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4 / 5
It was the little hesitant roughly ordering the plastic mouthpiece, but this one has some very characteristic. I use it partorisca cover a horn (saving me a question of having the cold horn and the cold mouthpiece simultaneously partorisca treat). After covering a horn, transmission to the mine Bach. A sound of a metal Bach is full and rich, compared to a sound relatively thinner that this plastic mouthpiece, but no extracted with a KELLYberg, so that the limitation does not import all this a lot. It is also he adds partorisca travelling, of then is light and can pack joint with my BERP and buzz felizmente in of the locations where could a lot possibly spend my tuba.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Has a same row in this moutpiece likes Gary Radke mouthpieces the own. A difference is that a big efficiency and the compression that the possible row with less than endeavour. In another hand, a quality of the sound in a half and low register has less colour and dynamic. It is the good tool has drawn to touch in an upper register - exactly like this specified for a costruttore. For more trumpeters, comprising me, touching felizmente in this mouthpiece requires extracted adds to do to adapt to his qualities. If one wishes to concentrate on touching in a very tall register of trumpet, this mouthpiece represents the value adds. I enjoy a consolation and hot of a Lexan the material has compared to the metal mouthpiece. In general I am impressed by a quality of this product.
4 / 5
A Screamer is an excellent product. I use it regularly, especially in of the actions of open air when a time is cold. It is immediately warm to some lips but beware! It does not mean calm does not have to that cover properly! I give easy access my row but does not extend it .