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Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The work Adds and is a lot of fact, easily visible to the equal that can see in a video, Good prize ! Required as verifying the spark with coils of big voltage like this Rs Disturb seriously can break a Ecu like this these are the must .

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It felt lucky when a trafficante quoted only me ten times a cost of this ignition barrel partorisca some parts and a work - when this has broken assumed it so only would be the enormous work . It results a real regime was that they could not take some parts partorisca the week, that directs to the bit partorisca go them Googling, in leader of mine that spent east. Delivery of next day and so only ten percent of a cost. There is taken on the averages an hour partorisca return.

This returns the plot of vehicles that is not in a description of control of product out of some numbers of part and equivalent.

These destructions will do in several vehicles but come from doing this in Dacia Logan MCV (2014). The tools have used: grips of Tope, torx screwdriver.

1 - Dismantle pinch: it takes spent of pinch (two torx rays under a steering wheel - once is was only unclips) and slide of plastic coverage around empty tone. Then take a black coverage/sheath with a little box on and bosses to exit a back (ossia yours inmovilizar - no knacker the. In fact a lot included unplug it. Your car will not begin to break this). There is the tab that helps it clip on to a ignition barrel, if I have to persuade it hard, calm then is persuading too much. Calm once have been to him, has to dangle perfectly felizmente or chair in a steering wheel out of a way.

2 - Improve access: Emission a navigation of voladora thingy. Attractive a steering wheel all a way down. Then take a legislation washer stalk (two money that shines torx rays in a right flange of a plastic disorder for behind a wheel). Calm also can leaves plugged in and so only burst the to a side.

3 - Take ray of security: this ray is the sod. If you look in a down a barrel will see is trace to the square steel sheath. There is the key of money poking by means of. Front for front this, in a cup, is a ray of security. When it Is installed has the boss that can you grip with the spanner, once is fully has presionado this shears was. A rest is domed to take the people that takes was quickly when that tries to fly your car. Calm neither can the hammer was, try the ray/of ray extractor, or -hopefully- take he with grips of tope. It is the horrible work . I have situated a pound around a barrel to resist down some grips for prenderles sliding on a dome of a ray, presionado to a ray, and taken on the neighbourhood turns the time. This ray is a reason because it has not been the work of ten minutes.

4 - Unwire: Grip a short Side of a red slidey what twixt thumb and forefinger. Slide Behind while pulling a connector of boss out of a backside of an assembly of barrel.

5 - Take assembly of old barrel: I Besiege a tone in a lock, turns it to situate one or two. Depress of the money thingy opposite a hole that arrived to take a ray of. Appeal an assembly of barrel was.

6 - This in reverse with a new a. I have not annoyed that substitutes a ray. He rattles the bit and is now easier that disable a steering lock. Take your risk as you see apt.

7 - Substitute your leaves keys: Recognition your old tone on. Unscrew An alone ray. Grab A leaf key and the attractive era. I besiege a new one in and substitute a ray. Your inmovilizar the chip is in your assembly old key and calm will not be able to begin a vehicle with a leaf new key so only. If you want to use a shell shiny new key then will owe that move a chip on too much.

Does not launch yours was of old leaves. Still they some locks of door and boot. It thinks roughly taking them trace in another shell key.
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A ignition the barrel has been in mine 06 Renault modus . It has not had any one jumps behind and a tone was delicate of the take. It was able of the walk like this for the week before I have forced a tone in striking of a whole car. How it has been now of him it substitutes a barrel. A @@subject tried to take a ray of security was, has followed the on-line video but still could not touch a ray was. I have finalised to take the to the cochera to return. Happy with one £50 work like this entirely with a part £80 that was it far more economic that a renault cochera. This part is likes to like and a cochera has not had any question that returns it with which a focused to take a ray of a barrel is returned original. reccomend This for the Renault modus.
4 / 5
Has bought for mine 2012 Renault kangoo van of diesel. A product is perfect. It has taken of a plastic pinch, unscrews old one and unclip a tram. New place one in place. It exchanges a leaf key to the yours old. Job has taken 10 mins
4 / 5
has Required a ignition to barrel quickly like him some some daughters of transports had failed.
Has purchased this has to that way that be priced well and would come quickly. Arrived faster that has expected. Excellent access. Swapped A leaf key to an old fob (a ray) like any need to have new tone coded.

Excellent element, excellent service
5 / 5
desire of lock of Good quality has bought them this prime of the payed two times that for the second hand a
4 / 5
Easy to install and fact like the genuine reanult one. BUT Much more ECONOMIC
5 / 5
Perfect cylinder delivery velocísima saves tantísimo Simple gives istallare , no east is another gives partorisca say .

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Die gute Nachricht, is funktioniert! Ich habe Has given Zündschloss A meinem Dieselkompressor installiert und cube zufrieden.
Ins Transport würde ich is nicht einbauen, gives give Schlüssel sehr einfach/billig wirkt.
Aber bei Likes einem günstigen Preis kann man keine Spitzenqualität erwarten.
Alles In allem funktionell, günstig und damit für mich well!

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It has done that alleges directly out of a container, and saved hours of fiddling around.
Very easy to use, but test of precise spark in a shadow, as with all this type partorisca declare to see a flash.
Buys again? He (But any need to so continuous to work)
4 / 5
Adds easy to use tool , saver partorisca time less stress.
5 / 5
Easy to use but the light/of bulb could be good value more brilliant partorisca money.
5 / 5
Handy tool. Easier and surer of trying old fashioned way. Rid quickly too much.
4 / 5
could do with instructions partorisca my personnel me a lot a lot
4 / 5
Could do with instructions partorisca my personnel me a lot of a lot of