external cycling, external/interior in current, swimming, rowing etc.

During a workout has measured a time, the heart rate and the burned calories and can see look the one who your east of the current heart rate and that zone corresponds with (zone 1-5, p. p.ej. Zone of Discharge, zone of fat burn etc.).
With which a workout said that it has burned it, that was your max and the heart rate meso and that time are spent in some individual zones.

Very easy and logical to use.

This in spite of, a mobile application is the bit of the nightmare. Has a telephone of android and has had to download Huawei Gallery of Application of Huawei put web as it does not have support of Google, has has had to that then download a Huawei Application of Health, which unfortunately no without Huawei Mobile Services - ossia 3 applications that seat in mine telephone so only so much can use tracker of mine.

The Neither connects to Myfitnesspal or Google is Returned, am spent roughly 2 days that tries to dip commanded, is so only very possible.

Also while a tracker tip your total calories have burned for a day, a no. of application In a main screen down some tip the one who the calories have burned steps and then for separate, inner some records of exercise, can have look it that has burned by means of exercise and calm then has that adds him on calm.

Can not believe the one who logical a tracker is, but the one who illogical an application is! I have been tried to send it behind been due to of the this, but a tracker really is very good and for such the prize adds, so only has to that live with this I supposition, but is the bummer.
4 / 5
For a prize can a lot of grumble. All like this announced that.

Taking an application in the android this in spite of era the painful experience . In the first place it will not install of a playstore. With which some googling has to that download Hauwei tent of own application of his web of place then installs an application of health of inside that. To be sincere was directly advances, but a time is spent to try to imagine all this was to frustrate, and there is any mention of this requirement in some instructions or here on Amazon.

Does not have the add Bluetooth row. If it leaves my telephone in a room, inevitably will lose the connection that a 'find telephone' the useless function.

The life of battery is sum. I have bought this mainly to control my sleep which can any one with my expensive Samsung loan to show like this requires touched at night.

Another annoyance is one has limited exercises. Walk, course, cycle, and ossia yours plot . There is any capacity to add 'another' like class of fitness.

Finally, if the poor eyesight and fight to read that it cooks instructions in alimentary lables, taste , will struggle to read notification or included to to a date likes him the text is like this small in of a lot of zones.

To conclude, once imagines was like this to take an application in your telephone, for a prize ossia the add little monitor concealed probably is sending all your personnel info to a Chinese government, hahaha!
4 / 5
The tracker Has better bought, in spite of a together initial-on any when not being clearing at all on Android. One precise download so much an application of Health and Mobile Services of Huawei in Tent of Game, opens these individually to update them so that it will not be of the latest versions, together with updating a firmware of a tracker if one wants to use a SpO2 function. They ask calm to access the abundance to stuff also (i.et. Contacts, photos..), it bit It dodgy like me another has declared but podes take on an initial hock' all does quite well. Account of is not very attentive, the sleep that follows is quite well although not perfecting, and a monitor of looks of heart rate also quite good. All syncs to an application of Health, which is in fact easy to use and informative. Unfortunately a SpO2 does not take synced like this of June2020, in spite of having his tab of own space/graph in an application. Life of battery with the notification of text was and 24/7 heart rate the control takes around 5 days, and took around 40mins for the touch behind up. In general very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
The does not look well, any perfectly attentive but enough well so that I need.

The good and easy applications to use. Useful instructions in an application when you connect one his sample.

Law perfectly with mine Samsung S9 ( has downloaded a first application to buy to do sure has done)

the tracker of Sleep looks quite well, although they are in bedding the agreement that looks television sometimes classify like this light sleeping. To good sure give me an idea to that light of the sleeper are.

Waterproof But the instructions say it can spend was and to maintain he out of a bath. Didnt Wants to break like this maintained the out of a bath and the does not go swimming in all the chance as it does not affect me .

Easy to read notification, easy to dip on alarms (can not answer to texts of a clock but alway know when any one there is messaged or is calling.

The life of battery is really good 4 days easily, using tracker of sleep, alarms, the notifications etc. tend to dip it on touch with which 4 days and his in around 60
4 / 5
One the majority of @@subject of the entity the note is that these uses of band Huawei application of health SO ONLY, can not use any one another application of health for his primary connection ( can share a data to other applications, but not connecting direct). For some people, ossia fresh, for another, a world is the murky put right now and Cina has the questionable reputation and you will be to resupply to plot to access to your telephone when dipping on an application.

If you are happy with an on or could not concern less, then ossia a good tracker for the beginner that loves the base that comprises of as his aims of fitness are coming to the long of. Have At all to verify an accuracy but I question some of some starts, for example I formation of weight with heavy weights, easily can say after the heavy impulse that my heart rate is in a region of 160 to 180, this in spite of this tracker often show 90 - 100, which is even more that my heart rate to rest of 60, but the way was the one who my real heart rate is at the same time of exposure. I have considered that it can be the delay , but is , is for the plot. It concealed it is not to declare that it does not reflect of the main heart rates, but this tends to be during him continual session of big intensity, this in spite of no with shows of accuracy at the same time taxes.

Has used this to swim, has found a data has promoted, but in truth are in the level of beginner and felt some statistics was too much big, and of the one who take to starts of stop of the account and resting.

An application of sleep was quite interesting, if the the has not used never a forward, well use, but after the pair of month, will result habituado your own fashion of sleep and that in fact is spending, but to create your awareness of your models to sleep and as it can be adapted slightly or changed, is useful, but so only for the short period.

In general, question an accuracy, but can win this to take wise approximations, as you measure if with which loss of weight or definition of muscle, or yes calm prefers to weigh (any really an option if your lifting of weight for profit of muscle). I guess that we are this on, is the gain gauge in that is doing and is having some impact, but that follows wise, will be less than connecting after the pair of month and probably not annoying ( I no longer use a band now) with which 4 - 6 month. It would declare, ossia probably like this as well as it tracker of prize, I of the that believes a lot of difference with accuracy after reading descriptions, how is competitive of this appearance, so only has any longevity which would be one same like other trackers.
4 / 5
A band of honour 5 this quite well, resembled the plot of a health the ready clocks and has the decent level of customisation for a face. It has taken it it bit it uncomfortable after spending it consistently for the few days but he have not achieved any excessive temperature or anything unpleasant.

A software is quite good outside of the little allowable to to errors likes him-those that records that am slept still when I have been dipped law in my telephone. It is well that aims incoming calls and messages when paired to the telephone but there has not been a lot of success when that tries to answer a call with a ready clock.

In general a control of the heart rate and the control of sleep is that they impress this in spite of for such the low prize but there looks to be quite the bit of the competition of one likes of Xiaomi and Huawei but would recommend this product.
4 / 5
Was reticent to buy Huawei date a negative press, but the positive critiques convinced me to try this. The desire had ordered of descriptions of Amazon more recent and looked in a tent of Game of the Google first to buy.
After the recent update, a Huawei the application of Health require to install the external version Huawei application, which is not available in a tent of Game. This calm mean can not use an application. A sale still looks to do in of the terms to follow a lot etc but calm can not see some results. Totally pointless.
Very disappointing and although this goes to be fixed for Huawei has left me only suspect of his processes, especially with personal data.
5 / 5
Well has had the Fitbit and has looked for an alternative. This was almost that. A strap is comfortable, is easy to use but is of the sure age where the writing is taking calm too small then can has to that to to questions like to of them. He that all these ready clocks except him did not like me a fact has had to press the key to see the one who your heart rate has done and one same for spo2. A clock is running 24/7 as so only would owe that the show, has to has to that seat still for 20 seconds to take results. If has has not had never the ready clock ossia the point of good start , if you have been spoilt with models more expensive this will not be for you. It is good value , good quality but fault of the bit of the sophistication in some results offers on telemetry
4 / 5
Required the clock and there is wanted also take returned like this has bought them this to aim me the few figures to do exert more fun and spur me on.
The heart rate looks something on although it has had them an odd jump this is to concern me but on verifying wrist of mine was a lot.
Like this perhaps some the odd times can give too big the reading for some reason but any while so only verifying your bpm, His so only spent when exerting and so only two times.
Sleeps to follow look quite attentive. Any one 100 but near enough. Sometimes it will say you that has despertador on once when calm know you looked in a clock in another occasion. But like a thing of heart rate, his east so only spent the pair of time.
Any gps but look you the to your telephone an application will aim you the map of your walk, course, the cycle and calm take it desglosa of calories ,bpm,gives an a lot of etc.
His quite attentive global and am them very pleased with him. Good value imo in £30 or less.
4 / 5
Has bought this to do precisely two things: it follows my sleep and control my heart rate in of the careers. Usually it would not contest with technology a lot, but has known a tracker of the sleep no well when I have maintained to wake in a night and apparently has taken the plenary restful sleep. I have had a strap in tight, but for some reason, unless I in fact exited of bed, has failed to follow when I wake up. I have confirmed finally this when I have taken loaned my partner fitbit and said that it has known it already. In a first night so only a difference was around an hour.
A monitor of heart rate assumes is corrected. I did not compare it to anything more and a tracker of distance is also in a ballpark to the equal that has the street closely that knows to be 7km of the mine telephone and when I pre-dip a sample has not gone too much far was.
Some links to an application in telephone of mine looks dreadfully slow. Every time I want to revise anything in mine telephone then decides it in the first place need recover an information and update, which included in home for my account wifi with swimming more connected quite taken the moment.
I to plot to research first to buy is, likes I a lot easily leaves with my livestock of hard charge, but for some reasons have listed on, this produces really has not treated to some expectations had based in other descriptions.
More than the regime to that chooses to go for him, but for would return it to me if it has not been spent a date of turn. Like this instead I will be to buy the second-rid older fitbit of the familiar-to to member likes upgrade. In this way at least it can take an attentive information master.
4 / 5
Shining everywhere. This clock of Honour goes perfectly with my telephone of Honour but he compliment any telephone of android really. The sleep and the heart have beaten to follow is very good. You take an explanation in your sleep on to the equal that can improve and if your light, rem or the deep sleep is normal. Calm give you the really good idea. I have spent this for £30 and wow, has surpassed my expectations in as Indepth and detailed you can leave it to control your health. It is beautiful looking, light weight and comes with all some characteristics would expect. You can change types also.
To good sure would recommend this to any one thought to buy. It is capacity far surpass his prize and ossia a conclusion has done having has had several clocks of apple!
5 / 5
A time is attentive. He syncs with android of mine and registers leep' except east is really some positive. It dipped it up as it has left for the walk. Looked in him with which the sure distance and he had registered that it was attentive. Further to the long of the my walk looked again and has said . Like fact had to that, does not have any idea but then concealed also would mean that a course of pedometer is also inaccurate. For the reference has another application in mine telephone that with the accuracy registers the distance walked to the equal that am disappointed that the sample has bought thus purpose, a lot he. Handy That I out of mine ohone in silent and are in the meeting, my wrist will vibrate to alert of the call.
Is onoy 100 compatible with Huawei then would owe that declare this. Quite disappointed, if there was has wanted to so only the clock could have spent less on a concealed does not need touched each few days.
4 / 5
A device is awesome. Very light a (compared to mine miband4) with glass clear screen. A screen is easily readable in brilliant sun also. One measuring is attentive even his no the medical device. A hard battery approx 2 weeks and can be cariche to 100 less than 2 hours.
A bad thing is a mobile application which would have to that be well, and looks good but have some serious subjects, likes can not connect in wifi, any schedule for spo2 measured, any one has planned sync to google apt and an automatic synchrony is not doing properly.
Like the good hardware with the any software like this very
4 / 5
Ossia the band loans quite poor . It is economic, but no good value. Quality of exposure like the toy of boys, an application (2 applications required) is can it hog and no very attentive. The sleep that follows bad, steps overcount, spO2 never the works and The Google Apt sync (yours for me) is entirely unsuitable any sleep sync at all.
Is gone in a cube, any value a hassle of queueing (and the risk that takes Covid19!) To return it.
4 / 5
To the amazon would not owe that sell this product. The software has required is 'any one available in your country' planned, probably, to a spat among some the EUA and Huawei. They are in United Kingdom. My brother there has been a for the moment and his work fantastically. My subject is not with a band but with Google. And Amazon.
4 / 5
So only partorisca awareness, ossia really an Honour 5 band, has any to to such thing likes 4Of S (my supposition is this was the pre-the emission appoints concealed has not been updated). It sees photo and/or a number of reference of the manufacturer to confirm.
5 / 5
One of some better ready bands at present available. A lot it prefers these that having a device of Wear of the Android, which precise touch every day. The sleep that follows and work of monitor of the heart rate well. The notifications are simple but effective.

The life of battery is the week with all the functions on. Ossia Well, but a Xiaomi My Band 4 achieves 14 days easily, with enough a same functionality.
4 / 5
Was really that looks forward to to use this device, has had the good writes up. It has had some habladuría in an Application not doing for some telephones of the android but some descriptions have not been conclusive.

Has has discovered now that to use this device requires a Huawei Application of Health 4.0, this in spite of Google Playstore does not sustain any one new upgrades to this Application. An only way can take ossia has a Device of Android that has a Huawei Tent of Application in the, like this devices quite new.

Total shame like this device ticked all of some boxes for me without a hefty seal of prize.
5 / 5
Bought like the present navideño partorisca mine 28yr old computer friki edges. Already I have a model an old plus, and mine of amour.
Is more than happy with everything in this product.

Simple to dip up.
Election of faces of clock.
Comfortable and ready partorisca clean strap.
A lot of different functions.
Easy to dip on notification of several applications of telephone.
4 / 5
Excellent quality smartband, was purchased mainly partorisca use like the clock like an appearance of the fitness is not appropriate partorisca one the majority of part, to good sure recommend like the sample this in spite of, load of different faces partorisca choose of, and how is the subsidiary of a costruttore of my telephone ( has a Huawei P30 Pro) he syncs on good and quickly! The must compraventa!
4 / 5
Has bought this because of wrist has announced oximetry, to value O2 sats during sleep. While a hardware in fact can take a oximetry measured, so only can do like this when manually aimed - does not have any setting in a software has comprised to measure O2 sats periodically, and so much is worthless for my use has feigned.

Besides, some permissions have required of a Huawei the application of Health is incredibly intrusive.
5 / 5
Had feigned to use this in place of the mine clip on counter of any one that thinks it would be easier that have something in my wrist more than clipped my encircled all a time. Unfortunately for an end of a day had comprised approx 2000 in a do not count concealed has not been . He included counted on 300 whilst that drives a car! While it was walked, an account was quite attentive, but the device that has to that you dipped on and take was to count some the daily steps is not practical for me. It can be a subject with all wearables, sound some premiers have tried, as it does not know if this subject is common, but his no for me.
5 / 5
Has taken recommended this for the fellow and his a lot of value of the money. It follows all love it to follow this in spite of the few bad points for any the one who is purchasing east.... It gives it times like this at the beginning my telephone said has not sustained and sleeps this in spite of afterwards the day to walk a clock has controlled this in spite of I an update in a telephone which has not solved a subject until a next day when randomly it began it to do. So that it is only mine down side to the equal that have been tried for the turn but has begun felizmente do a next day in general although I love it.
4 / 5
This has the plot of function for the £30 tracker of fitness. My edges that at all and runs this gives it desglosa fill on all his exercise (still down to a type of shot in a function to swim). It resists it touches well. Calm also can purchase different writs straps for him that has pleased my edges. I think that that ossia like this as well as the fitbit which are alot more expesive partorisca less than function.
5 / 5
Has spent this Band of Honour 5 Wristband for the present of anniversary for my mamma. It is in a moon! Originally We Looked in a Fitbit, but decide go thus reason was the most economic option and reason has the Huawei telephone.

A life of battery is impressive, last the long time and a global clock is a lot comfortable to spend, included for any the one who never usually spends clocks, while a Fitbit the descriptions have said that it was uncomfortable.

In general, very impressed with this product that considers is the most economic option , am happy has spent is one.

Included could has to that buy one in name right now!

Expect found my useful description, buy it!
5 / 5
That is not to like. Perfecto to do me manager for my own daily fitness. I am horrified to sleep statistical - well to know and work on.

I particularly like a small orderly face and strap. No among a way of gloves and cuffs in the way that the others the devices of mark have.

An application does not have a social connectivity of the fitbit. Quell'Concealed can be the curse this in spite of! Prpers Being there state and he that can without him. An application has paving of coach this in spite of for a serious plus. Probably it resupplies more than then I need like this it looks the wise election .
4 / 5
Loved it mainly for a tracker to swim but is not in an application or the sample yes is there there is not for the found and would have to that it has been with all another headings ie in current a lot of ways to follow but not beginning to swim also an oxygen of blood levels a lot always followed or heart rate a clock was a lot of brilliant and colour and a lot of faces to choose of
5 / 5
Quite amazing gizmo partorisca less than 30 crux. It is a lot attentive and responsive, and laws to treat it when used with an application, as you can follow your statistics. It is comfy and stylish, like this far there is not founding any negative appearance. I can not estimate a sleep that follows reason do not use it , does not like me sleeping with of something in my wrist!
4 / 5
Ossia The very good fitness clock/of health of the tracker partorisca a prize. Any desesperanza when calm receive it and can not find and download a Hauwei application of a google tent of game, is because of Donald triumph and Chinese tiff, as you will require to download he of the third provider of party, which is simple to do. Using with Samsung S10e
5 / 5
has has used trackers of fitness in some pasts and always felt the suspect of has bitten. This feels quality , returns amiably and eseems' to be attentive (obviously, can any never be entirely sure the one who calories am burning them etc - but looks to be of confidence). Happy with cost of mine.

Click 'USEFUL' down yes has found this gain ;)
5 / 5
the band was really good to begin with attentive era and has done well. Over time I have had to that reset a band and an application multiple time as it is not choosing HR on well during workouts in spite of being a same place like usual. Used to burn around 400 calories the workout, now 34 🤔
A battery is terrible, has to be touched every day or dies. Accuracy of the sleep is not to order so it thinks that that you are slept when calm is not . I have contacted Honour in my subjects but in a band was of Italy and I live in a uk, can not help. It does not squander your money
5 / 5
So only has taken this the few days does. With which software upgrade, roughly 30 minutes, a sample really takes to the his own. A screen that the lovely shines, súper light and comfortable. A tracker of sleep are to add and a tracker to exercise very attentive. In fact it can not believe he in this prize. Spent a - you will not complain it
5 / 5
Unfortunately could very included use a product to start with like his application there has been subject so that it would not begin . For this reason have tried not even a clock. Has has had to that return it and has purchased a Fitbit Uploads 3 instead which am very happy with.
4 / 5
Are really happy in general with a value for money thus produced. An only thing that it is a lot nettling is that it does not look to follow my travesías of same cycling although my telephone is with me (gps and bluetooth on) and comnected a band.

Otherwise Follows quite happy with my product .
5 / 5
Feedback And pictures of there that walks that well of look, very happy with his clocks. I have bought the black on for old I like a saturation of Blood and characteristic of wrist
4 / 5
has bought recently one which find to be good. It is comfortable to spend and easy to use. It links until my iPhone really easily and good works. An only thing is concealed a lot all of some characteristic are able use with an iPhone for some reason, as it uses it to take the photo and a control of music. They are able to read messages of text and WhatsApp messages also which is well. To good sure the very compraventa.
5 / 5
Description of product any attentive. The battery does not maintain 14 days, with all the functions in his like me 4days. I conclude he of a bracelet is quite bulky, comparint to a measure of a screen. Disappointing
4 / 5
no with the galaxy 10 5G and an application would not leave to access any
Shame to the equal that looked adds

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Fellow salvation Amazonians :0),

Wow!!! That the disappointment!!!!☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

Has received a tracker on 24 Apr 2020.

Has found now that this device is not compatible with devices of Google been due to a Huawei application of Health in a be of tent of the Game out of date.

Downloads an application, calm say to go to a Huawei tent of application to download a later version of an application of health, which can you any one !!!!! :(

Uploads of google the game revises to mention east has very wished had read before this compraventa.

Some descriptions for a tracker are really good and touch the glorious prize, but in this moment, useless is has the no Huawei telephone!!!.

Going to expect the few days to see if an application takes to update in a Tent of Game, if no, taking returned ☹☹

Orders it dipped Huawei/Google!!

Hope This informs a lot of the recent helps 👍


Ciao All,

there is finally has taken a clock that read for me!!!! 👍👍😁😁😁🥳🥳🥳

Helps a lot on-line or United Kingdom of street of Honour, the one who I personally contacted and has spoken to the help to him utmost and client !!!😡😡😡

So much, finally has taken a clock that read 🥳🥳
inner a moment, a Huawei applications of the game of the Google has required to leave this tracker to the work any LAW!

Has to that go the Huawei the gallery of Application has seen an on-line browser and download a Huawei Application of Health and Huawei Services of Core by means of registration and login details and booooooooooom! Has the working tracker very good.

Is the very good device and excellent value for money.

Is the device adds . Everything looks work and application very useful.

For one east blues the version of strap is excellent value for money.

A characteristic I desire there has been was wireless touching like my Samsung the active clock. This day and age l, this would have to that be a norm .

To good sure in the now but some stars have attacked was for a neighbour on subjects.

A subject further, would like me to thank of all a crew of Amazon still all his commitment and the pending toil is horrendous and current Covid understand in all our lives.

Gentleman Bezos, Please clock and reward your frontline instrument generously to leave some wheels to maintain that they turn the moment that has to that treat a daily risk to his own lives!!! 👍👍👍👍😁👏👏👏

Expects these helps of update of the description, and compraventa happy.
5 / 5
Like this, would like me write the view in a clock but I can any one, mostly reason a sample no without you that downloads an application. An application that loves access to the contact of all your telephone is and contents and your number of telephone. Any only that, once download an application, calm then forces you to download the second application that then takes everything in yours telephone that comprises information of tents and sensitive identifier he in Huawei servers. A total measure of some installed applications is probably roughly 400mb, as taken an old telephone, the forget.

All have has wanted to was the clock, and all has taken was the sample this wants to copy everything in mine telephone and negotiate it on-line. I am left now with the useless piece of plastic.

Reason more the descriptions do not mention ossia very suspicious. Basically, esteems yours daunt, does not buy this device unless it love your life has uploaded to Huawei servers.
4 / 5
A Sale 5 appearance to offer so more than some advertisings and descriptions and everything for the reasonable prize. That does not have @to @give was that owners with iPhones is not promoted. With using has @to @give that Huawei deliberately limit some functions for Iphone users.
There was @@give me these limitations would have bought the Fitbit, for example:
- an election of faces are limited to a five garish expensive level, of a screen of Faces of the Clock is not available to iOS telephones.
-The timer of sleep is inaccurate, has aimed last night that it had put to bed it the me in 2038 and created in 0811. I put to bed me in fact in 2359.
-The control of far camera only works with Huawei telephones.
-Control of far music only laws in telephones of Android.
There is complained the Huawei and has suggested that update a IOS application but like this far at all.
So that he the a Iphone thinks attentively first to buy this device.
4 / 5
Is of the years of summer have followed of then anything ( has had the jawbone), and mine, has a technology has moved on! I am pleased like this with my Band of Honour. It was easy to dip on - has imagined once calms was to need the touch to turn it on, included although it is precharged directly out of a box! - And an application is easy to use. One that follows mine of looks quite attentive. I have not annoyed with some of some characteristic like notifications of text and control of music - I follows so only has interested sleeps to follow, control of heart rate and a function of pedometer, although probably I will use a workout ways in some point also. It is comfortable to spend and does not move around in my wrist. I am impressed like this with a quantity of technology for such the decent prize, and is all precise in the tracker (unless you are the pro or súper enthusiastic, the majority of another available material is so only ready marketing). It could do the present adds for a right person, also. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Has bought to help maintain the eye in the health and the stop that loses messages and of the calls of telephone been due to not listening a telephone, unfortunately a vibration hardly can be felt in a wrist, is touching a band with yours another hand will feel a sale vibrates but no in your wrist.
A software was very problematic, installed a Huawei application of Health and has had to that take a Huawei application of Mobile Services to the equal that could connect to a band to honour unfortunately an application of Mobile Services has maintained to take tried resetting telephone and band reinstalling the applications without any regime has discovered finally that an application of Mobile Services has caused a question has directed to find the oldest version that has solved that question. Some the only questions to the left are that it calms can not use a band to remotely take pictures (these only works in Huawei telephones) and a control of far music maintains to disappear of a band that restarts a bluetooth the usually fixed connection concealed.
5 / 5
Has bought like the present for mine 68 I mamma. To Things likes them:
- a sample to the left is his to see incoming messages (partially) and buzzes when his mobile is ringing.
- Can use a clock the coverage his telephone he forget where is.
- The buzzes relieve you in that seated he for too much long.
- A tracker of sleep, counter of any and the tax of heat is interesting and good to maintain an eye on.

To the Things do not like :
- a strap is economic feeling .
- A cradle the touch is fiddly and insubstantial.
- A level of the oxygen of the blood is gimmicky and no very useful
- claim of life of the battery is not achievable, turn in battery and blue tooth the life is for the half a period has alleged. I need a blue tooth otherwise his so only the clock.
5 / 5
First impressions in a Band of Honour 5 is a lot of favorecedor. The setting on a device was the relatively simple process requiring me to download and install a Huawei application of Health of Tent of Game of the Google in my device of Android. Inside an application of Health I then has had to that register the Huawei GOES account that involves to resupply an email and/or mobile number (has said that would require to resupply the mobile number but when distinguished for one was able to skip). It was then able to connect my Band of Honour 5 my smartphone really easily. It looks any subject had prevented an application of Health that is to the update has been solved as I have not required to install any additional applications direct of Huawei; has all state done inside an application of Health he without me that requires to install applications further and a Band of Honour 5 is communicating with my telephone seamlessly.

In of the terms of characteristic, ossia the remarkable little device for a money with the (mostly) responsive screen to touch that it is exceptionally vibrant and clear both indoors and alfresco. It likes like this you can personalise of an exposure with the election of the faces of digital clock concealed is interchangeable. There is the available wide selection in an application of Health but a Band of Honour 5 so only can store so a time but can freely rib and transmission.

An Honour Bamd 5 clue your steps and calories, has the series to plant workouts can control based in the sure parameters can dip, the monitor of sleep, the control of heart rate concealed the attentive looks like this far and SP02 (oxygen of blood) reader that requires a device to be tight yours wrist to do. One finds my works of characteristic of the telephone seamlessly with my telephone amusingly calling was ' are here!' In full volume. The notification of message does really well and can be used by means of the multiple applications that comprises text messaging and WhatsApp more quite any one another application in your telephone with notification of push ( permissions of leaves for individual applications inside an application of Health) - I included take updates of bookmark by means of in my Band of Honour 5. There have it also the built-in stopwatch and timer. An only characteristic can not take to do like this far is an operation of camera - I am not sure so only connects to a incumplimiento camera in the Huawei or telephone to Honour so only. Otherwise Has impressed extremely with this device that bands the enormous punch for the sub £30 seal of prize. Subject absolute so that takings.
5 / 5
I really like this shows, has bought two on its own name and mine another half.

Is comfortable to spend and measured your steps, the row of activity, sleep and heart rate.

A monitor of sleep is attentive and quite effective. This in spite of am so only state using he for the pair of days. I will update after the few months.

Feels well in a wrist and feels comfortable. A screen is the good measure and a brightness is a lot still in a sun. I have it quell'has attacked in fact a clock numerous time now and has not had any exposure to line so much sum.

A downside is a mobile application. In the first place his of a dummmm! I am concerned enough in an information to collect of the product has had like this the plot of the noise of government is in backdoors and the when being the Chinese state company.

Besides reason has to that it downloads two applications to use this. A real application to control your heart rate and sleeps etc and another east Huwaei mobile services that requires accesses to all your galleries, telephone and calendar. Creepy!

In general this in spite of, would not buy again for reasons of security although I am contained using this product for the few months the tide me on until I buy the plus reputable produced of an organisation that no active backdoors in his products.

In general, has worries of the security but a product is very thus prize .
5 / 5
Be warned this law of device so only with two Huawei the loaded applications, any only huawei hail to the equal that has described . I need an application of services of the mean comunicacionales also that require to come from/come from huawei directly how has been updated after an embargo of EUA, as excluded of Tent of Application. So that he different me, is happy to go to this hole of rabbit, then this perhaps well but otherwise steer reason would require another application the work is further me in all the chance but overlay another @@subject and is the any judge of start for me
4 / 5
Updates Sep2020:
Down estimated to 2 stars, has spent a band to swim and pauses immediately, am still to grieve gone in a water. It would say that it is splash sure how was well in shower or bath, but not SWIMMING. Honour/Hwawei helpline is not any a lot of help neither, of a band is economic, there is not wanted steps of the hours in a telephone.

Informs old.
Has countless good descriptions for these utmost wristban, and is in accordance with everything of them. As I am very happy with him, this in spite of, loves you say to that that does not like roughly the so it is of critical yours, can decide more attentively.

A sensor to touch of the front is very sensitive and goes in alot to cross my arm and dip mine another weapon on that. I am not sure if ossia also true to other bands with sensor to touch. A lot it would prefer the physical key.

Life of quoted battery for 2 weeks, but he so only lasted so only down 1 week. Still a lot well, but any way will last 2 weeks although I turn all some functions was. Material one in the sensitive sensor has taken the plot to do with him.

Running the application that follows is fantastic, attentive, there is detailed well. Circle 10k two times the week and give me all a desglosáis that require. But the difference of the mine old broken Fitbit can do off-line laws , so only with your telephone. Always I have my telephone in all the chance, but if you are not, this will be the question .

When Rain or dip the low waters, causes a sensor to touch and a screen drive mad . Again, I am not sure if this also applies to other bands.

Does not relieve your activity automatically, need the say when you begin to run or cycling etc. But a detail of application adds and that follows accuracy more than has on fact for him.

In general, am very pleased with him, for a prize of the economic clock, paste on his weight and I love it much more that my old Fitbit which cost more than double fact 2 years. To good sure take it!
4 / 5
This artilugio that says, with the bit of persuasion. A main function has taken partorisca, oxygen of blood, has taken some work. Out of a box has taken any joy at all. Very soon it has taken an update that has quotes occasional readings, attack for my Gps metre, but the ache partorisca the take to take saying tay still' and 'presionar a strap'. Presionando A strap to a point of cutting of a flow of the blood my wrist is annoying. I have had then a shaving idea my hair of wrist in a zone under an element. Now he almost every time! There it has a lot much more for the walker, no the serious exerciser or swimmer. The tax of wrist is attentive. A Bluetooth controls of the music in a telephone is useful but taking some two elements to the habladuría is not question-free. I owe that dipped in my glasses to read to read an exposure. It is tiny.
4 / 5
Has been that uses a band of HONOUR 5 for the month now, and am satisfied in general with like this is doing. It looks well, small and elegant. The heart rate is attentive, and has an interesting function of control of sleep (this in spite of, takes the jump of faith to believe is in fact working).
A %O2Sat is the little inaccurate, and so only measured ask (any constantly, like opposed to a heart rate). It can be necessary to update a software to a later version for the have.
In a beginnning has had to dip some endeavour to connect to my telephone.

A real drawback is an application. It averts worries to daunt obvious (can trust Huawei servers?), there are big requirements by heart and runs quite slow. Besides, it poses the tension to a normal funcioning of a telephone he, like this precise maintains that it runs to register that it is going in.
4 / 5
1) My husband is happy with his cost.
2) Attentive Readings and of confidence. Application of confidence.
3) has PREFERRED was the main dial and yes has had APDO, hydration characteristic to agree.
4) My edges of 13 amours of months to attack a screen of a clock!

No able to use so much because of current situation of Covid 19, but is in general the good product! To good sure recommend to another!

----- Inform update ------
- No able receive SMS and incoming calls.
- The application is not syncing with my telephone
- has asked the turn of a product.
5 / 5
Has mixed feelings in this clock. In a plus, looks well, has the clear screen and is easy to use. An application is quite simple although you owe that dl 2 that was it odd. Unfortunately any the meeting to be that attentive. I have tried to walk and it was totally he was. I have taken 10 any and has registered 100. I have decided to see that it settles down . One exits the bit is good and that one of some reasons I so much the like this my old one was big and bulky. It sees like this it goes.
5 / 5
To the equal that has impressed has ordered so only a telephone of Honour. The quality of build is sum. The application is easy to use and quite detailed so that it is on that. Find my addition of telephone is brilliant.
Personally some the only things there would be extra is a GPS and the stress that control that come with a model an expensive plus. Ossia Brilliant for whats on he this in spite of.
5 / 5
Am updating my form of description 5 to 3 stars.

In of the terms of accuracy, his rubish! Compared the to the galaxy of my active woman 2 and according to this a quantity of burned calories he 3 big times. Not saying that an active 2 this 100 corrected but his no good if a difference among an also is more than the +/- 25.

Unfortunately has has had to that the turn.
4 / 5
I like a band, and has ordered another for my edges...
I like a creation and action...
But a battery is way less durable that has announced...
The descriptions say that it takes 2 first weeks to require to be touched again...
The mine has taken 1 week ...
My husbands (xiaomi mi4) takes 3 weeks at least...
In all the chance... It does not annoy me a lot a lot of for the touch once the week...
Neither was if it is the defective element or no... It will see when the band of my edges arrives...
4 / 5
Requires installation of Huawei Mobile Services that is not available on Tent of Game of the Android. If it trust to take that of Huawei, your questions are not to update to add SPo2 measuring has failed a prime minister 12 times have tried but has done finally.
5 / 5
Really well for a money - typical honour/Huawei produced really. Any all the spend you sample , but he quite hard & for the plus of week with daily use. In fact it spends this more than mine 'pertinent' ready clock like calm extra functionality any really in fact needs neither uses once a wear of novelty(or)s was volume more ailing of him when being flat every night!

Ossia The little alternative brilliant
5 / 5
Ready clock or ready band? I have had Samsung the show loans that so only lasted less than the year when a screen has broken.

With ready band, this slope little more than the big lunch was, still attack for heart rate and monitor of sleep, thinks enough would have ready bands . It is like this light. I ask reason Fitbit is cost so much more for some same functions?
4 / 5
Any purchase you cycle alot and have a telephone of Android.

You can not follow cycling of you wrist. Calm can dip he out of your telephone and begins partorisca be still in your wrist but loses connection of GPS alot during a cycle and he have prisoner desolating.

Follows other activities of your wrist but when it has rained during the course a background advance was too sensitive and there is prendido partorisca follow my activity.

That I on-line invernadero when that tries to find solutions to my question to the yours a lot has the telephone of the honour or I telephone according to which the cycling is going and if it do not plan partorisca do anything in a rain will be well.

But the no my investigation properly as has that has to that return.

Thank you
5 / 5
Active has BEGUN SO ONLY spend to this week, looks very inner a moment, has wanted to follow my model of sleep, has said I so only napped for 90 minutes lasy night but will see like this goes
4 / 5
Mina fitbit Uploads 2 there is prendido to do,and has looked for the substitution. This produces looked to be far better value for money. I received it quickly, dipped up was directly advances. With report the accuracy, is giving readings that rows with tracker of mine of old fitness i.et. When I have done some same walks some accounts of is not very alike, the monitor of heart rate is giving the diverse figures the earth sees. Very happy with a product - certainly his first week of use, but am very satisfied, is an excellent substitution . Also a band is tightened more than the mine last a, as it looks more elegant.
4 / 5
Has purchased a clock for mainly that follows swimming of mine. With which 12 period of 25m, a clock has been no responsive and any turn on or load. For other activities looks well, but to good sure any for swimming (to the equal that has announced!!!).
4 / 5
Is fantastic!! 😍 It was to go for another Samsung in £400 because of the industry revises to suggest was a prójimo more than an Apple. This in spite of, the descriptions of Amazon were poor, as I have taken to bet in the Band of Honour 5 (Huawei) in £27. It is way better quality that an old Samsung Train of Galaxy and has all some characteristics of some new one - the fitness that follows, heart rate, saturation of oxygen, notification of message, time etc. the descriptions of Amazon are well has justified! Recommended Looking for sleak, estimativa sportive. And some accesses of band of the wrist like levels!!
4 / 5
The way adds excellent to promote hubby to maintain exerting. It has discovered new ways to help his poor sleeping models. Compared to other frames of loans looks ossia quite awesome.
4 / 5
A life of battery is really orders. You can see in a same exposure in brilliant sun. Some controls are a lot also. Really there is not any failure to a product. I think a measure of some any is not súper attentive but again, can not be, as it is inferred of transmissions of a hand. I guess it is everything roughly motion in an end. To good sure would recommend it. Better or like 4x expensive Fitbit thinks, has based on looking in the product of my woman.
4 / 5
Really likes to of me! Once you faff roughly and the take all dip on (calm unfortunately download needs his tent to take a tracker of working fitness) then is pleasant! You can take alert while you exert, follows your good step and is a perfect measure for me. For a prize, can very really ask more than him.
5 / 5
Been using this for the few months, good battery, good clear screen, the value adds, comfortable, good and discreet and good sensibility in a screen.
Does well with a telephone (notification and synchronising etc)
5 / 5
the edges has has loved it Fitbit/Clock of Apple, has bought this with being 8. The amour seen the one who any among the day
4 / 5
This was my first woman ready clock, and looks really happy with him, his simple to use and place up for simply plugging in and a bluetooth automatically choosing it up inside an application of health of the telephone. A prize is surprising, which piece partorisca break of boxes partorisca small money.
5 / 5
Thought it had built in gps. He no. A rest is partorisca show add , very expensive , the life of battery adds.
5 / 5
I looks is the good question is of then tent of game of update of the android does not sustain an application of the correct health required for has done at the beginning but has has had to that the the turn after the telephone has been updated as it could no longer application of use,this would be the perfect clock has used with just Huawei telephone
4 / 5
Perhaps am concealed maintains partorisca use the but has the global punctuation really well, has been the using every day, is the harm a spo2 the sensor does not do like this as well as it imagined it .
5 / 5
An application would not install properly of a Tent of Game, and any pair. I need to install the chinese tent of application, and then install a HMS Services of Core, and application of Health of there that. His both require a lot of permissions
5 / 5
the product Adds partorisca prize and load of materials. Attentive And the life of battery is well.
5 / 5
Are not a partorisca write descriptions, but has to that say this has has has surpassed expectations. If calm already the the huawei telephone, dipped up is so only the click. Partorisca £26 almost as well as the £100 more expensive smartwatch, any GPS when being what only in loser, but syncs with GPS of telephone, which I always have on me in all the chance. It feels quality and navigating is smooth.
4 / 5
Has used daily to control, improvement and promote to mediate in shape physical daily. Ossia The briiliant artilugio, totally would recommend, for a prize is excellent.
4 / 5
The fitness of estimativa adds looks a sleep that follows the technology is validate quite impressive 👍 he
4 / 5
life of hard Battery the week that is well. Good election of expensive
5 / 5
It is work partorisca of the money. All the readings look quite attentive, the tracker of sleep is for fac one the majority of interesting , would like me some more workout options this in spite of. Really please with a band, has bought another for my partner.
4 / 5
Brilliant clock and amazing value for money. All some tricks of some elegant clocks, looks good and no among a way when using barbells. Fab Life of battery also. Only downside has been has Taken the bit to try to take a clock synced with my telephone of android.
4 / 5
Knows his basic, but is a lot of value of the money. Of the that Waste Your cash in any one others the most economic clocks. This will do.
4 / 5
Ossia The brilliant tracker . I have taken one for my grandson in the natal and was like this of the well has taken them one for my edges. Much better that the fitbit and the averages a prize. Highly recommend this element. Fast delivery also
5 / 5
has Bought this form yesterday daughter and he all my Clock of Apple excepts was the faction of a cost and has a life of amazing battery! I have finalised to buy one for everything of my boys.
5 / 5
Is perfect. I have read that the person is says no in raincoat. Ossia Any true. Work. But probably partorisca for a Bluetooth 😉
4 / 5
has Bought in June. It has it there is prendido only law. A key in a front is now unresponsive rendering he entirely useless. Tried resetting the and leaving he for the few days but he no . Any one happy likes the sound is lasted so only the few months!

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
It likes: the hard battery partorisca the week and the half.
Music partorisca copy directly on using Huawei application of Health
Load of faces of free clock
Gps concludes quickly and looks attentive.
To Said likes: integration of the application of android has limited, although this can be because has the no Playstore Huawei P40 handset.
Clave of keys out of alot, as I have bought the chance that protects him and has the created bezel partorisca protect screen.
When I Answer the call with a clock an audio bypasses my Bluetooth headset and the regime of audio of a clock. Although ossia quite handy he take the call while your telephone is in a car or another house of room.
In general for a life of the battery so only would recommend this 8/10